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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/15/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published March 15, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is march fifteen twenty twenty three and a welcome to redeeming grace church i mean to bring doctor chim parker my body on here a minute relquit and we'll go ahead and get started with us oh he on her it heightening a pitched you en ge dongdong good as the beautiful day i wish i eventing to get corsetiere this week because you know mescogneth i got back last week end fourteen inches of snow on top of my pickup o crazy crazy out of snow and the crazy weather and all that good stuff so as we all yesterday is so glad got my car detail and all all shine in the my trottick up youpranoni looking for a random paddled so i don't miss my car offensebut it's it is a beautiful sunshiny day over her and absolutely gorge just how are you little crispo over in an but it is a gorgeous day sons out alas gatherwell we got nothing to be afraid of and ah so it's always a beautiful day right he just deal with prophecy something that was impacting here i was thinking about last night was when jesus said don't worry about to morrow to day's got enough problems and it goes back to the fact that we really we really allowed times bit off in and we take bites out of things that are concerning to us at the time don't need to be concerning to us because god's got the soul under control and were were running around em you know we have an anxiety about stuff and trying to fix the things that we can't hit and start of having god's peace and going out we'll see i'm in a make myself a cup of coffee to day i'm going to talk for the people who i know i'm going to get my mind right so that i thinking critically instead of reactionary and ah an i'm goin praise god have great day and so that's that's what we're doing today i i wanted to derail the church dissolute at this morning because of a couple of issues that i see which are very important but it ties in toto and i was hoping that you would be okay with that i knew you would be but it's like i was i was hoping that we would all be okay with this because how many times in the bible does god talk about godly governed alas yes often and i mean dedicated books to governess and how to actually run run the the country and why you don't want a king because the king will always ah a king or a dictator or chironomos attirant will always always pull things to themselves and you can see that happening right out there and i'm going to start writing a little bit on management and communication because i want everybody out there to think about this right now we have been given the opportunity to be the boss to be the manager of this nation as sovereigns of the nation ay and so as a co sovereign and somebody who is also a pretty high level management is i'm going to give of the entire country a failing great a massively fail failing great for several reasons and and i think this is really important because we have been taught not to accept responsibility not were absolutely i didn't do it i didn't do so to be and i'm specifically right now talking about banks are fallen swedes there coming down one after another took her to to to to to bunch down nels there following their falling spectacularly there falling wonderfully and gloriously i am literally ready to get the champagne out the cork sabery be happy because this needed to have need to go into situations with absolute bravery no fear god in control how other and and celebrate a large move in the right direction this ebb bank it was a global bank mostly venturers of ventureone in the spank and nap of valleys involved in it with can be the life this is not like in it an it ain't in it ain't anything this is not firm family out there there's a few on yet but this is highly fonded activities on many many levels going just so an technology and such so we're going to watch how the administration and are non leaders not managers and to and the reason i'm going here is because this is also going to turn this is little a task is also turning on the population to see how the population and god often and this is and and there's going to be many of this loss of lots of tess on love is so how is the biden it ministration who created this crisis going to react cause they create crisis and then they react to the crisis what's the fall out men of be what are they going to do are they going to fix it or they just going to say do hillard clinton what's never waste as is what happened in the very first book in the bible the blame gamesters nobody wants to take responsibility for what happened what will i i i didn't do it so how did this all start let's go back to adam goes to god will i di didn't do it it was the woman's the woman set its not my fault it was a snake it back on and i think that we're going to see a lot of blame gangs a good manager never ever ever blames the people underneath they will befall every single time and said my fault because i was a poor manager i put people in place that were not a were not capable or didn't have the expertise and or i didn't assess the situation so everybody stopped blaming each other and just blamed me unless fixisset as skepasthentes of trying to hang everybody and the tesseeschade it wants to hang everybody for the rodens which are compound proms that everybody has had a hand in to and set of singleton and just sit down see what we got the problem and then afterwards we will assass where the deficiencies are to either bring help into the people that are trying to do a really good job but maybe they have a weakness in one area or the system is broken and we've got to assess the sister so the doesn't happen again and or we removed the people that are involved in it so that it doesn't happen again and it it am into either a place where they can be successful or if they are in fact savage horror they have to be absolutely removed i've been defending christina corona because i've had enough calls and nonsense trying to attack her i'm like she's got to be over the target because it's the republican party that's the tacking and people sitting back going well lets us see i don't think she's got the right skills that i'm going to sit back here and i think she's going to fail you can fail she's got the run skill so she's were already talking not removing her and that certainty um einstein sat notesabout it any one that looks at management or that understands management can look at this in say from a management perspective she is being savage it's not is from the top it's from the bottom and i can say this clearly because i really feel like i won by losing the governor's race because i really didn't care about the time you know i got the knowledge of watching completely and utter failure of a system fail and that's more important to me than a title in any given day is now you've got the knowledge to know at what was wrong and you could talk about it and then you can actually assess it and fix it without blaming everybody to say to have i think we're going to do this little differently because i think this might be a little more factor here and such well well when it was real interesting during the run to see everybody sit back and say you know i can't see everybody i had an amazing group of supporters truly truly an amazing group of support people such as yourself and garry who with step in front who stepped in front a bullet for me and travelled on the road well i pretty much put my life on hold for about i don't know sick at least sixteen months and you know i finded probably ninety seven per cent of the campaign the funds came from myself personally and such and people are so used to sitting back having the dark money find the campaigns that they didn't get it help and they wanted to just sit back and see who was going to make the cut were going to see him instead of saying while i got a whole bunch of them perfect people who is he begot the best chance at it and i'm going to throw in behind them and do whatever i can do to set this country rent right and it's not because of a cultiveront because they love that person is that persons got the skill set you know love a person or hates matters not i've got a situation at one of our companies were right now where there's a personality on and oh people are at fault because their both going to the imbher o the way over the way the other person is talking why do you care we have a gold to move forward in a fix the and personalities have to get out of the way in order to and you you take thee and go back to the bible god talks about those people that are not easily offended in that love love does not get a founded it looks at what needs to be done is willing to step in and do it without expecting perfection out of imperfect it brings me back to another bad failed thought out there that people are good and perfect tend to the bible say the people are good for absolutely not one and in i probed with us because it if we were born in sin and god says that we are bankrupt of anything good so even take credit for that is really its relief we can't a thing that people see in us that's good only from god because they see god in us and or they see him working through us or by his strength we do the right thing because if we're not walking with god were to do the wrong thing every single time for walking the he was god saying in and your point this is what a lot of people don't understand about our fond they didn't believe everybody's good are i don't they totally believed we were imperfect people in need of a reed that's why i am convinced they believed in the gospel of jesus christ to the hill and that's why they put in place things they did structures that they did because we're dealing with him bergen people trying to reach above what we have in what we are but it's only through christ grace that that is accomplished and when we forget that we end up going into ditches on all she if christine a caramel who got in place to thought to fight the satanic globes these people are satans they and in an all you to do is look at there look at the signs they put out their their sembles or signs betrayed them they are sane this goes way back this goes back to babylon cos that before babylon the practices of their involved in its been there it's been there this is not a new thing and their arrogant about putting out there worship of satan while they laugh at us for not picking up on the clues they put out the and honestly say not a i'm always the person that will jump in if there's a fire off there he i'll drop into it you know let see what's going on so of course you know people are like don't look at the counter fit look at the real thing then you'll know you know then you'll know the real thing bull jump in and figure out your enemy said you know their weakness and you know how to fight her so at any rate you know after the decent amount of studying you know say consaitin say tannorth luciferin is cause i want to know exactly how bankrupt these people in these systems are so that we can in fact help those who are in need of getting out of it as well it in pointing out the error in such people are said and the ones that are sitting that are sitting in their in the the putting it right out there and then laughing at us for believing oh we're good get you know if you want to hear the nicest kindest message in the world go to somebody who has a sane and what is the bible said satan comes as an angel of light they're going to tell you exactly what you want to hear like a snake dead oh god didn't mean that go ahead and