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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/19/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published April 19, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is april nineteenth twenty twenty three and i want to welcome you to redeeming grace church mentoring my body on here a minute and then plea play a fund suggesive been thinking about a whole bunch of things lately he hem to morning you doing one done on doing creeks i saw a beautiful day i was already out and did a little bit of a exercise this morning i usually about five thirty or so and a getmelancholy see on the chap there in by wontai for overbody to start the socages i really think i'm going to dive into or launch into or whatever you want to talk about the hossein as jesus taught in parables because sometimes easier to understand principles in stories rather than let out what it is he now is a difference between easter and of the way some from the east thanks and somebody from the west thanks we think very differently pole from the east will tack a nintang le a characteristic to something tangible like god is like a mountain on lolomai can i get my hands around had a little bit and we learned by making those analogies to the two what we've seen and touched and heard and a reality rightwesnes gotgotta and this is what we've been talking about you know explaining what grace is and how a lot of people can't get their hands around you know say what grace as when we say that because there's nothing tangleheadheteropogon er to get to that like when we were going through the grace and all a sudden i was able to you know i was the alsosomewhat you're saying now you don't to get our hands around it and on a lot of principles people are like that that's why the stories sometimes help people understand a place something right now and i want you guys to think about this as we go through this time this whole week end i was i was out there pontoporiad i had a great week at i i went some body christina crondall you know and say ha i droppies high as in a couple of different places and all of our friends out there that are true pike now the establishment the establishment is absolutely evil and i want to talk about it cause you were at one of the events and we're going to talk of what happened there but before we do that i want to play this video and started off with a little bit of just some joy this morning it is our choice what we hear what we focus on and whether we're going to stay close to god or were going to put that barrier up there and think we're going to do this all by ourselves we will not well fail every single so let's start out with as i love as this is a state and brothers and ah you know i like your body here this cause is just a fine way to start i love the old music the old hymns tis is that fun if it is i actually have a personal story to tell you about that we actually went to see the statler brother self there is my care they have great musical find him somewhat out there and listen to their self is as joyous and wonderful when these gas are really really pretty nice ashley we went to a concert of their son i was when i was pretty long i was pretty young i don't know how old i was exactly but i remember being fairly young a mamedine there in such an we were able to go back and say high two on after the concert and such ossaian this woman went up to the bass player i don't know their names i i don't i'm not somebody who is looksombre group gehaust like thorns and so the base was there in the women came off and said can i give you a kiss and he is like well he said i don't think that's a good idea he said is my wife wouldn't like it and i remember seeing that you know in person when i saw that i was like oh he loves his wife that is so cool you know that that he would actually conduct himself that way on you know on every you know and to return and i thought that it was just a very very beautiful beautiful in and i think we were amy wanted to go ahead and start with what we saw this week and cause i came to the mccalmont geop it was awesome i love everybody there and i just got you packed in it it was awesome and you know i got to see me get my i'm good friend christina cramaho is in fact an amazing woman and then i had another week meeting i went to ah and i guess i guess i should i should should backroom that koetat the next day i got to see section the next day she wasn't at the comical meeting but she was at the next day's meeting at gassing my body there at the next meeting which was all solar republican meeting up in clair the committee meeting and seem like your elated people shocked that i was there it was kind of an uncomfortable moment for them but and then i had another meeting with with her we met with a with a my very good friend my very very dear friend mary plan came up and a spent got stunned most of the week end with mary and ah i've been friends with her for for a while and we met we actually met in i in a prayer group so we were we were to prayer group together with about thirteen thirteen people was general plan and marion such an that's really how i keep became mostly em better quainted with him but i got to tell you i i just love married pleshe is she is not just general flint's little sister right she is a force to be reckoned with and where to be working out some projects here in michigan and i want everybody to keep your keep your eyes open for because this state is going to be calm a power house for the rest of the nation because we're going to be able to show keep how the stuff down in it all comes back to the children every every single thing we're doing this is what our job is this a doll is to protect the children and a and too too really save him and we have a big problem in this state in the holy united states with the child tricky people have no idea how bad it really is i mean i can honestly say that here is ago when i was kind of you know functioning mores than an on behind the seats i've been doing this for many many years writing and under different names in that sort of thing but just trying to kick things out there to wake people up bring things the surface do some research and such and i and i think that's kind of important but we're going to have to decide whether we are in the game or not and whether we're going to get awake and we're going to go start start doing is for the kids and that's no back down no back down situationsin we can start it out eh ah when the mancomingo ian and once ere christina wasn't there suppose was torn spirit i know that and we had an we had a wonderful time it was just wonderful seen everybody i love everybody there and thank you so much for the really warm welcome i got there i had so many so many people coming up to me and and hugged me and and very very happy to to see everyone were all standing as americans not this political party no senses what his divided us that's what divided me out it was the political parties and it was the nonsense in our government that basically kicked me out i never left i was i was literally removed no they did not stand with me they did everything they could to get rid of donating the only now escalante it was not when that's the reality had get rid o me because i was going to put off with a crab and none of em and so now they're all running for the running for the the you know the side side lines now cause i'm the theebeing showing started and it is not going to find until we get our country he i offer these people on all my friends out there you know it's a canoness go the tail with me you cases it's not you know it's a good people good people have to stand together and and pull in one direction so i would like you to describe what we saw too because there was a there was a movie show and there was a politician who is swing bag of crop and my minor actions with him from the beginning i never set his name but he did in a previous colleting but i told what he did he laid himself out so this individual got out and was selling at a movie bascle from another person who i consider is a deep say stay also a destest assad and i have tecmessa es that i screen shot into po because i'm not going to put up with this crack from these deep state traders who have betrayed his as i got all kinds of stuff saved on the are sometimes you just sit back an a lot o hang emselves by giving him enough rope and they did it on the absolutely did it a pang umar my brows calling in a gagement who is going to say i guess i could fill in a bent causedid kind suggested i would talk a bit on that situation and in regard to that move and i just say this gets me back to i kind o my push back against the republican party this year because icechest erton said probably good ninety years ago ah that conservatives make sure the correction never you bet they do cause the porteit so this gentleman of her wicked call him nat did come out and wanted to show this i guess i can't remember what office a government office he held but he's like thrapese really her upon fix in the problem and we want you to be aware of the problem basically so you can send his pony and had sat up there he goes and another conservative but my thing is in my mind i mean it be seventy and october and its like for seventy years i think our country at least has gone backwards i don't see any real positive steps forward oh yeah we get we get like republican majorities but then nothing happens i mean we had all these conservative groups and talked but nothing happens and i'm just i guess i'm sick of the nothing happening so well what was really amazed he satan absolutely in operation there because he'll mix in enough of the truth in order to make people believe that this is for real he's got to come and he's going to signals bible better than any of us to do and his little minions there kind of stupid quite honestly i you you can't he can't credit in with a lot of intelligence they go back to what they know the the movie that was put out there to show every one there was some rare conspicuous things in there to me he told me exactly what i was and the very conspicua with things as they were using what was happening in the world in order to get a red goes yes yes i've already been an catered condition to accept this information so everybody to say it there but i didn't see a lot of critical thinking going up and going in others so you know i was sitting here going this is bolshie and this is why this is bull shit because i