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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/22/2023 Liberty Essentials/J6 Investigation Colonel Ivan Raiklin

Published Nov. 22, 2023, 9:01 p.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Investigation of J6 with Colonel Ivan Raiklin After observing the illegally certified 2020 election, he began using his skills and expertise to investigate this constitutional violation and all Federal Government and State Actors involved. Researching their wanton disregard for the constitution over the course of the last 6 years including their illegal politically motivated spying of a President, Retired Army General Michael T. Flynn and former Naval Officer Carter Page. Because of several retweets by a sitting President, and the Federal Government's blind hatred of that President--at the expense of the US Constitution--Ivan has faced at least ten investigations by the DHS, DOD, FBI, DIA, US Army, Office of the Secretary of Defense, US Army Reserves, at least two Contract companies and the J6 coverup committee for his legal analysis of remedying the illegally certified 2020 election in his off duty time in his personal capacity, while fearlessly exercising his First Amendment right. His most well known analysis was the #PenceCard analysis which exposed Mike Pence's Unconstitutional behavior on December 23. And also his investigation of the January 6 and the Federal Government's role in its creation. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ivan E. Raiklin, former Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across 5 states: IA, NY, MA, MS, TX and 5 continents in five languages (Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, English-naturally). Ivan served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistin, MS-13 in Central America, countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia. Most recently he was an instructor at the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center teaching the US Intelligence intel community and international partners about intelligence analysis, national security and multinational operations. Twitter: Rumble:

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♫ Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 22nd day of November, 2023. And welcome to our show, the day before Thanksgiving. Very, very happy to see everybody. We're gonna start the show out this morning with Bill Moore Jr., who has a very proud family history in the Constitution Party, which in Michigan is called the U.S. Taxpayers Party. And we're going to be doing Liberty Essentials. We're doing this every Wednesday on Brandenburg News Network. And today I'm very proud because I'm doing some of the social, well, I'm doing the social media for US Taxpayers Party. And I can't say I'm the best at it, but I can get it done. You know, it's like, you know, jack of all trades, master of maybe a couple, but at any rate, social media, I'm learning even more by the day. So today we're on the YouTube channel for the US Taxpayers Party, as well as our Twitter page. And so I'll be moving us around to other social media as we go. Oh, but I'm gonna give you a, this is a great term. I think Bill used it on us last week at a meeting. It's not a volunteer's suggestion. It's a voluntold this morning, which is everybody out there needs to be out there passing this information around. If you wanna know what to do, get in the game and start posting our content and reposting our content. And then at 10 o'clock, a Green Beret, doing investigation on the January 6th Fed surrection. That's a Donna word for it, because that's what it was, a setup in a Fed surrection. His name is Ivan Raiklin, and I met him at the Michael Lindell conference a couple months ago. And then this weekend when I, which was very nice. He's a very nice person. And he will be on at 10 o'clock. So, excuse me. So with that, with saying that, I'm going to bring Bill on. Hey Bill, how you doing? Morning Donna, I'm doing all right. How about yourself? Great, and welcome all of you to Liberty Essentials this morning. Yep, yep, everybody listening, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I wanted to touch on the roots of our heritage here in America, where we all started from, from the original pilgrims. But before I do that, being it's Thanksgiving, I wanted to read the passage that I use during Thanksgiving, and it's when King David finally defeated the armies of the Philistines again, So bless that. And he brought the Ark of the Covenant back into the camp of Israel after not doing it correctly the first time and losing a friend of his. But in 1 Chronicles 16, starting in 8, David gives his record as they're bringing the Ark back. He says, Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people. Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him, talk ye of His wondrous works. Glory ye in His holy name. Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. Seek the Lord in His strength. Seek His face continually. Remember His marvelous works that He hath done, His wonders and the judgments of His mouth. O ye seed of Israel, a servant, ye children of Jacob, His chosen one. He is the Lord our God. that His judgments are in all the earth. Be mindful always of His covenant, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations, even of the covenant which He made to Abraham and of His oath unto Isaac, and have confirmed the same to Jacob for a law and to Israel for an everlasting covenant, saying, unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance, when you were but few, even a few and strangers in it. in it. And when they went from nation to nation and from one kingdom to another people, he suffered no man to do them wrong, yea, he reproved kings for their sakes, saying, Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm. Sing unto the Lord all ye earth, show forth from day to day his salvation, declare his glory among the heathen, his marvelous works among all nations, for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He also is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the people are idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Glory and honor are in his presence. Strength and gladness are in his place. Give unto the Lord, ye kindreds of the people. Give unto the Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name. Bring an offering on your forehead. Worship the Lord and the beauty of his holiness. Here before him all the earth, the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved. Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice, and let men say among the nations, the Lord reigns. Let the sea roar in the fullness thereof, let the fields rejoice in all that is therein. Then shall the trees of the woods sing out at the presence of the Lord, as he cometh to judge the earth. We'll give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy is worth forever. And save us, O God of our salvation, to gather us together and deliver us from the evil, that we may give thanks to Thy holy name, in glory and Thy praise. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel forever and ever. And all the people said, Amen and praise the Lord. Amen. the covenant back into the campuses where God's people were. And when we were, when our fathers were first establishing this land before America as we know it even came to be, they had made a 66-day journey on the ship called the Mayflower. And I think that's still taught in schools. I'm not certain of that. were just learning about that here in the last few months. But they made a 66-day journey through many toils and tribulations, rough seas. And they didn't even reach their intended point, the area around the Hudson River where they were supposed to be and ended up being in Cape Cod. I got to move my screen. Way too many things. Your sound's going a little funny right now. Is it? Yeah. All right. Hopefully that's a little better. That's better. Okay. So they came across on a Mayflower and there is a document recorded called the Mayflower Compact. Almost everybody, I believe it was 41 of the 102 passengers that were on the ship. It wasn't a constitution. It wasn't a legal basis for land conflict or anything like that. But what it was, it was the adoption of the Puritan to their civil society, right? During their 66-day journey, there were many, there were many wells and the friction rose between the travelers, some of the, what we call English separatists, and the rest of the travelers. And there was a division between them, and a lot of them threatened to divide leave on their own and form their own colonies and settle. Right? So the Mayflower Compact was written to try to bring everybody together into unity before they stepped foot there at Plymouth Rock. And it didn't solve any of the matters, but it gave the basis for how they were to govern themselves. under King James at the time, but they needed some form of formal governance for the colonies that they were settling in. The original version of the Mayflower Compact is long since gone. The original document that is said to have possibly been stolen or destroyed during the American Revolution. The oldest known text that I'm aware of was found in Mort's Relation, which was recorded in London in 1622. So let me, I want to add something here. When he published that, the authors had added a preamble to the Mayflower Compact to say, it was thought good, there should be an association and agreement that we should combine together into one body to submit to such government and governors as we should by common consent agree to make and choose. Now, anybody, I hope that sounds familiar because in our own Declaration of Independence, which was written 150 some years later, it states that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. We go back to read what was written in Moritz's relation, it says, to submit to such government and governors as we should by common consent agree to make and choose. So, let's get into the Mayflower Compact here. It's a very, very short document, I think it's about 200 words long. Before they stepped foot off that ship, the signers here had written, In the name of God, Amen, we whose names are underwritten, the loyal subject of our dread sovereign Lord King James, Britain, France, and Ireland King, defender of the faith, etc. Having undertaken for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith in honor of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, due by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into one body politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid. And by virtue hereof do enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and for the general good of the colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. And witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cape Cod the 11th of November in the year of the reign of our sovereign Lord King James of England, France, Ireland the 18th, and of Scotland the 54th, and Odom and I 1620, they wrote those words. Their whole purpose for leaving England was not to come terrorize the natives, was not to come and take over land that didn't once belong to them, but it was come in the glory of God for the advancement of the Christian faith. signed their names onto and submitted to. That was their purpose for stepping off that ship. And that's the roots of our thanksgiving here. As far as politics go, where we came from. And it's said that if you don't know where you came from, you don't know where you're going. We're just lost at sea, right? So, I am not computer savvy today, good grief. My screens are all messed up here. You know what there? It's been we've been having problems with the computers the last few days So yesterday I started talking about a subject that I clearly Didn't want me talking about and it kicked us right off for a little while Okay, so As as Donna had mentioned a little bit ago Maybe not this show the last show. I'm pretty sure you said it I am the chairman of the UX taxpayers party here in Michigan, and I'm really the Constitution Party. Yep. And so to tie all this together, I wanted to bring it back into into that realm. The U.S. Taxpayers Party, one of our own platform points that my father put up a couple years ago now, it was back in 21 I believe, if you go to our website and click on about and go down to our platform, you can read about our statements of purpose and our platform there. The last one that we established in 2021 was in God we trust. Now we see that on all of our all of our fiat money, if you want to call it money. And it states in God we trust is still the official motto of the United States of America. I'll let you go to that a minute before I read through it all. Go ahead. I'll just I'm just gonna keep clicking while you're talking here. These words are cast in stone above the podium of the House of Representatives for all US representatives to see as they legislate. These words are printed on every coin and bill used for money in the United States. The preamble of the Constitution of the state of Michigan references gratitude to Almighty God for the Constitution to retain those blessings for ourselves and posterity. The Constitutions of almost every state in the country contain a similar reference to God. I think all but about eight of them. Though not allowing for specific religion, denominations, or set of doctrinal beliefs being established, many states do not allow anyone to hold public office office if they deny the existence of God or a Supreme Being. I don't know how many people knew that. There's a couple of Eastern states especially written in their Constitution, where you have to acknowledge that there is an Almighty God that presides over the destiny of the nation before you can even be elected to office. There are thousands of statements recorded by our founding fathers referencing the need for public acknowledgement of God. We did a show on that a while back. We just touched on just a couple of them. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It was not made for the government of any other. It was made for our second president, John Adams. Shall we live as if our country were self-dependent and had nothing to do with the Supreme Ruler of the Universe? Can an army of saints or heroes defend an obnoxious people, ripe for destruction from the righteous judgments of God," said Samuel Davies. God forbid that the day should ever arrive when there should be a separation of pure morality and deep religious conviction from our public places of education, said George Bancroft. And in Michigan here, Article 8, Section 1 of the Michigan Constitution and of the Northwest Ordinances where we got them, it states that religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary for good governance and the happiness of mankind, that schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. That does not give them the right to set up and regulate public systems of education, but that they are not to deny the people educating their posterity. And those are the three basis for which they should be doing so. Religion is a key ingredient in any society to maintain freedom, and this has been clearly demonstrated by our progressive loss of freedom since the Supreme Court unlawfully removed prayer from public schools in 1963. As government increasingly legislates in opposition to these principles and government officials, judges, and various unelected officials in departments of government attack the Church acknowledge God, we see not only our freedoms being depleted, but confusion being added to society. The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan calls on government to comply with the Constitution, once again by acknowledging God in law and public policy, by legislating in accordance with the laws of God's nature and morality. This is a necessary function of civil government and crucial too, as our Constitution dictates, ensuring the blessings of freedom. Now, we all know what happened in 1963. The Supreme Court made their ruling, which they never had a right to do. That is not one of their delegated powers. And they claimed, in fact, not only they, but many Americans, many Christians, many churches claimed that the Supreme Court took away our right to exercise religion in public places. I'm here to tell you, if you believe that, you're sorely wrong, because you have always been able to do what's right, including pray or read or even teach religion in public schools. That's always been the case, and it's been upheld through decades of court decisions. only by our consent that we read about earlier in both the Mayflower Compact, Preamble, and the Declaration of Independence, only by our consent that we have forfeited the right to do that which we know is good. And in James, the New Testament book of James, he states clearly that if a man knows to do good and doesn't do it, to him it is sin. We allowed that. It's not that they took it from us. We allowed that, and our fathers allowed that, and our grandfathers allowed that. We need to get back to the point, once again, where we quit consenting to these unconstitutional laws, these unconstitutional agencies, these unconstitutional powers, and all of this pretended legislation, if you read about in the Declaration of Independence that was one of the things our founders fought against was pretended legislation, that which doesn't exist or doesn't abide by law. We need to get away from that and get back to the roots that our founding fathers and the initial colonizers I don't like using that word so much, but the initial people who helped establish this nation under God, and in God we trust that we will be given the strength to restore it back to its constitutional principles. Because I'm not willing to let this fall to my children's fate. I'm willing to take it of the children. I mean, that's what adults do, is that we step in front of any threats. And so absolutely, the fight ends, is gonna end here with this generation. That's right. That is your liberty essential, people, is that we know our roots. If you don't, read about it, because if you don't know them, you don't know where you're going. We know where we came from. And until we get back to that, there is no substance of change that can be brought up to solve new issues, but rather the restoration and the old ways and principles that we used to govern by. And we can take care of all of this. So when we get to tomorrow and we all sit around a table, as is custom in America, and I think it's still custom in many families, to go around and name one thing that you give thanks for. And I tell you, I'm thankful for all of the brave men and the brave women that stood by them back in the early 1600s through the 1700s, through the Revolution, through the 1800s, the establishment of the states and the constitutions under God. the effort and even the blood that was shed, that we may be able to have our freedom to do what is right and the liberty to do what our law permits. How about you, Donna? Yeah, we always do that too, is go around the table and talk about what we're thankful for and say prayer. We all pray for, you know, and not asking for things, but just being thankful for America we have so much, and we have everything we need to right this nation from where we are. We talk about a lot of the problems here on Brandenburg News Network just because we're going to go through them and debunk this whole problem so that when we see the root cause of what's going on and what's wrong, we can put some boundaries up to those things that that have taken away those freedoms which God has given us by evil people with evil intentions. But the reality is, is that God is with us and will bless us and is blessing us when we turn to him and we follow his instruction. It's his sandbox, he made the rules. And just like a good parent, a good mom or a good dad, they will say, don't run out in front of the semi, right? But when we respect our parents and we have good parents that are looking after us, we realize there's reasons why they tell us not to do things or to do things, because they care about us personally. Rules that are just and godly are there for our benefit and for our protection, not just to be mean and say, you know, you hear just being mean and I have the right to do this. Yeah, you got a right to walk out in front of a semi too and be an idiot. But to pay attention to those things that are here to protect us is also, it's a smart move. So when I was in DC this week, I saw the Warbridge Memorial there with the horses on it. And it's all character traits. So like when we look at what do we desire and what are we thankful for. I am thankful for everything that God has blessed me with, and I know you are too. But more than that, I'm thankful for His guidance, and I can see it in my children, I can see it in your children, that they're developing the character traits and those things, those gifts of the Spirit for which valor, bravery, courage, courage to stand in the face of evil, to put up that good fight. And not just to be like a hoarding little troll, but actually giving to others and acting like the guardians of this nation, which we are appointed as, and the world. And that's a hard choice for a lot of people to make, is to make that shift from the material world into the spiritual world of those things that are everlasting and have true honor. That's right. The next generation that's currently being educated will be... By schools in the NEA and the MEA, which should be abolished because they do not as a communist think tank in order to indoctrinate the generations and take down this nation from within. Our next generation will be the next elected officials. And if we are not watching what they're doing, but instead allowing our job as parents to raise up our children, because we're the only ones tasked with that. If we are giving them up to the same problems that we as Americans talk about all the time in the education system, if we're willing to just give our children generation. Is it going to be better or worse? And I'm going to say it's not going to be better. It's not going to be worse. It's going to be horrific. A disaster going to happen. It's a disaster. Our next generation will curse us if we do not stand and put a stop to them. Well, they already are. I too, you know, and Bill is about 25, 30 years younger than me, so you could be my kid, right? And the thing is, is that, you know, and I was laughing because you and my oldest son are like, I can't believe how similar you are. We were laughing about that the other day. It down to and including the collection of musical, old musical instruments, which is But it is so shocking to me when people say, oh, that's just being a teenager. No, it's not. That's not being a teenager at all. That's a lack of parenting. And when I was in India adopting my youngest, it was really shocking to me because we had people coming up to us and asking us that were Indian Indian and they would ask us, well, about our other children, right? And it was just my oldest son and I that went there. It was just him and I and he was 11 at the time. So he was about as tall as I was, which is really funny. And they would they would ask about my, you know, our children. And I'm like that. And another couple that was adopting was there. And he said, yeah, I said, I've got a son who's like 28 years old. And they said, oh, he helps you. That was the automatic response was, oh, he helps you. And he goes, he helps me. What do you mean? He said, I'm lucky to see him about once every two months. And the people in India who don't have a pot to pee in, you know, basically very poor area. And it looked at us in absolute shock and said, what do you mean your children don't help you? He's like, it's lucky that we see them, you know, four times a year. He said, well, adopt me. And this guy was in his 20s. He said, I'll help you. He said, I would help you every day and stepped up to seeing people as human beings and being there to help each other. And this is something that I really struggle about. And I've been kind of annoyed all week because I heard some stupid excuses that I wouldn't for any more than that, for helping others. I've been listening to these stupid excuses all week for lack of a performance, because they're putting themselves in their little, I got to have this done in my life thing, instead of saving children. And I'm like, either you're in the fight or you're not. And to see the difference in cultures who are not as affluent as we are in America, who we tend to bunch of spoiled little children over here, quite honestly. You compare us to the rest of the world. You go to India, to the impoverished areas, and it's an eye-opener, I'm telling you, on what it means to have absolutely nothing. And think about the cobalt mines, where they are they're mining cobalt, mostly it's slave labor, and we, you know, off ours, these mines and sell the coal boat on the black market is a lot of the child slavery that's going on. It's the families that are standing together, trying to survive and their children are working with them. Now, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm going to tell you what, my dad had me in a gravel pit with no guards on any of the equipment. And we never questioned this. It's just like all the farm families around. The kids work with the parents. Is that sad? No, it's important. We are supposed to teach our children and you dump them off in these sad, pathetic indoctrination camps of school to sit there and learn nothing. They're learning nothing except for spitting back back the stupid answers on the MEEP test, which they take six weeks for why? For money for the school system, so that they can have more ridiculous programs that teach the kids absolutely nothing, and they come out of school and they can't balance a checkbook. They can't think. And to ask me, because I employ. The labor force is the pathetic labor force that's out there. I've got to be on my cell phone, I've got to worry about what bar I'm going to go to, and how many women or how many guys I can go to bed with in a weekend, and how much beer I can drink before Monday while I'm absolutely dead broke coming back to the job. Now, you tell me one person out there who's ever employed people, which nobody in the school to crank out more little clones like themselves who couldn't run a business if they had to or think their way out of anything. And the whole thing is a shame. But you know what, what's a great thing is to look at what we have here. And I'm pretty sure that the people that are on this channel that put up with my nonsense and calling things out for what it is, and you too, is that we have been given everything we need stand and take this nation back, as long as we're not going to lob out there some little half-wit, pathetic excuses for not making a five-minute call to rally the troops in order to take this nation back. And this goes right to the top. I don't care who you are. If we're not in this fight on all the time because we're in a war. They are killing our people and people across this nation. And if people don't get that figured out, that we are not only where our founding fathers are, it's worse because they have mechanical means to genocide millions and millions of us. And if we don't look back at what happened to the Bolshevik in the Bolshevik revolution, the tens of millions of people that were killed by starvation and just outright killed over there. We are right there. We have a chance right now, but it's going to take all of us to absolutely get in. And I mean, people need to be out there passing on this information on like, like, like we're, we're, we're giving out Tic Tacs in church, right? You know, and, and, and actually caring about the nation. We have so much to be grateful for right now, and we need to be educating our children, our neighbors, the people that we stand with, that we know, our friends, even people that may not like the message. But the message is that the rules and the guidance that God has given us, He's given us from some very horrific evils that exist in this world. And it's going to take us who are committed to God Almighty, not to say, you can't do this, you can't do this, you can't do this, to the world and try to set ourselves up as some sort of sages, the keepers of knowledge, but as a group of people committed to God to help, defend, serve, and step in wherever we're asked, without question, without conditions, to help those around us putting love and service first. I yield. That's right. We are tasked with the preservation of this Republic. Just as Benjamin Franklin said to the woman who asked him, what kind of government have you given us, he said, a Republic, ma'am, if you can keep it. And it is every one of our duties, not just in wishful thinking, not just in talking about the problems, but it's in every one of our duties to expose the deeds being done, the wicked deeds, and expose the darkness. And then once it's exposed, to do something about it. And that could just be as simple as educating those around you and helping them join in and do something about it with you. But if you see a problem, say something about it, first and foremost, and then come up with a solution. I think I've said it here before. I wear a pin, not on this jacket, but on another one, that says no whining. complaining about a situation without proposing a solution. And those people that are doing that are part of the problem, because a lot of times it's just demoralizing the people around them. And that's fifth generation warfare. That's a captured asset. If somebody is not actually working to do something, you are a liability to the team. That's right. Yeah, we don't raise our children here to be workers. We raise them to be thinkers. And that's one of the reasons why I wear that. It's not for my children's sake, but it's for the adults that I frequently speak to. I hear it more from adults than I do children. Children have their own way of what we as adults like to call whining, but that's because they don't know how to process that situation a lot of the times. They haven't had that experience by now. If you're in your, you know, if you're in your twenties, you should be able to problem solve anything. My opinion, if you're 12 years old, you should be able to problem solve just about anything that comes your way. But you get into thirties and forties and fifties, and there's no reason for that. There's no reason to just be complaining about something. We have the experience, we have the knowledge of our past. We know what needs to be done. You don't have the knowledge, you gotta self-educate. That's right. Every day. So, we in the US Taxpayers Party, we've been around since 1992. We've had candidates on the ballot since 1992, right? And how many people do we talk to that we bring up the US Taxpayers Party name or a candidate's name, and I get the response, well, I've never heard of you. That either tells me, one, you haven't voted since 1992, or two, you don't care enough to look around outside of the media's propaganda, and you're locked into this mentality that America is nothing more than two parties that oppose themselves, each set up under their own leaders, right? It's a cult. Yeah. Yep. I mean, it just clarifies the point. If you voted on a ballot, you have, your eyes have crossed over the U.S. taxpayers party name, all right, if you voted since 1992. Because it's been there the whole time. There's no excuse not to know. And I'll throw this out. When I come up to an election, I typically cross-check all candidates that are on a ballot. It doesn't matter party affiliation. I don't care about that anymore. Right. Neither. And really haven't. I've never I've never been affiliated with a party except the Constitution Party. And that's only because I wanted I wanted restoration. And I saw this as the avenue to do it, to get it done, even if it's just candidates. But it's so much more than that. We talk we do this show, for instance, and we get to know people and help them to understand the sheer necessity that it takes to get out of that mentality of this two-party system that doesn't exist. You had referenced the just and righteous laws. And there's a reason why laws are put in place, and that is not, like you said, to tell you not to do something all the time. It's not to set up this hierarchy of you can't do it but I can, but laws are put in place for the equal benefit of one another. And what we see instead of our elected, elected servants upholding the law like they're supposed to, that they are busy tearing down the laws that were setting up a lot of times nonsense. If