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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/20/2023 DeVos Whistleblower Amway - Judah Ayers

Published Nov. 20, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Karen the Riveter and Ralph the IT guy!! Talking about my DC trip, current events, news and encouragement..with a nerdy tech slant!! 10am Judah Ayers, the DeVos Whistleblower, will be talking about the DeVos involvement in politics. Judah Ayers was a NCAA Big Ten Athlete from MSU after graduation built a successful Amway Business for 22 years. Over the years he noticed multiple things that were concerning and he started asking questions. It was not until January 6 and the events of the day did he connect things. On January 7, 2021 with the resignation of Betsy DeVos from the Trump Administration "inciting" a riot did he then understand the history of the families. The entire next week in prayer, God downloaded all and connected the dots to expose, giving understanding for Judah to document. Judah presented the documentation to the Chairman of the company whom he thought was a strong Patriot and Christian. The next day he was sent a Cease and Desist order and his business of 22 years was terminated with no real explanation. Thus the start of his journey of truth and discovery into the history of politics and these families. Twitter: Rumble:

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♫ Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 20th day of November, 2023. It's Thanksgiving week, and very excited to be back here today after my incredible weekend in DC. I need to have some time to talk to everybody about this, because I'm gonna tell you what, as much bad news as we've heard from DC, I'm gonna tell you, it's a beautiful city. Felt safe there all the time. Whatever we're hearing in the news is one big, ugly lie. And of the what it's really like there, there, it was, it's somewhere everybody needs to go truly, just to see for yourself, what is real and what is fabricated propaganda, you're not gonna get the propaganda here, we're taking back the American can dream, the American dream, and it's going to be the American do dream, because we're in here, you know, taking names and moving things forward. So I wanna go ahead and welcome my guests on. First of all, Karen the Riveter. Hey, Karen, how you doing? And the wonderful Chuck Richard. The ghost. The ghost. The ghost. It's ghost Chuck. I was like, I thought they got you last week. So last week, Chuck ghosted on us and I had no idea what happened. And I'm like, they got him. I know what, they got him. They finally got him. Well, let me uh, let me offer an apology first to everyone because it's certainly not like we do to uh back out but Like sucky the dowel i'm back Yeah, exactly, and I don't think for some people that's a that's a danger real danger. I like danger. Well rob is in danger anyways Take my phone out three weeks three phones in three weeks folks. Uh, it's eight phones i've had in two and a half years How's that for a record? destroyed them all. Yeah, I destroyed one of them. That was my on my own accord, but I got to tell you that there's some funny stuff going on out there in communication world. Just beware. If you got it, we want to hear about it. So anyways, yeah, welcome. I'm glad to be back. Yeah, welcome back. I missed you last week. But, but Chuck, or Karen and Ralph, a soldier and on and it was a wonderful show. So how you doing this morning, You know, we could give Chuck an anon name although he's not Anonymous at all. We can call him the ghost. I'm cool with that Yeah, he's part of the ghost army. It's it's Chuck part of the ghost army here. He's far from anonymous that is so long, these people are out after me. I can't understand why. Why would they be after me? Well, anybody that's speaking truth is in any way, shape, or form, even if there's like a 10% truth in it, they're going to shut everybody up, you know, but when you speak real truth, it gets ugly real quick. So, hey, we're going to talk about honesty here and truth. So let's go ahead and I'm going to go ahead and a little travelogue for everyone and show you the fact that We won We're winning and check the date on this November 19 was when Was when the Gettysburg Address was given and I got it. I got to tell you I really believe the good guys are in charge and the good guys are anybody who's working for God Almighty You can't get away from the fact that God is in charge. You hear, you know, trust the plan. Well, you know what the plan is? The plan is God's plan. And it's going to go, He's walking us through this captivity out of it. But we're going to have to be willing, and I'm going to talk about this at length because of a connection that I really was able to put together in my head with the Bolshevik you are there in history. And what's got to happen is that we have to do everything legally. It's got to be lawfully done to make the changes that are facing us ahead of us. No stupid crap going on out there, or I'm going to tell you what, I'm going to call every one of you out who's out there, grab your torches and pitchforks crap and take to the streets. You're no better. Anybody that does that. And we can certainly see it in the color revolution that's going on around us needs to just go get themselves a root beer float at home and sit there and think about things for a while. But anyhow, I'm gonna play this video a minute. ♫ Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this, But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor longer ♫ It is for us, the living, rather, to be dedicated here, to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. ♫ It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us. That from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. I think that's so appropriate for today. And you know when I was in Washington DC one of the places I went to was Arlington National Cemetery and I you And I just recalled the line in Saving Private Ryan is, I hope their sacrifice was worth it. And it's up to us to make that to be so. We can't sit back, we have to live to make that sacrifice, respected and to carry on the work that all those who lost their lives did. It's up to us to grab that torch and carry it forward in the fight for liberty and freedom and justice for all, or liberty and justice for all, and freedom, personal freedoms and the rights given by God, guaranteed by the Constitution, and understanding both our purpose and what we're fighting for. And there is no backing out of this. This is going to require constant maintenance until evil is completely wiped away hold the line. Well, we have to resolve to periodically review where we are, where we're going, where we came from, because if we don't remember history, we definitely are gonna repeat it. But we wanna make sure that what our forefathers laid forth for us, we continue to pursue. Because we continue to pursue the very freedoms that we came to this country from other places for. The religious freedom we have, the openness, the freedom to express our ideas, hopefully without being chastised or tormented or whatever. And I think that's something we haven't been able to do in the last few years, not just the Democrats, but a lot of others that want to suppress the right of free speech. Free speech is important. The second amendment is important, but the whole constitution is, and I think you hit the nail on the head, starting out with Abe Lincoln, what a better guy than to show someone whose life is known as honest. He might not have done everything by the book. He's human. He's human, right. He strived to be the best he could be. And I think you look at his life, he had a lot of trials and tribulations in his own personal life. And I think you read, I think I can't remember who wrote the book on Lincoln, but there's several. And you see the struggles he had. But we're in it as a nation struggling in the same way. You mentioned the Bolshevik revolution. I don't know if you know it, I was there in Russia. I was not then, not in the revolution, but back in 75, I went over to Russia. I went to Moscow and to Leningrad. As part of that, I went to view that. I was active duty military, not on assignment, but was on a personal tour and got to see some of this stuff and it's like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you know, that's all I can say. You're thankful for the country we live in and bringing this in brings us right back to what we just observed in Veterans Day, right? The very foundation of our country is on freedom. Abe Lincoln exonerated that or amplified that in his Gettysburg Address, but so do we when we honor our vets who gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who didn't, that is still served. And I think that's something we look forward. You mentioned the Washington DC. I lived there two years, beautiful city. It has its problems like any big city, but it's a beautiful city. It really is. So the city is beautiful. You know, the crime has to be addressed. If we're not addressing crime, we're in big trouble. But I can tell you right now, I felt safe there all the time. Accountability, Donna, is where we got to get to. Be accountable. And I think that's something we also lack. So yeah. And prosecute real crimes instead of the civil action jurisdiction harassment that's going on out there. Well, you know what's coming down. I didn't tell you everything, but I filed with a judicial tenure mission against a judge that issued that PPO on me for a political commentary. I haven't forgot that nor have I said idle on it. It's just, it was on a lower priority, but since someone brought it up the other day, I said, well, it's time to go at them on a little bit of a character assassination side and a few other things coming down about six expect about six things to come down over the next three months you'll see them so I think people will know that I'm real they know that I'm committed and they know that I'm gonna push for the truth no matter what yeah that's what we all have to do and it doesn't mean we're always gonna agree with each other but it is starting discussion and making sure that we are discussing things as like I was talking to somebody last night who her history And she's like me, I hate both, I hate the political party system. It needs to be abolished, the whole thing, because it's nothing more than special interest. We are given an illusion of choice, but there is no choice. I mean, I went through this personally, ran and personally watched how this whole system works from the governor's race, and realizing that the board of elections, which is unconstitutional and should not have its hand in our elections whatsoever, headed up by Jonathan Brader, who is the chairman of the board of Eric, who is, you know, this whole thing has gotten so out of control that he should have been fired a long time ago. And, you know, and absolutely removed. And there should have been an investigation like there's no tomorrow, but the entire board of elections should be should be abolished at the state level. Elections should be run on the county level and, you know, from the county level and then, but the way that they've taken this and absolutely just run off the rails and like came from his mouth while in the hearing that I was there, we were just making up policies on the fly. Really? Is that how we run things? Do we just get somebody in here who is potentially on insight, you know, maybe like in the rowboat with one oar in the water, because that's what I see there. It's like, they're just, you know, they're rowing, you know, rowing with one oar, you know, just constantly. And it's all for self-enrichment. You look at Granholm, she's a poster child for the connections with special interest who has put in charge the energy czar, whatever the heck they're calling her now, you know? And these people are, and we don't even know who they really are. We haven't not seen a thorough background check on any of them. So I got in with an investigator and we've been looking and there's aliases like you cannot believe. And they're tied to financial funds and holding companies. This is how they're moving the money around. You're never gonna see it, we're never going to see it because they know how to hide it. They've been doing it for decades. Donna, now you're getting to the basis of what's going on behind the scene of political parties. That's exactly correct They have these administrative accounts. They have what they call 11 accounts They've been able to move money in and out they and and these people do it also in these packs They move it through these packs in and out and that's part of the problem They say well, we got a you got a financial system. You got merch merch doesn't do anything It's a balance sheet basically merch is a joke a joke. It is a joke at is that this money is a money launderer. We take, if we talk about money laundering, let's just start with one. Let's just start with one that got me in trouble, this PPO. We were investigating money laundering, okay, in Nuego County with a funnel back in that K-9. We still to this day don't know, but it's gonna come out because it's gonna, we're gonna see what the judicial tenure does on the judge and that will lead to other things. But the problem is with, they gave $8,000 to the K-9, Nuego K canine group, but they show no money, income, how did they do that? And who sits on that board? Sean did, I think Marianne and Schindelbeck. Wait a minute, those are three people involved in a political party. You see what's going on and that's what's, with their people don't see this, these secret things that go on, their secret handshakes. We could go on and on and on and all this stuff, but we gotta get back to being honest and open. And that's why you brought up with a blanket, honesty, honesty is what he stood for. Honesty, we can look at the Bible on honesty, or we can look at any number of things. And we look at the definition, we see truth, we see dishonesty, truth, the quality of being true, that which is true according to fact or reality, a fact or belief accepted as true, like science or Galileo, or cheating, act dishonestly or unfairly, a statement with intent to deceive, and then looking at dishonesty. What is it? Deceitfulness shown in someone's character or behavior, a fraudulent or deceitful act. It's dishonor or sexual misconduct. It comes from the French word