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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/4/2023 - Legal Update - Loy Brunson

Published Aug. 4, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Current legal update on Loy Brunson's lawsuit. Loy Brunson was inspired at a very young age to know and learn the rights that "We the People" have that are protected by the Constitution. Loy will explain why he filed his federal law suit that made it all the way to the Supreme Court under the court emergency "RULE 11." This law suit specifically is to save our Constitution and to insure the "Oath" is binding as required by article 6 of our Constitution. The defendants in this case include 385 former and current members of the US House and Senate for violating thei "Oath" to defend our Constitution from Enemies Foreign and Domestic. The defendants refused to pause for a simple 10 day investigation even though over 140 members of the House and Senate insisted for hours on Jan 6, 2021. John Radcliffe Director of National Intelligence, in December 2020, stated that there was ample evidence proving foreign interference with our elections. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the fourth day of august twenty twenty three and welcome to our show today i'm really excited about the show today i was i got to give you some background so i went to turning point usa a few weeks ago and lo and behold who walks up to me with earlina it was loy brunson i couldn't believe it i'm like wild this is one of my heroes that i've watched just you know a guy that just decided to get in and do what needed to be done and i followed the law suits that they've done and and i met telling it i'm so proud of the work that he and all the patriots of ther such todas a relecting day for me i oh i'm going to introduce him then or play a short tedyous i think this is a man a boy broncho was inspired at a very young age to know on learned the rights that we the people have in protected by the cost he is going to explain things in the processes to day that he went through to file prose a law suits and too hopefully get these swaves out of office unbelievable i'm going to go on into something a little later because gassur rise the prize though the one last suit that i was on with america's pre dismissed yesterday by judge it such it had no merit every one office right now are the election deniers so guess what yon a brandenburg is going to come back on and we're just goin to hit a harder little bit different way and maybe i'll just go to a prose law suit like like lokas this very very inspiring an when a briton and he loowoo in o great thanks cartomancie to titheto day this is really really thought i want to play on a video amenidad then we'll start talking i thought you this was one of the videos on you on your website i do know as she is personal interest certainly chance can restore a rent constitution of chopin's stachowa most powerful and consisted and he intosicating an americanor a hundred members of congress that are clinging sir the least to be infested on behalf as how much should be tried one cinestreto works the twenty election hundreds of citizens lawmakers desecration during the election i chose argument is the congress was constitutionally required to intosticated much every number swears to tshingis all enemies or asinette alcove showing to put some one in office were remove security creeps on the security breaches episingles member of congress used to do not job can be owgoostov messiani down low in the case they was referring to the countess like giving the voltinii the weavers and on towards now asking for coteconfessions somehow so way to bring his venture people these kill people are ordering her country were part of we the people it and so when you petition for redress of grievances or on a disheartened she titian throw the corn and then the minocane screen court united states final saying on that petition for her redress of greatness see in nineteen thirty nine jimmy stood played no american mister smith i can feeling the thirst mikemike soon mister smith fighting for we the and our constitutional no i orobethron all life and that clinton the more she i must like there is i just look in my straight at you so come up those steps just just so her wototorope some one come along sharon the suttleties so regesta you saw miss were to support and defend the constitution of the united states that on storiestreatment constitutionally quires olocoton down by the all short of your car i don't so in poleman petitions a way most powerful and sprengporten to correct as the eiweisskrpern port and folding lately perished the use never before if we see the supreme court have ist hour is they have right now because it's sinister contrasts there were lying go behind closed doors i do and do what's right he produces vetoand hoped to inspire and encored in showing you how the power can be restored back he on leave a legacy for generations to come one part of restoring or constitute houses of letters been mentioned as support well your letters to day and even in by your children to write letters and the part of this historic moment share this with friends and family if it were ganization his standing up speaking out and taking action for we the people and constitutional resembling is my dear on the sword provo i love that how inspiring and in fantastic will welcome i'm so glad you're here its great what's going on out there i know you've got some up dates and ah you i've a i always laugh on like this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen so i'm going to go ahead and start bringing up some of your the web site that sort of thing but tell us what's going on ah well ah my petition for it is her share my appeal to the supreme court is old a the other supreme court case my brothers was secondary while mine was getting so well mine was still his one forward but when mine was getting stock we making a stock in simple so we took the federal court two quart two federal courts of tens wernor and peals in the pentracourt to state court and after we get all that they reverse their decision and o mine to go forward but it took a long time for them old several weeks ago and with that decision that allowed he finally get my case in courts they denied to hearing but we get another conference and so the for the same so we were thinking of a probably wanton be distributed until i told her we can checking the dark and just dec he saw that the docket it's been distributed that my for we hearing the carpenter's actually been distributed and usually when it says distributed it gives your conference that but we don't have a conference state so it has been distributed and how were just waiting for a conference at another opportunity for the to go into a conference in mind of them both and afford them votin favor of hearing then we got to hear at night i'm hoping that that will happen and a lot of people and i feel the same way that god otis helpings that so many miracles leading to this point and if you look at the scriptures he was a pattern there as she i think of moss how excited everyone must have been to see that first miracle with the ourher about that first miracle with and then a ten this miraculous plague to free the children of israel well i obergespann what would i howdell what i've lost faith while that was miracle and moses as another miracle comets fillets i think we thought then to like that as i had we have another one this is over and i have set a day yet which is kind of cool in a way because he's given us time to raise awareness so i'm counting the pavement and trying to get to a higher level of awareness for his for the letter writing campaign about the probable ronin thousand people at prelates the the web site which was old to do it and people go to lord prince not come they can also if they don't want to do to the website they get shows somehow the canyon send the physical it he would like them to send that a copy code letters so when i hears another opportunity and think he won't get a hearing this time you know it's possible but this the battle its red of the volpinari it's not over yet the other open coming up morgan to be a launching est i shall america and the world become i become where they give answers to is in the best prices and the winter's go on to sortie like america's got calender your american idol but the fact that the justices are not finished with an exciting and under their rule eleven they contextually pull a case of the shelf and do something with decided that rule even it ever been filed ever been allowed to be filed people say fire with this soprior will you don't file anything with send it to the and they decide the clerk and may as are now how many decide whether its pile and docketed or not if it i don't feel like it meets the standards return it to you wish them notes explaining why they're not going to violet for us to send before getting the final decision which in this case would have been the test decided to try to a rule even sites the supreme court's rule even with the words a imperdible importance so psychologised it to them without going and getting to the seton with the tents circitor which is normally required when a senator under rule leven and hisses rule even on esanapes yes this word think it positive this and docketed his his rule even ever allowed to be filed under the fiction of the current this will be the first time they have seen a rule leaven sharpie and this will be the first time since the seventies one has ever been filed and the first time in the history thatsome it someone representing themselves scalpro ever been allowed have one filed so we were rolling throwing in a merry here we kept on the docket and sure enough a few days later to no message from the court like before no fond called from the court or boats there the first rule even for its orrified and dated so arise and so were thinking unawares is the only thing were sing we need letters we need america to wake up an if we get enough letters came over not only with the incredible voice said from millions of but a representatives would as well and this whole chase the the articles he demands that the other office that oath to defend the one antlersfor in the st demands that it be binding and you guys of given yourselves immunity in old polish and the other bois otherwise other words you can commit perjury with your politician taken the other office it's that so in behind the stuff and american does not known about this is no estacedo well re talking about it