you read through some of it. Self gain. And then they, they get their heads together, like the organized crime syndicate that they are to try to take more for themselves and enslave the population. And if you look at, you look at stuff behind the scenes, there's they're flat out Satanists. That this is, this is absolutely set itself against God in every single way. way. Yeah, they have set up this government hierarchy where us little peasants aren't allowed to do certain things while they get a free pass, right? It doesn't work that way. And like we talked about earlier, this is governance by consent of the governed. I know Don over the last three years, when they tried to pull this whole nonsense and mandates and executive orders and this fake legislation that they were running through that neither one of us complied. I mean, I own- We tried to get arrested. Yeah, there was actually a team. And they would arrest me. I was like, you know, come on, I mean, I gotta try harder in this. They wouldn't even arrest me because I'm like, I will not comply. So here's the hand, cuff it. And the cops laughed at me and I was like. But that is just the beginning stages of how to do something, if something is unjust, if something is immoral, or if it is just outside of the law, if it's lawless, don't comply with it. And that's how you initially put a stop to this madness. And it was said before, if you want to know how the Third Reich and the Nazis got the Jews to step into the train cars and look around, what happened here? What happened in America, what happened across the world three years ago. So it's clear that by sheer actually, it wasn't even forced. There were some businesses that would force it. But even the government now says that they didn't force anything, which is a lie, a bold faced lie. They did force it was it was coercion, extortion and racketeering and money laundering, all of it. fear that they imposed on the American people, whether fear of man and losing your job, fear of losing your house, fear of losing your income or social activities. I mean, anything you can imagine. We saw just about all of it over the last three years. And the amount of people that succumbed to that fear, even if it was just to comply a little bit out of convenience, that's not right. It is just not right. I think I told you a story when we were we were at the Capitol one time and Life me I can't remember the lady's name. It was one of the Not EPA come on now OSHA she works with a good organization, right? A lot doing how to do a good functional idiots that don't even know how to do a good inspection Yep, she works with them doing a lot of the filtration and such especially revolving disease and virus Containment and she was up there talking and everybody was rallying around while she was speaking, you know big hoorah talking about how we need to not comply with the mandates that were in place at the time, and especially regarding masks. And I mean, it was a half hour. It was a great presentation. And everybody was up in arms about it and, you know, hoorah and cheers and all this. And then the lunch truck came around and it was time for everybody to eat. And the rally kind of died down. And the majority of people I watched put a mask on and walked to the lunch truck. Like did we forget? were probably all political operatives that were infiltrating. And, you know, and then I would question every single one of their integrity at that point in time. Yeah, well, if they weren't a political operative, they were definitely ignorant of who they were, right? They were acting as if they belonged to some communist regime in China, abiding by their master instead of being an American and putting forth the effort and the fight necessary to put a stop to what they knew was wrong. So, anyway, the U.S. taxpayers party opposed all of that. We did. We put out, we made, we had flyers that we handed out to businesses that I've got copies of. We were at numerous different rallies, and we were anywhere somebody would have us speak, whether it be in Detroit, Lansing, up in the UP, we traveled all over the state. In fact we shut our business down every Friday just to be able to do that. Instead of working all week we took an extra Friday off every week and we devoted Fridays to to educating the people. The same thing we're still doing three years later. So we have we have meetings not only at some of our county levels monthly but we're going to be doing a big January meeting here in Kent County. Both Donna and I live in Kent County. And the party has, has asked us to put on the, the first big quarterly meeting. Did they ask? We actually volunteer that. I think we volunteered that. I don't think there was any asking there. Yeah, I'm not, I think we would have been asked had we not. That's besides the point. But, but this isn't just a big political business party meeting anymore. anymore. This is going to be education. This is going to be arming the Lord's people for doing his work, right? There will be some business involved. You'll get to see how the inside of a political party functions a little bit. If you've ever been to the Republican Party, you can throw that nonsense out. There will be no fighting, there will be no cooking, there will be no none of that stuff. to resemble what you've seen from the other parties. That's not how this operates. If you want to come and cause a big big commotion and and just be be divisive and cause division among the people on purpose, you can leave. If you don't want to leave, we'll help you. I'm all for that. But if you honestly want to come in and and learn and be part of something that stands for and not change that we talked about earlier, then I would invite you set aside January 27th. It'll be a couple of hours and I'm sure we'll probably have food and hang out for quite some time afterwards the way it usually goes. This is more fellowship. It's more fellowship than it is business. So again, that's January 27th. We'll have all the details up as we progress here. So yeah, so just so we're gonna let everybody have the progress report every day. So, Bill Vollin told me that I'm responsible for getting the venue and the speakers, which is good, because I've got a contact list that people would die to have access to, and I don't share my contacts with anybody. Somebody actually gives me a contact. I never share it with anybody else. It's like, that's a matter of trust for me. So, we're going to let you know every Wednesday how we're doing and where it's going to be and talk about it a little bit. And I think this is going to be a lot of fun. The meetings we have are really, really wonderful. I mean, it's more family than it is like the traditional political party system. And you notice it's more thoughtful. That's what I say. when I went into the Republican Party, see, I never had any affiliations with the Republican Party at all. When I ran as a Republican, I was asked to run having had no political affiliations because I hated all of them. A bunch of liars, cheats and thieves, and I'll say the same thing. I still stand on that, right? And then when I was illegally removed off the Republican ballot, I had already been asked previously to run on the Constitution So I said, do you still want me? We'll come over there. And yes, and that's kind of the way that it went. But I can tell you from being within the belly of the beast a little bit, and having a super power of being ornery and stubborn on stupidity and criminal behavior, the Constitution Party, the US Taxpayers Party, is a wonderful group of people who just want their country way it was intended to run. And it's under, I would say that the strongest characteristics, if I was going to say that the party has a characteristic, is protecting defent. And that is huge. It's those things that are character traits, they're spiritual traits. And that's something that has always impressed me. We have a nice time and we talk about all kinds And it's not about who's the new cult member who is going to be rising to the next position of power to build their audience, a cult of personality. It's what are we trying to accomplish here? And how are we going to accomplish it? To actually have those things that are virtuous and honest. And so it is a lot of fun. And I think we're going to have a great time. news, which will actually bring even more fun into the meeting that is about participation and just having a great time. So I get some naysayers once in a while that accuse the U.S. Taxpayers Party or the Constitution Party of merely wanting to subvert the Republicans and then take power over the Republican Party and do away with them, but that's okay. And that that's not what this is. That's not the, uh, the, the strategy. It's not the game plan here. Um, I'm willing to work with anybody from anywhere. If you stand on, uh, the same righteous principles, right. Our nation was founded on. Uh, once we deviate from that, then our, our connection is severed. Right. to prove ourselves in office, but we desire that once there, to propose proper legislation into eliminating the party design in Michigan. Because it's the divisive parties that are dividing the people politically. Absolutely. As long as there's division, a house divided against itself cannot stand. And we are watching the destruction of our own house, people. This is not- By the political parties and the monies that fund them. And I don't know if you saw my Monday episode, but we were talking about Betsy DeVos and Amway. They're sitting there, you know, flower child, let's talk about all the natural stuff that we do out there as they have a Pfizer plant, right off of their headquarters. Yeah. And they also- Yeah, that's how they do it. $22 million or something to back Pence against, to set him against President Trump. And it's like, it's like, which I will add is the rightful president of the United States, because you have to look at equal justice under law. It has to be lawful. And there was nothing done right the governance of this nation in a very long time. It's a very long time. Our elections are trash. They're not elections. They are choosing our choices of a limited choices of puppet one or puppet two that you can choose from. That's it. And they're all globalists to defend their power structure and their money flow. that I hope that people really wake up to that and say, you know what? God loves long shots. God loves odds when everybody thinks it's impossible because it shows His strength, not ours. And He can make anything happen. So you go with the right choice, regardless of what you think the outcome will be because then God will take it and will win. When the Ark of the Jordan River, which is a slow, which is a fast moving jungle river. And those priests were told to put their foot in, they were going to be six feet over their head. And it was instant death, carrying a gold laden ark, heavy, right? They're going to let, they're going to drop like a sinker, sinking for, or, you know, a sinker on a fishing line, right? They're They believed Him, and when they touched the water, God stopped the flow. And that's exactly what's going to happen with this nation when we decide to trust God and follow Him without conditions, but trusting God because He is good and righteous. PASTOR MIKE NOVOTNY Right, and if you notice, the priests, the waters were not stopped as they they stood on the banks But they had to get their feet wet before the water stopped They had to trust God and just jump in the jet Jordan River to their sudden death and God stopped it That's right The same the same happens with each one of us if we want if we want restoration if we desire what we say we desire truly You got to get your feet wet before you're gonna find the way to do it. All right. You have to get in the fight before you're going to figure it out. And running your, people running their mouths in these political, I'm, you know, I just call them bitching clubs. Cause that's what they do. I mean, they go in there. Echo chambers. What's that? Echo chambers. Yeah. It's like, and you know, look at the churches, look at the failing in the churches during this COVID. stood for nothing except for the money that they were going to get. And in fact, I know that the local school system, one of the administrators took $20,000 payoff personally to institute and keep the mask mandates going in the township. Yeah. Churches, you're supposed to be the light, the moral compass of society, right? You're supposed to bring the answers when there's a problem. That's our job. And watching all of them close, that hurt me. It honestly did. And I don't take credit for this, but the church that we were at at the point in time, I had said, if you close those doors, I'm not going to step foot here again. I've got better things to do than to sit around and cower about this. And that was one of the few churches churches across the state and across the nation that didn't close their doors. There was not one instance where we did. In fact, a little bit of a side note, that same place, there was a little bit of, I wouldn't call it fear, but there was a little bit of compliance. You can tell there were some people within there that wanted to comply as much as they could, right? that when we came back, somebody had taken all of our chairs, Donna, and they had moved them. They had moved the six, the rows six feet apart. Right. Well, a couple of us men showed up that Sunday and we looked at that said, no, no, no, we ain't tolerating this. It's all going right back. And it did. And it stayed that way the whole time. Right. It's that little bit of noncompliance. You know, Thomas Jefferson said a little bit of from time to time, right? And that is to show the powers that be, you're not going to mess with this. This is right, and we're going to make sure it happens. So... Well, and I'm going to bring this forward, okay, because I, because just because we have to do this, right? Is that, is it, dear God, please bring on the toxic masculinity that everybody's whining about protect and don't worry about hurting some little girls' feelings that have to go sit in a corner or little boys' feelings. They have to sit in the corner and sob about their safe space as we watch an invasion and usurpation of this nation. We're going to have to stand up and we're going to have to maybe hurt a few people's Because when people become captured assets, it's just like the brown shirts and the Nazis. Sorry, I think somebody should have hurt these little boys and fee wings over there that were in the brown shirts to stand up against this kind of tyranny, horrific usurpation and crimes of human rights like we've never seen. of complete and utter destruction, had it not been for the white hats that are stepping in here, and I mean that'll be anyone who stood up for this nation to do the right thing, we would be there already. If Hillary, the witch that she is, had been in place, we would have been gone and dead. And so I'm going to take a few seconds of quiet to remember November 23, 1963. he stood, they had to, of course, take him out because he stood against all these secret societies and those who are hidden in the shadow, the cowards, the parasites that sit in the shadows, that run around subverting this nation. And he stood against it and they took him out. And who took him out? CIA, who was at the top of that, and know, and anybody that stood with them. Anyone that stood with them, that stood against God's principles, they're going to end up facing God for that. And I pray for their souls. So anyhow, let's end it on a good note. Now Donna goes on, like I told you, I've been annoyed five minutes to save children because of blah, blah, blah. I don't really care. You know, for 14 months, I didn't see my husband, but 40, 55 days and 14 months running for governor, trying to write this stupid nation. It's a grass, stupid nation. It's a great nation, but the P the, the nation, you know, I did, I saw my husband 55 days and 14 months. So I don't want to hear any crying or sobbing out there about, uh, from people who can't give five minutes or an hour sitting in the comfy home of your house with your children, which I was not too. And there's many people like that out there that have given their life and their time for this. And it's our time to step up. And I was at Arlington this last weekend, are the