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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/21/2023 - Encouragement and News with Karen the Riveter

Published July 21, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it's the twenty first day of july twenty twenty three and welcome everybody think on for joining the sheldes morning we ah we are going to have a little bit shorter show to day just so that so that carantanian out a little bit of a brake later but here we are we are here every day and ready to put the news out there and lots to talk about de son going to bring in my body here and i care not i doin the putting great i'm evening great kindness morning so far cohering as the master men make omit oftenlone and as she sansamani the morning and they always make me laugh an it's a great way to start the day of so so we had a a change out from thrums astor yesterday so too fond thank you it makes me laugh when you put it on your shell i i laughed just now can lose like poets like all the sun there it makes me laugh now that's for i love that i think you know it's we talked about yesterday and how to balance out being able to see things for what they are and also have have the joy have joy and as we're going through this process of figuring out what's all kinds of screwed up with his world we can still have the joy of the lord with us find things to be you know this battle is gods this whole battle is as we are not solely responsible i think a lot of people feel that way that they's solely responsible for the outcome no you need to hand it over to god and god is lotterie for the outcome but we're here to help in the fight so we can we can move forward with joy and everything that we do and be they before all those people around us like like caranganor bodies it as we go through this war we can be truly thankful for friends people that we know are honest and true those those people that god has put in our path to go through life together i don't care what anybody says we always have always we have trials we have tribulations we have we have all things that that are tess that were going through and you know what they make us stronger they make us better in to go back to the fact that by losing the governor's race i really want because the amount of information i gained going through that process you couldn't gain it any other way and now they have a true warrior who loves to fight who also was armed with knowledge and connections and all that sort of thing it just it just makes for a better fight actually and are we going to stop now never in fact yesterday ah with his whole nonsense of president trump looking like he's going to be arrested i sat it from the beginning he was going to be the first real public arrest because the outrage is going to be amazing and if they go after us guess what i did a task i shall look good an orange so it's okay that nor that down tie it's like the rest all of us gas what we could be thankful for the orange jobson and it will be a badge of honor that point time but are we going to stop now were still not going to stop because as paul was imprisoned you know even if they come after us who care is god have a plan he has our pass or our path and our backs went heverything to worry about and thank you god for orange because we look good an orange anyway i don't know i don't like i don't like orange to wear normally so i i don't know the bright orange that they use for that erpice oh you clearly have more i have olivaster tense like a rusty orange and income to you clearly haven't worked in construction that no it warn't safety yellow many many times but not worth and i don't really like fifty ethelcould take the orange over the hollow actually i've warned you know you i remember you know they they switched that out the low years ago and such used to be more orange and such but it's kind of fun i'll take the orange if it's it's a badge of honor they put that on me i'm going to be like out just to had a type if because i've been pretty vocal about everything and at my going to change my tone not a chance not a freeing we we came forward for this battle and there's no back down and so that's just the way it is that it would be it'll be my badge of honor you know and what it oh what was sad years and years ago the that i have how i know i'm not going to screw it up but it would be an honor to give my life for this country for god and for my fellow americans it's not something that makes me sad at all it's like okay so what whatever path is not non written on negotiable well as you were saying get did with tired out we have so much joy why do we have to because we don't have fear why don't we go far because we have got in as we were talking yesterday if you re focus on god it's a whole lot easier to not have fear he doesn't mean that we we can't be anxious in the moment it whatsaile anxious for nothing because we we tend to focus on trivial things and this is part of being a man or a woman you just you just do that you know but he knows that jesus was human he knows but i the more we focussed the less fear had in the more joy we can have so it's like what can round it what's going on in the rest of the world why am i laugh and every day at this ridiculous clown show their potion for us is this like how can you not laugh at it if you're not afraid of it and you know that the more craziness they do the more people are waking up and the more we wake up like the last thing up posted last night am i made some comments about what's happening to people are learning about their power and i don't think we're quite therewith authority yet but ah i posted about how we've shut down corporations by not buying products pretty much and the people learned that the onionist down a store that doesn't sell pillows for a guy who supports election had tegit et sholdon the whole bed bath in the on and a bear company put it a trainsman on their cans and the stock plummeted ah disney took a major had on what i called the up teeth harrison for movie that the deck they took it hit on that one while pinpoint to to watch a movie about child trafficking in part because disney shut out that truth for five years a punished disney big time and he gained from it as well and all of these kinds of things are in a country music song was the last on the kind of triggered it conomic song that nobody has a clue who goes guy is or i don't i don't listen to country so i had no clue who he was not a salinometer but that what sir you talking about it when even now the name of it but it's it's been posted around and i shared a video of it the song is about small small town america try this on a small ten something like that on a bright tatessall town ah not something i would normally listen to but one of the oronoco try music tv or whatever it was decided not to err it because it had something about guns and head or whatever they censored it pepe i you got a sense a town a small town america son we go get you show you and it may never one an it his well said he had taken to learning how much power we have when we get together and in its very quick within days if you can do that in government if you could get the people together in in her natrolithe power but their authority as a people who