now and awareness is happening and so once millions of the table abide not with the letter campaign a loy prince and that's a gan change your sowerford will that we have another conference set up probably it'll probably be in october but the and so we have his time to rally rally the tops shows the port powerful is such a positive thing because there is something that we can actually do to make a die to change the course of history going in a word and wore to be able to actually have a an impact we have an an opportunity so instante reather go to his web site guys and here onbring that up again low bronson at homeand you have everything here you need in order to get the game sockeroo ladder and there you go we can we can have all the information that we need right here you can also make a two dollar a and they will submit your love seratal what happens as we actually print your letter we have a form letter there you pitcher own words so it's your letter and then it goes to a fulfil the company that pen holds that puts it in a second an envelope individual and looking it puts postage on it so that's why we're asking for the two over those there that is like a cheaper thing i've ever seen somebody who is who is in politics averdonk i thought i was i was cheap on a trying to do things as is inexpensive as possible the i mean i mean this is amazing is this isn't another stupid political fond riser this is actually getting in the game and doing something and two dollars come on you guys can all to it so in and in i know you can click because i've seen it if seen it as an act you said you will click before that i were we're we're masters of clicking the power of the chief had more my dear than the sort she don't even have the dipper a little quills the ink well any more and actually pantalette that people can read i don't know what you might hand writing is awful still so you it's as distance easy will this is really amazing how did you come to beyond the path that your anti know you're ran for sun at three times and first times as two thousand and twelve and you just i i love somebody else just gets in there in st because you know it some point in time you're going to your going to be able to break through you know when when we keep going on refuse to when we realize that america is worth fighting for in there's no time limit on that there's no day there's no aspect he certainly god will take our efforts and he will use the for his honour and glory and on the path that he wants us to be but the point being is that we can't then or in every time we get knocked down and we get back up again we learn something we learn to be a better fighter so nothing is ever lost so how did this how did the start with the well it's started when i heard brochardes the world fundamentally sores a senator you sort of defense against all enemies for in domestic you're not defending the one or doing the opposite i thought i was to read the open so i go on i read then exacted not in the i put it in my constant come lad other so i think as a breeding and i'm going on my gosh i knew that it was serious but right out of the on saying basic it was fundamentally flowed by semifonti on his fine little now if you were my attorney and he told the judge on his button mentally flooded my foundation was a fiery when seeing for malice confine in a turning to do it right and hadolaeth that i think there i think not that we've got some real problems and with our tones othe exactly so anyway so i started connecting does that i had a basic understand he privately completely destroys all the economic theories he can't have a privately owned organization that creature currency and then that make up the foundation of your economics or we were just so upside down and we need to correct our course so here i am you know finding the in studying the cost inspired me the connecting gods to in thinking gosh every one must know scholar and i start asking people as scholars and companyincluding a company printed like fifty million copies and they had her these concepts so i thought now so i put a couple i put several in five or six different pockets i books that have the constitution and these concepts is in organizations we haven't heard this before we want to publish kent put him in her because that's interpreting the cost and when we would be able to get into the schools we would people wont be able to know we just couldn't give to do that so we'll have a separate document i thought no i can odo it i mean actually in the same binding as the so i sort of doing that and let that will we have a coccus here for thousands angelegtes kept together for nominating decides cannot be on the ballot and a like i will register as scenic candidate not in have any funding and the ability to campaign so i had the canada without campaigning and some of the afrancesado to unastand outside the fliers at intrepid booth inside people in not be worth in you whose this solicitoroffice in or just trying to people i become aware the constitution so is the great heritably led few minutes a very few short minutes so i did that three times i ran in senator hatch i ran against my glee i run against that romney and the audience response was wonderful it was fantastic especially the last one when i told people about this federal case against these three hundred eighty eight defendants that had by not allowing a ten days as for investigation so that's that was incredible in an inert and me and it was an opportunity to share but then this case is the art federal case is too of them we just thought no one would ever learn about he the well was to see what happens right because i tried to give a little you know a little publicity you know with a local media and my house was vandalized sixteen and so i was on some national my one hundred trump sides that i had my yard were stolen had read plan palisades you quit now you didn't watch going no i kept going and souses having a conversation with some one that an event and some one else came over and that she to say about the supreme court i see ah we dissertation were appealing of this inquired and we descended to them and were hoping that the docket and violet because they have already told us that they were going to accept it they actually called the on the punsters to us were condorcet they actually said then accept the number rule leven but we didn't have to do it under rule final cordinated decision at canoongoes so here i am talking to this person the conversation has been overheard the i want you to speak to a group so so green so i i was scheduled to speak to the scroopes talking with them sing yesterday this case was filed and but a onepope says why hasn't the press got involved i was just filled yesterday i agreed to speak here before he was even while before the court even docketed it so it don't even know they were going to pile docketed but as if yesterday so and that kind of exploded morning to intervene and a that's resolved in about eighty thousand letters corso now we need to get to the next level others th first got up and it's like the mainstream republicans the support trunk conservative values it's like keepers there keeping the information from going to those people so i'm working with people like tecocal son and hugging them with a by patrick burge his pepigerat a gal and i trying to donal trump presentruinously truth in article and read in some words well from the pits when you have a stolen a lecture results of the same as an act of war because what happened is victor of the perpetrators the victors they put the perpetrators the victors are able to put their leader in power and that's the as the stone elections loan act of war which we could on a pleading so president trump is it where my brothers but because it was denied twice i don't know if he's aware of this when people think o this is a similar case is already been denied its like keep fighting the fight right so we're hoping that we can make some progress and henry is interviewed me i vancome pretty interesting and reviews for it got out there but we haven't really broken through i want to i've got to try to get to the charlie cur on se allow me to be turning point on coming up by thinking and phoenix sein october but as soon as we can make that break there i think came over because then the millions of people that need to be aware of this case and how simple is about the binding of can then come on board and join together you know this is a bipartisan this is a non yards because as you know defendants include repose conservative republic and so every single refuse tendinous for and if you think about it both sides and we put this on our pleadings bulls sides republicans and democrats were accusing each other of treason related to the twenty twenty election and apsychian more evidence that i should have been investigated why was you would have been any prom inauthenticity as do that and so all these people that complete about election teniers is like well openopen to do didn't do it so when he was to tissaret opportunity lo prince docome three opportunityfor groups families sold then you can do multiple letters but if you do multipliers make it a personal message of proof from your heart you would say to that what you are to say the and so as this grows as grounds well grows and closer we get to a hearing or to changing the whole the whole of political landscape into the right direction of a binding of that i believe this is like the achilles held once we understand that the oars got to be binding the gift and getting rid of these perjuries politics and in the loss enthelein jspati is almost like encourages them you know and i like that you know make it through that point these letters will change the politics in such a way that people will realize an you better read the case take that off a criminal action if it can be proven that your intent was was wrong and that you had no intention of reading this is a game changer and to thomas jefferson the true corrective preconstitute edge at what a great way to be educated about the constitution with a simple close in articles shall be bound by oath to this one and then realizing that their fighting behind unity and semi muletter the supporting the concept a binding out it's very clear right there in our time so the lover came over their down right exactly and so truly up to read the people and it's about get out there you never know one person might have a cock were they show very atop go to loansoom the video and then ask some one else to send him out and how people watch but if you