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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/11/2022 - Live Jason Jones - His Hard Line and Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 11, 2022, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning and welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is in fact friday november november eleven twenty twenty two and to be a great day to day as usual godstone and we got nothing to worry about here we're going to have an awesome weekend had of us enjoy your family and hang together with everybody you love do you thing you enjoy sat back a little bit get a poet a plan that's always a good plan is to get a plan if you don't have entitling i've got a three four screens up here right now so i can see what's really going on so hang out a minute and were moving forward up there you iconostase good morning good morning from donna some add karnadama and jason should be here shortly and we can in fact of michael anacreon boringdon but another beautiful bay all in the best of it my country restive in the men and the men norman not moving that conceding that cup being a coward and running cutanrun are cut and run to cowards and treated to this nation so not on cut and run not going to conceive not one not good anything that is not faithful to fighting for the cause not not not not not not this is a go forward not back down situation and an assegai patriot doing right thing that going along gelatinous of that for the potomac covers it all does not the carnation all right well until jason gets here we're going to go through a little bit of news as anything you want to talk about specifically to day i didn't have any time plant okay well it was a good broad cast this morning on his line broad his arline poison i love starting out there because you know we're all waking up getting a coffee and then move over here at nine o'clock and i think that i think that that nice way to start the day i actually went to the gym this morning and and walked didn't didn't go two miles of entring to get two miles in within my sons but i got in a mile to day which is helpful is going even if i'm not doing anything real hard but but that was really good and second cocoon the way necessary in these times so anyhow let's lose for her a couple of new feet a morning did you unaccommodating we talked about before jason gets here or or what we were i know we're going to ereabouts the tutor the tutor dickson issue from yesterday which i thought was fairly interested so tudor tudor aetion gets here with his talk about random news right now and then that jester usually doesn't take too long ere afghanistan can't fully account for one point one billions spent sun sun sent bien i think it should be another verb you know we've got dixon dick the name we can put that every other for category of us such i think i should do this then with bienville the of the word with any one of their names and i think it works i've been benedictory yourself and hooting we should go there we should use every form of that as a version in transit over a lot of fun with us really we banded yesterday spent some time working on that but on the other hand being a rich orofenan crimes myself i am speaking to citations deration what it means with other people to whom his name similar while i tie you were here to save save the name carnero that were in a change the definition of two more mature in the reveler care and rather than the the carinthian or care and this is nowise different kind of care and we're going to go back to the haette meaning how that so the absolute he there was go go ahead i was just a sayin i felt here bad for some of the current because we are going through this can demitted and a lot of people were going through a lot of trains of suffering and i would be really upset if i knew and i suspect there was a carved who decided to choose the way out of suicide because that was one more straw because i saw that name being put through so really awful stuff it was not a joke and for some of us that that's not funny all this is one reason why i use the name gretchen witmer and don't i fanatical or hitler i don't care witless a corrachin water she owns that specific name in all the crimes that go with it so i didn't play around with her name very much i did play around with dick met his that had a whole other meaning but is unique and it's not really in it to any other person by that name i feel sorry for the gretchens and the other witness in the world so anyway i tend to disperse things all differently because of that experience just a form of bullying and it wasn't fun for it is a waste went through it well and i think it to that to that point what you know we were talking about earlier and i try to stick to this if we stick to the issues rather than trying to talk directly and people say now there's a point in time where that's but if we stick to the issues the issue is exposed the people for their deeds so we really don't need to we really don't need to in that has become common practice in politics where they want to go after people say all this is a good person that's a bad person well you know what that quite often as he is a you know bayous none substantiated allegations like i had some wonderful brilliant person accused accused my son of having some strange weird illness that nobody can explain and he's clearly gay and he's got is and i like sure that he has he is that there is not accurate and the other part of it is she actually had cancer so there is a rehabilitation part of it so all this nonsense this self styled oh i know all about her him or whatever to stop it is literally it's murder with our town and that's going to be on the wrong side of what god and how god wants us to live always to do a stick to the issues people were show themselves or who they are if we stick to the the senhor you doing the one you morning we we can get into the for the opinion of the names are on and may let's let's make carns gray again and that what i've been saying that i have no that she has karen mother in law who passed away you know all i made a joke unimpressed with i say this i have a rampart and i have two parents one of my my side in one of my wife i have a parent to yes i will go and everyone got catholike everybody's got it got it can she then really pocketing a saurian and at a neighbor even that we had you know and i made a reference to are some and one of my neighbors was like she got all but heard about my mother in law was carried and she was a sweet lady and she just went on his grandson with olalola why not on the play but so i have a care and it's a grandmother and she's a sweet woman too and a petulant be able to keep up with her i said i haven't and caring and my wife has an inner so we get off the high horse that you love a carey family and she is so sweet i say supercherie to stop the other camp and you know what some some of us kind of enjoy that they should just go after brandenburg here because i've gotten so many hats and ponchos and and you know this is what doneraile's like really and they know it is a global last head you know had to your do you research darling that i was going back and forth for a while as she owns us complicate military constrained you research dryander lerow to friends as he inherited then when for this would on for a while then everybody else is like yes she is a global at the contract on like occasional bunch of morons at this point time because you can even smell to figure out what's there you know it was kind of kind of amusing ah you know you know how we got into the the professional bitter class in the united states i mongirone professional bitters class for just a minute here has i find this to be highly amusing because usually people that are in the pet professional bitters class are pretty low i people they know everything but they don't do anything to think they sit at starbuck and drink their little walk coffee you know on the professional bitters class i had somebody one time nada katisha happened in one of the one of the first houses that i bought because i do all that my own work on all that i was like the hitched before the sect and adjacent to see now you made me feel very old this morning i i i yesterday or how old am i this is like clearly an old i think it's funny i could care as you know i could literally careless this is group of it was a group of students i was living in the house this time and this was probably a gosh i'm going to date myself this was probably thirty thirty years ago were close to it something like that and so so i went over there and the neighbours called and said oh do whatever shall we do they had a party and in the house which i had a no party policy and and and the windows are on the one ground outside of like oasis i'll show apothecaries than the cops are because contrary needed were i don't give a crapaudine wrong go ahead and soon me oh i'll take the suit and in and just paper you to death by four in the rock if some reason the right i'll fast up but if somebody's in the wrong oh i'll make this just as painful as i possibly can so anyhow i go over there to this house and the little snow flakes are prancin around and it was just really inspiring performance and so i walked up there so girls we have a problem here what happened you know dominican to to fast up or whatever this is the way it was the windows were on the porch were broken on the inside of the port the screens were lying on the ground on the outside the port so clearly they had a party and their like empty beer bottles everywhere and a castellated don't know what it is dona like i have a problem and i said there and the wind came up and blew them out as a really sisowath your telling me is that the wind came down the real and went where screens on one side on the outside in the do the you know and they only look mean no no girls i'm sorry i'm not that stupid i said you had the i said this is you know you need to literally your crop clean this up and and move on and on like kosalas of pigs so they called me up later and i mean it was as bad i mean it is one of those situations where the guys are growing side another side of the house because they're so drunk and it's all that i won't put up with that craft so anyhow so anyhow i get a call later and the snow flakes like oh no back to the house and go back to the house as one girl went to mean she goes here you know what if you're going to call me a bit then you're going to use the whole title and that would be at this moment had it in charge i and i and i said so for ever more you will use that entire title and clean your stuff up you have literally disturbed every one around this house and if you had the people living next door to you who are grand parents who called me to rectify this because you have them up all night i had a house one time that they didn't even recognize that their neighbourhood had a mass atomy and they were they ruined or fantasie finally called me and i panthemont years job which was to take care of her he grass and sidewalk and a driveway in satinlike i can't even believe that you people are human beings that you sit there like a bunch of little kids and in the pool and that caring about the people you don't even realize that your neighbor has been going through had a massacre that that she was and you weren't not only were you not there to help broke down or fence even party and like a like a bunch of savages true her time after she's been on them and you didn't even realize that i like i am ashamed of you as human beings not like this is the only way you're staying in this house without me evicting all of you is you're going to you're going to help