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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/9/2024 Tatar Tuesday & Real History

Published Jan. 9, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the ninth day of January 2024. And welcome to our show today. Today is none other than, and the crowd goes wild, Tater Tuesday. Yeah, I don't know how wild that is. Oh, not him again. I'm getting ready for hockey here. I'm going to tell you what. I don't know about your side of the state, but West Michigan is getting slammed with snow, and it is slippery out there. So if you're out there, please, in the name of everything that's good, if you're not from Michigan, be really careful today because all of the rest of us who know how to drive in the snow and ice are watching out for you guys. Because people that come to Michigan and don't know how to drive in the first snow, it's like watching ping pong out there. Things are bouncing off each other and it's kind of crazy. But it's very, very slippery today. So be very, very careful. Watch where you walk. and look out for other people. If there's somebody struggling, make sure you step in and give them a little bit of a hand there because it's going to be first actual snow of the year. I mean, we had snow before this, but it didn't stick. But it's real good. The next two days are going to be real treacherous. Well, it's nice and cloudy here, that's for sure. Oh, it's coming down. I mean, I'm looking out the window in front of me here, and, oh, it's coming down pretty decently. I see water dripping off my grill outside. So it's not even cold enough to freeze that stuff. See, this is the difference between West Michigan and the rest of the state. Like from, let's see, I'll see if I can do it. There's the mitten, right? So everybody in Michigan, this is our map. We have a built-in map right there. In fact, we have another one too, but you can use your... your other hand to do the Upper Peninsula. Anyhow, I don't know if this is showing up as, am I right or right? There you go. So anyhow, I live here. John lives here. The problem is, is that because the weather comes in from this side, We have the lake effect that goes all along here for about 25, 30 miles in, and we get hammered. I'm telling you what, it's like snow. You can't even put this in the category of the same climate as the rest of the state. And unless you live here, it's kind of a, It's kind of a crazy thing, but we get hammered absolutely every time because of Lake Effect. And it's fun to watch. I've flown across Lake Michigan when the Lake Effect was building, and it's kind of a cool thing to watch. You'll start with like little puffs of clouds over by Chicago, and they build, build, build, build, build. It's like you can literally watch it ramp up until it hits the coast, the west coast of Michigan. And the one time I was flying across there, we got across the lake and watched this cloud bank build. And as soon as we hit the coast, it was like, boom, we're full into clouds and a great deal of turbulence too, a huge amount of turbulence. So, you know, the plane's like, you're all over the place, which is kind of fun. If you like that kind of fun. That's okay. Lots of funny stories about flying and such, so kind of fun. So at any rate, what are we talking about today? And it looks like Mr. Tater has his guitar tuned up and ready to go. Well, I do have a song that isn't really pertinent to anything, but it's a funny song, so I'll sing it. Well, that's pertinent. We got to have a sense of humor. So make everybody laugh. That part of it is good. The thing we should be talking about today is the Article 2 of the United States Constitution. And we'll get into why in a little bit. Okay. I can pull it up. And then we'll go from there. I'll see if I can pull it up. Okay, you can do that while I'm doing. While we're into the entertainment section. I was sitting in a bar and sucking on a glass of wine. Went and watched this chick who almost struck me blind. She had whipped On a scale from one to ten, I give her a nine. On my scale, there ain't no tens, you know. Nine's about as far as any chick could go. So I flashed her a smile and she didn't even look at me. So for brains and good judgment, I give her a three. I said, hey, sweet thing, you look like a possible date. You and I could make a team if your head's on straight. Well, she looked up and down my perfect frame. And said these words that burned into my perfect brain. She said, well, you're one of those macho magician men. Who try to grade all women on scales from one to ten. Well, you know, you gave me an eight. Well, that's a generous thing. So now let's just see how much I give you. She said you cross. She says you come up to me with that much numbers jive. Your smile makes me smile. I give it a five. When you walked up, I noticed It's last year's double-knit frame because I gave it a four. That must be your car that's parked out on the curb. That's a homemade convertible, three and a third. And that built, I guess, your less than five. Except your pot belly, I'll give it a ten for size. Now that wine you're pouring might be fine to you. But it's fine champagne, I'll give it a two. And it's hard to tell what your flashing smile is. you could use some dental work. But it's that struttin' rooster that really makes me laugh. It may be a tenth to those country hen, but to me it's three and a half. And there ain't much to add once the subtracting's done. I'll give you a one. And how she walked out and wowed up and down the line. The whole world was laughing, saying, what's happened to your nine? Nine said, I said. Started to talk, I knew. She didn't have no class. I barely gave her a two. And yeah, no matter how good they look at first, there's flaws in all of them. That's why on a scale from one to ten, there ain't no ten. I love it. That's fun. Anyway. Oh, that's fun. Yeah, here's a real funny story. It's really funny because like with horses, it's definitely the female that the mares that determine terms and conditions of the relationship. No two ways about it. And if you take a mare in front of a stallion, the stallions are good to go with anything that walks in front of them. And the mares are just like, ah, no, don't even look at me, right? And then the stallions get real dejective and they're like, oh, sorry. Didn't mean to. It's hilarious. So article one, section two today. Article two. Article two. Okay. Got that all messed up. I do want to talk about something before we move to that real quick, just because as vice chair of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which is the Constitution Party, which you were on too. And we've got a meeting coming up on the 27th in Door, Michigan, which is about 10 miles south of where I am. And we decided to host it here, and it's going to be fun. We're going to be at Center Shot, which is a firearms range and store. It will be a lot of fun there. And we've got some great speakers. So Dar Leaf is going to be there with talking about the militia of the several states. He's got a new class coming out. And then Paul Urban, who worked with We the County, and he started up a new group called Referendums of Michigan. So the Constitution Party in Michigan, which is U.S. Taxpayers Party, is all about getting together and working. We're going to work. We're not running our mouths. We're going to work and we're going to put some shoulder into this thing and see if we can get some things to change. Now, we don't need to seat the entirety of the state. Had the state gotten voted down in Brandenburg and this whole thing would have been done and over because I would have gone in there and not played ball with these deep state criminals and we would have fixed it. All we need is a few people in there and in office and also be able to address their unconstitutional, I'm not even going to call it laws because they're not, the unconstitutional actions. Behavior. The what? Behavior. behavior and, and to call them out and call them. And so we can do this without just focusing on the fighting within the party. I don't know if you guys have been watching the nonsense going on within the Republican party, but Melinda Pago did the right thing in removing people who were absolutely outside of anything that looks like an ethics and ethical conduct. She did the right thing. And I want to applaud Melinda and also the people that stood with her to remove some of these people. But with that in mind, we can remove things, but we have to have a good option coming forward into that. And I'm really looking forward to see what's going to happen there. But for the taxpayers party, we need to get a few people in there because when you have the overwhelming control of the two-party system, they're bouncing the ball back and forth generally, and they're playing ball with each other and funded by big money. We've got a real problem. So if we have a strong third party or minor party going on where we can seat a few people in positions of power, It's enough to make the changes that we need to make. If we have one honest governor in the United States, we can reverse everything that's been done at this point in time. But that's going to require people to think, not go along to get along, singing the little Kumbaya song of go along, get along from the deep state where they've got everybody running around chasing their tails. And I think that the taxpayers party is a great option for everyone to come and, and see, because honestly, I don't believe in the political party system at all. And I don't think most people in the taxpayers party really embraces that as much, but we got to work with what we have right now. We can't just lay down and say, you know, you know, take our marbles and go home. We've got to be able to fight, fight for this and, and then bring it back into a constitutional process. The Republican Party only emerged in the mid-1800s, so they were a minor party at that point in time, and both the Republican and the Democrat parties right now have totally jumped the shark on their usefulness. But it will be really great if people can just get together and work, whether they identify as Republican, a Democrat, or U.S. Taxpayers Party. If we can all agree on some very basic issues instead of the deep state getting us to chase our tails around on these issues that we're never going to solve. We have to have it as an administrative process to manage the assets of the state. That's what we can all agree on. And that's what we need to do. That's what the constitution was all about. It was not about who can grift the most amount of money for the little special interest groups. And that is where it falls apart right there. So come and join us. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Donna Brandenburg will be making the famous Donna Brandenburg homemade pies. And so we'll have lots of good food and time to be together. And we may do something also before and after um the the meeting at center shot which i think could be a lot of fun kicking around some different ideas to just have time to visit hang out and visit and uh you know maybe maybe uh uh you know just just have fun just being just being patriots just being a group of people who want the nation to run right so there you go ding ding But the other thing I want to say is anybody out there, we need help passing this information around. So if you go to my Telegram channel at Brandenburg, the number four MI, the Constitution Party, which I'm the vice chairman for the Constitution Party here in the state of Michigan, the U.S. Taxpayers Party. We have all kinds of social media out there. I need people to go out there and grab this and put them into their groups and pass them on to people and come and join us. I'm hoping that we are in an overflow standing room only situation and hopefully we'll be able to get some range time in there. That will be a lot of fun, you know, to set something up like that. Maybe we'll play euchre poker later on or something like that, just having fun after we handle business. But just being people, that's a huge thing. Not complaining, but building some relationships. We're going to be working with Paul Urban and working with seeding all the counties across the state of Michigan. So we have a need for people that actually want to do something instead of just coming to be bitchers and cookie eaters. That's not happening here. So there you go. I'll give you an extra cookie, John. We'll save an extra cookie for you. You can be a cookie eater because you put a lot of time into this. I'd rather have range time. Yeah, me too, right? Yeah. Yeah. I've got a couple of my all-time favorites. I've got a couple of my homemade jobs with me. Yeah, too fun. A couple of those ghost guns. Yeah, there's all kinds of things, you know, so I think it's going to be fun. I really do. Maybe we'll have like a, you know, like a, I don't know, contest. See who's the best shot, you know, on the range and compare some of our target practicing and such, which I think is fun. I grew up with firearms. You did too. I know you did. All of us old geezers out here had, you know, we were all shooting stuff out there and shooting cans and, you know, clay pigeon shooting and, and all that sort of thing. I find that to be really fun. And, you know, for all the girls out there, you guys need to learn to shoot, man. It's a, it's a riot. And you know what? A lot of times women are better shots than men. Well, I'm not going to agree to that. Yeah. You know why? We pointed our honeydew list. Honey, I needed you to do that. Or the kids go sit over there for a while. So we're used to pointing any way to give and start. Well, that works, right? So there you go. It'll be a lot of fun at any rate. So anyhow, article two, I'll bring it right on. Before we get into that, I got to ask a question. All right. Oh, no, I'm getting the test now. Here it comes. If you were to get a puzzle or something that you needed to put together like a desk or a table or whatever, And you couldn't figure out how to do that because certain bolts didn't fit and certain parts didn't fit together exactly the way that you thought they should do. What should you do? Read the instructions. Very good. There you go. Or can you give me an alternative answer? That's exactly the answer I wanted. Okay, I won't give my alternative. I hate puzzles. I'd throw the puzzle out. So that brings us to this next problem. If you have a government that is not doing what they're supposed to do because the pieces aren't fitting together properly and because the nuts and bolts aren't bolting together, what would you do? You get on Brandenburg News Network on Tuesday mornings with John Tater on Tater Tuesday and you study the instructions. That's right. Or you read it for yourself. You've got to get educated on the process. That's right. You've got to be going back to the instructions. Now, we've been hearing this resident, bonehead, I mean Biden, talking about passing a new order to bring in a new digital currency. Biden the gazelle. As we go through the second article of the Constitution, I want anybody in your audience to point out where does it say that the president or acting president or resident can actually use an executive order to bring forth any kind of currency in the United States? It does not. But while we're talking about it, let's just bring this up and we shall read this. Absolutely. But before we get into that 100%, I want to be sure that the people can tell me who could talk about or bring forth any kind of currency into the United States to have it be effective currency. And actually, that's kind of a trick question. Yeah, I'm not even going to answer your trick question here because I'm going to get fried no matter which way I go with this. Because if the government, and we call them the legislature, can bring forth a currency, can delegate an authority to a private banking concern known as the Federal Reserve to print coins, to print money rather, then they have that power, but that power doesn't currency such as the Federal Reserve note. It is not in the Constitution. And the people of our country during that time period, 1913 and so on and so forth, did not follow through and go back to the instructions to realize the government had no authority to do that. Nor did Roosevelt have the authority to take gold out of the circumstance. It's not in the Constitution going back to the instructions of how this country should be operating. It violated the instructions. And then, of course, we had President Johnson, if you want to call him a president, Slimeball Johnson, LBJ, doing exactly the same thing by taking silver out of the currency. And then