it weren't we're getting there but we're not quite her yet i think we're getting there people are people are working out are waking up more every day on to the nonsense but i was kind of surprised at the reaction of the republicans for the sixteen that were here he having a felony charges charges brought upon them for the fake elector scheme right and how many people were trying to protect them because of the title all know we've got a title we've got it for tecrit so yesterday one of the big things in the news was the fact that that stand brought was stripped of election duties after being charged for acting as a fake elector ominosa there right right immediate the quick jumps that people made to demonised at dan and noseand support these fake republicans was really shocking i don't support any of em but dinanascent there i mean you you can only look at their actions this is not and should not be sports team who was in the right to day and who's the wrongly got a look at the process and leave the personalities sidelong it's it's fit for solids its not biblical this is so it were not supposedtobe i arescores of man right biseaut we need to look at the facts and what's going on behind the scenes okay so anyhow somebody with a brain stripped him of his election duties and they should have stripped him all of them for a long long time ago because of some conflicts of interest that i thought we had a conflict of interest going on there i'm in and we don't know when people say the republicans democrats whatever it's just a label anyone can say anything they identify his republican we're going to wernshaher there there the the lead and as for the trans people right there that i did donefishing right the law have to go anyhow i a town clerk and mission will be large from writing any elections after being charged earlier this week by state this state journey general for acting as the facelet and twenty twenty for then president donald trump the anthers evictionwere elections i'm not and ethers on maceloth right redthere notified stand grotare blican was served as shalbe townshend clerk sets twenty twelve that he will be prohibited from administering elections while the charges are condell that's a first thing i've seen the michigan burlestons do that's been right from the beginning of this nonsense so if somebody is charges against them why would you let them be in a position of power the republic in parties got so many felons in it right now it's not even funny i mean it is the felon club the that there thou in we've got some real questions you start looking at people who have ten counts or wire fraud we've got people that have admitted to cruelty to animals and also a foine and other people who have chiesto china which i'm running down right now which of the extraordinarily disturbing they they've tried to hide their tracks but they're not quite good enough and so we just we just keep keep going down but play the idiom and see intentase if we can see if we go back to what happened here at the beginning because this this was the oh that he had on yesterday though the the videlicet we can do here i think it's just cinnamoned on oh hang on a second and we'll get that video back up and see if we can slay this again plain again saying on plato kitchen table studio at the kitchen table studio so here i go why i need is a green green then you can point out and not what's a take seven of dis charge or from southeast michigan seven but we begin to night with the legal battle involving rick wore she cineras know how ere principle video none of the turmoil surrounding when election and i wortshorn also rounding on the prisonwhat he likes or county to i opines populares astrusse mountainabout last of the station he seminolesare donnell non se againstthisthis paternosters as a contionalis as to seven actions and caroline licelyhoode nor is suing the cicons like one of the oetinger herewhile all of the media savesave thing talking boy and what the heck happened here all right let's try that again here we go i think this is worth omar but come on people what the wrath okay if i had shorepresents i get the thing figured all this is crazy it's like it's like a right here in apogon sound off let's see what happens he note it is not playing now okay well there we go well any rate of res godidea what happened there so we go back to the ah the article here a minute i i honestly i think that this is a good thing they ought that they have removed him from from being able to run the elections now i want to i want to say this it is everybody was concerned when i posted something on i said well nestled broke though the law too she broke the she broke the law of by certifying and here you go this is where donniges arrested for saying this right for free speech babbslow she she broke the highest law in the land by certifying an election that was not was meat was not following any any legal legal ah process as well as they knew what they were doing they absolutely knew what they were doing because you couldn't look at this for five seconds and justified the only people that are justifying or those that wanted their gosport's team when and both sides were publicans as well as the democrats are doing the same thing there was no benefit for her two charged them now so why there's there's its its absurd the whole fool thing is absurd now i'm going to get all kinds of sessnock and are play that video let's see what essence up old coons so what what your thoughts on this can cause i think you and i are running the exact same am a thing in or in her hands here about what's going on yea if he gets really interesting how much things are changing and how quickly on the political scene this week alone there so much going on so in michigan we've got this local folk is what where is it it's on the elections we're talking about elections again we're talking about election the election from twenty twenty all over again in michigan and the people were talking about it for so long in the government tried to squash that amber station and now it's the government being the one to bring it up i love it that's that's telling me how much you know things are changing in it in a good director the one gotten that she of all people if she or egeneto governor of these oh kay they say i know that's the very only are you sir in my canoe perfections a case so vicentino interest edified just when the other there kindwork in together here this is crazy i just see if the astannoran it had all right saw i'm out of work put this one up here because there's two of em former deputy a goop leaders respond to charges against the sixteen faults electors all that was he that was the press conference now mango to this one to hold on bare but the gases of the kitchen table and and ah it is one it is sae we can get past the ingots and bring this puppy out wow this is amazing the this thistle and stuff is odd actrol you know what do embertide where it was got it was just the new six o'clock news right and i can hang out here but yesterday turnalas all the accusations of policy motives true and they were also discussing setting a fund raiser for these before the work the orca waited away second i go i got o'sako shorecollecting i like mark marks a nice guy but i'm not on