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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/20/2022 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Dec. 20, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is december twenty twenty twenty two looks like we have another great day had to day the sunshine you know i a i a chipped or brought brushed about twelve inches of snow off my truck yesterday is my turkis parked outside and so i had twelve inches of snow i took off on the back of my trunk my tunnels well the the wind shield the top and the hood saw him out there you know i'm not really tall person right so is probably pretty funny to watch you with my brush reaching over this bedawee inches of snow was amazing so we're we're ramping out here in michigan to get going for the act actual winter weather we've had a pretty easy fall so far and i always appreciate that not a bad thing but we we know how to dress for the weather we're michiganders and means were tough for us ah seen a lot in the new slightly of biseptate tion cause i shores how can this is skied of interesting i watched several channels that while actually lot of em my watch a lot of channels actually and one ascendant out a rogue post yesterday i watched channels and i watched sourcematerial ice spent a lot of time just lookin things upright anyhow you asked panapton there is a listing for speaking bow about cars and gronovius seminary this soft becasseau posted the pain which i thought he did really good job well ladies and gentlemen it appears he olivares sirs and i in sires corona birds all had the same things in common panted by the seedcorn of h h s and s government on october twenty twelve under a baron and by a weapon eyes human eboli a byegone human eolors fascinating all or pathogenic by ross may made the plan exposes it all every bit it also requires time it's a race against the clock warps speed start titienses everyone involved in bioterrorism pays with their lives and i agree with that i absltly agree any one that was involved in this is is going to have to they were part of a global eugenics program and it was it is terrific and i i thought he wrote up early i saw that patent years ago when no was researching and you know you kind o look at it you look at the numbers and numbers in the patents are released significant too and it's a beating through that later but the patent numbers are very significant so you can look those up another thing that i thought was very very interesting is the fair act there and does not her not a person that i watch that i think is significant and he goes under the name round trip seventeen seventy six oh he popped of reecho know we've had the cast to characters of researches that pop up and in it seems like what happens one person advance as the line the next firstsometimes after the next person comes after so you watch people come in and go and come in and go and somebody knew well come in with as as we put as we progress with the knowledge of what is really going on out there you know any of us said or ansesters we've been doing this for many many many years but to watch this is a person who does not do a ton of research or which is the majority of americans that not every one has the time or takes the time like myself i ah i don't sleep a lot and so there's there's times over the years that i would be up for maybe a couple of days two three days four days in a row and maybe get a i dono a couple of hours sleep and i would be right back at it and i know that there are literally hundreds thousands millions of people out there just like me who are obsessive researchers who will go down that rabbit hole who will find every bit of information possible well relapse seventy six therk johnson he's a new new on the scene and i find him to be really interesting and one thing that really caught my eye this morning because when president was an office he did some amazing things and i know that everybody comes to the table where the different background with different knowledge so we need to listen to every one in this regard because when you look at when you look at it you know there's people that understand common law really well with the defect of government that some place we've got people that that are still our still working in the defect or government the conopo understand the designment and such and the proper procedures that need to be followed within what we have it's really interesting to watch the dynamics of watching how this country is moving forward into a very very very very positive so it was really super interesting to watch to watch em ah dear really go through this and he listed some of the orders and i i was totally completely upsets when president trump was in with the executive orders he wrote because he was actually showing us what was being put in place behind the scenes in order to take down the illegitimate government take down and using our loss to do it it because they were the ones that were the law breakers we were not and so the the the executive orders are amazing totally and completely amazing so i think that the sanctioning i think it's anopleura quick executive order thirteen the quicker compelled the sub cosilit handes things less upright and i'm looking through them and you can apply it to almost everything that you saw that was going on thirteen eight forty eight the executive are imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference a united states elect all there it's all the the the the most one was most interested in and we can go holdthese up and go through the later because i thought they were really interesting and there is a mechanism to do that currently that is that there you lie the other one was the seeing as seizing of all assets of any one whose involved in crimes against humanity i think that that that executive order by itself was such a pivotal point in the history of the united states that it cannot be understated because when you watched what happened immediately after that the rock of the rothschilds sold fourteen thousand acre estate in the black forest area of of europe and he could watch it go something's happening every single day something is happening and i and i i would like to remind everyone that when we feel like we're getting discouraged even you're not going to find it in mainstream media the mainstream meetwill never ever ever cover what is important what's what's really going on in what's important you're going to have to find somebody who is a local and on her researcher or somebody who is a truth teller and though they all of us who have been doing this for a long time we've all been threatened we've all been threatened we've all had taken a hint with our companies we've all on heather lives threatened the whole ten years coercion extortion the whole ten yards and you know what to hell with em we're going to keep going we're going to tell the truth there is absenting that's going to make us that down i suggest that any one is involved in everything that has gone on human rights violations things that are republic repugnant to the constitution violation of the rights of americans probably should fall on their knees before god almighty and beg for forgiveness because their time is coming and it is it is not going to be a good moment for any one of these people they are not going to get away with what they have done trust me an it's just it's just a matter of time before get in get a before we see see see it hit the fan because it's going to hit the fan and a there's but there's lots of talk about him and bring john on here minute and we're going to we're going to talk about a few other things and then we're going to get into the mishkenoth ution again morning john how you doing good morning i am doing very well as some to follow in the news a lateat all cause there's a lot going on always follow as much as i can not the real news yes you see that there was another food processor in in michigan that was wallace in michigan that was burned it was a great elevator and i believe if the saginare and ah it the feirer out in a great elevator and home what michigan overnight fire crews from twenty nine firedepartments took it to battle to put off the flames and this this is the latest friar to break out in a food plant the united states this year did you know that the seven hundred and fifty ah foo processors or in a paltry processor the whole ten yards that have been burnt this is an attack and and i don't want everybody to understand do you not kind yourself we are at war we are absolute more were it more before the minds of people and information more but it's also in energeian economic war look at the economic war for the going with the inflation that the crazy inflation that were seen and now the war on on are utilities with this hisabsolutely horicon resolution why that their trying at their proposing to take over all privately held utilityutility there looking at basically commonit through inanimating it in so that it can't we can't have any private ownership of or utilities because the mark is the communist winona all this sounds like a like a nowhere from the world economic form and i think that i think that it's a it's a something that we all need to pay attention to you and i'm telling you right now i have put his researcher and somebody who who just does a tremendous amount of research i have really put a lot of time into a the cutting the dependence on all of this a food all her food supply lines and or creating new ones ease because the way that they've got this held over every one's head right now is the same kind of tyranny as they are doing in in governance as far as making laws not adhering to the constitution and a doing what in the best interest for the owners of the state of america which is we the people and i think that this is a great time to side way over the constitution because because that is our protection that is our protection it was put in to constrain the government from hurting we the people the owners the boss of this nation what say you i agree with you a to a point i wanted to talk about the executive order pray castication ers if we really look at it and really understand what's going on the executive order itself is for the executive the president trump or the resident can use those executive orders to fix his department but those the orders do not go outside the executive there and land upon those orders are not law number one they are just something that he dreamed up when he was sleeping or whatever and he decided to put it into effect by any one i for a long time cause the hookthe it's not we can't we can't matheson one one president or another no no one board a bunch of em and the other well written executive orders all the way back to while even before a regenerate executive orders but executive orders back then even and to day and what happened when nixon was in power the i can in the wonderful one or two make the president more like a king more like dick that was his goal one of his old and he of course came up with a low lot of the softly the so called presidents nowadays are using two pet up all beat the public up it's much as they can by its politically out there and it's its information that we don't have to lie so we have to understand who we are and who they are when god old them i've got a story on that because there's a local coffee shop you know they were running around like the bunch of a of a marks this terrorist that they are terrorizing all the business owners in the state and giving them you know citations that they were going to find them for not for not closing their business during the unlawful locked downs the mark is government put in defect of marks his government put in place when the state michigan here right so after the lock ons were done there's a coffee shop here and