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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/15/2022 - Live today - Mellissa Carone and Ken Nash

Published Aug. 15, 2022, 8:05 a.m.

Talking about the problem with Licensing

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good morning this is donna brandenburg an welcome to brandenburg news network all yashoda great weapon i had a very interesting weekend spicule of days of the unused festival which was wonderful we tertullian lots of people there and that was to so and last night we had had a long day as bavarian did but last night got is good because i went over to the farm for some reason i i think god was talking to me and said go to the barn and you need a check things out here so i went to the barn and ended up heavy a one of our surprise one of the guineas i posted that on telegram in gravitation here this pretty cut but he was struggling pretty good so i sat with him very very late last so he was he was struggling pretty decently last night and sat with him for a while and finally got him up and running and and very good things that was good he was having trouble getting out of the show usually you don't want to help the show but the sky really needs some help out of the shop in a place something for a morning a morning inspiration significant after all we've been we've been listening to the abbe illegal search and seizure from the bi i'm pretty well stuck on this right now but no matter what we see out there we can always remember that god is in control and no matter what were where americans were mute and we always find a way through to love that i love that version there's another one out there it now too that it's pretty pretty enough pretty wonderful there senores more and it's just inspiring is wonderful and no matter how things go were still standing there toermer cans that means were much or to and will figure this out no matter what no matter what happens we're going to figure this so i have a gentleman i want to bring on to day and we're going to talk about lots when as if in going through rough and dissecting was wrong with a stage and honestly the nation at large from that you come cross not only interesting people but interesting subjects to talk about and i i want introduce you to an ashes he is a very very educated man in the way that things were especially concerning tom and law and what's wrong with our jud i tried cocoons every week or every week on friday and there is a lot to learn in this area for all of us i think that as we together it very very interesting i would like to bring on an asier and introduce you to him and he had met for a little while and then we're going to go back to her pregnant a little bit about this brave on a malaga and not happy with the finlarig now less not at all i do first ball it is a legal entity and it shouldn't and and there overstepping if there was in the validity it their overtopping all of their powers that that they had a moolo their to me that they should even have if they were illegal which they are not but then the other thing i want to talk about later too is about what happened at the pit and what they found out concerning michigan in our election i gotten so ridiculous yet man of information it out there with the i say for a that she collusion with china the connections lance oh i will all that nonsense is out there that a person would have had to hide their head in the same and i never come up for air to to to to miss to miss the fact that that we have a large large problem let's go ahead and can i mine and will into that he good morning how are you an outstanding eulogistic sound well thank you so much well thank you so much for coming on this morning so beautiful day here in michigan sure as it's got to be great for a week or ten days or rather i seventoes beautiful mornings he had that awesome that's good good horse back riding mother so that but i like so we had some really interesting conversation and one of the things that is running for governor and a sound good to win her trying to do enough to be able to have a a plan and one of those areas that are very interested in is the fact that our judicial an utterly a disaster what we need to do is go back to a simpler time and i think that there's samaritan looking into common law and understanding what even what the laws on the or so can you introduce yourself just a little bit i like to talk about pillins i am against licensing think that license then weapons it just like most of our agencies have three litter agencies they've been weaponed and they should they should even exist why honest so if introduce yourself to me and then let's talk about well as wherever there were it is okay i cannot said word of the nasmyth in michigan for quite a while my grandfather is grandfather to settle here in the area so ben around michigan i was born in california my kind of raised in the high cataract to michigan where the family from in order to raise my family been here for over twenty years or right around twenty years existed in corporate america grew up with the church as well and i think to start off with as far as the judiciary i think you could take the problem back all the way to the old testament the book of judges go through a nation under god that basically has a corrupt judiciary and whenever the judges or the people that they placed so that you would choose to be in judgment or in your congregation came good bad and bad good or boys girls girls boys googes that which is in true false and he is changed around then eventually the people that nevertheless tead of under a dictator fail because of their corrupt judgment to their bad decisions i anent it leads dictatorship and until we go back to that you will and acknowledging