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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/5/2024 TPA Interview - Jim Price - The Jim Price Show

Published July 5, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am The Jim Price Show is a globally syndicated TV/Cable/Radio. Jim is a proud father of four, and has accomplished more then most and experienced just everything the establishment can throw. Designing High-Security Command Centers for the Debt. of Defense to a Youth pastor, Wrestling coach, Football coach, and played on the 2015 National Championship Wichita Mens Rugby Team. Jim started “The Jim Price Show” back in March of 2019. Since then, he has grown his platform, from AM Radio Fm radio, podcast, to syndicate TV, with international reach to CloutHub, Facebook, Youtube, Rumble, iTunes, Spotify, Apple podcast, and just about anywhere you can listen to your favorite shows. Jim’s main goal is to teach life lessons to help better and ignite the Patriot that is in each of us. You can catch Jim Speaking at public events, such as the Reawakening Tour and many others. He has been a leading voice in Kansas to have the Elections re-evaluated and has brought to light many of the issues and faults within our voting system. The Jim Price Show airs Monday-Friday 4-5pm CST and Saturday 7-9 PM CST. Jim talks about current issues local, national, and international. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the fifth day of July 2024. Welcome to our show today. And faithfully, dutifully, we are here today, which we're in a war. I made a post this week about the fact that we're in a war and I'm not going to take a day off. We've got to fight to fight here and going to be here and make sure that we're getting the word out there and helping to educate people. And not only that, I know a lot of holidays people feel like they're kind of isolated and alone. Well, guess what? I'm here. I might be ornery some of the time. I might be whatever I am, but But the point is, is that I think that this fight that we're in is not one that we can approach with any bit of wavering in what we do every single day. We need to be here, we need to be present, and we need to be involved. I have some really cool news coming up for this next week because there's another lawsuit that's getting filed. And I'm going to be on this lawsuit. I support it 100%. And I will be posting it to my Telegram channel, which is brandenburg4mi. So today's going to be a little bit different because I've been pre-recording a few things. This is, in fact, live. I'm live right now. But I pre-recorded a few things. in order to have some extra content when I'm gone. Because I'm going to be gone for the entire week, not next week, but the following week. But I'll be doing live on the you know, on location type broadcast. So I figured that if I did a little bit of recording ahead of time, then we can have the consistency and keep going. And there's more people that really need to have their voices heard. This whole First Amendment attack that's been going on for content creators, citizen journalists and such is going to have a serious backlash from all of us who are committed to to protecting the First Amendment rights. And if it means that we need to expand what we're doing here at BNN, we're going to do that because I don't censor. I believe that you may not like what everybody has to say on here or the way they say it, but it is still their right to do that. And so I try to really be non-partial in that and let people say what needs to be said. whether I agree with them or not. I'll also say my opinion on them. But generally, I think that it's really important for us to have that civil discourse. And so we're going to keep going with this. And I expect that BNN is going to expand a little bit. Now our citizen journalist panel is getting real comfortable with each other and it's really kind of fun. And I think what we're going to do is have some shows coming up that are hosted by other people, which I really look forward to. I can set it up and do the screen stuff and make sure that everything's running and then they can have their own time to speak, and I think this is going to be a fun experiment. In the meantime, I've got a few things to show you here, and then we're going to go right into the show. Happy 4th of July to everyone out there. It's Independence Day. And I think that this was a fun, kind of a fun meme I found. I thought that was fun. But the one I like better is this one. Party like it's 1776. No, for real. Let's cut these tyrants out. And I mean it, right? I think that we can all, we all have that mindset. And if you're here, I'm sure you have that mindset to see that. In fact, we're all moving forward together. It's kind of a glorious time to be alive, really, because people are standing up for the things that are wrong in mass. It's not just one or two. When we started this out fighting this back in, oh, I don't know, 17 or before. There were a bunch of us that were fighting from then or even way, way, way back that really stepped up to the fight. And I applaud everyone who started and kicked this whole thing off. I know who some of you are. And as things progressed and more and more people woke up and we all learned together, we're learning to fight this type of tyranny and see what's wrong, understand the law, understand what the founding fathers did, and truly celebrate our independence and what that means. That means that we have no one that outranks each one of us. We are equal, and I love that. And I think that we should remember that we're not in it to win at all costs. We're in it to protect the liberty of and the freedoms of each and every one of us. And it's almost more important to protect the freedoms of people we disagree with, instead of having this mindset of win at all costs, because we want to be right. We want to protect people's right to live and thrive. It makes make to live with the liberties that God intended them to live with those rights. Those rights were given by God. They weren't given by government. And our government is so far out of whack right now that we're going to continue to fight. Well, with that said, I've got two videos that I'm going to play. that I did with Jim Price, okay? The first one was at Turning Point Action. It was a great interview. But I want to explain what happened at the end of this because we were all set up and I started doing interviews and such at our booth in Media Row. And all of a sudden, Secret Service comes walking around going, you have to stop right now. And we're like, can I finish the interview? I had somebody that was helping me with the camera and such. And They're like, can we finish the interview? And they're like, no, you have to leave right now. So if we look a little lost at the end and bewildered, it was because we're like, what in the heck? Well, we ended up being shuffled out of the room into another room and we had to wait. And it took them about an hour, hour and a half as they did a sweep. Somebody had breached into the room. and they had bombs sniffing and they had dogs. They had the dogs that were in there and they swept the room not once but twice. So I want to thank everyone that was in security, Secret Service and everyone for making sure that everyone was safe. When you see the threats that are out there and you can see them firsthand, you really appreciate those guys a lot and gals because they do a good job yesterday. I don't know if you've seen this, but there were an awful lot of shootings yesterday, a lot of them. And it was kind of, it was actually kind of surprising. I had someone, Bob Terry brought it forward. He said, look at how many shootings there are happening across the United States yesterday. It was a lot. And, um, It probably didn't get the press that it normally would have because of the holiday, but there were a lot of random shootings that happened yesterday. And it looks to me like it's going to be used as a false flag against our Second Amendment rights because they kept saying it wherever I found it in the media. It was talking about things like, you know, guns are bad, guns are bad, blah, blah, blah. No, guns are not bad. It's the people. that use them to commit crimes, which I don't know. I'm going to say that the feds are behind a lot of this. The feds are most definitely involved in some of this stuff. Some of this stuff is paid operatives, and there's a lot of them out there, but they're trying to get people afraid of the guns instead of afraid of the people that the guns are there to protect us against. And so we need to remember that, that just because something comes out doesn't mean that it's a true or that it is there for the intention that they're purveying and trying to sell to us. Yesterday I did a post because I think Patrick Burns put it out about General Flynn accepting or General Flynn being the pick for VP for for um uh president donald j trump the rightful president of the united states and I posted on telegram because I thought oh patrick's pretty reliable and then things came up that said no it's not and so I took it down and then I texted general general flynn we are friends And he said fake news. It is fake news. So if you do see that out there, I actually have the text right from the general that said it's fake news. So don't believe it. And I don't really want to make a comment on who I would like to see as his VP pick, because honestly, that's his choice. And I'm just going to wait to see who he thinks is best, because he's got the view from 40,000 feet above. And I think that whoever he picks is going to be really interesting. So we need to keep our eyes open. What I will say is that he hasn't made really one good endorsement. So when we look at the endorsements, it's for exposure, not necessarily for go ahead and jump on this train here and go with it. So just think about it a little bit and do some research on it when you see it. So anyhow, the first interview that I'm going to do, I'm going to cue this up a minute, is going to be from the one that I did With Jim Price from The Jim Price Show, all of the links are in the description below in the description on all the channels. So if you want to find Jim, he's real entertaining. And I personally like the guy a lot. He's interesting to talk to. So let me queue up this video file. And I'm going to do the first one is from Turning Point. And then the second one will be the one that we did the other day. It was just him and I pre-recording it. So we had something to play for you today. But anyhow, I'm watching the chat on Rumble and a couple of the other ones too. So if you want to comment, I will see that. And I'll be back in a little bit. Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and I'm here today with Jim Price from The Jim Price Show. How are you today? Doing good, thank you. We've interviewed before and I love his show. This guy is a crazy guy. He sells everything. I love it. So what do you want to talk about today? What's on your mind? We were talking about a couple things last night and I think that there's things of grave concern but we go through the analysis and find out that there's solutions. Right. Well, and the sad part of it is, is one of the questions that I have people like, well, Hey, you know, give me some story, give me this or that. And, and so you go, Oh, okay, well, one of the, one of the best ones I've done, especially since October 10th, when I found out October 10th of 2023, which is a couple of days after the, bulldozer hit the most secure wall on earth, which is the Israeli wall between the Palestinians and them. Now, when they said the bulldozer, I took it as there was actually a bulldozer, like a D9 tracked, you know, bulldozer, big blade. These are all the images you're thinking. Yeah, it's like, I'm coming at you, you know, I'm going to get you at five miles an hour. Oh, what do we do? You know, so the problem with that is, is actually if I just go back and fact check that part of their story on Israel and the whole thing of this, why we're having this skirmish. Well, it was actually a front end loader. Well, the problem is that people are like, well, what does that really matter? Well, it really kind of matters because a dozer runs about, you know, five miles an hour. A front end loader can run 40 miles an hour and it can move pretty fast, but it's a rubber tire. loader right so it doesn't have the girth that the bang that a dozer would so I you know I just like why are we lying about something as simple as that well then you really look into it and then you come across this thing called the Ben Guron Canal this Ben Guron Canal was actually started three and a half years ago and there's a partnership between I don't know some European countries some country that we live in and oh Israel so America, Germany, and Israel own a two-way canal that will replace the Suez Canal. And when that happens, now they're in full control of actually the traffic that's going to be going through China and India and other places like that because they're going to cut down that one-way traffic according to the Suez Canal. Suez Canal constantly has to be dredged, constant maintenance, constant, constant. It's insane. It's like a thing about like when you were digging a hole on the beach, right? When the waves are coming in, that's sand shifting, right? Same idea with the Suez Canal. So 12 hours north, 12 hours south. 12 hours north, 12 hours south. That's why when the Ever Given was actually wedged in there, it created this emphasis of, hey, we've got a problem, right? So all of a sudden we revived this old contract of putting this canal in. Now the canal was actually introduced back in the 60s, but it wasn't actually brought along until just recently when we decided that, oh, we found this natural gas plume just off the coast of Israel where Israel's now claimed that that is theirs. Ooh, ooh, it's mine. I peed on it. That's right there. That's ours. It's just off our, you know, right there across the yard. And so now Now Israel is going to be pumping natural gas out of the ground, but who's the largest purchaser or one of the largest purchaser of liquefied natural gas? But China. So we can cut down that trip from Houston to China down to a third. And so now we can take natural gas, pump it through their canal over to China, coming back, and we're going to be making more money because, see, we make tariffs off of every time someone goes through there. So we're getting our money back. But then America goes and issues $30 billion to Israel. Well, it was unencumbered humanitarian aid. Well, Israel is one of the wealthiest countries on earth. They only had a $5 billion deficit last year, but we gave them $30 billion for humanitarian aid. Why? Well, we're sinking at $34 trillion. Yeah. It's crazy. So we have all these signals of like, why does this not look right? Why does this look this way? What am I seeing here? You have to start asking that next level question. So if you go look at the Ben-Gurion Canal, you see where there's that little piece of Israel that goes all the way down the very bottom and there's a seaport. So it starts there and it goes up and it takes a little left-hand turn and then it keeps on going. But you know where that magically, that little canal, the two-way canal, it's all rock bottom, never has to be maintained, you know where it's coming out at? The north end of the Gaza Strip. So my assumption is, and I've actually seen real estate ads for the Gaza Strip, where it's being resettled by Israel. But now, to me, a minute ago, that was old Palestinian, you know, Gaza Strip land. Well, it's only worth about a dollar a square foot. Well, wouldn't if I'm putting a new seaport in, a new naval base that America just announced during the Padawan chiefs his State of the Union address. That's the perfect title. Oh yeah. I call him potato in chief or pedo in chief, depending on how active he really is, right? So if he's getting in that smelling mode, we get the pedo out. If he's just kind of dullard and walk around, we call him the potato in chief. But this guy goes and announces in front of all the actors that were paid to be there, said that, hey, I'm ordering an emergency naval base to be put in for humanitarian aid delivery to the Palestinians. But the Palestinians are way over there, and he's putting it way over here, but exactly where the canal is coming out. isn't that a coincidence so he peed on it now we get to have a naval base there um again this is that problem where the optics when you start putting the pieces together creates more questions about why are we really there why are we giving unencumbered humanitarian aid to one of the wealthiest countries on earth why is it that we also gave money to the hamas which is a political group Now, I want to give a little bit of a lesson here, and I don't mean to run on this. No, no. This is like the longest sentence ever. This is like my favorite kind of interview, is to sit here and be educated with what other people know. Well, you got to think about this whole thing of like how Israel is. I'm going to get my elbows in like Trump does. You know, it's a beautiful Israel. Israel is amazing. So when you have Israel doing these things, you look at how this math is mathing, you've got to ask yourself that next level question. Like, okay, why are we not talking about this amazing canal that's going to redefine maritime travel on our globe? Not just, okay, man, I'm going to... I'm going to put a little turn lane here and I'm going to make it a little quicker, you know, like three seconds. Like this is taking weeks off of travel. You don't have to go around the Horn of Africa. You don't have to go wait for the Suez Canal to open up. You don't have to worry about the Ever Given jamming things up for months at a time. You can just... toot toot toot toot toot all day long 24 hours a day going north and south and it's a rock bottom canal that doesn't have to be maintained so why aren't we having that conversation no no we're going to have the conversation that you know the palestinians are this and the israelis israelis that but what are we also talking about all the tunnels oh the palestinians have such tunneling machines Wait, so Hamas is a political group that we gave money to. We gave money to Israel. Sounds like we're paying a lot of people off here. Just like, shh, don't tell the secret that there's a big canal that's going to change all maritime traffic on earth that we're just not talking about. Shh. Here's some billions. Be quiet. But then you go watch the movie, and I always tell everybody this. I want everybody to, and some people do, and they get it immediately, but you watch the movie Wag the Dog and The Matrix back-to-back. I don't care which one you watch first, but watch Wag the Dog, watch The Matrix, and then you just, you know, you'll see the Israeli conflict. You'll see Afghanistan. You'll see Benghazi. You'll see, now Benghazi's real. We did actually kill that guy, and that's shame on Hillary for her blood on her hands, and also Uncle Barry and others that were sitting there watching these people be executed. Right. The Kenyan? Yeah. Uncle Barry? Yeah. He's a neat guy. He's real gender fluid. He's okay with LGBT. Maybe it's a lifestyle for him. I don't know. So those are questions you ask for yourself, right? A lot of sarcasm. Yeah, I know. I get it. So I just want to make sure everybody's getting that. We do obviously think that he is in a special relationship outside the bonds of man and woman. I think they're confused. Are they? Oh, yeah. They're definitely confused. Well, you know what? There's actually some studies even in the gender dysphoria wheelhouse that actually shows that there's a mental breakdown that fits into the autism and other spectrum-type mental disorders that we're seeing in the BH4 liver dysfunction pathways. So anyway, guys, sometimes you can't blame them on that, but they're also killing us with glyphosate and other things. Back to the road. Back to... Back to where the regular program was. I could get off on a rabbit trail. So when you think about this canal and why we're doing this, you can look up the contracts. You can look up when they started three and a half years ago. It should be done. You know, we're really hoping to get this done by the end of the year, maybe the beginning of next year. Wouldn't it be really great that a new president comes in and then inaugurates and then gets to go down to the Ben Huron and open up with the old champagne bottle? Hey, look what we just happened to build here. Oh, it's only taken four and a half years to build, but Boom. Hello. Boom. Like building the Panama Canal, we all knew about that, right? We knew what was going on. And then gave it away. Right. Now China runs that. So China owns it because they could not. So that Panama could not own and run that on their own. They don't have the economy for it. They don't have the infrastructure to be able to man that. So China comes in and says, hey, looks like things are going bad. We could throw some fresh paint on it, throw you a few bucks. You cool with it? They're like, hey, yeah, it's all yours. Because they couldn't take care of it. Anyway, we did that. Stupid us. Just like when London gave Hong Kong back to China, now Hong Kong's being ran over by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is actually what runs the country, not the actual political group. So if you guys want to understand how ideologies can change a country, China's being ran by a political party. not by the government. And if you all, the whole CCP thing, really understand that Xi Jinping came from the political party no different than how Hitler came out of his political party. The problem is, is that when these political parties actually, the political party takes over the country, that's where you have fascism. And we're not wanting fascism. We're wanting less and less, less government to not affect our daily lives. And I know there's a lot of dichotomy of people trying to throw Trump into that. Now, if he just falls into that trap and becomes a dictator and that