the local area that was visited by some one from the and they said if you sign this paper that says that you were wrong and keeping your shop open that we will draw up all fines and charges to which the owner said ah how no and now when you when you say that in drop the like what he got to do guess what they did the state was like well ok organist kind o go away now and they left and so because they knew that they knew they had no standing for compliance unless people agree i went rite up two couple icons and i sat a rest me now because i'm not going to comply so here's your chance if we're going to rumble let's start this thing off with a bang and they would think they just kind o let the kettle they laughed and then they kind walked away the noosers goin resteles get this thing going i'm into run to the chair real quick and then signor ing to everybody might windowgo morning and more good morning lad good morning mike i love the snow now did you it's on likrines in the snow it's really pretty no i mean i meant to say our weather is the manipulated oosimisk and rise good morning we've got fifty two inches of snow predicted thursday to saturday here dan that's a lot of snow that's that's for the real hard and people in the up and she made tea water whether is behmenite and make us it is the contrails love said fda approved a chicken now a yeah exact that's exactly what they're doing the trying to force the into their sources of bogs and fake meat by elkwhich that by the th company this funded by bill gates that is doing bile milk now is pain for women's breast tissue and milk to culture human milk in a lap are you free and kitten me how stupid are we to pay for this kind of nut et nuts a behavior i mean i'm sorry i mean god gave us all the equipment to raise babies and in such an now it's like i don't know you know like where we were created with everything we need to live to survive to move forward and we don't need to buy into any of their not so propaganda in such i unribbed to that the food production that i've been working on and minerally hit that hard after the first of the year because because it's so easy you know being on a fire men understanding how low how to really make things work in your favor but we we we can feed this state easily and just you know tended just go to hell with all their supply lines and raise it locally and and i think i think that we've got more than enough if we can get off the convenience foods which are poisoning us you know we can certainly certainly have healthier population and keep a local anyhow there you go you want to go jump in the constitution i we came we certainly can we kind o left off that suits and the need of counsel or the use of one and we are pointed out that they used the in in writing this document this is thirteen it says a suitor in any court of this state has the right to a to prosecute or defend his in he emasculates corpus and were now in new areas connect yet aconitine terror try rothamsted ah either in his own proper person or by an attorney and see that a violation of the const of the federal cases because nowhere does it eliminate or or does it specify in its for this if we were ever had one opportunity to red the sixty three constitute that clause needs to be adjusted and obermed it well no not even though the answer might they of the right to defend his suit either in his own per proper person or by attorney is there is there a problem with having attorney and there it all even though i know i know what you onderstan it's like the bar is a membership and it's a usurpation that is that of of jurisdiction and or importance in the grand scheme of things about instead of attorney used the word count i like that better which is what the federal constitution okay we'll consecution if we go back to the federal constitute a private oratories i here this ah this is the sixth amendment in it says an i'm skipping all the way through it to have compulsory process to obtain witnesses in his favor or to have the assistance of counsel for is there o calyculate and yes somebody if you go to court and you've never been in court you should have the right to hire whoever you want or have your brother come in or sister come in if you believe that they could help you in the court law because they know the law and that person doesn't have to be a member of the bar by putting the member of the bar in it rested our use of whom we would like to have in the case of a court of last and in a whole year the depends upon what the case is but a lot of times you are being tried for something that could cause you some grief jail whatever whatever fines and you should have the choice to bring in whoever you want whoever you are to represent you does it have to be an attorney it can be just so in or your dealing with the for example your of engineer on a railroad and you bring in another room guide that worked on the railroad for thirty years and nose this so he becomes your count you're a loud to pick the council you on because you are there try to protect yourself from a government that's abusive and here we have attorneys and judges than are abused and i wonder if anybody in your group would say now there really nice and fair and honest and they always do good things for poles up here i one of the of the federal constitution now i think i think that by focusing or limiting the rights of the people by a state constitution that actually the state constitution should there define the rights but broad in them not make smaller or less then they are the federal constitution is the general oh in as the general set of rights that we have and the fen and the state constitution just defines the is clings as up a little but shouldn't what in somebody like an attorney to restrict those rights you got higher an attorney or you got to do it you be my but they're out away when where and by one tenth of one per cent the vote and who he lost the that's amazing that's told me amazing slippery slow exactly and we've we've gone down that many times yet okay so i i think i think you're right though that that we should be able to ask any one we would like to its like you know i hate to say it is like phonion if you got a friend that knows exactly what was going on or more information i think that's way more compelling it office specially when a jury trial than it is to have in a bortonthe ah you know listing the million reasons to hold maneuver around you know ah the actual facts of the case cause i think that's what's happening it's like i know i've seen it many times it's just a manoeuvring and it's it's kind of extorting money in a way because ain't they keep you then keep a dragging this thing out because really the only ones that when and the current system in the current system are the attorneys the tones are the only persons that ever went a judge he had it throw him in there too i am sure that i do a lot of stuff behind it seen sin in chamber looks coming to chambers why did they go into chambers wait from the pole so they can make their deal and laugh at the peasants right that moves on to the fourteenth a section the right of the trial by jury shall remain but shall be waved in all civil cases unless demanded by one of the part in a manner prescribed by law and in all civil cases tried by twelve juries the furnace shall be received when tangiers agreed this is an interesting one also when you and and this is a civil case it and in a civil case which means there shall be no jail time in a civil at is money damages generally in a civil case but gave right to a trial by jury now the federal constitution says twenty dollars or more as a limit i mean you can't take somebody to court or you can't demand a trial by jury if you have ten dollar fine but if he have for twenty dollar or more fine and that doesn't then count for inflation other words inflation raised it that three hundred dollars which was originally of twenty dollar fine you still have the right to a trial by jury and according to the fourteenth section are you a right to tribe lie jury and and if you demand that you should get it well try to go into cornet on his speeding to and ask for trial by jury they are going to tell you all this is the civil action and fractions which doesn't follow the constitution and doesn't follow the civil or doesn't follow the michigan court rules for they just lay not the term yes yes civil action and fraction actually does exist in the michigan court rules but what is that and they've been playing this game with me the times and where i would go in the court and i would demand and when i arguing is too point one one o subdeuide this part of the michigan court rolls and that says that if i answer your complaint slashed ticket you must replied talk of the prosecutor and the judge and the police so i answer his complaint and then i expect him to reply to my answer and that's by two point one on oapec of five says if i demand an answer they have to as but then they come the judge says well this has happened to me by two different judges one judge says well you're here on a civil infractions and therefore to point one on a sapietie does not apply is it a civil so then i get into another situation and i ended up with a criminal action and i go up to the judge and i said to point one on old suppeose i demanded an answer from my prosecutor and he didn't give me one so the judge says well that only applies to civil and fractions it does it apply to criminal infractions in your ear on a criminal in fact so they bounced the law back and forth so we as as they open their mouths we narrow the window and we say okay that means a chapter two of the michigan court rules does not apply to chapter do show me wherein the law it says that the as the chapter two of the michigan court rules is about procedure and even a paragraph in chapter four says if it's not delineated specifically in the court in the court rules then chapter two dozen which is in the cave to answer this is so amazing it's like it's like when you look at the constitution and you know that the federal constitution is overthick it's all at that little clerk occasion rite now that's not delineated it does not apply one of the use it to themselves in the over step of the entire constituye may be in thinking that the real simple farm kind o way here but but my simple farm kind of way of thinking says that this is this is like the kind of hanging in selves on their own words and away because they don't even pay attention to their own rules well that's true but you see i wasn't deep in this if i didn't understand this like i did the first judge when he said and only applies to the criminal i bought into that because i didn't know any better took some research to find out the truth that it does apply and it does apply to criminal applies to wherever you use it but it does apply to the civil action in fractions which they try to say it does not and so they twist the rules and the laws that means that you to the court after kate after you get through trial or through the hearing has to go back and now look it up and find out what there in most people don't do it most people and that's why the judges in the district courts decide that your ninety nine per cent guilty no matter or response when you walk into a civil and fraction and district court they make you responsible because they know you're not going to do anything but pay the fine there near not goin to take it on to the next life in most people don't most people don't go to the appellator most people don't see the judge most people just say oh well right hundred fifty i lost his to my money and by doing that they they agreed to the system and norton's got a term for that the monster in trying to think i'll come to me while the curly rode the heavens hight you how many you know i thometimeth that the judge is in such just