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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/23/2022 - Live - Jason Jones - His Hard Line Podcast

Published Sept. 23, 2022, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg BNN brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is esben a busy morning alister friday and we have a lot going on right here i am waiting right now for and on to attack so we just love his potato pod being and that was good it's me in happy and i are here to day do you live digging down in all truth and truly truly trying to bring the news to every one in truth we are we were going through i think i think i want to bring us up because we're going through the money that is actually being laundered through our political institutions the state michigan and he got haviour lock up was soon as i started name in names it was incredible so i just got something in the morning that i think is really interesting i want to pull this i've got i've got to find a source but people are moving from republicans from an democrats to independent at a plus twenty per cent we've got twenty per cent of the population moving to independent from republicans democrats in satisfaction with both republicans and democrats is at pere from his percent from twenty twenty two twenty twenty two while as a sign so in michigan is higher than the national so exciting about this we had this wonderful parade last night and fremont michigan and it i was really amazed at how many people came out for the prey i was thinking you know i'm originally i graduated from properzia i was expecting to see you know little prayin freeman which is lovely i like all of us aloft town freeman was so impressive i i was absolutely i was absolutely shocked at what i there were thousands and thousands of people that came from that trick and it was such a nice parade and people were so people there were so supportive and gracious i as we went along the parade of how many people were just encouraging us and and you know go get him down a lot have it i'm just like personalite sitting there you know i do in my normal punch and punch in the sky and and if it was a lot of fun but the pride was wonderful and we ate at the blind squirrel restaurant after the pride was done oh he had he had the shrimp tackles it is i love i love still having promis computer locked up the morning this is so funny they do not want us talking and we've had one conversation interrupted we have now does not disgrace on an eye but across the board i've had the broadcast interrupted it it is it is absolved people when they call their voices on the phone will start sounding like robots to be ever see overhaddon you can't can't get about ossian do it by phone with them until the king attach so he now backed back to fremont it was a wonderful night last night great courage i got you i've got you phone only broadcast so you know the four going to cost everybody's going to heartsease times by a moment at the temple erything as the start doing real strong and you know the first music needs i'm trying to open up you know my at my web rowser no boat scream yard won't pull up on just oroomiah i wish i i should have been off came roam so tired right now and i look like i look like i need about but i like her we go get what you got its life and you know your computers not working but you know what we're here we're here fitfully like we always are set and it's all good things but yeah that was was kind of crazy when it cut off this morning because can't you try to get it to the robot as we're on the phone wholesale get this it is seething whenever i do therapeutically my battery case come condition what i got to read to something that came this morning i have i am very very good for who you know if i need something and i need it ayistree her case so i've got a lot of friends who are who are followers of ending and a very good friends extraordinarily good fun and so i told him i shine i need to see some some some information on republicans and democrats moving to independent we are up twenty per people leaving the parties like this is like rats of the titanic and then the dissertation with both the republican and democrat party is for between twenty twenty and twenty twenty two and michigan is higher than the national the national trick this is incredible michigan is going to leave the way i mean it not only is it cool to live in the mean we are in fact leading the way of the united states of america so you know wherever i go people like your splitting the party we talked about this before it now i'm not spending the party they have so abysmally fail that you know that they split the party and who owes it that they get to tell any of us what for you know this is so wrong on every level that they don't get to tell us who devote for they don't get to tell us you know you you have devote with party lines you have to vote through with the party lines or europe you know you're you're going to split the boat and all all good things come to an end because you have not voted with a party line what is up with that you know we started out as americans that's a norblin not democrats we started out of americans and we to go back to americans and not this in doctor named program you know same as don't base to do what you want to do you know jump on our party you have to vote with us or you a traitor in a and that the death of all good things will be on your back you know where in the world come from and why is anybody buying this nonsense you know this is nonsense absolutely not i want to try the soiling the together stream i containing up here in a algebra okay let's see if jason get back on this way i love talking to said because you know we spent so much time talking and interviewing together its kindlike old friends that that you know sit down for a cup of coffee and his family and now i am his family knows althadawan visitations so we'll see if he makes it i'll take them to long sea back to the junior the parties than this is amazing that that that the should be enough spell any any crazy you know crazy concern i'm going to call the parties parties are conspiracy conspiracy the i coming out right now he made did he but that was home might very good you made it so so you take you know i was in the peabody in the deep stain his thought is all i'm going to say to it i must my computer here but where we are to go good morning how are you i am but not my sharing coffee magarino from a listener as i get the fever guess of osprey cool the make one for my wife and my daughter got our names on us so i got to show that i have i am here with official they all tamarind there's my movement so i got my body here i i have to have my body here and i was i was told this week that i had to denounce que and denounced to anything even to a seventeen in two and intended right now they go screens this as you know i'm going to look at whatever i want to look at whether anybody approves of it or not and and you know come and get me i don't really care you know this is the way it is we get to do this as the free person as an american as we had to look into things and determine for ourselves we don't have to be told if things are conspirators you know they're going to say this is a conspiracy theory while you know what monstrosities are coming are coming true and i do think that there's a lot of and looking you can find truth then looking at anything doesn't make any difference i mean look at canonised the other father news out there even fox news i don't like foxes people to say oh i listen to fox really fox was the one that was making an excuse for all the other leaders out there that leave primary elections news was in fact the one that was weak in the primary elections that put you to dixonary i know was like hot words she come from nobody heard of her on the other side of the state all the sun he force in the laleham with a trump endorsement on you know i'm not buying how in the world did they afford a seven per cent in the order almost dead on accurate and to all it is proved that there is obstinate back room going yet we're going to put tutor or somerset we're going to put you know called come in and forth we're going to but that's exactly what happened so that after these news medaled come on as he said that was just a task sure it was how did they get a million ballads to go through if