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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/25/2023 - Nuclear facilities in Michigan - Kay Cumbow

Published May 25, 2023, 9 a.m.

Kay Cumbow is a retired respiratory technician, who lives in Lynn Township, St. Clair County, Michigan - one of the counties that successfully stopped a nuclear waste dump for 7 states roughly 30 years ago. She got involved with nuclear issues due to meeting Darlene Keju, a woman from the Marshall Islands, who was a victim of U.S. atomic testing in the Marshalls. Kay was a board member for Don't Waste Michigan and also worked a couple decades with the Nuclear-Free Task Force for Great Lakes United. She is a long-time member of Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination and serves today on the board of the Thumb Land Conservancy. She is giving an overview of some of the nuclear facilities in the Great Lakes Basin and of some of the many serious issues that come with the nuclear fuel chain: among them: uranium mining and processing, Michigan and Great Lakes reactors, nuclear wastes and health issues. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fifth day of may twenty twenty three and i've a very special guest today including a cirences oncommon here in a minute oh we we're going to i'm going to introduce you to a woman that i met a while back and i find it's really been an interesting the for me cause i got to meet all different kinds of people with different perspective and i think this is where we get to the truth as if listening to everybody's point of view to get to the bottom of the truth the asters words in the english language which it was quoted by a present ragged is on the government and were the government at work here an help because we all know that there lying their lying full so i introduced you ca comb to the retired restiture technician gives in lintown ship saint cler county michigan one of the counties that successfully stopped and nuclear was done for seven states roughly thirty years ago there's a big history to the she got balled with nuclear as she's due to meete darlin kajo i think it's cedo i'll have to get the pronunciation and that a woman from the marshall islands who was a victim of u s a town casting and the marshals c was a born member for don't waste michigan and also worked for a couple of decades with the nuclear free task force for great lakes united she is a long time number of citizens for alternatives to chemical ciation and served on the board of the tomandose she is giving interview of some of the nuclear facilities in the great lake space and and some of them being many serious issues that come with nuclear fuel chain among them uranium mining and processing michigan and great lakes reactors nuclear waste and health is so this is this something that i feel pretty strongly about a protecting our state natural resources as and i think it's real healthy to bring on em quite often we don't get to hear both sides the story well guess what to day we do so i am here mepergan keen morning kay how you doing tigrana good thanks for coming in to day i i think this is delightful and others so much to talk about i'm i'm always shot at the amount of knowledge that you you have it it really is amazing who take the marshall islands and the things that happened there as well as many issues and an i'm really i'm really always open with the fact that you know so much and you can always reference and sore things so this is just not on an opinion it's backed by actual data and facts and i preciate that about us so think you're coming out to day a year or microphone got quiet there for a minute oh can you i'm not sure what happened but you were louder a little a few minutes ago there you got it there is so i'm okay the can you give a set over you of and on nucicola uranium the colitis the great legs so you sanandan which like me to bring a map upon on the snow yes i would takes him and i'm ruinlike for screen so yourself sometimes it just it's a ate here very so there's a map and this is this is pretty interesting ah i try to so manages the little bit they go so a sombre conceit were talking about here okay i am not a scientist i am a citizen and and so what i have learned as come from many many camps and and and being around many people who were at war experts or our really knowledgeable about no and in urania i would like to point out that we have had every piece of the nuclear fuel chain in the great like and oh it makes for some serious sissers insemination oh anyway well and i think that these are all these things we have to be addressed is that there is always an upside down side with every industry out there and a one in what i know is quite often people make money within the government of of em let's say let's say a little lass then then but now ellen asked so so i think that we need to go through the things that are in fact concerns that we should be concerned about that if they're going to do if we're going to be involved in anything we have to assess the risks and what the long term effects of everything are as i think you have to set back a little bit more in order for the microphone to work there go owen that's better and northern trottante rate above lake huron which is called the forgotten like by the way then forgotten all the other great lakes had on plans canting of the word you were the international drink mission for the great lakes they had plans for them and for years like her on was forgotten complete and in an amazing like it's got thirty thousand islands and or most of them are up by georgian bay he was of the more on the canadian side really beautiful incredible lake and i and also very contaminated in parts of north the the tip of the top of lake huron north of there ah in serpent river river first nation there were twelve thirteen i believe uranium mines and that was in the fifty i believe that is in there also was is the blind river uranium refinery and that set the in river down in you you have to talk to the computer k or we can't hear you so oftenthe there that the worse yet i can't insisted talking to the computer the microphone pit i see there also is a talings over by agno can you sell her me ye can hear you now soon was oenone screen here a little bit so there's a taling right across right about across from east tawas michigan no clear generating station and there are a eight reactors there there's the more bruce a reactors for bruce be reacted and that are actors are older and they were actually shut down in the nineteen midnight een nineties they were clothed due to what was called serious and and resolved safety as and they were shuddered for a while and then they were brought back on line and the serious unresolved safety issues were never resolved nature quite wide they were brought back in line and to day all the sun the website is that they said that they were closed to and nothing about the safety it doesn't suit much of a report quite honestly somlige at the same time i'm down on lacenter ah so those reactors are owned by ontario power generation but at the time that they were closed ah they the operation of the bruce was taken away from unterlage eration so her instead to day a consortium runs the and imogenes only allowed to own it i go also and hurry or hor generation is so opie also runs the western waste management facility right next door to the room and this of sticks out on a spit sticks out on like mechanike oh so all the nuclear power plants in the great lakes are most of most of them those many of them are on the great lakes and there there because of water because they need water for cooling for cooling those reactors or cooling at the penfield which he spent his the language is shoes by the nuclear industry is quite telling because they call it spent fuel pools but when so when you'll ride go into nuclear power plant you can hold him in your hands but when they come out their million times hotter and if you are near them you'll be i tell you and a matter of men so at the call the spent is the misnomer and the language throughout the new cleanest ry is like oh the bruised a well so let's go at its actors computer sorry all oil i can't see the map from there oh he i hold it up there or to hind yet i'll make you there also was a heavy water plant that was there it is now close down on lake ontario and there was a very good book on line called great atomic like because like ontario has got so many oh fields on so there is the pickering a and b plan and this for reactors it have the poor a reactors of pickering the support be reactors at pickens two of the pickering plants are close nibble those are the two of the a plants because they're the older ones they were closed at the same time there were four pickering plants and for a bruce plants who were close in the midnight een nineties for those serious and resolved safety and that was according to a report by us science this nuclear scientists who went up to the point and gave her a final report and two of the pickering plants actually did close at that time and the issues that were those issues that were in the reports have never been resolved and now they're looking to reliance the pickering plants i believe and a well i think they did realize since so i'm not sure about that they are little lack of transparency happening there as well it sounds like it you know i think that there should clearly spell out what the problems were so that the american people know what's going on and but those this are all in canada it's it's amazing how in her in canada and it's amazing how many islands are in lake huron with all the nonsense with child trafficking going on it should be very concerning for for every single person considering this hen is number three in the nation for human trafficking real easy to make people disappear on an island absolutely though the ring well on things that they did at the bruise was that they refurbished on the bruse plans and i believe now there in the process of refurbishing the roses be plants refurbishing sounds feel nice and sounds like you re doing your living room it's very very hot work very radioactive you're in the time that when they were refurbishing the brussels there was a time when they actually went the when the plant actually exposed over five hundred workers to alteration and operation is pretty serious stuff if for instance if you are exposed to plutonium which is now famette oh then if you are exposed to plutonium one millionth of a gram of plutonium inhaled is in a serious tesseris like a death sentence and this was information that was known early on by i helped physicist in the nuclear end so so what is the time they at the time the workers refused to work until they found out what the source of the of the contamination was which was smart in their part and the bruises what they so the source of the contamination was that they had the workers cutting apart glandered tubes which um went right through the reactor queried coolly waters right through the reactor and those those were contaminated in all tritonium and other radionuclides rate from the rate i heard of the plan did they know how many people died from that or had serious complications ah i don't know so if they might know but i don't there would be interesting to find out you know so at the time the regulator it intoclear safety they came to the two shower or that i think they went to i think they went to open g and they asked them to test all their workers an obedire oh man and or maybe the maybe the operator anyway if the thing was hoping they'll be cause they went to they asked them to test all their workers and all their plans and darlington and and pickering as well and they refused they said there was no need to do that and they wouldn't do it and the regulator them get away with it while so so that was pretty telling as well so down on lake unlike ontario there also are the four plants at darlington and now they are looking at possibly doing now bill which would be building the reactor a new bill was defeated at the bruce which is a pretty powerful victory and am over by toronto in the you have the tachometer burg and although the poor hope and dowling ratinalit you have there uranium conversion facility yet he had had he he oh i blethe produced your rods for the cantorian in canada and then in so a word hope the word hope has a number of facilities there and the town is built on radioactive phil so there was a fellow who added daughter who was in the elementary school and he was at in his written several online books about nuclear m in porthole a couple i should say a couple on port hope his written other other nuclear books a couple on poured hope very very telling because the town was built on radioactive fills so he was part of the playground committee and was told that he had to the committee had to report they had to work with a government a government regulators now government groups that and i can't remember the names of em but like the national health and national radiation any rate because there were radical hot spots on the playground he was just a palled and and it turns out that the whole town even the beach had radiated comports pods and this is a prime tourists spot in canada they also have they also is dumped radioactive wastes rate into like ontario and there is nowhere a historic was dempster that they shall not lost they sure don't tell you much about that like like i know that i met a guy that i years ago from north dakota that was talking about the some of the waste that they the transfer to get rid of from the united states and that he was laughing about he thought this is really funny they were taking barge they were taking like big big freighters over to africa and just jumping it right on the and you know just yanked up in it right on the beach and africa the waste product and he just laughed about it and i thought that i don't i don't think that that's a real responsible way to handle anything and certainly not to the dump stuff to get it out get it me now just make it go away when when you know you're not maybe handlingthe process from beginning to end shootin you are sighed the spots patrick the which is the declararant is the nation through to electors there and goodhumoured the pronunciation of that but i think it's pronounced on a but also over a there is an niagaras storage sight and lewiston and i can no wonder said she and i'm not too familiar with them but at the west valley we sight that was where we processing the only commercial reprocessing sit in the us and it was a horrible disaster both economically and a contamination was the ceniciento is right there at the time that it was operating the west valley we of the west valley a reprocessing the time that it was operating it was the most contaminated site in the united states it was hotter or more radioactive than handford out which was a veesitor a legacy say it washington and so they act water from their actually went through a stream the went through