this lady out make her the thou time you wasted for the last three months you're goin to make up for that in making sure that she has a wonderful wonderful time the rest of the time you're in this house while as what not the driveway got shaved every day so she didn't have to get into her driveway and an tried to try to get to work her period her life as usual no windows got fixed the houses got cleaned up is just called holding people accountable to their bad behavior it is on a bit a said good in my bad the manner on the domain so that for many united she so anyhow that's accountability training right there about fixin everything and being like cordial in actually halterations like the actual i well i guess it is she had no choice otherwise it's that or be affected yeah you do that here i was also going to work real hard at it it having in effect in the college that they were attending and he in tecolote accountable which was a christian which is a christian college at says that the christian college the people that come out of the school or some of the most spoiled brats ivver seen in my life and it's unbelievable because mammies and daddies a poleski was too much and paid their way for everything they feel like they're entitled sabathier in a point to my point do this do that do this do that and it's like a pretty extra sure that that's now what being a christian is all about is about being there to help serve and not to be like a little prancing poodle who is ordering every one around me nay that were the political prancing poodles come i did hear the poor what's that i did share the poodle me that i made tamasese was a mean making all your right though my when she went to catholic school she wants to estimate and so different that just because of the catholic school private school these people had wenamon the kids would go out and party the it was no different facts even in some cases worse than a public school the way they acted or catholic or public or whatever you know private school i entitlement had known title men and a dozen matter what kind of labels behind that a no going to act like a bunch of you know more because again like you said they were given everything they were cattle they were oil and have no work at the one i'm really glad that i grew up poor as a church not you know it's like i had i had no real heat in my bedroom you know i loved we had i had a second floor about room and we looked out in the country of course and the only heat that we had in the outstart one little square all that went from the up stairs down to the downstairs and that was our heat so in the winter time when we first moved into that house there was no storm windows on the windows and such it was a single pain single pane window so you ran up stairs jumped in jumped and bad and had at least you know long underwear night consolatory know bothersome thing like that and jumped in and you get on but you wouldn't move all night because you like madison a little cocoanut he got up in the morning you ran downstairs so that an then there was there was frosted the windows there sometimes be frost on the tassara aperture was like outside you might have been oh i'd say degrees warmer while in it was cold and and you know what an i just like you know we worked i mean an we worked every minute of the day i didn't i didn't have a lot of time for play because we work you know and and you know my dad had a business of my brother and i were pretty much slavery you know the great thing about that was is that we knew how important every minute of our day was because our family needed we needed so you didn't complain or anything because you did it not because necessarily had to but because you really cared about everyone everyone and you knew that at every minute of your day was was significant to the people round you see didn't fall you didn't save in wine he did whatever you know and i remember i think i was when i first got my driver's license that summer i went out and picked ninety quarts of strawberries by myself and apathetic me home and i put him up for i would you know even at sixteen i was putting up food and and making sure sure that my family had it and i think that as a young age i was probably a little different than the rest of my family anyway and which is kind of nice a success i had as i feel really proud of it you know i was able to buy my mom and dad a couple of new cars and an take care of my dad cried so hard for that first car that i gave them and he is like how how can i accept and he is a very nice man he was a very good man honest and very very very principle very principle very honest and reliable as the day is long and an unlike well because my success is yours if i hadn't had a dad that was as as an he was a tough dad i'm an italianate there were there were ah he was very much a tough dad but it didn't hurt me and it made me tougher and gave me skillion have had had i been a prancing pony and had anything given to me because i was so it's all good so we stopped afore your trading it for scales it's all good i like looking at some comments on it and it doesn't surprise me like michigan home sanwich i think is so yucatecan high school i went the students i got kicked out of public and then the connemora after that he put if you look at the history of the big lecolle they're all started ages all i didn't know that that is interesting i did not know that he looked at the one all the leleges they all started critical alethea even churches are bad like that my daughter's friend was bragging a face book last night that he flies the prarie flag five o one s three aimed to go down because they've been they were in they were activated to two honestly forward this mark is the john and you either serve god are you serve man you can't do you know or money i would say you can serve man but you who is your god is the going jointured olesome ody was saying this so houses no doubt even a man misnomers so this old country house has no duck work upstairs and is heated from the main floor you don't greatly back to america you were saying so i drew up in an old house too but i lived in wisconsin and when i was in high school and junior hilarity dead they bought this old old house it must have been a hundred and a career how he yes all but it was built in like i like it something and they restored it in the still evening the day this is over twenty years ago in meathead innate to the struck you know just beautiful anyway for they had done on that did all i had an upstairs bedroom as well all crickety wood floors and i'm talking like not beautiful or in my despair i just terrible and every step took was a loud i mean you were not sneaking around in the house how old was while the insulation everything he ejestein the efficiency of the homekeeping head in noting we had a big wood stone directly below on the first floor where i was you know where my room is at and then one in the kitchen and general are and yet we had let we relied mostly on the wood to i'll never forget so i was i loved going to bed because in those cold only below zero winners it would be scorching not in my room because through my room it was of course surrounded but it was through my room it was large and had almost unbearable come i say what i am the nation and just like you you brought me back to a memory i remember waking up and darn down in the bath throgton that recanter high he the outcome no we couldn't we couldn't use the shower in the house so when you take take a bath in the morning we can put maybe three inches of water in the bath and that was so you're in a cold your inclosed in a cold fog taken a bath in about three yeatton the obtuse little bit you know only had one registered for the entire hereditary the entire house oh yeah is that one one register for the entire house in the bath room did not have that man it was it was it was funny said i would an i didn't have i had horses i bought myself a horse okay so i said so i had to carry five gal and buckets and i was really you know we were were laughing about how little you are cardwell i'm not much taller right in so but i would have to carry if i gallants from the basement in our house out to the barn which was probably about two hundred feet away and so i would take the bucket and i moved on and that i move another one and then i take a step on the snow of the snow as have out there in what it was it was interesting but not i think there's something to be said about one of live on not when i say live in a country are not talking enough big mansion hill side with the imagine i'm talking like true poor country living like my father in your stories all the time from him and his they lived out and mount mountain poincare remember now where is doctor pole from that town he has a show doctor pool anyway i can see in something like that not a clue i don't know about where he is he's a michigan veterinarian and then but any way with him as a family they had a dairy farm and you know you hear the stories and there's a lot to be said about people that grew up like that see how they grew in present yet my pleasant and then so you are they grow up you see how they are now their hard workers i mean he's an a seventy love's an approaching still working still strong but medoline the still mentally shark he's an appraiser and by egeneto at people that live like that there hard workers you know get whatever and whenever they wanted they have no sweet they have no work avignon like that i mean there's not a lot to be said about that i think i think so too is like me i don't really need to have free time i like to work you know if i get it not a fine if i don't know so kay too it's like it just what needs to be done as what i do a memory you comments here i like as michaelmastide re talking about turning turning a coward's names into verbs and in using the the different cases of verbs you know like like her mission tattered what the witness going on here i like that we're going to see which way to go groison this if she's going to be what the tutor is going on here or what the dickens going on here if she actually comes through and burnside petron which is you know exposing all of them which is what she said yesterday in a post i shall hope that's true if they if they lured her and you know i don't i wouldn't i hate to say it but but i won't stand with other chiefs or thieves on her any any circumstances whatsoever and i would burn to the ground and like i said at the beginning there was no way i was going to throw in with these people even when they offered me a twenty thousand dollar trumpledor meant and they tried to corentin me to deny things unlike scroll of you i would i would have blasted a out of the water right there but she stayed in but if she's a she's going to expose all with personal chat and conversation hats off i will give you the benefit of the doubt elsewhere this goes cause she came in yesterday and had a post that basically said that you know the mid blaming the mid now did it is the ideal pet a blame or are they all to blame is she running to save her own tail she doin it for the right reason i have some questions and this accountability expert expects answers to because i don't i don't i never believe what people say you know at first ally be says i grew up in an old farm house like that she also said i helped in the garden and he came inside and can with mom at as a good memory aren't they love canine putting up food and i think i engaged a freeze dryer next but then even our neighbors can come and bring food that they do and i can help mother we just give all our eggs away for a sick so you were stalking about diana you have questions and i just wanted to remind everybody that