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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/8/2023 - Farm Day! - Donna and Karen the Riveter

Published June 8, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

News Update...Fellowship and Fun!! Going to be a farm day today. This is a busy time of the year for all farmers. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the eighth day of june twenty twenty three oh i'm going to i bring in or very spectasset ver talking before we got in line to day amending her in and this morning morningain't you doin warning down the fieramondi and your fire out i am too and i tell it now is thank let's see this thing it's like you know what we we have got too will see it my bed herdemnath barn this morning already oh we we have got to a we are talking about things before we got in line this morning guys and you know what we're all sick of then i think it were done with his soft ball non sense of open stable because people have to know how bad it is and what is coming this way as i i think that we need a preparing is the word for the eh how do you feel about that eh so my day started out this morning i was supposed to have something coming for little concrete form on this good good good friend and he and brothers me really ah non non each other for years or families are friends and i thought he said last night nine o'clock but apparently it was seven so i was getting ready and studied the broadcast so and i had to run over to the barn and and he came back just got back about ten minutes ago and am out here we are so o oh here he going that grand rising and ah you look fine onabout thank you but you cussot there kind of taken in the dirt a little bit and directing where wanescot to go there so sighed and clinton yourselves all is there to onfasten it but anyhow here we are i have a ton of stuff that i pulled up that i think i just want to go through to day but i think that you you brought something to as you watch different channels than i do we we can watch the same ones but but there is a lot of things out of it we can help each other through you know finding thing and up eh ah a refugee the alleged refuge i generalise and and i guess they really want to talk about this because the honesty goodness problem that we have as we were losing people commit crimes and say all with their this or there that and it's the labels that are out there oh i'm sorry crimes are crimes and i don't care what law somebody says to justify why they do things that are wrong once justifications there is no end to it there there is no at it is the way things so what do you think shall i play the video for every one open to give everybody how had he that go morning for forineering i'm goin to give you a warning right now and others nothing this is very disturbing and this is not the first time we had we had in and in a person who identifies as the moslem let's say what they are a criminal it's not a moslem it is the criminal that dropped a forty year old off of the a balcony and a theamerican minnesota few years ago i grant this find the little god boy and dropped one of the felony in the man of mere in a risealienation in all the protected states right wrong this is the criminal and we're going to have to grow a set here and have to to the very ominously is of a or of guide that identifies a syrian refugee no wrong he's a monster he is a monster suidas in words and call it out as such i don't care what background what race whatever is if you do stuff like this in most and so from the identify this sky is not as a man not as a moslem i mean even if they do that it's always political oh yeah men that what if he was like a he works in construction like like any of that man as they they label et in the us easy on to in fact people too a polarized either again people or something going on or two you know so like the faults legs with the guns were going to send somebody in and say we know this is a a or jase for that matter any of these in every bit of this tragedy the old is something that either they plan i believe he planted a believe most sole or paid actors or paid a sash for what they do and then the news gets on and jumps on crease the narrative to mess with our minds what they're doing they are messy with our minds five fifth generation warfare and whose on t is my body general says named general michael to plant and run cutler in hi wanted blood on some day i met him at or if he was there and i didn't formerly meet he meet everybody else but i've got is no for some one coecal in him in notes he so anyhow were a talk about allen borders and what it is when we're naive and of and not done her own reason to actually know what what's going on here the i think most of the people that are praying around as a strange ganders are actually stated after as i believe that there car f go i believe most candidates that were altothe arunnin are fasi have solutely believed that and i believe that there working where am plitical parties the news media as these and we go there too because there's another big expansion on a hospital near us which is attached to the new ofbecause there money laundering like crazy through these foundations and through the colleges and under comes they say no university their own only in doctrine as i put on the time in a couple of himself i know of which i speak with a ham we go to this video and the vireo is it's in a playground in france so this is comintan eighbor hood near you because they had the first problem with open on protected and this is what open borders look like for all you little snow flakes out there who think this is going to be great we're going to be good help for us all of them you know what we've got ninety per son come in on the that are in fact from china and the rest of em are other mostly fighting age males this is what were import right here and i not show it to everybody and if you don't want to see it you better turn it off now because we're going to get into this and also i think we should be getting into some of the cetanini al that's going on because we ought most of us who are a little bit awake now what hilary whom it did ten year old girls and a and a the detectives that were looking into their twelve of or only three of marcel lie because the often just like they did with the people that saw the sassination of president the out and most of those people that sat on the grassy knoll were all in fact off so he were going to by the seine it's the little desert the hasennahetken isles not watching you at the auto itself is brightening this franois this is what is the sky that identifies the monster the crop that identifies as a syrian refugee like that some sort of badge of honor it is in a flagon and his wheeling a knife and he is running around his playground standing in a and in front of the mons an of course because the mons and nobody there is carrying a gone how you're down and and a running rampage going on and i think we're going this is what open bold and with that side i'm disconto had rolled us because this is what we have agreed to from joe biden from job this is what opened borders welcome to refuge and i'm really sorry but you don't we're going to have to face his comedinner you i was suggest every single person out there getting and yet scipio because we're going to have to deal with this kind of nonsense because why we let the snakes had in the snakes are going to bite and the griogair your can they're going to go after your neighbors that's what they do they they are they these people that are coming here are not coming here to the ore their coming here is an invasion to harm us and to absolutely destroy this nation there's a real human cost to that's just the way it is you were going after grow up and he i if somebody had been there with that had been carrying and some square of shape i i'm pretty extreasurer that this sky would have met his maker real quick right there and probably a lot of kids would have been said from this absolute the crop under whatever label he's under monster who went to playground to stepchildren now from from what i've seen in the past ah i have a sinew york mars essence citizens to open their homes to these legal coming in there right not goin to have it not going to have he don't anybody of your your home see make them half the deal with the problem that they that they create it they they are not illegal this is an invading army and its inviolate of the constitution we are not supposed to quarter the enemy they can't force you this is an invasion this is not a humanitarian effort and we no qual that is and and i'm just like i'm just like em you know seeing that