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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/28/2023 - Special Edition in Lansing

Published April 28, 2023, 8:50 a.m.

Donna in Lansing at the Board of Elections. Going live to get some questions answered. Joined on the journey by Karen the Riveter Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning you welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg were it ever different day to day it is april twenty eighth twenty twenty three and i'm going to be taken pausesshe stage to day albricorte little bit will talk but i got to get on the car and the car is we're headed the land seen to day so hot got a lot probably that we're going to be able to show you but i won't be jumping on and off all morning when i come on to the broadcast i'll put it to apostates that i can come back and at it the later but this is the best way for me to do it be able to go live with things so here we go just tone in and and you can come and go as you want this morning but i'm just going to be doing a kind of a little bit of free style thing this morning so i'll be back in a bed good morning house everybody doing out there on adhering maniaged the show on the road is good to be out here on shophar and hide you do it in no noit is is going to be an unusual show this morning because i had in fact and the road had it to lances who the gorleston meeting eh no i think we've got some creek of going on out there so i thought what i would do is what i get there i'm in in position i i i hold over this morning when i started i starting to little herlittle jumping on and jumping off base on wherever i am and whether i have access to be a broad cassis i say that we're going to have a kind of an interesting morning this morning there's a gesserint that are going to be there to day and we are going to be asked in the board volacians very very hard questions of the where were at the sick to day how are you doing a fightin my hogs this mornin but otherwise i'm glad how are you i do it okay how's baby god i haven't seen him yet this morning but i think they're outsidebesides n i've been dead taking down on something to day and everybody i had an interaction with an on profiteer day that i think really needs to be called ill because their operators ness as well as an not cronan we all know that that's going on in many many areas in or inention where the non profits are being used in order to finland wore on distinct out for what it is her wandering money to get away from the taganana well as the real actors who are involved so this morning i want onover what i think one of our biggest problems are the we had when arlotto probes in you yourelection an tell you there now because it is completely an otter than ebonized against the citizens of michigan my pinions so i was looking up the aristern i don't know her pretty knows this but downthereand elections is also procterthe board he said words director for arcanis the electronic registration information sadenego the real problems and with that it so i don't know if you have been following us at all thother my voice shakes little bed because of the michigan roads were roundsuch mosesall badwater hasn't checked of course he hasn't fixed one and now something the people that are fixing and rods are absent moronsthose say they're doing these short coughton the road to it if they be much better off just go in to have inneholders archocyathin we have the ability to do it they just have to be willing to explore better prisas well to longer poor sandstad of the short you know ford eight to poros where it shakes your car allthese they ititriles by the time they caught it out and eroded in behavior just to go and do a long for and what to do in right now the sisitotis that valhacouto the cost twenty five per cent and we limiting the short porsteinsson up this erchanger to find out exactly all the connections i'd like you to look out of one give you up i lentiginosis you could icasanasana because i'm rottiserie don't mind normal way but i'm ronautoriginal be boilean you look look up the west i'll give you website can help me to a town on the metawileh dragging you know all were driving and be able to call this out for what it is because right now it's it's definitely a left leaning oration which is absolutely working on selling the botstott out service they had on they found like seventeen million which i think that's funny he not thenumber entries there i think it's too dishsoapdish gateway ponemei kept me iconastastis turnjust monopoly skills or increase in her insistence i don't know if you can pull that old boweranchor working offeallan to me if you can pull that off and we can run through that a little bit but my big concern here is of course you got political at some of the other love leading county publications are saying now this has been degeorge sorrel says not had anything to do with it well i'm sorry george sorrows opensociety was the one that helps sottisses of they have thus distanced themselves it sounds like the the distorned that breeder rode about losing ten thousand my signatures in their little shelected the voices of weed a people and having our voices heard you know witbeenen person has their voice averted if one person's vote doesn't count it's an attack on all of us but when we have as many a noneating sesonsochosis happenwe got a real promoncerie is nissenson security so any so open sossiety started the snow and since and then it got kicked down a knowthe kick he can't of course because the trade montanhils back and forth between people as well as not provisto the terrible trust what sounds really nice does on except we're all connected and the money appears to like the dark morning funnythough these organizations in order to prop up prop up this electronic data iithere's one of the vast ways that they've done so to get rid of the paper falls and hand county what we do know is that you cannot we cannot have an honest election as long as we are connected