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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/25/2022 - Live - John Tatar - Tatar Tuesday!!

Published Oct. 25, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and to day is yesterday however i think one of my kids actually eight my prop which was the potato so inamorato reckonin the background laughing right now we'll have to re state the tutors for tater tuesday so any i've been asked a lot about the commercial that he that the commercial that we put up and i wanted to play the eminent afore bring john on potato tuesday because we are a brandenburg news network and seamed biggles tried different one a this one they go it is a alaeddin i'm doing great how about you you and wonderful you and deceit commercial for for that we also i'm going to play the right now and do so everybody knows you can in fact go to brandenburg news network do come and be able to view this you the video somesing ahead and play it aminta ask yourself are you better off to day than you were four years ago we have a democratic governor and a republican legislature they all failed to say failure shut down no one stood up and fought for us they all laid down their one the same as the crupper i i'm done brandenburg and i running to be the next governor of the state of michigan the only true conservative it would be my pleasure to serve with honor and integrity united states america we are given opportunities that are unparalled anywhere else in the world that want to to think about what would you like this country to look like your voice comes we can teeter it because we the people are a charge what this country looks like what the state of michigan looks like and how it's run she was in a governor for the state of michigan is a job the interview that your job to decide who you want to manage your financial asset we own the state if you outdid how you want your state to be run we are not nationalities parties were americans and it's time to cannonading on botanising against each other we need to stand together as americans fighting through others to defend to protect to help it sure the opportunities that our forefathers enjoyed they gave it everything we need to put the state matogee so wonderful time to be alive in order to do just that with the put this nation that together we're goin to kick the criminal politicians though in those tetrameter and who have taken our bright then in our constitution time is now in their game is over my first responsibility as governor is to listen to what you want john to find out what we have people want to have happen in the state your voice matters and what you think is important will be listened to we will find ways to it every single one of you a grate that information and do it in the best interests of the people we the people standing together is the key to taking the state back in assuring all of our rights are protected and that there is opportunity going forward first for one we have decreed for elections and they have to be honest first meteor right to freedom of speech you should be able to say anything you want to say without any threat or corsair he second amendment the right to bear ansell not even french period as a story has to tonal carrie i think we should have taxed for the purchase of fire arms ammunition as well as firearms train and i think all of these unconstitutional agencies may get out of our state we take that on the tenth stright there's so much we can do going forward i love michigan was born and raised here my whole life i have travelled a lot of travelers in this is a beautiful state liver so last the time taken the american dream or voiced never be motivated by fear botheration oh canandaigua or the steadfastness there now that's a good commercial how do we get hold of it if we want aswell i just weakness of brandenburg news network which is then kind of fun so we're just were just getting that going so that it's on its own dotcom now which is kind kind exciting it and so i've got to post on telegram i've got a posted on brandenburg of course all my videos are on brandanes northeast of ideas there and so you can you can grab him from different in different spots i can do as i've got a couple of screen capstan i can send him over to you with okay i just to have a two people that are wondering how they can take that in number and put it on their face book or whatever impassive round sure you know that well they can always go to brandenburg news network and share the page that way too and then i can see what i can do to to get it into a small file the past on so good morning mister tate to more morning without the professor all right so to day is constitution last five moments that we did not go through in the you know that are which are included in the bright so were we in a start did you want to do the new stuff first attracted her in so all right so i think this is fairly significant because we got talking about this the sexual elation nonsense that happening in our country and i got an article that popped up from daily mail number of chestre construction surgeries performed on trans children has risen fivefold three years studies suggest in this this whole thing is such a money grab by victimizing children it's not even funny this was only one hundred and two thousand sixteen marking it three hundred eighty nine per set rise in three years the average rays the pace of patience corrective surgery was seventeen but five point five per cent were under for ten which means they are literally lapping off breast children and by the time their seventeen when the past confusion there are there having around this is absolutely this is crazy as it comes after joe bien says states should have the power to regulate any health carletto a person transform one sex to another the majority of operations were mauling surgeries which involved removing breath while feminizing surgeries involved implanting breasts the research did not look at bottom surgeries among miners which have all removing a modified youngster youngster sapores procedures are also thought to have rosemarie yourself so and a surgery block or some hermonthis have been a hot buttonin the us rechabites the property brooches casgrain swilling and and have a one of those nasty come like a you know going blind we should probably talk about them a little bit and what a government lavender plans to create a hybrid monkey pox strength that is more deadly than one currently spreading in us wait a minute before we run off of the change business i wondered to bring the supper then the school board at home and and i'm not sure the mate any national education association is running around passing these outfitters for they could wear them on their as the liner and inside the land and if you hit the to don the bad i'll take you to a sight which will show you all kinds of sexual deepen and some sexual behavior men and women together or men and men and women and women outrageous this is is known to and aricie whatsoever so i want people to be aware of this this thing is and if they see this around somewhere on hanging from some teacher's neck because the teachers aren't going to if there is to the stuff they're not going to tell you what that is and even if you ask him they'd say oh all it's just the i dee adatha to wear some stupid thing like that but this thing right here is horrifying that their preparation the high school you know what that really is high school kids but the information on marilly is it's an ice bag that is showing peoples a cue and whether their willing to go into all of these nonsense things such as sexually mutilating children and then watching you know if it's it's up that much this reconstructive surgeries we got such a big problem it's not even funny but i will discount is it's an i qualpopoca something like that you know that's what it is you know and then try to justify you know a mutilating children genitalia and then you know this is not we i'm i am so concerned i mapped out or i didn't maoriland a map on the increase of reassignment sexual reassignment surgery facilities across the united states and sent two thousand it has gone up to nan only explainable way is that this is such a big money maker and there just there gabinius running them through this you know it's like in noobody grabbed you know a truck instead of a dollar a dose a truck and they think that the opposite tack it's like what has any of this got to do with anything let these kids devoted if they want to make up their mind later to do something different than we need to a post to a video recently on my chat to and it was about a person who had transition and they they clearly stated that this was one of the worst things and i will be actually in a pharmaceutical prison the rest of their life and showed the basket of pharmaceutical that that you know they have and do sorenson i think we should just go there and throw everything out that wherever body has to deal with us because you have to draw the stuff out in the light in order to fight it a guy decides to have a transition a surgery according to what i've heard not that i am an experience in any of this but you know because i am a fact not a confused female and but that we would that they have to insert a certain or something to stop the newly created a female parts from growing back together now that does what an that same year when i go i i i'm sorry but but this is no more than absolute insanity and it pastorates into a i think the person that i post it that was talking about what happened then said that that it is a nightmare and that the thrill war of very very quickly for them to become a different sex and now with the basket of drugs that they have to be on for life laid out the absolute knew how that there there living every single day that this has long long term implications just like a justice abortion does a portion has long long long term implications and nobody wants to talk about that the youngsters at the hottentot because that's exactly what it is you know and and i'm sorry but i know not to be the those but but all of these issues needs to be dragged out in the light and discuss all the things that nobody wants to talk about the long term destructive nature of any of these gundahar nothing more than a for profit sonority and victimize or children and people who are very very vulnerable there are run somebody soon and goodwill be first time prevent by the last so i waterbath one here oh there is as cool a well respected person of the washing and press court is set to expose his brother and that as the mantatees all complicity in rich rush gave hopes in a hard heading twenty five thousand word inside account of big media collusion with clinton campaign persephone by her that little paskevitch up again and falsely frame donald trump as a comin cotabato they named veterans for the new york times willingest able among other premier said to be targets of the investigation in the exposure otis could get good good and now there's one million dollars that i think the white house is spending to research that smith information so we can't talk about this with the gentenron to investigate us and and and i say it they can save it i think they just need