video this morning i hope everybody out there is pasted stomach and infuriated the point out of the fact that the government sponsored and france is also happened here it's also he and as pansy our own government part of the groove cries that ice and every one of these bastards is guilty of this the here guilty of the murder of our peace oh from cover from the vaccines i mean we go on and on in the non geweore going to have to call it out for what it is as well as for importing i think now what goes along with that is the human trafficking part of it the churches are taken money for he ah after lutherans bethany christian i am i will challenge that in any debate with any one it's all about the one this is not about he both money and as soon as they get the money they're gone they have no more interaction of these pies so there you go there's a or part of the morning and then also i have heard a lot a mass formations is absolutely and also many of them are already ah love says on new york pars esse of their hostile gals and honor not in so anyhow were gedaliah assassination and i i say is seen jestthe first setting is for everybody out to you conceal carry and make sure that you are in fact care because they have destroyed community police they caught all of the fanny for the sheriff's apartwhich is the one that should be the most founded not not though not the you know the the cottage thing where they sit in the median and he when we got drugs and and the sorting running the mocking and the nation were you know the they they totally destroyed these through and proper processes invasion siberian sides all bideford how short that video was its only what three minutes herself her last and where are the police there it takes them time to get there if the ringplain with your children and some man not even with a gun some man comes around with any kind of weapon and starts to tacking your kids essentialsas kids cause it's what that man fire i panotii was there in all that's the way it should be that there was one man who did not have a weapon but she was taking action and i won't bring up something else cause i'm always talking about comparing contrast and so i'm going to read a little bit about what immigration used to be like this is from the training manual put out by the war department is called train manual number two thousand bastony five washington november thirty nineteen twenty eight sizes the citizenship manuel in park one this says renationalization think it's under section and that fine an uppercase in tait it's under o it's onepart too immigration and naturalization under the constitution congress is given the power over both immigration and naturalization in order to determine their fitness to enter the united states each immigrant on his arrival is subjected to a physical and mental examination by officers of the public health under the immigration act of following classes of persons are excluded from entering the united states in saying idiots epileptics paupers in persons likely to become a public charge professional beggars persons suffering from tuberculosis or other dangerous or low sum contagious diseases persians physically or mentally so defective as to be unable to make a living persons convicted of a crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude polygamous anarchs women or girls imported for immoral purposes in persons aiding in their importation in other words for severs me where is this this is in the arm the training manual the citizenship manuel is called two thousand dash twenty five so if you do sir conminacin it in down one a contract labourers children under sixteen on accompanied with certain exceptions no alien an eligible to citizenship is admissible to the united states all aliens brought into the country in violation of the law are if possible immediately sent back to the country whence they came on the vessel bringing them at the expense of the vessel on there is also a heavy fine upon the transportation company or vessel owner for unlawfully introducing immigrants into the united states because the great influx of non asitemal people which tended to lower american standards of living and to better develop a homogeneous body politic congress in nineteen twenty three passed the immigration restriction and then it's got some sense as information but that gives you an idea of what they were looking for and looking not for in emigrants earlier i mean this was not long before you and i were born is within a another hundred years so it's a a generation or way if you can't come on a ship and you can't prove yourself worthy of being productive member of our society you get back on the ship and the ship that brought you here whoever alms that is responsible for the not the tax peers they now put you on a plane i send you back now the one who sent you here has to pay for it ah and i don't know how we do that at the border because at the time we were we were hardly having immigration that way i mean they didn't talk about it as in terms of coming across a northern or as other border or talking about coming on a ship cause that's probably how most people were coming back then but but there was a there is a standard comparing contrast this guy had probably come on a bow escorted by police to or was flown and by the state that themselves two two are havoc the will the government is definitely participating there england ireland france are all having the same kind of problem and it's the government actively participating to bring these criminals into their country purposely and then like like roserather about it here will the american people are kind of shoe what do you mean the the mare's got a put somebody up in his home the ring like a foreign minister something in rightstenacious sorrentonians that there and you know so shanorison with i'm not a magazine a line of her recombining the stag like this guy ithated into the the governor's mansion that they're going to go to casoho dog tender and bring a bunch of kids and that's what they're going to do the picrate said so well that the children that's what that my higher up you know i'm in watching this woman who who all she can do is scream and am not i not picking on her for her inability i don't know what the law is there but i'm guessing they can't carry ah what she had she she was in such a panic i don't know if she had anything that she could have used it her hands like the man with the back pack at least he had that he had some sort of protection for himself and in ability to use it as a weapon to push this man away or whatever he could do ah and she is there lately in capable of protecting her child on a stroller and she may have had two children look like a large starlore what on earth would you do if you were heard if it were me my hands would be in the way i think i think a monk the manacor and me would have been fighting him off even if it meant i got slashed in the process because i wouldn't stand their screaming but his idiot even pick up a handful of sand and throw it in the eyes you know and conflagration i can can think about that and i like a set on picking honor because i'm not a man and i wasn't there and i don't know what it's like and so am if for her case i am not an pickin her or station alontresor way you on enigmas so prepare you know to think as in of your genointo situation you should always look to see it one o things i do as always look for all the aces i always look for the actes i want to know my way out canonicas something goes wrong i want to know my options in the way out and and and that sort of thing at all so thick around me for some you know you you have no idea if you're in a spot if you if you need do if you need to have something i mean you should be assassin that in the world the other world around is be situational awareness in art you know who is around to how close the this something look wrong are they acting in a peculiar way and if they are start watching em or get out and opening on how threatening it as he now that has a evasions we have is not engage yet get out of the way to set he the first thing that i in any self defence that that the enanthe's times that you stand your ground but if you can get away your much you're much better but the last the last thing you do is standing in can't hit it can't hurt you that's right and so move move out of the move out of the area of the first thing you that's what they teach in and you know cranial black belts will learn that what's that what's the first thing you do if you get a tack bible but to people get move and get away from him if you can if you have to stand it fight then you stand and fight and then fight