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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/12/2023 Redeeming Grace Church - Psalms 119

Published July 12, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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Transcript in English (auto-generated)

welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twelfth day of july twenty twenty three well come and to glades of here to join us to day men honor doing redeeming grace church day and were starting out talking about a salmon nineteen but before we do that i onawmonday doctor temptation great to the good kind o no kind of a nice day out here to day finally in a wee been havin have enough a high humidity often on but it's okay you know it's a sunny day to day and it loosing'some beautiful day and another day to worship god and be happy to be here we got to town pooreste day my wife thought we ought upwards of two inches a rain last night and that in that rain a theoretical during the night so that at his lowering we needed a well let's in haven't we started out ah you want startling or prayer first the start will prioritie everything and be good our heavy fathers we come we just we come as your servants we do want to serve you your justice you're righteously and we we ask for the power of grace we ask that you bless this word oh i i just prayed that you would direct us to do what you want us to do cause when we're in the center of your well we find the greatest joy jesus day my pray a man the man all right here i go hang out met at these my good body's home free i have met him but dared get well i also o the uppercaselowercase i see in this still i see the stationthrough hove to the universities in sycosis how great how now when the and for as claireand her the the ease field the gent and sans my say say you got the oh branwen saying spy so i say you go to the rio when my sons weiss so shoopshap fell more and then polly god i'll granaten says my so or or as effort starting out that was just to steal and i guess that's so with redeeming grace church we don't get a chance to say so it's nice to do soevery one said he while as good as the cold that i love i love musical guides come up with him and it's just the there's so challenged and and s it does it refreshes your soul to hear if even that idea of old hymns and such a love the old hands is i remember sitting in an our little bit will church when i was really little my mom played the pipe organ and such and a just singing all those old son hymns it was wonder ye ah so i do know that you wanted to ah to play soon and i'm going to i'm going to you what we talked about this morning and i think that i want to make it real clear to people that we have when when we're talking about justice cause we're we're going dealing with the and precatory psalms and justices they were talking about a level of craziness and bad behavior cross the board that we can't put up with any more i went to a werata about this to morrow but i went to a rally on monday and what was it whatsome that's really sad is the amount of people who have walked away from this fight and telling the truth just cause they want to go along to get along and i there's there's a story and i think it we're going to go over it to morrow a little about it's the battle of the crater and cratenas in the civil war and how it was that that the entire the entire battle was pretty well throwing people into a situation of of certain defend execution the leaders when ahead and let the weakest people go first and how back the best warriors that that's really work were this what whistles down to because of political correctness because of what over instead of going for the throat on it when we when we need to throw chuck somebody gets the wall for being evil and i think that we need make a clear differentiation between what's happening here and knowing that the justice that is coming is going for those people who refuse to stand nor rising given a choice right now on which side to be on and it's becoming very very clear to a lot of us that if you don't stand and you refuse to call out the criminals that are involved in this your complice and in that's that's the way it is i and we need to realize that there is a difference between ah how bring the enemy because that's what it comes down to his harboring the enemy if you don't call them out but the encouragement is is that when we do step out and we do the hard things like calling things out fighting things even if nobody approves of what we're doing but we're doing it for god were making that choice for god right there inside wanted to free us other after the nonsense i mean this whole thing at the republican the republicans are gone and more and more every day were finding more and more people that are part of this scheme to take it the united states now and i'm namenames and i'm connecting because this this is what you do when you're in a war it's like you you have you have to call all of my dimicante to do the right thing but if they don't then it you go scorched earth and i he has most mi had a call yesterday from tom norton which i appreciate i was appreciate calls and people redout me and he said he asked me if if i had some stuff but he never saintssee if he sends it to day or not and whether i have it or not it's whether he's going to act on what he said he would do that is important to me if he doesn't well then i know which can't be if you don't act and do what you say you're going to do then you failed the and so the th friday night thing were somebody broke into the untried break into the meeting that should have been open to the first place as he now on there was doing the right thing there are there are no heroes in this situation none there is not one hero in this situation at all and so it's it's all theatre and the plain people to get through motions and gauged this this is exactly what's going on and when you look at the connection probably the people sit in at the top who or sitting on another board with wancouth i republicans committee ah that's james copiesi y there with with the james chapman on this wing counting republicans committee which has nothing to do with a county or a publicans at all remember there are so many things going on where they put another name to it but what in less you dig into it you're not going to know if it's a spoof like in telegram i've allowed people that do spoondon a brandenburgicus you want to find me i i've been right out there but if people are going to be lazy they're going to get spook that's just the way it is there's nothing we can do because the keep popping up but it's my i cannot is at brandenburg the number four and i i and that's at your finding there is an event going out that this sweetenesse attached to a john rosha they won't tell us where the event is and they have got cold written houses name on it but i don't really know any more if any of these people are even for real as far as i'm not corethose i did myself i was in a bent down a john riches and cattlewas there but i'm an tell you what these people that are pullet that are political operative that are no nothing more than part of this industry special interest industry take us down they use people's names or unit to president trump all the time the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump they use as a the using general plim's name all the time and when you look at their behaviour and how they don't follow through on the promises how they don't say that there how they don't do what they say they're doing re we can we can safely assume that there one of them and not one of us so after the ball kicking that at the central committee or the state committee me for the republicans guide god got james chapman came in and take some guy and the balls i mean this has been all over the new is right we have a ball kicking situation and now you've got this came out in were talking about the top or executive faces saddling he charges after damastic dispute involving ten thousand dollar purse and so i want you to look at the bat grounds a people there in what what there capable of doing in the crazy behavior of an we're going to go there is therethere's a few people in isabella county that happened on our monday thing and i got up and i took the microphone and i said this is not happening in america as long as i'm standing here this is not happen you do not silesiens of free speech or else you are guilty so in we got we've got some letters that came from people that are involved with the isabella counter public against committee and also of there's another organ united we stand out up there that are distancing themselves from the truth of coming out because they don't want to hurt the prosecutors he wings or the sheriff's feelings well i'm sorry you just damned yourself to be in the anthesis everyone else has taken this nation down now we will see if people come forward with the information that they say they do or they damned themselves into that bucket too because there is so many thereso many people in there you got to watch not only what they say but what they do and keep an eye on it so louis victor fifty stowford next alice advice president a new business platforms at four older company of course they've got all these up peceabillie in such and they move people around his accuse of trying to set fire to two purses during a domestic guy is not it ten thousand dollars he was arrested and charged with two felonies assault with a dangerous weapon and arson based on a preparation to burn property worth between one and twenty thousand dollars so i i think that this is an i was as is a crazy crazy time were living it and we have to really look at who perpetrators are here the timidity who the perpetrators are in some of these crimes is criminal activities not only and the parties but but look at them for what they do their actions and whether they follow through on what they say they're going to do but the connections that they have are critically important because they tell us an awful lot more about what is actually happening then necessarily their works is anybody can say anything anybody can say whatever they want to say doesn't mean that it it is for real so timocrates i can pull up this ah i've got the kitty offer of to days of to day's massage so i am going to go ahead and put the supple tones taking his phone call if we can jump in to psalm one nineteen there until time comes back at inanimus going to go head and i'm going to read some one nineteen in preparation for this and he'll be back in just a minute here so we'll see what's going on with hester at any rate let me go to salem one night matthew was here popped up first matthew four for jesus answered in his red man shall not live on bread alone but in every word that comes from the mouth of god his nature it's amazing ever ever feel like people of so lost their way because all they because what they're looking at is though financial and the money part of things and in the mean time they completely lose their they lose their way blessner those whose ways are blameless who walk cording to the law of the lord blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart they do no wrong but follow his ways you have laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed oh that my ways were stedfast in obeying your to creeds then i would not be put to shame when i consider all of your commands i will praise you with an upright heart as i learn your righteous laws i will obey your decrees do not utterly forsake me see his back here what do i was i had to run emergency called senoritain some one nineteen right now okay how can a young person stay out path of purity by living according to your word i seek you with all my heart do not let me stray from your commands i have hidden your word in my heart that i might not sin against