dishonest, and it's all-inclusive, including lying and cheating. And the reason I mention all this, and I know it fast, is that we've gotta get back to truth, because with truth, we get trust, and with trust, we build relationships. I've said it over and over again. That is the basis to where we've got to go. If we don't have that, we don't have any... what ties us together, right? Right. Well, I decided I'm gonna share this video, like, at least for a while on every single episode. And this is because we value life so much. Every person, the life that's given to us is a gift. flash of light at the moment of conception. And I want to remind everybody, this is truth. And that is the beginning of each and every one of us. caring enough to in fact... Oh, there's another one. Let's see. I've got another video right here. This is kind of cool. Another version. And we'll just play this one too because it's followed up very nicely. Hang on just a minute. I'll see if I can quick get this thing up. What gets it back to truth? What is the meaning of truth? You know, I had some idiot say that who's sitting in a mayor's office, what is truth? I'm like, I can't help that kind of stupidity. Hang on a second Chuck, I'm playing a video. Okay, I was just going to fill in while you were doing it. but it's kind of an interesting thing because there's a spark, there's a light that happens, a flash at the moment of conception. And I think it's very, very important for everyone to know that no one, you weren't a mistake. It's truly the moment God breathed life into each one of us. You can see it, and I think we need to realize that if anybody out there is feeling a little depressed or out of control or something, God has a plan for you. He's got a plan for every one of us. You weren't a mistake. You weren't a mistake. And it was intentional. Whether your parents planned you or not doesn't matter. God did. Well Donna, you know scientifically, but when you take two atoms and put them together, okay, if you take the valence, what we call a valence, electron valence, and you form a compound. What happens to that is, uh, you break a bond. When you break a bond, guess what happens? Love heard this light energy is, is released, right? It's called an exothermic reaction, right? When that happens, light or energy is released. That very thing. Talking about that, that life, isn't that amazing how science actually emulates what God did? I mean, that fact right there, he just, you just, if you're a chemist or involved in it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And that is what God created. You know, science can say, oh no, no, well, but it is true. And so I'm glad you brought that up. That's kind of cool. It's a very cool thing, and it's a cool thing to see, and something that, you know, I think hopefully it wakes people up to the fact that, you know, there's so much more here than what we have been led to believe. We've been, time, all of us, no matter how awake any of us thinks we are, and knowing the truth, that is the beginning of being stupid at that point when you assume that you know everything. There's so much that we don't know, we can kind of keep... And it's a lifelong pursuit to try to figure out what's going on here. But we know some, but even as a collective, we still don't have exactly what's going on here. They can't even figure a brain out yet. So, I mean, they're working on base knowledge yet, let alone the spiritual side of life. And, you know, I'm going to tell you right now, watching that Bolshevik with some of it, but there was some real hard-hitting key facts. I'm going to post it today on my Telegram channel, at Brandenburg4MI, so that other people can see this too, and I would encourage everyone to watch this, because we are on this same timeline, because it's the same thing in America right now. It's exactly the same dynamic. And the way to stop it is if we see something that was set up, we do not react. We do not take to the streets. That is a stupid person's response. Look at, we talked about truth and where it comes from. You can get truth by the dictionary, truth by Donna and Chuck, truth by Christina and Warren, or truth on the seventh moon, or that whole group over there, or truth biblically. So if we start with the truth in the Bible, we look to, there are several passages, and I love Proverbs 19, one, on the English Standard Version, which says, better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool. And Proverbs 12, 22, it says, lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, Faithfully are his delight and then there's a final one and I believe this is so So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it for him. It is a sin What was that Karen I said, amen Amen That's a big one. That's a big one. That's a tough one for Americans right now. I think we were at a place where have three percent, I don't know, but we all have a duty and responsibility to act to protect ourselves, our neighbors, our country. And it's not about physical, I'm American, Americans are the best. It's about doing what you should be know to do correctly. There's something wrong there. The Bible's just what you just read. To not do what is right is a sin. That's right. It's also the Good Samaritan, Karen. Exactly. Right. So we can, you can, you could hide your head in the sand or you can say, well I just don't know, I I was thinking about moses last night Uh again because it just keeps on coming back for me It's like to paraphrase this conversation with god. He's like, well, I don't know about going into egypt god I don't think I have a skill set for that. Why are you trying to make me do this? And in my mind god says dude, I just trained you for 40 years in egypt to shepherd a bunch of stupid sheep out in the wilderness. You can handle the job I've given you to do because I've given you everything you need. God gives us everything we need, and that includes what we need when we get out of our comfort zone. Exactly. What book was that from? I just had a curiosity. What were you reading from? I was thinking about Moses. That's from the Bible, Chuck, but I was just thinking I didn't say I was reading. I might tell you there's a book called The Life of Moses by Daniel of Nysa. That's a great read. A minister friend of mine recommended it. Of course, my wife went and bought it for me to read and that kept me occupied. I think it kept out of her hair, we don't know a lot about Moses. We really don't, but it is, and that's why I was asking that question. One thing we know is that he screwed up like the rest of us do. There's not one good example in the Bible except for Jesus. Everybody else in the Bible are flawed human beings. They all have flaws. We learn from flaws. You know, we learn it's just like the tearing down of the monuments. They're talking now about taking down the Jefferson Memorial and I'm like, are you kidding me? What's that? Yeah, I agree with you. I said the same words. Are you kidding me? Yeah, he's flawed. So are you. So is everybody else. But he did some good things and you know what, you know what, if, you know, I'm sick of this. I hate to say it, but I don't want to hear any more wine sobbing and BS about the Reparations for slavery 200 years ago when none of us had anything to do with it, right? We've tried there's people like me There's people in my my history that tried to fight it So do we get reparations for fighting it for giving our time and and this that the other thing? What why are we not talking about the the slavery that's going on inside this country right now? What are you doing now? Are you just looking for free money and the pity dollars? Or are you willing to fight and take on true valor and do the right thing right now? We can go back and we can bemoan things all the way through history. The Irish were terribly enslaved, and so were the people during the Bolshevik Revolution. Look at the millions, tens of millions of people who were slaughtered there. Cambodia and in I mean Cambodia look at look at what's happened all across and why because they took the guns away Why does this not surprise me I'm telling you this because friends of mine are Native Americans. And I tell them that, you get mad. You're a freaking caveman. That's what it is. We finally figured it out, Chuck. You know what? You know that square wheel they had? I turned it into a round one. Oh, good, good, good. That was great innovation. A little humor. I had to bring that in. Sorry, guys. That's funny. But I wanted to add something else on the biblical. I want to give this to Karen because she'll love this one too. Revelation 21.8. And it's just a little bit of a joke. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. I'm going to read it to you. Revelation 21, eight, and it says, but the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is a second death. Think about that, all those words. You look it up to Revelation 21, eight. It's a great verse because it makes you think about, what we're in or involved in and we're talking about truth and we're talking about deceit and lying and dishonesty all that rolled into one and where's the end going to be? Burning in fire. Yeah well the parasite class needs to disappear and that's what it is this is good versus evil that we have it's not black against white it's not it's not women against men it's not a this nation against that nation we have no quarrels with the people. We have a problem with a global power structure that set itself against people to murder us. They're doing it, they've done it, and they're not going to stop. And we have so many underlying hands that people don't see. People are being deceived and, and, you know, it's not necessarily all their fault because some are just not knowing. I mean, they don't have the insight that we, a lot of us that are out there involved in have. And so they get this lead, right? Like the Pied Piper Hamlin, they kind of mislead them. But we've got to bring out the truth. We've got to be able to, and we've got to recognize, so wait a minute, that seems odd or that is right. It's not wrong to question anything. It's how we do it. We still have to follow protocol. You know what I mean? Because we're civil people. We live by law. Some of these people don't want to do that and they disrupt and they basically tear things. What good is that doing? Well, it's like when you look at the protests in the road and such, you're not protesting the government. You're stupid. You are attacking your fellow Americans. That is like one of those big fails. You can look at it. They don't even know what the target is that they're after. They're just putting their hate and their anger out there. Weaponized against each other rather than then actually looking at who's created the problem It's not each other Right. This is not my posted about My post about this few nights ago Because it's all they try to make it sound like Like you said black versus white or culture or where you're from country of origin gender religion, whatever. And you have all these divisions and make these people, like you see these kids from other countries, some Palestinians for example, and they are all excited about having the opportunity to kill Jews or even to die themselves, you know, to give themselves up in a kamikaze type explosion or something. These are little kids. And it doesn't matter who the victim is It doesn't matter what the cause is doesn't matter the race or the color or whatever It's just hate it just is hate in it and the labels don't matter to the evil one They're just It's just a tool to make people hate and cause them to be divided from each other Unity is the enemy of this force. And hate is evil. We need to hate evil. And when we see things that are wrong, that's where we place our, that's where you place the crosshairs, is on evil. It's not necessarily on a group. It's you look at the action and say, you know, our fight is with principalities and powers. Even that person. We don't need to activate hate. We just gotta stop the action. And they made the choice. So, when we go back to what we were talking about, a lot of people mistake Christianity as, I don't even like to use the word anymore because people don't even know what it means because it's so apostate, just like the Jewish religion. All of them are apostate. Everything has been infiltrated, everything. And I think we can agree on that when somebody says, I'm saved so I can go out and do whatever I want. No, you can't. That is exactly what you just read, Chuck. You don't just say, I'm saved so therefore that's my excuse. I can go out and do whatever I want and God's going to forgive me anyway. I don't think so. I don't think this word means what you think it means. It doesn't give you a free pass to be unethical. It gives you a free pass, not at all. And everything at that point is going to be held against you. That you do, you're going to have a balance sheet. You know, we're going to make mistakes, but in intentional, just saying, you know, people saying basically, screw you, God, I'm saved now. You know, I'm holding you to contract. I'll do whatever I want. It doesn't work that way. But Karen mentioned something that's interesting. It was a great one that Karen did bring in about Israel and Palestinians. Palestinians and exactly what's going on in this country because it's creating a divide. It's creating almost a civil war. It is. And it could develop, develop, easily develop into that because you see it going on in these, on these universities. All this dissension is coming there. Just, it almost reminds me of back in 60, back in 60, 67 roughly, right? And we see some of the same kind of stuff going on. It's crazy. It's because the mindset, okay, I spent a lot of time in college, so did you, but the mindset of people who are younger is very easy to manipulate. They don't have enough history as much as they think they know everything. I mean, we all went through it when we're about 16 years old. You know, we're like, we think we know everything at 14 to 16 years old and you're stretching your wings and that sort of thing. hold of to further evil agendas. That's why the brown shirts worked with the Nazis, because they went after the young people and people whose emotions are easily manipulated. You know, the older you get, the more stable you get, and you're just kind of like, you just kind of look and go, we'll see. Let's see how this plays out a little bit. You're