with him right there so the qualified electors they were legally sawattention represented or for the comon cheer argues he i charged were alternate electors simply doing their civic duty in case legal desaltere he many times are you as attorney and michigan's former deputy attorney general matthews ninersas the exact argument that the beds will like the organ snyder says the details written on the sientome itself could be troubled for the defense sormen the problem that theory has his where the post is fairly strong there was a document in which he signed and that document said no man in the state capital in december fourteen and that did not have on to day nestle in the recorded message pushed back against claims that the charges are political in without an me there will be those who claim these charges or political nine but where there is overwhelming evidence of his respect of monte the most political act i could engage in as a rose be taken no action spider says it's the legal arguments local accusations that matter and the court of law in likely will put up a vigorous and then you will have to see how that old plays out in or now the mischief democratic party did release a statement last night the reason part of these were public at the tempted to undermine the very foundations of our democracy and their actions are a stain on the proud history of our state and the rule of law and all sixteen defendants will be arraigned at a later day which we do not know yet in also okay so was a letter and to say about this writing now is that that honestly oh we're we're talking about both sides being absolutely absolutely in the wrong okay so massol certifies a the gollection one that the everybody was shellacked for and that none of the processes were followed right and now we've got republicans who signed the ladder on december fourteenth in the basement of a headquarters somewhere the the the evidence there of the wrong doing is overwhelming its absolute from what i saw well see how they whether they politically out manoeuver but was really shocking is to watch how many republicans decided to jump on this to defend them when just like rendouble weeks ago got you know a month ago this whole time that the convention started there ever present frythes people spake or publicans so why now is every one coming to their defence in getting the long if they broke the law who here is which side there or make and rain there making body somebody's making money cause they're saying oh look at us we got a fight legal battles now oh aren't your party needs your support what am you like to donate to the republican party had their foundings probably going down hill right i spoollike you mentioned the adds of thisprobably the same thing the cabals running out of money those corporations are all suffering right now so relate what they got i do well and i'm going to go back to the fact that why would not bring this up after she she's all ready blowing her credibility with all of us she should have any way but why would she bring this up now to go after them at the only thing i can come up with us that they were assurance policy these present trump got in and the white hands are actually working through all the people who have actually committed cries well and also what this does is a continues to reveal for us whose who in in in his dosomething people who owned in all listen to the words as like labrousse called it in democracy and failed like you tested or it there and or doctrina ion master ah nestle came to the fore front again calling the democracy which is not so yes so well it teaches the people too because as she azure pointing out when people are responding to this poorly because there used to playing a keen game will in republican and therefore i have to support republicans no matter what ah if you didn't learn that lesson before here's another opportunity to learn that that doesn't work in politics there there are you you've got to look at the actions not the label because the labels will lie every single time so many how erinomaiset at tolerating like this i guess i am not the patient i can tell you that right now i wish they could tell you all that i was that patient here i am just not hitopadeas is what this is done a rightness the don apaten level stuff not happening in now actually i'm very patient but i'm also some one who believes in blind justice so i met steve bannon a over the past week and here and a very very nice guy i expect that he's going to be on at some point in time very gracious all individual but let's listen to what steve band and has to say about the time this time that we live in these steps that hiring for the promised steps not bringing in the additional owenson which can soracomiti on their nikosthenes nice people the good mess we need hard partition resistance short for nos hostile they go he's he is completely over the target so i want to read you something that came in to day and this is going to be shocking to some one this was a business communication that we received from a pipe line company that's out there not not ours but but a different one and i think that this is a noithe the latter right here hang out a minute or me let me put this up your seecould see it's it's on my phone here come in come in on this morning and this is what happened because this is what we have we've got cold blood and killers out there let now or killing working men and women i you better get your warrior on right now and realize that we are not kansas any more oh things are happening that we've got to be smart like we go to the ego to your car and look for the septies on your door nobs because the human traffic can end the death squads that are out there that the there there that this is this is the reality we live in and if we continue to be in this plasticity republican democrat party the the outcome of this and also people's individual lives is is really in a bad spot because we've got some really bad people out there so i want to i want to read this to you i regret to inform you of a tragic incident that occurred two days ago involving a noonday the company named in the chicago covers during the project to flaggers were offered bottles of water by an unknown individual in a passing car sadly one of the flaggers lost their life in the other flares currently in critical condition after conducting an investigation it is suspected that the water provided to the flaggers was laced with fat of the tinsel and dangerous opine enconavan serves as a silvery minder of the potential dangers that can arise when accepting food beverages from external sources while on the job this on the job it's anywhere we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining vigilance and being cautious in any of any offers from unknown individuals or project worth the itthis is not dis project work this is this is this is not this as an intentional homicide on the job of of a passing car of some one who was a flagge this is a thesis incredible it absent so it is stephanon right you bet his so there said bring your own food and bowbridge steller and at a others make sure that you share this with other people that's the that's the the that's the only path we can take right now is that we have to be vigilant in what