to in fact the internees it's too resitols and the eristratos got an identity of packet complete one sitting there a coveted database of the voters of any one supposedly from secretary states ophorites for license that it is incredible and if bad actors and i'm going to say if because i believe that bad actors had already got home then i don't think it's the care of on the internet it's not secure some one can hack some one has bility to havesome where along the path it's it's itspoiled to one hundred centrotekstil is are they actually looking into the secureless ben by our board elections and all the states with jonson oneof the reader sitting as the director of this and seen how poorly the election was run in the state of michigan i think we've got something problems here and got the linkup and i've got it side by side with you so what would you like me to do well let's go down it and if you can't wetherholm unpack let's pull out the siccissimis arcecius i think it seems to me you awkisking about an organization that has a non profit running alongside of its itprofits which you could never do you could never do this out and out and popinot private sector they get they get away with it if they can tie it in through an uncrowned that way and i've got to write a very scathing letter what i saw and the crazy is to the the way one speed round in this work station because it gets its it's wrong and every one of us should be asking questions well the prom that i have with it this is we have it looked at it when i know it's not profit people do it they'll be it ever did it be in one position and then i'll sit on a board of an outcrop or something like that workpeople who well what hare could this be it a notcross but that not propheti think it's grocery seats were what i could see about eight hundred thirty one thousand dollars of of grocer seeds in there are not looking at right now of some socome on this why is this not profit who has stated appointed people with only three what i saw was only three employes on it listed on and i actually did a bunch of screen shots on his three actual poisoner supposedly on padosta lection workers on the word enters in a lot of states that with brother there a participation in this i really super concerned because you got something is the doctorfor elections who is also in charge of a database because they put all the depeople back on this doneded she put how many how many thousands of people back on them with doing the voting her holesone keep it clean in our state let alone in with a national day to base and i i just i just have a question here to how how come we have so much power in the hands of one individual to by the stroke o can change elections yet she'll let start over in the first paragraph because i think a lot of people are just kind of mystified by what eric is and i like how he rolled it out and i shared this link on my channel and i shared it into your channels group so the democrats have fought the clean up of voters but they could probably see that right wing so called was eventually going to try to clean up voters they they designed this erect clean it up their way in twenty two the electronic registration information center was formed as a membership organization primarily for blue states but now its in red states too how phrases ericas essentially a left wing voorgestaan died or drive drive disguise as voronise gaining traction or red states too originally founded by these sorrows opened society so our votaron up was originally founded by sorrows which is that tell you no there's nobody to go to make believe that they just have it later thus it that's what they do they the layer these things so that they can control through organizations exactly what's going on it looks like it's a later in situation has got past the carriers and we know from all the freezers we enwinding other last time i do how many years that they are getting time you get into these foundations like the flint foundation in some of these other foundations in these trust on how it you you got problem you got big problem so let's look go down that then i want to come back to the trust that were set up after a potthe had of ocrosshead after whitecotten office and i did a hellesthe day to on this several years ago when i was looking into the solicitaciones and how they got trundled into trust fonsecas in thirty one state and the c and they get a top election official and each state appointed to the record all there an unpaid positions right eclated seventeen william new voters and twenty twenty the most in history for comparison they found found idiotesa found five points seven million in twenty twelve when obowas re elected its comprehensive daamer states must not only submit all details on inactive and active voters to eric every sixty days but they must also provide every individual in their states motivehe department databases license and i deciphered is breath taking so of course if you give this data to any outside gensefleisch a lot of dat it's every one who could generate a legal bowthey also control whose in and who's not in and that's a problem for us when we have more than a hundred per cent of qualifying voters on a roll and a stay you know you have a problem as shared esternay i shared a screen shot of eric's finding of michigan having more voters than we do to a more voters on the rolls then we knew actually have qualified voters right well when with the iogelen integrity for skies that were on yesterdayshe screen shots of of that and i believe michigan is that a hundred forshun dred and seven for sons under seven percent of vote risonha do they do in the like ritesindian that sort of thing so i mean that we do not have clean vote rolls and the ones that are controlling thus and pack it into his and then it's a sorrow founded organization and so force you know we're goin found it through operosities and then we all get smart too they're running the money through they change it and so but there's no way that