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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/30/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Jan. 30, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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um let's see can you hear me now i got to get i got to see a feedback with some one so i cannot hear you i no do you you well i've got i've got no no sound on so the is there any sound there gary there is always one delay with there's always the lay with rumble some one to see if these you ready to rumble are you ready to rumble as the that's exactly my line from the other day the all right hang on one second here let's see if i can get some feedback from somebody i think we might have sound now i'm now start out we have sound we're good so anyhow hang out in one all right there we go hit something was sposed to with that's all right ah yes now i can ever say no idea good morning and now i can okay yeah good morning everybody so let me try this over again welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the thirtieth day of january twenty twenty three and i will try to this uh perfect you guys can hear me and want to welcome you to this new secret undisclosed locations i'll be all here for a couple of weeks at any rate and and so there's always glitshen you move locations are your moble and now there's no no to as about but we're still here and what to say i got a lot of postingthe see like a lot of old and i i wanted to point out to you by a plan that she and on the work that he's done with late on a time wine for you crane it is really kind of amazing he did eh and how he did lay out he's one of my favorite and ons and afightin to be pretty well udoteace telling the truth as as he is a going forward a let me try again i welcome my special guests checkerwork we're going to talk about the horncastle nonsense there with witherings and all the other stuff going on the state and paid the place seems in all of his so absurdly ridiculous its unless i dono ousinou are betting a thousand for three weeks in a also this scope for her of bothe i i have they as you are have to say you asked fred oh hokosa's really dates but me no lesse i like to see that to see that is amazing so replied well of each other it interestedbut i wanted to there's so much going on and i allfather so much coin here in a undisclosed occasion on which i earned its war and were appearanees cold and snowing in the orconites you well what i think about that i i wish you could all some you right now but i have i had almost two years of solid breaks without a real vausenville severino feelings those too bad for anybody right now but i hope you had to go to rush tossoronto wall side here now like porter to be your someothers you know how how does this even on the even work for them yes he also i it peters that that there is there is quite a few of them that the duck and run but you do it's really amazing to me how many people are following me as i got down on her case consume himself to himself a isigodo there was a a huge amount of people that came up and sunk or watching binnan every every day or washingher often beside tosanachic offered body of the ronins i know of their people that are watchsophiathe pull this off outhere and yesonly one so so that's good so any o what's this nan since it i haven't paid fifty dollars to send in a set for though the republican convention are you kidding me this is nothing more every time i hear somebody open their mouths and i mean every time and conjunction with the republican party the democrat party the onlawful parties all right it alihermont money money what was that there was a move on there oh i peacetranslations they come on a money money money by the cold here now on my chassetiere are dead some so what's one onigoto jump off before ten to day so exteris can to be short so then in this coscinodis and the love and power of boybecause he knew sir who posocharis decided with it on my pain for worthier if the bed is its tone to the core the number of people there so and were talking about two thousand twenty two hundred god delegates coper sent ehootee hundred will then he had kanteloinen i told soquick see how we go storing the alcolea the rage in that race as well so that the strategy one and i then noticed that he pontified dollar fee of fifty dollar or sondaie when waitabit here already strewn people on these high cock in all others are cold a near go a hank and ate i on they could have you sir tears otetiani thing all that the real money for my coupe does it come for you or i the real body comes from being these what called the lover aganiscon into the corporate okay so and they have all to accounts if anybody thinks said the similitudes time alas for the counter nuts are they the hour or the mayor of the other names did they have out there so on getting that is we er we contribute wiesentheid als is later it needed is needed for a different reason is peto to have holdership right that we have by it but the real wolcome o the corporitas been entered right and in its like the more we dig and to all the nonsense where where the money is coming followed the money i really form woneth you can see exactly that this government is yes tor steling or tax dollars but it's i don't think it's that were the big money is coming from the big money is coming from the corporative of it and there if they can if they can in power and power the population they only entire and so he is hers the word epos these are large number these people were in london his et i as delegates from the republican party but dullened by go apreciase indeed as yours constitution party members and has democrat it is there they were lifted by that by that by so by greenhorn near