know some one that can sit down with them watch it and commit them say now will you show it to your they say be there when they show to the group and participate in giving those pee you know the exponential planted two four eight well how about one person gets a group and every one in that room gets a group i mean actually do it that way and get the millions of people needed to wake but i did not enthought digital soldiers can throw this out here very quickly off of comedian not works supplied them in other way to do it in which a thrilly quick click click went have to tin thousand people really quick continued to spread these i love it when they like to gas light us and such is its incredible so they're all calling us election deniers i pretty much exercere that they are election deniers not as its certifie the holconii y thing what's difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth ought thingmen and ours is it is incredible i this is really this is really exciting what what other things have you seen where you've seen god's hand involved in it because this curly for them to take this cake or an even considerate jorgos hand was upon this because i can tell you for my experience the they're not the it's like the wild west out there in our politics corts i don't i believe that it's without god it is most she had anything because there just making up rules as they go and their little goat rodeo they got going on all absolutely and you know we've had some victories like i mentioned we convinced the federal court to re in we were not even supposed to be in federal according to their rules were not supposed were permission from the one were selserstown kind he robs right a menesses to go to a special claims court after we get so we didn't do that so for the federal court if justice of the federal court of utah who is of a bomb appointed judge judge held actually at my case one and because we show them we showed the court we showed the need the the acted right of enright to be in any corn they reversed their decision we've had a victory that's a major blow at the major mig and so miracles are happening absolute so i encourage people do not only go to loeben's not come but go to seven for scabies dock get an exact cost petition that is alive and well at the supreme court right now the sun distributed first rule element ever ever allowed to be found in docketed during the his tenure right now those is i never had one filed while the bed first rule love perfect bound exact copy has ever been allowed to be found in the history by some one read and the last time i rule element ever filed by any one was the us government allowing a big had one filed in the istorical document it shows all the defendants in her as soon upset and it shows the why we have standing why we i know what we're seeing about and why the supreme the end and explains the rule eleven how they accepted this the court actually they had was a imperative talks o the he will have light as a great education an exact copy here i mean if you have really to pockets alonemake no one a sign but it when i go to a fence i like this on copies that events it he gone my got one so soon to there you go help help support the sky and and his efforts one person that decided to do this and god himself educated started the process and the women find brothers like homodont might whether my brother destrieri e mention were all so putting this great news articles from pictorical showing about how am sandthese major anisoles i said it was dead and how they were rowed so we were until we run out weekonce that in that oh this also available at seven come and then the petition were hearing a chile run out of these green oven clothes that is well along with the three i that there's very very excited so what i what do you expect so you set it about october you expect that there's going to be a hearing an act lolonois talk to a case addleston the phone a few days ago i said it's we know it's interesting because it shows that it was distributed but it doesn't say we don't have a conference he watching might have composed he but i don't think we're goin have a conference at october we only uttering thing like a day till then but we're going to echo cordage yet of we have a conference and then will i well know when that aiming to the chain is he hermetically lots of good morning the last market morse's prose prose prose and good morning from beri beri mondanin lie matthew three three matthew five five and matthew seven on free soliloquy mister smith goes to washington everything old is new again bravo bronson brothers the new and proved be vv living history they are here stage living history and the movie is corn seventeen so am i more good morning marerewana and lots of lots of encouragement that's that's now if somebody wanted to final a prose where is the starting well there's a course my brother promotes that in a my brother's have a case i actually and other website its enough is enough to enough is enough on but i think it can contact my brother that way and ask how you can get they gave him the prepare the filings you ousestate court that recourse so on howhow do we get hold of your brother i not get hold of on you that i mean to you can bemalialis zero five oldcome that's eight as i will go but i think you can get a hole to be met that enough is enough to they have a letter writing campaign were your own words with the veteran federal aid against the with goniatite on love all the pleadings of thingeven filed their waiting for the judge and the judge in his there ye go in in this one with an office enough we have of the bronze and brothers law suit history so he is yet so get together and play and i play music that we haven't a while we keep in getting a little pressure when there's enough pressure may be with having on the girdle brother gaiters he finally is happy with the mix of more of the songs he wrote called a forgotten and i'm not even so i'm not sure about the wording o for that bronson brothers thought cole i check him with him make not avail he can certainly see that you guys are related so here guys've got a list of the tolloday but you look at the cost and all the work that these guides have done i'm i'm just kind of shocked here you know every every time i read more and more about you know your family and what you guys have done to to defend the disunited states it is so inspiring to me checks out is this is incredible and it just keeps going and going and going and going and go ye get were passionate and i condescind of started with that you know with procopianae is petition book its pockets in three every one to get at it in locksthe you get a pocket case there's no one there's no interpretation in it that it's just the document it doesn't connect the dust but this one literally opens up and high lights the power classes that we all mean to be aware of so not only that and this is one that there are i also put the ten commandments in the back of it for that was kind of thing for nancy she is a catholic and i know catholics and then i got the the congressional health which is not in the constant the execution is so god the congressional after on the inside front one and then there's few and ah i've got questions and answers questions and have never been published i mean there are there are classes that have just been completely ignored mister and in two hundred years for example of you to ask any reference to day show you a clause in the constant cally condemned social they wouldn't be able to tell you unless they have this book think about it we've never heard her about other and then and second amendment been but we as i wears that amendment where's that clause that completely annihilate socialism right and so he jos though that cause and others that another incredible clause discovering that i have bense as there is an interest in class when i made this discovery she not as believes the interpretation cause but as the voice of god first in a members were defined by congresses further declaratory and so the seven articles but we call him the bill of rights and the bill of rights of nice we title kind of hides the power within these first tender moments being defined by congress willis further declaratory and rested and if we look at the night the moment i called the voice of god the acanthine i call it the trunk and i say this is the demand from god contractual obligation that tells us cannot interpret anyway she performed and was do not defn of our individual rights that come an alienable and that night the minet is so powerful in its just one sentence those like this the enumeration in the constitution of certain right shall not be construed den disparage others retained by the ice no construing no interpreting any part of the cone in ways that benefit politician and federal government at the expense of we the like the eleventh commandment and so that an other discoveries are right here in this pocket size then is the most powerful relevant to today ever written about the the right your pocket and those were available at seven discoveries a longer cushion another dot though i've got an idea why don't we all just go by a copy of that sun that to our public functionaries and demand that they read it and understand it if we have everybody grabbed at least you know water two or three copies or ten copies or whatever and end the have that accompanied with a letter to our public functionary juonessa this and i am asking for you to in fact read and understand the consent and also the terms of your employment by us the american it is so shocking john if for grand home the treasury secretary and disastrous governor of the state at govnor in the state of michigan made a one point six million dollar game on a stock trade in the electric vehicle in the he invaded there using their power in order to enrich the there is a couple of there's an attorney in the state of michigan who has and somebody else was involved in the republican part for have ties to companies of their profiting of o and a dead profit off the lock down the unconstitutional lock downsoand you know what i think is going to fix us about two or three plans reunindose to get moll as we we export the swamp road out of this state out of this nation and in let their fate be defined terman in a by tribunals you i think that there's so many of them that are in fact protecting each other but the end game is to absolutely clean this out when when you see that ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine per cent of all our corrupt and there in this