Nixon, again, did the same thing, took gold out of the international currency system. And that brought us to a fiat paper currency where the banking system, which doesn't exist because it's not constitutional, printed money out of paper made stuff up basically made it up and therefore by them being able to print whatever they want to whenever they want to had created this kind of corruption in our political system where you could buy off politicians and buy off countries and uh pay graft and corruption to whoever you want it to. And it's because of the money system that our government is as corrupt as it is. Because if they would have had to come back to the people and say, hey, we need more tax to pay for so-and-so and so-and-so, the people would say, hey, we're not going for that. We don't want to do that. But the government, because they could print money at will, could do whatever they want to. And that's why we are in the state we are in. That's the problem with elections right now, too, is that our elections are bought and paid for. And until we get the money out of these elections, we will never. We have to get the electronic machines out of this. It all has to be hand count, paper vote, or paper ballot and such. But unless we get the money out of this, the campaigning, the setup, the qualifying, because all of this money thing is to keep regular people out so they can place their fully funded puppet government and keep them in power. And that's exactly what we've got. Anybody that makes it on the ballot, on the major parties, guaranteed they were selected. And they were selected a long time ago. This has been going on for years. And so the presidents, the only one that defied that was, in my opinion, was President Trump. He wasn't playing ball. That's why they've gone after him so much. Of course. They go after anyone that is, if you are not part of their system, they're going to attack you viciously with no standing. It's like we can look at what happened with Christina Karaman. All you got to do is look at the reports out there. and the fact that she was nominated by joe moss and then all of a sudden she turns around with a no-bid contract and gives them 75 000 for a website and tech support and a broke party and on top of that when he was running he never paid more than my gosh i'm going to say 16 to 30 some dollars for the same services per month how can how can you do that and accept that kind of money when you didn't do it for yourself but all of a sudden you'll do it as long as the money's there with a political party I mean, I am shocked, disgusted by this. What's that? Behavior of the corruptions. It's typical. And if they're going to do that on a party level, they're going to do it and they're going to do it worse by what they do if they get in a seat in an elected position. And, you know, you want somebody that's going to hire all felons around them. I don't I don't want to have a bunch of felons sitting up there that have already broken trust with with the system. That's a problem. Huge. So it's we've got to hold people to a standard and the money out of it. Well, the only way we're going to get the money out of it is go back to a sound money system and get rid of the federal reserve banking system. move all of those people out of the system because when you have a fake money system, you have a fake government. Sure do. They just print more. They've got their money system and we've got our money system, which is the crumbs that fall off the top and they just leave the breadcrumbs wherever they want us to go. That's right. I guess that's the best analogy that I can make because they've got unlimited money and we can't win. If anybody thinks that we can even win a conservative voice to get in the normal tracks, they're wrong because they're going to sprinkle their breadcrumb money on us down here and we're going to go chase those breadcrumbs as they sprinkle the money around like this. That's exactly what's happening. Part of the way we as people, what can you do about that? I mean, what can we do about the banking system? You can take your money out of the bank. You can use Bitcoin. You can use gold and silver. You can barter. You can do 100 different things to remove yourself from the banking system. Not completely, but you could significantly cause pain. You sure can. That's what you have to do. We have to because until we remove the funny money system, we are going to have funny money governance. And we have to fix that problem first by controlling the money system. Once we control the money system and it becomes a people economy, we will then be able to control government because government will not be able to create money out of nothing like they have been doing all of this time. and putting us into a pickle situation. The income tax is a prime example of that because back in 1913, the income tax law, back in 56, the tax law was established in such a way that if you were a working class person only made $2,000 a year, you would not pay any income tax. but through inflation through the through the money game that they played and brought in inflation now anybody that makes twenty thousand everybody makes over two thousand you can't live on two thousand dollars a year so you are now taxable and that is part of the the fake money system that was created that we have now that we are now enslaved under that we have to remove uh Because today, if we use the same money standards and we used inflation, you'd have to make 250,000 before you'd have to pay a nickel income tax, according to the law. If you want to follow that law and, and, or believe even that law, believe that you have to pay an income tax, but people that nobody's making 250,000 people they're not required to pay the income tax. Number two, that the income tax itself was never meant to be for the working class or for the general public. And number three, the founding fathers never believed that we should reach into our pocket and pay for government. That was not our responsibility. That was the responsibility of tariffs and other things that Trump had brought forth when he was in office. If the government was doing a great job, it would actually be able to fund, self-fund many of these things. And instead of asking for the individual income tax and such, there's other ways of doing this that nobody's even talking about. And I sit here going, why are we continuing to chase our freaking tails that are going to take us back down the same path to abject failure? Because, you know, putting a bandaid on top of a bandaid on top of a bandaid on top of the bandaid, pull them all off. Let's get let's take this down to a base level and fix all of it. And, you know, it wouldn't be that difficult to do. Base level. Base level. But I mean, even the way that the country runs, they've missed so many opportunities to be a help to the citizens of this nation. There could actually be a great way to help. First example, Nestle pays $250 for a stupid permit to pull millions of gallons of water off of the state. Why are they not paying a royalty to the people of Michigan? They should be. I thought we were not supposed to be. Our government is not supposed to be selling off the Michigan in bits and pieces. They're sure doing it. And that's an example of it right there. Of course they are. Yes. So they all need to go. I'd say we need to do the Donald Trump thing. You fight it. That's good. Yeah, we'll fire all of them. Good. We'll load them on a plane, send them down for the treason to Gitmo, and bye-bye. Goodbye. You earned it. All right. Now, the Second Amendment, or Article 2 of the Federal Constitution. Let's take a look at that. And who falls under Article 2? Which section do you want? Well, we started to begin. Okay. Who falls under Article 2? That will be the legislature. No, no, no. Executive, let's see. The executive power shall be vested in the President of the United States. He shall hold his office during the term of four years together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term be elected as follows. So the President and the Vice President. President, Vice President, and... Who else falls under the president, vice president, executive branch? Well, Attorney General and the Secretary of State do, don't they? Yes. All of the actually do. I guess I don't want to use the word police. the ability to execute the rules and laws of Congress. That's a better way to put it. The executive power, they execute the powers of Congress. Execute the powers of Congress is very important because Biden thinks he can execute whatever he wants to without Congress. Can't be done. That's not their job. He doesn't have any clue what his job as president is, is to execute the powers that Congress gives him to execute. That's it. American guerrilla said enforcement. Great, great summary. Yes. Yes. OK. Each state shall appoint. in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors. Here we have another one that we have people like Hillary and those other usurpers trying to remove the Electoral College or remove the Electoral College so they could go with popular votes. Well, there was a reason the Electoral College was brought forth. And that reason was to be sure that all states were represented equally, as equally as possible, because some states were larger than others. So they had to come up with a way that they could make the entire state equally represented, and that's why they brought forth the Electoral College. Plus, they didn't want California and New York, which had the largest number of people, to always pick the president. So that's why the Electoral College was brought forth. There are other states that do not have the amount of people in it, and therefore they would lose their representation. So electoral college was brought forth. So the number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may entitle in the Congress, but no senator or representative or person holding the office of trust or profit under the United States shall be appointed as an elector. So these people are separate from Congress and the bureaucracy A you and a me people, you know, people that are not connected with the government in any way. That in itself has been stretched in many different directions also. It's such a system that people that are involved in it from top to bottom, they're all playing ball some way. You do not get into this without having without making some deals, in my opinion. Well, true to a degree. The Electoral College is probably the cleanest and most honest part of the Constitution at this point. People want to get rid of the Electoral College. That's one of the top ten dumb statements I can hear. But we need to make sure that those people that are sitting in the seats are actually honest individuals and not part of the machine. And I'm going to make a point here that's very important. You cannot, you cannot write an amendment to change this part of the Constitution. Just like you could not write an amendment to change the senators, which they did illegally, unlawfully, usurping authority never granted to them, and taking the senators' power away from them and making it a general election rather than picked by the Senate of each state, by Congress of each state. So that was an illegal act by government as people like Hillary are trying to push for it to get rid of the electoral college because she's a criminal and she needs to try to, and of course, Biden and the whole crew of them are trying to eliminate the electoral college so they could go by popular vote and they think that the popular vote with all the illegals they're bringing in are going to make a difference and it it possibly could do that but they can't do that they cannot pass an amendment and change the very fabric of a federal constitution can't be done so anyway moving on the electoral college let electors shall meet in the respective states and vote by ballot for two persons of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves uh so in other words not having two people from because that would unbalance the system. So they want to be sure that you're from two separate states and that they shall make a list of all the persons voted for and all the number of voters for each, which list they shall sign and certify and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the president of the Senate, who is the president of the Senate. Who presides as president of the Senate? I think you're locked up there for a minute. Who provides as president of the Senate? Do you know? You may or may not know. I just ask. I'm asking because I want to know if the public knows. Who is the president of the Senate? See if somebody can answer here. Because I like to, you know, it's like, let's see what they say. Sometimes it takes a minute for this to come in. Okay. That's okay. Okay. Waiting, waiting. Nope. Go ahead and answer it. Okay. President of the Senate is the vice president. Pence, right? We won't get into that right now, but anyway. The seat of the government of the United States directed to the president of the Senate, directed to the president of the Senate, which is the vice president. The president of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted. Did that happen during the Trump election? Nothing happened. Somewhat to a degree, but not the way it was supposed to happen. The person having the greatest number of votes shall be the president. And if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed, and if there be a majority than one who have such majority and have any equal number of votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately cause by ballot one of them for president. And if no person having a majority, then from the five highest on the list of said house shall in like manner cause the president, but in causing the president and the votes shall be taken by the state, by representatives from each state having one vote. A quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the state and the majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. And in every case, after the choice of the president, the person having the greatest number of votes of the elector shall be the vice president. But if there should remain two or more who have equal votes, the Senate shall cause from them, choose from them, I'm sorry, choose from them the ballots We wouldn't have a party system, would we, if we followed this part of the Constitution? Because the first vote, the majority of the vote would go to the president, and the second number of votes would go to the vice president. So you could possibly have a so-called Republican as a president and a so-called Democrat as a vice president. based on those numbers, based on the way the numbers come in from the electoral college. You would not have a president picking a vice president, such as Kamala, to run as vice president. You would have the highest number of votes would be the president. The second highest number of votes would be the vice president. That's the way the system was set up. by the usurpation of government, we have to go back to the original constitution and press that on these people. And then we will be able to have a better system where we will have two different people chosen, vice president and president, and not a party of a group. The parties have to go. The parties are the worst thing that ever gaggle of corruption, basically. Pay this, pay that. I don't know how many emails or text messages you get when these people are out there asking for money. I get it from all kinds of people running for this or for that. Join the Nikki Haley team. Send your donation to... None of that nonsense would happen. because it wouldn't be allowed to have these parties set up and have these individuals in these parties trying to run for office or the parties actually putting these people up front to run for office. Who is Nikki Haley anyway? Anyway, let's move on. Next part. Constitution here. No person except a, this is very important, natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the office of president, neither shall any person eligible to that who shall not have attained to the age of 35 years and been 14 years a resident within the United States. The most important part about this is a natural born citizen. In order to be a natural born citizen, according to the Supreme Court, Your father and mother have to be citizens of the United States upon your birth, not a citizen of Kenya. And if for some reason the mother and the father were not, the mother was not a citizen of the United States, can be determined by the father. But generally speaking, your mother and father have to be natural born or have to be born are citizens