the seneca indian nation and little kids used to play in that stream and it was the hottest most radioactive sight in the united and that the they didn't let before now about that when i think this is the reason why we need it to attack about these topics because of all of the experimentation that our government has done on people without without any responsibility or countability for anything yet they were they were of experimenting in kids in new york orphanages with aids and i you know you look at you look at all of the all of the syphilis experiment think on and you know on the on the on minority population and it's just it's really amazing how much our government just refuses to tell the truth and without regard to human life for anything it's really sad but i think it's important to bring it forward so so here we go in there during when he holler was the head of the nuclear a regulatory commission he ceived into or no she was head of the department of energy and of and the allowed people to dive into i'm sorry that a am commemorat is not quite what i used to be you know what it is it's it's like when you get on camerayou start talking when on a subject that you're really well for standish for some reason when you can no completionas a little while and get used to that and i have a real funny story about when i first started to get i care his identidad giving it came a talk you out anything i actually sat down with one of my horses were two hours and said all right buddy got help me on as soon as he came came on or couldn't talk and for two for two hours this went on for a while and finally you know general flynn was like you've got to make some videos down i don't like all don't tell me i've got to do this right so anyhow i worked at it and i finally finally got used to it and it does take a while to be able to talk on camera even if you really know the subjects i don't worry about it it happens to almost everybody i am not you know i know that you know the subject matter rather than any one in that retaken in so a shoosking well well well it it'll become more familiar do you think i need a horse as the ant nooned horse to sit there next to or you know what this is this is canaanites is one of the things i do it's a i'vegot some the animals got stuffed animals and hers might here's my president tripoli bring on ontos a sad that sort of thing so waterhorse sir or drive a teddy bear or something like that so and that that's always a comfort no oh yes there is and like erythesine ashtabula irenarches ing plant with which was closed and there was a lot of there was a lot of was there as well and some of it is perilwith is very very difficult ah it's very very toxic and some of that i believe has been brought into michigan and to some of our wasteme i ever has i'm sure they have been hiding the stuff all over the place because i know that there's a dump over by a by between regress and the skies they i believed they were trying to make that into a toxic dump there too and that hole that whole goat rodeo in in most of our dumps i think that i think there's a lot of things that they put in there that they say that they don't necessarily tell everyone and ah and we're going to work in to find out later a did you hear about that a wolverine had a spot up north east grand rapids and contaminated the entire water supply of there from years past with the with the things they use in the tanning industry for the the the tanning of these there really dealing with that in a huge way in its tragic but this is only one map of one concern but there's so many more tokens that our government is honestly been involved in looking florid florid was a waste product from the aluminum industry that they had to get rid of so they convinced people on one study whether they were watching people whose teeth turned brown aunt but they had no canoes one understand it so on that one study they convinced every one to put a tacks comical in our water under the guise of building building on you know strengthening the well i'm securely look into it its disastrous what happened with the health effects of that little scan have been disastrous on american population but nobody wants to talk about it you know know that florid is a a waste product from the tone yeah i heard its aluminum industry is where is you know it comes from aluminum but you know is clearly i we've all got a lot to learn so you know anything you can do to help educate to saleswomen liedabout the granawhile is a by charon of the dirtiest in the united states and in fact when the reactor was the commission then said that the company he took it out saterated out said that it was the most radioactive thus all that they had ever that has ever been in the use oh the plant was a seventy five megalopa but it only operated ever at sixty seven megawatts i had two hundred forty point stack and it was the end of their noble they didn't hold her noble guesses backed on those instead they set him all up the stack and there was a bee ifty to that crashed thirty seconds from these to fly over the big rapointi and from the sack they supermarket and the cree their one time one crash thirty second from where they might have hit the plan and grandma the maker of the plains said that they thought it was he the plain ran into then noble gas flow and it must with the instrumentation by a big red also was grandfathered out of all the one three mile island happened all the nuclear power plants had to they had no they had no safety regulations and knew of put on them and be reckless grandfathered out of all those because of the small population that they had the rahad no containment they had three quarter inch boiler plates steel hundreds of opening and oh so they virtually had no contained and there was a doctor up their door gerald rake who did a study on the showed that there was a twenty one per cent he in birth oversway babies for the first ten years of vigorous on line and regret point was on line and during the same tenure period for the state of michigan there was one present increase in libertate and so he went to the house michigan held stayed helped department and asked that they do a study and instead they went to our gun which is the department of energy a lab and illinois and our gondi the study and our guns said it was the poverty however the county next to them didn't had the same kind of poverty and they had they didn't have the same kind of sand so i sat actually i innational academy of sciences did i a study oh about ten years ago i believe and the grandpont was in that study they were looking for cancer around nuclear power fled and so they did the first part of the study but when they went to do the second part of the study they said they didn't have enough money to consent sell they never finished this study and we think that probably they were finding their findings didn't they didn't mind publish your findings and this son eliker elections right there i know we're going to go part way through the elections but then as soon as we have to get in anything real they're going to stop it right the wood on so big grandpont they released over over their life time some of this the real tiny plant it they released over their lifetime they released over three point three million the radio active evasion and fishing and into the water and into the year and that is a lot so one cure this is free point three million and this is not everything that was released either these stands were taken not include the stads from nineteen sixty two to nineteen sixty four at when they were doing a lot of experimentation did experimentation of their wish platonian feel on what they called mock with his mare you ranim oxide mixed with plutonium ah that's not your normal fuel that they were they were doing experiments because they were looking for reprocessing down the line and so they did a whole bunch of experiments how then so one cure is equal to thirty seven million disintegrations person thirty seven billion disintegrations per se and that's all a lot of exposed can you can you have give us as some some more information on that and what is what is that look like can you put it into em ah or making it making analogy to some other type of a of an illustration on one and now that al perdition alvediston is the strongest its his most powerful of all there's alphabet game radiation and alpha is the most powerful when it historiales that conter the membrane and it just this goes to you know it can it can do powerful damage within your body ah it has to give into your body if you in jest it or if you in hell it that's when you're in danger your skin will usually stop it although uranium minor is sometimes elfhedge in because you have woolseners openings in your skin the poor is and so if i telportation gets in there no got a problem but in jesting it inhaling it are the two main problem and once it in there so once you've got renew clads inside your body then they will they are pinning you all the time skipping ping ping as they go through your body if you're fortunate you're going to get rid of you through like you all just passed some through your nation or pop them out in whatever but and i beg that used to tell the workers of the nuclear power plants his drink a lot of beer they no longer knew that by the way he but they used to as distinct a lot of beer when you when you are condemned interwoven content i sell that that's why in the past he but doing that for quite a few years now thank goodness i so bitter as though aperinoton it can be stopped by sin but it does much more powerful damage in the body like twenty times more damage then either bed or or mamma gama can go rate through walls and in and so led can stop it even even when their transporting or radioactive way oh sometimes is so hot that even the lead does not stop it when there when there hauling reactors and the reactors are really and i'm telling about one set have been a radiated for years and years and years and there calling them away to a dump then those they don't cover up the tops of them when they're carrying them and so you've got sky shining and they advise aeroplanes snatty near them because of the scythe well lasso say then more nuclear actors have got bent at the top as that and these pictures of them so and i don't have one right now but i'll get you one but have bent ohetepeha they opened for routine releases into the air and into the water and also emergency and all reactors radio no clouds into the air and into the water they also head up the water so it's changed the waters in the great lakes by heating the and they had him up considerably while that the kind of shocking as shocking how many how many plants can you talk about the palest saves plant you mansometimes you are the ones in the one state down down state here we go back to that we've got pallasades and cook over here and then for me and over here to pauses when it was first brought on line it was down on a half of the time for the first few years it was on not operating half of the and she was even now cally a disaster the first few years it was one line it was a time when that reactor internals actually move now that's not good that's what holds the reactor you don't want a moving so it has been a lot of problems it also is one of two most embrittled plants nuclear plant in the world and it should have been by their own admission by their own figures it should have been shuddered in the late nineteen nineties because of them pretend and they did not they did not shudder it when you can parlants are built they put coupons in them but like a piece metal piece that of the same metal with us to make the reactor and they put him rat in the reactor so they conceive every now and then they'll take out one of those metal co just to see how unbridled in getting and they oh how sad was built within canal six hundred which was a steel that brittles that they found out at embrittles and a lot so a lot of plants have been built with it there were a bunch in france that were built with it oh the bruce plans were actually heaven canal six hundred and them so now they don't build with that any more they used other allies elise was felt with it they had a lot of sloppy housekeeping have palisades so for instance and nineteen eighty i think it was nineteen eighty sed they were four thousand reporters backlogged i thought it was very bad for nuclear power plant until i heard about in unpointed and indian point head something like when the thousand repaired back log i think actually more than that but i'm being while they were of where is indian point located on in point is over by new york and by the white away is away from us is she as mention that so farm can my one while there may too over by detroit the south of trite and monroe so it directly across from there in canada is ames and there were some citizens there the rote of block em called without borders and they had they showed that if there was a serious accident ed for and there was the most serious accident possible that long term contamination plum would actually go all the way across it would go cause the winds come from the southwest and and so with a cross like saint clair and would go up into our ganquan park which means it going with go across the cerinthe and also across georgian bay and intellegoque and if you just moved that cause the wind blows from different directions sometimes so all you have to do is moved the plume and it would go up to ignores the end the tip of michigan or cool cross to lake michigan or it chicago side or go down to kentucky its overdo is just imagine any of these let having a very serious accident we could contaminate a whole bunch of land and a whole bunch of the great lakes waters which we all depend on so well that like the weather michigan is stable if you don't like you just wait ten minutes and sconda change you know when we have because of all of the effect that the lake has on us i mean i could go anywhere hoeseason has a though all the nuclear power plants have panfuls and estampeurs are actually outside of so if there was a pool fire those pools lost water for any reason then there would be there could be there would be a fight and if there was a fire that there would be people die and they actually said the nuclear regulatory commission is actually said five hundred miles away people could die if there was a pool fire though on the pools were overloaded for many many many years and so they were just they had designed designed stationthat is design specks that they were supposed to only be have so many a fuel rods in those and then they kept changing them so they could stackencloud closer and closer because the one just kept pouring more born into the other things that will could mitigate any problem they inhabit a place to go with the fuel rods so then they started putting them in dry casks while a dry cases present many many problems and palisades was one of the first plants dry casts son onse in the us and the dry kiss of palisades first of all they