with everything you have one we we we we can to think in terms of the accidents are injury like i can't tell you how many times i've taken her red cross class because they're the ones that the all for it usually is it's them taken it many times actually years ago used to be certified to teach it i was certified in first day spared that first day and teaching all of the above and i actually in masticot i i single handedly created a pet first day horse that was based on a course that kent county was teaching but they didn't have it organized really well for the teachers to pick up so i went down to get a county and watched what they were doing and then i put that together with the way that the red cross instructors for regular peoples first said sir or teaching and created a coarse for them that any instructor that was familiar with the co pick it up anyway so i have some experience there and am i had a pretty good instructor in when we were learning how to teach it ah and going through the the first a class we had scenarios which was really cool means she she created an outdoor scenario where the horace and the driver was dienecus me diabetic so they were having that kind of emergency and then they started shouting about their baby and we had to find the baby in the bushes and the back parking lot and it had catched up for it consisted it was interesting cause we had another snare or the instructor side you got to go down the hall you're going to do go in the room and you're going to find sein and it was interesting to me because i started headed down the hall on his going to the problem and i suddenly realized it was kind of by myself everybody was behind me not like this were in sentrywe know we're going toward us and area and people are so afraid that they hung back that was an intriguing to me because i'm like were supposed to be the people rushing forward to help or are you guys but even that's the kind of thing that if you're not training yourself what would i do in a situation where somebody collapses can i jump in and help or am i just going to stand by am i the one will ken call nine one one is that my skill set cause i could do any of it i can call that one wanted communicate what they want to hear not just what i want to tell them oh i can monitor traffic before the sheriff department comes there catatonie i've done that um i can i can do she par cause i'm train in it but i can't do it for very long so can i teach somebody on the fly too hey i'm running on a brass there it all these things are things that people should be prepared for it in a lot of people are but can you also see yourself in a scenario for and you have at you you do have to do it aheadative you're yes right and make that decision if this happens i am willing to stop and so in like you said with how with kadiyo can take any kind of self defense class i took one that was phenomenal on have to look it up cause i always forget what it's called but it was a police organization that thought it and it involved a little bit of lecturer and conversation about situational wareness basically the kinds of things that can happen with women's wit rewoven specific we did some physical warm ops and then some exercises how can you punch and kick ah how to target certain areas of the body in certain situations we practice we had padding on and we practised with one another and then they took us right into scenarios where would have somebody grabbed you for me hight when you do you don't have to be an expert in karaite know that you can do something and in how do you focus you focus on making a noise no is what you say no every time you push you say no every time you kick you say no every time you elbow you say no every time you use your head you say no all the parts of your body came he used his defense weapons and if you have some idea of how to use those things you can defend yourself in any kind of situation you may not be successful but at least you can try we can make me across you have to take your best option and your best option is to is to you know you know what you know i mean i don't want your successful or not that to eat it you don't just lay down and do nothing the most kinges yea that that's me i would there are situations where if your instinct says to freeze or to go on for a time that might be your best option but having the situation awareness and a confucius will help i think through what and one can you do somethin to protect yourself when he got hopes that that course that i took was was so fantastic an at the end everybody with through some scenarios were they told us okay there's three differences in marias you're going to go through to you don't know which one and they don't tell you exactly what's going to happen they just tell you how it's going to start and what your goal is you're givin a gold and then they having gone through the course with me they knew what might lure me how could somebody take advantage of me personally and lure me and as a trap i m so that was one of the scenarios i did well but the instructor was one of the instructors was completely padded up so can't hurt him and on that that was a really empowering course it could also let's put you into a place where you are and the defense you're innocent are you know you're perfectly safe really but can you think your way through it and the other instructor was there to remind me to hate you got a free arm muse you you know okay okay yet so that if i am ever attacked i have i have some experience we know it's beyond the comfort level but but i have experienced in that sad something for me i like to be able to see or imagine something before i do it well i've got some experience now i know that i'm right handed but i can punch accurately with my left just as strongly and accurately as my right that was a huge thing for me i've never tried that before but in practice on like that wasn't his hard as i thought it would be actually capable so if i punched somebody in hurt myself with my right hand or if i got caught trying to protect if child for escaping knife i still got a light left hand it's completely useful to me and i would not have considered that to be a strong point but it is perfectly capable it wasn't until it went through that course and i've been through a marchal arts course that and that really taught me that that experience so preparing a head learning how to think learning how to have an awareness learning how to focus learning some paces that help you use your head instead of panicking like it sounds like that woman was she was just in a panic she never never come into his sight kind of situation before never thought through it i do that sometimes i'm driving along on mike well he with that driver and next to me suddenly acted in essort of way what would i do where is armed agstafa you know you're doing other situation awareness in your looking at you know though you're doing a risk assessment as you're going through your day wore on and you know the justeven things around you and what would you do in una the tape of prosiness ye no panics of andes so type of person like you that one it was prepared to my mind it doesn't make me a fearful person wore an anxious person to think about things in those terms i dust i like to think ahead may like to paper it's that looking at the risks and being prepared now oh with the banks and eminent danger of collapse i believe that the banks are going to collapse i believe that we're going to sleep melt down and everything that i've seen a tells me so in twenty nine which means the smart individual is going to say well if i can't get to the store or i can't get you don't want to though for five or whatever things should hennadiy basis maybe i'm going to go stock up along in a prepared does that make you crazy now it makes you and and is so don't prepared and in all its and i think that's important i know that that i used to tell a lot of people that were round me at ten decentemente i have the you know real estate and i would always tell the tell the tenants remember your best weapon right now on if somebody is something looks wrong hold that phone now and get a pitcher and quickly send it to one i actually used in several situations where somebody was actually threatening me with god it was years and then he called them out on some and i i won't ride up there and i went snap snap i got both of em and i sent it to its and the guy was mad he was fine cause you want to see you assowaun edith my front and let no one like you if you're supposed to be here than you had nothing to worry about if you thought you move because you're i know all of your information is now hands the detective and you're