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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/19/2024 Lawful Defense & Real History

Published March 19, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Studying the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 19th day of March 2024. Welcome to our show today. We are going to get into, in the next few weeks, creating some documents and letters in order to help you be able to go and talk to your public functionaries at a local level and demand that the machines be removed. And so John and I have been talking about this and working on it a little bit. John's been working on it a little bit and I've been getting educated and trying to give people voices and such. So, you know, it's really amazing when you have really amazing people around you because, you know, that's how we're supposed to work. It's not supposed to be one person doing everything or knowing everything. It's bringing a group of people together who have their individual things that they do really well. And I'm always really honored to sit here and talk with John Tater because he was in the military, colonel, I believe, and also a teacher, taught history, and is a beast in fighting war. in fighting through a lawful process in the court system, which does not include the bar or anything else like that. So we're talking like pro se, pro per types of things and giving notice. So with that said, I want to bring John on. Good morning, Mr. Tater. How are you on Tater Tuesday? I'm good. I want to also tell you I taught government too. Oh, you taught government. You know, I got to say. A bunch of other things that I taught. What else did you teach? American history of government. Home construction, where we built houses in Livonia. We built about 14 houses in Livonia with high school students from the ground up. They took us to a piece of property where there was nothing but grass and we excavated or surveyed it, had it excavated. built the basement and plumbing, heating, electrical, everything. So that was one of, that was my, for the most of my teaching career was home construction. I didn't know that about you. That's a new thing for me. So that's kind of cool because honestly, that's, I love doing that. So I've redone so many houses and I've, I've, I've done my own construction because when I started out, buying property. I, uh, I started out buying property and my kids were really little at the time and we redid houses. So when my one daughter was six years old, of course she took the trash out. And so I was just like, and they were like, mom, give me a real job. So I started a painting closets and such, you know, and, uh, it's really important, uh, to bring your kids along. Of course I homeschooled my kids, but it's so important for everybody to understand. that putting them in these indoctrination camps where they learn nothing, they're learning no skills, that this is just a placekeeper and a waste of their time as little people. And now, because I hire so many people, it's hard to hire anyone that has a work ethic that hasn't been pandered to for their time in school and thinks they know more than everybody. And so, you know, it's kind of interesting to see that instead of them looking up to someone like they would a parent or somebody who's guiding them and teaching them, they have total contempt and contempt for the parents, contempt for society, contempt for the teachers, anybody that is even trying to help them. they detest and they despise instead of being like grateful. And I don't know about you, but I hired a couple of teachers or tutors that went around and taught homeschool kids in West Michigan, things like natural sciences and things that, you know, that they had more expertise than I had because I wanted them to have the best education, right? And my whole thing to my kids is you go in there and you be thankful that that teacher is taking the time to share the wisdom and the things that they've learned over life. Don't argue with them, sit there and be quiet. And if you have questions, ask questions, but they deserve your respect because they could do anything. And to sit here and teach you is a gift they're giving you. And, you know, to all the true teachers out there who are stuck in this system, because I know there's a lot of great teachers out there. They have a heart for children and they really want to share information and enrich kids' lives. So I have no issues really with the teachers that really want to teach. And there's a lot of good teachers out there, but I have a huge problem with the system, but it's a, gratitude moment for you and all those teachers who put their lives into other human beings to teach. It's amazing. So how are we gonna start today? You have a song. I do. This song was in the 70s, but as I was digging through my book of music, which I have a pretty fat book, it's probably around eight inches wide. It's full of songs. that I've stolen most of them from other artists. I can't say I wrote most of them. I wrote some of them, but not all of them, but not many of them. But this particular song was written in the 70s by a guy by the name of Lawton Wainwright III. And I'm going to kind of read what I pulled off the internet as what the song is all about before I sing the song because When you understand what the song is all about, then you'll say, gee, that's exactly what's going on. So let me read this part. It won't take too long, but it is part of, I mean, just singing the song, you won't get the gist of it. So it starts out that if you grew up in the 70s, chances are you heard the catchy tune of Dead Skunk in the middle of the road. On the surface, this song seems like a lighthearted, humorous tribute to the unfortunate animal, but upon close examination, we unravel the true meaning behind it. The song starts out by the singer saying, driving down the road, he encounters a dead skunk on the highway. He describes the unpleasant smell and urges to leave the scene as quickly as possible. At first glance, the verse seems straightforward and serves as a introduction to the story. However, it is important to note that Wainwright is not only talking about a skunk, but using it as a metaphor for something entirely different. The skunk in the metaphor, Wainwright has stated in his interviews that the skunk represents Nixon's administration. and the conservative movement of the 70s. That was a time of political and social turmoil. Does that sound familiar? Yes. With protests and clashes between the young liberals and traditional conservatives. Does that sound familiar? Typical or what's going on today. The skunk is a perfect symbol for the Nixon administration. We could substitute Biden administration as it was viewed by many as a foul smelling, damaging to the environment. It's political and action left a lasting impact on the country, even after Nixon's resignation. Biden's soon resignation. I'm going to complicate that with one more stop because I think it was Kissinger that was really sitting behind most of this. Oh, of course. The global crime syndicate that's been in place since the Bolsheviks left, you know, went through and hijacked the Jewish religion. Because, you know, it's like, it's honestly, you know, this is really what's happening here. is that we've got so much infiltration in different areas. So bad guys come into things that God meant for good or that are good. And so to demonize, say, like China or Russia or anything like that, no, because there's a global crime syndicate out there that's been running this world. They've hijacked all of our religions, our institutions, our corporations and such. So that's why we can't be above questioning everything. It's not that we're going after different religions or different groups. It's that we've got to find the evil within these organizations, call them out and stomp them out. That's right. I agree with you. right belching out the phrase dead skunk in the middle of the road but this repetition is isn't just for the sake of a catchy tune it serves as a purpose the line is a metaphor for the country's political divide at the time the political divide that we have right now between the democrats republicans the lefty communists and the uh conservatives The dead skunk represents the Biden administration's politics and actions, which were blocking progress, no kidding, and driving a wedge between the political left and right. Is that what's going on? Obama? All of them. I'm sorry? All of them. Yeah, stinking to high heavens. The second verse of the song where Wainwright politically commentaries really shines through. He describes the skunk smelling as stinking on the highway, a reference to the buzzards in the sky. These buzzards are the metaphor for the media and politicians who encircle around the Nixon administration waiting for it to fall. Do we see that happening now? They capitalized on the administrative mistakes and brought its action to light, leading to Nixon's eventual resignation. You got your dead cat and you got your dead dog. The bridge of the song features some curious lines about the dead cat and the dead dog. Some listeners may confuse this by these seemingly random lines, but they all tie back to the song's central metaphor, right? Wainwright uses the dead cat and dead dog as symbols for the other political issues of the time. Do we have any other political issues of the time going on right now? We don't ever get to the end of them. That's like the song that never ends. He says... says that while the Nixon administration, while the Biden administration was the dead skunk in the middle of the road, there were other issues that were happening, hampering progress and causing division in the country. That's exactly what's going on today. This is interesting that we've repeated history so closely to this particular song that was written in the 70s. The final chorus of the song is called to action. Wainwright says, taking a whiff on me invites listeners to pay attention to the current political climate and take an action to change it. He says that we can't ignore. dead skunk in the middle of the road, we need to address it and work to improve the situation, such as the election machines, right? That was what we're going to go after. And yeah, I want to put a footnote on that too. Stephanie Lambert, the attorney, was arrested yesterday by U.S. Marshals. And the story that's coming out is it's because she leaked documents. But I had a little bit of an insight. What's that? Like Biden leaking. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. But realistically they, they were, uh, they were trying to a fingerprinter and take DNA and she took issue with it. They said, she's, you know, that this is the, this is the word that I got. She, she said, this is, I was not, um, charged with a crime. So how can you fingerprint take DNA before I was even charged with a crime. So she's being arraigned this morning. So everybody say a prayer for Stephanie. She's been working on, and I think that the plot is deepening right now because I have a feeling we have a lot of people that publicly within the Republican Party, which they're fighting with everybody all the time, and I'm ashamed of all of them for their conduct. We need to work to get together and see past these differences and stop the cancel culture. that's going on out there. I get it every day. You're talking to the professor. He's evil. You shouldn't talk to him. And I'm not sure I want to be your friend anymore. And I'm like, you're prerogative. I'm going to talk to whoever I want. Or you're talking to General Flynn. He's evil. I'm not going to talk to you anymore. This sounds like a childhood game, like a playground game. And the thing that is, is I talk to everybody because you know what? The only one that I could tell you that I can count on 100% is me because human, you can't control what other people do. And so we talk to them to find out information and such, and hopefully have civil discourse. I was talking to somebody the other day is you don't have to agree with people to talk to them. There's very few people. I agree with what they say. A hundred percent. In fact, I don't know if I even, know anybody, well, I know one person and, uh, maybe two or three, and that would probably be my kids or, you know, um, some of my best friends. Right. But, but because I just spend more time with them, but the point being is that we don't have to agree with each other, but we should be able to talk in a civil way with each other. And I don't like this person. So they're setting their teams up within their head, which is exactly what you're talking about right now. Exactly. The division it's nonsense. Exactly. All right, let me finish this up. Okay, sorry. It says, despite being written 40 years ago, it's actually 50-some years ago, Dead Skunk remains a relevant and thought-provoking song. It uses metaphors and clever wordplays to make a standout in a staple for the 70s music. But more than that, Dead Skunk is a reminder that music can be a powerful tool for social commentary and political change. Dylan Stoff, Peter, Paul and Mary, Kingston Trio and so on and so forth. Wayne White uses his platform to call attention to the divisive issues of the time. And his song remains a testament to the importance of speaking up. which is the most important thing that the deep state is trying to shut us down. Well, with that said. With that said, we're going to go into the song. Crossing the highway late one night. You should have looked left and you should have looked right. wagon car. The skunk got squashed and there you are. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road. Dead skunk in the middle of the road. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road and it's stinking to high heaven. Take a whiff on me, that ain't no rose. Roll up your window and hold your nose. You don't have to look and you don't have to see. Cause you can feel it all in your old factory. You got your dead scum. Yeah, you got your dead cat and you got your dead dog. On a moonlit night, you got your dead dog frog. You got your dead rabbit and your dead raccoon. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road. Dead skunk in the middle of the road. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road. Come on, steak, you got it. It's a dead in the middle of the road. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road. You've got your dead skunk in the middle of the road. And it's steak in the high heaven. Awesome. Annie. You know, John Rich right now is doing a lot of stories for for this time that we live in. And also Mark McKay. I think those guys are doing a really good job putting out good content that really brings our hearts back to God, family, and country. And I love all of our musicians out there that are really doing their best to unite people and to get us all pulling in the right direction because that's what we need to do. We don't need to agree with people. You talk about the issues of our time that are dividing us. Because, you know, it's like what I see in the chats in the political chats is it's always a fight to be right. I have to be right to be OK. And they start fighting and well, you're wrong and you're this and you're that. And the accusing and the blaming starts. You never solve anything that way. And it's just like the issues right now that are dividing us. Okay, it used to be black and white, but they've certainly kind of got us past some of that. But it's still an issue. You know, all of the racial issues are truly to divide us. The same thing between men and women. I'm going to tell you what, my grandmother on my dad's side, They always say I'm the most like her of anybody in the family. I'm going to tell you, she was a force to be reckoned with. And she was born in 1901 and very tall. She did some modeling. She was really thin. You know, I didn't get those genes. You know, she was always about 5'10", and she weighed maybe 125 pounds on a good day, you know, kind of a. kind of almost a stick figure, kind of a physique. But she was real smart. And I'm not saying I'm smart, but she would figure things out. She did it all with her hands. And I'm going to tell you what, if anybody came up and was going to tell her something that she knew she was wrong, she would get right in her face. And so when we look back historically, and she was one of 18 kids, and if you got, and it was all, but there was only two boys in the family. And so when you got them all together, all the women were right. And it was, you know, it was really, really funny because they were primarily Dutch, French Huguenots. And so they went, you know, that's where the family came from, from France into the Netherlands. So a good deal of Dutch in them. And I'm telling you, right, they could cook. But they could also argue and every one of them was so in charge that the guys were just like, what do you want me to do today, honey? You know, that sort of thing. So, you know, you listen to the rights of women. It's a lie. The feminism, the stuff that started