kind of person, then obviously it's our responsibility to hold him accountable. But when we talk about Hamas, when we talk about the CCP, we talk about these parties, understand that they are political parties, not governments, or actually the citizens who are actually paying for those governments, just like us. So anyway, going back to the Ben Huron thing, it's going to be a real eye-opener for a lot of people. And I think it might even just be a glaze right over on the international stage because nobody wants to take ownership of the fact that they may have been killing people. Hundreds, tens of thousands, whatever it is of people. Oh wait, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs. Governments kill people all the time, so we're not surprised they would do this. But we'll find out here in the annals of history what really happened. But when you have one of the major exports of Israel is diamonds, you have to ask yourself, where's the diamond fields of Israel? But why is it that there's a commerce, right? Why are they tied into that? Why are they tied into certain things that we kind of go... Doesn't make sense. Right. You just ask yourself those next level questions. So again, this is one of those deals where we have all these opportunities to be curious, to actually be more of a scientist. And then, so when you discover something, the best way to always be a scientist and know that you can continue to grow in knowledge is when you get there. And I'm paraphrasing as somebody's going out there, well, that's just too scientific to be... All right. Fact check yourself. I don't care. Whatever. So the idea that when we go find discoveries like this Ben Garan, and I'm probably completely chopping up some dude's name. I'm sorry, Ben. That's on you, buddy. Ben Smith. Let's go with easy names for me. And again, English is my first language. I'm really working on it. So it's like a new thing for me. I've been working on it since, I don't know, since a kid, and I'm trying to master it. But as we know that there's a next level question there, we have to get in there and be that person that's curious. So when I found out the Ben-Gurion thing, it's like, okay, cool, I found out this ditch thing's being built. Well, that's not the end of science. That's not the end of being curious. Now, why? What's going on? And why do we call Israel and this whole other thing? Well, we have to stand up for Israel and the Jews. Well, now, wait, hold on. Are we standing up for Israel, the country that America carved out of the Middle East? and recaptured all these different lands all the middle east and drew with a big crayon and you know we'll do this and that was actually eisenhower from he's from kansas so uh but I also know eisenhower could have been better what he was doing so he chops up the middle east we suddenly create this country called israel okay it's biblical jim don't go against god I'm not saying that but if I go when I join the country of israel as a citizen I am going to become an israelite that does not make me an actual jew of lineage, it doesn't make me a Jewish religion, right? I'm just a guy in Israel, called him an Israelite now. So then if you go over, you do the same thing with the whole idea of if I have lineage, Jewish lineage, my DNA does not make me an Israelite. Do we have to stop? Why is that? Okay. Oh, sorry. We'll get you on this week again, and we'll do something. Well, I can wrap this part up, but how much time do we have? None? Oh, we've got to go? Okay. All right. All right. Sorry about that. Bye. Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. And I'm here today under special circumstances, which is kind of funny. I did an interview with Jim Price at Turning Point USA a couple of weeks ago now. And when we were there doing our interview, you'll see it at the end of the of the tape portion of this where we did it there. The Secret Service came in and got us all out of the room. So we decided to come back and redo this again, but I am also going to play the other video at the end of this. But I just wanted to bring him back on because it was kind of abrupt. Hey Jim, how you doing? I've been scratching my eyes. Hey, how's it going? Good. Good. Really good. Just, just getting ready to go here. So, so yeah, it was really, we had a really nice time at turning point. I thought that they did a very nice time and I was really, I was really happy to talk to you again. This is the second time that we've talked and you always have something very interesting to talk about. So Jim has got the Jim price show. and I'd like you to introduce yourself a little bit, tell people about you and let's kind of start this over again because it was a really good flow and all of a sudden you'll see us at the end going, what, we have to leave? It's like, what's going on here? Yeah, well, hi, I'm Jim Price, The Jim Price Show and started out doing this as kind of a way of cathartic release, you know, getting into the radio aspect of things and then things evolve from there. And the reason I got involved, I was a general contractor, got into Department of Defense contracting, designed, built and trained the military how to use high security, high security command centers. And a little bit about that is, you know, I was the guy that, you know, did the blast proofing, the bulletproofing, airlocks, shelter in place, ground penetrating radar, things like that. And I was doing this and it was a part of who I was. I mean, I've always been that guy, multiple generations of construction workers and You know, I continued on doing this when I got an engineering degree and a business management degree and still stuck in construction. So guys go out there and get that degree so you can not use it. So anyway, it seems like that's a real part for the course. And we have to really evaluate what colleges are worth nowadays. Mostly all of the this is let me let me skip out here for just a second. Let me change focus. Guys, do you remember back when you were in elementary school and junior high and high school, they kept talking about your grades and your attendance were on your permanent record? What kind of social programming, what kind of programming were they putting into us to make us fear? When was the last time someone went back and said, hey, we need your third grade attendance card. You know, we need to find out what you what you did if you were absent before or after Christmas or were you there during Thanksgiving break? This is a great point. That's such a great point. Nobody has ever asked to look at my college history. papers, my degree, what my GPA was, none of that. And in fact, I homeschooled my kids because I was so done with it. And I said, please don't go to college. It's like, you don't need to go. And quite honestly, my kids have better jobs than most kids that went through college because they had actual work experience. Yeah, imagine that. So this is a little bit of the fallacy that we've all lived in. I went and got the degrees only because I thought they were necessary for elevation, but in reality, the drafting part of my engineering degree and some of the math was interesting, but it allowed me to see things differently, understand 3D views of things and oblique views and stuff. But the idea that they keep telling us to study to attest to answers that they made up, And yet they don't even know why they made that question up and made those answers up. And we keep studying to attest to an answer that, guys, these things are so far from reality. It's not even, I mean, it's not even funny anymore. We've got to stop this and look at these things differently. But anyway, back to my experiences that as a DOD contractor, you know, I paid my taxes, had the big boy haircut, you know, and a single father raising my kids and was out doing my own thing. My youngest graduated in 2013. And so I was only 40, what, 46 at the time. So 44, yeah, so I was pretty young. Had four kids and had them all early and got out early. And I highly suggest that to everybody. But anyway, I thought I would go run for office. why not run for office? I'm going to go run for state Senate. So people are talking to me about it. I said, yeah, why not? $12,000 a year job, state Senate. You show up for three months in the spring, three months in the fall. And for 12 grand a year, you could be a state Senator. Well, I thought that was all right. So $128, I signed my name. I want to be put on the ballot. And little did I know the journey and the destruction of my life that has led me to this moment, to the moment that I'm here to tell you about it. And if you think of like Jonah and you think about in the whale, you think about Job, you think about David, you think about you think about joseph you think of all these people who had to go through a lot of persecution and go through a lot of trials and tribulations to make them a better man and on the other side I didn't I thought I was doing everything right I was you know doing the right things the right time and and uh end up god had a lot a lot bigger lesson for me to learn through all those things so I did I went through a lot of stuff and and now I find myself You know, saying, listen, get outside of yourself, get outside of the ego, get outside of the selfishness, which is the sin nature of our heart, and get outside of yourself and do more for the world around you. Suddenly I run for office, my house is being raided. No different than Mauro Largo. No different than Roger Stone. No different than Steve Bannon. These are all things that I face as well. I had two no-knock warrants on my house where they bring a battering ram in and a laser dot to your forehead. Oh, you're kidding. Oh, no, absolutely. That's absolutely real. If you move, I'll blow your effing brain out. This is the kind of stuff that we have when we think about our country and the lawfare of things. I was standing there in amazement like, why would you do this to my home? What are you doing here? and come to find out it ended up all being politically based. So as I went through all that and did all those things, I found myself... with nothing left but my voice, my no knock warrants, the trial lasted the court or the legal proceedings lattice for three years, paying attorneys, doing all kinds of stuff, trying to figure out how to defend myself over something I had no control over. It's like trying to prove something that doesn't, try to prove that something doesn't exist. Well, doesn't that mean that you can't do that, right? You can't approve a negative, right? And then that kind of the statement there. So anyway, I went through all these things to say that, you know, I've, I've found myself, uh, I was like, I needed to do something. And I posted out on my campaign page, which I don't know why I did that. I just said, Hey, I think I'm going to start a podcast. And that was back in 2018, 2019, when things podcast didn't really weren't even really a thing. They're kind of there, but not really. And my buddy says, why don't you just do a radio show? So I said, OK, why don't we do a radio