they handed this thing over to being one person because our political parties are and when you look at what's the happening even in a boreleigh now and how they run they they denied us access which is unconstitutional and illegal to go in check and be able to look into the other signatures that were gathered and so that they actually denied access so we're going to go hatnapoleon the way we want and the denying any one that wants to check it access to actually comments see an that they denied us access and we call as we were going to go in there don't their clothes he can commit we can't do that you have no access and we should have had access until january honourand then the other thing is swathed all the numbers from the republican party the democrat party but they do not include any other parties to pretty much any part of the process were there the close agathodemonic you've got a fight to be there for the minor party or even an independent sophois outside of those party epresentatives which is a problem because you and i both know we've got a year to party going on if i saw one person in lands that it stood up for the state of michigan with a stolen election i would a given some credibility to it but there is not one person that i've seen in our legislature the pushing of the three hundred noises yesterday the three hundred and chinese companies that were in michigan achieved before before the thousand seventeen and there the push to increase that number in including celebrating his china day or something like bettina's like this is this is not we are stay is all ready he's been taken over and it's been take it over from within not one of the people that are sitethree eating us right now are getting the job done because they're going after as these small tinonee things but none of them will stand off and do the right thing from red flag laws which you know which so none of em really stood for you know issew of this had a yeswe voted that down because they knew it was good it was good to be oddingas there all working together that is my opinion what's corneliani is explaining how eric isn't just a database they actually go to the state and say hey you ave to reach out to these expotat we have on our politically approved list and you got to go solicit them to register well who are they registering yet we know what they read to string they're not there it's not equal and first all there has no business doing that's not their job but just as the charging has twenty five thousand dollars membership fee but the cost can run into the millions to find the activities of membership does which is nonsense this is the job of the secretary of state she shouldn't be using an outside entitylike this to manage or denwere you look at the amount of money we put in to finito these outside organizations i'm sorry but if we if we cut the government down to size because we're about ninety per cent loaded right now from where we should be with the with the constitution all departments relations i think whither points sixteen hundred there sixteen hundred wonderingthat s a lot and he don't sermoun the state and i don't know about you but i'm not seeing anything that they're doing and i'm on the road's right now with looking at the lousiade been doing on our roads here i mean as soon as you she gave up to the election of worsewas running around the stake and so right before the election wasn't sheopore through whole bunch of flippant and what was really interested it was all on the inner changes instead of where you had to inconvenience people so i'm kind of a fan of studying the fifth generation warfare type stuff and that is mainly psychological implications of actions and more messages right this really is semitethat of our minds and turns into the weapons by partyat they say instead of digging digging into it and questioning everything and believing like nothing now and my whole thing was to look at this sickthis what it looks like they're doing be their shouting down the interchanges in order for it to stick in people's minds that oh yes the hesotade actually she actually do it something in these interchanges but my pooss i go down the road and there would be i start crowninshield's body conno workers on the interchanges and for months and months and months there was like maybe five people working in these constructions goneonly saw more than that for the security of time that they had these interchanges closes down which to me that's not getting the job john that's inconvenienced in michigan is sticking in our minds at old man look at all the constuction that's going on he completely and confidently managed instruction and in about a million exhortithe just an untold amount of horns barrels there is so many orange barrels going on and there robent miles or bornstein on him with absolutely no construction anywhere in sight o you you would see that one the one time i went i went probably it was more than to itsome than twenty miles and i and i felt my coronated to i was driving so i was passedto youthand i pulled my king i my came out and i started tabeeterree the barrels were on the road and i had i couldn't believe it that the entire the entire stretch there was only about hotsati don't know maybe hundred fifty may be and may be less than that ere where they had gestarique even parted and it was loshano it wasn't it wasn't like any anything you'd write home about say will they estnichen out now it was like the they haled from junk out of a back a backyard somewhere threw it on the right away in order to make everybody believe witherly doing something and i saw i thought maybe eight pieces of equipment and they were losing pieces but women may be probably less than they could go back and look at the biondello that's not a construction project at all that's a svres does not equal construction and its parently eric does not equal motor roll clean up it says there rules explain that under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a noncitizen of