requiring them to pay money doing what it is a way to have it is nothing more than pollack the twiformed and i was the sixty four lee whether that was was his opposes pretty the blacks and i propose for body oi thought we did away with that be ego we recollect policeroute going to say well yet by the surprisedest and there was such tongrines there action therefore is it related a propersition i think the is challenged among that they won to restrict the noose the number of people intend and the more they will send now the story lacks are renaisse that will do it they want to stop the conservative and there does and in what was really what's really ah a crazy thing it's like we can see the same thing with these corporations not only the only neolechin s a special interest and the parties are special interest just as every bit as much as the special interest pope there are there called mental and you go back to that again but oh you know you can see the corporations by ingot land and land trust were dealing with one right now and i got a feeling this is going to go fairly it all is always a god's hands right everything isn't onhandsome to trust him but when we see what the corporations are going to move in our own money by an ass such buying so that they have all the money they have all the leverage and they can buy or elections their doing it you know you can see it and michigan there's only about what forty families that actually run the entire state others osorio propitiatorie olisipo traits like it's like a board of it's like a board of a you know a board of directors that are supposed to be representing the stock holders and such but they allowed termagents for le don't all the wool corporations that are out there they pretty much did whatever they wanted to do and they represented the people that were placed in the top rather than to tackle i really don't know why there isn't it a whole lot of stock holders in the been out there so in the crap out everybody for what the axes of these will cope which made their stock holdings go down but yet all of the th the top seats scot huge pay raises i don't get the well cornford programs like yours or my torn of there try to deliver the truth remove now you keep down down on the farm so i speak is what they don't rise up day how how many times have here that in history of a country is that ben to his even played out here the holehooray they keep everybody they keep everybody in the disadvantaged people and they disadvanage feels se they know what they're doing they astley don't their joy where gistuont tutional tax tree i tell you what it is as governor i think the first thing the first act that i would do i honestly would be imposed the entire tax taxation of until we got an air and we got exsolution one of were the criminality is then there's no reason for the people the state of michigan to take it on the chin any more from these criminals and the thatwould probably in into look at them look at the books to closer that would probably be my first thing is looks paused all taxes and till we get to roundenticed out and all standing for i know it as the spending except for an communitarian aid type for the people of michigan but the rest of it scorobry caught eighty per cent of all sandiknow out of the state figure out what's gone on here or i think of them further in awe to like god because of the shore we can do that of the tackle eliminated live in me dinner proper why are we put it in toltec pope that we can that it cannot in onwards were foreseen or government to live within its i've often wondered why we have i taken that concept and applied to because the head limenas porticoes fosse it arose his case he is an endless yes carrilloancestor tension or your state or even your call your call at the hearing all county no shannon we shintoites kis see this as an inmost they see it is there they set is there money and and that that's a big problem it so perspective as this is all mighty play with otis cares well i'll and while they do they go on they digested shall we tell the comonwele his in the ouse the budget and they give is it to my dollars of the herd up in of the cooling polubentheos city and three thousand through a little eginpoora i okay i love nothing atweesh tax montesecco and people for everson i question or the taxation even even legal well mescontanter in san to the shot it down he the under i but i'm not sure i don't we don't have the mechanism yet showed down the i really say what control theirs no laviolette also all showed us in the cave so as that here's a go the works and has it was going how he got a pass and one course she's passed thoughe that believed i believe the the person his help for his still live i been given that name is he the contact that person it would be as orsingher that color set hot blood up to that good what we can do go in forward these are most so in fixing come of an old coat of this retired on oh not so much worried about me is it what about the people they gather people here that coming down the this was a bills they can not pay when they cared a pedanius like a illustrious senator state senator i i blame interscendent care he i gallenwegen to this case of people out of office i have the really deep phisically responsible for us right o producersconciliate in there not livenot well coactis that the government is a service organization that supposed to be serving we the people they are not the sovereign such a shot it down i think you could shut it out because they have had a failing great and in order to in order to actually save the the state of the nation and the reason being as that nor at least a good portion of it because it's all ready outside of it of its jurisdiction on everything is done in has complete usurp so i think you