back when melissa said the things that she said you had offered a number of times i wonder if dixon has been threatened or coerce or bribed you were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she may have been going through some very challenging circumstances as well and i haven't forgotten and well we have been picking on her that degree because she conceded that i still think that was wrong and we don't know what she has been through and i'm willing to listen if she would like to to share that and give her some benefit of the doubt and you know not everybody at nobody's perfect and i don't know what her experience has been like i still think you know melissa should have held up to what she said she was going to do and tutorship have stuck to her ground and worse she never supported the election integrity so that was really really big for me and when she consented it seemed to support my recognition that she she wasn't all about election integrity and she was never going to support the people and be concerned with the people so if she knew on damage or if she had a talk about how the party has completely and utterly destroyed her face in and down and their interest in the people so that you know it satanique tion for me this this is not about individual this is about our nation in our and whether somebody is willing to stand against all threats as we sat before our lives are for one and our sacred honor to defend and protect those without a voice so you can usually track it back followed the money to see whether somebody is for real or whether they are not now look at president tramp for example president trump lost a tremendous amount of wealth the and you know you have to respect him he didn't need to do this he could set in you know he could play only so you know set looked at his beautiful wife malania and do you know in the gorgeous i love malandain what a what a wonderful wonderful woman i i would really love to meet her some day there there certain people that i would love to meet some day she's on my she's on my short lest you know and i am disassociating she's you know she's suffered i was a waist going to say she's taller than me and then you said she's a becurled unreally can be short short lest i am an ye little more than short lest monodies like her somewhere you know she's a she's on the angel level my opinion i love i love one jacobite way i flow'ret him cases quite tall many my wife used to call me her giant because i was six for at one point i don't know if i just get too much wit and gravity stringiest half in i am no longer her jingall you no longer my galeasse no that is for though morehead a great great person on her say i'm to go down a scale it and he's in contracts johnson emanated to this and mary said but i didn't take long in the bathroom i guarantee you i didn't take long in the bathroom that is why to this day i do nothing with my hear that's what my hero's looks spoke because i'm like a line here cap'en severely licked by its mother most the time is that i look like i get up morning it's like five minutes flat boy got a shower got any make up but i don't do anything by her i call it my mouth that door i do not spend time in that arena very long almouchico a wider ideas that were so exactly karen dixon speak out now when michigan is a dumpster fire i i i have some questions i really do because you know we have to wander you know if it was like you know it was rumored that both and you could see that you can see the indian to know what happened to killisnoo to me like i want to know if they took a pay off to step down that quickly or what they were prompt profit because it was really weird i don't know this i don't know i have questions and i think we should ask and then requite said the election was distraction away from us getting real things done and i'm so glad it's over with and then mission home state invite dixon on the shelf or there you go mahinui after i say once again i do not concede down a gramberg does not conceit i am not conceding his election it is not been conceded it will never be conceded and tell its right i probably invite to die join me on the show and we will have an honest discussion because i will make sure it's honest and what happened what will have i would i would invite any one on the show that wants to get to the boven pope i would invite hillary clinton on the show i would invite but if somebody said you have an opportunity to talk to hilary clinton man i'm mate you what i am going to have my runnion because i want to talk to these people whom we can know a son horrifically evil things and in one now and i want to face off with them and i want to sit there and pray with his people or i want to get to the bottom of the so dickson i invite you to the show i invite machination the show and run wiser in the little globules mens i'm pretty executing on your no i teriitera little more benefit of the doubt to reflect on what eric said why she coming out with his now well if you're running for office you not exactly going to burn out the top while you're running for the job that that's a really that's not going to help your campaign if what you really if what you're really doing is trying to get an office so that you can help the and i don't know from her perspective of soleless look it but look at it objectively from her perspective if she thinks i can't talk about the election because there's a lot of people that don't want to hear that and i can get into office and then address it if i don't talk about the election so let's say that's her perspective when is she going to do about it now well she can see apparently fighting election integrity is not important to her so okay so we missus this is carneta process i have to look at both sides will i don't know uterine talked to and adonis she could talk to you privately that would be a great shame too i'm not her and i thought when i whatever i thought she's a very polished lovely woman that's what i thought when i met her she was very unsure of herself when she when i met her though you know i sat there you know wheatland in front of her she was kind of like unsure i don't kind of blame her just because the political arena is a bunch of liars cheats and thieves so she was a good person that got thrown over under the bushes one thing i i hate to say it you know and maybe i'm comparing too much on my had stubbornness aspect of personality but if somebody you know a people were trying to get me to raise all this money and do it this way that way and i'm like now it's not honest i won't do it that way and i either when honestly or i don't want it all and i'm okaihau know cause god god in control he can have us when if we do the right thing every single time he will bless now it doesn't mean that we may not get thrown in jail for a period of time but gascon also open those doors and let us out so if our i spoke to her in a great surprised at her come it's what did she say misnomer it it is our responsibility before god to do what's right before god and that go along get long and try to play that were just where we're going to put the blame on somebody else for our decision me it was somebody else i don't want to you know rule have to go in the direction of what no right and what's wrong everybody does that's right or wrong are you go by fear do you go because your part of a of a you know a club that's been infiltrated that's telling you what to do or are you honestly stand in there on your own two feet like an adult make him decision for yourself before god almighty that's the one you're worried about is she going to do about it now she went fight and say you know what now that i've seen some evidence coming out i disagree with what just happened i we need to desert and find the truth i back her on that i may not i may not like her and her choice is previously but like i said nobody's perfect what is she going to do about it now and in again ultimately she answers to god she doesn't answer to care nor the rest of his kin as much as she had answered a god so in her heart what is she going through right now is she going to to do the right thing for others a right now or is she still in a look out for herself in her own it go ahead and call me tutor it will be a very very easy person to talk to if you're telling the truth and i play and i would fight like hell for her if she was indeed threatened or course that's why i didn't come out against meliaceae i have the tax messages to now i feel like garbage hole not because an resident chest daughter at school for veterans program happy veterans the out there i feel like complete garbage at miss that on his her line or no i emaciated on the earth will get won't we'll get to and give them all kinds of honour disaient in as the downington his governor and i are purpose the governor's mansion to a hundred of veterans in force because you know what my office is going to sit squarely probably in a barn there is no reason for all this waste of space on a political action figures when we could actually do it to true american heroes which our veterans ohonoo all of you we love you all thank you for your service happy dorinda this is a happy day he was does that man has one day i could share my own but there's one fout anyway but to make every day every year he makes better in day and even i and my mother in law because you know veterans they depending on the place like apples to something where it's like a shikaree meal for veterans for lance or something like that a free move like the he has a list of the things for veterans and he brings his military car like whatever he needs it and him a liakoff work it's like a house harder and he goes and he watched their free love of deference to him any way not her but you know how it is free must the place abandoned yet then go my pieces bring the veterans veterans home or something like they do something positive so michigan homesteader said alice jump off this i spoke to her addiction integrated was surprised at her comments i got locked out of that account than on good and i made i mean with rosinante had of godzilla and she defended her it was after rosie went after charles and miriam got a gold she my granddaughter of her school totantora happy betrothal you for all your service cotoner he am the assassination day tenawas going to remind you but the bondman showed up an i love your mother that's awesome yell on her channel though her unheard whatever he no we had somebody within also within one of the th station i want to hear it from her voice that really laid out tutor so it makes me a little bit suspicious that some as i read all of the rules about the debates and thus the networks had the ability to in fact change the rules of debate and change often time and dismal somebody from getting on there there are so many inside one of the stations that came to one of my campaign people and said it's too to his keeping you out of the now i didn't i wasn't it wasn't first person that's what got back to me so we're going to go back to sing i was tutor threatened or intimidated and she's got small children i know that that's part of what happened with melissa i have the tax so so there is so much threatened coercion going on out there i had i had an unnamed but i think somebody on the chap might actually have a little bit of a night there a retired congressman that came to me and was in it was through a little bit of a entrapment scheme plus a twenty thousand dollar trump endorsement plus a ah an information sickeneth thumb drives pulled out so like me a material and every member of congress which would either get me into get me killed and i was discussion is ended right now there's the road find your way out here and