you praise be to you lord teach me your decrees with my lips i recount all the laws that come from your mouth i rejoice and following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches i met i meditate on your precepts and consider your ways and consider your ways i delight in your decrees i will not neglect your word be good to your servant will i live that i may obey your word open my eyes that i may see wonderful things in your law i'm a stranger on do not hide your commands for me my soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times your rebuke arrogant who are a curse those who stray from their commands remove me from their scorn and cones keep your state though rulers sit together and slander me your servant will meditate on your decree your statues are my delight they are my counsel and i stopped there and then go on to the but i think that was kind of a nice ah if i figured well if you're going to have an emergency call here on just got to go head and re read the brig the word let's just read the tops yeah good deal so i just wanted to pugginess a few thoughts here ah well when we think about the psalms i mean i know we read a few imprecatory psalms and psalms one nineteen and we're going to run through just a few verses in salonite and i think is a microcosm of salmson nineteen ah but i encouraged my letters a few reductionist check your spiritual diet oh and i have a feeling that i got to take care of the call coming in so i was go back to rescript or haicanian through re down to forty is what i wanted to do they glowed pershore of all right so this is what we do here on ah no brain were is not work if we have to point we will point icon even jump off and do some news here because there's all kinds of nonsense that's he's out there that we could run through and show what it is that i think god's really showing us right now is god's showing us what we're what's the the result of breaking the law and lot loreawe have to be about upholding the law first and foremost god's law in his his decrees and in command that is so important and we need to start with ourselves you know we we have to look in ourselveswhat we're doing now canchikin our spiritual digothis also watching what we put in our minds the time were in right now with the spiritual word that we're in werenorth using they're trying to capture ourselves or each of us in order to part the lies and in or shut us now and we can't do that we have to keep going so here in up to sollione nineteen twenty five i am laid low in the dust preserved my life according to your word i gave an account of my ways and you answered me teach me your decrees and i think we should be asking it teach us god heavenly father please teaches her to crease in the things that you want us to do we want to know we want to follow you cause me a one nineteen twenty seven caused me to understand the way of your precepts that i may meditate on your wonderful deeds my soul is weary with sorrow strengthen me according to your word keep me from deceitful ways be gracious to me and teach me your law i have chosen the way of faithfulness i have set my heart on your loss i hold fast to your statutes lord do not let me be put to shame i run in the path of your commands for you have broadened my understanding teach me lord the way of your decrees that i may follow it to the end give me understanding so that i may keep your law and obey it with all my heart direct me in the path of your commands for here there i find delight turn my heart towards your statutes and not towards selfish gain one nineteen some one at nineteen thirty six i think that's the th verse of the day right there turn my eyes away from worthless things preserved my life according to your word fulfil my promise to your servant so that you may be fear take away the disgrace i dread for your laws are good how i long for your precepts in your righteousness preserve some one nineteen forty one of his back here like you might be to back him i did not i sorry i had john motor there oh i am so i just said take you for pilinginiut night get intend to go through forty days so that was it was like perfect solisbac to the top there domanski o retro few things and i think that getting into some one night in a just i think is such a powerful thing because your things there that i think we're going to pull out oh but before that i wanted to go back and think when we think law ah i still believe that the majority of people really have no working kineo god's law or what we should regard it when we look at our fate and i think there's been over the years and years and years just some very bad and wrong teaching ah again i i got a situation i got a fiction that tooke in his cold to keep it on if you want donerather there i think and it all come back maybe oh camerayou things no where you will this keep going on here and this is what we do when we have you know this is this is expavere biblical think what tim is doing right now when there is when there's a a shepherd takes care of their land and when you have a crisis in your life it's okay to lay down other things that you had planned in order to take care of the business at hand so what are we do we adapt and we adopt so i'm in read the first part of this introduction is songs one nineteen by god that will go back if we have to and will read some more scripture because that is always lacking in everything i see out there check your spiritual diet as spiritual sugar is addicting man speculates in imagines intriguing and enticing ideas yet redeemed ones thrive on the sufficiency of god's word and biblical grace second corinthians twelve nine learned to be encouraged and edified with script god's grace predicts work prepares us to understand christ's necessary provision to redeem his people reflects aspects of redemption throughout scripture and shows results in of christ's were told anti god anti christ and i truth anti god design and anti freedom narrative in and out of church we hear things like kill your fruit wealth distribution vaccinations destroyed food families drugs wage earning and perverted sexualization slashed your population war genocide of board portion murder sexteen and demon worship don't fill the earth these subdued by science and ignorance and bowed a tyranny to please and honor satan the biblical on packing of god's will reveals his new birth people that we can learn boldly to live his truth we must learn who christ jesus is to be edified in truth and just reflect on god's summary command that is called the creation mandate sadly broad church indicators show much cured thinking and practice therefore we are puzzled when christ professors commanded to reflect god's law and christ violate or disregard god's design some wonder how can we correct this core christ gospel in the new test gives answers but god explicitly commands antimony even genesis want twenty eight it is important to know what god commanded for created then recreated ones to fulfil his just design he told us to be fruitful multiply phil in subdue the earth and have dominion and i think tom is back here on a chicherohe oh i say he had more of it you were on mouth there immunity walked away so cassorides good words though it thank you i mean is there any quiescebat to creation mandate because in some ways this is really the first law that we see in genesis and this creation mandate i would contend still applies to us to day and so you got a from those words says god requires us to pursue all manner of god the production i member years ago one of our pastors talked about if you go into the produce department at supermarket what are you going to find pretense and what about those fruit and vegetables that applies to produce they have the ability to produce more food because they have seen live seeds in the so that's really what produce means ah and yet so god lockshis trophee of oribasins of godly production in redemptive activities as we pursue his ways and purposes in all things that's agreed homer nectarlike that yeh so that's what we talked about earlier don awende are in the middle of his ways pursuing his things i don't believe we can find more joy than write there and i i think i'm sorry go head go now go ahead is really important that differentiate because you know it's just like most of the stuff that i do for news is i'm trying to get to the truth and in on copper things even the things that have to do with say nor satanic activities that are out there because there's a lot of it there's a lot of people that are actually there involved in this stuff and we have to look at the things that are wrong in i heard for yours you know you don't need to look at the at the counterfeit counterfeit fordoes n't need to look at the thethethe just need to look at the real ones to know the well that's true but it's also not true in my opinion i like to look at both of them to know the schemes that he the devil that satan has for us so that we can in factscoming you know and i really do think that nothing can body should be afraid to look at that in the satanic symbols the rituals and that sort of thing because once you see those things you'll never unsee them again and what these people are capable of doing its brutal it's horrific and if if we don't stop spiritual cancer that we have where we're going to go keep hinton you to go down in a down well words spiral wheat we can't avoid the if there's a vacuum there sate's going to tell it and i think what you said order down to night i sorry that i had to take care of the business but i have take your business in time but but i think that there i think you a lot of people that have been confused about god's justice and there's nothing better to look at than the law and the gospel to understand his justice and this is why oh i'm going to read some quos on the book that i for number one behind the bible and ah i would always encourage anybody you know you any one to know maybe jim parker say who if timeparker puts at number one maybe it opianine out why and what can i learn and i'm just saying i really believe that the more we understand about god's law and the gospel under the creation mandate under the covenant of grace and as we were called redeeming grace church oh when we are more about that we can reflect christ and let christ live through so sometimes i think it you know i understand that we need to be encouraging and i know it seems like people don't understand that i can be encouraged in some of the things that they don't find encouragement and and i don't know how to sometimes i don't know how to get her round that i and the people protest hearing that things need to change or that are wrong and they say well you know and they they try to make excuses and sinsay this this oh this is too negative or this that and the other thing it's because there convicted within their own hearts i think yes i really i really think that because if you are living the way that you that you're actually walking with god and you are trying not that you don't fall the minute you do something wrong when you are truly you know when you're a believer you know it you know it right that in there that's for god gives you the instant correction and you stop you back away and you do something elses different and it may not even be a sin it may just be a direction god wants you to go you have the insect but if you're not walking with god then i see people applying all the judgment to themselves instead of rejoicing that this is going to go towards all those people that are doing the wrong thing all those people that are standing in our government that are lying cheating stealing that are there all in there for self adequation and self self self self enrichment cases the the over riding problem we have the son of south yea and so when we think even the word and courage and i'm delivering the point because there's a huge