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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/5/2024 Liberty Essentials, Cummings & Bob Terry Exposing Microsoft

Published June 5, 2024, 9:03 a.m.

9am Liberty Essentials - Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance.Also Ralph the IT Guy and Karen the Riveter 10am Constitutionalist, Dr Dan Cummings will be talking about terms and definitions the correct meanings and how they have changed. "I have been fascinated by the Constitution of the United States since my older childhood and began a serious and in-depth study of it at the age of 14 that has continued to the present. ​​ This study has included constitutional history, constitutional law, current events concerning the problems of our time, foreign policy and the challenge of America's enemies, and sound free-market economics and its enemies. ​​ That study has never ceased and continues today. ​​ I have learned much even in recent years and continue to grow year by year in my understanding of America's problems, both foreign and domestic. 11am - BREAKING NEWS - MICROSOFT Exposed - Robert Terry. The only individual in the history of U.S. information technology (IT), who designed, patented and personally developed (wrote 100% of the proprietary source code) that comprised the software cybersecurity solution deployed throughout the White House Executive Office of the President (EoP), (2001-2008), which was also utilized by the CIA who managed the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Commission (2001-2006). Based the principles of the HUMAN IMMUNE SYTEM, and never required anti-virus updates. Featured in Federal Computer Week Magazine and PC World Magazine.  The FCW magazine article CONFIRMS that the White House solution worked so well that it “caused a fight” to emerge between the USGOV offensive groups who attack networks, and the defensive group who defends networks. (Please read the last 3 paragraphs of the FCW article)  Worked side-by-side with the former Senior Security Program Manager of Microsoft worldwide (Dr John Michener), who reported to Bill Gates. Featured in Computer World Magazine.  Upon the defection of Edward Snowden in 2013, the CIA Wikileaks that began in 2014/2017, and the stolen NSA tools in 2016, have been studying all leaked top secret documentation that specifically discusses offensive programming methods/communication techniques in order to target, penetrate, circumvent/bypass network defense/detection technologies. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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morning and welcome to brandenburg news network I am donna brandenburg and it's the fifth day of june 2024 welcome to our show today we've got a little bit of a long show today we're going to start out with liberty essentials essentials with bill moore and we'll see if karen and ralph uh join us after that at 10 o'clock we've got dan cummings and I i gotta tell you I'm really intrigued by dan cummings uh he's a doctor uh very very um esteemed man in the Constitution Party, and he knows his stuff. It's amazing to talk to Dan, and we've had lots of discussions. He's out in Utah, and I have such a respect for him because he actually, he's so educated on how things are supposed to work. So I enjoy our conversation. We're going to be talking about lawful definitions and meanings and how they've changed over time. And then at 11 o'clock, we're going to go back to Robert Terry in exposing Microsoft and their role in rigging our elections. So And I'm going to let the camera just roll today because I want to get in as much as he has to say on BNN today because he has a lot of research he's done. So that's the direction we're going to go. So in the meantime, hey, Bill, how you doing? I'm doing all right. Doing all right. Just got done from our, what, 90-degree day yesterday? Upstairs working in a small little bathroom that I was remodeling, so. Yeah, well, I gotta tell you what all my bees are mad right now. Yeah, I went out there yesterday. So I had I had hive improvement yesterday. So I got back from my trip Sunday, and then I had to be gone for a couple of days. which it was a very stressful trip, really. It wasn't, it was a work trip and it was stressful. My mom fell again while I was gone. And so we're having to really deal with that. And I got to tell you, all the people out there with aged parents, my heart goes out to you because I have been dealing with this with my dad and mom. Dad died two years ago, about the same time your dad died. And my mom is, she's, she's declining. And it's really, it is, it is a, a, a, unfortunate position to be in, but we're all in it at some point in time. And right now that's kind of where we're at. And and they the assisted living center that she's in is literally they're extortionists. They just sold and decided to ramp up the cost of her care plan four times the cost. And I was on the phone when I was in Florida with the people that bought it. And I'm like, this is extortion. How can you even justify this? This is morally wrong. You do not take advantage of people in a disadvantaged situation. And however you think that financials really are or not, nobody really knows. But personally having to do with me, But the point being is that when a company does that to whomever they choose, they're literally, their goal is, and so I told him, I said, I know what your goal is. I've dealt with corporate America long enough. I said, your goal is to absolutely drain mom and dad's bank account and then go after the kids and make the kids responsible for the rest of the bill and pass the debt on to impoverish the entire family. And I'm like, this is a weaponized, this is weaponized bullshit going on here. And that's what I said to the gal. And she's, of course, she's like, well, I'm just taking orders. I said, no, you're not. You're complicit in this. And so I was a little rough on her, but I'm going to tell you what, I think that this needs to be called out because the care that's that, that the way that people are being victimized cradle to grave right now is, is a very intentional thing. harm to people for psychopaths who want to make a profit and it's not right. There's got to be a better way to do this and having a mentally ill daughter as well as taking care of two or more than that over the years, aged parents and such, we really need to get a better plan out there and I've been working on one. I had a pretty good one put together while I was running for governor. And that's still standing right now because I'm not conceding. But there's a lot better ways of dealing with this as a community to be able to help people. It's just that people have to want to do it and not put profits over human beings because it's fundamentally wrong. But can you even imagine that? Having somebody that can literally with a straight face say that, well, you know, the new weights are going to be this. It's like, no, the new rates aren't going to happen. We're going to figure something else out because it's wrong. Well, that's the recourse of history throughout all history. When you get government involved in any type of private entity, they believe that they can change such things just on demand with the swipe of a pen, right? Right. You've got to get people behind the scenes because there's so much that's being – manipulated by a very few at the top, maybe 1% to 2% at the top that are manipulating the majority of the people. And 90% really aren't awake and don't care. I think it's a little higher than that now since President Trump was in office where people are actually becoming aware of how things are going. And that's a really good thing that people are waking up. But with that, we still need to talk about who's in charge. I'm doing quite a bit of research right now, and I found something yesterday that is linked to my trip to Grayling, and I'm going to continue to talk about this. But there's the security company that was doing all of the gate security. There was not one military person up there. Not one. No matter what anybody can tell me, well, maybe they're on missions. No, this is not how it works. I mean, I'm talking abandoned. I've got pictures to prove it. And I was there to see it. You do not have a completely abandoned camp. I mean, the grass and the weeds are growing up around the air tower, air control tower there. This is not normal. And DK... is the security company that was guarding the gates, both gates into the camp, as well as gates onto the airfield. So I started doing some digging into DK, and I think I'm one jump away from one of the massive oligarchs there, but there was things that haven't made sense to me for a long time. Looking up there at the aerial maps, because I do aerial comparisons and aerial evaluations of things, there's a whole area around Grayling that shows up in the map as absolutely brown. And I got it figured out when I was up there. It's like, oh, because the DNR clear cutting, literally clear cutting our land and taking it. And there's no receipts to where that money's going. Hey, Karen, how you doing? Good morning. Good morning. I thought you were going to have your guest from yesterday on. So I wasn't planning on being on this. Just saw you texted me. Surprise! He's going to come on at 11. But I was going back to talking about Camp Grayling and the clear cutting that's going on up there. There's things that are making sense. But anyhow, I started digging into DK. And I can tell you right now. all of these organizations are connected, which, coincidentally, they do the security for all of the stuff for, say, like Van Andel Arena, DeVos, and that. There's a big connection there. So when you start patching this together and seeing, okay, let's see, DK now is connected to Granley, which is the state of Michigan, and then you find out that there's 23 branches for DK, And then I did some aerials on where at least one of those branches are. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. So we can look at this during control of the waterways. Oh, say the one that I found is at the end of a canyon on a two-track road, way away from anything. I would say that we've got some pretty hard... questions that need to be answered. There were three people from the state of Michigan, three kids that disappeared this past week, two in Coopersville, one up in Cedar Springs and such. But when you start looking at that and also the money that's going through these oligarch families, say like the DeVosses and such and Amway, and the backing up to the DNR land, and the connections to DK, which have branch offices in very questionable remote places. I don't know why you would be on a Dirt 2 track in the middle of freaking nowhere in Arizona. And I mean it's in the middle of nowhere. Kind of looks like barns and such. There's a canyon with a waterway there. And there is absolutely no reason to have... that where it is. And I'm going to say right now, I'm going to be the first one to say it's tied into a firm that has an Indian name at the beginning of it. And there's more digging to do. But I'm going to tell you, why would you have something in a remote location like that? There's going to be more that are going to pop up that we'll find. And I think we're going to find some things that, you know, if you want to do bad stuff, where are you going to put it? You're going to take over the churches. You're going to take over security. You're going to take over those organizations that people most trust because it stops them from asking questions. The schools, the churches, and historically, Alexander the Great knew how to take over a nation. The playbook's there. It's like you take over religion, entertainment, schools, And there's one more. And you will literally, in sports, you will literally take over an entire nation and then put the people in charge or systems in charge that make people stop questioning. And you've got a completely overtaken scenario, including the people that are, you know, planned an insurrection of our nation through the border. So I started posting things after Jason Jones, I posted something the other day. It's a little graphic, I'm going to tell you, but we're going to have to deal with this because the cartels are there in all 50 states. So with that said, the video I posted comes from a cartel because they literally boast about what they've done. And it's a guy who's getting his face hacked off with a machete and they literally cut his heart out alive and stand there with a heart beating in his hands. So there's your warning. But it's for real. And I think that, you know, there comes a point in time where we have to face this because Because we should censure, not only have we been seeing censuring in other locations, we need to censure and remove these traitors who have allowed this to happen. Because they, you know, that's like the first step. And I think you said it, Bill, it's a soft impeachment. But what really needs to happen is they need to be charged for treason and crimes against humanity. Every single one of them that has allowed this. And the rest of them, it's time to send in special operations and wage war on this. in a very real way and end this situation so that our children and our neighbors, our family can be safe. Yeah, well, you bring that up. That's exactly what we were talking about here regarding cartels and such. You got to think who's funding these cartels? Who's giving them? Our tax dollars are right now. It's going right to the United States. Yeah. One place in particular that I was going to get to this morning, and that is that of Mexico. I don't know if anybody has ever been down to the border, Juarez, the other side of the Laredo, and such like that. I've been there. I've seen the cartels. I've been down there in work groups helping out, and I understand the possibilities of things that can happen. But when you look at Mexico itself, they're one of the most restrictive countries when it comes to the ownership of firearms. And it's been said, and I don't know for a fact, but it's been said that Mexico only has one dealer of firearms, and that is on their military base. In the entire country we're talking. So these cartels are armed. We know that. You've had guests on your show before that have proven that in videos. Where are they getting their arms from? I can certainly tell you that Mexico is probably not funding them particularly. I believe they're getting their funds outside, and that is mainly of the U.S. through the U.N. policies and such that people are helping them fund it. They're airdropping them firearms. Yeah. So... Most recently, a lot of that information is coming out, and one of the things that I was going to highlight regarding that this morning is there's a case out. Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners put this out a couple days ago. There's a case that started in January of this year where the Mexico government is filing a lawsuit against a gun manufacturer. We heard about that. We've heard the threats in the U.S. about them coming to gun manufacturers instead of individuals because that way they can shut off the supply chain. They don't need to infringe upon your right to keep and bear arms if there are no arms to keep and bear, right? So the Supreme Court of the United States has opened it up and is allowing that lawsuit to proceed. We have a foreign entity, namely another country, that is trying to sue an American manufacturer of firearms, right? And I don't know the cause behind it. I haven't looked that deep into the lawsuit. I know the headlines from the emails here. But they're seeking $10 billion from Smith & Wesson and other American firearms manufacturers. All right. Why is that? The U.S. would never be able to get away with it. Right. If we had our federal government go in and and they do in small regards, you know, the ATF gets in there and and tries to restrict and infringe upon other manufacturers in the U.S. But if they were to blatantly come out and file a lawsuit against Smith and Wesson or Armalite or cold or name any of the manufacturers and seek $10 billion, you can only think that the purpose of that is to close them down, to restrict the manufacturing. The American people, I'm certain at that point, maybe, hopefully, would realize, hey, we have a problem here, and they'd put a stop to it. At least that's what should be done. But we have a foreign entity that is now doing that. Why are they doing that? They're doing it because the U.S. government needs it done. That's the only reason why they're doing it. Mexico has no interest in Smith and Wesson. They have no recourse of action for anything Smith and Wesson has done, right? They're not infringing upon Mexico's government in any way, sense, or form. So the only reason why that could be is the U.S. is driving that narrative because they know they can't get away with it themselves. Isn't the Mexican government pretty much run by the cartels anyway, so they wouldn't have any interest in shutting down the source of their weaponry? It doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, in a sense. I'm not sure if that's a completely accurate statement, because the Mexican government does have their own military, their federales that run around. They're basically a cartel within themselves. But I was mainly referring to the actual citizen cartels within the government, the lawless individuals down there. There's the new Mexican first woman president, Claudia Scheinbaum. Have you seen that? Yeah, she supposedly, not good. What's that? And she is... She's a radical left Jewish woman, which is to me odd in a very Catholic country, you know, predominantly Catholic country. And all I got to say is you probably go right back to what we were talking to you with Robert Terry about them rigging the elections, because this is almost statistically impossible for her to have won that unless she's a puppet candidate. in order to enable the wacko Marxist agenda down there in Mexico. And, you know, from my, from my perspective, I hate to say it, but I believe immigration rules or international rules is that if somebody comes in their country, they're supposed to stop them and not pass them on to the next country. And so really, really Mexico is actually, um, uh, committed an act of war against the United States of America by enabling the, the, uh, invasion of the United States of America, which means they're complicit with what's going on. I believe, I believe that Mexico right now is complicit in this action because the cartels are running the, they're trying to overrun the United States and they're using their quasi military disruptors, which is, you know, the Satan, the Satan worshiping cartels, such as Santa Muerte and such. You know, you can read about that. We brought that up before, Deuteronomy 28, where the Lord talks about those who refuse to obey Him, the later part during the curses of those, where He talks about He will bring in a nation whose language you will not understand. He will bring them in to subdue you. They will become the head, you will become the tail. That's exactly what we're seeing across the border here. And I'm one of those, The whole cry of the American people in the last administration where we were talking about, you know, we have to build the wall. We have to put the wall up. We have to stop this from happening. I was one of the few people that stood up and said, no, I'm OK with not having a wall at the border. Right. A lot of people look at me like I'm crazy. Well, you're just going to increase the invasion and the traffic of illegal aliens into the U.S. And I'm saying if you get rid of the wall and the U.S. quits driving them over, quits incentivizing them, they won't have a reason to come over. But currently they're giving them not only transportation, not only cards loaded with thousands of dollars. In some cases, we know the UN is bringing them over as soldiers and are arming them. So are these NGOs like Catholic Services, Lutheran Services, Bethany Christian Services, all of these organizations are getting big dollars for moving people around. Yeah, if we want to stop that, we have to go over those who are incentivizing them. And it's not only NGOs, and it's not only the federal government, but it's individual state governments as well that are shipping them across the country. Absolutely. WZM 13 did one of their verify segments yesterday. This is why I watch sometimes the quote-unquote news, because then you see stuff like this. So the verify was, does the UN give cash to people coming over into the United States? Cash. So their whole thing, they went round and round and round with this. But then the answer was no. Of course they don't give them cash. They give them other means. Yeah, I just saw an article from WZZM this morning and a picture of their workers that came up. And WZZM is going along with this whole Pride Month through June, too. Oh, yeah. So, I mean, I've never trusted anything they've had to say. They've just put another propped up mainstream location in Michigan. Well, look at here, and this is the way it is. You know, if you're not part of the establishment, they're going to either character assassinate you, they're going to get rid of you, or they're going to truly assassinate you. So 132 politicians in Mexico have been killed since the campaigning have begun. So when you look at that, I mean, unless you're part of that club, and it's kind of the same in the United States. I mean, they're going after President Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States, in a legal assassination, basically. They're trying to cancel him completely so that he can't get in again. They've got to be scared out of their mind of him, and they should be. But they will get rid of anyone who is actually a true candidate. If you see somebody that's been attacked, you can guarantee, guaranteed, that they probably were for real and they were specifically removed, but the cartels are removing these people. They'll kill them. You know, you got, they, they just kill them down there. Well, and that's, that's not always the case. Remember that, um, that we talked about most of politics is all done pre-plan, right? Roosevelt said in the thirties that we know that, uh, Even the, who was it, Albert Pike, the Masons, from the Freemasons back in the late 1800s, said when the people need a hero, they will deliver them up. And so when you see a lot of the conflict going on and the attacking from mainstream to other corporations or other individuals, you always have to look at it in a broader light, knowing that they are also promoting the fight because they have to keep the people divided. So not only do they have to put up somebody who they know the majority of people will not support, who will viciously attack and who is subvertive to our own US government and our constitution, But they also need to control the opposition, as Lennon said. And they have to put up somebody who looks like they're going to do what's right. And they will put them up in the media and purposely attack them just to keep a division of the people. I'm not saying that's in all cases, but a lot of it, the people who are claiming to be censored by the mainstream media and claiming to have their voice squelched, if you look at it, all of that that's going on through the mainstream media, that's free advertising for them. Right. Oh, yeah. So they're promoting both sides of it. And a lot of people are thinking, well, no, they're promoting one and then trying to censor the other. All the while, they're both getting equal attention on the media. It's absolutely it's absolutely a concerted effort to get their candidate that they want in and both major parties are guilty of it. Ryan Kelly. Well, look at with me running on the Republican ticket. I had no ties to anyone politically because I hated everyone in that arena because I'd never met anyone that was actually honest. And that's the truth. Honestly, until the Constitution Party with you, Bill, that's it. And there was some people in there that got cleaned out that were not honest. But we've cleaned the party out and kept it pretty clean. And I think that's really important is to stay with something that follows a lawful process. that which is not this back and forth just to tear the United States down, but what are the best answers what are the best solutions no matter who brings it forward that that that's missing in all of politics right now everybody wants to be in charge and even when when I look at the grassroots I am very disappointed in seeing what's going what's going on there because it's kind of the same old same old you know when you when you do a fundraiser and break even to do another fundraiser to do another fundraiser to do another then make people feel like you're part of the group but nothing gets changed They're not doing anything lawfully and you're not going to change the entire state by one of these small grasses. You might gain a little an inch of ground, but they're going to take 10 or 12 inches of ground on on another issue. So your net gain is going to be nullified because the issues, while they're important, I'm not saying they're not important, but until everybody decides to