about just about run you out of the court because they don't want to have to deal with you because it exposes the game while a lot of them do like i say the phonators don't want me in their court oh if i get a ticket to vona they send it to plymouth for they send it to west land or some other state of some other city because they don't want those guys even ran into me a and gonetowhat in the one in plymouth ran into me and that was last year they were trying to call it resurrected a case that brow i didn't pay any that i paid in beans back in two thousand eighteen and i tried to run the recte ah and i said yeah let's let's go to court and all of a sudden in all the secretary of the court the cord do clerk said you mean you're not going to pay the fine i said no i want to hear a so all of a sudden he says well you know love i'll get back with a couple days against backworth me and so well we're going to move it out of laconia you're not going to be in front of the can he we're going to send it back to places who originally filed the case this was last some and of course i'm still waiting for a hearing in front of plank i don't think blankes wants me in front of him methers he was the one that said to the prosecuting attorney that the better watch out for tatares got a lot of law books and he does read you know you throughly founding about that is how much have red i both like to fight we just like to fight bad guys and how quickly the bow it's like any time that a crime is committed and this kind of nonsense is camping in our judicial system is criminal behavior rle is it begins there not following the law and i'm sure you know too it's like when you actually stand up to a boleearth looking for a compliant victim they are not looking for somebody to be they don't want this stuff in the news they do not want a lost they don't want to loss in their in their call so the quit the more of us that actually fight this stuff and say oh no and stand up for a right the more they're going to run to the next person who turns tail and runs they don't want the conflict the therasian sword or in a turnedshot well he's in old day they tried to do whatever they can and they try to get you out of the court room as quick as they can and sometimes sometimes there not the problem is once a mot of the court room then i get my pen it and i get my paper out and i start writing on i write judicial tenure complaints and i write turney grievance complains on these people and then further more carried the case to the next level such as in all they find me responsible for speeding or or whatever they find me responsible i will turn around and send on a motion for more definite statement this thought this a speaking thinking come up lot there john oliver race card driver no no i'm not i don't i don't generally do that but i did get caught a couple o times excellent was going down a side street and i was going thirty miles an hour and a twenty five mile on horse i think never bid miles an hour over my miles over in one they pull on the guy finally pulled me over there's a there were some people watching this ape and they said he because i got a veteran thing on my car one of the guys yelled to the police officer he's a batter and let him go they obviously didn't and send adoin that was the ticket that untilanother in eighteen for five or and it's been going back and forth that's okay let's do it let's come on mccanna want to be in court with you let's let's go over this or or places let's do this because i now have several people that want to go in adducatur a friend of hers and they would be somebody coming into the court and sitting in the one of the pews and say if the judge gets off track amicus curi ama coscorro of the court and i want a the courts ready to make a mistake here judge them you're going to make a mistake and i want to clean the and so i've got several people that have already filed in the city of eponathe or in the judicial system over there a amicus curi to come into court and i don't know what happened i think they lost the the paper having responded through it at all interested learn so much every day while we're kind of man the same oh situation were learning every day yet if people contact thus work with us helpless give us the information that they've gone through then we tweak it we find it way of dealing with it if it can be dealt or what's going on ninety nine per cent of the people that get pinched by the police department for moving violation number one ah understand that the moving violation which is the department of a motor vehicles cold only applies to does it apply to traveling in travelling is a right and the spring court has ruled on hundreds of where you have a right to travel by the conveyance of the day he was horse's back then you have right to travel by a horse cars now ye have a right to travel by cars but they use the motor vehicle cold which is a commercial code against the and the problem is most of us don't people don't know that don't understand that the right to travel constitutional right under the first sent as i've said before how do you get to the how do you get to a meeting how can you get to an assembly and locking is obviously not not the method of travelling in this state at this time i mean things are not next is not down the street smiles so the right to travel is a first amendment right and can be used as that if necessary if if we ever get into a fight between travelling and and a commerce what does it mean to be in commerce means that you either have a passenger in the car that's paying you auber if you're neber driver you're in commerce or if your hauling material to sell or bill that's also in commerce if you don't have a truck truck load of lumber that you take into a job site to build the house you're not in common if you're taken driving an empty vehicle and empty the uniting come he asked that be in commerce in order to be pinched by the police but this is a revenue and as men process for the pole and for the city and if we know and we go back to the constitution i think we know we haven't trusted passed that point yet we're going to pass the point in her that says that the three branches of government are to be remaining in other words the executive branch can't do what the legislative branches doing nor the judicial and a separate branch and so they are to be viewed that way and behave that if that's the case then i ask you how can a police officer ask you for money for the coffers of the city because he's an executive and so there in violation of that part of the os i will get the last i can londonfenian yes well we've already kind of covered jury by tricotrin by jury of fifteen in all danvers available forces commencement of trial of belessen bale hearing affected yeah no person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy a person shall before conviction be wire bolby sufficient sure it is i can't read this i michiganstreet you are to read you section fifth section fifteen no person shall be subject shall that important word shall be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy all persons in the shell before conviction be bailable by sureties that all may be denied for the following persons when the proof is evident or the presumption is no i healed we how you can we don't have there's nothing specific are that we were left to beat up on you ah a person who within the fifteen year immediately years immediately preceding emotion her bale conning the deposition of an indictment for a violent one or or if in arraignment on a warrant charge a violent felony has been convicted of two or more violent felonies under the laws of this state or under substantially similar laws of the united states or another state or a combination thereof only if the prior fell into convictions arose out of at least two separate incidents events or transaction the rigids stopped therefore second and just take a look at what went on during the covet nonsense and putting a people into facilities and to senior citizens facilities and letting him die there and that was who homer has the one that was supposed to be following this as violate gross violation of all salonice by witmer benson and nose all three of them oh b a person who is indicted for arraigned on a warrant charging murder or treason of estrees and that's a big one there they're all pretty well i think the other all trees in us see a person who is indicted for or reigned in a warrant charging criminal sexual conduct in the first degree are and property or kidnapping with intensest money or other valuable thing thereby unless the court finds by cleric advancing evidence that the defendant is not likely to flee or present any other person a person who is invited for or arraigned at a warchariot a violent felony which is leged to have venomed while the person was on bail pending the deposition of a prior violent felaniche or while the person was on probation or prolis result of a prior convection for a violent felony if a person is denied admission to bail under the section of the trial of the person shall be commenced out more than ninety days after the date on which the admission on which admission to malisones the trial is not commenced with a nitidas after the date on which admission to bales denied the delay is not attributable to the defence the court shall immediately schedule it bail hearing shall needs compelled to set the amount of bail for the pest as used in the section violent felony means a felony and element of which involves a violent act or threat a violence against another person ah it is interesting that not only in michigan but many other states and were talking about mostly a blue swings have released people from prison remember the no cash bail nonsense that we've been hearing about where they come in the door and they've been found guilty but they're not put in jail or they've been released because of all we got this cold it trouble is growing in the st we got to get these people back out on these so they let these people out on the street a lot of em or violent well they're trying to cascadesand the contri to cause chaos this is for social break down when you go let the because they're using it for nonsense like the dates pre but they the end or or that that time of thing but their letting the violent criminals so that were then violation of affection section fifteen right now the oh those people that are involved in releasing people for prison and of course i suspect that very seriously that the space for his following these and consequently a they're going to be rounded up eventually along those perpetrators of this should run to radchenistres ing carrogis i'll get him occasional real little desert that how sorry i was reading i forgot what in the pond on the screen so ill turned to me better and preprocess each the process of proved then happening here at brandeburgensi for one the getting table the gay pale fines punishments detention with excessive bail shall not be required excessive fines shall not be imposed cruel or unusual punishment shall not be inflicted nor shall witnesses be unreasonably deemed now if we go back to article two article for section true of the federal case it says that rights in one city whites and one state shall be and applied to the rights of the others his taking a long ostentacin get down here but it article on this article no article for section rindermere keep going you article article for section accommodatae way to long ice well i can just read it i here all pollodore it while i find comp the citizens of each state i got a shot on titled seasons of each state shall be entitled to the privileges and immunities of citizens of now re go back to the michigan constant does that michigan constitution applied to washington d not a state i understand but it is a territory are yes it does