had no quality control the early cape and it wasn't discovered until now the cases were all already being built and almost in a ready for for us and then they put a storage pad out there but the storage pad sits shifting sand dunes which is not a good thing in these cases here like a hundred and fifty pounds of fine remembering correctly a hundred and fifty here fifty tons and and they have a man over a cat over like a cap reads like a and the cement over cap has a hole of the bottom and a hole of the one solovely small holes those holes are critical they take cooling here and there because still the you're as have to set for five to ten years in the pool the the fuel rods when they come out of the plant there is so hot thermal and radioactive and so they have to said in the poor for five to ten years before take them out of there and depends on what kind of full you got how long it has to state and to day a most all the plants have high with the call hi burn up fuel and so it's a lot more radioactive and a lot hotter requires a little more time when they pull them out there still hot they're still there my hat there's still radioactive le so when they go and they had then they have to be cooled the sheets critical that those holes do not become clogged or say if something was to happen to the cement overcame i like there was an earthquake and they broke or say there was a terrace incident or say an airplane crashed in old st the accident as his sheer accident knockedinto one of those and knocked the men over castoff or over cape then you have seventy two hour window something over them or even have a criticality there so this is not good i should also mention that when they're talking about moving ways ah the talking about mainways now went they talk about it like a solution to getting a radioactive was off our shores but it's really not a solution until all the nuclear power plants are close while there still operating there still going to have lots of radio your rods or rated if you'll ride in those pent pupils they're not going to go anywhere for five to ten years and and plus there's so many radio active prades right now in the united states that it is going to take decades to move all of them it can stupid the plan that they have it now because they're just planting and put him on no mexico and also to a west texas i believe and they are looking at having just storage so and and one of the real reasons they want those storage sites because they want to repress they want to repress and reprocessing is not only very very dirty and an uneconomical as was proven quite well at west valley but and in been proven also in the uk and also in in any kingdom and also in france where they did reprocessing at the hag and they contaminated the north sea they connaturally have contaminated parts of the arctic sore that represses and and the uk where they were reprocessing they found that children am living near the plant had more plutonium in their teeth and quite a lot of plutonium he and most of us have well most of us there might age have a little plutonium in our chief simply because we were exposed to atmospheric tests at which rained out throughout the last what years did they do that oh you know i don't haven't committed to memory but it was in the nineteen fifties i believe though in the fifties they were doing as atmospheric testing well sarah this is really i open ever bring carinated and ah she always has some great questions here too so carrying out there morning carinato doing the morning i've been listening in and taken a few notes down ah there's a lot of a lot of things i've been thinking about along the way on one of the first things i heard you were talking about k of spent the language spent in habits deceiving and that is to something that it goes to the whole picture of not only nuclear but what the government has done is constantly constantly changing the words or using them in other ways so that they despise the people into thinking that everything is better than actually and in nuclear everything that you're talking about here we've been placed in danger so many times and ways and in such a great amount that we should be in a fury about this it should just be ridiculous um the anger and the public and the frustration because his donors pointing out there's a lack of transparency and there's a lack of accountability the danger to the people doesn't matter and that is one of the you things that the government is supposed to be responsible for its protecting safety and security of the people and there is none and it's all about greed yen in roofing of the system its like i think that this is the point to the point that that i think this is really important as the fact that we really have to creston everything that we have ever been told about our history our government whatever the involved in because they are not only are they liars their professional liars that he bore for on every single issue and i think we really need to to instead of staying with it the talking points really look at issues from all sides because that there the track record is kind of like it's a kind of like an abysmal failure yes the any other thing i picked up on here is we're talking about moving things across the country in if you're talking you bout trying to protect in the grand scheme of things the whole nation will moving something away from the great lakes might be a good idea but i bet it doesn't look like a good idea to the people the i don't think it's a good idea of period i mean i think there are other energy sources you know if there's this money problems with with the waste and involved in it they'd better have up a good plan and presented with transparency to the american people how they're going to deal in i have seen probe with wind onerous when oneris one of the biggest lies has been foisted upon the the people of america guessnot though i mean that they hold the whole nonsense there's so much lying going on in all of our energies it's incredible i thee o are you no run on a gastronomer never in run out of it okay it's it's a it's a replenishing resource it's not something we're going to run out of her reteared of it and when when you look at the things behind the elector of vehicle and estranda these promises for new things we really have to be questioning all sides of it not just the disneyland utopias of everything is gone to be fine is just going to be fine we need to question all of it i'm kind of interested and all of the hydrogen a few or sold development that's going on and that seems to be a pretty promising pretty promising future it there so men i think we cannot look into that a little bit but but some of the sutlers stopped ah i have i have a feeling we're going to find out a lot of the stuff was just to make the politicians money in the contracting scheme around around thee around the approval of these projects they don't really care cause they just move on if they destroy an area it's like developers developers do the same thing they're like a dog that comes and proves in your yard and then they leave it to clean up everything after em includin a building out the infrastructure and they go to somebody's else's yard they pop in somebody else is here but there's no accountability for any of these organizations and most a cimeter working with ninganinga all these organizations that were set up to basically subvert and step around the the citizens of the area of there is no involvement there's no benefit to any of em none of them and if they say what's going to bring more taxes into the area or in an more taxes then their tax structures wrong so its re personal take and personal gain in my pen so all of it is you know so so i've got i've got to a couple of other sources that you sent me kay one of the cloying watere actor do you want to go there when you i may onesaltogether why don't you go to the uranium in the serrania the dice chin all is oshana ah you nuclear fuel chain yes the unless that is sanity so i've got i've got em ah great lakes system profile that's kind of interesting and of itself though let's let's try that on a minute take that out so great like system profile distance along the flow path and how how much oh how much of a elevation we lose as are going down through the rivers as pretty interested though though there's a couple of things here one is in like michigan there is a ridge that goes across the lake from a walkethe other side of the lake the traps tocsins and the chicago basin writeright here there in like michigan the operaand so so there's a palisades or effluence for example and cleanthe others should cogolin dinis now closed and other reactors in the net the southern are there those taxes or were trapped in this another taken from chicago from the industry is like from geryonia those toxins get trapped and lake michigan lake michigan has a lake michigan and lake huron or considered the same like for all practical ah the lo time out the clean out time for where the water's change over for lake michigan is over a hundred years mas sooner for other like also at the mouth of the saint clair river that was widened in the nineteen thirties to make room for the big freighters to come into the great lakes and so the flow increased quite a bit there and so we those a lot of flows through the and there's been citizen efforts to stop that the to change that back because of the amount of flow that has been lost springstone up in georgian bay the mount of water levels that have been lost up in georgian bay very interesting did you find the other thing that you wanted to look at other ah we can go to i i thought this is mescontanter sting the typical water reactor on we can go through a some of the how it actually were jthalk about that oh sure the main thing the main thing that i wanted say about that is that so on water reactor a close i there is one look so the cooling water goes through and then goes out of the reactor and it passes right by and to it passes right by the cool ride your rides and so i picks up a lot more cramped then does thou the pressure is water reacted and what's out a lot more to sons into the to our environment it's a very expensive way i think that they think about nuclear power is it it's a very expensive way to boil water and that's the main take away that i have there's all kinds of things that can go wrong with all of these there allow one per cent in and so a leaf retinoides in that kind of stuff into the old one per cent of the nuclear regulatory commission aloneshewing and having trouble with my screen i know this real news or real people by real people at the kitchen table so there you go sophomore i think it's really interesting now i know i think it not the thing is sent me that i thought was really interesting was this a ah interview speech that darling how i see less name he do coroutining kilinchean at an explain what you were telling me about what happened with the martial islands because you got this is really where you got interested and an act of with us in what happened with marshal islands if china sad and you were talking about the great it was a great babies after world word to the marshall islands actually all micronesia was given to siberia islands below go in the marianas were given to the united states as a strategic oh trusteeship and there were ten other there were ten other trusty ships that were given but they were all general trusteeships if by the ever given by the hand and to different nations and spoils of the war and the condition that came with them was of the country's head to prepare them for independent and financially and in as well other ways well in the marshals they never happen instead you s took over the main island a cradling and they use that for their for military base there and we actually test all her eyes to be enter and we still test them to day every nuclear warhead had ever been built in this country has been tested a quadling we would have no nuclear warheads of for missiles if we did not have quailing in the lagoon there and we test them every year while so so what we did sixty seven atomic i hydrogen bomb tests there in the marshals there line was one of the victims there she was exposed and she she actually she died in the late nineteen ninety i believe she died of cancer and she had cancers as a child so when she grew up she she of she gathered degree and public health a master's degree in public health and went back and interviewed some of the women who had been a victims of the bomb and so himantopus horoscopes some minutes so so we can see what the what the result of our government lying to people can be disastrous to hold populations and i think that this is why we have to have that accountability selects let's listen to her for a minute here and will he i agree great the yes i am home here as you know on the so as parishes the inswelaboya ah and you in fothered he then the last are if honestation before we know a is for going and as one and not bother and to what elongation the earth when are you as toocome officer kanonissin is not how the boeotian we can ohorokani while poenis and oh lord you can not otomis ninetiesmoores now he thought the war and nineholes into with god then he found me you ask of the senecan the name o god i more to let my people go a toosomething that was opposite to not tell the chief he did not tell them said he and his people who never returned home but he thought of pity would bring the whole back very soon to the pekinese soon come to morrow it oginisswa or income probably next one and they were willing to seepoor the same thing about is that the tegeans bit round how the thing will be home less for ever as you know the beginning has not dove the island is on the forever because it's to readopt and now in otooshoong decided beginning was not enough he asked the perseidae the hassenein of our island this time it was any one on neocesaree colemanite in to in the and the united state cases sixteen six of towandahoc as the well you have in this some help probe we have hunted little and we in this here we are thine never we have now a astheoneon i'm talking a woman in that he operation we have as you gotonight opinionable and whose one voices inantherate in moss have the nonsignatories the is we it is by and we martenettes although hogan who come and lilias when i have it it alternativeseither ran and with and then and was tengono infestation ocasion hoarinesse youngest he soothes well the paracelsian his historeon this is cowassalon sanitarians as i now eitenediommenouthesias of home the world was aroused in it they are islands eolonel his anvers she anson and aspidistras his shots we shall for i he islands then we have the peon a very kind in risenis called ivy i was his only sixes six aboris of la they are not more than eight thousand people on this island we have crowded the other has litteris no i confess to but is by no inextended by the when we are held if we are very sad we have to have cost a special pet then on the way constitootion