get together and goes for the juggler vein on this thing, which is they're breaking the law. Every single one of them sitting in the seats and they have to be held accountable and removed. We have to have honest elections and we have to have somebody that's from we the people step up and take those positions as we nullify 90% of the government. We have to go to those extremes. And I'm going to go so far as to say that we need to go back to the Declaration of Independence that We've gotten to that position where it is become absolutely insufferable and we're going to have to start over again. Because you can't build on a... whole system which has a foundation of corruption and working people against each other just for power. And that's what I see in the grassroots groups, the small groups, the patriotic groups. They all have the same colors in their logos, which is weird to me because it's almost like they've got like an umbrella corporation. If you looked at the strategy of how that goes, there is a strategy. They're connected on other levels. But they're keeping people busy in these little cells. It's like an organism. Even the small groups, they're an organism and they have cells. And I can tell you right now, there's a lot of people that are in those groups who are political operatives. A lot of them. When you really start digging down into it, some of them came from the people that destroyed the Tea Party. They were there as disruptors. So, you know, any of these organizations, that is fresh meat. And if a new one pops up, it's going to absolutely be infiltrated because they're going to keep this system. So we have to look at this smarter and say, well, it hasn't worked. It's about as dumb as looking at Biden. They've used that grassroots term to the point where I'm quite honestly nauseous about it. I'm sick of it because it doesn't mean anything anymore. like the Republican Democrat Party. I mean, it's a great buzzword, so let's just sell everybody on it. And I know that's going to be one of those other Brandenburg unpopular things to say. But when you start tracing it back, you can start seeing the money that's gone through it. Take, for instance, like Ask My Tax. Everybody thinks this is great. Look at the donations that Carla Wagner has made. She's made donations to Christina Caramo. And the Brighter Michigan PAC, that's a DeVos PAC. And so you start looking at all of this stuff. There's too many things that don't make sense. And that should be your first clue to get in there and start digging and finding out what the truth is. Why would somebody give money to Brighter Michigan PAC and say we're grassroots when we can look right at what's happened here and how much money and the candidates that have been engineered by these oligarchs, which are buying our elections in the state of Michigan and installing their puppets. Tudor Dixon, her dad's a globalist. They were not what they were billing it to be. Because I met people in Muskegon, told me flat out, that that family was what destroyed the foundry industry in Muskegon. There was one guy that has a business that said that that family left him with $35,000 worth of debt. There were many others that said the same thing and that they were, that was told to me, and I think this would be a great thing to investigate further to get all the receipts on it, that they were selling receivables to the bank that they did not have. But when you look into the reality of I think it's Falls River Group, which was which was Dixon's dad's group. And now all of a sudden Dixon's on the line. I mean, come on, people. She had she had Lumen learning. Let's look at the term Lumen. Where does that go back to? Bill Gates and such. I mean, come on, let's get smarter here. That not just like say, well, we got to vote for Republican because, you know, we're going to we're going to lose the Democrats. You've already lost to the Democrats because they're in bed together. It's just time to wake up to then smell the smell of coffee here and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Because and when you looked into the background of that, because I did, I mean, I search into everything, right? Because I want to know the truth. I'm not going to be some idiot that just goes along to get along. They were actually into selling information technology. and information they were a global entity that was aggregating information on people and selling information that's what they all do the nonsense that's going on in the republican party right now right now what they're trying to do is one group is trying to get the information that wiser setup the lists and all the control on that and own that why so they can make money off of it that's exactly what this is all about we got to have new lists we got to do this that and the other thing because they want to control it so they make money off of it this is all that politics have devolved into period you know for anybody who actually has a desire to get involved in politics let me say something to you you're nuts but you're right because our duty as americans must be around politics. Not around, but it must be towards politics. It should be a part-time job. Towards properly governing ourselves in America, right? That's politics. So you have to understand a handful of things. Number one is that no political party is going to save the nation, right? Right, they're going to destroy it. We talked about that with Samuel Adams. The natural man will always have a two-system mindset, or in this case, a two-party mindset. John Adams warned about that. I think I said Samuel Adams. But John Adams warned about that. So did George Washington. And that's the same thing that we see today. You have to understand that no government entity is going to save America. Whether that be your local school boards, your local townships, county, state, legislator, executive, or judicial, no judge is going to save America. Nothing in the federal government for sure is going to save America. Our founding fathers called that a necessary evil. Understand that. That is to be kept in check by who? The people that put it up. Right? So you have to understand that no Supreme Court is going to save America, no Congress is going to save America, nor anybody in there, and no president is going to save America. The only way this is going to happen is by the people. The people are the only ones tasked in our Constitution with the ability to enforce the law, to suppress insurrection, to repel invasion. We are known as the militia in this country. As much as they continue to demonize that word, I'm going to keep using it because that is our rightful spot. You mentioned the National Guard up in Grayling, right? And that's one of my key points when I talk to people, is that the National Guard, if you talk to them, they will call themselves the militia, okay? And I was just thinking about that this morning. They're not. I've got a few members, or I've got a few family members and friends in the National Guard, right? I understand the division. There are state National Guards. However, within the state of Michigan, there's what they call Title X. You mentioned that before, where they're federalized National Guard. Mm-hmm. Think about it, if they are the militia, why are we sending them down to South Carolina for training? Why are they being trained not only in basic, but as their vocational training, their MOS, in other states other than the state who they owe allegiance to as a militia. Why has Latvia got a big connection to Grayling? They've even got a state named Latvia State and memorials there in Grayling and such. Why is this? This is... I'm not buying anything that I saw up there. I'm just not. And they should not be. I mean, you're not supposed to have the only standing standing military you should have is the Navy. And that was it. The rest of them have a two year life, you know, lifespan. And then it's done. It goes back to the militia. So we have some real problems here. Yeah, and it's very simple. It's all laid out in our Constitution. That's the route we've got to get back to. And nobody's reading it. Nobody in government is reading our Constitution. Because it clearly defines what crimes they are committing against the people. So they don't want to know. But you're absolutely right. The Navy is the only established military force of the federal government. And that is to protect the borders of the entire United States from any outside invasion. Now, this was before airports. And we talked about this at our convention back a few months ago. This is before airports. Now we have airports. Every state in our union is now a border state because of international airlines. Every state has been invaded by the cartels, and they're operating in all the states. If things ever melt down here, which I think they're going to happen, you're going to have to deal with these people in your county, in your state, no matter where you are, because they're here, they're organized, they're trained, and they're armed. Yep. But that's one place that our Constitution has failed to address. The people have not amended it to make that so. So we have border states that are unsecured, right, except for these other NGOs, mainly known as NGOs, the TSA and such, because they're not government entities. They are in fact, just third party agencies being paid by our tax dollars to do what? To risk us and call us a terrorist before we get out. Did you know they've got an 80% failure rate in TSA? It's a joke. It's a, they are a joke organization. Well, they are set up only as a violation of the fourth amendment, right? To violate the people's rights. Safety. And I use this phrase a lot. Remember during Hitler's Third Reich, what was the phrase? Führerssicherheit. It's for your safety we have to do this. We have to violate your freedoms, your liberties, for your safety. Your safety is yours and yours alone. You cannot trust that to somebody else. Because then you become a slave to those whom you trust it to. One thing, that leads right up to this little book that's in front of me. I'm going to hold this up to the camera as long as I don't knock everything off my desk here. This is one thing that should be gotten. If you don't have a copy of it, go get a copy. I've got markers in here so I'm trying not to lose it. But this is a freedom document. Okay, you can find this, it was all compiled by Chuck Baldwin, who just happened to be one of the presidential contenders in the Constitution Party back in 2012, maybe 2008, I think it was 2008, it's been a while. But he compiled this all. It's a lot of the writings, the letters, the declarations. It's got the Constitution, the Bill of Rights in it. It is just chock full of information from our founding fathers. You can find it, I think the website is I think it's like 17 bucks or something. It's worth having a few copies. Grab two or three, hand one out to somebody who may not have one. But this morning I was reading through this, and there was a declaration. I don't know how many people know this. Following the Declaration of Independence, there was a declaration of the causes and necessity of taking up arms. And I was going to read a little bit through this. This was composed by Jefferson and Dickinson together. But in one paragraph specifically, I was reading through and noticing the resemblances once again to modern day America as we see it. They say, but why should we enumerate our injuries in detail? Remembering the Declaration of Independence, they listed all the injuries that the king was committing against the colonies. Here they say, but why should we enumerate our injuries in detail? By one statute, it is declared that Parliament can, of right, make laws to bind us in all cases whatsoever. Look at that according to our Constitution today. What are the two main clauses in the Constitution they reference for every infringement of law against mankind? The Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Statement. Those are the two main ones they use on every infringement. He says, what is to defend us against so enormous, so unlimited a power? Not a single man of those who assume it is chosen by us. We talked about that too. They're all put in place. Everything in the federal government is put in place. And a lot of the state governments are all put in place. So they're not chosen by us or are subject to our control or influence. But on the contrary, they are all of them exempt from the operation of such laws and in American revenue, if not diverted from the ostensible purposes for which it was raised, would actually lighten their own burdens in proportion as they increase ours. What is it that Congress is doing? They're lightening their own burdens and increasing ours, okay? A congress of delegates from the United Colonies was assembled at Philadelphia on the fifth day of last September. We resolved again to offer a humble and dutiful petition to the king. Remember, this is after the Declaration of Independence. I should have given you the date. This was actually written July 6th. Okay? and also addressed our fellow subjects of Great Britain. We have pursued every temperate, every respectful measure. We have even proceeded to break off our commercial intercourse with our fellow subject as the last peaceful admonition that our attachment to no nation upon earth should supplant our attachment to liberty. This, we flatter ourselves, was the ultimate step of the controversy. But even subsequent events have shown how vain was this hope of finding moderation in our enemies." go a little bit farther down, and let's see, I think my marker's moved a little bit here. Okay, in a brief of these colonies now feel, and all of them are sure of feeling, as far as the vengeance... of administration can inflict them the complicated calamities of fire, sword, and famine, we are reduced to the alternate of choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers or resistance by force. The latter is our choice. We have counted the cost of this contest and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity forbid us to tamely surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. How strong is that statement alone? Oh, $41. I'll have to call Chuck and have him make a bunch more copies. And it's sold out. That's probably because it was just advertised on another show this morning, or yesterday and this morning that I heard. But that statement alone, I want to reread that. We are reduced to the alternative of choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers or resistance by force. The latter is our choice. We have counted the cost of this contest and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, the blood that was sacrificed by them to give us our liberty, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. Most of the states over the last couple of years have passed what they call, in Michigan it was Prop 3, reproductive health, right? Which is about taking parental rights is what it's all about. But which also, well, actually, it has taken them and the state believes that it has granted some, right? It deems that it grants the right, the state granted the right to the people to murder their posterity. Our founding fathers, here namely Jefferson and Dickinson, said, "...which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us." Their rights exist before they're even there. Do we understand that? Amen. My children are alive. They have that right. My grandchildren are not born. They have that right. And every proceeding posterity from my children on through my name have that right to their liberty. Because it is not a grant by the state. It is a grant by their creator. Though they have not been created, they have that right. Okay? They go on to say our cause is just. Our union is perfect. We spoke about this I think last week or the week before when we talked about unity. This is what we have to get to. We're going to be contentious in some things. But our unity needs to be on the... restoration of our American Constitution, of our self-governing ability. Because without it, nothing we do is going to matter. You can swipe your pen all you want. The next guy is going to swipe the pen, and the next guy is going to swipe the pen, and the American people are going to believe that it changes with every swipe. I'm saying they're all crimes against the people. They all have to be held accountable for it. because our posterity deserves it. Our internal resources are great, and if necessary, foreign assistance is undoubtedly attainable. We gratefully acknowledge as signal instances of the divine favor towards us that His providence would not permit us to be called into this severe controversy until we were grown up to our present strength. We're not there yet. Our present strength is not there. However, we're well on our way to get there. I want to point out the fervor in your voice. Because you not only understand what you're reading and what you're talking about with your own words in explaining it, but you have a fervor behind it that will act to defend it. And that isn't the other thing that we're lacking. There's two things there. One, we have to understand the history. We have to know it and recognize it. Like now we're talking three declarations. I don't know that I've heard about this one. I knew there was one before the DOI. This is coming after that. And why haven't we been taught that? There's a reason. Because they don't want us to know this part of history. So we have to know it. We have to comprehend it. And then we have to have the desire, the fervent desire to defend it immediately. So when the first time a legislator says, hey, I've got this idea, here's a bill in front of you, we immediately jump up and say, no way, no way. Who do you think you are? Instead of going, I'm not sure what that means. No, we have to understand immediately what it means and immediately respond appropriately. And you don't have that unless you have the comprehension that you have and the fervor that you just had in your voice. You're talking about protecting the next generations with that fervent desire. And why did I say amen? Because I'd heard a commercial yesterday. This woman's talking about how she had to kill her baby because it was sick. She's talking about why she had an abortion. Oh, and I didn't, you know, the law, this or that. No, you desired to kill. It's not a livestock animal. Where it's sick or injured and you just decide that it's easier to put it down. That happens. It's a baby. And you had this... You didn't have what you were just this woman did not have what you just had. You have such a desire to protect the next generation that you'll do that without even they're not even in the womb yet. And you already get it. And this woman was so anxious to protect herself or her own convenience that she decided to kill her baby before it even had a chance. And it's a sickness in our nation. And we have to change the mindset. You said we're not there yet. And I agree. We're not there. You know, when Donna was talking about how she dug in and did her research, everybody should have the knowledge, at least in some ways. Like one of the other guests you had, or maybe it was another video I watched the other day with an interview, people... have different skill sets and everybody has a different perspective, but together we have the ability to have this knowledge. And to act upon it, but we've got to start doing it and I think a lot of people are somewhere In that process right now where some some are just beginning and they're like, wow. I have a lot to learn Some are learning and they're like, wow. I have a lot to learn And there's people like donna and bill who know a lot of stuff and they're going man. We're just getting started but You have the knowledge and the desire to and the fervent willingness and dedication, commitment. To protect not only yourself and your children, but children that haven't even been created yet that are on down the line. And there's a love that comes with that. If we don't love our country and the next generation that we hope to bring up and bring to God, then we have nothing but ego mind. And that's the other end of things. We have to have that willingness to love our country. And if we do that, we'll have more of that fervent desire to protect it. Well, look at where our countries come right now. I mean, we're living in a virtual reality most of our lives from our screen, what they tell us, the relationships we have online that we haven't put the time into actual people. where it's good, it's bad. I mean, nobody's perfect. So you've got that push and pull in all relationships all the time. And you don't learn that in a virtual reality because you only have people in those environments that make you feel good. There's no long suffering. There's no bearing with people in that environment. And it's wrecked us. So if we go back to say like Abraham in the desert, And the preciousness that life was because so many people died. They knew the value of life because so many people died. When I was in India, what shocked me is I talked to people and I'm like, why is it that people have so many kids? And they had so many kids and they said, well, you have to have a lot of kids because you might have 20 kids, but only two of them live. So they were faced with death in the reality of the temporary, the temporariness of this life. You know, listen to crazy Harari out there with, with Klaus Schwab talking about us, you know, in some sort of a weird engineered AI capacity living forever. These people are nuts because they can only do, they can only do an inauthentic copy of what God created. They can't, They can't replace God or what he created. It's an illusion. It's a delusion to them. But look at the difference, what happens when you take God out of society and actually living with people in a very real way, you learn deep love and connection to other people and caring about them fundamentally as a person. And when you lose somebody, you can never replace them again. There's never another person that's exactly the same and you will miss them the rest of your life. There's no two ways about it. And you think about what Abraham said when he was in the desert. And unfortunately, the Western Christian translation of this is fairly lacking. If you go back and you really find out some of the words that were left out, it really paints a fuller picture. He planted a tree for shade. What they left off was that it was a tamarisk tree. And that was important because that's one of the slowest growing trees in the world. When he planted that tree for shade, it was kind of like a joke because he would never, ever see that shade. His children would never see that shade. Maybe his grandchildren would see shade from that, but he would never see it. He was planting and whatever he did was for future generations of people. And think about the people that have come before us to do great things. We want to be those people that set the tone of excellent living, exceptionalism, of doing things selflessly, of doing it for the right reason. Nobody remembers anyone for amassing a huge amount of money. That's a hollow, hollow pursuit. Money is only a tool to help others. That's all it is. It's not something anybody would ever get joy out of, of sitting on a pile of money and being like Scrooge McDuck. That's not reality. You go in that direction, and it's almost like, have you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia? And there's a book in there where Eustace becomes a dragon. Because he lays on the dragon's treasure. And he becomes a dragon. Because that's the focus of his life. And after a while. He's hurting. Because the scales hurt. He's got an arm band around his arm. And he hurts. Because of all of this stuff. And Aslan. Which is. Jesus Christ is an allegory, and the story comes and tears those scales off of him and brings him back to being a person again. The entirety of the United States of America, this world, needs to have those dragon scales torn off. The desire for the material world and go back to God and let him renew us. Let him renew us in what's important in this world and get our souls back again in our service to God, family, and country. It has to be restored. You cannot build on a foundation of greed and materialism anymore, which is the foundation of what we have in our government right now. You can't build on that. It will always, always go right back to that same foundation of victimization of other people. It's got to be torn down. Well, let's look at how they wanted to tear this down. I've got to say, the last paragraph here, I'm not going to give it away, but the last paragraph is going to make a profound statement. The last two paragraphs of this declaration. He says, " our own native land, in defense of the freedom that is our birthright, which we ever enjoyed to the late violation of it, for the protection of our property acquired solely by the honest industry of our forefathers and ourselves against violence actually offered, we have taken up arms." We shall lay them down when hostility shall cease on the part of the aggressors, and all danger of their being renewed shall be removed and not before. Now remember, in