the ssthese deliberately go out of their way not to clean up the road or els which is the one thing they're supposed to do but that he sanartia intelligence from a company called and nobody really knows what they use it for nobody knows exactly what they do they're taking a guess that they might be interfacing is that of with the democratic database organization they just don't know and they talked to the author says they talked to some eric borderers who were secretary of state oh adams is the one speaking here stopped even they don't even know where what eric is doing they've asked questions and they can't get answer so they agree to use this system but they have no control over it they don't know what it's doing they don't know how and they're not doing the job that they actually been the supposed to be doing in the public is the public all the public knows as well we have a system to correct our voters will there not the instead their actually working against the public well well just just look away heavenwith this with secretaries stay or the bordolonch is where where greater works and the loss of ten thousand of my signatures and when you read the report it was like we it doesn't read like a dime store novel it wasn't even in the more even in the room where they keep singersthe were in another room so they searched the room valiantly on a foreword the missing and of ordinates and then finally they kept searching some more and it was not in the room so he directed his workers to go and search again you know i could sit up stores coming out home is there on a clashed the brandenburg signatures were found in the back of another room right how did they get there is somebody stashed oi'm sorry i've not by in this not for any inawashiro in my buying this story it it was i i would say is it the glacerie wasn't intentional it can only be one or the other you don't find this like this like the chain of custody of our balance which is which is a joke it's an absolute joke you know they're soninsisted bellstill i got third floor building their onethird floor it's not even hesitate to the testicle there were they were supposed to have oversight there going in there and there's no there's no representation of the people so the government has to access to this with no oversight no citizen involvement at all on till they say oh i guess we're all cetopirus you guys can ohanock at it now as we got it all it's all prepared for you really i'm on pretty esther that we ain't we need to have that representation all the way troothfully some is a joddus the the election in michigan there's so many things wrong that went wrong with the twenty twenty election and the twenty twenty two election that if you if the government actually regulated itself the way that it does does tesson would they have been in jail the whole election which they just went had certified and with all of this maladministration failure whatever you want to say that the taste to it they would be shot right down quite honestly if the governor were doing her job which she's right in there with it because she's a sort she's a sorrow atascedero she's as she's sheshe was working for sorrels at one point time which leads me back to blue cross blue shield of michigan and who have in there with dannis his wife amy hankering who handed up he ended up getting a very very large potthus i believe nineteen after the two thousand eighteen election which placed whiter in their case we don't have elections we have so lections we have them placing candidates and some here sigestin then their founded by big bone the dark money and big corporations and suck so sitenot a favor not fastning a pan of bushes not atingita pretty much anybody who has served in our daleren except from the rightful president of the united states president donald i'm not a fan of almost everybody else there because when you look at the connections there is cap going on and in its indisputable so you look at what happened snyder when i had an took blue cross shield of michigan all by the way who as soon as they declared in mergency and michigan the assurance companies i believe did not have to make any payment or colic from them came the government isn't that isn't that specialtiesit the change it bluegrass bioshield of michigan from a bonificar trust and by the people of michigan to tammand all the sodden we see a complete disconnect recited richard white was the belican that opassom named dan dan was pushing for canto became the governor of michigan and the top ginini believe in eighteen million dollars bonus pooshe and nineteen and then one step away from that his wife gave a harestone so when you start looking in your researching those are the thosethe directions to go in every one if you really want want to get into the research asking things out for yourself which every one should do you have to look at the connections and find the patterns and where are they moving the money can cashe's goin to tell you everything that you need know yeh monilon at the article ecowas fundidos cocoon in the pew center on the states that grandison was provided by george sorrows open society and then david back her whose a democrat election lawyer left the justice department secretthey haven't published a report since twenty seventeen so i can't see their money right iiparentage thesesaint up in the apsinthites published in no fationovo now nothing since twenty twenty how come they can get away for two years without ovidianae one or these people doing nothing they're doing nothing we could never get away not publishing something in this dissension this is amazing the dressing thing tanaistear has a seat on the board and then he went on to create the centre for election innovation and research in twenty sixteen he disturbed sixteenand a half million dollars in grants from certenty twenty election using similar methods is colombothe congestis point time anybody that's jumped into this into this ericsstad i honestique tions because look at you we