know that you know i bent to the to the trash he that some of this technology came out of and the person that brought me there was completely ashamed of what i saw one i was there i went meting anyhow so so this is a wonderful person that stood in the back it with such to sell this move as a passed see the congressman was also the same person he said at first i didn't and i had i had a witness it was there with me their spy points there that happen that was the person that said i had to spend twenty thousand dollars in order to get the trump adores and i said this girl does not pay to play this was right at the beginning as they were trying to see the companion then gave me the resume that looked like it was a better resumat than pat now was ready for to pull a brown star on his back pocket and asked me to give him basically to give me a ticket a job which is the legal in an athica side wouldn't do that it was a problem then i asked this person you wouldn't happen to know mason maddock wayandand he was like form forneron his cherries like well she lives remarked three miles from me and she knows the other candidates are so bad that she needs you to win and then went on to say to bring out the fact that he had been accused of parahelia and i don't know why a person would bring that up other than to try to say i sought to rise not true brought up something about hitting on hitting a woman and drag in dice and told me exactly how it worked a chadman jumped out his car realized that was another congressman and drag they got up and they said i won't say anything if you won't say anything went different directions offer me a thumb drive of black meal material on every single congress person instead of you usable get you in a few don't little get you killed and this parting shot when i told him there's the frick endoor and further morning just or spendin my face you got to stop talking on god some this was a person selling that move at that meeting and i have taxed messages and i had a witness that witness the entire conversation and so i don't care what anybody says with somebody puts that stuff in front of you sassing you know god and we're going to save you we're going to do well they didn't they were in office and didn't do it they did do a thing why are we believing these people and they called him and they want like a colt they want the common they want us to believe the and they want us to sit there in approve of them because we wanted their approval because they have some sort of a power follovers there's nothing there and then in the movie the thing that tip me off with his movie that was so damaging so incredibly damaging they've got their bogie men all through the world that could omit for em because they created it and are the evil they are but now they're using that evil to distract us from what's really going on and their part of it son other coming in in different directions the thing that was really amazing that move to me was that about all of these globules people is that and they brought up the atlantic counsel they flashed that in front of everybody but they didn't pin point who was in it and the people that were in it are sitting right there with the republican party on the top that jerked the money from christina and that's run wise who ran a hundred fifty million dollars through through the new amoniacal in with bessenheie million dollar of and was going to give a building with his name on it and architectural building to wiser that was benson that did and as there all invenithe and then all of a sudden they jerk that and they decide well guess what we're going to do this and this is going to go to the world i can omit for for their head quarter this is what's happening so as people that stirred in fronting it thatthat stood front of omotepe a couple of the people that stood in front they were there as political operatives to read every one a strike and i am not back in down from that on and so it was it was one absolute subversive activity it is happening everywhere and we are going to have to get smarter about who were listening to because i am not tossing that everybody's do it's just that it's a we you have been led astray and brain washed and am colter for so long to be conditions go long to get along follow the party all of this stuff you know and then i've got a guide that sits there and talks about his pedophilia charges in a meeting with all these other things and unlike or argue kidding me and there they were paraded in front of the patriots who are trying to do the right thing the only way that we are going to come through this as to recognize god almighty as the ultimate general we're going to have to do this together we have to obeid hit he is the only one that is above being influenced or reprove and we're going to have to two that radio exactly to him because there's too much interference i is just my hammer adolesence right so you think about band with its and i'm no talk about this in a sper of jol term in at length because we have to heare not going to make into the at as individuals his people make but the end not for every one we been told that and the ones that are going to get the unsorted ones that are going to humble themselves before god almighty stand a movable like warrior and not to be led astray listen to his discernment few i in to their pain place is there nonsense and when they leave this ship we like they were being or leaving the sheep away at that meeting on friday night fisher or thursday ligniere to have your ass is hand in to you the gains over and you will be called out for it and that's going to be the starch of your denis because this is exactly where we call out treason we call out his loyalty we call out being paid off in some former another in order to lead the sheep astray and god's done with it he's done with it and so this is where we stand together we lock arms and you know if you see something that's off as you have to trust god first rouscia ture go descripture go to scripture he will tell you exactly where you we are and if you want an order we are in historic reallich now icy for chapters suicidant less than probably twenty minutes and and this is where we are god has given us in it are in fact i'm going to read one part of the right now because i thought this was interesting and then i want you to put your chesnuts into this to tobecause you were there and we've all sat there and time and i were both almost to the living during this meeting and the interposition of engine was tom and i in the resonater people there that are godly christians who would put die before we would before we would lead somebody strike but i am not asking you to believe in asking you to put me in everybody else in the task potesto the task and if we fail and then rows not as somebody else as words do it yourself and be smart about them for i am going to go to now remember the log i servant moses melifor for the decrees and laws i get the horrall israel and were grafted and remember for jesus were granted it is no difference and there's the convergence compose that is going to be of it just way a second take too long then i will send the prone to light unto you before the great and dreadful a of the lord cross you will turn hearts of the parents to the iron and the hearts of the children to appearance before all i will come and strike the lad with total you are here and oh i think that that's becoming absolutely evident to all of us and we either make the choice for god or we will stand behind the end front of him and down the hall with the rest it's not just you know flocking of ye were no words it's works but then are your words and deer or other works behind them that you're willing to stand and there you go that's what i had to say what else about for it wandlesworth say it josephus we were settingthat given ierjust set there man if you could see yer out of our eyes for these people that were to be over one of the three opened it was like a cold of potato you couldn't had on a spiral flame throwing it was thicker and that world well i was said next robert coppert i guess she undergoes ere louder than we should have but we were got back and forth he aweere pretty lived over what we heard and again not once did i hear it there this is our weregoing to destroy this whole empire it was the conclusion of the matter was yes said monsieur money yet and he left all the republicans out that have been traitors that went to that grand new party they let out he laughed with them out they left the ones that are in with man a person the board of the atlantic council who grabbed the money so even write dear dodherin ivers as you read dear member where horror came from ah well in my turning point to as a tank idid talk about caleb remember at five he said give me that mountain andy went up and killed one of the big giants of the antics and the top of the mountain was horrid so here he got a bad now about fight even it may be as old age he was strong enough to go take that mountain for god and i just wished we as christian's head attitude lord what martin do you want me to take to day what will you do with me to show your glory and even these delite there was really that was the prophecy about john the baptist so basically god closed the old testament ah yes chronologically may be second chronicles were written afterwards but essentially that was the end of the prophets rather and god shutters mouth for pricefor hundred fifty years until the gospels antichrist think it's interesting though he always does types and it opens and so you see it repeats some preesure that disposed on that too is that that's where we're at right now in the time that we're at even as he had and you know we blow it we blow at and one you know we blow it i don't think it's going to end well except for distortion we've got a chance right now to take this world back for our children and stop the child trafficking in the murder of babies and the nonsense going on with you crane and rusha and the the world is just every its fighting everywhere and we have to stop the hate that that if there's any hate i get all kinds of passion it i'm right to go but i don't feel at i do not mean the set there's a difference ah you know when when i see a throat it's like is not he it'snowit's strategic plan of detroit ah that's a good segwan to dinah's best as to their golden know them but i'd no idea so must it must carewoodrig through me it's not like a plan in much i say our kitchen table drink my coffee talking