contrast between a coward and some one who has courage and as the evil that we see in the world to day those in my mind those people are all cowards because first of all they refuse to live god's truth and so that's where i guess i find so much encouragement in finding where i need to live and sometimes it's not what we think and so i would just say may be again quickly even as will give into this next sament and a minute but i think that we have i for conger of reason we have not one justice as christian and i mean we can take we do we want to do a thing is in our heart we we try it in some avenues and some avenues we've been led to believe well that's the government's job and i understand there there's a pointed it so i'm not don'twantto confuse that but at the same time i think it we have to engaged in god's justice i mean people want to talk about the gospel the gospel is the perfect eternal picture of god's just as sol fredon understand justice we don't understand how it applies to us i don't even think we understand the gospel and some one of the talk among through your odd juncos just some of the his colts but what i said there it says the creation mandates for cases relate to his law justice gospel and his kingship and i would take those four categories boy if weak in pork in to god how do you want us to relate to your law how do you want us to relate to just to your gospel to you being king to us living in your kingdom right now i think those questions would really shape a soul i know that there are narratives in the world so they will they cry and we've all vertical on nothing and be happy that denies god's mandated for fulness be thou fruitful i may people that sat on her hands and refuse to labor to to see the increase or denying fruitfulness of god and i would say a lot of thee the sexual perversion were you don't produce or even have the ability to produce human life ah i'm sorry they're sottin wrong to you you have caught off the fruitfulness of god mouteplie extraction and i went to watch the sounder freedom yesterday and that rain storm knocked out the move and the camera of the kidney he knocked out to carater forty minutes so we had to leave other cameras kept running was it it was in a spiritual warfare that it knocked out or camera you know not the camera the movie projector he done in so i didn't get a finish it but my point is we extract he put in so many ways abortion war i mean i got it i think a few things down there a murder denying captainish ent negotiating with perpetrators sonnettes next point but i think there are things that we do that we deny the multiplication of god is as philosopher i mean so we get murder i mean did i kept the parson to people the onchristian should refuse to do captainthat is the heart of god god wants us to do justice i mean we can look back at things how fast did he kill certain people for doing wrong pretty ah in and so when we think that christian shouldn't pursue cap topunish ment as the current polpis doing right now all over the world we fail his commission his mandate to fill in subdue the earth and so when we think even about justice and having dominion i think it we fail and now here ears the pointed i made terdonensis i do at one linerindeed unpack it people might go on any know what you're talking about god created us with the ability to choose he made all humans his vice regents and so i say ness not necessarily recreated one so when god gives the creation mandate he gives it every one of his creative people but a lot of people utterly fail utterly fail and and not only just fail it they they reject it they did ye it they they mocked at and god is going to mock them some day so i'm just said if anybody should have dominion from being a vice regent of god it is the believer and and as for i find great great joy in doing that so it's a challenge so oh what i'm going to do maybe down as may be take twenty minutes and then never going to get back into sansonnet en so oonali through a bunch of if that's all right and right wrong down cold kill ah he rolled back in the eighteen fifteen and i i got to set down in iredell a lot a lot of theologians over the years i probably several thousands of books on my shelf and most of a mere theological minded but ah i just i was in all what i picked up the book in years ago it was out of print i literally at times kept it in my safe that's how persiawas to and ah it sensed been its now back in print and i i might encourage anybody to to buy a copy i i just saw the other day on a mason at you get it for like ten dollars on kindle i've never had a kindle file but some people like that eh it is just so good so i first of all in a reed words out he hesitation and i hope my hearers can hear that this is john cocoons words don't be offended but i pray that your challenged in a godly way oh i just found that's what john cocoon do so he says that the subject of this treatise and is the treatise on the law and the gospel so he in this book compares law and gospel he contrasts compareson shows how they fit like a glove in god's kingdom for not only the unredeemed but the redeemed especially so he says the subject of this treatise is in the highest degree important and interesting to both saints and sins to know what experimentally is to be wise unto salvation to live habitually under the influence of it is to be at once holy and happy the law and gospel are the principal parts of divine revelation or rather they are the centre some and substance of all the other parts of it every passage of sacred scripture either law or gospel a commercial wouldn't we hear the gospel repent and believe that is law as its telling you what you have to do as he there are people who to no no we don't believe law should be pardoned the gospeland yet we speak about the gospel being repentant belief that's law so this is what john cocoons stark oh isevery passage to see sipisipe sidelogs powers capable of being referred either to the one or the other the histories of the old new testaments are narratives of fact done in conformity or opposition to the moral law and done in belief or disbelief of the gospel the ordinances of the ceremonial law were grafted on the commandments of the moral and we're in obscure revelation of the gospel so this was part of what people don't understand people say well the mosaic cloth well and let me just unpacked at roque god leleges the ten commandments which really were an eternal law but we see it given under the office of moses but then they had the mosaic law that came on top of the ten commandments the moral law start says the precepts of the judicial law reducible to commandments of the moral all threatenings are either of the law or gospel at every promise is of one of the other prophecy is the declaration of things obscure future connected either with the law or gospel or both and there is not one admonition reproof or exhortation that does not refer either to the law or the gospel if then a man can't and asses one those statements said to me boisian he says if that a man can't distinguish rightly between long gospel he can't rightly understand a single article devine that might be very very very severe it might be hyperbole but i think there's a sense and if we don't understand the connection between lawn gospel he's your saying really how to coderone stand as in it i think it's a very very valid point ah well it is too to that point then is that we see so many people out there that that will look you right in the eyes especially when you're in the political world and they all want to pray and they all want to say god bless you in such as the end then they turn round and they are absolutely committing crimes as they look at so their using that to leave people astray and and this is where one at that very love when when they see they want to proclaim what they think is the gospel and when they do that they wanted intimate that you can't apply the law to us will guess what you can't have gospel without lock well in that the hard of people that use the bible like that for self enrichment as when you so you see at their using it for self and rich men a lot of dodeth do in it ah you know unconsciously perhaps or are do they honor stand those of us who are actually wanting to see justice you don't see things done correctly are they using it typically to lead us astray i would i would assert that its glad the latter that some of these people are so evil that they would use anything and everything to gain to get there their whatever it is that they think that they need to have in life in that they would use god god's name prayer and whatever to lead people astray in order to enable them to commit crimes without anybody watching because he say oh there there there a good purse and there there this that or the other thing well there's a lot of cameleons out there who are not good people who look like their good people i mean i'm sorry but i'm not buying this this this franklin amgoing to roots and some of the other stuff i'm not going to buy that any more than i would have bought you know i'm jim baker and tammy fa ere years ago who fell from grace and this that the other that there you there's so many people out there that use god's name in order to for to lead astray those people who really love him and really want people to do the right the we really want to see every one doing the right thing and honoring god and living with law and order and justice and taking care of business and taking care of our neighbors and being that steward of the earth we want to believe that everybody's that way and so on we here come out of their mouths were oh there one of us i don't think that's always the case and that's where that discernment comes in to look at them and say the works also have to be there if they are committing crimes standing in front of a bunch of people and saying god bless you well which god are they talking about because the god that i know doesn't say go ahead and commit all these horrific crimes do you know god my god the god that of heaven and earth does not approve of trafficking children does not approve of human trafficking in all this nonsense or oropuche in babies my god doesn't approve of that than i don't know what god they they serve but it isn't the same one that i he even jesus and i know you've sent it pray a hundred times if you have said it any but to make an mile jes ah we in ononheta what jesus was livid against distortions of his law he was even of people trying to come into society and do their justice in violation of law we talked about this last week when he brought the women that they caught in adultery and was a violation of justice you're going to catch a man and a woman in adultery if anything and i just i guess i wonder what he would have done had he brought the two of the sea we don't think about those things we don't think about what he talked about no but justice being laid at the root where it should be laid so gentle concess if we can distinguish well between law and gospel we will under the illuminating influence of the spirit be able to discern the glory of the whole scheme of redemption to reconcile all passages of scripture which appeared contradictory or contrary to one another and to try whether doctrines are of god the cold their conscience in seasons of mental trouble and to advance resolutely in evangelical holiness in spiritual cole and so this is part of what i think it's like people don't realize that this is the foundation saying that we built our christian life upon if we can really write the understand long gospel we're going to be confused by scripture so the people that want to say well he this is the contradiction to me you know understanding between low encastle cause to me there is no contradiction to may be it goes on this i may be cosiness but there is no contradiction they were like you no loving hand