this statement, they're literally going to take up arms. They're going to take up weapons of war, and they've laid out their cause for it, rightly so, in defense of themselves. But even now, for those who are not ready to take up arms, understand this. If you look at the city of Jericho when Joshua and the Israelites came up against it, what were their arms? What were they told to do for the destruction of the city? When they finished marching around that... Praise and walk around the city and praise God. Right. The very last thing, the trumpets blew, the sound of war blew from the priest and the people were commanded to shout. They were commanded to make a noise against that city. That is the first arms that the people have the right to possess, is their freedom of speech. But that is still a necessity of an act of war, is the first voice of it. That is the least we can do, is continue to speak out against this. The second step is to do something about it. I'm not willing to sit there on the first step. It's long beyond that. We are so far beyond that. We have to be willing to get up and do something about it. But the last paragraph, they said, "...with an humble confidence in the mercies of the supreme and impartial judge and ruler of the universe, we must devoutly implore His divine goodness to conduct us happily through this great conflict, to dispose our adversaries to reconciliation on reasonable terms, and thereby to relieve the empire from the calamities of civil war." They were not seeking war. They were seeking the reconciliation on reasonable terms to solve the infringements against their liberty. What are we doing to seek that reconciliation? There are a lot of people doing multiple different things out there. And there's a couple new ones I just found out about that I'm going to jump in on. But we have to get... each and every one of us, in every ounce of our being, to seek that reconciliation by all means necessary until it comes down to taking up arms. I'm not saying it's that time yet. We still have the liberty to do what the law permits. We still have the freedom to do everything that's right. And until they attempt to take that from us, then we ought to be exercising that on our daily basis. One thing you mentioned with Abraham walking around the desert, the promise was given to him, remember, that wherever the sole of his foot touched, that shall he be given. Was he given that? No. His posterity was given that hundreds and hundreds of years later. They went through all sorts of trials and persecutions. They were slaves in Egypt. And through all that, they took all the good of Egypt and made it to the Promised Land. There was still a little bit of denial and doubt on the people, which made them have to walk through that again. But that was for his posterity. Okay? If you look at that in light of American history, our fathers were given the land because they were willing to seek to do that which was right. Their posterity were granted that land beyond them. We now, as their posterity, are inheritors of this land. They paid the price so we can have it. What are we doing with that price now? What are we doing with all of the blood that was shed to give this to us? Right now, watching an invading army come into our nation and tear it down with the help of criminals sitting in the seats of leadership. They're not leaders, but they're sitting in the seats. Yeah. Yeah, you can see that. And that should be the forefront of our minds. Anytime that we do something in seeking restoration, we need to remember that price paid. The same thing goes into the price paid on Calvary for us. Everything we do is that base. If we forget about the price paid, we have no idea where we even came from and we have no idea where we're going. So we need to understand that price, and we need to make sure that we don't trample on that and throw it to the dirt for them to walk on. I'm going to hold it up. I'm going to uphold the law that they put in place so that we can continue to grant our liberty to our posterity. I would hope that everybody makes that same resolution. To my previous point, you're reading not only Scripture, but you're reading... previous history from our country. And that writing, by the way, is just brilliant, isn't it? Isn't it fun to read? Because we don't see stuff like that anymore. Our language has been so watered down. But going back to biblical history, there is the lesson in, go back to, I think it's 2 Kings, the story of King Josiah. Well, they found the book of the law. immediately freaked out because he realized how far they had gone from it. And what did he do? He took it forward to the next step and said, we got to read this to the people. And all of the people were so upset. They rent their clothes. I think they poured sackcloth and put on sackcloth and ashes. They expressed themselves with great humility before God. And then they cleaned house. They got rid of all the idols and everything they could, and they started worshiping God as they were supposed to do. So what is that step again? They had to have the information. They had to comprehend it. And then they had to have the fervent desire to do what was right and acted on it immediately. Now, it was only another generation or maybe two that they screwed it all up again. They brought back the idols and everything else. So we have this pattern in history of people screwing up in the same way where we always have idols that come between us and God. But it always comes back down to the same thing. What is the law? And are we doing it? And let's do what we have to do with a fervent desire to follow what God wants us to do. And that is so much bigger than Constitution or law, declarations, etc. But having the knowledge of it, if we're going to do it in the way that Americans want to do, and we have to understand American history too. What is the foundation? The biblical history. It's not just a story. It's his story. And it tells us who we are much more than even who we are as America or as Americans. Because this is a little tiny man. This is a blink of an eye in history, America, as far as we know it. And maybe it goes much further back than that. But the part that we know about, we're a very young country. We're just a baby. So where does that rest in the scheme of things? Well, we got to go back to a biblical history, comprehend it and have a desire to protect and defend it. Well, and it's all the instructions are given on how to run a country in a proper way to ensure peace in the land. That's what we really want. We want to be able to live peacefully in the land with our families, our neighbors and such. That's the goal, isn't it? To serve God and to live at peace with each other. I was reading a verse yesterday of greeting people with peace to you, to your family, and may God's peace be over your house. Why don't we do that instead of trying to fight with each other just to be right? There are things that are worth having a debate over, but there's better ways of approaching it than the way that it's currently going right now. And, you know, you go right back to the Bible and all the answers are right there if you're willing to read it. Pretty simple. Yeah. So there you go. I'm waiting for Dan to come on yet. He said he was ready to join, so he'll join in a minute. So we can talk for a few minutes if you guys are good with that. You know, Karen, you just brought up King Josiah. He was one of my favorites to study, and still is, actually. Just because of that, what happened when they found the law, right? And the preceding events following that. Understanding he was the fifth king before the destruction of Judah, right? The nation of Israel had already been gone. They were already given to the Assyrians at the time. Judah was about to be sold into slavery again. He was the fifth king before that destruction. But even after they destroyed everything and got everything right according to the law that they had found, the one thing that the Lord said he would not pardon is the innocent blood that was shed from the land. He was willing to pardon everything else and put their transgressions aside. But he said, for the innocent blood, I will not pardon. And if we look at that today, we're to the notion of somewhere around 70 million plus children, now our posterity, that have been murdered in the womb, all being paid for by taxpayers' dollars, right? That is going to be paid for. It's going to be paid for by those who promoted it and those who did nothing to stop it. Understand that. But I just read something. There was an email sent out by the Constitution Party. Just to understand how easy it is for people to get things wrong in their statements. Regarding our presidential candidate, Randall Terry, right? If you don't know him, he's been in the fight leading the largest civil disobedience in the nation back in the 80s and early 90s, trying to put a stop to abortion in its entirety. And he's back at it again. I'm not sure he ever stopped, but he's back at it in the public eye again. This came through. It said Tom Lede, who used to be the Republican House Majority Leader, has endorsed Randall Terry. It's an endorsement. It is what it is. But you look at that, one of the things that he had said was it is time to have a national debate on abortion and those who believe in saving lives must go on the offensive during the narrative. It is not time to have a debate on abortion. There has never been a time to have a debate on abortion. There has only ever been a time to put a stop to it. I don't need to debate whether abortion is legal, lawful, unlegal, illawful, right or wrong. That's clear. That is concise. It is undebatable. It is long beyond time to put a stop to it. And I'm not saying that Randall Terry is the guy to put a stop to it. I'm saying he's leading a way for people to join in and help put a stop to it. That's all I'm saying. I'm not looking at Randall Terry as a savior of the nation, right? Just like I look to no one as the savior of the nation. That's my job. And that's everybody's job. So it's the same thing that goes with any of the 10 amendments that the colonies added to our constitution, right? There is no debate when we understand where our rights came from. This image is what happens when a sperm meets an egg. Life begins with light. The author, right? Light himself, God, authors that life right there. So to think that we can sit back and think about it. Click the wrong one. Hold on a minute, guys. I'm going to go back to the other video in a minute. It's undeniable. And the fact that, you know, I've shown this so many times and it's like, it's, you know, to look at that, if anybody wonders if they are, you know, who they are or if they're important or such, this is how we all started out. The moment of conception. Undeniable. I met a young woman the other day, almost a week ago, and she's 19 and pregnant. She's not very bright. That was pretty readily clear in just a short conversation with her. But she was very excited about her pregnancy because she had just got a visit with the doctor and got an ultrasound. And she felt her baby move for the first time and she got to see it for the first time. And the excitement that she had because she knows, she knows now that there's life inside of her instead of just, you know, other random tests. I've heard that story many times. I've never been pregnant myself, but I've heard a lot of women when they see it on the ultrasound or they hear the heartbeat, then they are excited about it. That video there, if we could only see that when it happens. or experience it in some way and know from that moment on, oh, my life is different now. I have to take care of myself because I have to take care of this infant inside of me. I wish that there was a way to do that because so many women are so terrible about it up until the time where they somehow emotionally connect. I don't understand that because I knew right away. And a lot of women will tell you that they knew when they were pregnant and it was, it was right away. I knew, which is really, I think, I think really interesting. Hey, I've got Dan on the line. I'm going to go ahead and bring Dan into this conversation here a minute. And we're going to, um, hang on a second here. Hey Dan, how you doing? I'm all right. Uh, except I'm having trouble getting video here. Oh, that's okay. And, uh, uh, when I try to, I've been watching you and, uh, Mr. Moore, I've been hearing you. Good contact, sound, thinking. But when I try to bring my camera in also, which is working, I tested it last night, and I lose contact with you. That's okay. You're on right now, so that's okay. We'll just do it by phone like we did last time, and that's great. So I'm going to go ahead. And, Bill, can you stay on for a little more, or do you have to go? I've got to get my crew going. Yeah. The work will be done. Well, thanks for coming on today, Bill. You want to stay on Karen? That'd be great. I can, or you can just transition over. Now I'm going to keep you on. That would be great. If you would, if you wouldn't mind, I just didn't let you stay. So thanks. Thanks Bill for the, for the, the fire and the wisdom on this, because really, really, I mean, you're, you are having an amazing education behind you that you have continued on from your father. And it's wonderful that you're willing to share it with everybody and, I actually got online and I found a book while we were talking and I actually ordered that book. So good, good resource. That is worth having. It is not a complete works, but it contains a huge knowledge of what was going on from the Mayflower Compact when the Pilgrims first set foot on the ground all the way through the revolution, the establishment of the early America. So it is worth reading. I think it's important for us that with the impending crash that's going on right now, that it's not a bad idea to have some real books around so that from long enough ago that they haven't been changed. So I think that's a great reference, and it sounds like one worth pursuing from everybody. But thank you for coming on today, and have a great day. Is there anything else we want to talk about other than we've got our Michigan, the Constitution Party in Michigan is a U.S. taxpayers' party, We have our convention on July 27th. We're going to be talking about it more and more. And do you want to mention some more about that? Bill is the chairman and I'm the first vice chair. Yeah. Yeah. So July 27th at the Lost Arrow Resort. It's up near Gladwin County. We're setting that up. We've got the whole banquet hall, I guess, all day. So we'll be there fairly early in the morning setting it up. I hope that there will be more people than just the normal hall. four of us, but I haven't set up before y'all get there. There's four of us that do like the majority of the work and the rest, you know, and so we're going to invite all of you to help us not just to come in and to participate, but please come and help too. Yep. Yep. So here we'll, we'll be nominating candidates and so should be put directly on the ballot, right? For those people who, who've never heard of us, who continue to say that they vote, you're going to need to read, need to read your ballot before you vote. Okay. Cause, Our name's been there since 1992. That's how long we've been in existence in the state of Michigan. And Randy Terry's going to be there. So that's going to be, and Pastor Broden is going to be there. So that's going to be fun. I really like these gentlemen a lot. I mean, they have a heart for people and for life. I mean, they're kind. they're well-educated, they're well-spoken and they're fun to listen to. So, so that'll be fun. And we'll be getting other speakers too. I'm working on a couple of them yet to come. And, and we do have a nice time. You want to see how statesmen conduct themselves. That's, that's how things are conducted in the constitution party and the U S taxpayers party in Michigan. So it's, it is fun and we all feel like family and, and have a nice time. Yep. Yeah. It'd be a good time. A lot of information and, and, We are a bottom-up party, the same way that the United States was founded, right? It was founded by the people up. That's the U.S. taxpayers' party. If it becomes anything different, I don't want a part of it. But even as chairman, I'm going to say I want the people there. I don't want just the people that I normally know and the people that agree with me. I want people there who may have a difference of opinion, may be able to see things the way I don't. Because if we don't do that, we're not learning. I can agree with myself all day. I don't need other people to agree with me. So we need to be able to learn. Iron sharpens iron. We need the other people there to keep our conversation and our direction pointed correctly. Otherwise, it's too easy. for an oligarchy to get astray, right? Where few people rule over many. Come on, help out. If anything, just show up. I'm sure there will be a few desserts there. You can munch on some food. Well, I'm going to be making apple crisp again like I did at the last one. I had large amounts of apple crisp in, like, roasters. I couldn't believe – okay, arguably I make the best pies in the whole world. She does. She does. I'll take that. I'll go ahead and say that. But I was really shocked at how fast the desserts – the the dessert the desserts that I made went I mean it was like holy moses people went right to the desserts they were done it was like forget forget the food we're gonna eat brandenburg's desserts here so I'm gonna have to probably double or triple up on things a little bit because it was and I did make some I did make some gluten-free too so that We do try to accommodate everyone so that you can come and have a nice time and know that we're trying to think of you and what you might need to make it a great event for you and a great experience. Yep. So we're looking forward to it. July 27th. Mark it on your calendar. Don't schedule anything. Yeah, that's the day. That's the day. Plan on it. All right, Bill. Thank you so much for being on. I'm going to play the intro real quick so I can stand up and stretch for a minute because that's always a difficult thing for me because I've got three hours today. So first hour is Liberty Essentials. Then we've got Dan Cummings on next. And then it will be at 11 o'clock. We've got Robert Terry coming on again to talk about how Microsoft has, in fact, been involved in the rigging of our elections. I'll be right back. Thank you. Good morning and welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the fifth day of June 2024 and welcome to our show. I'm here with Karen the Riveter and Dr. Dan Cummings. How you doing, Dan? I'm good. I'm glad to be here. Wonderful. Well, I enjoy our conversation. I kind of think that the calling in works very, very well. So today we got talking earlier about definitions and terms. And I think that that's where we're going to focus today. Is that correct? Yes. But let me say one thing first. Yes. Spicy apple twists came in first in a Pillsbury National Cooking Contest competition. Decades ago, when I was a little kid, and you were probably not born yet. That's an aside. Somebody somewhere made them really good. Spicy apple twists, huh? Yes. It's one of the Pillsbury, the National Pillsbury Original Recipe Contest back. She has to look it up now. It was a long time ago. All right, so this is the way it is, guys. I have to look this stuff up, okay? So I'm looking it up right now to see if I can. Oh, there they are., Spicy Apple Twist, Pillsbury Bake Off. You know what, Dan? You know what? I'm going to have to do this. So here it is. There's the recipe here. And the winner. Oh, my goodness, that looks good. Oh, and there's the, there's the instructions right there. So I will post this to my telegram channel at Brandenburg number four MI. And, uh, that looks really good. So how many, how many of these things did you eat when you were a kid? I don't remember eating any, it's just something I read and happened to remember. My brain is cluttered with, uh, uh, I don't know how many facts that are not very useful, but it's also well filled with many that are. So on to terminology, let's start with the subject that has just been well explained by Mr. Moore. That is what I call fetal homicide. I have almost completely stopped using the A word it is time to call it what it is it's fetal homicide uh I don't see any other reasonable way to look at it under the law uh are there some differences with other types of homicide perhaps but the starting place should be uh that it is fetal homicide taking the life of another individual human being and that should be beyond debate it of course is not uh its participants uh have various euphemisms for the uh ugly procedures such as uh just parts of tissue but uh that won't fly ironically enough I made that decision to switch from the a word to fetal homicide just a few days before the Dodds leak, not the Dodds publication at the end of the term, but the Dodds leak that occurred several weeks before. I was in a campaign for Congress for the Constitution Party and felt that it was time for the A word to go. It was time to be more explicit. It was time to call it what it is. It's a homicide. It's the killing of another human being. Are you acquainted with the man Bernard Nathanson? I am not. He's a man that ought to be known to the life movement. I'm sure Randall Terry knows who he is. Bernard what was it? Bernard Nathanson. Probably performed more abortions than anyone else who ever lived. I'm familiar with the term silent scream. I didn't know his name, so I just looked it up. Okay. I had forgotten that he made that film. But he performed something over 50,000 fetal homicides with the belief that this was not another human being. There came a time later in his life when he announced that he had recognized that these were human beings. He had not stopped performing them yet, but he did soon thereafter That was his undoing when he came to realize that these were human beings that he had slaughtered. He converted to Christianity, became a Catholic and wrote a book called The Hand of God. I was in medical school during his conversion stage and read about this in an article about his shift in thinking from, oh, this is just human, or this is just tissue that I'm destroying. He said publicly that these were human beings. And I composed in my mind a letter to the editor that was quite caustic. Something on this order. Oh, really? So, You're slaughtering human beings now. What difference does it make? Will there be a change? Fortunately, I never published that letter to the editor. There was a chance that maybe it would have derailed things, but I was up to my neck in things in medical school. I was already a constitutionist clear back then, but a little less involved than I am now. But the process went on. He found he could not do it anymore when he finally realized that these were human beings, individuals, each one with the right to life. A great milestone in our fight for the life of the unborn. Hopefully fetal homicide will, I hope, very quickly become the terminology that we use. The word abortion is useful to doctors. It can be confusing because spontaneous miscarriages, acts of nature, pregnancy accidents, natural sad occurrences are also called abortions. But obviously, we're not gonna be able to do anything about that. Although obstetricians do spend some of their time trying to save some of these troubled pregnancies before they go down. It's So any thoughts on fetal homicide for criminology? Well, I think it's a good distinction because when you look at how some of the states have actually tried to change this to include babies up to 28 days after birth, after natural birth, by neglect or abuse, or outright neglect, they're calling that an abortion. So if a mom doesn't want a baby, not in all states, but there's a couple of them that are, there's a huge amount of people that want to defend this, that if you don't want the baby after birth, you can leave it alone by neglect. If it dies by itself, that they're calling that abortion up to 28 days after birth. This is how crazy and that people have gotten in our world, that's infanticide. And so I think specific terms are probably a really good idea. Yes. And that's even more obviously homicide than what we do before birth. And there's no reason in the world in terms of freedom of choice why that should even exist. A mother who doesn't want her baby can put it up for adoption. There are millions out there who want babies and are not able to have them. And they should be it should be easy under the law to give away unwanted babies. And I think probably in most states it is. But this new concept it's not so new it's actually been around for at least a decade if not more uh of I don't know the babies uh actually killing them in some cases uh tearing them apart uh or stabbing whatever uh that's not a new thing it's been there uh kind of hidden seldom talked about I have a friend who had um she was brand new She became pregnant through a rape, and she was very sad about it. I mean, of course, devastated by this. But her story is so inspiring because she talks about the daughter