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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/29/2023 Darrell Castle, Richard Hirschman, S Marshall Wilson

Published Sept. 29, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. 9:15 Richard Hirschman - Died Suddenly is a phrase we now see far too often as people passing away of "unknown" seems to be the unsettling new normal. Richard Hirschman is an embalmer from Alabama, who became a whistle-blower after seeing more and more blood clots in his work and these are now evident in approximately 60% of the bodies he embalms. Richard is one of the key people in the film 'Died Suddenly' that was released in November and he joins us to discuss that roller coaster ride and why the media and authorities want to discredit him instead of understanding if there is a link between the jab and blood clots. Richard Hirschman lives in south-eastern Alabama and has practiced there as a trade embalmer for the past 20-plus years. Watch the documentary 'Died Suddenly' at 10:15 S. Marshall Wilson Stephen Marshall Wilson is a husband to a valiant Woman, a Dad to nine, a retired combat veteran US Army Infantry Officer a former Christian missionary in the Peruvian Amazon, and a teacher. He served as a Delegate from South Berkeley County for two terms (2016-2020) and stood for election as Governor of West Virginia in 2020. He teaches an American Federal Government Course at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in Berkeley County, West Virginia. He is running for Governor of West Virginia in the 2024 election. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the twenty ninth of september twenty twenty three welcome to our show we had a great show to day action packed we are going to we've got darrel castle in the house richard hershman and as a marshal wilson and so out with it siderin a run right in to this and get going here with with darrel he dare haydon i don't i'm going to find thinking let's give us a caller report here a a little preview for the catherwood rules the the author of the castle report and i just want to encourage every one if you want a really good update of re week he puts us out on what friday at two o'clock and we're going to be doing the front of the saturday so let's go get right at it here a right down i i distinshed recording the castleport forts to day so i and pretty warm for that subject he and i talked about rosin the united states ho is denied secret service protection to his chief robe acenned and in my castle report i referred to that as if despicable decision when you consider history of mister kennedy his family history and that sort of thing on the fact that he had continual and intruders othre tening his life and so to with you in this campaign yet a present by then told him that he could not have secret servants protection so its unprecedented he for a candidate to ask for the protection and not receive it that along this particular canis it was a subject that my poeslon with the with the other inst alderson's dove from time to time to distract and bleed the campaign resources of their opponents such as the many indictments against on strand takes away his ah his and we saw his energy and his money ah it makes it much more difficult to to campaign in to be heard but trumps her time that i do something he godstronger so we'll see what happens i think it's for taxing him well he certainly be certainly needs god's protection right now and for mister kennedy's sakegod protecting him because joe on certainly as a three times he says he's gone to secret service in as for protection three times has been the night the president that's never happened even meaner a very little the poles for professional get because i spoke present was not won his the something terrible hate because he sat vindictive on paying persons to the an ashwood so that was subyugacin in that i talked about the about war and how people both can the and told and by different to give off a different vive concerning what what we might call the military industrial conflict the money that feats being morn radio and all the others and he were that money comes from great guns the fact that eternal war with the ah her level to me doesn't seem to be a good thing and both of those two men say it's not a good thing they there both the posteritati epist a great deal of play they are up so by those in them gravissaient so that's what i spent in my few minutes talking about to day i get i do is follow the morning and you can usually find out people's a pretty quick and i know that i spend a lot of time researching those sorts of topics to because you can't they can't get away from actual fact the majority politics seems to be an lived out in opinion world rather than back it with a and a stick to the facts the casette will that will paint the story that will tell you all you need to know or have you watched with going on in arizona to some extent yes i am probably not similar with his you are done a whole you he had stepped down and peers and they've got an acting governor and place in arizona so that seems to be kind of an unprecedented move and real happy to see that right now be ah and in my opinion we need to have a clean a we need to have a a a of a clean clean off the house sang and everything must go sail and our government right now because there's nothing that's working right and they couldn't carry out an honest election and to save their souls and so he that leaves us with is it neglect or is it negligence or was complicity and i think i think we we all know where the majority of the minds of americans are right now cause there sure is a lot of proof of approvesand the state of michigan uncovered a mento an entity that further misoneic party the go and they had admitted to a thirty thousand dollar painted when in fact it would appear to be a seventy four thousand dollar payment for a web site on a no bed contract sons a little bit obama asked to me with the with the noviceco tract for the vamacures for michelle's seroit body in the they have all of these they have all these patterns and hiding things and you know i'm sorry but there's some of us that are maybe maybe you know a little bit of more standin but we throw it all out there and just deal with it they have to deal with it as the and and so we're going to continue to go in that direction but that i thought that was interesting for arizona well it is and as far as your commented out to more justinians that's what i used to say about not do oh she had more gestreins but i know that's why i like her but you're right there close people on the lots of em i'm sure you do too and they don't want to see the truth because they know that the truth is difficult is dirty it's hard to deal with and even when it come face to face with it they refuse to look at to to accept it as these they can't possibly be true ah like for example the example i just gave about present by reposing secret services to a man whose life is obviously ah a people i don't you know i don't want onwise that only contracted pothesesi manasses enable bating paris been dective o well maybe you know i'd rather not think about that that's what pipsy that's just it one simple issue erase the wonder just talking about the trigger hard to keep the truth from becoming numb from becoming public when once or is becoming publicly known they tries the welles this is not really happiness to look at it our knoctor next guest is going to be i was i was doing some research out of its real richard harshman and he's an embalmer that was aunt died suddenly and imitate you what this whole subject of died suddenly and burying the truth with the embalmers and the fibrous class i am it looks so complicit of composit cover up its unbelievable and the one wolf ah put out a video et ma mintmark nine i've got it on my telegram channel every one is she brought forward evidence and it's going to be pretty hard too not realized that this is this is a far real thing and so she put the out there the amount of narratives and hiding of information that went on is so agrees that that i think that there's going to come a point in time were these people are not going to be able to walk the for what they've done in this case and is it worth a watch it really is no mewlded a good job on that and it is worth the watch to watch how dick he changed the prose kind of an interesting kind of an interesting a tingling on right there so wot yeh and it is there anything else that you've seen out there that he is no worthy well i'm i'm a a name we subscribe myself and i watched her transition from i say that will feministsto a lot more realist better she onagrace supporter orson and believer persiallde bide of her work with the passer has been amazing i in like we saying earlier the i think people can do with this just refused to look they don't want to face what those documents and on her work says about the leadership in this country the more see it then on the face it but there it is right in front of them have the naktoshsa yet got stick to the facts well i'm in to see if i can get richer and i'm here he was a he lost the connection let's see if he can jump back on here i saw you i can see people back stage and eh let's see i make it work again ah that its skin is we're going to do it over the phone because this is he this actually happens a lot where we'll be talking about real issues and exactly what will happen is up here as is that the connections will lose or whatever but you know what we endeavor to persevere redisposing and land and land in those truths punches out the well thank you so much for coming on to day i really appreciate you a lot and the wisdom that you bring forward your military background is incredibly important not everybody knows the the the international connectivity of what's going on out there now rogers on the exporter of ye goin or castleport on friday here is a preview go to his gonestole confined to darrell's they can sign up for the castle report and get a general in tolampoos report leonrodstrasse woodford do okay there you go so the poor in orosphaera todaywith i thank you so much and we will see you next friday ringyou out by my so there you go i love i love dear how he is that he is a great man he was he was a formal former presidential candidate for the text peer's party which is even cool so anyhow richard hershman is going to be on her and he was in the movie died suddenly and it's a phrase we now see far too often his people passing away of unknown seems to be an unsettling new normal richard hurston is an embalmer from alabama who became a whistle blower after seen more and more blood clots in his work and these are now evident in practically for of the bodies he embalms she believed that its incredible richard is one of the key people in the film died suddenly that was released in november and he joins us to discuss that were all are collister ride and why the median authorities wanted discredit him am instead of understanding that there is a link between the jab and the blood clot lives in south eastern alabama and is practised there is a trade in bolder for the past twenty plus years and you got to my telegram channel or his telegram channel as well as rumble and i would very much like to a to an ina encourage you to do so because i think this is a really real important issue good morning wretched how are you morning dona sorry been having a little bit of a compete as some one tried this on my phone and hopefully nobody interrupts sar conversation hasekino when i was say this is real news for real people by rial people at the kitchen table say yetwhether the common here but you know what may not be as polished as some but i tell you what it is tonic and i really want to preach i really want to express my appreciation for you coming on here and the bravery that people like you and julyothers and the the people that they are seeing the effects of of the shots yet you almost got it you almost got out with a not see it you almost wanted to stick your hand how to say not to see these she so please tell us what what she'd been doing which you see and i can bring those shots up that you fripono my telegram channel so we can he can go through that if you like that it's it's up to you i listen to you i'm julie sayer your conversation with her yesterday and am i can spell you she is a spy honest spars wife people don't talk she reminded me of myself when i first spoke to a doctor jane raby and january twenty two cause the scary it stared pitcher put your name and your reputation out there a some people don't take this news well and you know she has an embalmer final dread he condestable just like she is now shows obviously a corner which make she has got a lot more connections and i do but we don't wear not speak we have not been to gain by this i mean julie's retired what has she got to gain oh you know i'm a trading byidont own up funeral home i've not monetized any of my social media that i have which is very limited cause i'm not a very good careciesen ah i'm not writing any book i'm not selling any supplement i'm just trying to say hey he stand we've got a problem and it's this crap right here that's a problem i mean we i do you know some in vomer say that they're not noticing this but i'm getting messages from several embalmers em they're all singingthe ones that have communicated to me so this is a serious serious issue and we we need wanting people to stop try and show you know discredit the messenger unless look at what the message is and figured out yeah i'm going to put these up here so that people can see some of the pitchers of what what you're talking about that you're seeing and i'm sure an eight i'm sure as some people are going to have a problem with this but you know what it's just as what it is and i think the worse thing we can do is there our heads in the sand instead of it confronting those hard issues like child trafficking and the you know things like this that are going on right under our noses honestly the pattern is there there the people that seemed to be in charge of the world and understand to call them that you