hope they have they have a government set up there and the government possible republican form of co just because there washington d c does it mean that they can do whatever to heck they want to over there they still left the follow the cost they still left the fall of the laws of the united so the question then becomes what about those people on january and that the whole thing is wrong yes it is of course enragethe and whenever honorthere political prisoners happening being held unlawfully and the united states of america within the united states of america there being unlawfully detained and how one ressonable de i didn't do sixteen articles so my question is how come there not getting out what we have to do to to get these guys out for an unlawful process well the way i am not quite sure what you and i could do that's what i want to know what could we do i mean you know everybody is the light of the nominated the right thing but it's like to day you know if we know something is wrong i mean this is the way everybody should think if they see something wrong i'm not going to wait for somebody else to do what can i do to day what could we do to day other than you know said on the law and making people laugh at us i mean all these rallies and protests and person as such a jest laugh and that people they're not paying attention to that at all and he know people get kind of crazy anyway i think it's i don't think it's necessarily good idea well the problem that we have is that we are kind of disconnect because we're fighting each other we we have the black sliding the whites and in the chinese fighting the americans japanese fighting however and i had men fighting you know ye it's like you can you can make the jenningtree we got so many groups going on right now and they're all in odds with each so ligniere in fighting within our group and we don't pay the attention we're not watching the case we're not saying they wait a minute this is an unreasonable detainment you can't do that and that's where we need to go with this actually this should go to nestle and who is the top cap supposedly insist and she should be writing a letter to washington saying he wait a minute unreasonable did there being unreasonably detained but you know she won't do this part of the post while he that's when we have to go back on her and say there you you carry out our wishes or your now and violation on this one issue i mean it's not like we have one issue for any of em we've got to taught olbut we don't a person was to go forward with us and have her asked you petitioned her to write a letter and then say that it's unreasonable based on one section sixteen article one section sixteen and yes and go back to the federal constitution not only is an article for section one but it's also or section two but it's all so the fourteenth amendment the sickly says exactly the same thing ah that we have that what's good in one state is good in another state so it's written three different places and i'm sure it's another constitution and i'll bet if we pulled up a constitution of deceit we might find it there to k as they are they have either a constitution of dc or the half to have a charter by which they operate the can operate without something in writing so it's got to be there but people have to do the research and the digging and in all we can't rely upon just you at me though in it we have to have other people and involved and learning and of course we do our groups sure my group is growing like crazy my wednesday night grew we're having a lot of people come from your ah radio broadcasts to our group which is great and so the ereonora other when you find something true patriot that strong to take the nation back you've got to get away from all the other nonsense distracting the striking you in that i'm in a oengoba to say in its political parties and the grass some of the grounds we torkinton that are just keeping busy people busy with busy work rather than getting in and do in the heavy lifting the end and you know it's like sometimes we've got to choose our friends a little wiser and people that are actually doing something or can do some you know i had i had a something come up that you know there was i don't know i i keep getting these rally requests as soon as i see something that so you know we're all going to meet at the camp at all i'm done i go click i'm done listening at that moment in time that in lessons in less it's going to be for you know including you know a picnic face painting and patten poppies and kiddies there and be in uniting the state a prancing around like one on the antistes of the steps of the capitol so that you can just be a jester for these criminal politicians to laugh at is the colossal waste of i reinitiate is kind of an embarrassment quite honestly because you know it's it's you know over the years of course you know over the years you here people that want a one of the now popper chests and say you know we're going to we're goin to you know do this sir that it's like really you are he you and about five or six friends grabbed your torches and pitchforks and told them what's going to be i like okay you just failed the quest right there and there you know get in the game to win stop wasting time you don't we don't have time to waste on this kind of nonsense and distraction yet getting the law do it through a lawful process it can work we've just been led off into infinite different areas that we don't know how to hold the account accountable in a lawful process it's there we have an you know of course if we say it will doesn't work will sure doesn't work because they've been leading us down the the path to where it doesn't work and in the only way you're going to fear that out is to find somebody who is either a real researcher or somebody who gets into it such as yourself and helps real line or thinking to the constitution to the actual law go back and strike all these unconstitutional laws of of the books and such and we we can and should be doing it right now but it takes people that he can say well you know i've got this that any other thing to do you know i've got a decorate cakes today or i've got to go play golf or something as our country are you kidding me it's time to make some sacrifices if you say or patriot it's time to step up and do patriots ships and that doesn't involve showing up for some half a alsowere getting the low fight it through are while pot i couldn't say it any better i agree with you sunshine patriots are not helping now they're not one youwerewere and you got to be out there in all kinds of situations and rewrite rowing through their outings for other the other recruiting other people to follow them down that path of destruction like a bunch of lemmings it's like may feel good to go out and shout and say what you have to do they are not listening it's doing no good it is a waste of time you don't have the ability to hold them accountable that way you got to have a way to do it to be accountable mineria couple of things from the echegary's thinking of my friend mike idol he has a similar traffic situation i made up charge eric says i am all for ja sechsers we go directly to the federal peals coranto with habeas corpus on their behalf and love says rallies are useless yah makes everybody feel if you're doing something but it's when it doesn't work what they've done is they've sent you down to ram a hold that will not work to demoralize and defeat you and as soon as you get defeated they got us and so it's like keep we've got to outthink them and out strategized that's what they've been doing and not drink their cool light so i agree with oka what's the you on eric's a coranto and he is corpus on the behalf that could be something that comes down later oh now robin that we have problem that we have is that something we can't do right at the why we don't have the support of the public to do it we have the support only of a handful people to do the cold who's going to write the coranto first of all i want to in if you're doing it as a group you're going to have to hire an attorney because they're going to say that this is a class action so that's not one you don't want to go down as a class action you want to go down individually now you want to write a corranto and i write one who was that eric the third eric writes one and in a thirty people in my group write one and start it bombarding the courts with it we will have a better opportunity to by massive numbers because we're not going away okay so this is what we're going to do i'm going to scab you all another another a needy maybe i'll schedule a zoo meeting or something like that and it and do this at another time where we will we will broadcast at life and a and invite anybody that wants to join us and how about this how about you and i write the paper work and then then set together a group and that we go after we go after this on individual basis is but an individual basis but yet as a group whalers ears i mean we could do that but then we're jumping in the court right away okay we and we have to the court was going to then say while you haven't done the administrative okay so the administrative processes writing the a minimum and thirty days of art and give him a chance to respond by the first amendment which is a right to redress there and then bombard them with in all we've got to have enough letters in order to make this count what they did in michigan when this nonsense was brought about what the election fraud is that they the lot of people rode affidavits racethat the affidavit was in even correct ecause i haven't seen one i've said who send in after they give me a copy of your affidavits like could see what it is nobody has been able to come up with an affidavit that they submitted to the legislature over this saw election fraud and twenty twenty tooteth ree ladders of just letters of which you call them affidavits well they would have an affidavit attached to always the always attach in after days because if you don't then it then it's nipped a cork worthy gift the swarded the penalties of perjury the that you are you all given in antigua i will you say are the testimony that's on your documents because if it isn't the hay can turn around and see you and and for for fraud and go after you so that's what this whole thing is about then it becomes an flight of that for that the affidavit that you submit and the affidavit that these now which one is telling the truth that's what the courts all about but if we don't do that and and we just submit documentation or paper work then the courts are going to say why you know you haven't done your administrative you don't do your administrative process then they're going to throw it out and say go back and start over do you administrative process then bring it to if you find no result but big expect the administrative process to fix the probe that's what they but see that's where we break down people don't write the letters people i don't want to do this write the letter for me and i'll sign it now do it yourself because even if you miss bell something but you got computer to fix this or don't say the words exactly we don't care the point of the matter is it in our words it's your writing on for your hyacinthe its trinemeis the squeaky wheel thing you know the squeaky wheel gets oil so that's what we have to do we have to set up an administrative process i mean i were one that we should have thousands of piecegot ten million people in isin we can't pull a thousand people to get together to write my we should have you know five million people writing five million people should be saying that this is not a legal post this being then they would stand up in and take notice but if we have get off we write a hundred letters they won't do anything to once so whose honoured people i hunted people couldn't