patient, and you're not reactive. You're more proactive, but less reactive, and not blown around by emotions. the experiment where the guy did where they had these students give a shock? Yes. Yes. That whole thing. It's the same thing. They were brainwashed. Or how about the experiment out in California based on a true story where this, this, I think I don't remember it was a teacher did this in a school and the people acted just like what was occurring in Germany. Same way. The kids, the students, they were easily manipulated. I want to say it was back in the late 70s, I saw this and I'm thinking, you can't believe it, but it's happening in America all over. We see it happening on our campuses today. You mentioned Donovan being easily manipulated. As Rush said, what did Rush used to call them? Minds of mush or something like that? Okay, that works. Rush Limbaugh used to call them as having minds of mush. Well, because they're easily manipulated. Well, and let's see. Yeah, it's the lack, hang on, I'm getting something up here. It's the lack of having even a personal history. You know, and the older we get, really what I noticed is that the older we get, the less we realize, the less we really know, and we start questioning things more. And you know more things in some regards, but you realize that though you may know this much, and as you grow, that line increases, but what you also don't realize is that what you don't know becomes much greater. It's so much bigger, and every time you enlarge, say, like the circle of knowledge, it gets bigger, and you ask more questions, and there's more that you realize you don't know than what you do know. You know what would be interesting is to do an experiment in one of those universities, do that same experiment, but do it with a group of students versus a group of their professors. Oh yeah, yeah, I think that's a great idea because you're right. You know that in a doctoral program, the more you know, the more you don't know. And because what it does is it takes you down down different rabbit holes. And so you're constantly learning, you're constantly questioning, you're constantly examining and researching. You never get out of that research mode because you never really get there because you can never get to truth. You can never get to the ultimate absolute why, because you're not perfect. Because we're not God and we're never gonna be God. Exactly, exactly. Look what Galileo did. I mean, Galileo, look what he had to fight. He had to fight the Catholic Church and he finally won. Well, did he win? I don't know. I guess we know the world is, we think the world is around right now, right? Everything's up for question right now. I'm gonna tell you that right now. You know, there were some things that I saw in DC that really have to make me question the propaganda coming at us from both sides. You know, there's stuff on Telegram where they show, you know, an excavated front of the Capitol that's currently going, I know it's not, it's not. There's no excavations going on there and such. And we were able to walk right up to the Capitol where all the black limos were seen and such. And it's like, it was kind of crazy. And like I said earlier, I was able to walk right on on the Capitol balcony. That's not access, that's just there. You don't get to just walk when you can see things happen like that, you realize there's some things going on that nobody's talking about. I was actually able to be in the tunnels where both the House and the Senate moved to go into the Capitol from their buildings, their respective buildings. And that was very interesting. There's 32 miles of tunnels under DC. And I tried to corner some people on it. I'm like, well, how deep do they go? One person admitted to six layers underneath it and another one said it's really deep. I'm gonna guess you know something about that, Chuck, but you ain't gonna talk about it either, so there you go. I lived there two years. It's interesting because they're there. The question that's never, it's a classified, it's not known. I mean, to be honest with you, it's not known. It's known by someone, I'm sure, but I don't even know if it's known by all because it's limited. It's kind of like, I'll give you an example. When we were on the fast frigate in Muskegon, or in the South Haven coming to Muskegon, I asked the Commodore, I'm in the, up on the deck and asking him what the class, what the speed of the, a nautical speed of that craft was. Classified, he couldn't tell me. He could not tell me. I go, we make the engines, right? I can tell you the thrust and the weight and all that stuff. And I could probably get close to it, but it's classified. You can tell me. There's a lot of things that aren't known. And as much as we're around it, we still don't know all the elements of it. And that is done intentional because what, when I was there, I think I told you that, that we were always briefed every week on, on what we call sleepers, that you had to be aware of what's going on. What they do is they take this piece of information, that piece of information from here and there, and they assemble it into the puzzle. And that's how they get into and it's like hackers do the same thing right what a hacker do today on computer systems same way They eventually get in yeah Ralph What Ralph and I were talking about this and he wanted to cover it this morning But he had to he had to some work to do and he was talking about the fact that if someone gets hacked They deserve it and he said if it's a site if it's a cyber person not just everybody that's out there and such, if they get hacked, if the CIA gets hacked, if somebody gets hacked, too bad, you lose. You just got the dunce cap for the day because that's their job. Their job is to understand the terrain out there and to stay a step ahead. When you're protecting people, you have to stay a step ahead. You don't react, you're proactive. And if they get hacked, it's their own fault or it's intentional and they're involved in it. You know, they can tell you that they were attacked. Sometimes they do that as a cover to bring somebody out to. That's another way of bringing someone out, right? That they were hacked and then they start people's in it. It's kind of funny. It's false. It's kind of like delivering false information to see where it goes. You know, I said I sometimes used to do that in. I still do it from time to time out in my post. I want to see who's coming back at me, right? And I do that in a way, it's not false, it's what I'm doing is bringing them out. And I know what it will do in their reaction. While they do the same thing on hacking, they'll send it out to see what the response is. So what it really tells you is their vulnerability, right? And that's what the pup is getting at. He's saying that, look, they deserve it because they know when they do this, it will create that. Every action will create an opposite and equal reaction, right? As a law of physics. Well, that's what they should know. They should know that this is going to occur. Well, the government is constipated, right? It sits, it's like this is the biggest constipated action humanity has ever seen as a U.S. government. Okay, so you cannot, when you're in any industry, you cannot say there patting yourself on the back, it's the CIA and FBI who suck and don't have, it should be abolished. Um, there you go. Watch, watch the knocks come at the door. Now I've been trying to get arrested by, for, uh, uh, you know, for good reason for protesting or calling things out of their stupidity and criminal behavior. But, um, uh, you never stop because like, like what we've had in our, in our little, our little tech world here, we can get hit by somebody who's trying to attack us like 10,000 times in a second. And you can see where they're coming from. For a while, we had a lot coming from South Korea. And then we just changed security a little bit and locks them out, but you can kind of see, well, you can even see the IP addresses of where they're coming from. And so you know exactly, exactly. We've actually traced some, we had somebody years ago that tried to do damage to me, personally, all kinds of fun that was. And at any rate, they were trying to do damage to me personally, because apparently I made somebody a little angry. And so we had it, we had it tracked down to the computer and I had the sheriff there at the door and the tears and the crying started. Oh no, whatever will happen to me, whatever will happen to you is you're going to get sued out into obscurity if you ever so much look in my feet again. And that silenced it pretty good right there, but it was kind of an amusing situation. All electronic devices have an IPN. I mean, people ought to know that. Whether it's your phone or your computer, all of them have an IPN, you can trace it. Did you know that they're even storing text messages in your car now? Oh, I'm not surprised, because you can do that. You can do that with a GPS. The GPS, that antenna, have it covered up. So they can't do it. Yeah, because they're catching you under bridges. They're GPSing you wherever you go, you're being trapped. And they're doing it by third party companies in order so that they don't violate the surveillance laws, which they put in place, which are kind of like one of those loose suggestions at this point. They did it to me. They did it, my wife's calls, they had my wife's calls going through Brazil several times and we took pictures of that. My daughter from Spring Lake had her calls going through Brazil. A friend of mine from Shelby, Michigan had his going through Pakistan. My sister, my older sister, my oldest sister in Muskegon had hers going through Netherlands. My younger sister had her going through Russia. Now you tell me who has a capability of doing that. Our own government. Our federal government was doing that. They were routing, rerouting exactly as you said, So they did not have to get a search warrant on me They knew that I would object if they came on property and I would call it the county sherpa to have arrested I've already told him that I told me if you do that, I'm going to do this. So they're on notice So these people are not they're they're honest. They're unscrupulous. They are they're gonna use every mean you hit the nail down There's another ballpark for you. Oh Even though the ball seasons over say. Yes it's- season is never over I'm Brandenburg news network. Well you get a run there because- it gets me going about this government. Yeah it comes from a change or over you know back in the days when I was there DC they feared him because he had had files on everybody. I wouldn't doubt if he has file had files on me I should ask them that sometimes because These guys were unscrupulous. They were CIA and and Mossad created Hamas Hezbollah BLM and Tifa and anybody, you know, it's like BLM is a is a freaking corporation that that took in just just Obscene about of monies and who are they funded by the corporations, same corporations that are wrecking our food supply, which are putting out the jabs to kill people and all this other stuff. Did you know that I was listening to RFK, I listen to everyone and I get criticized, man, did they come after me for having you on here, Chuck? It's kind of funny. It's funny, but anyhow, talking about what they made, $6 billion made, I believe, off the vaccines, but they're making about $60 billion off of what happens after that with the sicknesses from Ritalin and all the drugs they sell for the autism that they're creating and such. And all you have to do is look at the facts. You don't have to make anything up. They've done it themselves, the facts stand. I know somebody who got a booster on Friday. We got a booster on Friday and died on Sunday. Yeah, oh yeah. This stuff is just so, I mean, we shouldn't be surprised when we know what the vaccine, how it works. They should not be surprised. But the point is that where are our doctors? Where are scientists saying this is wrong? This is morally wrong. And they don't, they are bought and paid for. And that's the part that bothers me. me, there are people, doctors know better, know better that this is not what's good for America. The whole vaccine thing is it's raised the issue all along. Now, as my son said, dad, how many, how many vaccines did you have growing up as a kid? And then how many do they have today? Over a hundred today versus how many did we have? Not very many, where did we? Probably less than 10. Yeah, it's kind of shocking. Have you have you looked at anything on Plum Island and and the lab leaks? That have been that have been happening in the United States. This is not a one-time issue This is this should be sobering to anyone I'm gonna go ahead and see if I can bring this up. So I like this show called the Y files. Okay, here's Y hilarious and lizard people, right? Now, do I buy everything on their hook, line and sinker? No, I don't. But I like to listen to, I like to listen to it because there's a lot of big issues that are brought forward. And one of them is, hang on a minute, cause I want to look at this. It is the lab leaks that have happened. All right, let me go to the channel here. Where are you at? My files yeah, I'm running it through all her gazillion windows tabs yeah, I've got about a million of these stupid tabs open all the time, but the the plum Island and he gets into Information that could impact everyone on earth, but before anyone could read it it was classified by the CIA So this is a great thing. So I'm gonna, I'm bringing this up for just a second and we're gonna do some interesting, let's see, I've got to pull this up just a minute. Go check out Y-Files, don't take it all in. I mean, a lot of it's some weaponized nonsense, let me tell you what, but there's some cool stuff in there. He brings a lot of good points forward and a lot of good information, information but you're going to have to think your way through this one. This is not one you go in there and you just decide, okay, I'm hook, line, and sinker. I'm going to take all of this in, right? But it's interesting. Yeah. We've got to approach it on time. Five minutes. I'm going to give you a five-minute call, but you started with Abe Lincoln. Yeah. And are you going to play that video now? I was just going to start it out here a minute and let's see. Yeah, he's always the Montauk Monster. But where did the monster come from? There could be only one answer. Plum Island. Plum Island is just a few miles from where the monster was found. Locals heard rumors that this was a top-secret government facility that created bioweapons, engineered animal hybrids, and maybe even experimented on people. Sounds like a wild theory. But then another animal washed up on the beach. 