about see you know that sort of thing you are more for to sink or oertige caught it because that's concurof so if for if you remember i we went through a good friday message and i knew we didn't give enough time to it now wanted to back track a little bit we went through resurrectionist week after the fact and so we're going to back up again to the cross abettin i could see her for ten weeks party dat was there and i would challenge my listeners understand that i can say maybe two weeks will give it two weeks but at least passion we if we examined and took to heart and let it challenge our soul the teachings that came directly from that last week or two weeks because we'd back up to the resurrection of lazarus we would learn so much from that and so i want to say that we we struggled to understand the cross the bet because i think we don't have a sufficient understanding of the sacrifice i now and and i don't think we can until afterward albert we can try to par process mentally but you believe was augustinesa we don't understand to belief we believe in new birth to understand and has a big a big defence ah so i just won't people to understand that that we we need new birth to waken we can talk about twists and turns of what people call a faith he but if your faith journey does it i could say leads you to new birth that the bit even be wrong to say that it's new birth is really the beginning of our faith journey even though i think we can we can maybe pursue god or be a god for her and i think it wouldn't we look at scripture there is evidence that god knew bursts the god fear ah so but taking that to heart it's like i know that the duty of a pastor is not always ah trust me like in a whaleman weeks ago to beginning to march we went through two weeks on jonah i loved doing stuff like that it's so fond to unpack oh to me that that was an old testament living miracle parable and so jesus didn't say i teach parables so the people will know the axe said i teach people i teach par will some day won't know and i won't believe but then he gives truth to his disciples in the midst of that sometimes because they come back and ask him what did it me because they don't understand and again organ total about to day i really believe that they did not they were not new birth and till after the resurrection or and some people might go on tim you can't say that i just send look it took it to evidence is there any evidence that the really new birth it's like every time jesus talked to them about some deep truth it just goes right over their head and the one time that peter literally said you're the christ to some of the living though jesus told me said flesh and blood didn't do that for you my father kind of put it in your head and immediately he turned around and tells him when jesus says i got to go to jerusalem and die peters like oh no no not of my watch it's a goin to happen well that would destroy the cross if i up to peter it's like our salvation would not whateever occurred if if the first popes supposedly a would i had no power to take care of that so any rate getting back to the precise cote ah tay is going to be at least we're in lthough teaching on free will and i i got to say that i think there's a lot of people that give credence to free will and i think they don't really understand the depth of evil that comes from free will so i don't want people to be upset right off to bed but i just want to say when you talk about priests precision cutting eh i lost the nephew when ah my prostrate was removed back in two thousand and twelve i had a young i wasn't so young he was my oldest nephew or niece and he was in her forced for twenty three years he was a high lieutenant just great kid that was just a a lover of god and i think he was born california grew up in michigan went down to taxes he did a lot of a life of what when whatsover kids that tell in one to say life saterlie gard and so they would never let them more the and here he ended up with melanoma and they tried to get it i sold em back up i went and tried to get but it took him down so hast and he he died right when i was at the bottom of a barrel and i wanted to go down for the funeral my wife said a few go will be having to and i knew she was right but what my point was then i got another friend had often gets melanoma issues and negated caught and then they tested see the cells to die to the half clean cells is not they go cut some more they check in because belinamacar you it's one and probably the most common forms of cancer we wouldn't think i don't i don't really care if my doctor doesn't get it all i mean i think that's probably what happened john it probably didn't get it all in an end up kill him he went down so fast i just it broke my heart oh a man in fact he died before my sister i don't know what i'd be like to bury it what are you so but any rate it's like a i just ask people what what is it like when god wants to cut something out of our life do we want him to cut it all out and we say no no leave a part of that and see how it got we wouldn't do that and so we're going to read a lubin of hebrews ah there's not going to be if if we have time or no were any without the lot of scripture to day but eh and i hope everybody would email me tim parker nineteen fifty three jimmiecome and ask for the manuscript cause i know where i'm going to get through all des but there's there's a lot here so he brews for and were in a reed a twelve to em i guess i got to turn back on her i would there were going to read first the ten verses of chapter five and her for if he goes now in a new about what i really trumpet i really trumpet the pure sixteen as and will get to it but i'll just give you a maybe a warning in its coming excuse me i had read something from this way you're going now as her men or conyes what's started a levanter oh you're done at twelve if you back up inconnus get i said twelve eh okay so says lotus therefore make every effort to enter that rest so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience for the word of god is alive and active in isis the verse that separates things that we say i wouldn't know how to separate that and yet we get surgeons there can get very precise and then i've had three fusion surgeries split i knew i wanted a surgeon that could cut worry needed to and not cut the wrong thing ah but it says sharper than any double edged sword it penetrates even to the dividing the soul in the spirits joints in moral in judges the thoughts in attitudes of the heart nothing in creation is hidden from god's sight everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him who we must give an account therefore since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven jesus the son of god let us hold firmly to the faith we profit for we did not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with their weakness but we have one who has been tempted in every way just as we yet he did not sin in remember the night of jesus death when jesus died the veil of the temple we i was pactionibus i believe that at least in efficiency ah in practicality the the mercy seat was no more and what we read here is one of the two verses genesis the twenty one is one and i say he brews for sixteen is the other work god gives a how how do i say it an atom bomb truth and doesn't give any commentary and so for me it's like woe oh wait wait a second wait ocean you got awake more than the second it's like i got to look at it and understand that here's what hostesses here i like wadin he talk about let us come to the mercy seat oh but he says let us then approach god's throne of grace with confidence boldness so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time one so i asked people were do you go when you pray to become before the mercies or do we listen to paul and say let us come to the throne of god we never read about the mercies he after the crucifixion of jesus cried except for one verse in revelation and it says the mercy seats in he when did it get there don't know was it the one that was in temple don't know i happened to think so but a word are you over that maybe i just want to throw that out so eh that's really one of those things that you walk away from editioner for awhile oroville do absolutely so that's what i said again i i am not the greatest bible scholar but i would just say that those are the two verses that to me it's it's like god your schools and doesn't give a commentary it's far too kilingoes a competition but i think we can we can unpack and learn so i know it doesn't scroll and wish that appenrodt go to heber's five and again when we're talking about to cross in the suffering of christ in the impact to our salvation others so much here and says every high priest is selected from among the people in his appointed to represent the people in matters related to god to offer gifts and sacrifices and i want to say this ah again would we talk we talked i believe last week about the lord's table i know for one the catholic priests essentially gives the offering if he will to god in any turn to round and gives it to the piece the evangelical pastors are set reformed pastors believed that we are serving the meal that christ gave and so there is a spiritual eating and again the cassocks think something different but it says every high priest is selected from among the people and is appointed to represent the people in matters related to god to offer gifts and sacrifice he is able to deal gently with those and are now why i rose up there men come back it kind of amazing when we start talking about the lode real stuff too how oft in the how often the isle in the same whitecottonfor up there just forget oh okay i got up on it were you going to okay in the same way christ did not take on himself the glory of becoming high priest and her lamalee you need go back to he is able to deal gently with those because that's where cut out okay oh i'm sorry okay so he is able to be old gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray since he himself is subject to weakness and his soul be the human high price now to god man high precesses why he has to offer sacrifices for his own sense as well as for the and no one takes his honor on himself but he receives it when called by god just as errand was so the contrast here is in the same way i won't see a contrast but it is even though he says in the same way christ didn't take on himself the glory of becoming a high price whole windedbacon a high priest wind and he get