truth which i believe his son is also called the truth and so i think as a nation we should be looking back again at history all way back to scripture all through time and whenever judgment becomes corrupt we lose our way as as a people under that we choose to live under law so to get toward your your coal aspect that youth laws been around for a long time a lot of people say the lock on from god there in the bible but forestall the harrowed in low at a benton long time before that it and so as the people moved forward through the english system which is played in america colonized in the event to graduated indolence of being its own the commonest of the mouseways the people handled things amongst themselves and if you and i were to have a dispute over an issue to a firm a contract that you and i might have for some corn for whatever you were growing in your garden or horses or for the care of those things you and i would have a process that we would manage between the two of us to try to work the dead out and if we couldn't do that it would be our neighbors in our congregation that would eventually you hold court between us or be called by the back then the lord of the barons of the kings of the time you and i and all of our neighbors that were privy to it would be gathered up and the witnesses would be the jury and this dispute would be resolved when we move out him being under a king and we create an entity known as we the people the state of that becomes a the king that's going to resolve the issue a we we now get gathered together in our disputes to work them out in front of the sovereign if you will the state and that's made up of our neighbors and the other people now we over time being equal i guess somehow the states become a person and become equal and we would have to go up against the state as well you or myself we had a dispute with the state we would end up going up against them and the obviously have deep pockets and resources i can't compete in new can't and so one of the things that was kind of recognised way back that i found in a nineteen seventy four lower view was that it wouldn't be fair if the state joined yourself or myself in a match between us it wouldn't be fair if i had the whole state power and budget on my side coming down after you and so it was only fair that you and i would have to fight one amongst each other and in court if you will and not have the states resources helping one and so they identified that you know this might be something they could overcome by exploiting particular maxim in theories of law that it existed long before the state was even constituted and so while we practise in common law they've begun to write down to make sure that they follow that because what was constituted can't violate law and tell as you and i would while our practices and policies between us it's documented into the statute so they don't follow by a lay here landells we find the process as to work through the disputes that you and i would have and so some of the things that they weren't capable of doing which is joining aside they found was to overwork work around if you will and that doctrine would be called parents betray in latin which is the state is the father and so in that role in that sovereign rule it can join yourself to myself or even stand as its own and assume jurisdiction over people letter involved to a like macedon substantially longer yet as you could imagine conversations do so i let you go from there no i really i really liked hearing what you have to say because you you have a lot of them you've got the historical basis of why we have gotten into the situation that were in right now in a really preciate i mangwato also some more information than i know about you is that you work as a very inner high level camp corporate america in your and he did stay you did more than stepping also have a military intelligence background in my car i don't know so much intelligence communications center operation so i kind o did millet message passengers rupture to passive messages for internet before it was internet so so they your intelligence level is amazing every time i talk to so i'm so totally struck with the fact that that you have spent a lot of time that only studying but you know your stuff i i don't know if i've ever met anybody that can that can shoot off not only the law that we have right now but the basis decisions i why we could change things or how would you really taking about licensure and why manatorian here and so i'm going to bring the liston in a minute and so as to hide her and then then were i to continue this conversation not only do we need to know the history some ideas and how to pull back and fido believe that common law is is going to be where we're going to look for some let me bring me listenin here managed she's year a good morning how are you gore you good grey how's your weekend not in disease yes i went and we had a lot of crazy stuff going on this from the contention that he had been that all of us are had been watching what was going on and not this was the reliving in a crazy yes rather so can an i were talking about the history of how our god in to be where it is our bad i'd like to talk about some license would you like to talk about the bar for a minute she was still that we can we can establish the bows a problem hear me all for me okay i thought that was rothsattel yeah so the licensing the word licenses even a for one i mean you got to start with that if we don't know the value of the word how can it move anybody to understand her or even feel about it so why since you know most commonly means permission ah to do a privilege or something about that but for me that word is changed because of the judiciary because of the twisted words