and the more we understand the better will be so i just densa i wanted to do but twenty minutes on gonenow there's a huge gerstenkorn does a great great job the competitor works in the competent of grace and in different aspects of the law so when it would be a tigris there and to beginning to solmes but by cokerell hammers that the laws really a precept the condition of life and a promise and impend sanction so here's where he said simply put the law of creation required perfect obedience and says do ah we he says later and i don't think we think about this i don't honestly think don we don't think about god's law enough and david helps us to understand in samsonite but he said really the simple thing is you either do this or you do a lot of people say all know we don't we don't have to obey the law i i just think we're we're stepping in a wrong stuff with were thinking it is jesus forgives us on the come in we you know we come in and we do have that protection because it's a it is a different time but the point being is that if you love god you will follow what he asks us to do and you know it proves if we're going to firefall and all of us none of us are perfect haven one missis going to stumble at times and jesus will forgive us but i think what your talking about as you don't just flagrantly it obeyed the law and say i'm going to be okay anyway because god god the only one i can really judge our hearts that's true but but i think that when you start looking at criminal behavior and ah you know people people claiming that will the well they're doing specifically the wrong thing and they in eingreift that's where the division comes so i'm going to just concluded with just just a couple more before we move into psalms one nineteen a he does unpack between legalism and antinomianism and i think that my hearers back confused but anti nomianism but but here it in this way and we could always go back and talk but he says the legalists transgress against the law by seeking to be justified by their own pretended obedience an i know means offend against the law by despising the divine authority and obligation to it legalist transgress against the form of the law whereas the antinomians offend against the matter of it by disregarding the high authority of it legalist contend that believers are still under the law as a covenant of works in this is where were i think i mentioned one church i went into the there were people there that said looked him if you come in talking obedience to the law you're in the wrong place that's when i hear stuff like that i immediately know the day or anti no mean the and in he explained is so ah but the legalist contend that were still under the laws as a covenant works ii sayobsolete not i want my hearers to her very very very clearly we are not under the law as to coveitowse where under the law in the confident of great same law and we apply it differently god gives us the spirit and wonder is no grace in the other so we have to understand some of those distinctions not the loss of the law does in change and i say immediately retaken the tank come so i says and i know men assert that believers are not only not under the law as a covenant which platons talks about also not under the law as a rule of duty so my what cocoons darks about in his is what i've tried to teach is that when god brings us into his family we have a fan we have the family rules and if we can sit here and say no oh no no i i don't want to be the family rules i mean it's like what are we say were saying look we don't really submit to our father we don't submit to his his rule of government in our life in our world and so while believers are delivered from the laws a covenant of works in this is very critical we are not under it we are under it and delight to be under it as a rule of life so i'll just one last quand on moving the songs one nineteen and i could keep my time for him the laws were ruled then requires believers to perform not sincere obedience only but perfect and perpetual obedience are we capable of that no is that god requirement he s so that's the way but see this is where the competent of grace brings in the holiness of christ to enable us keep the law do we still do a perfectly absolutely not because we're in perfect what should we do think we should try yes we should because he's given us his power he's given us his spirit to do that and when we fail he hits the blood of christ that coster senselessly so were the white men that uation yeah i don't want people to hear that when we said we don't have something from god god and ask what communion is so blessed be do we feel on solutely doing need to blood of christ absolutely and that's what i believed that jesus does a community says he i know you've sinned this one you need my blood take it this is my meal to you to cover your blood so you'll be reminded of my forgiveness so you'll be reminded of being adopted into my family and isidore do we need the bran absolutely do we need grace absolute that's why he says come to the throne of grace to receive grace and mercy to help in time in the winds that all time twenty four seven espaola yes so he he says so it is i don't want people to hear you were he requires some we can't keep but that is its truth of the matter he does require something we can't keep against what he did keep it and he replies that to its he takes our sin he takes our death he takes our failure and says look i give you my life i give you my power i give you my old and i guess that does get me so he says here's what he says if sinners out of the covenant of grace are bound to yield perfect obedience for life she this is work were not when when we get eternal life were no longer bound to seek eternal life cause it's been it's been given to us on to logically believers within the covenant of grace are under higher obligation he performed perfect obedience from life so we obey because we have eternal life that is our dead and to deny our deane and men think about it if we would deny our dinas a human literally we'd have to commit suicide you know i take to go back to what you said about about a jesus covernor sands i could listen to that not message every day all day long all the time the forgiveness of sins and the you know just the the confidence that we have that our faith is in their faith is in god its and jesus christ and that knowing that he will he will step in and help us whenever we need with either re directing us or given us forgiveness when we screwed up erlyniad you i wish every one of our sisters knew that i know he seemed to hear something different coming out to me i mean i just want to hold it of what you said the more we understand the law the more we can understand the gospel and this is why i tell people lot of people see we we grow open and environment we think oh we hear the gospel and we got safe we don't need to hear the gospeler in now any no whit so tossed down we need the gospel every day of our lives and we got in some way we have to learn to preach to gospel to ourselves so you imagine being god giving out his only begotten son to save us from our our own mistakes and send and such and then having ever body basically spiteis face for giving out i only guess that that i just can't even imagine giving up his son for our sorry behind with it it's an amazing it is an amazing thing and i mean talk about proving his love for us and for us not to acknowledge it and for us not too you know just be thankful every day of our life that he's here walking with us in good times and bad times helping us to do the right thing but then for giving us when we screw up it is an amazing thing to have salvation where you know the first in a late times seems like people want to run away from god when they are doing the wrong thing or their sin in with a run as forcause they don't want their sins expose the promisesare senem you got were to get a run too you know no where you might as well go to god right away and to see if we can get this thing figured out as a helper to you rather than somebody who's just going to bring the hammer down to kill hammers going to get down whether you do it is going to be brought down whether you agree or or whether you deal with that or not it has to be dealt with go an talk to him he'll get a figured out and give me grace and mercy and love even when none of us deserve it yellow me give us another low or nail hinge done i i i was trained and i loved i loved i was a dimacerre chriscrpin for thirty two years and and we literally had to box that very offer weird half pushed round the shop wherever we were a man you talking about little city i think when i first went into christhere had about forty two hundred employees at my plan i mean that's that's a lot of people and so here's my point is god gives us a tool box in the only thing that's in his tool box is not afforded pondside we have so many other tools and so if you hear tim using a forty pound sledge hammer you're you're missin what ten cent there's a whole tool box at we have and if we learn the law and the gospel and we can preach the gospel to ourselves we we really don't need anything else but the spirit and the word and so i just encourage people so with that done i go go to one in it felegod i mean i mean that that should come first as is that thankfulness to god oh cusses not being i mean is so thankful to frethesind page go down some were just going to run to like some are nineteen keep going down there you go keep going down next to ride there ah son nineteen seven to eleven people might know their spot were just i think this is a microcosm of some one nineteen by these verse whose sevento a love and as says the law of the lord is perfect ah wait a sufferin way way way what is that right down is that a misprint in pulling your leg the lot of lars is perfect no wind sits on mister what's balinfront for of the truck how's that not he but the law of the lord is perfect i think a lot of people think oh no not know the law of the lord isn't pernitious it is it really is creedmoor constitution to the pernice that and it's a weight to be o le dowhat thou will soundslike absolutely was a right there it is to do what thou wilt does matter god let every wife the soul when we the talk about new birth i do some people say what the law can't bring new birth i might say officially technically i can't but it points this to new birth the points as to christ it points is to his perfect obedience the testimony of the lord is sure making wise the simple the precepts of the lord are right rejoicing the heart to commandment of the lord is pure enlightening the eyes the fear of the lord is enduring for ever the roles of the lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired are they than gold even much fine gold sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honey come more over by them is your server warned in keeping them there is great reward how the anti no man would say there's no reward in keeping a look god said there's great reward and and i just want people to notice i highly and enbolded there's still low to lord to testimony of the order's precepts there's commandment shares the fear of the lord merserole of lord his righteous altogether now all of those although it more in psalms one nineteen were for going to find out in a few minutes but those all basically applied to the law of god and the more we learn the more we're going to grow so am remember as i do said made comment about the anti nomian is so that is anti gods long ideology for yet were not up obligated to a big utslag this anti gods law ideology fundamentally denies necessary sanctificat by god's i may we think about what we're going to get sanctified will how we goin to do that we get sanctified by obedience to his law by the power of grace so is the power of christ in and while like you dog about investment so songs one