we do and on tell we see this of these steps that hiring onworthe polistes not bringing wenniston which gen what's come to with their night gods the very nice people the good mess i need hard how hard it encantamiento accept erin that's exactly where we're hap because we've got a bunch of pansies in there that are given that they're givin the the oh the preference to criminals there not prosecuting what would a here to day to that they stop doing bail for people that are put into our justices you don't have to have baltimorethis no checks and balances you can be arrested for something no bail i'll chew go day on there's nothing to keep him in there so let's just say you have somebody in there that's committed some egregious crimes no proper they go and stand in front of the judge of this giving him a go then go because they're all the same team the judges are on the same team with a criminals so they're lightin them out two victimized our nation and a wit you don't believe me look where the findings coming from look at the funding now we're going to look at the findingor these these sixteen more on labeled republicans and see what happens here because republican party affects us all they've got way way way way too much power and for anybody's it's the christinos me and that meeting you're not a real republican really interamerican anyway clearly it's somebody who's an insider that's willing to willing to jump into the money game to fight under nonsense and all of them all of their pharmaceutical connections that they have there an oooooooo wants to talk about this no one wants to talk about this and you know what you're to hear it here here on no news network crew all of them i look good at one so but you are to talk about fitting we can i want to talk about this in colonel mcgregor too what he said and then i can bring out a quote from general flintits me point time because this is this is real guys i think we're coming to the end of it and pick i was tracking some i do some tracking up of what save military aircraft i enjoy that sort of thing and i was watching something for about an hour and a half last night then make sonsome got lot of screen shots other than an i've got some i've got some on questions to ask what's for it that way and served running down running down some some connections of that seemed to make sense to be beatting berlin things are going to or economic one i will tell you i don't know exactly how it had asonante situation when we find out the back two or three weeks so i the reunion i also think that the levels of violence criminality and our cities so it's got still over into other let people did normally think they can live from the problem are now begining then i look at this thing and crane i think you crane is going const complete co that too is cold to have an effect here at all because we learn on sin waitohi everybody told us you crane was winning everybody told the sex in and sansot of the russian oaks on sterile on the tothings are going to come together or converge in some way it's got to prevent us from reaching you know the status quo another election another set of campaigns and there you go ah that i think that i think that we have a lot to consider there and let's listen to my body how hatson and he spec exactly how something like that is going to have a meeting in the nothasten twenty four lectiones n't occur but that's pretty much what he shot present us i can say a scenario as is i can a senarian we don't have an election in twenty twenty four that some other in the calebasse other black swan type even a corners it may be i some in there's a couple of black swamp yep so i i think that there is there is absolutely enough indication that we are going to see a carestini's not just going to be ukraine that we're going to see a catastrophic change and our reality and our world sinoper body's got themselves right with god because if we have to go through some hard times i'm going to say a prayer dear god almighty let us not go down the stupid path help us it like we did with the toilet paper incident when we were shot down that was some of the most telling psycho reaction anyone could possibly have when that when people could by toil paper and you know if we're going to get through things if it if it when it goes down we're going to have to keep our hats and we're going to have to help each other and i truly believe that god always has there's always enough that god will always provide but we are going to have to be willing too not just go meniimme first all the time but come on we can do this together i i went wonderout that twenty twenty four things for some time in i showed which you had and posted last night that i i don't really have any evidence to support the theory that that there will be no twenty twenty four left so i just i think probably you and i were talking about it quite some time to go because how can you continue moving forward with another election when you know that the last one was filthy and i know we've been fighting for the election to be repaired and some way i resolved return of the diamonds for for long time and most people just think well nothing's ever going to happen it's too late well maybe it's not and at what point in time i had shared a history that i found cause i didn't research i've tried back track my steps i cannot find it there was in it one point in american history a state level office holder election in which one of the cadets was declared a winter the other one disagreed and contended that the election had a problem though it it went there court process and i think it took a full year before it was returned to the lawful rightful candidate and i can't remember who it was or where it has ever exactly what i think it was in seventeen or eighteen hundreds it wasn't more recent was on the presidential thing it was a congressional or governor of seat and i look cause i thought shared it on my telegram channel and i can't find it oh i have been searched for it for a while and in somebody actually shared one with me the other day but it was a presidential race so long as i conception in it took on how long to let whiteboy year so there is a precedent of that happening in american history i just can't track it down again that's that's while it's it's so wild to see im things i say this not not necessarily what we expect in an asoka you know it's it's going to be it's going to be o ka we just have to we have to be willing to be flexible and not be it ghost sports team and keep our heads in one direction we have to be in it for truth and that's that's the only thing that we should be in it for its truth i no go i ii typically like all a couple of different different sources here i was trying to bring some different sources up so that we can here a few more things in here for if you know that the i think we need to keep our eyes open on what's happening with president trump and i to see last night where he was at the a i viewing of soldered on free of the new child trafficking movie that that is out did you know that that it was actually delayed the release of that was delayed by miners five years so why now look look at the time and the interiorthin it is abstract the amount of coincidences now i don't i don't theecondense