until i lie space sense sense and so i it's only will ask for my life sense because i think that they're getting ready to pull the wool over my eyes and try to deceive me and i don't want to give up my license and so i guess that leads into the bar and the judiciary which again a crop to a hercules a problem for its people and so if we have the right of locomotion which is to move from point to point b and anybody interrupting that would be you know kidnapping unlawfully detaining somebody we also have the right to own property and ownership means you can use it the way you want to including destroying it and to combine those two pieces together which is to move from point to point me in your own property both are within a man in a woman's rights and what's happened over time is men and women have the right to contract we have the right to say yes and no and the three of us can hold certain things to be true we can hold anacleto the north pole exists and that we're all else i now working for the olenia if that's what we agree to em and i'm sandcastle then i'm goin to give you permission to go over the nationalist and so in the north pole senecas rain to bring and under mission license from sanative work in his workshop and so what's happened over time is that people have he sought to participate in artificial entities corporations apple mcdonald are there but the people that have come together and agreed that something exists and so between us we said that his people we need a management for the artificial entities things we called legal entities something that doesn't really exist make encouragin ation susan has to be regulated the north bolas to be defined and everything that happens there has to be licensed and so we do need a system and a set of people for managing businesses and that's what the attorney general is set up to do they manage those that are involved with equity dealing with financial transactions and financial systems corporations artificial entities ah where men and women are not subject to such things unless of course we bind ourselves to be else within the north wall and so licensing is again based on our toys the radically to give our yes to be part of an organization and your yes inger not cannot be course from you so what's happened what we've seen with comiston and all the masking all the businesses were told to take particular steps to safeguard the bole ulick and that is a regulatory control that the governors are given the government is given which is an artificial entity in itself to manage the sanities of your local area to make sure everybody is safe that artificial entity that the government isn't given the power if you will manage the men and the women unless there running some form of business than they would be compliant for that license so back in that same review for my ten seventy four they talked about how a man and a woman cannot be compelled to examination they can't be compelled to come to court to testify you have the fifth amendment right to require that which is licensed something that needs a license to continue to operate can be compelled to examination to maintain not license so what happened over time is you and i somehow becoming desirous of being in commerce have gone down in a green and applied for a license so we can participate and then through that license the organization that grant the licence can compel you to examination to make sure that your license is still applicable so you car at my compliance in order to maintain its license an operator has to be compliant to maintain their license is it a choice for you to be in a commerce or is it a which that now on your grab because nobody recognises that whitening is by choice for a commercial endeavor stop without much to jump from there well what i think is really really crazy about this whole thing is that is if you look at how they use this and the weapons the to take over our or industry and economics too so that they roll it all into one big i have problem so when you look at commentating and in it is kind of a round robin problem because it's a barrier to entry now want to provide for them and the weapon is the insurance agent to go along with us and make the problem even were let us say that you you want to build a car you want to innovate and build something new as a well in order to have a car that you could actually fell outside the big manufac you have to pass the crash as in all of these tests and oversight and in order to get insurance and they lacked down with license can't get insurance because you didn't go through all of their taste in this that no then you can't get a license on the road so within even within their own system then it is a system of throwing money back into back into the pockets of the people that are controlling the activities rather than being free enough free to be able to do what you want i'm i'm all for cutty regulation as well as all of this nonsense he stopped for cooking care of their families you know like like for instance why is it that a a cosmologists need a license to continually go back to school or castle if a person wants to go to someone to do their hair and and for for appearance sake they should be able to go to any one that they want my opinion without life but if they want to go to some be whose license or who has additional training they could do that but that should be up to the individual rather than the state is able to practice in within that within that i feel the same thing the same way with auto can you can go into and it does it doesn't do anything as far as the doesn't insure a safe process whatsoever you could go to let's say a spa and i've done it for were a spaeing ostap of approval from the but he had one of the most incompetent people