to say that military the war could end in the number and there their talking about is ukrainian war by douglas mc gregor and even december when as you know i don't unappetising because they're always wrong that's why i pulled up by a pull out more stuff too here so let the weave well you know it you got a lot of stuff to cover but to all this good one okanagan's study challenges the mostly mild my mile carnoustie and find death for myocarditis more serious than previously reported while there is a surprise sir coeducation jean modifier was associated with higher risk of myocarditis death not only in yanguitlan all age groups including the elderly considerin healthy tax in effect the risk may be fortune's higher than the apparent risk of my cordite under reporting should also be considered based on the state risk of my caracolling so come to begin may be more serious than previously reported there is a big dog here you go in won't work go back to this christopher asked refused this and i said this is good wisdom dread queen story hour is about reading books in the same way to play boy magazine is about reading the articles jocasta stand on mister returns from judicial as students of scandal took note last month when president giannone the appointment of one of the dirtiest figures in presidential politics as his clean energies what does this guy know about anything except for abusing children i think andrew burnett's he's a world class you know world classical but we all know that it was a contact ah senor advise her to the president for cleaning out her denotation and implementation i'm pretty sure the energy and the the clean air around him is non existent because that dude is about us frighten the reply wearily and i mean you know that is where your weird meter gets packed with that god and his brother tony dig into that everybody if you want to see where your nightmare start because that's exactly where the nightmare start there so anyhow there you go there's our news a quick news i should do this every morning should a little bit because a lot of people i don't listen to the news oh it makes me if the nation at one of the patriot i mean truly pate because there's a lot of sense and a lot of if involvement in what they might consider to be patriots i want people to follow them because when you follow the rabbit hole of the seaforth other elaboration you tend to forget about the republic say oh you know it has to do with contracts all about god tricks as why we can't get anywhere dragged your mind away from the republic because our salvation is the republic we stand on the republic we stand with the constitution and we shoved up their nose they'll get the message if we don't do that then again remember what i said about if you use their language you play in the sand box with an be there caimanera you in that right there easily crack metayer or salvation is jesus christ in the end aseptic room you know the mechanism to do so as to the through the constitution oh here's another allright so so they go on roantree million for john haters anyhow i will bet you got you wrong you know tamarisk so the boys came out with very clear conflict of interests explosive new reports are belay abrams scandal pelagon profit group toward nearly ten million and two low form belonging to her campaign chairmen that's a conspirator probably or money by political revealed that the law firm belonging to scavenge campaign chairman was paid nearly ten million dollars in legal fees and service is rendered to so wonder how that nail money circle works pretty exerted that could be real interesting how you trick that one down you know who actually got paid off a long way all things else could we could stay in the news for our he just throws her out i just finished my financial report to encounter and it is a pain in me you know posterior spent less than two grand only two grand so far on my campaign and i'm running being ran through the rigors of where all that money goes somebody by a t shirt for twenty cents twenty dollars you got a list so this campaign stuff as to beat up on the little guy who's trying to run that doesn't have to half a million dollars that he can hire a staff the dug of work and so this is the problem that are elected election system has yes said you might follow the five six million dollars amount of money and the pack because we had people in the past that were paid off with a collaborator cantonments of got millions and millions and probably billions of dollars they just throw money at everything doesn't matter what it is there they could have you know or find catering for office and they would throw money at elmer ford and alberoni you do know that once you in that position as a republican or democrat you've got a kick back money to the party this is a day to play business the democrats and so when people look at the person who is supposed to be in washington or in the county level or in the state level to be protecting them and fighting for their life liberty and property their instead raising money so they could pay their debt to the party system such a sure as you know i'm going to go and post this day's broadcast i forgot to get on true social i'm going to do that quick i tried a try to you know put things on there then i once see and out you go so yes so that the whole thing is the whole thing is paid a play it is absolute nonsense and you know an antehall stop buying into the third common unpartisan the riveter says you know i called the unparticled the communion party you know that this this is organized crime the way that they move things around and full disclosure they don't disclose anything what about their dark money you know we have to you know you by a sceptic you know you do anything you know you're supposed to report it is like a stick of gum better go in the report i mean it absurd and it's it's it goes the way the man is a state too i mean it looks like a you know it's an it administrative nightmare and they cover you know they cover for people it's like they're all in it together muster the little guy now that we got to get obble to knock them out on some stupid technicality i just brought up a source back with me and that is the or dare fix the dam roads four years ago governor decided she fixed it to her three months before let what but they're not in well they are around here i mean they've got places torn up bridges toward the go from point adoption a low where the problems are where the working otherwise you make circles triermain is you know what it is they are creating this is what the business is it not even fixing the dam roads what it is is creating an inconvenience for the people to give so to give us the illusion that their fixing the road we came down sixty nine from this past week and my nerves were pretty ran by the time we got home because the you're like you it's like this bonnie truck an i'm like holy crap i mean you couldn't go across the farmer's field that was in any rougher than that and and we sat like lots and lots of barrels but almost zero actual construction and not not only that there was one spot where i'm pretty extra sure that they're doing damage to the cars but but by golly they had the they had the shoulders fixed but the road was going to hell and i these are really low it people they the probably all wearing your bad they are like you there's no doubt about it just jump back into the constitution if we can so we don't run out of time i'd like to finish them the last five amendment i wanted just to trickle back for a moment to amendment one where we talked to pole congress shall make no law respecting an exercising the freedom of religion and bring up the five one three churches he fled pray to the johnson administration way back when enjoying the satyrs wouldn't be poortith is had no authority to do that any way and we need the churches to be standing up and doing their job in their not doing the second amendment we talked about the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that it shall not be infringed which means you can't tell somebody that he can only have a five romaine or can't look like a salt weapon whatever that is they never define their terms pecaire it out and it sounds so terrible so we so we want to be sure we cover those areas where government is intruding and they tried to intrude on thee what they call a ghost is he a percent rifle a pistol that you could buy and then built your own gun from there and they were trying to say that they got these got guns they can you can what demestre pilot they forgot that during american revolution i guess what was the more good because they didn't have manufactures making guns and the supreme court ruled as such sangfroid you guys are not and the third amendment about quartering troops for the whole purpose of any you have your electronic dismals in your home your wife your i don't think somebody can read your wife outside your house with the appropriate equipment don't think that your telephone is safe and secure and wherever you travel by can't follow you because all of this stuff is going on for the purpose of spying they can look in der house simiters can tell them on a plane as you're running at what time o day because of the frequency of those pliant so the pretty much lower by seeing and their kind of in violation of the third and the fourth amendment to be secure in your papers and effects unreasonable sir well if your telephone is in your bedroom your being searched while sleeping all you people need to think about this stuff because you should not have the cell phone anywhere round you in fact i should somehow like it up in a bag they had these bags that do not love frequencies in their state should do that kind of keep your self as secure as possible don't go on the i cloud and post your pictures and where your goats to because you're giving me information that they really should have and then of course the fifth amendment we talked about bear witness against yourself and not their language of self incrimination we have to be very careful when we start talking to especially to the people in the political system and especially the attorneys because they're the ones that create these problems and we don't want to go there okay so that brings us to the sixth and in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial and public january now i was going to say the blue that significantly didn't they whimper a jury of the state and district wherein the crime whereas the grameen committed just so have been previously ascertained by law and to be informed of the nature and the cause of the accusation to be confronted with a witness against he so here you are you have ticket or something like that and you go to court a place of it doesn't show so the witness against you is it there they did should dismiss the ticket right off the bat so boston and we were going to get the police officer in here when i do time and that kind of man is not there the case is and it should be people should be present to be fronted with the witness against him to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor and to have the this to have the assistance of an attorney no but say assistance of counsel i should be able to be anybody's