show? I wonder what that means. We had a meeting a couple of days later. Two weeks later, I'm on the radio. Six months later, Rudy Giuliani is on my show. And I've had others and same type of people on my shows then. But then here comes along the Mexican beer flu, the coronavirus that was supposed to kill us all. You know, we're all going to die from this big fart in the wind. Oh, Corona. And we don't know what that means, but we all hid in fear, which again, we're not supposed to hide in fear. We're not supposed to be in fear. And we're supposed to live life bravely. And so I started doing the daily update because I just felt like the weekend radio show wasn't enough. People were coming to me on the weekends like, well, hey, Tuesday and Wednesday and Monday. And I'm like, you know what? I got to do something more. So I started doing the daily update and the daily update took off and it's on TV and radio and and podcasts as well out there. So as I go through all those things to get to where I am now, I've learned that I've I've got to look a little further than the. then the readers digest cover of the news, you know, like, oh, well, everything's fine, but the economy is bad. But don't worry about it. We're not doing nuclear war, but we're kind of doing nuclear war. Don't worry about it. You know, the pedo in chief we have. He's cool. He just stumbles around a little bit and has a memory issue. Everything's fine. Just go back to sleep. And we don't have to live in a life that just means that we just listen to whatever we want. We can actually ask questions. We can be curious. And like in the interview we were talking about, about being the scientists and, you know, finding out that next level question, going in and trying to develop more ways of having knowledge base. Like we go in and you get discovery. So you discover something, then you come back and then you go read, go back and look at it again. And you might discover even more in that area that you didn't know before. And so all that leads up to part of what we were talking about in the interview that was there at Turning Point is that there's a Ben-Gurion Canal in Israel. And I want to, I'm kind of hitting these little high points here and there, not because I'm in a, I don't want you to, I don't want to tell you all about it because I'd love to dig into a lot of this stuff about, you know, the no-knock warrants and our government and the lawfare of things and these different things. But we've got a real situation on our hands. But if you notice, the Israel conversation's really bubbled out of the mainstream, you know, narrative right now. We got Uncle Joe walking around, toe walking and stumbling. That's what we got to talk about all the time. That's important. But At the same time, we're dropping off nuclear submarines all across the globe and putting them in strategic areas. And why are we doing that? Again, saber rattling and those kinds of things. So why did why was Israel so big and important last October? What was going on? Well, if you look on your internet, you can go in there and you can find out the Ben-Guron Canal has been around for a long time, and it'll show you that it was started about four years ago, and it should be finished out at the end of this year, beginning of 2025. Now, if that's really the case of what's going on, where does the Ben-Guron Canal, what has that got to do with Israel and the war that's going on there? Well, is it a war, or is it just a relocation of people who have been living in their homes for a long time? Well, it's not a war. It's a relocation program. Well, Jim, you don't know. You're wrong. You don't understand that. Well, the banger on canal is not really anything more to do than a land grab it. Yes, the background canal is going to change the Suez Canal as being the most important part of the Middle East. It's gonna be a two way canal. They're gonna be able to travel north and south. Thank you for bringing that map up. That's great. Okay. This is the stuff that people don't want to talk about because it's not sexy because a minute ago we were talking about Israel or Palestinians or Hamas or Jewish people or Jewish religion or whatever. Which way are we frying this fish? Like, what are we talking about here? This is not, this doesn't make any sense. Wait, is it about Hamas? Is it about the Palestinians? Is it about Israelites? Is it about the Jewish lineage? Or is it about the Jewish religion? Well, this is how the big pot doesn't really, doesn't settle out well, because you don't know, you don't want to say, well, you know, Israel, the country should not be kicking people out of their land. Well, then you're an anti-Israelite. You're an anti-Semite. Well, no, I didn't say I was against Jewish people. I was just saying the government of Israel doesn't seem to be really looking good right now. And so that should be an ability to have that conversation without being tribal about it. And tribalism is what's getting us in trouble. Even in the conservative movement, the truther movement, and even in the liberals themselves, they get tribal because now the LGBTQ, whatever these people call themselves, and then you got the You know, again, you got the trans and then you got the well, we're not trans. We're trans. But we're well, no, we're we're not LGBT because we're guys. You guys can't figure out your own stuff. Then you're going to tell us how to live our lives. But then even the conservative movement. Well, I'm a Christian. And well, you're a Catholic. Well, wait, I thought it was Catholics and Jews, Christian, Muslim. Again, we just get tribe. Well, I'm a I believe that this guy is good and I believe that guy is bad. Well. This is how they keep us fighting amongst ourselves, and we're not fighting the enemy outside of ourselves. So let me go into a little bit of a life lesson here. Just this year, the petto in chief or the potato in chief, whichever version you want to call him, Uncle Joe, he gets up during the State of the Union Address and says, I am going to get the military. I don't know if that's what he sounds like. It sounds more like Kennedy, but I'm going to get the military to go there, put an emergency seaport to bring humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. And he said that during the State of the Union address. He's going to put an emergency seaport where the Palestinians are. But I thought we didn't like the pal. I thought the Palestinians are fighting Israel. And I'm going to make sure that the funding is in humanitarian aid is flowing into Palestine and as well as Israel. And that way, everybody, blah, blah, blah, whatever it was he said. I'm just paraphrasing. Yeah, money laundering, money laundering, money laundering, money laundering. So it sounds like to me. Oh, but we still gave another 30 billion to Ukraine on top of that. So, yeah, don't worry about that. That's so the so we gave. Oh, no, sorry. Sixty billion went to change to him. Well, yeah, that's a daily check. Why not? Right. So $60 billion went to Ukraine. $30 billion went to Israel, $29.83 billion. And then $3 billion, just under $4 billion, went to the Palestinians or Hamas. Now, wait, hold on a second. Why are we giving money to Hamas and Israel and Ukraine all in the same bill when I thought Ukraine was separate from Israel and I thought Israel hated Hamas, but yet Hamas is a political group, no different than the Democrat Party. So think about that. Oh, by the way, Isis K, have you heard about this? We have new, we have a new terrorist group called Isis K. I actually have not heard about that one. So what's the, what's the new, uh, the new plan? It's Wednesday. It's, uh, we just make it sound real important. Like things changed from 30 years ago. Like Omicron of the COVID thing. It's like, they just changed the name to make it a new, new emergency for no reason whatsoever. It's all the shell game. It's just, so where's the pandemic now? So ISIS-K is the thing. So anyway, so we give money to Hamas, which is a political group. Then we give $30 billion to Israel, which sounds like a payoff because by the way, when we sent the money to, and this is under Johnson's, this is under Speaker of the House Johnson and his, I'm a Christian. I'm Mr. No Wars and whatever. So he authorized or made sure and pushed through the House, sending over $3 billion to Hamas, a political group in Israel who is affiliated with the Palestinians. Then we spent $30 billion of humanitarian aid to Israel. Well, Israel only had $5 billion in debt last year that they added to their deficit. We gave him $30 billion. They don't even need money. Why are we giving him $30 billion to fight white? We have them $30 billion billion to fight Hamas or the Palestinians. No, we're paying off the canal. Because the money went into Israel as unencumbered humanitarian aid, the money goes to wherever they want it to go. No different than the money we sent to Hamas as well. Just like we sent the money to Ukraine in unencumbered money. The unencumbered money means it's just a blank check and it doesn't have to go to buying fuel or buying tires or buying food or buying diapers. It goes to wherever you want. And this is that wordplay we do. So... When we go into the whole Ben-Guron Canal, Ben-Guron Canal, he was the founder or the guy who came up with Israel. I didn't know we invented Israel. I thought Israel was supposed to be a thing all along. According to what I've been told when I went to church, I thought Israel was always an Israel thing. Well, Ben-Guron is actually the guy who invented Israel and then also proposed the canal to replace the Suez Canal back in the 60s. This is nothing new. I had no idea that it went back that far to the 60s. Yeah, yeah. So, you know. That's kind of a convenient, isn't it? Wash, rinse, repeat. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's kind of lazy in a lot of ways that they're not that creative. We think of these people, these master geniuses with the bulbous heads. They're thinking, you know, they're massive ideologicals. Oh, we got this new thing we've come up with. No, they're just, it's just like a roll. You remember the old Rolodex? We're old enough. Yeah. It was the index cards that were on this little wheel and you'd spin it over and it had people's name and address and phone numbers on it. If you ever wanted somebody's Rolodex, that was a big thing. Um, So all they do is they just spin this little wheel of ideas and like, hey, let's do that Ben Guron Canal. We haven't. Yeah, that's how we have done that since the 60s. You know, let's OK, let's do. And oh, ISIS. Yeah, let's call them ISIS. K. You know, it's like a it's like a it's like a hurricane name. We'll just make it up as we go along. I kind of think McCain was involved in the in the creation of ISIS as well as several. It's just like, you know, we look at the the the origin of most of these organizations and they're being funded by the nation states. It's just just like Hamas and Hezbollah and such. I'm sorry, all of these nations are willing to kill their own people. It's not just their enemies. They'll kill anybody that gets in their way. governments are consumptive they consume they do not create they do not invent they do not yeah they they only know how to take from you and when we think about like oh let's say I'm boeing right and I'm sitting around Nothing to do. Oh, let's see, what's contracting got today? Oh, I go to the internet there going on to go and say, oh, the US government wants a new fighter jet that can go a billion miles an hour and can be never seen by the human eye. Oh, and they're gonna give me $5 billion to create it. Oh, I'll apply for that. And because the government doesn't know how to create, they go to other companies and give them money to bring them products so that they can use them. They don't invent anything. And they use them to spy on us and all these other nonsense. They've learned how to jimmy the whole system when it comes to, you know, they rig everything. You know, that's absolutely true. In order for them to have more power and money, control the power and use whatever means they can to stay in power. Well, think about that in this simple as like they want to stay in power. And I've had people had conversations about this, like, well, why are they trying to destroy the economy? They're trying to they're destroying the atmosphere. They're doing all these things. What are we going to do? I'm like, we would rather rule over a pile of ashes than ever let you win. Right. I think that you're just sitting around going, I just your hope the American people like what we're doing for them to be. They don't give two craps. They don't give a crap. That's not how they're built and they don't know anything other than to consume. So, again, we have to really think of things differently when we think of government as this entity that wants to help you. And when I say entity, it's this foreign body of people that are way out there. Now, let me add something that should be very exciting for all of your listeners. We just had an amazing decision that was reversed called the Chevron deference. That was very exciting. That right there, guys. I want to slow that whole topic down for a second. I want people to listen to me here. Do you understand that this is an answer to prayer, that you have bent your knee and cried and wept and asked God to pull back the government, to get them off of your neck, to give you freedoms and liberties? Allow you to have what has always been your idea of the America that you thought you lived in. This is literally that. And I know it sounds like, well, Jim, no, no, you don't understand. It was about what it does. Let me walk you through the analogy here. What it does is it says that if the government has a law that they want to create, they have to put a penalty behind it. What happened in 1984 is they said, well, you know, there's experts in the agency and they can defer to the knowledge and the experience they have, and then they can create the penalties and how they execute these laws. And so the legislation said, well, we don't want you killing people. So we're going to make a lot. Don't kill people. Well, then we're going to defer to, I don't know, the Department of Justice on how they want to describe what a death is, what a murder is. And that's where we've got now where we've got manslaughter and assault and simple assault and battery. And I mean, it just all these variations of because the problem, guys. If the law, the way the Constitution is written. The law does not have a penalty phase. The law has no teeth. It's null and void. So just like anything outside of the Constitution is repugnant. I mean, it's grossly nothing. It's just like it just makes me nauseous that you even brought it up. So if there is a law that says that you cannot buy a gun without the government looking into your background, where in the Second Amendment does that say in a well-regulated militia, well-practiced people's army, where does it say anything about background checks in 2A? Nowhere. So again, how does the ATF have the power? Well, because in 84, we deferred to the experts to make up whatever they wanted, bump stocks, pistol braces, magazine capacities, trigger response, trigger pounded response. These are all things that the ATF has come up with on their own. They have nothing to do with what the law describes or the penalties involved. So the Chevron deference case says, no, listen, legislators, you, you public servants, right? Go back and do your job. I think that's amazing because right now, if an agency comes up to me, an EPA agent walks up and you know, Mr. Price, we'd like to see why you're collecting rainwater in your backyard, and we'd like to go ahead and make sure that you don't do that anymore. There's my property line, pound sand, brother. I'm out. You have no authority over here. Because why? Because if there is no law and there is no penalty, then you have no jurisdiction here. And by the way, policy officers, police officers, got to really start figuring out why they're enforcing an ordinance, a guideline, or a policy because, by the way, if you look at city counties, they don't have laws. They can't pass laws, but they're enforcing ordinances and guidelines. Guys, you understand policies. This is a big, big deal for us. We have to rethink our whole government here. The federal level level is not our God. The state individual state rights supersede the federal government, and we have to understand that. Now, Chevron deference puts us in a position of authority back where the people are in charge of the government and where the government is now afraid of the people. So I wanted to stick that in there just a little bit because I think that's so important for us right now. I think you pulled up the wrong case here, but but. It's the fisherman case. It's the guy. Oh, by the way, this whole tip, this whole thing, tipping point for America was a simple man in a two crew boat. That was the federal government said that this is why how it all started. A guy goes out. He wants to be a fisherman. I want to go catch crab. Well, he has to go apply to be a crab fisherman and get a permit to catch a thousand pounds per day of crab. I'm being very facetious here. Broad strokes work with me. So he goes out, he goes, oh, cool. All right. Here's the money for the permit. Here's the oh, so and then I get to be a fisherman and now I got to get a boat and I got to get insurance and I got to get a license to be a captain on a boat. And then, oh, by the way, guys, we're going to go out and catch a thousand pound. But the the the U.S. to D.A. said, but if you go out crabbing, we need to have one of our inspectors. a certified federal inspector on board, which will cost you $800 to $1000 per day. Well, I'm only making $800 a day. Now you're telling me I have to go out and I have to hire this guy on to take 100% of my profit. Why would I be a fisherman anymore? So he stood up and said, hey, agencies cannot tell me how to run my business. And that is how the Chevron deference case came back around and was overturned by our federal government. And if you go back, I got to look it up for you real quick. It's on the website. This is the opinion right here. So, you know, to read the opinion on what was the turning it back. So, yeah, it's very interesting. The whole thing in our courts is really interesting because they truly have used the law to decide to just make up their own opinions on things and do whatever they want. They're not, they're not constraining the government. They're using it and buffling, buffaloing all of us into following this. This is, it's absolutely unbelievable. Yeah. Well, and then imagine that, that we actually have a, just a common man who wants to stand up for his own business and say, I don't want to have to have a government employee on my boat to catch crabs. It's going to cost me more than I'm going to make that day. And that's where see how consumptive the government is. Now, the guy who got the hundred thousand pounds of crab contract because he's got a great big boat, he's way into it. He's got more money and he's been able to do it. Maybe he's the corporation. Well, he can afford the thousand dollars a day to pay that inspector to be there. But the little guy who's just trying to feed his family and kid, you know, send his kid to football camp this summer. Well, he's getting kicked around because he can't afford to bring that inspector on, which means he can't afford to go get the fishies or the, the, the crabs he was supposed to catch. Well, I can tell you with all the businesses that we own, that if we had to, if I had to build them now and, and not kind of grow with it, with the regulations and the rules and such, I don't know how anyone. just starting out as just a person, not a corporation with lots of lawyers behind it. I don't think it's possible anymore because of the amount of usurpation and the burden of all of this asset and agency capture that's going on. I can speak a long time on that subject because it's really funny when you watch how they trade back and forth. We went through some judges today and looked at earlier today on how these judges worked in say, for like say the energy sector and such. And then all of a sudden they'll get the cushy government job. as a judge and then you watch them as a wrecking ball and how they ruin people's lives because not not only they have no intention to follow the law. Right. Their intention is to destroy people's lives and to hold them back from ever having any footing to to improve because they don't want us to improve. They want that. They want that peasant class. They want that worker class. And that goes back to the schools. You know, the schools, I believe, were started by Rockefeller and it was to create a working class of people just that would be obedient and do what they're told. And unfortunately, because the education system is so bad, as an employer, it is very difficult to hire somebody who's actually a decent employee because they're all thinking about the weekends, they're on their phones, constantly on their phones. And they think that that's part of life. You know, you show up to work and spend 40% of your time. figuring out how to get out of work or what you're going to do on the weekend or recovering from drinking on the weekend and that sort of thing. They have made a complete mess of this nation. Well, think about this for a second. As a construction worker, they always tell you to wear a hard hat, right? Oh, put your hard hat on. It's for your safety. I'm going to tell you right now, I have never been hurt so often as when I wore my hard hat. I have been smacked in the face by wires. Things have hit me. I've walked into things trying to get under them because of the difference in the height on the helmet. Now, let me give you this. Did you know that hard hats expire? Yes, I do know that. I was like, when that came through in the 90s, I was like, what are you talking about? Well, if you're a hard hat on this mold date, if the mold date is passed, I'm like, you can go pound sand, buddy, because I am not changing out my hard hat. My