you ever he ever met in the area of a county taxes or whatever but just because they had a piece of so falsely that they are they are confident in doing their jobs in all it is a that says that the state that they are complying with that is i mean anything because it doesn't mean that that they are a confident that passed hast in any way shape or form a correlate with confidence whatsoever we've come to believe ee that if we have a license counter that those people are in that have a love of honesty integrity and can that is absolutely not true because i know that all of us have done have he had hired people in different trades are different social that that is not it doesn't a dozen or assure any so i'm kind of i'm kind of a far cunninger and in all areas ridiculous which also brings on constitution incantation perrine have to pay for you know i am a licence pretty much take care a firearm on it our right and in carigara americans and also with marriage i think the government should completely stay out of marriage as well i do and that a great subject to get on because it's others no reason for the government to be involved in it it's only for financial reasons and they made me out selectin because i'm i'm with you about one yeah i well i just think it's ridiculous and i was half thought it was ridiculous we need a license from the state saying that we are married my grandfather is a baptist preacher and you know i think that you should have a license from the pastor saying that he you know that you he married you and you know he was there to do to perform the ceremony what does the state have to do with any of his it's ridiculous it's another it's just all about money and power and control that's all interesting topic to move to you mentioned building cars and needing to pass all the qualifications to build a car but to go that car you also got a pot theoretically a company together you gotta get a conglomeration of people together and those politicus where people are getting married are established together and recognized by the state and so it's interesting when you do get married that the past are actually says by the power vested in me by who by the state and then by the most high do does he pronounce her to do they pronounce a husband and wife for maman wife for whichever way he chose to stay at so and a lot of the churches are also you know basically as we know regulate it through the internal revenue service through their grateful one see three license so they can participate in commerce in as far as getting might bear her cut i had my cut my hair cut all the time you can see what a great job it must it wasn't very difficult but my kids got my hair i have anybody i want cut my hair oh we don't do it for commercial purposes i have weapons don't mean the system of the united states the country's kind of become just a financial infrastructure almost a virtual infrastructure based on commerce and so met my hair cut wherever i can get it cut as far as marionettes doesn't the noose existing there's a lot of different gets to the churches on the pulpit and the pastors it's their canoemates by what they can talk about because they might wister opportunity to be a business collecting amankee ing a bank account as we indebtedness service even our church the radical year is under license i never knew anything about that until actually tear but my grandpa church is a very small church he may have fifteen people in his congregation i've always known where his money went and the church to straight to missionaries he met he talks about politics all the time i don't believe how he could i don't believe he is under five one see whatever i honestly don't petitioning him was it's very interest the yeah and i just dolefullest way forward and the peas i i am very very interested in this privation yes she can do whatever which is a private organization and the beauty of this is that you know we know that all of the criminality of the clan found and what they what they have done to go to a pitch as a private medical asset or a pa which is private grocery association or any of that or you have people in opatas unregulated its unregulated because steps outside of it an agreement between rather than he had open doors for any one to have to and i think that if you go to a play all the sudden you can step outside of all of the if and when you look at a private medical they ate they can make it into cash a cash practice and let's just say that most practice cried but that numbers of association yet i'm always a medical so that's where where i'm coming from but it can be all and anything can be put into that private membership so you were to take a doctor's you an anti trust nightmares that are out there in our medical because they really there there all there are even even if you go in to reunite the last system that we have right now they are the really illegal because it rose go back to command or to private membership association and to get rid of the insurance most he had the ball time insurance just to man of the insurance for the for the medical for the medical organizations out there get rid of all that go back to care simple and you can cut the constant at i'm a big fan of that and he can't go after you because if they do i would open the door to you know lawfully relate opened the door for say organizations like the clinton foundation to be prosecuted because that's basically what they are their private territory private very interesting is it so when you think about all of the all of the life in that we had any to just to maintain our you know daily life then the government is very think about how much money are persons spendin all this listening at the cabinet as irenaeus her license hayonwatha as unconstitutional really