counsel if i want i shouldn't have to have a bar membership card in order to practice any court of law i know the law and the person that hiring me at once me with them they should have the right to do that's a violation of the sixth amendment are less aristo as a cartel in effect it's a cartel of course it is but acting about assistance of a council not assistance of an attorney that attorney the judges there alone same party and you're not invited so when you go to court and you have to deal with these people it is a problem because you don't have that market best on your forehead that your member of the bar and therefore they won't allow you i had several incidents or incense when i tried to go in speak for somebody they told me you're not interdependent that's a problem now that is as to the seventh amendment in a son of common law and here's where people come up with the common loss that we understand our laws are all written down in the constitution the law of the land the common loss to from england and we bring that common law and we base our laws on common law if you look at the constitution it should be based on common law but we have constitution in america not common right anyway in a suit at common law so understand constitutional alumina and this they changed from common law to civil action jurisdictions where the value of controversies shall exceed much twenty dollars the right of a trial by jury shall be preserved and no facts tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the united states then according to the rules of common law now backing up on this thing says twenty bucks the body ever get a recently got a speeding ticket for twenty dollars think we acted that and so i shouldn't we by the it's a common law a common law suit from the city first of all in the city men of it i don't think so absolutely your percent correct it can't be i speak i sped down the street and the one five miles over the spine and the city of laon the vice that is so victims cry at that point time or victim less action so while but the victim you know basically says that if you had somebody by the carreta so speeding down the street in the city of havana or in the city of reuton whatever is not a city of redford cannot be a victim vibrating to the city hall and robbed the city hall now we got it in store my men my own business going down the stream maybe excessively fat is not creating a dictum of the city of lemonte city a repertory of the city can if they violated the law twice they violated the twenty twenty dollar rule if your case is over twenty dollars she should be able to demand a trial by jury and nine point nine percent of the judges say they that they have to do that based on some michigan compiled law whatever they pull out of the hat and the using again though using the department motor vehicle code because really travelling is the you're right under the first amendment may have no right to regulate it so we were talking about a whole lot of stuff here but there was a lot of stuff going on and how they twist and change the rules to fit their scheme of things as a cash register to collect money from the people that's what this is all about alone going a money grant going on to the eighteenth isolde excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines and put nor cruel and unusual punishments inflict january he then in jail for a long time the hen seen the dusty haven't seen them attorney and they have been cruelly treated so all of those people in the that are connected with january there's a whole slow a violation of the eighth amendment isolation the really open of the whole can of worms too in the prison system that we have going on in the state that the prison system i've gotten a tattooer people about it is completely and utterly devoid of anything redeemable at this point time it it is really we really we really have some problems in the prison system when you're filling quotes with human beings for because it's a private enterprise and or you you there is there is a prison of i think my balloon is either opened or closed based on who is in office and if you know it's it's about them it seems to me to be about the money including like the qualified prison contractors and the treatment of an who was actually in incarcerate you know it was actually in there incarcerated the distant seemed to be a good boy a good mount of judgment that's going into this has no judgment and there you hoodooing is about money and it went again it's using human beings lives to make a profit which is wrong there is this is not really and i mean to the ninth amendment which says the enumeration in the constitution for those that are not quite sure what that means the numeration are everything that's in the constitution written down spelled out between periods between commas and so my coins and soon the enumeration in the constitution of certain rights and their basically speaking of the pillories here but not only shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people just because it's not part of the first amendment such as the right to travel it is still retained by the people those rights are retained by the people that the ninth amendment which has been kind of under the rug by the supreme court by the judicial courts by by the attorneys those people have no clue what's going on i don't think they've ever read the night amendment but anyway there it is can not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people than i have mentioned way back when we were talking about bouverie down fruitlessly says in a paraphrase basically says that the laws of this state do not apply to the people because we are the source the law it applies to government official government public functionaries because it is the limiting factor of what they can do that supreme court decision called down were that should be on the top of everybody's mind along with more abershaw become very powerful cases that had been ignored by the so called legal system i put that in quotes and one people understand that the legal system is not legal in this country but any man nor is the ether so i nor is that just nor is it a custom of that which is turned into an absolute money grab and an oppressor of our people right the powers and the tenth amendment says the powers not delegated to the united states by the constant what again intreat the sinking powers not delegated by whom delegates powers to the united the people the people so the only way we can delegate power to the government is through the constitution the powers not delegated to the united states by buccaneers in other words it's not written in the constitution nor prohibited by it to the state beastes right it's not federal government rights as states our reserved to the states respectably or to the pine to do so is not written down in hard black and white print in the constitution the federal government has no ability to tapering as all the way back through nor bruise be county if it's an unconstitutional act that not alone and that a government by cannot create a defect of office it's not in the constitution attainments saying this not in the constitution it's not delegated by the people the government has no authority to create nor prohibited by it to the states in other words the state say nor were obtain they have done that in time in the when they all stood together but problem that we have is we've been so well divided nationwide by criminals in office that we don't understand that we the people have this power through these we should be able to control the state government yet we are between a female because we have people in office that are being paid off we can call a marine botheration criminals as come what they are their traitors their traitor etherealise and if your filtering you are committing treason against the government against the americans i remember when we were legion in the automatic we don't swear in allegiance to the government allegiance to the i do hear by i swear that i will uphold a constant and my duties and office what does it say to the government doesn't say to record or to lorance to the constant so when they take an old of office that says they will do that and they don't that's clear as it can be not criminals that beyond criminals being a traitor to the country and being a trader to the constitution is punishable by maybe a rope nowadays at our should be but by death sure what learned to sudden stop yeah so if anybody has any questions or if you have any questions of those first ten amendments the pretty clear but i want everybody to understand just because it's not written in the constant does not mean we don't have i mean that's not our right the reason that the founding fathers put those first ten amendments in there because they realize how corrupt government was that time and how corrupt government will be in the future so they put it in there to try to bring the people and to bring the government under control but the people are the ones that are supposed to be enforcing the constant and they're not doing in strength the government really the constitution is so limit the power that a corrupt people would have could actually in a in that exactly what we have right now as we are corrupt group people who have who have taken it upon themselves to wage or on week right in atkinson ight now down so i don't know what change you can sit i didn't do anything let's see i put the volume down the date that definitely out i didn't do anything so may i go the group of people abensaid this is what you get life from acredale and our homes you know it's not a high tech studio because costume in a kind of stupid we might as well just be real sit around the table or sit around a fire place somewhere and or camp fire and this to things out that's right i'm not going to go through the balance of the amendments because well yes i will i'll do a couple we got to do a couple we got on to the sixteenth amendment at once the sixteenth amendment anybody know of the top of their head all let's jump back to the the fourteenth amendment a lot of people think that the thirteen fourteen fifty amendment brought in after the civil war changed but world changed the united states change the constitution put us under contract that a bunch of evil that as my partner who is not here spoken several times and it makes a lot of sense the union was dissolved the civil law and so the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments especially before teeth amendment was to bring the union back to to make the union one particular unified organization remember that the brute didn't want a strong united states so there is the one that were really behind the bankers and the bread were really behind the civil war to try to divide us into countries that would be a little more manageable may fail but they try and that's what was the purpose of the civil war all the other stuff that we've heard about the ending slavery south attacked are the north attack the south which true not saying that that is an annoying that slavery was it ended but that were those were anseres than were developed from the civil war the purposeless civil war but we were unable to take figure that out i mean people were shooting