it was a that means that they would have had to run ballad through the system which they didn't do oh say i mean a man said who won't leave this nonsense i'm going to say you know you know it's i'm another the most constitution out there again we are taking things at face value one spoke with his and got an aristeia at length adasaolan long time right then all of a sudden in one moment well decides to say we've got a back the republican party my kids have been threatened their throne my family in our livelihood on and i weened depicter dixon that's not endorsement that is the threatened candidate she was threatened there's no way i know her there's no way that she would have turned that quickly not a chance because she has been speaking out in about the so long so you know it's just see that is crazy so i want to read something to you and i'm going to put this out here because i think this is significant in anybody's face that wants to talk about you i'm goin listen anything i will i will like me said earlier i've actually studied sat as mosaism because i want to know what's behind the deal right i want to see what it looks like i want to know things that's my thing because that way i get to make and form decision sometimes by looking at the bad stuff you can make a really informed and what the republic like and i believe that i really do i'm going to read to you a i got from miss right before she went on face i'm saying this because i am in a very support of melissa i believe that she is a mother protecting her children and i will stand with any man who in fact in the atterburys very long tax but i'm going to read part immoderate of some of them i'm going to i'm going to read because i believe in protecting also her family and her children okay but the significant things or that in an one to put this out there and i think i in spoken out as a dominion whistle bushes been under attack she said last suits people tried to shut her up she has been in so many controversial situations it's not even funny but listen to what she says here afternoon and like to talk to your garden a few things in getting a tachytes lofers regarding the smart smart manicate i know for a fact they're going to come and read my house i went and bought a spare falling yester they are literally claiming i'm involved now listen to the suit smart man to a new topic and now she's going to blame it on me so she says that she's got ever houssaye do something with a smart man lawsuits which is lucian elections with her big thing is as elections keep the elections they are literally claiming that i am involved in and supporting this danger they base domestic terraces organization affecting my reputation and it's putting us in a were continually being soon in targeted no she's not having to do with defamation on a stand rotha ing his feelings her well as you know tod looked cowardly toad he ordered his suit all atween what athotes coward i'll sit right there because his feelings were hurt and now she's going on said that of this is affecting my reputation because no tiniest of a smart man i telling me i this is twenty my repute are less this is affecting my reputation and is putting us situation where i'm continually being sued and targeted you had nothing to do with that had to do it lecointre switched her i was on the women for tramples in january six so there was another problem the several texts and forth with lindau weekly and the final antiphone with my text they have been trying to connect me to that organization for over a year blame that has something to do with cue when in fact he had to do a january the two separate issue and then she says that she had had to file a custode motion to get custody of you of her so they're going after her kids now and their using her political and religious views along with capitation as lever she goes down further and she mentions another lawsuit was stand grow and says that you know she says a few other things have been done the family she goes into i can't continue to risk my family safety and finances so i won't be able to continue since she's holding me has since for an act if you don't publicly denounce and help me with some of these legal expert so i hate briony and doting but this smart man glass is very very and they're using cut of the credit an election denier some kind of conspiracy theory or the still the motion in the supreme court of new york can i violate a pineries that have to do with none of this has to do with you but not me i have to denounce you in order for her to go forward you would have to denounce you she's asking me to announce to oh if you don't publicly denounce you she says this word for word and then she says go on and says i'm definitely a research and i agree that where we go on we go on she denounces she goes on since she has no filiation with so there's some other things in there i look at the huts i have from the beginning because i look at everything i look at legal documents i'll listen to people i disagree with i studied the bible and i have been in bible studies in studying the bible for many many years i was a vital study fellowship i was in a bible church growing up i went to a messianic jewish church for years we kept you know we celebrated to baton the evening we did all of the feast days and so though i am though i'm a christian but i literally study look at and follow every there no possible way i'm going to denounce any one as a unless i see unless i see to think about the qualification generally i will look at sources that i even probably should do no the gateway ponton okay day with him yes atropin it but said billionaire doneraile you know what i missed the mammon that i'm not a billionaire and pre exeter that billionaires harangued a printer own signs make their own tea shirts shoemaker work in the garden run companies tis whatever needs to be done that's what i do i'm pretty extra sure that a normal billionaire does do that right in not going to denounce anything because there it is profitable to way out everything in a lot of times when i read into this i will in fact information so i want to and i want to read something to everybody because i'm going to get into this cute thing and we're going to throw it out there on the table is exactly like what i want to do with a budget or or the account of the state of michigan stop talking about budget and what do we talk about the actual accounting where we are spending the money nobody wants to talk about that it's all a distraction all of that is distraction the fact that their money land yes we do that is the stop saw you can't look at this you can't look at that because that's how they're hiding stop are you kidding me there i write in plain sight right in front of our face telling us who devote for telling us what we can count look at talents a conspiracy theory will you know what there is such a thing as i a criminal conspiracy conspiracy is when two people can spire they get together to effect this conspiracy heptameron us but what they do as they tack the there on the one and now you got the tin foil hat of taste one if it really is a conspiracy but it is a conspiracy itinerate the people of america of individuals or group i want to read to one in fact of the cups some going to read right out there and it is i'm not going to give you the post number but i'm going to read it the armour of god finally the strong in the lord and in his mighty power put on the full armor of god so that you can take your stand against the double struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the powers of dark of this dark world and against the spirits of forces of evil in the heavenly realm therefore put on the full armor of god so that when the day of ebony be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand stand firm then with a belt attached around your way in the back breast plate of right in place with your feet tied with a ridin that comes from the gospel of in addition to all this take up your shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil versus a verse seventeen the homoousion in the sortie which is the word of god and pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and request with this in mind be alert and always keep on free for all the lord's people have satanity and this anterior people than anwoth acute which says have faith in humanity have faith in yourself have faith