with feminism, what a crock of crap. You know, it's like, it's like we've always had groups and people that have been treated poorly, but that doesn't mean that the whole system was bad or needed to be trashed. Cause I can tell you right now, my grandmother, she went to college in 1918. She's, I can tell you, she never felt discriminated against, nor does she feel like a victim. And, uh, Kind of interesting. Let's talk about that for just a second. It's not the individuals generally that feel that they're a victim. It's the government and the so-called people that are in the public eye that are trying to make an issue so they can have a job or so they can perform or push their agenda. They're hired. They're hired by the government to start these this nonsense out there. And it's in the political parties. I'm going to wager to say and I'm going to go there. OK, so I know a lot of people that are gay and lesbian. I just do. OK. And for whatever reason. And every single one of them that I know. absolutely hates the gay pride the flags the nonsense all of the stuff out there because they're like everybody hates us and it calls us child groomers and that we're bad people and such and they're out there going we're disgusted and you know what I see them speaking up more about child molestation, child trafficking, and all that sort of thing than most people who are straight. They're fighting it because they're trying to say, we're all child molesters. And they're like, we hate this. And we don't agree with it. We don't agree with all of this. And they're actually speaking up and fighting for it. And so, I mean, to look at the groups, the groups that are out there doing this, I don't think this is representational of how people are at all. But I'll tell you what, the fake stream media will not talk about. They're not talking about all of these teachers that are having sex with the kids in the schools and or the child trafficking or the fact that, how many pedophiles that there are out there. They don't want to talk about it, but they'll talk about all of these other issues and they'll get people's attention distracted. And I'm going to say right now as a very committed Christian, you know, I try to serve God the best that I can, but Looking, you know, and Jesus Christ is my savior. I'm going to say it right out there. And I acknowledge his death is the only reason why I'm ever going to get to heaven is his death and resurrection. That's what I believe. Right. But it's just like the whole thing with with the abortion debate, the amount of hate that this has been approached with. And I understand it is very, very distasteful for those of us who believe that it is murder, okay? But to go off on people to the point where you've shut down all discussions, and I mean all discussions, have you won one inch of ground? The answer to that is no. then the approach is wrong. And we're going to have to come to terms with this, that if there's something that we see that is perhaps not going in the right direction, we're going in the wrong direction on every single thing out there. We're not approaching things the way that we can, because once you're that angry and you start further dividing people, you've stopped your ability to talk and to actually find something that can bring it to a resolution, right? So let's just say, well, that's what they've been doing is dividing and conquering. So we're sitting there in our little echo chambers going, you know, going, those gays, those lesbians, those blacks, those Latinos, those women group, you know, the Antifa group, the BLM, you know what, I hope that we all get smart enough to figure out that most of these people that are in these activist groups, they are paid by the deep state. This is not organic. And they capture stupid people. They're capturing stupid people in the political parties. There's a lot of operatives in there. I'm going to tell you what. I've seen more operatives in the political party systems and in the grassroots system. Oh, we're grassroots. We're grassroots. Really? Really? Well, I don't know about you, but I'm an American and I'll stand with anybody that wants to fight for the nation. But they're further dividing us. And you know what? Maybe, you know, a lot of the people that I know who are gay and lesbian have been through traumatic and I mean traumatic abuse. And and I don't think they need any more condemnation. I think we need to sit down and talk and such, you know. I'm not saying that something bad happened and created it and blah, blah, blah, this, that, and the other thing. People are people. We all have things in each other that we like and we don't like, things that we believe in that we don't believe in. But that doesn't mean that you just go out there and start eviscerating them and tearing them down further. I think we're supposed to help each other and then go after things that are pure evil because there is pure evil out there when people hurt each other. or other people that's pure evil psychopaths. So anyhow, there you go. Donna's morning rant. Don't like it. You go somewhere else. You have that right. We have that right to free speech and you have the right to change channel. And that's okay. I'm not offended. So where are we going to go from here? So we have the letter. So this is what John and I are going to be working on is creating a structure perhaps and or the supporting documents to actually work on something that we can agree on. Because I think I have not heard one person out there unless they're working for the government that says we need to protect the electronic voting machines. I know no one that says that. And so we're going to go after removal of these machines, but I think we need to do it at the government level, right? Or at the local level. So we're going to create documents. And here's the one we're working on right now that John started on. I say we're working on it. John worked on it. Okay. If there's a misspelling or punctuation not correct, don't worry about it. All right. And I got to put the one from last week up. I've been asked a lot on that. Yeah. So that one from last week was a complete one that shows us a case from the past. So this one is the one we're working on. And let's go through this a little bit as we, because I think this is a great way to firm up people's knowledge, is to watch the process and how we're starting and the direction we're going in. And then when we have the finished product. But everybody out there, you need to pass this information on. You need to pass the drops that Darleaf did and that Election Integrity Force did. Even Chuck Richard, he put it out today. And I'm going to tell you what, there's a lot of good guys that are playing bad guys. to keep everybody busy so we don't get in there and really screw it up where they're catching the real bad guys. So just hold your tongue a little bit on some of this and work towards something that's going to actually move the bar a little bit. Pray to God. So let's start here. So where do you want to go with this, John? Well, I guess the first paragraph is kind of important because I bring in actually the issue of constitution. Oh, my God. I bring in the Michigan constitution. So let's start there. Okay. First paragraph, the election of the 2020, um, has proven over the past few years to be a fraud upon the citizens of the state of Michigan. The lack of accuracy and integrity, which I took from the quote of the Michigan constitution of the election process has prescribed by article two, section four, paragraph H of the Michigan constitution in 1963 has been brought into question. With the lack of a forensic audit, the result, and this is quote from the Constitution, results of the statewide election audit has demonstrated your usurpation of authority and your violation of your oath of office. Article 11, Section 1 is the oath of office. Remember that acts of usurpation are viewed as acts of treason against the United States. see attachment of the following excerpts. And I would have the entire attachment of title 115, section 2381. And then I just put little excerpts of them and I won't read through the excerpt. So then you have that as an attachment in a separate document. I'm just explaining this to people. So you have your main document and you put your attachments with the references in the main document and then the full attachment. behind it. Yes. So they can read it. They should have read it. They should know what treason is. They should know what insurrection is. But some of these people that are in the public functionary positions haven't really understood what misprisonment of treason is. I mean, they may have heard it, but they don't understand it. And they don't understand what rebellion and insurrection. And so hopefully they have enough brains to look at the entire part of it and say, oh, does this apply to me? Am I doing this? And hopefully it'll wake up some people in the process. But as you look through from all of the rest of the stuff, it's just excerpts taken from Title 115. And that's as far as I got, because in order for you to write a good letter, you have to not only cite things such as Article 15, to Section 4, Paragraph H, but you got to point out exactly what in that paragraph that you are citing. And that's where I use the quotation marks and I say, this is what I am pointing to. Accuracy and integrity, which it says right in the Constitution, Michigan Constitution. And was there accuracy and integrity? No, there was neither accuracy nor integrity. When you can say that, well, we had only found 25 or 30 people that voted twice or that were dead or that never lived at that particular address, that's your accuracy. It's went out the window. And if you didn't call intention to that, then where's your integrity? You lost your integrity, too, because you didn't call intention to the fact fraudulent part of that election that you knew was a fraud. Did you see the drops that Darleaf dropped, which led to the part of the nonsense that with the arrest or the, I don't think she's arrested yet. I think she's going to be arraigned this morning. And Stephanie Lambert and all of the drops and what happened with our with our election information and the connections to Serbia. That's really interesting. I started reading it. I posted one of them today where the head of security and strategy was like, one of the things he said is we suck because they realized that none of the machines were making tests. Or a good portion of them. I didn't see that, but everybody is kind of attacking this in different directions, which is good. Because there's so much of it. I mean, there's not one flaw. The whole thing is flawed. That's right. And so that's how we have to look at it. Every individual has a different point of view in regards to what was fraudulent about the election. This is my particular point of view. I go to the law and through the Constitution and I bring those parts out. Their oath of office, critical. even though that idiot, Alan Dershowitz, and everybody knows that name because he has been on the public, in the public eye for a long time. Alan Dershowitz says, oh, politicians lie. They break their oath of office all the time. And that's just typical. You should be in jail for that, just for that comment alone. He's a criminal too. There should be a standard and we have to hold them to a standard. I mean, They shouldn't go in there and just make excuses for it in any way, shape, or form. They're doing it because they're all doing it. So they're protecting each other. But he's part of the bar, which is corrupt. The whole DOJ, by the way, I don't know if you know it or not. Do you know when the DOJ was created? How it was created? Department of Justice? Who created it and when it was created? Inform us. It was created during, just after the Civil War, and it was an act by the president, Grant, at that time. So does that office exist? No. According to Norton. Does not. It does not. It's not constitutional. The DOJ does not exist. The attorneys that are represented by attorney generals that are part of the DOJ, do they exist? Now, how could they exist if the department itself doesn't exist? The whole thing's a fraud. It's fake. And so we need to, we need to know that, that, uh, these departments that are, that have been used as, uh, battering rams against the public, they're all fake. And that's the violation of their oath of office. Anyone that had brought these departments out or that are in these departments, or better yet, that service these departments that collect money, they're all fake, they're all fraudulent, and they are taking money from the public illegally. So this is the direction that we have to, as citizens, understand what is going on here. They developed these departments, these alphabet agencies to go after the public because they can't, because the president can't do it. So he has a department do it. And then it's like plausible deniability. They did it. It's not me. They're the ones. And so that's the way we have to look at what's going on in our country right at this moment. The fraudulent government under the fraudulent financial system, under the fake money system has to be brought down, brought to its knees. And of course, I suspect, and I, I truly believe that Trump and the white hats are doing that. I think they're bringing the system down. And I also believe that the greatest threat we have, it's, it's not China. It's not Russia. It's not any of those things. China is, is darn near broke. Putin doesn't want a war with us. I mean, listen to what he says, you know, and not the headlines, you know, they're, they're, uh, I think either Putin was already replaced or he's never been what they've told us he is. It's hard to tell. I don't know. I heard a story, and I think it was General Flynn that told us this story about Putin taking a ring from somebody, like a Super Bowl ring or something like that. Really? Yeah. Somebody showed him a ring, and he just took it and put it on and, like, walked away. And he might have thought it was a gift. I don't know. But at any rate, I don't – I don't think that things are the way that we see them. And I think most of the people that we see out there, you know, are, I think everyone that's out there is certainly working towards good because all things work for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes. So there's a lot of things going on that people freak out about. We look at, because we want to know the lawful process behind it, but I don't know about you. I'm not freaked out about any of it. It's like, it's like, it's going to be, it's going to be going, it's going in a good direction because all of these things needed to be addressed. You know, we need to look at them and know what is wrong and how far. And I think it's like God kind of gave this to us and said, OK, you guys think you're so smart. Let's see how you handle this. And gave us exactly what we thought we wanted until we come back to him. I'm going to read something from the chat here. It's John. What do you think about Supreme Court Katonji Brown Jackson? First, a clown. Yeah. Yeah, she is. I don't think you really answered your own question there. How the Supreme Court or how the Congress could have put her on board when she said, oh, I don't know what a woman is kind of thing. And then they said, oh, yeah, well, you'd be a perfect person to tell them what the law is because you don't know what a woman is. I mean, come on. Yeah, that's kind of one of those things that should be your first clue that they're a paid operative right there. I don't know what a woman is. Okay, so what did you do, like fail kindergarten or something like that? It's just a political agenda. They don't even believe it. I don't think they even believe it, but they're hoping stupid people jump in with them and help run the ball forward to the end zone of the destruction of the United States of America. Just don't pay attention to them. Keep talking and say the truth. You know, honestly, too, if they actually were to shut us down, there's a lot more of us that would have had our sorry butts in jail than, you know what I mean? They've slowed people down with the censorship and such, but they haven't shut us down entirely. We just are finding better ways, which is probably good because they've controlled these venues for a long time. Keep in mind that Kanji and, I mean, there's a ton of them that were brought on board by Biden. The Kenyon. Yeah, Biden and Obama. Or not Biden, yeah, the Kenyon. when they're both proven to be traitors and or they go up, they're convicted, everything that they did will be unraveled because you can't have a president in office or a person in the presidency that's an illegal person and passing laws. All those laws are illegal and will be retracted. And Kanji will be thrown out of the Supreme Court because she was brought in by a criminal. So she will be removed. And anybody else that was brought in by the criminal syndicate will be removed. But we've got to go through this process. We have to go through