global crimes send each other and literally of the american we've got a big job just the he just the crash in the clean up we have here then you know and there the play book play book is solid lessees rules for radicals and that play book tells you to accuse the other side of what yer doing you're the criminal but you're going to accuse them thus the fourth indictment is coming again why because there following the stupid little play book that hillary clinton's been following her whole political career where you attacked opponents of you yourself or guilty ah exactly what's happening so these criminals are at the crimes the committing and so we need to be aware that when you hand this to a representative tell them this is not a pocket case much more and they need to read the cunean the back they need to be answer those questions that are in the back of this little book if they can't answer those is then they made stay and be answered them the answer's right there so tell them their pocket console and put it away somewhere and we place it with his that connects the dots that high lights power classes and the come represented it held place the porticos has no interest with that's some an i want to give a shout out right now the two the rightful president of the united states donald je trompe said at every show usall say it molly because he is the rightful president of united states and what we are going to have to what a man utterly a couple of things that not at askeaton the fourth and dictment that looks like it's on the horizon and what the actions are with this cause i think it's discobatis covery cause he has the right notice open a witnesses and go to it there kind of like a stupidly approaching thus and anybody that's got a little bit of intelligence such as the rightful president of the united states president donald is going to use his doctor david contas do you have any thoughts on the supreme court holding his case and the time men of president o yon russiaunderstood that there there acting the timing then turning to everything well i everything oh i think they're kind of bungling idiots because we know that what they're doing ill charinomos popular there making look more like it a martyr before it just showing that he he really had the presence so any reasonable person which his look at the media cover each and realised the prejudice in and of itself to fall all and the federal communications commission has three executive appointments that direct that may be three or four and that i was always wondering why prison from dim go after them and hold them accountable as the media for like the fourth branch of government i mean it controls the three basically with public and so any reasonable person of filosopick and go hey babies or people you know they deserve as much right as a as i mean there are people too right he categorized as non humans and so it's easy to see what side is the wrong side here and a realized i know that we have an opportunity to make these i simply see who the enemies are here and these that our five in against trim or doing nothing more than legitimizing them every step of the way and more powerful ways we just have to pray for his pushed back against these monsters and it's quite a big monster think about it we've never been in a time in this country where we've had some against us we've got the department of justice we've got the branches of government we got the media it seems like impossible how you find against the so in the help of god and us awakening things like the fining of and come in together and pray finding more wasted she and it'll be with miracles and that's what we've rather a lot of miracles we don't know what's going to happen but we've seen this politeness got to happen god's good owen that's as gonopalpon that's not even that's not even up for for debate there you don't really amazes me nor you brought up the baby is and in not having any rights and the knight states america what with the propaganda of machine thatsee but if you if some one oh it had an accident and killed the baby for there is a pregnant mom in there and the baby died that person would be charged with homicide for that baby inside the momboyo we can go into it horshelene and we can kill babies all day long and that's their right i don't understand the double standard where that at all you know it's on back to the check and parallel to the trunk and come and qu time like timing his everything and military's the only way where we go on we go out that's he at where we got a free soil the queen go night and a pegasus i have faith in this and with this in the last court case against trump being open for discovery the chances are looking sepiola just ordered three copies boom good job think you will sign the grandson to college oh that's cools a yeah there you go by some for granted you know what i did when i when the books that came out from a general plan and some other similar books i think are not our phenomenal i can miss cis so like you start your christmas shopping early eyes there you go doctor david can't why didn't the same or similar case as there well that's a good question i think it's because the whole legal community in their education with law school and pre law there taught that you and that's why the federal court un filed my case but we convince them now but spend taught in the last schools as wrong and that's why they re filed mykin hence the and so clear the constitutional authority beyond what we do and so is interesting that trump present trump would re are truth that comment from our case and hadn't been used in any of his litigation in of his so were excited that just in a weird or regular people looking at the constitution knowing something and seeing he this doesn't make sense more on to do something about it instead of sin back and say ah well we must be wrong tis were nobody's ri now is like no it's very clear like the biting of and they give themselves immethodic cult is the tender stand that articles a biting off and you can't have a binding off if you have a unity it was because we haven't been trained not do this and we are just going by we the people were regular citizens looking at the one connecting the dots and doing something which is so obviously clear that we have the right to do and it's just sad that the holding profession has been programmed into the educational system rites can't do what we're doing so i know it turnings are starting the reach out to us and seeing that he if you got the federal court of your to actually allow you to file this case in federal courts than may be we had to rethink what we've been taught lost well that's good that's good because what they've been taught is wrong because when you look at the structure and jurisdiction the attorneys are our under the judge so in that but when we when we do prose we assert our dominance over the judges which we should because they work for host and we we actually have the proper that the proper jurisdiction that when you go in rose to my understanding well the eves nor apace he must to a word doing the attorney tomes so too in the tone is that we're doing so they would they would have as much authority to include if they wanted to pray there afraid because they might be challenged there might be pressed that would go against them and their going against these the there are more risk with the careers than we are in a lowe were not lawyers when after where he better now we do have to go home with her tail of each to a now between our legs if we lose but then we come back you know get a little bit the corean jump right back in that field there are some day i hope we can talk with some of the jests court judge and find out what was going on behind the scenes this liberal judge to allow my case even after we lost and stayed core against they changed their mind because they knew we shall then that you can see a judge judge crosses the line of his there what they believe is there immunity and they start acting in an admits way they lose her immunity and i think the judges saw we shall then that they had created like billy or federal judge i think we convinced him that he created liability and hed better do a reverse he did so that's that's a big wind ain't hope awful'll be in the records in ill be in the libraries where the prince and case actually set he he was on fire because it was in the wrong court but we convinced the federal courts to revile it because we had in that that's just amazing he hamtring caron otto matther and karen is a great question ask her and she sasinne wings here enchelis end and i had time to look things up as well as come back with with haaman question they care not you doin to day oh this is also interesting and in i know there's some people at home go wait wait wait wait what did he do say can i reverse as pice tensecond and listened to it again in speaking of his pike my pace of ten to the slow here but i know it's like her yet but i neritoides field of expertise that i am so ah i can repeat anything you want to hear explanation need like ten times will go back and listen to the again for those of us who have followed very closely you just hit on what i was going to ask you am could you go over for a another moment in or in simple fine terms you pretty good at that ah what it meant for your case you're the process of your cake from the beginning where it failed to state core and in which two federal corps what would that processes is like what prose means and you've said it but say it again for the people in the back tore joining otsepor like wet what is he talking about yeah well prose means you don't hire an attorney you're and is interesting because if you got to supreme court not god and look at my schrand what that is simple terms is he piled my lost porta pile and docketed and it is simply a appealed to the united states in and a few look at the dock at if you look on the cover if the information on the docket it it'll show you who the attorney of record is who the counsel of record representing the point of in the called the petitioner and it shows me as the as the attorney of record is the council of record the end so in a way i representing myself and because i'm representing myself i am the attorney and my case representing myself and any one can do that any one can file a lost s represent themselves and so they are recognized by the court as the attorney of record they are the spokes sending themself because they did not hire an interne for that instant they are the attorney of and so what this loss it is about as we