nineteenth sir roquic overviews it is an alphabetical song there are a hundred and seventy six verses and we have eight verse saxton so if you have a also better fil i think your bible is going to break down the psalms into eight verse sections each saxon start with one of the twenty two letters in the hebrew alphabet as were we get a hundred seventy six verses now in the hebrew text which we don't see in our english versions in the hebrew text each verse in the eight verse section started with that letter now when we think about em so's one nineteen reclose someone seventeen contains two verses quite a deference and samosetene say is actually the center of the bible so i think there's a lot of significance there the three names of god and salmon nineteen or jehovah lord elohim god and ja lord jaco ah where we might get yahovah ah this is a chest of gold rings now a chain of gold links in the matthew henry shed oh so as he run down through next next to paragraphs are down only one verse out of a hundred and seventy six in it soone twenty two that does not contain one of these next ten word you got law testimonies precepts statutes commandments judgments word or words we truth or faithfulness and righteously so when we wrench yourselves one nineteen i think it we don't have to memorize this but i would encourage people if you could write some of this town a few posts the manuscript ah it's all on your ririgo through each of these i did it now just keep keep going and i'm just going to all get that up right now all were on whereon if he opesition hear you but you won't see me so what we see is said ah if you would actually count the times the these words are used in a hundred seventy six verses as actually two hundred and nine so i'm going to think that there are probably about due to over thirty that contained at least two of them and so it's it's interesting the more you understand these words ah they may or may not be sitting on but as as we talked about at a start with the first one law and i believe that don is trying to put the manuscript up for my sisters the gain i will feel like god gives in therefore i a gift so low says that yours twenty five times it's the setting down of duties how there to be done jim spread that its edible logical meaning would be a rule conduct god's word is called his law bind thee as to obedient it's called more because it guides directs and instructs in the way of righteousness so people always think that law is negative sometimes it is but it is always trying to guide direct and instruct us in the way of righteous now if we understood that one point down a wee say oh man one be studied in the law as for david said oh how i love thy law and man meditate on day and night i wish we were i meditate out a whole lot more than we do it even our schoolmaster to bring us to christ that we may be justified through faith and by it is the knowledge of the stock at one is testimony though we'll see this a twenty three times testimonies are more particularly god's revealed law the witnesses and confirmation of his promises made to his people and earnest of his future salvation and i think if anybody knows or contract law and specially mortgages you put down earnest money so ah this reveal law is really earnest money if you will for our eternal life with him in glory scripture is called god's testimony as it contains the witnesses of god's mind and will and of man's done the third one is precepts this is twenty one times it closely resembles commandments and statutes it means to place in trust something entrusted to man appointments of god was consequently have to do with the conscience for which man is responsible precepts declare and direct our duty i often said don as the duty is the four letter word of christianity as other words are to humanity this roll this will of god is imposed by the authority of our sovereign lawgiver and in if we understood as you were just talking about a few minutes ago down at the god sent his son for a certain purpose he sends his law for a purpose to draw us to that cried how majestic is that i i just it's like oh my goodness if we understood what we should i said they signified to take notice or care of to tend to averescu to point to visit because they take notice of our way have respect to our whole life in conversation superintend overlook and visit oh concerns and duties of life to be just i love to encourage john and i know the people sometimes say tim you're not encouraging and yet i what i hear from here is all encouragement so law it is not a burden to my soul law is something that i know is for my best eternal interest let me let me of interject here because you had a really good word pitcher that is just kind o t one of those mind going things that i never thought of you know the encourage courage being part of that word god god gives us the courage to live not of this world and not to be part of the goal one get along crush not following the path being in the world but not of the world a man that encouraging should be an incredible encouragement for us because he gives us he gives us the ability to to do all things to christis strengthens us he gives us that ability and it's really to live that life that he wants us to live and i think it's just it's really such an amazing thing to get your hands around this in and i would also challenge everybody would you like god to treat you the way that you treat him in his world you know cause it's turn round you know you know you want to others will god is also in other if if you if you would want to be treated the way you treat others or god then then you're god but if if you if you need make some changes then make changes yea and i guess i got to see don had a rule and i i don't want to speak i mean i hope you poor here this in the wrong way condescending her anything and i am i will never shirk my duty as a shepherd pastor ever but in some ways down all i do i'm just a pointer to christ to his law to his gospel it's i give people look to me to give encouragement ah i might say i don't have any for you but god's got tons of it for you he will give you a whole don't truck full so i think sometimes people think and i you know i don't know really everything that they think what i think they're looking for me to encourage i mean i might be able to speak encouraging words but in my mind the greatest encouragement in his work and as for i try to build into each and and this is why i always encourage people please read out please tell me eh tim you said tis i i kind of made me felt like you were stepping on me that you were criticised me that you were you know not in cortale to me cause i think if you'll do that you'll find that there's a tirely different thing that sometimes i don't have the ability to to maybe get after two to act communicate let me let me paraphrase that a disseco here a little bit it's like what what your your massage is and what you're trying to accommodate or accomplish is to to help people let's just say as a case study somebody was involved in drugs and was doing things that were detrimental to themselves you're going to encourage him not to go down that path because it not only separates them from every one we did we do not send without hurting everyone around senotes about it whomsoever everyone so you would be encouraging that person not to just say oh it's okay it's okay just keep you in those drugs it's fine what the being that flattering tone that wants to be more of their friend than a person actually helped them you have the courage to encourage them to give them your courage to live in a way that is going to be better for them yes how to i then thought john thank you to number four statutes twenty times the verbotens to engrave or inscribed and you what what is the word when somebody the artist goes into glass and in etching that's the word i want god literally ethers his grace unto our soul i mean all i can do may be at that level is to wife your glass off so you see the etching a little bit better i can't i can't etchings in your soul only god can do that so maybe that's your the different word but when we understand that it is statute in grave or inscribe on our soul the words benedettini prescribed written decree ordinance or law god stared costeclar his authority in power of giving laws their fixed determined and of perpetual obligation as matthew henry and i guess i really wish the people understood that the law is so beautiful the laws majestic if we can get past some of the very bad teaching we've had we might to do it david said oh how i love thy lot there down an thet's i think our tartrate i just am i'm amazed that and now here that in bullies and i wonder why i mean do we think that david didn't now had he was talking about when he said oh how i love thy lot they mark our way described the line of conduct and ordained what were to this to observe commandments number five this is mentioned twenty two times the commandments are gods lost not only exhibited revealed and recommended but positively enjoined this revealed will of god has committed to our trust now i can only think of what i said earlier before that bok did i hold as number one of my less behind bible i used to keep it in my safe i kept it as a i thought that was my one of my greatest possessions was that though the truth in that book and this is what what commandments really are it is the revealed will of god and its committed to our trust the oh how his people in the church nor that it shows us what we should do it exacts are obedience never six judgments twenty three times judgments being due judicial ordinances ordinances can't get my tongue on the way decision legal sanction scripture to be god's judicial decree ordaining how our words deeds and thought shall be ordered to see this as were again dono just the thought people want to say well ye do i judge my words deeds and thoughts by the gospel no we judge our words deeds and thoughts by the law but if we live the gospel we can do it in a god pleasing way because he gives his grace through us to obey is my when i obey is that from tim barker no christ through me paul said that many times we get understand that that's why tom parker has not to to give you but christ does ah jim parker could give you the words ye be the truth give you the direction go find it but we we got on it we got on it oh it causes us to discern what is right and wrong and decide accordingly ever seven words word or words forty three times it's is rendered in hebrew word or saying with correlation between a language versus utterance so that just gives you may be some sense a hotter we utter we parse that a proceeds from his mouth and is revealed by him to us it's the declaration of his mind to christ the essential eternal word that's why jesus said my words she never had not one jot or tittle will be taken from his low in the revelation of in the revelation god speaks to man shows him in a clear concise intelligible rational way his interest his duty his privileges and in a word the reasonable service he requires of him and again i preciate the reasonable service remember when we sat those of weight on the lord it's really reasonable service that it gets to number eight way thirteen times at times it refers to the tenor of one's life ah in my first book i dared a huge study but christians were first called people of the way for a reason other times it points to scripture so it's the rule on which our scriptures are grounded a plain rule of conduct in a higher sense the assisting grace of god boy how i love that truth three it is the truth that resounded my soul all the time it's god's great the word of god is called his way as prescribed by him for us to walk in and if you would back to sale's one blessed is the man who walks in the way rites it was the way in which god goes in order to instruct and save man the way in which man