cemetery, looking at the graves. And I asked the same question and made a state, but I use it as a statement from Saving Private Ryan, where he said, I hope it was worth it. And I made a statement while I was there is it's like with my last breath, I'm going to make sure that this was worth it. You know, even John Adams from the from the White House while he had said that, that a future generation, you'll never know how many pains it took to do that. And if they didn't keep it, if they didn't follow through with it, that he would even repent in heaven for half the pains that it took him to establish this nation. We are going to make it worth it. Yeah revelation 21 8 but the fearful and unbelieving Shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone Which is the second death the fearful and unbelieving the cowardice of people You're not gonna inherit the kingdom that we desire or that you desire if if you're gonna be fearful of man Yep, you got to have a little bit of a background here, or backbone here. So with that said, thanks, Bill. We're going to we're going to conclude today. And I'm going to bring my next guest on, which is which is going to I'm really kind of excited to talk to Ivan. OK, and I've talked to him a couple of times and such. And when I started really checking him out, because I check out people's backgrounds a little bit. And this guy is somebody that everybody wants to listen to because he's a lieutenant colonel Ivan Raiklin. and he was a Green Beret and he's a constitutional attorney, served 25 years in the DOD, Intel Special Operations Community, DTRA as an enlisted officer, civilian contractor on active duty and reserves, and National Guard across five states. He speaks like five different languages. And I mean, I like talking to smart people. I don't like talking to people that are stupid. So it's always fun for me to get somebody on who's actually in the game. And this is what I'm talking about. We honor people like him and those that have already given the ultimate sacrifice that were in Arlington by listening to these people, by standing, by setting that jaw, just like you saw General Flynn do, refusing to back down and, you know, and giving one inch to these people and standing for That's where we turn into the type of faith that was evident when the priest put their foot in that Jordan River. So, like I always told my kids when we were growing up, I'm like, jump in the Jordan and see God perform miracles, and He will. And, well, I'm proud to stand with you. I'm proud that we're friends and our families are friends. because you're so much alike, you're funny. So, but at any rate, thanks so much. And we'll be back on next Wednesday. And if you can pass the links on to, I did put it on our Telegram channel, as well as Facebook and Twitter for the US Taxpayers Party. And I'm gonna keep expanding this, you know, it's what called gaining skills every day, trying to figure this thing out and getting the word out there. But even five minutes, nobody gets a pass here. So go out there, let's do this. And we'll talk to you next week. Thank you. Thank you, Donna. ♫ Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. This is the second hour and it is the 22nd day of November, 2023. And just a reminder, this is the day that, the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. And I was at Arlington last weekend and I literally went to the JFK Memorial and I walked all the way around the Memorial. I had my camera and I'll be posting this on my Telegram channel. Today, I'm gonna go into that second day where I visited all the monuments and such. So if you wanna see the continued travel log on Washington, DC, go to at Brandenburg, the number four, MI on Telegram, and all the pictures will be there. It was a great experience. And, you know, say a prayer for President Kennedy's family. They have had some tremendous losses. I met Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a month and a half ago or so. And I had a lot, you know, it's like, we need to talk to everyone and just forget these stupid labels out there. Republicans, Democrats, it does not matter. Dare to be an American and think for yourself and listen to what they have to say because everybody has nuggets of truth in what they say or great ideas to fix things. And he's got some really good things that we can take. You know, I'm not looking for anybody to worship out there. I've got one I worship and that's Jesus Christ, God Almighty, that's it. But people that are out there, we listen to everyone, take their great ideas, and go, wow, he's really on to something here. But say a prayer for his family. And just that they took away a father, and they lost a grandfather, of course, at the time they weren't born. But there's so many of us out there that have a great reverence for this man, and it's a great time to remember. With that said, I want to bring on my next guest, and that is Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raecklin. Good morning. Let's see, you're muted. You got to unmute your microphone. Good morning. How are you doing? Good. How are you? Are we, is this okay? Do we have feedback? Everything okay? Yeah, I hear you just fine. Are you doing good? Yeah, I'm doing excellent. So I hear you were in Washington DC and you didn't even bother to contact me. You didn't call, you didn't write, you didn't come visit. I would have come out and given you the insider scoop tour had you contacted me, maybe next time. Well, that's cool. Well, you wanna know something? I didn't know that you were in Washington DC or that you were even gonna be there, or I certainly would have. You know, I didn't have the invite list to the golf course gathering, but it was truly a pleasure to see you there again. And there was so many people, you know, I typically would rather talk to people that work behind the scenes that aren't looking for credit, which you are one of them. And there were many people there that, you know, I'm kind of adverse to the camera whores that are out there, because I like the people that are working behind the scenes are the ones we really want to talk to. And it was a pleasure to see you again, and I was very, there actually. Yeah, it was a pleasant surprise to see you there. To be honest though, right after the event I actually had to fly up to Vermont for the weekend, so I was doing a, they had their biannual GOP convention, so I had the ability to communicate with some folks there and hopefully we can get them from a super minority into a veto-proof minority, if you will. not taking credit for what he's doing, which I find charming and a very proud thing to do. So I've got your website up here,, and you've got some wonderful pictures of your service. Yeah, I think, to be honest, the most proud that I am, so a lot of people do different introductions and bios of me. The one that I'm most proud of is one that I just sent you, and it's related to, even to illegal election is what they had to do to solidify that election on January 6th. So hopefully we'll go into maybe both of those components depending on how much time we have here today. Hey, you know what? I just keep the camera rolling. If I've got somebody on, it's like, I got kicked off of YouTube and I've been kicked off of everything. I think it's pronounced commie tube, if I'm not mistaken. That's good. That's why I created this. And it's like, I have a little tech company. When they gave me problems last time I'm like fine We're just gonna make him irrelevant and let's just make a replacement for it. And that's where Brandenburg News Network It came from so nobody censors here unless it's me and I don't censor unless right So it's BNN so B is before C So Brandenburg Network is definitely better than Commie News Network. There you go. That's the best news network How's that? We'll call it So anyhow, yeah, I've got your presentation up here and I'm just gonna pull it up. This is what I have here I don't know if you can see it backstage here, but let's go to this and So there you go, yeah, if you want to play it and we can basically step through it Let me tee it up. Essentially for those that don't know who I am. I am Basically been in the last 20 quarter of a century. I've been in different capacities in the national security arena I have a little bit of insight, experience, knowledge, network, and I guess, yeah, I'd say network of individuals that I can tap into to do a pretty thorough investigation on really any subject, particularly as it applies to our U.S. government exposing government corruption. Now, having said that, I took it upon myself when I observed the illegal election to do a deep dive and try to figure out who's who in the zoo and who's doing it and how do we remedy it. One of those components like I said earlier was the Fed's erection, right? Yep, so the reason why I spent so much time on trying to uncover what happened that day is because I feel somewhat Had a fairly I didn't realize it until later and probably not until the last couple months that I realized what I had done through my First Amendment communications publicly on my social media platforms was probably the instigation for Nancy Pelosi and the Article 1 branch of government, meaning the legislature, to concoct a plan to conduct a fedsurrection to counter what I had recommended to Kevin McCarthy and Mike Pence's chief of staff to do on January 6th. When they caught wind of that, that's when they had to do that intentional facilitated breach into the Capitol so that there would not be a re-election of Trump. And it would have been done through a normal procedural process that hadn't been tested before, but the law did not bar it from occurring. And that would have been specifically on January 6th for McCarthy to vote one state, one vote by delegation during the objection period. And then when the House reconvened with the Senate, it would have been up to agree with Kevin McCarthy's legal analysis in giving that style of vote the path forward to object to Arizona versus accepting the one-person, one-vote construct that Nancy Pelosi would have used. And again, in no way, shape, or form was it advocating for Pence to unilaterally make that decision. It would have required McCarthy to propose it, the entire House to accept it, and then Mike Pence would have had to been presented with that to determine that tie break as the presiding officer. And then in no way, shape, or form did it advocate that any of the electors that were transmitted to Congress, whether it was the Republican or Democrat ones, I argued that none of them were legitimate. And really the only, there were several ways to remedy that. the electoral context stated that if by the fourth Wednesday the presiding officer of the vice the president of the senate pence did not receive constitutionally viable slates of electors then it was incumbent on him to send a demand letter to the various states to include michigan to essentially demand that they either one hold a new election according to the state's election law and not tainted by covid procedural illegalities that would have been one option and based on that outcome to transmit electors accordingly, commensurate with the state law, which would have then not violated the federal constitutions, article two, section one, clause two, two, to abstain from sending any electors because it was so marred with illegalities, right, the election, or in order to save that state's money. And then option three,, you would have had the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate convene a joint session of both bodies without the necessary request by the governor because that's not listed in the Constitution as an authority that has the plenary power to allocate its electors for the state. So then that joint session of the body would have convened, held a vote, and then they would have deliberated and transmit on behalf of Michigan. I never argued that there was a mandatory outcome. It was a process in order to correct the underlying illegally conducted election in not only Michigan and not only the six contested states. I mean, this process now we're finding out could have been really conducted in 39 of the 50 states because 39 states conducted their elections protocols and measures changes right to the electoral system that would have violated that state's election law. But since only six were contested I guess you can argue that it would have been appropriate to only apply that to those six contested states. And when I presented that to McCarthy he had received that directly I sent that to him and also Mike Pence's chief of staff and several other folks within I guess the ecosystem that you and I all know that were questioned by the j6 committee Well I I have always said that I have never directly Communicated with president trump nor has he directly communicated with me in any Form or media, okay but there is one caveat to that that I have put out things on twitter and to ask him and the people around him, I had been retweeted at least three times. And one of those times was, and again, it wasn't due to anything other than me publicly making First Amendment statements online, right? And one of those was known as the famous tweet, Operation Pence Card. And that was posted on December 22nd. It was directed at Mike Pence. real Donald Trump, and in that it included an attached memorandum to the tweet where it basically laid out Mike Pence's role and obligation under the electoral contact back in December. So that was Operation Pence Card, I guess, one if you call it, which had nothing to do with roles, responsibilities, and actions for January 6th. under I think title 3 at this point I'd have to remember section 12 that lists the you know the electoral college process you know you had the December 8th the December 14th you had the safe harbor stuff but then in December 23rd which really no one else had communicated and advocated and I highlighted that through this tweet and next thing you know President Trump retweets it and then now a lot of people confound the Pence card theory to other folks' analysis that came later, you know, much bigger influencers that were trying to equate that analysis to January 6th, which they had nothing to do with each other. And I think John Eastman also was in that mix of people trying to take that analysis and applying to January 6th, which his analysis is different than mine. I won't really comment on it other than to say that it His, from what I could tell, is a sound argument to be made, also untested, definitely not an activity that would warrant any sort of criminal persecution or prosecution, just a theory that was, he attempted to test it. And I think that the theory put out in December was the cleaner one. It was more specifically tethered to the electoral contact to afford the states an opportunity remedy their underlying illegally transmitted electors, basically all of them. And then by January 6th, the second component that I'm talking about is the communication that I had with McCarthy and Mike Pence's chief of staff, Mark Short, to essentially have them vote one state, one vote, and imagine that happens. The construct is different. So back on January 6th, you had 222 Democrats out of 435, at that time it was 434 members of Congress. And so if you would have voted one person, one vote, then the Democrats would have not objected to Arizona and the other states. But if you ran the electoral or the objection process by state, there were at that time, 27 state delegations that were Republican, 20 state delegations that were majority Democrat, and three that were tied up. So for example, just to one of the first states, right? and so when Alabama is addressed before the joint session and If they I should say if they were to vote under this sequence you have six members of the delegation from Alabama on the house side that are So, in the internal deliberation of that delegation of members of Congress that are from the state of Arizona, they would have had that internal vote, and if everyone voted by party, it would have been a 6-1 to vote so that the state of Alabama allocates its vote for the Republican nominee for president. to 20 to 3 component and I think I may have been one of the few people that really went into this level of detail and the basis from which I bring this theory analysis is that when you look at both