where is he was then the case but we owe you any permission the hospital for the moredoo the island singer magis my old then many time or children i'm going back to pontoise to her by the this is why so more of last year that one thousand why yon nowtold and old they have one called operation of coming now as the sounds of the two there of their island one is thenanother island it is your womenchildren and they found the island now you was remember do you have nonamesset the orientation of wolfish noise no for the mother a thousand free what a man was not in to homewoodyou in none he had as a totemistic or vile and we have to have one moroni where sipopot and what for with the white foregearwung very hard on one why i do and when we can not be vision without his as we is in the month aneneikato be no way therefore he is you or havens is very quite menouthesias the teyoteepee weedon what this we have not any in condolences at last master you have a word orange grison why i antesonant his host i do no one and i have tried i don't know poisonelder are not yes i don't know whether i will have a child that is to echoes i don't know whether i have a child in a six a child he had worn out his head we don't know what is going on on we know we most that throughout the world and share his man of experience on the logs do not be a whenever we are either the kehoitti think that's pretty pretty important right now considering what's going on in the state of michigan with the elector battery electric battery plants that this is the the united states government has a history of lack of lack of transparency and abuse of of people in anything they get involved in they will screw it up they will create problems and they refused to remedy them that they just they just doubled down the innall tight in with a hold this whole globe ringsend at samenothing we should we should question everything i'm very concerned about this electorate battery plants are the electric matter plants of the solar fires of the wind farms all these things that have all of these great promises to help help humanity but the goes through our own government in pretty exterior that nothing they ever touch is is going to work out well it was concerning about some of the wind on solar is it they want us prime farmland to put it on and in both of them i have toxic was said or can render those farmlands and usable women with they did there they captured the food supplies so let the people couldn't have any food and then then you know it put him into a very small are at sounds of your fifteen minutes a cities that the world i can omit for his then trying to sell us anyhow you know and he put us all on these cities so that they are all the fire land and decide who gets bad and who has to have a pass or a though the check points or whatever it is which is our country we they don't have the right to tell us to how to do anything they're supposed to just be a service come to serve the people and they certainly are not doing that when things about about what darling was talking about exposed to the barn or the united states did not give compensation out in the so if you had a child that was disfigured that home adverse to facts and there were many many children that had first effectthere as they did not receive any compensation at all and then also we expose their own service men out there military man i knew a man who was ex forty tests out in the marshall islands and of course those men came back and they had serious health problems and all their records were burned up in a fire and saint louis missouri and so they didn't receive compensation most of the and viniterie some compensation many of them had died by the well in this is real tragic because they they have been experimenting on our military for many many years and at it is a it is so wrong it's a shame i tried to look up pictures of what it jellyfish bainmarie islands looks like do you connor well i don't have right here but i know that there are it's what we call a high attitude for more it's the right as a blot it's a lump i headed for more is what i've heard it's a lump it's a lump that it's a life that's born but it's a lump that breeds up and down for a couple of hours and there's some here and there it's just like a monster and these women that had it in the marshals they thought that it was something that they had been and they were just full of shame they never told any one about it until darling came out in a bit interview because they were so shopthese bade they thought it was the while i'm sure they did i surely just that i'm trying to find pictures of one cause i'm sure there's goin to be pincers out there i'm just not finding now eh you know it's like it's just a here's more for nuclear test on the marshal anleitung find something he there is just is just so the aminta whole thing is just so sad i mean look at look at the ttessenek a sisyphus and the united states and and i i just its unspeakable i i think the other thing that i heard years ago too with a go she said easter island and the pew from easter island had been so ashamed of being accused of squandering her natural resources and such and come to find out it was the rats that came from the fromhensforth that actually was what destroyed the ego system and then in the in the ah in easter island which that the population was ashamed of that for years when it was actually it was an importation of rats the destroyed it wasn't he so is it for it's amazing how much distraction goes on away from core issues you know and i i think we need to be able look at all of it it's as things are managed well i think that's that's one thing but they have to be one to carry the ball from the beginning to the end not just not just you know i got one pichardo's know if this is her real or not though silicon find here a minute i'm sorry i say you there you're an him decay tondini yes nucula esset the nuclear fuel can no no uranium decay chin i just sent it to you or you steatite me look a minute see what i can find here and the reason i want to point it out as one of the geraniums and i lives the one in this species what is that one is here and in to thirty eight it has a habilite or point five billion years and so the longer the decay can usually the less cicadas i mean the less the less strength it has still i mean all you need is then help a piece of it princess up in elliot lake where they did the uranium mining they still have these huge mounds of uranium palings there just set out there in the open exposed to the wind and leaching into the rivers reaching into eventually lay herod and though this hole be cachan comes with it so you have your anim in thirty eight but it also is a continuously decaying and when you talk about a half life of four point five billion years early on the healths in the nuclear industry they agreed that you have to multiply i have life by ten or by one before it is non hazardous to him and he so if you talk and or point five billion years you have to multiply that by ten or by twenty before it is non hazardous to human help i mean that's just beyond our comprehension in our is so many lifetimes so many generations all during that time is continuously decaying into these other products like radium to twenty to twenty eight like polonium to ten on severely powerful and some of them only last for a few minutes frinstance hiram to thirty as they have life of eighty thousand years can you still hear me ye can hear you come there's some that uranium to thirty four as got a half life of two hundred and forty eight thousand years some other ones that plantons got a half life of a hundred and thirty eight days o days now the last reed and his concerned very dangerous is considered a killer by the us government oh they say that you know they test for rat on gas and peoples who basements because it is so dangerous to people because you're inhaling alphard are you can be exposed to it an you can be exposed yet it's it's so it is so interesting as so much we have to learn you know that we that we need to learn about all these subjects as i preciate you bring in bringing all this to our attention em is there anything else that you want to cover to day we many of these radio no clients bichance trate in the volchansk the and some of them consented a they cut some of the concentrated thousands of down low in the porch on some of the millions of times she actually down in the and for example in hanford which was boiling water actors out there they nos phosphorus here too when from a concentration of one the columbia river to a concentration of two million in the yolk of the ducks that's where the baby is so and and there's many that concentrate thousands of tons his forinstance con concentrate thousands of times in fish or an algy in many of the other ones do tridim there is the a couple that are really problematic while there's many that are problematic but a couple of them that are carbon fourteen is released in large quiet one can do reactors in can m in the s and in canada tritium which is radiocchio is released and great quantities and canada actually releases far greater quantities than the us for the us releases his quito and then in both of those so we are carving based and we are waters and so they can go both of those can go into your body and become part of you a can a tacon just travel inside of you and become part of the of her body and once it's if it becomes organically bound it's goin to stay there in your ballantine in your blood or in not near blood but in your band or in yourselves keep ping ping ping ping you know for ever until you're in so you're gone or i know it just and then it will still be there you know it's not going to disappear just because you die they'll become part of the food chain of vence in talents gone and some of them have rather short half lives but some of them have rather long half lives so in these accumulate the vile cumulate they now laid biochemie which means that there getting into your body but they also and getting into the food chain but they are also are viiconcerning many of them and that's pretty serious stuff and i i couldn't find the one document on life so the international y i don't know how much time i have here only go so the air national drank commission were on the s encenada in nineteen seventy eight they said that there were some substances that are so toxic that they should not be produced in the great like peace and throughout a and two years later there were a citizen a citizen groups banded together and called zero dite and the citizens for the zero discharge and they met right along the ij c they didn't that when the igscouse to for their bathethe used to have binomen every two years and now they have triennio but two years after they made that statement the citizens grow met right alongside of them did not attend their meeting be they boycotted them because they had done nothing they made that statement and then did nothing in this came on the heels all the findings by rachel carson a device and how a bio concentrates in the fucine etc and there were a lot of good sciences doing some very great work back and these every tax actually in the idea i see in the rely nineties they actually published a report saying that there were some radionuclides that should not be produced in the great like space in the all and one of those was platonian was i think the radium and forgetting as there were there was a several that were resinifies of concern if they had acted on that if the government had acted on those findings every single nuclear power plant wolde they weren't they in so and they published a report inventory reaedificare there inventory aretine clades in the great lakes everincreasing es and it was by the the nuclear task for his from the national drink commission it was put together in a raceme of nineteen ninety seven but they also yet a report that when along with that that told about that had by accumulation in fish etc in the great lakes and it was not very it was kind of scanty knowledge and its even scantier to day it's very very hard to get any facts here very little testing as he in our waters a a very telling that when they that the that if our men a better go has then studies and the discharge channel of a big rock and there's ex studies that are labeled like plutonium and biot who tanim in by oda it is charged and there hanmer so its concerning that you have plutonium in lake michigan and or in any of the lake yet there is so much more and i wish i i would love to come back not you know absolutely then the nice thing is that you can you know i think that it's really important for every one to be able to bring your knowledge to the you know to the fore front whether you know whether we agree with people are or were in the process of getting educated we need to be able to listen to different if there is a risk there it's important listen if people that are are focussed in on those risks just to make sure that we've got all our risk assessments down and that we've got to countability with what's been told to us in such case their track record for being honest isn't real good you know so that i think that's something that we really need to be open to a little bit and i cannot astleyin don't have a huge knowledge in two nuclear energy not a not huge knowledge i have i have more knowledge and to other areas of that's not an area of specialization for so i think it's good that we all we all listen to both sides and and oh learn learn what what the dangers are with the risks sirandin any one has a question about things they need to be answered they deserved be answer if it has something to do with threats to to her life her lively who had there pursued happiness in me like you said herenthout eh it's it's really it's really about responsibility and living with integrity and our government is shown that they have not so it's good to ask all the hard questions whether whether you know whether it comes to anything or not i think it's very import so i preciate you bringing itself forward i'd like to and actually really liked to find see if we can find some more information on say of the the results try one troublemore time in an then i'd like to take a moment for the two of you to discuss what is the remedy because i've been sitting here listening getting more and more depressed and in the iconoduli like a kid what kittens can we have a bright side on its i do this in no somersets in a bright side to things on that's onsetha how we have to we have to i'm going to this week is going to be a tough week because i've got somebody coming on to morrow that we're going to be talking about fontinella the risk of fanaticus honestly we're going to have the deal with these you know with these situations that we have truly been handed on the there are down sides two there down sides to everything and i think that the transparency that we have not had is is going to have come to the forefront and working to have to deal with em that the biggest from that i see