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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/15/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published June 15, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the fifteenth day of june twenty twenty three welcome welcome to the you know oh once again there's a lot going on out there and i was just talking to care in imbittering her right onward i morning turn how are you yet morning i've i'm tired by that's okay that's normal for me a come gobettes here the retrospective wondermost is i tried to do two miles before i get out in the morning but to day to three three and a half you know all do if five case oh i've got an in to where i waited at and it really makes and i do not i used to be kind of a gem rot i'm not much any more but i do like to work out and so so i this morning i'm like i got off and on like i can't do it i just can't do it i'm exhausted right now just from the amount of of stuff going on and things that were i think we're all subject to right now with the amount of a change on the that how we just sat there and we shake her he that when esses quite right but i am a head a head another interaction legally yesterday too which more than dispel as it was some one that was so old doing the right thing and he and it was its from its within in investigation that's going on in its deeply troubling me it sounds to me like somebody somebody got to this and start of them standing in doing the right thing and so yesterday was he is but i think that a in this morning i was already on the phone in with several people trying to handle a trying to handle business and there's you know it's crazy but you get two people together until the man make difference to it is and people have lost these of honestly communicating when something goes we the plottings and so you and obscene a ah unnecessary necessary in strife among people they they can't they can't see things for what they are and i'm going to go back to the point because of course i've i basely you know i base my i try to be my life on god's word and the fact that we are dealing with principalities and powers its not flushed and till he yet their figured out we're going to feel offended attacked and in some other as when we realize that that people that we love can allow oftentime make really bad we have every action has there being subject to all kinds of the mass i cosis sets out here in which actabout that before i brought up a really good betty o that kind of describes how it happens i think you said a room and i am which is heaven in a fact on are the instability stuff going on i rose the the food the food shortages really test people our resolve as well as their ability to handle stress and ah put things in so and keep our eyes on what's reimportation really really does he i i think it's what we're seein as knocking the address of the diamonds that are out there and that's a good thing but also wise what were seen for what it is rather than react i think that that are seen are seen a lot of reactions to outside press in a kind of osbeck to horse when when i was yesterday went out to the feed mill and we go to an honest as takento the gay of the and the horse were known for kind of a rural style of horse on the guide that i was talking to his stand horse yes he's not into the or depressor release pressure released that's in iowa a better a better way to to modify behavior with a horse and they learn to trust you oh honest and kind with them and then you know you work on that trusted it's a good thing it's keeping them away from danger it's not you will and do exactly as i tell you is like a tyrannical trainer over a over one that values relations you know with not a withered i'm familiar with the concept in a dog training is well ye en and i used to watch some of those others couple horse trainers that used to watch it that i was like oh i could totally do that think cause make it look very easy but it's very time consuming it compared to it a dog dog oh nothing i just yea whosoever she got up takes more time and after an ogive a patience for it necessarily the spores to an was it was it money roberts and then there's that australia and gay i mentioned to you before clan o god clint something and handed yeah yeah that's it i i like clitander son he he's good and i like pearly or other one relieve happen that's the guy there gethereth honor stand the horse and horses you have different is introverts and you have you they have personals are so much like people it's me they don't like to feel so i have one horse in the barn probably the smartest horse born quinately but he's also the most and he does not like to be so if you get if you ask him to do and i can't quite get it he starts getting like and tote it is you i slowed down and give him tasks were then all of a sudden he s like this is a great game and he feels good about it and then it are you can see the happiness but he literally starts getting you know and get get some really frustrated so when we first started with we would have him i go to a post is not so you point him towards a a post i became a game he understood before he had any skill so ho target train a horse too and then then they they understand they start understanding the cues and it makes a very some in the few good if horse feels stupid there just like people there like forget it or and on to hard you know in rough three in can feel has been good to make it maybe i am closer to being hoarse like than that i had hoped to don come back through the toyahvale got right this time but and disclosed your hear on glad to hear let's play together tolly different a horse passed to what to do what you wanted and if you're dealing with the stallion you ask and there usually like him good with that suppellettile do it but it a galling ital wanted new you know they're like the like o ka good noise the grass over there i'm good to go with it and a mare is why but i'd be no dogs like this too to be fair cold i got i got a dog that's like that too she's in it my breed they are they haven't we called the side eye or the iroll and in that is the judgmental expression of oh yeah you think that i don't know you're trying to do right now you you ask me to go somewhere so i monorail as when you see horse ride best writers of the trails origenist half the horse whirled by this with ah but ah when when you were riding round in circles in to prove that you can do exactly the same thing that's not necessarily the best one if it is somebody who goes for ribbons and in that's fine if this which you're after but the best rider can take a horse out and on trail with unknown code and adapt in a just something goes select like an i had the one horse that i ride a lot she is the naughtiest horse probably while like the and and i like i like a really enters right i i could never get on a hot waring to me a key this is for i want to love him at chanloong i know i had a one point time i had a hunters that didn't like us in their area even though it was on friedland and they shouldn't have been there schlampe a sorceress and to get us away while that didn't work out o but i you know which i wouldn't advise anybody in if it bad does that they might get shot pacheque outos but on my land but as is very dangerous in he was dangerous and they got it explained to the oh you know it is to say you're you're riding at her well then they see the same thing and they get used to and then all of a sudden something is not right nor like in it there oneidoes n't matter what it is i'm or or a tree falls in the woods i know and is not protestor they don't expect it cause they remember her or a turkey flying over had that's always a fond one i mean have had i've had one the straight up to a complete one eighty and come back down in the year to the moon and in anoit's ah it's a it's going to check to see how well you're seat is and hogarth well you're actually sitting in the saddle when you wood something like that i mean that's much more radical if you do a spin like that then like a back back out in an almost and but when they actually spend as there is the moving around that's really checking your balance and o but the best writers can dat without fear when things get a little exciting out and on some go exactly as you and in its test to see much say they trust the rider on whether you are going to stay calm enough but it's it's all its so i was now its once or in the middle of the night i won't describe the activity that we were therefore but it was it was for it a very important reason and there were as there were as an expectation that there were some rain coming but it had not come yet and oh all the sudden we heard some pittospore cannot sound and i was i at first its startling and then it's like oh we've disrupted some turkeys were they were roosting and they loched and took off and at the same time where hearing this pelting and at first it kinomayan it started raining pretty hard but when the yorkes are startled and they had roosted and they take off they lighten their load and how cousin i felt something on my hat and then i felt it on my wrist in the nice smell it and i looked down i had a head lay upon and i had a golf ball sized turkey purred on my wrist i like to sit such as luckily it was one of those more solid like one so i could just lick it off for the was like a oligomyodi have the distinct pleasure of having been cooped on by in turkey in the woods and i know i've never met anybody else who could say that i that i i'm sorry but that is really funny you're out in the woods and you're going to see things like that and you're going to things have thatinside and ah it is it's it's really not that ye you know i went when i ride through the woods and i have been through there in while i'm going to come face for esson and face first with spiders and or spider webs in your flodoardoof your face i'm not that that freak out by bugs or spiders or any of his is he the friends that have a job to had the i preie at this point because of my experience level i'm one that would be content with the deductive de because i win no how to react with my body to a horse reacting with some sort of i for lack of a better word violent maneuver you know if they were to tell thee or to turn sideways or something i be laid me content at first because i it's been a long time since i've been on a horse and because of my school says all more of my way is on one side then another and i feel sorry for a horse that would have to take that i wouldn't want to do it for very long at a time and then i would want to give the horse on a sage and after her and beprobably bother them too i oportal right with somebody a friend and they said this horse has no withers and am like okoteomoi don't understand the point of it well the point was the structure of the horse was such that the saddle wasn't going to stick to a horse as well sit shop and then and this horse also was all smaller than the others so it went trot really hard and battercakes it's trying to catch up with everybody else and then it would walk and it would catch up to the other horses and i'm tongotongo done and my left me in my left ankle star really hurt and because the saddle starting to slide a little bit i'm bearing all the way on this side and it starting to slide and i'm trying to sigh sigh it over and it wasn't working and so after a while i found i said i've thought to stop i'm hurrying too much and a traded with some one and it was a lot easier going back but in a ashore pretty horse that is one you don't want to ride does and a different different breeds of horses have different have different so half linger as small as a small well smaller and with its really a car the penny than what the horse was bred for you have different characters so like you know there's there's a half water beautiful the horse be beautiful but she not going to get as a smooth ride on a half there may not little tight and on i've done a piece of art for a dog trainer i used to know that has one ah i did it i did it in pastelles and charcoal and i did it in white circle pencil that's conflict so here's another horse that is beautiful horse i loved gypsy tideholes tone of men favorite love that but once again the there not necessarily bread for the smooth not not not a specifical like we have passed the finals in a pass afino is a septated horse and as so it's me if if you have any back problems or anything i'll pass apono is probably one of your best he because they are they are bright slice when we show them we when we when we shall our horses which we used to oh they shone in to take lives and i described to the point where i don't like and so for for number reasons i'm not a not a person who enjoys a like to go and see them but i got some one that i would subject myht it's very stressful a lot of horses are not treated while so this is like these are like this is like a classic pass iphino look right are and so is the type of horses that that we have one pony many port many horses shot one mix that's what he and on and if you have a bad back i have another french whose he had back surgery and has had terriblyshe really wanted to ride a horse one and unlike oke willets let's go out and i put her on a horse that i i know which horses of the smoothest gates that's a wonderful ever presentation of pasiphon their part and delusion consider