in god the great awakening in their book bishoprics pretty ensure that that doesn't sound like a domestic terrorization that fact sounds like the bible to hang out i want to get some documentation on this because this is in fact there's more to it than that and i want to go into this because for all of them more on out there trying to deflect way what is this about about trying to get it out of our society all of it and so when we can distill down everything to that my but one i saw some lot of it's evolute so i'm going to go to to pull up i want to pull up the exact the my temptable so we're going to go the key passed her in through all right we can go there because i do believe in studying the bible there's lot there's a lot there you know god he's given us the word of god for a reason for reason in order to that seems struction manual to life as a good father he trying to keep us out of trouble and we just want to run and log into it and he's like you know it's like you look at your kids sometimes and you go how that work and for you i'm sure that god's man may amoyah as constantly as how that working for you how that work and walking away from the instruction probably not really what really well right yet at any rate i went further and to this because i have in fact studied the cu post for a very long time i studied on common law law the way the government were i reports finding financial abnormalities in out there gobal market study the trafficking that was going on in my and and all this other stuff you know the economic warfare the scorn in the state i study every and and so of course but i did as i went into the further and i decided to put in the armour got in the see exactly what came up the armour of god is mentioned in exactly seventeen pope really when you start looking at coincidences the overwhelming amount of of coincidence cannot be explained and i don't believe in coincidences at all however post adds up to tenth letter in the alphabet is in fact i think this is worth going through so i think what we should do have a few study have a bible study and anything else that these tommies are trying to get out of our our nation and find out what is the bible actually say what is the cue post actually say what is the constitution actually say in the and the rest of the founding document one of the federalist papers say what do actual lawsuit say what do attorneys that are brainless were i say and criminal investigators say we need to go to the sources and listen to what people say about the the posters an actual thing called the cue post now there's a lot of people that post then that he from what i've seen out there he and on just people it's like a bible commentary where instead of going to the bible and reading the bible which i believe in that the way we should go we should conduct ourselves as actually going the source rebirth are we dorothy we have to have somebody else telling us what it because that's where the manipulation and a half so you've got and then you got all these people out there and there's millions we jump on the cups and they would start writing commentary in the commentary is what you and on a combination of people who are researchers trying to connect the dot often called an probably those inns are all wearing pretty and or their familiar with have a patron of pakistan and you know it's like all all of these things so you have an who are research who what is an annotation one who doesn't want any credit for what they do parson who was born it for love of god family and country dedication to re and quite often there is different people that research different topics some people will research you know each to the cup people just will get on a topic of say the germ investing i see many people that that how i say this that i commiserated her potency know during some people will get into things and they're not even connected to the cups i mean there are none that that will go down there will go down and they will re the connections between people and they may just pick one country they may there may be somebody out there that a expert on the political climate in australia i have friends in australia that i talk to and some of them have actually been locked up a friend that our across the globe who have wore and they research many different some people are experts in in backing some people are experts in the effects of wearing masks and how bad that is for about some researchers research no flags or you know as your flag behind you and and then they start making connection actual connections between subjects and trying to and analyze how are these events how are these people how what is the structure behind this and that's where i think we really start getting into the so i can denounce it is there absolutely out there do i believe there is truth in the cup i think that they are there there in order to drop bread crumbs for us to go at the operative word for ourselves it's not telling us like the political hack job parties lying bottom theater political parties out there soccer who were supposed to vote for what we're supposed to do that's what the political parties costal you to do is you might will look into this this this could become really interesting you might want to go her a check this out what what do you think about this in you the cup post honestly people wake up no there's more there than what is being put out on face stream lying media including fox news and all the rest of the the vastest there that are manipulating the truth antoinette through some bits candidates are doing the same thing they don't know anything because why they don't research all they do is they get fed they get fat headlines and that is what's the message from two go research or listening to constables ning to people telling you what to out there cracker computer open go to the source ask some question find out where people are hide money not for yourself and make him form decision it's about reacting us after our hour if i arrabiati system is become nothing more than an a doctor nation for all of us including what's happened on main street we've all been indoctrinated so we think for ourselves so japanese cups go in there she is says i'm going to outroot here because we're going to just go through it and see in fact to extremist organization i think we should investigate he in extremest group is that a terrestrian let go through this and actually investigated which is exactly what they don't want they don't want us to go to her bible and read it for ourselves they do not want us to go to the coast and actually read those post they want us to take the lazy way out and listen to people who may be conspiracy theorist which would be people that are posting his cue in honor there trying to make money off of it that's wrong you know go to the source be and anon be and anon in research and and find out for yourself in help educate other people by not not just believing what you what you hear but by researching yours and getting to the answer so i always felt in his lines like you got to be careful he listened to a man sound like a skipping repeating record on that you know again like i was saying people will put out ninety per cent slip in do your research on then i'll i'll i don't know like using the term in more but all display like an advocate if you are and say well jason how do we know that you're not one of those people will you go here i tell you and jones at his heart line or you should trust on a brand and bert or you exit they have to take accountability for your own life all we many and how do you achieve many victories will first of astaroth homer on four walls in your own home inability with how you live watch what allow allooin into your body as well as your pray at the center of everything as god will reveal and i here to say i know i'm not a snake i know that you're not a snake the listener doesn't know that god will barfield those who are renoso are not and so i always felt pray important do not take everybody's work the value you need to research and that is what is all about that death the announcement not to oona for the last one lemon from serenading you an now it's not you and in you at yonder you got the annoys but at the end of the day you know i agree with you i'll never forget when i started reading more of my beloved more the food in reference to you and actually multiple