the electoral count act and you specifically look at language that it discusses about how the objections are supposed to take place there is no requirement or language that says you in the House or one state one vote in the House. Same applies to the Senate, right? Now, the only place that talks about how you vote during a joint session is found in the US Constitution's 12th Amendment and it only talks about a time where there's a contingent election when no one has sufficient votes to have the majority of the Electoral College votes. Well, you can well, this is not one of those situations. But in the absence of any guidance from the 12th Amendment or the electoral contact, it really rests on the House body to make the decision on how it's going to vote, right? That's the gap in the law, if you will. And so I argue that because there is no stipulation, there's no requirement to vote one person, one vote, the only guidance we have is under a contested election, then you apply that analysis to say that it is a contested election and the state of Arizona is one of those states that is contested, so let's vote by state delegation on the objection. And if everyone votes by party, that means Arizona's 11 electoral votes are not counted as part of the Electoral College votes. No one gets them. well it was definitely Pennsylvania and then by then if you have two hours of debate and discussion that's shown to the whole world on C-SPAN uncensored I think by that time you would then have also Wisconsin because it's in alphabetical order. I argued at that point we would have probably had definitely would have had enough votes under this construct for Arizona and Pennsylvania and that would have secured the necessary 270 electoral votes to secure the presidency legitimately, and that would have triggered the overall 12th Amendment contingent election. And once again, if everyone voted by party, the House votes for the president, and the Senate votes for the vice president. would have voted for Trump to be the president, 20, right, that wouldn't have, would have voted for Biden, and then three would have been tied up. Either way, it was a majority for the Republican nominee. And on the House side, you would have had 52. On that day, you still had Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, two senators from Georgia, 48 Democrats which would have at that point likely then voted Mike Pence to secure that second term so understanding the context in the run-up to this and that argument and it was conveyed to the appropriate two individuals to implement I Didn't also communicate. I didn't just communicate it to them without Broadcasting this publicly I was going on as many podcasts as I could publicly explaining that this is a path that needs to be looked at and implemented because there's a it's I get it it's untested it's never been done before but it's not illegal and so I said what we already know let's go through the process it wouldn't be a unilateral decision it's a fairly logical rational process and when I argued that publicly one met publicly, one individual asked me, I think it was Praying Medic on a podcast. Have you heard of him, Praying Medic? I've met him. Excellent. So, and I need to pull out this clip because I think this is, historically speaking, this is probably a seminal moment that we're going to have to analyze further to determine whether or not this was the moment when Nancy Pelosi and her progeny decided to plan and execute a feds direction and this is this is what he asked me is this in your presentation or would you like me pull no no we can pull that up right after I say this is last comment so praying medic asked me remember he said you know Trump just tweeted out that it's gonna be wild right on January 6th and he said what do you think that means well I said well putting my you know my constitutional if you will, could take within the frame of the Constitution as I understand it to then make something favorable to their side, right? So on one side I said the because the joint session is hosted in the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House is essentially judge, jury, executioner, and controls the law enforcement component of the House body, right? When everybody's there and this is this is all laid out in title two of the United States Code for people who want to take a look the Capitol Police, the Capitol Police Board, the sergeants-at-arms, how that all construct looks like. I won't go into the details. Now having said that if Nancy Pelosi wants to exercise and exert her maximal authority and power then she would look over to her sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving and say hey Paul it looks like McCarthy's gonna do the one-state Pence is going to agree to that. We can't have that because Trump will be re-elected. We have to stop that from happening. One way of stopping that from happening is to kick out the U.S. Senate and the Senators from the joint session to stop it from taking place. Or, we kick out the members of the House because, as Speaker that, well, that's a clear violation of the 12th Amendment if the Speaker of the House does that. Because the Constitution specifically says that it takes place on January 6th at 1pm, right? And then this whole process occurs, and when you look at the Electoral Count Act, she's obviously, if she does that with the Sergeant-at-Arms, is a violation. to make sure she conducts the joint session appropriately according to the law and doesn't violate it. Well, then it would rest on the executive branch to deploy assets to make sure that the joint session does take place. Meaning, it would come in the form of law enforcement and capable executive branch actors such as, I don't know, the DC National Guard, the military, the DOJ, DOJ, the DHS, right? Whatever assets were deemed appropriate by the commander-in-chief on that day to make sure that a joint session took place peacefully, safely, legally, morally, and ethically. And when you look at the Constitution, and at that time, it's basically a matchup between the executive branch and the law enforcement entity of the legislative branch to make sure that the legislature is performing its duties under the 12th amendment. That's what I said it could get wild. So you can imagine what that means, right? It means physical enforcement of the 12th amendment by the executive branch. Now, best-case scenario, if you're Nancy Pelosi, she may have said oh I was said that it would Make sure that there was a proper vote Now if mike pence and forcing the law is what it is, it's not it that's exactly what it was She was afraid that he was going to follow the law And so in essence, I hate to say it this way. It doesn't sound humble. Unfortunately, I Whatever fortunately, unfortunately connective tissue and they all know that this theory could possibly be implemented rightfully or wrongfully, then what did Nancy Pelosi do? I'm going to step you through my theory, and it's increasing by the moment in terms of confidence and likelihood, that this was specifically a fedsurrection by Nancy Pelosi that incorporated JPS John Sullivan as well as their teams coupled with Yogananda Pittman the head of Intel and interagency coordination division at US Capitol Police To coordinate with DC Metro and other federal actors to make sure That there was a breach of the Capitol so that the country went from oh my gosh This could be a re-election of Trump to this was an insurrection will help kind of explain with the specific individual actors that I suspect were involved in the feds erection that are members of the Legislative branch the Capitol Police Board and senior officials at the US Capitol Police Wow, this is amazing. So I've tried to hit the play button and it's not gonna play So we're gonna go ahead and just go through each slide at a time here real people, four real people at the kitchen table. So you get what you get here. Okay, so I travel throughout the country. Anybody that wants to come out and explain this in detail and do a Q&A, I am open to traveling anywhere, anytime, anyplace, particularly in the RINO states. You want to come to the U.S. Taxpayers Party January 27th. We're at. In Michigan here, we're hosting a meeting here, and I'm responsible for getting the speakers. one issue, I've got two of them, is child trafficking and the elections. If we don't have, and not necessarily in that order, just procedurally, maybe in your heart it is, but we cannot have this country work the way it's supposed to if we do not have free and fair elections. And we don't. They're a sham, it's a lie, it's an illusion. And so, yeah, absolutely. that as an invite and I'm going to respond to that invite with a resounding yes if I don't have anything on the plate that day. What day? We got, okay, just on our Liberty Essentials for Michigan, we have a speaker and it is Ivan, which is January 20th. I think it's the 27th, actually. It was January 27th. Oh, 27th. 27th or 28th. I've got to confirm the date, but I will text you soon. If it's on the 27th, I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska. If it's on the 28th. Sunday? I have to look this up. Okay. Well, it would have to be Saturday, wouldn't it? Let me give you the date and we'll do this the right way, okay? Okay. So, I guess this slide here, it's kind of a one-minute clip that summarizes where I stand on things where I'm not gonna allow them to try to intimidate and come after us and tell us lies. that ♫ They wanna kick me out the socials All because I get a little too vocal Middle finger to the crooks in the oval The revolution is sparked and going global Always been the one to speak my raw thoughts And if you got a problem with it then y'all soft I can't be bought off, I can't be called off If you think that I'm the crazy one then y'all lost Just blind to the narrative, lies and corruption And now they looking at me like I'm a disruption Think for myself, never mind your assumption Your assumption watching the slide the climate destruction That's awesome All right, so that tweet at the very end Essentially lays out. That was the tweet that I put out that probably got me lie brian not in the supervisory intelligence analyst at the foreign influence task force along with his boss laura demlo to coordinate with the fb live field office elvis chan and joe piazza the third to communicate with twitter one point oh star number two lawyer jim baker who was previously the general counsel at the f b lie to go ahead and suspend my account and what was on that week I wish we could have that still up there, but it bottom line it says You might it'll have to go a cycle through again. So let's not do that It says that we the people do not accept the 2020 election until the six contested states legislatures holds a roll call vote on allocation of their electors Done Now is that kind of peaceful and patriotic language? Yeah, well, yeah, yeah, I would I would not say that's hate speech in in any way shape or form I would it sounds to me like they're still protecting there They're still protecting their little power structure there and yeah anybody in the in the typical Marxist way silencing anything that would even question Yes, so that is the it that's when they they weaponized me against them. Like, wait, wait, you're going to violate my First Amendment? Game on. Don't you love it when somebody kicks you? They kick you and you're just like, you just, it's like spring action to the arm and it's going to come out harder when they do something. Yeah, you noticed how I named individual names that committed the censorship, right? Well, it took me a while to piecemeal that together, right? I absolutely love it. You know, we have to call people out when they're doing things because you don't, you, you. Cause these are bureaucrats in the system that are going beyond the authority that we granted them, right? Right. Like, like almost all of them right now. I'll say except one, just to save myself from legal problems cause I'm on with an attorney right now. Okay. So let's take a look at the slides. Let's bring up the second one. Like I said, I can't get it to play for whatever reason. So we're just going to- No, we can still see it though. So basically the next few slides, the rest of what I'm going to discuss is for people to understand that everything related to January 6th goes all the way back to the cap, the leadership of the legislative branch, which is two people, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. And then from there, it's essentially a Capitol Police Board, which you can see there that are, it's not circled, but the little shape around those three individuals are the three voting members of the Capitol Police Board. And then the one underneath is the fourth member of the Capitol Police Board, which is not a voting member. So let's step that through on what the construct of the Capitol Police Board looks like. So you can, I can kind of take you with me in this journey to understand how they conducted January 6th and how they covered it up. And then last thing I'm going to talk about if we have a little bit of time is Okay Perfect then the third component is how do we expose it and create consequences? And then how do I become the secretary of retribution? For those individuals that were involved. Okay. No, don't feel rushed take your time because this is too important for this nation and anybody that's out there needs to just go ahead and And sit here and listen to this so that you are educated on exactly what happened This is what we do to when we have somebody that's willing to educate us as we have to put in the time To honor them with what they're bringing forward. So you got as much time as you want. Perfect So yeah, I'm trying to synthesize in an hour maybe an hour and change You can go about 10,000 hours of research Okay, so what I'm laying out is based on extrapolating the law, which is Title II of the United States Code, talks about the construct of the Capitol Police, the Capitol Police Board, who appoints whom, and then I'm going to match titles and offices with actual named office holders, and you can see them with the pictures here. So let's take a look on January. You see on the top right, it talks about the date, and it's going to change as we progress to today in the subsequent slides. But January 6th, this was how the Capitol Police board and leadership looked like on that day. You had Nancy Pelosi as the speaker who had appointed Paul Irving as the House Sergeant at Arms during her tenure. Now, the other two photos to the left of Pelosi means that that same Sergeant at Arms also served as the Sergeant at Arms for the previous two speakers of the House. 