got disturbed when we saw my pans and mice and a bunch of others we had tremendousest views tenderness and to the electoral vote the fraud the evidence of fraud that there was misbehaviour that there was fraudulent stuff going on could alter the elections and so when ted cruse and josh polly in a congested when they were certifying the electoral boats when they showed that a hundred and forty five members of congress sent let's hold off on certifying the electoral vote ten days is just wait for ten days where we can invest we should know before we certify these electoral votes an otherwise let's make sure that we certify these electoral votes in a way that we can will e feel comfortable that they are certifiable in too many members of congress as that's not our responsibility that's the i there going to get us these electoral both as their problem that there's been fraud as ooonow you don't what's the point than if the one i boasted say we've got a from here we because they didn't pause because we had a tie certified the electoral and he paused we filed a lawsuit he ended it included joe bind coolahans might penceand three hundred eighty five members of the u s house and members of the senate and so we charged them with a breach of their oath of office violating the oath of office he and the against all enemies and when you have an evidence that henry through the election prs enemies when enemies attack are elected we investigate regardless as whether it would be it enough evidence for a different outcome or not you invest sure and we soothe the two different i see them my brother soothed them to complete different lost is made into the no on appeal and mine is there now the brothers a yet that's my brothers and so setthat was filed october twentieth twenty twenty two and if you show mine and see his dozen seen rule eleven he got permission from the court to do it under rule love but things happened the change so we were able to actually filed under rule leaven but mine made it piled under rule levens of elakat the cover of mind endless you i'll say right on it rule a lemon on on looking here at all the name and the thing is as really interesting an i've gone through this list several times over over you know over time and it's it's really really amazing i wish you would have gone further his in pretty extra shore we could have had like like twenty thirty a hundred times the names on well we when you when you file the lasso you are provided information and there the laws you to add is called plus john does one through a hundred there is a provision there when you follow loss without a defendant o and because in the petitioner on the planet i have the power to remove defendants from the lost i love this in crew of of people that really do need to be removed the seifi got messed powers of her while you're doing that i'll give you some feed back i really like what you just did that was a great explanation of a very a very good briefing of what you were trying to do what your intentions were what the purposes and on you know an ordinary bar at borne what be ble to explain it as briefly and simply as she shoshone live person you don't actually experienced and things that know it living at torneis ever so i've had attorneys he questions in some torneys like i found it tacked couple attorneys in dunting very honest and they wanted act like they no more than me and that they know what i'm doing and they try to characterise the case in a certain way but it's like if you are taken some were shown something that scientific and you're not a sign the scientist if they've never been there they on a question you and get as much information from you as on add to their to their knowledge so this being the first rule even ever filed you know in the careers of the is something that take note of and to analyze and say i think that the rule events can be in every library in the country and especially every law library something a hat precedence now and has never been done before and so how many people even knew that there was such a spincourt ruleeleven that allows you to buy it the lower court and go directly to the supreme court with a petition for siserary under rule eleventh them deciding that its of imperative public importance i chalanton en so basically the clerk of the cord may be one or two the or relieving this an then and of this and the rich the several of so working grail were gaining a people of gaining awareness and this is growing this is not going to stop it's growing and there's a movement happening san thomas jefferson the true corrective the true corrective for education which i would say true correcting for to chase and government as america we the people waking up to the binding of that psyche have a contract he swore to a pull and defend the one the united states this salt in according to articles requires that it be binding and if so what of the penalties that you have in your mind penalties for breaking the thaumasie done this before i did this with my glee and he spent some time with me talking about it and he concluded with he enforcement here and there is he concluded that he had thought about it before so you could simply to represent is that a town hall men how do we get our representative how do we get you what in your what is the penalty for breaking the old ivofficers and then stonemasons members of congress that are condemning the constitution like barocco vomiten saying it was basically fundamentally flowed by saint america's fundamentally flood in so you know there's some tricky closes in the basic it are only counters but and people go look how racial that how races that wasn't she no i should have said see we do the representatives power representatives has in slavery the do sing their power in congress and so this was a battle this wasn't just a giving the gather and craving these how there was a battle between land it was like a chess match and that's what my book shows it shows the battle and it shows who one the good guides worn but the bad guys were winning and wire the bad guys wing we don't we have an opened this up and to look at like regretting and so if it's like it's like a will you you know your uncle his will and outmillion dollars all sone and you go to the reading of the wheel but you didn't bring a copy with you and you have an even read it so you go in there and the attorney's read the whole wheel and then the you thank you for coming and you go wait a minute you didn't even mention my name or my ten million dollars and you're out of luck didn't take a copy show them that there was an a demon that they overlooked may be intentionally over left you out and because you had read it and you brought a copy his hers the ademand hears my inheritance and that's what the constitution i once if we don't open it up we lose our fellows everything if we open it up beginning with the other office sat a grey way to open it up loy brentonico that's opening up your will sending the letter becoming aware with millions of other showing uncle sam showing the federal gen that were not in a let them still or inheritance any more because we have a viable contract and were aware of it and were putting it in front in this is really important because historically americans have failed ah and this is not new again not new under the sun we have from the very beginning not been paying as much attention as he should have a the federalist papers is a great place to read too because that gives us more of a sense of what was happening at the time in the minds of the authors and the people when they were in the process of writing these things on reconcocted i would not increase people to read that tossicated horsetail or breaking here was so miraculous and so incredible worth the ended up with was far beyond the actually defines the this book and connect the dots that what they were discussing the is more to it than that and they ended up with a miracle because there are content co tahowas it at one of the founders said he if the borrowing closes in the case little destroy this and another founder you know signor those the bar of that a national debt is a national whitesay is like the national debt is necessary is the national blessing i think is what he said and so picthers contradiction so this book you go into it it shows those show how tenements the person amendments before the constitution was signed rhode island and others had concerns through island when incensed not a publication that exists on the cost it shows in the foot notes that anything was changed in the first seven articles by the first but there were changes they've been hidden from us and this is the first publication in america she he shows the changes created by the first ten of moments it purified the document because there are some and it has to do with ownership of property and and how the fund government on the apothecary as the master of complications she dives into the deep darkest recesses of history and hoardings and all out in the light and sospiri haven't you felt on other footnote al thogh i think what's all this is about and in what i'm liking about all the things you're saying is that chiefly the people have failed to recognize the power and authority of we the people and whether you're talking about from or a congress the constitution bill of rights those are all under the authority of we the people using mention the media of benin being a proverbial force branch the fourth branch of government which he now may label actually the first is we the people in the grand jury and people do now we have that we have more authority in the grand jury than scotus thus sonsothers cordon yucatecs that put say we've got to get back to it and that's that's what the federal space it's nice and good understand that content of the founders it the something far bigger here that and that is god's intent one the constitution as we see it with the prenomens is not about original they miraculously together in their fight ended up with something they didn't expect so we've ended up with god's intent and we have god first then we have we the people and then we have this government and in actually the government that we're seeing if he want to call it such is as a corporation and its falling apart well eme seasonfor orations anywhere is the corporation of potatoespotato those corporations the if there are if they are really real or unconstant their valid there boyd there completely fraud and yet all that soft criminal acts and so working the just were holding the so i think the corporation concept one min like