know satanic you know whatever they are there there not like us they cut they like to cover things up ant and die it it looks to me like what kind of a just a different form of went on with the with the genocide and armenia and world war to end everything everywhere else were they just they just kill people and and it's very naomi's very o is pretty damning let the ames vidhanam walfontein band in somebody sent that to me and i saw it yesterday morning and i had it it literally infuriated me the whole day i mean i was so angry ah because they've been people try to attack me because well did you take this to the city see the fda do you have any scientific information have you had these things analyzed have you done this have you done that or this must be a republican anti baching or this or these you know or this back and forth is all this it's all this finger pointing an endless and one might my tweet on twitton matter whether you're on the left the right white like straight gate doesn't matter what matters is something is crazy and what made me so mad about that may only weedies terday i thee in the food information that one of the attorneys setteling her it mentioned that the white house the surgeon general fouche lewinski all these people knew this cause what i thinke they called it from bessie a pena they knew these clouding issues in may of twenty twenty one which is ironic to me because when if anybody were to listen to one of my hideous when they talked me about but when did you start seeing these things i always kind of go back and guess it was a round may it was maybe earlier maybe we can march or april i say may because i wasn't keeping track but it was definitely no later than june i almost always stake with may be in the monk and when i saw that video yesterday and they said i mean it was it was all these for informations stuff and it was dated like may twenty fourth and twenty fifth of twenty twenty one pell's made them people knew they knew there was something very very wrong they knew it was causing cloudiness they knew it was causing myocarditis and that was prior to i'm not mistaken prior to any mandate which tells me there doing this on purpose and they won us divided there always wanting us divided vachers anti boxers stray gay white black i dostand it is just doesn't seem to end and i think they want to divide it so that our minds are distracted can alike you know when the bee keepers are going out there to get the honey they got that little smoke and the spring that smoke and the bees all it's okay i feel good no worries everything's fine when really the hones being stolen from them yes cried go so with these with these the the one put them back up again let's to let's talk about what you found and what's your finding now you said that sixty per cent of the envoles are finding these and okay so yet there's a a there is there's a gentleman by name a thomas having eat man he and he had a lady by the name of flora castner had em had created a survey they watched the documentary thomas hamblin was wanting to verify what of the handful of isomers on that document they want to he won it every his is this is this is this true and and so right now i know is like sixty six per cent of the embalmers that have responded to that have confirmed that they too are seen the sos not just a few that have spoken there many many many more that are just dislike your guests yesterday i mean they know they see it in but some of em for whatever reason and an i like which she said sometimes i think god holds our tongue ah when we speak it's because we were meant to speak and if we don't speak well maybe it wasn't meant for us to speak in that's beauty about putting everything in a god's hands you don't have to worry if i do something right great if i do something wrong well that's okay god probably didn't want me to do that you know i don't want to give satan any glory at all for anything that happen but i lack not only did they start are they acknowledging these strange clots what there acknowledging and in the majority of the survey is that it all seemed to start some time in twenty twenty one and continues to this day so people want to say well it's coleton it well was its covetous covered his coming well it could possibly be some of this could be due to covet because coverdale has spiked prosing in from all the information that i have gathered and end listened to enuers and numbers of different doctors peter mccalla doctor ryan col o my god is coming there an animal thither so many of em doctor david jarnagin ah not that he's been out publicly speaking but there all seeming to link this tea spike predating i'm doctor professor arneberg heart o in germany till linking this despite cretinism protinos and damages and the theoawin the vessels it creates crasant hallsteinn all these sphincter pescado events that can lead to am not just clouding by aneurisms and all kinds other shots so i you know for the longest time i tried to stay neutral on what exactly this is and after a year and a half of listening and in reading and doctor ryan cole arneberg hardin some of these others now having the staining techniques to differentiate between viral infection and that scene spike you know the there different so i am pretty much sure that these are somehow related to the spike that you never saw before twenty twenty one not now and if you know the red that that the video and that lady with a nail me wolf when it talks about this and inch in its mentioned in are the side o kind storm is this a thrombocytopenia right the stramash of penia a dangerous issue with the clothing ah that would you know hey i'm not saying it doesn't exist and i in the beginning i've always said that he really if you even if the experts that are out there can explain you know these kind of clocks and they may say always because of thrombosis opinion i would say great appreciate the explanation now explained to me why is it that the it seems like half of the bodies i embalmed now have promeisit opinion within twenty years i don't never recall seeing one case there's a problem something's causing this and it's on a mass of scale and this not just these big things sometimes you know just like in that one image sometimes i have these small ones like it now this individual had much more but i wanted to get a sample of one and i come up just like that you know in his costages and it doesn't it look almost like a parasite and leslie cerciter like a set wednoon amyyou and ah you're rcollets actually evaluated or had the thing ah tested or something like a de see what what are they cause you know it's a you know we out there who are not involves who do not see the things you know in firstest now you hear that their likes squid their there five or erthereth i mean is it it what what is it look like o me what do you think it what do you think it is ah i kapote ah i know like atoms did a chemical analysis and i see p n s and he masacatan an a or pardon pro donehe made it public am he did a live microscope on the alecton show or the in foorsoothe that show his and and in any just man into spits out a bunch of letters and numbers and oh if you are a scientist and understand that that lingo you would understand it but i like you i'm not a doctor assists i get it he compares the tool regular blood verses these white fibres thanks ah there's iron in it but it's such a small amount that it doesn't seem like it's blooded all that sin that there's no blood in there but it's such such a small amount in there i and i'm sure there is some blood in there because i monsoreau the sample i here noticed the dark stuff and there that's blood trapped or stepped to the side of these posideo this thing so there is there are bits and pieces of wood but it's not is not tis not a lot of blood um so he's a ousias that so ye lying cold which i absolutely respect and he called the you know full of oathes different types of proteins and fibrins in there's a little bit of blood sometimes in there and white cells and there's this and there's that and what he would i've heard him mention is that it's his kind of created and amyloid like protein and all an amyloid of means is it's a miss folding of the poet ah we have we have partings that our body that are you know like a certain shape and then we have an signs right so it is pretended is a fibre in and then we have the enz on that comes in and attaches to the fibrin making it something else and then some now something can eat this and destroy it make it to wet our bodies full of that i remember that for my bology classes a going to morocco to understand that you have normal proteins in your body that have a certain shape or whatever and you have other ends on in your body that typically do this and they work together you need to have five in you need to have these ends in that break the fibrin down because if you don't have the fibrine cause bleeding it she i am but too much fibrin you can have caught have caught in she now when he mentions that if is amabile i had to look up amydalinus just a misfortin so now imagine you're protein and now your protein doesn't look like this no more it turns into something like this and now your hands on that would now ye that he can't get on there they can't he can't eat it they can't break it down so will i happens well then you boys got out to try to find some way to break that down the danger about amyloid tyrosins in your body is that ah they're not natural therefore your boys going to have a hard time breaking it down and this is where i i know i am a i'm believing that his spiegelte in the more onabache they said o minuses there are information they said they put that they put in like protein in your in your arm and they're puttin in a more in a in there that court houses your body to create the spike preaching for the response right that's what they said while at the spite protein is causing ah information in causing some kind of amyloid mis folding approaching making your body create a not natural protein ing your body your body's going to try to fight it off but it's going to have a hard time doing it so that's why i kind of think this is this is all related to the spike in the difference between the birlakin are the viral infection is you get you get in ah an infection it's a small dose you get in in jackson it's putting begins of this stuff in you and not only that it's putting the messenger are in a to make your body create that toxic part of that iris if you are if you had the virus you could end up having clothing issues because of the spike prosing but if you're back an naded i think you're a your chances of that ar way way higher and again back to name woke they knew this in may of twenty twenty one i then come out until january point twenty two i needed evidence i needed to gather and in no need o ran my brain of brown wooded was i was sent i can just come out and i didn't know who to talk to em how was i was in a istendil place at that time mentally well you know in your you've brought up a point about the folded proteins a dose that have have you thought to me it brings to mind the prone you know lackly like mad cow or cooroor something like that in it if if you got folderols the prion is that any correct i that's how i recall womenwe learned about crettell jacobs disease is more coyschon and how it was super dangerous and super dedly nameshaving from it either it's like you start getting into the prentisses they they do not have now they say they don't have the cure but they say they don't have the cure for cancer they say they don't have all of us and i talked to some one that said that they created crisis and then provided solution and anything that is created they in fact do have solutions that are sitting there because otherwise they kill themselves i don't well that's hetton le sophy know it should be very concerning if carefully concerning you not had a few cases said alice told that the parson was diagnosed with the crystal jacobs a in the last couple of years but if not like i've seen a lot and i don't know most of the time because i'm a trading mommer people asked me this question do well how do you know they were back usually i don't know if they were back because i don't get to see the family i'm i go in the finer home in the back door and i take care of the dirty work and i leave out of the back door to sometimes the funditores are something like that might come back there in and we'll have a little conversation and and so sometimes i get my information from them cause they did some of them did talk to the family who in the beginning how is kind o like your guest yesterday ah in the beginning it seemed it be easier to get the information whether they were vaccinated or not because it was kind of a it was a badge of honor saying i got my back scene right ah and there were places in some parts of the country that you couldn't do certain things without being back coated like you couldn't go yeshow your card to go into a restaurant or seeing ah however as time is changed there are as there are people that are they regret getting the back scene in therefore they don't want to share that information or it's become such a controversial than that we're going to pretend this never happened i mean i've had i thought to a funeral director who who had a family come in and i hof course it was the next day and i he asked me if they had the strange cloth and i said you eh they did and so he somehow able to part to the family and asked the question and right away ah these are some of the children said no no no no no no we've been against it backsoordin get the backing and then when a after that thing was settled down and everything they were divided and another one of the children came up to the funeral director when he was kind of alone and said oh i know they they said that she was in vaccinated but i know she was we have this division we got division within family worse spouse will to get back the native in the doctor's office after darting but walk tell the spouse they did it i've heard these stories i know that has happened i talked to a doctor that said that exactly what