muskets and at some of them may have had a school education some of them could read what would they understand being the purpose of the civil war and why are they and their brothers sisters binocular so they made up all these and so stated the the real reason for the civil war was again very clearly so that were very clear on this as to divide america into two country so the briscous handle it sir the prince won and the stand power and the sun never set on the union jack in things the united states was gaining way too much and we can jump to nineteen forty and nineteen thirty nine to do that united or michigan was the greatest financial hub of the united states because of the production of the automobile and all of the stuff that was going on over here and in all of a sudden we lost our power we lost their financial power how did they have it happened because the united states meaning the people and did not want michigan to be the power house of the world i want to keep everybody on hard and equal and and broke and so michigan lost power structure in the thirties forties because they were getting too powerful to big i had not lived with an automobile or changing this or doing that and all the other stuff that was going on it had to do with the michigan being such a power house i know this well you know when i went through college i made a face was there as one of the professors at west at university and he did the deep dive into the state of and the auto industry and all that and i wish i had his books still but i don't know where but he wrote a book on him any and spoke as both and this was the information that an he backed it up with all kinds of why this was going on and what was a just like and i don't mean to jump into the rabbit holes here at just the head business where they got rid of the hand because he was being used for at the very beginning he was very difficult to deal with a lot of man hours to cleanthe chap so the man hours made him not a very viable thing for construction but then they developed the machine you can go online look up the antoinette of you that are still kind of wear on this marijuana stuff should be doing that should be looking up the history of these but anyway this machine was developed the oil industry the textile industry the wood industry they whatever the financial industry were all based on petroleum and now helpless coming in ample not pollute no pollution for growing him and he could use for almost anything making clothes making row i meseemed calentura but medical things that they could use it and building houses and would soon his hethertons of stuff at this and could be used for and now it was becoming economically that official to his home and even henry for build a car eighty per cent on a remember my dad telling me about this car that was called a formal plastic then but it was really built on him henry ford in it to watch that video and reform was taken a sledgehammer to it even scrap and so this car was made eighty per cent on a hand and and powered by her bible so there we had a vehicle that was that could have been done by the use of him instead of bill and manufacture in the pollution that we had created and the pharmaceutical pollution that we have created and so on and because he was the more natural way of doing things that god and said everything upon the earth everything we needed was here what we were less and there are so many things that have been hidden from us that that our just amazing michigan's natural resources are so vast i would say that there's very few people that really understand how much we actually have here and how michigan could in fact be the the leader of the entire world because of the resources we have as well as being able to export one of the things we do very well in this nation is innovation and technology we we do a wonderful job of it and to be able to export export that that real stuff not the cramp that you know that hinted with concern michigan but real actual technology and things to serve our people is is incredible in a very inspiring reliance absolutely i agree with you a hundred per cent have been like two cheated on and a busby or public functionaries and we allowed it to happen we run to the court prophetick because we want a pointer since moving on and the mother can hear toilet but it overhead and open up a discommendable here but you know oetanata worms and some point time there's a lot of supernatural i wanted to talk about the sixth amendment the cause i have judges and marion operations a u s district cried bring court decision and she set it on the record she said an unrecorded i think i just lost to her but anyway then the sixteenth amendment says can asarhadon shall have the power to lane collect taxes on income from whatever source derived without a portamento in the several states and without regard to any sense of oranmore what are the two taxing powers in the united states coming in going i say with us are i don't even know if i am still say i'm still so maybe i'll continue we have two taxing federal government is to only only to taxing they have what they call a direct tax on an indirect a direct tax if they're going to use the direct tax they have to go to the i tell the state that you got a thousand people in michigan and you all a dollar so the state of michigan goes out and collect the dreda send it to washington that's a direct federal government has no power through the airs or anybody else digger pocket take money out for taxes such as an income first of all if you read the amendment very carefully it as congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income it doesn't say waged it doesn't say anything other than laying collect to lame taxes on income what is in income is defined by the by the court system including the supreme court as a profit or a game and the several courses which we won't get into but if it's a profit or a game then the question is is your labor a profit or a game in other words and one of the court cases that they have and i don't remember tell you the name of it exactly but it basically says that if you are digging in a mine because it acted with minds if you're digging in the mind that eventually you would deem the resources of that mind when you go to labour for somebody do you deplete that labour or that person when that person is laboring or is that person live on forever endless line that never gets out no you have a fine night time on which you are on this earth and for the amount of time and energy for in is the amount of time and energy you have expended you can't get it back you have a fine moment therefore are you considered income when you make a an answer is got to be obvious to you at this point is no no i am wondering what's going on here are you there totally can oof the air says we're still i see been fading in and out a couple of times i do there you are the thing i said if i get you in here in her yeah so i been glad in all this time all right see if you can see if you can you know what i have yet you are leave in the reanimation something wrong i you want me off to to get out and get back in allow okay let's okay so so he had john leaven rejoined a minute here so fresh when i need the computer there are men at that it kind of disrupted things a minute he'll be back on into the second hill rejoined so is he is a he amazing he's got so much knowledge it's just an inspiring absolutely reinspiring and i know i learned something every time i listened to him that's the advantage of having a real teacher who actually has taught the constitution and so wattahomigie rejoined fairly quickly here a minute we continue on as so many he okay let's see that works are you there i er are you here i can still not hearing yourself see if your sometime domino it's not i i can't read or sound that's weird is going on i think they don't like o i am going to tete why we've got a sound problem here pressure that was my fault so can you let's see ingineer john anybody here i can't hear you at all so i don't know what's going on here a mere button says an i don't get it here in the post in the comments and minute oh i cannot affect her john at all as to we did okay so you guys can hear both of us i'm going to call on me scantly hear what he say in a minute and seedhead phone a minute okay i am here i hear you find okay i can't hear you at all for my computer but what i'm in a do is just callapooya way there concatenating oh really now i don't hear not this is weirdness really were we know why you know what go ahead to go ahead of kitchenmaid and come back on the tettix tokay okay i'm wondering if anybody in the audience can tell me if they heard reposite amendment i was or was it just plain in the the everybody was yes donald william oatencake can hear you so go why don't you see talking and i'm going to leave a comeback on and and we'll see i can hear you to me had fallen sadly come insatiate okay allowed all right so good i'm glad not least i'm getting some information out there and once again we go back to the sixteenth amendment amendment never gave congress the power to land collect taxes on the never gave him the power to dig into her pocket or to make you file a document with the internal revenue that you all so much money now let me ask you a question when you find that document to the internal revenue you sign under the penalties of perjury can you think of any other to in the system of the government the state or federal that requires you to sign a document under the penalties and it's you said no i can't think of any or correct because there isn't the internal revenue that came up with the idea in congress that came up with this idea so why did the internal revenue or why did thee is come up with a tax on income and who does that apply because that the income tax is actually a legal tax a lawful on income but those incomes are on public functionaries people elected or people that work for the government people that are in the he military people that are working overseas foreign governments those are the people that the income tax supplies it does not apply to the citizens this now we get in somewhere i think so shall i shut the potheen out a second initiation party from that for some reason were not mean or minute the poor i still can i can i no i can't he is really strange for very where missus very and my horizon is i mean needing and moving states moment no not mere okay and it says having issue eighteen hear me at all i can hear you perfectly through the through the son through the program as well as telephoning to oh that it were but it's okay with me i mean i don't like him distinguish one from the other well i'm going to be real quiet ratlike up again i mean i was very strange stroke you know what i'm just going to be quiet and let you talk okay i don't hear you at all he say something something o came hearing morringer gui don't know did you hear about the sixteenth amendment when i was saying because i find i think it's pretty important did not come computers clearly laughed up you know what i'm going to just let you talk because he that i'll go back to relatives i can't i literally cannot hear anything i can puerilely to what we try to do just over the show into talking i i so once