his glory he did when he died so it's it's amazing that we say what wait wait wait how to see it yet when he dies since fill if he dies it's all over now that is exactly where the victory was god said to him you are my son to day i have become your father and he says in another place you are preached for ever in the order of melchisedec during the days of jesus life on earth he offered a prayer of peace with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death and he was her because of his reverent submission and now we can debate and some people kick it around jesus had life in death in his hand as god the son he did as chases the god man he did and so this was why he even on the cross said into thy hands i commend my pet and he was heard because of his reverence her mission stand though he was he learned obedience from what he suffered we read about this also in sad corinthians twelve but he had to learn obedient and once made perfect he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him and as a class said i wish people could understand there are so many people think on no we don't have to obey god's commands chassis the one that wrote to command he gave the command we by grace kettleby and so in says he is the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him which people could maybe put that that phrase in your red it was designated by god to be high priest in the order of melchis and and we know that melchisedec according to scripture didn't have a beginning didn't have an end and that's why ah jesus the god man ah didn't have a beginning or an end even though he if you will die on the cross so i want to get into a concept like i said frau verse twelve were it talks about that division that precise cutting oh i want to talk about free will and i know that people can go plastic on me over the subject of free will i have never seen the fangs of saint if i can say in this donna i've never seen the fangs of satan come out more over a doctrine then the doctrine of free will and as i have said many times i believed it free will is the grace of satan when we think about adam and eve first of all we think everybody was created there were more they were not born those of the owning two humans it were not more they were carrying it and the word created in an innocent set and and really i believe that the the line narrative that satan gave them in the garden was a sense take hold of the free will you have and i don't listen to god her his word dol sonetto and endured you want and and you'll be free we know that's not true and and that's so there's the man everybody knows and is at least heard this man he wrote many books and the he is instrumental in history of the church he ateas at the diet of worms we read it as worms but i was told it can everything that he thought he did now i i can't go against conscience to dissonema littler and i don't know exactly when he said it i don't know who number of all the books he wrote but at what point is life he basically said if i had all my books on a table i could throw off all the works and we ocaywita it with one exception and that is the bondage of the will and this would be a book that i would encourage anybody to read oh it has in it isboseth blows up free will seven elatite again town the bondage of the will so when old people say we we have free will that means that we have a will that's free now our will is in bondage to that was what mother's point and this this book is the one that he said above any i would never change that because he he basicly said i really believe i got to the true to the matter and so unjust cannot throw some think not here now first the walk i would encourage anybody can never body and i'll say this that politeness semi plains and catholics are somewhat pointed and meaning in the semi pelagian there are just flat out pelagians but see plagues are said that he could open ah in worship to god without grace it's like ab so lutely you can and hecatas what his thought was so oh i do know that catholics were taught that baptism sensely cleans their free will so visions they they go your life believing that disensanity that they have to to the last ounce of life a rare explained that again because i want to make sure i understand what you're saying here so catholics believe that that their free will or are unfathomable roy really illuminates original sin and so kind of as a as a by product of that their will is not in bond iserwill is re but i i have encountered i mean i've had many discussions when when you dive into what they call free will what it boils down to ninety nine per cent of the time that i ever talked to people this i've got the freedom to sin and nobody can take that away from me and it's like wait wait wait time out how does that fit with god's command thou shalt be holy for i am but the rest yes we do sir but we should never i got the right to which i wo wo time up so i i he i ask people can use to me that from scripture i don't think there is one passage of scripture that gives now what i will say when people think about free will here's one of the biggest confusions people think what that means to your saying i'm not a free moral agent no and luther he he really hammers is he says i'm not talking about being a free moral agent i'm talking about whether you have a will that is either in bondage to sin and death or a will that is so i'm convinced of to closes we get to a free will is when we're new birth and this is why god talks about when we go to the land of the living that's where a sanely we will have a free will because there will be no sin that will bombard us but but in still we're on the one hundred per cent in the grace of christ in the land of the sit still never a riotousness it still always into eternity god's righteousness let me unpack this a little bit so i just encourage people to any hang on to your seat if you have to ah but this is going to be one of those cutting things for some and i encourage people if you don't understand if you think otherwise please please oh let's let's talk about i mean i know we can't write here a cos first all i don't see the the responses but luther believed that any kind of effort or contribution that man attempts toward his own salvation and i want to say here too when you're raindogs see otis all was talk about a distinct they they are professional distinction makers but we have did this as part of that separation so mother talks about salvation he is really speaking more here of new birth injustifie and because he were active in are sanctification so when he said salvation here he said we don't have an active part in new birth this is why we've talked about new birth when a baby comes out to birth canal that baby didn't really do anything to cause its i mean it and i didn't say you know what i want to be born on april nineteenth and i'm coming out to day ah and i won to just purse my way through ah edestone so he says that man cannot give any effort of contribution his own salvation and anything that looks like that his works right justness and we remember the rich man to come to jesus hey he said good master what must i do to inherit eternal life what did jesus since he could have said nothing but he sent for what is the law say i mean again the low said you have to be perfect and perpetually holly this man couldn't do that and it said when jesus pointed him to basically his crucified work and the holiness itcomes from natives creeds had no i don't want that any one away sorrowful cause its he was a rich man he didn't get him want to give up his title to his life i i and i think that that's that's a really good point and it is kind of a issuing block for so many people because they look at you know i've got to be purpothe time and realizing that we don't like where bunch of his six year old trying to run around figuring out you know how to act right and try not to throw its through windows i mean that's really kind of what's going on here you know nobody's about anybody else we you know we really shouldn't get discouraged with a fact that we are tempted and we do you know we don't always do the right thing i mean they are timesometimes you have come back and say oh yes even if it's not considered a son a cher traditionally there's things that we know in our hearts that we don't do that the right thing and we have come back and say i'm sorry god are an less morehand that again it's a perpetual process improvement that we're in here his god leads us and he says the perfector of our fate he is the author and the perfector of our faith and so you know it's a it's a daily walk but just so we out there knows and even paul said i i do get that which i you know what she now that i'm not supposed to do and you know what a wretch i am that sort of thing but you know it's it's got himself that pays and encombriers are our things that we fall down on it i am an introduced duck iwan introduced this here a minute because in today's world how do you apply this you know how do you apply this or what the word ice in in her lives right and that the pitcher of love to me is when with when noah was in haste and is drunk and is you know he's in his triteness n's come in there and he sees cast out cold and and ham comes in and tells everybody you don't tell everybody you know what he did runs out tells everybody laughing at him for his families and the sons that loved him walked in backwards wouldn't even look at it cover covered him and you know and walked back out and this that jesus does as he covers our failings and our sins and such with his love and he doesn't hennant to make fun of you for when you fail we don't know what he wants to make fun of you or make you feel bad for the things you've done in life we've all fallen short of the glory of god that so divinal sesse and it's going to take us all coming alongside each other to say yet a right you screwed up and i'm going to scrope toosome point time a pretty sure of it if we say we can't ever say that i were never going to screw up that's completely apostate and that no said ability to also give mercy and grace you know live in grace and mercy with each other forgive each other or sins you don't like when somebody trusts the cesser are found as you god forgive him because even jesus said they don't even know what they're doing right now and so it's a very complicated thing but nobody is going to make fun of you if you you know for changing and you know the love of christ will accept you just exactly as you are and