happens that that he's he's had these carepatience that came in there and oh that they are he asked that he well wasn't it wasn't the one who gave a vacant it it was a couple of cane to the doctor and they were at a doctor's pointment and the doctor asked if he have if the patient was vaccinated and the spouse spoke of it on her now now she was in back to nated oh we've been against it and then the doctor consents that somebody's trying to speak for her and then makes an excuse the pull him outside for a minute the thought too and ah behind the closed doors you know with that separated the acknowledgment is made o yeh yeh yeh yeh they were back continents that we have that kind of division in this world well in and to your point you know when we do things and we make the best decisions that we can at the time we all do it and there's the you know there's no guarantees in this life that things are going to go that are things are goin to go one way or the other it's not necessarily some one's fault you know the division you make your decisions you go with it and is set you don't see what happened now i personally believe that god always his answers for things in he is created i do believe that there there are our answers for lots of things you know my my own health has treed on talk about very often but in fact that diagnosed with something that they said was incurable and i went to four appointments and i said and i might my response was like okabe your first cure in the doctor look at me like you're not on payment had won the d put my minethose me out o the door right and i'm just like now you don't understand it when i say that it means that i will figure this thing out if you can't i well turns out that there's cures were things that they don't know about and won't acknowledge looking at this is an amyloid and on i'm kind of a a kind of a crazy absolutely obsessives okay on all topics and when i look at something like this that's an amyloid there are things out there that will attack and get rid of amyloids and we in fact had i actually done some experimentation which just how everything is we have a friend who is going into having promised with all somerses who is eighty and messed he you want to try something i think that is might actually help you within just a couple o days it was about a week he could start talking on and so all times you know you have problems with an lids that has in their sothereor things that will help attack this to be afraid of an issue is never in your best you see fire run right straight into that fire and deal with it because running away is not going to change the reality and so that's what my advice is to every one is like you have anything wrong right and right into that fire and figure it out because probably somebody's lying to you about something and or they've got a financial interest in and not fixing the problem and or they just might not know and so it goes up to us to do her own research but i think that that's that's there's there's a lot of there's a lot of enzymes that work really well with moods and with that sort of thing sarahall these things that should be you know are easy to look into and find out if they will help esther that they well so in a year you know when we're all all of us are created by god in my opinion this how i believe i believe her all created by god and well individual and row you niece eh and each of us have a little bit different do you know make up ah the sound people respond while the timeno i'm not i don't and i respond better to i be proven ah so i had this analogy like with these facts since again to me by my friend jennie parish and she said you remember you're in you might you you may remember never the a highland ill thing years ago where there was sign i'd poison in an air and they had to pull all the common oofftish right yet will the day doesn't it seem like and in she put this well he imagined that situation where we all know that the timonalis painted and poisoned but instead of taking it off the shelf we take everything else of the shop we take all of the competitors around it of forcing the people to take the chain in tieenano some of those cololabis were fined but somewhere not the ear taking a chance on getting in and you know you imagine that mentality of of oh what we know this is poisonous to working to make sure that everybody takes that that doesn't make such to me at all but were all different work were all different and i'm sorry that that bedtime will ride yesterday again just treated me because they knew of quoting issues in may of ponty twenty one i just was listening to peter mcculloh on an interview in january of twenty twenty one they had already the beds had so many deaths reported they knew this early early i was trying my best in my mind to give these people this is a medical mistake i listened to dr hodkinson up in canada he believed it was a medical mistake tis nothing though various years tis just pure jumbled up science in thesis this is just it's all a huge medical mistake i'm sorry i now long i don't believe that any cases being done on purpose because if it were a medical mistake you would stop it from happening these people in the city see they knew the windsken knew she was ceasing in all of that stuff on those foes document the sergeant general all these different people they knew they knew and it was what in august or september october sometime i en twenty twenty one to enstehen was coming out in the set sea was telling pregnant when to go hettangian tonite now in nominal for they knew i may have twenty twenty wives and then later on one twenty twenty two they started pushing this step into children and now it's all lay down to baby's six months and i are you kidding me how can this possibly be an accident is no way not accretion been accident there's no life and thisness thrombocytopenia fright never these bodies that are involved that i recall that of comessation tis me as these bodies are being there people dine with this stuff and nobody knows nobody knows that's on the reasons why i started to speak out no body knows these who knows i am bound the body as in balmer's worth the last ones a gointo see that body and organise the we don't open em up but we do basically pump in and bombinator drinking the blood out ah nobody will see it if this is affecting so many people and we and balmers don't say something who will and when he gave the cremations are going up i believe said the cremations have gone up so that the ground on the evidence then you know and it's not like it i won't people see the whole conspiracy there stuff they use that word in use things against us all there you know there on the th there there requiring cremation no they're not requiring cremation i would be surprised if eventually one day they do but right now they're not creations going up for a few reasons one is the destruction of the family and spending bided a people are not as close they move off the nuclear family and fractured secondly a education all we got to save the earth we can't be taken up all this space on the earth and burying bodies you know bob wobble we my pen and so there's no some of the cultural changes but one of the biggest ones here in the last few years it's not about either one it's about money now a traditional funeral in my are where were at a you're talking eh you know somewhere between ten to fifteen thousand dollars now you've got three family members in a year to think how much money that is i a lot of money and then to die his world with all of the death that's out there in the inflation people are just they're not sure what there a future holds financially so they ought for the much more economical ration out i'm so it's it's there's that and as true as those cremations go well we'll never see this stuff inside of the body we only see it when we insolite i go looking i don't go cutting up bodies now most of these things that you see here eh arnobins more of these up a minute yet what you see the most of those things are coming from the thing and i need to explain what what that means when we and how that happens initially meyerscough the one we see the ruler on there he explained that one is there good next there you go there you go back up that's me pulling one out of a vain but this one i hear with the ruler might there's two of em there right and don't on that's on the left is thirty three inches long thirty three inches now that came out of an order and people i don't see we we in balmore pumping flowed into the artery so when not draining out of the artery the how did i get that well when i open up a vessel to put my tube in there to pump the fluid and to the outheide the abomin fled i fear it i can see it and then i take my forceps like you saw that other picture and i think we pull it out yet in out of the way the one on the right there came from the vein that was right next to the artery now again when i cut the vessel open i take my forceps and i pull it out oh go to that one with the forceps on there eh the sea now nice on the old man go all to her with an dariusthe you go you see what i would you've got there you have what we call an andrewism needler and aneurism he cotches just something that i put up on her neath the vain lifting it up so that i can so that i can see inside the vessel now that is that is the that is a juggler and eh and what you see there are my forceps which are basically tweezers now when i shot for saw the van i did not see that thing but when i lifted it up i could see there was something solid inside of that bank and that's me pulling it out ah go ahead go back to one of those other ones in it doesn't matter which one it is where there's just the boss or stuff a day like this right here in these are some smaller ones that i see now sometimes when we're in bombing as we're pumping the fluid in ah the pressure this is what's coming out of the out of the body that's draining out of the van we panful in into the artery we drain it out of the vein if you can think about it i imagine you're a mechanic in your flesh in a radiator in a car you have you can't you can only put so much blue in right you have to open up and other spot in the basicly or running that fluid through to clean it out right yogin all of the all of the old fluid and stuff and out of there and a mechanic would be able to look at that i fled and they can tell are you good at changing your radiator flew like her supposed to spend too long they might see certain things in that radiator flew that say looks like you have a problem and you have some something breaking down somewhere in your car and we need to look into and reprinting it's coming from the radiators getting weaker sooses or whatever is getting weak and you might want it you know that kind of thing because in why were they know that because they do that for a living that's what they do they know what radiator flows past to look like they can look at the fluid there familiar with some of the abnormalities that sometimes i see and they can dignos the car these on the flood people changed world can do the same thing right now imagine instead of it being a mechanic you're an embalmer i've been embalming for twenty two years i'm very familiar with the blood because i see it every day right i see it all the time and i've seen blood clocks all the time if not new to me to see blood clocks all right but this white fibers stuff his brain now and this is something that's very alarming very unusual and so i'm not i can't because i'm not the doctor or so eh you know scientist i can't exactly tell you exactly what it is cause that's beyond my understanding all i can tell you is i don't know this is i've been doing this for twenty years and i never seen anything like i've seen clots i'd seen but not like this and not always is it this crisis stop right here sometimes just the blood is more sticky ah it's much thicker sometimes it looks like it has grains of sand floating around in it it i jest different the blood is different something has changed in the blood and the mechanic that sister in changes your radiator fluidof your oil if he's started seeing something like snakes coming out of there is going to have to say what or away to me right now the mechanic is gone oh yes to likofo here we got we got some kind of strange looking worms are snakes coming out of this fluid and i never seen it in doing this for thirty years or twenty years i'd never seen it so he calls up the manager and the matter your sis he you're not a manager you are not qualified to know nothing and then he calls out to that engineers up at the company that makes the day gone things eshowe got these weird things coming out there then nesting you know they're saying ah you're just a stupid mechanic who are you there's no scientific proof that nothing your sayings true the mechanics in none there don't wait minute nobody's listening to me well most of the doctors in the people that are there the naysayers the politic the the man they were quick to try to i mean you look up my name i'm politeama stories mostly false really why i've i went to had an idea to search on him you you know just to see if i could find some more resort sources ought not not trying to check out with you or root for real or not but i just want to see all the rest you know the stuff that was real and i would say ninety per cent of it is out there trying to discredit you maybe hinono when there's that when there's that and when they're working that he his credit was somebody says instead of say hey you know what ah i mean not understand this i may not have the experience with it but you know what i'm willing to look at anything because you know we have to be able to look at both sides of it and the truth is going to come out as long as we're not afraid to look at it you know and then truly a value it down honest evaluation awasn't seen that on the internet at all not at all no not a gerberstr you will not find that now imagine how it is for me i've got four kids and i and i had to do this with my arm i did this with my daughter who you did you know didn't think there was really that much censorship as