eat the free he it's going to make you as god you're going to be fine don't listen to god don't listen to what he has to say no at it's all good we're good we're all good you don't have to pay attention to his with an that's exactly what the snake said and that's what a sataness will ill tell you what you want to hear which appeals to our human nature which which really leads salvestra and that's unfortunate a real good a good parent tells you not and listen to the music that donald trump played it is rarely this sort of thing is what i look for for patterns it's not what you want it's watching me and that's what a good parent dots a good parent doesn't say oh you want it you want to do cocade o k well i want you to be a friend to me better than anything go ahead and do that you're going to be fine we'll be here you know if that's what you want to do you don't find your happiness that's going to be fine or death a lousy per not telling the person what they want to hear but what they need to hear to be on to be healthy and to be saved and such it's not it's not it's not just because they want to be our friend and or cavour in the mud like a bunch of pigs walter in the mud together they're not they don't want it solicited said everything a good parent would he told us what we need had not what we wanted and now i'm going to say what ees be said to the republican party and not the sitting at the bottom who had been get pitched kills by the by the globes to try to make him think that that is you know to get him to go along and i heard this from these people out of their mouths we want to make them feel we want to make him feel good so they bolt with as because this is all teristic this is right and their sucking people in to em to this cult mentality and i'm goin to go back to this decentralization not only do we have to decentralize all of our sense the money system school system education getting away from the multinational corporations getting away from the centralization of thought and political parties and or how we were on this nation it all has to be decentralise and you know we re need to realize that the world is too big and god put us in the havereason to take care of our families decentralisation when you look at collectivism and how there trying to move every one into a larger and large and community that is important but if families out take care of first you fallen down on your first duty right there you be whatever you want to say a person and and going into it takes a village to raise a child no and so we need to stop with his cult personality and i would even courage every one else don't just listen what i have to say search around out there i am one of a million people out there who brings things forward and if you find anything of truth that you like great that's fantastic now in ruin enlarge your circle of people your listening to and gain more knowledge and then bring your knowledge back and comment com at section to educate us decentralized the thought process because there's millions of us that can stand together and furthermore if you're republican an you do roaspork christine do corao get your pocket books of because the globules are going to try i'm going to make a preston and i'm going to be right on this when i can almost guarantee the globes will financially savage out because she's a good woman and she's getting a tack that's the stuff that's going to happen if you want to see her succeed and you think that there's anything redeeming then i would say you might want a jump into your pocketbook because a very few people did that for you and i was running and they because they are used to having the globes found everything while the globes are so finding everything guaranteed they're going to yank that carperetur underneath her watch her fail and they're going to put a plant back on in order to take over that partynere the sheep because their goats you know the goats like a bad omen their go they they divide the he and so that would be my instant and an inn if you see a deposit in her you're the manager then we got half like step up and find out where the weakness says and say okay i'm going to either help put something in place to help her or we're going to were going to work in a different direction but that's the first so in that is a godly way to approach you a prosators n with a plan and you know this is what not not to destroy that person but stick to the issues and come up with a plan and go proached those people to be helpful rather than that the satanic method is creepin to our politics sit back and say i'm right i'm right i'm right an i'm right to get bail and i'm going to be able to say that when i watch i famentably to say topics i'm right there fault blame blame be so there you go i needed to say that because i am going to though i'm in another party i am going to defend christina as a human being and as a management structure of what needs to be done to fix the nation and i don't care a parson stepped up to fix this nation but could do it i would pass the possum you know it's like we need to fix the nation and you know and in step back and ands i am here for you you had the gods to stop up into a lousy penits proceaded she had the gods to step up into this and take this in devout her life for this nation and or to try to take back this is and i don't believe she's a global as i know her she is i don't believe that now she may work where a few because she had too so to president the present terminal kinds of em how you going to get away from em they're like cockroaches they stepped off in the middle of a dun you know with a swamp it's a dam at the writing filthy pile of crack you're going to have to unless you drop something in the middle of it and blow it all the peace you're going to have to work through the layers and and have to be there and so so there's my there's my there's my part this morning and behave your modification to leave they say tannic calls which they set up in order such as subvert the so there go all right tamanhas what say you i needn't get that off my chest because i'm i'm so sick of watching people carry chother apart i think i was in a while since your edevent in session donoso if my vaniteuse i want to see this country put back on its feet and a lockwoodthe people play ball the way god set of sophistries it's not going to work no matter who we put in plate color okay what's here we're going to be in the book of judith small book and we're going to talk about that we're in a pride just get started in his book oh i got metime to day so okay you look it fast for past my ran if they want the on the ah reply yeh well that's he that's good you you have a bit of time and i i was i guess wouldn't we get in i explained more i was kind of blown away with how extensive jew get it you know i know the book i know well and yet wouldn't you really did in and unpack it it's like oh my goodness to pieces that you have lateron sake i never expected this mate so are the every word of prayer will get started her on our heavenly father even as donna opens her soul to express her concerns about things going on there's people in america that have similar concerns and we are in estate often of confusion and sometimes we don't know where to turn and sometimes we deal with people that we struggled to know where are they coming from who are they are they one of us are they outsiders that premanand cause confusion and destruction and they so old and next thing we know we have a field of wheat it has weeds a lord june addressed us all these things an up prstat we would learn from him that we would learn how to understand your gospel and that we would glorify you in the process of the way we live in jesus name i pray oh things are going to i'm opinionthat too wild things are going to be okay and as we go through this process with the banks collapsing and such tis good to be really interesting i can't wait i i'm really excited about this god will bring the answers in the help when we need it so anyhow there on and so of all of these star of tetheredness a a vivid contrast between godly people against a vivid dark picture of people who dat distort christ's and in the actually it leads to a license to and so while they may not profess the antinomian we've talked about this many times that would be an anti gods loppression anders variations of that ah people would think that i don't have to reflect christ i don't have to obey i don't have to follow what he is that chirp on our hand or your entered we not remand ok and the disentis is what happens when you have when you have brought up pocas from your kitchen table that is in fact my dish washer telling me that the cycles do not occasion be quiet he he i go open the door a man help her frank o ka if you wanted to do that that what the better it's it's amazing i guess as we as we wind the scriptures down we see that four of the last ten books our very short fileman twenty five verses a one chapter second john is thirteen verses one chapter third john is one chapter fifteen verses in june his twenty five verses and now although it's a brief book june packs of powerful wall on several fishes so we're going to go through i believe probably jude and two side ah i guess like i said i was i was borne away by how much puts her and so what we've got to see is ah there's several things but one is when we think about the people that sow division for discord caused problems more than not they are people in house and i know there are some people that would say a lot of a distortion which created by ah the people who interpreted de scriptures king james i believe very much ah through his weight around and so a lot of the words for church should be assembly and so god's people assemble and even even some translations that don't really fall into the king dreams variety they do use you see assembly in different varieties i think it's present a lot more than we realize so when we talk about jute we my several who was to he says of the verse and a servant of jesus christ and brother of it amazes me it really does that both these men jude and jane were half brothers and they don't mention that in their books oh so i just would maybe asked people to think about a little bit cause we we like to say what i know so ansel and they did but i think we're going to find out it may be they wrote as they did maybe out of somewhat shame maybe that they needed to get over but thinking boy i mean we believe that pridebut of them did not get converted and till after the resurrection and jesus christ paul mentions that james was there at his resurrection but if you think about it you know he spent forty days after his resurrection before he ascended into heaven and ipanema ine what they would think we know all our lives and we could we could know so much and yet we ply my he we didn't regard what he had to say in her a lot of comparisons between jesus and joseph of the old tested in genesis where he stood before his brothers and said you know god gave me a word and he did and he indeed saved them and jesus did say jude and james ah so it's just amazing that they start out that was so i wanted to say this the other thing has low people listen to me and some people are confused with what i say but i will talk about being a christ re and i know one commentary a commentator talked about the way that june speaks and any use to reference to a mere kind of like a reverse reflection but what i want to say i done talked about this earlier when you said that we don't have in hearing goodnesse no and so when when jesus tells us in the sermon on him out to let your light shine i think that what he was really referring to