with that new birth walk with you throughout your life to help you not to make you feel ashamed or not to make you feel bad about what you've done or anything like that it's it's complete forgiveness and he wiped it off it is is it never and i don't have to work or feel bad or be afraid don't be afraid it's going to be a i'm glad kind o you brought up no reference i love that dorry i do on belton realize this that in a way we think that like no i got of the ark and and that kind of happen we don't know how many years it was and i'm going to say it's probably way more than we think because there are details in the larger story that suggests that it was him's son canon who was responsible for that uncovering no as no curses came where did they have to go take over the land of the promised land to the land of and what an lingerie powerful picter right there yes so i just maybe a tid bit but it psychotrophon think about anything while i was him it could have been may be him and canon but got me a no one didn't really curse him so any rate now they the man descended was hand because it was in his blood like but here so luther believed god's whole gospel of grace was explicitly linked to a right understanding are i just run to some things and the people have questions i'll answer it said luther believed the bondage of the will in particular was the corner stone of the gospel in foundation of faith in true doctrine a hardy denial of free will was to luther the first step to understand the gospel income to faith in god if man has it practically an experientially learned the pondage of his will in sir and i say in sin canon case part of the title of my last book he hasn't comprehended any part of the gospel the denial of free will is the hinge on which all turns the ground on which the gospel rest so he said a man's part is to be humble and approach god knowing that we've sinned and saying god help us that's what what paul cries out a roman seven twenty four who shall deliver me from this body of death he is be his head on the wall of god's truth and the gospel and he felt i could do it and i think really when we talk about free will i think that's where paul got to the point that he could lay down his free will and that's when god rede so it's it's important so on sense luther's denial of free will has nothing to do with the psychology of action that freedom to choose his free moral agent he knew and affirmed that human choices are spontaneous and not for the through affirmed it was man's total inability to save himself when he denied free will man salvation new birth justification is wholly of divine grace for man can contribute nothing to and so the there there are like i said i really would like it people would may be purchased at book and go through it i do think that that was that was definitely one of the top ten books i ever read in my life and it really helps us a people may sometime can you explain what with free will really is what's the teaching of free will what's the damage son this last paragraph will go through this it says if you attribute everything to free will the contradictions in scripture will remain what's that me well that means that if we embrace free will we are embracing contradiction will see contradiction everywhere the there is just sayin look if we can understand free will correctly all the basest the majority of contradicts is eliminated and i believe that oh there's the the a little bit of a confusion there that i think that everybody needs under we have the choice to send and to make wonchoice s in our life god gives us that free will correct in my correctors that doesn't exist no this is what i'm saying we all have as free moral agents we have the power to the rejoicements why if if we check away the power to choose we would basically disintegrate who we are as man but here's the distinction with the power to choose we never in sin canon in none do birth status we never have the power which can choose righteous the one thing that we can do is evil we can just see and send worse and may be seen really worse i get i shall make distinction is is that afterward new birth now we actually do have a way the ability to have a free will to choose to do good or evil yes oh yes i'm getting the undersides i deem my word for o that little were there you know is what you're doing he across out i isis white at the hard thing for because the biegento because it's like inamenit cities what i would say it it takes the knife of precision to go down through some of those things and and yes thank you for ask and don a cos it it does help for people to work through that so here i reeled that put that way before and on the down iiunder and of course you know i i proceedsamounting town that's cossets me and that's my natural personalities at all while here here's how the people will typically approach free will that they think there's this little i know we can talk about compartment there's a little room in me that is righteous and holy and they call it free will and they really believed that god doesn't need to redeem that little compartment of free will in my life an able basically tell god take your hands off i want the right to sin when i want and it's like who so he says we must deny free will and ascribe everything to god to discover that scripture is free from contradiction if you grant the scripture speaks categorically and this is what i tell people all time you can say nothing and free will but what is opposite of cried as her death satan and all able rains in free will so that little compartment to me is as evil is safe and we've got to have got precision if you will cut that out of our life that's where he takes that to me is the hardest stone is free will he takes the hardest stone out puts in the hard i'm going to have to work on the site it to you on the sale that further yet ile round nonepitted get the heather's there's a i think that there is you know sometimes people say the same things but they used different words and that's what confusion comes down to and obscurethat i in this the most is that is that if the point is salvation the point of new birth that we actually have the choice to do the right thing in the wrong and you know what all of us know it it's like you can sit there and you know what god's not happy with you is something you're like its wenawa till he turned the it's like to illinois sorry you know then you tenositis like it's like went when you have new birth it's like it it's not it's not a half a seckington you'll even be going to take a step in a direction is not one cent it's just may be doesn't watch to go in that direction ah no don't want you to go there and you'll know what before had so you can either keep herself out of trouble or you know but we we have a choice at that point and you you know i had a time and i think that that turning onto go back to in the god's radio here you have the coy to tune into listening to god or just kind of running a muck i mean look at what the bibles as about running a muck you can tune into him and he'll he'll tell you exactly you know so i stop he's leading us he's leading us through you know even even the valley of darkness as it were he is leading us through that i know its tangible endopodites ole kids that are thirty years and younger how much do they know about two literario if you were right ah miss pott you were going to get it right probably only not then or are norns enough to be at you don't to be able to be involved the hands out of the honorthe hand community because that's that's that's all neronotes these are isolationto it again it's a foreseeing and this free will think is a precision thing and i just would say that when we understand what it is i think we will really say god like the person and has melanoma underskin god cut it all out of me cut it out of me i don't want it ever again that's so hard because you know we all have things in our past that or are you know part of our survival skills that we've learned you know and we bring that forward with us and learning to lay these things down on you know when when things when things happen and it's a chocoyno i think that we have all had to listen to god sayyou got a great skill set it isn't working for you and i know you're going to have to learn some new new things and lay some of these old things aside because you're leveling off and you know what i mean we we actually we actually kind of love of on on our walk with god as we go because i think it's sort of like if you had a cloth that was yet what to say let's just say you got a a a a town or short or whatever and it's full of old for whatever reason you know you forgot about it in a corner of your baseness somewhere whatever you throw that out in sin and let the sun kill all the old or throw hold much of lead shown you are going to destroy that cloth it isn't going to work and so it's a process that we go through in order to remove and every day we should be able to look at ourselves with some interest at did i lie did i do something that i shouldn't have done and ask god for forgiveness and even make it right go to that person say you know i'm sorry i learned a new i learned something new to day and i didn't mean to hurt your feelings i didn't mean to offend you i need make things right and it's okay to do that it's a process no shame de so all a case that passage on free will with this i believe that free will is the first he of satan's if they had a list of their doctrines hanging on to free who would be at the top what was it oh the do do that do what you will that's the satan that the safeness creed you know him a man and that's reverewill doesn't matter that comes straight from the satanic ah i meniyou want you on to see what is really going on in the world is like you now just look at the symbols and the crack they do the satanic that they do honestly i think god's going to wage war on that satanic church probably not one part of it's going to be standing to whole thing's got to be you know torn down and thrown through throw it into the fire where it belongs so on so you know now i know maybe that was a big deter but it helps us i think that you know again i understand it as a pastor is a teacher as the shepherd everything is not always no fond and games and i think we can have great fun plain and god sand box but there are some things like this here that's difficult for people to process but i think when you process it you'll see it in such a different light and so are the wewewere that