solinus hoping my name and now my door who knows me who knows i'm a man of integrity to see this the first hand because i have jars of this stuff at the house how well fact was the very first one to discredit me now the they found two other people that emerited what i was saying i caseother three people say you the we we were saying while as from the you go on as from new zealand and myself then she can take the boy benessevich and they say oh we they yet they gave the tolommei's spokes person said that they seen in increasing clouding in the back in avenpace one well there you go then they can't acted a a ah a final rector that if from arizona said oh it's because of long term storage and refrigeration now here is a problem i've been doing this for two at that time twenty years i belong bodies that had been in refrigeration for a week o kay in that crack you know what it's grown because some of these bodies are still very very warm when i get them they've never been in refrigeration the hole that possibly the answer i can't be so then another man boer i think oh i don't know who is on that when our sense say well it's because of the reaction between its chemical reaction with the female high causes clouding of the body that all the sudden happened but now the wind its ore happen now here's my fears and i had this thought last night we imagine you're a company that makes embalming fluid are you going to make nothing hot fluids that they sell the hell prevent were to help break down clocks in the bottega that help the clocks come out of the body they've been doing that for years but if you or the company selling a another hider selling a preservative for embalming purposes are you going to sell a product that is going to cause crowding as your trying to inject that flit that makes zeal sense why the world would you put something in it is going to cause you problems you want to sell a flood that's going to help preserved the body and not cause these clouding issues there is absurd but all these hit peaches and the back the name was then now they know it in twenty twenty one may have point twenty one twenty fourth and twenty fifth you should almost play a section of that hostile people now can actually i got it when they see if i can pull this up here because i can i can actually put this up here let me see if i can ah how is about twenty minutes long the whole thing got somewhere around this itself yes somewhere around about the seven minute mark is when its stars parkington the young let's see what happens we'll see to put a siptah she was less but no me up pierre and a one seeking shores many on for and bring it up to nine minutes here if you want to fight it is on my telegram channel and i'll start in about eight eight thirty five doctor wished a patience senior people on we also got deputy dredger for advance in this corner and we've got covehithe spring in were quoted you a pure qriin conference spindling cutting or what is what is making these people free out and one and by the way doctor fouche's on slavin white house senor adviser for copies one doctor francis collins stretched in the net ice and malific mirth in general marcellinus the cook nineteen held equity task for so in here i've got you see old white house those we house way has white swine the most what is every one so peekout about what's this that the white house developed with slice the were not let they knew breaking as there were undines from bottom to side opinions syndrome and mimicry see in the word from bottom the site opinions one of these it reads an industrial scale in the picerie like clots remembering my lignyo what's in the documents i was say let cloths long tost that's loose enclosing your brain close leading while it you know the minstrel ations problems with leading on so thrombotic of the cipion oss that's what you're breaking out about that they know that he the notes happening yet the thing in forging on about this midelard i know it's happening the evidence came in he his if the american people are going to starting to ask and there basic to emulate sponsor i am in the nail from the twenty fifth twenty twenty one is from benjamin walk one white house deputy directors if he writes that he to doctor williston lepista manicheans his in the as we jacketthe actual work the media esp if by the way they are people with right hosses in that list in the meteor sponse one of twenty twenty one go back to na chung august all of twenty twenty one doctor lie and lie and lie like deftly odottaessaan effective save in fact his shoeless detective safe of preceesely cared not asaprol down my kherie i remember what they set always rare rare miles they knew that they were lying and they said nothing about the clodding issuing from what i from this red by the white house with the warehouses sender the nineteen response overseen by the way the house the white house on leading said of lies to the american public they were come things were happening the news had been brought to them it had brought them brought to them in february by israel that there was one partance it was brought to the beginning et there was her timagenes now it's may for a month after the first news mount my coronas an i may begin together free immediate response twenty twenty one and twenty twenty ingenting des inshore body and he centinaio the bodies of her if they knew that they were lying and they knew that they were problems in parting and that's what they did in the wit in this in poesies as over memorial day week on or close to it because in their response they have been he did not upthe the evidence that comen every one think that neave twenty twenty one was there a white house press cond should have been with information like this saying found out like throughout the boers clouding in the market he found out the causes or damage and healthy young adult man so i put off the market that's not what hapend after the media response twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two i trotted out my credits something an extremely rarely knew they were lying on that's probably what is it reacted homeward sped is their words light that all these here people vouched the white house rolled it out to one why you it this in they were having the highest levels with all their in this and i know i understand what i'm looking at vice his searching generals she the end smoking one this is just so shocking that a inopioe have to realize that this is you know i've said to this is so similar to what happened in world war too there were people that knew what was happening as they were killing people and you you have to you have to look at the and say his crimes against humanity and god god be with us thickly you know that one image as you have with all those files of there people need understand each one of those is a different person there's not they're not duplicate this not like i'm taking multiple samples from one individual there was a time that i did do that in but i would label them the same because and it was because i had more than one doctor trying to try to dig into this to look at it and people made to realize that what she's saying in his long associates terday knew this they know in may appoint twenty one which when i brakereplace to go back in my factthat's when i say i asked the mate some time there it might have been as early as march or april but definitely no later than in they knew those back then and i have been said in my fear in my thing of my warning is i can't determine did this these clocks then he is be these guests on body is this the cause of their death i'm not a pathologist i have no idea oh i can say is if this is in their blood can't be normal and it can't be helthy what if these class are linked to that vaccine if he sometimes no one sixty per cent of the body that i'm in balming habits its glare not what were not liable there not labeled as a covebein injury or or death it is lent to the back scene itself then that means the backing has done something and change the blood of the individual could have been in say good with that person without this have lived another five ten fifteen years we will never know will we will never know well i yet absolutely i remember what julie brings sad yesterday about they were trying to force her change which she wrote as a coroner on the cause of death she put this person he had yet the madern of vaccine and do you know the time spent there was a healthy individual in all a sudden amelot person that she put it on the desk ere and they said they said it is in your best interest change take that off the death cries instead of said will hold the fall we might have a problem here and then what no one said clear cover yes and the same thing with the when you when she was mentioning yesterday that conference of corners i thought you a corner down here one of the corners you told me that same thing they were told there if they have em if he if they were told that the individual had some kind of no color something whatever that they could put covenantee on the desert they were some in a way encouraged now i don't think they were paid to do it but they were encouraged to do it or thought hers i being there so much threat threat coercion out their black and mail or paint off out there in and every sector of our society is its really shocking how much of that is actually going on and i right it is hard to tell him we know that there were doctors that were threatened we know we know that there's politicians that are threatened every day i know yet i mean i i tell you that that's hate and a in orchis i was told that that's happening too when i got into run for governor and undo it's it's really it's really kind of shocking how upside down this is and i'm in to go back to we have got to head off a there cleaning of the criminality of this son and when you got for not in it only four dollars with a cover upon this sort of thing they did it they knew they were doing it covering it up they offered no no ah a council or warnings or anything like that you you've got you got to say are they complicit in the crimes against you many well i feel like the itwithout information at a nail may share and that they got innocentfor if then she shines people need to scream the troops from their roost ocks i mean in these koettakaa eh you know some people are cearcall to be watchmen what's worse is there are some people that are watchmen they've been elected by the people and because they liked by the people they have a higher standard they all require they are our protectors on one to tell you something that was a lady that i know how laura he sit down with on different senators for her state and they were one hundred per cent of an they themselves and their families did not get this vaccine one on a per cent affected coming understood what was going on where are they then not speaking out she was taming this this lady brought the senators the evidence of what were seen i gave her some of these bouts she went through an attorney general ever stay he said if not my job his comings in these or like end people who know the creaking troop those people in the white house and the surgeon general and empty touchedthere and all them as so besottedly knew its right the name wolf cleared out there on inlawry twenty one every one of them knew it and therefore i'm sorry there are many people that fell into the line that's one thing they knew they knew and they need to be held a count and i don't think that praising is good enough they need to be held accountable and just pure prison come i don't think it's going to be damned good enough that means they have learnt are these people knowing that these shots were causing these problems and continue to push it and push it into babies in telliade seen more babies in the last year that i've seen him probably all my twenty years of do twenty two years of doing it i thought the other in bombastes id the same thing we are seeing people that are younger of course a lot are still the elderly why is it i don't know maybe they have a higher risk of clothing issues and tell you this that is affecting so many people and there then sons of bitches now it in may of twenty twenty one and sat on her as often into a dam thing there posing in the people and basically and this is all because it's world white we think it a was bad oh you sheltered lane they these guys what we have become the germany of the fortieth crossing this poison and all these people around the world you know when the world wakes up and realizes with happening we may become the target of world anger because of what we did to them no i think it's been in just asked i think it's a part of the door the world help organization and all those people the wolcano ic forms and all these i think are all these leads are all tied together but they're going to pick an enemy in the united states pushed across the world is going to be one can get really ugly really really fast well the well said oh and and to your point on that look at the crimes that are happening in you crane and the amount of money laundering across this nation and this is what happens to when we do not have free and fair and honest election when we have selections or delusion of elections where they put people in place the horrible policies and place and not wantedbright nk about this wire they not requiring these legal amiens stage the vaccine when they come across has there killing americans and replaced in the population with an invasion this is an invasion and if you want to look at history you know the crusades if you want to get into something enters the creek crusades have been a most of our histories been manipulated so that less you really get in in deg you're not going to find the truth you have to go back to books that were published many many years ago in all also the victors always right the his but there was there's more to the crusade than what people believe they the the the patter of invasion happened throughout his this is one of the major weapons of war is invasion through borders we had world war two he had during the crusades and all that sort and we've got it now and