of the United States upon your birth. That disqualifies a whole lot of people, including Michelle Obama, doesn't it? Because I don't think Michelle or Mike or whatever you want to call, I'm not sure that there was a natural birth or a correct citizenship requirement that's met there for her, because they're talking about having her replace Biden. And it's not, well, Kamala wasn't qualified either. And so they're just looking at this and they're going, ah, we're just going to put the Kenyan in, we're going to put this person in or that person in. And there's no policies or lawful processes being followed. And why is this so important? You know, I've got a lot of ideas on this whole thing. But how about this? You know, we need stable people who are actually Americans in office, not just people that can be placed by foreign entities and or outside entities. And I'll come back with my gripe about all these people that are in cabinet positions that hold dual citizenship with Israel. This is a bunch of crap. That's right. This should not happen. Go ahead. Either you're a freaking American or you're not. Who is your allegiance to? Who is your allegiance to exactly? And it's just like, why are we letting people that get into the United States? All of a sudden, wham, they're able to vote in our elections. Why are we not saying this is great? You're going to come here. But there needs to be a little bit of proving time. And not only are they giving the ability to vote for the illegals that come in, but. I know that there are other countries that they require you to be in the country for certain amount of generations before you can vote in elections. And I think we need to talk about this. I'm not sure what the right answer is with this, but having somebody cross the border, take a citizenship test, You know, naturalization goes through the naturalization process. And then all of a sudden we've got a whole bunch of voters that goes back to the anchor babies and such. I really think that we need to take a look at this going forward because it's not to keep people out. It's to try to see how dang serious are you? about coming to the United States, leaving your country behind and being an American, not just somebody who wants to come here and take the benefits of all of us and our families who have worked. Are you going to become part of us or are you going to sit out there like an idiot waving your flag of origin? In our faces, in the faces of every single American that's here who identifies as an actual American, this nonsense has got to stop. I've been in places where I've seen flags that have been displayed above the American flag. In order for you to be maintained. That's what we say. If you don't like it, get the hell out. Go back to the country of origin that you want to be in if that's what you want to be. But don't invade our country where we are standing for each other. Well, that's part of the problem. But the bigger part of the problem is that we are a Christian nation. It's been stated not only by the Constitution. court that we are a christian nation you can't come and sit in office taliba and pretend that you are a uh house of representatives that you're representing the american people and you're flying a hamas flag yeah this is no place here in this nation that's right you are usurping authority you were never granted Either you're a freaking American or you are not. And all of this shutting down bridges nonsense and all of this, we're going to just work out there to protest everything all over the world. You know what? If these idiots would spend more time fighting for America, working in their own communities, looking for people here who need help, Because there's a lot of them. There's enough human trafficking going on in the United States of America. No, we don't want to look at that. We want to virtue signal and run to some other country and ignore all the problems here. Well, that's part of the distractions that they do as they're trying to pull the country out from under the Constitution. Yeah, let's find out. So here's a very important point that has to be made. If you are in office, public office, certainly by vote, we're not talking about bureaucracy. That's another monster that we need to tackle that doesn't exist in the Constitution either. That's another monster that needs to be removed. Say that again, I'm missing the what? The bureaucracy, that needs to be removed. That is an answer that was never meant to be, never in the Constitution, and is not an unnecessary body of government that we don't have to have. Well, and you look at this nonsense. It's like since you brought up Israel and Palestine, and we're talking about people with dual citizenship, just so everybody knows out there, it was our own deep state that created Hamas. I stand with the people, but the governments, all of them are corrupt as hell, and they have attacked their own people. It wasn't one side against the other. They're working together. You're right, it's not blacks against whites or Chinese against Americans. It's not even Palestinians against Israel. It's the governments of both against their own people. It's the governments against the people because they want understand that. And I'm not sure that the races really get it. They're getting there, but they don't really get it. That it's not about race. It's not about gender. It's not about all that other stuff. Those are distractions. They're turning them into pawns. That's right. It's about government versus the people, and that's what we've got to fix. Yeah, you know, people talk about the race and gender and all of this. All it says to me as soon as somebody brings that up is, oh, great, you're a pawn. That's all you are. You've let them turn you into a pawn. That's right. Over stupid issues that shouldn't even be there. You have to have people think for you. You don't think for yourself. Exactly. All right, back to the Constitution. Okay, Constitution. Back in the happy land here. In case of the removal of the president from office or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of the said office, the same shall devolve on the vice president and the Congress may by law provide for the case of removal. or inability, both of the president and the vice president declaring what office shall then act, what officers shall then act as president and such officers shall act accordingly until the disability be removed or the president shall be reelected. Now they brought forth the 25th Amendment to remove a president, but it's right here. Why would you have to have, why would you have to redefine that removal using against so why are they not going to this why why are they jumping to the 25th amendment what is the process for them to just remove the the um you know fake biden you know the the the man that jumps up like a gazelle what what is the process for them to remove i mean what would they have to do to remove without impeachment say he is disqualified This is based on Congress. Congress can do this. What does that look like, John? If we ask Congress to remove him... It would be an impeachment of his office. They would remove him through the impeachment process. And we'll get to that in a second. Without going to the 25th Amendment, they just have to... It's right here. It's right here. It's right here. But I think... Or if they can read, they don't want to read. Well, you know, and this is the other thing. I'm going to bring this forward. None of us can know everything. And when you're juggling a whole bunch of different things, you need a group of people around you that are going to help advise you and keep you on track. Because there are so many... This would work better if, you know, it's like you have a really good cabinet wall. The cabinet's dual citizenship with Israel, so of course what's going to go on there? This is nonsense. All of it's nonsense. But if a person has some really good people around them that has a specialist in this, you need to have somebody that's a specialist. And I mean a specialist, something that the only thing they've ever done in their life is study that constitution. not run businesses or not. We need to have people that it's quick to respond to be able to say, hey, we can go in this direction or a group of people so that there's a structure there to keep everyone moving in a lawful process and not get distracted by their propaganda. The problem with, you know, when I was growing up, I remember my parents would tell me, my father would tell me that the cabinet members were specialists. That the president would look around the entire United States and find a specialist in that particular category, and that would become that cabinet member. Right. What do we have today in this Biden clown show? We've got nothing. We've got nothing. Clowns and idiots trying to run this nation instead of people that know anything. And they don't know anything. They know that they have to have purple hair or green hair or that they have to be a transvestite or they have to have some other. Yes. And some other stuff. be considered in the cabinet when you pull that group of people out and you look at them and you line them all up this is a clown show they're a bunch of clowns they they have no idea of what they're doing or how to run a country and of course you as you're saying they're taking orders from somebody else that's part of the problem that we have but back to the constitution okay here we go john Presidents shall at stated times receive for his service a compensation which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected. And he shall not receive within that period any other emoluments from the United States or any of them. Any of them meaning any states or governments or anything else? Emoluments, what's an emolument? Anybody know? Emolument is a gift. The backroom deal kind of stuff. I had somebody offer me, I like scotch and bourbon, right? And so when I was out on the campaign trail, I had this wonderful, wonderful person that offered me a very expensive bottle of... Bourbon. And I just, I thanked him and I said, thank you. I said, but I can't accept that. I mean, even something small enough is that people have to be mindful of is that you don't accept gifts, even if it's a nice one. So you know what I did? I said, I'm so touched by your gift. How about this? I said, I will buy that from you because it means something to me and I'll keep the bottle and you give it to the, to a person that you give it to somebody else. That way I'm helping your business. And you're blessing someone. That's the way it needs to be handled. If either you don't accept it or if you want to accept it, you can purchase it and pass it to somebody else. But you should never accept a gift out there that gives you anything other than what everybody involved should be party to. I really believe that. I believe that very strongly. And there's ways to professionally deal with situations like that. That's one of them. Somebody offers you a gift, you can choose to buy it. You can choose to buy it. You can choose to be a help to that business or something, or you can just decline. But you have to make a decision right then and there. It can't be one that you have to even think about for two seconds. It's got to happen that quick. That's right. And that's not what they're doing. You're not supposed to have 21 shell companies? Yeah. Joey? Joey, you're not supposed to have 21 shell companies because you make no product. So why would you need a shell company, Joey? Why? You know, it's like it's like you look at what are you hiding and what what's your what's your goal? Are you trying to make either good jobs? I got offered contacts in Dubai. People can't. I had a I had a call that somebody said, you want to start doing work in the Middle East and Dubai? And I'm like, no, no, I'm not interested in that at all. You know, we work in the United States of America. And, you know, it's like I'm not interested in somebody that's willing to open up doors for the big profits for me. I'm like, no, I'm staying home. I like to shovel horse manure and run our companies. And I'm not interested in going all over the world for that kind of nonsense. If I go there, it's going to be to try to to negotiate something that, you know, a good relationship and or I'll be here building companies or building something in the United States. No interest in that. you can't believe how much of this stuff goes on i'm i was like totally shocked i'm like i'm like nobody carded me for this kind of corruption you know i'm not not old enough for this i'm like you know we got one more paragraph to finish and then if we have to come to our meeting we can but we got to get the last part of the paragraph all right Before he enters on the executive on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation. I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. That is the oath of office that the president is supposed to be taking, and this president has violated all of that. He has not preserved, he has not protected, and he has not defended the Constitution. How do I know that? Because he's tried to pass his gun laws. He pushed forth the vaccine nonsense. He pushed forth the staying at home nonsense. He's been violating his oath of office almost on a daily basis. This so-called jackal in office, this usurper. He needs to be, by that alone, he could be removed from office for treason. And he should be. And Congress should do that. But Congress is dragging their feet as usual because half of Congress is in the pockets of the banking system. Oh, you're way low on that. Okay, three quarters. You're still low. Still low. You're still low, John. You passed the history test, but you failed the math test. That is the problem. Well, the people in Congress have taken similar oaths. Senators and representatives have taken similar oaths to the United States Constitution, including those people in Lansing. They've all taken similar oaths to protect and preserve the Constitution, and they have violated them left and right. So this is... operate the government. And these are the instructions. We just have to force the government to adhere to them. And you know what? When they're out on the campaign trail, Nikki Haley is trying to tell us BS. We simply ask her if she's going to be a de jure officer occupying a de jure office and find out if she understands what that means. And probably she doesn't. Yeah, I think that there's so much going on out there and all of this stuff has to come out, but it's not just the elected officials or public functionaries that are out there. The deep state that runs around outside of this, manipulating people and things that needs to come out too. And this is where Donna Brandenburg doesn't make a lot of friends in this because I won't tolerate it. I actually had somebody, I'm not kidding you. And these stories have to be told. I had somebody that said, If that that was trying to work with me, that that came right out. And I kid you not said, you know, this person was trying to intimidate me and he just just pissed me off is what he did. It wasn't intimidation. It was like, you know, we're John. He literally said, if you want to hit called on anybody, I can call a hit on anybody you want and have them removed. I made a quick call to one of the friends and said, this is what's happening out here. And, uh, and this is who the person was, and this is what just happened. And, and, you know, to, to actually say that, can you, I had two people come and talk to me on that issue of. either bend or be or execute or you shall be involved in or you will be you will be they will kill you. This happens all the time. Yes, it does. It happens all the time because we have no integrity. None. When you look at this and say to protect the Constitution, this is a societal systemic cancer upon our nation. People that do not have any integrity, but are grabbing for power. And I'm going to tell you right now, we either turn back to God almighty and decide on a personal level that we will keep that oath right there. I'm going to put it out there and I'm going to challenge everybody. This is not just for the president. Take a following oath. Every single person out there who is an American should take these same oaths that we are asking those who are supposed to be serving us to take. Are we going to stand up and defend and protect that Constitution? Are we going to be ethical in every single dealing that we have with the people around us? Not just because we get a paycheck from this, but in our everyday activities. Are we going to say we will execute our office as a citizen of this nation to protect to the best of our ability to