2010, the rumors about Plum Island seemed to be true when something else was found on the beach. This time it wasn't a strange animal, it was a body. A human body. ♫ So that particular episode gets into the lab leaks going on in all of our bio labs across the United States. And so, what's that? It is horrific when you see that. It is. I wanted to, before I leave, I was going to leave you with the fact you started with Honesty, you started by Abe Lincoln I wanted to finish with. It kind of lays it right out. It goes, it brings your whole thing with the formation of life, of what life is, and about the light that it's, okay? So the first quote was, and it's not quite related, but it says, resolve to be honest at all events. Again, talking about truth. And if in your own judgment, you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. That's Abe Lincoln's quote, right? If you think being true, don't be a lawyer. That simple. But here's the one I wanted to talk about. I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what? Light I have. Light. The very thing you spoke with, that you began with, honest, Abe Lincoln, in light, here it brings it back together. We're talking about being true, and let it shine for the truth. And here we... that's a great way to end. I'm going to play that video of the flash that happens at the moment of conception. Put this in your mind, and don't let this one go, because this is how God started each and every one of us. Absolutely. So anyhow, thanks Chuck. Karen, you got any last words here? I'm going to put, Karen, you want to go backstage and sit backstage for a while and while I bring in my next guest? Sure. You know what, Karen and I can sit and talk for hours and hours. We'll get on the phone and then the next thing you know, we were on last night talking and we're like, why don't we just stay up all night and talk all night and then, you know, throw some makeup on at about, you know, 830 and jump on camera here and say, hey guys, we've been up talking all night, but we actually We actually said I think I better head to bed. She's like I better head to bed and maybe and so Thank you for filling in. Thank you donna for having me. Yeah, i'm back on track We'll see how long it takes him to knock me off again. And thank you god for giving chuck an actual phone that's working So we know he didn't that somebody didn't didn't uh, uh take him out Knocking his phone out is one thing knocking chuck off my Donald J. mask. It's been missing in action for six weeks. I thought someone stole it. I did, but I found it. Guess where it was? Where? My wife's trunk. I think she did it. I don't think David did it. Your wife took you out, Chuck. That's what it was. Yeah, don't tell her I said that, or I'll be on the couch. That's OK. You're Cro-Magnon, man. Remember? So I think you can handle a couch. It's better than the rocks that you came from. No, I can handle it, but no one else can, because I'll be up all night, because I won't sleep well. Oh, you're funny. All right, guys. Well, thanks, Chuck. And we'll talk to you next Monday. If you can't be here, at least shoot up a flare, smoke signal, something, so we know that you're still alive. Yeah, well, another story about my internet. We'll talk about that. I'm trying to change it again. So maybe I'll get up to high tech yet here in the backwoods. All right, so everybody, just so you know, I've got Judah Ayers coming on. He is the whistleblower for the DeVos family and the nonsense going on there and connections to Pfizer. And so stay with us. And you know what? If, if you want to get in the game and do something that's real productive, share this with all your buddies so we can get this information out there. Criminals have to be exposed and I'll be right back. ♫ Good morning, back to a second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna. Brandenburg is the 20th day of November 2023. And I want to give you guys a little background. So I was in DC this week and y'all know that. And I was at an event at the Trump National Golf Course with some amazing people. A lot of people that are close to General Flynn. He's amazing. Love this guy so very much. And Tara Rodas is there. And remember, we're talking about human trafficking and there's an event on December 8th and 9th over in Sterling Heights. Everybody should be there and have a really good reason to be there. I know Karen's reason to be there is going to be to spend time with her friend Donna and find out what we can do to end the scourge upon the ant on the land of human trafficking. This it's an amazing experience to go and set with people who are actually fighting it and it, it, the lights start going on. You'll start seeing things and go, Oh, I've seen something like that. What to which you can actually be helpful. Well, anyhow, I met Judah Ayers at this meeting and he is the whistleblower for the DeVos family, which I've been kind of annoyed with this whole situation with a 40 oligarch families in the state of Michigan who are buying our politics using the political parties and all the money that they get from corporations and adding your own money into it. Well, anyhow, Judah's coming on today, and I think it's going to be a really fun day. So, welcome to the show, Judah. Nice to see you again. Hey, you as well. Hey, that was really fun meeting you in D.C. That was an awful lot of fun, and I appreciate the time that you've taken. And Judah has a lawsuit that's going on, as well as a history that's phenomenal. 22 years wiped away by someone who's clearly trying to hide the truth. And I mean, that's pretty easy to see. And you know what? All you criminals out there, we're coming for you. We're getting this thing figured out and it's not going to end well. So at any rate, I've got all of your stuff sitting right here with me. All of the papers and the photos and such in here. So I mean, I can see if I can flip it open so I can show some of this. But anyhow, where do you want to go this morning? Well, really, I mean, it's up to you. But here's a website. It's like, standing for your rights. And I'll post all of these links in my Telegram channel today if you want to review this and see what's going on, including the lawsuit that you're working on that right now. So you've got a letter, and let's talk about the letter that you sent out, because yes, I did read it. You asked me if I read it, yes, I did. And there's the case filing and what you're doing to fight the corruption that you experienced and found firsthand. I think it'd be nice to give everybody a timeline of what happened to you. You know, obviously my background, I'm from the great state of Michigan, originally, and lo and behold, I went to Michigan State University. So studied, obviously, business and engineering there and got the great opportunity to play football there for a great coach. Many great coaches, Coach Nick Saban, Mark D'Antonio, and just a whole crew of incredible people where I got a chance to cross paths again with Ohio Brett. I don't know if he got a chance to meet Ohio Brett yet, But they hail from the great state of Ohio. I met my wife, who is a Buckeye, so that's why we're now down in Columbus, Ohio. But yeah, spinning back, you know what? I grew up in the state of Michigan. My dad was in the automotive world for, gosh, almost 40 years with Ford Motor Company. And we can get into those details a little bit later. But I did. I graduated from Michigan State University. And got a job working in the automotive industry. And lo and behold, my parents were involved with the Amway business. And everybody in Michigan, actually all across the nation, someone has an experience with Amway, right. And I was one of those, defending the Amway story for years. I went through learn the stories in and out. I lived it, my dad lived it for 20 years, and then I lived it for another 22 of myself, built a very business, hundreds and hundreds of people in our business and multiple states across the United States. Honestly, I think I had a good experience right up until I started understanding the brainwashing. And this isn't a hit on say just all the people in the Amway business because they got to wake up. They got to wake up to the rules, the controls, and everything really designed to hide what these families are doing behind the scenes. And so when you get into the Amway business, the owners of the business are the DeVos and the Van Andel families. They are a stout families there, obviously in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But over the years, I thought it was a badge of honor, probably you as well. I used to have a picture of George Bush on my wall as I back in the day would support those people. And then 9-11 came and I started realizing, hey, these aren't the things that were there. What was really interesting though, is in the Amway business for years, we were like the backbone, the network was all over the country in terms of helping with elections. And anyways, I did not know that they were that that instrumental in elections. Oh my gosh, they're in every nook and cranny, which is absolutely incredible. And then you think about it, they had this, they used to they used to tout about it, they have this army, an army of independent business owners all across the country. That you know what, we used to think it was about freedom. Really what it was about was about their control of how they were going to implement the new world order. And then I started realizing I was educating myself in the process, but I'd always had questions for my business owners or say my upline. And if people want to talk about credibility, my upline was actually a gentleman and I worked with, say, for 20 years, 22 years, became the corporate head chairman of the board of all of Amway. So now you think about this, I personally had a personal relationship working with this guy personally for all these years. Can you give him his name? His name is Joseph Markowitz. My other, say, immediate upline is a gentleman by the name of Douglas Weir. Those are the guys that are now labeled in the lawsuit. I gave too much responsibility or control or, you know, looking back at it. It's a cult. Whenever you have to garner favor from those above you to progress, or they take it away from you, you are involved in a cult. The political parties are cults, and it's a cult structure. You might as well stamp Mooney's on your head when you're involved with an organization that functions that way. Yeah, and I got involved at a young age and then with that I got starstruck with a couple other things but you know by the grace of God I woke up and Through the process. I got a chance to see the back side of everything and I always had all these questions. Well, here's what happens As people grow their business they have a certain amount of income Well, the higher you go in the business the stronger your golden handcuffs become you put all this time, effort, and money into this Jud. Do you really want to expose what's going on? Do you really want to be able to share this information? You know what? Hey, you know what? Do you really want to die on this mountain is what they told me? And I was like, wow, absolutely wow. And so we get into this, we start looking at things. My eyes really opened. I had questions all along. Holy Spirit was in me in terms of, you know, pulling things out, having questions, and I always brought these questions up. And I was always told, trust us, don't worry about it. We're handling that. Hey, we're handling that. Trust me, don't worry about it. Well, finally, January 6th happened, right? COVID happened, all that stuff happened. And I started putting all these pieces of the puzzle together and started connecting the dots. Well, on January the 7th, after J6, resigned from the Trump administration. And we have an internal voicemail system. My business owners, my independent business owners from all over the country were lighting up my phone going, why did she just resign? Trump's like totally America, America first agenda, all this other type of stuff. And it started to hit me, I was like, wow. They have all kinds of partnerships with China, with the UN. And literally from my perspective, God just downloaded all kinds of information for me. And I started doing some research and pulling things together. And for years, people would tell us not to go look, do the homework or the research. And honestly, I was in blind faith. I was just trusting, honestly, just going after the money. And I was people bound in terms of wanting to help people. But when you don't allow people to do their own homework, you don't allow people to think for themselves. you're now doing a disservice to them, their family, and your country. And anyways, it just dawned on me. I brought this information, as you see in my report. It's listed on my website, And I proposed these as questions. I didn't make, say, acquisitions in terms of everything that was going on, but I proposed questions to the most highest powerful man within that organization started noticing things about election fraud. I started noticing that the DeVos and Van Andels were controlling both sides of the party. Governor races in Michigan, they would control both candidates with donations to both candidates. And I was like, interesting. I'd see that they were involved in Arizona races. I'd see they're involved in sponsoring governors from Florida. Yeah, they're funding Ron DeSantis for president. I started here for governor in the state of Michigan. Yeah. And it wasn't to win, it was just to knock people out. Yeah. And obviously in yourself, in terms of running for governor, incredible candidate, all these other things and what, lo and behold, millions of dollars flow into this other person's account and the mainstream media takes over. And that is one of their tools of disinformation and how to control the public. And well, they're, they're, if you look at the wizard of Oz, those families are the families behind the curtain. Yep, and there's about, I've heard 40 of them. I saw your list in your report, and let me see if I can bring that up a minute because I don't know if the whole thing is, is the whole thing, are all those graphics in that report that you gave me on your website? Yeah, they're in that exact same report's in there. That is the report that I sent to the chairman of the board. The next day... Is that a letter or where do I find it? Which PDF is it? As soon as you just click on the website, you'll see where it says a letter to the chairman of the board right there on the left. It's the first PDF. Okay, that's what I want to know, which PDF it was, because I was looking at the printed one that you handed to me, which by the way was very well done and signed. Thank you. You're welcome. So that went to the chairman of the board. I cc'd my pastor, who's got an incredible book here. Actually, her name is Drenda Kassi. She's got a book called They're Coming for Your Children. Absolutely incredible. This book here, they got a really good ministry in terms of what they're doing. Copied them, copied President Donald. Where are they from? They're from Columbus, Ohio. Okay. to General Flynn and obviously being on the reawakened tours and going all over the country, you learn a lot from the truth tellers who are there. And it's just really wild to see what's happened. But yeah, so the next day, they send me a cease and desist order, terminate my business. And then ultimately, and here the backstory to that is leading up to it, there was probably a year, maybe two years of us going back and forth regarding these topics. And they were well aware of them doing things in the election. They were well aware of the support they were giving Mike Pence. They were well aware of the funding going on to all these other candidates. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, John McCain, all of these run through Grand Rapids. And so this is the mecca of the deep state. the deep state and people don't understand the whole aspect of what Eisenhower talked about in terms of the military industrial complex. But if you look right there, that is the main part of it. And so all of this you can stop right there. This was the great reveal on that page with their Donald J. Trump is that on January the 7th when Betsy DeVos decided to resign, where did she go first? She went straight to the news on MSNBC and CNN of both channels and said, Hey, Donald Trump incited a riot and then he left. Uh, you know, she left the administration. Well, here's, here's the serendipity. This is pretty cool. You know, just yesterday or not yesterday, a couple of days ago, um, uh, president G from China had all the people in to California, right? Right. Well, what was interesting is on the top of the list of the dinner was the Amway Corporation. And I tell people, the elite groups, these top 40 families, they don't want you to know what they're doing. They don't want you to know who's pulling the strings behind the curtain. They don't want you to know these guys are going way up, and you get into details. Where are the DeVos and Van Andel's families from? I tell people, do homework. Originally, the story was, hey, these guys were broke. They're starting a business. Out of the garage, right? That's the story. Yeah. Started this incredible Amway business, and right out of the bathtub of what they're doing, mixing potions around and starting to connect them with a vitamin company for sales. But, Hark, they were sailing in yachts all over the country and through the Virgin Islands before they even started their business. I have to ask people this. Where do you get a yacht from in your teens? Where do you get a yacht from in your 20s that you can just go do those types of things? They started airline companies. Where do they do before Amway? And I say, who were their parents? Well, you get into this, this gets into, they're from the Dutch Netherlands. And this is what people don't want to know. The Dutch Netherlands post World War II is Germany. when people came over after the war, a lot of these people settled in the United States and they started their plan all over again. And anyways, that gets into a lot of details and topics. But the main thing is what have they been establishing here in the United States? I'm looking for the 40, the graphic with the 40 families in it. Is keep going a little bit more. There's good old Mitt Romney. I'll just keep going because... Oh, that's a good one. ...they're all tied in. Yeah, they're all tied in. This is a great report, by the way, and in your faces to all of them. Because right there, when you tell me they're sailing around the Caribbean on yachts with everything happening with Epstein and such, this satanist will always tied themselves with the group they want to manipulate the most. Alright, oh, there's Harari, psychopath, and oh, there's some Freemasons too, so there you go. We've got... yeah, this is crazy, you know, but it makes me wonder what they were doing down in the Caribbean, because there's so much child trafficking going on down there. I just have some questions, I really do, but keep going, please. Well, if you go back to those island topics, you look, who's the title deed owner of Epstein Island? It's Barclay Bank. Barclay Bank is Mitt Romney's family. Say that again. Barclay Bank is the Mitt Romney family. So when you get into this whole thing, all of this stuff comes out from the British Royal Crown and those families. And who's the title deed owner to their next door neighbor, Peter Island. Peter Island is also a Barclay title deed holder. Now, if you look at this, they're next door neighbors. You got Epstein Island and Peter Island, which is the Amway Island, next door to each other. Well, who's next door to them? You got, what is it, Bronson? He has his own island there as well. And then you go next to them, in conspiracy theories, you talk about the Biden Island. All these islands actually go back to the British Royal Crown. And it gets into a lot of different topics in there. But staying on point, I think our topic was understanding what the Van Andels and Amway have been doing with the money off the backs of these independent business owners all over the globe. Ultimately, you know, Amway was sold as a business. question is, was it a huge money laundering system that was used to penetrate companies, governments, churches, all over the globe? And so, you know, in the corporation at the front door, there is a major globe there. From day one, when I saw this globe, I was like, wow, what is this here for? This doesn't make any sense. But as you go through the halls of Amway, and you go through the halls of the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum next door, which is associated with the UN, you see a big mural on the wall. They have a full replication of the Oval Office in there. And I was always like, why do they have a replicated Oval Office? Your mind can go a thousand directions with that. But on the wall across from it is a grand old, I don't know, probably 20 by 15 mural of Henry Kissinger. any research on Henry Kissinger? I mean, it's like Sodom and Gomorrah itself. And so this whole group, as you start to go through the Henry Kissinger agenda, the Cheney's and the Donald Rumsfeld, all that goes through Amway. You know, actually Rumsfeld came and spoke for one of our Q12 celebrations after 9-11, in the audience were like booing and other ones were cheering. And I was like, that was my first real wake up call to like, what the heck? This guy is clearly, if you're awake at all, is totally involved with the deep state. And then I started just really understanding their backbone and what they were involved in. Well, please keep giving us details because can research everything. It takes all of us coming together. That's really why I like doing our show the way that we do it, is that I just like to let people talk and get their story out and share the knowledge they have. And you clearly have spent a lot of time digging into these people's past, their history, and being able to connect them. So, whichever direction you want to go, for people to understand the global nature of the company is, and it should be a little shocking to everyone, but I did not know, there's a lot of details that you're bringing forward that I did not know. And I live in the Grand Rapids area, you know, for years, you know, for years, you know, you look at some of the things they do that's good and some of the things that they do, you know, for the city and building things is good, company is shocking. And then, you know, you look at, you look at the connections around the city with, with even with a server being pinged that we caught a server that was pinged in Grand Rapids with, through, through the company Connick and, and Nancy, there's all these connections and they're all tied in together. This is, this is organized crime I'm not naming anyone specifically, but you can look at how this is all connected, going from, you know, Connick in Lansing, and then all of a sudden a server is pinged in Michigan. And then all of a sudden we've got 1.8 million election workers records showing up on servers in China. I mean, this is not, this is so far over what a lawful protocol is. It's not even funny. This is high level espionage surveillance. I mean, you can start really digging down, but we have to ask some questions because our country is under siege right now. Right, and one of those questions I proposed, and actually it was great. Tom Rents, if anyone knows Tom Rents, he's a lawyer here in Ohio. I know Tom, Tom's cool. Tom is well aware of all of my details. of EcoHealth Alliance and MetaBiota and all these other companies in the Van Andel Institute, the question is, here's the question, why did the Amway owners, the families, why did those groups at the Van Andel Institute hire Dr. Francis Collins as their head doctor? And for how long was he working on certain projects there for the DoD? back into this whole topic of COVID, Pfizer. The question is, is why is one block over do they have what's called Graham Pharmaceutical? Graham Pharmaceutical was built by those families again. And you look into this one block over, it's basically it's a Pfizer Johnson & Johnson manufacturing plant. They're a co-packer, they're making the Pfizer vaccines there. And so they basically are selling themselves as this natural, wholesome, we're Christian, we're Christian, and we're just like you in West Michigan. And they're building a factory that's producing the Pfizer vaccine. Dr. Justin Marchegiani What they want to pull is the wool over everybody's eyes. And this is where you lose a lot of people. And I try to bring some level-minded thinking to these topics is that a lot of things we learned growing up just weren't true. There was an agenda and this agenda goes way back way before us and quite honestly this gets very into the biblical topics, but if anyone understands masonry they understand Baalism they understand Sun worship Sun God worship This gets right into the thick of all those things and I'd always want to understand is like for example the hockey team, right? Yeah, the Grand Rapids Griffins. I love hockey. Okay. So yes, I love hockey and we go watch the Griffins. Anybody know the Griffins are a Egyptian God called Horus. So these symbols and things that they put around is they put it in your face. They own the Orlando Magic basketball team. It's the magic. They're performing magic on the public at every cost. Black magic, you know, for example, all of the business owners, we, it was a pride of joy every year, people who qualify their business would go to Disney world, Disneyland, all expenses paid. And you go, what is the relationship between Amway and Disney? I never, I'd never really understood it. And I started asking questions and I was told to shut up. And so you get into this, the whole film, the tentacles that go back from this masonry topic is what people don't want to talk about. Matter of fact, nobody in Congress wants to talk about it because they're all in the club. Let's talk about the party, right? The unit party. You know, General Flynn talks about his book here. If anyone sees this fifth generational warfare, it's all about the unit party and the unit party is this the rhinos. President Trump says it best. He says it very clearly. He's like, you know what? He's like, you know what? There's the Republicans out there. There's Patriots out there But those RINOs man, the RINOs are worse than the Democrats and that's the that's the McCain's that's the Romney's That's the Mitch McConnell's that's the you know You know the last Speaker of the house getting fired Because you know what their involvement matter of fact In DC a lot of people don't know and I asked for years And I asked for years. There's a house there called the Amway house. And it's in one of my documents, but why would the speaker of the house always have to go to the Amway house? Anybody, anybody? And why is the door, it's not Republican red. It's China red. So when people start connecting the dots, what people have to go back to is this understanding. And it has to be an education. Matter of fact, there will be classes in the future. You know, obviously, we know we're making a documented movie about all these topics right now, as you know. And, you know, the history that people don't know about is how they tried to control us on many different levels. And when COVID got completely exposed, you know, matter of fact, they're in, this is funny, Michigan's governor, Whitmer, right? She made a personal stop where to get her Pfizer vaccine. They did a whole tour and a whole press conference. Guess where 303 DeVos Place called 33 DeVos Place Hall. And what did they also do there? They shut the entire town down and said, hey, everybody can come to the DeVos Place to get your jabs, your heart exploders, your manipulators of your DNA. And that was the whole backbone of what they were doing. And they also used that Orlando Magic Basketball Center in Orlando, Florida to do the exact same thing. They started mandating people they have to get the shot. And, you know, I think it's a great awakening for this entire humanity, for people to understand what they were doing. And this goes back to, if anyone understands the Georgia Guidestones and the First Commandment, people understand that 10 Commandments of the Georgia Guidestones were the population to 500 million. And so a lot of people that can look into this stuff, man, oh, you're wacko, blah, blah, blah. No, bring the receipts. Bring the facts. Do you know, do you know who's controlling