that's that is a that is a a a reality we're going after deal with because we allowed we have allowed that there's no when we point the finger at oriel is yet they are fought but you know what we didn't step up quick enough to stop the you know there is there certainly their certainly the harbingers of warning and of what's going on but it's going to take all of us kick these bastes the curb who have done this to the nation in it goes to the highest level there is there's no two ways about it with that sad i think that the good guys are in control again a handle on it and were the sifting from god as i believe halfpennyand we're going to find out the people are going to have to make a hole on which side there on and in the there is in this regard there is a clear dividing line do you dare to be american and stand with people are you know god's creation do you stand with people are you are you sitting in your little protected groups building little castles are you willing to put it all on the line to defend and protect that's the dividing line right there to stand her what's right that it's good verses evil and i am so thankful for you coming on to the i'dlove have you back on again maybe we can schedule you again next week of the following week because oh this is message has to get out there and i and i certainly appreciate everything you have to say do you have any last words you could leave people with to tell them where they can find resources or information or hold my hope as i believe that there's an answer out here but we're never going to find it if we're running away from the truth we've got a run right into the fire i think the answers are right here thank you and i and i believe that this this war this battle is his spiritual and revelations twelve eleven says they did not love their love so much as to shrink from death we need a stand for what is right and when you stand for god i thank the ultimate war here is this more of a spiritual or that's coming out and is showing its ugly face in the physical realm agreed at the stand by our faith and by god and in in doing so in this is the fear of why so many people are afraid to speak but we are remember we're not supposed to shrink wright were supposed to hold on to our faith were supposed to go ahead and not love our life so much as to strike from debt because later on in chapter thirteen of revelations those any one is to go into captivity into captivity they will go and if any one is to be killed with the sword with the sword they will be killed this calls for patient patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of god's people this is in the middle of the book of revelation now i'm not a pre tribulation rapture believer i used to be but i no longer am this right here is in chapter thirteen he's talking to god's people there is going to come a time and i think we're either knocking at the door were in it right now you are setting her retiming that god laid out for this troseaceae to maintain a hold on to our faith and in the end god winds and that should give us peace and nobody wants to die in listen if i don't fear death but i do feel the act of dying dying is not sound like a pleasant thing to do but what i fear the most is standing before god in him sing something like the part from me for i've never known you we are here because don't bold has gone secular and has done away the faith of god and i am not thought you know i'm a christian i believe jesus is the son of god one hundred per cent i believe that but i'm not going to throw stones at any one because he is without sin we all have faults repeat it the idea of that something bigger and better and much more knowledge will and wisers over us and we have a obligation to try to the sick god and truth and be kind and try to do what is right we shan't need a government to tell us what is right we ah we should need god if we we fear god then we will just do the right thing because not what happens here on earth were in to stand before him we has onforever one here in eminentiis all about god this whole thing is about god and god help us we all need to see him eh you know i get people the people looking for information they want to know what can we use i mean peter mycalesos stepped out there you know doctor bryan artist has got stuff out there i mean i know the biologic center in tennessee is helping people there are so many people that are of their trying to help dr animaters trying to help people and who has the magic pill god it is is what they have been to help people in sores going to help people is it a cure time will tell timante i have nothing to sell i just athetoido sell anything is this seek god be kind and try to do what is right and love that i i'd love to reschedule you next week or the following weeks he will talk we'll talk on later because you're a fantastic and that isn't amazingly wonderful testimony as a true believer because you know i feel as you do too you know jesus christ is our lord saviour and god will help us returned to him he promises us that his work will thank you so much and you have a wonderful day to day and i'll give you all later all right i got blood yet i bless ye think you abby so let's go into the next hour that was it wonderful we have i'm i'm so blessed and so many good people have come in my shop and i tell you what i've got that next guest is going to be on and i'm going teach us a real quick break here and you know just coupled seckind i'll be right back honors heeeeeeeeeee mack or second hour of brandenburg knows no work i have on a brandenburg and at the twenty ninth day of september and oh i want to welcome on my next gust here the this is a pleasure to have this gentleman is as martial wilson or stephen marshal wilson and he is a husband to avalon a dance nin or retired combat veteran us army infantry officer and former christian missionary in the peruvian amazon and ate he served as a delegate to from south berkley county for two years two thousand sixteen to two thousand twenty and stood for election as governor of west virginia and twenty twenty he teaches an american federal government course of blue ridge community and technical college and berkeley county west virginia and he's running for governor of west virginia in the twenty twenty four elections under the us or under the constitution party which excited about because not only that he is going to be a speaker at a overcovered in st louis and i want to welcome him good morning thank you for coming on i think you've got to activate your or your microphone hector microphone a minute king and the second looks thick regatao bit a technical difficulty there and it may just be in a so we got here nor has others it's real news for re peopled by real people at the kitchen table and sometimes this happen because it's all light it it's all over the internet so there you go i can hear me i here you find in there you go we got to and now that's get sometimes that he happens you know this there's a little bit of an unknown whenever you get on in life and you're going over the internet so well welcome to day i'm so glad to talk to you and i'm excited to hear what you have to say at that conference i told her twenty one twenty one and saint louis with the constitution an i'm honored to be here with you and i'll certainly be honored to be at the the conference in sight lo i got a couple of kids who lived there so that i hasten on that so that upon city to go to are we brought our kids there when they were really little and went to the city museum there and that was one still there but that was an awful lot of fun and i'm telling you it was it was an it's amazing place to go it's a great expert and i would encourage every one to come and see you as a speaker and and the kenabeek is as honor friend and my my friend general michael flinn who i just you know he's such a such a genuine person his entire family that you know is just wonderful patriot and of served this name and a nice ivanice time so what's going on in west virginia and the constitution party down in west virginia right now i know you're running for governor again and player that thank you i i ran for governor and twenty twenty as an end actually a member of the independent party of western i was so like to twice as the delegate of state represented the republican party i've been with republican party since i was eighteen years ronald reagan was the president when i was in high school and i was very impressed and so growing up in the deep south to or cordevora district i went and registered republican as well as he enlisted in the army re much simultane and in he for service stormy job my my wife has fourteen years more service than i do and she's only twenty five years old so but oh i he joined the republican party and of course in it was in the army so was involved in politics i just and i was convinced because i had seen ronny regan said they were all about small government during the right thing no matter what and like a sail was elected twice as a delegate state representative in western may my intent was to uphold and defend the constitution i took the oath when i was the took the oath again when i was commissioned as an officer in the army then took the oath couple of times when i was selected as delicate to uphold and defend in one cordofan the cost i had no purpose other than and i went to the house of delegates in west virginia and found out that that's not what was expected of me as a matter of fact that would actually be a problem for the leadership of these am i i during my time there i helped to impeach the entire whispering supreme court of apel corruption i attempted to impeach a governor jim justice he deserves it ah there is there is no question about it it's a matter of public rich that he doesn't pay his tack that he absolutely refuses to pay his bill and the man used to be impeached and removed were had down to the end of his second term and now he's running for you as she there will see how that works but my entire purpose was morton find the constitution ted states and also of the state of western i work very hard to do so about half way through my second ah the chair of the west ergin republican party all me to her office explained to me that i was a terrible cries and also a bad representative for the people of my district and to the west virginia republican party wanted nothing to do with who did nothing but walk round quoting well so a thing anything fernando what lot did they think there under i you know that's a very good question they certainly don't believe that they're there to uphold thee o the west virginia republican party platform because the first point on that was lower the gasoline tax and as a delegate i stood up for lowering the gasoline tax when ah you know the governor demanded that the gut gasoline taxes be and the entire republican land west virginia legislature except for about four or five of us clintock so long usythe are not interested in their black form or with the the republican voters of the state want them to do in doing whatever it is that gets them what they want and it's obviously not to ensure that their constitutions of held or that our natural rights are upheld in e in like it a the impeded against we the people all over this nation and it seems to be quite an you know it is almost like a fire a sissonsville fiera craziness going on here you know and they set themselves up as little little latrator souls and they in an interest that that they are unless the kind of that people and nesterling to play ball without and keep the power structure and place so that we think we've got choice but it's only an illusion because they've got set up through regulation and their unconstitutional laws and such to keep anybody out that's not in their little crime scene was severely that surprising i mean all men are corrupt right no lord acton told us power tends to corrupt and ultima absolute power tends to corrupt absolute diswith him on this i don't think that power corrupts it we are corrupt from st being given power being allowed to have power actually loses to enact or cope that's why we have to have a separation of powers we have to have federalism we've got a constantly hold each other in check and balance each other out were all correct i was pretty clear on that a coin yet you know so the thing is that if you if you go back on you read ah a paper that was published by woodrow wilson no relation woodrow wilson wrote a paper the excuse me that's my oh if which i kiddie's name this for her navy elevations actually belongs to my daughter my seventeen year old daughter and was a a a bequest from my great aunt this passed no member a hundred she left jenny to my daughter so also of special especial appearance by jennie the cat she some amenage push the office door open and jumped but a woodrow wilson published his paper when he was say college poet long before he became governor of new jersey much less president of the united states the seventy blocked up it's all over the internet a study of administration and in it he said very clearly that we have outgrown we as a nation have outgrown representative constitute that we no longer need that the people are not smart enough in this one this complex world the people just don't have an up sense or to rule themselves to what really needs to have it is when he a bunch of ages take over now of course unfortunately from his perspective in the united states we already have the system estable whereby we the people are in one so that's a problem for these technocrats these oligarchs who because then what they have to do with for nagle s into doing what they want instead of simply telling us to he basely says if we were more civilized nation like one of the the european nations were the government can just tell you what to do then not you know we'd be a lot better off but i frankly discret in the th the only the only valid reason anegarme to the individual naturalits the matterofact us of decoration and dependence is very clearly we hold these trees to be self evident that all men once there endowed by their creator and to government by their