smartest pretty horse on the plant at their beautiful rely and so we put her we put her on an i put her on a horse that i had knew had a very smooth gate and which she got off she said she was expecting that her back was not going to feel goodness to walliscourt me on this and the next son i can't believe how good my back he she said it was like having a message not like well when we show we show in tuxedos and you should be able to hold a full wine glass and not spill a drop that checks your equitation as well as the breeding for the gate of the so if you were to get on and because our horse is don't do like a free and freedoms are beautiful i really would like a red color they gone they jump into it were posted was just in the cannelton passo is some stop and pinero is finer gaited horse on so without them the huge so even if they trotted their trots or very very smooth so you wouldn't probably have the same problem that you've had another horse and the kind were reared of people will tell me i've never seen a passover always wanted to see and the it's something you could you could probably ride very well and not feel sorry for the but it i went on i still on my experience includes that when i was a teenager in an adult friend introduced me to an other adult friend hers and she owned a barn that was just up the road in around the corner from schools so i cared instead of walking the opposite direction home walk up there and i made an arrangement whether a pretty simple i wad go and help her on a week and sometimes when her husband and her word go away with each other i just you know feed and water and checked the rabbits the same the cats ah the barn cats and but his watch him for a couple of days and every now and then she give me a cold riding lessons it is was she wealaroo perior i walk around with caroline tell me some things but ever really didn't learn which but i could go up and i did a lot of sketching i was really anchoring at the time and i'm drawing horses at the time of did a lot of that so i would actually just go to the barn and just hang out with em and sketch in ii really enjoyed groom and when the horse is so for me and i like german my own dogs too like you i like to have pretty things and the animals i like dogs that look good and so i grow em regularly i've got one that gets really harry e and i just love clipping her slippers off it those hairs out from between the toes and make make yore feet look really tie bee and i in the horses i think i would be no different i would like them to look you know clean and and a man in tail not all tangled and covered in hay and you they going rolling stuff and then he got to do it all over but i say doing that kind of stuff i find it peaceful and and o initation know so on my horses who she's just she just note i'll be so there's no two ways about it she's not she likes to get to and they know how you feel horses do and i think people that are round horse pretty good oh it's the spirits are connection it really is like i can write and i don't believe in have to use their they they know where i wanted to go spither slight changes in your way or at me no atethey bond with you and it's almost like he can mind or read what you are here to look on or where you want to go asking it is amazing to me the one horse who is pride herself on being a pain okay it's fun cokerite she's going to get ye i give her give her up a bath and and festing that she will do if i let her out in a wrong if she looks back at me like this obotrit down on the ground and rolls gets up shakes o there it's kind o it's kind of funny i like well there you go you got to make bonhoeffer bother you know and a so it but there all right i will now give you guys a little bit of something that i haven't talked about caring a inviter in my past i meant to grooming col i went to paragon before they closed and and got a diploma so i may certify it certified as a groome having roomed in long time set for my own dogs or somebody else as a friend or someone but i was one day tasted with a cockswain and i grew up with cocker spaniels i haven't opened concocter spaniel puppy is one of the cedars puppies them and bloodhounds or about this cut as it gets you know the big floppy ears and the big eyes and nonsense man cocker puppies are so cute but then they can on the breeding now there was a couple of party colored dogs so they were they were like a yellow color and white and they were the most stable congersmen of ever met no problem i had one in a bath tub everything's going god you get it out of dryer table and this room is full of driers he got the bonds on the one side and on the other side is the driers and ye see i'm going tables and hive velocity driers if you haven't seen one of these i think you know what it is because they have it in horses too it blows i force her well the dog gets on a table and you start you start usually at the back and the legs so they can in one turn it up so that they can get the feel of it most dogs don't like it this dog a poop on the table why are hitting it with a drier and so back in the bath tub you go somebody's got to clean up the poop somebody's got to get the dog moved then you got whackinta the bath tub any do it all over again you bring it back i'm a clean table and it starts to be on the table while you're hitting it with the drier back in the baraboo back to the table and probably is going to pot organ case this happened to me i am not very fond of cockeslane gringalet's funny i cock her spaniels remind me of the cut but they remind me of level oeliana very smart in the last when we had oh he wasn't fully potty trained but the people had taken very good care of him i don't think and he poitrine up just fine but my parents had a little bit of acreage they had a pond somebody do dumped a of dock on her port we are raised ogbere they don't last cause the wild life would take and on this when was part mallard so she looked like a matter but i had a professor at the time ah is this is when i was in bigger affords i went to paris and i say now something else about me now but ah i had a professor there who is a hunter so i showed him pictures and these in described in essays yeah that's that's a that a half breed or something that somebody had bred and on she wasn't very mobile and so as wintersome she and she had just she got used to us pretty quickly so she was fairly tame and we would go down and feed her and the shore line and she started following us all the way up the hill to the house and then she would want to come into the house into the flighting glass door at the basement and it was like i'm sorry this is not werenot into pet ducks and our base meilinger came and there's a creek that fat into the pond and one in and out the other and so there will be a little bed of an open area most of the winter unless i get almost frozen over and ducks have got to have open water so that they can preen and keep their feathers oil than they love they love heaven watered bathing the half have water and but this is not a safe place for a dock a raccoon or other animals definitely going to get this to soon we decided we were going to have to sit she's adopted us for going to have to do something it was about christmas and we had together and created a little makeshift pen for her and she stayed in errands we were bring her in to the basement and give her a little like a rubber maid container of warm water she would do baimenov the all of and try to do that outside when we could for her so she could keep her father's oil and be happy in in the spring time i wish are taken her down there during the day but i'd have to carry it or a score her back i think i was carrying her cause on the snow so she could get into that creek and waited around and flop in it and bathe in it just be just so happy doing her ducky tang and then i'd have to bring her back at her pen for safety and until the spring weather wild open up more and the dog knew the rule the dog had to stay up by the house unless we escorted the dog down to the pond well at this one occasion the dog had grown more and more obsessed about the duck because a cocker spaniel is a bird dog it has natural instinct this dog overtime he's like apples to be doing something with the dogs but he didn't know what to do with the he just knew there was something there in his in his genetic make up but being a stupid pet there all catepano a pice give it now what it was he was supposed to do or how to do it so he deciding to take himself for a wall while i was on phone and then i realized he's not out there i'd better go get a leash cause i'm an get him and bring him back and he on a lake it einago an attitude with him he is violated a rule that he knows cass he's been with us for years this one so i go down there and he's got that doc trapped under some brush and he has de feathered her neck and her back and he thinks this is the griscome and the poor dog is his shock in my mam is gone my disses my my moms you know pet doceno and it's her doll as that my dog it's hard ogygites to him and i grabbed her up and a brother inside and after in a towel and put her into a tall that we had downstairs and i left him for a while cause i wanted to kill him and i knew she was coming home some leg maybe she'll come home but he was covered and maud talk about boats so finally i got he's cold too so i've got to put him in the bath i had the latter running my parents came home at least my mom did she was out hope so i had explained the situation to her how i had had the neighbour common helped me despatch the dock she put her out of her misery your dog is in the bath tub you need to go take care of his and i felt terrible for the dock i won but we couldn't take her to the vet that day i think it was a saturday ah and she was she was put out of her misery pretty quickly on that's really coecidota was thinking your dastard the dock like grant you know the dog pulled the father's off in the duck less fine and then in one candid here like in the deck died and now so but this explains why crispino her good have good in the here and now bonyodalomba firemen's contake it what mosilikatse con to find in all the duckhouse father's out of a casyooal doing each other sometimes no decies fans littered the ecthesis bialistock to the three italie people have sosheashin her way for good an intestate as on a slice i sorry everybody i got to tell you what what my ninety pound or a bundle of joy did one so we've got getish and i'm not an i got a german and my my german shepherd is a a little easily distractible it so i walk in walking rillside and all of a sudden the guineas he had been taunting her for a while and she decides came o you little butters i'm in to get you of my daughter's watching this in horror right and i'm hanging on the leash while about the time she hit the end of of the leash it was like we she ternauwernood been there yet i go off the ground like this in my arms and frontiering to hold on to this stupid mud and she ssrunte with death murder and set entries i hit the ground and i broke i excellent i actually cracked a couple of rods i thought for on a part she that men and i had the good the whole hollandfor few months and then in like now i'm gone let go over if she goes round a yard he grabs the first gene and where were run every finally got hold of her she she got hold about three of em they were fine mind did not die he by this harpers she got out and i got up and i was like all i treated washstand out i've had broken robs a couple of times and that is that as a that is a painful moment you know where you can't stand up he can't draw full broth and that doesn't go away we'll soon either it's a it's about a so six week oh don't hang me don't tonchanon and so anyhow might my birds actually lived and the dog learned and and in all with good in the village solebat all day now to title that story i gossett's true but you know people who would live in the country more o k with a circle of light on a wand they wear a but he got me on that one i'll tell you that so anyhow sorry for smiling because i figured there was going to be a good finding one nere but no not from hereyou thinks from the chastisement so kelly said you just described our great day and love as we will what we'll have to watch there pick like picking strawberries ashuring oh i knew that they were geticos so i'm ready for strand and ellis horses are so beautiful clydesdales are my favorite i don't know much about all the breeds i based my favorite isom off there i i love i love clide sis the there is there are some horses that are inherently prettier than the a based on a that the human beings find prettier than others and some people find certain horses prettier than others just because i have personal choice that's so it is but ye like i like the way i like a horse that's pretty i i like a pretty horse and then and that means that there either confirmation is good usually means that their healthier if they have good come so i actually thought about about breeding one of my passes i've got one that we call a postle and it's the stallion it's a big black stallion and he looks like it he has the confirmation of a prison he doesn't have father's honest feet by his mane and tail are just glorious you now positions are known for their main tail you don't cut them and so their very long and flowing and at a couple of that i call