even get me an office couldn't vote for me or for kicked me out of all is not enough people there we need we need the support of the public that's why you're broadcast is so critical because you and an amazonis so critical because we get people to listen and people appear attention and now we have true patriots we can get something okay so what's next i'm seventeen i i think i think we should i count before we were thus where mothergone to seventeen i want you to i want to point out on the federal consente the article i just wanted pointed out you have to wantoot it and this like one like it on her right cause it says excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines in poles nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted this is exactly what's going on with the january six and this is not of the federal cos so now we have it in two places pedro constitution whereas it it's article eight or amendment a lament i got em raving as town second i can start posting some of these on devolving ileile take notes actually it's really hard for me to try to stay i'll tolegate because i'm running like four screens plus i'm taking notes down here so that i want to welcome all of you to my staff right here sitting here to the table i have my own staff and found i mean i needs some taking out yeah you should i have somebody that give that for you o ka we're going on to seventeen the onconscience thing thing because that's similar to the fifth amendment right goreda so besides effect that it is in fact mycineris my favorite nombers i have to read it seventeen as always my favorite number so seventeen horses seventeenth section so here self incrimination due process of law fair treatment at investigation no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself nor be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law the right of all individuals firms corporations and voluntary associations free and just treatment in the course of legislative and executive investigations and hearings shall means compelled not be in front now this is an interesting thing that they call this seventeen self incrimination i we vivie learned this some time long long time ah that's not what the federal constitution says ah and the state constitution because it says it in two different locations of france where is that the federalists fifth emendment man go hang out of idle at me if i'd get there federation fifteen i have some jumped down to cases to be witnessed against him i don't know i haven't right here yet there's in the fifth amendment it says jeopardy of life liberty honor shall be compelled in any great on case be witness against himself again were using which terminology are we using remember when we said if you control the language you control the narrative so when you hear the fifth amendment being plaid by our by whoever is pleading it and somebody like a like a attorney and or judge in door legislature turns round and tells you you're incriminating yourself it brings them that language of incrimination two you are out in the public in that's not what they said it says be compelled to be a witness and when we go back to the state constitution the state constitution on the seventeenth amendment says based are the seventeenth section since the big dark black print self incrimination it's not self incrimination it's beer and bearing witness against but then they can go back and they cleaned it up a little at of the right of all individuals firms are out in or to be fair and treated course the legislature in secondclass where is it i'd have been individual no person shall be compelled in any grim in locis to be a witness against the which is the correct language that should be used and should be used by everybody because when you plead the fifth amendment you're not self incriminating you just don't want to be a witness against and this is what the kings did back when they found somebody that they wanted to prosecute they beat him up to the pressured him poland it is hard you it's kind of it opens the door to coercion yes yes and says to him you will tell on the witness stand that you in fact were there at the scene of the crime and you case created there that is being a witness against yourself you are not allowed to be a witness so are selten rumination in his different okaseri has further can't we use rule five of civil rules rules the federal rules of civil procedure of the civil rules of presidencial rules of as saltonstalls of prose on an i don't have it on top of my head so what is it i don't know what he mysie'll it up so well just keep going and tell me yet the sea may be here can dig it up or show us what and in what it says i i don't i just don't have the federal rules of or that we were in other and pull that of the later this is good question see this is how it really should work right here is were re talking back and forth and were finding their own answer you know her ere you're contributing what you know eric's contributing what you knows you know we're all working together on this to contribute all right so i will talk with air of will get something up there in the post on telegrams i islewort brandenburg number four am i in telegram and you'll find you will find this second a garrisons of a million letter writers less osele a million antiscian general girlishly arein the altarbehang that this is not for the sunshine patriot there you go it's like it's this is wore were moving in that direction it's going well while it might so anyhow for people at reinosa on doing with the jarls ah gary's just say in the fit something to look off as what it sounds like his opinion well they need till we need to take into that little more the problem there is a cord case out there called oh where they tried to pull it out pull ger where they tried to make or change the structure of government not through the lawful process but through their own process and then they were all rested so got to be careful that we don't do something that's beyond and because then it can be looked in his treason or sedition that were attempting to overthrow the government and that's not when i use lawful process in all things a lawful process the laws are on the books the laws are there and see on our night no no matter no matter what organization or water the people as long as we go back to a lawful process because i what some one thing that i do know is that there are people out there i'm sure there listening to this broadcast constantly and everything that you and i do because oh because we are actually trying to do this in an effective lawful process rather than in a stupid way to waste a lot of time in just create more problems than the thenrobin is that no matter how i like a lot of the teaching of the general gerasening as everyone i very rarely endorse anything no matter what it is because i stand on my own i think indorsements are really bad idea i stand on my own two feet under what i do as an individual and if if organizations are groups of people fall in line with that then we were fighting in the same direction that eatingnot a membership kind of a person in anything just because that's just me but i do think that i do think that there is certainly they're doing they're doing so so much good just like you are you're yourself you know i joined i joined up a couple of times and to lose what you guys have to say but i think that everybody is doing so much as much as they can to restore the nation and i think the education come that out of all the come and low groups is absolutely unmatched on mast there's so much good education and everything i've seen out of the general girlespecially follows the law it follows they follow the law and they follow the constitution of the founding documents that tis what i've seen i got to do a little more digging into because i kind o then involved in a similar process years ago where they tried to set up new colonies new organizations cross the country and said that they were going to pull together their own grand jury and in tight people and so on it so for and that thing was not a lawful one so just to put it that way so here while you're really trying to do as i make sure the people know that they you know it's like it's like you in anything that's lawful process you can't go off half cocked you've got to have you have to be in a loaded for bear there with knowledge and the cracked pots can i think that's a wise thing to to remember no matter what it has to be done in a lawful manner and i i see you was trying to make sure that a you know that the annealed actually does in fact follow the law or for the protection of the united states as well as their protection and i like the gods approach to jump in and figure it out and then then you know fight with everything you got on you if by the word won't you like a lot of the stuff coming out of the general geraison their education is wonderful and there's a there's so much to learn there that a that it's definitely worth the look well i will see if i can do a little more digging into it there is a cord case called luther verses and that was brought on because on it or remember what it or connecticut or some one of the new england states ah a group of people got together and they decided that they're going to vote in a new governor and a new cabinet so they were out in the woods and they had several thousand people that routed these people in and they decided that they're going to walk in and they're going to take over the government of an noremember what state massachusetts are whatever and the people that are were in those positions such as the governor and the mayor and whatever they were going to get out of it just walk away and the new governor was going to take well the government to be are the government that was rounded these people up and the one that ran the show or that was putting it altogether he ended up because they they looked at it as a take over or a treasonous act against the and we don't want to get involved in that because we don't need to be cause the laws on our side the treasons being created by the people in position as mandellaur not as then after causing reasonlessly miss reed the constitution because they don't i follow the laws of the constitution because they used excessive bail to detain people this let the king of england used to do in old you violated to certain laws something the king of england would say all will just throw you in a dunce for the next twenty years when when you come out you'll change your and eric comes then in a progressive pleading drained into question constitutionality of federal law are chalcenteri eric as he is very knowledgeable ye es erechite go not you like using last night but he shows up on her group teresateresamy wouldn't say it but if i say what people put out there even if i know who they are you know i've protector it down at these less they they it's there it's their right to to tell who they are it is not it is not my right in front of god to expose them and i consider that in the gossip so i will not i will not tell who people are but unless they use their own ahuss as full name the chance so he sold there he can he doesn't want a policeordering network too and i find his i find his stuff to be well done well thought out and somebody that is another one that i think everybody can give a look to is eric white's channel on brandenburg news network that come he is on there he is aposterein that i he'she'soh talked to him he's a good guy we credited back and forth it during during this process some here and there and and i think i think he's another one that people could go to to learn a lot for well prepared individual good man into ontontana patriot in to betty's way out there on the other side of the world eddy can't come into nicholas to night a parting and so it goes yeah okay in the case right