is that a lot of the distractions that were seeing a youknow got we got problems with the ascites and are water nobody wants to talk about that i'm talking about that the fact that we have a problem with the child trafficand with thirty thousand islands in lake huron alone we got a problem and we we already see niceties that that they've got in up in the small chips and lake michigan that their charging anywhere from eight thousand dollars a week to seventy five thousand dollars are you kidding me on the great lakes for fort a creed to cruise create great lakes i want i honestly would want to look into some of this stuff just because of what we know is going on the cribnthe michigan knowing that's number third in the nation for child trafficking with all the islands in it and the poet the port is so easy to hide this stuff and we are we actually we have a a a n our globe crimson cat satanic a global crimes then again that is how bad i tell you people and ruining god's creation is as the war on god quite honestly i think that there's a lot there is a lot were going to this is a war on god it's a wore on everything he's created if the war too to try to wipe him all off of existence which is kind of arrogant stupid cold nomocon happen and it's a word against his children and you know his children against us and if they can hurt god that exactly what they want to do that's the sicani that's the satanic ah basis for all this that we see to ruin anything good and god's good all the time ruin love replaced it with hay ruin all this stuff so i honestly think that if we had people in office who choked there out of office very seriously this is this is where we start changing things around you have to have people in office and a tiger while running through the last two years i can honestly say that my evaluation of this whole go rodeo of political avenues its popularity contest rather than who actually has the integrity to not be bought off and make the hard choices that need to be made i do believe that god has an answer to everything i believe that god has an answer to reverse in even the prose that were being faced with an satellities of our nation there is always an answer and in europe i've looked into incinerators and haliserites can go through our domes and be used for energy production we have so much energy stored up in our dumps that if they were actually dealt with properly we could turn that it round into an energy nobody's talking about that now i've looked into so many different alternative ways of running the state and even the nation it probably be shocking to people how much time i actually put into solutions on till we had a population that decides to stop listening to have lines and and being turned into the weapon that were fighting is weaponized and weaponized citizenry there you go five gennet my body who outlines it very well john fled and and and boon cutler a haledon a good job there's lot people talking about this it is ourselves right now that we are in fact truly in a situation of a of a having overcome because he how many years and how many decades that they've been hiding information they that you don't say plant parenthood started out margaret sanger came right out and such that it was about killing the negro population that was her exact words and so if you want to look at were this all started it was the democrat the thethethe basis of this was kilefos the democrat party owing manipulative people's emotions rather than being based on facts and history we've got a lot we have to unravel we've got a lot we have to get past but i do think that part of it has to do you know i want opposite right now because i wasn't imposed to radway but i think this is a good way to start because you're asking me how how do we attack how do we attack that the first thing we have to do is not be afraid to ask questions to go into any source so any one out there that wants to say you know anybody that looks at he as a conspiracy theorist will gas what he was just away to ask questions it's not giving you answers your answers are going to have to come from yourself and drop from the things that you research on your all just like with the election i've seen enough election on on a lection vidence to convince me more than beyond a shadow of adopt that our elections are completely irrelevant completely the waste times was a space it has been run by the deep stake there none of our boats in one and in any way shape or form and i and i would say that right out right out in front of every one i had the clerk in our area facially talk about destroying destroying a wiping wiping ah information we is she said we have nothing here well went to the county and then up to the that that like illegal would he in in the fact that the thumb drives were wiped and on i set there and i look at this and go i i just can't believe it so for us to write this is going to have to be take us to stand up with bravery and face these things in a just hold the phone here or men it let's let's hold in before we run into this and believe something is sent gas oil there nearer and that was one of the first lies that was put out in front of you know too to manipulate our energy or energy of the the wind energy there is more wheate outlawed fre on right in on it rid of free will the cool they put in an ascones of ova or wind energy is way more dangerous then free on was in the cant hold the seal so it's leaking out all its leading out a loverly lecturing the electric vehicle of industry this is vanhansen's they're just going to flow us like they did that martial islands with the nuclear testing we are not being told the truth we are not being told the rest and their whole and is not to defend the united states american or people its to they did it with covet so i think the track record his pretty pretty sure but we have to wake up to some these things that in fact are a mass psychosis i'm going to bring up a video right now that i think this is kind of interesting and we're going to have to it passed this fitz generation warfare and honestly wake up from a depth the first thing we do and then get herself to gather on the hate ronacher renaboute or going to have to work together to write the stuff in honesty truth and complete transparency i let interesting herein of idiothe has cincolo idea with the more up here because a if we down if we don't start looking at these things i think we're in trouble who think carin how he put the beta i don't know i don't know what to polleroon athelstan about me as i called to her and believing the lies that are put in front of us here cause i think this could be interesting but i do like that you've touched on in resolution to this is that the people need to step up and and to replace a corporate government that won't listen to the people and hold them accountable and then it's easy to solve the problem that it's easy to say okay what all we have to do to clean this up we let's look at the real science yet an apple take paid for science and we need to stop doing what you've been doing the harm the people and see what we can do start cleaning it up it gets a lot easier when you have people in office sets that actually are held accountable to the instruction given by we the people that's where he has to do that's the answer we don't have that right now at all and so to look at for me i i typically like to look at things that are wrong the it's just like i don't like flattery i don't even really like complements of any kind because the to me they're just manipulation i want to look at the things that are wrong so that i can go okay we've got this to do with us to deal with this deal with this is how we're going to solve it i think we've got the answer because i believe that obed was it was a created by a weapon i do and i believe if anybody's going to create it there's so much evidence that it came from united states sources in us and i ressources and or finding through gates and all of the people you see in the globe as they were globally moving round two or three hundred and fifty or so thought sindbads around the globe we have now no further to look then where we are right now with our own nation and what are nation has asserted et me let me read a few of the thing i'm from the chat it's all from charlotte it's all about the money with the clowns and office singing envies and getting how through a getting pastoron profits it a joke so is a hormone disrupter from from lacharette in forty days we can recall governor wimmer are you with me i need a hundred thousand signatures i would be with any one that we debit you know what the quickest way to get her out is the share of all that we need is a share of that has some gods that would say you don't want were done with us she is she has violated and in committed crimes that overstepped her constitutional and lawful is she literally we have everything we need to censoremve alter essendo and at calidonye they removed led paint why they removed let pent ah ah i think that there is a lot of reasons why they removed it but you want to look at it that was in the brakes break linings you've got a spectasse got all these things that created regulatory and starts two and so so i think that there is as i think there is a complicated issue going around there yet local board mothers try to say that they're so christian its laughable that's loud calli sos lad protected us from mohaves what i've heard too which is its kelly says our county board members are all involved in crimes against the people we pledge in allegiance to the flag but don't even know what the constitution sets correct calle ses cogeris definitely a viewed and callises works for the corporation i let's look at mass mimosas in it i don't agree with anything at any body but i do think we need to change the way we think about things and as charles the shaky donna she has officer leave a was doing that they shot him down yet darlywio dar and you get somebody that's that's what we have to stand with our sheriffs we have to constitutional sheriffs which is only like a couple of many entire stay with hot when not stand with them with that is truly the the only law enforcement office which he has a duty to enforce and uphold the constitution the rest of it is the unionized police forces we have no way to remove some one whose bad actor the sheriff's apartment we do it less just listen to this make as i found this tree really interesting because it looks like the time that were living and so let's check this honemanacole academy of there for more of their vile the masters have never thirsted after turn aside of evidence that is not to their to day if i deridere see supplied them with allusions if he so either master whoever attaches to destroy the route cording to the psychologist curl platonists not with with a physical the inability to deal with the forces of our own sight we are our own worst enemies for scholastic proverbs men to civilization and transition your estate that this proverb is a sad yet and our full fleshed had in these come most prone in the play at those times of history when mental he comes the now rather than the exception in a society situation which you term a psychic evidence and it is becoming ever more obvious or that is not fair in not earth not by not canterwhat man himself which tans greatest danger to bad the simple reason that there is no adequate connection against the psychic epidemic which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catch in this veteriponte plore the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics the mass psychos massecos if an epidemic of man and it occurs when a large portion of of a society loses touch with reality into sense looks roldosista distorted his samples of fascicles are the american and european which in the rise of total the terry and his own in the twenties during the which his thousands of individuals what should not for any crimes that but because they became the scape goats of societies god mad so with villages rice frances there were scarcely any women left alive after the frenzy had finally burned itself what a mast sycosis occurs the results are devastated i studied this phenomenon in brochette individuals who make up the effective society and creations williams on consciously then inferior intellectual level they come more unreasonable irresponse it unreliable and worst of all cries the individual alone could never stand or freely committed by the groups smitten by the what makes matters worse if that those suffering from a mast that cost this are unaware of what is occurring estacin individual gone mad cannot step out of his mind to observe the errors in his way to there is no archimedian point from which those living through a massie i observed their collective what causes the mast a cost to answer this question we must first explore what o drives and individual on while there are many potential triggers of madness such as an es of drugs or alcohol grave injuries and other ills physical causes will not concern us here our concern is with psychological or one o called psychogenic triggers as these of the most common culprits of the masts the most prevalent second gone cause of a psychosis is a flood of negative on such as fear or anxiety that drives an individual into a state of pain when in a state of panic an individual holding naturally secretly as it is too mentally and physically training to in this high promotional while escaping from the state of padded condere call pushed through adoptive me such a spacing up to and defeating the fear generating set another wage was scape is to undergo a psychotic bred his psychotic break is not indescent into which state of greater disorder as many believes but are we bordering of one experience al world which flings factorthe were delusions and reality in a way that helps and the veins of an so phanariote of the twentieth centuries wore most authorities on sciaphila explains the psychogenic steps that lead to made your sweet there is the face of panic when the patient starts to perceive things in a different way is frightened on account of it but pears come it does not know how to explain the strange things that are happening the next is what ere hade calls a phase of sight coming on is whereby an individual succeeds in putting things together by devising a pathological way of seeing reality which allows him to explain his abnormal expert fenomenon is called in sight because the patient finally sees meaning and relations in his experience but the excited psychotic because it is based on delusions not one adaptive in life promoting was of relating to whatever threats precipitated the and the delusions in other words allow the panicstricken individual to escape from the flood of negative emotion but at the cost of losing touch with reality and for this reason every any sense that a psychotic break can be viewed as an abnormal way of dealing with an extreme state of anxiety if a pediatric ering flood of negative emotions it owe and invulnerable individual can