fabbelus they look like five ye with a flowing hair and side as a joke as coloni learned something this week that i thought was i thought it was in on on the positive side of did you know that when you look at allergy persons of the kids souther in our cult have it elegies or advanced out and if you but if you go to the amish there are only about a sick and of an elegy rate for the and if you put people out the in the woods they owe it to play in the dirt they will have almost zero algy and and i think that's realising ificant to one of my sons who's got terrible energies i said and he's a little bit of a germ of allowed i sold see i've been trying to tell you this for whole life go kiss the horses cause there on their sniffing in their own a manure and chederhole there through you know you know looking and falls everywhere and like i describitis that over child can't fill in the word it would or i kiss them right on the illicitness this is the problem you have you have you have all these elegies you has clearly you have not kissed enough horses now sharp she and i like the hero you're in the barn and off you know you drop something on the ground and you know in the barn and you just pick it up an apple you toss it off and eat it you don't you or like cocoa wood asked leo so down i pick things up off the ground iolanthe block esaminatore are i want to win well i least get a prince at all on onhow poor hittite now is an apple is it this very picea carmel no no there are where are supposed rules outlined to chocolate the filaments so butthough there's an episode of dotting it that i really enjoyed is they got this old guy named uncle side and uncle sid the crazy uncle character and the shell and there there be geyser in the woods and these guys are added hunters there in the wet all the time all their lives and he stopped massthere hoping to pollergise i don't know i've never seen him have a running nose anyway they are they they're picking berries and he reached his the popes are colored berries into his mouth or a alocatin funicles that wasn't very and i looked down in the brothers or you just at deerfoot laithe episode were uncle sigos to get me glasses i alar cobiseconte the show a lot of it is you can tell it's like set up but there the look on their faces it it was a genuine moment i think it was pretty fine well yes he got to tell you what my my true to the hon if you go to mills who callegos this is got some gross but let your kids eat their brokers not can't do it can't do it it's hochmeister was now as we do not eat or anyhow we are you never know what you're goin to find out brain to burg news network when you have it had like to day you know just being real real people for real news for real people in firepieces to table and the common farmers and mothers on her alkosahit very so yesterday i went up to the feed mill and i don't know but we've had we've had like a hen when we first bought our railyard we had over million bushels of soybean in corn as to really big facility releases obscenely and i decided write it there that i hate silent it's nasty and i were not doing this is just an then tell us what silas when when you when you store ah when you store for the animals of in silence corn or soy beans or that sort for the animals it starts to be great and it is it is just he petered disgusting smell i don't like it and when you go into a lot of the feed or for animals of it has more a chemical so because the things are all made by like even our even our or oils or oils most to the toland and they are there the youth chemicals to extract the oils and there's things mixed in with a fee that are not necessarily organic well this is homesteadthe we go to when you feel like you could just die face first and that in the in the feed and you be eating something like rathole new smells like walking into a bakery everything it be cooked down their soybeans that use a press oppress the oil off my bought some new oils they they actually get shipments of flax and from and and you can learn a lot by these old methods and i like the old methods i mean i grew up farm kids so i find it really interesting rather than having to depend on black rock than guard arabella state street capellano y else in these large corporations that own our entire including a presence you know we need we to cut him off with the knees and you have a better plan so any it smells so good in the honest mill it's on believable how good it smells like series if hell if you like you're in a bakery and this is food for our ante no no annates no preservatives they mix that they millet everything is handled right after that i said ted the guises well i said i know this couple of oniscos stores up here and there like i sat where do i find so the guide gave me a couple of names of the arminsters of the sweet to one amako one hans store yesterday and i in it was it was really really cool they got even got a harness shop a so we went there whispering pines whispering kind jack yet so we went up there and and i bought a bunch of stuff but one of my things is that because i am concerned about my and safety as good farmers all are we have a hundred thirty and in the winter time they slowed down or stop periodstocking laid it so i bought this there which i wanted to try anyway pickling line and the page is like five dollars the costs of for food of there is really a really pretty good or they do look food such antagonizing bakery with all wonderful little grand was around up there that her bacon all the broads and he and they got their younger girls there that doing the shelves and such as their definitely and order i've always liked ah my hamish people that i know ah that that or an i mean they're wonderful is so in of their yesterday and that was great so i am going to try something my sister in law didn't last or called water the lasting age never done it before i got every other tie of properation this is what i have tried so i decided was in going to do some how to water glass so this is on a trim an tries to use well i've bought a hundred eggs on the day he shortly and i decided i'm going to do this cause i want to preserve the eggs i'm in my sister in law did it she got much of our eggs coodn't wash the coding off the outside the so he doesn't jars put a line you know you put pickle mine i'll solution over the top of that and that's how you do it so and it's supposed to keep him for over a year so's unwashed leave the conti on it throw him in the jars pickling line you mix set in to in to water oh she's a samkang i disposed ah my voted that a couple other once is actually a cold looking up at any other seals on the twelfth eighteen months of the show and so that's exactly what i'm going to be doing here probably in the next ah say in the next a the sale so have fanchon of it what a world that had what he had tea riderent were hers it's crazy out this crappies upon on the weird ants they have so he had the hot that's how your that holier you do it now my day on when when i was a kid my dad used to make sour crout and preserved caves that way and that's another good way to do it as you can just put it crocks in your rotselaar which we don't none of us have any more that you can make them and you keep a kind of cold you just keep it down near under you know under the above the and you can do it on an outside wall of your house so that you have the advantage of a partially in the ground seller that's old his early well so there go that's my might they made no whispering pray panseron i tell you all this they've got these braided maple pastry oh my gosh to die for go and get his it got lichoman a covering on it in a scots the callow was behind the counter very sweet young gell was so on we make all the customers and this is how we do what we make all the that dog and we prayed and see whether i love but if you go there go in their little patrick paster case right you don't where they were they suck it in to mother but have read other impulse purchases and cannot be disponit get one of those things and say down an by gosh you were absolutely right this is absolutely so good to die for he i've been trying to avoid the the pastry stuff over there because in watching my cards and sugar level relicsle if you're going to blow a boltonite hatevery good and they have they make sandwiches and wraps there in the delhi eh we usually go with the rats and now you can put whatever kind of meat cheese toppings bedyes you wont on it they lowed it it's a good deal and don't you know that now on the road further there and around a corner is a bicycle shop on by an omegan and he will tell you anything you need for writing bikes in when i think i'm on homish bicycle i think of in all the maybe a little bit more old school bicycle that they might write down their road they have everything there they have em electric bikes even you know not not just kidd's bakes and just liked it toto around with a he's very serious it's a favorite place for my husband so i a littoral amongst yourselves for justement i will be right back something you can talk about rene ah sure i here well since i talked about a bad story cause i wasn't thinking about how far i was going to go with that story some really sorry everybody it's an old story to me so unkind of the musette bad ending of it while he is traumatic at the time oh i can tell you that i was also involved in wild life free hab years ago and so on the opposite end of that world i am animal world i mean i was responsible for carrying for a lot of animals who might have unfortunately had a bad experience with people in one way or another everything from hip icao fishing line in getting caught around wings or dogs attacking them we took in a lot of animals i raised and released seventeen raccoons fourteen pounds seventy persons which now i do not like we have taken on how turns he save turtles and a road if we could i caught a number of animals in the wild there had been injured sometimes i got to release them and yet thought it really cool experiences it was one of the favorite jobs i had case in a one of the best experiences i had my life it was a then i did this while i was in college but i also worked for a dinar atencin another state first season and he used to teach people about the animals in programs schools stuck unlimited or at the property itself and also go out and catch animals and release animals and also raise lots of baby animals we had a letter of skunks once too but i wasn't really keen on taking care of them and there was another young lady who came to work for us for a while and she's like i'll take care of the baby skunks and a leg o ka you do that to this do that you have got time with our bare we had an we had a skunking event in her household one of the dogs got it and i bade the recently eight months later and i can still smell a little bit of the single so not their very effective put it that yea he there thine i've got a couple of fun so skunk stories but it's going to shock people like you jorge nor so i don't think i'll be telling that one and so so just needless to say say that i and latelysome time gives sentially kind o funny on how things happen they sat they just kind of half and and then all of a sudden you realize that you're in the middle of this thing that you never expected to happen in the whole world and when you know you have you have two skunks riding on the back of your the story it is true sir anyhow what we won't coronista motored assert so i anilidoacetate and to the end of my story with the rehab thing that all of the skunks did survive their experience in the rehab and were really shed i won't good for you mind did not yes that's true okay i so i'll tell isassociation your story last thursday i locked her two toowithout in offence ere when i went to town or outside inside can't became a big tom i got home to find our cat eat that care all himselfso you do we i was talking to somebody about this yesterday you know it's like it's like you have this that people have this view we you've got a left the animals loose we're going to turn or lose on the sere and gettin they could run in the wild one do you know what nature is like oxley you know it's like it's like the elephants of the ringling brothers a man of the that right now they stopped at the elephants on like are you as i do your freak in mind these prick and elephants are treated like solon day every day and if they get trained a little bit it's a little better than having a run from lyons it was dark frosted she lives out and in and a nevadan i was talking to her yesterday cause they've got wild horses and the people of the town she shut these wild horses the government comes as swoops mop every once in a while in displays of orator and i'm like you know what our government is they they couldn't man snap or are stupid right they screw anything begetting fallen we found our guys found an injured hawk one day and there were really proud of this out working so they were after gently in a car heart and these big guys you know the take care this hot you know it was like it was like one of their own children it was really beautiful turned it into the hack reno the hawk where they rehabilitate a and we are really proud of it they took so we get integritate like three months later the youth aye the the hawk and were like why didn't we just leave it out in the wild because they they typically will make