that she got out of, that she has now because of that rape. And she said, I wouldn't give her up for anything. And talks about the blessings of that daughter that she chose not to abort when people were trying to tell her to abort it because of rape. And so to listen to stories like that of people that have gone through this and made that choice, she took something that was horrific and turned it into framing her world into something beautiful. And I think that that's true healing and it's truly giving it over to God. and letting, letting him take our, our, uh, things in our lives that are not what we would choose or those things that are not good and letting God turn that into something beautiful. Well, I think that's a great story. Her name is Heather Hobbs and she speaks out about it. I had to make that issue. And, uh, although, uh, Rape is one of those situations that's very hard to discuss. Granted, it's difficult. I like to sum it up very simply this way. For the mother, it's nine months. For the baby, it's forever. We're going to proportion things out. That should be kept in mind. That's a long discussion, though, isn't it? That's a long discussion. So absolutely, we could tackle that in another show, even if you'd like, because that's got so many different components to it and such a long discussion. But the whole issue is about people's lives and their, have been so devastated by rape, by fetal homicide, by infanticide, by all of this stuff. And it comes down to sin and having God not present in our hearts, our lives, and in our nation, and we need to turn back to that. So what is it that you wanted to talk about? When we chatted briefly, you said, let's talk about definitions on things. Do you have more words that you wanted to go over today? Yes, several, or perhaps many as things develop. One of the things that I have found recently that I seem to be adept at after 60 years of being immersed in constitutionalism and freedom and even a libertarian orientation to a great extent, is renaming things for clarity. So let's start today with the 10th Amendment, which I have renamed the Supremacy Clause for the States. Now, let's put that in context. In constitutional studies, at all levels in the judicial system, in the legal system, outside the judicial system, in constitutional law courses in law school and elsewhere, basic constitution, classes in universities, books on constitutional law. Many of the phrases in the constitution have gotten nicknames. For example, when one says the free exercise clause Almost everybody who's even half familiar with the Constitution realizes that we're going to the First Amendment and we're going to go to religious freedom. When the phrase the Establishment Clause comes up, there's thinking that also goes to the First Amendment, religious freedom, different aspects of religious freedom. because religious freedom has two aspects in the Constitution, the Establishment Clause, the Pre-Exercise Clause. The wording being, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or abridging the freedom or pre-exercise thereof. Two aspects. Congress is forbidden to make a law that favors an establishment of religion, that's the Establishment Clause, And Congress is forbidden to make laws abridging the free choice. So free exercise is called the Free Exercise Clause. There's a brief title called the Faith and Credit Clause, which comes from Article 4, all the states. or to treat one another's documents as give credit to them. There is a takings clause, make name for Article 5, the last part where it says private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. And what did you call that? The word in there being taking. So the taking clause. The taking clause. So now the key one for this particular phrase. Everyone in this situation who is familiar with these clauses knows what the terminology the supremacy clause means or is. They don't all know what it means. There's a big difference between knowing what it is and what it means. That goes to Article 6. It says this Constitution and the laws made in pursuance thereof shall be the supreme laws of the land. That means that the laws made in pursuance thereof, meaning in accord thereof, within the restrictions thereof, are the supreme law of the land. That refers back to Article 1, Section 8, where the authority of Congress lies, the legislative authority, and since all legislative authority belongs to the Congress, that means that it also defines the entire federal government in Article 1, Section 8, as far as its major functions. It does not cover impeachment and a few other things that are sort of internal. But as far as laws passed upon the people of the United States, the proper scope is in Article 1, Section 8. And in those cases, those laws are the supreme law of the land. That's the Supremacy Clause. It has been overdone. It's gone out of bounds. It's gone beyond its limits. because article six says those only the laws made in pursuance thereof those three words get left out laws made according to article one section eight are the supreme law of the land those made outside that not only are they not the supreme law of the land they have no constitutional validity so back to uh amendment 10 the 10th amendment I think that the title of the Supremacy Clause for the states is much more informative. So anything that's outside of Article 1, Section 8 belongs to the states. The 10th Amendment says all powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. It's got to be specific. It's got to be explicit. It's got to be in the Constitution. written there before it belongs to the federal government everything else belongs to the states not secondarily in that in that in anything outside that the states are supreme so let's call it such let's call it the supremacy clause for the states this terminology has been greeted enthusiastically by all good constitutionalists who might have presented it because to them, it crystallizes the issues in such so few words. Do you have any questions or thoughts on that? No, I just pulled it up so that people could see it on the screen, Article 1, Section 8, so that we know that there's actually, I like to provide links or something so that people can see the language that they may or may not be familiar with. Here is the to provide and maintain a Navy, we were just talking about that this morning with Bill, and to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces. And then it goes into the militia and says, but anyhow, if you read Article 1, Section 8, that's as much as it is. It's not like sitting down with a textbook. It's fairly short. And spend a little time with it. I think we get a really good picture of how far out of whack our entire government is right now. Yes, greatly so. The purpose of the Supremacy Clause on those things that it's used on properly is for national unity. On those things, it's best to have one. It's better to have one foreign policy than 50. It's better to have one army than 50. It's better to have one Navy than 50. It's better to have one postal service. It's better to have one road to citizenship rather than 50. And we can go through, uh, section eight in that manner. It is better in those cases to have one rather than 50. On the other hand, when we get out of Section 8, it doesn't matter if we have 50. It does not matter if we have 50 different state policies on education. Hopefully the states would be competitive on that, looking at one another and trying to improve. It's quite all right to have 50 different education plans, although our liberal friends, if they're friends, some of them, think otherwise. I was challenged on that in one of my debates as a candidate for Congress. The Democrat wanted one national way of doing education for all 50 states. And he tried to justify it by this. He said, people move around in the United States freely. Fortunately, we're still a free country to do that. Hopefully it will continue. But he said, as people move around with their children, they have a right to move into a new school system that is oriented the same as the one they came from. So that the ninth grade of their ninth grade daughter in state X to state Y, the ninth grade curriculum is the same so that they can just move in and move on. That's a clever argument. Sounds nice, but the implications Centralized control is what it is, and that's very dangerous. The implications are devastating when we think about what's going on with the Department of Education. Absolutely. Which is why I mark it as the number one target for agencies to be eliminated. I couldn't agree with you more on that. They need to be eliminated. And it's centralization of power by captured agencies or weaponized agencies rather than local control. I like that term, weaponized agencies. Again, language is important. I came to this terminology of supremacy of the states when I was reading some blogs one night. I came across two that really caught my attention. One was a true life example of what happens with letting the federal supremacy clause get out of control. It pertained to an attorney, a defense attorney, who had two cases going on, among others. One was he was defending a murder charge. And it's important to have a fair defense for everyone, including those accused of murder. It is possible for the state and the federal government to get out of control on that and to be overzealous and have innocent people incarcerated or even executed. Well, you can't have mob rule. Fair trials are very important, and this defense attorney was defending I was defending a person accused of murder and the trial date had been set by the judge. Everything was ready to go. Then another one of his clients who is in trouble with the federal government on some minor charge. I had forgotten what the charge was, but it was one of those that was in the realm of the attorney who wrote the book saying that we all commit three felonies a day. This point being that with 300,000 pages of criminal code for the federal government, we're all guilty all the time. We shouldn't be, but that's the way it is with the federal criminal law way out of control. And the federal judge set a date for the court for this defense attorney to defend against some minor federal charge that shouldn't have been a crime in the first place. The attorney asked the federal judge to reschedule at some other time. He said, I have a scheduled trial for murder in this state. The federal judge said very dismissively, Well, the federal government is supreme, so you tell your judge to reschedule. Reschedule the murder trial because this minor federal charge was more important. Yeah, this is, you know, this is the problem. This is such a problem. Things went out of control. The other one was some in that case who just simply probably had taken one political science class and heard something about federal supremacy. didn't know nothing about its results or implications and made the statement that anything the federal government does is to pay him over anything that the state governments can do. Again, in that case, way out of control. And both of them had been, both of these articles were talking about the supremacy clause of the federal government, the one that everybody in constitutional law thinks of Article 6 when the term is made the Supremacy Clause. I thought, no, the feds are not supreme there. So a little thought and then the inspiration, the 10th Amendment is the Supremacy Clause for the states. It's more than blocking out the federal government. That's what the 10th Amendment is intended to do, is block the federal government out of all of these things that are not explicitly defined. But it's more than that. The states are supreme there. The states can go there. They're supreme. It's more than just the block of the federal government. The states are supreme in the entire realm outside of Article I, Section 8. So very important terminology there. Let's go on to another word that has had great abuse, starting with an example. Quite a few years ago, I got one of these fundraising letters that all of us get dozens of per year that just belong in the wastebasket. Are you getting a lot of text ones right now too, Dan? I'm getting a ton of them by text and I don't even look at them. I'm getting some for seeking campaign funds. A fair number of those. Yes, there are more and more of those in email and maybe fewer in the US mailbox. But anyway, back then I got a lot of them that were on paper, in envelopes and on paper. And I opened one. It was a call for assistance to a police support organization that started out like this on such and such a day. And this had already made national headlines for those who were paying attention. Not everybody knew about it because a lot of people don't know anything is deadlines. But anyway, this case was known to those of us who pay attention to the world. We already knew about it. But this letter said on such and such a day, two police officers were executed by some criminal element. And they wanted funds for support of the family and such. You see something wrong with that sentence. Uh, yeah, they wanted, they wanted funds for support of the families. Well, I didn't see any problem with that, but the way that the way it was presented, this first sentence I gave the sentence that I read in that letter, did you see a problem there? Can you read it again, please? Sure. On such and such a date, uh, in such and such a place, two police officers were executed by, uh, Some criminal elements, some gang, whatever. What's the problem in that sentence? I'm not sure where you're going with this. Is it the word executed? It's executed. It's murdered, isn't it? They should say murder. Officers were not executed. They were murdered. They were murdered. They were murdered. I'm wondering if they put that in there because if it was gang related, they talk about gang style executions. yes and so that that's what I i watched one problem that's the problem with the word that was extremely widespread two decades ago its improper use might be fading a little No, I don't think so because I've been looking into the gang crimes because they like to put their crimes out there and brag about them. And they talk about, they talk about executions, you know, committing executions within the gangs and the cartels. And so that that's become a way at all. Justifying the proper execution. Let's put a definition on what is involved in the proper use of the word execution, a legal process. Lawful process? Let's go beyond that. Proper execution should include, first of all, the obvious commission of a crime. We see a crime done and we either know or maybe we don't know who did it, but there's a crime that's recognized by police investigation. Evidence is collected. Evidence, of course, is essential. A suspect is found who fits the evidence more or less. The accused has a grand jury where evidence is presented and the grand jury decides whether or not a crime has occurred. And if the evidence was good enough, then there is an indictment. After an indictment, things are presented to a judge who again looks at the evidence to decide whether it's reasonable to connect the evidence with the accused. And there is a recognized standard for that called probable cause. I'm not an attorney, so I don't know all the details of probable cause, but before a defendant can even be charged with a crime, the judge must be convinced by the presence of a certain amount of evidence that rises to the standard of probable cause. If the judge agrees, then a trial is set, and the trial is operated more or less by a prosecutor who has the burden of proof. The defendant is assumed innocent until adequate evidence is presented in the ideal case. And many today are not ideal, but that's another story. And a jury is present and all members of the jury believe by the evidence presented that the evidence goes beyond reasonable doubt and they vote for a conviction. And then it goes to a sentencing stage and most states have certain laws that divide different kinds, different levels of homicide. Fetal homicide is not on that list yet, but hopefully will become so. And if a jury believes that it's beyond reasonable doubt that defendant x accused x uh committed a crime that fits the capital punishment laws of the state and the judge agrees and imposes sentence then an execution is performed that's what the word execution means a judicial homicide made in accord with uh in the united states at least supposedly all rules of fair play, all judicial rules of fair play have been followed. Of course, none of that happened to the police officers. It can be argued that there are other words that are suitable. Ambush maybe is better than, more descriptive than murder for what happened in this particular case, but execution is not. And the word execution was smeared all over America for that particular incident and has been for many others. That's a great point. It has become my preferred term that criminals like to use for their murders, their homicides. And there's a psychological reason for it. What is that? Why do they like the term execution? They're justifying what they do as a you know, addressing, taking justice in their own hands and making things right is what it sounds like to me. That's the, yeah, I mean, they're justifying themselves and trying to portray themselves as a, you know, giving a justification, like they went through the process. Right. They want to make it look to the world like it was a moral act, that they were punishing people who should be punished, deserved to be punished, had good reason to be punished, and that they're doing the job that the courts don't. About 20 years ago, there was another case that just the word execution was smeared all over it, all over the news media. In that particular case, most of our constitutional op ed writers also fell into the trap and were using the term execution I wrote a very nice but firm letter letter to the editor style slightly modified for it not being uh in the editorial thinking uh and mailed it off to a whole bunch of uh good otherwise really good constitutionists, small government. They were not our enemies. They were our friends. But I had stumbled over this word, this word. I got one answer back. And this author on our side said, I had never thought about it. It's just what everybody was saying and I never thought about the implications. I guess you're right. And I thought, good grief. You've been to journalism school and you don't think about the meaning of words? What was the journalism school for? Teaching to follow instructions, right? The meaning of words, the message. So Words are important. Vocabulary is important. I have a question. Yes. They often use the phrase execution style, referring to shooting in the back of the head. Historically, where an execution was done by fire, In America specifically, was it by a squad where they face the squad and not kneeling down in front of someone and getting shot in the back of the head? Well, I don't know any American state that executes with a bullet in the back of the head. In many respects, as a physician, I think that's maybe the most humane way to go. But it's a hard sell. It's a very hard sell. I don't think it works any better as an adjective than it does as a noun. The word mob style murder could be substituted there. Again, it is not execution style. The way we execute most criminals nowadays is with the drugs. We put them to sleep, not to wake up again. And whether that's the most humane way to go, I'm not sure. I have some questions about, as a physician, I have some questions about that that maybe we can discuss another day. But it doesn't work any better as an adjective than it does as a noun. It still hides the brutality, the illegality of the act. It's not execution style. It's mob style. For me, when I imagine someone being shot in the back of the head. Murder. We should not be using execution style to describe the manner of murder. Mob style is fine. But execution style is not. That word should go into the dustbin of history except for judicial use. Right. Well, I really find this to be really, really helpful. And, uh, I think we should do some more definitions as we go on, um, as we go on and, and, uh, and explore this some more. I don't think I will be on next week, Wednesday. So I just want to give you a heads up because I think I'm going to be on my way to somewhere else. But I really like this. I like talking about the definitions because that's really where they kind of got us here. You know, how many things have changed over time in order to make it more palatable so that we will accept change societal changes which are just really not okay yeah right let's go on with another word okay uh capitalism uh which I don't think is a dirty word uh we use the word we defend it but might find some better words for it uh who coined the word capitalism I don't know. Karl Marx. And do you think he did it trying to defend individual freedom? Not likely. No, the answer is no. He did it to disparage the free market. It leads people to think falsely. That there are some countries that have capital and they're evil. And there are other countries that have no capital and that is paradise. That's where we want to go. But that's not true. All countries have capital. What's the key question? Who controls it is the key question. Is it the people or is it the few sitting on top? I would say it, who owns it? Who owns it? Who owns the capital? Who owns the capital? In a free country, the capital is owned by people, free people, and their free institutions. Corporations, partnerships, other arrangements can own property as well as individuals. So the key item to understand is not whether countries have capital or not. The Soviet Union had lots of capital. At the time, it was supposedly at war with capitalism and telling the world that capital was evil. The United States was evil because we had capital. But the difference between the United States and the Soviet Union was that the United States, most of the capital, not enough, but most of the capital was owned by free individuals and their associations, they're free associations. In the Soviet Union, all significant capital was owned by the state. So a better word, in my opinion, is free market. It's a little bit harder for the enemy to argue against the word freedom than it is for them to argue against capitalism. Freedom, even to our enemies, has a certain ring to it that instinctively draws people in, seeing it as a virtue. And many people not strongly enough, but nevertheless, freedom has that virtuous ring to it. Whereas capitalism is a neutral term coined by Karl Marx to confuse and to paint up an enemy. and does not get down to the harder questions of who owns the capital, which is really the key question. In a free country, the government has very little capital. Our goal as constitutionists for the next to last clause in the Article 8, Section 1 of the Constitution, proper federal property, is to reduce the federal property down to that limit, which means the sale of quite a few trillion dollars worth of federal property. Because who owns the capital is the key question. But in our light conversation, in our conversation that does not get deeply into detail, in our confrontational conversations with those who don't understand yet and who might be on the other side. The word free market is easier to defend than capitalism because of that word free. The instinctive human desire for freedom that our enemies even think that they are promoting with all of their moves against freedom. You know what? And I think this is a great place to even to land on right now for the day. And the fact that this is what we're here for is for liberty and freedom. And I think to know the terms and know where they come from is very useful, as you say, to your point in defending that. Do you have any last words here for the day, Dan? I think my next guest is going to be on. We're continuing on with our expose of Microsoft's involvement in rigging our elections. What is he coming on? He's waiting backstage right now. Okay. Well, there's a very important word that's contrary to freedom that we should talk about next week then or whenever we get together. It'll be two weeks. And so in two weeks, we can talk about that. We're just going to continue on learning. I mean, this is all about educating each other and learning and sharing what we know. So I'm very thankful for you coming on today. And we're going to cut now to the player. It'll be an F word. Try to get what that might be that's contrary to freedom. We'll talk about it in two weeks. Okay, that sounds great. Well, I'm going to play the intro a minute, and I'll be right back with Bob Terry. Thank you so much, and hang on. We'll be right back. Thank you. Good morning and welcome to the third segment of Brandenburg News Network. Today I am Donna Brandenburg. It is the fifth day of June 2024. And I really want to get into the next segment with Bob Terry. I'm going to bring Karen on for just a minute. So welcome, Bob, and welcome, Karen. Hello. Good morning. Good morning. Karen, what were your thoughts on the last segment with Dan? We'll do a little segue here. Well, I think this has been a