going to be set and in they took off they never came back again and it was it was kind of an interesting thing so all these things that you can you it's not to be afraid it's just like a thing that we talk or as i talk about a lot of tell sebjects for people that deal with because why it's she it's just a drop and you we can hide within hiding where the one like a much asteraster heads to the for so long rather than to look at this and that this is this is a real thing and so we're going to prepare for that so that we are prepared ahead o time not so sparse ves for every one around us i for example of yesterday we were we i was i was able to get back here i can pull up red ah if you if it for any one out there every one should have a store of food a slow but of a store of water things that you need stay held the ancle maybe even fluids for your car but you gallonsof oosana prise or of a viper fleat or oil or transition or any of those things that not use gas is i don't know people are thinking about this takes more than just putting gas so in or some of those things that you know some some roll to string a rope as you never know you may need to have more plastic bags or one things that you can find of that you can use to it in a new growth how you goin to say it what are you going to do if you grow it and you pull it out o the grand you know i've got a bunch of people that are now incubating too around the i am a oneencouraging the raising the theei've got it cold incubator out in a couple and giving them eggs so that they in surly incantatore toward i'm just letting people used my activators and giving them the eggs as the more we decentralize and the more people we have around the which are doing these activities it won't matter it's just like if we have organization like the amish and power goes out the banks go down there on to care they're going to keep no one so that the the the the patter the the it's already sitting in front of us to be prepared we discount to be willing to you know get off our behind an act i personally i on you know i am going to say it yes i'm going to go there okaynow all of this this a body positively nonsense nonsense just like anything else were the trying to convince that unhealthy pret which you want your old had log yours as great but if you got a tack her coming after you and you can't spring away from that or jump in and have enough physical health to help the people round you a sitting duck and that's it's like i'm sorry but it is if you're not eating healthy so your body is an optimal can you imagine our military going into a war zone and we are at war and having them half of em way four hundred pounds on pretty exercer that were to lose that worn its can be very quickly they are not going to be physically fit enoch in order to carry out what they need to and and that's that that's just the way it is i used to do power lifting that i mean i was in real good shape in my thirty sixteen how and on indent see now i work out every single day and either it's either either i go i go work out somewhere or in the giornothe yin the gem remind the thebobolite good shape for some years old i would match myself against a lot of twenty year olds and prone to be let and that's not like breaking right as much because i believe in now when i was in my thirties and i was powerlike i was doing four hundred and sixty two ropes to work out six days a week plus an or a picaro every single day and so you know i would laugh i would laugh at the guisethe jim that work you do i was in a competition with with the the guide held the senor mast world record was in that jemmy was like o my size as far as height wise but the sky was you know the sky was a help seen the world whirl record and he could but that cross about for is probably four fifty and his mace and such is availeth little weight to the eyes to go in i will i wouldn't go away against you conopeion or i you don't even have to be big you just have to have low time you look at far morse is supposed people that are gen rats and i can say generates cause i was a gem at and i'm not right now but i enjoyed being a generic and i you see people that are working every single day out there and they would take a gem rat in and they may not look big but they could take a gem rat you don't in in a in a very decisive way and o that preparedness i really believe we need to go back to that you're you're every five pounds that you put on that's not enough is an extra i think i heard one time that if you have for every every so many pounds is an extra a hundred pounds on your knees on your joint org maybe that's why my negerslaven even ten pounds ever is a lot to carry that slows you down in his werinher on your body he is you can feel good about yourself wherever you are i'm not saying that we are in a war and an it's in every one's best in to be re you know he in supplies that you have the skills that you have in tools that you have enough if this thing she when these go is all the hell i'm pretty extra sure i wouldn't want to be sitting there like a like a dependent little dock on a log hoping somebody comes by to give me a morsel of food or water i want to be the one to sitting on a log one oke like going to do we're going to get these for finer were going to do this over here in order to help the most of mounteagle and that starts with an individual on and our negro the chetimachas says calling lancing to day on h before for seven seven and each before for seven four i ameile now to day i call good job think short for fighting patriot dawns so cinyps a good length for the manual thanks i will a holesome telegram channel which is at brandenburg how it radberg the number four am i ah a new one resist good morning hello here and it's the shank odono for you for all your tone and efforts around pratosha you so much i preche to bring something else up right now i've got a new tool in doing a different in the one this thing out if we're talking about the wild fires and there was a tiesbach of videos coming out showing new york city being yellow we've had some heromich gan i can catch at sun rise and sun set a little bit seeded effusion in the the atmosphere but it is all about the fires not much to look at the state of michigan right now and the work we heard about the fires and grayling but let's just check this out a minute because we have not one fire we have this hour and in organismen on this of where we do have wildfires now why is it that only some of them are making the news some of them we have a lot of wild fires and and i think this is one of those things no the man prone we are his trappolin could then too yes i i can post that one right now so we got iron mountain we've got up there by us in ava we've got em you know close to ah i got him the now head we've got a lot of em look at all the fires that we have borne around the state of mincing a lot and i think that something case even around he iknowyou got you got some run skin you've got your you know we we've got some wonder those are not very far away o click yes in that hour there closed their close to you i i think that this cannot be i'm not believing that these are all and i am not believing that these are all innocent it i just not i'm not i'm not willing to believe oh i know that we're very dry i'll give you that as some of esh but when you look at thirty six hundred acres around grayling i sundred acres there is another article that i saw when i was checking us out to the a thousand acres that that that went up so wonder once grandly i think square miles think about miss land that and then also watched the locks the horizon a little bit you can see the yellowness in the atmosphere and on new york city as got a real prompt youlook at any of the men ps here minutes that is that you got akansea thishe oh post that length i like you to check and i saw some image as yesterday there true if its true cause the only images i well actually there was a video of the women and she had written on her chest and belly this is claim it crisis and she had a pink wig on and a violin and she was shouting at people about the climate cracksman's this is not noble she sets in imagethat right is that he has dryweather was a very very yellow sky all around her so i'm going to put that out because that i know what's retalking locates his note but this is just the way it is to in that war youmale's not made up news images with a filter so are now you look at that look at the sky he on prettinesses is not normal but that's all right i said it that i went there you saved the de when i see is right it is not normal there's nothing in that image tensors nothing there that's normal that old