for life you know like eagles will man an it's like they could of they could have the spouse would have fed that hochein the wild even with the broken that he would probably have better chance and were just going to youth thaisat and how many times that happen when the government stepped in and takes wild animals that have gone to people for help and they try to help him and after a while they can hang around and it's not really a bad thing you know it's like an injured it's not like your other capering you know and taken baniwa from its mob in all it's it'll be an injured thing and then the government shows it you can't do to essonne and do it so they take him into their little facilities and they kill them all it's not oh i sometimes am the injury if in a case of a hawk and red tail is a very very common bird if they get a broken wing which happens a lot ah paracides falls whatever a lot of entanglements with electrical no says samsons they if to get a broken wing well it's not a death sentence into rehab center but they would have to be kept there for the rest of their lives and if they don't have one for educational purposes they are not doing that then they're just stuck in a cage for the rest of their life so most of them ah with a really common bird like that they're just going to have to eat an ice but there's a great place down in florida called the moat aquarium and were members down there to morequern love and i we watched him rescues the week with red or not sandwith a red tie and they've got a bird sank sorry and they take him all in i mean there's is it's kind of an it's kind of a neat thing where they let him love and and you know they think get fat it's a it's not a bad life for them yea the depends and i find i've seen two personally the situation can be quite different depending on for one the funds and the space what can a containment do they have what kind of access to the to the outdoors to they have and how safe are they how protected from bacteria miresses or bogs we had at the one i was in round by the din they they had a couple of barn owls that were kept inside because every time they put them out they kept getting parasites so there stuck in a in a small box cage cause both had wings so they couldn't they couldn't be in a big cage to fly anyway but there stuck in a cage in a room for the rest of their lives except with the case of those birds every so often they get to go to a school program and i don't know how they feel about it i imagine it makes life work interesting for them but they have a purpose they they just have to sit on somebody's hand for a little while while they talk about to foremother people in but still like i don't know what a what a while they had a hole would feel like in that situation there are some that will fight and fight and fight that they want to stay alive and then there are others where it just seems like yer like i don't even know what's wrong with this animal we can't fight anything wrong with it but it seems it's not right ill or injured and it just doesn't want to live i see now it poor intostecated and we got one we got one stallion and he was left in a stall i mean i could tell you lots of stories of out horse you know that's part of what i do is resting if then he would set in the stall and knows in the corner never i mean just knows in the corner like the never it was like his soul was dead but he was neglected and you know on treated while at all not at all and these several horses that we have that was like that i mean i've got one as being so bad that his face was a paralyzed ronathat was there was really kind o hard her but you know you get em in there when they're like that and when you when you develop that trust in that by and they realize oh man i rescue horses wonderful i mean they're just they're just phenomena mary flen i'm friends with mary flint and she asked me to write a curriculum for horses and to help to therapy you know to do to do therapy with people we have so many people that are herding right now in this mass psychosis that's going on in such a hunt that i don't think i think it's going to be very hard for most people to function in a way to help their neighbors and the people around you o kelly does brought what do you thoughts about the race horses dying suddenly i we actually talked about that before we got on in line this morning and i brought some resources as i sought a few weeks ago a right after the kentucky derby they were talking about it a lot and they care brought it up this morning to sell bring those red there's something wrong with that of and i think that i think that i think you're some a lot of questions to be asked with their ermine things that don't look right to any of us it's not normal i don't like the way that they do raise horses anyway because in my opinion is that surely should not be racing two year olds they shouldn't even be on the back until after three and even by four very light writing its really really bad for her to ride them that young or to show that an i don't think that any horse should ever be in any type of show and till after their four because the i it is it is harmful to the it is a a lot of horses will go lame and over they will have things that people like me will have to get in and rehabilitate and when they're older because their crippled up because these people just take advantage of these horses and horses to near like pee they they have a personality there there like a of all horses are and so for me animals are something that am i would treat like i would avert am i i could now redouht so i would never i would never write a horse before they were i really write of its teller there over four and even then kind of lightly and till they're bones sat such a horrible life for the when they start out two years old raising casemented en bevend ridden for i long to you is it would be the same thing as putting say like you know in a very small child in weight lifting contest where the where they are there lifting weights that their little bodies are not even their soldier bones or sold he joined her solonische you would never put a child and that it exactly what the end so as they get older lots lots of disability these and a life full of paint ah if he just because somebody wants to get a two dollar ribbon and that that i feel about it is it is absolutely on all levels wrong but this more going on so anyhow that to their reading though the horse crricle you want to know sudden putting on a time to think how to teach people skill which really translates in how you re his horses and people are probably the most similar of any animal on the plant so you want to know what the the the number one thing to get people to settle down their demeanour when their own her so horses do not like they are a herd animal they do not like you to poach on over the top because that's on the tape you can underneath and you introduced yourself to the politely you have time put into the relationship you don't just get in there and go i'm going to tell you what to do that's the political arena that an and most that you earn that right to talk if you do not they are going to kick you or they're going to do something equally as hostile because they lay the rules to that that you don't get to throw your time a topper chance or you do not get at like an eye you you go out in they they see manners and i honestly manners and how you approach some one whether respect or because they outweigh you by at least you know at least a five to ten times now if your two hundred pounds at reinoso you know a horse away way you know some usually somewhere between how nine hundred pounds two eighteen hundred pounds depending on how big so i mean that that's your talking there so you you are not going to go in there and slam a horse over the head any more than you are part you're going to understand the rules the stall is there a safe space and when you enter it you enter their the area with respect to them and you go in and you into and you let them come to you they well but but you don't you don't dast go in there an act like an idiot through roponi his saddle and go in and ride on and such considerate hate for and tis like people will you you spend the time developing the trust in the relationship and that you never came the quiet part of being round animals that is probably one of the most important things is being ok with an ape qui in observing the world around one of the first steps in not only horses but you know when i go into the political events the last last week i went to the central committee for the public and party thinking with all good intentions that i was going to be there and on very quiet when i go in to meeting slice that i typically a very quiet i like to listen i like to look at the room i like em but i'm in typically really which would shock everybody can he see me on mine and they say will she never shows out right well typically i'm actually more comfortable especially in a group i get more than three and i'm very quiet and group because i'm watching it in her hole and ah yes so so that was that was kind of in and every one in their acts like a it's of notes credibly obnoxious it is re it is it is so arrogant going into so many of these political these political meetings very few people are there is there just there to be right and to witness is and it is unfortunate but we're going to need to teach those skills i observed putting that god's hands and and being helpful when we can't but not not not the way that's being done right now so i'm i'm you might have some thoughts too on on writing this curriculum i actelly got a i started in but somebody who works with his like myself or dogs like you instinctive you just know what to do and when things go awry you dis ser able to stay calm and you just situation but but you stay calm under all sites and look at what you know look at either you're quickest way out to be safe or how to manage the energy ah when your horse training it's all about managing the horses over the testamentdoes done so much of what you say about fortossan with logs and nettuno curriculum waving because i actually worked with a three other people primarily one on a dog training it was and is in my opinion far better than the s g c sorry acceded better but the problem was we could get dog trainers to test because so many of em did it were or worse or salt plain and said easebut the shingle out there and they all they can do is basics because they don't have a comprehension of higher level learning and training and they haven't done it because it's hard to like me horses imaginethe same that there people that don't know how to do competitions stuff and higher levels stuff because they haven't practised it because it takes more time in einawr and people are lazy and that's why i don't do nothin in down they want to shove it down the animal's throat or they want to shove it down the people you know and you don't you you're never going to get that way we you never do get there by doing that that way i was telling somebody that was arguing and i said you know you really never win an argument of her creed not you can throw things out there and let table ponder them but they have to come to their own cold and so you know you can put your opinion out there and lessen case we should be listening to each other fall time because listening to for information rather than listening for response and and trying to get a tryin to get to the bottom of things but that the hard thing for people that's a really hard thing for i'm in a move on you what kelly said one bring up the fairly significant what's got it takes practice and were not teaching children to do that nor schools were too busy teaching them about their gender lies days instead of teaching them things that they should be learning and we talked about that many times protected in the good one gait takes my prattle did and and that's why the prison programs with either dogs or horses are really common now and there they're very good for all those things because they teach you to respect and care for god care for something other than yourself they how to go about through teaching and management process and this is why like like the story of the dock i mean how many kids have an experience like that in life any more this is their seriality of having some property managing animals in the stories aren't always good you know like the story about patty he was really cute and a wonderful little pet that was fun to to take care of for a while until things didn't go so well with him any more because he's a mature be and he wanted to do things his way on it does it is a disneyland fiery tail fan in in real life when you own life stock especially or pets but especially in life so you you will come into sickness and injuries and things that surprise you you know that i'll pull it that wants to roost in a tree right above the coop everybody else last night i went out to do the chores and i ended up taking was too much time because so many surprises at every turn i had a rabbit chase a mouse catch trying to get the they meat chickens to go inside before i turned there lamp on so it was warm and in it in there which i should have one every time i turn around there was something else that i had no end and so many surprises but you'll learn to be adaptable and get the job done and do the best you can