again getting back to income in camisa profit or again keeping in mind that we as individuals have a limited amount of time that we're on this earth and a limited amount of time that we can actually physically work so we are not a one we make a dollar it is not a profit to just then exchange labour but the court system doesn't buy them and theirs doesn't by that because most people come in with arguments but kept back their arguments that's why we in our group on wednesday nights talk about court cases and beat the other court supreme court because we understand that the general joe once bucket that works for the government doesn't have a clue why his job is doesn't have a clue what the what is particular job in tails and therefore he listens to his boss without going to the constitution or to the laws and really understanding what the ihai is so in the high arch of the internal revenue the governments as here we need more money so what are we going to do and the internal revenue says well we're going to raise the rate were now going to go and sleeved in the and shake him upside down gedumah money as we can out we're going to take there not only there as that they're getting but will take their house and car and more if we can get it they are the cruel and unusual people in our system that need to be eliminated and they will be actually the internal revenue is lawful organization as i say but there totally restricted government workers nobody else not to all laws again as i say on bowser's bidwell all laws or written by us we are the source of the law therefore all laws it to writing power there i think i got a good negotiate my tale honest ungallant inarticulate too so the limiting powers are those powers in the federal government however we the people don't understand that we the people put him in office they call themselves officials or leaders and therefore we tender believe in full it has been said more than once that there are people out there that needs somebody to tell them what the they can't figure it out the okay to do a quick fear phrase on the sixteenth the mean basically says congress so make no law to lay and collect taxes or congress to have the power to lay me collection income from whatever source the ride we were getting back to one his income you are in order for it to be an income in statecraft or again so if you go to work for a company in new patience dollars for your time spent is that a profit or a game or is it equal in it taypot its compensation for work an equal airman your right it is compensation but that an exchange of labor for something equal explained that equal exchange that not a profit or gain and therefore does not fit under the sixteenth amendment people don't get if you go back to what the sixth amendment says says from whatever source derived so you can have a profit or a game based on us what is the sort i go labor for a living may i take that money i invested into something and had i not using my time or energy to get there other than may be watching the newspaper stockmarket or whatever i am not using my energy to make that attendance a profit or a gay going to work and laboring for i know i may my i am worth six hundred dollars an hour for example if i go to work for six hundred dollars an hour and i got six hundred dollars an hour that is not a prophet nor a game to that is an equal exchange for labor and it does not that under the sixteenth amendment however marry him obtain i have no problem beating upon judges that are corrupt and nor ignorant and or shouldn't be on the bench she read a carcase and stated from that carcase the amendment gave congress no taxing power when in fact that court case said congress got no new taxing power in the union pacific railroad i slipped my mind with the cases with the name of the case right up the bill at the moment but it had congress shall have no new taxing powers and we only have congress wollaston abilities to tax one is a direct tax where they go to the states and they ask for they tell the states they need so much money they divided on france states in their pagans the people and the states collect the money and send it to washington that a direct or an indirect tax which is a tax on cigarettes by a pack of cigarettes as our gasoline you can her galingale that's an indirect tax those are the only two taxing powers congress we have any other tax so that amendment was brought on board to stop on income without regard to any senses or enumeration was basically amendment had nothing to do with anything didn't say anything new didn't get congress at a new power didn't do anything but it fooled for the people in believing that they had to sell out an income tax wouldn't be wonderful for all this away and go back to the constitution and have part time legislators or legislators and with a part time legislator and remove all this nonsense can you imagine what it would be like if all of this administrative nonsense went away if all of these new you know the new you know trying to constantly go back to go back to animando rules when away and we were truly back to being a free people again i just really i just really think it would be amazing and we've never had that in our lives because it's just like when you go back to you know the rule he makes you know go back to the bible god gave time commandments and the israelites he had to add six hundred and forty eight more rules to the to the bookcase then wasn't good enough and we've got the same problem here because honestly it's it's the same type of you know an evil that wants to take people into captivity while i agree with all that too said i believe that the people that we put in office need to be sat on constantly and not allowed to be doing what they're doing to spend time six million three to ten million dollars on an election well i do i think i think we've talked about the first guy that came to me he was supposed to be a super star a political strategist and of course you know i didn't know anything about about getting into this i was i'd been kind of you know getting into a figure in it out as i go benaben owner the whole political you know thing is in fact good and he came to me and such i am going to honora you fifty two million dollars and i'm going to take one point five million dollars and my retirement here going to take the state and i was like no aviary large philosophical gap on how things should be done here and that is an up and on overcombe problem he lasted about a week we can have and that it was a hit the road bucky in now it's like this is this is not going to work for me and you know i really don't understand if this truly is something that i am rustling with understanding and i guess probably because i've always run my own game you know i really have run pretty much my own game in life and you know looked at the world very differently but but i don't understand the need to stop on other people to to get a hat i don't understand this need for power if you want power you know i don't know i you know you can earn a living and you now have your own stolen you know have your own stuff an antiquary and i i don't i don't understand the need for that whatsoever less just make the world a better place and how ballast get along and tried to serve each other where we were we see it instead of this man my mind mentality you know i truly am grappling with understanding this the lot has to do with their great effort to god and bring us into because if you don't have god the fall then you follow me so they had been doing this for years and they've been getting away from it little by little taking prayers we can go down the list i can't think of any of them on the top of my head but there's a lot of stuff that too spiritual it's absolutely a spiritual problem because you know when you have got in your heart and you have that love of god you really understand that you you could set you know it's like for me i could i could sit anywhere have a good cup of coffee and look at the clouds or or you know throw rocks in the water i mean mean honestly for me having my own business as and building stuff is honestly more a shepherd's heart than anything because i enjoy i enjoy making into building things my husband's exact same way we were like a couple of kids in the world is like a a a tableful of legs you know what we can build and then you know to help other people and such and you know you don't you really talk about the things that you do but you know i've given i've got some wonderful stories about giving housing to people who had no word to go and i kind of enjoy that my husband is always laughing he goes you were going to need to build your bunk house some day aren't we and in like yeah because you know i the more housing that i have that i can always find some one that that i see that really does need some help you know and and you know and i don't mean like long term i mean a short term help not cahoon want to have somebody that you're you know you're in instigating to be dependents which is exactly what our state done our states psychologically has put people into position to be dependent upon them for food and housing and being able to work and creating jobs and all of the sort of nonsense when if this all was gone away in a day things that we hate the evil task masters a stand over the top of us what would you do in your nocount well i tell you what i would do i'd start i start creating structures very very quickly in order to protect the people that you know that to protect the people around us but you know to be able to first you know make sure everybody's got clean water and food but shelter and you know restoring restoring things without the evil task master and i am i think it's going to go in that direction because were you know financially the world is on the brink of collapse and i think that one that happens what will you do in your next moment defining its defining term now are you going to go around like these people that are that jump right on well i'm going to load or i'm going to i'm going to let her i'm on a hill because nobody seacove oil you know that's not realistic because people have the right to protect themselves or do you throw your back behind being a help to the people and brain people together in order to create a you know large sustainable systems will that's the right answer right there i had a a friend years ago that we had this discussion in the discussion was as she was in a master's degree program in it you have and i thought this was pretty pretty interesting study of human nature right the study was as that the professor gave them all a mound of money and said go and make as much money as you can with us all that comes into creating you know different opportunities and at how hinfidel for me that's an easy it's an easy step to step over but for most people it's really difficult but what what they did so they each took all of this money that the professor gave them and went at their merry ways and decided to in fact you know i make some money and they came back after three weeks and they gave the presentation to the profit and and each one got up in turn and presented what they had done and what they cannot they got done in the professor pulled the john tate and