the process. It's just sort of like, okay, so we've got the Kenyan and the gazelle. I watched the gazelle fall again, you know, going up the stairs, which is kind of funny. So, you know. I don't know. It's it's there's there's a lot of things that don't make sense, but that's OK. You know, one of my friends is in and I know she's watching right now. It was in a group that's just basically completely devolved into nothing but a fighting, screaming, stupid match full time fight to who's right. And it's very abusive. It's incredibly abusive and most certainly infiltrated by, you know, operatives there's there's no two ways about it and it for a while there she was feeling kind of bad about the time she wasted in that organization and I said to her too I'm like you didn't waste any time you learned and you learned a lot and and maybe the goal of the group wasn't met but maybe it was the wrong goal maybe the goal was to get in there and see how bad it really was and learn the proper way to go forward because you can see it, you know, sometimes you'll have to be shown. And I, and I really think that that's kind of what's going on right now is that, you know, we're getting smarter. I don't feel like, just like I, I've always said, I feel like I won by losing, getting a title in a corrupt system. That's not a win. That isn't a win. That's a, that's a, you know, that's a, playing the game with the people that are evil because they'll never let you in. If you're, if you're honest, never, never would you get a chance to get in, but learning what's wrong. So you can go forward and do the actual work and battling. That might be a really good way to infiltrate, infiltrate the bad guys and find out what's wrong, you know, and be able to go forward once they're removed and, or be part of removing them, which I think is a great, great thing. Go ahead. Joyce Riley, I don't know if you remember her name or know who she is, but she used to be part of the Power Hour. She was a captain in the Air Force during Desert Storm. She ended up getting sick and eventually dying at a fairly relatively young age, but she was a broadcaster on the Power Hour. Actually, I think she was one of the people that that developed the Power Hour. Anyway, she said, we are born for this time. That's why we're here. That's our job. And I remember that from way back when, and I think she's 100% right. what are your purposes in life? Why are you here? What are you doing? You are born for this time in life to see what's going on, to wake up, to make a change, to make the right directions. And learn to make good decisions by seeing things that are not okay and such. So, I mean, there's so many things going on right now. And And I know a lot of people are really discouraged about what they're seeing. But you know what? This is a process that we needed to go through. And I really believe that. And it's going to be okay. We just need to take what we've learned. And we're still learning because we still haven't learned to work together. We still haven't learned to sit down with somebody that we disagree with and maybe just hold our tongue, which was what was talked about in James, hold our tongue a little bit and speak truth and go, huh, I'm going to spend the day considering what that person said, whether or not I agree with them or not. And, you know, come back and ask more questions and find out and then go down a few other rabbit holes. One of the groups I was in yesterday, they were talking about Ask My Tax. I have a fundamental disagreement with it. I have a fundamental disagreement with it. With what? I have a big disagreement with it. I have a huge disagreement with it. And so since I brought this up, let's go there. And I'll tell you why I pulled, I had the woman that started it came to one of our taxpayer parties meeting and my bullshit meter pegged within five minutes. And so we started this, she's talking and it was, she was absolutely rude. She tried to take over the entire meeting and she, she was, it was like, it was like, um, she wouldn't, she wouldn't stop talking. And, and it was like, it was almost like an indoctrination type of a method of getting people on her side or wearing people down. And so I'm like, I'm done with this. So I start looking up stuff and, um, somebody next to me who is a real good researcher started looking stuff up and we found her political donations. And I'm like, well, let's just look into the political donations and see because she's like, well, I've never been in politics. I really I really this is this is something that I really haven't ever, you know, been involved in much. And I just saw this and thought that it needed to be done. And so blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, OK. pull up the donations three freaking pages of donations she's donating to brighter michigan pac she's donating to um christina karamo she's donating to all this and then I had just been to the board of elections and she had to resubmit because her language in this was was rejected at the time I don't think she was back there because I was at the last meeting and so I don't even know if she worked on it then or she's working on it now to redo it or she's just selling Something that's a distraction in pipe dreams. And it's like she's got so many addresses and a P.O. box that she has things being sent back to. And I read it because I'll read anything. And I'm like, this is a cockamamie plan because property taxes are unlawful. All she's done is put it into let's shuffle the money around. That's that's pretty much what asked my tax. If you read it, the basis of it is let's distract people. Let's get them all riled up about the property tax and go frickin nowhere. Because not only are we not quoting the law. We are absolutely chasing our tail and trying to figure out a way to move the tax money around. But, oh, she's, you know, this is grassroots. This is somebody that's got an answer. It's like, has she even addressed the language she had when she came and presented it? I don't know, because I was done with her pretty much right then and there. I'm like, this is not something I want to be involved in. Now, other people can be, and I won't hold it against anybody, but that's the Donna Brandenburg opinion of it. It's bullshit. Well, I'll throw a couple things at you. Number one, Michigan Constitution states that the executive branch can develop 20 branches of government. And do you have any idea how many branches of government the state of Michigan has right now? I'm going to just show you. Page one, page two, page three. You think there's only 20 branches of government there? No, I started counting. I got up to 30 and I said, no, I'm not going to go any further than that. but there's well over 50 or 100. If these branches of government were pared down to where they were supposed to be, and that part of the Constitution, first of all, remember 63 Constitution is not a Constitution, it's unconstitutional. voted on by one-tenth of one percent of the populace vote in a democracy, which we are not, and we are a republic. So, number one, the Constitution is a violation of our rights, and it's supposed to be to stop government, not to protect the people. Not to stop the people from doing things, but to stop the government from doing things. And the government has not Follow through in there. You know, if you can only have 20 departments, of course, what that means is every time a new politician steps into the new public functionary steps into the executive branch, they can come up with 20 departments. Every four years, we're going to come up with another 20 departments. So how do you stop the tax situation or how do you reduce the taxes in Ask My Tax? You decide to remove or pare down government and you won't need the tax. And that's the distraction that I see that this is absolutely the distraction. Here, let me put, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and put this right out here. Let's see if I can. I'm going to see if I can pull it up there. They may have, they may have kicked me, me off just because no, here it is. I'm still there. So let's see what we have here because I was, you know, I put it out there and I showed it to someone. You want to see the donation pages. This is going to like, this is going to like, you know, blow somebody blows, blow everybody's minds because this is, And of course the chat here, everybody shut down and they don't want to talk about it because everybody is, let's see. So while you're looking for that, ask my taxes, just a distraction. It's a distraction. I'm not a robot. Let's see what we've got here. See if we can. Let's see if I can get it off. It's not letting me do it now. Let me see if I can get it. This is kind of, it's really interesting because, and I'm like, you know, if you, if you know a little bit about, you know, I'm going to just call it open source intelligence, or if you can, let's see if I can get it here. If you can, if you know how to search for things now, it's not letting me get in through my computer and I don't know why. Can you, not to switch gears, but I think we need to switch gears just briefly. And we're running out of time. I can look at that. Can we go to the executive branch of the federal constitution? Yeah, sure. And I'm going to bring this up later, guys, because I think this is, let's see. I think it's fairly important. Hang on a minute. Since I did my song and since we were talking about voting and the election process. I wanted to point this out. Okay, hang on a minute. Okay. Michigan Constitution or federal? Federal. Under executive branch, we're looking at executive branch section one, one, two, three, four, fifth paragraph. That's where we left off last time. And I think I wanted to bring it up because it's part of the election process. Okay, which section am I going to? Section two, article two, executive branch. Article two, section what? Article 2, Section 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, fifth paragraph. It says, the Congress. I can do one thing at a time here, so you guys got to give me some grace. All right. Scroll down a little. Okay. No, we're looking for the word Congress. Congress may determine. The time of causing the electors and the day on which they shall give their votes, which day shall be the same throughout the United States. This is talking about the electoral college. And basically, they're given a one-day deal to make their vote process. And if you look at both the state constitution and the federal constitution, you will see that election is an election day, not election days. And they could not change from election day to election days by simply an act. They would have to go back and reformulate the Constitution or rewrite the Constitution. And you know that Hillary and her group of criminals wanted to remove the Electoral College and wanted to go by popular vote. And they even had the con-con people trying to pull that nonsense off on us also. So here's a part of the Constitution that really cannot be changed by an act. It cannot even be amended. It can't because this is part of the basic laws of the government and how they're supposed to operate. So I want people to understand that. So when they talk about changing the Electoral College to a popular vote, can't be done. And I wanted to point that out. Also, no person except a natural-born citizen or citizens of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution shall be eligible to the office of presidency. Neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have obtained to the age of 35 years and... been 14 years a resident within the United States. And who's a natural born citizen? Well, I am. Something that has to be brought home because obviously it is not even a question that the Kenyan was not a natural born citizen. Why was he a natural born citizen? Because at the time of his birth, his father and mother were not American citizens. Mother was, but father was not. And I think that we can look at people like, um, so I, I don't, uh, Camilla, uh, Harris, she's disqualified too. And, and, uh, I, I think there's a lot of question out there about all of these people that are sitting in offices because I believe that a lot of them are foreign. They're foreign, um, uh, born and or foreign nationals. And look at all of the people who have a dual citizenship that are in our government with Israel. This is this is and I have no problems with, you know, with my Jewish friends. But I got a big problem with the government structure and the people that are in charge because they've all been infiltrated in every country that it's a there's a global crime syndicate running and parading as the Chinese, as the Russians. As the Jews, as the blah, as the blah. We got to get rid of all that. And just like the geographical structure, I don't think our war, you know, I don't really think the geography even matters anymore because the ones that are running it are global. Yes. Yes. It's a sham. It is. But this has been violated with the Obama election. Obama was never elected. ever a de jure officer. He was a de facto officer. And people need to understand that. And people don't. There's still people that would vote for him if he was running again for election. Oh, you know why they want to run with them? Because I hate to say it, they're racist. We want to vote in the first man. We want to, you know, the first minority man, the first black man, the first African. We want to be inclusive. We want to vote in the first woman. You know what? I don't care. We shouldn't care whether a woman is in office or a man's in office. It does not matter. It's who is the best suited for the job that meets all the lawful criteria. I don't really care. I'm not. I have nothing to. I have nothing bad to say about, you know, if a guy's president and he runs it well, fantastic. I'm going to go back to my barn and I'm going to do something different. I'm going to garden. I'm going to, you know, if somebody's running the country, there's no reason for us to get involved other than to support them and make sure that things are run correctly and either back them or remove them. That's it. Doing their job. Doing their job. doing what they were elected to do as a public functionary. Yes, I agree. And we have gone stretched so far away from the Constitution and people in general do not understand the Constitution and its function. And so that's where we have to drive that home to people. I personally don't think that we should have anybody, I don't think we should give automatic voting rights. And we're going to need to look at this from somebody that comes in and all of a sudden gets citizenship. And this is my opinion. And they have that in other countries where it takes, you know, three generations, five or nine generations or something like this, because you're jumping the border. And I watched somebody in Germany who was, who was a stated as a, as a Muslim. that was waving his passport and says, I'm here and I can vote. Now we own you. And so and it was it's a it's an invasion tactic. And so but people are so, so naive. They're like, oh, we're going to have a great world where we all play together nice. Well, that would be great if there wasn't evil in the world. And we haven't even gotten past the first step to determining what the evil is and removing that. If we had everyone playing together nice, we wouldn't need the government because we would hold ourselves accountable. And that comes first. We have to hold ourselves accountable in all things and be that standard in everything we do. It starts with us. That's right. So where else do you want to go? I think Courtney is there, but I'm not seeing her in the chair, so we can keep talking until I see her. Well, all right. I'm going to have to disappear shortly because I have other things I have to do. But I think maybe we ought to stop at this point with the Constitution. Okay. The next part gets a little more involved and the rest of it, and we will pick it up on the next week. where we have to so we can dive into it. I just don't want to go over this stuff with a surface idea. I want to get deep into it so everybody understands what it says, what it means. The Constitution is the most critical document we have, and everybody really needs to understand it. And where to go and find information if they have to, like I did on the letter. We go into the Constitution. We pull that stuff from the Constitution. And we say, look. Oh, and I think John just froze up right there. But I agree with you, Mr. Tater. And let's see if you come back here a minute. We can say goodbye. But I think you froze up. Yep, he froze up. So, you know, it's true. We're going to need to go through the Constitution. Oh, there you go. He froze up there for a minute, John. I know. I saw we both blacked out. They don't like us talking about the Constitution. No, and I'll go back to what you said about the CONCON people, the Constitution Convention people. I'm going to tell you right now, what I saw the behavior of the people that are pushing that is I see political