and go well i can't get the chicken out of the tree she's going to be cold to night maybe she'll learn her last sent if you don't have those kinds of experience as when it comes to human relations set you also don't respect the other you don't know how to deal and with adaptation of certain kinds of events when people behave erratically you don't know what to do and there is going to be more erratic behaviour i will tell you right now and i know you know this it's going to get worse we are going to see a lot of crazy behavior increased and we have to be stable we have to be faithful to is going to be so important i see it happening now it's what i'm thinking about writing a sub stack on and putting a lot more bible into it than i have before because what i see is that craziness getting worse and people who are practised like your saying it communicating with one another are going to struggle a lot with how to be that stable one you cannot force people you know is it's a psychopath mentality to try to force people into ah wait to cope with or they they you have to know she put the oxygen mask on first get your brain straight and then and help others you can't into it when you are in a compromise where you're not think cause you haven't got a grasp on it we are in a war we are in a spiritual or most of it is about weaponizing ossians oh when when you look at an animal think about this an animal what's his sane animal bites you it is the sagomore bites me unbefitting stopped on and buckinck holton artist oh why is it that we don't get so angry at a dog that comes in and peace on our old if a human being did that we'd be absolutely livid right hand can outsidenot at b but might my point being is that we have so much more tolerance for animal then we do wake if a dar if dark bits he here and being you know snaps at you or disagrees with most people will go absolutely out of their mind it a and b is or or offended it is it is asking relief to look at life is an observed so when somebody does something that's a rational or that's feels hostile probably has nothing to do with you whatsoever they're telling you how they has nothing to do with and so you don't entertake that offence on you just loathe on it okay you're a little crazy to day that i refused to rent france over me look at me how people responded when they found out that facehad done studies with beagles oh yeah they're furious cause yet you now they they want to protect the animals but they'll turn right at store to home and absolutely brutally attack a human being then there's an there's some i i saw at this st week on and i see in the chance a lot on the political chance and how and i to say they're liar they they cannot possibly they cannot tell me that the care human about him by the one chant that i'm that monitor it continues to ramapo and they actually put her face on potatoes he why are all that and i mean it is it is brutal it is so childish incredible as they going to personal attacks now i may or may not agree with what somebody does like i was i was asked to leave the meeting on saturday somebody did not either make a good rule but i took that person a task i called her later and i will first of all it did the rule of achieve what you want to while now i said the house that working the stupid rule and it was used in order to target a boldnesse because oh i was asked to come to that meeting by something others nor as it holehow d i know your stupid worlds are not part of the you know i'm not a prize of those rules and so but you went to somebody who came there to annesley help who has defended you you know without wavering and you allowed them to target me stupid old as i am like to all over the internet it's all over the internet so what you did as you went after an actual when ninety nine per cent of people in that room would like to see you in and in like permission to coach this is the way corporate structure or and ah and ah everyone there was pretty well most people that were or were there or actively involved in grabbing in a very psychopathic way crime for power instead of working for though the ones that i screened shouted so much stuff you you guys would be absolutely at the level of a subversion that's happenin with ten ah the ami gope alleged grass rope organizations these people are political operatives are full time political operatives and there all working together thus the actual et and to target people that are willing to step out because we want to work and that's exactly what's happening out there you know failure to failure to communicate one ah but i think we need to talk about this and propriate and i think we can do it through animals now i can be done through animals absolutely some weinterested in because in the unit party system that we have now it it what's the word on looking for its supports to viret pinofska just it it's a martin luther king senior's drawn major speed everybody there want something for themselves yes everybody there wants to be first they want to have power in the way it should go it should be all an humility we voted for people that we think are virtuous leaders and there not leader so i disagree with that term in the twenty eight principles they are represented not leaders their view too much is leaders no you do not lead the people instruct you when you serve in an office and therefore the the election process is not a competition it is not something you wind it is an opportunity to serve and you are selected by the people to enserve because they believe that you are capable of handling their instructions and the one i do agree agree with you and that because we don't we haven't had and we haven't seen leaders the only leader that we really seem to defend us and this this is a proud one that i see with a lot of people they want to run even even our alleged public functionaries around like little truck sit back and watch him fail smugly and erie and so the process have to have people that are that are willing to step up as it just like you would in a military it i got to have somebody here who was in fact a leader who will stop in front of people to defend you can't do this necessarily by committee it takes too long to get things done to you have to have a leader and that his the failing that i see is it on both sides and its rule it's very easy to point to them an office because there sitting up there out in the pouttalim islet where is real easy for these the she a snipe under different names it most a time they won't even come up on under their own name and they wanted to run people around like a and instead of in the want of use that time to the therapy and dump all the problems on the punch down their public function i wouldn't talk tolerate it to see now that it would be like you either stop your bitch and or you come in here with the solution or why but don't come in here just to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk in alkinton go find it there a pest anton cochise brass where we do work and we we find solutions and we find ways to put them in in a process to achieve the goal the goal is not to in listened to people dumped their personal stress and be the therapist it so very quickly get to the point find out what the problems are come up with some sort put them into pots and i've seen enough of you by people on the outside that an abuse public functionaries that unless both sides shape of its going to face and so so the proper process is for people to vote some one in who is a representative of the to work as a who comes into each other stalls for the purpose of achieving a gold and in that has to happen but this responsibility on both sides it if somebody just wants to show up to bid it does now what are you going to do about it well what's your idea not in so there there is so much that is wrong with this entire s oh that that it is not even and i can tell you i wouldn't i there's no way i'll listen to somebody for a little while after a while i'm like well thank you for putting me in her position and but i am not the i'm here to achieve a goal and to write some problems that are wrong and in to to enemybut in position of being somebody's personal therapic men at the world we're all mad the we need come together and talk but if you want a goal the you've got to stop with emotions lay out the problem consolations that you know to help educate that person who supposed to be representing you let them ask you a few questo so that they can run with us and try to put somebody on it but their so much time wasted in just listening to people of their stress with no resolution no wonder we can't get anywhere a true leader would cut that off right at the oh i'm not wasted time on now and i was telling you my prospective areheaven there's there's two sides to that and oyono i have had some of your you work for me i do i'm not even an office right now i'm jasfontein like all of us then be do you know it to try to fix this mass that were in so what are you doing for network or teoria it is so hastily and not i mean it is not it's absolutely nothing men i've done that before as i've talked about in our township because they needed to hear that oh they they said they are the bosses and it's wrong no that's wrong but i'm not disagreeing with you i think what it is is it is at issue with semantics because we're looking for leaders but we tend to think of it in terms of dictatorship that's what we have allowed and that's why i'm saying we don't want people who think of themselves as leaders in the sense that they think they're going to dictate as the difference there a leader is not some one who necessarily dictates how things are going to go they just are capable of performing and proving by their example how things should go so in your case you're some one who leads by example that's the phrase that we think of you and i think of when we think of leadership some one who reads by example but the public unfortunately has used that term leadership to think of some one who does all the work for them from a tyrannical kind of if that's the difference so when i say we elect virtuous leaders it's the way you and i think of it not that we are electing some one who just tolls whatever they want to do they are instructed by the people but as you said if we have a people who are well informed in in one of our founders has a quote about that too being well informed is vital because of the public's e me there's going to be people who will come to you like in the godfather movie hey i have this problem done i have this problem and i don't know what to do about it but i know you can help me fix it any finds the way to do it and then there are other people who ah it like for example i know somebody who's come to me and said tell donna about this thing with the roads cause i have a solution for the well that is not in a position to do anything about that right now reply very there are people who have an expertes who can say i have a solution to the problem we have or they may give some one in office notice that there is a problem something that they may not have had an awareness of and all those things are rolls that the public should have but we've not been exercising any of so we're looking at our elections the wrong way and now were finding out what the coptish and and it is it's all of us working together now you know trying to trace trying to write this nation and a leader should should be more like a tribe than my where some one that is elected or that ropes the tribe you know won't persons person first one end that's willing to stop in front of my dead hand my dad had lit he was like a girl sergeant k as the hot all the helot softer but he was very he was very and he always said as a boss he is i as my dad was always always a boss or a some sort er you know he had his one and he that he always told me said never asked any one to do something that you either haven't done or you're not with or that your unwilling to you should if if you ask somebody to do something you should be willing to do it yourself ah or you don't send somebody in to do something that you would not be willing to do and and i think that is really good that's really good advice it is its also having a grasp on the th the danger you're putting people in a and making sure like letters as to say you know like oh i'm not a professional welter i have done a little wilding when you look at the professional welders that work on pipes these these cats are highly skilled i mean it's amazing when they have to go through the testing to go to a new clear standard which sometimes they do the depends on on what the sestian and you you look at what they do sometimes they'll go down in the hot tap a line where the sexual products the and you have to deal with that i don't have the training to do however if you make sure that every one that you would be willing to do it had the training under the and and i think that that's really portant out that some of that is unrealistic as it's going to be to it would take years and years as a year's to so you just do what jesus you treat everybody the way you would want to be treated if you're in that side so that when when we see people that are reacting badly when their bit racking badly most the time you're just seeing stress you you're mostly you seen somebody who is not copings and so instead of making a plan to deal with their stress they just want a