looked at them and said o you've all fail and the students were kind of perplexed in they said well why said because if you had gotten together work together and you in polwithan you would have gone twenty times further than the way you did it on your own and that's exactly how society should work and how it is not working and this is what the bible talked about is using using what you have to benefit the community and on and you know an altogether become strong together while what our community and what our government does is divides people of the smaller units as you said for the civil war to control and then steal off steal what they can and work off the backs of the people who are divided as to its it's incredible story or plan of dividing conquer and they have done the spectacularly we need to get back to this in and unite as one nation under god and move forward that way in a united front i want to jump down a habit o is for the hectolitre thinking process notwidstanding go for in following your thought better i believe from my studies and i studied cavalerie couple of years pretty intense but alas said that we are the centre of the universe and if we were the center of the universe and we have the power and we have the knowledge and then the ability to control our own personal life but government doesn't like the idea they don't want everybody individually to be powerful and to have control of their individual life so they have done everything they can and one of the fairies that they came in this was in the sixty statically they started it before but once the came out became a light his so then they said that now we're on a spinning ball live on this spherical thing that spins off into the universe were really no different than anybody else in this universe it is so many people so many things in the u and we're all just kind of equal where we were like a mistake on the earth he will because what we do when we are his resources and so on is so forth and when we pollute through the somnambule or whatever we are the problem we cause this earth to go back which is that brings in the green people and those people that believe that we are we are we are creating retasting life or not sustaining our planet this has been going on for years and years and years by a weird about this one i was again that in organical warming wasn't global warming it was a nice they were going to invigorate next ten years they recycled on again another recycling and the people that are pushing this art for the wiser because they don't do more they have no idea what story is all about but anyway let's move on if we are just a mistake or a stain on this earth then we can be in eliminated cut controlled soul where were just come weather the excuse me whatever the hierarchy was i shouldn't be this is very the guests were appointed now your having a son profanity on the earth and the ripening of until a universal billions of billions of other universes and other planets and so on is the word really not the were nothing were not important and therefore we don't you know we are not created by god where i have brought to the earth and i and we are not the center of the universe are just the more like a buonaparte and were reckoned the planet because we're here this is there philosophy so if we believe in god and believe that we are the centre universe believed that we everything that goes on in life for our benefit for our education for our working for our experience then do we live on a spinning ball or do we live on a flatter and i lounged any further than i but i want you to think about it who are we and why are we here what is the purpose of our life according to what i believe is that we are here to experience why we are in this body that's why we get the things have gone around us and we get the pain in her body and so on is obese were here to experience and how you want to look at that with what's going on in your world you can experience life if you put in a cage you can't grow here you can't go there because you know cafetiere and covets going to tell you all this nonsense in it goes on and on and on to one cauvery thing that they tried to limit us in our abilities now they don't want to limit our ability because of cove because that failed miserably so they want us to buy electric cars so you can buy electric carnation twenty miles or so away and then get the plug it in for two three hours before he can go any further with so they want to limit your ability to travel they've already tried to do now of airplanes with masks and vaccine that edward they're doing everything they can to limit your power and to limit your ability to travel because one may can finally do that they got under one they don't need a wire fence to keep us in we like ourselves in her own house and are afraid to step outside but anyway i want to read a couple of things here that i think that i think this is a worthy go through a sanatory six what is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you care for him yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor you've given him dominion over the works of your hands the adapt all things under a feasible that god is the center of the universe and that or this is what i believe that we are here to glorify god and that man that that that that that are that that's our point to a second printing and we all with unveiled face behold unbeneficed significant i believe during the in the face of the pacimoni beholding the glory of the lord or what are we are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another for this comes from the lord who is the spirit and i believe that is a spiritual transition lay a transformation that we are we are that we are actually here to glorify god and see this alone an ecclesiastic seven twenty nine i see this alone i found that god made man upright but they have sought many schemes many ways to justify our existence and there is one existence affect one game or one one truth is that and god created us for his glory in his honor and that that we are here to be transformed into the image or the likeness of god both spiritually as well as our actions and when you look at the gibing ness of god and how he serves and was willing to die for us because he would rather be together then separated for a most i really do believe that it's a spiritual transformation and to thee the true glory of god which is a god tayloe which is actually you know a hurtful as service and to each other to giving its giving in and true just i don't disagree with you none of it because if we're in the image of god you would say god is the center of the universe we can make that lad that we are the center of the under god i don't have it i mean i don't have any issues with that but move on to their constitution latimer a night here till to preach the bible or anything like that and actually that's my ignorance i don't have enough background that i can quote sons and so on and so forth i mean it redargution we all have something that's a expertise that we share and fire to die anyway our going now let's move on to the seventeenth amendment that amendment kind of screw things up in our country the tenth amendment said that the senate of the united states shall be composed of two senators from each state elected by the people what was the purpose of having a senate and having house representatives in washing does anybody know that anybody can anybody answer that question in the audience or can you answer that i'm an eletto go on in this so that i don't get tattered here if cennino matter what my answer is you're going to have more information on that so just go ahead and the constitution set up two the house of representatives which represents the there they should be to one that the that the local public can call on through the first amendment which is repressed greater even just a telephone call to a senator congressman however most of them don't answer the one hand these robots answer the one never get back with you right you better go weather letter would look into it that kind of nonsense and there not responsive to the people and they should be in must be at the the other side of the coin was the son and what what was the purpose of the the senate was to give the power so that's why we have two senators in michigan because it is the legislature of the senate before the seventeenth amendment that i the senator and but was during roosevelt's time roosevelt says i can't have this because whenever i say something that's in corrector or that he that the sash and such a state doesn't like he recalls the senators and i can't get anything done to let purpose not to force or to let let those president or anybody else forward any kind of legislature stay would be again so the sentiment chosen by the legislature of this of the best that's why we have fifty so i really have i mean a hundred so i really have a hundred senators because there's only two per stay because that's the power of the state however when they turned it over to the seventeenth amendment and they said anybody and everybody can hope for it it took the power of the state away from the ferry from the because now the states don't have anybody they can grab and say you're in the vote the way we ask you to or you're gone i will put somebody else in that they don't have that power any more and that's why we have a stab who's been in office for life time and peter who was working on staying in office for a lifetime and there were other senators outwitting office for life because the people are picking in the people don't really understand the other if you run a democrat in the democratic brood there is a ninety percent chance to get elected so six the seventeenth amendment was supposed to give the power to the state in a hot sabiniano this being twenty years ago she had her two terms or one term or whatever it was because the state could be called that person time they any time they want they don't have to wait for an election they just come out and put somebody else back obviously the people in washington didn't like it so they had to fix it by the amendment now the question is is the tenth amendment a lawful amendment and the answer to that is i guess you mean for that i say probably not but you know but i'm going to let you answer it rather than that or me why is it not a a lawful amendment same with the sixteenth amendment the sixteenth amendment we can get back to port on seventeen the tenant you can't change the basis of the constitute by mending and it asked for two senators to be chosen by the state you can't say i were goin to throw it open to the or they would have went after the first the first amendment the second amendment which they've been trying to do all along saying well you know it sir if it's a a which is a salt rifle which is not a soul rightful but we know that a panorama rifle but if if they wanted to do that than they have them or could do that they would have changed the second amendment to hers the then then what they've done as they by their language water down the ability the people and we just have to say they were not plan your gardener box you're not over reaching government or your serving authority and you need to go to jail or an nor be trio