must tread in order to be safe holly in happy there were night they will get two more truth or faithfulness it expresses this stability and fidelity upon which god exist all that he sees righteousness or ten times this signifies that the word of god shows the way how a man shall be justified by fate posher did you realize that comes from the law lot of people would say no and then come for no it comes from the low and how a justified man should approve himself to god and man as justified by the and that every son of wisdom must and will justify this word of god as the perfect rule rites and i'll say this that i think this is this is again oh trying to encourage people to hear this i think that people think that i onejust ify myself i have one the cost really we justify ourselves by living obedient to the law again it's his power in us the causes us to do that so if we take this back to even what james says you know you're not little ja justified if we don't live according to the law how do we think that we stand in big jay just and paul would say he look even claim big day just the casion but if you don't live it out ah there there not much hope again i just i would hope that these the words from those ten words if we can read and a i mean we will maybe your slight through here ah i got a punch of the just the comments in the next few pages for the first forty verses you want to do something different or than no angariaverunt to go on still there in your rods before so maybe less you since you red dolls and i preached doing at as i was a little distracted there adding get down to i didn't get down to quite forty but i think i thought you did but i know now i thought you read the last verses were from thirty six to forty then your pain attention then i was right i was reading in the seriesaltering down to forty yes so allwould be the first to a letter of the hebrew language and i may not be saying at which showed but as weel see it in the bible so first one says let us hold fast the truth of god by whatever name it's called in a pot let me just it says blessed are those whose way blameless who walk in the law of the lord and again i mentioned sam's one great psalm again that's if you will a microcosm of the distinction between the wicked man and the godly man but do we even do we really believe that first burst blessed are those whose way is blameless who walk in the law of the lord if he thinks somehow that was only for david in the old covenant i would suggest your wrong and you need to really do some learning and and i guess i would encourage you to get the courage to learn that ah make sets i mean i think that as you said that i appreciated i don't know it i may discommiserate what you said about that because i think there are too people out there in the world they want a wave the flag of christ's gospel while they they didny and rebel against his law every way they can dost not work and i wish people could understand it godly justice is an agreement of the law with the gospel so when people are violating the law there not an i grieve with the gospel and i'm sorry to don as you said you're a lot of people that are pulling back that there just so tired of the fight but i might encourage us the look may be we really have i been in god's sight and i say that to myself donna i say that to myself for i've i've really had to to look again at some things and say maybe i have it been fighting gods or yet i know you and i have talked about this when we know we're fighting god's fight he gives us a power a piece a joy dead dat we can't hardly expressed we can hardly describe it as what he says ah and and i just it would encourage my listeners to to find were god wants astre and i really believe that we will find courage so i think done what what people need to hear is really a godly message about the law and how that fits with the gospel and nobody does it better at a human level than john coke i i i hear divine said to me in almost everything at man writes and i am not even sure of the i mean maybe one or two things i might quote a worth but a saying time i have to say tim maybe you better check her tone and in less than eliminateor he was to me ah i don't believe that men's work is is equal to scripture but there's the some man that really really come close and junkum's work to a significant and if anybody he wanted to know number two of my loss and it actually brought by files that maybe i'll pose some time or sent you down and you could put but number two was so the cost of disciples shore pyderick bonhffer and if anybody did justice i think that man did and just for my listers if you for remembering he literally was involved in an assassination plot to kill hiller and i'm not going to say even as he said i am not going to implicate the church everybody in doing what i believed that i spose but he felt it he had to do that and he was honouring his god and my first thought was andy took what is hike where i tell you done after i've finished that book by eric metaxas i god really really challenged my sole and i would just encourage people i think they're somethin different out there and god has an eternal reward for those who follow him and i i don't know how to say that better so we want an to keep going down through some of these verses we can where the true word of god is to there is any truth of god and it was from lowther verse for no man has taken the first step toward real abiding blessedness until he's sincere and habitual servant of the most i got i was almost exactly what i was to say when he it takes out the fair weather cross once yes yes you osteotrite fairweather patriots fell fair weather christians the somerset charger you know that sort of thing eh so i first five wicked life disproves any profession of piety to everything rightly understood conduces tell holiness and i think that i would say my number one matter on this earth was or cypra and that was his home ministry about the holiness of god avoid a dead man challenge men he has challenged so many people an end to me that's why i believed it grace it is god's power produce holiness in us not just new birth which is his applied holiness in us but then to live it out not for months it's his power his grace in and christ and inside the holy spirit in and that's the first thing that he may be a descriptive term of the holy spirit but their whole is holding jesus was god fathers hold they longed for perfect conformity to god's entire will if they could have it their way he never sent a man in an none now starts beth so that a ninesix an here's old lot of potier oenotri to skim through some may be just catched the yellow highlighted one there's so much there if we allow that any of god's commandments maybe transgress we shall soon have the whole declared so powerful words if we willingly dispense with the least of the commandments it proves that we have yet to learn the spirit of acceptable obedience and this is why what i speak of obedience for the christian i believe that its graceful obedience it is acceptable obedience we read that in romans twelve one and two in other places it is fundamentally graceful obedience and we read out and not evasions to us while as long as we live we must be scholars in christ's school and set it his but we should aim to be the head scholars and try to get in the highest that then yours alice chalmers maybe but my highest why his for his glory maybe might have butchered that tied out by nighthonor his eyes why out most freshies thank you down that sees in long is that oswald trick chambers yes yes i said alice but it chambers and i think i said chalmers but you're right now that's your tractor and there for that's good a man in groundfootnote to the recovering a farm in anything jethou ht that that title was so false to what matthew henry said there ah and it says so the promise of divine grace in an ableness to keep them in an assurance of eternal rewards to such a stick to the ah i know jonathan edwards had a whole list of resolutions that he made and that would be a good read if anybody wanted to look those up i think you could find nose on you to or not and you too but any any search engine look up the resolutions of achnasheen but is says they also teach us how great is the sin of not believing god's word as it's a law the faithless refused to walk by it as it's a testimony they refused to believe there maker as it demands righteousness they refuse to shake it as it gives precepts they won't obey them as it ordained statutes they rebel against them and you can you hear all these those ten words in this thing or as it has excellent commandments they stand out to oppose them as it abounds with righteous judgments they refuse to stand by them i won't pray for grace there will not praise god for mercies received they don't feel their dependence or impotence and they never looked to the father of lights who comes down with every good and perfect and again done i still say and i'll make a point here we were created as the republic as godinton under primarily consul in christ god i have no doubt about that and i will i go to my grave or going screaming at telling it teaching it ah but i believe that so go round some new now boy again says god's word is the only antidote to which we can protect ourselves against the corruption on orford every one ought to contribute all that in his power reserved young person from the fatal effects of their own headstrong passions of ensnaring of an ensnaring world and of artful see that they may not early on bad habits anders that deals with praising kids and trying to change the minds of kids that are so lost to on there were seven points there for the young its plain easily remembered contains perfect rules gives good examples and one perfect example holds up bad examples as warnings presents the most powerful motives encourage us pray with hope for the influences of this ersten if we'd make the word of god truly profitable we must take hold of it with our heart oh let us cultivate a deep sense of our dependence on divine grace there's times life the right there ah and i wanted to be everybody's thing that professes we if we understood grace it would help us understand law and gussie in love ah go on down down to her sister few we get maybe fifteen minutes left i think i saw one i wanted read the desiderabat it we never truly that's okay done i offer you an me go down i now go go keep going eh all right there he there it is a meditation is an exercise of the mind purely spiritual and goes entirely across to our native indolence and so again that's the war against our flesh and allowed people you don't reward against the world the flesh the devil and if we that rite dere is some people might see will that's a negative thing tim were warned against the world the flesh the devil but again i do to know how to count it profess and teach and shepherd without understanding if we must be on guard all the time i mean i just i give one of the illustration we have a little cat ah come on i know where my wife and son picked up a couple young kittens when i was in socorro and here when i got home nervousness little runt of a cat that was out on the step crying dramawhat i don't know what happened it was miserable condition and we literally put it in one of those little doggie cages or cat cage should take to the vet and then we put it in a cardboard box cause i told my wife and sansawe might who might get coons up there try to get a thing oh no she said i said while otis every night done we had a big coon little coon choked at cage right out of the box and ever trying to get in at up little cap and the it's like oh my goodness but that's a we have to be aware that we're in a constant vigilant fight against the world the flesh and the devil and i'm i'm telling you i believe that the law and the gospel of erthely things are going to get us he himself