each and every congressman? Do you know right there in the state of Michigan, the congressman who stood over Grand Rapids and helped the DeVos and Van Andels with the Van Andel Institute in the bioweapon research going on clear things that they put out there. And the thing is, is most people just didn't look them up. And I think it's fascinating that... I don't think that anybody knows exactly where to look even because they're good at hiding. So you can, you can dig and you start digging over here and realizing we really need to be, it's like looking for gold or a needle in a haystack sometimes, but that doesn't mean we stop, we keep going. So start naming names. Who was the Congressman that was helping with that? So in my report, you can go back to that. I've got it up here, but it's quite a long report. It's 85 pages. So, so Yeah, Fred Upton. Oh, there's a surprise. What page is that on? I don't have the numbers on here. But if you go to the Eco Health Alliance, it's in that section and then Dr. Francis Boyle does a whole research on the bioweapon scandal going into Ukraine and all those topics and And it's just fascinating. These are questions that just need to be asked. And I think, for example, as me being a concerned America first person, that if I ask somebody who's in an authoritative position at Amway, hey, we need to look at these topics. I shouldn't have a first response of, hey, here's a cease and desist order. We're terminating your business. They got something to hide. Big time. Oh, here, I found that one sheet that, this is kind of interesting. This is some of the oligarch families and there's 40 of them, but we've got, you know, we've got this right here with McPherson, Corpy, Rimmer, Lawson, Salini, Penske, Skalstik, I don't know how to say their names, Van Andel, Sakia Cotton, Morin Huizinga, Nicholson, Jandemo, Wiser, and DeVos. There's no big surprise. And Wiser was head of the Republican Party. Guys, I'm telling you, these people are really good at cloaking who they are. I'd like to know a little bit more about the history of them from the Netherlands perspective. Let's go here with them supporting Mike Pence right after January 6. Yeah, so I started noticing Mike Pence was always coming up to Grand Rapids to speak on certain topics. Donald Trump wasn't going there. And I was like, very interesting. It was something I just noticed. I'd go to some of the Trump events and I'd always look, I'd be like, to Vos and Van Indels, why are they not here? Like I would go up to the Michigan rally and I look in the crowd and it was incredible. Christina Carermo, she came out and she blasted the whole topic of the rhinos in the state of Michigan. And it was just incredible to see, you know what, other people standing up, but this letter went out to these so-called elite families who call them bloodline families, what you may, but this letter was supposed to be private and hidden. Thank God a patriot sent this out. Thank God some anonymous person found these emails and they publicized them. And because you know what, the backbone of these groups were organized crime committing treason against the we, the American people and our entire institutions. It's because, and this is, again, you gotta get an understanding of this. People like, you gotta be grounded in terms of, okay, I'm willing to do the research. Why are these people from the Dutch Netherlands, why do they wanna create a one world government? What is their goal? Why do they want to do this? They're awful close to Belgium and that should make everybody nervous right there. Yeah, and getting into that and getting into the royal crown and getting into biblical history. There's a large wake up call for a lot of people. And quite honestly, this is one of the things I noticed too, is that I'm a believer. I'm a Christian. I'm proud of it. And I'm thankful for the wisdom and knowledge and strength that He gives us. But the churches have become part of the denominations, we'll call them demon nations, have become controlled entities. And these pastors are pastors for hire. They're not pastors because that's what they want to do. They took a job and now they're being paid at a high salary, a lot of them, to be able to say, hey, well, you know what? You just need to forgive. I've had a lot of them say, hey, you know what? You shouldn't really look into these details. Hey me tell you what, I'm just going to shoot it to you straight. This is free masonry. And that is the ultimate aspect of what they do. George Bush said it best. You know, the thousands point of light is their goal. That is the introduction of the Antichrist to the planet. That's what their goal is. And you know, he says it, go look it up, listen to him, listen to address Congress, listen to address the entire And those are just little things that stuck to me as a long time But thank God there are so many people in the movement who are out there saying hey, you know We're willing to talk about the truth Getting into these details You know Dick Cheney that building that's on the Amway property the Gerald Ford Foundation that group is Just pure evil there are pretty much the controlling interest of all of Amway. Pretty much a lot of those pharmaceutical companies and a lot of these goals. But this book here, one of these guys here is Scott Bennett. Scott Bennett did special operations for the US Army. Incredible, incredible testimonies, whistleblower President Trump beforehand, and his testimony is incredible. Obama threw him in prison for it, right? This gets into the whole General Flynn topic, gets into the whole Mike Pence topic, and why Mike Pence, in my opinion, there should be a case, an investigation opened up into like why are the DeVos and Van Andels giving them so much money to Mike Pence block the quorum? Single-handedly. He could have sent it back to the states. He didn't. Why did Mike Pence push out General Michael Flynn from the Trump administration? These are valid questions that people need to know and understand. There sure seems to be a lot of connection with child trafficking and pedophilia with so many of these people that are involved in so many different levels. I mean, I... Here's a question for you. Yeah. Why does Amway donate one of the highest donators to UNICEF? Why on the Amway web checkout cart, you can buy some vitamins and you can also donate to the Red Cross. And yeah, I'm kind of done with the whole Red Cross nonsense. That ship sailed a long time ago when you saw what they did in Haiti. And how many people in the UN and some of these organizations, they, you know, pedophiles and Satan worshipers will go where there are children because they're after our kids. They're sick, they're demented and it's, it's, it's kind of, I'm kind of, I'm kind of done with these, these, these agencies. Well, I had, um, there's some good people in Congress. I'm not going to throw them all out, throw them all under the bus, but the majority... But I'm going to make them prove themselves to me that they're not part of the, of thisite class. Yeah, and the majority of them are part of this this cult This group that wants to control mankind They do not like your DNA They they want to control it and basically that's the tyranny. That's that's the partnerships with China that's coming into play right now for their technically their their beast system and so web they weave when they first practiced to deceive. Let's talk about Freemasonry some more. Let's talk about the history. Share what you know about Freemasonry, please. Well, actually, if you want to go back to the first page of that document, that might be a pretty good thing. I tell everybody is that bring the receipts, bring the documents, bring the understanding of the understanding. So scroll down a little bit. It's the first first actual visual picture. And what this is, this is the global satellite view in Grand Rapids. They can't help themselves. They've got a little symbols right on our faces. There you go right there. If anybody knows what that is, that's the Eye of Aurus. So in Freemasonry, you have these different gods that they set up. And when you understand what they're doing with the Illuminati, you understand their control, that is the controlling eye. In that group, here's what's interesting. I submitted my legal case, I submitted this report. Within about two weeks of doing so, there was backhoes, bulldozers, and cranes tearing that baby out. out. Just a coincidence, I guess. I'm sure it was. They don't want to be revealed. They got to sneak around in the shadows. Yeah. And you know what? Here's what's great is that I encourage every single American, every single patriot, every single believer, get in the fight, get involved, share this information. And you know, for me, my income was on the line. What's money? Like, who cares? Like, I'm going to tell the truth. Because you know what? There's better on the other side. If you're going to be able to go stand up, I want my kids, I want my family, I want your family, I want your kids to be able to live in freedom and live in a great country. These guys, they took a hard left. They're absolute communistic leftists. And this has been a globalist agenda for years. Yeah, it's crazy. So, yeah, so it is so important. You know, General Flynn always talks about it, local action equals national impact. And so crazy that this is all right here in Grand Rapids. You know, when they started doing State's medical school to Grand Rapids. I was part of a group called Inform, and it was a professional women's organization. And I was there when that doctor came and announced it and gave the presentation. And I'm telling you what, we've got beautiful palaces that have been built all over this city and for research and such. And probably my experience in those linked organizations, health and such has been less than stellar. It is kind of sad, quite honestly, with what we experienced there. Very, very sad. I encourage everyone in my family not to go to Spectrum because of the things that in our experiences we had there, it was not necessarily a positive experience. We're going back to that. ...DeVos Children's Hospital and all that sort of nonsense going on. Well, you get into that and again, this is not an attack against, say, real Christians, but the denominations that were set up through Freemasonry, you get into the Dutch groups there in Michigan. Grand Rapids, all the churches are reformed. The reformed church, the reformed Baptist, the reformed, you know, people get into understanding what this is. This is the historical groups of the Freemason occult. And their whole agenda that goes into these things, you know, it's interesting when you go to some of these meetings up there, say at the Amway Grand, and you walk in and there's a sun god on the wall between two of the pillars, which really looks like, if you look at it, I mean it's bad. Their loyalties and what they're trying to do all go back to, like for example, Charles Lieber? Well, the Van Andel Institute sure had a good relationship with Harvard, and he was digging up all the bio research for DNA research of manipulating your DNA with COVID. So you get into these topics, you start going, okay, well, wait a second, Harvard was one of the group that transferred this to the Wuhan lab, right? When you get into that, you start looking at Dr. Francis Collins. What's his family history? These are questions that need to be had. Why did Obama hire Dr. Francis Collins to run the NIH at the time that he did? So again, there's another topic here that people don't understand. These are cults. They run by what's called the numbers. Everything happens on a specific timeline and number for them. And the timing of when they're doing all this stuff was based upon a plan. And sorry, this gets into deep topics, but if anyone understands the Colorado airport, Colorado International Airport, just the art coming at you. This was a planned event. And here's what's really great is that people stood in the gap. I honestly, General Flynn, President Trump, my gosh, these people are heroes. They sure are. We'll go back into our history books one day and they're going to write legends about these people because you know what? They were the ultimate whistleblowers. You know what, President Trump, I tell people all this all the time. Oh, he was the one who pushed all this crap. No, he's the one who actually said, Hey, hcq. You want to look into it? Hey, Ivermectin. Yeah, I'm taking it. Hey, all these are topics. He's the one who exposed it all. While who was the head of Project Warp Speed. Michael Pence. So this all comes back to Look at, that's crazy, look at what, it's just mind boggling and it is so crazy. But look at what President Trump has done. So I was completely obsessed with his executive orders and the things that he did because he did everything right. Whether you liked him or not, I'm going to give him a 100% score on anything. You know, a 100% score for a human being is high marks. You know, maybe he had a few things that people could say, well, maybe there's a better way to do it. if not being God himself, he gets 100% on the test, right? And I love him. President Trump is the rightful president of the United States. End of story. I'm going to say it every episode of that we do here on Brandenburg News Network, because they were cheating their ever loving behinds off behind the scenes to get this guy out. Why did they want him out? Because he was taking and warp speed and all that, I said, President Trump points out the things that are wrong, gives you a running shot at figuring it out, and then drops the hammer. Look at what he did with Christina Caramo. He calls her now Christina Carano. Why? He's given us a running shot. Whoever he gives an endorsement to, you know, at this point in time, you know, you better believe probably pointing something out that we are supposed to look at ourselves, not spoon fed like a bunch of little six month old babies that are being fed mush food. No, no, he's expecting us to jump into the service of this nation, figure it out, get in the game, spread the game. It's helping to educate. You don't even have to stand in the front lines. You don't even have to run for an office. It'd be great if they did, but even if they did something and risked, heaven forbid, that somebody might hurt their feelings and say, oh, you're and lemmings falling off the cliff. And I'm sorry, but the information was out there. And if