is in every american has the right to and and you know they with all these regulations that they have all all this is to take the money from the picton and have power over the people and with a tax is that we're going to you now see our taxes rise here very soon as if we don't pay enough in taxes right now i i don't know how much longer people are going to be able to survive you know with a family is in even just individuals that live on their own it's very expensive obviously if anybody you know everybody that pays the bills that lives on their own nose that it's almost nearly impossible to live right now and to incomes it is let a man england yet yet settled here mondaine's neron to get to get him i am better location and yet no no i will started out being commerce you yet well i started out the center is it started out being commerce so he had ever licensed for a car if you were involved in and then it went into every part of our life and i can tell you when i was back to when i was back when in college i remember some one saying one of my one of my you know when you think about a hundred and fifty years ago which now would be more than that you you wouldn't expect to have any interaction with the government your entire life you just and now you know we drive on state roads federal roads we drive on and other some good that is that you know this definitely good it's not a baron i know her not a barony an organized system that we live in we have much more infrastructure in that which which is a good thing it gives us the ability to travel on and to interact with see the sight of such were normally i think i think when you go back in time it was a big deal for people to go five miles away from their homes they stayed in their communities and in their homes came the same structure any more so in order to maintain that of course we you now no the interstate system and we've got no very developed a very developed and we move around a lot so we need those things but a hundred and fifty two hundred years ago you would not have any interaction with the government you kind of did your own thing in respect to your neighbors and and communities came together to help each other out rather than expect the government to take care of every we took care of things we we just kind of did what we need but that also goes back to a moral people that are community orient but lots of lots of inner et inter weaving going into that he having thus on that you want it i hear a regularly so i want to say something about it and you mentioned to you know private organizations and i hear it stated at all the time it's not constitutional it's not constitutional and i got into really fiery discussion with a current attorney an intimation to the swithin the conversation why why go to the constitution when you could go to the declaration of independence and then in thinking about that and you know later in going through it with some friends one can looking at it the declaration of independence is a common law cause of action it is a statement of we have rights it's a statement that those rights have been violated and identify who does it and it's the willingness to go and have the court adjudicate in that work was the most high if you will only had a war and we outcome of the war is what the result and the result was that we had these territories that were common wealth and recognized the republic and if the republic concept is carnero for quite a long time for a lot of thousand years and in that each had their gesandten and once you give your guests or your now every other member of the republic held to your word hathaway your bond and so we had that under the declaration of independence and with that all people have the right to come together and amalaberga nation in some the people got together way back when and it constituted an organization a boy an entity or as they had the right to do and since that latent about as you said that most people did interact with a government one of their first endeavor was to go to florida and start convincing the people of florida not to become french not to be indian but to join the union and so people began to join this entity if you will in order attentater have a securities have communities come together on a lateral and be a bigger better body but what they constituted would be theirs and those who constituted that were esquires and attorneys and if you were again to take it back to scripture a behoveth hung on the tree so in the republic you have your right to yes and no and to the question i have put aside you take your yesterday you know and do you subscribe into a democracy that was constituted by those that our lawyers if you will an attorney and if so then doesn't every other republic than in their for person in the republic anointing the republic don't they have the duty to hold you to your word that you are bound into this that they constitute but when you say it's not constitutional the constitution is by the consent of the governed so you defer to the very thing that says that that's what you subscribe to but i guess that's my word that i've had so much recognition and lately as that word some scribe bargains scripture we know who the scrivener and why would you want to see a scribe that my thought again but back to common law verses being in that which is constituted and that which they constituted follows a lot the republic will not allow the violation of law and so as by the right the statues to insure that that would tweedle come to hope truth isn't violated by the government that deployed by amarilly the word deployed by yet there there there so much to go through here it's when we were talking last night about you or can't bring it up on my screen without getting ready you guys and i