i to behind my ear here a man up because it's like we're going we're going to pull this all out and at loanhead mitted where this led back to and it would be people within the amigo and i have a witness and then the dumb she i'm going to play it out there i mean god and admitted to it in front of a group when i never said his name he laid himself out to be so sad when you criminate yourself licinius and then came back with a tax message pretty interesting trying to be a little threatening donworth me i just doesn't work with the sly pretty pretty interesting conversation what a amelie who was this retired congressman i'm like i don't know i never mentioned his name but you did i arter you go have and have a nice time at the gym work at hard not that way at your coffee for the day i'm going to i'm going to let this this star congressman continued he do look it up you figure out what lansdell the world to hear did it don't have to say than he did already retired animated that he also admitted a hitting somebody and he was going round garthorne and think he was probably tip in the bible to a little bit well i'll get a want hit a woman and god was caracole horror and he said the story and i had a witness god the son the car marked around and it was a commanther congressman and drag and they will do each other cannot say anything if you don't walk away the winter one way i think i know the touch donatello of figured out for themselves atlantean trouble remenham for satan thing retired common of all right twenty questions as right there figure it out and and you can also figure out may be which leadership found that twenty thousand dollars is going to go to we talk about that can we talk about a funding question i'd like to learn something yeah we can talk about taxes i've been diving into the texture the tax structure lately some comfortable without one well i have a question regarding campaign funding because i don't know anything about this and may be you do and it might be interesting for people to look out for so i posted last night about a website called transparency starch and is not entirely accurate is not our but what a show on their solicitors question how accurate is it is that tutor had taken in about six million almost seven million dollars and she had expanded ah grasslike six point a basically she still had three million dollars not accounted for in there now may be the reporting has lagged and maybe it's not entirely accurate but if she has funds left in that campaign what happens to it after she has conceded on election i believe that it goes to the party but i much what i saw so so so this is what two of the soup that i had that went to me when i first started running i had one person who people of north think that he is a really good guy he's a felon who has a voice and everything oh i listen to this guy like every day oh good good for you do you know who you're listening came to me once again had lots and lots of a big ideas you know and came ridout and said to me you know what you're going to get that trump endorse it because once again it's a sail of the trump endorsement by these low level political hats you put a thousand dollars into your campaign and you will get the trump in foedora i really he's like yes you will i said well i said it's not like i have that laying around and packed and disinterred knows i miss the whole financial statement of me being a billionaire because my goal is never been to amass a large amount of money insectology things done and if there is a good place to put it in order to help somebody else will so and so that's not necessarily always the goal or maybe will invest in something to create more jobs or something like that because you know money is just so i said well then he dropped down a fifty million dollars because he said and he claimed right out that he had been it was right after the thrive time often in september twenty twenty one yes i was talking to to oratorian forty five he said i was just on the phone for he fightey said if you put that much money in your account you would get both of the endorse and some like really i like well i happen no general plan doesn't i don't really say much about it but i have been no general fled a really sound like something that general lewald she's extra sure he has a little bit too much integrity so a course i know mary please so i decided this is what we're going to do so i got on my phone and i take his maria a sky here asking me questions and said that if i put a hundred million dollars any drug down fifteen did me bargain price fifty million dollars that i would get and the flanders men because he was on the phone with them he was just on the phone the and i said sartorially sound much like general line it really i don't really think it sounds like a like a present trump either but i just thought i check this out with you well i knew dancing the answer to it all ready but i wanted them to know exactly who this was and that hand a very good friend plus my family sitting around listen to this whole amount of nonsense man who has a radio show up north who has a pretty broad following from up north straight out and mary of course comes back with the answer that i know it would be because i know them and it's like ah that is absolutely a fall on true wrong and like all you know i just want to check it out with you just so that you could just like have in but you know what the one thing i was doing his passes name around so that he passed it up to somebody who is in charge of had a military intelligence i'm forty sure that this guy is going to get his behind handed to him because you just expose these people for whom they are so i just run up when i see names like that of people that i know are communicative not along the way they get and to a late because you just they just keep making the mistakes whether it's in that or anything else like that people are known even even even a simoniacal ren are known by their action so are adults and says that kind of thing is who is selling clearly selling access or selling an endorsement screw him i wouldn't have anything to do with them if i you know and i basically told both of those people i can't win honestly i'm not going to win this is in god's hand and i'm okay with that if the state has to experience more pain in order to get more people in the game so be at it happens biblical have before god lettered die that had a lack of faith in the desert that didn't stand with him for years in the desert to wander so that every single one of those faithless godless cowards died and could not enter the promised land to poison it with their lack of gods lack of lace willingness to stand for anything and lack of actually standing for god so there you heah this has been going this has been going on for while i can talk talk about this coercion threat intimidation for a very long period of time you wanted that come and play in it such there i want a touch back on what i was saying about the funding question to i also shared what that website has for you and atone hold on hold on hold on a whole coat that in it he estopped you know what i believe second time that he drove were on leaping if your listening out there i will not turn my back nor will i denounce nor will i turn my back on president or do and by an me to do that than go screwed himself november eve who are the silent why are they manipulating you how are they stealing your will bubble crash steal my what is inflation monetary manipulation taxation without representation in and to the endless a period he waters the federal reserve right there we're going to oregon nineteen thirteen is the federal reserve we never won world war two an we never one world war two surprised cocinero out there that the goal of world war one was to put through a federal reserve and place the gold of world war two what was it the un who are the silent thieves the public masters is not those people that are sitting up in front as the political prancing ponies the poet it's people that sit behind in the global and who are they who are they seleucus they can't produce anything they don't produce anything their parasites they make money off of the backs of us what is inflation inflation is a task i've been saying that all along manipulation how do you hide all of their financial misty you do it the same way they've always done it they'll do a bubble a crash steel lie repeat exactly this is this is the male of the global thank you you for posting he most even adipose entee says we love you i love you too thank you for posting again the one time that the cows posted when we were on her that the pope forty five so we were on jason's show so while it was close while we were still on air because we were so so caesar japan i hear he's crying critters only by the name of big weird he silver market he spent because i get a daily mail from him on a regular i wonder if i can pull it up here i don't go back you that's why it goes back of not being lost some discontent her halbut it's interesting how at the end of his tetrachordon put an end to the endless and that nineteen thirty beecher because he has been talking about like sometimes recent one this was a two day he said the subject said silver breaks technical barrier soon to botetourt and fifty dollar out silver by silver because a lot of these has to do with the endless you know printing at the federals are in the body wise it the bank the big banks were not long silver with tetraides massively short the only question left is will the big banks go short to stop the uncontrolled rise of silver would you love to know the answer because the only thing holding silver back from rising to a wonder one gold ratio above five thousand i mean it's close it's close at the alienor the they were talking about a beneath interest rate to onontio he listened to their policies and unlike this is where you stand back and you say it granadilla well well see how this is going to work for once i can i can pull it up because i i actually save something of an initiation to an macusi want to talk to wellwater talked about your show this morning going from a the coroner the love that term do savages out there you create sanitarian we love i guess emaciated oregon oh you laugh the girls out michigan welcome michigan guys all do gender walters and michigan we have all to gondecourt to fury i could see in a cat cast in dayton at his slinking looking down a hair in the morning and that i just got where i now demand as it you know i don't know at the intense localities as a oh kay i've got a jailed that looks like that because i like a man the mexico not shine to get back to their cause i've got it safe off because i wanted to talk about the inflation rate and the the sham inflation policy corsican i've got to find work but it something that's interesting lots of information coming in lots of people the way i'm a voting precinct were told they could not vote as they had already voted absentee from happening long machines broke down this morning so new machine was brought in dominora not sure if it certified john so they scrambled the doe and we are seeing issues in our little town of market this is not to me by a friend while they were voting so there's one and then another one i want to read off which i think is in i just research my county canvas i found out that out of twenty six thousand six hundred votes twelve thousand two hundred did not vote for any governor candidate third man not so though that's almost a half sorry he that shows me that people no matter what party are not happy with our government or they just chattels off they know what we're goin to vote for before you before they even counted they could tell by the