have grown i think we do have grounds to shut things down and continue on the humanitarian which to take care of our people because that's bestsmiling part that has never been accomplished by our government and so to go back to that that we are going to cast that this this nation is on a a a crash or that's going to be so epoch that of i hope every one out there is done some preparation work to there is no way we can send what's going on right now i believe that it's impossible if it is it's going to be got on money that steps in to save us from you know our own self district because we left the go so long it's our fall all every every single one of us as we let hole yet we let the single on so long so if it's going to crash out of control i would rather have a controlled crash you can actually step in and help the pete help we well we were getting rid of these deep state operates and these communists plants that are in her government causes a whit merebaris nestles the markis tentationes and i would say probably probably i hate this is my opinion eighty per cent may be ninety seven for such i i don't know what you might my pet my personal opinion is that about ninety seven per cent of people need all thinkers combinations all the coordination that he his got word one this uttered fifty but i told its lot for to help which surprised it that's only to their lot for people like he doing there on the one things were the body to pioners and they got for my toto do with salesperson roll for good but for yes we saw were with uncloistered that in and how on election the body was proteron for that then the gate also from a caccethes and one has in michigan did you see that to voss's are linked to isoline to loman which is also a bill gates is involved in their so much evocates is involved and the connection between them gates and de voces is is right often and then i got to a question i ask you because at this time ought and i think is really enters that when you look at the handle institute and how they are linked to some cecy and founded the to pay what on one point something milling to and fine the scientists were transporting on iproved bio cobi samples and a and among other things but the connection with the vedantins and sispis is absolutely roiled which means an there a problem goad you bothered the in all that way and deny he goes in a cause sepsin essaminatre an the good well or chinese it would gutter what a day on the pond is directed shall be on the research so before could be a word resided the corporations we know that they have under the number of university for posters across she we know that the one thing i covered and then there were on chili the hope this hold but i held oh what generositee was she a hundred more for eight hundred forty setwork when lo the showerssigns of the sowers of peers sisters thither recho how the house that fledde you know were talked about cassope don so she wore a real money he relies toccherete o money so are areiaree bere that there's a reason why so ringhorse the body where is one going forward had been used for everything the chinese of the band gasentera i i really question the sole revenge in took a guy out they neagre with the kilt they have the first sirs to cold oncomers cavities two thousand twelve of her here the talk about that at an cordwanerstrete why would i be sodered i do but isn't that its yeah i remember a time when they when they completely they locked up like one thousand five hundred repeat all that her part of the the sody royal rome family they calledand they got down to the last one and basically didn'tshe down of them hung the last guy upside down in telepathed it was used with later die sellers there's something good things going on there i think they will anemis not you know we want it we want to nail it companies geographic borders there are no geographic borders any more to this planless christ so they distract as they distract us with going with looking at it you don't try not but we can look at in the common terms that most people think about you know you got to think about a little bit of the geographic location but just so that iverybody knows there really is no geographic location to any of these organizations interpoles and there her districtissime the orthopedical parties i know china is china is this or sadira is this or a russia is this or ukraine as this will pretty much all of them that our hour are right here in aided state a one what we call it we call it the wizard or as a oatesto yes oh go rykovtied is right here china's enoof want to talk about china to our chins and ukraine china ukraine is here you cries and you crank and you cransters it it is this as globes and in their all connected in their connected and running the countries that they've basically used our three letter agencies to infiltrate manipulate all the elections he who are seated in and thought in the tap from top to bottom as to be erased off the face of the earth if we are ever going to be truly fred it's got to be talked about him it's got to be a decisive a decisive smacked down and end without any regrets without any looking back because we are truly to crosse we now there approach the no these pure and in his there can be no mercy for people who have created a cries against humanity as well and one but it's it's a globules its absolute globales ores so anyhow sorry that's we here right out at derry in her back to coushattee you know only when we wore hoarcenesse either don't have information nor the right one have the it is later and we see it and in so we tried potes terms oh here soke or there so either once his hard to be in a short pugilist he sat back and listened to his overtime they will see he let the middle of a wise and they will in this hollis and i'm sure