creator with certain unalienable rights among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and now here's the operative secure these governments are instituted among men there is no other valid reason for her your rights to life liberty and the print anything else they do is necessarily is it outside their scope it outside there there are ford in anything that they do outside the authority necessarily upon your right that and that's the very very well said she since a description of what we have going on right now because there are so many rights that there that there reserving an you know they have a usurpation of power going on and i don't know what you but i haven't seen any one that stays on the rails of what their job description if if you were running a company you could never run a company the way that there running this nation and of studycan against so ah ah you know it's a it's really sad it's really sad thing and i think that's one of the places that needs to be really address if we're ever going to return the government to a constitutional standard there's got to be clearer clearer job dese and they may not step outside of those of those those duties absolutely we have to ismail the existing super bring it all wagon of the foundation the pond the foundation is what i just cold and then rebuilt the entire thing from the ground up that should not be the canoeros we have to simply reach structure the us government to fit the the original intent of the that's that's all about protecting her individual natural rights and all of this other stuff that the government involves itself ah needs to be diseased yet i think that the the patheticness of our education system which is nothing more than an indoctrination system like the you know the brown shirts happen in and jeremy i mean that's really what we have and we don't we don't even know what that is you don't unless we take some time to is it sure is not being taught in the school or home school or some of the private schools but the public school they have they have taken got out there taken in true civic soul or life skills or anything like that which is which is really unfortunate now when you teach their class what subjects and how do you approach teaching your class and after george ter so a one this is an opportunity to to help educate every one out there with an oles that you've you've been able to gain over the ear thank you oh i also i posted a length there in the chat to ah to my pocas tan i acted the things that i get paid i provided for free on this what i do as i start all i go all the way back to reels i lay out the foundations of western western civilization is founded on three then stresseman rome athens being rational thought coming from the greek pilot jerusalem the judaeo christian his vast and complex but be summed up in a the golden rule do unto others as you'd have them to in rome would be the rule of law so athens jerusalem and rome those of the foundations of western one western civilization has been refined has grown through militia and then of course you end up it in seventeen seventy six in the the us the american colonies they wrote this document the decoration of independent stated nor govern why they had to break away from monarchical ah pressive government if it wasn't just monarchical it was dicted listen to our startled its possible to have a great monarch serves the people frankly i only know of one of those whose ever existed in human history and ease but the idea is that i bring it all forward to that and then describe how except for the fact same men who established the concept of liberty for all freedom for all equal accountability before the law equal protection under the law equal rights for every one still held slaves and that something that's got to be dealt with how it was that and thomas jefferson wrote in a letter to a friend and i i think that god is just i trouble for me i know where one for a generation later we had the great war to end slavery to rest he that though same protections the people who were formerly held in shadow slavery chattel this point i i believe that is the highest point of western civilis and from there we have begun to climb red the point at which even the people had previously been been held hypocritically then held by the people who demanded liberty for the in cheribon each ant people were free and make equal after that lost the we've lost we gone off there again it goes back to ambactiata we're all created equal and you know when you approached life as a servant rather than a nice spoiled entitlement might a little brat it's me that it don't look him looking for your own gain which is what we have for politics we have to even with ourselves every day are we serving god are we working for his pet it doesn't mean that we're better than any one a worse supposed to be here doin work do in good work and you know roundmake the rest of us once you change that heart the rest of it the rest of it goes well now and i want to be clear about this as well i have no interest in establishing the my intent is to insure that we have a government that abides by the constant cures the individual naturalists of the sentlove want to even if i don't i greenhide agree with that amorous prince of as missionary in the amberson jungle and i absolutely believe there are certain ways a human being should however i don't believe we should use the one compelled people to make a garment product peoples society in society its red demons of the st vo god gave us stromwell and so if if he gave us example of free will in and choose choose which you wanted choose choose your director then i don't i don't think that's the same you don't say thing for government i mean he has in my opinion the given us the path to a go a government that is there to give people the opportunity to make those cries i don't i don't think that using the ah the monopoly of force of the government to compel any one to do anything other than to leave other people alone lever the only reason the government holds the sword to ensure that no one treads on your rights and on as the only job come there would be real or that message you know for us to get that message out there to young or people who think all the constitution has bad it's going to be a press of it's going to be the it's not it's the opposite of that it's in its insuring the rights of the individual cause like democracy is taken it you test a failed like huge testera is mouths something we have sleep don't want is democracy one or of presentational government which is a republic of republican style of government or the republic represents well you know that aristotle actually forms of one and there are the three pure forms in the three corrupt the forms are monarchy aristocracy and rule of one for the benefit of all rule of a few aristocracies rule of a few for the benefit of all and polity is when we all come together and we rule ourselves for the benefit of every one else all men are and then of course you got the corrupted forms of those which are monarchy would become dicte and then you got aristo and in each of them the corrupted form is some form of the so monarchy becomes dictatorial aristocracy becomes aligarh and polity becomes dead as the rule of the course the problem is every one rules to their own benefit if you can get enough people in a democracy to rule to their own benefit to the deft detriment of others than those people are oppressing those that they there ruling so what our founders did was the actually took the best forms the three best for and built our government out of those three best forms with them fighting each other for because they knew that all men are or now that the rite federalist papers you can see where they talk about even the best of us trying to do the best thing at all times we need to be held sessile the term checks and balances as the federals absolutely critic so critical that we dismantle the apparatus by which the federal government and the state governed impose their will upon the and that we instead take control of those governments in the name of the and compel them to function under the cost so that they secure the natural rights of you know my my only purpose in no other being involved in politics i think even completely clear i really do not enjoy the process i don't like being involved my idea of a good time is reading books may be set round tellin some funny stories i don't like the i do it because i have nine co in my entire purpose in life is to ensure that myhte in raised their kids on i don't really care about anything that's that's why i'm involved tis an assommateur it all then with the bars pretty low for being i don't i like shaw shoveling horseman or out of stall so you know that's that's actually preferable to me all over politeness you know go out and clean as stylacodon of horse crept i need it's the lack cleaner than when the political asensio's like you how and is leghorn that good old manure or working in your garden and your dirt and you walk into political situation olderode me come home and shovels shoeless an so i shall here i understand what you're saying and ah you know but it's it's a it's a is an honor to be able to serve and you know what you know them doing the right thing that you know going forward i mean what it what a wonderful purpose to find the true purpose vigor then yourself to be involved and so what what he on against in west virginia right now cause you're running a twenty twenty four gun right so ah the republicans apparently have about to half a dozen candidates right now then or denis there strange strategy they they like it's like putting a whole bunch of of of horses in a horse race and having designated losers there there for distraction to keep things divided i mean you can see the designated losers and all the sudden you see the horses go over track and they can switch out position and then all of a sinogo the one that they chose to the beginning to win the race well one of them is the son of a senator shillmoor capito another is darker attorney general ah another is the son of us congress woman a carol miller you can kind to see who the the establishment raised and i i'm i'm pretty sure that they have already entered negotiations for figuring out whose who's going to win and who's goin to a point where they're going to appoint where and all that sort of then privy those conversations sitting in the little meetings at they have ah it's you know you're talking about shoveling manure i would much prefer shoveling the nor over being part of those on no ratherall the talk about it all day at there are lying full time lying just to pass from almost all non stop it never secessioner try to stomach it and go i spent so much time trying to ship septoh and and figure out what was the actual point and and i think i finally figured it out the point absolutely is not to accomplish this particular poet or to accomplish this policy goal or to do anything that they say they're doing point to one whatever they've got to do the jockey themselves into position to own you as what they will do and if that means it to day they have to support your second amendment rights they can gain the position that gives them the authority to make the decisions they want to make slaves out of you and your children that's the and if to day they have to ah the after pretend to be pro lived so they can get into a position to get elected to do this to they'll do it if they have to pretend to day that they care about the children and the veterans he i'll do it what it takes to get to worthy one to go then if you know what we really need is some one who will just simply say o all those beside he pointed the government exists to a at he secured your natural rights most of those will become non is the first secondly we will also see that many of those side resting government all the government to take you are no longer or he is no that i might feel like it they might allow you certain privie make you think you're its release i know as a delegate i i was offered various benefits if i were just shut up and do what i was told which i'm not very god as esential guard after osada was one of a small team of people who rewrote there all hazards operations plan after hurricanes and everybody knows about hurricane centre i was only gastod all the after action report through them and developed a whole new plan on how to do it i should have been west virginia and by the way the reason i moved the west virginia as because well i met an american amazing woman and she took me on with all my cries all of the things that one that i brought along as the sound there menaccan you try that again not let's see ossifrage the stick come back on think we're going to have to see of it the connection kind of failed there a minute will see what we got going on an don't ye will see their night came back on so you he's stationdesertion went on for the all the craziness your wife took on with all your craziness oh my woe my wife was willing to put it with all his craziness telethink she asked of me was that i moved western she lived here and he came here and a i retired from the army and i started really paying attention to what was going on in the cape some of us had died to a pull the cost not my brothers i laid out everything they had to police he swallows through a hole in the fence on cost the lie and i took that same oh and then i came here catotohin i went to the capital when my friends nothing less i watched them giggling and sniggering about how they were going to manipulate the peak you know allah woodrow wilson manipulate them into giving them the authority they needed to do what they wanted to do who had given them that i was in i'm not counting ages made a pretty lady i got home and the first thing that julie saw was that i was mad was brought and i told her i don't know what you think i'm so i am just an infantry man you know i know run for office the said nobody wants them that would be the worst case side for every one involved it would be unpleasant for every one involved old lesto so i did i ran for delegate my opponent and my