preserve, protect, defend the Constitution of the United States against any enemy, both foreign or domestic? Will we keep our own conduct above reproach? It has to start with us. That's right. Because it's real easy to point the finger at everybody else. But if you can't stand, don't start bitching about those people in office. Every single person is, needs to be held to that exact same standard. Of course. But they don't want to do that. And that's what I see in the political. It's like, they're going to point to this person or that person and say, well, you know, this person did that wrong. What did you do to just sit there and just complain about it? Or are you cheating your neighbor? in some way? We have, as I've heard before, we have the kind of government that we have chosen to have, that we deserve. Absolutely. People have lost our lost our light, lost our direction as to what that we have to have a country and we have to be we have to have integrity and we have to have the the basics of being good people. Otherwise, we're corruption breeds corruption, basically. And that's where we're at. Yeah, people need to turn back to God and decide that they're going to be working for him first and foremost in whatever it is that needs to be done with a bomb-proof integrity that starts here and is followed through by here. That's right. And then the rest of them, they need to be removed, and they need to never be able to be back in power again by whatever means it takes. If it's treason, we all know what the end game for treason is. That's right. Short stop, short drop, sudden stop at a minimum. So, well, let's go ahead. And I'm watching Courtney. Courtney's trying to get on right now. I see that. I see her husband. Hi, husband. Well, we will continue Article 2 when we return next week. Yeah. Because we have to finish with what the president's authority is. country have to understand that Biden has really no authority except to execute what Congress tells him to do. He cannot make stuff up. I'm reading the section two here, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States and the Militia of the Several States. Now, Darlene, at our meeting in January, we'll be talking about the Militia of the Several States and and he's got a new class that's coming out. I like Dar, nice enough guy, and I'm glad he's coming. I may pick on him a little. We'll see. What's that? I say I may pick on him a little. Yeah, you should have been sheriff. You get a governor in and a sheriff worth your salt. We could have gone in there. Just because you can't get a conviction doesn't mean that you stop. That's what Nestle did. That's the lame freaking excuse that Nestle gave for not – for handing over the signature or the voter registration crap over that happened in Muskegon. And I actually have the map of that, that I've been working with, with Seth Keschel and Mark Fincham of Muskegon. And it's like to look through this, you don't stop just because you can't prosecute. If they don't prosecute it, then you go after them and you just keep going down until you clean them all out. If it would have been one honest governor, just one, And one honest sheriff that will just, and I'm not saying that the sheriffs are dishonest. I'm saying one that's a no back down kind of guy like you. We could have had this thing so cleaned up and it would have been quick. Well, I would say from my experience with sheriffs that most of the sheriffs are corrupt. They're part of the system. I'd say I'd agree with you. I talked about about half of them. Yeah. Or they don't know their job. They don't know what they're supposed to be doing. And that's what I want to find out if Darlie knows his job. He's a good guy. He's, he's out there. I mean, I'm a good guy from time to time. We're all good guys, right? Yeah. Road to hell. You got to do your job, right? You know what you're supposed to be doing. Why you're in my office. Yeah, Road to Hell is paid with good intentions and a lot of nice people who aren't able to do their job. So anyhow, thanks for being on today, John. And I'm reserving a special chair for you at that meeting. I'm going to reserve it. So Courtney's there laughing in the background. I can see you. I think it's hilarious. So you know what we're going to do? I'm just going to put that up one more time because this is where John is going to be on the 20th. I'm practicing coercion here. I think so. You're getting wet. Yeah, right now I am. So I'll actually make you a special pie if you show up, the John Tater pie of excellence for the meeting. And so here's the meeting, which we're saving a special seat for John. If he's not there, it's going to be the sorry seat where John didn't show up with your name tag on it. I'll even cut a piece of pie and put it in front of the lonely chair if you don't come. Well, I'm coming for that pie, by the way. There you go. There you go. It's January 27th, 2024, 2 o'clock p.m. at Center Shot Indoor. And hopefully we will have a fun time, even having some range time. And then we'll just see who's the best shot in this and make it a little fun competition and increase our skills. How's that? Sounds good to me. Yeah, I'll let you run the class there. You know how to shoot. So there you go. Yeah, John Tater is going to be teaching the class. I can keep ratcheting this up a little bit. All right, John, well, have a great day and we will talk to you next week. See you next week. Bye. Wednesday, by the way. Oh, Wednesday. Yeah, go ahead and plug your meeting on Wednesday night. Wednesday we have Zoom, so if anybody wants to get involved with us, send me an email. JohnJTater at Make it JTater2 at JTater, and it's T-A-T-A-R. It's not like tater like the potato, even though it is, in fact, Tater Tuesday. JTater2 at, send me an invite or an information that you want an invite, and I'll send you an invite. That's right. All right, guys, have a great one. Courtney's going to be on in just a minute. I'm going to take a real quick break here, stretch out a little bit, and then bring Courtney on. She'll be on in just about one minute. Have a great day, John, and we'll see you next week. Bye. Hey, good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. And it is the ninth day of January 2024. And my girl, you're here. I'm here. How are you? I'm always looking forward to our time online. You're amazing. And I always have a great time. So I'm going to invite you to our meeting on January 27th. And I know you're a long ways away, but I'm going to invite you personally. Okay, thank you. And invite your audience to come because this would be great because I would love to do something entertainment-wise with you in Michigan. We've talked about that in the past. Yeah, I would love that. If we can get more people here. I actually have found a place where we can do stuff like that that I'm really pretty excited about. So I have been I've been trying to really figure out how to, you know, it's like how to do these events stuff and to increase the events for the taxpayers party, which is the Constitution Party. Yeah, the Constitution Party in Michigan, where we can go and have fun, not just sit there, argue and bitch and complain and fight and decide I'm done with this stuff. We're getting nowhere with this. So, yeah, I'm pretty excited about it, actually. That's awesome. Well, that's actually right in line with the theme of what I was going to talk about today, because we are trying to raise money for the next CauseFest. So I thought we would do a little bit of a review of how they've used propaganda through arts throughout the history. Oh, that's perfect. Yeah. How many people do you need to have for CauseFest and how much space? Cause I need to know that in order to work towards that. Sure. It really depends. I mean, we can tailor it. So it really depends on the, like the lineup and how many people we think we can get. I would say. So. I would probably prefer inside just cause it'd be a controlled environment. And also if I do aerial, which isn't a requirement, but if I do inside is definitely much easier to control that because it's, You know, with the wind and weather, aerial can be quite challenging. You bring your own rigging? Yeah, I bring my own rigging, yeah. How tall does the ceiling have to be? It has to be at least 20 feet. Okay, that cuts out. I think I've got to think what my ceiling is in my arena because I actually have an arena. Ooh. And so indoor arena, but I know other people that have arenas. And then I found out about a place that's in, in Grand Rapids that can seat like 2000 people. And so that's one that's kind of a new, a new thing that popped up, but I've been really searching around to find places. We've got a place that's in Michigan here that can seat 75,000 people. Whoa. Yeah. It's outside, but you know, That would be amazing. But I don't know if I can fill 75,000 people. Yeah. How many people, how many people would you need? I would say anywhere from like 200 to 1200. So it'll really can depend on the lineup and how many people we think we can get there. We can do that. Yeah. But anywhere between that would be, I know that's a wide range, but it does kind of vary. So yeah. Yeah. I know that one, the one, the one place we'll do 2000. That's great. Yeah. Right. And then, um, so, so 2000, we could get 2000 in there and then, but there's other places too. Okay. So, so, you know, I'm kind of trying to, you know, the nice thing is like, if I can make it work in, in my arena and we had like by invitation only, cause I don't want every deep state, you know, I had to kick somebody out at one time at one of the events that I had there, it was a Christmas party. This chick comes here by with somebody else that was invited and she absolutely went into Trump derangement syndrome. Like you can't believe, start screaming and such. And I'm like, you're done. And right now I'm going to be exiting you and making sure that you have a nice exit off my property. She's like, I'm going to tell Tudor Dixon. I'm like, why would I care? You know, tell me what you want. You're still getting your sorry butt off my property for being an idiot. And you just made Tudor Dixon look like an idiot because you're standing with her and now telling me you're going to tell her, like, I give a crap about what she has to say on my property. Right. Yeah. That's so rude. You can't believe it. I mean, totally disruptive of it. You know, people are having a great time. It's like, are you kidding me? It's like crawl back into your little stinking hole somewhere. You troll. Something positive to do. It reminds me of a, it was, I guess about a month ago, a friend of mine had said that we, we had a mutual friend and I, we do this meeting like monthly. It's a Patriot dinner. It's really cool, actually. If you're ever in the area, you're always welcome. But it's at like a member cigar bar. Oh, cool. Yeah, it's super cool. And we have dinner there. And then my friend who hosts it, he's the member, he'll read like historical documents, and then we'll discuss it. And she had said to me, you've never invited me, which first of all, it's not really, you know, I'm not the host. But I said, okay, if you want to come, I'll, you know, I'll ask. And And so long story short, I invited her. She starts this huge fight with me at the dinner. Yeah, you look at people and say, what is wrong with you? It was just crazy. And at the end of it, my friend who hosted was like, I didn't know what to do because she's your friend. You invited her. I was like, yeah. I mean, you would think just like basic kind of common courtesy. It was so strange. And she seems to have no idea that she did anything wrong. No. And then this person that brought her, I kicked her out. She she's I'm like, I'm like, you know, if you if you have if you can't exercise that kind of judgment to kind of bring one of your little deep state players in to defend Tudor Dixon, the globalist whose dad was out there selling, you know, selling information in a global network from you look at the background. They totally just I actually met some people where they they broke the they actually broke the family debt. They broke the foundry industry in Muskegon, and I met people that they left with one person $35,000 in debt and told me exactly what they were doing there. You look into the background of these people, and it's like I can't believe – I hate to say this. I cannot believe how stupid people are to follow people that – that have the perfect message. It's like a little snaky tongue in your ear. It's like, look into their background and stop being an idiot. You know, that's not going to tell everybody stop being idiots. It's like these, it's easy to see if you spend even five minutes looking into these people, instead of wanting to be like a baby bird with your mouth open, having somebody drop the crumbs of bread in your mouth. So you don't have to do anything. Right. Right. Yeah. People fall for like the, you know, hearing what they want to be told. Yeah. I just released my video on ARC, which I talked about, I think, two times ago. Jordan Peterson's new Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. And so there's a lot of figures in there that people really like. So, you know, people get very attached. Have you ever watched the show The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? ? Huh? Did you ever watch this show? The agents of shield? No, it's like a Marvel thing. Okay. So I watched a few, I watched some of those episodes years ago. Right. Okay. And all I can say is that when Jordan Peterson disappeared and all of a sudden reappeared, it's like, where'd he go? What did they do to his brain? You know, I'm like, I'm like, I'm a little concerned. And when you bring forward some of this, it's like, this is great. We've got these great little talking points out there that talk some of the right thing. Yeah, totally. But I'm pretty extra sure none of us should be buying any of this crap hook, line and sinker. No. One of them is Vivek Ramaswamy. Oh my gosh. Don't get me started on that one too. You ever watch them talk? I haven't spent too much time watching, but I've seen him. I was within five feet of him, and he came and he shook my hand at a meeting. And he starts talking. I'm like, man, I can go back to just shoveling horse manure. This guy looks like he can get the job done at first when you first listen to him. Then after a few minutes, I'm like going... Houston, we have a problem. He talks like Obama. Yep. He moves like Obama. He does the Obama stick the chin out thing. And then, then you start listening to him and I'm like going, I'm done. I'm out. Yeah. I'm out. And he was part of the world economic forum, young leaders. He said, Oh, I didn't mean to be in there. Sure. You know, I'm sure you're going to show up on that little list. Right. Actually. Yeah. Yeah. I'd like to see some go. I mean, he's got some great ideas and he has the chance to repent and turn around. And if they want to get on the good side, I'm your girl. I love that. But they're going to have to prove themselves. He's a, well, he was a Soros fellow, you know, Soros, his niece and nephew. He had Paul and Daisy foundation source foundation. Explain this to me. I don't know this. He was a fellow like that. That's part of how he got into grad school. who is the fellowship from the Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation. Okay. I mean, I believe it's Soros' niece and nephew. That's who it is. So it's directly tied to Soros. And my big concern with him is really his pharmaceutical connection. I mean, he pushed a drug that he knew failed four trials, and he kept pushing it anyway. He's direct ties to Pfizer. um even his like strive which sounds like a good thing is backed by that money so yeah well i just he lost me at this yeah that was enough thing yeah fair enough oh don't do this don't do this just well and i think that's what he feels like the republican obama you know he's yeah he's like well what difference does it make at this point i'm going to say quote hillary clinton you know republican what difference does this really make yeah i mean excuse me we've got nobody doing Nobody doing anything except for Melinda Pago in the state of Michigan and some people removed Christina Caramo. who needed to be gone months ago. They actually stood up and they did it. Kudos to all of them. And it's like, okay, let's get a plan. If you're going to do something, I'll, you know, it's like, I'm not willing to jump in or drink the Kool-Aid at this point in time. Right. I hope, I pray that they don't go back to the established. This is, this is my fear. And I, and I hope that I am wrong on this. Okay. Cause I like everybody and I'm not paid anything