is by pre eminence the mystery of gods oh here their comments that we need to address sock about we got another if we keep to a love wilehere minutes so i peter had done to thank you for another day of blessings on truth master is taken care of his own aim at ye i think it's really really was kind of cool that you went that cure of business during the shell because it's a i think that's that's really you know really an important badly principle of taking care of things that are in front of us selster's actually a lot of span on the channel to day stream you ass is come in here and and kind of a gone back and forth so now i know if he bodyfor the world gets on her and her not go like what they hear to day the mere you know and i think that i think that emptorially balance at two is that we we keep which we keep the law because of our love for god it's it's really it's kind of a proof that we are saved in a way it's not that we that there were saved because of our works but it certainly does kind of prove out that that we are in fact saved because it's written on our hearts as i view believe that it's that you can you can kind of tell it's like you you can tell by the works that were not justified by em but you can certainly see some some patterns there less put hot wine and and and we all struggle with things to our past we we all have we we come in we come into this earth with what god built into us and then we have experiences that we bring along with us too which truly do have a fact on us in shape in our character but i'm going to go back to that even even that issue right there is the god knows how the story he he created us with all our experiences with all the things that were going through to be a work as he is the perfector of our fine so the question is as do we work with him or do we work against him do we do we go with the flow um or do we you know or do we do do we walk away from the crowd and follow god do we pick up our cross and ologies that's not always an easy path to make and all it would it does though is it it really does change the way you look at the world you know and in the way that we walk when i hear a lot of the antinomian stuff i her satins because in in vol in both in both extremes now got the legalism and you've got the antinomian as and i think that your your job or what you really like to do as going out the the anti nomianism because oh it's so pervasive and our cult nother let me no not rybody has now repast death an extreme all do what thou will and then you know these thickly shove it god's face not a plant the legalism on the other side is also not a good plan because that's all so they almost meet on the other side a way the legalism is of it's all about me it's what i've done in justified at myself and then caught skooth equation will the point being as that i believe that the law was given to show us that we can't keep i think that's part of it not only is it god's law but it was also given in the way it was given to show us that we cannot keep it because god always wanted a relationship with a he was that relationship it's in its not jest about in our conduct and behavior is because he loves and if he wants to be here with us he he is he's a father any wants that relationship with us he isn't just one to want of how do i say this i think it's a lot deeper than then just seen obey my rules and like a tartareta my rules no he gives them to us for a reason he wants he wants to be with us he never wanted to temple i think that was always interesting to me is that he never wanted to le he wanted to dwell with with man with with as as you know is a group not men and women it's like maddened being all of us nobody out there get a stupid on me and said oh you leaving the women out woolman so don't be stupid about it i'm okay because you know he wanted to dwell with us he he was he was being fairly a gender not specific may be made you know and in his his love and righteousness he really was and i think that that's a clarification that everybody needs to understand is that we're talking about two extremes in order to show that the grace is in the mercy has always been with jesus christ which is he is the central part of our faith he is one who forgives us he's one who loves us and he was given so that the veil was rent in two and we could go directly to god and we could walk on this earth with god or our father who loves us even when we fail even when we do the wrong thing he still loves us and he still walking moose and he still believing the best and he still wanting us to turn to him in order to walk that walk and perfector faith i really don't believe that that he's either he made love he may he may tolerate this whole parapyle nonsense and his organ organ a a harvest nonsense it's out there in this human trafficking no he's tolerating it in order for people that he would love to see come to help until that last person that saved that he's plant he is also showing us what not to do so that we can make clear to choices in what what is what is there what is it what you say and i can't remember the verse about it is he who who created the weapon fit for the series a lot more going on here and there's some choices that we have to make but it is always and truly only him that that is the son of part of our faith the extreme fail both the those extreme sail iton all one and the both of em are all about legalism it's all about me it's about sin of self if it's on this side it's doe what you want your god and of it yourself then they both kind o meet around on the backs so yet in his kind of what you're saying her down on his to me satan's grace is seen at one side is legalism and on the other side is anti nominis exactly their two sides with the same coin if we understood that i know that we have to you know talk about it because it comes into the church but it might mind it's really it is satan's reisman anti nomianism exactionthere to understand that too though when you were talking i had a lot tilsit all listen and i'm sitting here going o what's the core point here at no the core point is is that they're both their both the the two sides of the coin of saktism is exactly what it is there is so much satisenough rches just look at how noted they are look at what they have not done and in most it it's just like the politics it's all about money why do we have to have her here so point that got brought up to me the other day why did we have to come up with the republican party come up with the good neighbor program and have to rebuild something when they all ready kind i found this out yesterday when they already had i guess i never made the connection there they already had that walking where they were going around walking from house in the u couldcould get walking aft up of roustak to voters when they were already spying on people in sharing it with her well who my question is who got paid through the the cronemis tration who got paid and i not bind this bold crop that people are working for free it is who is paying them is what i want to know they're getting paid somewhere and we had two million dollars disappear from the republican funds i'm ivetot the democrats yet and i could in because they reventaban right out there where the criminality for years it's like the democrats that thou thou the hachoser flout there you in dark money to the to the democrats and they weren't even denies there were publicans you know they were even listening to ownersthere publicans they put it in different accounts of the dark money funds that see in oversea so who is more dangerous at this what is there walk how are they proving out who they say there or is it just a label same thing is christianity same thing is being a jew or being a iethro any term you want to put at it a muzzle the jew or christian a republican you know black alternaria white whatever i'm sick of the labels because they're all met to deceive every one of the you don't ride and destroy the old capitol look passed all of this and it's the christians that should be cleaning out our house and what happened up in that isabella on that isabella rally is watching weak minded individuals who refuse call out the corruption in the people that are committing the the inebriating a low because we don't want to hurt their feelings or good people we don't want to have division there there there good people you haven't seen him in their goods look he's so many breaks the law there breaking the lock it and of story that's it and that's why that's how they get their hooks and to us to take this nation on this this applies to how our nation works in so many ways that that we can't misween those extremes being used to destroy the suner the core this the extremes are being used to destroy our nation they get off in the feelings world while feelings are part of being human but they don't drive the boss right and eliso it's all a kind of work together and i sorry there's little donating the if i then it's a good thing i done i knows sitting around a campfire singing coobaroo fond but he doesn't get just the stone ye that's what we need and as i guess i would encourage people when he was for words when you talk about god's justice his law his compotis kingdom if we would focus on those and ask god god what do you want me to it may be each of those novels or individually on one and i am convinced that god would lead us into some tenet we've never done before something that's out of our ah billy wick if you will and yet god has the grace forts whatever he calls us to and nobody said we would feel comfortable doing his whole and so i i thank you for those comments down and you want to close the prometheuses in prayer i gain i encourage people read a head a dick work gonemaybe run through although bit of a sales were nineteen in the coming weeks and i hope this massage is been an encouragement to you to understand those ten words there's only one verse in the whole salmonicides us one of those tender and i'm well i'm going to place some healing scriptures here in a minute when we're done so good and see your pa and i'm no closes just with this is some this is a a provider of scripture that i listen to a lot that i lose sometimes of with the son regoat night in that and some godoho and and sarsepan well i'll bring this thing out in just all right or have any fathers we as we come to close this session i dote prayed that people are encouraged in you in your truth in your word and we know that the law and the gospel go together to me like a hand in glove and i believe that the more we understand that the more we grow to be like you more we love your law the more we understand our gospel your gospel we can preach it to ourselves every day as we preach it to others lord we we need so much correction in this land in our churches and our homes and our old god give us your strength and may we always be aware of where it comes from and what you want is to to years for your glory as they would pray the menheeres there's something that i've got on my heart too that that i'm really thinking about sharing because i don't think that people understand the pure evil that is going on behind the scenes at and i i mean it's really bad and i have i have a video i could warn people on goosport all listen to what whatever you want to do but i have a video that shows a o baby a very small baby who is in fact they are doing the organ they there doing organ harvest this is so prevalent people do not understand when work poking about pure evil is said they don't understand how evil evil is so i mean if we wanted to side to get in the fight i can show this kind of stuff to you if you guys really want to see proof not a problem on a brandenburg is not afraid to throw the truth out there what's really going on we can play it in people that have to decide what side are they on it's very shocking it is poor fine when you start seeing