envelope so wrong so it's probably another twelve thousand two hundred in the town of brandon something somebody was just saying to a search and for nolan very intent especially with fighting to meet the pain i come came up with a couple of few posts america will be unified again past then hoisting won eleven or eleven now what are the odds of that that was again posted to the nines then post to to a seven the image says every focal orleton red wave or red soon other one says one three five seven kissing there won't be a rest until the justice cleave out that as judges do you have any idea how long that will take we are now looking at next year for the rest of potatoes to be confirmed just federal judges does it include state whose that from that was post one three five seven and i think i think we've got a rabbit there we're going to see about that one there was somebody some time ago in a study in elevation the board that they thought it reflected a so kind of military manual there's a chapter eleven and the sections i mean they did a whole study on it the section numbers reflected in that chapter seemed to match the numbers in the future ops who wore many it had its not the training manual that jase's talking about it a different all training yet it's different and that but but eleven eleven seems to have a different meeting there so again we're not going to a son that there's a big happening to day just because allow deliberate drawl i'll not happens and because ye acting to day is as it is not a good idea because anything that's going to happen if it's going to have a noise talking about it and and whatever is going to happen is going to happen nobody is talking about if they now number one because in the enemy would know and a number two it's anything that happens is always even driven so there's pivotin that's why when people ask me to do like the target fixation tactic that caius pretty indicative that usually what the federal government does or or puppets therein just sand is a target fixation it's like you can't do that you got to have a general over all plan and have pinions when marforio becomes available soon out ready one more thing just god this is what we talk about on your onishishin and i think this is significant because it were looking at at the picture of our election wat too small and i mean way way way way i bring a ipomydon eminent because i want to i want to be able to talk about this at an because this is in that significant i want to see the room come that's well we're going forward on this so hang out a minute i'm going to get back i can see the coins they command and then so what came up i want to go back what cuticular got i think i'll put it out there that's what i use anyhow anyhow just got this team and from the up frontdoor that three small town right off on a right of thirty one south of the bridge will find out more there were thirty to forty new people just registering the day they voted and here is the kick in the hat all had the same address from three different towns i was told the company is buying up houses in the telling people to vote from those same address got to find out what happened and what if this is when we think about like a china and ford entities one property in the united states decanters were out how big the problem is this is literally selling off this nation and influence peace by p they went through this whole nonsense of citizens united he having a designation for corporations be a person and where this is going to go in the future unless we stop in you wonder why we have all this corporate welfare this is one of the things i've been working on when i look at the tax structure as dona brandenburg who will be the next governor of the state because i do not on and and we're going to fight this thing out the absolutely failed election maladministration parts of it they are fraudulent if this is happening there that is fraud that is absolutely fraught and it's also election interference and it is treason which i do for the big crime because the big crime comes with short drop sun to something we need to do and any of these organizations behind it newall assets all of them trying these coveted all assets seized in the organizations behind it we might have to declare some more on these oh yeah because a lot of our political political in nature you know we'll see they've already declared war on us orleanois form is an entity and it is a governing type of when you look struck i would declare them immediately as a domestic terrorization eleanor it is a saying at bienseance meeting to day and will be making a speech there and his answer i can give you a prelude of this speech soothings and then in ducros road yesterday and the taxes and then then were you this is what we're going to do because because we're winning because the inflation rate is that three thousand per cent or in our facile brother this is going just just just latinus now given you out for for shadow of a speech to day or to talk about like when he that the my father he's to say go joe he always felt over and over again you know that all is that before or after plain with his leg hair all o ye sanitation yeah yeah i almost did once animadverted it will my gosh oh help me somebody help me here more pieces there is as headshake thereon the program we got off the rails omobono go now you know you're right though so that is interesting though i mean if there is a company out there that is to bring it back i fingalian i mean not just mishanter seeing initiator was china that mean we've been seeing that has been a big concern that like a astianax as outside of an air force base aren't the buying a ton of land outside of you know out of sitapore based on a texas to miskoodell over the place it's not just in one spot farm land and an exertion to to control see if they control all the supply lines like so they took down global reproduction now what does that affect now let's go down the let's go down the line here and analyze how that affects even that this is a very big problem when you have people that have a very short rest there having to be told what to say rather than having enough knowledge to connect the dots now you can kind of do it you can do it by having a team of people that have differing differing bleterie levels or different areas that they that they have that they have experience in but it's really helpful when you have a lot of experience that you can connect the dots who dost remained in but he made it as a lesson the air oh my god you know what i had i not you're going to engage at this maybe maybe laugh but i actually had somebody in the airport crichope my crotch one time inanimate i'm not kidding you wear that was her search cried chap my car ah but it was a thank you for the original date at that critical state i asked him if they wanted a room or something like that because i would smart allerdyke made say i'm like i don't know now alstromeria the they had the look on her face because now i had done it as the one that they couldn't possibly call out your you are crying your lasso harold bring it join peace josef what they all you want to hear something funny because i get i am mad at these people and all just make him feel really embarrassed it doesn't balusters so after we were i was on my way to was going through the alley airport this was years and years ago on my way to buy and was going to the airport missus rafter there was a lot of security for a place i got to think what that it was tied to a vandal a sudden it was code you know cowering tenants airport and and i almost always set off the foot of security and will for a very good reason but as we have a meddlin our bodies due to unfortunate circumstances less but that way so i'm going on pretty much always settle peter often somewhere or other i was going through this medley tact and and they they they're like they couldn't they could penultimate know it's right out there and so said they wouldn't lay off so so right past the the mellerer they were trying to figure out what it was when i was carried what was problem or where was a prompt i disturb penclosa i'm like the you want to see what i got here bout start taken my clothes off in his day became an why i ended up down to like come gustave leggings and and a i patience god be you got to so i said the person searching me i said getting more questions oomgar her shall we go in the back room he sorter in front of god everyone on like eye going to keep this nonsense going on you know we're going to make this a comfortable the raynham i love your proach because it's like people who follow the orders of these tyrants like for example when the whole covering came about you tried to get the state police to rest you come on or rameaus i'm not sitting down they wouldn't have it elongates lolla ohaeawae i come on a rest me and here you are with the molestia the air but the canongate backroom will do ritornelle a bunch of demoralized piece of the garb aleikoum make him throw a shot through it right out there in front of god everybody what they're doing is there taking away like hitting me a little for old ladies i'm like you know out you know like a moment years old that makes you pretty hard up if you got to do you know search on me like that and the airport iron yeah and i was tentative in a critical case i was like mister but i bonaparte for crutch cried jack the goose made the back like a man a tale a key you got fifty crocodiles you a bonus for this month for psychological or on the population except that one chick brandenburg what's up with that as we hopefully they did in caricature there that would hurt it was a pleasant i'm going to tell you that this is too much this is too much i mean are polynesia i oh i miss my plan in sumerian day patty is on the scene he here watching he paused we've got that papa we've got are the tinker papa were putting our thinking caps on here where learning to think papyri i don't know about with that as i whose making these things oister some pastorin know gale this is like a ring i saw those the other day yes those are colette the printer okay so everybody knows i like pain so i get sore to have a magnet from papa i get three printed papson the tinker thing you know is just why because he may be there something wrong with our brains you know we find somethin with this stupid stuff you know and i've got three printed peppering a little green ones that look little bob when ermatinger like takes them out all things upon of these days i'm going to paint my whole house green and put eyes on that would be but ever recessive ground so then when when your house raises a bottega look like capacitated that then be amazing he somebody was sayin the donative was seen company my husband works for a bunch of land and is always looking for more they even have a small sub the submarine will you know i tell you what i saw when i was traveling around the state and i got up to i got to think it was a sheboygan and there was the crew ships that came in port and they reminded me of some that i'd seen in the caribbean were i as this is kind of crazy so i went to a horse show in poetry and it was it was it was like the i don't know i was i was down there were only for a little while into the sea a sub division while we were thinking what way too big on that one we were thinking military i was thinking some division rather than a marine okay while a centre at the are doing housing that's exactly what what vanderbilt did oh you are a puppeteer i know the guy that can get it for you are then i should do as i maybe will produce a bunch of hay goodnestone hereto make a car in the river or thinker oh we can do that we'll do care and will do jason will do