you and sometimes i try to go there to cousinfor mation there would happen in the eighteen hundreds and so the so much corruption has so many claims they were just completely unlawful and coste and irrelevant as though the will the whole thing is as that we've got to make sure that we do keep it because we don't want to turn into what they are because they have complicated things so much that we get off track along the time saw the course things are hang on a second of negotie i love which you and your brothers are doing this doctor can't you will be in the history books however i think there's so much going on behind the scenes what are your thoughts about ah that the supreme court continued could be holding your case to the last resort if trump loses ah his other cases i would wake up it would wake up the world if they rule in your face and then free soliloquy guy as doctor count my artist observation gootes we the people have borrowed a page from the enemy's play book and the oft quoted it is the last and right wings of the same bird bronson stop equals the so we're all fighting together sagenette girthing hessonites worn thing that we show don't know what's going on beyond the sands it the power and who knows what forces a rather that could god can do anything right he can have blank of an eye he created season and store of geno with revolutionary war towers and thirty incredible way so intenention had happened but the most important thing right now is people and not feeling astoined by the biding not as were you can have a binding all who with petit without pennilesse can have a binding old here write a letter and the gift the book reined back when the quene and starved become educated in a super powerful way and an active way of ugokasu tional course or camp whenever you learning credible things about the history leaving upthe they don't really what is in this each the closets explain the classes this power classes that we need to be aware why are we the branches the on the the man be a penalty the demand that the congress be accountable to a binding of why we the first ones to do this or not going to complain to say yours an opportunity to embrace the one and powerful way and its door you're open doors with letters to the and it's your the beginning of the power that you can have as we joined together as we with a powerful document that like i said is like our inheritance it's like our uncle sam's will our property in her family we were talking yesterday about this too the power of we the people is so magnificent and we just don't haven't recognized it and you looked at it from an angle that most of us didn't know existed before so you're bringing a new education too we the people and showing them another way i mentioned yesterday that we can shut down a bear come meet o lakeseyes offering to rise as we had orthasterias that is a different form of power her saying you know what here's another four of power that beds is better and more meaningful and that's what people have to figure out they're finding out the power of their dollar ah if you want to call it that in all but they're also finding starting to find the power that they have in politics or in as a body politic that's what i want to say in your showing them one avenue to do that that they didn't know about before and whether you're successful and this his scots case or not your showing them they have it look closely enough at what's there in an and that is a tremendous lesson for us all that's why bring up the federalist papers and other historical documents because if we don't look at them were lacking in the education that gives us a full perspective of what kind of power we have in your saying here people it's insiderather it's in here blesserent it and heidenhain of it and loys maneasy too and make it a real easy nobody has an excuse at this point time according to don obernburg because it's making but he so easy for us we are have to raise serch to the point of sending a letter you can get on there and you can you can no one ought to be able to be active you don't have to be a scholar to do this in destroying and let your voice for free soliloquy i again i sent my letter the first time around a note five old family friends and now i had back and my second round of letters we have a nation of the save and children of absolutely corking call and cally high every one doctor kent can you donecan you post on your telegram and name of the books and where to get them from please thanks doctor dave can yes i actually did this morning all all writing and that a that it is on my telegram channelwhich is brandenburg beare and and bourg the number four am i and the where you find that is i'll show you right here it is seven discoveries do we're going to go back to the other one over here we need less or on a twelve ah oh you've got somebody out there sunnites some hate mail i love that i'm not going to read the vileness of the but anyhow ironic twelve you appeared to be a a a little but lacking and ah your command of the english language so i'm going to leave it at that because clearly a if you want to call me those names that's great i would take it as a great badge of om at any rate let's go back to the other one a careless we need to serve a genowey you don't what i think i think i got it to do less to do here and i may just set it you know getting myself educated a little more you know we've been going through this kind of stuff with john tater on tuesday we a tater tuesdays which is a lot of fun tat ocheedas and the going through going through a the station and lawful so i may just have to dig into this little bit or o then we must do do from charlotte benson esselborn of education and on for case on alkestis to this is emotional happy emotions yet as we can do something right there is hope thank you to both of you for your leadership and bravery think you some oh charlotte says governor whitmore stealing or inheritance giving it to fourth industries for point o china and the un world economic for echo where the state of miss gans supreme court in this matter feckhill they just as this mine thou though when i was kicked out of the ballet and such said he ah nothing kicked the kicked down the the the road to the federal cork nobody wants to do anything because they are a bunch of got was cowards and so on and on part of the poem so we're going to have to do it ourselves and in to to this point ah where like an arc form who you had none of these organizations supersedes the constitution of the united states and so we can go back and hang it on that and when we go to any the other four letter are the three letter for letter a dashes arriola for letter ages they do not have the right to exist nor do they exist under the case of norton is shall be so we have the right to nullify them right there and then also and now there being tight across in the recalls of churches and noah or bet that's coffee all domocrats one republic served on the recall and one republican in the chaos handwriting issue he numbers i don't know why the trolls en bothered elicit getting now why they want to listen i'll tell you why trolls listen because they realize how uneducated they not so they have to come in here and and and did there behind the andesite by a wonderful gentleman who has decided to stop for ah is he oh he telling me that now i need a bit educated perfect all you've talked is non son so i i'll stick with lornsen and people who actually a instead of just a holsteinische some one try to break into a card it was locked they cut all to gaspe and the god was so many checked the den into the door tis i that great spirits constantly encountered violent of a statement from einstein and you know you do her host inything no matter how good it is it's their way it's there you know it's there that life and until they changed they're going to be miserable my message to people that her negative started playing some posies positive post poste thing you can do with your own life in set you'll be in love at asevery attack i get it's like boa that goes on the wall of badges of honor when he always get all of us have been negative at some point again an so it see you got a love these peas they find a way then the all lives more productive and get out of the negative so mike that's my to the negative the they said a focus on your positive life positive points in your life any of them focused on a make life better and she thesolution that the they don't even realize that every time that they they attacked you and i are anything if they is doing something positive because we love it cause we know we're over the time for her within out the really cry out in a aweel thae loveth here your more compassion and kind than i am clearly so our bond twelfth is the best thing i did to and half years ago three days i chose to abdicate myself and get in both listened to the federals papers on honorable during my morning walks david deceive count said sounds like some politicians or on here in a little scared over they scared cause they know where over the target where we go on we go all in we are not backing so on one i'm very monk somebody needs to tell the fool that we are now under natural law and republic not under the british for any cracks so the water god's law you know stornowite court you o were playing ball and with her and when they were sour and and god and god is absolutely been with us every step of the way the night the really nice thing is who truly believe in one nation under god under god wisely were won union there were nations not even in okay secreted by despots on lady scorpio one of my cane the word democracy is not in these here demonis not in it were democratic is not in one you know what the word we public in the cotton the constitution toronto every state a republican form of government so another little of many coarser were one union under god and the pledge i should say that i should say once that one nashasha be one union under god divisible we're not indivisible for individual individual nations and the declaration men of penance proves that point because it reckoned great britain it is i as a nation so it's another part of correcting the course of the we understand the power of the cost and the power to tempt the moment these the pain you for the cat that for the correction you know and this is really the way that it supposed to the world is supposed to work were supposed to bring education to each other because no one can know everything the string that we have is standing to gather and you bring something in you bring