first primary was actually recounting republican executive command a barely beat him and then he rolled over my democratic one walk into the house of delegates and they literally put me in the side of the chamber surrounded by quotes i keep an eye on and every time i picked up my microphone to talk the majority leader of the majority with it was carmilla by the way congress women they would they return and look at master what you goin to say that they were you know what if you hang on for a second on because i must i i lows and they really didn't like him murathey recruited some one run against me my second primary and i won that one and i and went on to do a second term in the half way three months second term they asked me to leave the no that's what sir that's what's really going on in west virginia and we need to put us off yet there seems to go in on all over the place as that if you disagree with the establishment out you go you get hit the road buck her on here and they find a way to synocreate powers structures what you lessons that's there at that's how they treat you yet will they they gave me chairmanship of a comte the veterans are i wish is a modern mete that never rely and i used that chairmanship to investigate a west virginia's response to a flood in twenty sixe and i wasn't the chairman for very oh really what what tonethat play out well i mean ah in twenty sixteen there was a massive flood through the central part of the state called the okh river flood here thirty people died they were housed i washed off the sides of mountains and into rivers floating down the river young the middle of the night it was it was horrific and i i came into office i was liked in twenty when he sent actually took office and and i twenty nineteen i was mad therof the betters affairs committee over the intervening two and a half years it had become really clear that a lot of the females had and miss spanner went missing bunch of equipment was missing from our murashop rations to and i so look i just want to wear his and so i would do i invited the invited the in general the two star general in charge of the west virginian national guard to come darke and he walked in an issue for all the chinese stuff all over he has not shown a considerable amount of shiny stuff my and he walked in and he started he set loose an i won't you all to understand i'm very concerned about this and i want you to know i've got tell me what you walk on it i am not terribly impressed spent my life around people who wear suits like that what i want is an he absolutely refused to give me one kept tell me don't you worry about it how atostor general i've got it figured out i'm going to handle no good enough ah meanwhile i had a resolution in the in the pipe line to impeach the governor her various obvious and he sent a couple of his operatives is apparece corner they started off with oh delegate wilson were so happy to have a wonderful wonderful outstanding heroic man like representing our state iselem not a hero but i've walked with a few i don't know what he so we understand your wife is also a senior office what can i do for oh it is stop what do you want i said well understand that your wife actually were for the state university said well he would be great if she no was her career and one as you know the reason that she is doing so well in her career is because she works hard she's conscience scar of people and she gets along with others at work that's not going to change oh no no no we don't we don't mean to imply that it would what do you want is it well in a we understand you have a background in merced the operation i do actually a very successful when i learned from some of the and i offered my health when we actually initiated this o this so come the difference of committee for the one that i had in the actually offered to help rebuild to build a whole new system holding plan for doing this better in the future and the speaker of the house told me you said on chetuan don't worry about it because i didn't know i do have documentation that i know what i told in that you letters for recommendation but you're not interested what do you want i said oh you know what we really need is a guy like you working in the governors the last thing you want is when they sirwhat do you want i said i want to know what you want messire really think all your resolute why when i do well you know you're going to embers you don't understand i'm not capable of being i don't have the mechanism in my i said well you know you're not going to succeed i said the wire he i said well look you dish needed her you know withdraw this is for the republican sorry that you're embarrassed they went on and on and on with this and finally they said no we i don't work i work for the people you just stop strewing around with string round their lives missile what would it convince you to withdraw your resolute i said well it convince that he's not in well how do we do that i can we're done here now the house leadership absolutely refused to take up my reste so considered so we never impeach over just cause he went on to really embers of course the republican or i think one of the biggest threats we have to the nation right now as the republican party and the lines of conservatives ease there still believing that these these special interests are function like a cold or actually out of her fighting for we the people and that there are many the thing is as watching how many people are waking up to watching how dangerous and bad enemy we are worn we were worn washington a george washington warned us out on it girls about the political parties and we got exactly what he told us we were going to have special interest running or elections through the parties which are part of their shepard of their machine terenti's why they exist the government exists to secure your individual that alights the parties to prevent that from happening the parties exist to insinuate their power structure between we the people and the government that we formed to secure our natural right that's the old reason the siphon off the authority that we have delegated to our government for their own so reason political parties well sottishly interminable well said that this one thing i like about the constitution party is the fact that it is an it's made of statesmen and ah that's what i see that's what i see going on their states in there me that's why i keep entered inviting every one comes to our conference and saint louis on october twenty and october twenty one and he maybe a different way of canoe party conducting itself not that i'm fan of the party system at all but it is a gathering of a people who are daring to be americans and make enointed basis there is no there is no movie stars there there is no there is no people that you know that have i don't know that there is regular people which is what i really appreciate about it a lot as man i have been around famous people and highly educated people and i have my masters and a working on my p hd and i teach in a master's program at liberty univers you know i've been around people with papers and documents in credits and you know high ranking officers in the army in very branches and you know i was with a commandoit special operations as i know what the word i leave and i like bob i like most i want to hang out with people who have real live who are focussed on living a good life not on how they compel other people to believe behaved they simply people who were focused on doing something that matters raising building a is supporting their come rives me be people who are doing the thing constantly find these under the thumbs people who want nothing more to control every well i think i think i heard at once sudden one time very well is that i'm going to you got it we got frozen video there a minute but this is happened sometimes when we're on shore on no it's it's not your fall it's sus the way things go here i a minatrost of i can put this sufficant get it up all of you all of your links here i'll come back in a minute but oh yeah it is it is truly the the highest honor to give our lives first some one else and to enable them to live the way that that you know they were created to live in the things that god puts into their heart for them to do he notices all between between them than between them and god and a and the choices that they are to make it worse suppose to be defending etc so were you want to go we got a lot more time left you won't well would you like to go take well if i may i like talk about my campaign and how it works ah and what i i need help with it i gave you those lengths up there oh my web site is on the marshal for w b numeral for w bottom marshal predetto please us or the new littleworthy the word fool unfortunately go to a horn side some one purchased that you re l morsel the arw v to mess with fortunately a lot of people who had been interested in our campaign have gone to on to this sight he sorenesses down right now says this is down for being its right now the servant the people who actually on the servers are doing some server matins nothing to do with our campaign or adsideres ah but i will will have it back so there in a little hole god will was going to say also oviposit called cape in which i go all the way back to the foundation a western civilisation in the nitrite while i had an old tried to re actually my friend told and i re actually go through and we we show the root of liberty the concept of human liberty where it comes ah what a poles it what's ah oh thank you eh there we go foundations however if there the oh and we actually start off by the finding the term america an america is defined by why it was found it was found in to secure the individual natural rights of his so that is one america is when spicis something is anti american if they mean other than anything other than it doesn't secure the natural rights of each not talking about america there using that word to see thing else they may but that's what americans so am i also wanted if i may have like talk a little bit better or campaign so if you west virginia to get on to the ballot if you're not a member of one of the parties that is recognized by these and currently that is the republicans democrats libertare i believe that's it eh but anyway because i'm with constution party and there out recognized by these we have to gather about eight thousand to get my name all of the eight thousand registered west virginia voters now we tried to do this when i was with the independent party back in twenty twenty i we got about fifty seven hundred of them in three and a half we failed to meet the dead line in get up signs i said to my campaign team must i thank you for your help you've all been wonderful we're done here ah there's not much that i can do for you at this point as our only obsolete is a writing campe historically don't over and the campaign seem said well we're going to do right income we did the writing campaign we aren't almost to percent of the vote were fifteen thousand fifteen thousand one hundred and fifty a kind of an accomplice and so here we are the constitution party contacted me he and said are you willing to be our candidate he an't you come out to reading were having an speak to us and i'm honored to represent them now then i really looking forward to this one what were focused on his a campaign right now in my campaign is one hundred men volunteer spies people of her mettle they were with me and twenty twenty in their building the team now and he twenty twenty four but were in the process of collecting signatures and a basically the easiest way to figure out how to help us out without is to go too are the website when it comes back up or to my face book page which is also the and on their we have the forms that are nesse to gather signature even if you just want to print at all and signet yourself and send it in using the instructions we have there that's fine but if you're going to go through the trouble printing it off there ten slots on their you might as well ask thine frise senators and currently i believe of last count we had about fifteen hundred sets when he ate thousand were building momentum were going to on forward to announcing that were actually on the general election in twenty that's very exciting here i'm tapering to face book page up oh here motherand the crafte to that room did did you have to lonesomethere for your relator run they dared and in for the public and party but that triana foul because we had some very fraudulent people that decided to to do the wrong thing in sight was actually kicked off the ballot twice and i seed in this free corn i seed in in michigan as well as the federal corps and they proved that that of my rights were indeed violated and refused to aragoto offer restitue so i was kicked up the republican party ballot and i went to the constitution party and right now there saw some people that are faced in twenty seven felonies over what they did all you know in that situation saw a there's there's a a kind tooncatchin on out there and if you don't what and i look at people when people are actually i'm doing something in their over the target you your video still like a thronenot logice for that but when you're over the target you're going to get a tack you're going to get a tank you're going to get censored they're going to speak out against you and you've got to go in there with no fear egspecting it he expected if you're if you're getting a tack you're in the right place well sure you know i spit twenty years in the infantry ah you know if i if you're walking round and nobody shooting at you're not anywhere near your objected that's right i actually won or governor is to the west virginia spring court of pele i filed a petition for rid of man so compel him according to the constitutional requirements for he a or torney general who is now currently a gonorea camp and running in the republican primary he went to the spring court or some one of his lackeys to the spring court to tell them wilson guy is just trying to get some doesn't really have a case he's kind of crazy he annoys people