you had diversicolor percolate for this reason that reason its you don't you don't know you don't know your a poet they don't realize that repolishing two crosses land we could improbation together like a mussel like a chisel this was himself so that's what's going on so anyway so got no way great bayoufor doing it i think o the cold or a glee when we say we got one single party review you think celosias what do you think about this overcome and oh i think that cried the problem is with any titles ready political parties in unite us were over so on mine o my soft i am thinking about changing it to god for his see something which in behastin i'm going to throw up the whole thing it's sort of like all the parties it's been infiltrated we have a take yes the pine we don't even know what the terms mean any more because it you've got desire ublic ans rinse down crats communes you know all of a roll of all integer because if you don't it's what it is so i bepowdering the spot dropped that from my tallies unfortunately it's been cooped here thousand again and that's why i called you with it because i'll tell you in goloka last week on an ina oh gerald to do you see i go herefirst deals or republicans upon artabaces was storiesgood idea could cause her became the same as the loire toleration in these a lot by some girls came hordes he got american first covering over his signal that went took that hand the police called a thirsty night generators down in in the hills dale and that is the road crossed on every where we turned and the reason is simple that a girl can person has caused his serial right is so asheriston with the idea to bring forth or quickly became infiltrated by these campers who had deluded in the ones and evers all they dig up the best idea but they don't have the information to operate with the very limited information the going forth as if there's the soul or in fact they're not any cruel discrimine colors siemerode on and that they got another line object and in agonalis exactly what happened talkable me it was a dissiphered meetelie cat hole the cousin is word is in gold for were you get this the signal party is bringing in the pool gildas de pergolesis on the dorino can now be now the breeding of it toldthere that's a sad commentary because this guy is not to be believed that no is greely of very big no in somewhat of a wall not i will say you call these holier he lied against me these dotted number of things ortholitha in the turtle to day of what is precloistral all that's what's going on now you loaded to it on these parties how they progressed in changed into one to save the happiness first a hen coop corrupted absolute glossin that sits so well ah wi some people what we got to be honest we go to stratford and water another tiaraboo as of revision of barnard erbefore interjected one i can think bad on hair dresser's i was the talking bout a single hair dresser and that was agaricacethe is not heavy credentials it was not in miserscite her dositheos men as she was yes i see she was using you incorrectly she was actually using you the ottoways because i'm sure many will say she has the represent the exact that's so point really doesn't have a lot of qualification but she felt there use what little blows she had i give her credit for that she relies theatre well my my problem is as that i think like any one whether there you know while there there on i don't know a ragusiensis or you know there they get up and work every day or there a doctor or a cap or a hair stylist or dog gromer or somebody in a semidiurnal think that is the best thing that i excelled his shoveling manure of the brontes enjoy doing that but you know have worked his way to her side worked in factories when i was younger i know jack i was working at jobs all the time when men like we talked about or worn farmstead when we were kids you know this is albany one that's a worker that he that care is about this nation squalid and the in should be able that should be able to do it as long as their integrity is there and that they have not been then compromised or bought off or stand with some one that you know stand with people that you know em in quite honest you can tell what persons like about the so you know is it then the connections and to know birds of father yet now that's all you got to sing they hang other and so it's like it's like you you really you really have to watch that and when you see when you see things like where how do i say this you got to look at everything is a job interview and the first thing that you want to do as you want to have enough of an integrity to and back oh we did this person did one good thing so now we've got them in our call to personality and where we love this pest and there are favored you know that for then no it has to go down to what what oh if it comes down to a lifetime the flash in the pan moment and unfortunately that's what i think we have an artire are a teroitich is that it is there all flashed in the pants and they they really don't have any long term goal other things there there good is stricken out money from the budget for personal projects and in a serious qualified the heart hard isn't there you know i hate to say it but i want to see somebody you know that's carried a peking kid out of it at often or bandaged wounds or or actually helped the neighbor and you knows like it's like a iitelltale had during the lock downs i would not i would not and i to and i told a couple of colts out in when distressed me now girls get a complied so we might as well just go ahead and get this over with they would rest me eh so on i am we had we had a tea party at my house all during the the copilot down and read some that was caught in hair and doin nails and i've got pitchers of our trophy hair piles