1. Paul Ryan, 2. John Boehner. As a side note, those three individuals, Pelosi, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner are known publicly vocal, complete, anti-Trump politicians. Just for context. For everybody to know, realize that you're looking at two different political parties being Which is the uniparty? So right so pelosi being the china first democrat paul ryan and john boehner being china first republicans Yeah, exactly so Another data point there Specifically as it applies to those two paul ryan and john boehner in 2022 before the primary in wyoming They were out there campaigning Aggressively in support of liz cheney, okay Okay Again, they were aggressively supporting Liz Cheney So remember that as we later discuss the j6 cover-up committee The Mike Pence j6 cover-up committee is how I pronounce it Other people pronounce it as the unselect committee and they pronounce it as the j6 select committee Okay So the Mike Pence j6 cover-up committee headed up by what he would was thinking was going to be his running mate Liz Cheney, but that kind of didn't work out for him And and like let's just go back to and funded by the Devoss is in the state of Michigan who put up twenty two million dollars for pants, you know, we're gonna get into that I'm gonna tailor this to Michigan since we're talking to Michigan's shadow governor here Miss Brandenburg. Okay now now that we set the frame there You to agree with me on an assumption that i'm making so that what I laid out is factual the assumption that I make uh Downstream from this is because I don't have the cell phone records the email records the direct messages on twitter Or any other social media platform between those four individuals on the left I can assume that because the he that irving was the sergeant at arms for those three They probably still communicate with each other. Would that be a strong assumption? assumption? I would think that's probably a very accurate assumption. And then would it be even a stronger assumption for them to communicate with Paul Irving specifically on a seminal date like January 6th? Would that be an assumption that could be made? I would think that it would be a logical assumption. Okay, so then if you agree with me on that, I am going to make of the J6 committee that was authorized by Pelosi, the one I'm talking about, in that hearing it was exposed by the Uniparty in that hearing that Paul Ryan was contacting Mike Pence's Chief of Staff Mark Short. And in that, Mark Short said that Paul Ryan told him that Mike Pence does not have any greater authority, meaning he can't defend the Constitution as described by Ivan Reiklin. Right? What I just talked about over the level of basically the last 30 minutes. And he also said that he was gonna have a conversation with Mike, meaning Mike Pence. That's according to Mark Short, Mike Pence's chief of staff. And so if he's communicating with Mark Short and mike pence i'm making it even even stronger assumption that Paul ryan is probably also communicating with his previous sergeant at arms and the conversation probably sounds something like Hey paul irving This is paul ryan Remember me? Yes, I do Guess what if you forgot mr. Irving? This is paul ryan who now serves on the board of phone news So, all I ask you to do, Mr. Irving, is to follow Nancy Pelosi's lead, and whatever happens, I will provide you top cover from my perch at Faux News, so that if anything is disclosed that will expose your involvement in what Nancy Pelosi is about to do, we're not going to cover it. crew because the political ecosystem in terms of the information landscape in America up to that point you would agree was primarily within the control of FO news, Commie News Network, and MSDNC and then ancillary folks like Washington Slimes, excuse me, Washington Compost and New York Slimes, Nancy Pelosi is protecting her sergeant-at-arms from being exposed by the left side of the mainstream media, and you have Paul Ryan protecting you from the right side of the mainstream media, you pretty much have top cover, and you're basically de-risking Paul Irving by allowing him to facilitate Nancy Pelosi's fed-surrection. I'm gonna pause there. Let that marinate You see how the relationships are important. Yeah. Yeah. Now, how do we prove beyond a reasonable doubt what I am assessing? Well, why don't you pull Paul Irving's? Everything records all social media. How about we pull Nancy Pelosi's? Everything Paul Ryan Paul John Boehner right and then let's go a step further and say why don't we pull all the records of nancy pelosi's daughter alexandra Who was on the capitol grounds that day standing side by side with her as she was doing her? Documentary running her camera Yeah Yeah, and I want to see I want to see what if she was running her mouth on on the different On her phone, etc. And nancy pelosi's son-in-law outside of the Capitol, the same Michael Voss that was at the JW Marriott Hotel lobby the day prior, at the same time that John Sullivan was at the JW Marriott Hotel the day prior. Yes, I can prove to you that John Sullivan was at that hotel with Nancy Pelosi's son-in-law. By the way, before I continue, John Sullivan being the Antifa BLM kid from Utah that was just convicted on all counts last week and I happened to have three-hour discussion with him at the cafeteria in the DC courthouse as he was waiting for his verdict and he showed me his map trace of where he was on January 5th and lo and behold at first he said no I wasn't in the lobby at that time no I don't know Michael Voss Nancy Pelosi son-in-law in fact he said I don't know anything about any I've heard of he says is uh, donald trump. Okay, great It's uh, I believe you but show me and so he showed me a map trace thinking that the map trace wouldn't show him at The jw marriott hotel lob hotel and lo and behold at the same time that my other two sources claimed to see Michael voss and john sullivan at the lobby there He shows me that he is there So the smirk on your face at that moment in time um It was more of a intriguing little buddy intriguing You just kind of confirmed what my other two sources Mentioned to me, but anyway, let's for helping us prove your criminality So I mean, well, I mean, it's not a hundred percent, but it does it definitely shows that the he was there now We have to get the oversight subcommittee on house administration congressman Barry Loudermilk to subpoena Sullivan's records to subpoena Michael Voss's records to subpoena the footage of the hotel lobby right from that day To subpoena all of that. Okay, so let's go back to that slide If that's now the audience sees this right yeah, okay perfect Let's keep that up there because I think it's uh, it's really important for people to kind of digest this So we only covered the left side and I get it as we go I just want to set the stage for this first component of the Capitol Police Board. So that's your Paul Irving. Now let's go to the right side of this where it's Senator Mitch McConnell who on January 6th was the Senate Majority Leader. Well who is his Senate Sergeant at Arms? It's Michael Stenger. Keep in mind that within days after January 6th both Paul Irving was told hey you need resign and go retire in I don't know Tampa, Florida area of which you're from and We'll we're gonna provide you top cover as I kind of explained and on the Senate side same thing Michael Stenger within a couple days was retired and then later in June before a Hearing was going to take place where he was going to bring forth new information The day prior just like happened to Tucker right the day prior Michael Stenger Michael Stenger ceased to exist. He passed away Intriguing, huh So Michael Stenger dies now What about let's take a look at the middle you have the architect of the Capitol is appointed by the president and Confirmed by the Senate. That's what you're seeing there. So President Trump was the one that could appointed Brett Blanton and Mitch McConnell through his Senate confirmed that appointment. Okay, those are the three members of the Capitol Police Board. Another component to understand about the Capitol Police Board is that the sergeant-at-arms is the chairman of the Capitol Police Board, meaning like the the one that has more And it's a rotating basis annually and it switches from house sergeant-at-arms one year to the Senate sergeant-at-arms another year and this is probably because you have you know, Congress is essentially a biannual Entity because every two years the house's changes. So that's how they split up the responsibilities evenly between the two Okay, so this year Well at this time I should say in In 2023, the Sergeant-at-Arms from the Senate is the Chair of the Capitol Police Board. And then so in 2022, it was the House Sergeant-at-Arms, which would have been Pelosi, right? And then the year before that, it was 2021, it was the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms under Schumer that was the Chairman of the Capitol Police Board has in bit has been in whose control Schumer Pelosi Schumer you see how this insider baseball cover-up game goes. Wow. Is this starting to make sense? Yeah Okay, let's keep going. I like that smile Remember all this stuff that I'm putting together is based on the legal framework and then publicly available information because guess what? because guess what? You cannot FOIA anything about the Capitol Police Board, the Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader, nothing. So what does it require? A little sleuthing and talking to people every day I'm in the Capitol as I bump into, oh, I don't know, U.S. Capitol Police Officer this, Sergeant at Arms Officer that, Senate Sergeant at Arms Officer this, as I start to build the I'm putting out. All right. So Speaking of what about the person at oh one more thing about Brett Blanton. I Guess I'll wait till later the later slide Let's go down to Steve Sund. Did you ever hear about chief Steven Sund when you watched Tucker on X? interviewing him Donna I didn't watch it. I highly recommend watching that interview. Okay now now Let me explain something This may be the debut time that i'm talking about this since you're giving me so much time You got as much time as you want. You just keep going Chief stephen sund Was resigned as well by The pelosi schumer syndicate on january 8th, right? Or seventh or eighth. I think it is And what happened? He was replaced by by the assistant Capitol Police chief by the name of Yogananda Pittman. This is a name that everybody needs to memorize. Yogananda Pittman. She is one of the three key figures in the Capitol Police and Capitol Police Board and persecuting politically every single J6 defendant before it even got into the hands of the DOJ, FBI, and the US Attorney's Office. And I'll explain how that looks. So, remember, the Capitol Police is an entity that is to control and conduct law enforcement in the Senate, on the Capitol Police Grounds, and an extended jurisdiction zone that is concurrently maintained. One extended jurisdiction zone outside of the Capitol to the south, east, north, and slightly to the west is concurrently with DC Metropolitan Police Department. The other extended jurisdiction zone, I should have included a map of what that looks like. I do have a slide, but I don't have it here right now. The other extended jurisdiction zone from reading Title 2 of the US Code is concurrently with the Department of Interior Park Police, which is west of the Capitol on the National Mall area. So those are the US Capitol Police, there is an office called the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division. You would think that the head of that would be the one that facilitates and coordinates the interagency, right? Because that's in the title. And then secondly, because they're the Intel and Interagency Coordination Division, that they do not only with the intel agencies and law enforcement adjacent to them, but also they're the ones that provide intelligence on threats to the Capitol, threats to members of Congress, etc. in coordination with the chief of Capitol Police and the sergeants at arms. Wouldn't you think that that's the case? Well, it is. Okay, so then it begs the question, who heads up the Intel and Interagency Coordination Division at U.S. Capitol Police on January 6th. A gal by the name of Yogananda Pittman. Okay. Another person that I want to introduce is all the way at the bottom there in little small print, Thomas De DOJ. And then later on Chief Stephen Sund appoints him to be the general counsel. I have to find out the circumstances under which the appointment was made, but having said that, the general counsel at the US Capitol Police, Thomas Tobias, also known as Tad Tobias, and by the way his body guy The no B-o-d-y G-u-y Okay, so you can follow along on what he says publicly and I would love to see his direct messages. Mr Musk, please provide that to us publicly, you know, just release it out there by the way release all these guys's direct messages now having said that Mr. Tobias Officer of everybody here that you see in the Capitol Police and above architecture That was there before January 6th on January 6th after January 6th and remains in his position to this very day That is the second most important person if not the most important person on who decided who got 6th and how much they would be criminally charged as he and Yogananda Pittman and then later on the later Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger, those three individuals in the collective decided who would get criminalized, how much they would get criminalized, who would not get criminalized, and who would get protected. And by the way it's the same Tobias that's making the decisions Capital Police Chief Thomas Manger, the third person I want you to memorize, they're the ones that decided that, you know what, that insurrection that happened in the Cannon Building in October, no one's going to get criminalized because they have the discretion to do that. And why do you think that they're doing it? It's because, let's scroll down to the next slide, It just steps through January 8th with the Capitol Police Board look like that's when yoga Nanda Pittman came into play as the acting Capitol Police chief Remember I talked about her. So she's right down there. So she's the acting Capitol Police chief okay on January 8th and every single J6 er that was arrested Charges were done on them. It's because of the cut the the uh, paperwork that was filed and signed off by the general counsel and Yogananda Pittman from the time that she was acting capital police chief January 8th through July 23rd of 2021. Okay, and during that period of time if you recall her very own intel and interagency coordination division that she was a part of before she became acting capital police chief was what? They were scrubbing, they created a new capability to scrub everybody's social media to see who they were communicating with within Congress, particularly those communicating with the Freedom Caucus so that they could build the case and essentially make it look like a criminal endeavor in the court of public opinion through Nancy Pelosi's contacts with I'm sure Paul Ryan had a play in that too, separately from that, so that every J6-er would be listed and labeled as the worst American in the history of humanity. That's how they built the case through the IICD. Now again, I don't have the evidence to 100% support this. It's based on extrapolating and making assumptions from Seeing what they did to oh, I don't know Congressman troy nels his office was raided by the capitol police Meanwhile, he caught it and luckily he had a intrepid intern that basically called that out that they were trying to Essentially go into troy nels's office. Why troy nels because he was the lead member of congress that was trying to do a separate investigation into As I'm laying it out right now See how things work out and then also anybody that was Communicating with maybe a Paul Gosar or an Andy Biggs. You kind of get the sense here, right? Yeah That's what they did internally to weaponize against their very own so let's fast forward and take a look at the timeline progression of the Capitol Police Board and The senior leaders of Capitol Police to the next slide January 10th, 2023. So what happens in that interim period? Well, I didn't mention the one previous slide is that on January 23rd, excuse me, July 23rd of 2021, and it's not here, but I'm gonna explain. So from January 8th to July 23rd, Ms. Pittman was the acting police chief. And then on July 23rd of 2021, That was remember when Pelosi was the speaker and Schumer Was the majority leader they had to that point already? And in the bigger version of this PowerPoint goes into all those details. This is just a short one they They appointed their sergeant at arms. So it was Pelosi sergeant at arms and Schumer sergeant at arms that ended up voting in the next Capitol Police chief to replace Yogananda Pittman and his name Thomas Manger. But one thing to note is you have to ask the question where did Yogananda Pittman go after she was replaced? She went back to being the head of Intel and Interagency Coordination Division to continue this persecution and political weaponization against every single person that was in a position to expose the fed's erection, members of Congress, etc. And then also, to make sure that the CCTV footage that was provided to the DOJ along with the criminal referral, along with the coerced, manipulated, Capitol Police officer So let me explain what an impact statement is So I'm hearing from insider whistleblowers that Yogananda Pittman and now Thomas manger basically Approached Capitol Police officers that were in the vicinity of the political J6 target that they were trying to go after and to ask that Capitol Police officer to sign an impact statement Saying that that j6 defendant was threatening Basically using language so that they can increase the charges Meanwhile, the facts would not support that and the reason why they did that is because had they