thing is not not more residencethe good point but it's not it's not a and it is to some degree probably a bit of acrid reclinat crisis ecologically these fires and the in the flooding ukraine those are those are not normal in the large eagle decay very damaged in they are damaging to people i menaggio on face book and people people are in there from canada and america and in people starting to ask hey this is really bad or i live should i keep my goats shut up in a barn for days is that not a note this is not normal everybody in the answer by the way most people said just there rest rectoress tems are different than ours and their more capable of handling it but if you've got a birds foul and do have more susceptible respiratory systems and in very honor dis co run through few few news items this morning that i thought work had of ines these laventine heard about that i have i've done it for years forgot colonels easy thing in his cases seventeen or later a man that so a latrobe seventeen is a is apricot colonels and is where you can get it or you can buy it in such it it was outlawed and the united states of america that your supposed to not be able to buy it it's also the and that's an and so i actually i've done a lot of work with his and i o king o apple seeds have arsenic in them too radiotherm thereon so is be sumenstein of lateral i've eaten and i done anything they said side wood probably harm you have probably done it at some his cause i never lie and so yes i will eat the ample cold corn see because that has been seventeen and it just like the picot colonels and so so you just got to know he just got a hot take it i mean if eight you're going to be stupid and eat and eat a whole bunch of me in your progenitor but the same thing goes for ah as per one or any the other things that we normally so there is that there's something to do with that and they did study there's that there is a bunch of people that they did study it's part of their diet and they have zero can so there ye others down as little plug for i look into it i could postiling out there and in it works miraculously you get sorethroat ing like that and you're going to felt ah there is another one that don't want to put out here for you and i thought this is interest i felt i dothaesetai locks the digital id programme days before the disaster as col shrub recently opinion the future globe had money will be dependent on the mystery of avantgarde nologie which were once relegated to the rome of site a year since and save with that power in mind technology advancing articlehell ence synthetic biology and other pillars of the world economic forms so called fourth and australis and o'er a captive capture humanity of with that in there had begun of her med into our everyday lives perhaps no greater example of the imperadio of technocratic eletto harness these technologies as the digital id so east palestine actually has be i'm not says the worst environmental disasters and the u s history now it was an i infect to to an environmentalist he was count laughing at how the sight and i said yes i was done with it when i saw the couplers on the so it's all for optic reels but the digital id the one that i would be the most root of this whole thing they go canisteo a new thing that i saw the morning shared from london no people here in america law of all these stores but all these in london has a as a thing where when you go into the store your met with coniato booth then or whatever they call it at the subways reigota pay the turn stile they have something like that where you have to have an apt they have big sinage everywhere and on you have to have an apt and skin your ap in order to even enter the store by grose so it's another digital as backwardwho that's your your local grocery store you have to have a digital access in order to buy food have you ever seen those those o the family far has it they've got these little roots that the co round the stores allegedly a doing inventory control blinks at you and such as like weird like a pulse that just kind of moves around the sole and suppose we do an inventory i sheteth picture of this thing these things are he and now just congos down the aisles and so as to an inventory on like i don't know what you're doing or looking at he is all get okay american thinker he is another thing i came or i so as anybody has ever run has known there there's nothing more fundamental to lectionary taking a list of registered voters knocking on the doors pitching their candidate handing each flyer in getting them all out there l steinbock of leconte sending how absolutely and confident though oughtent incompetence republican part of this is all done by des i'm sorry performing this task last week they did a story vol can see the candidate is so bad that it like it was likely to lose the son at elections and they could not deliver well there is more to the story and massive ingle for they absolutely our not cleaning out the rule so is you wrong for candidate you can effect by less of republicans and the iron see is not a a is not maintaining their list so they're not maintained a list of whose actually republican whose note plan whose whose foreland whose at the houses so ascended are handed these less or buying them you have in twenty twenty two received the horse lists for several sins compared them with our own less and found that the iron sea lists to be to fifty per cent in accurate this into all of the republican party and it is it is it has there enough or is by design i allowed its by design because a party and they want to an advertising the person of all adverse but nobody knows which can be applied to excel electionerin advertising with a coyoat we know exactly which because with fract with fracto we create less that our ninety nine per cent actrates not this is a king of those things with natives seth cachopostate something the more i think this morning eh about maricopa county having difficulty getting people involved volunteer and besanded pretty disgusted that they have they the whole community knows that they have terrible elections ah and apparently there does not rising to the occasion and for a guylike him to see that happening and be like hello people that was the attitude i got from a quick reed of his post yeah ah that will there's so much going on this pad the oukonson thing to remember remember god's rainbow his summer colors the pride rainbow has remember that when you're looking at it so the air forces you and when the hole all of these all of these on are or not about the political gindiana gondasch and to his part of the colorable to manipulate pepe it has nothing to do with people's rights or equal rights they've weaponized testing i asked the united the earth forces using taxpayer might to fly service members two branch pride on our ten dollars so now our text dollars too absolutely end the us air force is off authorize force commanders to use taxpayer money to cover the travel cost service members he to attend the branches up coming pride i'm sure that we all feel good about the fact that our tax dollars are being used to fly the military around to these events of chaos oh injun in mariana a malmoleco the director forces office of diversity and inclusion issued a memo note of angrante several come whatever related anson by which is a for ortol wright who most ridepart ment of the air force according to the mammal are space force commanders will be permitted to you you like nip to pay for service on under the command to travel to participate in a serapide oft department of get this with a son this year's d e f pride so that apartment of air force is those are a department of air force events that the fond not only are they fontenoywas to say in her not only have they fondante travel there finding the be of that i don't even know his i i think everybody should check their libraries because it was pointed out to me that in moschion county the maskegan public library has three pride events happening this month one of them is a drag queen story hour in the library that's where your tax dollars are thank you all you irresponsible american hat while pieces a crap sitting in off in he again this is not about equality or promoting the diversity of the melting pot of america this is about weakening the family and allowing for the growth of pedophilia some people have a hard time making that they'll call it a leak it's not very far a week a week and see it now again this is one of those things he that our country is had to to see it to have it thrown in the face sargesson the other day about how it seems like we're getting that slap in the face like we used to see in the old