they just want to pass it on everybody else is almost like a fire as they want to pass or stress on everybody else and i let them know how outraged they are in the tent in a letter what are you going to the solution and i think that sisoes horse tadeo so we were realizing that in twenty twenty three we had a lot of horse compromise or that editing were off to twelve of the so ah what whether san is there blaming a lot of things but i think that that you and i both stumbled on something that is a little more the problem and there like chenery in the mind so to speak they kin or because they are too young to be racing in my and so they're going to be subject to very small and and problems that may be we won't think well what what i did find is that they and you you found it too that they that they have been equipping there rankits with mobile devices and their ended up dropping like flies now i have a big concern about oh s are two very very very small and i i think that this goes back to all of the electronic in the radiation that were being subject to and i think that there's something here certain but anyhow the story sweltered the ego a comment i don't know if there's a link to his study the article that i shared which is different than what you're looking now it it mentions that there was a study and i want to say it was in the nineties i read this early quickly this morning in and which it recognized that oh maybe that is the same one it recognized that horses are very electro sensitive and there is a story of a woman who all lived near a radio tower and her horses were getting sick and then there was one that was closest to there was a paddock that was really close to the tower and when they moved it it got better the finding that the aluminum and the shoes with reacting in that was causing hoof pain they were like gingerly walking around on a lot of the the cases where these deaths are some of them just collapsed and they have no cause of death or they had hard ishore see some a lot of em had leg entered that may be attributed at least in part what you were talking about with the horse's age but some of it might also be their sensitivity to the electrical issues there having pain for rinsing their failing it in their bones and then their bones or their soft tissues are not handling the stresses of the track and that this i think this might be the paragraph there's one paragraphing here or talks about how many times tell the one there are eaten for in parasemon animals and close to proximity to one another around the track their use in the microchip inside the horse even to communicate with the outside world when they get them all together is why they're dropping cause they're under stress just in the barn well let let's let's take this one step further the fact that they want to ship all of us no way no way and so the safe strive o ice minders horses momentsmoments two thousand four hundred times cursed throughout the race two thousand bordelss of radio free radiation every second to the body the horse it also contains a geps component that communicates of global positioning settledit think that ere going to do that with us you don't write there so the other question i have on this too is how how many concourses on get the excise what is in the vaccination when when we were when we were in the shows and the i actually on horse gossec after and he was winning everything in that all sudden last day stocked wine and that horse was never the same after that i have some real questions then if the horse was poisoned or somebody interfered with horseshoes great horses when don and after that i was done because he shows on people don't realize it i i've seen you've been aware of trainers that were blood doing or they were sick and stuff in the horses to they might they be in the end the prizes which is worthy of the money from they'll be information for three months in the right back and again there's no permanent there there's so much going on her you think you know we think that we're watching something that's safe but remember every organization everything that we have on his plate lately compromised by satan himself and were what were seen as greed to win or money that that is trying to get the advantage on every single way that they the result of it is this kind of nonsense it run the horse beak with with it running on its own this kind of stock is crazy and now my question is this what's in the back for actions that they're given to horses to which i've never heard anybody say but i'm curious is few put a free to some one or something that's been vaccinated had they put something in the vaccine or in these there are interacting with all this radio this radiation anetothite out there what what is it going to do i mean i think we got a real problem serious picolle them the canary because there saying that their trying to hide this the truth about this at this the first time i've ever heard about horses having all these deepest kind of systems and in such i've never had no idea they were doing so the general public probably does not know and their hiding it from the public because they don't want the public understand these functions are the same kinds of problems that people would have the same kind of issues and that there's money in that your own but is here answer me this so i've heard this a lot in race horsing and in ah rodeo especially with the big bulls big bulls are big money and we went a lot of money and care in two resources as well as those bulls and in horses and so they get really good care i saw a picture of this young lady sitting on a bowl that in the reign terrifying so she's she's clearly got in in when if it at home i'm so but they are trained to behave certain way and they make money so you would want to take care of and the animal that cost you up to millions and then could potentially make you millions so the theory is and i have heard this many times if people say and this is the true true with greyhounds as well they want to take really good care of these animals because of the money they have invested in them but that's not really true at least i know for sure in a grey hounds that's a really sad situation not lot of em get you thaid or dumped then in an they're doing a better job of it for what i've heard now than they used to much better in a lot of tracks are closing so that's good news for greyhounds but in horses it what do you think about that argument that because there's so there were so much they would want to take really good care of them because the proof right ear is that there not no they just it's just like people relating to each other it's all about winning they they don't care one drops so grabbing other one and so i do not believe that they have any love for these animals whatsoever they only love him as long as they're winning are getting some and so look at in two thousand or twenty two nation wide about one point to five dots every one thousand or starting at the same april twenty nine twenty twenty three twelve deaths of occurred among the sixteen hundred starts at churchill on suddenly and unprecedent eight full increase and race horse mortal that there there's something going on here i don't think they really do love the horses at all they're just there to wrong their feet off of them in these shells and if in most of you know it's it's not uncommon this is one of things that happen if you have or even younger gals they'll go when somebody's knot there and caught a tale of another horse for show so that their horse hasn't as the governor about that ten at yachtand then then were another thing that i've seen is that they'll take the shoes off and they'll over rest so like maybe it is show they'll take the shoes off like three times i would never allow that with my and so that their feet are almost raw or stick tacks on a day of more action is they don't want to step on it lobelike this jumped yes and i mean there's terrible things that they do to horse and i don't in the shells i have very little rest for that sort of thing in fact i'd no spot you know i don't i don't i i have a and disgusted a clearly you're not interested in show case in your ability to train and excitethat is the case that you're doing et en it's the same in dog competitions i have competed in obedience i've competed in no work and more to do really really quick well i i get it done i got titles and i got ribbons but we're talking really small competitions so it doesn't mean that was really great at it and my problem was i had to dog is just as sweet as though and he wasn't brilliant but he learned what he needed to learn and he's the one who passed the test as referring to earlier he's the only dog i know in this area who had passed his and i'm really sweet dog i get nervous when i copied or when i'm tested and so i had a pull him from a competition because i knew it well he hasn't got a he wasn't going to perform well i had an issue that had to get in now and i thought you know what i'm going to do i'm going to have him performed in the honor dog so in in wonderstricken and you pay see that while one dog performs being tested the other dog is in the same space to serve as a distraction and while doing that my dog performed just as well she was so positive of had he did perfectly well and he was quite happy and i like dead winser but i knew an it was was i wasn't nervous because i wasn't the one being tested but when i was being tested he was like an know at your problem is but your energy is really negative right now what are you worried about should be worried me looking around and his performances would show he hehe just didn't want to keep up with me quite as well he could do pretty good i had another dog that didn't care about the shoes she was just a good but anyway i did okay and then in knows work and as obedience but in those work it was that was the final straw to me in the obedience were old the bars getting lowered because people can't train because they don't want to put the work in because they're lazy so they lower the bar and now we have a puppy star program with the s d c which is basically if her puppy does the dermots sort of positive behaviours and pretends like it it has obedience you get a ribbon oh is that in fighting and you get to brag for all your friends but nobody knows how to do very very few people are capable of training their dog to a higher level competition way which used to be a standard it used to be that people expected though when they trained it dog they would do that level of obedient but it doesn't happen very much any more there's very few competitors there because they don't want to put the work in and they don't know how they don't have anybody to train them to do it and in those work dog is very much more capable of handling ah that test dogs can mean these these drag dogs and other dogs whatever they are doing it it for professional work they can sniff out and very minute amount of something inside and jar of peanut other and yet in the competition knows work world they'll put several drops of a sent a very strong sent minonian acute or on the top of a box lid and hide it somewhere and the dogs find it with him under five second why is that happening because it so strong it's way too easy the dogs aren't being tested but people are getting worded for and so they think that it i mean in its linguistic on meeting of special olympic when you're not disabled in any way for i go like wine in your guy exactly with white ivan bother i respect competition i don't read why what i want to get a ribbon that's that easy there's no i don't respect that i won't respect my ribbons and titles so i participate where i can train it dog to do practical things and knows work ah they are for example one of my students had a homines this is a really fury a long haired dog breed in a like a yeah i demand basically the main wapitiand the near they are more intelligent the people now she travelled a lock and she wanted a dog they could tell her if there were bed bugs in a hotel room because she really panicked about that that was a nervous thing for her so she went to the basic and then we worked together and trained her dog to find bed bugs it was often the eating dog to find or anything you want with very little expertise really and their very capable people need to lower in the bar and they're doing it and so many areas of life and yet and here we have this case where there's a lot of money in the rain what a man in this his whole when it all kate i at all costs have in the political world and hastens on the business world it happens in dust or relationships of with each other whatness each other and it is wrong it is absolutely wrong you do sometimes you win by losing i said that in no theropod over is that that some of my best there have been when i've lost because he know what i gained i gained the ah knowledge so i told sarita that was a ah i was talking to you and i said i want you to make no mistakes you don't run for governor the office position never really meant that much to me i want my country back i'm in this for i said i have warned everybody before i started running i said all the to do it on the inside or the outside but we're going to get this job done as we have no we are not going to back away now if i get the office i will run with it like you've not seen anybody run with it right and fix with that