hard hat I got is actually what used to sit here behind me when I had it set up the other way in the studio before I remodeled. i got my hard hats got my stickers on it you know I got things it's got its memories right well when did the hard hat become start expiring well that's when osha another agency within the federal government decided they were going to tell people well if you have a nick in the cord or if you have a hard hat it's expired or if you don't have a ladder tied off this was the stupidity of it put a ladder on a house or on a building but it has to be tied off before you can climb it Well, how do I tie it off if I can't climb it? That's the way it was written. So if they caught you climbing the ladder without it being tied off, you would then be fine for having a ladder not tied off while climbing. It's a crazy thing. So I'm one of the only female pipeline company owners in the United States. So we have to work with all of the energy, all of the, because it's critical infrastructure. We're talking the big transmission lines and such. And if you don't understand the culture, the hardhat culture, hard hats out on a job site are kind of like a symbol of years or time that you put in. So like sometimes we'll start people out with a green hard hats. We actually do. We'll start them out with the green hard hats so that everybody on the crew will look at them and say, hey, that's a new guy over there. don't get hurt right now watch out for because the potential is probably pretty high and then you'll see somebody who's been on on uh you know been working in the industry for 20 30 years and there's it's like there's another whole level of protection with these sneakers all over it right and I i tell you when they tell the guys you can't wear them that's it's an anger issue oh oh yeah don't tell a guy you gotta hey we need to switch out that your helmet's too whole old it's like no you go I'll I'll you fire me I'm out because I'm not going to change my hard hat you know well and that's so think about that where did that come from well osha came along and I guarantee you if we find out that one of the congressmen or one of the osha directors has got a brother who manufactures hard hats for a living yes And watch what you pay for them. They're like, it's like the proverbial screwdriver for the government, $800 for whatever. It's ridiculous. How about the safety glasses? How many thousands and hundreds and millions of safety glasses have been sold and lost and broken and crap? Oh, you got to have a safety glasses, safety glasses, safety glasses. Well, a lot of them, don't realize they create steam or moisture inside and they can actually inhibit your view and depending on the temperature outside and what's going on and they can actually be more distraction than they can save now I will tell you as a man I don't wear safety glasses and I have ran grinders and welders and everything in the world that I'm supposed to be wearing a safety glasses for and I purposely don't wear them because it seems like when I have them on things tend to go up catch hit the eye hit the glasses themselves and then bounce into my eye I've had that happen I don't know how many times where I'm wearing my safety glasses something gets in back in here or something and and then I'm now I've got a real problem because it really does get in there and it's I'm having the issue of it so I don't wear them I don't, I don't know. I'm, I'm, I'm a weirdo. Compulsory seatbelt loss. They're, they're ridiculous. And they want to, they want to find that company. That was the insurance company. That was, that was, yeah. Oh, because they care down because they care so much. If they cared so much, it wouldn't be a $10 fine. Or it wouldn't give them a reason to pull you over to search your car. Well, there's no injured party. They have no right to do that. Yeah. No crime. What's the crime? What's the crime? You know, you can go. It's stupid. Put your model, your truck or your car into YouTube for seatbelt delete. And you could go on there. There's a dude on there that has gone through and you turn the truck on. You know, hit the horn, turn the turn signal on, hit the brake, turn the radio on, turn it off, hit this, hit the horn, turn it off. And your seatbelt chime won't go off anymore. If you do that, there's a simple little process to get those little things where they never come on again. And I do it to every vehicle I own. I don't wear them. I'm sorry. People are like, you're going to die. You're going to fly out of your car. Like, first of all, stop talking like that. Second of all, I have actually been in auto accidents where the seatbelt hurt me more than the accident did. So let's, let's not have that. You know, again, that's my, that's my deal. Not yours. You do what you want. You want to live life through government, then go for it. But I'm, if I go out tomorrow, live, not having to have my seatbelt and whatever, put it on my tombstone. Jim Price didn't wear a seatbelt. That's why he's dead. I don't care. If that's what God wants my story to be, then it'll be that story. But the thing is, is that we cannot live this way in fear. How do we get through all the motorcycle, bicycle, car crashes of hundreds of years? I mean, people ride horses, which horses have been around, I don't know, for a minute or two. We've had horses for a while. And now people ride horses with helmets. Like, how do we get through all this? How do we get horses to hear without helmets before? I mean. I don't understand it either, quite honestly. It's kind of silly. But it's that whole obedience thing and making our focus, putting our focus on the fear factors. You have to have a helmet that's DOT certified. The Department of Transportation will tell you how to protect your brain. OK, well, they also told me to take a vaccine. So which way which way do you love the government? Right. Figure out which side they want to be on. Is it are you kind of pregnant? Are you kind of out of gas? Is it kind of not? I mean, what is that how we work? Is it you would just work with the ideology? Well, he's kind of dead, not really dead. Maybe he is dead. We can't be kind of on this stuff. You've got to figure out whether you believe in the government or you don't. True enough. And I think it's really good to bring all these things up and question what they're doing and what they're saying, because the number of cases where they're just flat out stupid about what they're doing is just incredible. Michigan, we had a problem with moose in the Upper Peninsula. So in their infinite wisdom, they decided to airdrop in wolves to take care of the moose population. Well, then we had a wolf problem, so then they had to hire guys to shoot the wolves. And I'm like, why don't you just go from point A to B and let the hunters come in and kill the moose and take it for food? Because that would have been way too simple and way too much common sense involved in that. Yeah, we conservatives, it was conservation to ourselves to stupidity. We really couldn't do it. I know. I don't understand this licensing thing either. It's like, why license it? Why don't we just stack more like, like fishing license? Why don't we just stack more fish? You know, we've got these, you know, we've got the fish hatcheries all over the state. So why aren't we trying to, to, you know, give people the ability to feed themselves instead of taking that away? and making sure that they can't feed themselves and continue to come back to the well, just like the food supply, same thing. But this whole Israel, back to your point on the Ben-Guron Canal and such, that I did not know that it went back that far. that's that's the problem that's that's the problem is they don't really give you the history they just kind of keep recycling stuff but when you start looking into it you just get real icky all over I mean it just makes you want to shower in gasoline and scrub the bad off of you like get this off of me like it's it's so bad and it's like why do we feel this way about our government why do we what because well the problem is is that inside of our hearts We've got to figure out where we really want to be. Do we want to be the country or the people that believe our government wildly, the small G government? Or do we want to believe there's a big G God out there that we draw our breath from and quit looking to governments who consume and destroy people every single day? And if somebody wants to say that Israel would not go into Gaza and kick people out or kill tens of thousands or two people or a million people, whatever. Have you heard of 9-11? Have you heard of Pearl Harbor? Have you heard of the Iran-Contra affair? Have you heard of Afghanistan or Iraq or Somalia or Sudan or all the places that we've been in killing people? How about Ukraine? mean guys we gotta quit being so naive and understanding once we look inside of our heart and say we can be wrong about what we believe in our country we believe america is great but what america is doing we can be disappointed we can love our children but be disappointed in their actions right so that means we want to correct them and move them in the right direction so let's do that let's move them in that right direction well how do you do that by first admitting in yourself right Well, maybe my government isn't so great, and maybe I need to hold them accountable and just quit listening to them wildly about seatbelts and fluoride and all the other stuff they keep telling you to do. Let me give you something about my – I want to do something real quick. I said fluoride, right? Mm-hmm. Where did fluoride first get introduced on the world stage? Well, it got introduced because we started refining aluminum and then the phosphate industry had this product. Aluminum and phosphate both have this process that has this chemical that comes off called fluoride. Well, they couldn't figure out how to get rid of it because it's super toxic. It's a forever chemical. Well, they found out that fluoride gas is a super noxious neurotoxin and it actually kills people instantly. Well, we started using that in World War I. Now, why is that a tie into all this? Well, my hair that I used to have, I mean, real short haircut, you know, everything like that, I started growing my hair out when I realized that we have a real purpose behind our hair being part of who we are in our senses. But we started shaving men's faces and their heads because we brought nerve gases into World War I. And so they had to be able to put the gas mask on and seal around their face. So they made them shave all their face and their head to create a better seal. If you go back and look at all your generals and military prior to World War I, they all had long hair. But why do we change that? Why do we create a tradition of shaving people's head and humiliating them that way? Because we created a nerve gas that we could use on other people, and it's weaponized. So fluoride and chlorine gases were used in World War I, and those things we used to strengthen your teeth and clean your toilets with? So