papa thinkers on to tell you a lot more on that investment don't do not come here i be come over here and and we've got a wee toscane like a three scanner you run a wind around things and i can stand anything but which is really kind of you know so we had boiled crab what is a person who doesn't watch the people that don't want to they have a way too much time on their hands clearly and just keep creating what i that would be cool gales to them that's why that's kind o what it looks like you're all the time so i'll do a three day can and will print i want to see that prices i think that he cover seen that prose it's very cool the so i began can you were the beer in your hand or just you yourself what is indefinite crowd chop and and this is our aspiring tsa agent jason this is her correct chop courtesy your tea you know this is the one thing i will say i love travelling family because when it's kate and myself because i have had an indorsement of my license if i was traveling by myself actually can go and pass all that crowd it's like they do basic obviously but i compass by that all that as if like the delator for the faa my family can unless they by the extra whatever but the night of travel with a family and a child they don't make you go through those typical exercises and to all the most theiotes your family to come on over her will just put you through the pain bayous basically walk through the base metal the and they just look to your banks were quick second i have a nice day dallam moralities much i could you buy asseline you don't have to go to the extra where they look at you and you know the caricature in in the end they just say to go ahead yet they go all kinds of fun and then i love it when they were on the back of their hands all over your whole entire body is like all right where you pick these people up from you know i'm sorry they got technology there already doing facial recognition they know who we are walking the freeport they don't need a search anybody it's a it's a bunch of crap owners a three d scanner i mildly jealous of such a tool it is on my list nan in an an i have one you know now that we've made this a thing with the brandenburg caricatured craneycrow jack we have it fell into yourself crochallan ing out of existence and that he was going to make it like a secret hand shake the possibilities are endless we can do whatever you want okay and in the words of trumpetson to be yes well we're up already past the first time thing with the tsa so you know after that but can i say o my hoofprint one doctor into all right well in it going to say so many bring some stupid out to me i can i can matamoras and five thousand he i enjoyed that kind of crab making people look stupid when they're doing stupid crop says i actually have a three actually have a three day santerre several three printers and it's kind of amazing i'll have to give you the background to all of these because they were all custom but we just kind of costumes we need him we an order without i build model the that's a pretty amazing lie in the same ungry on public now what would we not do doodles you you know akron yet restores you got seventeen of them i mean anaesthetics i thought about living medesano really well any more used to but you know it's like like ah i no i just like learning stuff you know i know how to do saying glass i don't know i took or made classes at one point in time i just like to learn i've made wedding cake so like to do catering i used to make a whole a whole tray of flowers you know roses when my kids were little so what i would do as i would put roses on topics and such and i would have a whole whole tray stuck in storehouse as every likes the roses all the kids want the roses right in this frosty side make like two hundred rods as out there and in the kids of just got they sat all the rooms as i lucasia's what they want anyway you know a minie that when i was younger i don't know it's like my grandma used to palace do you know i like i like to sew i like to like to do all the allied pretty much anything i'd like to do electrical stern i like to do i like to do pretty much anything that's so you know it's like dis you and hathorn about that guy well er fabric probably built a whole bed scratch a last crazy technical guanacoes a computers and an back an officer security and i mean not acting i mean that's the whole difference praise i think like built like helpless constructed and i don't know that at you got you talk about pinaleno couldn't sleep at night before election but now you were like your spiritual i often think that about a lot of fuel you get between you and that he had so many different skills i like these people you either people or the like so like the different lines the the ray of skills you all have i armature to ogle her issue he had promised that gernois drive a truck and pass as all day that's or tactically in anianus that's what i saw at what what do i do masticators he yet in people actually saw he the other day when you had your when i know how to do a reform a construction you men have done anything moderated and such and took it pointing you out leonore moment she spots a piece of poland she gets right marridge rid of it he teakettling he he is can't stop you know it's just just keep moving all time to keep moving that's all you got t do not be so particularly ask you don't have to be the best of anything in us got to keep moving i can't show you that is they keep me in to your less target because he can't get a fix on you no not acting ought you have that i've learned from me is amazing safety with desolate i love learning about people and what they know their background again what makes this country work well right you know we have a diverse set of we need to also get back into a diverse a different type of conversations like pater on tuesday right something some sure some people agree with him on and some did but the nice they pass that people need to get back to having good solid conversation right we have a liberal neighbor that comes over she is about as left as they come but you know what she is always welcomed in our household we always do came night we play catanians we talked about the nile that game of cataracts reinfect you want to see to force happen or be on the primal my god is savagery but you can ask my mom she seen at play out an unfaltering but having good solid conversations we need to get back to that without pricking bonita one another but no you're wrong and here's why because that's not how we're going to win hearts and minds right and so i really appreciate the conversation that you have with all these people whether we agree with them or not we need to get back to well and honestly when you see the communication and why communications break down in families it's kind of like the same thing when you see that the public did public discussion in the lack of communication that people have they don't have that skill on how to talk truly how to talk in order to achieve a goal of a peaceful resolution which is in the best interest of everybody and and and that that's really import most the time were arguing over none absolutely no it is it is it is crazy stuff because people are like i am right and they walk into him matinicus i do a lot of conflict mendacio mitigation i really i that actually something i very much enjoyed because when you come into something in the middle of the conflict you have the ability to get everybody on the same you know on the same page and it's it's it's a little bit of strategy it's a lot of listening it's a lot of being able to frame what not what their necessarily saying but what their attention and so when we go into things like conflicts and families and families have been because we want everybody to be exactly like us to always agree to to tell us that were right and to affirm our personality in my opinion that's usually what it's onanist is all about is that we want confirmation that somebody thinks that were smart enough that were good enough that we have enough wisdom why do you care no beroe it's like orelie that that that is not helpful in a conflict if you're right you right on something usually nobody will nobody's ever right one hundred per cent of the time where we got a mixture of being right and being not so much right and sometimes being right and have an idea that might work there really is an always there isn't really usually one way to handle the conflict is usually a couple of different ways and we have people involved has more ways because everybody has their own their own not only by pride cometh contention to erase right in it in so when we lay that down and we think and we stop in the first words out of our mouths should be you could be right now is that saying the right no but as showing that you are inert a that other person's point of view one of the last class conflicts that i meditated i hate to say this but usually i know it's going to be kind of kind of ridiculous so so it's like you know her i'll hear okay this is what's happening and this is the conflict we have and saw i went in so i actually knew it was going to be a a simple enough conflict that i brought two bottles a line seaman the table we had two opposing snowflake teams and all came in masses up ready go to warfare as you know the woke parties that they were in their self recusants really got to find in it just sit down here going oh my gosh please give me horse cramoisi this is so painful to watch people fight over nothing so many eyes said the wine on the table and i said a pretty exposure going to leave here as friends to night so you're sixteen here your six feet there i respect your ability to wear your mask can be or you are to have about this is it how an import here in talk for a minute and so we got him talking so the one the one group i shouldn't tell too many details about this but it came down to the fact that it was an upstairs downstairs tenant situation they hated each other the one upstairs were doing things like like a makeshift dogs ran around and played really really loud music to annoy the people on the bottom the guy at the bottom i don't know got a drum or something like this so it from one thing to the next the next to the next by the time that we talked for a little bit so the problem actually was the guy downstairs apartment losses job overcoated and was feeling really alone and nervous and on and one had gone upstairs and confronted the guise wife up stairs and was really you know and it is at the end of the day what we learned was that was that i so after we talked an talked it all out and went through all the issues so really the issue is is that your neighbor here job and maybe a better solution would be for you to check on him and let him know that he's not alone and i stopped trying to aggravate each other because you're in a situation where you can actually be of how to each other instead of just trying to make each other man tesee who can make everybody else with more stress and i were an unprecedented time where a lot of people are carrying a huge amount of sea and i didn't have my smart alec personality and i was trying to be very consolatory really so were all in a huge amount of so we can back off and choose to be helpful and understand the pain is somebody else's life instead of taking everything personally and being all kinds of her and making it all about us there are trying to get me an maybe they aren't maybe they just had a bad day and you're just happened to be there and it never never says anything about you anyway whatever anybody else does it's only telling you exactly how the mind how they has nothing to do with what is reality there there are mine what's coming out of their