operatives and I, I do not believe that any of the people that are, that are behind the constitutional convention, unless somebody got sucked in because they were, they were too naive to understand what was really happening there. Just like a lot of the grassroots, um, groups that are out there, there's very few of them that are actually what they say they are. Very, very few. And, you know, that's pretty easy to prove, actually, when you start connecting them, connecting the dots. Watch when they show up all at the same place. They're moving as a swarm. That's all I can see. You can see them moving as a swarm rather than, and it's more of a cult than anything. And they're hoping that people will join their little political cults. They're not what they say they are. And that, that whole constitutional convention thing, I watched a gal come to one of the meeting and she was doing things that to shock people, to keep their attention. Like she jumped up in the air and kept spam landing on her knees, jump up and land on her knees. And I'm like, I don't know what you are, except for one crazy chick standing up there. You know, it's like, it's like, And I saw what I saw was I'm like, this chick has been MK altered or something because a normal person does not act that way. And, you know, if you're, if you're in the political arena long enough, you'll start seeing them and be able to identify the MKL altered people because they're, they're, they're predictable. They're, they're actually really predictable. If you watch their behavior and their actions and, They're absolutely predictable. I had one girl that came around and she's like, you know, she's kind of has this like look to her face and I'm like, oh boy. And she starts talking and apparently she was down in Haiti. Found out later that, you know, she kept talking and I'm like, oh, you know, I just listened to her for a while. It's like set the trap and reel her in, right? And it was like, oh, so, so, you know, she's telling me about all the great Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian thing she was doing on there with the kids. I mean, she was crazier. She was, she was crazier than a loon. And then she starts talking about what she's doing. And I find out, yes, I'm down there playing with the kids. And I'm like, I'm sure you are. And she's like, she's like, yeah, she said it came out later that she was down there. Her sister says, I never understood it. She said, she's down there playing, you know, with these, on these mission trips. And, you know, she said, she's not a medical person, but she's down there pulling kids teeth. And I'm sitting there going, I can't even help that level of stupid and naive from the sister. let alone looking at this going, why are they pulling the kid's teeth? So I threw it out there and said, oh, so you know what happened with the Clintons, with the Clinton Foundation, with all of this nonsense, with Laura Sills being how the Clintons pushed her into a organization that watches the kids being kidnapped. She got real quiet and it was just like almost turned to stone. She wouldn't talk. She wouldn't say a word. And anytime she You know, she was about ready to crawl out of there. And it's like they're in on it. And they'll use any language that they can so you don't question them. And that's too bad. But they're crazy. They are nuts. So, at any rate, well, thank you, Mr. Tater, for Tater Tuesday. And I'm really looking forward to going through this letter and really learning it so that we can go to our local officials and hold them accountable. I think you locked up again, didn't you? Yep, sure did. So anyhow, I'm going to go to the next hour and we'll say goodbye to John and we'll be right back. Good morning. Welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. And it is the 19th day of March 2024. And we're here, Donna Brandenburg and Courtney Turner. How are you doing? Hello. Good morning. How are you? Good. Oh, look, we both went like shiny. Oh, yes. Yes. I'm a day late for my St. Patrick's Day color. Oh, there you go. I actually was listening. I was driving on Sunday. And so I turned the radio. I turned Pandora on to Irish St. Patrick's Day music, which was kind of fun. It was mostly Irish drinking songs, which is just absolutely hilarious. That's funny. I, I was reading that, you know, I remember people telling me that orange is also a color of a, I think we need to move the camera. But I think orange is also the color. And I look at the flag. Right, for the flag. But then, so I looked it up because I wasn't sure if I remember that correctly. And it turns out that actually the original color was blue. Yeah, I actually knew that. And then before that, do you know that the flag has got the orange and the green and it's separated by white, which is a demilitarized zone between the Catholics and the Protestants. And so I find that to be really interesting. I mean, the division that we've had has been going on you know, a long time. It's like, it's like, I think this is fun. And I think, you know what, I really think this is kind of cool because, you know, I'm Christian, you're Jewish. And I, you know, we can talk about anything. And I think it's, I think it's fantastic, you know, that we can, we can talk about things because people don't want to talk about these issues. And I'm okay if anybody wants to question anything which appears to be Christian, which is not. I'm not offended. It's not me. Evil is on them. And I know you're kind of the same way. It's like evil is evil. Yeah, I don't really understand all the division between the Christians and the Jews right now. I mean, I really honestly think that's very contrived, you know, that there would be no Christianity without Judaism. There's an Old Testament and New Testament. It's just bound in the same book. And all of this division, I understand there are differences in, you know, how they view the Messiah. I get there are differences, but one wouldn't exist without the other. So for there to be all of this division just feels very contrived. It doesn't really make sense to me. Well, it stops us from talking. And so it's like because everybody is so afraid to talk about anything because their goal is very egocentric to be right rather than to talk to understand and then have discussions, come together and try to find the right answers no matter what they are. And so, like, if somebody doesn't know what you know, then you need to respectfully. I mean, there's evil and there's just people, you know, and, you know, to come together and talk things. It's same thing with running the running the nation. We are so polarized on these issues that we can't even sit in the same room together. Most people can't sit in the same room. and be able to have civil discourse or to talk about them. And that's really sad. You know, it's like, well, let's just even go within the Christian faith. Well, the Baptists are over there. I hate the Baptists and I hate the Catholics and I hate the Christian reformers and I hate the reformers. And are you pre-trib or are you post-trib? Are you, you know, with a rapture, that kind of thing. And if you don't agree with me, off with your head. I will never sit in the same room with you. Are you a Christina Caramo follower? Are you a hookster follower? Are you a this? Are you a that? Do you like General Flynn? Do you like the professor? Because if you like one or the other, then you're evil because you're following an evil person. Do you know how stupid that discourse is, everybody out there? I mean, this is the dumbest. Yeah, I'm Well, I don't think any of that's natural. I think that's my point. You know, I talk a lot about the Hegelian dialectic, and they really did weaponize it. It's intentionally designed to create these dialectical poles so that you have the appearance of people fighting each other, but really, ultimately, the end goal ends up being the same, and it advances their agenda. And I think you see that all over the place. I think this whole, you know, right now, what you see with, you know, the Israel-Gaza issue, what you see with the, you know, talking about the Convention of States. And I think that is definitely a dialectical tactic because they've for a very long time been very successful at achieving, you know, the ambitions of subverting the Constitution through the left. And the left has been talking about being an old document that's anachronistic and that it should be a living document. And they've been talking about that for a very, very long time. But what you now see is several angles coming from the right. And I think the Convention of States is one potential attempt. It hasn't really gained a whole lot of steam. It kind of resurfaces every few years. But now I'm seeing it take more of a hold than previously. Well, look, you throw that word Constitution out there, and that's supposed to make everything right. Just like throwing out the term Jew or throwing out the term Christian or throwing out this. Now it's people that identify as that. And now it's all right. So we're going to talk Constitution now. and use that to lead people astray. And that's exactly what they're doing with that. And they'll say, well, it's in the Constitution. like yeah but let's just kind of evaluate this a little further um charlotte says natural born is both parents american they don't know what natural means they don't know their constitution or what a woman is they don't know anything or they do know it that's what they're trying to do is subvert it and also they're using the homeless voting to put illegal aliens in the system to vote mcah michigan coalition against homeless look up voter registration fact it's a non-profit so now it looks like they're it's like they're registering under mcah because we got to have a bleeding heart of oh they're serving the underserved it's a bunch of crap right Yeah, I think that the, it's not just that, it's not so much that, I mean, we've had Convention of States before. It's just that I think that they're much better tactically and they're better strategy. And I think that they are intentionally using it because they know that they will be able to use it as a weapon to subvert as opposed to having a genuine convention. Well, they've already subverted it because the Michigan Constitution in 1963 is unlawful. And so John brought it up too. They had less than one percent of one. Let me get the numbers right. Less than one tenth of one percent of the voters. And they installed it with that. I think it was 250,000 votes for it. But it was the majority in that election. But it's not in the election. It's overall voters. And that's how they do that. They rig the numbers and and say, well, we want it. Same thing with the prop, the proposals. We, I don't believe that those proposals in the last election were any way, shape or form, you know, illegal because there's no way they could have gotten signatures for it. I do not believe it. And we couldn't go in and look at them because they wouldn't let anybody inspect them. Oh, it's already done. Too bad. So sad. Locked them up. Let somebody take them though and take them to Bangladesh. But Americans couldn't go look at it. They, they, they're, they're, they're evil. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I, I know I was telling you last time, cause I've been going back and forth. I didn't go back today, but they're, they're meeting on the school choice issue and I've been going through the history. I think I've done like seven shows now on the history of the school choice agenda. And they talk about like in the, I don't know, I have it here, the Anthony Sutton's book. Oh, I got my books in by the way. Yay. So yeah, he's, but he very clearly goes through the agenda of, uh, the Skull and Bones agenda to use to weaponize the Hegelian dialectic. And that's what I saw. I mean, they were really, they kept arguing with me that this is, you know, that the bill is coming from a governor who has an R in front of it. And so therefore they're the good guys and this is a good thing. And that's what I kept telling them is that, you know, I really didn't care if it had an R or D in front of it. What is it doing? It's stripping parents of their rights. It's growing the government. It's creating all these public-private partnerships. It's increasing taxes. It's increasing government spending. nothing about it is a conservative. So I really don't really care. And none of it's constitutional. None of it is aligned with the, you know, our inalienable rights and preserving those. So, yeah. Well, and, and there's another organization that I came across this week and it's called tent and they have 260 some businesses in there. And what they've done through a, an employment type act is they're shuffling people, money into these companies for them hiring illegals. And so their, their net labor costs for replacing American workers with, um, illegals is T E T T E N T tent. And so, yep. And so I'll, I'll see if I can back up here to show you this. This is something I know you'll jump right on because it is, it is disturbing. It is replacing American workers. There's no two ways about it. And here, let me see. Here is a tent partner for refugees, a network of 260 major businesses committed to supporting the economic integration of refugees brings together leading companies, including Amazon, Hilton, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Tyson Foods. So with the Tyson closing, to announce commitments to hire and train thousands of refugees in the United States over the next three years. The summit is first in a series of milestones to continue to mobilize companies. And here, let's see if I'll show you. This came across on PR Newswire, which... hang on a minute, let me see if I can put this up here, but there's a whole list of them and I published some of them, but you can find more. So once I started going into the, into the. Okay. Behind it. Yeah. So this was, um, some of this stuff came up in 22, but, um, so 22, but to look at the net profit of what they're doing, they're literally able to hire refugees. And they're hiding things like providing them with housing. They're doing it in California already for the teachers. So the teachers are getting housing included in these public-private partnerships. But we can't do that. You know, they've got us locked down. But as long as a refugee so that they can replace Americans. Oh, that was kind of cool. I posted it. It was creating blocks out of hemp. Oh, wow. It's really cool for – let's see if I can find the – there's a – let's see if I can find the – Oh, I'm not sure that you'll ever have another election in this country. So I'll have to see if I can find a video. I posted a video on it that shows the absolutely most wonderful breakdown that you could possibly have. let me see if I on the, on the dollar amount and how they're, how they're rigging this. It's, it's, it's crazy. And I think people really need to see here it is right here. This is the, this is the video. I'll just play a little bit. Cause there's something that you're really interested in. Okay. This is the reason why I've canceled my doorbell camera subscription. This brand new subscription... At least it's not prostate medicine. ...provides more security features than traditional doorbell systems without ever having to pay for expensive installation or monthly fees. Making typical... here's our guys john here will now cost nearly 30 more to hire an american than it will to hire an asylum seeker or migrant policies favoring immigrants over americans tyson laying off 1 200 workers after closing its pork factory in prairie iowa only later to announce 52 000 jobs for migrants thanks to something called think about it 52 000 companies both small medium and large to write off nearly ten thousand dollars per year, per hire of a migrant. Now these people from the future are showing up and offering to do the same work for next to nothing. They took our jobs. That is just the tip of the iceberg because there's a variety of other tax credits that are also now being presented to companies hiring just migrants. Now, when you start to look at this, this will allow these companies to bring their labor costs to almost zero. So why would a large company want to hire Americans that are going to cost 50, 60, 70, 80,000 a year when they can get free labor? So the question in this video, I'm going to break it down. I'm going to show you exactly what's going on, all the companies that are doing this and how this is going to reshape and change America's job market to the likes of which we have never before seen. There you go. So. Wow. Yeah, it's crazy. Now, with that said, we know that they're bringing every year there's seasonal work that comes into the United States from Mexico. I mean, that's something that's been going on for many, many years. Right. But the tax incentives and the way that the government rigged this was for the corporations to pay $0. So this is all about breaking small business in America and aggregating it all into the corporations. And that's what I'm so