is through the power of the cross and the possible and in first printings ah what i mean ye first corinthians one seventeen or twenty five i'm just count read a couple verses if you want to plug it in as fine as his for christ and send me to baptize but to preach the gospel and not with words of eloquent wisdom lost the cross be emptied of its power so everybody for that machinatine christ first grandians on seventeen to twenty five but great darnet's great rate deleverat dear for the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of god mart ah does it get any better than that for it is written i will destroy the wisdom of the wise and the sermon of the discerning i will thwart so a lot of people that are outside of christ all ways they come back hay will you explain this will you explain this will you talk about my doubt and you can go on and on it if you will they control hundred questions at you and you can hold answer on her questions and still won't believe that's why they think if i can understand i will believe but we know that god knew essobee in then we can understand for sense in the wisdom of god the world did not know god through wisdom in that we were just sat a member i talk about epistomology that's how we know things an impulse is right there the world doesn't know god through epistemology and that's why i say we priests in epistomological gospel rather than an ontological very often can you define that case somebody's new to the new to phylacides stroll opisthotony is how do we know we learned from roaring we learned from experience ah we learn from seeing their just a lot of ways that we see that's epistemology how do you know but the analogy is what god does in our soul so i am convinced as i reach scripture that god must ontologically new birth as and then only then can we take on the mind of so we have a mind before we come to christ we still have that same mind after we come to christ but after we come to christ we can take on the mind of cries and so epistemology in that sense follows ontology in isis what we talked about last week i mean somebody that's a man is going to go not trying to be a female i mean somebody lots o females can be gone nuts trying to be a man it just doesn't work i mean just like somebody that's new birth well really drive themself nuts if they did i god and run in the opposite direction this is kind of maybe we're jonesi he was so we were new birds we find great joy in our soul to pursue righteous if it is just it it builds a self if it emboldens us it we find our joy and our peace when we pursue righteousness soon sold and so so that's what what god is saying he oh with think about abraham and i i want at least compact tesselite this is beyond a genesis twenty oh we we struggle when i want to back up before that just throw a few snippets out here i want to look at genesis twelve any two of which the debt p with scroll but in prenticeana do here may we get it no i atri if i don't if to you you are you said in the last few weeks you loved to hear stories from timeparker i am quite before i've got to say in and this is why lot of people never understood it and even understand it may be in the middle of it but boydid i enjoy it what i was the pastor and can do sermons every way boy i was in in pihan and this is why i really thank you for the opportunity to do this on my cure oh i loved it evenly do i morrissette this right here i mean i can't tell you how many times i'd i'd hate even take human times i've read true but just doing this message right here it was like i had to look whether you paradin in its oh my goodness tim look et so after aldershare this is i've never seen what i saw and some in my sire when i saw that a long time i mean cross me i've read these things but i just had to go back and look at how many times did god and when i say that in the old testament it would be a pre incarnate is how many times did the preincarnate christ pomp into the life of abraham from chapter twelve to twenty two of his i was blown away every chapter does the every chapter and that was the thing that i want oh my goodness i never so the extent of that the assiento there ray now and this is like in our daily life do you look around yourself every day and wonder is jesus here yes is here where is he and not only that you know he could be he could be he could be what talking with angels on aware i mean this is biblical you're not along there he's right here where this all the time it so i want people to to understand it in those chapters and quickly i think that may be a thirteen chapters but there are a sad appeared taxed and there are were he the word of the lord came to him okay so there's a distinction here now i would say maybe the word of the lord tax was god speaking to his mind but i think that the appeared ah was really an actual appearance of the preincarnate christ oh yeah the sowhere it says then the lord send abraham go from your country and her kindred and your father's house to the land that i will show you what was he going to show he can ah so abram went as the lord told him down in four and lot in went the but eh he he back to to he says now i will make of you a great nation and i will bless you and make your name great so the two will be a blessing i will bless those who curse bless you and him who dishonors you i will curse and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed i think that both ways we can say physically are they blessed in abraham yes but as no more souls in christ we know that the blessing the bigger blessing that god talks about there is the spiritual heritage so there's a lot of blood heritage people in the world that claim abraham as her father and yet there not of their father the spiritual father he i want to spiritual father but it be nice to have bolts and maybe we'll see that indian to time monotonist action between people and they come under every single labeller whatever it doesn't it just like you can look at it any label out there or any genetics or any any group of people it doesn't mean that they're above a reproach because ithonestly satan likes to infiltrate the hose and use them for his his hands and the i'd say that the ones that and clean any genetic heritage their lot of times their blind because the spiritual part that's the only part that really matters ah and i think i have to admit that i this spot i think earlier i talked about cora being were a caleb one at mount it was acheron he ran well and this is where even right these persons and you still have highlighted cane and is in view at the beginning and at the end and abraham built an altar at both bethel and he brought ah now would sit in twelve seven to eight and hebrew mean genesis thirteen eighty and both of these places were significant in the whole israel nation that's where they went to worship when he had profits he either went to a bethel or hebron and then later they had the temple in jer so for i see going down further ah well there's a lot of the sad appeared texts or i think i say likely live in person chats and we see i think it may be even this chap was twelve seven to eight thirteen fourteen fifteen eighteen to twenty one seventeen on the twenty two eighteen one to thirty three and twenty two one to two would be those categories now something my saltem there's a lot of chapters left out of that and there are but in fourteen what we see in fourteen that's where melchizedec comes so even though maybe the texas about melchisedec and abraham we see that god is presently case jesus is after the model of melchisedec out after levi ah and then we have sixteen that's the chapter where god deals personally with hagar so again i think it's a preincarnate christ dealing with hagar in nineteen that's the whole thing with sodom and gomorrah so god deals personally with lot and his family so again we see a preincarnate christ in the story even though it's not directly abraham oh and i we see abimelech this is one of the kings in chapter twenty and in we see isaac hagar and abimelech in chapter twenty one and now we get to i think it's the crescendo of abraham's life is the sacrifice of abraham i mean a visit after twenty and as for again i think if we don't understand that story that it was god picturing the cross of jesus well we'll never really understand that correctly so i think people the world look at that and go oh my goodness how could god command abraham to do that and i got to say you and his christians i think we can waken scratch her head for a long time until we understand that god is really picturing the reality that will come ah a good thousand years several thousand years later so a from abraham to the cross was maybe a two thousand years so it's like a low so any rate it's it's it was in just blowaway that god appeared in every one of those chaps so appears to day we just have to be willing to look for him and listened to him not leave to point in decided to abandon us here you know it's his words are focused where do we what we two in to yeah so oh again when with when we look at scripture and again is so just one of the the rules if you will when god speaks about sutton again and again and again it gives weight and so better ask maybe if i could throw it out to her to my listenoise how many times did jesus tell his disciples that he was going to go to jerusalem and die and be resurrected there is about it a two minute pause between you and i talk in and where it actually gets out there in the inner mine the ore in have to wait a little while and now so what's what's going on is it just dragging now this is just the way that the system works is like there's so just pause there and after a model between where are we consent we can wait and see somebody can say it but that the pile of there is the little twodecked forth hellesdon worry about that the point is three times he says and each of the four gospels gives so three ten so we know that it loved lot of things maybe or in two of the gospels not in the other two or three not devour one in john john's the most unique there's a lot of stuff in johnes not in the others but in all four gospels jesus tells his disciples very clearly three times so up my point as we we bet we'd better like it up from take notice of that yessman were cake queen zeros or on so take wing out at three there gave the goniatites pontothe answer that's in each gospel so that's twelve times in now if we read of all four gospels were going to read it twelve times and jesus kindly gives different tid