think about what we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated by our governments and what we've told. We were told remember we switched our mouth out in elementary school with fluoride and those little red tablets to see where your plaque was and where you didn't brush good enough. How much more training do you guys need to see before you say stop that we don't want to do with our Children through this anymore? Yeah, I think that one of the first cities that that was tested in was Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a municipality. And so we were like center stage here in West Michigan for getting rid of, I don't know, how much of that toxin did they have to get rid of a year? It's pretty high. And that's where they started, I believe. And wasn't it based on a really bad study? Yeah, it was it was all completely it was all fake. Yeah, yeah. Because they were dumping it in a river and then they found out they were killing all the fish and all the anything that drank out of the river was dying. Oh, really? So then they they said, well, we can't just keep dumping this in the river. Well, so then they had to find another source for it. So they started using it by the they started dripping it into our water supply to get rid of it. No different than I was at Monsanto that produces hundreds of tons of Conan snail venom, uh, for water distribution plants across the country. I don't know anything about that. What is it? Yeah. Dr. Artis and me, we've had a lot of conversations about the Conan snail venom. There's a snail that has this micro venom that is really super toxic and it's a neurotoxin in the same way that snake venom is a neurotoxin to the body, but you can drip it into the water and it causes tinnitus in the ear. So I had no idea. Oh yeah. Me and Dr. Artis, we've had, you know, Dr. Artis, he's, he's a good, we've had a lot of conversations about this, but Monsanto does this, but Monsanto also, aren't they the ones who also developed, uh, chemotherapies for the cancers that they put into your body? I mean, so yeah. Yeah. It's like they burn, burn, cut and poison. That's how they deal with that. And, uh, It's kind of unfortunate that that, you know, what's really unfortunate is that all of these organizations that we were taught to believe in. Yeah. that they they are the ones and that's how they take us that's how they hold us hostage and take us prisoner really you know I'm still I'm still fairly upset about the whole christian church that you know they've got their 501 c3s why did they shut down why were they not sitting out there I mean I'm I'm a christian money what's that the ppe money said that they had and they were going to lose their 501c3 status if they didn't listen because as soon as they sign up for that, they are a prisoner to what they tell them that they're going to do or they lose that. It's all about the money every single time. And I'd like to see some more studies on this, Ben Garan. Now, doesn't this kind of remind you a little bit about what's been going on in in california with all the wildfires and isn't it isn't it it's coincidental that they're all on that same track where that high speed speed rail is supposed to go through and people say oh this is conspiracy right well guess what give it 10 minutes and it's going to be reality all this stuff that they see is conspiracy no it's just the truth that people have not caught up with yet so true so let me give you this something to back that up with so 1985 the b a e corporation b a e ball aerospace and engineering corporation which is part of the ball jar company who actually have all used bar jar ball jars for our canning and things like that well they started building uh munition shells during world war one and world war ii and so they started going into this weapons side of their company so they started building this out bae bought itself from the ball corporation for 4.8 billion dollars now I don't know where they got the 4.8 or the 8.4 billion dollars two years ago uh they bought themselves away from the politician I'm sure Somehow they just found $8 billion, so it's fine. Anyway, the Ball Aerospace and Engineering Corporation has a lifetime patent. Now, listen to this. A lifetime patent. When have you heard of a lifetime patent? Never. You'll never hear about it. But they have the lifetime patent to the molecular frequency modulation technology. Now, what does that mean? So if I know what this phone case is made out of, and I know what the frequency of this leather is on this case, I can then send a posted stamp of a frequency over this area and anything that matches the frequency of this phone, the molecules inside of this will vibrate itself till it burns to ash. What does that remind you of? Directed energy weapons. maui northern california remember the northern california where a house you know the house isn't burnt but the car burnt to the ground and then the house door was burnt but the car didn't burn and 9 11. there you go so again this the com the country that we live in has been doing this for so long we grew up in a melt we grew up in a hot pot we just didn't realize the water is boiling it's been we've just we're just so used to having our skin scorched off of us guys understand when you start learning this stuff that means that you have the duty now listen this is like a salvation call right if you have heard that the salvation is out there and that you should you should look into um your relationship with christ or however it is once you've been made aware of that and you reject him you have you've you have you have become the age of understanding so now I've given you the age of understanding about the ben garan canal or about the bae the ball aerospace engineering corporation or the fact that lawfare exists now that you know those things exist it is your duty right now to stand up to those things if you don't you're complicit Simple as that. Exactly. And what are you going to do today? What are you going to do today to make a change? And sometimes an act of defiance is the greatest act of heroism that anyone can do. And also just being loud about it. If something's wrong, you've got to say something and not let them shut you down by shaming you or gaslighting you or anything like that. And they're going to target you. They're going to say there's something wrong with you that you didn't. that you're you're um oh you're conspiracy theorist you're crazy you're this you're that you know you know your family's gonna gonna might be a little upset with you but you know what that may just be the same thing that that actually saves some of those people that wouldn't have heard it if they hadn't heard your message I mean can you imagine If we had broadcast everywhere the dangers of what happened with the COVID vax, the virus, the alleged virus, the alleged cure, because they create the problems and then they provide the cure for them. So they're making money on both sides of this and their goal is to kill people. Let me give you one more quick thing on that. I have an email that says that they were doing the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials on a Fort Riley soldier in 2014. In 2014, they were doing the Moderna vaccine trials on a Fort Riley soldier in Manhattan, Kansas in 2014. So if you think that they spend a billion dollars coming up with this magical virus machine thing that they have mRNA and they just, oh, it was magic. No, they had this on the shelf ready to go the whole time, guys. I didn't know that. Aren't you absolutely disgusted with how they have treated our military? It is shocking and horrifying how many of our brave young men and women have been put in harm's way, not fighting an enemy on the outside, but fighting the enemies within. And they didn't even know it. They stepped up to do service for their country. And it was those very people in power that have harmed them. I have some real questions about what happened in Israel on October 7th, because there's no way that Israel was not involved in killing their own citizens. Let me give you something that tells you that the entire thing was absolutely staged and that the lie started at the very, very beginning of the story. Do you remember that they said there was some type of equipment that ran into the most secure wall on earth? Do you remember what kind of equipment they kept saying that ran into that fence over and over again? What was the one thing they said? i don't remember it wasn't it was a bulldozer yeah bulldozer I was going to say bulldozer but it wasn't something that would have had any effect on on what was there and I remember going that is that doesn't make any sense to me wait a bulldozer only travels like three to five miles an hour so it's right you can outrun it yes now wait here let me give you let me get where the lie starts It was a front-end loader. Now, I know that people are like, Jim, you're just being semantic about whether it was a rubber tire front-end loader or a bulldozer. Something hit the wall. It doesn't matter. Okay, stop. There's no traction. When the very first thing out of their mouth is a lie about the story, isn't the rest of the story a lie? And it kept changing. The story kept changing. I don't know if you know this, but that's the same thing that I saw in East Palestine when the train derailed. I wasn't buying any of this, none of it. Because I went in and I looked at the couplers that they had on the trains. Those couplers hadn't been used since the 70s. And the manifest, you know, I've got a little experience in the rail industry with our rail yard. And so I was looking at actual equipment and what they were saying. I'm like, in what world would this actually be reality? But unfortunately, nobody in mainstream media interviewed myself or anybody else that actually knows something about it. They were just going right straight to the fear factor. And I'm like, this does not happen. They would not have cars in a manifest in that order. There's no degree of separation. And so I started believing nothing. And then it got into real stupid bill, right? This woman takes like her, what was it? Her dogs, a hundred miles away. It was dogs and chickens that came out. And all of a sudden she gets up in the morning, she's a hundred miles away and she goes outside and they're all dead. And I'm like, well, how come there wasn't a die off right within like, like two miles of this, of this damn derailment. And nobody's looking at this. It's like, it's like, come on people. And even the slick that they said, that was out there, that's a biological happening with decaying material. There was nothing that even appeared remotely appeared to look like what they were telling us, but, but people were not questioning it and getting actually kind of annoyed with this. I mean, we should have all been annoyed with this and started asking our own questions instead of just by, oh, the plume of smoke, blah, blah, blah, you know? That tastes so good. Thank you, government. Can I have some more? Yeah. Big old bites of goo. Oh, yeah. Oh, is that a front-end