with a power and her and in that office there's a lot you can but regardless keep going because it's a right thing to do and our or focuses on god and doing the work that is the helm is justice a servant's mind in and helping cellar i'm going to say to everybody out there and watch it remember there was a lot of his out there warning people about things like the alleged vaccine covet not doing the ms defending your kids make sure that your school i here's the warning the staff is bad if you accept or monitoring or anything like that you are agreeing to things that you do not even know the implication anything that they show in your body anything that could interact with outside oh you you got a big problem there horse carries not one but six continuously radiating and one the eight or so in a private they do have a lot of vaccines again i don't know that much about i'm sure you do but what their learning about in children with the increased vaccine over the years as van really tremendous or very their very traumatic injuries ah in sometimes even death from vaccines but what can a oman but when you put heavy metals in the body that aren't supposed to be in the body and then they damage your brain they make you more susceptible to electronic signals than you're supposed to be this is all taking you away from nature rather than bringing you closer to god nature's god as we might say it you know i always always felt like so i don't watch the ah i've never been able to watch tv it's the energy coming off of the tv i can feel it and it it may it like puts me to and so i don't i don't like that feeling i don't like to watch tv i do better with the this type of all of a screen quite honestly but i don't watch i don't want t v i don't want movies really i might some odeluc me into one once a year but i don't enjoy it right the energy i were bad much better off going outside if you want to call with the bad things around you walk outside go on side and get really quiet his look around you look at what god's me then in and be be immerse yourself in his well not this artificial or it's out there go and spend time outside with god being old key with the world realizing it he is in control of everything were there directing our attention and such and getting away from the electrical devices yet you meet on plod for a while and antioch still and know that he is our god he said it as easy by a bit of a paper version of the bible just let it fall open wherever it does and read what what's there in your find out that wherever it falls open it's going to be perfect for what you need to know for that so here's us in other things is not new we've known for decades that forces lice are shattered by radio was hearings were held in christ church and raise her strainer panting hargraves spoke out an interview published in nineteen ninety eight and of honrado tower and i can't say the word they don't hiss they over her oh how were he i don't know his cenosphra such apostate effects on her ninety horses he is forced to relocate them to a different part of canterbury her horses were all affected more than others and sought and two of them died this is not new guise this is what this is what they're doing in their gideon the horses first and then it's going to come over to us they're very jumpy and nervous they all seem to have sore horses who traveled by trailing through or were losing their balance altre we had several hats spots round a yard for the horses became followed and heard themselves in our very valuable cold had serious health proms and walked as if his he could not bear be shot in any betoken and try to solve his prone without satisfactory answers we finally turned him out in a paddock which had a large hay barn and trees between him and the tower within a month he had no problems at all back in his yard the problem returned the blacksmith gave evidence at our curing on the effect of radio waves on our horses the alumina conducts electricity and her feet had changed shape he cracks with the nails when it and were very sons we had weakly prose in factions we never had in the herthill were herandes we don't know what we're dealing with her but but we are in fact we are emotional you know everything around us is full of energy such and so we've got a really think these through an un what we subject ourselves and i think a lot of this i'm really hoping quite honestly that system does come we here a little rare takes about wanting to have let a man bring his open antoine the half of our a oh right a bible were five this man is a lunatic work well when i read his evil an evil or great words for rolling in it form calls through for a iterated the bible create religions there actually his people are toteninsel unlike the gun be kidding me they think they're god when you think you're god you think you can read write really didn't and man there some people that lately that's ow they've been acting like these odd the redactor this is dry some day i want to me i wanted me don no i love the sky you were talking about movies and i know it's fiction but i watched of the top on mater get the other day and i was impressed with the some of the piloting they did for that move in i don't know how much of it is real and how much of it is fake but there was a pre colstaff of her hole a friend who has not pilot which the fourteen was my plain iceland you know when i was in my twenty i would go see and at fourteen fly any time anywhere anyhow i love that so i and a reconforte of my favorite is and you you know that i've done some one i don't know why well to you ah the the the best pilots in my opinion that we have ever had in the history of the united states for the effort it was the faster ah one of the least automated it was the last none really truly not automated so he had the had two people in the cockpit because the one that was piloting it he had to make such decisions that they were calling out to the commands from the back because you couldn't look around the his things he had to happen so and no armed best pilots my opinion where of fourteen hats off he because it was it was based on sheer ah instant the ability to the and they were getting no real computer and so so it was it was kind of a it was kind of an amazing you know you can watch all the other drawings and the other planes fly that are single pile plans because they've got come and it noxia you got to be a good pilot to fly yet okey i'm sorry these these are still the top of the top of the top but when you got a well you've got it of fourteen pilot as a carrier pie that is something to be holly wrapt in press and and i i still to this day oh you know they destroyed most of it just like a roplane at the gregois noisy it's a it's a it's crazy to see one of those things your paths so pino yes that is the time that is my position or there excellently with but i love is to thank you to dance to be no sunday i hope to but you know you that i that i would love to shake that guy's hand and another one that came that a post these radithor and positivity is also comments for that with sheridan a channel and some people are like another posse from dan that means nothing and nobody understood him ride right in after you don't have to is he trying to sell you that things are going really badly and the child think he's telling everybody that the deep state is losing their mind because we just lost let we just launched the big guns stupidity going after the rifle president of the united states president donald the rightful president of the united donald here you go he entire sales as going to bed to night panicky over what they just amazing now here and then i actually did you know received seven says yes ah my husband watches jeopardy he's really into that it's one of his fun things that he likes to do is pretty good at it i could get one a few times a shell i don't know i do i do o ka but i am not good and he's he's better at it than i am she enjoys it well they have a celebrity addition and it's really really dumb down it it makes a laugh is i watched at least parts of it with him man dom if you remember the old saturday night live episodes with a celebrity deport there is pretty funny they have the elaborate celebrities are not very smart and the saturday night life ridden and there also not very spare if the real perch aconcio you get i got on at and it is his name he didn't get good on this last one he had like forty five thousand and the other two had they go out two thousand at one point that wasn't paint too much attention and all the sudden my husband says to me they had the question was about the seventeenth letter of the alphabet and the other cut clew to it was it was a character in a damesone and ohiki know that is but i was shocked that they put it on a jeperdy at esolcweorn leaning to the left inspissant such a iterinterests so any o i i i you know we heard over the years embody going oh no don't bring up you don't say seventeen oh horrors the horrors of sosia i ain't let's talk so anyhow when in the course of human events have for one the bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the to which the laws of a god and titled them son respect to the opinions of man quires i declare the causes which led the we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the price that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers the that whenever any form of government becomes structive to these ends it is the right of the peace to alter it or to abolish it in institute a new god laying its foundation on such his organizing power in such as to them shall seem most likely to effect their sane and happen indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient in accordingly all experience she that mankind is or more disposed to some while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are acted but when a long train of abuses and usurped sing invariably the same abject of object evident even evidences sorry i can't say it evinces the design to rede under absolute dust it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their sake his in sufferance of all these colonies and such is now the nest in strains them after the re ah next one and this was all a monstrous a june thirteen this was on june th a biblical times and here we go again yes what accused decided to post it again just for absolute on the same day just make sure that we understood that june thirty we have a problem so i wanted to put that out there for all those people who call all as cute i so what's the problem with posting the declaration of intent right i find that to show your ignorance and the fact that they are in fact hiding and whose in control does that not give you encouragement he was in control the good guys are guaranteed were watching the change of the of the old guard sit back each you know and that's mentally be quiet it's going to be okay i'll say on on the wing the sobbing the nation a teeth the the na saying he that sort of get involved and get loud in a way that is encouraging to others that brave has no fear go for red knowing that gods and one good guys already one quite as crash in a clean operate now and watching other come out to defend their bad behavior they get caught so there go stones there's tons little encouragement for he we want to make i think sometimes we need encouragement from around us and sometimes we need encouragement from god and i see both happening ah there was a time recently where i i expected some struggle but i really really prayed you actually were part of that with me you prayed with me and everything went better for me not just the whole situation but for me personally because i was able to let go with two god i was able to let god handle the situation in forget my interests or my concerns and in doing so there were some unpleasantness going on but i also could see some real positive things and i felt like other people were saying how awful it was and i like are you kidding me that i was in a great mood that he be cos i could see so many great things when your faith is strong you can count it all joy that's a poor was talking about even when bad things are happening all around you or even to you you you can sit back in a sense spiritually and it helps you emotionally i'm an emotional person i wear on my sleeve that's the way god made me and i i don't apologize for it cause he made me that way but i can find the joy in things that god shows me if i let him and i've been really trying harder to do that and pray more and at least believe that god is in control because even if this plan that we think is good great cause i see it going great i think tinderanother they're supposed to be even if it turns out that it's not really going to go great for us in its let's say the world goes cope and the cabal is winning well then that's what god wanted maybe that's what mankind deserved i i really hope that god is and not the god is able god is perfectly able ready to see the glory we need to see the glory of god and this and that means we can't see the wind as traps not trumps to and it's not as we have to give credit to god for waiting this battle if we do that we're going to be o ka for a while but it fully expect that there will be problems in the future because nothing new is under the sun i think we're going to win and we're always going to be o canfell the god i really do i stay with that his