yesterday i was a kind of a uponthose three hundred companies that were here before seventeen because this subversion economic obversion second oware of the state or epoisaton in the state against our people his boy on for very long time very very long a disinhabited knew they were going to take over this country in the state without sowithout firing a shot and that's that's been thereto from the beginning so i looked at these you know you look at these companies and the tin with macmichael ment corporation which recipere own admission regatta into or lections of connate is another problem there because there was a breach in security still chastened his down a little at the word of to find it and that exactly there was an ape that was not locked down and it went to grand rabbin and seethe there was a day to transfer that went that went through the cyberspace and greaves because they didn't he fire walled off they didn't have it locked doonto gets me honestly these people aren't real bright it in in their ashantee's a lot of there's a lot of onchink on their armor and all o have to do is look for but then you go ah now i could see it because they they are not there not superspirit the only thing of their spectacular at is moving body around from one organization to another decree is small screen of what their actually doing that's what they excel that so my concern is right now is there is a iconolater is a nagadatta and i had like caventis is ooncertainties in oconrad the commons or i should pull it off it pinsioner out here i want to read this to every one an i'll do my best here to taleshakespeare lestanc word of state canvassers in a very foretok at tony down the rest of number one of the agates public common number two is consideration of the beating minutes of march to the consideration of diminishesthe heart intercidisse the fourth one is consideration of the diminished the es and stoicismhis is aesthesis something comin up this sponsored by missions citizens for the tectonicas we all know the trisilian and i'm not saying the word elections or somebody else there is a consideration for post of dates to ran of sampiero cedres exclusion to state my canteen petitions right well that should be interestingthey have say approve love persedition process manual case how that goes so it arativo i have absolutely no faith that there's any confidence in our election process because there's just been too many failures and they don't correct the failures they do not like them and correct them they cover them off and they tried make excuses for him in other directions he knows just like hatesevery states often went off in which the board ollectors were cancers onderstood election information on those sundries and stanesmoore from romanisers to do if she knew what was wrong it's it's it's the legal assessed out his invigilating and by analyzing the day there was an eleven point five or in that day and then a step further is if you extrapolate that across the state of michigan that eight hundred and fifty thousand folds in error just from that one one measure that one better now then if you get into a look at what brain was talking about in the show yesterday and lectionary for that was on the sessersheim and there there so many thereso many different ratholes you could go down through the failure that it's not one issue he nosske got to clean up the voter as well that's part of it that there's more going on besides them in the older rolls it it's it's just say incredible and i mean an incredible sopranistic failure of overissuing that popped out on me also i abosted on the grass that they had a alectoropodous yesterday was how many bags it when they went back it would not have made it through the task just because of how do i say it that the theeeven where they were keeping the ballads the thatthey were they were not they they did not match up to a standard so that they could even even be recounted again so the there's some real serious stuff going on here so so were had a down there right now and a rinses getting on there and asked some questions i probably get into bogota little bit but i'm in to keep this old bed i'll just stop what a minute theseshe off my cameroceras off gasbill have the myronate when i get gettin the bellesactions around i think what if in a dois try to do this life so that every one can see what's going on there and let the scent some of the nonsense we can all always go back added it is there something really superheat jumps out at us i think there's probably going to be some quite a bit of down time on this can be like watching you know any of the clenderson for singeth we can bring not only to you know myself with the rest of the state because we eat we have to get some questions answered because we do not have a voice any more in our election process our voices have been completely and utterly silence not aware the censoriousness markstake overshoot o firing a shot they they've answered us on in the press they censored us in in their because of the redactors now they silenced our boats and our voices in our elections cottages working on this locustan for goin on right now and i believe coscombe there this mornin so is good to see skandavarman and that the good is that are aldrecus fighting for this no just say they are but they're actionthere actually were actually fighting this thing together and trying to write things right and that the locust stand eventilation hat going on is uncovering just gegossen in what their report in a interlection and so goodeveryone else orton look of scotomata jump on to the long sand he efforted huge that's a huge eel of toothere's investigations going on in multipliacion here in the state and knowget the pleasure of talking to a lot of the people that are actually doing the honest work here and there's a there's lot of edestone's a lot of people do in the honest word but we just got to keep punchait the people have to stop listening to this sir complicit maid street meeowling them shall a couple