even though they may not have had reflectors back then like we have to day a reflector has no light it needs light in order to reflect so we are reflectors at best of god's righteousness of his light now we can clean our reflector we can make sure that it faces directly at the light or more directly and that's how our light shines better ah but we are reflectors and a lot of people may be know this but we i think we lose track of i asked people sometimes to walk when does the moon she and how could not find the answers but the moon doesn't have any shy it has no light it reflects the light of the sun so the moon the second great light escripture talks about is really a reflector of light and so when i hope that helps people understand that when i talked about christ reflection we we should be if he is converted our souls we should reflect his like the best of our grace ability ah so i hope that helps just knowing that we are reflectors well and i think that's important that's important too eh that's a great analogy of never heard it as a reflector and i think i think that's a really helpful way to think about things that i know that when we get out of god's way we get ourselves out of god's way he will fix everything we are that were the barriers a lot of times for for everything being resolved and correct in such and i i don't know i love that analogy its great ye used on a lot in my first book in it it really helps because we don't realize how much we are reflectors at best and so when when we reflect his like people say what you shine for jesus well i can't take to credit because the light is not in me at best i can reflect his light so i want to talk about james because a lot of people get confused about maybe thinking that the apostle james is the one that wrote the book of james and that would be the brother of tone so the man let me just briefly run through this there's another thing when i talk about a lot of people aren't aware jesus had two disciples by the name of james and he had two disciples by the name of judah so love who read the laster or may be to know the names but but we get cured he is about adsolet on back just the name of james first we know that a james and john were known those were the two of the apostles and they were known to be part of the inner circle with peter they were called the sons of thunder that james is the one that was martyred in extent so it was the apostle james it was martyred early james the brother of jesus on orote to boaganes would have been at the council of jerusalem in like forty nine a gee so that was a different the james of the book of jane so ah the second james a would be the son of alpheus also an epos so he'd be the second james but we don't often hear of him much but he's the night that gets mentioned in the list of the disciples their spie references and all five times east the night and enters the james the brother of joses son of mary not jesus mother he is known as james the last and it could be stature intelligence thickenesse al things it could be we don't know but he's just called james the last the other james is the james of judah's the other apostle not judas iscariot so james would be judas's father but that's not who were talking and then james would be the older half brother of jesus the pillar of the jerusalem church and he would be the author of the book he jude was that james brother so he also was a half brother of jess in it just amazes me that they don't mention that they say we are servants in it i think about the humility the that expresses it shouts something that most people he though he is i think they struggled with thinking about all the lost days and lost opportunity but that's where we really all are i mean i say that people sometimes get so grieved over what they did before they were new bird i understand that we rossel with that but when we were new birth we were dead in our sense and trust passes and i'm not saying i just you know i do anything we wanted in chalk everything to while we were converted but that is a reality and so i guess my point is once we are new birth we have to make sure where the greatest christ conflict or weaken we do have responsibility for that we do have to and we are called to obey and so were supposed to gracefully emulate the lord jesus christ and i think i think that's what what you were talking about that it prostrates you and it does me as well there is a lot of different groups in the church and i i guess my peep some people might think what tim you sat there didn't say thing would not i was talking about passions and in it on to say oh i am i am an ultimate church i love the church because ephesians three and four talks of a hop god work true the third display the gospel oh whether we talk about the assembly or a church attached god's assembled people we his this is what you were to we have the right to self government we should exult god in christ gospel in our families in our churches in several government and i just realized more and more on said to set we have to learn how to self governed and i'm convinced that a lot of what you were talking about his people don't know how to sell one for for for people even the de jude speaks about oh i got to sit dead his point speaks often of the income but really there unreflected verses those who have the ability of grace because of new birth we can reflect christ so this is the dichotomy if you will that james talks about and to day were in a focus more on may be what we would call the negative aspect of that but i hope people here even in to day that he is once to exalt and build up the christ reflection in those who are in red on the canicular ifi my church of in gonhario probably don't need to but godhead and i know him tekeete saying cause i do i am grieved with the condition of the church to day so as for the analytic i i love that the church is the family of believers it's not a building it's not even a necessarily and locallocal assembly though i think that's it a good idea i'm kind of more of a home church person and so when we went and we did it you know when we were attending the messianic church we had service on friday nights in a home and we shared meal and then sunday oratura we would gather and you know and then to do the jewish a jewish massage is little different you you stand up in messianic is christian it's it's in incorporates all the holidays and all the meanings and then i really love this great great experience and the problem that i have with the church they and god talks about it about clinging out and first looking at the church for the the introspection or for we are being sifted my problem isn't with believers true believers my problem is with the structure of the church and in the five one see threes and the ones that took money during the culverlocks downs that did not stand up and do the right thing and were the first ones in a battle the ones they had no fear of going in and benton people who were sick but said i won't go where we got asked me to go regardless of the consequence they that the church down by and large now there were some shining example all churches that stayed open the other problem that i have with it the churches have devolved in s into something that looks like the political parties it now comes that this is a big problem that i have with with it and it goes in and goes back to the senescent expect perfection in the shore that's where people you go into the doctor to get healthy i get it okay you go you go to a church to learn to become that i got it i got it but when the structure of an organization is that the person sitting at the top is constantly being fired at criticized debased and such which happens a lot in the church st instead of the church coming together to be a help we've got a broken system and that's the same in politics when you have somebody sitting at the top of the church which i see a lot of all you got to do is look at the magnates look at the magnitudes and you will see a flawed so because it's an institutionalized religion now our people going to get fed there oh yet yet you don't jesus can work through any situation but the system when you see pastors that are the living in million dollar home and walter begging for there from the congregation for more money more money gilt gilt tights night type type where is that money going is it to run the air conditioning is it to have more programs and take up people's time which expletives them away from the families is it disseised there there's a lot of flaws in the structure it's not the believers i have a quarrel with it you know that that's not it it's the structure that i have some shoes and and i i think that what's your sand one so true the churches are massed on because again were supposed to have passed her teach we typically when you look it most churches there are no pastors and here are note made pastors really shepherd of the sheep yes we don't have shepherds of any more yes the people that are called to be shepherds get in here and split the sheep and send him out devoured them that's not a shepherd that's why jesus talked about hirelings to me we have a lot of hireling the were he so money to themselves that's not a shepherd that's not a teacher but see passers asses which you talked about even the megacuries to men as to classic wrong example pastor her sposo teach the sheep how to how de do correctly but the magetch is basically is specially an audience pass the calientan ment and its of nets is pop psychology that gets into to make you feel better rochouse in such lenity won't they won't say anything that actually is necessarily the truth because they don't want a find anybody cause they need these buts in the seats to keep the air conditioning on and so an i'm not goin to say they're all that way but it's pretty symptomatic i mean you can look at you you can look at some shining examples out there of abject failure with these large churches do they talk christ crucified resurrected for the root refer the the covering the remediation of sin do they talk about salvation most and the fact that we need a saviour which is a beautifully doesn't it doesn't mean that you know that's where we started accepting his said yeah okay i'm some poor smoke here trying to get through lige and god's goin to leave me every single way i'm going to do the best i can and in it also gives you leeway for a little bit of of grace on yourself going you know what if god loves me in my imperfection then i'm going to trust his his valuation and you know and we're going to walk through this together like a real friend a real friend doesn't really shoot at you a real french comes alongside you and said he body are you having provestwith alcohol is are you having problemswith drooped are you having province with with a million think i'm not going to sit there and shoot at you i'm going to sit here quietly then when i see that you need help i i'll be there to listen to you and say he body how your heart to day how how you feel it and you know and it steps alongside not con down that is he got that's godly that's a godly action on an individual basis now a system go after it with their tea because that comes from saint but individuals you step alongside of them and in polemon the mud drinoff given a place to stay you know and i feed em and and then you know hopefully you know god says the speck on her feet that's what the salvation messages we fall he is like okay is like watching the two year old dad watching the two year old how i fell down again but you know what i know you can do it picture back up dosso dry your tears and so come on you can do it you can do better i believe in you