or ever enough to change my opinion. I think some really good people out there that were holding people accountable. Now let's see if they, if they can continue on to serve the United States. I'm hoping I've got hope there. I hope, but if they don't, we're going to burn it right to the ground again because they can't. My fear is, is that they're going to go back to the money of the money draw of the deep state, which Weiser was in with Ron Weiser, that whole previous administration, they were all involved. OK, Weiser was making donations to Biden. He's got ties to Burisma Oil. It's just like Mitt Romney was was all up in the business of Burisma Oil. And so was John Kerry's son in law. And so was Pelosi's son. And so was Biden's son. They're all one big frickin happy family. Weiser is on the Atlantic Council. If they go back to that, we can know exactly that the Republican Party is a bunch of stupid, stupid people that only want to have the easy way out. And whoever dangles the little whore carrot in front of them of money, they're going to follow. I have a big problem with that. It's going to have to be, you're going to have to get in and do the raw work of getting this out here and getting organized apart from this money. Right. Absolutely. I would say, but you know, you better know what's coming from. When you say what differences it make. I mean, yeah, I agree. It's basically a uniparty, but the difference that it makes is the Hegelian dialectic. It's the optics. And so now you have people who, you know, very much strongly agree. identify as being on the right. They have an allegiance to the Republican Party. They now think they've been presented with a solution. And of course, you know, both sides are marching towards the same goal. They captured Assad. Mm-hmm. Exactly. Yeah. Not thinking about anything. Hey, did you notice something? I matched your background. Oh, you did. Yes. I love that color. Yeah. It wasn't intentional, but I think it's kind of cool. Yes, it is. We're both at magenta. Very magenta. That was very cool. Yeah, I know. I've gotten a lot of criticism for my use of this color of the purple. Because it's apparently, you know, like the occult and the elites, it's their color. But my response to all that is like, why do we keep seeding everything to them? They didn't create the color purple. Like... They didn't create the rainbow. We keep seeding into them. It's like, oh, that's theirs. Therefore, you can't use it. Then what do we have left? Horse manure. That's it. We're the party of horse manure because nobody wants that. That's kind of stupid. It's so dumb. I've heard it from so many people. We should all throw our gold rings and gold whatever we have. Let's throw that all out too because they're worth of gold. Everybody that's out there, you're, you're in violation of somebody's, somebody's let's shut you down. Stupidity. Exactly. It's not, there's not a demon around every single corner. There's a lot of them, but you know, it's like, right. You start looking for demons around every corner. Your brain's going to make them up as you go. You got to match it with actual facts. Yes, exactly. I mean, there is some fact to that, that they use it, that that's a color they, but just because they use it doesn't, yeah. Well, it's a symbol of like royalty. So they, you know, symbol of royalty. And there's a couple of other things that it's supposed to symbolize, but it's my favorite color. Magenta or purple? Purple. Purple. Yeah, like real purple. But I like magenta too. We'll call this like fuchsia or something like that and make it flowery and pretty. So this is it. It is kind of like a... It's a berry color. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's a berry color. We're farm girls. Yeah. Yeah. So let's talk about this. So where are we going here? So, yeah. So I know we were we had taken a detour from Tavistock and we were going to continue. But I thought this is kind of a tangent and some of it may be a review, but some of it will be a little bit different because it was specifically focused on propaganda in the arts. And I think we're going to see a lot of just propaganda in general this year. But I'm hoping to combat it with things like Causefest. So having independent art. And so it's really interesting, too, because I've been hearing this term and it's being presented as what they're so afraid of. And I just saw on Twitter this morning, actually from Brett Weinstein. And this really can, this kind of, it made me really reflect on why they're so afraid of it. And the way that they're couching it is that they're afraid of like, So the term is lone wolf. And I've heard this being stated by quite a few people that their big fear is like this lone wolf that's going to go off the deep end. And that's why we have to do things like controlled disclosure and We have to have certain ops in order to contain these people. Let's try to squelch the independent thinkers here. That's what we're going to do. That's really what it is. You need to get into one of our little cult clubs so we can approve the message. You got it. And I, so what they're really afraid of is critical thinkers. And this is people on the right, the quote unquote, right. You know? So, uh, yeah, I, I put that in quotes, but I'm going to read you this from, uh, Brett Weinstein. So there's, there's just a, I don't know if you know who amazing she goes by amazing Polly. I think her name is Polly St. Jane. I love, I love amazing. Yeah. Yeah. So I just recently was introduced to her. I used to watch her years ago. And that was one of part of my education into, you know, Houston, we have a problem moments, you know, she talks about everything. And she does. She does really great research on here. That would be a riot. Do you know her personally? I don't know her personally we've chatted on twitter. Um, you know, we've dm'd but she says she doesn't do people's shows That's like a hard rule that she has and a lot of people have tagged her saying you two should do a show together And i'm like i've asked but she and she's responded She's like i'm a huge fan of courtney's work and she said if I ever break my own rule I promise I will you know, she'll be the first but um, but she says she doesn't do other people's shows. She just wants to stick to her uh She told me it keeps her out of trouble that way. I like Deplorable McAllister too. Pardon? Deplorable McAllister. I don't know who that is. She's kind of fun too. I'll have to look her up. This is a battle back and forth between holly and brett weinstein and uh one thing about holly she's really courageous too i mean she's not just she didn't just do great research but she's she's pretty bold and she's willing to go up against uh you know some pretty big players and press them for answers um so they've been in a back and forth now brett does the dark horse podcast you know his brother is eric weinstein who works for peter teal They were part of the whole intellectual dark web, which we now have, you know, pretty concrete evidence that there's been some funding from intelligence agencies, possibly like the CIA one. The clowns that need to be abolished, just like the FBI, either clean your crap out or get the hell out of our country. Yeah, I'll say it. Yeah, there you go. But there is some evidence that there was money from them funding the intellectual dark web. Oh, I'm sure. Yeah. But I'm pretty sure that we'd be found trail, that it's not just speculation. So people who question whether or not the intellectual dark web was an operation, I would look into that funding source. But, yeah, so this is a battle back and forth between them. And I just gave that backdrop so we kind of know where Brett's coming from. And Brett was not a, quote, unquote, conservative. Again, I put it in quotes. But he was not. And, you know, of course, COVID, all these people come out, you know, out of the woodworks, like Jordan Peterson, who are self-admittedly not even on the right. Like, not even... Forget conservative. They're not even on the right, the political right, like, you know, of their own identity. Well, they use these, they use these narratives. It's just like people I had, I've been attacked for, she's not a real Christian this week because I was speaking out against the corruption. Yeah. Flat out, it's a corruption. She's not a Christian. She's an occultist. She's this, that, and the other thing. I was like, what's your point here? And where's your evidence? I mean, this is like the longest interview in the history of the world. Well, people have said that because I used to call it purple and that my logo has a lotus. If this would actually have been a job interview, this would be like the longest job interview in the history of the planet because everybody knows exactly what I stand on everything. It's all out there. And so what's the point? Why are they doing it? So they'll commandeer that. Well, you're not Jewish enough, Courtney. I'm not Christian enough. We're never enough. You know, I'm not a real Republican. That came out of Christina Karama's mouth to me, and she kicked me out of a meeting. You're not a real Republican. Oh, and what is a real Republican? Well, clearly somebody that hires felons and can't manage money for crap and it doesn't come forward with transparency. She's clearly not a trans person because she's not transparent. Yeah. There you go. Sorry, go ahead. Yeah, yeah. So these people have been, you know, pushed to the forefront and they're touted as like these, you know, figureheads for the right when they're not. The new pariah. Exactly. Well, not prior. They're not the they're not on the they're not conservatives and they're being touted as the figurehead for the political right. So this has been going back and forth between them. And she's really calling him out for why is it that he didn't have any of the doctors who initially spoke out against covid, like all the doctors that he had on that he catapulted to fame. And he really was very instrumental in catapulting some of them to fame. Right. you know, that's a lot of credit to give him. However, the numbers that you know, reached on some of those podcasts, you know, and the ripple effect of that, even people who didn't watch it, who then, you know, were inserted into the conversation of the masses. So there was definitely an influence there. And none of those doctors were doctors who spoke out immediately. They were only doctors who, after two years of being silent or being on the other side of the fence, suddenly came out and, you know, were speaking out. against things like the vaccine and whatnot. Or a year later, whatever it was, it was well after, but there were certain doctors who spoke out right from the beginning and all of them were silenced, censored. A lot of them got their license taken away from them. So they really did... Really, Simone Gault was a little bit late, honestly. But she was not, you know, one of those very first. She was a very loud voice, you know, in the frontline doctors. But even the frontline doctors, I mean, some of them, I know some of them, and they were really early to the party. But there were people who from the very, very beginning were saying masks do, not only do they not do good, but they do harm. They were saying that this is not a pandemic. Right. Um, you know, they were saying things that were just very counter narrative and he had none of them on. So, um, she's, she's pressing him on why. And she's pressing him on why is he continuing to promulgate this narrative that there was a pandemic at all. And, uh, so that's just a little bit of backdrop, but I'm just gonna read you this one part of it because I, it really made me think about this lone wolf, uh, you know, phrase that I've been hearing from a lot of people on the right, or the quote unquote right, we'll just say, but the people who others might perceive as being on our side. And again, I put that in quotes, but just for the purpose of the conversation. So dissidents succeeded in upending COVID narrative, historic history, but instead of coming together and gearing up for the rematch that Goliath is clearly planning, a fair fraction are overtaken by petty infighting. Why? Dissidents tend to be lone wolves rather than team players. Most dissidents have no experience wielding any power or influence at all. So play the game like novices. Goliath has read and listened to enough private correspondents to play the dissident rivalries. Jealousy and mistrust like a fiddle. Anyone who is serious about fending off the next round of tyranny would be wise to level up and get pointed in the same direction. That goes for all of us. No exceptions. Yeah, so it goes on and on. I mean, the next two quotes from them. So Holly responds, she says, Brett, there was no pandemic. Face PCR tests, bogus modeling, and the media, which literally used test dummies and actors to spread fear, were the pandemic. then they killed people with protocols and ruined the economies with lockdown the next quote unquote one will be the same but you won't go there and then he said i agree there was no meaningful pandemic and certainly no public health emergency i have no idea what you mean by you won't go there didn't i just alert an audience of six million people that goliath tends to be appears to be preparing for a rematch um she did a very long thread in response and it was great um i don't know that i'll read all of it because it might take a while um but i do recommend people look at that i can send you the text uh the tweet but um the reason i bring up this alone pull it up here a minute oh yeah let me uh let me just if you put it in the in the chat if can you put it in the in our private chat here I think I might be able to do that. Let me try that. I can probably. Let me see if I can. Where is. Okay. Oh, shoot. Let's see if I can find it. I love doing this. You know, we were in a communications committee meeting last night. We were working online. We're being able to collaborate on things online. It was really awesome. And I think that's just a riot. okay here we go we've got here we've got amazing poly oh shoot did i how far down is it um hang on i seem to have how did i how do i get back to browser i can't see the screen anymore um Oh, no. Hang on. I can't see anything. Let me see if I can get help here. Yeah, she talks about child trafficking, so she's on my list of people I love. There is a... I don't know what happened. How did I lose this? Let me send you so you have this. I'll just text you the link. But I lost the screen. Like I can't see you anymore. Really? Yes. All right. Let's see if we go back here a minute. Can you see it yet? No, I did something. You know, that's okay. I can see you just fine. I know, but I can't see you. All right. Let's see. Oh, there we go. Thank you. Super simple. Technology is wonderful as long as it works. Yeah. So I don't know if you saw the thread, though. Yeah, so her thread is right underneath where Brett says, I agree there was no meaningful pandemic and certainly no public health emergency. I have no idea by what you mean you won't go there. But this is her response. Thanks for the engagement, Brett. I've replied with a thread here. And I sent you, I texted that to you. I'm waiting for the text to come in. I'm not seeing it. You sent it to yourself. I did, but yeah, I send it to myself also, but I don't know how to, maybe I can, where's the chat? I love our, I love, I love techie help that sit right next to us. Yes. You gotta have a team, you know? Seriously. Oh, here's the chat. Okay. Yeah. If you send it there, then I can, I can just grab it in that private chat. You know, every time I'm on here, I learn new things too. It's great. Um, awesome. Oh no, that's the wrong link. I don't know how to grab. No, I don't know how to grab the one from here. Oh, there we go. Okay. Um, that's good. And people can go look up amazing Polly, their own selves. And it's amazing Polly too. She's been, she was taken down several times too. Yeah. Well, I mean, anybody that's telling the truth gets, it's censored. If you're out there, you, my friend, would be very welcome on Brandenburg News Network. All right, let's see what we got here. Should have elevator music while this is coming on. Seriously. Right. Okay, here we go. Yeah, there you go. Here we go. Because we provide... sourcing to what's going on. So, okay, there's Brett. Do we want to go up to the top or where do we want to start it? I just read this part, the dissidence, right? And then, so I read this too. So now this is it. Thanks for the engagement, Brett. I've replied with a thread here and it's a pretty long thread. She really does kind of explain where she's coming from. So she