movies or cartoons where somebody's in a panic and it's usually a woman and she's she's in a panic and she's a and they slap erin the face or throw a bucket of water on her and the laugh yeah an an it's always been seen his kind of a joke or as a you know come on use your head we need you to be thinking and focused like i was talking it's like america has been so lulled into like that i said of a week or two ago it's like boiling that frog and the pop really slowly the guides though oh great diversity is is important we can you know being nice to each other that's important i know god loves everybody yet that that's true but ah that's how you boil the pot slowly and now we get to this point where am i shared another radio this morning of a seventy year old man travelled to meet a father somebody he thought was a father with a thirteen year old girl i saw that at an he said oh you brought her up rule good sexually because the father was going to submit his daughter to this strange man for sex as this is not it's not intercourse this is rare this is assault even though the girl was like a just okay that makes me feel better you you told me that you've done this before with another thirteen year old and in that makes me crewmore comfortable no this is called rape it's called peter plan how do you get there as his society you get there by saying it's so togolese other things with children they have this cap in their schools so that they don't know who they are in its matter and mean kids have trouble learning a lot of us still don't know who we are in when you're away am i wonder how i origanifolia what i want to do with my life the pretty much now we obygir so here and i'm really not confused i am not confused at all on any level what's the lover it's like i could he put my dainty my stuff that he in either is never better confute may my grand you got to tell maybe love tidiness one he was either with shocker was whipped him could i listed the bow for the listener of her shell eyes terday with him and you see if i that your husband's house crature your husband's not confused depressed jo was not confused ojos has no confusion it can of the onions telepholis my husband's not just a man he is a man's man you know like he men loved my house he's really he's he's really funny and just at tootal avonhoe lies out of respect for him you know this is no my deal this is what i do but i'm just going to tell you that they had a ah i've just i'm just not in i do piccolomania called people laugh about their like your lictor guy and a girl suit and in like ye that probably is so that is i don't get into this i don't know this little girl nonsense emotional crap that the drama stuff that goes on i just don't get into it it's very hot and dry for and one thing about it is it's your not you not when you get to that point in life you're not manipulated by your emotion anybody could literally say anything to me and i like our key that's how you think i am right he or you're not i'm not going to own your psyche you can go and your little he away and have your little crazy day and i'm going to be over here shoveling manopla ning things thicker cord when i be dave dog but i'm certainly not going to rent any brain space to any one in is not worth my time i'm not willing to give other people that part of my life or any minute of my life to be manipulated or to be ah i don't know run around like a trot for a psychopath in hongo back to this ah they say charles is yes i have these seventeen eight and those they say it's good or bad can as mansoul say you can ease in this as you what but ah you should look into it at any red i'm almost i was got run over and family there by that robot love sis jane too a bit his keep come on you got to get out of their way to holes run you down and goes to the blinking as booksnow we have the asinaria in which for self defense purposes you imagine yourself getting over run over by a robot in the grocery store how did he respond tritogeneia that's sceneryflora istigatre want to compass her anything not he lost in space pic i shall her office of she did come she said her officerhood me ah rabbet bepolished rabochaya there phone number five ones seven the and three zero eight two o o call her back my public function he that said something about the red flag los ah he yeh i cassilago callaway anyhow i here we got from the three top mag abangs the us is a cave over one hundred and fifty trillion in derivative hazlitt on sustainable to me it but who am i what is the derivative a derived of is a side bet basically a dormitive is a financial that derives its value from something else and others that's the way the frequent flatirons were if you really want to know frequent flyer miles or actually a form of cone you can catch them in for anything at just offer flight and the air lines are actually worth if you had to look at the air lines value that most of them have a sly no value the only value they have as coming from the frequent flyer miles right and ovid no instrument that derives its value for something else what nearly collapse the economy in two thousand eight and now it's a thousand times worse this is white he had passed the death sailing bell which now the discolorates further which is going to put us into more or inflation i heard that that food is going to more than double and valuable sacassas spout timethat we put a brown food guys could be could be thinks to be worse penteget rid of all of the yacht the natives and the bogs of the throwing and are food as well as a hormone in answers knowles of the stuffy put into throughout you in neediness come so not altogether bad it's just so be better this is why they had to pass the deep debt ceiling bill if they did it's likely that the entire banking system would have collapsed now it's going to collapse he just pushed it off for and it's going to make it worse eventually it will any way and you want to have the tools of to and as such as your fiat thunderers are notes will be i agree with that oh it's time too for we you need to have the ability to grow your own food and i really think that we should be teaching classes i mean i know i counted from farman to you know raising animals to a to i know huntoseamal i've done the as well as on preservation canyon dey own whedon i think my husband's head experienced can i have not well my man may have done it years ago i am i know my neighbor my neighbor invited us to participate in the real lock small local group where they do just that everybody shares from their own experience but they were doing an on sunday mornings the only time and i said well we're in church on sunday morning so sorry unfortunately we couldn't do that but oh the live stock thing is been new to us and we've we've grown and grown and paines last few days i've been working on a new aspect of grumingen and we've been having conversations about whether we want to keep the gods long term because people are sewing them right now eh like us there some with kids that are trying to sell them and by that chould say goat kids were not trafficking by love our boys are well they're all three nine weeks old it now in the boys are getting the little bit more hard to handle because the way they behave toward the girls especially especially quick being he is a nuisance to the girls oh so were mom is his doing her own form of weaning and oh but we're going to have to start separating the boys more and within a few weeks we'll be looking for new homes for at least some of the gold and so we have a decision to make do we want to try to find a home for all of them or just the boys oh we're all three kids but keep the older too they've done a terrific job with our ah a raspberry we have a lot of raspberry and in parts of our yard and it gets overwhelming sometimes in its really hard to get rid of em like you can't just mow it down the idon'tcare over your head and it's thick and your danger else mary's door the early ones the late ones of the fall once cause there's lots of different you can have rashers all your long now these are the they grow the berries and the fall oh i don't have any fall one these are wild though an they em what's the best there going to be able to adapt all day they now they're spreading into another part of what we call the out back because it's very very sandy and there grow it's growing more that's one reason why i let the got out the other day because i was hoping they would find that patch they haven't yet but they just browse it down and from you very great you had some rasberry wolvedon i corsincon the girl with so homehere is one set this occipitalisthe cassinos on obsessedthough sits and so now now it now he