is at all not not possible it's absolutely not possible so anyhow but there's there's a once again there's there's so much there's so much to go through and we have to unlearn a lot of what we believed was the truth in the reality that were were living it in not so we'll think about what what would it have what would have happened if they had released in a year ago people weren't ready for it they would as he variously oh timing is everything i mean as everything cause no bay they would not have i'm looking for right now subject unread something here the united nations charter this is kind of an interesting and going back to the organic act of eighteen seventy one i don't know i want get into that i i was i was going to but but maybe we should should keep it a little bit light here because this is it's it's what day is it to day boys and girls it's flabianico and said pernot wearing land because at parting had all i've got another thought for her positive thought here still we were talking about that timing his everything and we were obviously ready for that movie come out when it is because look at what happened as a result of that coming out ah what is it tell you that it did come out if we say it was in just to circumstance of coincidence that's where i'm looking for it wasn't just a quincidence if that's the case what that means to me is that the people were ready for it in if the people were riddy for it how encouraged should we be what else are we ready for yes some element were later in the truth very very hard to rise one we we've gotten into some of this this this is all about the children make no mistake and what is happening where the kids that was happening right under our noses and we didn't even realize it the sobering facts that were going to have to that we're going to have to face now i believe and i have been told that our trucking industry right now that they literally are passing kids through the containers situation i mean we should i've already had a handle on that with what was going on with stensland in fact that glen maxwell's a husband was in charge of ninety some odd per cent these lignite it is above ninety per cent of the container traffic on the seas so why is that these people are human traffickers a child travers and their there into moving of our other logistics company to move globally goods around the planet but thought there also moving children round that way too and were the others a lot too there's lot to his timeparker says to laton pack as lots on rabble here ennyhow a happy moment to the new doodoo tho this is like to throw half her they just want to hang out with us suchostawer's just sent out with each other instead of going after money and all of the material things castets what really scursion t really matter all of those things are just tools if we don't use those tools for good the thepoint less they don't make us better people they just they just get us off acktually make his worst people and we got another one's boasting their flowers you you are have you ever been to the netherlands no olive pendaron america a little bit oh i should say not a little bit quite a bit but never too the big places and i've never ran i bad to the up but never can ada and i've been to fifteen miles or so north of the southern border but i've never been a mexican i was really close to to see and the a grand kenion oh that's beautiful but i was traveling with dogs and it was in the middle of the summer and i couldn't do that busby myself so i couldn't actually go there that was a shame i'd never been to niagara falls a fearful to really go and roseate he is like to do i like to go to the ark the herstine it what indian arahi he had an ill i like to go there sometimes just check it out the reed or road trapthere cool so that the grand canyon i think what's really interesting is the caves that are oftimes there that he have em signs that i don't know if you've seen seen all the evidence there with there is actually some caves there that had artifactsof limits to you know minions of inconsequential people and i'd like to go to see for myself if this is true that there is actually hieroglyphics in there and that sort of thing is this there's so much in question you know in the world we we've got to remember that nothing is as it seems lordsand that pretty a work beautiful eveley beautiful go dutch the gorgeous as a powerful pincer there that is in they should make jumpers and me and pink for prisoners he that would be cold i think one is that they privately led somewhere it is a share of a local made all the prisoners down in arizona where pink underwear that i tell you is some some fantastic a fantastic i a plan that's a great plan in a girl why would we put people in president give em you know three square meals a day and give him the ventholes or whatever it altecon the canons foes and all that kind of nonsense to make your life borondon built this cold hearted a hard woman would be like oh yeah you think this is going to be a field day here i don't think so guys welcome welcome to hell maybe you'll fight i know you don't like a watch and tv but i watch a show called sixty days in and it's interesting they they take people who are not criminals but maybe we're in their past and they volunteered to go into a jail for sixty days and then report back to the wood in charge of the jail as to things like howard drugs getting into the jail eh are the security people do what they're supposed to do and so on and insincerities to see from these that tell in mess you're in side and you live there awful it is as far as like a the mental issues and how they they almost make the note almost they do caused a mental health crisis inside the dale system don't be cannot providing what they need to well and i'm omnio back with that it's like you know for hard criminals were were providing a lot of people with an existence and there's a division but most of what's happening in our prison system they should never be privately owned this should be a publicly own situation because there there keeping their quotas there not their doing it for profit the jails are for prophetenund that when you are playing with people's life is very very dangerous the people that are in there have no defence their treated terriblethat but hard and criminals that go in are getting the favor from the judges and and i think that there's some big big big problems on both side so i just i've just been scrolling through some of positivity channelsdoes there is somebody decided to put a two by four on the hard in a lot of the month now while i think this is very creative i wouldn't recommend doing this to any one and i thought i better put it his claim or other on it but it's got to interesting on their trunks appointing time were that's really true their sometimes that we have to remove ourselves from people around us who are toxic like him that in that situation of dragonetti n and such its octo move on mantles good doesn't it there o what it is sometimes i think it's just nice to be a celebrated being on normal human being who loves a cup of coffee and a and hanging out with hanging out with with body you know what a nice way start the day anyhow lapses they saw a newsit where the traffickers are putting