disturbed about it for. Yeah. Well, I mean, that's the whole agenda that we're at. The world is going to be run by mega corporations. So there'll be all these supernational corporations. That's essentially who's going to run the world. I mean, we see lots of, you know, centralization and steering coming from things like, you know, NGOs, like the World Economic Forum, the UN and the WHO and all of these different, but really it's going to be the mega corporations who are being empowered by them through all of this, you know, like the ESG and the DEI and all of these different, you know, stakeholder incentives that are empowering them and taking and decimating essentially small businesses. But they're really going to be the ones who are going to, they're running all everything. I'm going to tell you what, once we have this crash, because it's incoming, there's no way we're going to get around this there. You know, you can, you can see all the telltale signs in it. It looks to me to be worse than 29, which is because it's like, Let it fall flat right to the ground because the ones that it's going to destroy is the corporations. And, you know, we'll figure it out. I don't see that. I don't see that at all. I think the goal is to create a crash that decimates, you know, the middle class, the. lower class, but that will empower the corporation. I mean, what did we see through 2020? The big corporations did fine. It was the mom and pop shops that were all shut down. I think we saw the same thing in 2008 too. I don't see that the big corporations are going to come tumbling down. I'd love to see that. That's not what I see. I have faith in that. I have faith that things, if the currency takes a dive, that they will not it's sort of like turning a ship around if you have a really large ship and you know you've got problems you get it takes it a while to recover small ships they can small ships and boats can still navigate quite quite easily in ways that a large ship can't the same thing with a corporation or entity when you look at the decision making structure and things that are too big, oh my gosh, takes like a million committees. I could die in committees. I hate committees, you know, all that sort of thing. It's so annoying. It's a waste of time. You know, you could die in a committee and nobody would even know, you know, be like, Hey Brandenburg, what's happening here? Are you asleep? No, I died in committee because it was so fricking boring. Right. And nobody's willing to stick their necks out and make a decision. Where in small business, if you see a rock in the road, you can adjust and adapt. A corporation cannot. So just in the sheer adaptability and agility in smaller business, you can adjust and adapt where a corporation cannot. Right. But you're saying adjust and adapt to what? To the crashing of the dollar? Any changing environments. It's like, it's like, you know, you can adjust and adapt when, you know, when things go wrong. So let's, for example, okay, here's a, here's a great example of thinking in the demented Donna Brandenburg way of always finding not like water, man, something dams me up in one area. I'm going to find a way around it. Right. And so you look at how they're, they're dealing with things where you lose, you use the law against them. Okay. So they've got their foundations, they've got their little associations and such. If we started launching private membership associations in mass and everybody can do this, they can't regulate you. And so you can go outside of the law and say, oh, it's a private membership association. It's a club. Now, if they go after the clubs, guess what? They can, and they start the precedent. It's just like what president Trump is doing. The president precedent. So you go after the clubs, you're going to go after them too. Right. And because you've got the right to do that and go. Membership. I'm sorry to interrupt, but with the private membership association, they can have a bank account. I believe you can do anything you want. You know, you can go in there, but it kind of gets you off of the, out of the, you know. I know it takes you out of the regulations and they can't be taxed in the same way. I was just wondering with the bank accounts, because that's still a way that they could track. And I'm wondering how they'll start clamping down on that. Well, you know what? I'm kind of a fan of going to private membership association. Guess what? We have a committee to help paint houses. We have a committee to do this. You know, I'm, I'm a fan of bartering and screw them all. You know, it's like, it's like, what are you going to do? You know, and maybe if we all decide to get in there and give our time and our effort to just helping each other, we wouldn't need the money. We wouldn't need the system. You know, we, we full-time, you know, we give eggs away. We tell the neighbors and we just give it away. I don't ask for a barter or anything back. We give it away or, you know, we've got, we've got heavy equipment and loaders and sometimes, we'll just, we just go and help people. And I mean, think about that. If that was actually the MO that, that we just went, we just helped each other. You would, you know, if people weren't greedy and trying to, you know, trying to get above everybody, you know, it's like, this is the MO of most people. I'm glad you're doing well, as long as I'm doing better. Instead of going, I mean, that's, that's, that's, that was funny. As my dad always said, he always said that that was the MO of a certain religious group in the area. It's like, yeah, they're always happy that somebody is doing well as long as they're doing better. I don't understand that mindset. No, no, I don't understand that at all. Yeah. Yeah. The private membership association is really interesting. I'm seeing a lot of people are doing that. Um, I've thought about it. I'm just not, I feel like I need to learn a little bit more about how it all works. You can do, you can do medical. Cause I actually looked into, you know, buying a doctor, you know, where you actually pay the, pay the salary of the doctor. Right. Do like a private membership association for medical. Yeah. So I just, we just did for my dangerous dame show, we just did a thing about gold care to bring them on as an affiliate and their private membership association. They do telehealth medicine. Oh, really? Yeah. See all of that stuff. You know, we should be able to, we should be able to do whatever we want. They shouldn't be able to regulate. I'm sorry. Almost anything. Right. Right. No, I agree with that. I absolutely agree with that. I'm just I'm not clear on exactly how all of it would work in terms of finances. David Jose, I believe it's David Jose, which is going to be Donald out there. I see you, Donald. And oh, I was going to say something to Donald, too, just so you know. A couple of I've been watching on Twitter. I've been getting more active on Twitter. I decided to end my protest to Twitter, even though Elon has not given me my original account back again. It took me 11 appeals, literally 11. Serious? Yeah. I need to appeal every day. I just want my account back. So I go in and find my friends that were there. Yeah, I know. And I have conversations with people who have no way of finding me otherwise. Right. And it's like I found all of my conversations that I had there. And my handle, I'll tell everybody what my handle was on. It was TruthseekerD. That is my account. So Elon, if you're out there, restore my freaking account. I want to find my friends. And so, but Donald has been chipping me stuff and I've been watching, um, the, uh, the real, really good posts on Twitter. So I decided, okay, I was like, I was like Twitter obsessed. And I mean, I have a pretty decent following on there. Um, and so, so, uh, I got nuked off the same day that the Flynn's got nuked off because of course we were all bad people. And, uh, You know, we talked about things that we shouldn't be talking about. Right. And but I really there's there's some really great things that that you can find on there on real law, you know, and Black's Law Dictionary, which I've been trying to really educate myself. This is an amazing thing to get into this and find out how much we don't know. And the more you learn, this is the thing that I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, oh, my gosh, you know, I'm a pretty quick study on things. I can take in a lot of information. I can't believe it's like, I know this much. I know one finger and it's like every day you wake up and you're like going, what do I need to learn next? I know. I know. So we did, I did a show, I just aired it yesterday, and it was on land patents. And it was really interesting because the whole premise behind it was, you know, we talked about land patents, but really the bigger topic was much deeper. And it was the topic of how we've adopted Roman law system. And I mean, I barely scratched the surface on all of this. I'm starting to dive into it. But we've adopted the Roman law. So that's kind of what common law is based on is this Roman law system, which goes all the way back to like, you know, 300, 400 years. Um, and it's, uh, it's, it's a co-op, it's a corrupted system. It's essentially takes us out. The way they explained it was like, there's private honor and then there's public honor and Roman law is the public honor. So it's this public system, which really is designed to enslave us. I've always felt that way about law. Law just doesn't, I know people are very, uh, in favor of fighting legally. And, uh, you know, I, I, I'm not completely opposed to that, but I think the whole legal system was not designed to advocate for the everyday man. I think it was designed to protect the elites. And that's why it's got its own jargon and, you know, it's not accessible to everyone. And so it is that that's essentially what it is, is it's designed to enslave us and to protect, you know, the, I call them the parasite cloth. But it takes us outside of what would be, I mean, I guess, you know, if you look at it biblically, it's kind of like a, you know, a satanic system versus a, you know, biblical system. And they, they, they talked about it. It was, it was interesting because I kept asking and I don't know if like they were just trying to, There were two guys. One was, they're called the American Meeting Group. And one was Ron Gibson, who he started this work. He wrote a book. And then the other one is Robert William. And Robert William has kind of taken on his work. And I think he's trying to help with like the marketing and they're doing seminars. And I couldn't really tell if it was that it was really this complicated and he couldn't explain it in the period of time or if he was trying to kind of withhold some information just to lure people. which I don't think he did a very good job of if that was the goal, because, you know, if you make something seem so, you know, overwhelming and so convoluted, then nobody's going to want to learn more anyway. So I don't actually think if that was his intention. But the way he explains is that we're so entrenched in this system, which is kind of like the Roman law civil system. And that is very far away from being in private honor. And that we can't really just extricate ourselves from the public system. So there has to be this line that we dance between, you know, maintaining because if we try and fight publicly. So an example is like people, you know, creating these public-private partnerships, these, you know, people opting out of systems like the, you know, whether it be the tax system, the, you I don't know, I could go through many lists, but the mainstream system, opting out of that to create something that is in line with natural law and private honor. But the problem is that people want to, because once they learn how much we've been withheld and how much we've been robbed, they get very angry. And so it's things like very simple things, like we don't actually need, there's nothing constitutional about having a driver's license, unless you were, it only says if you were a commercial driver, if you were using it for business, then of course you need a license, but you have freedom of travel. There's no reason why I need to have some documentation to show you that I am using my own property, which is an extension of my home to travel. But in terminology, there's driving and there's travel. Driving is commercial. Travel is what all of us have the right to do. And they can't tax. They can't license the travel part of it. And that's exactly what you're talking about. So we've gotten so far away from that. Well, not only are they not taxed, but they use it as a way to do all sorts of racketeering, right? You have, what are the police? They're not law enforcers. They're policy enforcers. That's why they're called police. And then they pull you over and they intimidate you and they scare you. I have a friend who's a lawyer and he has never paid a traffic ticket, a traffic or parking ticket. He's fought it every single time. He's actually not originally from America. I mean, he's a citizen now, but I always find that people who move here, not always, but typically they know way more about our laws than we do because they have to in order to become citizens. But he knew that none of it was constitutional, so he said, I'm not giving them my money. It's a racketeering scheme. But he knew the law well enough. That's the problem. I think there are people who opt out, like they resign their citizenship. There are many ways to do it, but there are a lot of people who they go through, they call it the sovereign path. There are many names for it. The problem is a lot of people don't actually know. It's very intricate. And if you don't do it properly, you get yourself into a lot of trouble. I think there's a lot of scams out there. But I just, all of that to say that, you know, it's all based on this dichotomy between the ancient Roman law that, you know, has now been adopted and advanced and, you know, created the common law system, created the bar versus, you know, private, you know, biblical law. Well, the bar is just private membership and it's not a license to practice law. There is no license to practice law. They've just like, they turned it into the civil action jurisdiction. Right. And made it so that we can't see the laws. They have to buy all the laws in the books. We can't even get that. So you have to go through an attorney to see most of those laws in any, you know, or the new statutes or the cases or anything like that. I know it should be really with academic journals. Like, why do I have to have some sort of credential to be able to read something? I mean, think about that. That is so like. It's wrong. Yeah, totally. So wrong. And most of us, and we pay for most of this. That goes in with the regulation where they establish and they create the rules and they regulate them and they execute the punishments for them outside of anything that's lawful. I'm going to go back to your driving thing because I don't think a lot of people understand what happened with the auto manufacturers. They start the regulation. So now in order to get a car licensed, any car has to first go through insurance. So you have to make sure that a car meets the regulations so it can be insured before you can get a license to have it on the road. Right. I know. They stopped any innovation and it centralizes all of the manufacturing to the big manufacturers. And then it keeps up competition. That's exactly what that's all about. Yep. Yep. And it's about creating a database as well, right? Because eventually they want to put us all into these electric cars that have kill switches so they can completely control us with geofencing. And I think this is part of just laying that groundwork so they have the database for it. You know, they think about these things like very far ahead, unfortunately. Yeah, well, we're just farm animals to them. They think that they're above us, that parasite clasp. They think that they are special. They descended from Ra, the sun god, or whatever it is. They think they, you know, and all their allegiance to Baphomet and whatever else they've got going out there in their craziness. Because they're all a bunch of inbred freaks. Yes, that's true. That is true. Although, you know, in like... You know, previous times, I don't know how far back you go, but it was pretty common to be inbred. You know, we think of in today's society we have, because our technology is so advanced, we're able to travel and be, you know, have communities that are much larger. But if you think about in ancient times, they really didn't. So, and they've actually done these genetic studies. That's a bit of a, I'm not advocating for inbreeding, by the way. But I do, we have been kind of misled on it. We're being, we've been told that that's what causes all sorts of diseases and problems. And actually, when you go much further outside of your genetic pool, that's actually causes a lot more problems because there's incompatibilities. And you can see that with just like