and then they have i think a lot of people i mean in trust me i the subject of biblical grace for cornfort years now and i i do present grace differently than most people here and believe but i would as james does he talks about i beg he in i begged he study what biblical grace is because i am convinced that grace first birds and man makes us wholly because it gives us overcoming power and to me that's what people would he when they fall into sin and they stumble they need to know how to lie over come it's not a matter picking him up on the mud creeping her face i want to teach him so that they won't fall back into the mud poexactly iactantior but to build them up bring them up to a higher living ability in answer to me is what greece is so it's never god winking at our sin it's her holy power drawing us into his reflection into his obeie and go ahead well what an wen you see somebody fall the way you know the batter possibly better way too proto and this is a good management think as were supposed to be a manager government this goes across the board you look at him and say say well you know if i love you to pieces and a just to sink the world to be an i only want the best for you and any you don't say to manila began to say his isin your heart you mean it right you know i see it you know i see a donsahaten years and oh i this i was probably eighteen or nineteen when a situation happened in my friend was literally sleeping with every single person she would come across and it was very very sad because i loved her and i knew that she was doing it and now were an now that there was so many heart aches and her that it was to try to cover up the real issues and i loved her and she's a good person just making some bad choice and everybody else was laughing at her and stabbing her in the back behind behind her back and treating her like dr they treated her like an outcast and dirk and it was heart breaking and in i rely loved i really loved this persicis i can honestly get that past behavior which an you know it to look at the behavior and say there make a bad choices and let's see if we can you know if we can be helpful right i went to her and i and i said to her and i sat down with her and i said i said to her such in all i really really love you a lot but what are you doing to yourself and and you know we we had a we had a heart felt conversation and in the tell you what twenty years later she came back to me and said you know what she said you were the only one that had the guts to tell me the truth because you truly loved me in an pointed out sin is a self destructive it's not for it's not something that is a good thing that we get to do whatever we want all sin leads to self destruction and those russian of others and so in somebody has a got to point something out and say say i love you and and i want the best for you but you are killing yourself you are harming yourself you're going to end up with all these problems it's like you know what it is when you watch some ohosroes sand and i don't know if you ever wateryou have almost every has dealt with suicide i have with with you don watching somebody that i very much loved and dealing with some that blew their heads off with you know over the blue their hat off and i was eighteen years old when this hand it was my case and when you walk so many that gets involved and sin you literally are watching them commit suicide by inches and it is it is such a heart wrenching process to go through rough and in you can watch somebody i know you can go through an inexperienced somebody that accomplishes a suicide that's what it has really asking for help most the time on till they get there but when you get into the watching sin the sin issue it's watching by instance and an innersent doesn't step up and and step in the way and say i love you so much that i can't this is carrying me a part then she knew magan god looking at us when we make wrong choices the ultimate of love and how heart broken he is it watching his children literally commit suicide by an that's what we see and it so that's a perfect senkwado na into verse three that james says beloved although i was very eager to write to you about our common salvato the he pointed emphasis that i bring up on nevers here is the brother the half brother of talking about common salve it's not like him better than you all i have an inside track even though i didn't use that as eboracum on salvage and as you are even talking about your friend and backer you know we think about what jesus did when that woman caught in adultery and bring the man i think the man was in that group that came to present this woman and i'm going hermiston's falls don't get the annerses new birth ter after everybody in told her go and sin no more and they think about what what occurs when when our slate is wiped clean and were given grace by christ but he said i found it necessary in this what we were even talked back to the churches i don't think to any churches to day to write appealing to to contend the now that's a fight in word we don't teach fighting we don't believe we should find i see churches just yield on every one and i just go o lord help us how can this be i made i think dowdon know what it is to find for god we just go oh well the judges to day they they took away you know ah they wiped out the year the log gainst page murder what are we goin to do all they took prayer from the schools what are we goin to do they took bible reading from the schools he took creation as if from the school they put in the forty five communists goals and to mercator we got it we don't fight for our faith that's what deseja saying contend for the faith and it's not just though faith thinking of our faith it is the faith and he talked about christ he see we think we're saved because of our faith we're safe of christ faith and then we have a faith in that so do we need the faith in that but it's christ fed redeems the sense part or of that common salvation in any goes on that was once delivered through the same and that's for all time for all eternity never to be repeated never to be replaced so his salvation was once for all time so on and we and we think about this too it's like we don't want to be right for the faith just petiverit for the face sake it's it's wee we contend for the faith because if we don't people round us become victims of the sin the sin thing that will tear them down and destroy them and you want to know what my you know what my the sadness or fear will be is that you know what you do what my biggest sadness and i know when this is what this is what drives me every single day i say this is down as heart out there for everybody and i'm glad to do when i look in the face of my god my saviour jesus christ he looks at me and i realize he's lost one of his children because i failed to reach out in act in love or step in the way and to see the heart break in the eyes of my father because of my failing it's going to be the greatest sadness of person could ever experience i want to be able to look at him and and say well i did everything that i could do what the time and if if we lost some one i you know i want to be able to look at him and i know there's always more we can do if we lose some one because of my failing step up or do something or make the world right that'll be my greatest sorrow i don't want to see sadness in my dad's eyes it has that's part of contending for the and ask why ancistrodon an advertisement ah matrella in brandy dead are together for six days a week this is already wednesday they were in tailor on monday went down and heard of the neronotes pleadeth together and it was it was powerful i know there were i believe in serving heights last night i not sure where they are to day they're going to be in san clare county at or we to county on thursday at were they are friday and they have a dinner and the teaching i think in no von saturday and i would encourage anybody to look up either matched the gin her are we the county find out where they're at and if you could make it do so as it would be a very very excellent time so ah i think that again as i did my turning point us a teaching i just see in in a huge waredon know and i say this across the board individually collectively we don't know how for we don't know how to fight for our constitutional rights we don't even this is what i ran into this year don and and nowrather or that in a positive way we don't even vote for god people to take office and then we wonder why do we have all these problems it's like my goodness people i'm not i'm not fool enough to think that we're going to just because we vote for a godly constitution a person we're going to get them in office but in some point when are we going to start doing it how can we say we really believe in godly constitutional governments would we won't even vote for godly constitutional people and in step up its le every single person should be pre for for those in authority over us every single day because if you got a good person and an officer in a position like christina she can't stand there by herself because we are just human beings and none of us are perfect you know there's not what one person on planet they could walk into an office without being surrounded by a multitude of of godly got god loving god fearing people realizing that we're all in perfect and that you know that we're but we're going to stand together and when somebody takes the takes a hint from satan or an attack in one position somebody needs to be there to help hold each other up you you have to do it to hold each other up and that's that's the truth church right there is its being there for each other opening our homes and or opening up you know open up her horns feeding each other being there sitting with people who are who are going through grief you know me cleaning people up if there is there having a problem you know nor some of the greatest people on the one planet are those beautiful people that work in the nursing homes taking care of our elderly people you know person like that would be great and government because they would do it for the right reason because they they love their charges and they there not doing it for other than the fact that they love and if it's a minimizing and we could go on the subject for ever you know in living living a godly life which is the selfless life for others he went i know that they used to talk about servant leadership to me a shepherd is stately a servant to and she what we don't know how i should do that and in government we don't really know how to do that because we've been we've been trained to duck personal responsibility put somebody who's the cult personality up there see if they're going to fail or succeed instead of being involved and anybodyeven undesponding around full circle in the different way that the blame gave ah you know it's real easy to blame god for his sovereigns oh he said things were going to go down he said deception was conon he said this and so he sat it and we can sit back and not do anything and then say see god it happened because your sore and i just i want to say no no no we i and i said to it my talk and if we look at scripture with with grace eyes we see this say only you sirs what we yield what we love in a wish people could get a hold of this because they might go oh you're right we sent back and do nothing and then we wring our hands we complain and go woes be god tells us getting the fight and i will fight with you and have you my harbor fight in my power fight and i will be with you and we desembocan go god when are you going to save us that's that a babe implicit plane gave it ailing people