treason because that's what you are a true you're a traitor to the cause so seventeenth amendment really is not a lawful amendment and it should be recalled removed from the constant whether they have been in the next few months years or honest this to be done and then of course the eighteenth amendment everybody knows what they should know what the eighteenth amendment is that for manufacturing sails or transportation of intoxicated liquors within the importation thereof unto or into or the exportation thereof from the united states and aleatory subject to the jurisdiction thereof beverage purposes i hereby prohibited therefore beverage propose abaht that's the alcohol the question here and with this document with the eighteenth amendment is did congress have the authority to stop him from consuming alcohol answer it no where regulating this at all i think that all regulation of this should just be done with because you know what it looks to me to be just a money grab to you know prohibit you know people from this is nonsense to me yes i understand that the constitution of the united states sole purpose run government the people right and i mean wertherian state and go and on all levels and i think this is such a usurpation it's unbelievable that that they have the audacity to regulate to regulate the sort of thing that's right that's right they really had no authority he had no authority and they still have no story in all of these organizations that are regulating oversight you know much of bunch of nais that are sitting up there in our own government train to try to tell people what to do the seeds to add i really i really believe that that should be completely and utterly reversed and or exposed no find off the books it you know because it it also as an infringement on people's ability to make a living and in however they seemed imitombo wants to to produce whatever you know that sort of thing by all means go right ahead and just like food sovereignty i think i think or state or nation should should have in support food sovereignty that means any one can grow anything they want to sell as a product from god you know the god's earth you have the right to feed yourself and and there you go i agree and of course was repealed on the twenty first other words they realized that they could pass any kind of lobel are not going to go by it go for it it isn't going to happen to the people in the united states had were not going to do this we're going to make it much more difficult one than they did it on purpose whether they did it because they could do and whatever the the but legers got out there but the people were consuming same thing with the with the marijuana is that's another whole story that the gentleman who was running alcohol tobacco and fire arms people lines when they lost the eighteenth amendment in one of the twenty first amendment he intence a narcotic same guy she already had his process in place the hottest stop and how to regulate and so on is so forth all they needed to do is bring the public on board and they did through that through advertising and threw changing him to marijuana the marijuana a mexican term so that delegate be divination how the government is that system and why did they use the because the people that were selling oil amicitias didn't want him involved in the system because it would have what a crush and they didn't want that they had the power and so they put the right people in office and corrupted the system again again will look at what they did with the old the day and my understanding was an organization that was just about a truth and labeling and they they walked right to that little little job and made it their job to approve and or turned down a disapprove or regulate pharmaceutical or now it's going to vitamin the supplements and all that sort of thing to these organizations start out with with one job they can't they can't even get the one job straight so then they start grainger things to money the waters so that we cannot even hold accountable to the one job he got one job to do they were given and he couldn't handle it and so it went to from that to another to another to another use or patient of the pondo commandeering of functions and made themselves the experts and or the regulators or the the barrier for entry and or the solution of problems they have become the largest barrier and it's an inauguration absolutely i agree with you under now here's a good question living in a free society versus living in a society like china were they watch you and take care of you and give you a credit coranto don't say the right things about government to get a low credits going to can't travel so you got to be a good little city in america where we should be free because that's what we have of a strike for i certainly you and i am in the liveliness out there if we are a free society is in a safe society now necessarily you can step out we get carcan get hit by a car we got the guns you could be shot by gun we've got nine you could put a i mean it's not a safe society but it is giving you the power to protect yourself that's what the second amendment is all about wellenshausen when we think that we have more rules or regulations more government cover when the reality is is that the government is more dangerous than any any citizen throat that we have out there when you cut my argument sir but that's exactly aware i was headed we do not have a safe living free does not mean your safe you can go live in the woods and get eaten by a bear so doesn't mean that you're safe just because you're free to do as you to protect so it was you can do that and was that everybody should you shouldn't go into a neighborhood that is questionable i shouldn't be playing with fire and round yes i mean the very basic stuff that people should know and and you shouldn't be driving a hundred and eighty miles an hour down the freeway you know in your own better judgment to live in a republic you have to understand that your freedom and at the end of your nose the responsibility it's right and you are responsible for your actions you can run somebody over and say i didn't do that that was a miami didn't i didn't run the guy over the car ransomed else ran no o take responsibility for your actions as part of living in the republic when you live in the republican younger stand what it is to be a citizen of the republic then you participate the voting process then you participate by watching your public functionary so they don't use servatory they were never granted and you don't allow these kind of amendments to get into the constitution such as can conditioning up or which are trying to press people need to open their eyes and see what i think people are getting it are they get taken a long time but i think people are finally getting and the term of the men were talking about the twentieth amendment the term of the president he saw in his own forth i won't get into that we may see that in life action very soon i hope within the field with joy joy the resident when the income out of oh that will be a glorious day while i just hope they have the more and then there is to the twenty second amendment which as the president shall spend no more than two terms in office and that one we may see change maybe not the word change that i like the word change we might see something different happier because we realize that joy is not the president that president trump is the president he spend the president he still is the president never conceded number one number two that lection was stolen stolen dear me people election was stolen was a corrupt election stolen by the chinese the italians and a lot of other people overseas according to a by the way a yellow serenity your tie my son said this to me and now my son is a colonel in the space so he sent me a time that's a space for a symbol so that's why i'm worried i'm not worried that because i'm a democrat and wearing blue i opinionate i'm trying to show off my son at the space for a very good it's really content for space force so with everything that they understand what happened and that the election was stolen now the fact that you steal something machaerus put it more than once to steal diamonds and you get caught you'll get to keep the diamonds so this is the same kind of thing that's going on in our office and our government right now you'll get to keep the position the resident if you if the election was stolen or governor or anybody else that the election was to sing what i'm saying is that this might be just that a little bit twenty seconds amendment if president trump runs for office in twenty four because then he will be enough for more than two to well he didn't get the served though so i mean that was indeterminate canniness that are out there though proposal proposal one actually doubles the term limits and their great at it you know absolutely misrepresented everything wires their liars native tongue as lies well i always said that the bar the bore is the license the lot the judges and attorneys they won't they will stand on the bench and take the other or take the oath that bill swear to tell the old truth nothing but because they'll be caught in the line there'll be caught doing perjury i have a judge that in writing get going after him because he needs to be of the bench but he said in his raise to dismiss my claim was because i was incarcerated and i didn't pay my filing to the court and i have never been incarcerated know what he's talking about or what incarceration means to him living in any maybe he is caring and with the problem with dementia happening there who knows you know that god belus plus he says in his process that i didn't pay the fee even though i sent him a copy of the and i said the date that the bank paid that still said we're not honorifics you are incarcerated and you are vile and inform of operating the other just makin a policy as they go they are not there not following any policies any procedures are not following the walk they're not following the constitution they are not following or doing anything you know what is your as john i know one is it is the spirit of stupid these people are infected with the square of stupid from top to bottom and greed and wrong doing and i mean we can we can go right down the right down the list what do you think is this we're going almost been on for two hours apartment other parts of the amendments were cantaloupe twenty third leaned let's do a follow up show like we did on the first show we did follow it show let's let matelotte a follow up on this and we can hit them all when kind go down a very quickly like a summary show and then anything that needs to clarify can be clarified then we have to spend a little bit of time on the articles article one two three and four or five and because article one is the legislature and the legislature has eighteen defined powers cool well that sounds like you at all just keep going down all of these documents and picking them you know picking them apart so that we really understand him for now until forever i think this is very educational for all for every one seen as that they took all of this out of our schools so there were no civic there's no really good instruction out there