loader or a bulldozer? I guess it doesn't matter because you're telling me the truth. And we're believing all of this now. I mean, I'm sorry. It's like even the Eagle Pass down on the border. I'm looking at this going, there's so many things there that don't make any sense whatsoever. It's willful. It cannot be this ignorant. It has to be willful. Somebody's behind the creation of this, whether it's like a spy versus spy war going on right now. But I'm telling you right now, every one of us need to be questioning every part of our lives and jump on the Brandenburg chicken revolution, start raising your own food. Oh yeah, I got 30 chickens of my own. I got plenty out there. Oh, that's good. What kind of chickens do you have? uh chickens that lay eggs so I actually because I have a little I got a little bit of a collection but um most of mine are um I call them yellows and reds uh the blondes and the reds and uh yeah but that's right yeah yeah I always forget how to say it, but those have been the good ones. I got a couple of the silkies and they're just kind of fun to have around. They're kind of different to have. It's amazing to see the size of an egg and silkies, little tiny chickens will lay for the size of their bodies. We have Americanas too. I love Americanas. Right. Well, even the silkies, they're a little bit almost like a Cornish hen, but they'll give off a grade A egg. Like it's a small egg, but it's pretty big for what their body is. But anyway, yeah, there's a lot of things in this government thing that we all think that we're, you know we just we got to be better about this let me give you something about east palestine or palestine or whatever we're supposed to call it just like oh fanny willis down there in georgia yeah her name is fanny now she got up in front of the churches and did a tour and lecturing the the the church that men call her fanny because it reminds them of her butt her words not mine this lady is a twisted little whatever she's like my name is fowney it's like f-a-n-i is fanny I don't I'm sorry you know don't don't get weird on me here you wore your you wore your church or your shirt I'm sorry you wore your dress backwards I didn't you're the victim uh you victimized yourself but east palestine really quick uh sorry go ahead go ahead sorry no go ahead it's fine uh east palestine or palestine could be have could have been cured if these have been fluorocloral carbon whatever they want to say it was they could have either deployed two things one or three things actually Hemp, they could have planted hemp along the railways to actually detox the soil within one year. They could have, which is one of the best ones out there. It's absolutely the best plant in the world to detox your soil, put nutrients back in your soils, hemp. The second one is sunflowers. Sunflowers are almost as good as hemp, not quite as good, but they are very good about replenishing the soil. And the third one is mushrooms. They have found now that they take mushrooms into certain areas, they can actually, the mushrooms themselves will break down plastics. Forever hard plastics can be consumed by mushrooms. I didn't know that. That's good to know. So the idea of having to burn all that stuff off and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all that stuff. that's all guys we have we have amazing plants on earth that we can use to fix things that we don't need chemicals or burn offs or quarantines or super this and that's we get super fun cleanup sites these are things that can be biologically used in a simple form hemp can be grown three crops a year sunflowers you don't even have to plant the sunflower seeds you can just lay it on the soil and they will grow And then the same thing with mushrooms. You go out there with the mushroom spores and spread it on the area. And there is huge research on mushrooms cleaning up oil, plastics, chemicals, including nuclear waste. Hemp, sunflowers, and mushrooms can clean up nuclear waste. So then why do we have a nuclear waste problem? Why do we make it such a big deal? Well, because it gives people jobs. And a simple answer like mushrooms is not expensive. So nobody can make millions of dollars on the cleanup. And it puts it out of the reach of individuals. That's why they had to start some of the corn subsidies. That's why they had to switch it to the whole oil and gas. It's all about scarcity so that people, because they, you know, God forbid, we don't want, let's go back to prohibition. Let's go back to the fact that people could make their own ethanol back then and they had stills everywhere. And we had to get rid of that because then we would force everybody to have to go to the well of their, They're a panicked product, anything that's petroleum, which I'm totally amazed that people still buy the lie that we're gonna run out of gas or oil. It's like that ain't gonna happen. We have so much farmland and we're so good at growing food. We turn food into fuel when we've got oil plentiful under our feet everywhere. It's the earth. Yeah. The earth creates oil guys. If you think that there's dinosaurs down there decaying and letting, you know, How many dinosaurs would have to die to have the oil deposit? Even that is like five miles under the earth, two miles under the earth. It's like, it's absolutely ridiculous. Nothing on this rock. If this rock were billions of years old, ever, ever, ever, ever walked under, under bedrock. And it's illogical. And then when you watch the steps that come out of that, like the corn subsidies, you know what? I think we need to get a little smarter because if we would have left switchgrass on there, we wouldn't have to plant, irrigate, plow, or reseed. You just mow it down at the end of the year, pick up everything and turn it into ethanol. It's such a, it's such a, it's a goat road. It's a circus. It's ridiculous. Hemp is far more efficient at creating ethanol or fuel products than corn could ever be. Right. Doesn't make any sense. But but they can they can. I don't know. You and I could probably talk about this forever. But, oh, Jim, we're conspiracy theorists and tell you, wait 10 minutes and realize that there's some actual that we actually have content and stuff behind it to back this up. So when conspiracies touch, they become a reality. So I call it the stringboard effect. When you have this idea and this idea and this one, and then you start drawing string boards between the topics, you realize that when they start touching, they become reality because they're verifying each other. And that kind of like how a scientific process works. When one scientist says, hey, I discovered this and another guy goes, well, I discovered this. But then when they come across each other, they verify each other's work. Well, that's what conspiracies do. Yeah, there you go. Well, this was great having you on here today. Do you have any last words? I always end it with a prayer. Do you have any last words? And then you can pray if you want, or I can pray. It's up to you. I'll let you do it at your show, but I'll give you this, guys. Remember this. Your future, your future is a reflection of your heart now. So think of your future out there. It's a reflection of your heart now because where your heart is now is where you're going in the future. So your future is a reflection of your heart now. Make sure your heart's in the right place every single day being better than the day before. And that's how we make a difference. That's awesome. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Jim and all the work that he's doing and that he's done and bringing the message forward of what's actually happening on this planet. This planet is your planet, your sandbox. And we want to honor you with everything that we do. We thank you for all of the the wonderful gifts that you've given all of us. And we ask that we would constantly grow closer to you, listening to your leading. We're willing to do whatever it is they ask us to do. It's your path that you're setting before us. And it's kind of a great adventure, really. It can go in many different directions, but we don't put our eyes on what is here in the world. We keep our eyes on you, knowing that you're good all the time. And you can lead us through darkness. You can lead us through plentiful times and times that are are a little bit scarce, but we know that we'll always have enough because you provide for us. You're our banner. You're our protector. And we thank you for every good thing that comes from your hand. We ask for the blessings on everyone else out there that they don't get discouraged for what they see, but they really realize that nothing changed from yesterday. These people have been committing evil acts forever, but you're leading us out of captivity just like you always do. And we're thankful for that. We will follow you and we lay everything at your feet for the strength that you give us. It's all yours for the words, the leading, the wisdom and the discernment and everything else. We're just thankful that we can do good works. That's the reward in and of itself that we have the ability to actually do things that are positive and good. That is the reward. And it's a reward of walking with you and having a relationship with you and knowing that you love us and you loved us enough to send your only begotten son to make peace, to die for our sins and be that atonement. We thank you so very much. We love you and we just want to let you know that you've been a great friend to us and we love you so very much. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you. So there you go, guys. And at the end of the show, Jim, tell them how to find you. Go to, Facebook, Twitter, DLive, Twitch, Clout Hub, iTunes, Spotify. So find me out there. If not, get a hold of Donna. She knows how to get a hold of me. There you go. I'll get you, I'll get you in contact with Jim and get another interview out of it. Just like me. It's like, you know, we trade things back and forth and try to talk to as many people that have been silenced as we can. to give them their ability to speak when our first amendment rights have been under attack. And that's really important to stand, you know? So here we go, guys, go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States of America. And I'd love to have a discussion and a debate with the rightful president of the United States, president Donald J. Trump. And he'll have a better opponent than he did with, uh, with the traitor in chief sitting in the White House right now. But with that said, you're important. There's a lot of good people that are fighting for the things that are important to you, but you need to get up and join us. You need to do something. You can't just sit back and this is not a, This is not a spectator sport. This is where you need to participate and realize that us working together, we're unstoppable. Nothing can stop what's coming. So you have a great day today. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. God bless America. Make it a great day. If you don't have a good example, be one.