on the ground ah you know promise i think it's funny but i'm onestamente you what some of them most in tune with that we the here the hair dressers and the barbarous because they are the ones that cockthe know everybody and is like to thee in anatole yea and i mean the the a hair dresser is is probably one of the highest forms of people have they they don't we rely on them to have appearances good i'm on to tell you in my hair is the destiny he crows about an inch or crazy fast and i don't do i will not do anything of my hair it's a waste of time for me so i have to get up come an end place he that would just a little project product and in five minutes i'm off then so you know whether what there's no magic that i ever put into my hair ever so it's all on the hair dresser and so i think i think o the my my my redress is named andrew is so high andre and the amount of information that holewith a color and all ices i hate and big respect and i agreed to i think that what other talkingabout was a specific or because i think he they violated that trastevole that position is the pipe the plain one thing and here takes to civically and rearing as are anglers your speaking specifically by angelegenheiten is that and i sheetrope fore in owing in course she likes to pass we both because why because we're green up the truth and he said because i thought she was so i thought she was at ease otherwise operate to a lot of people in somethingelse the thenanything there think he in his case they have no or on the way so at long spoke the comte it loses his she lost me with the ridiculous wonder woman costume i don't hawstead she she will go more was that marie well they want the wonder on a costume completed lost me i was like we are you how how can you be taken or as it was discoloration or as i told that sir of mr ross the day i haven't validated but i heard that now have i been a superman and c the adherere fitting for that conprobet than to the rivets compilation losers there in that surly shots thing is the roperstrate party or egotistic people who canoe party if we got people like this he came hardest that ere i preposition so itpeople in that on that to oh placepeople i know what there's a nogeret number there's for three or four that onless the horse one of those one o the rokelle camped is that already every other copy was okay before but turned out to histrionism orso that is a better o kisses there is some questions that came up about about melinda pegall and christina crop so like i i am i am ma i am a fan of mark and lisa i love christina a lot i we've already seen the ability to absolutely jowl a group of people in mccall and if they can do that mccall make can do in across the not that i'm going to weigh in on his much i am no longer a part of of the republican party and never really was too much by her i american when okay i am i got kicked i got kicked off of there i got kicked up in non supported by the new the new republican communes that sanded there and didn't want an actual per so i am not and i'm an american that's what i am and anybody wants to stand with an wore bible we unbelievable grave only an american trying to say they got his this is the very same people now that are coming out where do pois one thing people he saw the medicis her there with him he when it was a missing ossernenon the sampo any corne and she see which so keen competing with the party will that wither all objective is the creating new party a party it is pride opcina under some no that at the end you and i only kilowatt they dis come up with the same thing greeniccio the moreover oh people i aelred is we spoke of people like speciesand you people aside as he's not what says i had cotewithout look at of a too in a represented existence but the cocher she's alteration at a kingwithin police suppose of the pole she felt the resonance of the porpoise to the one she competentlie on colchis the delicate lips to colleoni it was i don't like them contact there have a crutch it tightlythe such hypocrites are ye not on its like let's throw off down to brandenburg and and support the globes atwood every case ioannites just like a crowd because you know split the party so to party and now what do they do in their wetting the party but that's what they earn doing from the beginning then a lot of them the candidates that were there because i sighed in electionerin strawhall mac and island they had their chaldean candidates and that you could see it right from beginning and it was illegal and the amount if you eat you head divided this in the market segments so marking and my the back ground in marketing right and corpuses if you if you went down and divided the candide in settler going to need a candidate that can appeal to this sector we made carthagenastopped and the sector in this sector and suck hircomb's perry johnson you got me in there hosborne for and you know it and i know is in my opinion you don't i was i was really chanced to any of the ides to run i beast aron and so i said i would and by somebody and our pie repleti very much set and saw like if i settled do it i'll do it so like an over okay and so anyhow but the rest of them were all placed and i you know you've got you've got you know the babewin collean sold on on their fight back and forth and when you look at you know i'm sorry but i can't take calisero sly i've never been able to take him seriously he's like allowance lizard with a with a microphone you know it's like an i hate to say it but him and ran off they set all i never salleting against out of brandenburg not like yesgeorge the screen so in soldthere catching an us comin a place had and lie and then they were i you know then they got real quiet road quick but and that was those ring colliniti sorry birds of a feather flock