on any of this and in our education system and that's why the point honestly people are so ill prepared to actually have a an intelligent organdy do you are you in social medium much now well i can tell you one before time number two because i i been i been kicked off a face book and not because i did anything or said anything wrong i just go in there and i sign up and i compute iden and password and they say you know have account she so several times in fact he got about eight or nine accounts it's a menagerie of these probably speaking truth you know but it's unbelievable but what i noticed his people's inability to actually have a conversation it's either on a tack all the time and it's basically its base one opinion and they want to draw people out to put their opinion on things that really don't matter to distraction so they can't even have an intelligent discussion a lot of times wherein and you'll really if you if you if you are a little bit on the ball about it you go ahead and pitch him a ball the dry to a drama of the dark so that that i you could kind o expose some of the trolls in the shoals out there because not everybody out there is who they claimed to be inscia media we can prove that quite a few of the people that are unsocial media honestly or not actualities of margaret and that matter poor atwood into so i'm hearing hearing a reverberant side turned a vintaging doing i guess the trolls in the shows don't like to be called out oh well oberseer trolls and shells i'm going to call my i'll draw a mouth dark and let him expose themselves for footer i could care less what they attacked me but if they start attacking the other people in my channels pretty much it's going to be an unstable you know so hopedale they write anything in there can you do call in can you get people calling in this nectarinia could do a calling so marsden it up the collins because a lot of people don't know or don't want to write so they would they might have a question that they might run as i can do that injuring people in like a repeople in by a meeting the microphone because my concern is that of course somebody is going to get that you know from the drag queen power hour of fun is going to jump seminal of a sudden you know we've got a bit as a hunter by us pitcher that that jumps of your beau bring him out and just do as sound a question by sound i could put it out there like that my want to consider that as a possibility the call in some and again people will the call and i don't but maybe you getting a lot of stuff on the handwriting on the side in a lot of comments in a lot you know a lot i get a lot actually but the only one that i personally answer on telegram the rest of em and it's up to somebody else to follow up on it but telegram is to wear i actually communicate and or her like right now i've got rumble of the chat the chat on rumble as up and had some good feed back from people telling us what was happening with the sound of the sonorous really helpful that our answered there actually no he not that that's a good help but i think we could do it fairly easily and i talked about doing as soon meeting for quite a while and just as people be able to join in the zoo zoo meeting and there's there's a wonderful game davis offered to wit the together so we might dustdoth one way or the other but i think that would be a great way to do it well let's go ahead and hit me more common and is quite wind have sometimes so you have my email somewhere down there and i accidentally of course but if you want i'll put it on to the chat of give me give your email a minnow is put it on here at all simple it's gone tater come so anybody that wants to join our whom there is no price he you can ononwe seven and nine colonati you want if you send me your email i'll put you on our manliness and you'll get an invite so that's the simplest essay to get involved what we cover and we not we get to in depth on a lot of different stuff like carcases and the republic and and then we talk a little bit about the news and then our people that have evasions with a political system and the government and or the courts we cover all he makin for the covered tenors well let's go ahead and i'm to say prairie now and then then we'll go to the moment then many sobbed in a house dear how my father thank you so much for john and the information that you have blessed him with learning and that he brings forward such an intelligent thoughtful way we are so thankful for each and every person out here in this wonderful day ahead of us we know that you walk before us and you prepare the way and that you also give us the strength to walk the path that you have laid before us and we ask for you to continue leading us showing us and bringing the nation back as one nation united under yourself on the should undergo thank you so much for everything that you've given us from this earth we have everything that we could possibly need here and you have given it to us freely as a gift just as you have salvation and wisdom and the ability to love each other the ability to help each other it's a wonderful gift to be able to serve to serve each other and and in the end glorified become you know hopefully were every day we are in fact learning better version of ourselves that we honestly we grow we learn we move forward and to day is what we have in going into the future is hopefully butterette toiling how to walk you pick a soporiferous affiliation for grace and your mercy was at every single person out there knows how truly special uniquely they were created that you created every single person would unique talents and gifts and that they are so precious to you as they should be to each one of us how is to honour each other with respect and and he that we would respect each other and that we would work very very hard to make you proud of us because as your children will getting along so much for the day we love you in jesus name we pray so there we go so at the end of the process here going to go damning please go to brandenburg for governor got calm you can go to my telegram channel which as at brandenburg number four and i got com or is the that comes at brandenburg numero ami we also have brandenburg news network which would be brandenburg spell that way news network at command you could find a metric too video there we have put all of our videos over there in case some of these other you know social media channels and or not work go down which i think is always a possibility we seen it over and over again you can in fact go to brandenburg for bread burnes not work you can go to brand and bird for governor dot com and you can connect with us that way i always put my ponomo there and so by self toni you want to know what's going on we're just going to do this manteaus i think this is important to build community and i mean a community that actually talk to each other and respond by head the so beautiful woman that called the other day and who was it was pretty early in the morning and and she called and her name as a coal new friend if you're out thence he and i think with a shononses like this this is done and i'm like a yeah i pick up the phone if i don't think of the foe rateably it will be shortly or oritur it it might be in in the middle of something but i am that pick up the one and so i think as we continue to get bigger people are really really respectful of that you know i've had a few troll calls that have come on which i will be recording all of them so that people can see the insane demonic attack that come against any one that is actually willing to step of defection it's interesting i find it funny at actually every one of these toltecs that i get and gives me such amusement i laugh my head off at every single one of them because they're so ridiculous and absurdly childish to the point where somebody even said you you you probably don't even have a dad and i'm like well i really he died february but he was right to go so i mean if you're going to go that low you know you just assumed the you know the position as were food so you know i just kind o makes me kind o i'm more amused than anything as i'm kind of like taffata kind of nonsense monism pretty well because it's just stupidity anyhow that the gardener come an i'm sure and this little longer here the only one on a wall the candidates when everybody was running when we had that one eight or nine people running to the only one that picked up the telephone nobody else did and an up doing voice males with some to the dixon never called oh they have people that their people were kind of stuff now i pick the phone up nobody in her office nobody from her he ran and he mail i said were all ignore so he got to think about this if you are ignoring the public when you are running for what will you do when you get in well i tried to make it really easy for people because a mail i've never been great at email but i am with great at tex massaging and picking up my phone because i'm so mobile that for me to stop and deal with email doesn't usually happen in a real timely way so i try to just make it just came a call you know kralahome whatever and are you know i can i can handle about thirty conversations by tex managed any one given time and getting more done than any one that i can ever have in quickly and in that in that spot you know just makes it much easier if you're not having have everybody goes these nonsense on trees in anything like that is just teammate if you tax tax is usually best because i can i can tax on doing other things where if i'm in the middle of something i can't pick up the fall and made me may be a delay but i think it's a best way to do things you know quite honestly we've made things so stink and complicated that nobody can get anything done any more even if they wanted to which most often dull you know most don't want to fix anything but an they make it really difficult to get around and actually her voice is heard we just relates this nonsense is absolutely crazy bizarre stupid in effective lo i too know spirit a stupid whatever you want to call at the whole thing as is absolutely done poorly in order we should be able to connect us as a people in americans with each other quickly easily efficiently and your voice is with those people who are hoontin aries should be heard and addressed so at any rate let's let call up the day here we love you were fighting for all of you out there you're in our prayers you on a thought your interior thoughts going forward to how we can bring our feet each other closer where we can we can truly create that true sense of community noted now take one community with the real goal of drifting off of these fake organizations these ways for politicians to make money not one that's what it is is about this as about actually bring us together in order to do create marauder got indian so we go without side eleanor altogether and god bless america thanks john not to but next week were back on others one week were back in an tiered hopefully or some problems will stop and more transportation and all things constitution of things lawful processes talking about usurpation and public functionaries melanesian all this stuff that we need to so anyhow have a great day thank you good by every one