says, I can read it. I appreciate you engaging with me, Brett, but I've got a long answer for you in this thread. You asked for it. For the readers, I put a screen grab of our exchange below. And then she says... I just listened to your interview with Tucker. Second time to ensure I didn't miss anything. First, let me say you are an excellent speaker and made terrific points. I do think that bringing questions to a wider audience is of benefit to everyone. That being said, you didn't mention any of the things I listed in my first reply to you. Nothing about PCR fraud, faulty modeling, fear-mongering, fake news, deadly protocols, or the disastrous effects of lockdown. So when I say you don't go there, that's largely what I meant. But there's more. You spent the first 10 minutes rhapsodizing about the mRNA vaccine technology. Anyone who turned out... who tuned out at that point would be left with the impression that this tech is wonderful. You only finally said it was fatally flawed after 10 or 12 minutes. That was to me a waste of time and honestly boring. Later in the interview, you say to Tucker that the WHO deliberately writes their papers in a mind-numbing way so that most people can't deal with reading them. See what I'm saying here? Next point. The promotion of, quote, Dr. John Campbell. First, John Campbell is a nurse, not a doctor. I suppose he's technically a PhD or something, but it's dishonest to give the impression that he is a medical doctor in this scenario. Further, Campbell repeated the safe and effective mantra for over a year, encouraging vaccine uptake. He should have known, as you did, that the time frame for safety testing wasn't long enough to make that claim. How did, quote, expert, unquote, nurse Campbell miss that? This brings me to my last point, who is considered part of the dream team. I'll give you a little backstory on that in a minute that you mentioned at the end of the Tucker piece. It was very moving and accurate observation you made about all the people who can think being ejected from their workplaces during COVID. I don't argue with you there. You are right on and it's an empowering message. So thank you for articulating that so well. However, why am I like this? However, there were thousands of medical experts, even Nobel winning virologists and researchers who came forward by mid 2020. They were proving that the models were fraudulent. The PCR tests were a sham. The masks were not only useless, but harmful. That lockdowns were a disaster. that the protocols were harming and killing people, that alternative treatments were available, and there were those who knew, due to their own experience in researching vaccines for coronavirus, that whatever a rush procedure might come up with in terms of new tech for COVID shock was going to be an abject disaster. I made the video below in December 2020. It isn't perfect, but it does show definitively that there were literally thousands of doctors trying to warn us. Dozens of them were out in public risking it all. If I could remake that piece, I might switch out a couple of names for ones I've found since. Heroes, I've never seen any of them mentioned by you or those in your orbit. Why is that? Do your experts have to be wrong for two years first in order to get publicity? You have enormous power, Brett. You are part of a network that excels at cross promotion. This is really her primary point. You may not even realize how it is taking over the narrative. That network risks being exclusive and judging by your instances that everyone involved must level up and stay on message. I'd say it leans towards another regime of censorship. control. Perhaps you didn't mean it that way, but here's the tweet that made me feel that way. And read the tweet that I, that called that to me. I didn't even realize that was the same tweet, but yeah, the whole lone wolf thing. I've heard that there are several people who have mentioned it in other contexts. And that made me realize actually in context of the event we were at with Lindell, that part of what that was all about was to quiet the lone wolves. So I've heard this term by a lot of people and it is making me very concerned. And that could sound like a great story, right? Like we don't want these crazy lone wolves, you know, we're going to go off and cause a ruckus, but that's really not what they mean. I want everybody to think about how absurd that is because the lone wolves that I'm not, I'm seeing like organized subversion out there with like, You know, with the Antifa little snots and the BLM Corporation, which is. And now the pro-Palestinian rallies. Yeah. We have evidence that it's coming from dark liberal money or leftist money. They call it liberal, but I should say leftist money. Marxist. We'll call it Marxist. We'll call it Marxist. Yes. Yeah. So in that tweet, you say that dissidents succeeded in upending the COVID narrative. Yes, they did. We did. I'm part of it. We early dissidents who lost a lot by going against Goliath cleared the way for people like you to come out and speak freely. So I say for all of us, you're welcome. And then she puts a GIF, F-I-N. And then Brett says, thank you for the constructive approach, Polly. I'll go tweet by tweet. I'm not sure Twitter will do that, but I hope it's readable. And she says, you're taking the time to answer. Oh, this was really recent. Okay, you're taking the time. I missed this part. To answer is much appreciated. Thank you for your sincerity and thoroughness. I think it's been worthwhile for us to have done this. I don't see where the... Piece by piece. Responses. So that's. I'm actually going to respond. Saying I would like to see that. Where. Yeah. I just commented. Saying I don't see the response. But apparently he did a breakdown. Response piece by piece. Which would be great. Maybe. Maybe. If I go to each of. Yeah, no, I don't see him, but I'd be curious to see what he says back. Interesting. Yeah. I hear you go. Thomas Kenny jumps on. I review the negative comments as mostly dangerous and potentially driven more by ego than patriotic duty. It's an opinion. There's no facts of that. You know, it's like, it's like, I'm sorry. We need to be able to talk things. Okay, so here's like in response to the first one. Thanks. Before we get to the substance, let me say that interviews and discussions are tough. What might have been accomplished, what one attempts to accomplish, what one manages to accomplish. I always spend a lot of time reflecting on what could have been better. Okay, so that was the response to the first comment. I guess he might still be responding. No, that was nine hours ago, so. I'm just seeing to make sure I didn't miss it but yeah I don't see it but anyway I really I wanted to bring that up because of the whole wolf comment because there's his response you responded to it did I respond? yeah there's a respond there this is You want to see it? Oh, yeah. Where's his response? Yeah. I should probably clarify that I mean the breakdown response. um i was thinking you're like we were supposed well he said he did a breakdown like piece by piece but i'm not following it i'll dm her and see if she can point me that's okay this is great so but yeah i brought it up in context of this lone wolf because what they really want is on both sides on all sides really i should say because uh you know they're through propaganda. They're trying to create groups. And I talk about this a lot, where they want groups versus individuals. They want to strip people of individual identity in favor of creating group identity. We saw this with the Frankfurt School, creating the predecessor to what we now call identity politics. But they did this through Afibendi culture, where they were kind, they destroyed the culture and they replaced it with all of these different group identities. Um, and, uh, I, so I'm very much seeing that now and that they're really, really terrified of people, independent people having independent thought. So yeah, I, uh, I've That was really why I brought that whole thing up. But I've heard it in context of like even the Lindell event. You know, somebody had said to me that part of what that was all about was that they were trying to placate, you know, basically the left would see, well, the quote unquote left, but you know, they would see it and they would just laugh because the technology is not new, nor is it revolutionary. And that the, you know, but the people who they were worried might, you know, go rogue they were calling them the lone wolves would be pacified. And that, that, that was a lot of what this was about. But I, again, I've heard that insulted. I don't know about you, but I'm just going to say straight out when I saw the drone fly overhead and everybody's cell phones flat tracked is an up on the screen. I'm like, I'm a little bit, this is not the greatest plan I've ever seen. In fact, in fact, I talked to some other people that were in on planning that and, they were annoyed. They were actually angry saying, this is not what we talked about. Yeah. And so I think there was, there was some weird stuff going on there because I sat there and I looked at the technology and I'm like, you're like, and I'm like, I was sitting there watching this and I, and I sat in there for a little while and I'm like, this is straight up concerning. Yeah. Because it felt like it, I felt like it was incredibly misleading. Yeah. So I got up and I went to the food area after about 15 minutes of that and sat down with Lloyd Brunson and Tim. I love him. Yeah. I love Lloyd. He's great. And we sat there for 45 minutes laughing until we cried. Yeah. Seriously. Seriously. We really were. And that's about the time that I ran into you there, too, because it's like everybody else wasn't kind of drinking the Kool-Aid on this nonsense. We were all like, peace out. We're done. Yeah, I was like, I walked out. The more people like when hearing what you're saying and just having spoken to quite a few people there. I mean, I don't have evidence to verify this, but I really strongly feel like it was an off chance. Um, it was a co-opted off is kind of how I feel about it, but I think they, they were more hopeful about it, that it would have a larger impact than it actually did. I think a lot of people really kind of laughed it off. Um, but you know, yeah. Well, I had, there was, there was, uh, there was a few people that I talked to this, that were sitting in the back going, um, this isn't what we talked about at all that we're supposed to be in on the planning of this. That's why I think it was a co-opted off. And so we sat, we sat there, but when the, when the drone came in the, you know, the impressive drone supposedly and fly flew around. And I, I, I literally, this was Donna Brandenburg. I'm like going, are you kidding me? Right. Right. And I was just like, well, it's time to it's time to go grab myself, you know, coffee and go sit down and breathe some air that's not totally full of. bullshit. Yeah, exactly. I felt, I felt like I was sitting there sitting there breathing the bullshit air and I wasn't going to put up with it. And so I'm like, I need to go talk to some real people that, you know, that know what's going on. And so I talked to a bunch of them, you know, there, there were, there were a lot of things there that were serious red flags to me. Yeah. I haven't talked about it publicly, but some serious red flags. Yeah. Well, so she, so Polly did this graph and it was, uh, I'll see if I can find that too. Um, but it was like, and then my friend Miriam, who's awesome also. Um, but she, I'll put them all up. Okay. Um, so she did this graph and then Miriam had, uh, let me see if I can share this. Uh, So it was about like the gatekeepers and cross pollination that occurs. And. That's part of what was going on with Brett. And they're calling it the dream team. And Polly was saying how it was almost messianic how they were presenting these people in context of what was going to happen the next time around. I'll show you this graph. Let me see if I have it. It's right here. I think maybe I have been able to... Figure out how to do this. If you share something on your screen, I can share that. Okay. I think we can. I can share. There's the chat. Okay. Hey, this works out great. Okay. Yay. Yeah. Very cool. Figuring it all out. Not really that difficult. I just didn't know how. This is a new skill situation happening here, guys. Yeah. I'm very proud of ourselves. We're learning as we go, you know. Yeah. A couple of little kids here with our Legos that we're learning how to put new Legos together. Very silly. So, I didn't watch the Jimmy Dora clip, but the... Oh, wow. This is like right out there, isn't it? What? I said, well, well, well, you know, I, you know, I've got a question with, um, with, uh, some of these people, cause that little gal right there gets over 20 some odd thousand or more as speaking. A whole article on her that would take me a little bit to dig that up. But, uh, if you scroll down a little bit, she has polished tweets. So you can see without having the faces covered on the, um, She has the graph right there, a little bit below that. But yeah, if you just click continue reading, there's Polly's, yeah. Yeah, so Polly did like a survey asking if there are people she should include, take off. And that's the tweet right there. So yeah, obviously Tucker is on there. Candace Owens, I have a whole article on her. And of course, when I did my ARC thing, Sir Paul Marshall is a... what's it called, the major funder of ARC, Sir Paul Marshall, along with Legatum. He's also the backer behind GB News, which is, he's really like a media mogul. So a lot of controlling the narrative there, one would possibly infer. But yeah, so this graphic Oh, so Candace, so Sir Paul Marshall, the reason I brought him up was because Sir Paul Marshall, one of his first endeavors was connected to, got a lot of funding from Michael Farmer. Michael Farmer is Lord Farmer, Candace's husband. So it makes sense then to think why they brought Jordan Peterson. It's through that whole Daily Wire connection. Yeah. But yeah, so this cross pollination network we have on here, yeah, all these figures are like Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Dan Bongino, Candace Owens, Steve Bannon, Brett Weinstein's right there in the middle, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray, You think any of these people have anything good about them or you're out on all of them? I do. They wouldn't be effective if they didn't. I think that's something really important for people to understand. Yeah, this isn't a hit list of saying all these people are bad. No. I mean, a broken clock is right twice a day, you know. And I think really it's more about... it has more to do with the false idols. People are so, I, what I always say is if people spent as much time adjudicating information as they do glorifying and vilifying sources, we'd be in a really different place. That is a beautiful statement right there. Thank you. Yeah. I say it all the time because it's really true. It's these people wouldn't be effective if they weren't sharing truths, if they weren't charismatic, if they weren't, um, You know, a lot of them are very intelligent. I love this guy right here, Dr. Malone. You love him? I do. I think he's a huge gatekeeper. Well, he may be, but I'm going to tell you what. He came to one of our Constitution National Party meetings. He's incredibly charming, incredibly charismatic. I've spent quite a bit of time with him. He did talk, and we got a chance to actually talk with him. He talked about things that really surprised me. And you know what he talked about the most? What? Fifth generation warfare. He wasn't talking about the vaccine. He was literally talking about what's going on behind the scenes. He knows firsthand. He's been given billions of dollars through DARPA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, BARDA, both personally and for oversight. His father was CIA. His father-in-law was CIA. Okay. Well, this is all stuff I don't know. So interesting. So if you notice everything, Megan's internet persona lately, Megan Kelly. Yeah. I don't think I'm going to tell you when you look at when she's on screen, just really take a look at it because it looks like CG to me. And I don't know why, but I have, I have a unique talent or gift to be able to pick that out. She looks CG to me at this point in time, a lot. Yes. Yes. And so when you look at her online, a lot of these people to me, when they're online, take a close look to it because they're using a lot of filtering, but there's also some things that are not passing the sniff test for me. Can I play this a minute? Yeah, it's