together and that's what you have and so in unkind of out on i'm out on anybody that was in that position they were chosen it was as challeston yes cassandra is cashadas he sighed with mother sideroides already provided the people have been doing in the exactly right and even our friend and would probably not greatly indorsed him with as consolidated they come others pottinger this he were friends in a repulse from the word gold but of the herereceive with whittled pointer is that of these people are deleeberate of dinomite you what they did to me to set me up on my first started running so i've had a lot of people come and try to buy me off influenced me see for i could be pushed and such and that would be zero motion i i will not pay to player do any does not horse an senorio the first is so john john a called me up in such a like to ha out in an let's have lanchan he wanted to get to know me and with the john smith so we went out for london were talking not of the court course on turned figure this sallow and though well his retyred he's his she one of the republican party of hills the old oswald it on later yes and so so they there like the sweated to an meetingfor you and help you out with this and get you going on the right foot plateados then they were i will send etall up at it it's a layman's brewery a down in a i got to think of the town now and it was i i was kind of excited while the condoling yes ah i think it's indecent yet sosothis like we're going to help you all out with some like all that's really nice thank you so much now the day that i was supposed to make a do this meat in greek gown on there and i'm thinking okay they're goin to be all the friends then and you know it's this nicer there it is not right and so i might here my dearest friends clear he had i know your speaking with ren calle to day and i slept i not there done greet for me down and with she is like well i just found a flat into the feelyou on it and so these yahoos set me up to a make me look bad and to be a a sort of like or an excuse for her roncalian this so i get this flier right big as life is huge pitcher of ryan collie there with riihelle ring callimachi calle underneath that it was a doctor underneath that was a a a gallows running in the income wyoming in in the in the end and then away when we retain in tiny letters of the bottom on and down to branford governed candid i was supposed sir were supposed to the mean greedon o'clock and saw him sitting there going well they just threw me under the boss here one we goingto do and i was i was like well like i like do i just tell him to shove it and stay home or do i go and i decided you don't what i'm goin to go because sir people down there that now are potentially expecting here something and they shouldn't be punished for a set of that was done by by john roche and johnson so i was wilton o'clock and he had me listed at three thirty so changed the time never said anything to me nothing zero it was supposed to be a meet and greet for me and in there was no mention of the sir said i i call him the nice sad john colonel looks like a ah you may so change is here and you didn't tell me about any of them but three thirty has just now get to work for me so much and he's like oh oh sad so sorry you know i can move you round and you just where you just come down here and if you want to be first you can be first but he changed all sidelike it was like two clock had behold thing was was to set off so i set as the will is heronthe drive down and all think about how one handled it on the way down ah in any this word in front of a group of people they would say that i was entered party and the site so i thought well i reckon you know be be horrible to the people there so i drove down and sure enough you know a is truly about magget inks he ran callimedes ayment that he was trying to divide the room of those who can you now start elysees those sooner not got the backs and how we need we need to applaud all those doctors and nurses you know lest the it don't love the past the indiawhen i got up and i spoke i scott and i just what are you going to do when you have a heart attack and all of these people have laughed they've the left the halesite is my son had just about died were out like a week before that our two weeks is what are you going to do if they all quick this is a failure to assess the problem entirely because realistically we have to go after the force vaccinations and not divide we the peak and then he brought up something working to bring back nuclear and in like way to go schooner to be already have nuclear and then were going to do thorianites and only once again wait go schooner husson whatever it has where is though it's a great idea we have no way to build those right now or probably fifteen years out and has to do with a sick venable to hold the sailing solon and i'm sure you know about this too but it's not something segasto crap out that you know just to talk about with no knowledge of the actual subject other than locoedest and so the whole thing was absolutely ridiculous of indostan and as soon as i called them on on the you know on the hospital then it wasn't very long and he ducked right off the back door we ended up staying and going off for gene with every one there and we had some very nice down there and he thought the people were absolutely lovely and they were you know they were republicans and i always got long really well with you know with all of the all the republicans of alders and such but the establishment absolutely i was not going to be their picked because they couldn't buy me off so eh i had in mind have to get to this meeting or tennessee's tenement count tell me bout in the land of pentagonis therecan you do a short a short run out as you nita had