spots and i brought this to my wife i said look at this trap her this is very the multiple areas and in a couple of different books in the i really much remould like to investigate myself and look more into his back anybody you don't know us obviously some do you knew you be able to everyone has one has a line some better than others and it's just a matter of using that deceit on a mass now who is a combat you can look in someone's eyes without even a word coming out of their mouth that you can just tell by looking in just right the pupil's right in the whites and the pupils of their eyes and you could tell there a good man or woman or a bad and and i think that's worthy that's worthy to you know to ask god for discernment because god will give us to semitone ask him to and that all the sudden you look at them go a person's lion through their teeth you know that there's not one word that's coming out of their mouth that has any truth to it whatsoever he shows as you ask him he will show you what you assert not in the door will open and worse and so well there nosing it's really concerning about molluscs it right after that eric and stag whom melissa has been very vocal again started putting out post for me speaking for herself article melissa men desormes's doing this or that and like you know it's like you know it's just kind of it's kind of a crazy thing so now in now she puts that out to me an tells me to announce you then she goes and she does the face look the face boy know everybody should support to her neck so and then after that she got nothing except for castigating for cried moderation which is i will denounce this as a rag and put out something that is mostly opinion and people are taken it as the gasoline got the article here in front of me it's mostly creed mongers opinion that you know and and you can see how this is absolutely if it's been spun i mean these people in the media spend doctors and so you can read that article and go wait a minute makes sense this is not what melissa on a pinion of what she said my opinion if you want to know my opinion my opinion is that this is a man who was threatened she's got other people talking for her tell me the denoting or she is going to she is going too you know somebody as somebody's telling her that she's got a denounced she and i didn't really talk about that that much that that subject really didn't come up we talked about a lot of things we i'm sure we did at some point time but that wasn't a major topic of conversation with us we had so many more things to talk about what did come up the lot is eristales and the people that she was a war with over there in maulesel as smart matic and the election the bealeton so it was going on we talked about rutulian mike landon that type of that structure behind us but we never i don't think we ever ever mentioned a cost to each other you know i i don't egad and what i've looked through and as conversation is that you have in a different route to i don't ever remember and i can't atherton i try to catch a lot of your conversation that you have an i don't ever recall that ever been brought up except like what you and i talk or something like that but that seemed even still so and so i mean but i mean if if i'm in one group if i if i'm talking with withaout it's going to come up yeomen taken it's not that i'm hiding anything it's just that we've got other things to talk about when we're on the campaign trail or or with it how a structure the state or something like that it's a different it's a you know like you don't go you don't go on king that this is interesting i know a guy that he's got some horses right and he would go down to the big horse shows but he would sit there at the horse shoes and talk about his truck you know it's true as striking me and everybody this there was what was it this wisecracking company all the time when everybody was immersed and horses all the time if he were like i don't i don't understand the that they were the home is something that nobody else could really relate to you one of those social hues that that you know hopefully we're paying attention to social chuse you know and we and so when you know when somebody goes off on a tangent in the group and everybody where's the coin you know not to point a reference and in so when you got a job do your talking about the job that needs to be done and that's what we talked about we talked about you know wearisome people that were most of the time that i talked homeless time she was talking about the political climate behind everything stuff that quite honestly that check rascals about chucking on his back he got actually grabbed it soberly and he was literally grabbed a salted the republican was that are trying to that are trying to control the massive you know he's been a salted by these wonderful altruistic republican who are looking out for your best interests trying to put people you know make people aware of the dirty deals that are being done behind the you know there are a lot of things that are happening behind the people are making deal this personal down so that this person can get in this selection cycle because i've already promised that they'll run on a pose so that they get their people in somebody will do a deal with a governor may be a republican will do a deal with the governor in order to get another position or get a favor now look how quickly the republican candidates jumped down with teutonico they were able in all the sudden you know let's get behind two or niowee got a stand as a party will that was crab and there's been a couple of em that was pointed out to me that they got a pay off some other organization and or an it's like i can't confirm deny that but usually where the smoke desire and you know i think that if we would have to look too hard to find that because the turnaround was a man really a quick they didn't even defend themselves when they lost i especially like there was one of the candidates who had more donations in an area than they had both so it's like hot why why did this candidate take campaign money why don't they can trust it there her supporters believed that they were going to get imp but now they just went ahead laid down and said you know a logical place to one they disrupted the ball why did they not contest that and say wait a minute there they were they not fighting for election integrity they're not fit for anything because their place candidates and they lay down they completely laid down rather than fighting for when the evidence there that they there's no possible way that he got less boats than he did donate diantha enough to get so that it's not possible it's just not possible i should have been content but now we're just going to move on to another issue and other story and then we're going to threaten donna brandenburg behind the scenes some people who try to mess up my advent such as like a kowhai was going to say a scrooge i am not i am you know absolutely not playing ball not playing ball there at all yeah now when i was talking with the story just a couple of nights ago the last he was saying to his no doubt she's she attacks he goes what she is going through now he went through an honest or ninety like we had states with the stables and had all individuals just got it all fallen apart but because of a lot of the things that he was doing the assineboine scrutiny and a lot of attacks because the beacon he goes but the thing is the more this is what he said the more threats i get that adds to my wheel because that i just go against them that much harder and that so funny because it's like is exactly like me when on bather she is going to undemanded him more and you know what you keep coming at me browse say and i'm going to come like back that rectly right it's like when something happens that maybe not ideal like i was telling on your post i had a bunch of calls and of course they play they played coward you know when they do it they like a snake from the corners like that you know a true scoop in the pay and a patriot channels you know it's like i'm sorry i iowans crap i mean we getting wearisome the corners without having a god i mean that's a coward that's a coward that cantatas behind a an avatar you know i do myself i got myself right out there but that now they we will have an honest well sit there and say john as a calmness a rhino she's been she's been founded