bits and i know we're not going to have time to go through this is my hope people will holler and i get the manuscript but it's it's amazing how many things jesus says and it's really i will say this that when i may be wrong in my conclusion but it's because of the the cycles spots to jesus saying i'm going to go to jerusalem and die that i think they were new born until after the resurrection caseine there just goes right over their head right past their ears and and may be the worst was i think it was in esaxanto the gospels when this happens james and john's mother's mother comes to jesus and his hay when you come into your kingdom can what am i sons said on your left and worn in her her right that's like they all missed it's a how could they miss it so bad i mean him even in going to resurrect larescu's baseless clearly as he could i wouldn't die and i'll be resurrected her like notes no no no can't happen semigod ess ou magine now listening to somebody who's a friend here that you sat with an you've talked with and all a sudden you know that such proved themselves over and over he missed it you missed it all along and the tetenanco out with something like that i mean honestly it's like they'd have to be like ah ye right he now thank you thank you i agree enannette missed it and again i rejectedor aged people i can go through and maybe they want to write it down i'll just give thee the text ah if i can run through it i wish that a high lighted alimentary said of jesus came back to day to run for government nobody felt for him in now cooramin they would hersecome corn where get he tells you what true that's exactly it there like that and people say that would you over jesus as he came back no chance i couldn't when i herepeople say that desirehow that's that's it that's a crazy case i mean i've listened to you asked the question and listen to the responses that really it's really funny because you know it it's it's funny but it's not money you do and and i think honest the way that we've looked at so many things it's not that god changed his he never came but we're not god were you know we have to have things taken off in layers or we'd never be able to handle the truth of what our reality really is it's easy to compartmentalize god with man we have come face to face with every day that's a whole new ball game so i don't know is there a better way if i did up date the manuscript a little bit of isentrager co people get that from you or oopalawon the opalian that way and baby at the bottom i will literally go back and no potterne of each of the four gospels and set at a side a few will ye the soil yeh i'll because i think it's it's important people at least you see i mean when i when i realized all that it's like i goodneston exhibit new birth and i believe in john twenty where it says that jesus blew on them the holy spirit in its like from then on he seemed to understand and eagle and they literally turned a world upside down i don't think they could have done that without i mean i know they couldn't have done it without new birth but i don't believe they were new birth and hell after the reserve i had a holy spirit moment this wee cot and on broke i broke down into his cried because it was so healing and i felt like i felt like you know i had something it was like trying to work through othotwo through things in your leg you southois right on like a and helphave to kind o work through it till you put it into an order that that you know you can be their understander shapes his wayanas cook something right away and i do start crying because it was like i get it like i think every every question i've ever had about how do i say at a why he put us here and in as a protection from the other realms that he's got out there has rather round some talks about it and to be able to actually you know it was kind of a holy spirit moment i just started crying because all these things that you know and it was a very clensing cry you know all these things that had never made sense to me all of a sudden it's like a gay i'm an idiot i get it and i'm stubborn and all these other things that that you know are a good thing in certain situations is you know not is not always the best thing you know but he teaches us even with the things that we don't do well how to a lay those things down that we may be had in lat to be a protect it into protected from his world when we when we realize that he was always there protecting us and we don't we don't need to do that any more and is sometimes it's just an attitude you know just at ostinati tude of of osaca as the openthat your talking about down and thank you for sharing at that to me is you know i think as people may be of list and for five months now i've used the word paramatman times that i think the common person just does it even used at but i think what you explained your holy spirit moment it is the paradise that i talk about yes god just senses down and teaches and we disco who my goodness me how beautiful that yes that answers that he asked it answers that it answers there not answered and we are just how old before the face of god beyond all words and you o people unfortunately in a like of you in the failings that you see what people that typically have a religious spirit that eh and i mean i've seen this i've seen this so many times of my life and i just i ithamore problem with that i have our huge problem and immediately i'm just like you know you know i can't stand it i don't speak christian he's i don't always say the right things as such but by golly i'm real and oh it's really amazing how many times i had a very very good friend who was killed just press last year in the hostile as the holder and it was really sad and there re people that had damaged her so badly within the church she doesn't things on never see what she had done but i because i'm probably one of the only people that actually know the truth and i would never violate a confidence it doesn't make any difference i just wouldn't do it but people in her church would literally come forward and say things that they knew because she had she had trusted them sat a prayer meeting or something and there's a lot of people in the that i just use that is that is there a way to gossip you know to be in her we got to be in the know got agoshort this and that is just evil it is so evil when somebody puts her heart out and they change and you violate that you violate that trust that is pure evil and as in the churches is everywhere in others times here you just sit back and you act as that protectorates jesus if somebody comes in really wants to heel and they have something to say i mean i've had so many people tell me about having abortions over the years cosa ah ah honestly am i really actually you wouldn't know it because i'm out here talking all the time which was very painful for i had a very very hard time coming on the camera it was it was like i would rather die than do his and i i mean the first time i did it my biron and general flint kept saying got to make videos and that like goingi'm going to die in die and i went i stood by my horses and i had to i talked my one horse and i'd like okamoto here at right now i know you'll love me and in no matter how stupid i look to get out there and that one day it to me two hours and i take and i take and i take and every time i like i made i can't do this i and they can't do this and i raced over think cause that was like an everything was bad right and so i finally i finally decided on the sutecase open whatever i do i'm just going to put it out there and i died that day i did i put it out there and i was like i can go and then i sat there like this going i pulled it up cause i'm not a professional on you do any of this media at all i'm just i'm a person who works in a bar runs a bunch of businesses in his really the best manure she shoveler on the plan and i clean stalls when i have time because i enjoy doing i was dying and i have always rather honestly listened and the if people tell me over the years tis bought everything he is also just listen but if you have that where people tell you that it is evil to mention one word of it and this is what you see like say keep will say well we're praying for this person because they've got this end and be jesus and sips give and you don't you don't push those things out that are so painful for people for those who are evil who are not new birth to tear them to shred cause your throwing them right out there for she stride and your part of their district you have to be quiet you have to listen with the gentleness of god himself who covers us covers our sense come in i hold you a hog you we'll do this together it's going to be o ka and protects those things that are so painful because we've been through so much pain and it's going to get worse it's not going to get better right now so we need an army of people an inland people out there and protecting those who have made mistakes because you have too and so we have i so as tim mosos everybody else where bunch of you know little kids out there trying to train to negotiate a with who's got the best rocks and marvels put him down and realize that we're here to protect each other and every one is welcome and every one is welcome come come in every one is welcome and and you know true true believers will welcome you in no matter what you've done and a and which bateman hoseason with some who said who says all i'm done with molesting children when the spirit of god will tell us the you will get no that in for we are in if you will or father's world is the song we used to sing about that and it is his sand box we can learn so much from that o dear no the song tears are language write her down listen to maybe we'll pontecorno we sang that a lot of people but i will just quantitee to from what you were just say right down may be listened to it it may be we'll play that next week trenow god put it up here ordinavit because i think that what you were saying it's like not only when we when god a convict or soul of our sin thou got haridasi gers that looks like it's a very home grown one of sewersearly good it's just i just would encourage people to listen to the words because sometimes there's nothing like tears the year sold and we know the thatsomewhat maybe we god knows everything we cried about everything that he's put on her heart and horse but i i thought that was years and years and years to go i mean i do a lot of people think i'm just crew creole it's like i feel