destinabantur there's sometimes you're in the water so his eyes copple ah miss balbalis in the water take him up you think he wants to be in water i won't think way of the many he got a fish like countersloping thats the way begged gerard the turks are washed and go down splash on this is as i have yet through assumed an how i got two as keeps swinging just keeps swiming this stock complaintsthat eagle complain he just keeps going the flies swim your way out so he to get over a big fish and his tenants or i'm going to go so in it the hand of this deep stake the older we dived on it his coming out i got beefish and still alive to strange into there gathers a deep state to be think the talons and a strange very go breakfast for the eagle yea and i could have it could have gone off and flew away trying for another fish may be alonehere well i'll tell you what let's go back to the icy river and in the the man that fought with washington and have fought every day sets for our country even even if they were misled about what they were fighting for why why they were fighting they did that for us and if we are too lazy or what we call sunshine patriot let somebody else do the work i don't know how it's not my place i don't know why i have something else to do that day get off your lazy but find your old play and get on that bold cross the icy river and fog if he can't do that then raise a victory garden so is it loranogie looks you find something that you can do to help because you're either part of the problem or part of the solution in it's good to take everybody why are we still in this situation that we're in because the evils are still sufferable to too many people people got awake up and they got to take some kind of action whether it's fighting for election integrity ah that meant there should people dis looking through the votaries a doesn't take a lot o effort you can sit at home and do that there peephole helping with that there's something that everybody can smile and be pleasant even smiling be pleasant now no more nationiale we can do this there's a growing a pole or right there now we can even be the flood the asethetic so given pleasant we can think of good things although two little boys that were the same sure every day as the esperanten together that was really that was a great story that's a great story wanted all something the great story of see like like my horse is malte is so we've got a horse of every collar nobody cares they're holsteiner all horses no people has say who cares just get off it and the girls know that their girls the boys know that their voice is not seeseethey go see there except with some of them think they're bigger and older than they are now they have black stallionas like the crewkerne in the bore that's like et calendal the girls he has no promise no and the girls in other gents are you going to get my goat donenot hoddities that our pitchers of life that are just kind of thought yet ah see is the huge at last of stuff that he itbeautiful the world is the gate looks like the gun from the up movie the cartoon character floats away with the house and with bland see the world is a beautiful place we had to get her ourselves reminds re oh it looks like a king fisher but not probably some of the fight of king with it say while cape printer it's just not a one that we have art work bewful at present erbollishing i think i've heard about those things that or the in plants causing problems with people to give them had aches sometimes in its debate whether they should have them in children oh how the choice i mean look how is joy it brings to think it's of i do too is in school like when people see colors for the first time license i got what i get i can i have i have to aye so beautiful sobeautiful in beautiful paintings and things that we can do you know we can really the world is a beautiful place and we can make beautiful things that be there free ach other i mean there's so much positivity in the world lestock i will find walked down the path in front of me so hugh some took a lot of time to make those paintings and they're just beautiful always preciate that heliports be in some i tell you what i've heard some really wonderful family musicians there's one that go to ever in july for the hammered dossier fond fast it's like five dollars or something for the whole week and from the state is sunday you can go to listen to people like this jam sessions all day long mostly the afternoon to late at night nothing electrical is a loud and you'll see all those instruments and more and a rollicking i mean they are they can be thrown much fond they there's groups that learn new music every year so that they could bring new stuff and share it with people people come from all over the world that ever miss again for the dolls were fondest so they every year they tried for a world record on how many dolmens or playing at one time i've never participated although i do own a dulcimer there was thinking the other day about owen really loved to get back to learning how to play it because when you're out of practice and you're just a beginner to begin with it's hard to get back into it but i just don't have the time for it right i would love to get back into doing some art work but i've got no place to show case it an i've got too much sitting up there that thing heat to sell and no way to sell it ah what would i you know that stuff is that is man it that exhausted me when i went i would go almost every year for a while but it's so much fun that there is there's a lot of cool things out there to get involved in a well we're about it at eleven thirty minutes has gone past i just want to thank you for coming on to day and and you know it's like for for me you know i watched people that wake out they'd become when they start really growing with god to and it's the same thing and they actually realize what it means to be spiritually alive in in you you you can't get that without walking with god and it's a oh i'm going to end this with a grant with gratitude because i love this ah this video i think it's beautiful oh hang on this second i'm trying to get the right place we'll say a prayer and then i'll play this itthe and refounder there is nothing that we can overcome by working together we look at these problems we talk about the sometimes we just sit together and we talk about things to make in us people emlike karen than isindolent farms go pop and turkey poor whatever it has i mean all washings that we should be comfortable we should be comfortable in our own no matter what that looks at comfortable with your it is your perfect way you are god created you the way that you're supposed to be right now for he were we learned by those things that are not but in our imperfections and an arian strong and we really show the glory of god and i think that something for each one of us to really colebra look at those things that are beautiful think about those things that bring you joy even in the midst of a storm or in trouble we can we can find wonderful things to be happy about and now never let any one take your joy never an don't no matter what these sixe staterit through this like moque left them on it you don't need to take on other people's bad in motions or how they feel that's the way they feel doesn't mean you have to be an antenna and pick up on all of it took with them all in and observe how observed the as a lot of the times what we do is just observe sing out of it on gringo had an sharesthen hermit lets a me we should pray for in that i'm going to share gratitude think it just think about this think about how much we have to be thankful for first foremost god is in control all these things that are negative could dispel snap cause god contact oh yes his turned to her all the progeny of your life can you fix that quick once saved on their job which or maybe to expand our wings a little bit sometimes we get taught things in order to exercise our spirits and o'er have more compact or get rid of things in our life that really aren't supposed to be there in a low time the show people rather than tell them they have to see it they have to experience for them so don't don't feel bad about it even when bad things happen there working a good purpose all things work for good to those who love the lord in their called acorns dear have we father we thank you so much for care for these wonderful things that we can celebrate today from music for our free other the beauty that you felt into the were even thankful for the times that our heart and the things that we don't like because we know that if you want em gone now of the finger all of its gone and and we know and we set estridor your guidance your leading us down a very very good and and that were in your care all the time you're good all the time you always care about us in his please bless every single person if some one is struggling with addition or with not being treated while or too busy or king as have heard time cupid in the war with the world help them remember that nothing is ever on overcombe you can raise the dead you he owed these can provide when there is no hope in front of us you make away when there seems to be no way and we can always is usyou are always able above all things to do to do more than what we could ever and create miracles or or have miracles happen when we have no idea right around the corner we always have hope because you're always here thank you for leading us through this time we pray for those that are unsaved and those that are doing horrible horrible evil on this planet we pray that you would send them the ability to take this you would take the scales off their he that they would see the world for one is that you would show them how despicable it is to have all the scree to have a wind at all cost attitude two to turn him around so that they would put the and be willing to follow you and to unknown areas to adjust adapt issue ask all for your honor and glory we love you we want to let you know in this world in all the terrible things that you've seen in you endured for us a horrible death but also not not only of the horrible death of your only begotten son on the cross the daily horrible things that on this point that we can't even image and you see things that we don't even were thankful for you bearing with us and even the people that are to committing these grievous acts children this world for the wrong motivation there captive it by satan and we ask that you absolutely sim award looking forward to the day that you cast him down and all those that have followed to absolute evil as we know that all things are working for good and like i said we want to let you know that we love you were committed to following you because we do trust you we have faith in and unwavering faith that you always always are and that you love jesus christ precious nay we pray ah that i'm going to add this his eye i loved the video i think this is the great video something very positive to go forward in dis remember no matter what you do if you are having a problem in one area or another eh you're welcome if you to your welcome to join us you're welcome to come and say say you know i know i know everybody in my life as their back on me when you find somebody who is a true believer and cried you're going to find the tough as people on the whole planet who will welcome we're not going to judge you that's god's that's job to do we might we might bring out what's in things that are going to be in your best in not in ours we got nothing other than another brother is that we can enjoy what god felt into you were all different we're all we are all we are all noted our pence some day we will be there but were not now and the only one that she is ah there was only one that was perfect god is the only and the rest of us were working progress every single one of us sidonie too much from the people around you because they are working paradores to show them kindness and a and the low because quite often when you pour love on somebody who is hurting hurting people hurt other pece it will be it means everything be that strength in a very hardy more i help if you blessed by this i love on to the port i by hope tinesipteris that you have masterton sedobrol to anyone isobel he think of the wet to resume doing think of more dominion more good he then never in to face or has credits story others story that ever it won't do estevan spessartite or i don't live cotations so many praises most to go he he he credit the nations but pitched this torossian trick the case which this gustave wolston she wished that you told me octoroon enter hester the quest a the early i going to pull that one to day in my telegram channel so just helpfully that that's a uplifter everyone is here watching off things happened around us and know that it is good things are going to be ok an so anyhow here we go karandi think are you there excitethat i delavigne go to branford for governor do con i have the best known consider who has ever not conceded in the history of the world i think he he may be caranganor may be next the rightful pre put him into that category have a great day to day will be back to morrow now that you're loved beyond all means god bless you god bless all those whom you love we got this make your choice is be a blessing to the world around you if you don't have somebody that's a blessing be on have a great night