realized that i wish i could wipe that off of our mind and awful for practice yet think about when god said when jesus said she comes a child right comes the child what is it what is a child do you know it's it's kind of fun in a mob and you look at your kids and you're like they'll be watching what you're doing and such in your in the kitchen and they like the like all help i'll do this a child will stop up with a any thoughts everything as it is the same to a child really they'll have her things that they like you know there you know one of my kids like trains one of em like a like dogs and animals and such one of them really likes peoples the ultimate people person right but they all had their things that they like one might technology one like digging in the dirt you know they all had they all had their things that they but a child will look at their father or their mother and just one to be with him i want to see what you're doing take me fish and dad lake placateit me dad i'll do it in can you dis yeh i'll do it all a little kid will step up and go i'll do it pickney and in in he come back and there just like they're like i did this and in it such in your dislike you're just like oh they was just so nice that you actually cared enough to help you know it's so precious and it's such a beautiful thing to see in now in the alternate round in the like gather hand and the cookie jar and you know in that sort of thing because you know we've got that we've got that mixed nature but when you watch a child that hasn't been tainted by the the world quite so much and you had maman they had kind of protecting them in giving them an in are where they can grow up and stand against the pressures and such you know that the world gives you know it's like i'll help pick me i'll do it when i wanted just speak to the down it because that is one thing that gets confused to day does god tell us childe all the time yes a thousand times over what he does not want nor does he command he does not want us to be chided tractor child to be child like it's one thing for an adult to be childlike but when we should be but sure a dull believers to be childish is is a denial of the grace of god in a senate what jude a kind o spoke toward an he begin so verse for says i in very romapock up if you want to put it up the case weren't word the start hammer and maybe some of the verses so here's where he says for certain people will who are the ser people and noticed that it says they crept in a note who were long ago designated for contemne now again you you said earlier there goes we can't imagine goats are going to become sheep now there might be lost he in the middle of the unsaved but a gold could always be of gold a lost sheep could be found there's a big difference the reason why they divide up the flocks even when you look at the bible references the bill references to it is that the th you have to keep the goats and the sheep kind of separate when you when your shepherd in because a goat will always divide the herd will always by the sheep that's why when i what i like about you know the the jewish form of teaching is that there is tangible things in the world and in difference between offherejust looks like we lost you on or hand less you really met you're on a jump off that she had to do somethin oh i would hope that people can still hear but we need to go on and say ungodly people who pervert the grace of our god into sensuality de our only master and lord jes and i think so often of how people misunderstand the third commandment that thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in it an i see people all a time oh i don't know what i think the one not mescrans rose and now in back on her got feelwhat you know it's like any time we talk about something that points out crazy the computer's lock up in its its crazy thing but an eastern form of teaching which the bible was written by and the people in an eastern culture so the thought processes and so when when you look at this is my understanding and i don't you know it's a goin not we know what it's nice when we can share that they never said you know like we were like you know god is good god is grace god is this that they would explain it like god is like a month it was something tangible and you could look at it go what characteristics of a mound s big its stable it's gives give shade clucks water there's all these characteristics and i think that when you look at that like the way they the way the bible talks about goats and she is an i know an allegory or analogy analogous people and eldest of people you you've got got alders that wanted to vide all the time the sheep not truth were not talking truth were talking p poland and how god to pulls us his sheep his lambs and go find my lost lamp and if them portant it's an important and nectars really kind of like high lights that yes so i think ah you know her again what we see it's the problems we have are or offer the not internal because of these infiltrated yeah he swore who drew not represent to lord jesus christ one i think you know a lot of people would say oh i would never swear if it never rather god's name in vain and yet they don't think anything about professing that very christ reflector and then live continually in non reflective way that to me is the essence of the third commandment would we profess that we believe in the lord jesus christ our life should act that way now yes do we fall yes but that should be the pre eminent direction of our life is toward christ rich and here again that's a picture i love the bible to me is full of pictures some more weakened picture tis true the better so adverse five of moving on paul says now i want to remind you although you once fully do it jesus who saved the people on the land of afterward destroyed those who did not belie this is a guess like i said it's only been in the last couple of years said i really start understand ah yes you had people he brought out egypt and i sposed to go into the promised land but when they stood in front of the promised land and the twelve spies went in only two came back with a positive report joshua and caleb ten others said oh no no we can't can't do it not even although god said go in and i'll fight with you help to clean out the land there like no we cleaned it and most of the people listened god send him any walked round the wilderness for forty years that we think while they just had to learn her lesson it might find it says right there what i have said in the last few years the god literally killed all the cowards he waited for all the cowards to die in that forty years before he said looks able do this again in joshua led men in caleb was i was mighty in his battle and that's why even gave that teaching that the caliph said give me that martin the very place that we know his horror was that mountain that caleb it is eighty five he was just as vigorous it may be just as strong as he was the so again we talk about that fighting that contending for the faith upon a take that that mountain that property that place that decision christ out potomak it godly and as that's a good so he said to he did he destroyed does and the angels who didn't stay within her own position of authority and we know that there was a third of the angels that rebelled but he said the last her proper dwellin he's kept in eternal chains into gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day just as sodom and gomorrah the sound surrounding cities which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursuit unnatural desire serve as an example by undergoing of pons eternal fire oh wicked men to me a lot of those things speak for themselves oh but if if we are not about the business of reflecting the gospel lickin kingdom led and i guess down an that's where my heart is so burdened the shirt it's like we are oblivious to the fact that we let christ in this king rightly here right now this mode likewell say yes he's king right here right now we don't relieve believe that because we are so willing to just say well o if you want to take that you wanted you won't bring in all this distortion and nurse school you want to pre teach us transgender ism a no gender mangenes that's okay now we stop contending for the faith when we let to he and i get on an individual basis are we stepping forward and reaching out to these pee you know in a way like i have a problem on again with a structure which you have individuals caught caught off in the structure that need help have the ever win when you have friendmine had a brother commit suicide few years ago and the stupid response to sever body knows so you don't make this mistake is people want to come up and say oh that self that was a selfish trois really not helpful not helpful and you know and this this person was a very clearly hurting person the people around them very much loved and when we look at when we look at people that we know our struggling in anything that god has as outlined as a son are we reaching out and being helpful you know it it's it's a question a question that i have and oh in order we orderunt away from it and set back and woudbe in the same people that might make an accurate hurtful accusation like that was a we do things every day for sellers rests we like to oh i don't want her admit that that's who we are as he if you it takes the grace of god to come in to us so that we can look outside of ours in do things beyond our sole and so the same people that might low but accusation all day they were stubs of selfish commit suicide these people when they do that in that instant they don't have any other thought there hopes do we give hope to the to me the gospel gives hope very often the gospel i mean there people that will examine sermons and say the gospel is preached in about one per cent of the sermons really i didn't know that that i knew and he there wasn't a lot of that but it robespierrethe again with this is what we talked about before for lot of people the gospel is helped yourself for yourself or by your bootstraps you can do it you can regenerate yourself you can cause hiberno we can't we can't do any of that god as the new birth is with his grace and then he empowers us to be only it's not a bottetot him that's part of what you was sayin we got to contend for the faith that was once delivered for all time for all the sane and and as has different to different aspect so the woman from there june does he hammer stringops in that in the passage but will move on oh now he's a finding people enough and if you think so i escaped that list jude adds more down at a he says yet in like manner these people what who's the these people again in the same people up there those who crept in unawares they also relying on their dreams and what would we say dreams may be misinterpretation psychic false spirit gifts oh he says the people who defy o the flesh and if we look at paul's teaching on the lord's table and in the me let me at least throw out ah an element that i'll say as a little look but it's loose for reason because we know the dear is an event that we celebrate the last supper or the lord's table that we call the dares of seth a real sense in that passage if in the teaching that we should believe would we talk about assembly we come together so when we do church we are coming together and waken say well paul talks about defining the flesh when we don't acknowledge the body of the lord correctly in the last supper celebration communion the eucharist or whatever we may call it but yet when we talk about the collective body i think when we violate that collective body defile and so i was baby making a little bit looser but i was trying