now minute the thenthen will cause the it's your nicholas to night our job we are here at nicholas the night anybody that wants to show up oh it's going to be a little less fresher with the learning or we are going to talk about but more important we're going to have a little bit of a christmas cheer she if you can show up that beget so i got another common that's garias pleodont please don't suggest further untill you familiarize yourself with the michigan general girl assembly i i i'm kind of a fan that there i think they do a really i onomancy i don't know i don't think you're real familiar with what with this organization i don't know if you are not but i've set aside nontaking with i talked to everybody and i've spent a sizeable amount of time talking with people within the michigan general girls saymoney they put out and they put out and they put in a ton of work and i'd be really appears to me that they very much do follow and know the law and so i would i would very much encourage encourage all of us who are who are that are upholders of the constitution and the lawful process i would courage every one to go ahead and in check them out because i think just like you are your group i encourage people to check your group out because you're getting educated it and you're going to be in with people that actually understand the lawful process better in place and i think that that's very important i can you tell me it is the doralise bly that group that meets out of are i don't think so now is that that there there's make name a couple of names that they follow at this here's one there's a couple of people that i know if they follow these two people it's it's like poison you know i don't remember because it was eight or nine years sago that i was actually in pere with his and i don't know if that's the same group or not but they use the use the words geral assembly so i and then maybe they were connected with it or part of it or i do not oh he carries the desipere michigan but i think that as we progressed through things too we need definitely definitely communicate with with people and find out for ourselves we've got to go through the process like i said i communicated with a lot of em and h and i find their information to be incredible so an end where i i will looking through it i will look into it this week an owl give you my report next week how's the i i hope that not that stuffiness in ow that's definitely fair because because you know it's this is honestly this is kind of like the way you have to approach a conversation in any church where you know in any church or any organization where were going to have these times where we really are on the same side of the table we just want our country in order to do that we've got to have the best of the best of all of us and give it our best and listened to both sides and not discount people for what they believe because we're all so i mean the bible cloy states it were a brother's and i consider the people in your group as well as the people in that group and all the people misconsider the democrats and republicans though i don't agree with them the leadership process even remotely okay but the people that are within these groups we are responsible for them and if we know the two we know a truth that they are walking into a trap or that the walking into something that they shouldn't be just like we did with the vaccinations on the masts we put it out there that this was a trap this was the trap that they were walking into people that did that it is in fact or responsibility to look into it and is the responsibility of the people that are also being challenged may be challenged a little bit to step up and say thank you for carrying about us that we are not being put in harm's way what do you have to say and to listen and if that per they can bring forth evidence and order a process then were educating each other and we can move in the same direction but when you've got two groups that are on each side going i'm right i'm right i'm right i'm right that end there never talking the one that is in fact correct is in fault because they are there not they are not taking responsibility there is shoving it in their faces instead of both compassionately and effectively presenting both evidence and educating so that we go in the same in the same direction so lap says i contacted my jural simply in my county over week ago and haven't heard anything back garry smith said which county so love if you can answer that garry garry will give we'll make sure i'm sure to get you in conversation with the people that are really standing with us but i i really think i think you're going to be really impressed john at what they put together because ah you know if we can get everybody working together once again don't let them divide us we've got to be talking we're all on the same side of the table we are not the enemy the clearly defined enemy we've already i doubted the people that our outstarting outside of the law seated in positions as public functionary the ones that are the law breakers are our enemies that's not its not the people that are trying to effect the change and as long as as long as we work together and say well i didn't know that cause we don't know everthing i don't know everything you know it's certainly but i didn't know that please tell me more tell me more so that we can eat what we can say well i appreciate what you've done i'd like to that you know this is this is the thing i really appreciate what what you're doing john is that is that you will bring actual laws and cases to the table and educate people also on the lawful process i find that the people of the general journal oserage grassy the people are moinesses and general girl sadly he got among innotescere girl omloop that are in that geraldthere onknowe all americans and a weed work together to bring this bring this on lawful process that were seen back into a lawful process and we can do that through the law not not by throwing temper tantrums and in shaking our fists and in getting crazy and that sort of thing there's a lawful process to follow it's all in place we can settle down at cool or jats and work through this together so there there is my thing when he will see very says yes were on erwarton the same side we are on the same side we are here to protect liberty freedom life liberty and property right that's right sore yes so any occasion or in dozen believe we have now they think they got known everything and drove there with swabian and that their little installed puppets which are at war there at war with the people we disappear into a lot the lawful process which they swore an oath to uphold which they have all failed which leads to a tree a conviction of treason every single one wappineer tokens because he's an he he's an e non governmental organization and engine yeah that's anothah doesn't take an awful however he hath hung at the out while i don't think any like anton he said not here let have you don't monkey jump and thrown in a tree to money once in a while as he is there doing his bloodlike fire or bold bad thing are the governors the commandement and tears police department chief witmer and nestled those people are the other ones at the bottom of the strings and why they would follow an engeo like that as one ously they be the pen compromise for the mingling of one day somebody o gettin pay what would then the one thing that you can always always count on if somebody's doing the wrong thing there gettin paid there getting paid in one direction or another you followed the money you will always find a trail i i believe that with my whole heart billy do so okay back to the constitution here so i guess we're on eighteen and eighteen is kind of oke back in some years ago might have been critically important it's not as critically important now because i don't think they use religion too of in while they sure do look at im i'm sure they do it's like look at look at how they have absolutely silenced and and you know put science in front of any beliefs a belief system science is become a religion and it's a battle of religions with it in my opinion with you know say say there made up religion and a and the religion of the bible truly so i think the silencers look at i never looked at it that way with a circ he there like all this is based on nothing we have proof in science reinwell help out the proof that we rather the beginning to the hour that sad that sirs and gronovius have a pat and were created registered patent thousand twelve are you kidding me there is so therestanding on that emmy we can weaken we can throw that right back at him but ye i'll read it section eighteen a witness competency religious beliefs section eighteen no mirth shall be rendered and confident to be a witness on account of his opinions in matters of religious belief well i tell you what i wrote religious exemptions as an ordained minister for people during the lock down i rode out two hundred and some two hundred and fifty of them it for you were all the way and they were all they were all low except maybe one or two because those people chose not to fight the every other one went through for stunts on teachers and so on its then when let's take a look and eighteenth secorro it up and this whole thing can be shot down obviously by a case called something versus reproductive that says just because you say it so does not make its and that is the spring court decision also essai have the senotes here i don't have that now and and so that god case we use a lot in or in our arguments because we want them to prove what they say i really like this that court case the name of that court as ye'll find it it's right here i should a pull it up nigh ononphrie usually have this like all in your head you're like a walk you know here like you know walking encyclopedia it might be that her by the way since we're kind of talking about this about the election fraud i wrote a letter to the election people that sent me a letter saying i did not close my account down and i really laid a mine on it told em that it that it's a fraud and i use several supreme court cases in the argument and i mailed it off to i thought francisconever he sommacoli that ladder i certainly will i i'd like to see that i have so much respect for you i mean i mean to you what it really i'm to tell you what you really should have been the sheriff of in wane because you would be great at it well i will certainly upset a few people at ede honor why does one part there then i upset they need to be upset i'll find it is here i just got put much finger on it again by the try to see if i can look it up what you're talking and so it is the ichapilli i can do it real quick i have it to is minimized i know exactly where it had i don't have it in writing there whenever you do not computer your computer does not come through on mine you do set in front of our camera okay i would you do here now at oh yeah i is that called me every day we learned something new about how the oowhoko this is this is now just like i started brandenburg news now where i can hide and tell you how nervous i was the first day i'm setting your going okay i've got to figure out how to work all these controls set the sethenos shelp me sat the the initial thing you don't set up open such that it's like you know this is what all of us seem to be doing we don't know exactly all the time we're not in a comfortit's like we've got to get out of our comforts alllike writing letters and doing stuff that we are not familiar with that kato do that you'll figure it out your smart god lead you through it and then in rapidsandandhe this process step by step and as we go we we may not have the full plan he does we can we can just sit there and go forward and go i don't need to know he knows he'll get us through this and we'll we'll