not Pittman and manger told them according to my whistleblower informants They would lose their jobs if they did not Sign the impact statement that Thomas Tobias along with Pittman and manger then used with the manipulated curated CCTV footage that only included inculpatory looking video and not provide exculpatory video in the evidentiary package before it went over to the Department of Justice for prosecution. This is the most important thing that I think I'll say to everybody and family members. Your problems do not start with the FBI, do not start with the DOJ, do not start with the judge or the jury. It starts with the three individuals that I just mentioned, depending on the dates of which you were criminalized. Tobias, Pittman, Manger, okay? Those are the three. And their decision-making, those three's decision-making is influenced wholeheartedly by the political leadership of the legislative branch. So if Nancy Pelosi wants to go after the Proud Boys even though they're not even in DC that day, she is going to make sure that Pittman, Manger, and DeBias create the fact pattern to make sure that it's sound Proud Boy member, an oath keeper, a three percenter, whatever they want to use as their political opponent, they're going to create the facts, manipulate those facts to make sure that by the time it gets over to the DOJ, the DO, even if you make the assumption, probably wrongfully at this point, but let's just make the wrong assumption that the DOJ and the FBI and the US Attorney's Office is not corrupt. They're doing this pristinely It doesn't matter because the evidence that they have obtained to then use to prosecute the j6 defendant They basically have no exculpatory evidence And they don't own that exculpatory evidence because it's the Capitol Police that owns any and all Exculpatory evidence and they're not providing it and there is no mechanism to obtain it through a FOIA There as far as I know no legal precedent that the Brady rule applies to the legislative branch It has only been litigated to apply to the executive branch right and the prosecution This is how they've been able to insider baseball outmaneuver and manipulate this into a complete political persecution that you kind of follow what I've explained because it's dense. I really don't have any questions right now. I'm just sitting here going, this is not only was it for knowledge, it was planned with the people that they put in place to stand together to engineer the facts so they could literally, I mean, I got what's happening here, that they could truly target people to destroy anyone who stood against him from within the organization by threatening him with their jobs to without the organization to intimidate to to try to You know discourage and to not only that to cover up their tracks to deprive the rightful president of the United States President Donald J. Trump of I mean, that last part is the second and third order effect of exactly what they did. I mean, I, I have it. There's a couple, there's some questions on the, on the chat here this morning. That looks, um, uh, let's see, there's a couple of jot forms linked that somebody had and LaVoy assassination of us citizen on us soil was about uranium one. Why otherwise do they care about ranchers using land unless they want to eat what was on the land? Ask Ivan what he thinks of Dave Jose's knowledge of law. Ivan is the only lawyer that will go live and debate Dave on law. Thank you, Ivan. Let me answer that quickly. I love David Jose. He is probably the most knowledgeable person that I've known up until that is a non-lawyer that can basically destroy most attorneys out there on his understanding of not only common law and the constitution, but he comes up with his methodology to apply the maximal public pressure, court of opinion pressure outside of the court system. So in that regard, I can only give him positive comments. Having said that, I have David Jose, if you're listening, I have encountered maybe your match. And the gentleman's name is Dan Richards in New Hampshire, Where he is going before the supreme court of new hampshire on november 29th next week He's been in this fight for three years He understands the constitution Uh, probably as it applies to elections Better than to be honest anyone that I know And to include Every single other attorney that I know before the Supreme Court in New Hampshire next, what is it, Wednesday the 29th? I'll be up there. Maybe it's a Thursday. I'll be up there to support him and yeah, I recommend people to stay tuned because the whole thing he's going after is to essentially make the machines to adjudicate them as unlawful. That will be huge because the machines that are used in New Hampshire which is 33 electoral votes worth? Well, they're all illegal, really, by standard of the Constitution, because you're supposed to vote in private and count in public. The minute you stick that vote into the machine, it's counting in private. So it violates the public count of the ballots. I actually got Dan's number from guests that I had on here. Oh, i'm i'll i'll have him on too because it's just I I love anybody That's willing to go after these people. No, there's just a citizen that I mean just like I I happen to be an attorney but i'm primarily doing this as a As any citizen could because I saw that this this entire thing is a political Problem that can only be solved politically and even though yes, you need to litigate some stuff in the courts stuff in the courts, I don't think that that's the appropriate path for remedy, because a presidential election is a conversation, an agreement between the state legislatures and the federal congress. Meaning, it's not for adjudication by the courts. You can litigate it and say, you know, this was fraud, that and that, but bottom line is you also have to educate those that have the exhausting all of their capacity to remedy this thing and that's where my focus has been. That's why I've gone to Lansing, to Madison, to Phoenix, to Harrisburg, to Concord, basically the states where we had a quasi receptive legislature. I mean I spoke with Robin Voss, I spoke with President Karen Fann, and unfortunately there was just not enough political will to do the right thing. And there's just overwhelming evidence more and more. And I'm continuing to build the case in what I'm presenting here. So you want to go back and close this particular segment out with what the current Capitol Police Board, well, before we go into that, the Capitol Police Board, kind of how we got to today. Do you want, and we can keep going, but whatever you want to do, you know, you want to come back on next week. I'll have you on next week. I would rather kind of in maybe 15 minutes, close it out. Sure. Okay, perfect. So, one key component to understand is that this is what the Capitol Police Board looked like on January 10th. Remember, that was when we allowed Kevin McCarthy to fail at becoming Speaker of the House, right? That's essentially when, on January 8th, he was voted in. January 10th, he appointed, as acting Sergeant at Arms, Bill McFarlane. Another thing that happened the architect of the capital brett blanton There was an investigation done by the ig and it found out that he was using his command vehicle quote-unquote For personal use and giving it to his daughters his wife to go on vacations, etc Oh, you gotta be kidding me. These people are horrible. So I mean that's all it seems like factually accurate But if you look at this our capital police board from a political lens of which it is what I suspect happened. Rather than telling Mr. Blanton, hey buddy, you need to pay for all the times that you use the command vehicle and you're going to be punished, you know, financially. Okay? Rather than doing something like that, which I think, and maybe lose pay for a penalty, maybe triple damages for what he did. Rather than doing that and keeping him in place, which would have then allowed the Capitol Police Board to change from a two-thirds Democrat board, it would have been a two-thirds Republican board. But what did Kevin McCarthy agree to do with Pelosi and Schumer? He agreed to fire Brett Blanton for those reasons so that Biden could appoint and Schumer could confirm Or As you can say confirm but like give them the opportunity to have their person in that architect of the capitals role and That would have been miss Rex wrote who immediately Replaced anybody that would have been loyal to Brett Blanton in the leadership of the cap architect of the capitals office okay, and So here's where we're at This would be an ideal solution, but we have Mike Johnson instead So I like this so replace Mike Johnson Where Trump is and I was advocating this as we were basically going through the motions of that needs to be updated I thought we had an updated one, but bottom line you have Mike Johnson as speaker and He really needs to consider whether or not he's going to replace Kevin McCarthy sergeant-at-arms had done nothing to that point. Notice that McCarthy did not release the tapes, right? Even though he had the leverage-ish to do so, but he didn't use that. Because at the end of the day, Title II U.S. Code 1979 lists who has the authority within the Capitol Police to release security information. And it's a conversation between the Capitol Police Board and the two committees from the House and Senate that have the oversight role of the Capitol Police. So on the House side, it's the House Admin Committee, subcommittee on oversight, which would be Barry Loudermilk right now. And on the Senate side, it's the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, which is held by the Democrats. So in order to start to shift the Capitol Police Board away from the cover-up to exposure, out a speaker or a Senate Majority Leader, right? Or a president. Well, the first opportunity we got was with the speaker. McCarthy didn't do anything. So now we have Mike Johnson and he, along with the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight guy, are the two individuals that have been advocating for the release of the footage because the committees also have access to them. Now, the person that makes the determination on whether or not you have the ability to release. Like I said, it's a conversation between all these political actors based on the leverage and influence that they have. So that's why you saw the release take place. And right now they've committed to 40 of the 44,000 hours to be released. How do we take it to the next level? Well, why don't we bring in people that have a vested interest in exonerating themselves and proving that the Fed's erection happened. And that's what that last slide essentially depicts. Ideally, you would have Speaker Trump appointing a Kash Patel, as Sar did at Arms, and then Kash Patel hiring basically all of the military service members from Tier 1 units that were just kicked out because they refused to accept the illegal DOD jab mandate, and then employ them to go right I'm talking about physically enforcing them so that those individuals can come to the capital grounds on the house side To then be questioned and i'm referring to folks like christopher ray ray epps john, sullivan, uh Mayorkas basically the entire exec the lawless and illegitimate executive branch, right? Right, and I would be happy to be Uh also invited to be the first man in the stack in every single raid while we bring in We bring in I don't know the bnn to live stream those raids and the swattings I am right there. I'm gonna tell you what this is fantastic I I'm You couldn't you know what it's like reality in the world you could you couldn't even make this stuff up No, this is like a better story or you know, then I don't know. This is this fantastic about two minutes here. BNN would be there. We have to think about it. We bring in BNN, we bring in all the independents, right side broadcasting, Real America's Voice, Epoch Times, etc. And so we, like, how do we change this out? We have to change out the construct of the Capitol Police Board. Well, we have a speaker that's willing to play ball. We now need a better sergeant at arms to play ball at a maximum level. six weeks away Donna. The chair of the Capitol Police Board shifts from Karen Gibson who is Schumer's appointed one to the House Sergeant of Arms appointed one. Wouldn't it be nice if it's either Kash Patel or even Chief Stephen Sund that's a House Sergeant at Arms and then he brings in Tarek Johnson Capitol Police whistleblower that's been calling out Pittman from day one and then I would volunteer for a week or two to authorize that as the general counsel. Like, I don't want that position for long term. I just want to be in there to essentially say, hey, I am authorizing the release of every single internal document as it relates to all J6ers and all communications with the Capitol Police Board as well as leadership of the capital of the legislature, meaning Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, single communication Whether it was documented officially internally or whether it was through their text messages emails phone calls, etc So that not only is america going to see the 40 000 of the 44 000 hours of tape They're going to see 44 000 hours of tape and trillions of messages in between everybody And somebody that has a little bit more skill in conducting ai and analytics Can go ahead and say hey The following individuals, their direct messages from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. need to be also disclosed. I'm sure Elon Musk will play ball. As we expose the entire illegal activity of all members of branches of the government in their collusion to box out Trump to steal the election. From the judiciary, to include the Supreme Court, from the Senate, the House, all the leadership, and then the DOJ, the FBI, the DHS, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the White House, the National Security State, the 51 that provided cover for the Biden criminal syndicate laptop, the relationships that they have with them and the comms that they had, all members of Congress, particularly Goldman, Adam Bolshev, Eric Swallow as well, every single impeachment manager during impeachment hoax one and two every single person that voted for impeachment every single person that was on the j6 cover-up committee every staffer that was on the j6 cover-up committee particularly a guy by the name of david buckley who was one of the 51 that provided top cover remember the 51 that said it was a the biden criminal syndicate laptop had all the earmarks of a russian info people David Buckley ended up becoming the staff director for the J6 committee the senior staffer so hopefully I'm making good use of my background and experience to expose the rotten corruption within our government and I I don't know I think we need to close out with the video for motivation I love this this is so awesome so what's the video once you search up Dan Bishop mr. Mr. Speaker, we're We're coming for you play that clip Dan Bishop, we're coming for you. And while you're looking for it, maybe I'll find it here on my phone as well Dan Bishop who's a member of Congress? Freedom Caucus guy from North Carolina and he does a speech on the House floor minutes after I go and talk to his office And I want you to hear what he says, by the way, I had nothing to do with it speak my words. Do you see the videos that I have that I pulled up here? I do not. Let me see. Yeah, this would be fun. Fine. I'm getting everything that YouTube doesn't want me to see right now, even though I'm using... I mean, I guess I could... Did I put it up Here we go, so let's do this thing. There we go. Gentlemen from North Carolina is recognized. I thank the chairman. Mr. Speaker, with great power comes great responsibility. We entrust our Department of Justice, FBI and intelligence community with great power to keep us safe. And yet, as long as these agencies have existed, they've violated Americans' civil rights. Every day, Americans. The security state believes itself to be above the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress. Or perhaps the belief is only tacit. It is aware only of power. Not authority, power. The FBI spied on Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Muhammad Ali because they were national security threats. Celebrities, but everyday Americans as to their constitutional rights. The intelligence community abused power to spy on presidential candidates, a sitting president, and members of Congress and their staff. The FBI continuously coordinated with social media companies to moderate social content. public square. So contemptuous are they and out of touch when confronted with this just weeks ago they said we were merely engaged in engaging with our community partners. Leading up to the 2020 election the FBI worked hand in hand with Twitter and Facebook to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story. Concealment from everyday Americans. In 2013, the former director of the National Intelligence, James Clapper, lied to Congress about the NSA collecting data on millions of Americans, yet he's escaped to reckoning. The NSA spied on groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and other NGOs. FBI contractors conducted The intelligence community spied on journalists and political opponents in clear violation of the First Amendment. That's not all just illegal. It's un-American, and it cannot continue. The government's massive surveillance apparatus is well documented, but there's still much more that we do not know. We owe it to the American people to reveal the rot within our federal government and cut it out can no longer harm everyday americans mister speaker today we're putting the deep state on notice we're coming for you on behalf of everyday americans i feel that no uh... so they weaponize me against them cuz i'm a common insider i know how all these games and and in the positions i say i talked for three and a half years donna years Donna about our entire national security ecosystem. I know it probably better than most of them know it. Members of Congress etc. So with that background I'm able to basically uncover every single pixel. It's just a matter of time. I absolutely am blown away and I love this. This is this is incredible. Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing everything that you know. And I, you know, we are, I've been really, really upfront about how important it is to have everyone bring their skills, the things that they know to the table, and that for every single person out there to take time to get educated, not the fake NEA, MEA education, but real education on what's going on out there. Because as you exemplify in a, just an incredible The amount of knowledge that you have on this is a very dangerous weapon to the deep state. And I'm just absolutely thrilled to sit here and talk with you about this. This is an awesome thing. And you want to know, I'm going to bring something forward, is that it's amazing how God absolutely has the timeline in the palm of His hand. And honestly, I got a little bit busy to get back with you and such, because I do get back to everyone. I talk to everybody. And then running into you again in DC this last weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to remind, you know, to remind, people call me all the time and said, are you going to have this person on again? Or this person or that person? And I'm like, okay, this is one little me out here trying to, trying to make this thing go. as a God thing as we watch the J6 films come forward. And on today, the solemn anniversary of the assassination of someone who was set up against the secret society, the ones that are here to absolutely wage war on the American people. Serendipity. So in 1963 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, my father was celebrating his birthday and listening to the radio in Leningrad, Russia, Soviet Union. And as he's listening in, you don't know my background, but they fled the Soviet Union to run from political persecution out there. But I remember would come by, that he was listening to the radio, and again, was it, yeah, 1963, and just like most, he said, men that were just drunk, right, out there drinking vodka, and he, it really impacted him, and later on in 1974, which would have been, what, 11 years later, uh... in i'll talk a little quick so he was being persecuted because he was doing his graduate program in and the soviet union and speaking against the government speaking truth to power and so they were gonna they're threatening him to put him in the gulag but what happened was his thesis chair uh... was able to protect him because when the k g become came knocking on his door on my mom agusta because this was typewriter days, right? There's no computer, it was easy, there's one manuscript. And so they didn't have the evidence, but at the same time his thesis chair said that I was able to protect you where you're not going to go to the gulag, but you're not going to be able to finish your degree, you're gonna have to go back home. And that was when he started his journey of essentially doing what we've been doing since January 8th, where we were kicked off all these We had to create the old the dissident network and that dissident network is only escalating an influence And I think we've seen that because the mainstream media legacy media is Losing quickly their influence of the fake news that they're trying trying to promulgate One clear instance of that was when Carrie Lake won her primary in 2022 It showcased that faux news no longer has control of our Republican Party, okay Fully anyway, and then on Sunday when the Argentinian candidate Secured the win. It basically is proof that Tucker Carlson and axe Elon Musk in the independence Those of us that are independence the almost 500 million of us throughout the world That consumed that interview that Tucker did with Millet Are now like the sheriff's back in town like the adults are now starting to get back into the digital information ecosystem. We're not able to be censored as much anymore. And so we're going to start to take over the institutions that were taken over by, with the help of Chinese Communist Party and supported by Iran and Russia through surrogates in order to kind of take down our country in the West. But luckily we have leaders like you and others that are stepping forward. say that since today is that day when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, it kind of goes back to my story of one of the main reasons why I'm in this fight. It's essentially, I see what happened to General Flynn and some other folks is exactly what happened to my father. When you speak truth to power and the state tries to weaponize against you, well guess what? If you just letly and firm and try to bring others with you, we're going to be able to win this fight. Luckily, we're not fully there yet in the Congress. We have a majority, at least now, of the Republican conference that is awake. Whereas before, you had 90% of both political CCP first and we're quickly moving away from that and I'm glad to be with you on the show to be a part of it. All details by the way of everything I say is on my sub stack. I always got to plug myself. Yeah, go to go to Ivan. Go to Ivan's sub stack. He's got it right there for you in the in the title. So that's great. Well, it's true and you know when we when I always you know, I talk about business a motivation for anyone. You have to connect that to those you love and to others. If you want to succeed in business, you don't get up in the morning and say, this is what my goal is and this is what I'm going to do because you will fast find out that the things that are important to you are really not worth it. But when you're fighting a fight to for those you love, even if the threat comes at you, you'll tolerate it. But if it's coming after your kids, your mom, your sister, most people will find the motivation to do that. So we fight, not for ourselves, we fight for those we love. We fight for those without a voice to protect and defend when we see the injustices around us. And stop it, before it gets to us, but to get to the ones we love, because it's going to. It's going to touch every single one of us if we fail to stand up, and our families, our friends, our communities. So get in the fight and never, ever, ever back down. And like I said, if you don't care enough to do it for yourself, do've got the light coming in on you now. So it's kind of a fun little pattern you've got going on there. But you know what, this is what you get. This is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table and Ivan's desk. So there you go. You know what, this is what we do every day. The thing of it is that none of this is curated here. It's all authentic. And I don't know but I'm sick of listening to these plastic political action figures that get in front of the camera and It they don't know the issues. It's it's so superficial. I mean these are Barely double-digit IQ individuals that are essentially spinning what they were told this Somebody's behind their back just pressing play yeah, and it's like it's like it's a different thing when you have real people just having a having a conversation and having the like say for example the information that you have coming forward and Getting to the real facts that we have to deal with because we're going to have to get into reality land Not mainstream media land who is literally Programming us to act and react through this this cycle of panic right name one mainstream or even independent gone into the level of depth of what the Capitol Police Board looks like? Or the Capitol Police? Zero, but they don't go into anything. They have, they don't go into nothing. I've never heard anyone go into the depth that you went into here in any of the other news associations. You know, I've been on a few different shows and the people will interview me. I'd rather have somebody ask a real question than a chip shot one just to fill the air time, you know? And you're great, you're a great interview. So thank you. No, it's a pleasure. I'm honored to be on here because you're definitely a leader in the Michigan and the country. Oh, I'm a troublemaker. That's why I'm- I always try to spend as much time as possible sharing what I've put together so that you take that because I mean once we, especially when we do it in person, there's no ability for them to censor us. That's why I like to travel throughout the country because still a lot of the content that we're consuming is probably manipulated. There's deep fakes that changes our perspective on things inaccurately because if you're not in a position to fact and law check it because of your network, then you're going to tend to go in that direction. So I'm glad we can do these long form interviews. Yeah, I think we have to, you know, these five minute sound bites are nothing more than a manipulation and I detest it. And one of the things, and I did get attacked for going to DC. I got attacked for going to DC last weekend. People were questioning, especially, it was kind of funny because I talk about God, I talk about, you know, my faith because I'm a faith-based person. And I was attacked by that, by people because I went to DC. And that's true. They're scared. How could you do this? Well, let me tell you what. When you jump in, and Jesus gave a clear command when he was talking to the people, his disciples at Caesarea Philippi. He was on a ledge, for lack of better words. He was up high and looking down into this valley where there were four cults going on of an opening in the wall of the cliff, opposing cliff where he was sitting. And they considered that hell. And they were, there was a goat cult down there. There was all of the demonic cults down there that were doing horrific things in front of the opening to what they considered hell itself. And Jesus's direction was, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. and let them have it. It's not stay out, it's charge in, charge towards the fire and find out for yourself. And what I found going to DC was, I think most bad guys are gone. It's a beautiful city. And it's something as a legacy to ourselves, because I didn't come in there thinking that. I was thinking I was going to go to a complete shit hole city if you really want to know the truth. That was crime ridden, filthy. It is, but there are certain parts. I hate going in there. But I'm going to tell you what's standing there is a proud legacy of where we came from, not where we are. And I mean, going back to that, and perhaps a lot longer back than what we even imagine. I mean, I really, it is, there's some things that we're going to have to question, you know, and such, but I'm going to tell you what, we have a national legacy here. Our nation began as something to be proud of, and we need to go back to that by removing the criminals who set themselves apart from we the people. Well, if you want to know all the criminals, I list them out in different various sub-stacks, so as it applies to Nuremberg 2.0, I just did a stack yesterday I'm so there. Who we're going after. I'm so there. Who we're going after. As the National Security State, the legislature, we talked about that today. I mean, I can come back on on the Nuremberg front if you want. Let's do that because I'm all about that. It's like treason. I told one real quick one time, I said, I just need a few planes up here in Michigan. Let's go round trip and clean them out. I'll, you know, we'll send them down there to Gitmo and I don't want them back. It's like once they're gone, they commit treason. When somebody commits treason or crimes against humanity. Yeah, I'm not a proponent of Gitmo. I'm more of a proponent of maximum punishment live stream so that society understands that we mean business and you can't do that anymore. But Gitmo wouldn't be a bad place to start. You know what, actually I said to him, I said, so the World Economic Forum was given the piece of land over there in Detroit. I think this is kind of funny actually. So that Whitmer decides to give them a piece of land over in Detroit to build a new World Economic Forum headquarters. I'm like, I think we should just commandeer that make that get mo 2.0 and save ourselves the Transportation fees of where they need to go do it right here on the steps of the cab. Yeah, make make that make that the headquarters for Pfizer fail murder and a mutilation and J&J, right? I I'm telling you what I think there needs to be a museum built to name these criminals out not tear the monument Let's kill them once so we never forget what they've done to this nation and let them have it because they deserve it. They walked in, they did it knowingly, and no one gets a pass at this. So anyhow, I always end with a prayer here because we've got a great future ahead of us. PASTOR MIKE GILLIAM Yep. We're working it. PASTOR MARIE GILLIAM No, you know. So let's go ahead and say a prayer. Bill and all the patriots out there that have worked so hard to bring the truth forward to defend and protect this nation. We ask your blessings on General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, the rightful President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, and all the people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, who have not asked for credit, but that have done this for their love of you, family, and country. We are so grateful. You've been a great friend to us, and we want to be a great friend to you. We're willing to do anything you ask us to do in your service to protect and defend Jesus' name we pray, Amen. Amen. Thank you. Well, I was in your hands, so just so everybody knows, there's great people out there fighting for y'all. You know, it's like I say it like every day, right? God bless you all. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. Starts here. God by serving others. And we'll see you. Have a happy Thanksgiving. And we'll see you too. Oh, I got to play something a minute because this is funny. Hold on. I put it on my telegram channel this morning. So you guys want to laugh at something. This is absolutely hilarious. I have to put it out here because this is very funny. I do this too because I love, uh, hang on a second. I love, uh, I love president Trump. I really do. Anybody doesn't like to like President Trump? Well, too bad. Can't help you out there. Turkey tastes half as good as it looks. This is hilarious. Looks. I think we're all in for a very big treat. ♫ I had to do that. I think it's absolutely hilarious. So have a great Thanksgiving, everybody. Enjoy your family and we'll see you next Monday. We'll come back on next week. Thanks, Donna. Appreciate you. God bless.