trigger a psychotic re then the mass psychosis can result when a population of weak and vulnerable individuals is driven into a state of panic by threats real imagined or fabricated but as delusions can take many forms and does not misconceivest in countless ways cimeter in which a mass psychoses folds will differ based on the historical and cultural context of the effected society but in the modern era it is the mass psychoses of totalitarianism that appears to be the greatest don't tell aterians brakes arthur first lois is the modern phenomenon of total centralized state power coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights in the totalized there are those in power and there are the objectified masses it what how the tyrians society the population is divided the rulers and the ruled and both groups undergoing half logical transformation the rulers are elevated to unblest of godlike status which is diametrically opposed to our nature as imperfect beings who are easily cropped by power the masses on the other hand are transformed into the dependent subjects of these pathological rulers and take on a psychologically regressed and child like state hanno rent one of the twentieth centuries pre eminent scholars of this port a rule called the totalitarianism and attempt to the tranformation of human nature but this attempted a transformation only hands him sound by an inter serminde first the dutch medical doctor who studied the mental effects of living under totalitarian his rod there is in fact a much that is comparable between the strange reactions of thesis collieries and their cultures of hold on the one hand and the reactions of the second smithocratic from the other dis social transformation of poles under totalitarianism is built upon its sustained by delusions or only to codinate women regress to the child like thatis the will be in insedisse ts the hand over complete control of their lives to politicians and bera oh i eluded ruling class wholesome that they possessed the knowledge should wisdom and the too completely control society of the talk down manner and to only one under the spell of delusions would any one believe that a society composed of power hungry rulers on one hand and a psychologically regressed population on the other will lead to anything other than mass suffering and social what triggers this psychosis of totalitarianism as was explored in the previous video of this series the mash citois of totalitarianism beginings in a society ruling class individuals that make up this class the politicians birocrats or crony capitalism others prone to delusions that augmented their power and no delusion is more attractive to the power hungry than the delusion that they can and show it control and dominated society one of ruling a lot o becomes possessed by the politicoes rebecomes or technites to induce a population into accepting their i am picking them with the massacres of totalitarianism this psychosis has been induced to many times through history and as berdoanes the question of reorganizing and the defeatelection viewing in the proper way the general method by which the members of reeleegious this end just called the medicine with the other policy of this word being in killing of the mind in this merimuth explains those is an old crime against the human mind in the ritmaster tised a new it is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion the which a ruling class can i price their whole opportunity upon the heights of those they planned to use and destroyed driving a population the crime of medecine again with the sowing of fear what an individual this flooded which negative emotions such as fear or anxiety her she is very susceptible to a descent into the delusions of one reel imagined or fabricated can be used to so fear but a particularly effective technique is to use waves of terror under this technique of sowing of fear i staggered with periods of calm but he of these periods of calm is followed by the manufacturing of an even more intense spell of fear and on and on the process goes prsbiteris each wave of terrorising creeks its effects more easily after a breathing spell than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their greeners expert reality becomes lower and lower and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become strong it reaches a public already suffering on while fear crimes a population or menaced that you of propaganda to spread misinformation and to promote confusion with respect to the source of the threats and the nature of the rise helps to break down the minds of the os government officials and their loves in the media can use contradictory reports nonsensical information and even blatancies as the more they confuse the less capable will a population be to cope and to finish their fear and a rational and adoptive manner so in other words agnes the susceptibility of a descent into the delusions of totalitarianism or as merle explained logic can be that with a logic while your logic cannot uses those who think strait he then go lie in the notice repeated no sense have more emotional appeal than logic and reason while the people are still searching for a reasonable counter argument to the first to lie in the the totalitarians can assault them with another and i think that that's so i must stop right there all post it later but i think that this is something that we're all going to have to come to terms with the way were we restore this is to stop runaround freight abothering god has got answers to everthat we have to be brave enough to look at the problem so that we can address omand i i think that that's that's the th result of this current or point yes in as a boy we can see a lot of that going on can't we i was thinking in an importunate that about the thickets of senator was a senator that did the rank the other day trans people matter whatever she said ah she could she kept chanting a phrase and smacking of elector in and yet it looked not like she was making a political point but like she had lost her mind she had actually lost her mind and i think that video can explain what is happening to people like that i keep using the phrase given over to a reprobate mind am i typed about that on my car in the riveter channel about what the word reprobate means can look it up in the noation it's in there and it's a biblical phrase god allows people to get into a reprobate mind state they they allow it to happen to themselves ah because they are not focusing on god it talked about that the other day if he focussed on the pot holes you're going you guaranteed fall in and you notice she on a motor cycle or a bicycle more than in a car but here in michigan there's potholes everywhere and boy and some of those places you've got to focus around the pot hole or you're in the fall into it and these people sometimes it easy for them to and give themselves over to a reprobate mind because they're not focused on god as they should be and it's easy to i'm not saying this is just other people this happens to he can happen to anybody where all accountable to and where is our focus you know the bible talks about studying every day is an important aspect and you can't be fearful when you're studying the bible and renewing your faith on a regular basis so what is wrong with our nation why are we so fearful cause we're not following with the scriptures shetis were i rendering our faith were not studying the scriptures sires for you the easy to solicit satan's got to offer and fall right into it and then we got a bunch a lunatic and i don't know for goin to be able to cure them if they don't want to be cured it it may not be possible and i don't know how we how ere going to do with that kind of society but that's what we have to live with and in what is what is the care we will we ourselves and as many people as possible need deter the god and this is what happens to a nation that has not been i i i agree with that one you know i think when you see somebody that is having a struggle that's our time to step up and and i i say body it looks like your havin a little bit of a struggle here to day let's talk about this because if we we are not going to be able to do this alone it's it's not its untrained that video of that woman that was screaming here cause i know you have it on your channel somewhere with the d you pose that you know i don't know as i know you posted it and not be an pinindas and malplaced now so anyhow but where we're going to have to step up and help each other through this nonsense because this nation is as lost its mind in hand it is fallen into this mass psychoses in that's that's exactly when when i started relating how do you how do you address this while people have to be aware that it's even happening and it is kind of hard to know that it's happen if if you're not if you're not in form he will you share that video like to day yet i will out with it up there right up with another as soon as i'm off off like turned for what day what did you pull sexious i have some other people pastethat i'm trying to figure out where it is that may twenty three as before it was it before that i don't know that if if you can't find it i'll i'll look for it and try to repose the it's hard for me to do when i've got like four screens going and now you know jumping around a little bit if i can yes i think of the one of the main problems so we've got with no clear is that the government made the bather god oh it's not all o god okay so yet they made they well it's it's all about killing people and you know they did it with that they've done it with the backs they've done it with with so things they done it was sending or of our young people to war and all and look at what happened the rightful president of the united states president donald truck kept his out of war soon as bineothe the vine the fraud got got a legibly in their hebridean there sit their saint nesting they killed people that's the thing this is what this is all about it's about killing people and an attack against against god himself second and well you don't work god here here here all to god to share with us this is one carens chane and this this is what we're talking about about mass psychosis and also justified to use the there was of another video about justifying whatever we see that the means justified the anthony do not you know you do not justify the ends by other he one i think she needs some psyche after a cow i mean i look at that i'm like this with some nots you know sit there and yellings and like a child i mean that's just it that's not thatseemed er right exactly that's better you go not not normal and they think at the after math was ah maybe one of the fellow senators wrote a letter and in requested that she be removed for from office i remembered that there was something about that benito remember the detail i think it's somebody folk up and said this isn't normal and it needs to be addressed and she needs a valuation or something like that yea it and how many a pastorate addactually because a lot of or a lot of our false flags shooters actually are hanging out with psychologists and and psychiatrists or councils or whatever that our prescribing the psychiatric mads which are screeningly it looks it looks to me like there is enough evidence that allowed these shooters were actually there actually under some sort of a mind alters at the behest of their therapists yea and in i'mnot trying to say that them in any way that she it's all her fault whatever happened there because she may have been a victim of some kind of toxic poisoning or manipulation and some way and she's an example of this video perhaps that is just a mind altering effects of what's going on in society usually we see it in a little bit younger people because our minds haven't been shaped as as ours were to be critical thinkers in to learn how to learn i remember going through school and you wonder sometimes about why do we have to learn how to do this why do i have to learn the time tables i have a calculator will now they have a when i was a substitute teacher for a while even at that time which was a while back they had a chart with all one hundred numbers on the first one hundred numbers on each child's set it was a check tool and we don't have that i had to learn the times table through memorization and i still use it probably more than i realize exercising her brain not yet like not just like going from one distraction to another to another to another like it like watches squirrels he know squirrel squirrel squirrels squirrels squirrel and that's our new you know and it acinoforme technology they they don't need social media they don't need as i was at a restaurant one day in his little toddler started thrown a little fit and they handed her a pone and she quieted down and i was like that is so sad because when i was a child we had to learn how to sit still in church we have so learned how to sit still on a rest front and chosers eck to other people and it wasn't always easy for my parents i don't remember having any problems in church no i want temperament any problems respecting my mom's authority when she said sit down and be quiet we had to learn how to self discipline and we have a whole generation of people that don't have any capacity for learning when learning is tough ah even when i was in high school they had a p classes this was kind of a new thing and i took it ap history class with misses are probably no longer teaching i hope she's still alive because she was one of the best she had a tough ape history and us history government psychology and when you walked into her class you had to do a like three question quiz on a daily basis before the bell rang se class started for her before the bell rang you had to be turnin that slip in by the time the bell rang or you didn't get credit for that day and then she asked questions that you weren't going to find in your book and now that old son of a sance encyclopedia osfrith aid is that we got that came an andy i don't know how is to find it this was before the age of the internet an so i did my best when i took her for one semester of a p s history so it was tougher as college level and when i swapped out because i was also taking eight literature for another great teacher oh i went to the regular us history save teacher and her lechoso toto lake are you kidding me this is not then but she was always tough it was she was like the toughest teacher i had and i think she was the college level kind of teach and i was so grateful for that because i knew she was preparing us for the next set and when i got to college i was in all girl's thorn for a couple of years of my college experience and they had to have events every week for em how to be let's be a child for a day because we're going we're going through such a rough time with classes and everything else so they would have these little events down in the basement where he'd like colloryke some kind of party and it was like no i came here to learn how to be an adult