pettingall lace hundred dollar bills on women's wind shield when shields or or on the ground don't to it if you see money on the ground do not touch it we we have death squads alter that are trying to kill innocent people so and i don't touch it leaving alone and call a lawn forcement to take a look at it love says the artisan cantucky my kids weren't there and said you just can't imagine the size until you see it up close other'll be fun i love kentucky and like his great place horses all things god you know a simple life is beautiful of beautiful life that ah there you go guys think about think of it how wonderful it would be if we just all got back to really really base ex i posted a video wild back this is great it in a these on azurite then why do i done year after i dinotherian and was its really i got to see feeling that because it was it's really peaceful to watch and hanging out do and nothing and it's such a sanottavani different videos but i tell you what it's i confined it here i begged will lose kentucky that one i've been to the zoo in kentucky and got as you get a practice it to say it ridinger yankee for michigan you have to say eli's not louisville tell it's a loosenesse probably in conducting gooseanother with his people from michigan what is seriously wrong with them ran the half seen the saint louis arch there's theres one is not a natural thing but it is canolig thing that people like to see a bed in it and a scaring he had been on an there never encited when you get to the top there's a there's a window that you kin have to lean over cause like a forty five degree angle an when you lean over it you there's nothing underneath you because it's that an angle like that and it's got quit of you but it's cascare makes you want it now i'm one of those people that would like grab the reeling staying back now one of these people that makes my entire family go crazy because i like a want to see what's out there of no not good for anybody else's blood presser quite actually i tell you what i will never go bungi jumping no that's a bad plan many onreally bad plan i been on a rope course i can do that i can do as it lying i've done that but i have done it in the john ball's eso that's not like a really big and scareship blacking as they young alan that i've done the the the rock courses up high but i have not the air will not do the bungy jumpiness naughty man is now well for me i've got a cricket's pine so it's not something that i think would be a great idea for me i don't think it would be helpful if gegonosin this today sores can have to go on so it any orangesthat is is a great time this seddon to hear my fishers story that you a desert were talking about five or less here which ye kisse you know it's once their knowledge and my soul arist so i like to have it a chance to look at of pit your ammglit we might want to do a little research on this so to fisher plant they get hit can hear me oh i'm here can you hear me now i use an noddin work he is her and had half and the the computer starlight okay well we will not use the word any more see the poppy plant they got it by in tornado well i met at the follini's wiser the whole i i'm a hiss onitis is so funny remote in the word and i'm pretty sure that this is the ai and ought they said the naughty word there in a start talking about farmsone and fighter again are there the i'm here fisher pies or riseris epriser okay you did okay we'll try readythere sodistasteful there's this poise the gobierno and i met a couple people yesterday who no man who worked there he was a maintenance man it may be he still technically works there ah but anyway so an average day if there is some kind of issue he has to put on a major type have met so in order to do his job because what is it they made me facture fenton and in so this plant gets attacked by a tornado it got all kinds of whatever comicals are necessary for the productional fennel there are people who are injured and killed inside the place and he is tasked with going in and finding them the mentenance men now i don't know about you but does that make any sense whatsoever that they don't have like a high flute in top trained has met level searching rescue team to go into such a place why is a maintenance man climbing around a wreckage and i don't know if he's wearing a has at suitin there but i'm i'm picturing that medal strapping everywhere that we could see that video i wouldn't be wantin to weare a plastic suit inside a place with chemicals like that and that level of exposure unless you really know what you're doing and i a doubt that the maintenance man has that kind of training so why are they sending him in there sorely trying to hit something is one of the questions sounds on wewhatever why were the company like their risk a life of a regular employee you would think that the people in charge of the emergency scene wouldn't allow it you would think their insurance company would allow it you would think that they would want to protect all of their employees and keep them off the scene because it's not safe an so it ages makes me ask all kinds of questions oh my gosh and that's all i know at this point ah the people who told me this they were sarasin crushes too they thought it was strange too but i will there was no other answers for me so it it might be something that you want to look into or somebody else might want to look in to em is it correct the story that i heard because they know this other persons so i'm hearing it second hand but there now it is does make any sense to me that the story that is beyond crazy to me that that is that is absolutely not well let's go ahead in check this out what's set we have here on if i can i don't know that car in the remoter looked good and pink there i love it is that's that's amazon barater here so we have here so i pulled this out tornado it's try which one we wanted do a b c wall street or foxes all take news but hey you know we make geswicod pitchers of create long term shorter while this sounds like something that is actually going to work in it in our favor because i i don't i don't think that's a really i've i've talked to people who have tried when they that they've tried to be there there actually giving a see here cent news eh that's trite facies may elave vide the there are there are people that i've i've known that you have been given fatnin the hospital and they hate it like absolutelie i will not ever take cotton i heard a story about a woman who is addicted and she had a baby that she wanted to get to sleep so she gave the baby what she thought was cocaine and it wasn't it was fat enough and when they did the toxicology report it was strong enough to kill ten people with that baby had i i can't even i can't even comment on that one here less let's lycus thathome donderation deniedthe ditto to do a nice no have dog he have loose stools fantastic as what you do when it's real naesby real people for real people at the kitchen to test for has a new or white hoss pill which we are told could work even fast the haddocking joints of fine dolophontheis arterial dose this isn't finding how toledo the dog so from dogs toolowest hill in an article that is clearly judges of this was clearly hethington now died on the th this is how they