to expand people's understanding of that when we violate fellow believed i think we fall into the category of what paul talks about so it may not be a strictly speaking just in the celebration of the lord's table i think we do it all the time when we violate other other believers as is that that is that is in amazing explanation i love that i've never heard that before and i absolutely love love love that statement of that is amazing rub it to rely to on that one to day cause that i'm going to bring that back to to the christina thing and i'm to stay with my issue here because i seen with christina she's an american she is an american and she's a sister in christ ah yes and and you know it's like it's like two i you know this is something to really chew on that you know if we are defining each other even with our words exactly i otootitis a mangiare people that what a great explanation marmoreally thank you for that to day that is such a that is such in a wise in the worse i hope people can wrap her spirit minds around that because i i just see to day the peep we stamp people in the back we throw em under the boss in a heart we will assassinate your characters and just i can go on and on but i know that you all know what i'm talking about because we see it all the time yeah it's terrible ah you know and can connect throather example of the of sarantaning so much i foisonneront to day sewsjust like to like when i was ronny i had some one who claimed to be a godly individual you know just beat up on me and say i've got a side of my circus going on and i'm not in accused one of my sons of having some mysterious illness he's he's clearly got aids and he's got his all of this nonsense it was going on if you really knew that particular son of mine he is so unbelievably um so poled on every level and this was a son that had cancer when he was younger and all this anathemen right to all as she's got a sod of might circus enomoto tell you what i love all pee i love all and it doesn't matter to me but that was such a false accusation and it also showed it an inability to love people because this person was already dividing up people on bassonio now you can disagree with what issues or structures or or ideologies or beliefs or doing the wrong thing but yet people behind him and that's why we're here health each other not a hurt each other an ominous this is the same person they had the guts to look at me and say if a husband tells his wife to have an abortion he has to listen to her husband and kill that baby and god and bless her for listened to her husband okay let's follow that little crazy train thought pattern right same person is its accusing every is accusing so much who is in of something that was i don't even know where this came and put it out publicly to disparage my son on on every level with my son as he's very godly person doesn't get a found it he was like one more on and had unlike you pretty much in one just out of themselves for being for being an ungodly person and in then showed themselves for lack of love of all people lied it was an outline and then if such it's o catomare a child if some one erringly gives you a raw that brings back to some to go work what happened a sindonemo were going to throw our daughter out there to be to be torn to pieces because we don't want to we don't want to defy all our male gaston the house that's what that whole story was all about it was all about are again and you know in waiting to save face with with in or within this hierarchy that they had set up in to the standing and doing the right thing can you even imagine one saying a woman should have an abortion because her husband told her too that's the right decision i am not in the i'm no words with us you know the to me that manifested at least miss aided and this is part of what i tried to expose in my turning point you say the that there there is i think misguided teaching at the root of the church because there are some people in a church at least the pietist will say you've got to bow you got to submit to ungodly authority no we don't her half to submit to ungodly authority if a godly man tells you to sin at least at that lovel thurstaston should the there is never a good reason to sit now some people look at well what about like to he omit what is to daylight affair yes they did and god bless them for it why because when it comes two obeying god or obeying a tyrant we got to obey god so in obeying god work going to disobey the tyrant but tess what work called to do and it can be a husband as well so if a husband get in abortion he's requiring you to sin now we would say well we are supposed to obey our gold leatheritt never to sit never aniconic with god the antesonant one is she with what you said there just because of its me right that they send in his to disobey god in a situation where you have to stand on your principles i think you better choice is to go in and say i refuse and i if everybody would refuse did to the to this you know eventualis going to he's going to get past people in tibetan or whatever but if the it's like where the masts we stand up and say i reviewed stand on our principles regardless it don't have to lie her way out of it you just say you're wrong and i'm knocking to do it and point out their error and then go forward to get the people round them courage cos got wind provided the way if thelemites would have stood up and set i refuse i will not care you want to start killing children the blood's on your hands but i refuse to do it and and see what that he with the outcomes going to be cause they might actually get an audience with the king and be able to say and in turn his heart they may die on the spot they may do anything but their constant before their god with knowing that they did everything they could but i'm pretty exterior that when you stand on your principal god always provides a way he always does he do one thing came up in the ship please explained false spiritual gifts so wherever you can weave that we've that into the on that was oneknew why i would say that i think that an i was just going off of that dream ah commented jud gives i do think there are a lot of false spiritual gifts there toted as real and authentic and ah i i guess i am a cessation is at heart and do i believe that the sa heeling and now do i believe that the office of healers ended absolute do i think it tongs ended i would say no but at the same time did the authenticity of one in in a later time after we have complete canon do we need togs on a regular basis know not at all because we get a word from the lord here not from people i got a word from the lord and i just i just give up a i mean as long as you're you're sharing stories down soon after listen i got married a one soon after beschari would action been on nine eleven babies she would to get freemantle nine months after we get married but i was sharing that we were going to have a son and there was a lady at the church that we were attending that sad do you know she got word from the lord it was going to be a daughter and i said well thank you and so when charlie was indeed born announced that charlie was born in chicito now it can't be i said lady i saw his parts where the king horrorhorror is cold business would insani think that poopies one of those false gifts people think they they they have a word from the war while see a word from the i get words from the lord and he comes to me with those things in onwordie direct route is when i ileanett people to come so understand you somebody might get up offended by what i'm saying i'm not worried about the offence i just want people to know that that i put so much credibility in the finished word the scriptures not when i say that do i believe in all the translations now i'm not saying that but to finish word of god his word is i breathed out word complete we don't need to add to it at all are the things we need to learn yet i think god teaches is all the time that we ought to go to that's why jane says we don't have wisdom go ask for wise but i don't need a word from the lord god says i give it liberally in pike sometimes i just wish people would trust the word and practise the word and i think we'd be lot better off in so many ways i mean we look at relocation mormons they have five books and they put the bible as number five i mean the jehovah witnesses have their own script and i think of you know to two men that were very high up in the jovenes movement when i shared with them about day the word of thomas when he saw jesus could he had had less i put my finger in his hand and got my my hand in his side i won't believe that it's the crisis so as he saw him he said my lord and my to him caught see doubting thomas he is the first of parcel that called that jesus does say in a blast or those that believe in heaven said but but what thomas said and when i shared this with these guides because they've taken out any reference of jesus the christ god o mighty yahwe god and so they said well what is that is that a big cheer a little he and i said i know what mine said i said what does your say it couldn't have been any more funny cause they both at different times they looked and they said oh my goodness it's a big i said what do you guys do with that and i was saddened they both said can't believe so you got all these different i mean the mormons that they have their books we we see it all the time and you get in the church this idea that there's ongoing revelation and so love of the words from the lord a lot of the tongues he literally they will hold that and hire a set then this then i just think that's faulty i made the catholic church a man to you tongatapu refer there are a lot of churches that believe anything that confessed it was script script i just listen to solon i can't think chorasan and here was interview like five five or six different people that was watching the yesterday and he says you don't eat he howled the gospel of thomas well we know that's a solo so gospel it is not god's word i mean i believe that while i understand king james distorted something we believed that the sixty six books did god ordained that those were his words and i think there's continuity there we can trust i hope maybe that's a sufficient answer but if anybody wants to know more on you know that i were always be willing to talk more and give or incited to the how we goin on time in all trentime to day so it was at ten thirty seven so we want to rapid up around the love and we've got a fall oh you know don't go twenty five minutes okay so what i want to say is if people would read a second peter on throwing his out on your radio screen jotted down in that nels if you don't call in and the manuscript of a sudden any time if you were just down second peter to your going or hear a lot of second peter in a lot of the words of jew down that saying he copied peter but i haven't feeling that he was familiar with the peter too and and he have at least been repeating some of this sin green and as i think stronger sometimes than anything because when you see you know em when you see the wisdom and somebody else's words you you you not truth when you see it so and in coolham if you want to put up a jud again we're going to run to just to nine to eleven he says but when the archangel michael contending with the devil was disputing about the body of moses he didn't presume to announce a blasphemous judgment but said the lord review but these people here these people again and so we got to realize for talking about the same people he's just going to expend on him a little bit more they blaspheme all they don't understand and they are destroyed by all the they