something really simple, like the blood types, you know, when, and again, I'm not saying that, you know, it can't happen. You can't have perfectly healthy children, but it does in a lot of cases cause complications. I actually have a pretty close friend and her, her parents had incompatible blood types and her oldest sister is legally blind. Her youngest sister is legally blind. She's deaf in one ear. And it was because of the blood types that created a complication in the bilirubin. And it's not uncommon for that to happen. And that's just one example, and that's not even necessarily the best example. But they have done studies where people going really far outside of their genetic pool it creates more likelihood for complication. I think diversity is good. You know, obviously you want the, you know, the best genes to propagate, but this idea, I don't know. It's just, we've been told that inbreeding, if you look at like Iceland, even today, Iceland is a very small country. It's growing, you know, but their tourism is like three times their actual population. I think their population is something like 250,000. At least it was last time I checked. And they have a database because and again, I'm not advocating this culture, but they have a total hookup culture you know, there's not a whole lot of commitment and family life. It's a very much a hookup culture, but they have a database because it is such a small population and they're an island. And so they have a database where you, you know, the next morning you go look up, not if you're related, but how closely related you are. So, you know, if it's your first cousin, like maybe they won't go on a second date, but if it's a, your third cousin, eh, maybe because everybody really is related. So, I don't know. There's just to play devil's advocate on that one. But yeah. I don't know. I don't think you like dating a cousin is a good idea. You're going to end up with teeth. I'm not advocating. You're going to end up with teeth in the back of your head and a tail growing out of your behind. I don't know. The Icelandic seem to be doing pretty well. But I'm not saying people should be marrying their cousins. That's not what I'm saying. Throw a hand out of your back or something. Yeah, I'm not, I'm not suggesting it, but we have been told that, you know, like that that's what causes all sorts of problems. And it's scientifically speaking that that hasn't proven to really be true. You know, certainly there are certain, you know, like the one example I know of is the Tay-Sachs with Ashkenazi. So that's something very specific to that region of Africa. the population that is more common for them to have. So obviously it's more likely for them to be carriers and you increase the odds of passing that on if you're, you know, if you procreate with somebody else who is in that gene pool. So, I mean, those kinds of things, but then when you're talking about like, Now they've created this notion that we should go as far opposite from us as possible. And in some cases, that works out great. But in a lot of cases, it actually doesn't. It's not genetically advantageous. So... Well, I learned something new. So there you go. Yeah. Yeah. So I when I first when I first started learning that I was really surprised. It was actually a friend of mine was telling me and I was like, I don't believe you. And so we started like pulling up the research. And yeah. And then I spent a lot of time in Iceland and I was like, OK, that kind of. Yeah. You know, kind of. pokes a hole in that theory but yeah you did spend some time in Iceland I spent quite a bit of time in Iceland yeah um we it didn't get off the ground but uh I was working on a couple of film projects there and uh yeah so I was there scouting for locations and meeting with investors and Yeah, I did actually end up, and one of our, like I, she was kind of like an executive on, we created a film company and she was, she lived in Iceland. So. I've been, I've been on Iceland twice, just as a stopover. I flew Icelandic air and stopped there. That was pretty, you know? It is pretty. And the Icelandic wool is just kind of cool. There's a, You know, it's fun. My love for fiber. One of these days I'm going to get a few sheep and a few alpacas and give a whirl to that. I like all that kind of stuff you can learn to do, you know, on a farm and such. I think alpaca or sheep is going to be my next thing. Oh, okay. That's awesome. Yeah, Iceland is funny because Iceland is very green and Greenland is very icy. Yeah, Greenland's got all kinds of bases and crap on it buried there in the ice that nobody wants to talk about. So weird. It's Greenland, but it's icy, and Iceland is really green, very lush. It's pretty. It's real pretty there, you know, and that's just what I thought when I was there. That was pretty. What time of year were you there? Fall. Okay, so you had a little bit more sunlight then. It was sunny. It looked pretty. I mean, it was just, you know, it was pretty. Yeah. I mean, I, I was there mostly in the winter, except for one of the times, but so you only had like two and a half, three hours of sunlight. There's the dark. Yeah. Well, that's interesting. Yeah. It was fun. I went and traveled all over Europe at that time. And that was kind of fun. Got the URL pass. I was younger, got the URL pass and went all over the place. And, and that was, it was a fun, it was a fun trip. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of it's beautiful. Yeah. Iceland's interesting. I mean, their culture is just very, very different from ours. Yeah. We find that wherever you go, you know, I've been to India and, you know, when you do, when you travel for whatever reason, you know, you realize that There are different customs. You know, I was in Austria and I was sitting there and all of a sudden there were people at the next table and they're like, you're American. And I'm like, yeah. And they said, well, they said, wow, we thought you were just kind of a nice, you know, a nice little little group of of Austrian, you know, Austrians because you're quiet. And I'm like, oh, how interesting. And it's like, yeah, you don't go into somebody else's culture and, you know, be obnoxious and insulting. In my opinion, you go there with respect and you should know the cultures. If you're traveling to different areas, put some time into that so that you are respectful, you know, on what is part of their mindset, their customs and that sort of thing. You should take some time and know. You know, I even do that when I meet with people as I look into their background a little bit. Right. Yeah, I think that's respectful. Absolutely. Very respectful. NERDS is interesting, though. I should look into more of who their influences are because they're very woke. They're very feminine. Yes, it's a very feminist. It's a matriarchal society. This is part of why it's a hookup culture and they really don't advocate. There's not a whole lot of value or emphasis on having sustainable marriages and having children within wedlock. None of that. It's very much a hookup culture. It's a very matriarchal culture. Very overtly pro-feminist type of sentiment. I wonder how much depression and how much mental health issues they have there. A lot. Well, they also have no sunlight. Yeah. Well, you double whammy there, you know? And yeah. So, you know, and it's like, I think that's a good thing to talk about. It's like, why do we value our families and our relationships so much? Right. Why do we do that? We're built that way. And honestly, though relationships, we've lost a lot of our ability to actually live together, work together, and communicate because everybody's trying to be right all the time. Instead of just listening to other people's perspective, we don't have to be the same. We don't have to agree. And a lot of times when we listen, we give people the ability to work it out in their own heads. You know, sometimes when you just speak something out loud, you go, oh, that's kind of crazy. And you change your, your MO right there. But the families, even the families and the family dynamic in the United States has really turned into me, me, me, me, my, you know, Toby Keith just died, but his song was, was, you know, fantastic instead of, you know, you and how do I respect you? How do I, How do I honor you as a person? This is where we get back to the difference between evil and people. Yeah, right, right. Well, I also think there's been a major psyop in this country. So we have a very strong emphasis on the nuclear family. And I actually think the nuclear family was not that, you know, the nuclear family is better than no family. But I think the nuclear family was kind of a psyop to eradicate the extended family. Humans aren't, and it propagates this whole consumerist type of society, which eventually led to, you know, we had event, you know, at one point it was a very much a very like, you know, insular nuclear family where you could have, you know, one breadwinner and then have the woman stay at home. But of course now that's changed. And now you don't even have really the nuclear family. You have, you have to have all sorts of, you know, substitutes in order just to survive, in order to help out. And you have to pay them. Exactly. But you used to have, yeah, exactly. But you used to have, you know, extended communities where, you know, it was intergenerational living and, you know, grandparents would help out and, you know, communities would help out. You really don't have that anymore. And that becomes very isolating, very expensive. And I really do think it was an off to cut people off from their extended family. Well, when you, it's like, it's like any, any prey, you know, look at us as prey animals and predators. The parasite class are predators. We are, we are like a prey animal. And this is why I always say we're the most like horses of any animal on the planet. If you, if you know horses, you know people. Because we act exactly the same way. And it's kind of predictable. Let's just say it's predictable. But a predator is going to try to isolate you so you do not have the support network of people who actually care, which is not based on money. And I really think that it's a really good idea for everybody to get involved in helping each other grow your own food. And it ends up, you have better results. And you can grow, I'll go back to that again, a half acre plot for a garden. And, you know, a couple of goats or sheep, you got your milk and you make cheese. And 36 chickens, you can feed nine families. And that's a huge thing. And then, you know, of course, I'm always researching into that sort of thing because I've got an interest in intercropping and companion planting. and how to replace products. Right now, I'm stuck on Michigan pawpaw. I'm going to be like the Johnny Appleseed of Michigan pawpaws in the state of Michigan. That's a native plant, and it's like a banana, pineapple, mango combined. So we could actually have something that could replace something that's actually a hybrid. All bananas we have are kind of like a hybrid type of a banana. That's not what the original one was, which is okay. I love bananas. But you can make rennet. And rennet is something that you have to have in order to make cheese. Well, a lot of our rennet that we have is not, you can buy rennet pills. I have some rennet, little rennet tablets that you can drop into raw milk if you want to make cheese, which I have not done. I'm learning the process because I want to learn how to do it. I want to get some sheep and make some cheese and such. I found out that you can actually make natural rennet with stinging nettles. Wow. Okay. You can do a vegetarian way to accomplish something right now that has to come from the lining of the stomach of animals. So that's what rennet is for cheese making. Interesting. I didn't know if you knew that or not. I know. No, that's fascinating. Yeah. So trying to figure out and perfect this little rennet thing, and I've got nettles all over the place. So to be able to make a natural rennet. And what, what I'm really interested in is how you, you know, give me like a three by three piece of land or, you know, one acre or 10 acres or 20 acres. And how do you best use that to provide for the needs of people? I'm phenomenally interested in it. And how do you replace all of these commercial crops that we've gotten used to kind of a little lazy and and taken our purpose out of human beings and traded it for not 30 pieces of silver, for lack of a better word, you know, our way of describing it. But we need to think in those directions. Yeah, I absolutely support that. That's fascinating. We've just started getting raw milk. I know it's so weird in places. It's so weird. And my kids grew up with goat's milk because we had a friend that had goats. And so we had fresh goat's milk all the time. on great pasteurized that's what my kids grow up on wow yeah yeah I think it's so weird that like of all things to make illegal to make milk illegal like how dare they come after the farmers and and any of these processes they don't have the right to do that and uh You know, I mean, would they have nothing else to do than to make like milk illegal? I mean, yeah, we got to pasteurize it because we care about you. I'm sorry. They don't give a rat's round about us. If they, you know, it's, it's a, if, if they want to prove that they care about me, tell me if I die, you're going to be there and cry at my funeral. They're not going to cry. They're going to be, they're going to be clapping and raise their hands and woohoo Brandenburg's dead. Right. Right. That's exactly what would happen there. but there's other ways of doing things if we get together, you know, it's like, I think so. A packet thing would be kind of cool, but sheep, you can milk. I'm not sure how compliant an alpaca would be to milk an alpaca, but you know, so I just bought a ringer wash machine too, because it's like lots of, lots of things you can do with that sort of thing. But I'm like thinking, Hey, this is cool. I could, wash my wash my wool in it and and all that kind of thing and then figure out how to spin it yeah that would be why I don't know why I like this stuff I have no idea I just I think it's great because most of our clothes are now made out of polyester and that's contributing to all of the uh estrogen mimicking uh that we're experiencing I mean we're in a very hyper estrogenic environment and it's causing all sorts of hormonal disruptions for men and for women and uh yeah so like I I've really tried to find workout clothing that are not made out of um polyester it's really or plastic essentially I mean now they think it's cool to make recycled plastic bottles into clothes and they're like oh this is sustainable it's regenerative but Now all that plastic is leaching into your skin while you're sweating. And that just can't be good for us. So I think people get a little bit like hyper crazy, you know, you know, you can't go like from one extreme to the other. I mean, we are detox machines. I think our bodies are really capable of detoxing a lot. You know, so I don't think we need to be like so obsessed. But I think a little balance, like everything now is made out of plastic and we're even wearing it. And if you look back, even just a few generations, that wasn't true. You had mostly natural fibers. People wore cotton, people wore silk, people wore wool. It wasn't all, people even wore fur, which is very taboo now. And now actually I think in California, they're banning fur. I don't insult my emotional support animals. You know, I'm a, I'm a vegetarian. So, so I'm a vegetarian, but I make, you know, it's like I've made up with it with a, with a first, cause you know, we're in Michigan. It's cold. It's cold. And if you, if you really want to be warm, wear fur. And I, you know, I've got some Oscar boots that they're, they're fur, they're fur boots. And, and I'm going to tell you what, they are so warm and that's why I wear fur. It's not, for me, it's not, I don't give a rat's rear end what anybody thinks about me or what I'm wearing. I wear it because I don't want to be stupidly cold. And, you know, you see people that walk out in the downtown areas of our big cities, and these chicks are wearing skirts that are barely covering, you know. And it's like, it's like, I'm like, are you kidding me? It's like 30, it's like under 30 degrees or it's zero degrees. And you're walking out here, your mom had never even taught you how to dress and you look dumb to the rest of us. Cause you're out, you're freezing your, your, you know, your hoo-ha off out here. And man, I got fur all over me. I've got fur hat. I got a fur collar on. I've got a fur coat on as such. And I'm just cruising through. I'm nice and warm. And, uh, and it's, it's a, it's really as a, it's an amazing thing. And, and, You don't have to have... I just bought a new one. You want to see it? Sure. Yeah, this is kind of cool. Let me grab it. In fact, it's sitting right... I got to show you something really cool. Okay. I moved. I'm in an office now. This is