get tooright you go away and then they kiss you with it had like and then they have a video on dogs stole we are you kidding me while it seemed they actually talk about let's see we've got tornado tornado what in the world sastres one which we had more dogs told this is the way it goes gissement here we got out we got a a a line of likewhat you looking at there there's the rail lying right not to this ah here it would be really strange if there weren't more tornado damage other than hitting that piser plant how in see the overall area there before i make a decision here that this wasn't fact a tornado o what will hancrede and say that but i think we ask some questions here we have one spot touched down their happen eager what's going on here gus so crushed the roof but it didn't tear the roof off it disrupted the roof but it didn't there's no wind to move it off now we've got some turn over cars there not that i an oxford at this but at the storage area secretarieshadrian such coromantee no i can be re radom to attahooroo turning tornado to hit but i think we can ask some questions and i don't believe any of these lying bastards al there that do reports on anything look away happened at nine eleven in eleven oh yes it was too terrorist we found the passport in a whole frigenti of full of a paper and we know exactly who did or i hope that they they pant out here cause i want to see if there's one spot or esexual trentino damage and in the greater area didn't touch the trees sir sect doesn't look like a touch the trees angioletto bring here and there okay there's ale copter came ter helicopter let's fly round an see wheels we got there he is going on here and while looking them meteorolog and just from poured on his two to see was going on so she pushed it pushed from the front of the back so he asked in question the media now so were watching atlialie trees there in the front not one of them went often damaged it doesn't look like there's been any banner in the trees that have broken and the rounding oitaians there's a little bit of cross the tracks from it i wish to get zovanin see this potter just been your half oh we can't we your obievit in his lion fastern's really i mean are you are kidding me there's no way we should believe a word of this and tell somebody that was a third party not paid by our government with actually evaluating it i see a loetari field that's going down away and were not close up to make a decision on what really happened there but i'd like to see if there is a larger field that's been touched because it doesn't really look like it not on the trees around none of the trigonon of em we've got some debris across the thesseriss the train tracks which would have had to come from the other side of the train tracks oh i met they may have some they may have sent trees now look at us that looks like the trees are laying across the the rod or tracks there few of them all right mister mister camera man give us a really wide view here and let's take a look at the damage we got damaged in one spot i say a boys and girls but i think we've got some questions asked here so we've got a tornado that when ben hid her turn and had i a fiser plant in all we should have no asking more questions a few days ago cause we jesus through tornado made sense and medesmo e on and and we all laughed about it a little bit but we in the trees there right there on that the bononiensis coming from one little are so the tornado just went upsidedown and a right back up again i don't know the juries out on this one is well this we've got a and a singular area singular air are dim not seen any other damage anywhere not that it's not possible but we esitate one little spot miss really interesting to see it's almost like it was targeted or almost the secoceni plosion of some sort i not ere we got traffic moving on here let's see her more dan i would see if there's more damage for this this oh it's a school looks like a school there looked as school see what a gunwaled mage there too ok i'll give a cruet a little credibility now you got to ask questions so if you don't see iigot some siding of harry i'll give us some credibility could have been tornado look up maybe skip in there so but that's doesn't why we take a cold sir look though we got asked questions guys we've got to ask questions they better be some leaves missing from those trees around there yet they got that illusion a school too okay all right he had my anders some branches broken okay custodians were looked on canada see that they get three out entreated i don't like to be lied to oolite to be due and i ask questions until i get the answer and now i'm sorry for the people that were in harm sway they are very very sorry that's very sad you know what an okay so we're still going on you know think critically could it be possible for something in addition to happen when a natural storm comes through on that ready make that jump yet because they had antoridade there in no i'm just saying but he got his questions good questions good questions asked all man look in those trees that slicesdid through the roof that building my goodness this is some real and now in what that there from the report that i heard i haven't seen articles about it as there were people who were killed very as there are yes so when anatole lies is like you know the probe with me as i just like the lives is like if it happened the way they set happen you know then then i'm you know we're very very or these people will be in our prayers and our thoughts and i'm glad to see that but it's like you know you get so sceptical on anything any more yet and i think that's a good process to be in make him prove himself to feel bad about about asking questions about something even a horrific situation like the madness so w x i aye twelve greensboro they get a really good job getting footage and putting actual footage out there on its own codes hands off to you guys either a good job yet their pretty thorough and that bedello er it they can't be too concerned about it looking old people on the ground man there's people all over the place and there you know they got right at cleaning it up for sure case that was on wednesday that this came out so late times so a lot of times though they don't start clean and self up so quickly but look at the got the heavy equipment in there and look at all the people on the ground that that are despise standers you know it also makes me wonder a little bit more about what about this story i heard in what kind of a level of comical concern there was did it not strike up a location in coshering building there maybe there wasn't the chemical exposure and that rocksthat would explain things it's not break quartersnotables a bunch of people just standing around while we have lots of questions to ask on this one and and are ordee sympathy to any one who lost some one in this tragedy is torned there's been a lot of tornadoes of chooses yes i think let's see love says ah some are the one dispose of this scarbridge safely i no idea here and may be tornadoes could be controlled like the weather conventicula ted and also gessoriaco found a new toy on the internet of things and we have to put a lid on it before they do their end w o its ain weather control interest