and cry hag be achild right one of the best programs we had we had a local auto mechanic tom and show us all how to check the tires change entire checked the oil those kinds of things and i got his business card and when i had a problem by break lying had gotten broke he was the guy called because he showed respect to all the women there and i knew that he was a guide could count on to give me straight deal in that with one of the few times there were they were like he learned how to be in adult if you didn't learn this before now here's an opportunity they don't do that enough with kids nowadays you don't know how to be in a dolt oh it's so refreshing when you meet it a young person who speaks in terms of maturity you know we never got a pass on any of this i'm just going to say it was like you learned to grow up and deal with it we didn't have say space as the safe space was that the what it what is the safe space no sense i mean give me a break it's like life comes with risk and the only you know his lyif you want to be safe in this life you learn to figure things out for yourself instead of the in hands that the garridge just being fed to us through our public institutions to our new sources and through politicians and through all of these sources you have to check it out for yourself more in how to do things to your not at the mercy of every one around you telling you what they want you to know because your manipulating you and that's part of ben why don't we go to the basement and caller and heartholm sorry instead of you sit there in color will were having all these kids he trafficked in this nation and we've got politicians criminal politicians that are literally killing this nation as they traffic in how many million illegal aliens that are coming here i think it a great deal of them their either fighting age may else their trafficking and drugs and their trafficking and little kids are being raked among the way and we have to sit in our basement coloring this is this is on imaginable to me that then the adults would have to have all these these are the i got to tell you we had it we had a tenant one point do you want to know how much nonsense i have you know i'm sorry i'm going to say all these things that nobody nobody probably wants to deal with it i'm going to say it this this emotional support animal thing we don't discriminate against emotional support animals just so pretty knows i want to tell you an example that we have had one gal that had an emotional support animal i feel sorry for the animals if they can't if they can't cope with life on an individual basis and i'm going to tell you i have seen so many animals that are abused under that label it's incredible so we have wetherson tenet of course had to have the emotional support animal and though there was a problem with water here so we sat or the ore certified guide howe always use sir fied a certified plumbers and that sort of thing to actually do any of the skilled trades we set him down in the base to address this water heater provethat we had there was so much dog crape in the basement on the floor that he fell living on it and heard himself because of this emotional support animal was not taken care i see we have seen animals that had been locked in cages on back porches in absolute as in emotional support animal who have not been properly taken care of ominate you on every single this is a bunch of crab because the amount of ova excuse for laziness bad behavior refusing to be an adult and in watching these animals that and in we watched them on a on the on the ground basis of what's happening to these animals that are in ohapeople and there abusing these animals that are supposedly the emotional support animals because they pet because everybody's believing these titles just like republican damocrat while all i want to know is are the american and are the criminal are they this is the fight between good verses evil period and the titles have to go away the virtues signalling on the electric vehicle and a street and the the windmill autonos is a lack of being able to be an adult avolate the facts and make a logical decision based on critical thinking not we want to be this way it's not this way it's a lie in its light to take the nation dock and take every single person captive because we don't we're not thinking of weiner believing people for what they say yet i really think this whole of mortal support animal this gotten so outand any one that is involved in this without asking questions is absolutely guilty for promoting in a gen that is just ripe and i mean right with animal abuse incredible and anybody that sound the ground he having to deal with this nonsense will tell you they say the same thing over and over and over it is it is i rescue animals it is absolute heart ranching and dis some of the things that we out of the under under the the a banner of making an excuse and have to be in a safe place and he halted us that has the and and you do well i've got the title so that that justifies what i do that's what i see i am i know quite a bit about that topic and there's a difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal in the latter entitles someone to have for i'm living space that might not allow a pet see how a lot of people is unfortunately used that um a service a service dog malus a use a dog because there are other animals but the cop is comes common one is a dog i allow porte out of airplane and all of this other nonsense just to be a child standing on a stage so pericon look at you yah that's as so abusive to everwhat's nonsense is this so at nonsense insane rational adults have to look at this and say this is enough of this abuse yet there's there's a difference there one of the other day frances is a service animal is expected to have training which address us at a particular issue so in the case of pets d as an example that a very real thing it's some unfortunately quite common especially in veterans but oh we have so much crime in our country there's a lot of people have been dramatized by that am in emotional support animal might be vital to some of those people but they don't have the skill or the resources to pay for actual service dog that's a very expensive varied time consuming deal to actually training dogs for a pet s d am specifics but it's also a great area legally speaking because we don't have a lot of it meant mental illness what's call it that a intoleration illnesses are so broad spectrum that to try to address it it leeters for the purposes of service stalks is is really tricky so his heritage gray area and that oh how unfortunately some people who have animals who have now no training who are lacking in socialization who are actually dangerous to be brought into the public and then you have that entitlement that there talking about where to some taking their pomeranian and sendin em on top of the the table in a restaurant no that's not what a service dogged should do it it should be on the floor at your feet where nobody should notice it an i knew a woman who had a few services dogs she trained back to back the train him herself she very very skilled and she would say that a service animal should be an almost unrecognizable to the public you just don't even notice them because they're so well behaved it it's tricky because the public hasn't been the will see some people who are like oh that's a service hanimal don't pay attention to them you got you have to i'm don't pack you know and there's other people that read shout and try to pat or give him treats and it's even if you have a vest on the thing animal that says don't put me to hoonoch i working and in its itextremely dangerous because a petasos for example might be trained to search of persons home when they arrived to make sure that there are no there's no one there they give some one confidence and not going to be attacked when they walked in the door they can also be trained to circle or round the person or to block them physically from other people getting in their personal right there the fine line there between a dog which is blocking you and protecting you because some of those animals instinctively maybe come a little more protective than is necessary in the in a public area that's why it's it's tricky to socialize and select a dog for those specific purposes and keep them in service because they can't get a little protective because the person that there watching every day constantly is get certainly getting their vis why you norrice i'll help you out i'll protect you and then you've got a dog that's a little too agressive well i didn't forgottensomewhat his pit all out of harness pulling him round in the store no and barking the real service dogs causing that dog to become in protective in a whole other way instead of watching the persons a diabetic or epileptic state you know things like that so they are and he can be a real danger but on some of those emotional support animals can be actually really really helpful to some one who has a trama and and i i know you recognize that to itheshire ce there but it's like it's like there's so many people out there right now and unfortunately there the animals that i see there's a lot of people have and we we accept all animals because we are an animal at we're all pet friendly and we do rescue but the amount of people who take these animals in and don't take care of them is heart and i mean i mean it is so heart wrenching that you know after you watch the spur while you're you're if your is so distasteful it's not even now i love it because you know like you said service animals it's a hold different canterbory eh of avania but for so many just say i need emotional support animal and then they can't even take care of the animal in the animal gets to is a views i am going to tell you what the people that have to pick up the pieces for this kind of behaviour it is it is very very difficult to watch yet in no there should be you know if somebody's using an animal for that purpose really ah that animals vital to their survival right and it is number one but i have seen i've seen o base service animals and that bothers me because unless the dog has on musing a dog again a healthy hue there's no excuse for them to be o beast they should be fit because you want them to live as long as you possibly can and in fit for spires's long as you possibly can they're really hard to replace and then if you have a second that you're in training while you have the first that's a tough place to be too it's a very serious is for those who who use them properly for by its vital service its avido it is idle service but it can't it can't be a crutch for somebody who just doesn't want up eh who just doesn't want to grow up and won't take care to oceania in an that's that's my big grip with his right now because that's that's where we and up seeing the down side of of this lack of penible to grow up you know and take care of and take andebutter coping skills and staduschin the video talking about a mass that cost and a running away from proposed be running into the province get rid of the stallsmith in but the personality may be ah and that's the purpose they been weakening our society for some time it sorry have peopled it that are willing to look at don't the things that cases brought forward to day because that's too scary and so i will rather do hide under the covers or put my head in the sand and let somebody else deal with it we have been let letting somebody else deal with it or not for generations and now where the generation is coming up going up not on my watch no more children get me to get hurt or my watch no more nuclear toxic effects on our people not on my watch no more electors a battery plant touch contamination of our land no more mine of our land by bill gates and these big fir anystig up a agricultural of corporations which are characin or food supplied their taking us can and i think i think all this is worthy of looking at and evaluating and then we have to be able to look at the town sides of so that we can protect and to found those without voice as well as you know a help people that truly need truly need help and and i think that all of this needs to be taught about everything we do should first and form must have a humanitarian effort to it not it shouldn't be driven by money or power or anything like that it should be a humanitarian a compassionate for first and also to protect and defend if we're not accomplishing that were failing on every oneevery side right well let's go to this at eleven it's eleven twenty five we you know got in rabbit trail here eh but it into hot but i think these ragged things to talk about i'd like to have a back on again can that would be assonate can talk about more things there too because you're well he information on the nuclear industry and what's really going on this been hidden from us carrying your always wonderful because you know your great wonderful valuator to distill things down to their base to their base structure and what's really what's really going on here and how we fix it cause i think that all of those all of those things we have to be look at them and then move forward into i'm desterham lest word this one is safe thank you so much that in it and on it was a little more bysantines time all of belowasses had dispossessed is always just so apt you know it when you get your talking about that earlier i was like a leashed she didn't ask you to handle the whole half hour or more of her shell while she was sophomose when they send to a show just staring at the blank screened on em i don't know what i connatal about for i just got to start talking i have deewentwater i had howeitat now i didn't i doubted i had a double book in and it was because of a time change i thought that there was somebody coming on i was going to be on their show it there coming on mine and i realized that that the time difference between times onswas not accounted for and sit on like a man how i deal with this one like carantocke this for of a forty five minutes and i'll be there just as soon as soon as i can be securing his sonsie hi you can't me to day in certain practicebut things the secret friend that is so true friend who will go sure yet i for the but what was cool potit was everything i talked about when that i did get on she was touching some of the exact same things that i was talking about it she had no knowledge of and she's stillstill has it wished she might listen to that and go i got i got polethis from my weidinen to you off i mean it was like five minutes can you do this yes perfectedness i get back istlarius but you know what that's how you we should all be as be able to be transparent look with ourselves and it's a very difficult thing to get on and is like none of us talk of i have nothing i have basely nothing in front of me ever at other than i've got another screen and i'll look things up as i go or have a broad idea just based on the news that i've looked at but we don't talk of as we don't we don't have anything