a game door. Let me make it, let me make it really simple. Okay. Okay. You know, some things go viral and some things don't. Yes. And everyone thinks it's just like, it's just like the lottery. You just, some people get lucky and they win. Right. That doesn't work with algorithms, algorithm, uh, you know, virality that's, that's controlled by algorithms and algorithms are controlled by people. They're written by people. They're modified by people. And anything that goes viral goes viral because those companies want it to go viral. Anything that doesn't go viral, it gets nothing or they get suppressed. It's because they want it suppressed. Now, do they pay attention to everything? No. But anything they pay attention to, they control. Okay. Yeah. So that's kind of the main point. And that was, you know, kind of the backdrop for how that whole conversation with Brett came about. Of course, you had the platforms there, Rumble X. Let me ask you some questions here, because I think this is worth going through and having a discussion on. We're looking at all of the compromise and all the people that have been blackmailed that are in positions. I do believe that there's a lot of people that were blackmailed that if given a chance to escape from this satanic structure. Oh, yeah. will take the way out oh i agree i i will make this very clear i it's you go through that list it's not like i think they're all just terrible people who chose to be you know abetting the dark side for lack of a better way to put it i i don't think that at all i think that People are human. And I'm so sick of people taking a binary approach to everything. I agree. Most things are not black and white. And when you're dealing with humans, things are incredibly complex and incredibly nuanced. Most often, we have no idea what the situational pressures are that someone incurs that leads them to make the choices that they take. and i think each of those people like you brought up malone so we'll take him as an example i have met him um i have some really funny stories about him actually i can share at a later date where he he pointed up at me and he was like do not he said beware do not underestimate that woman And that's going to be like on my endorsement for my book in the back. But I spend time with him and he is he's brilliant. He's absolutely brilliant. Very smart. Very smart. He's incredibly charming. He's incredibly charismatic. He's funny. He wouldn't maintain eye contact with me. I know. And I was kind of curious about that because it's like, you know, it's like, I was like, oh, I wanted you to look in my eyes just for a few minutes here. Yep. I know. So I have a lot of questions about him. You know, plenty of people that that just there's a lot of people playing ball with both sides. Yes. So but, you know, I bring him up as an example. Do I think he like came into this world? He's just like a dark, satanic person, like wants to only do evil. No, I don't. I think that, you know, when I first interviewed him, I mean, I. I cried when I read the Sobsackie release the night before I interviewed him. I felt so much pain and so much sorrow for him. I think he has been deeply exploited. I think for most of his life, you know, all through academia, I know what academia is like and they exploit people. I like him. I'm just going to say I like him. He's very, very likable. I think he was incredibly exploited. And then, of course, he went to work for the military industrial complex. And I think he continued to be exploited. However, do I think that he is serving a role? Yes, I do. There is just no way, this is my opinion, there's no way someone that's smart Doesn't know what's going on, but I think I just I could be wrong. I'm not inside his head I don't live his life. I'm not I'm not best friends with him. Even you know, I don't know I could be wrong But he and I talked to him enough to know that this is a brilliant man And he really knows a lot about how the world works. So I you'd have to I can't hold both things in, you know, at the same time. That, you know, somebody that smart and that aware of how things work is, you know, that ignorant. You know, it leads me to believe that there are certain situational pressures that have led him to make choices that he's made. And that he knows that some of those choices have... had some consequences. I think he's on the right side. I think he's playing for the right side. Okay. He's gatekeeped quite a bit. Quite a bit. And he's promulgated narratives that have been very, very harmful. And I can't possibly believe that he was completely ignorant of all of that. I just don't see how anybody that smart could be. Well, I tell you what, I think it's one of those things that we can look at all of them and say they're all playing a role. Were they playing a role? You know, there's there's there's people that have never been involved in anything. Right. And then there's people that have been involved in all this. You're going to have to have it's like look at President Trump. President Trump is in construction. All right. He's not a dumb guy. He was in New York City. He knows all the players there, both good and bad. Does that mean that he played ball with them? I'm sure he did. There's some level of potentiality there that at some point in time, it's hard to tell. But when you see him going forward, you've got to give everybody a chance to move forward into their greatness, into their God-given. Because there's a lot of people that have been blackmailed that if given a chance to get out of that situation and do the right thing, they're going to do the right thing. How many people have you ever heard about what they do called a double bind? When they do a double bind for somebody and they don't really have a choice. I know there's many people out there who their children were grabbed and threatened. General Flynn was threatened. I don't doubt it. There's no two ways about it. I don't doubt it. I have a lot of questions about some of the things he's done as well. That's my point. It doesn't, it means that, so when I say like, I just want to really make this clear for people. The analogy I always use is of like somebody climbing a scaffolding and they're wearing a harness. The higher up that scaffold you go, the tighter those strings become. That's how the control works. So, you know, it's not. Does that mean that person is a bad person or they can't climb on their own? No, it doesn't mean that. But does it mean that we need to use discernment when we listen? What happens is, for instance, you're saying how Malone is playing for the right side. He may be a great guy, but what I'm seeing is people tend to worship or vilify these people. And that's a big problem. It's a huge mistake. It's a huge problem. There's a lot of things that he has said that he's kept quiet, that he waited a very long time to speak out against things. And you can't just say, oh, he's a great guy and he's brilliant. Well, you're just gonna trust everything he says. Doesn't work that way. That's a mistake. That's a mistake on everyone. You have to critically think, why are they asking you questions? Or what is the setup behind this? And take time to respond and and not do an emotional response okay so for me it's like i've been asked so many different questions a lot of times i'm like well well well we'll see where this goes or is it a test is they're trying to see what the push point is on this sort of thing um but but the the only one we should be looking to is god himself God Almighty, and letting him direct our steps and realize that everybody else on this planet, we're all a bunch of little kids trying to make our way through a satanically controlled culture. Now, you're going to have some really good people that have fallen into traps. You've got some really bad people that they willingly went into them for whatever reason but there's a lot of good people who have been who have been you know for example one of the things that they'll do to an intern that gets in is somebody that will be say like in a state legislature give them a packet of papers and say go through go shred these for me so the person takes those papers and goes and shreds them because they're young they don't know what they're doing they have no idea they're trying to do what's right And then the next time that legislature will come back and say, no, I need you to I need you to do this. And that person starts questioning and going, well, that doesn't seem right. And the guy will say, well, guess what? You shredded all those papers. So you're complicit in destroying evidence. So you either play ball with me or you're going to jail. Now, if you're a normal person who is not got the super cape of stubbornness and telling everybody to go screw themselves, the normal person is going to say, oh, my gosh, they're afraid. What am I going to do? Mm hmm. somebody with a superpower of y'all can go to hell is going to stand up and go right straight to the media and absolutely go for the juggler on the person that was trying to can, can, you know, compromise them. And, and, and, Let the consequences be damned, whether you live or die. But that's a tough decision to make. I know. And what happens if they go after your kids? Right. Exactly. I think this is my own thought process, and I'm going to go there with President Trump. No, I've said this many times. I think they have threatened his family. I know they have. And I think they've threatened him with blowing up or killing an entire city. I because of the magnitude you do this or we're going to blow up the entirety of New York City. Wow. Or what happens? And so think, people, what happens when he comes out? What I did see when he came out with the vaccine, he was so mad. Look at his face. His face was absolute. Just just I'm going to get you. I know. And so now you've got decisions to make. Do you, which path it's dirty. You're going to have to make decisions that are going to be the best of a decision in a dirty situation. And there's not a thing you're going to be able to do about it until you pay, peel the layers off and get every last one of these bastards and send them to hell where they belong. So true. I found Brett's responses. I don't know if you want to hear them. They're on his timeline. For some reason, it didn't work on hers, and she responded to me saying that. Okay, so he says, I sort of wish you hadn't said that, her ending, because the natural thing would be for me to thank you for what I know you did, but it will seem grudging following the you're welcome. If we put that aside, thank you for standing up courageously and early. Also, thank you for your thoughtful thoughtful critique. And then she says, judging by your insistence that everyone involved must level up and stay on message, it leans towards another regime of censorship, elitist control. Perhaps you didn't mean that way. And then he said, try reading it again with a more generous interpretation. Now that we've had this back and forth, I think you inferred something that wasn't implied. And then he responded to that tweet. You say that dissidents succeed in upending the COVID narrative. Yes, they did. We did. I read that. And then he says... It seems right to me. Interesting that my awareness of you comes so late. Perhaps you have changed your profile and or with that has transpired. I have forgotten previous interaction. But Goliath used his power to divide us. And it worked. And it continues to work. And Twitter is really trying to hide all of this. It's really funny. Because it's making it super. Difficult. Like you're saying, oh, you have to show thread when it should just pop up. Sometimes they make it, you know, like we're dealing with some AI happening here, too. Oh, yeah. I had somebody on the chat that said, I don't trust any of these people you showed. Carlson is not who the public thinks he is. It's like I'm going to say it flat out. I don't I'm listening for information, good or bad, not for following a new info God. I'm not I'm not going to follow a new info God. You know, I like listening to Russell Brand. I think he's hilarious. It's funny. He makes some really good points that need to be out there for people who are just wanting to sit there like baby birds of information. And he makes a good point. But he was in with the Hiltons. And, you know, and so it's like, listen for the information. And he may be somebody escaping something that was bad. He may be controlled and he may be misleading into another direction. But it's just the information we're listening to. Yes, exactly. And that really is the point. It's just that people look at all of these different, you know, whether it be an organization, a platform, and they think that, you know, it's a barometer of truth. And that's just not how it works. And unfortunately, because they know that, they end up being... instruments for gatekeeping. And they have these networks with each other that lock out the lone wolves. You know, it's interesting that Brett was like, oh, I'm surprised I hadn't been aware of you before this. It's like, really? There are a lot of us out there saying these things. Are you only aware of the ones who have the super big profiles? Are those the only voices you'll listen to? I mean, that was a very, very telling statement. And you know what the Bannon people said to me, to the people on my team? And because we were trying to get me on Bannon to have an interview. And I've met Steve and, you know, and such. And I've got his contact and such. But his first response was, is how much money does she have? And is she how's she doing in the polls? Yep. I've got a lot of info on Bannon. Bannon tried to take my life story to a lifetime 20 years ago. He told my mom that he would pitch it for $250,000, but he wouldn't let me be part of the conversation, so I turned it down. That happens a lot. How many people are charging for meetings online? And that sort of thing. That should be a big, hmm. So we just sit back, we play the game just a little bit, watching what they're doing. Because that's what I'm doing. I'm just kind of watching what everybody's doing. And there's not enough money in the world to shut me up at some point. Right. If if there's a if there's a, you know, a system where you have to pay, oh, let's say one hundred fifty thousand dollars to get a meeting. That's not the meeting I want to be. No, no, no. He he wasn't asking us to pay. No, no. I'm telling you, this is going on. Yeah. In my experience, this is what's going on. And he's asking you to pitch it for, you know, this is. He wanted the rights to be able to pitch my life story. But my response, I mean, I was essentially a kid, you know, my response was, well, unless they're willing to talk to me, I'm not giving up the rights to my life story. What do you have? You don't own the rights to your life. So they wouldn't talk to me. Did you ever hear what happened to the real Patch Adams? I did. I met him. Oh, wow. And I met him in person and he was, you know, he's just extraordinary. And he really wanted to build this hospital and such. And so they talked to him and said, if you let us sell the movie. I mean, I sat there and listened to him. I took his hand and we talked. And he said that what they told Patch Adams, the real one, not the not the fake one. Sure. Online. He said they told him that if he if he if he gave him the rights to the story, that they could publish the story, that they would fund his hospital. He didn't get one dollar from it. That's terrible. They didn't they didn't give him one dollar. And they they literally just took the story, closed him down and destroyed everything he wanted to work for because he could he you know, in his life, he couldn't he couldn't do one thing. It's terrible. It is. It's horrible. And everyone involved in this, they're going to face God someday because he did have some really he's a very selfless guy. He said to he said, don't ever write me a letter. Don't ever write me a letter that's typed. He said, I respond to every single letter that I get. And he said, I handwrite all my responses. So when he he wouldn't do electronic because he's a very principled man. And he said he said he all of his responses were handwritten because he took the time to actually think to respond and be thoughtful about it. And they, they destroyed and they, they lied. They lied to him. And he had some, he had some really revolutionary and great ideas. Oh, wow. That's terrible. Yeah. I got to shut the good ones down. You know, you gotta, you gotta steal from them their narrative and then, you know, shuffle it off into your little money club so you can sit there and, and get nothing done, but just go along, get