actually a printed background. Oh, okay. Wow. Okay. So I'm kind of at the kitchen table, but I can actually change the lighting in this. Check this out. There's green, yellow, red, pink, and white. Back to my white. So isn't that cool? And so I thought that I'd continue the background because I thought it was kind of cool. But real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table, sort of. Well, the kitchen table is in the next room, but I've now got an office set up because a couple of my daughters moved out. So I commandeered their bedroom. So hang on. I'm going to show you this cool quote because it's really cool. And it's short. And, you know, anybody that says about fur, how much leather do they have? Right, exactly. So that's, that was my experience. When I went to college, I went to college upstate New York. And I mean, it snowed through May. And I was wearing like one of these just like wool coats and I was dying. I had brain outs. And my mom was like, we need to get you a fur coat because she came up for My dad wanted to watch the football games. We were outside and I was just dying. It was so cold. My fingers went numb. That is said by somebody who stupidly lives in California, who's never lived in any place that's really cold. So this is a new one because I like the big fox collars. ah you get your you get your neck off beautiful yeah and it's like it's really and it's got like little cuffies on it and such yeah so it's kind of cool but this is like this is like um the the coat itself is like a it's a it's a lamb okay yeah my cool texture to it yeah it does and it's short so I can wear it you know I can wear it or whatever But think about that when you wear that with jeans. Anytime you've got the fur around your neck, it's like, I'm sorry. You can sit there and feed me all that kind of nonsense about why this is a bad thing and then walk away from me wearing your leather shoes and your leather boots and going and eating a hamburger. So why is all of a sudden fur a bad thing? It's like... I think it's a great idea. And, and, you know, it's like with, with the alpaca. So I, the alpaca, you can, you can really make a nice non-allergenic, you know, socks or whatever. And they're warm. Alpaca is really warm. Yep. That's true. I buy them. I actually buy alpaca socks from a, from a farm that's in Michigan, an alpaca farm. And that's pretty much what I wear. So you can look into that. If you look by Lansing, there's an alpaca farm there. And you can go look it up and go visit them. And there's a little store in Williamston that sells their socks. Okay. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah. If you want some, I'll send you a pair. Just give me your address when you're off the phone and I'll send you a pair of socks. It's kind of one of those stupid things that, that, you know, those of us who just like a simple life, really, you know, obsess over a new pair of socks. It's going to actually keep, you know? Yeah. Yeah, well, and that's it because most socks now are made out of plastic. And I feel like that's the worst because your feet have all like our feet. We're not designed to be in shoes all the time. I mean, that's a pretty modern invention. And really, our feet are where we get. That's why grounding is so powerful. It's where we have so many nerve endings. It's where we absorb a lot of nutrients actually from soil. So if your feet are sweating and then you're wearing plastic, like all of that's going inside you. I don't know. You're not detoxing. Yeah. That's another thing I'm kind of into is handmade shoemaking. I'm obsessed with it. Oh, wow. And how you can make a sole with leather and, you know, hardened leather. And did you know that most of the leather that we have in our clothes and our shoes, especially shoes, you know where it comes from? Most of it's pig leather. Oh, interesting. Almost all of it is, is from pigs. Interesting. Okay. I didn't know that. Yeah. So we're wearing pig skin almost, almost everyone all the time. And so when it says leather, you know, you can look for cowhide, but like my, my cowboy boots, I've got different kinds. And they'll, they'll say, they'll say, you know, like, whether it's a Cayman leather, which is a form of like kind of like a little alligator or something like that. Or if it's, if it's a cow or if it doesn't say cow leather and specifically you probably weren't pig leather. Wow. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. With, with purses and boots and leather jackets and all that sort of thing. I mean, most of the leather I bought, it says a lamb, lambskin. Yeah. Lambskin's another one. There's a, there's a, I know the guy that, that met, that made all of the jackets for the Sopranos, the TV show, which I never watched. I just know. Oh, really? They filmed it right outside, like in the town next to where I grew up. Oh, really? Yeah. And he gave me a leather class one day on the difference between leathers that come from say Africa and warm climates and cold climates. And that, that whole thing is really fascinating. Yeah, that is really fascinating. I bet the textures are really different. Yeah, they really are. The lighter leathers, the leathers from the, it's just, it feels almost like cloth. It's tough, but it's really super soft. fluids. Yeah. We got into a million different directions. I know. Yeah. Sorry. I didn't have a specific lecture prepared for today. I'm right now I'm investigating, I'm doing a, like a multi-part series on Tavistock. So I'll have some of that I can bring in. I like just talking to you as a friend. That's kind of fun. And you're out here and talking about all kinds of crazy crap, you know, works for me. Yeah. So anything else you're interested in? I need to, I need to teach too, how to put up food. Yeah, definitely. That would be fun. I need to figure out how to set this up so that I can, it's, it's a, it's, it's not like a quick process, you know, like just sit down. Well, I think I'm going to do canning today, you know, and, and, uh, you know, that's interesting. A lot of planning, yeah. Well, let me go through and read the chats here a minute just to see if you don't want to ignore people. We need to vet them before they even begin campaigning. That was going back to Tater. I don't know about you, but I dislike people who bring their kids to evening meetings. I understand that babysitters are difficult to find during the week, night, and it costs dollars. In 2020, MDHHS released a new vision on new strategic priorities. The MDHHS vision is, to deliver health and an opportunity to all Michiganders reducing intergenerational poverty and health equity. The last strategic priority is to use data to drive outcomes. Interesting, this was all started in 2020. They're working with public health department, driving illegals to them in the public health departments. Denise says, I need to go just another data collection. SCC sending them straight to Dunham Road in Macomb for all the free stuff. Rob now, community farms. Yeah, I like the idea of community farms. It's a great idea. Denise, it's the World Economic Forum UN plan that is much larger than data collection. Contact me through Terry M. Hawks Designs, Massey speech about the unlawful income tax, a Payman Modena. I don't even know what that is. Yeah. He does the Freedom Law School. Okay. Yeah. He said Payman immigrated from Iran in 1979. And after studying our law, quit paying income tax 30 years ago. Yeah. So I'm going to caveat that because I know his story well. I know him. He's wonderful. But they have come after him three times. He's won each time. But this is just for people to be aware. I don't know that you wouldn't want me sharing this, but for people to be aware, they do come after you. They will intimidate you. So I just want people to, you know, I'm all for people doing their own research. And he is right about the law. I don't disagree with him on the law, but people need to be prepared. This is unfortunately... how this works because the intimidation strategy is so effective. So if somebody is going to go through that path, they need to be prepared to defend it. And that can be very time consuming, expensive, and they really need to know what they're doing. The chances of them getting away with it, if they have the resources, like I said, they've come after him three times. He's never paid in 30 years. He's won every time, but he has the resources and the knowledge to be able to defend it. So He's not paying taxes. Of course he has resources. He's not paying taxes. Yeah. So that's why they want to tax us to death. So we can't. Tax is not mandatory. The Federal Reserve. and IRS are not government bodies. That is true. Read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. True. Farming communities would be cool. I think so, too. You know, I was thinking about putting some plots in and teaching people how to do, you know, just on a local level, doing classes. I might do that this summer. Yeah, that would be awesome. Composting, how you compost. I've got, like, a metric ton of manure. That would be great. Yeah, and then let's see. We've got... M-I-C-H, Michigan Coalition Against the Homeless. And then they're using HB 4919. I see funding from Blackwaters. Just another rabbit hole. M-C-A-H. Give them an inch and they take a mile from Charlotte. Yes, they absolutely do. Yep. So awesome. What's your plan for the day? Do you have any plans? I have so much research to do because I'm doing this docu series on Tavistock. I have a radio show I've got to do. So I'm doing some research for that. I started doing some digging into the Scottish Enlightenment, you know, because this is... So there were several schools of enlightenment. There was, you know, like the German Enlightenment and the British, the French. And then there was the Scottish. And Thomas Reed was behind. He was one of the leaders of the Scottish Enlightenment movement. And he created something that he called the common sense realism. And it was a he was a very big fan of Hume, but he disagreed with him. So he was influenced, but then he kind of diverged. And it's interesting because it was kind of his, you know, his idol and his inspiration. And Hume very much rejected him. You know, because he refuted his school of thought. So it seems like he was very influential in the American founding, but he's very much been rejected. And I think it's because of a lot of the Jacobins and the... You know, some of the other kind of occult groups that didn't like his school of thought. His school of thought was kind of a hybrid. I'm just very briefly, I've just started diving into it, but it's kind of a hybrid of the more religious kind of mystical and then the very grounded. kind of empirical lines of thinking. And his was this idea that, you know, essentially we had a priori knowledge that are just common sense knowledge. And I think this is very true, but that doesn't negate the fact that there are, you know, in the platonic sense that there are forms that come from something, you know, whether it be a divine creator that has an a priori understanding. And so he's kind of this hybrid. And I think he's fascinating. And I think he has been suppressed intentionally. So I'm starting to dive into some of that and see if maybe we can restore and bring that back into, you know, kind of founding educational principles. You know, I just love it that everybody's going in different directions towards the same end. And the amount of time people put into those things that God puts on their hearts to do, it's just really extraordinary. What a time to be alive. Yeah, totally. I agree. But yeah, there's so much information. It's like there's, yeah, it's never ending. But part of the fun, but it is overwhelming. So. uh I'm there's no end to it yeah swivel all the time yeah all the time yeah finding new stuff and that's it's like a life's an adventure and uh you know we we put our heads in a direction that we think that it needs to go and we need to control that well you know what if once you realize that it's kind of like being on a runaway roller coaster you might as well just put your hands in the air and enjoy the ride you know because that's the one that's in control and realize that You might go around a few curves that you didn't see coming. That's okay. Just adapt and adjust. It's all right. We can adapt and adjust and find new paths. Maybe we're on a path we never thought we'd be in. And that's okay. Could be real interesting. And what's around the next corner? We don't know. It's nice to think and have everything planned out. But I'm going to guess pretty much that God's going to derail all of our little plans because he's got better ones. Yes, I hope they are better. So just trust. I'm more positive than you are. I think that we're going to see a huge crash here and or a change. And we've seen it before. It's historically, history repeats itself, you know, and the precedent. I just haven't seen it end up, you know, really super positive. A lot of these crashes have really devastated people. That's only because of the way that they look at it. You know, it's like every time that there's ever been an economic... Well, I don't know about the way they look at it. I mean, we saw the Great Depression. We saw 2008. I mean, there have been many crashes and a lot of people have really been hurt in the process. Well, think about it this way. You know, if a crash needs to happen in order to restore the nation... That's a net gain right there, in my opinion. And whenever there's been a crash or a recession, the problem is people try to hold on to what they have so much and protect it. Where God might be saying, take one step to the right or one step to the left, you are stopping yourself. There's so much more, but you're going to have to let go of what you think is important and move off center. And I've got a new path for you and it's going to be better. Anytime that This is what I know to be true. Anytime in history that there's been a crash or things go wrong, there's more opportunity than you have when things are going right. You just have to look for it. Instead of bashing your head against the brick wall, we're going to keep going. We're going to keep going. We're going to try to revive this dead, crappy system because that's what we're familiar with. You've got to stop trying to revive it. Let it go. Let it die. It's okay. And then make your change. So maybe you're in a job that you think you've worked so hard to achieve what you have and you don't want to let it go. Well, guess what? If that all goes to hell in a handbasket on you, what do you do? Look into what's important to you and move in that direction. Because I can tell you that success is more tied to what you enjoy doing and what you think you're doing to achieve some sort of material goal. Like if you enjoy doing something, guaranteed you're going to be successful. I don't know. I've spent most of my life following passions and I've had really just like a lot of devastating failures. So I don't know. I think that there's a room to be pragmatic, you know, combined with passion. Well, I've had failure too, but they just taught me, they taught me skills to take as I go forward. So I just say, okay, well, that was for a period of time, put it up on a shelf. but I'm not tied to those things. I just like, okay, what's the next step? And, you know, and miraculously good things kind of happen, but there's no guarantee for tomorrow. So, you know, we can look for those opportunities no matter what we see around us. And I think God's got all kinds of surprises for us out there. I guess I'm just more optimistic on it. Yeah. Well, no, I mean, I stay optimistic. I mean, I keep going, but yeah, I'm hoping something breaks because. It's been a long road. It has been a long road. It's been a long road. It's been a long road. I'm so glad that I actually am very glad I lost that election because I wouldn't want to sit in the same room with those morons. Oh, for sure. It's time for this whole thing. This whole thing has got to get addressed. And just gimping things along because we're comfortable in them and it's what we're familiar with has got to stop. We've got to be able to get off the rails here and and not be afraid to walk out into a new reality or a new way to do things and let go. It's like, it's like Sarah in the Bible. She turned, you know, there's many translations that talk about Sarah in the Bible. She turned into a pillar of salt. A lot of, a lot of translations, especially a lot of the Jewish translations are like, it wasn't exactly like a pillar of physical salt. She kept looking back and she was salty. and couldn't go forward into anything new because she was so tied to what was. And people will choose pain to the point of being absolutely almost insufferable rather than saying, you know what, we have to move on. We can't stay where we are. They're killing us at an alarming rate. And just because parts of our lives are comfortable or we like them, It may be time just to put it all down. Right. And that's okay. It starts here. Got to have a good