mind is all about how their framing the world may be the corporality how they perceive things but has nothing to do with the target that they fixation that all fell by the end of the night they were lotaringer the intake each other out for dinner asked to come over to my barn and hang out with the horses and we were all laughing and having a great time and promised you know two things the first thing i go back to that i remember is from matthew twenty two versus right where it is teacher what command in the laws the greatest and he said to him in his red light of language here you shall love the lord your god with all your heart what the are you so with all your mind the greatest and first commandment the second in like you shall love your name for so the whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments and that's really all there is to it like you said you breathoscope you said i'm pretty sure we're going to leave here the other thing and touch on matteo and i don't refer reference to a lot of books other than the bible but there's a book that i absolutely enjoyed called the seven habits of highly effective people by stephen and i remember there was somewhere in it in there he on to be understood meaning you your two ears and the person that you might have a conflict in or disagreement or debate with understand first then seem to be understood so in other words don't try to get out it out where there get your frame of reference because oftentimes we lose the frame of reference from other people very i mean and you help bring in those two french references and an inherent see the larger outside a man as that ought we earn the ability to talk and have people trust us no one should ever blindly trust anyone that's er and we earned the right to talk about problems of certain situation it's not on automatically given and no anasco to to another person and oh this is this kind of crazy so i just had somebody something come on that i think this is very important sonerell are real city of detroit workers who used a newhall full of ballots at one twenty two a after county was supposed to have been done i found her face looks in their boat from the detroit are worked for the city and one even on properties in detroit now flash on a comet were going to we're going to get these people this is going to be amazing so unpretty pretty excited about where this is going only faith godall you know is this is this is a god this is a god move this is not about any one of us it's all about what god's doing for it not as an it's goin acome up he's goin to let them trip right over their feet expose everything look at you got some more you've got some work as owners of houses that are registering people interesting very interesting and go back to the bible here and we're going to end this with the prayer carries her anything you want to say i did most o talking to day sorry no i'm good just listen at along i was going to say we should do a well mischance learn you the tenth know what got to go the cruchotines lose your voice the croupier near crinoline's go to you first john to fifteen or sixteen who says christiansand so some of us having incredible sense of humor i do to so any first on to fifteen threw sixteen on might dismounted at the do not love the world or anything in the world if any one loves the world love for the father is not in them for everything in this world the lust of the flesh the lust the eyes and the pride of life comes not from the father but from the world the world in a desires pass away but whoever does the world or whoever does the will of god lives forever dear children this is the last hour and as you have heard that the anti crisis coming even now many anti christs have come this is how we know it is the last hour they went out from us but they did not really belong to us for if they had belonged to us they would have remained with us but their going showed that none of them belonged to us you have an anointing from the holy one and all of you no true there's no excuse i do not write to you because you do not know truth but because you do know it and because no lie comes from truth who is the liar it is whoever denies that jesus is the christ person is the anti christ in father and son no one who denies the sun has the father whoever acknowledges son has the father also as for you see that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you if it does you will also remain in the sun and in the father and this is what he promised us eternal life i am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray as for you the anointing you receive of him remains in you and you do not need any one to teach you to the sidesmen times let no one be your teacher figure it out less and to god talking you that's why the veil was rent into that you can go directly to god you do not have to have any one in between you you go directly god names christ you can go directly to him and he will lead you in all this as for you the niece for him remains in you and you do not need any one to teach you but as his annoyances you about all things and that the anointing is real not counterfeit as it is taught you remain in him and now dear children continue in him so that when he appears we may be confident and on ashamed before him at his coming if you know now if you know that he is righteous you know that every one who does what is right has been born of him we are known by reason even solomon said that even a child is known by his action i go on to a little bit more on the see what great love the father has lavished on us that we should be called children of god and that is what we are the reason the world does not know us is that i didn't know him dear friends now we are children of god and what we will be has not yet been made known what we know that when christ appears we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is all who have this hope in him purify themselves just as he is pure every one who break who sins breaks the law in fact sin is lawless you know that he appeared so that he might take away our and in him is no so no one who lives in him keeps on sunny no one who continues to has either seen him or known him children do not let any one lead you astray the one who does what is right is righteous just as he is right the one who does what a sinful is of the devil because the double has been singing from the beginning the reason the son of god appeared was to destroy the devils were no one who is born of god will continue to send because god set remains in them they cannot go on sunny because they have been born of god a very important distinction if you are born of god what does it say go wilfully sin not that we don't make my stake but when we say we're sorry you don't just say you're staying just go back like a dog who was boat you stop this is how we are not of god the children of god and hope this is how we know who the children of god are and who the children of our the children of the dollar any one who does not do what is right is not god's child nor is any one who does not love the brother and sister for this is the message you heard from the beginning we should love one another do not be like cain who belong to the evil one murdered as brother and we can do that with her mouth to be very careful and why did he murder him because his own actions were evil and his brothers were righteous do not be surprised my brothers and sisters if the world hates you we know that we have passed from death to life because we love each other any one who does not love remains in death any one who hates a brother sister as a murderer and you know that no murder has eternally residing in it this is how we know what love christ laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for a brother and if anyone has material possessions and sees a brother a sister and need the has no pity on him how can the love of god be in that ere children let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in true this is how we know that we belong to the true and how we set our hearts at rest in his if our hearts condemn us we know that god is greater than our heart and he knows everything dear friends if our hearts do not condemn us and we have confidence before god and receive her in anything we ask because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him and this is a command to believe in the name of his son jesus cried and to love one another as he commanded the one who keeps god's commands lives in him and he in them and this is how we know that he lives in a we know it by the spirit he gave us spir action froissart is known by our action and whether we have peace in our spirit has pepsin our spirit we all know if you see people that are fearful or that are at that are you know in an anxious situation they just need to draw closer to god and that will all go away all of it and then you'll have the piece that your decisions no matter what the world peace you have that you made the decisions based on where god is leading you not where fear is driving you do what's right in front of god without regard to anything else because god can make away when there is no way even if it seems courtoisie that the direction you go in when you listen to god and you have to draw close to him now every single one of us has failed there is not one of us stands is right just there's only one right just in these god's only began on the rest of us are kind of like in this mixture of trying to figure you know figure life out a little bit and grow spiritually and grow closer to god but when you find somebody that truly walks with god peace that passes understanding and unwavering in unwavering resolve see that and it they will bring they will bring calm piece of come into any storm sometimes just and but but is it pretty easy to recognize and you know you know and god's talking to you every one of us do there's no getting out of seeing god doesn't talk to me yes you as all the time and be a piece of sometimes that just as still i know that he is our god who fights for us protect us who provides for us in every situation do not lean on your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will make his paths straight and i'm telling you why this passementerie our path every single time provision the even sometimes when we are like what donald trump sat about giving a ball was possessions one day to see who was loyal to him i know that's a great great idea you know if you are a good bible p i had invite people to use the pinhook up from any time he says be strong and of good courage and how many times he says wait on the lord the very countries in the friable absolutely while guy's was a great great time i have i think i'm going to go chase down this these two people who are clearly laughing about he happening here where the ballot oh i heard another one yesterday that detroit ah election workers volunteers pillagers challengers were told to stay six feet away the rising a pandemic excuse again in this there they tried to disagree i don't know what came of that but that was a new one on me i didn't expect that this year they are sympathizers with the marks there we can sympathize with mark is and you know invites with these evil people that have infiltrated both of our political parties or we walk away as patriots there is no metal ground god goddess truly sifting people and so are we you know i don't want to stand easleby who is a weak minded excuse making back stabbing lying cheating stealing under the guise of being a patriot christian if your actions don't play it out if you don't if you can't stand you are not strong enough to stand or sit at the table and and it's not given that privilege is only going to be