you don't take responsibility for your own actions and the things that you do, you're going to get caught. And we're not always going to make good decisions. All of us are going to get taken in at time to time, but you got a better shot at do your own research and dig into it. Yeah, that's 100 percent. And that's what we're calling on people around the country, around the nation, is to get involved. These are things that people they need to do homework. You need to understand from the school system, they're teaching people not to understand their politics. They're teaching people not to get involved. No history, no civics, no life skills. And I think it was probably a genius move and people talk about this all the time is that the planning How long have they been planning? How long have they been working on these things? you know my personal view is you know, Betsy DeVos was put in the position she was as Secretary of Education for a reason and Everybody noticed she didn't do anything Got worse under her pointing to, and as he kept pointing to them saying, hey, do some homework on these people, do some homework on these people. And it was kind of like he was doing the great reveal before everybody. And it's just really good for people to understand what rhinos are. That's a real topic. They're not Republicans, put it that way. We're not Democrats either. Right. And you get in hot water on these topics when you call them Luciferians or Baal worshippers or all this other stuff. But it's the topic. I mean, you got to go down that alley. You got to take a spiritual maturity and go why are these people trying to control your DNA? I mean, it's evil. So we're in a fight right now that says, hey, we're going to take back this country. We're going to win. God's going to win. And you know what? We're going to say, hey, we're going to stand up for righteousness wherever we can and shine our light as big as we can, because you know what? The truth is what sets people free. Right? Right. I want to bring up your report again here, and then I'd like to have you back on again so we can go through the lawsuit or the case that you filed, because you're filing Pro incredibly interested in. So- The whole point of that was, is really discovery. I would love to have these people come into discovery so we can say, hey, let's add this to the other cases that are out there. I've been all over being able to get this information to Colonel Ivan Ranklin and some other people because you know what? They're right on the track of J6. They're right on the track. On my show on Wednesday, Ivan is. Yeah, he's he's incredible. My gosh, he's super smart. But you know what, he's gifted. And he is right on the deep state track and hunting every single one of these people down with the receipts. You know, get in this whole topic. You look at the crystal new new over there on the East Coast, another governor plant. But you know what, he's a bushy. His dad was with the Bush administration. And guess what HS systems, election system processing in partnership with Dominion. So now you get into this whole thing is how long have they been controlling the numbers? Again, we talked about this, they're the numbers people. It's the great mirage of the Wizard of Oz who's behind the curtain. And what's great is President Trump is showing you who is behind the curtain every step of the way. Who is Betsy DeVos's brother and what's his relations with Blackwater and the CCP, Eric Prince? Good question. Well, it's the Prince family. to impeach President Trump, right? Every one of them, what do they all have in common? 10 congressmen, seven senators, checks from Amway. So going back to the fact that I always say we don't have elections, we have an illusion. We have an illusion of elections. It's all bought and paid for. I mean, that was real easy for me to see that this is all bought and paid for. So here's the names we've got, Liz Cheney, Tom Rice, who are the 10? Dan Newhouse, Adam Kinzinger, Anthony Gonzalez, Fred Upton, Jamie, is it Buehler? Peter Myers, John Katko, and David Valados. Peter Myers, let's go back to that name. Yeah, let's go back to Peter Myers. What a gem of a person right there, right? Yeah. And that whole relationship actually goes back to their family and Fred Meyer and that whole group. You know, I tell people all the time, go walk through the Meyer Botanical Garden. If you're halfway awake, you're gonna see stuff that's gonna blow your mind. And these people, they're some sick people out there, man. And that, lo and behold, it goes back to this whole topic of children. This whole thing goes back to organizations. It's disgusting. And these senators, which is interesting, the person who's the voting person to put Betsy DeVos in office, she wasn't actually going to make it in office, but the vote, the final vote that put her in office was the vote of Mike Pence. which is absolutely wild to think that he's swearing her in and then their family is giving him $90 million. Okay, I'm gonna take a broad swing right now because look at what put Christina Caramo for the Republican party in place. She was put in place, you look at Ottawa County, where are the princes from? Ottawa County, right? Prince Corporation is there, but look at Joe Moss, the connections with Joe Moss and he nominated Christina Caramo. And then all of a sudden he shows up with an email address from the MIGOP and he gets paid $75,000 for a website. When he was running himself, he paid pennies, but he's up to, according to Warren Carpenter, who's also a whistleblower that I have on, he's put out the $90,000 for what they've done tech-wise. And the parties absolutely broke, which at this point in time is a good thing. All political parties should be abolished. Absolutely abolish the cults, call out the cults and abolish them. PASTOR MIKE... Which is great because if anyone saw in South Carolina, when Trump got up Lindsey Graham and everyone was booing him, I think the final move to where they were like, okay, we're stuck. We are stuck. They were found out and you know weeks later Mitt Romney decides he's gonna make the sunset. I see all these people leaving and saying hey, they're not gonna run for office anymore, but the question is justice. The justice topic is justice because if the truth is not told, then we're not going to be able to save and develop a foundation of freedom and truth because accountability happens when the truth is told. And so hopefully these guys all get up and they do tell the truth. Now I'm glad and excited that J6 films finally came out. Betsy DeVos is gonna have to eat her words that Trump incited a riot that day. So it's absolutely fascinating to see these people play out treason right before us. And the reason why it's treason is because it comes with an actual result. I'm gonna add Karen back in there? I know she is. I'm out here. Sometimes I'm really out there. We're all really out there. We all are. But you know what? You got to be out there to be able to receive, right? You can't be afraid. You got to go forward with boldness. I mean, that's very biblical. You go forward, no fear, with boldness to the throne of grace. But we should live our lives that way. Well, I just want to say that it, the courage that it must have taken to do everything that you're doing, Judah, is incredible. We were talking with Chuck earlier about how when you see, basically see something, say something. If you, if you see something that needs to be done and you don't do it, it can be sinful. And there's been a lot of cost, I'm sure, probably more than we know. But you have been steadfast to hold to what is right. And that's an inspiration. I think that's one of the reasons why Donna has you on the show, because it's going to take a lot of courage from a lot of people. And we also need the inspiration to see those people when it costs you, even when there's personal consequences or challenges to your family, because we're all going to be facing some tough challenges and we all need to have that steadfastness. But we also have to be aware, and I think that's where it started for you. You were open enough to be aware. So even when you were in denial for a time, off you had your eyes wide open to what God was giving you, setting before you some truth that was hard to swallow. And that awareness is one of the most important things that we as Americans need to build. And I'm not just limited to Americans, this is globally. Because if we want to self-govern as our founders wanted us to do, and we want to stick to that, first and foremost we have to do that under God. No government is going to work effectively forever unless it is under God. And I don't know that America will ever truly get there, but if we keep our focus on Him, as Don and I are always talking about, keep our focus on Him, then we can have an awareness to comfortable and a little less corruptible, have a little less crime around us, a little less risk to our family. I mean, that's what God wanted for us. PASTOR MIKE... He also says that you have to have sound money. That corruption of the Federal Reserve, that is a lot of the control, strings that they have over all these different topics. If we can get back to a fiscally responsible, say, country, that monetary system is going to cut off the heads of all these snakes. And so that would be a beautiful thing that we could do is, you know, looking at a gold or silver type of system. But the question is, is the bureaucracy and the government behind it has to be dismantled and restructured for we, the people. And so you're totally right on that whole topic. I agree with that statement 100%. It starts with nullification and getting us back to what worked, the constitution. So much of this stuff could be resolved so quickly and it's only gonna be able to be resolved, honestly, when the people decide to get behind a leader who is uncorruptible. And that's hard to find these days, quite honestly. But we go back to nullification, not self-interest, self-enrichment or anything. We have to be willing to go through the nullification process and bring this nation back to what it was supposed to be and put honest work ahead of government programs or seeing who can get the most. No, I want the biggest piece of cake. Exactly. Exactly what's going on here. Starts with us. The government is only a reflection of us. Right. That is half the problem right now because we've taken God out of our country so much. That's why we have an uphill battle for now. Self-governing means awareness. living on godly principles who says okay Wait a second Something has to change here And we all have a responsibility to do that I yield No, you yield that we do. This is fun Yeah, so so, you know what and let's go back to the bible now. Let's let's let's end cap this really well, right? going back to the Bible and personal responsibility and trust, this is where we started, is honesty and trust. First of all, we've got to be honest with ourselves. Are we living the way that our goal is not money or material? Are we living for things that are bigger purposes, the things that are spiritual, for valor, for bravery, for doing the right thing, even when nobody else does it? Or are we comparing ourselves and saying, ìWell, they're doing the wrong thing, so I'm going to do the wrong thing because you're getting away with it. Is that the goal here? Is the goal to be the most corrupt and justify that because we look at other people and say, well, they're being corrupt, so I guess I can get away with it. Those words should never come out of anyone's mouth at any point in time. We should be setting the standard in spite of what other people do, not to justify it and to critically think. If we see something that's wrong, we have to change course and we have to call it out. If we want a society that works, we're going to have to be the tip of the spear in making a difference and piercing this evil that's around us and saying, not today Zurg, not on my watch. get away with it by ducking surveillance, even though it's unconstitutional or not, will we set the standard even when nobody else around us is? We have to be able to say, I'm going to swear an oath and I'm going to set that standard regardless of what anybody else is, even to the point of death. I'm not going to budge on this Now we got hope for this country. Exactly. Because pointing at the politicians and saying it's all their fault is a bunch of crap. That's just like those people in the legislature that decided to point the finger at Nestle. That's the pot calling the kettle black, guys. They're all involved. Exactly. The ones that are sitting there doing it, they could have stopped this. They're the ones that are responsible for certifying the election. They're the first. Why? You know, the reality is, is Nestle should have pointed at them because the attorney general's office is to keep the government in and on the rails. That's her job. No, no, no. She passes it off to the state police and says, I don't know what what to do. No, they're all they're all in it together. They're all involved in this. Yeah, the the the point needs to be first to the legislature and then Nestle. and nestle. It's not just have our scapegoat sitting in the seat because she knows she's going to get off because they're all going to protect her. Nothing's going to go anywhere because they're protecting themselves. So at any rate, and what's happening with us? Not enough. Everybody needs to get in the game. As everyone this morning has said, pass the information around. Refuse to yield and give permission to evil, And I'm going to say the church, God's going to come down on the church way harder than He's going to come down on anyone else. Because you don't... PASTOR MIKE... You know what's great when that happens? It's waking people up to the real church. Yes, you don't take the Lord's name in vain. And part of that isn't to say to us, usher a swear word and go, Oh no, you've taken the Lord's name in vain. You know what? You're gonna be stay silent because it's gonna affect your paycheck Well, sorry, I thought God was the provider. I thought he was the one who said hey, I'm gonna take care of you I know every hair on your head You know what? Some people talk about this all the time and it gets me fired up because people are like, oh, well Judd I can report this but gosh, it's gonna ruin everything and guess what? You know, blah blah blah I just want to take care of myself. Well, I'm