great show so far. We have to learn about the origins of things in order to learn about what we need to be doing, what our role and responsibility is. And I've been listening to at least some of, if not all of Bob's Shows the last two times he's been on and much of it is over my head, but I get the gist of it. And it's again, it's it's you have to know what you don't know in order to be able to take steps to protect yourself or at least have an awareness. So I think that's all Donna Brandenburg's BNN show is about to a large extent is building an awareness in the public about the things that we should know about. And having the courage to face those things that we don't know and say, I don't know, and learn from other people. And that's a good thing. That's the only way we learn. My goal is always to be the dumbest one in the room, because if I'm the dumbest one in the room, I've surrounded myself with really good people that I can learn from. So do you mind if I send you backstage there, Karen? You're welcome to stand. And maybe if you want to shoot me a, hey, hey, I got something to say, I'll bring you back on. But otherwise, I'd like to give Bob the spotlight here. Yeah, I think go back out and because I'll be listening, but I've got some other stuff to be doing. So. All right. Well, thanks, my friend. I always appreciate you coming on. You're a wonderful friend. And thank you for jumping on this morning. You're welcome. Have a continuing conversation. Great, great job with Bob, I'm sure. Thank you, Karen. We'll talk to you later. OK, bye. Hey, Bob, okay, it's down to you and I now. What a great show yesterday, and all of the information that you shared is just amazing. Now, I downloaded all 33 of your, let's see if I can pull this up here, all 33 of your, let's see if I can find it here. Research analysis. Yeah, your stuff that you sent me here. And so I don't, you're going to have to tell me where you want to start because I didn't, I've got them in a file. I have to open them up. Right. It's the very first attachment you're going to show. It's called the CDS timeline, architectural doorway, CDS underscore timeline. The very first one. that I uploaded for you to download the very first attachment. Got it. So if you could give everybody a an intro of yourself because people may not have joined us yesterday. And I just I just wanted to say that Bob was on Monday and Tuesday, and I thought that his information is so important right now that I asked him to come back on again. And we're just going to leave the cameras rolling here. I might have to get up and step away for a few minutes here and there, but it actually is a long morning for me to sit in the chair for three hours because it starts before I get on at nine o'clock, so I need to move around a little bit. I'm used to moving around, but give everybody an introduction to yourself and then what we're talking about today, and then we'll jump right into it. Sure. Well, my name is Bob. Nickname's Bob. Robert Terry. My career basically Basically, I grew up when there was an eight-year-old military veteran in the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. And I grew up hearing all about the Marines. And so I finished college, became a Marine second lieutenant. They pushed me through school. There's a military term called hurry up and wait. They rushed me through school after school after school. I thought that was just a universal term. Maybe so by now, but I went through so many schools so quickly. I ended up being the first, uh, second Lieutenant assigned to it. Now they're called Marine expeditionary units, but back in the day they were called Marine amphibious units signed to a Marine amphibious unit headquarters. And my first duty station in the Marines was Beirut, Lebanon in 83. And so it quickly evolved into a combat mission. And, uh, I was one of the survivors of the barracks bombing. It was terrible. The organization that hit us in Beirut, to tell you how close to home what is happening in my life 40 years later, the organization that hit us in Beirut was Hezbollah, funded by Iran, and the organizations we engaged in There were several, several organizations over there. The country was still in the Civil War. They had actually divided the country into warlords. And there was the Green Line with East Beirut and West Beirut. But the organization that attacked us numerous times became Hamas. And we saw the atrocities that everybody saw. everybody's, well, not, I won't say that, uh, that what is happening, you know, now in Israel, and it's just so close to home, um, just unbelievable, you know, how, uh, history comes back in the full circle. But I got back, uh, catch me up, sent me the grad school, uh, left, became an engineer, which was now Lockheed Martin. I, uh, did some pretty cool things in the defense industry. Ending award. Here it comes along. Really, really get into it. The result is I've been featured. I don't even know how, like I said yesterday, I don't even know how it happened, but featured in several major magazines. I have seven patents to sole inventor in cyber with an eighth pending. I got the attention back 2000, 2001, various commanding generals and admirals. They wanted me to design a new type of security. I took a shot at it, pulled it off. It worked so well that they deployed it throughout the White House. The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission that was managed by the CIA, they used it. It was based on, well, based on back then, it was really revolutionary It required no antivirus signature updates. It worked on the principles. Well, a cheap human reproduction, two dimensional reproduction of how white blood cells work in the human body immune system. And it was actually tested. They threw over 100,000. and viruses added, including top secret. Every time they threw something at it, it went to work and it instantly detected and cleaned up the machine. Now, what was so interesting about what I did, the reason why it mimicked the characteristics of the human immune system, white corpuscle, is that a lot of computer viruses will install and they'll lay dormant for weeks, months, et cetera. There's a big reason for that. And that is when they execute, they're trying to destroy the forensic trail of how they got there. It becomes so old, you know, the track and pathway, how it got there. What I designed, no matter if it was installed, it would seek it out and destroy it. Pretty cool, huh? It was very cool. Without even executing. And it really worked. It really worked. it worked the reasons why I can't stand the NSA because they, they install uninstalled everything after the W Bush administration and the WMD commission was over. So that's pretty much my background. Okay. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I, I think I'm going to have to ask you again to limit your head motion a little bit. Cause every time you move around the computers, it's hard. It's just, you know, no it's just I got so much information to share and I'd like to make your audience aware of something and everything that you're going to see this morning is not my professional opinion it's it's posted information and I would like to invite individuals of all political parties to watch this and I invite them to look at all of the data I invite them to look at everything because what is going to affect is affecting. They don't know it, but it's affecting everyone. And so look at the facts. So that's what I would like to say. Okay, perfect. So where do you want to go from here? I've got the timeline. Yeah, if you'll just pull it up on the screen. screen and what I'm gonna do through that timeline step by step now everything else that are attachments that's the supporting evidence that evidence and I'm going to move through each one now unless you know you see something um critical that you would like to bring up. There's a summary right below the timeline of each event. Now, what I'm going to do on my computer, I wouldn't say I'm an old man, but I'm getting older. I put on my reading glasses and I've got the timeline in front of me here. And what I would like to do is to start going through each one And I want to explain what this is all about. Now, in the last two shows, we've talked about my discovery of what I refer to as the architectural doorway. The term is very correct. It is very correct. It is not a backdoor, what I discovered. It's a doorway because it's... the Microsoft security is literally opening a door to the security. It's allowing events to proceed. After those events proceed, it closes the door and there's no log activity. Now, why is the word architectural in front of doorway? It's an intentional design. All of this is intentional design. If you look into the realm of security, I'm sure you've heard many times there's a common industry term, security architect. Every major corporation has security architects. They design their security. So hence, because security architect is a proper term, where they're designing and putting together the security, this doorway was intentionally designed, therefore it's an architectural doorway. So this is putting all the words together that I haven't explained to quite some detail, but obviously what I'm trying to do is get better and better and better in my presentation explaining these words. Now, what does it really mean about all of this? Well, what it means, and, you know, it's just, you know, I'm very much a believer in God and Jesus Christ. And if people look at the worldwide news yesterday, what has been happening is that things have been happening, slowly creeping along where, you know, major corporations in the government now, they're blaming Microsoft individually for a lot of security breaches. But what happened yesterday, major worldwide news, where an attack occurred and the attackers bypassed all the firewall rules. Well, now, isn't that amazing? That's strange. We were talking about it for two days and that comes out. Yeah, I just believe, you know, I believe there's a reason why I'm still here. You know, I know that there's a lot of people that... think that might be a crazy statement, but I never thought in my wildest dreams going up that I would be some kind of security design, I mean, a design engineer in computers and security. I mean, it's just how fate evolved, but to get back on point, okay, so I discover this, and this is happening. Now, When I discover it, the neatest thing about when you're doing research and you see things happening, you discover new events occurring, but you now know the questions to ask to perform a search on the internet. Because the first thing you want to do is go out and find out, and by using different terms, trial and error, does anybody else know about anything about this? Now, unless you want to, Donna, you don't have to bring up these attachments. They're there for your audience to download. But what do I find, lo and behold? Well, when Microsoft, and I've seen all this, and I can reproduce it, I can give people what to do on their computers to watch this happening. But as we go through this, you're just going to be shocked. And I'll get to other reasons behind, you know, talking about why this hasn't come out. And it's just not, you know, as blatant why it hasn't come out as people would think. This is pretty devastating stuff. So anyway, I know the questions to ask. And I look at how they're wielding rules and what they're defining, etc. You know, What's on the app? Of the three, four, 500 million Microsoft users worldwide, there's a group that I alluded to, I believe, yesterday. I call them super users. The reason I call them that, they're total freaks on their PCs or servers. They are not programmers. They're just experts. technology geeks on their PCs and they might sit in front of their computer 24, 48 hours for all, you know, in, in, in, in, you know, in their underwear, you know, their PCs, their best friend. And what they do is they literally go through all subsystems and they just watch things because they're totally hooked. They're just, you know, complete nerd heads, but they're not programmers. So what do I find? I find out that these super users around the world, they're finding out that their Microsoft computers have been breached and hacked. They've been breached and hacked and they're going through their computers and they find out, well, the only thing that's changed on their computer are these firewall rules and there's these residual leftover rules that were never there before. And so in the first, they actually go back to Microsoft. They go back to Microsoft, Microsoft's website, their support website. And they say, hey, our computer was breached and these firewall rules showed up. What's going on now? No kidding. You know, if you want to bring up, you can't. You don't have to. People can read it. But the bottom line to it is, is Microsoft actually responds and says, oh, that's not a problem. Don't worry about it. No kidding. No kidding. And what happens is these users come back and they say, no, not buying that. My computer was hacked and these rules and Microsoft stops all communications. They won't respond. Now, it's pretty smart on their part when they're up to doing this because they just stop communicating. They leave everything up, websites up, because they don't want to do anything to further... escalate the problem or make somebody you know think that there's you know something going on so they just literally when these people start coming back and you have the attachments they say don't worry about it people won't accept it all communications is terminated now here's what's other people get involved and people trading cryptocurrencies And the cryptocurrency on their computer is stolen. Okay. Is this where we are right now, Bob? Yeah. Okay. Now you see what it is, is you've got one A and one B. 1A is a translation of 1B. It's just easier to read. When you go to 1B, that's the actual screenshot, you know, of the actual website. It's just easier. People don't have to interpret it. it it's laid out for them I try to make this as easy as possible but what happens is is is that as you go continue through that you're going to see as you as you scroll down see there's a screenshot but as you scroll down you're going to see the user about his cryptocurrency being stolen Okay. And you're, you know, you're going to have a lot of attachments there, but people can find it. But keep, keep on scrolling down, you know, just till you see cryptocurrency. It'll be further down, further down, further down, further down. Okay. Hold up. Hold on. Hold up. Oh, there. Okay. Right there. That's it. That's it. If you'll scroll up just a little bit, please scroll up a little bit. You missed it where it says cryptocurrency. Okay, stop right there. See my crypto wallets? Okay, all of this crypto, all of this crypto stolen and all these, these are firewall rules showing up. Nothing else is on their computer. Now, let me continue on this. This is really, really interesting stuff. And ladies and gentlemen, whether you're a Republican, Democrat, libertarian, independent. This is happening. This is real. It doesn't matter who you hate. These are facts that are happening. So now it gets worse. Cryptocurrency is being stolen. All right. Then as you go through that documentation of 1A, 1B, there's a lot there. Okay. You just have to, there's so much there. Can you explain the highlights of it, Bob? I think it's helpful to explain the highlights as we're going through this. Well, there's a lot there, Donna. I'm trying to summarize. That was actually a highlight. What you're looking at is you're looking at this user and he's saying, hey, my cryptocurrency is stolen. And that listing there that he shows at firewall.exe with a dash eight zero, you stop scrolling right there. Those are all firewall rules. That's the beginning of the firewall. He opened up here. I'm losing your sound there, Bob. Hey Bob, stop a second, please. I'm losing your sound again. I hate to say it, but I think we're losing you again. Okay. I don't know. We were having really bad storms here today. Can you hear me now? I can hear you now. I can hear you now. Okay. All right. We'll just, you know, just a little bit over again and let's try that again. Okay. So what you're looking at, there's a lot of data here. And I know that, you know, people want things summarized. And then when you summarize, they go, wait a minute, stop. But, you know, we would literally never really leave the first attachment because you can talk about it not only all day, but you can talk about it for a year. But what you're looking at is that this user has had his cryptocurrency stolen. And the listing there that you see with the at sign firewall rules, et cetera, he's cut and pasted the beginning of the firewall rules that have shown up in his computer that weren't previously there. And that's all that's changed in his computer. His computer was opened up. It was stolen. And nobody will answer the questions. So there's a lot there. And that's a summary of what you're looking at. But let me continue there because it gets even more intense. So these users are obviously very frustrated that Microsoft will not respond and tell them anything and what's happening. So as you go through that document, you may want to pull back up the timeline. As you go through the timeline, you find out that These users, and it's in the documentation, like I said, these users are thinking that it's some kind of malware that's not been defined. And the technical term for that is advanced persistent threat, that there's no inoculate. So these users are downloading any viruses packages from all over the world, seeing if something will work and nothing will work. It won't work. And their computers can't get any help. Now, it gets even worse. You're going to see third-party research out there. And as we discussed when I went through the main PowerPoint with all the issues yesterday, okay, the Firewall API is integrated into numerous Microsoft system processes and applications. Numerous. Now, one of... the Microsoft utilities where it's integrated is called a photo.exe. Now, this is all – we haven't even got all points 1A, 1B. So, you know, it's just so much there. But what they find out is that in the operating system itself – There is security, additional security, and each executable, no matter whether it's EXE, DLL, SIS file, et cetera, is supposed to be accompanied by what's referred to as a security hash. Now, for everybody out there in the audience, it's basically another layer of security. If somebody tries to overwrite that particular hash, a program in the operating system, then it will throw off the security hash. It will either not allow it to be overwritten or if it's successfully overwritten, it can no longer execute because the hash is not confirming, you know, that it's the original or the proper hash. I'm just a high-level explanation of it. What they find out is in the photo.exe, the photo.exe doesn't have a hash. And what that does in simple engineering terms, if it doesn't have a hash from Microsoft, it's much easier for Microsoft to update that photo.exe where they don't have to battle their own security system now why is this so important because the photo.exe has got the firewall api.dll the photo.exe is designed to take pictures of user activities and send it back to microsoft So it's totally on us all the time. So what these are facts, these are facts. I can only tell you what the facts are. And the fact is that the capability is present to when a user is doing something that interest of interest to Microsoft. Now, third party is in the attachments. If they're logging into another network and they're typing their system name and password on the screen, okay, they can capture the keyboard or they can capture and take a screenshot of the computer. That name, photo.exe, photos.exe, kind of throws people, they think it might be you know, for people to put photos on their computer. What it's for is for them to take screenshots of user activity and then send it back to Microsoft. And it's been there. Yeah. And you know what? And we haven't even got on into, we haven't even got into even remotely close to the intensity. So, so, so the attachment to the second timeline is, OK, it's a there's third party documentation. You don't need to bring this up. Like I said, it's going to be available for your audience. But it's confirmed that their documentation is terrible. I mean, people are talking about it. There it is right there. That's just one. There are hundreds of maybe thousands of postings like that, that their their documentation problem is just, you know, absolutely nuts. OK, now. I'm going to move to three. If you could take that off the screen and go to timeline number three, you may want to just terminate that tab because you'll have so many openness. Incredible. Yeah. I think I need to, I need to do that as I go here. So let's bear with me guys. A lot of information that we're juggling here. Yeah. I mean, I mean, this is why, and if you don't mind me telling your audience this, this is something, okay, we can go back to the timeline. Hang on a second. I'm deleting tabs as we go. Yeah. Yeah. You're going to need to do that. Cause you know, you're going to have just, okay. Okay. So the timeline, the timeline goes into now, all this is critical. People are probably going to be saying, gosh, why does it got, why doesn't the guy just tell us? Well, I am, but the problem we have in this country is that too many people are just in my humble opinion, uh, which is still, I think, legal for me to have my own opinion. I don't know what's going to happen in the future. But I'm providing third-party facts. I am not rendering my opinion. This is why I want people from all political parties to watch this. And I will say something to all the other people of political parties. If you honestly believe that all of this is just to attack one party... or to attack a single group. I've got some swampland in South Georgia. I'd love to sell you. I mean, I'm going to tell you right now, because this is just, this is what we're looking at is, is information systems being weaponized and, and, and, and to say, you know you know, there's a, there's a saying out there, you know, a bullet always tells the truth, you know, well, the bottom line to it is, is that that barrel, of that gun with the bullet in it can be fired at anybody. And that's exactly what you're seeing here. I mean, so you get to number three, all right, svchost.exe is a critical system process and it's arguably considered the workhorse inside of the Microsoft operating system because the system itself starts several what's called instances of SVC host. Anybody that's ever looked in a task manager under the details of their program, you might see SVC host started 20, 30, 35 times. And what they do is they pass what's called the parameter to each one, which is parameters and instruction to do certain things. Well, there's the, third-party documentation of what SBC host is used for. And it goes into nothing about having the firewall API dot DLL linked into most of them now more than 50% of the time. Sometimes they assign it. Sometimes they don't assign it. But rest assured, you know, in the latest operating systems, you know, SVC host has got the firewall API.dll interlinked into it numerous times. Now, that's a very interesting point that can be discussed for a day or the rest of the week because it will tell you that they have designed They're operating system files where they can send an instruction to their critical processes and tell it, okay, load firewall API or don't. Now, isn't that interesting? You know, I mean, it's got that kind of fluid activity. Now, here's, when you go to number four, all right, that number four, that is an exploit function. that started actually in 2018, timeline number four. You may want to close out that tab. Okay. Timeline number four. Hold on a minute. I'll get it here. Let's see. You've got four up. Yeah, I'm going to close this one here. I'm going to close this one. There you go. All right. So what this is, is just documentation Now, I'm going to separate the apples and the oranges for everybody to understand. I'm going to reiterate right now, the architectural doorway is an intentional design as part of the Microsoft operating system. I'll be right back. Keep talking, please, Bob. Okay. It's there. It's present. It's intentionally in the system. It's not a malware. It's not a bug. It's intentionally... designed to be wielded. Now, given that fact, Microsoft has been attacked on every realm since the first day they launched their DOS operating system back in the late 70s, early 80s. What you're seeing here is after, obviously, they've implemented their design of the doorway in Vista forward, 2006 forward, what's happened is that in 2018, SVC Host is attacked by hackers. And what's happened since 2018, now it's 2024, six years later, there is a virus that attacks SVC Host, that attacks SVC Host, And that virus is successful and it is documented in the information that you're looking at. It leaves no forensic trail whatsoever. Nothing. Nothing. So you see, Donna, this this is really, really, really getting