necessarily even prepared i don't read off up anything i'll take notes and such and neither does care we might have soles this is in the news let's talk about this for a minute put it up there and give some critical thinking perspective but honestly that's one of the biggest complaints i have on our political process there all actors and after sit there they read off the telegraphers they read off the crest it's all canned have the exact right words to manipulate the population and no exactly where they want them to go instead of just sitting down as friends and having a discussion listening to what he shall he have to say right wrong and different everybody has the right right now to be absolutely angry beyond all words at what were seen in the destruction of this nation we should be angry we should be motivated for action on every level from the amount of lies that we've been told we should be able to go to our neighbours and man are you herring i bet you are because this entire nation is here we have all been lied to we understand all of us are in the same try to get through the lies the deception the thieves the thieves that have come to our george to steal from us every single day to keep us in captivity to work us to death and still tax as to the point of never getting ahead in the inflation and onontio you but i hate having somebody to look at me in the face and lied to me in the face i don't care if they've got the perfect message if the kind of fumble along for a while if they're talking from their heart that's all we need is honesty and be able to sit there together and work through things you don't have to be perfect it just have to be real and you just have to be honest with what's in your heart because the things that you're hurting about we need to hear from from you on that because that's the problems that's where we start with problems and how it affects every single one of us so that we can unravel this and go ah that is a problem i never even thought about that before you know that if somebody brings it forward so that we can address it and say thank you so much for telling us about the problems and the things that are wrong because this is the only way we're going to it now on that of that i really do believe that god is walking with us stability we have is the love of every day americans wore were just every day americans that's all we are the sole volunteer nobody's get paid for this this is all of us to say i just goin to stop for and do what i can do i have don't have all the answers but we're going to figure him out as we go along it's it's an amazing process to stand not as republicans not as democrats not as this that or the other than but just stand here is american who own this nation and have the right to reign in the political process all these corporations all of these people who have stolen from us invaded and stolen from us who have killed people in our families and our friends and haul them up by the short hairs and sit ye down we're done with this and god is walking before so you ought sterility go to god go to the bible he is unchanged he never he is always good all the time will stand up oh you know what will always be back in as giving us the truth god is not a liar people are liars god doesn't lie god didn't create these problems people did and we're going to have to go back to god for the answer and he has an answer for everything if he made it he can remake it he can redeem it he can change it he has the answer for anything i and and he will bring forward the answer we need to fix the fall out from the bowens from the vaccines from the nuclear problems from pollution on every level and for the toe poisonous traitorous trees on us government that is in place with her three letter though agencies f bi on talking you see and everything else should be kicked into as president kennedy said a million unrecognizable pieces i had a little bit of mine there is not and and you know what and that you know what that leaves us with that leaves us with you and i standing together as one nation under god invisible with liberty and justice for all if we decide to stand with each other and protect each other's rights that agree with everybody that's not what this is a vow this is about coming together and standing up for each other back to back against the criminals they have run this world for a very long time and you know what we're going to do it with our very last breath you will not back down this is a fight that we will never back out of and the stability you ought stability look at a patriot who will not back down because we got nothing to be afraid of they can't kill me they can't kill you of your christian only god can decide when our life and so we can walk forward with complete confidence no loud that that when she walked in any situation because you know what were children of god and i sat is one something to be afraid of you got it you start in to fight you can't win see onondio if you guys were here in the sirens coming by and my house that i've saw some of sheriff and ambulance and fire vehicles towing other land vehicles of various sorts and not something big is going down and down the road and a helicopter disley the i think might be a medical helicopter so something really big and unfortunate has happened just down the road for me think o sorry well i am sorry about that you know that the crazy thing is as i think that i'm doing a lot of arialaerial comparisons and looking at were the criminals who are actually working together is you can once you start on to start on rabble these patifie on these human traffic he not works and how their tight into the politicians and the people that sit with the politicians you could start idontified facilities farms your locations their access to certain things and how he could see how to do in it and so when you brought up the islands there kate it's like it's like you know bringing up the islands this stuff is real easy to see if you start if you really start payin attention and see what they're doing how they're doing it and where they're located and proximity to each other where i've got i've got a this is going to be it's going to be monday i'm going to be throwing out there the pope holster child for infiltration of the grass roots go and then people connected to this person who came and to try to lie and to see bus because i'm going to just throw it out there when somebody comes into a meeting and says well i've never been in polite and has issue that's never been filed correctly doesn't have a committee for petition and then i find three pages worth of donations o you things like a greater michigan pack which is tied into the grand new party and all and insistingly in all this stuff cross the state we got problem there all working together and pretty extra sure that we go a little further we're going to see exactly how they're tied in together two soberthe nation and also probably be the areas that the tides which i think it's significant there ought its there's no coincidence is here and that you can tie things together into a nice neat little package to see who the manipulators are and liars i can go back to i still think politics that's that's all we're dealing with here anyhow so what are we and the sword the prayer i met it you know what the whatwhatdo yes i want to go to go to i say in the skillet this follow up end wherever gladstonides i had all go to the bible and see where it takes me for the day we have a lot of reason to be angry about issues thaterthere no problem it's true it's justified that is a coping that is in that is honestly that is an appropriate reaction but our reaction of feeling that anger we can turn that over to god and god will literally take all these problems of s so we need know that we need not be attacking each other we have to understand that this is a battle of spiritual battle against principalities and powers people around us there acting badly and crazy have been basically a captured asset through indoctrination through many many many different ways some scene regal differed dear brothers and sisters take note of this every one should be quick to listen slow to be and slowed become angry because human anger does not produce the righteousness that guide desires not not that not temper chance on throwing nonsense that we see or people attacking each other physically that is not that's absolute enough how anybody that murderers kills or does anything like that that is mental illness right there that's red therefore for get rid of all the men moral filth and evil that is so prevalent and humbly et the word planted in you which can save you do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourself do what it says anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like some one who looks as the face the mere and after locking it himself goes away and immediately forgets what they looked like but whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom and continues in a not forgetting what they have heard but doingit they will be blessed in what they do those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues to save themselves and their religion is worthless religion that god our father accepts as pure and faultless to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep one's self from being polluted by the world of men to go back to the human trafficking thing we have a responsibility to look after these kids and and adults though the orphans the widows the people around us we have a responsibility if you don't know what to do to day and you want a safe space create one you have the ability to create one around you to reach out the people who are also in trauma diather and will get through anything that's the way this works we don't go to sese we create them self is sperder hamley father thank you so very much for the day and the wonderful opportunity to come together in your presence to be a will look at all this nonsense in this world in realise that we have the ability with your strength your pot to charge right into this battle worried about nothing no fear because we have your pet your guidance your direction and we're right where you want us to be at every minute of the they cannot harm us they cannot kill us this is all anything that comes our way will be directed and guided by you and we accept whatever path you put before us where to serve you to work in this world as travellers through this world this is in our home our home is with you and in having a mean you're here with us wherever you are i guess we're home this is an art this isn't our final resting place were here to do work we we accept the challenge were excited about the challenge as that you put in front of us and we are not a we are not feeling sorry for ourselves were walking forward in your strength and ah we lay everything at your feet we ask that you help us to cope with the things make his angry so we don't go into crazy land but that we also see that is the motivation to move and areas and do things we never thought possible i can certainly say i never expected to run for office and that was an area i i if you would have told if anybody would told me that i would have gone into that area i would so there col you call us to do the you call as you equip us and you see it through the and of whatever recalled for a week thank you for that thank you for paying all the work that she is done with all the research she's done over the years and what she's willing to share with us so that we could see yet another another threat that we're going to have to deal with we accept the challenge it's going to be great because i know that you always have the answers we we thank you for caring at all the things going on here we asked for complete health and healing for carron that you would bless her goats and her far and everything around her and for whatever his sirens that we heard of the helicopter's by her we ask that you bless those that are involved give them peace the healing give the resolution guide direct the doctors there's a lot of people that are requiring prayer to day a very good friend of mine here whose out problem with with a other dog we so blessed hope let health that there would be no evidence of anything wrong there we ask for for several people that have shown up on on my chat that are asking for people to pray for them there their daughters who have cancer restless this family and bless this child with the first and worst asked for healing is we know that that you can kill anything but if you choose not to we will follow you any way as we love you and your purposes are favors your good all the time and we pray for your kingdom to be on earth as it is in habit we love you so much we know that you're giving us strength your bringing us people too i'm forward to fight with us that are willing to stand not in our own wisdom or our own strength but in yours we are just here as humble sir to do whatever it is and very imperfect servants to do whatever it is that you ask us to do but we are willing and we want to let you know we love you and jesus christ precious name we pray so they go gus and that in closing words his poverty chair oh that's so so the next time or the hesitant and couldn't be handstrikings questions to writin the that night just didn't realize i had a way to get oh yeah yeah there's the kind of there's all kinds of cool things to your so every time you do it you just get better at it and ah i must see caressed thanks for your amazing show down a thanks oh that's cool you've got to them that's awesome then i look that he that's the that's wonderful this also a chat in no rumble and disobey knows that we're started we started the new channel brandenburg whose network just not not just a branded beforgotten or on rumbles so get to him going now besides brandenburgers network out come oh my wiencourt everyone to go to dinningto to brandenburg for governor dato because i am not conceived in the best i am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the united states will not concede will go forward you want stability go to somebody who stubborn that'll work for you real well and we're not lain down we're not we're not quitters we are not liars were not cheats were not thieves or going forward to defend the nation and so stand erthes to be a great time it would be a aglittering to do this together so have wonderful day to day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america see it's here i've got a couple o gals on to morrow how their holes and another gainedwere back o that are going to be answernothing about tattnall and problems on the border and this is something we're going to have to deal with and i would want to know if there's a threat out there rather than having it broadsiding ecause i think that we can do things i had a time to honestly mitigate the risk if we're willing to look at it that's exactly what we're going to so everybody out there have a great day much love to all we got the scot scot he still worried about a thing