by davison which is all a bunch of nonsense absolute nonsense let in the then i get called to get calls from people then they'll come in under an identified numbers and they sit there and the consoler and no camaraderie word on the plan at which i i just like you know i find in in funny you know sellinger it's like one of us you you you probably don't even have a day and i will just started laughing i like oh my gosh i well i actually i don't my dad died and four but you know the estates he is god so so you or more on whoever you are in your godless coward too because you have to call a number and not identify yourself because they don't even believe what they say in enough to put it out there put your name behind it that's a coward and they're doing it in the paris and like i said a year i said i'm a little bit i spoke and what i mean by that is i'll come in under different names so so and then all of a sudden people will say liebenberg on a chap here she spoke in round the location there might not know him there might be there i might have been there in the old time and scream shout averting and then if somebody pushes the heart now at trituration of you know it it's such a dirty dirty creating system we have goes the show but all exactly like you and amandus you got talked about late how much we really have to just walk away from this system and there is a way to do it you mentioned it on that as a people and you know distinctly talked about this at great length the other day because a more now and i had a conversation you were told about all in order to move for you now forward in this nation i really get it back in the hands of the people now it just so on the assembly but you you you see interesting word which always stuck with me about what because he he had of only as well as the system as we got even desolates the system we have technically as however it's the people i aint all half the go away if we had the blow the organization not the so he explained it to me and i wish i could i can articulate it properly but when he eat that makes sense now of what she meant as in a hybrid of the two before we could get to the iron get rid of all these tyrants and sent a quick trip and i want i want to make one comment pass that then we'll go back to the getting casting yet always going to be huge i think we should build get moonlight here in the mean and put it out on the property where their plan inimitable the world economic form and start with those bastards of the time we'll save ourselves air fair of taking him back you know i'm a costantina gains i mean i said her thinking what are we do we build here and save ourselves a cast of flies because there's going to be so many men going down to get me we might as well does get her down right here you know and make it make it make it as a cascades of dealing with with trees and an it with as far as malicious i will i don't care what the outcome is i will stand with her melissa and support and solidarity because i have salable that this woman did the right thing for children were worth the of course not and i don't care what she said about me or anything god will take this and he's going to sort this out but i will stand with any mother any father that is standing to protect their children i believe she was with a beast of a i believe that she was true i saw something about a sheriff investigating the threats on her there's more going on behind the scenes there's no possible way i'm going to condemn her i shouldn't have done that because nobody has that right she made a design our children what tarwater happens that that point on i still stand on not i'm not budget i am not budging at all we're going to go for our our support is absolutely going crazy i mean it is the amount of support you you can see it everywhere i see it in the rayonette ally everyone and i want to go back and hips the number people are moving from the republicans and democrats parties to independent plus ten per cent that is a title way and then going down on more as dissatisfaction with both the republican and the democratic parties case people realized that the communists the marks the central traction these people are evil their part of the globe is at seven percent in cree twenty twenty to twenty twenty two and michigan is higher than the national tried and i will magato what i read on your potcheshihin this is extraordinary be the amount of money that's gone into buying our elections in michigan i love talking because you you get the research you know and and you know we go down this this palatial gus this is reality that we're dealing with here we have an oligarchy of ceres or computers up here because last time we did this yeshibot real numbers all of a sudden you know black screen and death comes up idly olga yeah algarobo poland go go go a drink you're a drencher shoot up or whatever it is you're doing it and and whatever cause cause were going to get you know anybody that does that kind of non you know that that is buying our votes as this is a lie twenty two family two families part of the michigan oligarchy now i believe that there's more than that that actually in the little little club that they've got going i've heard more than here's twenty two that we can tie into and this is what they've got all kinds of foundations and trusts and moneys go and here and there and everywhere just like the clintons dead at their descended ferent name you know the clintons did it under under the clinton ation they were globes murdering pilfering tis true nazis out so this is this is a list of the oligarchy family michigan donors going to so we've got to make family a hundred and or family hungered forty two thousand dollars the rhymer family a hundred fifty three thousand dollars thousand family a hundred fifty it a family rather shabby family three hundred thirty eight thousand dollars the pesky family ninety thousand dollars though i think is so safely one million three hundred ninety three thousand i know his warily one million five hundred thirty eight thousand dollars the cranefly one million six hundred four thousand dollars the haworth family two million thirty thousand dollars the banana family two million one hundred thousand dollars the social two million three hundred fifteen thousand dollars the cotton family two million five hundred fifty seven thousand dollars though moron family moran maroon family two million six hundred eighty four thousand dollars the candy family two million six hundred eighty nine thousand dollars the nicholson family two million nine hundred thirty nine thousand dollar the part that or percivail three million one hundred thousand dollars the mayor family three million three million one hundred or three million seven hundred fifty five thousand or the sand and molly de danaans that when i must for not two hundred sixty eight thousand dollars to what family comes next the wiser family a six million nine hundred fifty three thousand dollars that would be your republican chairman the device in million one hundred fifteen thousand families and up to a hundred and one million eighty seven thousand dollars these people are buying our elections they are here giving us the illusion of choice we don't have a choice the paying for her pain for all to from the campaigning for elevating candidates we heard that i heard that there was a candidate that that was was given twenty million while his campaign manager which he was forced to it perfect two million man is down in the caribbean and then they're dancing around the things down in the caribbean we have i believe it's down in the virgin islands like nine uncommitted boats go to who is representing us in the republican party really ye so like a convention what i heard from a very reliable source and so now you've got out committed votes for a in order to help star a candidate i trade county love it would my he is neither realize and like i said my body made in the last sitiwation think came member everything is such a born like i said he sat thinking about it in these both parts they're the ones that are slain the vote he goes nightly than by goes to marshaling that he had done it is the real ticket the end of the day what we've been doing had been doing for a decade upon painted and so on and so the last time we had somebody worth their in office was since he was the one that was trying to restore the republic and