attitude about it and say, okay, I guess everything's going to hell. I guess it's okay. What's next? And that's okay. You know, be sad for two seconds and move forward. But that's the Don Brandenburg advice. Crashes and disasters and such. Right. They're going to happen no matter what. But it says, will Darleaf win his lawsuit? Yeah, I'm pretty extra excited. I'm pretty extra positive that things are going to go in the right direction, you know, and we can certainly pray about it, ask God's help and it's all good. Yeah. I've been asked to do, it's coming up in May. I don't know that I can go cause I don't think I can afford it, but I might do a fundraiser if people want to help. It's part of the, it's called the Inspired Network. And it's a, it's the same time that the WHO is having their meeting on the treaty. And it would be for me to be part of a panel to kind of come up with some strategies for, you know, getting us outside of that system. Oh, I'd jump onto that. Yeah. What do we, what do we need to do to, to see that? To see that happen? Yeah. Yeah. I don't, I'm, I think I'm going to start a give, send, go. But the trip for, for me to go would be, it's a minimum $3,000 for my fiance to join me. It would be the same for him. Where is it? It's in Geneva, Switzerland. Oh, really? Yeah. Huh. And it's in May? It's in May. May 21st, I believe it is. They just invited me yesterday, so I just found out about it. Let me see if I can find it. Yeah, go there and just give them hell. Yeah, I did. I would like to. Yeah, so invitation. It's for the Inspired Global Leadership Summit, Geneva, Switzerland, May 31st. It's the Geneva Project, a global initiative designed to counter the destructive actions of the WHO during the World Health Assembly Week in Geneva. Because you are recognized as a key leader in the health and freedom movement, we extend you a personal invitation to this exclusive event. You were selected because of your track record of quality work, integrity and character and unique perspectives that will contribute to the energy in the room. We'd be honored if you can join us. That's cool. That's very cool. Yeah. Congratulations. That's very cool. Thank you. Yeah. So I'm going to do some research on it. I'm going to bring on the founder onto my show and see if I can set something up to get support for it. Because that right now for me is... not feasible, but I've been very immersed in this space, you know, for the past few years. And I really kind of went on a leap of faith and, but it just hasn't been, it's been a lot of output in every resource possible, you know, and I just, yeah, at some point it's, yeah, going to be depleted. So I understand that. Yeah. I actually understand that. You know, we've had, I, we had a, a point in time where somebody forged up to about $13.7 million on us. Wow. And so, you know, a leader that goes forward, I'm going to tell you what, we have shoveled a lot of shit. It's not just literally. Yeah, I know. I got it. And have had to face overwhelming destruction. And I know a lot of people look at me and go, you're so successful. It's like maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. You know, it's like I've had to face things that are bigger than I'd say probably the majority of people ever have in their lives. You know, a lawsuit, we were involved in a $70 million lawsuit that was going to, that was designed to absolutely decimate. not only us, but anything we'd ever be able to do the rest of our lives. Right. And you have to face this kind of thing and be able to stand up to that kind of pressure and say, okay, you know, this is what, this is what I've got going on and get a plan to fix it. I mean, like you're doing, it's like, it's like, you know, God can provide in all situations. And as long as we just keep going forward and fighting, he'll figure it out for us. But it's hard. I remember years ago when I really got into fighting into real major areas, And I really I was like, oh, my gosh, I am not qualified for this. Right. Nobody prepares you for some of this really, really bad, evil stuff that happens. Nobody prepares you to hear the words you have cancer. Nobody prepares you for all of these difficulties. And they're all gifts of God. Because he's training us and we can just look at him and go, hey, okay, well, this is going to be a new day and I'm going to figure it out. And it's okay. It feels overwhelming at first. I get that. But after a while, it becomes kind of a challenge. And then it's like, ah, let's see. Okay, is that all they got? Let's see what's next. But you learn to fight those battles and they don't seem so depressing. You go, okay. What do I have to do? Sure. And so, well, let's, let's make sure we get a lot of, a lot of press on this so that you can go. I would love to see everybody, you know, maybe send me the GiveSonGo link. And I don't, I don't fundraise for people. Sure. I would do that for you. Oh, thank you. You know, there's very, very few people that I would actually support a fundraiser for, and you're one of them. Oh, thank you. Well, I'm honored. I appreciate that. You just, you just kind of go and do it on your own. And so you, if you set something up and you need some help, we'll, you know, to, to make that work, you know what, let's, let's, let's jump on this and see if we can get, cause you're actually out there fighting it and you're not, you're not, you're not, you're, you've put so much, you know, you're, you're, we've been doing this for free and I, you know, it's like one of those things that we just figure this stuff out. You know, everything here is done for free, but I think if you need some travel expenses and that, I think that that's a really, really minimal request. Yeah. Be fighting for all of us. And I think that that's just beautiful. And I appreciate, I really appreciate your heart and your effort. You're an amazing woman. And I'm so honored to stand here with you. You're just, just a beautiful woman. And your life story is absolute of overcoming is just beautiful. And I really do feel that those resources will absolutely show up and bless you in ways you can't even imagine. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Thank you. You're not standing alone. You've got all of us out here that, you know, that fundamentally care for you. And, you know, the overwhelming task that you feel is ahead of you. You know, you have people that care about you, that will stand for you, that will support you. And it's got to get in front of them. So I say we, you know, we try to get $5,000 in for you because that would cover your travel as well as the lodging, right? Yeah, it would be $6,000 is what I've calculated. That's just the bare minimum to cover the food, the lodging and the flights. would be 6,000. And I think that's really reasonable. I mean, I would love if he can come with me. It's such an overwhelming thing to do this. And he's my rock. So yeah. And this feels like, I mean, I'm really honored to be included in this, but it's, I mean, daunting to go up against the who. And I just, you know, everything that I've been, my whole mission is just for us to be able to reclaim as much personal sovereignty as possible. You know, I don't know what I can do in this fight. Most of what I've been doing is trying to inform people and then they make their own choices. You know, I think knowledge is power. And I don't mean that in the occulted, exoteric sense. I really I want to do the opposite. I want to unoccult the knowledge that's been withheld from us and do my part in being able to have people take ownership of their own free will. I mean, it's not for me to decide the choices they make. But I don't I in anything I can do to fight against other people trying to enslave other people, you know, that that's really just my mission. But I know your heart. That's exactly what your mission is. But at some point I need to, you know, take care of myself, too. So I'm I'm struggling with all of it. Yeah, I'll be your first first donation. Okay. Thank you. I'll set it up. And I've told everybody, keep your money and don't donate to anything. But I will be your first donation. I'll start it off. Okay. You know, and I'm going to see if I can, you know, if we can get, so let's just say, let's just say we get a hundred people to donate 60 bucks. Amazing. Yeah. Then it'd be done. A lot of people can do that. Yeah. Or 200 people doing $30 a piece. There's a lot of people out there. And I think that everybody could help you if you're willing to stand up in front. You never ask for anything. You've never asked for a thing out of anyone and you do it all for free. So the fact that I really trust you to go and stand in front of them in our behalf, I think it's worthy and I think we should really consider supporting you. And so, you know, you're not a political party. You're not nonsense. You're one person that's willing to go and stand in front of the beast. Yeah. Yeah. Which is scary. Honestly, it's scary, but I am honored that they reached out to me. So yeah, whatever I can do. Give me their link and we'll see what we can do. I just got tapped this week to be the point person in Michigan for general Flynn, the general Flynn movie. Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. They had asked us and we, I had, I had, I had two, I had 20 people in less than two hours that were willing to put their time and effort in that. So I know a lot of people, I'll bet you, I bet you we can get a lot of people out there that are willing to absolutely get behind you with their heart, their prayers and their support. Okay. I think it's great. It is. All right. Well, thank you. Yeah. Well, let's end this with a prayer because I want to ask God's favor upon you. Okay. You're amazing. You're totally amazing. Every time I talk to you, my heart is filled with so much love for you as a sister. And I just appreciate you so much. Thank you. You too. Be encouraged this day. You're amazing. Okay. Thank you. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so very, very much for Courtney and her man, her main man, their husband, and everything that they've done together and the selflessness that they've put into walking forward to defend those without a voice. I ask that your favor would rest mightily upon her and the things that you've put in her heart to do, that you would open the doors, that you would provide the financial means that she could walk right into the belly of the beast there in Geneva and face off with the who and try to write this to bring answers and solutions to debase the global power structure because that just really needs to happen. And we ask that you would bring people alongside of her who would stand with her, who would encourage her, who would help her know that she's not alone. And certainly she's not alone because you're walking right next to her patiently with love, knowing that you are the author and the perfecter of our faith, that you walk with us. It's not in the time of human beings. It's in your time. Everything is, and we're so thankful for that. You are so good to us all the time. You show us the way. You walk us through the darkness and difficult situations, and there's always an answer there. You're right there with an answer. All the responsibility doesn't fall on our shoulders. Your yoke is light. and that you will talk to us every step of the way. Your Holy Spirit leads us and dwells in us and shows us exactly what you want us to do from the beginning of our lives through the end of our lives. And we trust you with every minute of what you've given us because it's never been about us. It's always been about you, knowing your character, the fact that you are our salvation, you're our Redeemer. You're a creator. You're a provider. You're a banner in our battles and fight. You're our guide. You show us the way. And of course, you're a provider. And so we turn to you wanting to know your character, wanting to know more about you. And we want you to know us, all of the spots in our life that need to change and those good spots in our lives that you rejoice over us every single day, that you love us as your children. and that you'll never leave nor forsake us. We just need to turn towards you if we want these problems to go away and be willing to follow the directions that you want us to go in. And we lay our lives down this day and all days in front of you, giving you our mouths, our steps, our fortunes, our sacred honor to follow you in whatever work you have for us to do on this planet. And we thank you so very much. Thank you for John and give him your blessings this day also. and surround Courtney with just your presence, your loving presence all the way around her that gives her a lightness of heart, a happiness going forward, that she is renewed by your strength, your power, and your guidance and your will. We thank you so much. You're a great friend to us, and we want to know you, and we want to be a great friend to you. We love you so very much. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you. We're going to get this thing done. I'm cool. I have complete belief in that. Okay. All right. Start making the plans. The provisions are on its way in. All right. Awesome. Well, this is fun talking about nothing today. Nothing. Great. Thank you. Well, anyhow, I've got a lot of eight month men's there and it says we will be at the movie. Oh, so Rob's going to be at the movie. Yep. Cool. And I've got people that are going to be there. And remember, reach out to me. I'm going to give everybody my phone number who wants to start removing these election machines, these voting machines at the precincts. Just reach out to me. 616-430-4410. 616-430-4410. And I'll make sure you're added to the list here. And we're going to teach each other how to do this and stand together as a group. This is no more. I think this is one of the greatest things we could do is go locally and remove all the machines. Yes. Or remove them all and probably do the same thing in the same stroke, right? Yes, I agree. I know there's a movement of people wanting to do kind of like the opposite, make it hyper digital where it's all on blockchain platforms. Yeah, there are people who are advocating that there's a way to make it super secure through blockchain and then you would still have accountability so people could be ensured that their vote counted. I'm a little familiar with that and I think that that's something we should explore all of these, but right now until we get things cleaned out, I think we need to go back to local control just because There's so much criminality that what we have right now is not working. And I can show you. You want to see something cool? I know you probably got to go, don't you? I do, but you can show me and then I will leave. I got to show you this. This is amazing. I put this in. Let's see if I can go down past the movie here. It's a screenshot that was in the drop that Dar Leaf did. You can find them on on Twitter now too. And I, I think that's significant. I really do because it's, it's the conversations between people who were working in Serbia, had their fingers in the elections and the machines. So first off, here's the letter. Let me go ahead and put this up a minute. And then, cause this is something, oh, we should pray for it. And God, please bless Stephanie Lambert. Give her a good morning this morning. And, and free her from the unlawful things that are going on. So here's the letter from Dar Leaf that he put up, which I think is significant. And he's laying it right out on what happened there. So I've got that on my Telegram channel, which is at Brandenburg, the number 4MI. And this is the communications between Dominion Voting, Eric Comer, Director of Product Strategy and Security, sheree noel and then he comes back and this is what he said it's all about the fact that the that the um the modems were failed the acceptance test which means they've got modems connecting our machines on the internet they said they didn't they're lying their tails off and so the the this is one in the in the thread of them and uh he says he says um uh What the fa is how he responds to this because none of the machines were connecting properly. And Sherry's like, oh, my God, I just read this. Their machines were not passing test. And then he even admits to it. He said, we suck. Wow. Internal communication. They knew that this thing was absolutely a failure and it didn't work. Our elections are complete and total fraud. We're going to have to write it and let go of what we know. So with that said, everybody, we are going to write this. And I do believe everything is going in the right direction. So don't lose heart. It's going in the right direction. So God bless everybody out there. God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love. God bless America. Make it a great day. It starts here. be tough, toughness and with heart. So have a great day. I love you so much. You have a great day today. It's going to be a great day. You're going to see miracles today. I just know it. Okay. So we'll talk to you. All right. Bye.