o things down a one do you want me to stay in a stream yardroome to just watch the rumble as you go if it's up to you this is for trying to fly in the fly in the bythoceras here to day i've got to do it differently i just decided that one the come down here and i am going to have me turn in the cameron and of edison you've got access to stay on there if you want and if you want to come at all so or if i get cut off on this then then you can put your comments in to what your seeing her because the isthis is really going to be in on the you know on the boots on the ground reporting of what were actually seen down here and a man able to see because the last time what they did too as they actually silenced some of the broad as some of the broad cast not there some of the people that are there that are supposed to be rodestain they shut the comesthat down and they just show you what what they want you to see i not going to dentistried not to do that if i can be an obsession writingsthe the camera ruralize that it be mine the good bad the ugly i may get things right if they get things wrong as far as to little set of a cargoor here with me with my own and he would have so listeniss an open meeting but they're not putting it out on all ockoto channel or what a government website i think they do i think they're supposed to and so but well we'll see if it will see the accomplished that the i know that i can as a citizen journalist all dolgushka of us can we can all whip or cameras out and make sure that that were getting a redundant to bring the truth forward in i think that i think that's really portant you know where wherever we are we can and that unless i tell is not your honor came out which tells me right there the trying to hide something good bad or other eyes we don't have the transparency as soon as somebody says that and you know so so the can do they have an agendathe that was the agent that i rode on the road this morning more than a rat off this morning that i was no catonian to find out what this deminische to of these two organizations are just to see what that do they mean by domitius charges idreotes keep throwing money and staff expecting that etereo in there and caught it back and have actual accountability if they fail to some is an organization fail to stay and it failed us hard that organization needs to be a band from ye the they could do their crociato and they better have a good plan because that's what we would have to do in any of our business says we would we we would have to have a corrective action plan and if they don't do that in the amount of time lotterford which they have it because we have heard none of this thisselton tirty forces been working on what we've heard none of it addressed in wehawken this thing forward they don't want to deal with it they've got to want to deal with it or did the orgisthent has you know what a wee were just citizens you know where we're just were just the and i know you don't like the word citizen because there's different there's different way she can say it you know it will desatento they they don't want the control and we the people cause they built themselves a nice little deep stake grotto victimize us that's what we don't have money for anything and say we don't moneythese don't have money for the woes we don't have money for anything because it's all being fuddled and directions if they wanted to go away from as in their little their little special interests projects i shared lincentiate i find someone named i find chassent link for michigan government sectarios state website this is from march twentieth of twenty nineteen were ensnared in election security commission he protective revoted michigan and i don't have the article pulled up i can really have two functions confessesas high from long boat keys florida herodotus a course garry is says he a and loves some greeting hello good morning construction has had construction going on for over a year now ah michael bless hoddlin up three did they pull the executive session excuse for further further information like make corrupt legislators and state officials in noweltyeis going to have it i mean they share when they were voting on it what was sortissans the other day and they were they were voting it down and so they adjured the hard or comes decided they didn't they couldn't get their way in one tried to remember the article you know i process so much information every day then i usually be pretty good you remember we were talking about that that they walked out because they weren't getting the volt de days ago yahhoo remember the issue that that was but i don't remember with certainty was it about a gun control sons you said i've went remember it ye think it was you know the cause that the they were not getting they were not getting to the we had a serious problem the ikassa don't pay too much attention whoopthe doing we could lie frankly don't care that's always showed one more link in i find shared with election innovation not orepuki there o cagoterie that i've got a few mails refines and i think you i find so that he not they also pushed pchartra other non profits on the election committee security panel election innovation is cerinthe says hihodin find says your most welcome as awesome gystis is nice talking with everybody got a where it you were in that word and send her right landamid my we have quite the quite construction going on here the act they have construction but no legislation or he's fond we've got here at landwernhagen now they've got to solve trioedd here see that's getting go on here eh they had this whole sang pretty well i of an anstrutions nonsense right through land you know what's really sad of all lands that i find her is the bow of light there's so much light in our state cap it all it's shameful you you could never eat i on i on reestate grenades you could never get away with light that they've got in granada they've got here and then it's 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