lock out we're just going to be well sail through you know it's like when you're on god's plan you just kind o keep going amazing it is you hold siyoco of that letter maybe if they've sent you in anybody else in the group canacope that letter when an you know used to court cases and but mainating up with those guys i says you're you're quoting me one law and i'm counting you twelves night quite twelve i raised to twelve the whetherapplied i've got this outrage i too what got out there is not much or not real smart you know it's like it's so funny to talk to people that are you know that our part of this public functionary crap and how how few of them have ever had a real job or no anything other than working listlessthen they just now at work this it thing right there there not real bright they don't have a lot at the recipes really kind of sock i mean i can say that i i the they would be on the th would get the short draw trying to get a job out of me while i think that's why they pull those people in they don't want real smart because real smart people start doing some looking webster verses the reproductive house webster webster coquet webster guneshpoor and the sites for ninety two you for ninety for it is the knight in a nine okay there we go the reproductive i got it i'm going to have what on the other pulled that of findanother if i can get her well then you're going to want to know where exactly says that a lot of reading hold out of it i'm anopheles your hand to grotto on to go to i actually like those tight supreme justia ye have used them quite a bit and i got regis you want to go to you want to go too and it's a long way down the page and that might i don't have at numbers of my he that does it help but ah if your watch looking at the right column on the left column you'll see daniel versus williams this one of the court cases cited and then what looked happens at the bottom there's a three hangaout there o by itself this finally the plural the plural the existence that the ah try master this is a alpregan frame work cannot stand because the states interest in potential life is compelling throughout pregnancy not merely after viable ah and a anstie one night i one night as the the opinion contained not one word of rationale for its view of the states in this is this it is so because we say it so jurisprudence constitutes nothing other than an attempted exercise a brute force reason much less persuasive as no place can trace spidery this all but her noble be difficult i don't know how to tell you to get the and looking for daniel yeah daniel verses webster i been verses williams is kind of hanging out by himself and it's in blue it's as for seventy four you as three twenty seven but its down almost two thirds the long way down the page on keeliher minute when i should do i send you these all these docks while he had but the problem is as we never were we're going to go with us when we get out in the morning we know well heteronereid then all of a sudden whim all were off in a bottom million different directions you might look at just this stevens is kind of all caps has written okay i'm not going to sign that that quick pricking of this is a huge crag the anomalies you know who gave us this case whose that silicon o'connor judge o'connor of the michigan a pellet daniels versailles cora oh yeah i feel like a success right now that was like finding a needle or that in the hay stack holding down to where his re i should be a number three there it is and attain an outline self there go number three and then that next paragraph finally the plurality asserts of the trustaford cannot stand because the states interests in potential life is compelling throughout pregnancy not merely after viability the opinion contains not one word of rational for its view of the states interest this it is so because we say it so jurisprudence constitutes nothing other than an attempted exercise of brute force reason much less persuasion has no place so that's a good case we always throw that out to the justice to the to the judicial system especially when a police officer said he got a ticket ah and are you did this or did that a proof i need proof you can't just say i arrest you need proof fires in the protector saying what your saying it's true shellington and writing i was brought up by judge you can in a different totally different cases and the does smart meters back hopperdown smartened he i use this use that no and we said oh that's thrilly powerful we got to have that in our repertoire so i hold it i see ascalias name in this case two hours like odd siyahi agree that is good man not yossing thing happened about judicial just tell you about this little story and it's a story taken as i sent a hundred and eight page document to the supreme court i was dealing with the supreme court on the internal revenue and i had a hundred and eight pages docket that i sent to the supreme court and of course they would not give me is hell you know we can send it to a just and so we sent it to just the scolia that weds the ore that friday he got it because i added by are you so that friday he got it that saturday he was who so coincidence i don't know maybe i was maybe wasn't he i i see a bunch of murders happening because there's a lot of pe there's there's categories you can put murderers into for silencing people when when this crime syndicate realizes that there's a thread out there generally somebody gets killed and you can look at the number of murders and i mean dying in a canoe accident are you are you hit one you know look at look at what's happened to all the hangings with a red scarf around their neck and i elector with wood the air and schwartz james dolan and then go down that is about five people in that less that there was here were connected and then you can get down to jane's perilthe made two attempts on his life the last one finally got on and they ootplant time and i'm sure they were after him but they landed i believe his his significant other was dead on hitting the ground and there's there's a million ways if you look into the ways of the assassinate people you the ill it will never show up by the time they get to the autopsy whether there whether their using something like they've got better poisons now than they had years ago but they used to do it with like an ice needle and i think it's called sectors and the groined in tow they moved into much more sophisticated military grade poisons and don't kid yourself the lot of the people that are standing up that we've seen you know they've been they been assassinated it's like it's a it's murder get rid on because the reflective so the something bags of the question is why now that we know what we know and that when you no longer become an asset to the proud programme you are alive bility and you will be eliminated why would you want to work for those she oh i would you are a girl and become some kind of government a bureau rat that knows when your time is up they'll just sponge you begone one strange just upon so either fight on or with subject to him i sigokow liking when i we stopped up because fight out and we go no way we're going to when we're different not we're not government officials so it's a little different well you know what we are though we have a simple power were stubborn and bull headed so anyhow i where do you want to go from you you now back to the inconstant on oh yes we can do that only for the active there young well we're on the nineteen now in this line other group truth as defends in all prosecutions for libel the truth may be given in evidence to the jury and if it appears to the jury that the matter charged as a liveless thus in a right to a less it's true it looks okay i've never heard that term before so is true and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends the accused shall be acquitted so basically if i was to look at this and read it in my own way i think i would say that one somebody is being brought on the charge of libel that means that they lied on somebody but it wasn't a lie was actually the truth but the person as being talked about says it's libel you know you're not your holding it liable to i your hear you sing statements that are in true but in fact they are so i'm going to sue you for liable because i can in a i got enough desertores or whatever that save we can in this case it and then from present cases are a lot better going on against that their holding him because he did certain things but the truth is coming out are even though he loses or or the case gets dismissed or goes up the ladder to the next trial court to the next course he still ends up finding that in all the truth comes out and he wins one muscus facing some of this stuff now too we were there or their trying to use statements again most that are totally untrue and against trump that are totally unto and some of them people net work with the so i here in in in our state that then it basically says that if you will a ore being sued for libel or somebody and anudatta told the truth ah in a whitmer is a treason his person because she put people in musings and killed them and therefore she is created treason acts of treason violating or oath of office those are true save i'll she can come after us such as oh and not been the other one nestle stand anybody than a comes after and starts looking at the twenty twenty two election will be held what we're going to do it investigates publicly a trying to scare them then all you'd better not do this better not through that or we're going to nestie that number one she's committing treason number two she's committing violations of her office because she has not done the job that she was and she's using liable statements against those people that want to do the investing this kind of true i don't think she sure she asked i cannot ring i had as a good question have we done reading test on these people that are eccelino i'm wondering if they can actually read read on on like the reading for understanding kind of reading it's interesting and want to go back to em this is kind of interesting you brought up oondermentin in and i think that i think i've been watchin this or few days that a twitter or lined a pole to see if he should be removed as you know the hat of twitter well understanding that a lot of the lot of the things on twitter are boughs just like epitaba lots right they do not exist and people do not exist there oh it came back yes it the the the thinking back yes we think you should be removed it but that gives him to ability to a point and so i think this is pretty funny actually others an article that just came out and there's been a lot of talk about him appointing president up and the pardoner which i think is hilarion lost to this esteetisesti as to see what was sensitometer breaking you and of the tonwontongathon uneradicated the idolater stopping to well it is very clear there anybody that's been in the that's been fighting in this as i told you before judge o'connor gave us webster verse are the reproductive house services i don't think he one in us to know that what he gave it as one of his doctors one of his so statements in the court a and we picked up a so my friends who hang around and through the south every time a attorney or a judge opens their mouth they stick their foot deeper in because they say things that they really don't want us to know and had to have but they give it to they closed the window even more on them this kind of a cold he ought in here that there closing the window on the bow would be great to have orpharion have settled absolutely hilarious jumping from the fire into the frying pan with full of grease it's good well i tell you what i'm going to let this is a good place to the to and for to day and section nineteen now we've twenty twenty one coming out twenty is right to the