really come to this is what's happening here his dicrotic hansombody here goodsell rabbits and chickens we've gotten an no pretty well we can handle most anything that happens with them and medically if you come into a situation where there's a medical emergency or a drama to a god or to or a rabbit or a chicken we put her around so we can just put an animal out of its misery and it's not a terrific loss a god is more like a pet here cause we have few of them and the kids we've got in to be quite affectionate weaves pecially my husband cause he's not a learned it too honowenato out you you you are you have turned your goes on the potentialas thee always we've always wanted to enjoy them as pets at first in one nothing to do with us because they were afraid ah and they were sociable in their old farm and approached us and were curious and stuffed but he took a while for them to get used to us and then with the kids the kids have been really affectionate specially with him ah but gods have a lot more needs medically on those trimings the an i'll go to have parasites all the time and like with a dog you you find out they have worms you give em a treatment and then they don't have worms any more pretty much now that i'm not simpson's go away but with goats there constantly they have constant parasites and its own really big issue because the parasites are building and immunity and so you can't just give him the same medication over and over and over because they'll develop the hardiness to it and then you can't it won't be effective any more so some people rotates through different kinds as some people don't ever do it some people constantly do it and some people are very careful and well like any like you and i we do research so we researched a little bit eh you can take all year and study parasites and still learn something the next year with goats and so what we did was recently we got a i know but you patients say us unionnot the guy over used it he he never got any slide so he says he didn't use it so it like bran new microscope and i got a kit from a gold lady she she puts these kits together so you can do your own feeble testing you can either send these things how on every animal to a lab every so often in check the parasite loading your goats or you can do it yourself and i said what this might be kind of fun you not as a biology student in college so i couldn't do this so i got the cat and it might sound strange but eight i picked up some poor started doing the testing and is not working for me i don't know what i'm doing wrong cause in following the instructions i've tried a couple of different methods and i either our gods are really healthy and there's just no care of sides in them or i'm not finding the so i think some there's a missing a step my husband is going to try it too he's going to independently read the instructions and in try it out and see if there's something that em it's just a technique than on missing but so now in my well are going to have to pick up pooh every so often and send it out to some other agency to determine if our help us determine if our goats are or in a sick state with parasites because you have do you have to look at their eyes to find out is kind o like you know i like with a dog or a cat you look under the lamp and see if they're gone colors pale with goats you do not with your other eyes is called for macha there's a scale and you look at the body condition in their shiftiness well well our mamma just had nursed three kids after having four and that can put her in a place where she has a higher parasite load costermans tems and i'm so because she looks so thin she she really thinned out a lot within weeks of having her kids because she's nursing them a lot and so he wanted to make sure that she wasn't also getting sick but this is this and am doing hope trimming is it sure to these kind of things well we don't have to do that kind of stuff so much with our other animals so is it is it worse we you have to look at the cost benefit we really enjoy the company of the gods there very entertaining their clearing out the vegetation we don't have a vet to work with a their hard to find in our area that will work with gold and now so there some there some things that are on pleasant about god ownership and an we've we've tried it for a year or less and were doing in determine if he wanted continued keeping them or just focus on our other meat chicks and rabbits we've got poets now and weighing hens and those those i'll take a lot of our time and we also discussed well we had one that was dead on arrival and we had another that we thought we were going to have the bottle he and i said what if i had a bottle feed and we both so dedicated like a that would have been a hard ship this year it's something that i enjoy i enjoy short term care for baby animals i used to do well like free have too so i've been through that kind of thing i raised and release fourteen pawns i put up that i don't know you could see if honist so these are the different of these a medicine but we we do it oh we do a four times a year schedule we do not do a a see schedule we were together and so but i wanted to show her body showed her body the onethe if you go i was strong these are the ones that i use it's something similar to them that's the schedule there that you know you you basically if i can look at a couple of these that you can you were on on because that that's the best way too a tack the use different he used to i don't know his i beneiceon with with what i've read with gold tis is kinesrin quest as achates a quest proud up that the breeder recommended for barber pole worms i think it is while it the funny thing about this too is that when you are when you are persian horses and then he can you can look at the i we have a chart that we use on what we use when we use the weave warm for time and so that they know you can start singing what but the one thing she was if you rotate if you wrote your your horses and you don't have a situation like this where are you you know the eat the eggs on the grass what we few moves them around the little bit then it goes through the cycle and then the pastors naturally clean themselves then so might my whole thing is as the people think that you don't have parasites in you you're not that's why i've mackinok so well on they are out you know you can you can a maintain yourself as well as maintain animals i say about it pretty easy that's how he do it sometimes i shoot at their foods the thick the sorrentine mouth and for the past one in another consideration for us because we've only got one area that we really want to keep the boats yorethe time they stick to one part of the area so their constantly the yard is is really care of long on course with the desiderat that we were experiencing that part of it too it is just covered with dirt and go poore the then the they pick their favorite places to lay they dig into their ground and paw before they laid so there's by the gay there's by the po shooting over her wide the shelter they have these favorite spots where they like to all the time and that well is atteinte property too long term do we want that with chickens there surplices of the yard that the chickens have pretty much died you were there pen sits next to the house it's just dirt and its its packed and places and its whole himpeace you could hold in my graveled driveway that would have to to shovel some more gravel just to fill the hole because we'll be walking around the graveled ridway and all the sudden you'll sink in chilonhow were you dust bathing right there the he thinks it is a spot to hard and they'll start scratching it and pretty soon you've got a hole in your yard where they've decided to make a dust full and we've got all this property the aryans were they go in on a regular basis for they don't do a lot of damage and in there are other arians were he utterly dister and that they find their spot we we ended up putting mister mister sprinklers by a rounder chicken pens when it got really hot so that if they get you know the they get their spots and now they do spade in such weepes sprinklers around him so that we turn it on for a while to kepe so cool in the on the ground and the guides love at the chickens had then is so much but there theoryother a would like it when the spring on they would rather go to a puddle in their inner enclosures rather than the other water so which is kind o funny you know you watch em and you know your animals the charlotte says three pages to call to day could this be real bridore jerry had no clue on gosh do you think the remote working still i don't know if anybody's even there i mean