much of this about unfortunately i think christina made a really bad pick in her and i i i really believe that based on my interactions with men she is regression wonder because i call him out a man in boston of a dedicarli any carlonis rateblack will of bellister gasterotheca has there all dirty that's a eferybody dirty they're all blame in each other won'tthe reason he gave was so stupid that he is dollarswas enter couple of events i thought all this great what a cock ification he and benchorensi to dash i give it or course now boys for evident aristophanes the fate play within in their whole organisation of the open others and sintindose said and she said that altogether held the sea the other daughters now doesn't help see the fines oostasemou yes seriesthe money as her help nobody so when on your testatament on in august halesias what am i now i welcome my stoma a rarity said i don't know what's your handthe got up to walk away hereticsan tatters because i don't it is day it's all about her it's about the next one on the letter you will at all this is i saw other trying to gain support will he other hosts wish odeomenos we know that the young i tell i told ee year ago a year or torsometer to have she deeming to do a closed atheson she started she enough to a hundreder or theses if you are rosenstrauch worse she's i didn't for that point on we washed the progression she didn't know where wathered spies are you want calls that tell us information and venture enough and this was tied into the casino gathers a tobit of that and an or she called me thus o that so in no thought will the son is all of it of an the elegant those forlinpopoli lincinatus five or six weeks later always braconnier went along there doing a unison there and course than a lot of this type is that i can hurry latinis party that the willis party like its the party they had the right idea they were working on the sepolte gotten taken over but then they quickly reported back to tyranical o i began the start him repeople down in his race there was a dozen desorption of fast and now we see where she forrestiere because some siochaire good she could step to those she doesn't she doesn't she she takes people upon the boy there so many new people now for the new people that were there before all the other new people as there was one he wrote letters to catechise name scopious he thought i wrote it he who led to what old cape out of the invention ah i know of your monegather in thee when was that one before the king mentioned to be got and the reason was because they she could do it that i'm not a member as i have to do a commerical be a case and i was as pressed it's a wide indo keep the i don't know but the people tell one story and to another they be and melinite glint in ready chris colla herncastle did great work is recognized it across the state for lection integrity back the ouses a lot of his is the well exposed the cicerone in this king county calidiore were criticised in satinwood share this or that one thing heard yeslast she is keeping tabs on crises because she's a great i might release on to the mother in that only these are some called constitutes at let this ilissus all about their post every every one of it's about their position it's not about america it's about what they want to do for themselves and in its just really sad but in or battologaesate of these a first the gorge they were charlie angels i may come big that's it opatrid does herself a resinoid self altered rosher warrethey were hung for what they be for like a guy like me to hail for the culpepper aspiring that tug i tell to george was okay so the charles angel sings when we were at the and the auto show her line april and i didn't charles angel poised o whitmanian on and the ridiculous little pose but so anyhow that's sothern they did before us we did adistaste in the chops the little bed and thought it was kind of one age ideas ether for you guys oweth ugh that was a good idea i don't know don't know her little well i got to tell you we've got i got for minutes before i've got a meeting i have to go to orinocan so let's see let's say a whoopin dear humble father thank you so much for chalk and every one out in that listening we ask the come and alongside every one in a way that is meaningful to them that you had helped them with any needs that they have and let them know that their truly loved by you and everything let her know everything you've done for them that you adore the thank you or the state think you for the ability to bring truth forward and we asked for my people's eyes to be opened that they would see that the most important thing is the relationship with you through jesus christ our lord said for the stay we love you very much and i jes rest name paid a gay so you're a parthians love of ready out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america he last words choked yeah you masterson topics how now my work cariconticos denover's bristles ature in his injustice the last word grave for of what could happen to epitomise a make heat the sitonian because that was asked to be to day to wordhouse cover without there to pray they got in her beams because it's the right thing he you don't know what to do start prayin and handed over to god and hastened exactly what we have to succour go to brenburg convening for governor doctor i am not conceding the election and a going forward officially i am i am still there and fighting for the elections fighting for a free and fair election process as well as fighting for america not for the reason that we should need to stand together his family as there are american family stand for a then pledging our lives are our fortunes and our sacred honor love all of you and will see it to morrow when to our tuesday when john take