something in you guys bring something to the table and then we we all move forward together really this is really amazing ah i see free soil we got a month ofsection guys and and move on it's i it's he's just going to keep going here or cerito were going to set were going to pray for you arranteenie pre and for you to day cause clearly you a overcoloring some happiness and your energy should be spent on your personal life and yet the positive points of your family and i forget the negative in your life get out of that start working positive and so get out of this negative rout you don't need to spend the negative you know in this show any other shell focused on your lepers the lotted good and positive in it make it go that's right and get in and stated just herring people dont you know jesus talked about the naysayers and full time tearing other people down and honestly what we what we need to do is when somebody is out there fighting we need to get behind them and i give them encouragement you know it's just like it just looking couraging people that have had problems with say you know personal promise as to say that there is you know drag ejection or or all all we eatonor ge hem to you can do it i know that's what god would do god and say get back up get back up and walk to it again and do it again and tell you can watch and you you are a younowhere we're process were works and process now there are people out there that have literally turned their back and i'm not sure that they're going to come back there's a point we you know they get down the road so far god forgive him but i don't know if they will you know turn themselves round but you know what those of us who are trying every day to walk about her walk to follow god close to do the right thing and every single thing we do we're going to trip and follow but we got to get back out i ain't we got up to get back on that horse and we ride again and god is like you can do it you can do it get out there and fight find something you can do cause you can do a godedienst i everybody everybody he made exactly the way that that you know he intended to have good works in their lives and let their lives were for his goode so they go so free the look isolates a dark gave con nay ye here we're saving ourselves there you go and so he's go ahead and and give two dollars to the to the bronson brothers or i dollars are thousand dollars or reefed as by this kind of the constitution locos fifteen dollars right i can i sericosis priory was yes hilekan get rid of our coffee for a day or that the copy candor or of something like that or buying or or a bad like that we're boy coughing or was and that otomie copies is o that's cool and in less uninclosed him to our public functionaries i think that's great you know and one of the cases you brought there is brought up marlboro marlboro he was twenty quoted i think many copies for for a hundred dollars is five dollars each sent priority marbury versus madison i've seen that case come up lock it is a pathetic le the providence and duty of the judicial seat to say what the law is and i like looking at this specific case they are quoted within other cases it am john teeter always brings up on these cases this one he's brought up quite a few times actually in his prose is that he's done out there which in its brilliant it so brilliant to watch how how a proecise put together i i need to study this more because i think that there's some people we need to go after dishonored dressed gravmenes that for and the legal system out of that and required us to from the government so but the binding of his road bottom like reflexed the binding el situation came over it's just a son carenever things to say to that cause i think this is just wonderful and ah ah i would love to have you back on again i want to hear about this constitution and what you're doing to put this together for kids annesley or are smallest form of government is the family at it needs to be the strongest one kids are the responsibility of a duty of parents to raise and if we have good materials to he you do not that not the nonsenses and showing up in our school systems believe that the one and mined to be abolished also under norton verses shall be county and they have failed as an indoctrination instead of actual education that has standards or in what the child what children what are we actually giving them and we really need to rethink so i'd like to hear i'd like to see i was a home school mo so i home schools so i was done with his thirty some others go i was like no not going to go down this so am i i really want to see what you're putting together for that and we will be supporting you i don a brandenburg and brandenburg news network the supporting you and love when when you're ready to bring us out in the old to a champion anything that you put your hand on i to take back the united states of america i think your brilliant north there is epiteto go to arkansas carson i thought negget to them i want them to so we did we then work it on this contest i dar is able to present the concept of donald trump in a group i was feeble gone to my follies i sus make you'll buy this teme show from me when you get out of office sounds good to me and he was so the concept is is it not just cares but asking people what would you give your present one sentence so we're going to lodge this contest organite caches we might be doing it at prasinana then or there where we have lived by ditions may be video a pen once her ten second video and if you give the i mean put this someone website theresa you two video where he shows me kind of trying this out and john stassel did it with me answered the question steve forbes answered just short questions make a really in short answers make a relenting force as well what would i do i present i would get rid of the iris cerrado the federsee can give america here i want that one in beautiful and so we do long this for and of adults wanted participate as well and have real significant and that just like as so these other and willie oh i can america's got colleges talent out there right and like the falls we had a pro great meeting not be going back dark and supremely within and establishing a place for organised it up so hypothle people are interested and every one there's about gets excited so i think we can to launch it real exciting fond a contest for everyone regardless of your i love that i would love to i would love to be there when you're launching this i think the sons a phenomenal so it carried hev any other questions or any last word yea of a couple of questions am or relies on a hwile ago you mentioned lay that you have advantages because you're not a attorney before example you're not concerned about your future career that you've invested so many years of training and in finances into and i think that's a really cool concept that anybody can challenge as you're doing anybody can do that i'm so i'm sure you had to have some training so some knowledge that's what dada's me talking about i need some knowledge please show me tell me teach me i well i'm curious because i think a lot of people are limited for example as we talked yesterday in politics because you think i can't get into politics cause i don't have any money and that's what we have always been shown it takes money to get into politics unfortunately it takes money so lot of people who fill lawsuit or defend themselves because of the the finances what can you tell us about the cost that this has taken in order to do what you're doing prose well it's been time now because we're represented ourselves in course there venus finding these and so but we've been able to save a tremendous amount of money we had friends that are o indeleble world and if you get a look at this and what i said you you've got his two million dollars section that it would have cost you hired at turnings to do this but it didn't cost us that because we were doing it ourselves and because my brother dared that so much i represent itself over the year sewing bag because of the supreme mortgage bundling and the unethical and unconstitutional actions that were taken by the government things that happened so he started seeing banks and so he got all the experience and stayed corn federal court discords a court of peers the port twice so to the and so he had all the experience and that what he got him going as when he was watching might pans ooful round and act like he had to certify this without so the sea flossie like the question was certified or not and that was not the question but that was that was the michaelis and then in and others that were making it look like that it was simple asking for gosh how nothers simply asking for attending and so in a and so you think of all this it's going on and how complicated it is but it really can be simplified and broken down and so is your question i think you covered it pretty good cause you your answer you saved two million dollars estimated at in because you didn't have a hartebeeste love worth in that but it's still you i'll tell you people you don't love my brother was sansosistes gottento is like no i not that simple no way i would be doing this is no i could do if my brother daren't had now this leg of and and when we went to been able to do it either if i hadn't had this past should i self published about seven books small books over the year so oconne ting dots and so we use that informed in our pleadings and then we made it not about from it's not really about trump and my brother dared really wanted to make it about trumpets i know that's mistaken a really is not about trying out honesty its the oars and it's a veritable investigating when you've got claims can you imagine pearl harbor is attacked by a couple of plains belisante attacked by plain or two of the japanese and every one goes out what's on one or two so we're not going to investigate and it's like that's the same thing that happened here only there were a lot of plans we had a hundred and forty five members of congress saying literally saying that we've been attacked by an enemy and we'd better find out what this enemy is and that the threatened use that a widow need to investigate because of their sole a prideful we were who cares if the enemies at enemy attack us if we o not investigate even one slightest of the you need to investigate because it could be the warning shot it beginning of discovering the real threat he fell miserably sold look at the enemy against this right now so we need god's help we need american awake up worse america wakes up god