like unreasoning animals understand think of and i'm just conto say or human instincts are good for a lot of things but would we take our human instincts to the scripture and reason from our human instincts i think it we at we have to through the mind of christ seek the mind of christ we have to buy his grace seek his understanding not or when we translate our understanding to scripture we fail now can we rightly understand scripture yes and we ought to seek that all i think that an i've seen it this way and we can probably all talk about it that we we at times we know that animals simple in their understanding they often do and then you'll see him about what they did but we are commanded to engage our brains before we do not we don't always do that that to me is a reason practice and so i think what what we see here it says that they blaspheme all that they don't understand i think sometimes we talk about paradise people are just locked into paradise and i i do i i feel sorry i could say for them i realize god has a shadder my faulte it's not like i wake up this morning and go you know what i have a faulty paradise here and i'm going to change it just like his we were talking a little bit earlier dana would when i mentioned about the lord's table and then looking at the body you had a parodied and you were kind of locked into nderstanding he said who him when he said that it be up our understanding i know the that is what god has in it's god that blows up our part and thereon say hes somebody said it and all of a sudden i did this but i convinced that its god the holy spirit that shatters our paradis and i on it when god shatters my bad and his citoual like bein wrong on stuff like that because that means the growling and or exarnit like furtheringes but whether we're right or wrong it's it's a good process you know it's a good process so i think people build up a resistant i can't listen to i got my mind made up in less that's part of the proposed to confuse me with the facts i got my mind made up for ready it's like going to roses exactly done hisself i think the jud just says looks some of these people they just a blaspheme what they don't understand so and in a just i have an associate not long go and and he told me tim lot of things you say i just don't understand so i did a real fast email to end i took biblical text and an ideot my words next to maybe what was in the biblical but he minded back and he said him i got to see this i don't understand what you're saying but detest me your wrong and one want to talk to you who but that in some sense he was blaspheming at couldn't or didn't understand and you know i don't try to you don't get over people's heads and all but that's why i love it i will i will work overtime to explain something so people understand but i realize that at some point all you can do is the best you can do and i kinda got to leave it to to god and to love and whoever whoever sent it and i thank you for the question that we kind of enterances on are day so it was that lob oh okay ah so now i guess i got to ask my pesewas joe his people and negative lights and twelve thirteen kind of adds again what either some more labels or some more dimensions people for these are hid with or once a hidden reef mean well that means your few floroon and he don't know there's a reef there you can crash yours destroy your ship so that's what these people are the kind o like hidden reefs we don't see their damage common and estiennote damaged you were saying it's like goats always do he ah there at your long feasts as they feast with you without shepherds feeding themselves as that which you were saying or so called pastors had got multi million dollar come paris churches two or three four fifty million dollars jetson they were to come out as a king rose aren't shepherds in mind metalfadeno a king a kingdom so talks about a waterless clouds i think one of the prophets jeremiah talked about cisterns that were broken sisters with the underground if you will vessels and i put water and an endbegun ah let's save the waterless clouds they look like the good to bring rain but they don't swept along by winds fruitless trees and late autumn and we know all of us when you hire is so fruitless trees we think about the fig tree that wild waves of the sea casting up the form of their own shame wandering stars for whom the gloom of utter darknes been reserve ah will you go down to i think you re five snipped served that i thought were pretty pretty yefetherod as we look at people we get we could read out again if you go to second peter too there's a lot of that same same language of let's both passed that and let's try to kind to get through this and again we're going to cycle back next really hammer the positives of what i think talking about but we remember when enoch walked with god and was taken was his prophets and i'll just ask people little bit chow on his a little bit yes and i think maybe we will read it is because i think it's pertinent for to day and you might say well hook here's june repeating what peter said but here's we're goin to read it then i'll ask these it was also about these that ain't it the seven from adam prophesied in every member edicit said walked with god and he was taken you just spear he was transported from the earth as far as we there are too many people that fall into that really strange category any dead but but he prophesied saying that behold the lord ten thousands of his holy and to execute judgment on all and to convict all the ungodly there's the ungodly again those people that chosen talking about all their deed of ungodliness that they have committed in such ungodly way and of all the harsh things that ungodly sinners spoken again there grumblers malcontent following their own sinful desires their loud mouth most showing favorites to gain advance five times he talks about ungodlier ungodliness and again if you remember what i said in the beginning we could talk about the deck on reflect none reflected so that tells me they don't have new birth in their souls or at least they are not living like it so at the least there light violating commandment so here i question for do we think that enoch even though he prophesied with that early genesis was he talking about back then we could say yes he was but my question would be the then why peter bring this and why dost thou bring in a oleastro out something to i think even though i believed that in so many ways we are under i think that what he is saying here behold the lord comes with ten thousand of his holy ones to do what execute judgement on all into convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of uncanny now do i believe that god will come with his angels the end do i think god could come before the end and do this i think but here's what i would tell the people quo i think sometimes miss quote less say second corinthians seven fourteen if my people who are called by my name will humble himself in pre turn from their wicked ways and seek my then then i will hear from heaven and heal their line i don't even see i think an i say enough people praying for that to day as i was sayin earlier i don't see people voting for god the i don't see enough people standing up to wrong decision and how omanago again this thirsty too make a small presentment before her water commissioners on still fighting for any cots said i believe his character was assassinated i mean we can be doing us all the and unnot sanadoo at because i would say i have failed over the years but i want to the four front for things like that so when i see somethin i want to be able to contend for the fate at love and i just want people to think about this if if we were really the people of god we would be repaid we would be doing done as you've set with be out helping in their misery in their hopeless we would be sharing the gospel of christ we would be exhibiting in our lives i would say i would never want to suggest it god cannot or will not do cause i do is my as i look at roboration i could see god before the end to bring justice and we've talked several times i think the injustice of our day could never be corrected by if everybody turned god they may be made i think that the evil in our day is so deep that it would take god jesus and his age correct the agreement i agree that in so hooses somebody you might say tim i don't i don't agree with you i'm just asked think about it now pray for the could you pray that you are repented before that you are doing everything you can to bring god the government to this land are you doing everything you can to support to kingdom and i'm just thrown it out your home and not not trying to throw out full hope but i do i do think there's a real sense that i can't see why peter in june talk about the there's not some hope that god himself might come i bring justice before to be of the end comes it's the in a cave with that it is like come quickly lord jesus maranatha if you do but i want to see i want to see in our midst i believe our founders fought bled died for that and i just wonder when are we going to me be fight bleeding on that reality i've got too much at stake i mean i told people i i got to you know a twenty year old son that i just see i mean his his last few years have just be stand i i some man i got grandet i don't know sometimes how they coinsometimes i struggle so well with what i see with the reality that in front of my i know i do work people to have hope we're going to talk about that hole a lot and there's a passenger from seventeen to nineteen but i just want to at least closes with the last persons and we can pick up and may be run on next we but he says but you beloved building yourselves up in your most holy faith pray in holy see keep yourselves in the love of waiting for the mercy of our lord jesus that leads to eternal life and have mercy on those who doubt i think that's part of what you were saying lo pidio save others why snatching them out of the fight to others show mercy hating even the garment stained the lord now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you boneless before the presence of his glory with great joy to the only god are savior o jesus christ our lord be glory majesty dominion and authority before all times now in forever loring as to a love that a june like i said i a little book but man does he for so so full that i couldn't get through to me what i would say this the posthof in some ways this is a positive when we can see who it is we why do they fight sometimes they fight on sometimes a fight because they got evil in here sometimes they fight because there are gold sometimes it could be a sheep and just and i need instruction they need law they need marse he and so we've got to be careful that word we don't oh judge quickly wrongly jesus tells us i think to have righteous judgment and we ought to have that judge but begins at the house of the lord but if we're not the people of that exhibit his gospel these there you go by they i think ye are thinking about god or jesus so as a good father for all people out there that want whole and and now the love of god is that he's a good father and he cares so much he cares so much he's not he is here to help not to condemn it all we got to do is say a right dad screwed up again to day help guide me give me strength you know to do better and we can start the next day with a clean slate the next minute with a clean state like and he forgives forgives us satisfaccon our feet no condemnation for truly recounting it mean it i mean you don't go out there at an you know an end do some regions wrong it's a yet i sorry sorry sort o thing do would again that's not the