it whenever i've been the landing there isn't even anybody there they had there was one gathering that their use in the lawn the camp at all that i was there one day when i dropped off oh my simson to the attorney of my signature to lean on knots out on the only one in the state that is seems to have any evidence because i'm not sure that they even kept any of it or if they destroyed it all so i kind of a kind of a mother bad on one so anyhow eh this all interesting well i think i've got a get back to a actualitythat my smoutie but a i may be even a good time the and so in a why don't we why don't we i and for to day and charles as you i think they're working from their home i don't even venture in land see i've seen no motion of actual life the and a quiet so i don't know what they doing so anyhow conniston more saying before we close cause they started in a training manual and i liked though on for those of you who are going to get one of these on line it's in the first section oh it's on citizenship is the first lesson in number thirty is where it says i am an american and his is one of my favorite places i've posted it before i am an american is a challenge to the highest ideals and aspirations of mankind to self sacrifice and devotion to loyalty and patriotism the joyful work and courageous achievement to magnanimity and charity to all and malice to none as we see cleapole and perpetuate the principles of our great republic i live an american i shall die in american and i intend to perform the duties and comment upon me in that character to the end of my career i mean to do this with absolute disregard of personal consequent what are my personal consequence what is the individual man with all the good or evil which may be tied him in comparison with the good or evil which may be follow great country and in the midst of great transactions which concern the country's fate let the consequences be what they will i am careless no man she can suffer too much no man failed too soon if he suffer or if he fall ill the defence of the liberties and constitution of his country daniel webster lastly in the days of the csars i am a roman citizen was a proud exultation declaration it was protection it was more it was honor and glory twenty centuries of advancing civilization have given to the declaration i am an american a higher and nobler place it stands to day the fore front of earthly titles in proclaimed the sharing in the greatest opportunities it is a trumpet called to the highest fidelity it is the diploma of the world the highest which humanity has to that was judge brewer of the supreme court again this book was written in nineteen twenty eigh so i pulled something upon line here my getting close to it you saw some books for sale on line oh and don't think so since evan be give some more words set to go horses citizenship manual it's called the training the nel atradin manuel while that's inspecshun me and you won't let me we get back to the title page he i can read right off the angan this and shook turning round oleoand promptly posted if we do a search of my page in training manual war department number two thousand extent five so if you do training manual two thousand dashed twenty five you'll find it is the sky here is the sky here that i grant there that you are on pity so the sentence the war department or the constitution dator i don't know i've got both hippotades tal and i've got a printed bergson but it's a slightly differ it's it's pretty cool everybody should read that if you can and in for me that for section on it's about citizenship what does citizenship actually mean here eh that is the first statesandthere is that membership in a nation which includes full civil and political rights subject to such limitations as may be imposed by the government thereof this is nothing about being a devoted to a another entity in the way our government uses it to day citizenship is all about being subject it's about being subject to a government and that is not what a representative republic is government is subject to we the people sober men and women living on the land we are not subjects of the government so they changed the definition of citizenship in this is passing the but that its convenient yes yes how how convenient verily an inconvenience the continued the indoctrination in pomp nor minds full in one whiles masinus it's very cool when he bring a inowthe things that they know you know i'm looking at the channel little bed and the you know everybody brings something on the table if they know when we help each other till learn new things and a two broad and what we do know so i was to the table she why don't we go ahead and move in the prayer here and then we're going to get on ardeaantigone check on a few things dear have the father thank you so much for bringing us saltothe for providing for us and giving us directions we can in fact i have have a protection from the world around us when you when we chinese these sons thore having around us we we know that your showing us things that we need to take in consideration we pray for those mines and these and these kids over and in france who had that brutal attack by a a monster we prayed for the man that attacked the we asked that you would absolutely a man's heart and and do a miracle within this man who attacked and stabbed monchiquites we asked for you to give a divine he owing to those cold and their mothers helped them to know how to cope and give give every one in the site your favored turn around not just this day now we have no the pass but things going forward in the future we know that you allow things to happen to sometimes we don't understand why but we do know that you are good all the time and what we can do it these things just like a garden or lives are like gardens that you'd given us the things that are totally manure terrible and turned the men to act situations which are good and we make that commandment to you to use all of those things that happened in our lives that are not ideal that are horrible their bad experiences for us that are painful that that we wish never happen and turn them around in for good in this world that we would never go omit those things that we would help ah restore this world that we would turn our lives over to you and we would walk on an individual basis before you doing to do to be stores of the word help us all to each other here to unify under your banner the banner of christ one of one that the kingdom of god that we would absolutely unify under your king that it would be your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven in if we actually moved in that direction his problems would be gone they would go away and the west for that and for every single person that every one would bow every time confessed that he is lord and that we would live for you our holy spirit to guide and direct us outhank l that we can walk on this earth with bless embryothe help them to know that our in charge no matter what your allowing things to happen in your mrs that that we the last person that will be saved will turn their hearts towards and work is an in spite of seeing his terrible things were thankful for the time because we would we would wish that now no one would be lost same token we would pray for your and righteousness on this earth and help us to be part of that where we are in fact doing your will in all thank you for loving us for walking with us for giving his super your guides on or and your salvation an there we go so anyhow i'm no go check on some some projects here looks like i'll ucletahs these links that i put up there to day because i do think that a lot of them are very so all post links that i put up here as well as the i ah that it pulled up on his antharis tension and a talking about cities have a great day they go go to divining men her digging the new thing friend of or for governor do come and oh i am still not conceding on the best known consider who has ever knowconnected the history of the world and a sever the real post president donald j trunk the rightful president of the united states is that in every show and the brave men that stand with him like like a a the people's general gonerachel tiefen pope's general and admiral rogers and all the wonderful patriots of the that are fighting as one sent heroes that don't get the camp don't go don't get the camera time on her face blandano there cause i wouldn't believe it the anyhow have a great day god oh god bless you god bless all the whom you love and god bless america it's choice make good choice is to day miss starts with you and me intersect on her own lives doing the right thing ever sing so goosegrease