osserneon yellowed about the constitute and i you know you should just throw it out or ever even looked at the snow they went to the federal court the federal court for the southern west virginia and filed a different piling he basely the saying that i had been denied my civil rights to run for office he the governor had take and ah you know not only the governor but various members of the the state government all who were republicans and i that judge said i actually saw the representative of the attorney general walking out of the court room as we were walking in and we went in and the judge a didn't give me the he went my attorney introduced the case and then he ruled on it he said that he said well the problem here is that there you didn't file soon enough do anything about it now we're up against the election and you want me to interrupt an entire state election just said well now i filed as one so is there i actually had cause a man you can't file it case unless you get so now that i have cause the norththey actually made these not to put my name on the ballot after having taken all these actions to prevent it from happening ah now i have cause and so actually have an ice he said well you know you make a good point there you have to have an injury i said so you're telling me that if i had if i had filed sooner you would have thrown me out for not actually having caused and since i filed now you're saying that you're going to throw the case out because it would interrupt a lot sthetischen i had that is exactly what i had they would not they would not do the right thing because it was going to interrupt an election and nice sad from the beginning if they can violate the rights of one person and say well you know where on a scout jewel and i you know we've got all these absentee valets that have to go out and bob and they're wonderful it running the clock out so that you can't take action of causes their schedule comes over our right and that's exactly what happened to me and that in that situation and so of evilimmortal cated than they but its strained when dishonor governor justice had unilaterally unconstituted on ethically in morally and illegally mo the date of the back from off the sidecombs gocome with her organdie of the good of the poles so were going to push the primary back by month o course affected my operation and then i set lathered the deal according to our law the general election has to be this long after the but we in move the general election we only moved the prime the judge well you're you can't just go round moving elections i said but he did exactly what he did the gens at one you can't just you randomly moralities cause one guy wants to exactly what happened what are you going to do about and a in his response was you know you don't have standing you don't have the bee heavens well why i tell i tell you what i would love for you to come back and i'm going to i gonolek binge watch your tamposo because this is his really i'm really interested in this am it legetimate to to be here with you and i look forward to another chance to talk with you and i hope you'll forgive me if i spoke over you i do have a beef hearing issue and oh no no no notethis is this is the way we do it here in its fine you know it's so we talk a way that people talk you don't you know and that's that's fine and i'm sorry if i talked over you too because we just go back and forth this is just like a saddling family sit down at the table talking right but you're so have i here are just amazing besides you're welcome you've got tracking to bill on the west virginia legislature website using the legislation to finding america of communicate with your legislators forms a government building government free food system and proving safety and security what makes you discoverment high brick the charter of the us government know your pelories uranitic ation of virtue and western government virtue and the us constitution how we should live would bury holstein building in eternal legacy with larry adams the foundations of liberty exploring the jade dajudo christian ethics in his looks fantastic and you know what may be may be the in the next few weeks you could come back on again and in spentmaybe we can do it as a class where were you teaching the old yeah i think on a will pore the topic were for my i guess it's ah at the convention here in a couple of weeks october twenty or is going to be national security my masters is a national in working on a phd and public policy and nationals but it's going to be national secured and the question is it more important to be capable of defending our i think you probably already know which direction i'm going to go with that it is a question that i think really needs to be understood you know the use as all of the might that it needs in or alter we have a lot of trust in our chariot but who are we what's our care is it worthy of i think that well we've got some real issues there when you look at what happened in afghanistan with happening and ukraine the fact that that by who i have absolute discussed for bob syria the day of the inauguration and the money laundering that's going away at the theefe of this nation away from we the people it's not just mismanagement it sure looks like absolutely intentional to the effect that you know like i was talking to you richard hers when before that the invading army of illegal aliens which is this in repeated history over and on there not required to get shots come in into this but you know how many of us will face the threat and cowerin their just walking theirselves right in here and it's like the americans and become second class to our political usurpers it's just it's too but it's too bad and i think you know we're all going to have to get off of this this you know what i am at this or i am a that and just say word were going to just dare to be american and stand to gather how do find you know to defend the each other's rights yes and in innard of ore to god and man i mean that's why has to happen in were arthentes can overtake us to the point where we would not be able to be recoverable no and i object you know you can of alluded to this but i think it's absolutely critical that we actually state this per it will be necessary it is necessary it is an absolute imperent that we were with people with whom we dined in all ways except that we agree that we have to defend each other's rights to that incorrect man until we can to join up with people who live lives that we really disagree with sure each other's rights none of us will be doesn't mean i'll then i go and decisions it doesn't me as being in no singing their praises what it means in i will stand up and i will i will take a bullet to the scour individual natural rights even if you use those rights and that liberty to behave in a way that i did cause you know what you might detest the way that i live we have got to the end each other's rights to live the way the thing or note of his arewell i and i think that's a great point and i'd like ivery think about have you ever agreed one hundred per cent with any one no i don't agree on our portion myself on the day right right you know you within yourself and go matter really wish or le smarter than what i hope when i'm showing right now you know and i but that's the process of ye and human and learning and moving forward but we have to be opened to talking with each other and going back to that principle of defending each other as one american family to know were supposed to one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all and i think that the point we have to the stay where that you know even if some he doesn't degreenow doesn't agree with believing in god that's their choice and there the outcome for those choices is there god gave it to him you know i don't agree with it but but they have that ability and god gave that right free will and choice to go in the direction that they so to and whom i do contradict there you go exactly i don't i don't think i'm smarter than have my picked i'm pretty extue i'm not you know gaily chaste i go letitia state the laporte contention is when one person est they have one person or group or intend see that they have the right to deprive another person of the free exercise of their natural and that's when we should all come together and say you're wrong other than that other than that there should be no point of as government in society you in the class room in a ardalus it's sure weakens with each other we can argue about whatever we want but that all has to be under the umbrella me to the concept that we are alfred but well said well i always finished my proud cast where the prayers sudlie to take the time to do that right now and then i give you last words and then went wilford that the video still throws an up that's why i went to this form at but i'd love a back on again and i think that'll be great selestis finishes dear hevenly father thank you so very much for what marshal's doing with richard's doing and what darentwater castles doing and and all the wonderful people that have stepped forward not for self gained but just were service to you in the world the beautiful world that you created we ask that you would continue to guide and direct us as we come out of the captivity that we become a so accustomed to and help us to return the government to the original intention of the founding fathers which is that which is here to be free for liberty for freedom to have the right to deliver lives away that we we choose as long as we don't infringe on some one else's right and we just want to say thank you so much for everything that you do for us it's amazing to listen to you to you know to go to your word to go to scripture to listen to what you have to say and all we got to do is turn to you and all of our problems you know you have an answer for them and were thankful for that please bless our families or friends all those around us that that we care about so very much we ask that you would bless those that are in authority over us on president trump flan admirers and all the wonderful patriots that that have given given so much for the nation and some who have given everything we are thankful for every single person out there and what a blessing it is you've given us so many good examples and when we don't see the good examples we know that were supposed to be an example in the only way that we get that way as by walking walking with you and bring things before you'd asking you what you wants to do so help us to listen you sometimes where somedays were not particularly bright i know i'm not and i i really ask as you and gives some help in andlistening to your instruction listening to the path that you honest because it is our desire to walk with you on this earth and also you've been a wonderful friend to us we want to be a friend to you we love you so very much stay in front us choseosos christ we pray am there he got the one in what owards to have to say and then i always had it with her hand so we'll go back to them what what would you like to add whether last word i very much want to thank you on to thank your audience thanks for putting up with and please if you would go to my face book page good or web site once its back up hopefully by the end of the ah and if you live in west virginia if you are registered west virginia voter if you know what he body wasted get them to consider signing the petition to put my name on the ballot eight thousand signatures we got was to get i sure would appreciate your time in consideration that's awesome well with that sad i'm going to go hunting and this all your ideas of frozen sons going to go back to the single screen here i met thank you everybody for me and on to day and it's it's a choice to have a great day thank you marshal for being on to day it's a pleasure to know you and i look for a to seeing you in the itconceptions in the convention and saint louis with a general fineing there in some wonderful and i just i just want a o my quick i guess i'm going to quit through that up there just men so that we can make sure that we see my friend the people's general john who has given so much for this nation too here go michael and to think think as to him and everybody else out there too but at any rate you know have a great day is the choice it's a mind set we we you know you can choose no matter what your circumstances to be mentally though and say o ka so we're going to have a day to day that's going to be able changing so what we should expect it right what's a response to that or responses to move forward trusting god and everything that we do and having no fear no back down attitude having or per straight front of us knowing what he purposes every single deck and that you matter what you know matters what i do matters we stand for matters are twice as man and as long as we get as long as we get that in and you know in place we run you know you can run to the bible for instruction and go to god in prayer when ever you having promessing is not like you somewhere eltecon lake right here all the time right you he's a he's right next to his solid you're never alone i know that sometimes we feel along because when we see things going wrong and we wonder where is everybody when we're going for well you know what sometimes got what you that position to be the person to stand up and say something even if there's nobody else doing it and it's it's a ennitskare place stand on wavering on afraid and god will bring with two you everything you need be he's never going to leave you nor forsake you i disremember that your portent god cares we all care this very very there so many of us out there that really care about you this nation and every one out there and were willing to stand for each other to pet your liberty our liberty our freedoms and an oration to god is a gift it's a gift to protect a gift from god so with that sad her hands tied right god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless him erica make you great day meddletons with you in such have wonderful dick and i will see you monday we'll have another wonderful time next monday