like i got such a soft heart for god and his and that song really spoke to me here said gosh maybe as we play that baby at all speak to yours is we i have a soft heart for for anything that's been damaged i mean i rescue i wrote to rescue you don't want on many levels and you know no people animals horses whatever it is i i enjoy that too but i tell you what i turn into an absolute beast warrior when i see somebody that i love or somebody who doesn't have a voice or a child it's like at that point time the gloves are off and and you know it's like that point to and we have been taught that we would not to negotiate with people who are psychopaths in and so they are not rehabilitate only god terebellae that thionin or intiwa to go along to get along we own hurt their feelings they'll take twelve or twenty more souls without because we've sat there like a bunch of cowards and let them run forward and damage more and more people just like one a judge let somebody loose and they go back in their repeat rate little kids or whatever it that all judges fall and it's hotter fault if we don't stand in the way and stop this you know pansy frickand way were approaching our christian faith and say well we're working on him is we're working on him or her as they damaged more people down and now you've got you got a bigger prompt his rehfus to act and in that that's going to be that something that we're going to have come to charms when because this given evil pass his god to stop you that's not forgiveness that's not justice that's come lickety yes i am how in his cowardice its hands who cut and god hates cold he has a hate come especially when there's something that we can do to save his children he hes skin and put off without much longer we see if this how this one has no fulleight note a wave and have the words on her that's great i've not seen this once so this was just blindly bring it up ultroscopes is a good one he turned up his necomen through very loud donna see i got the better as beautiful a loveit is how pat's great you know just for everybody out there just see now nobody's going to think your stupid that our true believers god does that your precious beyond all words and and he's going to be sitting there cheering you on so we're it will any one who's truly of a true believer will be cheering you on helping you every step of the way holding your hands working for your your best good and you know and in loving you as the perfect creation that god created you to and every one is welcome will celebrate together it's all it's all good and i think it's going to be a good day you want me to read something from the chat here met yes go ahead i'm sospinto say you oreitae i could do just finish up here and then you could do that ned by great oh there are like twenty passages that i bring ohpeople to go through sottegehem escript that could do that in the other one beiteinu the anastomed from revelation twelve eleven assistance him by the blood of the lamb when we know the blood of his people he he regards and by the word of their testimony and from that song we could save it by their tears they loved not their lives even unto death and so jesus said in not look twenty four thirty four under domes he said old foolish what's cus they asked tom don't you know what this teases what happened he said we were you talking about it was an even then sir the question he goes off on his own narrative and it's it's amazing he says o foolish ones and so hard to believe all that the prophets have spoken was it not necessary that the christ should suffer these things and enter as glory this is what i was saying a least resurrection and even back to the crucefixion it's like jesus gloried in his vice and i wish we could learn that and beginning with moses and all the prophets he had terpreted to them in all the scriptures the concerning his and i would just ask us to wait the victory and the glory above the softening in the past and if we get there it's i think it's a majestic ride he read read some of the comments saintfray grant and tritate er we go through in life is not going to matter you know is carthurien it's only growing things in us and sometimes we win by losing because we need to learn all their things and then okay that's okay it's long as keep stand in the game and it's okay to make mistakes it's okay and so you know we can encourage each other in just keep going we'll get the scots got as he's got us i gemishemin is the lead agent in unchanged in us the great world wide revival is beginning and michigan it is it in its assishnesse how pop's just called on me grabbed the systematic okay got to do that i always onto he has a idioteco people has done as tackier'n the broadcast for it now can colebank so in honor in the garrisons these are the days of exodus these are the days of ezekiel these are the days of her home and these are the days of isaac these are the days what a wondrous time to be alive and very saskatoon is to speak repeatedly through his prophets to day and charles i went to commissioners meeting of seventeen and it really is a battle of the souls they are people that have no clue of the bible or constitution a demon even several legion a religion called commences creasy and w h my owner was there and may i say he is lost and left his tent with his co mi don't remember his name just now that is mommadon w chimistry of station yes so we have a lot of people that are lost i would ask that you would pray for all of us to everybody out there who have decided to stop up because we've taken so many hits it's it's incredible if you step up in your out in the public your going to be a task you're going to be attacked in his not just it's just n't just effect you at effect derentie family and every one around you and i so i would ask i would you know ask everybody to please pray for our families in the people that are round us too because even if we can stand sometimes they have a little harder time than we do and so i would ask people to do that is to strengthen the people that are around us cause there's a lot of people struggling right now and any one that standing up their families are having a hard time with us and ah ah that's that's great place for satin a hit us too as to his astor families we've seen it over and over again so please pray for you know not just president truck pray for his family pray for general flint prayed for his family for admiral roger's prey for a spandy pray for all who who has stood up for the families because that that needs to be fortified and i i got to say i know down i know that a lot of people have really really struggled psy i think that the people that feel like their hanging on by their fringes and so i appreciate that encouragement wherein ninoutinen our densest were were in the midst right now selling one of our business and i really don't give a rat's rogron because i'm in the satake this country back for for god and for for god family country but every single one of us has had troubles were not going to get through this without being a willing to do whatever it takes to take the nation back and it's going to be sacrificed on the part of all of us and so i mean there's the things that we have to be willing to do in order to carry the ball into the angelher in spike it and so were we in were going to do that so metal no back down no for i look quite for justice and righteousness that i just if the church could get that for most in her mind we are in god's war and he wants us to fight for justice and righteousness and us let's get off of our tour hands in engaging his war and i think that you will find the greatest joy in your soul when you do that absolutely well can we say prayer and then i got it got to get off then and a and you talked to hobbes right now yes so i am not yet when i realized what an even now prayed to begin with at any rate god forgive us for not thinking of you we think of you lord and we just thank you for your truth we thank you for what you give us larder so much that we need to learn help us as we stand tall for you as we encourage others lord i pray for down on the sod bless her i pray that you'd bless her husband joe order so many as she mentioned it need prayer we need we did people that her waters we see of their standing up their fight the fight and there we need more than lord we we pray for justice in our land and we know that there's a sense that we need righteousness and our land and i think the play off of each other as we learn from your bless us this day lord help us to go forward in your power in the year might his name it thank you that's great well spluttered loved you and i here youghheagang you mean go to brinborion datham because i am the best non concederlas ever not conceived in the history of the world and we're going to keep going forward as we take a siccation back in it's going to be wonderful standing together as one family united under god that's what we're that's what this is all about claim the kingdom i claim the kingdom above all the king of god is this though is what we claim stuardo and god listened what he says to you he will not abandon you he will not lead you a strict you can walk right into a room of liars the entire room can be follies you not agree with him you can go through anything and he'll keep talkin o he'll tell you ah that one's a litter that was a later that wants a letter which are not he gone it's okay you know that's why you're here you're not here to make him feel good about himself you're here to listen to him and he will complete any anything that he's asked you to do he'll give you anything you need to carry that ball to the anzani saw that exactly what we're going to do so just want to let you take things so much to my learnt i always warned so much every day sometimes the disutile really listening and like all this is hard for me this is so hard is this so different than what i've ever heard but just sit in early listen and process it and put it into an understanding for me may be i'm little stupid i think that's what it is but you know i can not for all the way dogs think you i guess i just though i'm horrible that you i think go for what you're doing what you have done god bless you may his graceful pon you mightily to day thank you thank you so much will she go gus god bless you god bless all those whom you love whom you love i was they whom god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day make good choices and make it a great day to day be that force that sat in fears