accused and criminal prosecution and twenty one imprisonment for debt a i think that we could we might want to save those less we want to go over quickly i wanted just we'll make a point when i want to go over it more thick i think that is elinor the right to be or the the how was no person shall be in prison for debt arising out of or fat or founded on contracts express or implied except in the cases of fraud or breach of contract breach of trust breach of trust means violating your old loffice perhaps but more important than that is can you be put in jail for a fine that you did not and corney this now absolutely not and there's a lot of times that you will be brought into court as i have been in the past and the court will say ah this is a civil and fraction but then i don't pay to find her i paid and beans in the while we're going to make it criminal and therefore we're going to pull you were if you don't pay your fine you're going to end up in jail they can't do that the twenty first do we have no dinners and so that some were we really need the bounce upon because a lot of people are always afraid they'll go to court to end up in jail because they all hundred and fifty dollar traffic can't do it anyway all right we have we have a third and twenty next week write the ossorian criminal prosecution so there is a lot of things not of autoloader that we're going to deal with were go through all of it so i think what we'll do as i think we're going to call it calliforn the day and as you and again and this is this is really informative i love going through this in with you i think this is i think this is a great way to get educated and and to actually go through it step by step and you know honestly going through the all sombody came up chris imup and said how about charles support for missing payment do to unemployment down a williams in the same or williamson sane thing childipert with question marks in march see i i don't believe that they can put you in jail for child but then again that something i'd have to look into i haven't septime on it but i will look into it i will look into it i have an answer next week okay well that's good to know do know well i'm going i'm in a entomothrombosis pocket we're going to go to em i'm goin to go too and not a seck a nice little bible person or going to end the stay i am getting the rivers sometimes if i met your microphone and then come back ah it and not hot so erteritis red red okay i don't werelanding consistorial so anyhow i veered this first to day we've got we've got so much donald says not legal it is not legal there so much that is being done it is not legal because we let it get out of hand because you in keep her eye on the ball and so now we're getting her eye back on the ball and i'm going to reading luke to one and look too for though five in those days caesar gostis issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire roman world so joseph also went up from the town of nazareth in galilee to judea to bethlehemthe town of david because he belonged to the house and line of david he went there to register with mary who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child asteering more of sometimes technology is to catch up with the while they were there there the king while they were there the time came for the baby to be born and she gave birth to her first born a son she rapped him and cloths and placed through in a manger because there was no gust room available for them and there were shepherds living out of the field near by keeping watch over their flocks at night an angel the lord appeared to them and the glory of the lord shone around them and they were terrified the angel said it them do not be afraid there's that word again do do not be afraid i pronged news that will cause great joy for all the people to day in the town of david a saviour has been born to you he is the messiah the lord there is no room left there for conjecture of who jesus was this will be assigned to you you will find baby wrapped in cloths lying in a major suddenly a great company of heavenly hosts appeared within the cringing god and think storing that god in the highest habit on on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests so i guess officially i want to think all the angels out there that are listening and thank god for all the angels i would like to think every single person note that was involved in the birth of jesus christ is also to like parieting this town for a session and for all those who are brave enough to speak the truth in ten of some people going to disagree with you and well based on well you know i feel the all its thersites what words matter if we read the tact the tax says he is the messiah the lord the only begotten son of god the only one perfect and in this season were going to go back to being peace and bring peace and every situation jesus was the only begotten son of god he is the only one who is perfect the one and the only and yet he chose to throw no stones i think we can do that too through this christmas season and season that we celebrate a messiah jesus is birth to throw a stone into listen instead of getting angry cause somebody does it always give us the kudos and agree with what we say but to give them grace and bring peace and all situations let people talk and not be offended a fund by love is not a founded love love does not get offended doesn't look like that and so and we can also teach those people around us to listen full of grace and peace and whatever we do we don't we don't always have to have to push the to others a time and place for everything i'll give you that but in our homes and our families this is where we practiced grace sometimes though love but john rally its were we practice grace and taming the tongue is the hardest thing in the whole world to do is to be kind and to be graceful and bring peace and a really to bring bring the spirit of god to this world we are his body to body of christ and and what with that comes a lot a lot a lot of responsibility so anyhow oh in a a good it's a good practice to pray for our enemies and pray for situations before we get into them if we know there's going to be a conflict asked got in that situation forgive every one not becomes god's problem when we say we're forgive when we forgive others we are letting go where letting it go all of the things that we think that we should do or say to change the situation when you forgive don't aren't then it becomes god the poem to and for and then god can take our content the solution to the problem so with that sad let's go ahead and or in the private lets see of of a couple more things in the chat of mike that i got an unlawful traffic ticket down williams were you driving commercially or in private travelling in private otis's discussion about an unlawful traffic ticket for mike wide anyhow so we go should join our group and find out on it deal with it take out lykkedes got in bite from don so nicholas to night to do that so i he's not in nicholas the next week on the twenty eighth will have a su mating there you go lots of opportunity was and in plate even sun manned john jay tater at audacam in the fact that you've got you've got the same metal initial as the rightful president of the united states downeright ful president of the united states just had to get that in there sorry so anyhow it's hard it's it's hard to get the best of the man named john remembered that solemn as panhandle father thank you so very very much for this wonderful day that you've given us this time to gather that we can start the laws and the lawful process you are enabled to be there in order to protect and rights in and i got me right for again he cannot wear given us the rights you given us certain rights inalienable lot right and you given us the processes protect those rights in a peaceful manner you know when jesus came you as a revolutionary when you set your only begotten son he was definitely rough lutionary but he didn't start wars he transformed hearts of men he transferred he transferred or transformed their hearts and then he gave his life as god's only began son and our savior and were so thankful that you made a way for us when there was no way god dwelling with us you dwelling with and were thankful for your guidance leaving us were thankful for the people that you put in our lives that were we can show grace and mercy too that we can that we can kindly approach them with truth and help them to learn and a because we care about them we care about the people around us wayman we care about ourselves in right and we lay that down our self righteousness we lay it down in front of you and will promise to work for other people's good around us to bring the good news of the gospel forward to serve you with everything that we have and in ourselves or or or minds our spirits are words are actions are deeds and ah we asked that you help us ye have your eyes to see the world that we see where there's need and that we would stop up to help those that you put in front of us on our path please weren't work please give us the the feet to walk the path that you've laid before us we're not asking for an easy path sometimes the most adventurous ones that you put in front of us are well worth well worth the track makes the little more funds and albeit a little bumpy makes the ride makes the ride on more thankful for all things both are difficulties in our challenges i thinks that bless us and make and give a joy and an happiness and we are so thankful that we can always come to you for joy and peace at all times thank you for john and all the wonderful people that had joined us in the chat to day to share their wisdom and their understanding that can help us all that helps us all become more educated and formed together we ask for discernment in wisdom in all things and we ask for any one out there whose heart is sad or broken or demoralized or defeated for them to turn to you you have the living of the living water to quench any thirst in our souls and we just are so thankful to walk to this life with you what a glorious time would be alive it really is amazing were thankful for the season we have so much to celebrate be just absolutely joyful for and won'tjust let you know that we love you with all of our heart in jesus christ precious name we pray a man there go your slow but for there so you ask words john no not in it nothing now at this point but he obviously it's going to be in it see christmas time before we get together again i think so wish everybody merry chime and how will catch up on the tuesday on the twenty seven yes mary christmas towre one and here young here's that time the shopping wing we maniples go to brandenburg for governor do come donna brandenburg who is not conceiving the twenty twenty two lection alongside provedwhat the anodes like shining ring john terrene ther one of us the hour areolatus process and will continue to fight you can go too i had a niantick can gothenburg for am i at brandenburg for a my intellegam i write all the words there all the all the posting is such of ye have seen this spelling it's all me it's all on my fault sometimes i get posting so fast that might my my little hands are just a going at it right and a posy soso fast that sometimes i don't get it all right but i try and i'll go back and correct it later isopods it out to me so at any rate i just want to let her body out there no you are not alone mary christmas a saviour is alive and resides with us every single day and we have so much to celebrate so god bless you adehart hands god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america enjoyed the day we of much to celebrate thanks john for all your wisdom at everything that you brought to the program to day how bless you to day have a great day and will see an next tuesday absolutely take care but i