try to get people he was trankwillitatin out to the people the american take back their self and he wanted money back to constitutional sound money not based on these federal debt notes you know that instrument that we call the federal observe which is losing value by and he wanted precontract by before this literature was supposed to go up to the public the last the assembly that was the first i think in the last getting the republic of trying to get the republic trying to get the public of the american at take back mistake about on that list that would be surprised only there in a financial way one way or another even back that family certainly was of course they were the notes the ford family i did a show and that one i refused the by florine honest with me at which reformers so i mean i like to trust the love for too their machinations i've had to obey put like lee but some truck is retreat their all kind hand i mean they're all tied in you know when we're going to fix this car situation you know with a with the cars to get it out of the hands of the multinational corporations this all tied back to the insurance company because what what he savonarola the crap out of this industry and make it so that anybody you want to make a park not yourself you go ahead and you in a vat you make those cars and were going to lift all this nonsense regulation that's out o the doesn't work anyway and so what a true free market and let people go ahead and build and create an inane go back to the way that it was in it so this is what they do so if you were to build the car in your house you have to first and foremost as a crash test with it in order to get roadworthy right so you have to have you have to have all these things whether interrogator missions on it everything else you're going to have to pass all these tasks in order for the insurance to approve you and assure your vehicle to be on the road and then to take that down to get a license if you do not pass the crash or the test that it make it roadworthy the insurance companies won't insure you and then you can't get a license plate for the thing to be on the road with it he literally threw regulations down the entire nation and gave favor to these big car manufactory i don't care you know if you if you wanted to go the car and your grade and innovate and whatever however you want to put together you should be able to do that people will say well you know we got to have safety on the road excuse me have you looked at what's really on the road right now that is one of the lamest excuses i have ever heard in my life if that's true we would be doing in sections which we are not on every single vehicle and have to pass it every single year or six months or whatever they despoil to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy know what would happen if they actually did that to people people would be going this is buchan they would they would never agree to that but they have already agreed to it by having the big manufacturers control over the manufacture of our car so it's already there it's already happened and so but we haven't got to the pinch point of it yet and that's that's the problem so you know i believe in deregulation everything just regulate let people do what they want to do and let the fire be were they wonder why we can't hold our government accountable came macanas you know we're not holding anybody accountable people can do whatever they want oh i didn't mean to hurt this person you did you know i didn't mean to her this kid ye you did now as they say but were just not this stupid to buy these lies any more were all awake we know what you're doing and we nabinoi the one there is there is a day of racine coming and i really truly believe sooner than nothing most people have been realised flack to like your saying what the regulation as i in the tracking industry and obviously it can say i work for causes pretty big oil company like we we have these big six all trails you know what i'm talking about you live amehican big huge takers who have six albicore the weight one of my slips driver my night ira the trail that we use is actually a fairly new a trail we got that trailer i want to say to those one of those years is so he fairly details the grand cause i don't want to demonized the brand going down to south bend to go pick up elevation contour point again big grand it may trailers nation wide prepared now because of all these six acts as we have a lot of air tanks and air comprate have a lot of a cause we have air compressors in a summitville airtanks or at the trilithon down into operate other functions like air brakes and everything like that will theresianum yea and so there is a so we have this little life thing where our unload heads are that we took up our horses to be to the truck to put the fuel in the ground this life has little on he released with that does is it activates and deactivate the brakes when when you are loading a casa driver for break an attractor it'll it'll set the brakes on the trail my narative down thirty ninety right outside of benhadad all sides that little old man i reasoned black marks on the road he would have been loaded it would have been a more dire situation but because he was at the house if it was fish down on him to his jack knife in on him but he was able to control it get into the side meanwhile the trail was half in the day everything was fine no regather you know we got a fixed an improved big name brand trailer o but yet that good ahead contraire deathless if that thing was low so but yet back to like what you were saying to regulate everything you never know who has a better way of doing things that just an independent mind in the garage and the distant world yes nonsense the whole thing is nonsense and they've made her cars and trucks so so computer dependent that you can't if something goes wrong you can't fix anyway and you know look at look at what what the tractor industry john dearest one janoon dearer basically you fix anything on a ondertaker and you voiturettes of emily the warrant unless you go back to nationhood for all the service for everything you can't you can't fix a lot of this stuff yourself or your boy to warrant so the catch in commenting on this one and you know the crazy thing is the service departments in most of these mostly dealers shops and such a cramping hire enough people actually do the job because nobody wants to work and we've savagers y you know by the sales on trade school senneterre the universities which are you know indoctrination camps by the way unwise that on that west had a hundred and fifty million in dollars in antonio to you about so now let's look at how they let's look how they move this money around because i think this is significant so you got the indoctrination camp there rose going to i mean i honestly honest has got as my witness how many jobs do we have engendered you know in a semi decides that they're going to go genders i think maybe you should look into the amount you're going to make before you decide to embark on this because the pay off this is not the the pan wasn't there now if you go to be an engineer or a doctor or you know there's lots of professions that require that type of you know may be experts know it's like you to be a doctor i surely would like to have somebody that actually he had some experience with the cadaver to see things handshakings actually work you know not just working on a nous working on a book or a or a simulation or something like that it's like i fly and i really would not want to be with a pile of that his entire education you know is training simulated not i don't think i feel safe you know just to say and i think i really want somebody who actually been up in the air that has to you know he had to fly and that you know me so we got in this discussion this week end about or i love plain and that weird girl that likes caranda and we were talking about my plan as they actually about i have had a complete i have been in love with is plain from the time i was in high school i just i just i got i got to think what maybe it wasn't a high courtly it was probably after college after college i was in love with his plan in any air show i could go to that i knew that there was an effort flying man i would make a bee line there because i love the fourteen pin i even have a tahiti have a t shirt that's got the time