things like like a girls that have their limbs amputated and not a nice way so they can't get away and or if you see babies that are actually having the organs cut out it's not nice some of us for whatever reason or chosen to go down this path it is a tough one it's a very tough one i can i can show you if you don't believe me and if you don't believe town or or all the other people that are out ted that are belonging the blowing the warnings we've been warning people for a lancet we warned about the vaccination be warned about covet were warning about what tapping with the world lekinon in for and people are sitting there and playing politics in these political their play politics they are not getting in a scheme to which because they don't even realize how serious a sis and i just keep feeling like this kind of stuff genes get out there and i'm i'm real tempted right now to throw this out here to book and so that body's sticks it out to go on now ten and gather be and men again that they have to come face to face with what is actually happening out the where i don't i don't know i don't know with people want to see what's going on out there but i don't think it's a bad idea to to have to come to terms with it what he thought why would say i would him prometo plan to done you could post it maybe i on your sight let people watch it off line if you wanted but i do think that yes i think a lot of people are not aware of the pure evil that his hat plaited and i think more than anything ah we may not have any more evil than we've had in the past but it is in your face i there any open declared trumpeted shouted from the roof tops and if anything is christians we should be unroofed up shouting christ christ work i think i want to go had show this day work in horror of most people i'm going to give you a fair warning to stop your camera now and jump off the feet if you don't want to see what these people are involved in the video i'm going to show you is a video of a baby a very small baby having its organs removed it is shocking but this is going on all over the plate this is what full term of motions are about or taking children that are not dead and selling them make no mistake this stuff is going on right underneath our noses and we complacently have allowed it to happen and i so so if you don't want to see this if you don't want to see the truth turn off your turn it often okay warning is there but i think that there is enough that needs to be shown people have to see what these people are capable of so when we talk about when timon are talking out doing the right thing as believers we look at it is an every day comparing our lives to what god wants us to do because we love him and we wanted we are already said and we want to do it because it's our duty because we love him just like our duty to stand up in the united states of america because we love this country it's written it's written on our hearts to do the right thing the really we are we are to a core god created us to be good not to be these monster i don't even know of their human any more you couldn't be human to do some of these things you just cold so we stand together as americans as human beings to do the right thing to stand in the face of evil and refused to submit so i'm going to go head and play this and this is heart of what this is all about we're going to have to deal with is your children or children are involved in this when they start going down the blithelier for abortion this and some of the other things this is why they want the organs they want the blood they want these kids they want dead if you are not fighting this your guilty we have to stand up and fight this a face what they have done his people are setness their monster their witches they use things and ritual we're going to have to call it out for what it is and face it because the blood of that that child right there is on our hands if we don't god sees it in a lot of people think we did participate in it but when you know and don't do something about it you're or at least allowing it to and if if you don't want to kill somebody over that under no what said ah now some people might say ter you you can't think that but to me that's tetheringswine yes or he does and if we think that god does it i think that we have to we have to go back to scripture and see what would gods most things he calls abominable are things like that i mean and it's erdeswike from this trade in human beings is about you know is it you is it something we can just turn our back on we've got all these illegals jumped off all over our nation or that did they want to be here well some of him do some of this chenevarin army but they are coming with children and women and little boys who are being her rifice tortured and such in its our government that's pain where that fort with our tax money if we refuse to stand up and hold these monsters who are sitting in the seat in our government accountable we stand with them and we are standing against god and i will not back down on that issue i'm going to go ahead on em we're going to go and pray something for healing to our hearts here a minute show me jection i at tired of and i'm going to add this because we we have to remember it's god himself who will in fact see that sees through this he is going to see us through this work going to stand through this because there's going to be worse things coming out than when i just showed you because i've seen em and on the there's no notes about it we are going to have to face some very very bad true and though the movie that came out of a sound of freedom everybody should go watch is that's an intitlede that's entry level into what's going on out there and i'm thankful for every person that participated whether i agree with them or not we are going to have to face this evil pull out every sword we have the sword of the spirit whatever it takes i got to end or were guilty the church as satan it has to be torn down and we have to destroy every single satanic thing that's out there and start over or were guilty and god's left people in the desert before he's going to do it again so either we get serious and we get rid of this or we got a problem and big one so with that set i'm going to put the sodomites to listen to some scrip in in healing because we're going to need healing for our hearts to to face the we're going to have to stand together the men now if you're listening to this i'm going to sue that if you're listening to the shreefian what i'm doing which i know is happening because i've been told that by people calling me so spine or what's brandenburg for throwing out there to day oh no shut brandenburgo ain't goin t have and in fact ah i don't think anybody knows this but i think at tor version of everything going on out there is going to stop every one dead in their tracks so so just keep that in mind the the capabilities if they're not already placed so at any rate i'm i'm in play to minute and now that you are precious beyond all explanation god loves you he he is he is what's in the middle not these things on the fringe that our being paddled as what's in the middle what's in the middle is jesus christ our savior who wants to walk with you on this ere who loves you who will absolutely be with you every step of the way who will never leave you nor forsake you and you have a true friend a true father a true leader on your guardian protector your banner who will walk with you every step of the way that's what it means to be a christian it's not this in it's not this those are lies of state in self i am in a play the ovenand word scenopagus on on on scripture for a little bit plans what you saw hosseswhat good i say for you one the search fear not for i and with her he got to stand for i am your god it strikes i will help you i popped you with my righteous river old as for instance to get you shall be put to shame and confound it those who strive against you shall be as nothing it shall perish you shall seek those who contend with you you shall not find them those who are against you shall be as nothing at all for i the lord your god now you're right hand it is mine said to you fear not i am the one who helps her i say a forty twenty seven or thirty one why do you say to take up speak o israel or was she in the the lord in my righteous disregarded by my god have you not known how she now her the lord is the everlasting god the creator is the engineer he does not take a girl wearing his understanding my concert gives an hour to the fate i cherish no might he resisting even years shall faint and be weary and young men shall fall exhausted but dey way seth lord shall renew their strict this shall now tepechpan like eagles i shall ride and not be weary a short walk and no shamed that he chapedelaine twenty eight or thirty come to me oh i leave hearth inratinle pretend and i will give you rash taken by hooponoponoia sent and all food are and you find fresh horses well you is member in his line i so i now on the twelve and the secret place of the most ingrassantes shadow of the old mine i was the fynwes my rushes no mightfor cosmo god it is my trust for he who deliver you stare of the found and from the deadly bastilles she will costituiti fathers andres we shall take refuge his faithfulness is your shield and ran bare you shall not be afraid the terror but not nor the air with it flies spy day nor is the destinies so boxador ness nor destruction that was at nede a shout in the fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it weel not come oh near you oh you only look with your eyes from the sea the recompense of the wind began because you have made a way your refuge and the most high here dwelling place no evil shall happen to in short many like don't hear your telling for he had his angels and charge of you to card you with all your ways they will dare you open the hands so that you won't dash you flop against this non you will try on the line that the girl proportion the young mind and the serpent under because he has set his long therefore i will deliver it i will set him will not because he is known to be she for call on me and i will enter it i can't do with aventrous i will kindered and modern on the shoshonian show it my salvation from chapter sixteen three spirit himself testifies with our sperit and if we are children of god and if children in airs teres of god and coiners with eyes if indeed we suffer with that we may also be glorified with i consider that the sufferings of this present time not for tobercorry which will be pete change chipette twenty five to twenty seven the sting i've spoken to you while i am still with old the spirit the father will say that my name he will teach you all faint resenting to your remembrance all that i have said to you a smile my peace i give to you not as the world gives you i give to you i can't your hearts be troubled ether lappenberg wrong is checkering what's your side therefore since we have been justified by faith we have peace with god through our lord she escriche herein we have also obtained access by faith into this iiwhich we think as we see so and out of the coming no one talks to reeconoiterin knowing that suffering produces endurance on the terrace participation a character of youse he now does not put us to shame is god's son husband poured into our arms through the holy spirit whispered giving to us and i think he's a great place to stop so this purchache we go guys they may renegotiation or not come i the best known consider who is over not conceded the history of the world still take that type and a just the let you know that we love you and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me god believes in you so do we and i we're goin t we're going to continue to do walk out to fight this evil is in this world with her last oh in the end through godstone he had a great day and will to morrow