along and run your mouth. Right. Right. bothers me yeah so i don't know well i don't know um that that took up way more time than i thought it would so sorry but we were talking back and forth we can save the history of propaganda yeah i talked way too much but this is a good subject i like it's so important for people because i'm telling you the these cross-pollination networks exist for a reason and it They are gatekeepers. That is the purpose. And it's fine to like some of these people, to think they're on the right side. All of that is totally plausible. Their information is still really valid, but you really need to discern it. You need to understand why are some people being catapulted? Why are some narratives allowed to be put forth? Whether they're true or false is actually not all that relevant. I mean, when you look at how a lot of psychological operations work, Typically, it's 80 to 90% truth. And even that 10% lie is often about context, omission. You know, it's not, a lot of times it's really not lies that they use. I know they say like- The good guys are lying. Everybody's lying out there to, you know, to shape behavior. Exactly. Disinformation, misinformation, they're all doing it. Mm-hmm. yeah but a lot of times it's not lies that are really the most effective people wouldn't you know just like you asked me like do you think these guys are all bad guys or do you think they're all wrong and i'm like no it would not be effective think about like cia music i was going to talk about art and how they go off to art you know the part of the reason why it's so effective is good it's really good they understand what is appealing to human beings what has a you know, an impact, what is going to be catchy. And it wouldn't work. It was bad. A lot of times when you see in the truth movement, on the political right, the freedom movement, whatever you want to call it, when they do art, a lot of times it's terrible. It's pedantic. It's, you know, blatant activism. They're not using the same principles of presenting good art, good narratives, good music, whatever it may be first. That should be first and foremost. And then hopefully your message will come through. It will be conveyed through the art. But it's going to have that much more impact if the art itself is good. And, you know, that's really just what I want to impart to people is that you need to pay attention to the message itself. and spend less time you know worshiping or vilifying various sources and recognize that propaganda is being used everywhere and it's being used to socially engineer people and steer narratives so use discernment yeah I really like that sub stack, Miriam. She's awesome. She's my birthday twin, just same birthday as me. She's a good friend of mine. She's a phenomenal journalist. She does really deep dive research. I met her because I was doing a dive on Charles Lieber, and she was really the only one talking about the history of Charles Lieber. And I reached out to her and it was really funny because I reached out to her on Twitter. It was before I got banned the first time. And I reached out to her and she said she was literally in the process of trying to reach out to me because she had seen an episode I did with Dr. Lee Merritt. And I was like, great. It was meant to be. Let's let's talk. So we've been friends ever since. So very cool. Well, awesome. Well, we've gone to the two and a half hour mark I have here for me. All right. I love our time online. I could sit here and just like discuss and look stuff up and let you show us what you know. You are absolutely, you're like the amazing Courtney. I'm just always absolutely blown away by how much knowledge you have from the research you've done. I mean, you're extraordinary. Thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah. Thank you for everything you were doing. Yeah. I like, I like running screens, you know, it's like I get on here and I'm like, I'm running screens, giving people a voice. I don't, not, not necessarily anything, but it's like, I can get a few things done. You get a lot of things done. Yeah. You're definitely an inspiration. I can shovel horse manure as good as anyone. That's what I do. You gotta, you gotta have one of those things that you do. Great. I am great with a pitchfork and a shovel. That's awesome. Those are the practical things that they want to take us away from. So yeah, everybody's going to be doing that in the metaverse and be like, Hey, what's a pitchfork? How do I do this? And yeah. Yeah. I've been learning. I've been learning some more stuff to create materials on social media because I volunteered and I said, okay, I said, if somebody, I've taken on the, the idea that when somebody asked me to do something, I say yes. That's what you have to do. I say yes. Can you do this? Somebody asked me to be on advisory council for Grammy Grizzlies, which is part of Moms for America. And I'm like, first off, I said, I will say yes, but what is the time constraint to this? And so I'm the head of the communications committee for the Constitution Party here in Michigan. And I worked with the National Party and such. So we did some of the taping and some of that. We're going to be doing it again in April over in Utah. I'll be there for that. Because there's got to be a method for seating candidates. And we don't have to seat them all. We just got to get a few key ones that can get in there and do the job that can't be compromised. That's it. So there you go. So I created that yesterday. And it's not that I'm the best at anything, that little graphic. So that's awesome. I think it's beautiful. Well, I was kind of excited about it. It's like, OK, so so now I'm going to try to to record something today and then see if I can put that into having like a video graphic. You know, it's like learning all these things. And and it's like, you know, each one of us, if we learn something a little bit every day and we decide we're going to move the. move the, the, you know, the bar just a little bit every day. You don't have to take everything at one in one point, but if you can just take little bites of it, you know, you, you can, you can move the, you can move the needle a little bit here, but anyhow, love for you to come to this, everybody else too. You know, please come to this, you know, I'm, I'm going to, I'm going to be working very hard to make sure we have good food and, and redoing some of the, working on the agenda a little bit to give people lots of time to, to visit and talk and, and create some, you know, some ability for people to, to, how do I say, know people in their area so that we can have, we can get a kind of looking at trying to create sort of a, sort of a, almost a military type structure of being able to, to have people in each county in the communities, maybe in districts so that, When this thing melts down, because I do believe we're going to have a complete meltdown, you can't look at the financials without coming to the conclusion that she's coming down. The ship's about to sink here. And in order to get in front of it, I'm not going to wait until this thing sinks. I don't mean the political thing. I mean the whole of society at this point in time. We've got everything that we are in the exact same position that they were in with the Bolshevik revolution. They go after the food. It's exactly the same. So we have to get ahead of this, not for political reasons, but for humanitarian reasons. Because this is serious. And we're going to need to work together in order to help as many people as we can. This is not for money. This is not for political power gain. It's like, man, our family, which is our human family, is going to be in a heap of hurt, worse than it is right now. And we're going to have to get this thing figured out as Americans, not as politicians or people that are trying to grift off the system. Exactly. Yeah, okay. So your brain... You ready for prayer time? Yeah. You want to pray or you want me to pray? You do it. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for my beautiful friend, Courtney. I am so grateful for her and all the wonderful gifts that you've given her to research and dig and educate and create beautiful art for this world and to just truly care in such an empathetic way for everyone around us. And I'm thankful for her and everyone else that steps forward. John, with this, his knowledge of the constitution as a teacher of history, as well as a military. All of these gifts that you've given each one of us, we all have our thing that we do well, and nobody has the complete picture. But when we come together, we can serve this world, your world, because you are the complete picture. You are the only complete and perfect picture and person out there. And we thank you so much for helping us, guiding us, for teaching us, for showing us how to walk in an upright way before you. We want to walk on this earth with you, not apart from you, serving you, serving your world and humanity. And we're not asking for anything back. We just want to be a part of your plan. going forward and doing the right thing. That's enough of a reward for any of us who truly love you is just being able to be with you. And you ask us to do something, we'll do it. Ask us, we'll do it. Show us what we need to do. We're, we're not going to debate or wonder, you know, what we're going to get out of this because don't care. Just want you to ask us and we're willing to do whatever it is you ask. It's a beautiful thing. And, And we just love you so very much. You are such a great friend to us. We want to be a great friend to you. Please bless everyone out there. Let them know how truly beautiful they are, that all of them have their gifts to do beautiful things in this world. And coming together, what an amazing time to be alive. We're just so thankful you chose each one of us to be here. Help us to always do the right thing. And listen to your voice as you guide us and direct us. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen. Amen. There we go. So, yeah, what a time to be alive. Really is. Can you imagine when people decide to just lay aside this satanically controlled world? in the materialistic realm. And instead of doing things because we think we need to be this kind of person or we need to have this kind of, you know, sometimes the most beautiful thing in the whole world is shoveling manure or, you carrying somebody who can't walk or, you know, doing, bringing food to someone and you're just smiling, you know, smiling at somebody and telling them you're worth it. This world is worth it. In our fight, it's about each other. And you know what? You're all out there. You're worth the fight. You know, all of us that are fighting for it, you're worth it. And we're all proud to be here and proud to be Americans and wanting us to be one family, not just for America. Where America goes, the world goes. It's a family of God. He created all of us, and we're all related. We're going to have to get it figured out. And, you know, I tell people, you know, as a Christian, remember, Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. Okay. He was completely attacked and horribly treated by the religious establishment trying to shut him down. He wasn't Christian enough. Right. They literally were telling him he was not close enough to God. They told Jesus that. And it was like, you know, in everybody's face. If you can't stand with somebody you disagree with, let's just say, you know, I listen to everybody beating on everybody who's gay or lesbian. Well, they're not worthy. We need to get rid of all, we need to silence them. You know what? Or what about somebody that has done horrible crimes out there? Who did Jesus go to? He went to people that the rest of society threw away and was there as the doctor to help the freaking situation. Not sitting in a little church echo chamber out here and beating on everybody. That wasn't the way it worked. Exactly. And so it's time to get in the game and get out there and be helpful and welcome. Jesus said, all who would come, you are welcome. And he opened his arms. And then what did he do? He died for every single person out there to make a path to God himself. It's a beautiful thing because you are worth it. You are worth it. So go away from this day going, guess what? You are worth it. God himself told you, you were worth it. Courtney, you're worth it. And everybody out there, you're worth it. absolutely absolutely and everybody i want i wanted to leave them with this if you can go to uh i talked about nacs last week they call them knacks i just learned that but you did yes i saw that um so definitely the senator they're trying to they called me they asked if i would come speak at the capitol they're trying to get me in next week i'm waiting to hear back but People write comments, put pressure on your state and federal representatives. We really need to stop those. Text me all information and I will post it. Okay. Yeah. I think, did I do that? Let me do that again. Yeah. Yeah. Do that again. And then I'll be able to, the Senator and who, who they have to communicate to and such, you know, we need to do this. You know, if I have somebody out there, his name is Eric. I know you're watching Eric and I love Eric. Eric is cool. He's, he's an angel. He's a very un, un, uh, unsung angel and hero. Love Eric. And he said that there's a way to do petitions and or get this information out there that is a lot easier than the way that most people think. And so I'm going to I want to talk to Eric about this because I just I just love this guy. He's so he's so he's such a kind, gentle soul. and and just just really one of these people that everybody should get to know eric someday someday i'm going to make sure everybody knows eric because i like you know eric is just he's one of these people that you like man you're just like like a brother you know and somebody that you know your family right away because he cares that's what it is he cares an angel he is an angel so Yeah. Yeah. So Sunday and I'll post it on the. Yeah, definitely. Could the comments has been extended to January 18th. So, yeah, the fact that they extended it indicates they are getting pressure. So we we need to stop it. They've already pushed through region smart. And it's gone into effect. It's owned by BlackRock. And it's essentially like a quasi-government. And they're doing it as a tri-state. So it's Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. But there are several other states that are putting forth this initiative. Wow. All right, guys. So here we go. Go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded the rigged, stolen, you know, lousy, illegal elections that we have. In your face, CIA, FBI, Dana Nessel, and the rest of you deep state Marxists that want to take this nation down, you know. How? Legally, you know, we're going to continue this pressure on. And so with that said, but everybody else out there who are truly Americans that we love and are happy to stand with, got to have some discernment there, guys. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. We're taking it back. And it starts with you, starts with your heart. Be mentally tough and check yourself every day to know, am I in line with what God Almighty wants? Am I following a narrative? Am I even following a religious narrative? Because there's a lot of people that are throwing religious narratives out there. Are you following the modern day Sanhedrin that has all the robes, the beautiful prayers and, you know, and goes into the temple and blah, blah, blah. And who actually were the ones that killed Jesus? You know, let's see. Let's see who we're actually following here. You know, time to have a little discernment there. and stand together so i love you you're amazing and have a great day everybody and make it so and we'll talk to you i won't be on tomorrow because i'm actually going to be in court tomorrow oh okay we have three people 27 felonies and uh we're gonna be i'm gonna be in court tomorrow god willing And so that that'll be interesting. And I'm planning on being back on Thursday and Friday. I've got to do a little work here, but love you. I'm waiting to hear from the Senator on times, but I might not be able to do next Tuesday. It depends on what time they need me to be at the Capitol. So I'll keep you posted on that, man. I would love to go there to the Capitol for that with you. I'd go stand with you and do a broadcast. Oh, that would be awesome. Could that be cool or what? That would be super cool. Well, as soon as I hear, she said we should know by noon central. All right. All right, guys. Have a great day. You too. Just behind the line for a second, Courtney.