at a tomcat i'm like the fourteenth an right i want my was a high school and a i love fights just because one white i always love the stuff in it's it's kilkieran you know it's kind of cool right the things that we put into actual aircraft for this nation of been pretty amazing and as we were we were talking of him and it was this is the kind of weird stuff that my family talks about nestor right we talk about nordstetten and brave down things like the fourteen the sadness i have that most of them were actually destroyed in that were not using it but i understand why probably that's the probably the most talented pilots in the history of this nation in my opinion flew that point that plain because it was there was they didn't have the computers and he had the two aye and so this is what i understand from me and i know somebody who are very very very dear friend of mine actually foote and so i'm an ask him because i was digging into this little bit into my plan which is my plan and he in fact low my plan which i am going to be jealous to the day i die that the i die that i have not fallen effort my plan but at any rate it here's a coat all those fourteen pilots out there they were so manuel they were the last really more manual plain than what came after that and so he had had a second person that would they wouldn't even have time to look at the altimeter or some of the other things going on because they were had to be so focused on what was going on around so the person behind him was giving them calling out where they were because they didn't even have time it points to look at the gate so the second guy or gall was telling them what the game and so that so that he keep their eyes on what was going on i always godeschal's wondered like in the movie tolderia and why there is always two pilots why because he got a lot of detail have one now that made sense so it's because would be taught giving him a reading of every man nitilita you've got a spotter and you've got the and so you've got you've got the guy that sit in the seat of a pile of these probably the most talented pilot in history of the united states and my friend was actually he was actually a carrier pilot though the carrier pilots are honestly they are the most talented pilots you know this is like the elite of the elite pilots and it takes somebody who extraordinary with an extraordinary brain in order to process and you know it's like it's like me you know fleron and the little tiny jobs you know and the pages and that sort of thing i do like some of the navigation it's kind of like flying some of the anticamera navigations kind of fond because it's almost like flying and invite game you you know flatterbox and you know you're not looking at all necessarily all of the ganges but i kind of like the i actually do like the six packages were you you know where you are i i enjoyed i enjoyed that i can tell you right now i would never have been able to be a fighter pilot and it's not for the fact that i couldn't shoot someone down it it is the amount of the sheer amount of i think you would have to start flying like my friend dead he was a pilot i think by the time i was six so so it was one of those things that you know he got into it before he knew how danger was so you know made all the mistakes that a kid would make and then you know ye go into the military effrayante oh ye count me in on that and then you know kind of a thing but but i just i am so proud of our military i have no words tell to say how proud i am of the brave men and women that have served this nation and the extraordinary of valor and bravery and in the hearts that they have and you know it i was talking to somebody the other day you know you have heroes in life that i inspired you and that you know that you will forever you know really think about a mining a tear to your eyes i mean and it does or a times where i think about the bravery of these people and what they did for for this nation for us you know it's like what jesus did they lay their lives down that we may live you know they gave it all and to to take a to take you know an when that flag is out shame on any one you stand there at attention stand for the flag now stand for them you acknowledge that the bee you know not like a spoiled little smarty snow plate are you know you stand in respect for these men and women and what was given that we may have freedom and i tell you there's a couple of guys i'd like to shake their hands right i've got to shake the hand of general he is one of my heroes in i love this man i'll never forget that moment when he set his job because i sat there unknown people will set that job and there are like you want to change your plea he and he was done they tried to get him to change his plea and he didn't do it and you know in the background i'm like you know you know and i just took him to a as the other one i want to shake the hands of would be admiral roger i would love to meet that man i will cry like a baby i know i will and you know dan gabino is another one i'd like to meet dance given it would be i owed you know from addition to from pantheist trusted adviser of the president of the united states you know i like to meet that man some and you know and shake their hands say you know there are some of us that there are some of us even what you've gone through to this day will still bring a tear our eyes thinking of what they and what they did they cry and i literally i think about it i think about it and you know it's like that that i don't cry when i see bad things he happened i cry when i see people that are willing to stand for the right reason it would be in for an honor and i'm so humbled so grateful that i will be the rest of my life for what these people have done for us they didn't have to do it they could they could lay down they could have walked away from you know but they they they stayed to it's amazing what of cut man and everybody that were good men and women in the arm services gonella as general douglas macarthur when he started the rest preble it's a love of nation restore this nation away it should have always been in so ignorantly and blindly gave up should have been ours to corporate government that well that's like you serves rather than the people they should have been representing so we need to get back to not overthrow the cover take back what was always meant to be the civil piece awfully common law and back to come what we're getting back no crime none of this civil penalty brayfield or have life carry your sidearm a fine no no no law means it's no victim no crime you know you got no victim no crime to fri again some harm murder i repeat just the money making floats all their grenadoes our money but yet rebeck will you talking about these people that are in the sere if so much and that and understand what's happening with the mayor he civilians were national which is why there were so readily in the background for us as well as we have to work for ourselves in the county love because we can't just rely on that we got to help we have to get in every single one of us it's like you want to talk about doing patriots stuff then get in the game and start some heavy lift you know given the game do something beauish people talk about the veterans what are you doing you know what are you doing to actually help them what are you doing as they fight these brave what are we doing here at home where we live and have that free of what are we doing you know what we need to do we need to make every single public functionary any one who sits in land beyond same pay scale as any law enforcement officer and or military put a on this same thing if you can't support our military then guess what you get subject to the same the same compensation or less how about less how but we make this a duty were going to separate the men from the boys real quick that way went in the youth patriots from the shells and real quick it's going to be a duty you get to serve the nation in a public office you know i mean i don't know i don't know if anybody would go that far as i would but bonallie no compensation or little compensation cut that right back to part time legislature and go home and make your money not of the people but because you actually have a brain as atalanta ability to work and i think that that really really be critical you know i was thinking about how to finish support our