sorry, but I thought you were a believer. You know, all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4, 13. You're the one who taught me that. And now you want to go say, Hey, I'm going to go suck my thumb, hide in the bushes and watch my whole country get destroyed. When you have a platform and a microphone that you can say, no, no, Satan, you will not take our ground because we're going to stand here. We will stand and we will declare the works of the Lord. of the Lord. And that exactly that it's women like you who say, you know what? I've got a backbone and I'm going to fight, but you know what? I'm going to fight with the shield of righteousness and the helmet of salvation and a sword of truth. Just keep out going there and keep winning. Thank you. And that complicity, you can't, you can't join ranks with evil. You eliminate it. You have to eliminate it or it the scope creep just continues on and on and on. Then I think that's one of the problems that we have with the people that are in place. People say, oh, they get in, they get corrupted. No, they don't. They were corrupted before they got in there. They were vetted and they place them. That's totally true. And a lot of people, these truths are coming out. Is, I don't know, you guys ever heard of the CAA? CAA. No. Yeah, you need to go Google, research the CAA. Yeah, I can make that up. It's Creative Artist Agency. So the Creative Artist Agency is the agencies, for the CIA that places not only congressmen, senators, athletes, movie stars, all these people who get in political or media productions, they get a contract with basically Lucifer. And this group is talents, brands, and it in the works of seeing those types of things happening. But as people educate themselves and see what's behind, again, this curtain, right? You see these families, they're actually people who are back behind donating to these groups to run these types of things, which are all part of what the CIA was doing to put mind control over people. And it's absolutely fascinating to see what these guys are doing. a lot of the money comes from China. So it's an interesting topic when you see different congressmen and senators that are doing, we've seen the reveals, where they're doing interviews, right? I'm going to interview an actor to be a congressman. How and where does that ever come into play? I thought we were supposed to fight for freedom, stand for truth, say hey I'm gonna run for office for we the people. This control matrix is what's gonna have to break by we the people stepping up and saying hey no more let's let's pull this curtain back guys let's show them what they're doing and each and every person who runs from office there's a board out there that a lot of people you know for some reason when they're getting all these different Q topic, but it was one thing that just struck me in there was follow the money They said that very strongly and if you follow the money in every single topic you're gonna find the root of the bad stuff That's that's at that's that's absolutely true and well you've done a stellar job of bringing these facts forward You know what? I think what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start start posting each page from your report on my Telegram channel and maybe do two or three a day so that people actually get this to sink into their heads with the links that you've got there. And everybody that's out there, please give a shout out to Judah because he's done an amazing, amazing job. And I'm just really, really glad that I was able to go through the Proce case that you have filed, because I think this is significant. And anything you want to talk about, we'll go down the history of the Dutch mafia there that's too close to Belgium, that's all about the money, who is sitting with the Khazarian mafia that's sitting out there, which is sitting with the other mafia. This thing is like a beast with tentacles, but they've got kind of a nice little association there where they're cooperating. It's a, they, they, it really does. The whole thing goes back into, you know, post, um, 1775, you know, in the previous history going into our civil war and, you know, revolutionary war in the banks, in the history of the Kazarians and all the money that literally our whole history that we grew up with technically was a lie. They were pulling the, they were pulling the, uh, the curtain over us, showing us what they wanted us to see, controlling the TV, controlling the media, doing all this stuff. And right after Kennedy died, it's like, they just got a full grip on the entire media apparatus. And so it's like, now people are, they're starting to wake up. Yeah, well, and next time I'm going to show you yesterday, or yesterday or this weekend when I was there, I walked around the JFK monument and I wanted to do that. And so I made a trip around the entire, the entire, let's see if I can do it with my hand here. Well done. Give yourself your little button for applause. Donna made it here. Put the cue out there. I kind of dropped a pin so people could see where I was. And if you think there's any coincidences or not, I've actually had a few people that have contacted me and said, but wait, you know, how, I'm going to say it right now. How's your relationship with God? I had somebody else call me this morning. That was like, I'm concerned. It's like, you know what? Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, my only reason for righteousness right there. But I'm going to tell you what, if we're drinking the Kool-Aid that these churches have been selling us, and God told us about this in Revelations, that the church would be apostate. It is apostate. And it is crazy. But when some of these truths come forward, I'm going to tell you what, problems for truth coming out because they're so self-righteous. And the same thing with with the Republican Party. The people that have been strong conservatives and Republicans, they're gonna be the hardest ones to deal with to actually, because they don't even realize they're also captured assets and part of the brainwashing that's been going on. Everybody has has been at some point in time, until we put aside our preconceived notions and lay down our self-righteousness, get a little humble before God and say, all right, God, I don't know what's going on here. None of it's making sense. Please help us to know what we need to do and say. And just like children, we're gonna make some mistakes. We're gonna fall along the way, but God himself will pick us up, off, dry our tears and say, it's okay, we're going to do this together. I believe in you. You just keep going. Just don't quit. And He'll put us back on our feet and take us down that path. And the more we exercise that relationship of faith in God, not in ourself, not in our knowledge, it's not trust what you know, because you know what's going on. No, we don't. It's lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge Him and and He will make your path straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes. That's what He tells us to do. And you have to go back to the original text. All the Jews that are out there, when Talmudic Judaism became the norm, that's when the Jewish religion got off the rails, right there. That's the original deep state. Yeah, it sure is. It sure is. The Talmud is a godless book. It talks about pedophilia and it justifies pedophilia in the Talmud. And I don't care if the Anti-Defamation League comes after me. You better come after me with facts because I'm going to throw it back in your own face. Because it justifies pedophilia. And you know what? I hate to say it. Look at the Christian church. Look at all of these do-gooder organizations across the globe. Are they? Or are you giving your money to pedophiles? Yeah, and then the worst part is hiding and covering it up just like our congressmen are. You bet. It's like, I have no quarrel with the Jewish people. I have no quarrel with with Christians out there that are trying to live a life and you know, before God, I have no quarrel with the Chinese people. I got a big, big beef with this And people like this that have absolutely pulled the eyes out of, you know, or pulled the wool over everybody's eyes. Look at this, people. Look at this. Look at this. This is not conspiracy. This is reality. That's true. And we're going to have and come to any other conclusion? You can't. And it's over and over and over again. You know, so guess what, guys? This is a great time to be alive, because you want to know what? God's leading us out of captivity. And we're learning the truth. Now it's, risk people to tell you that, oh, you're not a real Christian, you're not drinking the Kool-Aid anymore. You know, risk it. Live for truth. Dare to be American, not a Republican or a Democrat or anything else, whatever they want to label you, Constitutionalist or whatever, you know, though the Constitution stands. And was based on God. It was based on the Bible, the principles set forth from the Bible. That's the same thing that we have in common. Go back to that with Jewish people and everyone. We all came from the same place. The Bible was given by God. The rest of this nonsense was a bastardization of God's truth and humans interjected themselves. We're all brothers and sisters that God created and we need to start acting like it. And get So with that said, let's, let's, I'm going to say a quick prayer and then we'll do last words and then say goodbye. And then I want you back next week, bro, because this is great. And Karen's always out there. Karen is like, is like my, my buddy here, you know, I'll call her, Karen, I need you to jump on. She's always, she's always, I'm right there. We're doing this together. And I love it. This is what friends do is we stand together to back each other. And I'm telling you what, Karen is bomb proof. He's bomb-proof, okay, in amazing ways. And I just really appreciate your true friend. There's not many of them out there in the world, but you are a true friend, and I appreciate that. So let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much for everything that Judah has done to sacrifice and bring the truth forward, and then carry the ball to the end. He carried the ball, and he put together this report in order for us to see the realities of the world that's going on around us. He risked and He laid His fortune on the line in order to live to bring the truth forward. And I'm so thankful for that. I ask that your favor would rest mightily upon Judah, every single thing that he is involved in in his life. And those who have the guts to stand with him and bring out uncomfortable, inconvenient truths, which lead back to restoring this nation as one nation under you, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. We're so thankful for every single person that's out there willing to speak out for Chuck, the Cro-Magnon man, that was willing to insult people to get them to think and defend what they believe, whether it's what he's doing, he's provoking. I mean, we all know that. And I'm thankful for the provocateurs in our society who aren't just sitting there being passive, sitting there and telling people what they wanna hear, actually brave and strong enough to do what's right. And I ask that you would give everyone out there a heart of being brave, uphold them with your righteous right hand, give them the strength they need to carry the ball to the end zone, to win, to all the glory and honor to you for every single thing that is good comes from you. Any goodness and any righteousness within ourselves doesn't come from ourselves, it comes from you. Because human beings, we are sinful and we have a problem here. The only way out of this and the things that we do that we shouldn't do in a sinful nature, the only way out of this, the only way that we have a right to stand before You is by Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice and the torture He endured to stand perfectly all the way through and to be that last sacrifice that was ever needed. We thank You. We acknowledge You as our Lord and our Savior. We trust You. on our own understanding and on our own righteousness that we think we have, or the knowledge that we think we have. We lean on you for all things, and we can endure all things in the name of your precious, beloved son and our best friend. God, you've been a wonderful friend to us, and the one that we pledge our allegiance to, to the end of time, all things we lay at your feet, and we are grateful for every single thing that you've done for us. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Oh, wait a minute. And Karen, I ask your favor to rest mightily upon Karen and all that she does. I ask that you heal her from top to bottom Completely that there will be no evidence of anything that could be construed as sickness or disease that she would heal her Entirely in the name of Jesus Christ We pray Amen Thanks Donna, thank you Thank you Donna and I value that incredible picture I was like, hey guys, this is the next governor of the state of Michigan. It's awesome. So still fighting I'm not conceiving. I won't concede to liars cheats and thieves. So go to governor Brandenburg for governor comm because you know what we're winning we're winning we don't don't listen to me knock you down We look at all these hard issues so that we bring it to mind what shouldn't be done So it never ever happens again, and we go forward because we have won We've already won. Christ has the victory. Now, we just got to follow through on the cleanup here, and that means that we never stop fighting. There is no stopping fighting. There's no backing down. There's only going forward and grabbing our brothers and sisters by the hand and pulling ourselves forward. Together we walk forward up this mountain a victory. We just got to keep moving. So have a great day. Okay, so we end it. So heart hands. God bless you all out there. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great Thanksgiving. Start tomorrow. And we'll see you tomorrow. We've got Courtney Turner on and John Tater. Wednesday is Ivan's going to be on. And that's going to be a really good show bless you all. And you know what? Your job today, I'm going to delegate. This isn't volunteering. This is volun-telling. I'm going to volun-tell all of you. Pass the links on. Pass the links on that we put out there. Share the knowledge. Get in the fight and no back and down. So have a great day.