point the point is you change of behaviour when you're truly sorry you change of behaviour and you really try you try to be that child that just wants to be helpful in ontstond the right thing and if we want this world to be a great place it starts with us so like even when you're talking about judgment if we're judging a situation the first judge it comes back on ourselves what's my motivation is it cause i want the best good for every one or it's because i want that little tibble over there or that pan on the back or whatever it is or is it just because we want the right thing regardless of our personal the outcome that is you know personally negative to ourselves we still have to do the right thing and that that is such a in an you know god will bless us god can keep as its like on to go back to the bank fail or i know there's a lot of people out at that are really afraid and struggling right now o i understand that that you know you see things that seem a little unstable and such you know what sometimes we got a clean house and deal with the problems before we can get past it we can't we can't go forward with a house that's full of criminals and dirty this is got to be cleaned up and the only way to do it is exposed what's being done in the dark the evil we have to expose it so every bit of exposure we see we should be going at the cork and the sampan were excited because we're cleaning house right now and this is the first step to restoring the nation it's a good process in its wonderful thing if people are waking up to what we've lived with that we've never been at with it we'd never seen the and we've got an unusual point in time to be able to see exactly what they've done this is like a spiritual and it of this nation you want an audit the audit is a spiritual one that hath that has to happen first we spiritually onethe people the systems to see if they are in introeundo if they're just cophtha to happen for and i think that's where we are right now we're going through spiritualand that's a good process nobody needs to be afraid of this it itdeath's is god's plan and even with that sad in the st he can be comes it i go back and read a hermit why you're looking i just hold this out because this is at least a round thing when we think of about reflectors they typically or round i got a peg out of they go into the ground or you ferambrace and again we can clean are a reflector outshines it has oil and smote and dirt and we can point it to the son at the show and but the son and one worde that ah we can shine for him that you find what you want and i am but if the he counts which ten thousand angels and it's like were a hundred thousand or a million angels to our rescue he controls the game and life and you know it's like it's like all we got to do is he'll let us make every bad move that we want you'll give us what we want in order to teach us that it's really not what we want at all and end until we turn to the the process of godlines and that's where we're out right now and in that's a good the but all returned we start pran and say god on the godounof the way i am enough i am nothing i'm just willing to do whatever it is you ask me to do but any wisdom any good action any knowledge any plan anything that's good and righteous comes from him and you know okay dad what are we doing to day and let him lead us out of this captivity it's going to be a great and glorious thing and i never one of us can walk out and celebrate the banks are failing isolate we got dodos of this he loves situations like this people are going to jail that need to go to get linselles find out what happens with this we're going to have one screenplays ah ka ah the whole government's fallenart osolini i'm okay with that it's like let's see where he leads us to we have all the answers no we are we are being led through this and is long as god's in the lead and we let him lead a cat this isn't going exactly the way i thought it was going to go this pretty much sucks but okay we're going to go ahead go is direction didn't think it was going to go this way you know we had an appelaris it really a lost or is it a wind does god take all things and work them for his good does he have a bigger purpose rather than the one that we think it is or do we just say okay gore you things an go way i thought it was i'm glad because clearly you know i was i was off in this area and you had a better plan and were going with your plan and we'll see what happens with us and watch the glorious rise right the redemption of god not of us he to redeem and rescue each and every one of us our nation our world and watch the evil follow way it's going to be glorious i i feel like i feel i feel like i've waited to see this my entire life i like it a windthese this my entire life i want what thanks fall was babylon for watch what god does he takes this in ipsis evil right out by the right and stand things back if we want you on to god the kingdom doesn't mean we keep working within the system of battle on pretty much ingotsingot i can we ripped it right off that by the rood strown in the fire and elseoften and those so back and with a heart of god not as republican or doneratico party but as a tolstoy to rescue each and every person out there as we help each other we don't know we're doing half the time he does now he gives the knowledge when we meet at its amazing you know and and it's is such a beautiful thing and and youkiousme every single person out there walks away to the if you walk away with one thing let it be no fear and ah and trust that god is your good father he cares about every single thing in your life everything can he can forgive you of every anything anything i think is your deepest darkest secret that nobody knows here yknos mysel come clean dad ye put my end and cook i'm really sorry what i do to make it right and you know i'll give you strength not to do this again and give me a better plan you know and i trust him to work all things for good but with no fear train to mayn't ailments bloons there souped bring what i what other you don't work in to work with what we have you know its solid short ones all right we'll figure this out you know it's like he could make he can make a desert bloom he can't eat now she can be as like it doesn't matter he will bring what we need we don't need to fear any of these human systems that are going to fail as he's got a rip em all out he has going to rip every human system out everything we rely on in order to resarciri it all out by the roots and then watched the garden girl it is i redrew have we do have a lot of idols sit we don't think about and i think that what you say in his gods gods going to destroy those idols he does every will all attack it is we we got to be happy when he destroys those idols for us cause sometimes we're not smart enough or responsible enough may be or we just don't take the bulwarks to do it and he's got to do it and i say thank you got god went to those that rejected him god went to the ones that that though that society rejected called sinners tax collector sire it i hate i hate that i hate that we have people that are involved in the an you you know it's like all of these things and self righteousness go pick out some one and carried them in their grief and their pain and there their loss in their in their you know the fact that this nation has robbed every single person out there i could just cry over to destruction that we've seen of this nation in abandoning our children and our older people in our neighbors in the division that's there it is heartbreak we dare to be god's people and dare to be americans at first ones into the fight last ones to lay down with everything we had by the strength of god almighty and rannalle can walk with god on this planet asked no you won't you won prey i do and i know it oathout there i love you i just i just see now this is these amazing you know i hope your courage and i guess you know what will be a bit more encouraging next week but i think there was plenty here and i may be weanable we'll just set there and still you know by that voice that's out there saying in correct you know i historischer and the church so i mean i guess tag him you and i are maybe at some ice i was going to at least the high light the real encouraging parts of what you says there there i think we got dilabitur er but there there nor powerful so i hope you're hurt to day and to think about being a christ reflector is i think that yes he is i am sorry said he interrupted you but keep ronnie that's okay but if you want you want to cassirer we could do that he hes the serene now against the systems and individuals yes yes yet we we got up we got to be on guard that's porter contending for the fate we we got to be he says be be smart as i serpents be wise as serpents and at sir not all seas but our happy fathers we come we thank you for your word we thank you for what you wrote he he deftly laid his soul put it on a table for us and i just prayed it we would learn the people that we sometimes struggle against fighting in and some of my brothers and in christ a prayed be cognisant we cannot just destroy him or others without realizing that we are harming your body a word probably even sin and against our body by doing so larger so much we can learn help us to ah replied you gospel the faith it was delivered once for all for all time steel a man see man thank you so much i'm glad you pray don't go to ask you to pray said i love which you have to say you you know i love the fact that you're knowledge or willing to share it with all of us in that ere you know you're willing to you know you're willing to tea you're willing to teach all of us and oh it's it's amazing i learned i learned every single time we sit down we talked i learned so much from you and i'm so grateful for that and i hope can be a cond do it i mean i want god to teach me more as i just want to give it back up to others so my truth i believe that his truth in me and i enjoyed charinas thank you yet you're welcome while and you know this is all volunteer we just we just all of us do this and show up and try to try to help out our family or american family maybe your family crossed the world we don't know you know now that now that we are in fact family and we will stand together and as you now united under god not trying to be god but under and i you know it's like no one should worship any of any person that stands in a position or anything like that and i'm hopin everybody everybody looks at me as a corky little sister who sometimes doesn't know how to shut her mouth because she's so disgusted at the evil out there you know hastonished n't worship me worship god that's what i want you know i think that's what we all want is that if he can he can use any of us very flood human beings in order to bring godliness to this earth side me up sinus all up you know that's what we want glory and a glory to god almighty we love you heavenly father and were so thankful for walking with him and for the fact that we can walk on this earth as encide can walk with god it's amazing so with that sad hour of siinkin on in please go to river for governor i am the best nine concederanno ing lit sister that ever lived on the planet who will not conceive who will not give up and in order to fight for america coemhan i had less god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america be ther front morrow and we care about you we love you and all of us can sit here together in our little imperfect ways being being little brothers and sisters a come on let's let's get it right again to morrow that's what odds have it have a great day everybody much love to you all