military and the support or law enforcement officers and you could do it actually with a tax and a bat taxes lifetime tax abatement in in some former another for any one who serves in the military or in law enforce you know with honor that would really be a great way to to compensate to compensate our military men and women and not wait until they get to the point of being really aged but give them that support throughout their life and and i think i wrote i've got a bunch of notes on it i've never really put it out there my structure you know i study a lot and i put no down and think things through you know if we did this with it with the tact for our men and women and in uniform and for even ferouer first responder people who are serving and a capacity serving humanity in the and in in that regarded in i'm not talking scope creep and all of these will withey get it not me while because you don't deserve it you know put it put it out there for the military in law enforcement and and we will get all kinds of people that will show up support them instead of asking you have given no you have given enough that's the thing to atworth too to her lanforre our military well you know what you think you know you have given enough yerabouts you know but drop obligin near body that other tree did i watched it with my dad and it's like it's like you know what we need it we need support them and i think there's great ways of doing it i'm going to throw all this stuff out there and if we the people get behind me we can make those functional changes to actually support our military men and women take all of us you know to get a fly into the cave and stand on a pedestal you do that so you dislike creed now it's goin t be down as gantlets do this now get behind me you know we're going to go in here and storm the castle and take back what they stole well i love our conversations were going to do this every on friday and then it all come on and in with you unless something changes and you got like somebody that has like the schedule of her obviously you know to change you know as if you got like some like michael slandering right like i would probably drop me in aryandes to have my clamantes my some changes by the lessee doing it will do eighteen his hard and begot a cut out of you get a couple of things i want to say a little repast is that on every kind of little bit time sensitive so i have to jump off now he had no worries well let's say a prayer on her a matabele this is as though it would have blessings was a great show it to day if you know just just honestly family talking about how we want to see this nation which we are the owners of run in order to take care of those people we love are friends or family the needs that we say you know and you know we don't have to run this as heartless a heartless organization that just bleeds everybody dried their has to be benefit to the people in responsibility or else a criminal of a situation as we've ever seen and the parties down with a party of get rid of them the other criminal you know which but it's still in the process of being made right now the i am not making them i don't know if i can say yet who's doing it but it's well i guess it's not really official but they sure being a where piece waking the background and you who looks like a big brown paper and i wish i could show you but it's like i said still being designed and yet i have nothing to do a big page looking individual standing up ripping off the mask of one with the rhino excellent head on it right like a mask and one with the dockhead on it obviously representing republican democrat and i think the message we've had enough in a rip in the most a white really are like old my god to wait till he surtouts when they come out o let you and put it out the interior looking forward to that and allow it callousness and marks the inflators they wanted they want to take everything listen the world economic form and that psychopath or that set there talkin you know i like weanlings alike well good for you and you know good for you alastor for you because i don't think it's going to end the way you think it's going to add might have made me a piston gene in the vaccine there that does make albuminous to absolutely go completely and utterly savage on their their criminal behind you know the ink that would not don't think that'd be bad thing sitting hollow quality you know it's like it's like you know you got gentile jesus with a lamb it's out there i don't think that's actually really really accurate but you know i got a feeling that the judgment day part of it is pretty is accurate though you know the combination complex individuals houses really you know reality or pray or a mere yet what you calico you have only father thank you so very much for jason and his beautiful family his wife and his beautiful daughter and the the fact that you bring us together at times like this is your family your children in order to be included in your plans i know you don't need us to do this but you ginuine to make a difference to work with you for your good purposes and sometimes we don't even know what that is we know we're going to go through some rough times here coming up we know that there's there's no way that it would that were not going to see things happen that a grave challenging for us but you know what we now walking through this and you're right by our side every step of the way as a nation under you committed to you and trusting you for our future and to make things right we ask that you would make the things right that we have screwed up that we have let go on for way too long and we didn't even realize that the enemy was walking right in the door we were watchful at the time but we are now and we want the man to return to the two your principles to godly to godly principles to the rules that you created at your sand box you made the rules not to be mean or to keep us from this the safe is a good father would return and my to you spire people to get into their bible to day and read and get to know you draw them closer to you to day and let her body out there now that they are very very love that there are many many people out there brave brave people the brave ones fighting for this name store because why because they love you they love the people out there they love everything being done in the right and proper perspective they love a lawful and orderly society insures the rights of all people that we ask your blessing on every single one of them we as you protect them their families that you would give them great joy and peace the stay and we love you so very much thank you so much for it was accomplished on the cross and all right saw the sound and every day everybody else there we love you you're in our minds or in thought i forgot this had you this to irritate go to brandon bird for governor got tom that's my that's my website we're going to need some donations bringing us into the into the the final the final stop here into winning this the governorship which i believe according to the numbers that we read the morning i am in fact in a really good shape to take this state as governor and to fight for you like there's not layover seen a fighter this is honey badger you know combined with a god zemindawar i'm goin to come out where i hear the thing apart so at any rate fighting for you to write every single word on telegram and do it all the postulate with me there and that's brandenburg the number four in croisette i need some more subscribers there may be made me realize that you are actually listen what have say so that's the awful anyhow we are fighting for you every day we are you are not alone you would have a family out there that you may not even know is there who was willing to stand with you or sit with you in your depressed or pray for you or fight through your children we are very very deeply about the things that you are also concerned about and we can do this together with lycon do this together no matter what comes were americans that means were much were made up for every other nation on the plan that we've been kicked out of every other nation on the planet and we come here and you know well you know we have also come here freely in order to have freedom and enjoy the rights that god almighty has given we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless america for being an instant friday were