while this is this is an amazing a lot of footage of this yet this is why i was tralasciati ago how i wonder how much the media companies actually used holcote any more verses of drones cause we saw helicopter loving really low there i don't know if it's media or some other source but its costly it is several thousand dollars at least an hour if not in the tens of thousands two of our helicopter for like an hour of service i just saw a shadow crossed one of the one of the cars that looks like it was either a large jar or a helicopter so protect up on what was seeshowing forthere and pet well very interesting and you know something something that needs to be looked into because it ah you know still still i think we still have some questions to ask every misses this is a plant that clearly was hit in a school but she had not nobody thought about the school he was just prior what see we've got project storm fury on he gothamite here something that i think we can look at back to the point i can to the point that man this is just a lot of footage is as amazing i don't think it's on a loop now i get twenty two minutes and footed john this that is that is a crazy amount of footed cheer so i would i would probably sit here this is what i would do i was sitting here and look at that foot edge and see what else they can see there that jumped out at me but i'm glad we look at the school i hope nobody got a hurt there too but it was all about isoult's let's move to his moved to this project storm fury was an attempt to weak and troublesome by see otettiin aircraft into them and seeing with silver iodine the project is run by the united states government from ranking sixty two to nineteen eighty three the hypothesis was that silver iodine would cause supercooled water in the storm to freeze disrupting the inner structure of the hurricane and this led to cediera atlantic hurricanes however was later shown that this hypothesis was incorrect was determined that most hurricanes not contained enough supercooled water for clouds seeing to the effected additionally researches found that unseated hurricanes often undergo the same structural change that worked spected from seated hurricane a last experiment was in seventeen or nineteen seventy one in was officially canceled more than a decade after the last modification experiment although the project failed to achieve its goal of reducing destructiveness of hurricanes its observational data had stormed life cycle research health improve meterologist ability to protect to protect well interesting they have been played with a weather not noot about that so anyhow far fairly interesting but i really do think we should keep these people and our prayers because when ever something like this happens it is you know we can sit here in question the actions of it but there's real people involved in on these things and that's what's that's what's really really sad so the sadness of it isn't it funny how that that message came out that that official later came out to people within the pipe line in the street be aware of how dangerous fatno is and one thing that i keep hearing over and over gis that they can actually distribute this in an aerial manner if they were to set something off three thousand feet they could take a whole city out it would either have be no time to react so the there's more there's more danger out there than then what we think there are and is putting her hands in the in the sand and refusing to look at it is not going to help us we're going after look at these things and try to come to terms with the fact that the world that we live in is extraordinarily volatile and dangerous it's just the way the world is i don't think i think it's always been that way so nothing new under the sun we just have then put to sleep on the dangers that are out there we really need to keep her eyes on the new ones that keep hopping up because they just seems like the heap hoping up into new new incarnation of stupid or dangerous at any rate that was that's really interesting i want to go through and look at that because i think that there may be more more things that will observe for while watching the sort of thing so at any rate well it's ten thirty don't expect me on that long to day oh i have to go but let's say a quick prayer for i've got some edmenton thirty to day so i said let's say a quick prayer here and and the day with the fact that you know what i'm to do by my scripture think and i had out for my day at that place flossipher daringly father thank you so very much for giving us a hadso when there is danger for one of us that we can in fact address the problems that are put before us were so grateful that you have chosen us for this time to be here to be a force for good and to do your good purposes too to help each other along the way not to help the criminals to expose the criminals to help each other along the path that you've set before us we know you're going to all the time and were thankful for the adventure that were in that you can protect us from all things and that you can carry us with things ortotteri now for us is to follow you i'm pretty sure to keep our eyes on you and to he bores on each other to make sure that we're all okay not having our eyes on the materialistic things we reject that though we enjoy the things that you made for us as a beautiful place to be and you've given us a beautiful world and we're here and we want to help maintain the gift that you've given us thank you so much for everything we want make you proud of us we want it we want to do the right thing so that you're happy that you in fact created us and we just want to say that we love you so very much to day we give everything to you our fears are anxieties our joys are successes we lay them out at your feet because it's only through our savior in your precious son jesus christ that we can accomplish anything thank you so much in jesus name pray anither go ahead put some scripture up as don gets try to head off the door for my meeting here in a few minutes and i'm so here out let let's go back at here you all one blow this other gottenborg in or not come because i am not conceitthe best not concede who has ever not conceded the history of the united states and i would debate that with the rightful president of the united states president donecaster sweat to see the cowboy boots ten then were talking to the chosen trompin cowed by boys now were tongrinelle so anyhow have a wonderful day oh on the and the swift with the the scripture out there i have a wonderful day make it so make good choices and such and a i'll see on monday not acts we got won't be out of thursdaiy because i'm going to be a secret undisclosed location where i am going to be learning new things that's going to be ossetian rate ad bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica make a great day it's your choice joshua twenty four pers can't do the want that foreman was recalled of course began in and on herespecially when be the same if we didn't have somebody put in an ant throughthat on has danes your veto frozen well it seems for video may be frozen so for still watching the listening gets so were going to in a talk amongst themselves and he says calessino the goats fermentent in a chicken