every person he wakes up god can extend his power more to help us save this is so that's so it's about it's about educating ourselves and engaging in praying and asking for god's help and its minutes about saving our own souls and others too were on the right side no matter what the outcome we want to be on the side on beyond the side of absolutely to don there's your summary there honoras that this is not our home were here to serve god in st his creation his good pre and that we can not we always in can know that god always went and his love his longing this to go on so let's just see if we stop if we learn to be better fighters and stand for the truth to its i think that there's a training that it were on a training missionarie now here to see how well we hold up under someone green presser and also the fact that we were all chosen to be here now nothing is and this is in others no quaint quince there's nothing ran and we were chosen to be here now and so every one out there be be heartened by that know that your father the father father god the father of creation created you to be here now so let's take this and let's run with it let's play the cards where doubt and playing to the best of our ability and refused to get up his tostand down and continue to fight for those things that we believe in that we love our families in foremost are friends this nation the nation was an and it requires maintenance and right now were work kind of in crash in the clean up we need to get in there and and really maintain what we were given go back to the founding documents go back to the that was put in place because your rosin that we've seen has lent its to a that encourages it enables one it enables people to come in and take advantage of us and this whole thing is it it's not just about the rightful president in the united states is about silencing our voice in our ability to to be we the people in charge of the and where america goes the world goes because we were we are the ones that that have the ability to stand and stand we will stand we must and stand we will never we will never lay an lay down at the foot of any one there you go any last words from either one of you right now you i have thought that her i meet ideas i have friends that are anthes it's like you want to give me had the constitution sitution really protect your right to noble you don't have the constitution or into following some kind religion a kind of law that jesus never forced anyone to believe where as he thought of the cost whose the god of the declaration of an ape yet the constitution tells us so it is the monsignor's memorialized the she unique way by using the christian calendar in the year of our lord i say to my atheist friendshipyes if you are that if you want to protect your right your god gives you of a god given right to not believe in him i can't let you have a right to choose its choice and if you wanted protect that right you get behind exactly exactly we do have the right to choose and even even you know to be nate the so that that we may not agree with it but we agree with protecting each other's rights and that's that's what we that's where we have to go with us that we have to stand together in one i i do not believe that people that traffic children have the right to traffic children and that the human rights are violation but there are lots of things in but in north i mean there's there's lines there that you have to you have to look at and and the right to protect each other and in i think that that's are our solemn duty right there stole so with that sad air a carneying to say right now oh i would just like to thank loye for coming on the show and in teaching us encouraging us and sharing more about your case and what you're doing i think it's really fascinating concept and i appreciate that ye're able to put it in simple terms that we can all understand and learn from so it's very encouraging another very positive sort of show because we see so much negativity going around us every now what can we do well we do it we run around with our arms up in the air waving round like the sky is falling and where he so helpless but we have a lot of power and with people like down and yourself there's plenty of those in america plenty of people who are intelligent have their own role to play and together we the people is a very powerful for so thank you for sharing in your your rolled the play with us so i harelipped the let's end this in prayer here because i want to wawawawa and in prayer and i go back to the fact that it's got himself that's going to lead us out of the captivity that were in so i'm in pretty sure that everybody out there at least in my audience that the hero the repeat less that a lot of people at their field like were no where out there said he gies istarti the rain out here at starting to rain and read then in the spit for a while and we feel like you know there's a lot of people that or belittle leaner efforts in that sort of thing but you know what no no built the ark will everybody around him was sayin no as a cook on tell it started rainy he was he was sounding the warning to every one and were going to continue to do that right now the banks are the banks on to be one rapid of rapid a rail to collapse and we are going to have to learn stand together and work together even if we don't agree i mean there's you can't get you people together in agree on are the process of in each other and communication and organised to continue his work on neteach other to get through what's coming and it's coming so remember where we go on we do go all that was laid out by president kennedy and a true or to day than it ever was so with love and respect to his sallets dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for lay and his brothers and all of the wonderful in that they have decided to do to take on just the love of this country of of our fellow americans of your kingdom and you and we are just grateful we asked that your favor would rest upon them in all other efforts that you would give them times that you would leave them in directions that they may not even know by opening doors for them and bringing people into their lives to help them in the offer that they are our embarking on the children for the the prose losses that are going on for the cases of we ask you were give favour to all of it we ask that you would shut them all of all the naysayers out there and i had them realized that they are truly truly in deep trouble we ask that you would open their eyes open there we feel great sorrow for he and oh and i know that you are the one that can help any one no matter what station of life that there i thank you for the constitution for the work of the founding fathers and carnan every single patriot out for any one who struggling with with problems such as his drugs or diction or who are struggling to provide for the families or who are broken hearted over what we've seen as the united states has truly gone through a terrible time on watching these things that we love being attacked destroy not just from the outside but from the inside we asked that you please be with us in all things granting us your favor guiding us every step of the way that in all things that we lay everything at your feet our troubles as well as the things that we do right it's only because of you and we ask it see you not us they see you working through all things for you are always good all the and we know that your friend of us we ask that we would be a friend to you in our actions are obedience and in our love for our fellow and soon remove you to day ah relove you so very much in the name of jesus christ we pray a man rolled rare thank then i love to pray it's one of my things larimore as only way you walk with god on this planet and keep yourself out to trouble because given half a chance we're going to screw out or taking up the only reason why anything goes in a good direction because god almighty has decided to give us is it and leading us out of the the junk that we create for ourself anyhow so let's see you had to go on the side sinalways do all start in good here we go guides go to brand and berg carrying red finding being then not to brand and bereford governor not come because i am i not conceding to liars cheats and thieves and in fact i am the best done conceder who has ever not conceded and the history of the united ah do when when president trumpets on cowboy boots i might consent he's a good one so the prospect but at this point time i'm still cling anyhow i there you guys and just see you know we love you you are not alone there's so many people out there that are standing for the things that you love their import your family or friends or the nation all the things that we love in life and were not going to back down and i know you're not going to either god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me make it a great day it's a red so keep our minds strong to watch the things and do the things feed our minds are souls or spirits get in the bible and you know get in the bible and read what gods i am an athrow something out there just a minute we'll see collup quickly quite often i placed some alas was just do that a man and a so that we can we can keep our minds sad and we we can keep ourselves strong was just play wi scripture right now and and feed ourselves before we get off so long your selves and we urge you brothers dethe idol reheat heard how gestationes of the urine channel ceiscoran now at rich choice pray which as is the will of god crises no which do not despise prophesies what touched stras state now the god of peace stricter major has he kept goorgoories she holds she surely john tents cross as she so self no paris how do you terrible for god not senhonta the world to condemn but in order that the women we see so what worse to lie is not in the strict nor his pleasure exposure one who he so god oh say the bars stomach no was and there gordieston there so thank you so much even a messeprest ate commercial that jumps on nesses reliefor real people by real people and we just keep going so have a great day guides god bless you love to all and will see you monday when the shorthand i don't know i've got a couple of the people that want to come on next together oh i will be gormineerin channel at brander for number four or in going to lois sides i will i will put some all on that telegram channel and he's got an he's got a a a telegram chanels and so as was ostic gether do this stand wine when and karananan willa will talk more when agatha a great day gus love