earned and and i'm pretty sure we have it all where are we go on we go all we have it all we know i've got my own list in sure a realist there subienkow retired congressman and somebody who has a radio station that decided to try so you know a trump door men and or flandrin and a notional i mean missing this time she got her who buy houses and asked you to register now we've got two people that are admitting to use you hateful ballots at one twenty two after the counting was done then our bragin about this online he are stupid commit the crime in the brag about it because they think that because they think they can get away with it because they always have and that this is like going along this is come and contractive businesses and usually united states of america was just commit the crime in the cat there embrace but she think about it kinglet then get a with the crimes for long enough and then i think they have complete allamont and they just out themselves so quickly i mean it's kind of genius if you're studying up while how many that's true i think i really do think we're in the middle of the biggest thing this world has ever seen and i i do believe that and i think that their time is short and that's probably why they are little panoria now cornemuse your mom said did you see the democrat posies republican to get side the polls to be a poorer i forgot where it was that what fireside will yet we see a whole bunch of of a woman go call democrats conishead been poenas republicans dowagers christians america first the positive the place that's what they do they pulsating as grass roots a lot of the grass roots groups are being run by people who destroyed the tea party he do some research on that that will shock you but that kind of its come she all throughout much cockroaches parasites and fasting so anyhow with that side when we say a prayer here and get back to where we with all of these everybody out there must be love there are truly good people i'm shooting really a warning shot here cross the bow to all the infiltrates and the people who who sympathized with the saboteurs of this nation no matter where they are along the chain that's how i feel about it you know we're going to need to renee to call this stuff out and find out if there is going to be a bunch of cowards that are going to come back and say because sabotage how far down we go down the list to see to the to the the gallows for yes that needs to happen there have we we can't do a obedient yet he did clendenin out so i think that into all the lambs out there that our feeling lost and sandal join us were fighting the thing right down to the end we burnt the boats ready to go were fighting the thing out we will not turn our backs on president trump it states of america friends or family or country men for god family and country and being carried by the strength of god almighty and to battle through battle and tall and i don't mean a nose donovan now i mean i'm talking about taking the nation back they tried to steal it through our elections masini do not can i do not conceive do you do you not conceive i don't don't see you don't have to concede her stepfather you challenge it all right start something restarting very quickly that's going to going generate down to their right down to their knees that every one of these people who has done harm to good wonderful we the people americans live he had the privilege to meet going across the state amazing we love you all you are our family and we're going to stand together strong to and they heard any one of us they heard all of us where we go we go all we stand bravely do heavily father thank you so very very much the day that you give it us had of us for your word for your blessed word which gives us the hope in the encouragement and knowing that you are a good father and you have stood between us and every threat that's every bit ever been there you always make away all i to do is just turn to you confess our sins and accept your gift of eternal life of salvation of having our best friend that will walk with us throughout our entire life in the peace that passes on all understanding by walking with you being told with mercy and grace to those who make mistakes who are really trying and full of justice and and accountability to those that decide to spit on our constitution that spite our faces that harm those without a voice in who have chosen to war against you our heavenly father creator of heaven and this is your battle and we join into this battle and you may ask us to do anything and we are willing doesn't matter what it is we are willing to do whatever it is you ask in the defense of those without a voice with those who have no protection the defense of the unborn your people from conception to natural death without having any threat coercion murder in the nursing homes or the hospitals and we hold every single person in that situation who took part in the murder of our brothers and sisters for money or financial gain sponsible every on every level we thank you so much for standing with us and for giving a orse we ask that you would please reach out one last time any one every one who has made a mistake decided that they want to turn to you for mercy to get their lives in order we don't want anyone to follow fail we want all to come to the saving knowledge of jesus be forgiven we welcome any one with open arms who wants to turn their lives around and who was threatened coerced intimidated who wants to do the right thing but to go but you better come in truth because the holy spirit any one that comes as a lithe holy spirit we know will look at them and say i never knew you began the very least thinking so much for karen and jason in the works of their doing and aricaras been posting on brabourne not work like a boss and and all the people out there who care about the nation those whose names we may never know who lay their life down a pay the ultimate sacrifice we think every single ducrot there on this veteran's day and will let you know that that in the name of jesus stand before you lord god all my west you bless every single veteran out there as we express our deep gratitude for those that you have called in honor and bravery to defend this nation thank you thank you thank you for each and every veteran thank you for each and every one and we we know that your providing for them but you're making a way and that your putting a better plant in place going forward thank you so very much thank you for this day with love so very much in the name of jules we pray we pray amy prayer time quite often goes back and forth between talking the god hesitation rations with me so i don't always say all the right right holy words and such but i kind o good jump back as he is involved in conversations not necessarily you know sometimes it one on one sometimes is back and forth between people so anyhow i said yes michigan homestead it would almost doubled in one day at the there is at going on and it's going to be a great day thank you so much for being honest parthe show where we go into this and the intending or get in front of the shining meeting be i do not conceive donna brandenburg go to go to brandenburg for governor to see what the person who has not conceived because i'm entered i got to read your name a minute therefore it can see and and last night the whole party put out a notice that the entire party started does not conceive come on over some but he come to the states party because i think that i think that this group of people is first in history that an entire party and all the candidates he decided not to conceit were frightened thing out so hang out i'm going to read my my the care not concede me because i no one ever can not conceded in the history of accented better than i have not conceded no conceiving the bent going to concede never never never not i will not dixon concession department or depart in the concession of apartment we are not conceited leatherskin aroma which i think is cool did conceive don't be well it's until every last these trees in bastards hang there i sat so anyhow and let you know but i consider his her line showed that you were on whole thing is there so you better get on brandanes not work because you can go ahead and post that is the poncas we have passibility so they decided to take out the pot being at least copied over so we got a copy of it and that would be a people can find that there is time sometimes a little difficult to find things so go for to day no no bid men to day no dixon now departing today were going forward and forgot family and country in a wonderful day so everybody out there we care for every one of you may not always say all the pretty words oh well said toad you want you want a choirboy didn't want with tramp he was acquired boy he got in there and got her done right fighters and there are not going to down a well at this talk about this man now we're done talkin not of the nonsense in awe of their labor and by the by the fruits of their wine no more whining work out its snowing in the dawn no one going forward so anyhow thank you so much jason and caring for me in her love us both so much god bless you all god bless every one out there god bless every one every one of you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america anything goes on safe hartford i i i have followers who also wanted to tell you that they love you done and i've seen a lot more interaction on my page i think it's because my panel because people are uniting under your influence and answer dearly cool thing to see too they've seen that we were kind of bonding because of the things that we've done together and that's a very good thing to see well it's good to withstand you so much thank you to all of you and i really do appreciate all the love has been exprest the election and such because i think anybody who's really thinking can look at these totals and say how in the world do you have a hundred one million engagements on line a week that we can see in the analytic behind the scene but they keep the public to eliminated down but we can see him we can actually see where people are coming from there's a big cluster of a moral maria i what he and you know and so we can actually see kind of word the common from it such how do you take less but then the sheriff john tater tates day close in wanton who should have won there was no republican running are you kidding me and the the democrat candidate gathers no way and i in a state race at a hundred one million engagements and i mean i've got more people and then that our canticles that you know pretty much it and stand less the the election relieved outright cheating question mark maybe maybe this gang the other o getanittowit recluse goes this way no they often interpreted que or two of the image i didn't i had on no shawano looks like the kid it gloves and familiar i'm not going to broadcast on monday monday i'm going to take the day off because i've got a few things that i've got to get down on monday but we will be back on tuesday with tattooed wednesday with a phantasy is amazing he's an author and a lawyer and everyone should listen to it to what he has to say i read some of his stuff and i contacted him to beyond because he is he is amazing o nice as somebodies private otonacha holohan for joining after two late too late so any is going to be on wednesday karen there is a care in an jason right back there again but rain next week day so it might be just care in the river unfortunate is like is like passing gas crap that's going on and be a announcement the new year i plan on this back out to where have all my fridays available gauthier all right so we'll take to guy's later have a great day love are