bad. OK, there it is. There it is right there. And, you know, you've got these elections coming up. Okay. You've got the doorway there. All right. Now, as we continue on, like I said, this is just, these are all third party facts. The audience make your decision. You know, I'm concerned with NVIDIA that's showing up there on that page because you've got NVIDIA in there and that's got some interesting implications. Okay. So we're going to move to timeline number five now. Okay. Now, Okay. I think I got this figured out how to do this best. Okay. So get to five. That is evidence that in 2023. Okay. All right. There are, there are methods targeting windows defender. You have to scroll down, you know, and read some of that, but I'm going to summarize that they're attacking You know, the architectural doorway, Windows Defender. Okay. And they're succeeding. Nobody's detecting it. There's no forensic trail. It's succeeding without detection. Now, do you see how bad this is unfolding? You've got the architecture. architectural doorway. I mean, Microsoft is wheeling it. There's, there's nothing happening, but, but hackers are attacking these processes and they're able to successfully do it and leave no trace. And there's still no, there's still no patch or update for that. Now we're only at, you know, timeline number five. I'm going to move on to number six. Now there's some deviation techniques. Yeah. Number six. Okay. Now, number six happened in July of 2019. Okay, that's the next page of the timeline. You just scroll down. Okay, now number six, that's very prestigious cybersecurity experts around the country. They're voicing their opinion and they're telling the public how dangerous it is that Microsoft, of all things, is going to use Windows in the voting machines. These are experts from universities all over the country. Okay, Donna, here's something for the audience. They're mostly Democrats. They're saying this is insane. They're cybersecurity experts speaking up. Is this a bad joke? All right. I mean, it's just, you know, it's third party. It's a fact. And they're saying, what are we doing here? Now I'm going to move on to seven. Okay. I've got some concerns right here, Bob, too, because I'm seeing somebody from the University of Michigan, and there's been some crazy stuff that has gone on in regards to the universities in the state of Michigan. Hmm. You're absolutely right. And the University of Michigan is one of the universities, one of the foremost universities that's right up there with Stanford that does all kinds of work for the U.S. government, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy. I mean, they've got huge, they've got massive government grants, a lot of research. They've got a cyber range that's unbelievable. So that is probably a special on its own. You can make a show out of that. Well, yeah, and we can talk about that because Michigan State of U of M, they were registering same-day voters of the students who could have easily been registering in different areas. There's no check on that. Michigan State had Eugene Yu and Connick involved there. And there was some weird stuff that happened between Michigan State as well as a computer breach at a company in Grand Rapids, Warren R. Cross and Judd. It's weird. And they're the ones that are defending all the Democrats in office. So I'm going to move on. um after we're on uh we're on seven and so basically you know that these experts around the country they go nuts over microsoft now here's the interesting thing all right these are why these points are necessary for the audience to understand if you look at timeline if you go back to the timeline please If you look at the timeline points 7 and 8, if you can look at that, and please don't open anything yet. Let me explain this. If you just look at those two, 7 and 8, you've got Microsoft. Now listen to this. Facts. These are facts. You've got Microsoft explaining to the world how they're going to allow Windows 7 to be used in all of the election systems voting machines. And at the same time, they've got information on their websites, different web pages. At the same time, they're telling the world they're going to use Windows 7. They're imploring all their users. They're emphasizing to upgrade their Windows operating systems, you know, to at least Windows 10. And it's been added Windows 11. But they're telling everybody, all their users around the world, hey, get off of Windows 7. You know, go to Windows 10, Windows 11. But our national voting system is going to stay on Windows 7. Now, I'll just leave that to the users. How... What in the world? You know, if it's so important for the users to get off of all of that, why? Why? This is a $64 question. So, to me... it's kind of a level of absurdity. And if you go back to point number six, you know, so do most of the cybersecurity experts around, around the country. So, so if you go, so that covers six, seven, and eight. Now, okay. Number nine, that is just a reference attachment that the firewall API has you know, it controls 100% of the Windows Defender rules and much more. Because in Windows, you can scroll through that. And now, because this voting machines, okay, I wanted to pull something third party about firewall API in the voting machines. If you'll scroll down a little bit more, please. You know, it's basically controlling... Hold on just a second, please. You'll see total number of exported functions in Windows 7. Now, what's an exported function? That means if they call the firewall API, there's 260, excuse me, 216 functions. That's a lot of functions, okay, that anyone that can link into it can individually control the firewall. That's everything. They can do anything they want whenever they want. And that was active in Windows 7 in the SVC hosts. Now, like I said, this is all building, and it's very, very important. So now I'm going to go to timeline option number 10. If you could close out that window and go back to the timeline, just kill that attachment. Okay, now we're down to number 10. Now, here's what's interesting. Now, I just showed the audience, it's in Windows 7, 216 functions, documented exploit on how to hijack the firewall API.dll. Now, is that not, one more over, one more tab over, one more tab over, it says 10. There you go. Firewall API, there's a documented exploit. Now, considering what I said, all this information, just considering what I said, the doorway is an intentional design. It wields the firewall API. We've seen a hack. Now, the evidence, a hack on the SVC host that they can take it over and leave no forensic trail whatsoever. Well, now... Here is the firewall API that the attackers can attack. Take it over. No forensic trail left whatsoever. Is this not, you know, an enigma wrapped in a quagmire or what? You know what I mean? This is just so to continue on because, you know, we've got 20 more. If we could go back to the timeline and go down to... Item number 11. You can close that tab, by the way. Close 10 right next to it so you don't have too many tabs open. Or when you can, go to 11. Just be a little patient here. I'll get to you in a minute. No, no problem. I got my process here, so don't worry. I'm following what you want me to do. I know. I'm a rotorhead geek. Okay, now let me tell you what this is. All right. Now, Your audience is probably thinking right now, now, how in the heck does this Bob Terry guy, this is all in Chinese. How does he know what this is? Okay. Let me give you some good old-fashioned Marine Corps common sense here. We finally figure out, which I did research and develop to go over our wall. Okay. Okay. In the development environment, it's very, very intense. Very intense development environment. Now, the development environment has been around 30, 32, 33, 34 years. You're always hearing people saying, well, Microsoft's going to change. This is going to go away. They've been saying that for 40 years on most of their development environments. It never goes away. But when you utilize what's necessary... integrate and take it over. The technical term for what you're doing is you're using a development environment called Component Object Modeling, COM. That's the same. The audience doesn't need to understand why, but when it comes specifically, COM is used throughout the critical part of the Microsoft operating system But when it comes to the firewall, which the new specifications or the new architecture emerged under VISTA in 2006, to do anything to integrate into the Windows Defender firewall, all integration must start with an initialized command. And it's called WF-COM initialize. And what it means is Windows Firewall Component Object Model Initialize. Now, it doesn't matter what country you're from. Microsoft development kits, you know, Latin characters in the Chinese, they've got, you know, computer systems. And Latin carry through Z26. That's very interesting. efficient you know to be writing program I mean if you go try to write something and you know chinese there's 2 000 characters you know so it's it's pretty efficient to use latin so a lot of these programmers worldwide you know use latin so what you do if you want to know who's working on you're taking over the firewall you perform a search on wfcom initialize so here's a chinese site where they're all talking about in chinese You know, how do we take over this Windows firewall, and how did I find them? There you see in the middle of the screen there highlighted in bold, WFC says translate this page. Okay, WFC comm initialize. Okay, you see it right there. They're all discussing, you know, gosh, how do we take this over? So that's just proof. You know, there's, you know, foreign sources saying, You know, trying to take it over. And so move to, you can close that. Okay. Now we get into this getting, we go to timeline option number 12. Now this is in March 2020. Timeline number 12. Okay. Microsoft's internal proprietary source code was hacked. And the hackers, their operating system source code was hacked. The hackers steal 500 gigabytes. You believe this? Now, this is all happening. Now, what you've seen, okay, the architectural door is being used, okay, stealing information. You see the design for Microsoft. You see where the hackers, they can take over SPC host. You see all these things happening. You see international Chinese or trying to figure out what to do. And suddenly, in March, which is what, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, seven months before the presidential election, suddenly, 500 gigabytes of their operating system source code is stolen. Again, Donna, these are all facts. The audience, you tell me, the audience, you tell me where you think this is headed. Republicans, fucking Democrat, independent, what are you, what, what is happening here, audience, okay, here are the facts, you know, it's, it's, it just, it just is what it is, you know, it's, it's a bad situation, so to go to 13, after they steal the 500 gigabytes, okay, They get into Microsoft, and obviously when Microsoft designs their operating system, they have proprietary functions that no one else is allowed to use because it controls their operating system. Well, they're referred to as undocumented functions. They're not allowed to be used. Their undocumented functions are published on GitHub and being used worldwide. hackers now let me retract a second here is just recap and tell people about this nuclear snowball this building the architectural doorway okay it's being used documented on microsoft websites they won't answer any questions hack is integrated in the svc host firewall api.dll is critical there's an attack on svc host No forensic trail whatsoever. There's still no match for it. There's no forensic trail left on it. Microsoft announces for the whole world, their user group, to upgrade immediately from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Then they turn around and say all the voting machines will be left on Windows 7. The best cybersecurity experts in this world, they voice their opinion. It is so alarming to them. They say, is this a bad joke? Okay. Then seven months before the election, 500 gigabytes of the operating system source code is stolen. And then They publish all of the undocumented functions that are not to be used outside of Microsoft. So this is a nuclear snowball out of control. And, you know, I'll get into now. It's going to keep getting worse. It really is. Now, in July 2020... Lord help us all, and I'm not being blasphemous, CISA publishes an election presidential report, and they come out and say, you know, that the threat level, and the highest threat level that CISA has, you can scroll down that, of Just look at the yellow highlights. The highest threat level they have is high, and they say that all network voting machines are under a high cyber threat. I mean, that's bad. I mean, really bad. There's a lot there. You can look at the yellow. You can discuss all this, but I like to emphasize to the audience again that You're seeing all the pieces together because I'm also an NBA. And this is case analysis. This is bringing it all together. I mean, this is just, you know, information's out there. And, you know, I work very hard and I very humbly state I haven't seen anybody else. Well, and I humbly also state, you've got to have a lot of experience designing very, very intense software inside of Microsoft, which I have, and I paid a dear price for that. But we'll understand what's happening. And, you know, there are 30,000 of us And there's going to be people. I've got to ask everybody out there, can you hear Bob out there? Everybody, his voice goes into like a robotic type voice. If you can send me a text, I'd really appreciate it, especially I think Charlotte's still there. Please send me a text to make sure that we can still hear Bob because the audio keeps breaking up. Okay, well, we're going to storm here. What's that, Bob? It's kind of gone very robotic. Could you jump out real quick and come back in and let's see if that resets it? Okay. You want me to leave and come back in? Well, now it's working right now. It's currently working. So I think if we, you know, limit the motion and slow down a little bit, it'll process this better. Okay. We are, the weather up here today is crazy. Yeah, it affects it every time we're live. So what you're looking at here is, you know, even SIS is coming out in their highest levels. threat level is, is, is, is high, the word high. And so there, you know, it's bad what's happening, but all these pieces, all these pieces have been brought together, you know, so people can see the events unfolding and it's, it's a bad situation now. Okay. Now there's an independent group out of Washington that, called the National Defense Election Coalition website. It's timeline option 15. Okay. They're independent, but they're acknowledging that many states are going to use the internet. Now, that's a big deal. I, myself, this is one of the most exasperating, frustrating parts of this entire election scenario. I tell you what, Bob, you're coming in and out really bad right now. I'm going to assume that it's the weather. Could we do this on phone? Yeah. Yeah. You want to call me? Let's try that. Let's see if that works a little better. Hold on. Hold on. Okay. Hold on one second. Okay. Just, just, I got to put in my earpiece. Yeah, no worries. And then you just turn the, there we go. Turn the computer sound down and we'll see if we can make this work. I'll call you right now. Okay. See if we can get this to work guys. Cause he keeps, they keep having us here a little bit. Can you hear me? I can hear you on your phone, but yeah, we can try it this way. All right. Let me just put mute. Okay. Let's see how that works. No, that's not working either. I think it's picking up your computer. I think it's picking up the computer at the same time that it's picking up the I'm going to, I'm going to remove you from here for right now, or you can turn the sound off on your computer. Okay, let's see if that works. Okay, there we go. Sorry, guys. So sorry about that. Well, let's keep trying it on the computer and see if it'll work, but we're going to have to really work on slowing down. Okay, now I'm back on the computer. Yeah, let's just work on really slowing down because for whatever reason, the storm is affecting the transmission. Well, would you like for me to just try to leave altogether and come back in? I can do that. Well, it's working right now. So it seems like it's spotty. So I'm sure it's the storm or somebody doesn't want this information out more likely. All right. So where I'm at is timeline option number 15. Yep. And this is an independent group. It's called the National Defense Election Coalition Web site. And an independent group comes out and says, okay, they're acknowledging that states, they will use the internet, okay, in the election. Now, again, this is very exasperating, very frustrating, because you've got powers out there saying there's no internet being used. And, you know, it's just a fiasco. Then you've got other groups, you know, saying that the internet's going to be used. So if we could move to the timeline to the next slide that starts with 16. Okay. So what I do, you know, because I have several patents in cyber, I go out and I think, and I perform, get a drink of coffee here. Boy, where would I be if we didn't have coffee, man? Seriously, right? Boy, oh boy, oh boy. All right. So I've written several patents myself. I, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, I have a very fortunate success rate of every patent I've applied for. I've received the patent. So I'm pretty proud of that. I mean, I've gotten through the art examiners and I mean, I received the patent. So I'm not a lawyer. But I work with some of the best patent attorneys in the world. I work with the best, I think, right now. But I know how to read patents. And the thing about it is, is that I went out and found a Dominion voting machine patent. 2014 patent. Okay. And it says that the inside of the patent, which you have attachments on it. that the paper voting ballots, which seems to be a major part of the election, the paper voting ballots uses networking and wireless modems. Now, that's a big deal, okay? It's in their patent. But all this information builds, so you've got to move right into 70. It's a lot of data there. so much data we could talk for weeks. But the summary is... Maybe we should come back on at some point in time and go through all this because right now we're doing an overview. Right. Well, let me just... Can I address that point for a second? Of course. All right. So this show... This show is to show... This show is to show... This show is to identify... the events that occurred from the moment I discovered the architectural doorway and backtrack to the 2020 election. There are events there. Now, what we're not going to have time to cover today because it's absolutely incredible is what has happened since the 2020 election to present. I have information to send you. I'm going to just get into a little bit about it. But the organization, the efficiency of what is happening, many of the political parties, in my humble opinion, they're just not prepared for what's happening. And to use an analogy here, when you look at the facts as they're unfolded, because this is incredible, but what's gonna happen in the 2024 election is gonna make all the events that happened in the 2020 election look like nothing. And I've got the information. It's incredible. I'm gonna get a little bit into it today, but in order for someone to understand the whole picture, you've got to be at least presented with all the facts we're going through now. Because a lot of this stuff, a lot of this stuff, like I said, it's a building block and it keeps building. And, you know, I referred to, I said, a nuclear snowball. It is a nuclear snowball. And I can tell you right now, I just, you know, outside of a certain political party. I don't believe the rest of the political parties are even remotely ready for this. And I would like for the audience to understand that is the first, that is the first personal opinion I've given. And this is my third show that Don has been gracious enough to have me on, but I'm looking at the events and anybody can come to their own conclusion, but there's a lot of people out there that are probably going to roll their eyes and say, okay, there's people taking care of this. There are people, you know, come on, you know, this is just, you know, somebody's looking at this, somebody's taking care of it. I haven't found anybody taking care of any of this. I have not, I haven't seen any of that. And if somebody will please send me information about, where these events are being addressed, it would make me feel a lot better. So, but to go on with this to where we're at. Okay. 16. Now on 17, if you don't mind going to the timeline and when you can, you know, if you want to pull up attachment 17, this is another Dominion voting machine patent. Okay. Okay. that it talks about the voting machines and this is their patent being used in a network okay it's in they're being used in the network okay it is a network and it talks about how they're using wireless modems okay all right this is a fact And so you've got all these people saying, oh, no, no, no, no. You know, they're standalone. They're this. They're that. You know, here are their patents. This is how their election system is architected. This is what they own. So there are the words. Now, if you move to item 18, 18. So what I do is. is I introduce to the public when any network uses a wireless, if they prefer to activate their wireless to use the wireless capability, here's what a lot of people don't know. In a normal network that's using cables between the network, there are many cyber attacks, many, numerous, hundreds of thousands that you can block and you can stop them from even being initiated. And it's just because of the design of, you know, networks being integrated together via cables. What a lot of people don't know, and this is the third party proof, that when you activate wireless, they cannot stop the attacks that are, excuse me, what I'm trying to say is, All attacks can be initiated. The wireless capabilities of where we're at technically in the world today, they can't set up parameters to keep attacks from being initiated and started like they can when they do it through cabling, okay? all wireless attacks will be initiated and thrown at that wireless network. So you see, while wireless is really handy for everybody, okay, the number of attacks out there that are going around because they know that, you know, that the Wi-Fi network defense system is going to have to stop it, you know, and and so that's you know that alone right there when you're using voting machines or election machines you know why in the world and you know this is you know for architects out there you know gonna gonna jump all over me I'm just stating a fact that when you do when you do activate wireless okay You can't cut off the head of the snake before it comes at you. It's going to come at you and you've got to block it. A lot of people just don't know this. They don't know it. So it's a very, very important point going into this election. Okay. Now, when you go to 19, all right, timeline 19, a lot of people think that these wireless networks, well, you know, they got to be down the block somewhere, you know, down the block or they've got to be close because it's wireless. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are the facts. There is a type of wireless called a low power wide area network, LP LAN. The active Wi-Fi of an LP WAN has a range of 621 miles. Now, can you imagine Donnie, you're in Michigan. All the counties in Michigan or Georgia that came up, you know, all the counties in Georgia, if you're using an LPWAN that has a radius of 621 miles, all right, during an election day with that kind of radius, and if you've got these all over the state, okay, and you can, you know, if you're able to succeed in getting into a server, And having that relay, do you realize with a range, with an LP WAN, and that's what they use, okay, you can cover the state in a matter of seconds. Oh, yeah. See, people, they're not, and I don't blame them. I don't blame them because, you know, in many ways, you know, I roll my eyes. you know, hearing about the election 24-7, you know, 365 days a year, you know, with politics, I mean, it would be wonderful if our country went back, you know, to, you know, fair, well, I'm trying, it would be wonderful if our country had, you know, truly fair, and I say that, I use the word fair for the audience because transparency, you know, knowing what's happened. You see, the information I'm Introducing here. I don't think you can find. These facts any place else. I mean not put together. So people can understand. What's happening. And this is pertinent. To every party. This isn't a. Political oriented. We're trying to help. Everybody understand exactly. How big the threat level is here. Number one. And what the fine details are. of someone who fights against hostile attacks in the cybersecurity world. So I think the biggest thing is for us to be able to look into the information that you've brought forward and being able to see it through your lens a little bit and understanding why cybersecurity guys are losing their minds over what they're seeing here. Well, and could I address that a moment? Absolutely. Okay, so in my lane, staying in my lane, I'm a professional developer. I design pretty intense operating system utilities. Now, I don't design operating systems. I don't do that. I mean, I'm not employed at Microsoft. You know, what I do... is I can design utilities to extend what's happening. And that's what security is, a series of utilities. I mean, security, and that's what it is. There's some people, they love pretty pictures and they wanna almost treat things like a video game to keep things interesting. But my forte, my area, is designing intense code to control the mechanics that people shouldn't have to worry about. You are eliminating risk. You're eliminating risk and you're acting as a defender. Yes. And the truth of the matter is what I do is not what security architects do. The security architects come along and they're supposed to know that certain things are already secured because they're certified. So they come along and they use their best knowledge to integrate these security technologies and they're supposed to work. You know, they're supposed to do what they're supposed to do. And so it's not their job to go digging deep you know, into the code. It's not their job. So, you know, what we're seeing is we're seeing a company that it literally has, has made an effort to subvert the security of every single person that's on their system and reaching into other systems that we rely on because they're using their processors, which puts all of the processing that goes to the computer at risk. Because they can't control it. Do I have that? Am I understanding that? Well, if you're talking about Microsoft and you're talking about the architectural doorway, the mechanics are there. There are the facts there. They can do anything they want. Now, Donna, I'm not seeing what I'm trying to do here. And I hope you actually I hope you find this to be a breath of fresh air. I'm trying to present all this and say, here are the mechanics. Here's what's happening here. I allow the, the, the listener or obviously it's your show. These facts are there. Well, I say to you, can it be used for subversion? The mechanics are there, you know, can, you know, I mean, it's just when you have this much power, when you have this one spot, it's dangerous. Well, but you're leaving, you're leaving for lack of better words, the moral judgment to the people that have the power. Not to we, the people. And so, you know, so that aspect of it, that's the listeners and the, your show, the mechanics are real. The mechanics are there. I will say this. Go ahead. Let's go back to the timeline and finish your thought there, and then we're going to go back to the timeline and continue on here. Yes, yes. I'd like to go to timeline. We're on number 20 now, okay? And what this is is this. Now, this is very – it may seem irrelevant, but it's not. Let me tell you why. I found the documentation, ESS, okay – of how they lock down Windows. This is their statement. Now, if you read that statement, they basically lock down everything, you know, but system processes. But the system processes, svchost.exe, okay, they can't control that. You see what I'm saying? They can't control that. They can't stop that. That's part of the operating system in the Windows 7. And you're going to see this as we move on. In Windows 7, the firewall API.dll is in Windows 7. So they're saying it's locking it all down. But there is facts there that what they're locking down, where this... Microsoft operating system can take control. Okay. They can't lock down that. See what I'm saying? Now, if we can move to 21, okay, I pull up after they say, after ESS talks about that. Now, that ESS is obviously, I think they were acquired by, about Dominion or something like that. But the bottom line to it is, is that this is a screenshot that basically, when you scroll down to the next screen, all of this, this is technical, but let me tell you what this means. This was a Windows 7 that the exact operating system deployed in the voting machines, and they're going to be used You know, a lot of them in 2024. Georgia is not upgrading their boxes. Some states are going to Windows 10. And in Windows 10, the firewall API is integrated in even more processes. But this is SVC host in a Windows 7 that has the firewall API integrated into it. So it can take control of the security. They can't stop Windows 7 from doing what they're doing. So when you go to item 22, that's election day. So what does everything I've said so far, what do all these facts actually represent? So when it comes to election day, and I've got a square around it, and it says, you know, impossible, all right, the red square. They can't stop the operating system from doing what it's doing. They can't. So with what we know of what's integrated into the firewall, and we know that they can't control these processes, you know, they can say they're locking down everything. That's okay. But you got to keep in mind something that I said yesterday that a lot of people just, you know, even security architects, you got to bring them back to this picture. The genius behind the architectural doorway is that it's being initiated from the inside out. The events have the authority. They have 100% administrative rights. Now, obviously, obviously, all of these voting machines are going to be upgraded and they know that, you know, that day in November, you know, is election day. All right. So that's downloaded into the operating system. I mean, that's, that's gotta be obvious to everybody. I mean, they know, you know, even, even, you know, when you pull up the calendar and, You know, I mean, surely, you know, that's happened. So, you know, the bottom line to it is, is that what I presented to everybody is the architectural doorway was there. It's there. All of this information where hackers, they're exploiting svchost.exe, leaving no forensic trace. They're exploiting firewallapi.dll, no forensic trace whatsoever. Okay. All of these events are all building. Everything's building. Excuse me. Bug in my throat. So these are all events that are real. They're not my opinion. None of this is my opinion. So 2023. Now that gets us to 23? Yeah, we're on item 23 now. Now, what happens is right after the fact here, and this is all kind of going back and forth because we're on 23, we've got to go all the way to 29. Cyber security experts around the country are saying how reckless and stupid it was to have wireless inside the computer. Now, It's incredible. And the excuse, for lack of better words, is people are saying that, you know, to defend what they're doing is that it's hard to get computers without a wireless capability inside of them. You know, you can you can totally what are they like? They're like saying, OK, we're just going to pull it off the shelf. And, you know, it's hard to find it. It's crazy. Well, you know, that's that's for, you know, I hear the facts, you know, whatever people want to say. But here is the fact that and, you know, these are experts coming back now. This is not Bob Terry. These are experts coming back. What I'm hearing is that there's like, well, we can't do anything. We can't find something without a wireless network, which is absolutely absurd. So what are they doing? Pulling the components off the shelf somewhere and just installing it? I'm expecting Monty Python to step out at any time. Yeah, seriously, right? It's a twilight zone. It's crazy. Now, what I'd like... What I'd like to do is go to 24. That is the proof that the attacks, if you'll pull up 24, please, you're going to see something very interesting. The architectural doorway is still being used. Attackers are out there, and they're saying, what is happening here? What is happening? You know, and this is, they don't know. But they're posting things and nobody can answer it. Now, it's just incredible. You know, and when we go to 25, okay, all right. If you'll please open up 25. I'll get it. Okay, no problem. No problem. Experts are coming back and saying that voting machines, you know, that have the modems inside of it, now they're taking a stand. They're drawing a line in the sand and saying, look, if your voting machine has a modem in it, you can't trust it. That's it. Now, how come all of this wasn't presented... To the United States, to our citizens, to our population. Being presented on your show, Donna, ma'am, for the first time. OK, and so it's not they're not they're not taking a political stand in their statements. These are the details that have been missed. You know, we've been talking about a lot of different things with cybersecurity and and the secure elections and such. But now, I mean, I think what you brought forward is just incredible with absolute proof and details. Well, let me continue on because I have some things to say that's going to floor you. See, we haven't even gotten to the most intense part. Okay, let's keep going. Let's keep going. All right. If you'll go to 26... Now, doing a case analysis... Yeah, scroll down one page. All right, this is the last page. Doing a case analysis and backtracking research. You find out that back as far as 2003, Microsoft partners with TrueVote. And ironically, you know, I live... about as a crow flies about 11 miles from downtown Nashville on a huge Lake here called old Hickory Lake as part of the end of the waterways. True vote was based in Nashville in Microsoft partners with them, you know, so they're, they're Microsoft officially getting into the, the voting machine industry. Okay. So while everybody that's listening to all of this, you know, they, they believe, you know, what they hear in the news that Microsoft is neutral. It's just the operating system. No, that's not what's happening. Nope. I don't know why this is not being presented in the news, but here is a fact. Now, let me continue on. Because Microsoft, if you'll go to item 27, when you can, item 27 in 2006, Microsoft was awarded a patent for online internet voting during local and state federal elections. Isn't that interesting? Isn't this interesting? In 2006. Yes. Yes. Gone back a long ways. This has gone on. This has gone on for 21 years, 21 years, decades. Okay. Now let me, let me continue because you know, okay. Yeah. Now this is this. Now I've got something that everybody 24 for those of you. Yeah. If you, if for those of you that remember Rod Serling in the twilight zone or watch it, on the repeats that come on you know late at night where everything gets crazy now listen to this listen to this like I said you're gonna be thinking you know I told you this is gonna get worse and worse and worse okay now we're at item number 27 right now the reward of the patent for online voting But look at 28. Now, let me explain 28. May I ask a question here? Look at the inventor's name right here. Who is this? It's an Indian person that's at Microsoft, part of Microsoft's invention group. But let me tell you this right now. He's a Microsoft employee, I'm sure. Here is something... that this should make the audience just absolutely floor themselves. Look at 28. Now, let me tell you about this. Microsoft is awarded the patent in 2014, so it's only 2024. It's good for another 10 years, but listen to this. Now, it's very important that people hear this. they're awarded a voting election patent for tracking an election that's underway. Now, if anybody knows about the aspects of election day, the only thing that's allowed under law, and you've got to hear all of this, okay? The only thing that's allowed under law is to take polls with you when users leave voting precincts that the ones that will volunteer how they vote they're not allowed to show how an election is going while it's underway now what's so interesting about this patent okay and I'll let the listeners and the readers you decide You decide what you want. But when you read the narrative of this patent, when you read it, Microsoft uses two scenarios. Listen to this. They call it a voting and election system, but they talk about one scenario. Now, I want to see the expression on your face, Donna. The first scenario is when patrons enter a restaurant. And they're about to be passed a menu and they want to have some sort of capability to allow the patron to know what all the other patrons are ordering on their menu. I'm serious. Now, listen to this. So, you know, without even I've never worked in a restaurant in my life. OK, but just using common sense, you know, usually the maitre d' or the waitress will say what's good on the menu and they'll have specials. But if a restaurant did something like that and something one dish was going flying off the shelf, they'd have all these perishables by the end of the night or week they'd have to just dispose of. So this is this scenario that me, maybe I've lived a sheltered life, but I've never seen anything like that in any restaurant in my life. And I've been in some pretty fine restaurants. I can't say I've probably been in the finest, but I've never seen anything like that ever before. This is all about feedback of what the other voters are doing in real time. Well, yes, I know. But see, here's the second scenario. And this is what's in the patent. The second scenario is when a patron walks into some kind of sports bar, something like that. And there are TVs in the sports bar or something of that nature. And you can pull up, you know, the attachment and look at this. It's amazing. But in a sports bar, there are channels on all these TVs in the sports bar. And so they want to tell the patrons what most people are watching, right? So maybe they want to watch it too. So this is actually an election voting machine patent where they are, you know, and so knowing obviously about patents, knowing about them, these scenarios that they write up the narrative in the patent, that's just a scenario. It's a general scenario. It's a scenario not when you say something like that, it's not just specific to restaurants or sports pubs. Those are just scenarios. Anything where anything is ongoing, okay, where it's ongoing and they want to track it, that's what that patent's good for. You see, people behind this at Microsoft, you can, you know, because tracking an ongoing election is illegal, right? So they didn't mention any of that in their narrative, but one could come to a conclusion that they're waiting for certain laws to change. And then they have the patent. It's awarded. Wow. Okay. Let's go to 29A. Yeah. Now you see how intense all this is? Yeah. All right. So now when we go to 20, all right. Now, if you pull up, now here's what I was able to find. All right, now listen to this. With all that's going on with the Dominion voting software, I was able to find, and it's gone now, it's gone. I was able to find where the, of all states, the state of California, where they did a source code review of the Dominion voting machine software. Now, you'll see that 5.2. There's a lot of states still using 5.2. Now, Georgia, they use 5.56, I think. But here's what I found, just summarizing for everybody. Dominion went from 5.2 to 5.56 in less than 12 months. So what's so interesting about what you're looking at Being a professional developer in intense software, they talk about the modules used. If you'll scroll down, keep scrolling down until you see yellow highlights starting. Just not there, not there. Just keep on going down. It's a long document. You got to go down, you know, do you see yellow? Keep on going down. Do you see, you know, yellow? Because I highlighted it. That's the whole document. So stop, stop. You see the yellow there? All right, scroll down a little more so you can see what's below it there. A little more. Okay, right there. Perfect. Stop. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. All right. Let me tell you what this means that people don't know. The Dominion... Software is comprised of C, C++. It's comprised of Java. It has C sharp modules. And it uses visual basic scripts. Let me explain. Now, when you first brought me on, Donna, I said, I made a statement to everybody. I said, I'm sorry that people... uh might uh might uh not uh excuse me a second here something okay okay give me a second I think I found out something caused I just I just flipped the switch I've got a I can relay power am I coming through better now I mean am I am because I had a power issue I just noticed the red light flickering oh that's interesting yes isn't it so far All right, so let me tell you why every statement I've ever made to you, Don, is calculated. I've used my words carefully. Let me tell you why I told all of your listeners that if you remember, I said, I'm sorry to say, because I was brought in to do the analysis, and I was. I'm sorry to say that a lot of people aren't going to like what I'm about to say, but if you brought in Dominion voting executives into a court of law, And you had them swear on the Bible and raise their right hand. Did you modify your software to do anything to inhibit or throw the election? They would say no. They're telling the truth. They didn't have to change or modify. Now I'm getting into they don't have to change and modify it. They don't. Let me explain to you. The way that voting machine software, you're looking at this source code review that it was out there for a moment of time. I grabbed it. It's gone now. It's absolutely gone. Pardon me? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please go back up. No, no, please don't, don't leave there. This is very, very important. This is critical for your audience. A little further. Okay. Right there. This is critical. The, the, They are using JavaScripts and Visual Basic scripts. They're scripts, okay? They have C and C++ compiled. They're using C Sharp. Now, but let me explain here. It's very critical for people to know this. C Sharp is a 4GL language. It's not a low-level language. When you download the C Sharp... to run that on a Microsoft computer, you have to download what's called their runtime. And let's say these programs that Dominion is using in C Sharp, let's say they call from the runtime module 100 programs, okay? But that C Sharp runtime engine, that's the complete runtime engine that might have 5,000 functions and maybe Dominion's using 100 functions. But they're all there. They're all live, okay? They're all live. Something can get access to that and wield it. You see what I'm saying? They don't have to change their software. On top of that, I have something else to share with you. Visual Basic... Those Visual Basic scripts, Visual Basic is powerful enough to control the entire computer. They can do things with a Visual Basic script. They can turn wireless on and off. They can turn the internet on and off, okay? There are things that I have, there's so much information. And I'll be able to send it to you because I did all this analysis. This was a full time. It's frustrating. It's frustrating for you to communicate it because you're taught, I think, because you want to make sure everybody knows everything that you've looked at. But there's so much of it that there's a lateral view and there's a depth. Absolutely. But the thing about this is that people need to know is that This voting machine software, the way it's configured and put out, if the wireless becomes activated, which Dominion patents, you see they're using network and they're using wireless, someone access to the way this design works, they can wheel the design. Dominion doesn't have to change a dang thing. You see what I'm saying? They're using modules that allow, it's architected this way to allow people to come along and, you know, modify a VB script. Now, let me try to just go back and tell you how all this is compounding into a nuclear snowball. You know the architectural doorway. You know what it can do now. You know it's being used. You know that SVC host, it can be exploited and leave no forensic trail. The firewall API can be exploited. It leaves no forensic trail, all right? You've got where CISA is saying, hey, all these voting machines, the threat level is high. It's their highest category. They don't have anything higher than that, okay? Then you've got independent third parties saying that the voting machines are going to use the Internet. Then you've got all these security experts talking about how crazy this is, how crazy it is. Now, so California, and again, I mean, I just think it's the right hand not talking to the left. They produce what's actually happening in Release 5.2. But Dominion goes to 5.56. But there's something else in the documentation. I'd like for you to go back to that screen. I want the users to see. What California uncovered is that the Dominion voting software can be attacked. And if you'll scroll down to where we were before. and continue scrolling till you see the next yellow. What is so amazing about what's happening here, just absolutely amazing, is that the Dominion voting, if you'll be careful now, scroll down past that till you see more yellow. It'll be further down, further down. Okay, you'll see a yellow highlight. Keep on going. Okay, there we are. All right. If you'll just stop, pull the screen all the way up to where it says SQL statements. Pull it on up. If you'll scroll down, scroll down some more, please. A little more. Oops. Okay. Hang on a second. All right. Well, that's where I want you to be, right there. Okay. That's it. Well, let me tell the audience what this means. Okay. California does this analysis. And they realize what Dominion's using in the form of their SQL, which is a database for those out there. And the instructions, excuse me, of how to programmatically wheel the database is a language called SQL. SQL databases. They find that what Dominion's using vulnerable to attacks right now now let me just continue on here because this is a big deal this next part what they also find which is absolutely amazing is that dominion is using c and c plus plus commands that are antiquated no longer used absolutely vulnerable And they were replaced with more secure commands, 2005, 2006, 2007. You see, when the internet was introduced, ANSI, NIST, Government Standards Institute, and when the language of C was invented, There are certain commands, but as the Internet grew and as attacks, they realized they realized something's happening here. Just give me a second. Golly, what in the world is you're doing? We're so connected. Yeah, there's there's there's there's OK. What in the world is is is happening here? No, okay, hold on just a second. I've got a power issue. I can't believe this. All these, you know, all these things are, you know, happening, and I've never seen this before. Power's flickering. Yeah, that's because they're attacking, because they don't want this out for other people to hear. I don't know. I... This is absolutely nuts. Just continue, Bob. It's still going. My computer's about to turn off. Oh, really? Yes. Well, if it doesn't, we'll go to a call. Yeah, I'm trying to. This is the way it is, guys. Real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. Even when they attack us, we keep going. You've got to be kidding me. Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I think I got it. I'm relaying to a different power source. I think we lost Bob there for a minute. So I'll bring Karen in. Hey, Karen, how you doing? Well, it wasn't that good timing. I watched him start to struggle and I was thinking about maybe I should jump in there if Donna wants to bring me on and then we lose him. That's why you're such a really good friend. You know, you're just one of those friends who's always there when you need them. So, yeah, I mean, this to me is really... Kind of an incredible amount of information. That's what I want to put them on this morning. Just keep the camera rolling. We'll just keep going with this until we get everything out there. Because, you know, I think too, you know, when, are you there, Bob? Yeah. Can you hear me? I can. I can't see you, but I can hear you. I know. I have had, I've had this, this is unbelievable. I have never had this. happened before in my life three of my electrical relay boxes in my data center lost power one relay box with this backup uh uh this backup power supply is working I'm I'm back up I don't know the power I'm down in my dungeon. It happens, Bob, because when people are on here and they don't want, they don't want the information coming forward, the AI or something will kill things. And I've had several people that have lost equipment when we were online. Okay. I'm back up and thank goodness. We're close to the end. If you could do me a favor. I can't see anything on the screen. If you go back to the, the timeline. But what I'd like to explain to people, what I'd like to explain to people that they need to understand is that the software used in the Dominion voting machine, the software that's actually used, the code that's written in C is over 20 years old. it's considered obsolete and it is considered, it truly is considered to be 100% vulnerable if that kind of coding is introduced into any type of network or wireless environment. Now, this is where, and if you could go back, I mean, I don't see anything on the screen. Do you have anything up? I have the timeline up. What do you want me to show? No, I don't see anything on my end. Okay, just tell me what number you want me to show. It's okay. So if people go through and they look at that, you've got voting machines using Windows 7. It's got the architectural doorway. I've went through all of these. And then now the Dominion software is actually – With the commands being used, there's a high probability that they're using the latest C and C++ compilers that was last updated in around 2004, and that was Visual Studio 6.0, and the latest Service Pack was Service Pack 6. Now, let me tell you something about that. development environment, that was a very stable, fine, fine, fine environment. But it was, it all came about, Visual Studio 6.0 was introduced only, you know, a couple of years after, you know, the internet, or a couple, maybe two, three years after the internet came along in 1995. It was very, very, very stable. But as the internet evolved and unfolded, You know, they realized that a lot of commands had to be updated to be truly secure. But this is what's hoped. And now let me say something else. The use of Visual Basic, the use of JavaScript. OK, and now I have I have. a whole nother presentation or all these events after 2020 election through May of last year. And I'm going to send it to you. But let me just tell you something. And I'll send you the information and I want the audience to know this. There is an industry niche inside of the cybersecurity industry. The industry niche it are companies that perform automated vulnerability assessment of, of networks exposed to the internet. One of the big ones in the field is security scorecard. What they do is they scan their clients networks to determine vulnerability is to keep them vulnerable. Obviously with the 2020 election coming up and, and, um, all these companies trying to you know get business security scorecard scanned all of the state systems in all 50 states and our territories and they came up with a grading score for every state and they talked about the probability of you know each state you know in its vulnerability All right, now let me explain something to you. They published that. And all of the key states that turned it for the Democrats had a very, very, very bad score. And that report was not left up very long. Where is that, Bob? Pardon me? Where is that? Okay, I've got it. I have to send it to you. But let me cover this and let me cover you one other point, okay? And I just want to cover these two points because Microsoft, what they've done, they have really, it's like I said, I've got 20 more attachments to send you. There's so much information. But let me tell you one other thing that's happened. There is another security company that they provide tools, but they also scan the internet. They're pretty big out there. They're known in the industry. They're a very respectful player. They're called Alien Vault. You may have heard of them. Alien Vault? Alien Vault. Now, let me just tell you what they did. They actually scanned Dominion voting machines. They got to them. They got to them. I found the online report. Now, not long after I got the report, that's gone off the internet but let me tell you what they published they said they used words to the effect and I'm going to send all this to you they scanned the dominion voting machine and they found the vbs scripts they found it and they said you've got to be kidding They've got this in voting machines because they knew that that could take over the machine. And they just went on about it. And when they did, you know, when I went back and looked 10 days later, it was gone. It was gone. So there is... You've got these 33 attachments, which are incredible. You have... The architectural doorway, it's real. It's being used. You have the exploits of the SBC host of firewallapi.dll. You have third party, all third party. Everything you've got is third party. They talk about the threat level being the highest. They talk about States are going to use the internet. They talk about the experts come back and say, this is crazy to be using Windows 7. At the same time, Microsoft is saying they're going to use Windows 7. They're telling the worldwide user group to upgrade to Windows 10. You have, you have where the modems, the wireless modems inside of these voting machines. We have... The source code review of the Dominion voting machine published by California is gone now. We have where Microsoft is not just neutral. We have where Microsoft partnered with voting corporations. We have their patents. They have an active patent to track ongoing elections. All of these things are facts. And the reason why they don't need to change their software is that they're using elements of programming that can wield their software. They didn't do it. I mean, you don't, and there's a last thing I'd like to send you for this, or say to you for this episode, which is so very sad. It is just so very sad. When all of these experts, I mean, I know that you're, I think you're up there in the neck of the woods where Mike Lindell is, or close maybe, and he up there in Northern America. Is he in Minnesota? Yeah. Or Michigan? I don't believe he's in Michigan. Okay. Pardon me? I'm not sure where he is. I think it's Minnesota. Yeah, okay. Well, here's what I'm trying to say. You've got all these people bringing in these cyber experts and they bring in PhDs from universities. And I've looked at what they have I've read their reports, and I know that Republicans key on a certain PhD. These PhDs that are brought in from the universities, they're running a very formal academic analysis of what you would see in an academic environment in a college, all right? They came in and they focused, boom. On that software. It's configuration. When it was deployed on a voting machine. Everything else. Everything. The operating system. The security. That was instantly accepted. That none of that's a problem. It's secure. It's certified secure. I'm not going to look at it. So. You start. looking at it the way hackers would attack something and going for the weakest spot, you're going to hit the first thing is the operating system. You're going to hit and then you're going to look at what's referred to as the low-hanging fruit. The low-hanging fruit is All right. Well, I've got loading machine software here. It's all compiled code. You know, wait a minute. Hold it a second. Hold it. Hold the phone. We got some low hanging fruit here. We got we got JavaScript, but that's that's compiled. All right. You can do some things with JavaScript. But boy, we've got Visual Basic here. We've got Visual Basic here that's an integral part of what they're doing. And we get access to this. It doesn't leave a forensic trail. We can update these scripts, then put the original, pardon me. And they can do whatever they want at that point in time. And it's basically, it's a virtual reality election. And nothing else matters unless we get this under control. Am I understanding that correctly? Well, these are all the facts, you know, and I'm not trying to allude and I'm trying to give you a direct answer, but these, I'm not a lawyer. These are all what I'm saying is that this is what's possible. This is absolutely everything is there. Everything is there that, that allows them, you know, you don't, you don't just leave doors like that open in software. I've got a tech company and, you don't leave those vulnerabilities open if you're trying to do something honestly. An honest person is going to go through all of this, especially if there are other experts out there that could pick this up without even being in the system per se. And so if people are picking this up, you have to almost come to the conclusion that it was intentional in order to facilitate some very, very criminal activities. What I'm going to do right now, Donna, if you don't mind. We've got a few minutes to wrap this up. So let's get this wrapped up in like five, ten minutes, okay? No, no, no. What I'm doing right now, if you can look at your phone, there's so much. And I'd like to apologize. The reason why I want to apologize is this. I spent a lot of time on this a year ago. I mean, the amount, the magnitude of hours of everything that you're seeing, pulling it together in such a format to where, okay, it's not biased based on a political party. Now, if you'll just do me, just do me one favor there. If you'll look at your phone, if you'll go under MS Doorway, you'll see I uploaded a document called A Vault. Now, you know, I'd like to come back. You're not going to believe all this. Bob, I don't know where you put it. I'll put it under the signal. Okay. Hang on a minute. You got to give me a little more information there. Okay. Yeah, no problem. I'm sorry. That's all right. I got it. All right. Well, while you're talking about that, let me just say something to the audience so they understand. Obviously, I've hit everybody with an ocean of information this morning. And I humbly just asked the audience to realize how much data did I have to go through in order to get this ocean put in a concise format to where everybody would understand. And it was just a matter of massive digging into just incredible digging. And there's so much there that, you know, I'm writing a fine line between summarizing and moving on to the next point. But when you bring this up, you're going to see everything that I did in my analysis. And I brought up, I was able to get to that. Do you want me to put it up right now? Please. Okay. Hold on here a minute. Let me go here. And remember, we can come back to this later. It doesn't have to go on today. Yeah, this is the last thing I'm going to say when I need to. Now, I don't see it. All I see is. Oh, I see it. Hang on a minute. I see it now underway to be used in the 2024 presidential. I can't see it. I can't see it. Give me a minute because I can bring up Alien Vault and I can bring up the 2024 presidential, that thing. Which one do you want? Yeah, I want the Alien Vault. Okay, you're going to have to be patient. Hang on a minute. No problem. Well, the reason why I'm apologizing, there's just so much information. Well, and we need to take our time with this so that people can sort through it and process it. Now, I wanted to get as much out as we can today in case there's an interruption in anything. Sometimes it just takes a minute. And we can come back to this later and make it, you know, maybe what we should do is do this again and then not the same information, but just do it in small chunks. Yeah, I have a continuation that covers all new information. You just wouldn't believe the organization, the machine that's coming at the United States for this 2024. I've got the information. Who do you think the top of the snake is? I don't, I can, I can show all, I don't know. I don't know. I, you know, and the reason why I'm so hesitant to say it, that I'm going to produce facts here. I'm not going to produce my own opinion. I'm not going to do that. I don't know who's pulling the strings, but here's what I can tell everybody, which is the obvious it's happening. So it's, it's, you know, so somebody's letting it happen. Okay, so hang on a minute here. We've got – let me end this a minute. No problem. Here's Alien Vault. Yes, please. So we're coming down. There's the analysis overview. Okay, I don't see it. Is it up? Yeah, and then we've got VBS ASCII two-text, the first page. So you've got four pages here. Okay, let me – if you please give me a second, I'll pull it up on my end. I'll pull it up on my end so I can – i can see it and walk you through it okay all right let me let me show everybody uh boy on my end okay if you'll do me a favor uh if you'll scroll to the next page I'm trying to look at it on my phone and my phones Not doing a good job. So I've got page two up now. Okay. Hold on just a second, please. Dominion Voting Systems. How has this been missed? Right. This is what everybody needs to see. How has it been missed? What they're talking about. Now, this is Alien Vault, a very respectful security company. They're talking about the visual basic scripts. When they scanned the Dominion voting machine, they did their analysis. They didn't have permission to do all this. They just scanned the internet and they found Dominion voting machines connected to the internet. But they scanned it. And when I mentioned before, excuse me, I got to take a drink of coffee. When they mentioned before, low-hanging fruit they found visual basic scripts activated and they're very powerful and in the next presentation, I have the third party documentation where you can use Visual Basic to turn the wireless on and off. You can turn the internet on and off. You can control the computer. So here is a third party, very respected security company using words to this level. How could this possibly be missed? It's crazy. It's crazy. You wouldn't have that if you had a secure computer. Now that wasn't up long. They had to take that down. Now in the next show, there's much, much, much more. Well, and we can get to that. You know, we have some time and it's like it's like, you know, we don't have to get everything all in one day. So that's good. So I think that I'm going to summarize this and I'll let Karen summarize it. Our elections are absolutely not secure. They can go in and it's not even at the absentee ballots. So that's that makes great, great theater. And that's true. They're doing it there to make people believe it. But what's really happening is it's a virtual reality election that's being run because they've got doorways into this thing all over the place. And that's what I'm hearing. Am I over the target here on that? Well, can I interject? Would you say that I'm over the target on that? Are you talking to me? Yeah. Oh. I wouldn't use the term virtual reality because you've got those lawyer type people out there. There's nothing virtual about this. This is just access. I would say that the capability to access all of these voting machines is present. They can access them. Yeah. And if there's a risk there to that degree, then we absolutely... cannot be sure of anything in our election system. Karen, what do you think? Well, there's a final point, if you don't mind. One more point. No, no, this is actually the final point. This is for the next, a key critical pivotal event occurred four weeks ago. Incredibly pivotal. If you remember in my last, I talked about the one true sign where there has been an absolute catastrophic failure in cybersecurity is when all these networks disconnect. They can't control what's happened to the networks. Let me tell you what's happened. The county at the top of all of the problems in Georgia was Coffey County. Four weeks ago, it was detected that that the Coffey County election systems were under attack, obviously over the internet, and they had to disconnect from the internet. And they know that the county election systems were successfully attacked. It came out in the article. So now when we go into our next, where I have all this information about, from the 2020 and beyond, and you see this alien vault, you see how all of this stuff is unfolding. It's actually happening. And when it's just, you have to bring me in for another show and we'll say, okay, now what is the machine we're up against coming at us? And I've got all the information and that's it. That's awesome. Karen, what's your, thank you, Karen. What's your opinion on this? well my summary is that nothing is safe and the election is not safe it's not secure and it's coming from a different way than what we previously thought we've got all kinds of different directions that people have been working and trying to trying to come up with ways to solve the problem and what he's been saying is my conclusion is we can't use the machines period And I know you've been an advocate of we need to use paper ballots. We need to go back to the box and a couple people counting. It just needs to be that simple and hand deliver it to the county and hand deliver it to the state because we can't rely on the machines. This election is not going to matter if we're using machines. And that supports the idea that when we get to November 5th, are we going to have an election? Will it even matter? Um, our voice matters. And if we can't do that in a secure fashion for, for the election itself, as well as for the individual, um, electors safety, I don't know if we're going to be able to do that, but also, you know, he was, he was apologizing on the timing. My answer to that is I don't think there's an apology necessary. I think timing is everything. And there may be a good reason why there is a delay to get this information out. I'm guessing, based on the context of the conversations thus far, that this conversation has not happened anywhere else. That BNN is breaking it. And I think that's why he's been attacked today. I think that what's happening at Bob Terry's house is an attack. It does not surprise me. So it was surprising to him. But I think you and I are like, well, that's nothing. We're kind of aware that this thing happens. And that goes to show that whatever information he has needs to be protected in multiple ways. But it's getting out public now. It's already safe in the BNN hands, but more of it needs to come out. I'm going to suggest that we stash stuff in so many different places that it would be very, very difficult for it to disappear. It's not just in Michigan. It's all over the place. You know, when you do cybersecurity as part of what you do, you don't just like, you don't make it easy for attackers. And so I think that that's, oh, and there goes, there goes Karen. So hopefully she'll be back on to hear it. But we put it in different areas so that you can protect it and have the redundancy there so that that information is safe. And you're back. There you are. Okay. I was like, you're freezing. Is it me? I'll stand by. So they have it all or we have it all. I have a feeling that the good guys knew about this and they were patiently waiting for it to come out. So that's why I say timing is everything. It doesn't worry me. But in getting the information out from where I sit, I'm not a techie. And the summary, I took a screenshot of that page. The summary with the conclusion, that I think is the most vital to get out. Because in your timeline page, I took a screenshot of that. That's helpful for people like me. The techie stuff is way over my head. I can listen for hours to that and be really frustrated because I'm not getting the point. But if we can start and end with the main points, then and you did a pretty good job of interjecting from time to time saying, here's why it's important. Here's why it's important. So for future presentations, because I think it needs to happen again and again and again, try to make sure that you're reaching the wide audience, people like me, people who don't even own a computer and don't understand the techie stuff. keep it really simple and say, like I said, the point is the machines are not safe despite all of the efforts happening all over the country with patriotic people trying to learn and watch them and do whatever they can on a local level. Those things are great, and I think I would still support them happening, but I think we're leaning more into the the perspective of we need to eliminate the machines. And that may not be Bob Terry's role. To design that program, that's somebody else's role. But what you're bringing to the forefront is why and it's new information as to why. So that's valuable. Well, I think what's really important here, honestly, is that we're documenting. BNN documents things and puts things out there in more of a fine green method. than the headlines that are out there to the public. But the summary that we can bring here, like with you, Karen, at the end is vitally important. But when we put this stuff out there, if there's more people who work in tech that can grab this and go, holy crap, they're going to take this information and go, I need to get this out there too. And we don't need to necessarily control the information. We need to document it and get it out there because we want our country back. Unlike the rest of the political landscape, we just want our country back. We're not looking for anything else other than that. And so to put this information out there that's been scrubbed from the internet in the detail that we have, I think that that's really important at that. And that's where I'm going to end it right there. Yeah. So let's see a permanent. We're going to get to our day because I do have things I have to do. All I'd like to say to end this is this. I can't thank you enough for letting me give you shows. I want to come back. But here's what concerns me. What concerns me is that this analysis should have been approached by many other people online. Number two, here's the other thing that really concerns me, ladies. I'm not kidding you. I'm not sure if the political parties can get together and get organized because there is a machine coming at us. The more, Donna, the more you guys can get this out, and obviously you're the originator to present this to the nation, but this needs to get into hands of People at your level that can get this out and say, people, this is going on. I mean, this is going on. I mean, it's just got to get out there. And I just look at where we're at today, November 2024 election, the machine coming at us. Can we pull it together? I mean, I'm really concerned about that. Well, and I think that's to the point. We're going to give this to God right now and then watch where this goes because I don't know if anybody's really prepared for what's coming. We're not going to stop what's coming, that's for sure. But once God gets a hold of it, it's going to be okay. I feel very positive about things, actually, because I like to find things that are wrong. I like searching for problems. And I love fixing problems. So with that said, dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for this day, for Bill, for Karen, for Dan, and for Bob, and for all the brave patriots out there that are fighting for these United States. We ask that you bless the efforts of our hands and our intentions are good. We want our country back and we want you as the head of it because we know that we've screwed up. We've walked away from you and the nation is suffering because of it. The process that we need to go forward is to be following you. We're willing to do that. And all the glory and honor goes to you because it's your sandbox. You're God. We're not. And we're your father. And you've been gracious and wonderful to us. And you take such good care of us. We don't worry about anything. But it is kind of an interesting process to go through to find out all the things that are wrong that are wrong. and to be able to stand up and say, wait a minute, this is an attack on not only us, but on you, our Heavenly Father. And we're willing to stand. We're willing to follow you into whatever it is that you ask us to do. And we ask your blessings and your favor upon every single person out there who's willing to stand unwavering. Bless General Flynn, President Trump, Admiral Rogers, and all the brave patriots that are out there, Ivan Raiklin, and Jeff Bongiorno, Jason Ikes, All the brave patriots out there that are willing to stand, we ask that you bless them. And we love you. You've been a great friend to us, and we want to be a friend to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. And now it's time to that show. Go to because I'm the best non-conceivered or was ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And we're going to continue not to concede to liars, cheats, and thieves from now until our last breath if we have to. So make it a great day today. Please spread this information to everybody that's out there. Let's see if we can get this in the hands of more smart people that know what to do with it. And with that said, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Make a difference, even if it's a difficult thing to do. Make it great today. And do extraordinary things. You're capable of doing anything. Anything God calls you to do, he'll give you the strength, the perseverance, and the means to be able to carry it to the end. And I will see you tomorrow. Tomorrow we've got an update on the kidnapping of Liliana Rose. That's an interesting thing. I got another video last night. I'm sure I'm going to have everybody in the state of Tennessee pissed off that's in the CPS system there. We're going to put it out there in her own words. You're going to be shocked that a 14-year-old, basically, how would you feel if your 14-year-old had somebody who has access to her vagina? I am literally shocked. And we're going to show that tomorrow. And too much to their horror. Nothing can stop what's coming. And then we're going to have a very good friend of mine and a wonderful musician, Mark McKay, is going to be on following that up. So no matter what we see out there, no matter what fights we have, stand on wavering. And if you don't have a good example, be one. Talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day.