wrote it down you were talking about the law he said remarking about the code of six hundred yet sixteen the judicature act sherebiah remind you can you can you elaborate on the yeah i guess the little bit of topic the conversation and as you know the common statement or common theory that we heard people mention is that nobody has a license to practise law nobody give it a license yolante your license and the attorney's pull out something and people point out abacus a barca it's a membership card a license from surely don't have a license to practise law you up a membership card into this private organisations hundredweights that sir brenton dish of law on behalf of the people of the state of michigan and so the bar get the license to practise law and then they get to regulate their members and their membership not for people that are allowed to represent others is practice and their terminology for practice actually has to include taking it for compensation moreno so the judicature act gives that a private entity again stanton a similar state authority to run the restaurant of legal services on the apostate in that the authority that comes from his tutor legislature in writing the judicature authorizing them to be the fallible service provided every man woman has the right to prosecute eurotas so you're already authorized had to do our own records in your own paper work and you have a right to defend yourself so you're already always authorized a flock and of course the constitution acknowledge his latin in stating in that way i just feel like one people represent themselves in a quite have i just feel like they they already have a disadvantage walking in and spend like that for an idee i remember and i don't think obviously that that fair you know if you choose to represent yourself then i feel like you should have every you know opportunity that you would as if an attorney was here with you it pertained for sure in the system completely and uncertain and then when you look at it look at all that the law books that turn came to purchase in order to have have an access even access to castile don't even have access to that so then we have to go back to the system perpetuates and mix the system grow we don't have access to what they have access and this goes back to go and other organizations that aren't really part of the government controlling everything where cannot engage in so many different areas unless your part of these organs and they're all based on money at yes as far as you know representing yourself that's a dialogue in itself people would ask the question how can you represent yourself when you are you in that very judicature act six hundred isles the revised you to contribute confectioner enslave one six hundred not seven or one is where they talk about court having personal where personal jurisdiction and in his says it is specifically has jurisdiction over the individual and the representative and so somehow some way through this licensing yourself as becomes the business entity and you become the so and your business has been called into court and as the representative of the somehow to the person you running the books behind the business and it is compelled to court and you end up representing your business self in prose as the laforce but they used the term in court in proprietaire person yet all these terms have different meetings and i agree with you in that every one of us is in a disadvantage going into that court or the system because they are written what there i use the word person an individual here right now and it certainly has a different meaning for me than it means for you and i have no idea what the court means or anybody in the legal profession when they use any word ah so i can't guess again one of the biggest problems that i found for myself with that i kept soliciting saying that i understood least terms and conditions when it is not possible for me to understand so that again back to see riding into things that are constantly that i can understand any more and in thus a license a fosterson astor residing out all this stuff to is of we don't seem to be a plan were there so many things now that are i think people are really looking into recently people have been really looking into how things are weaned because everything seems to be a plain word now a and that's very enwoven on owen words mean they can mean they can have so many different meanings in the utter their advantage and you know back to i can't help but always fall back to scripture but there is a spot of narration again slower removed or twisted like of knowledge and that was again back at the attorneys they were called vipers of eupolis they used the word to keep people from the truth and keep people from going where they want to go the very place that they would not enter themselves and so when it's very problematical especially among friends and family and donations knitting each other over the usages of these little terms from person to antisthenes we know of the spirit was in each other treating to do as convey that and that certainly is an uninviting as they would have he will look at how many times it's been done with the bible that's the homoousion of the bible are there you know because people have it differently you know whether yes and we can all be guilty of that we can all you know yes that's absolutely true i think that's a word to pop up regularly that i tried to get on when from a massively like to make at the end feminine a lion an there's not a division in the truth to imbecility right height now we're all here and that makes us all at least one now and to have at the separation as it were not responsible or subject to decisions of others and to try to make him a ten in order to create a linter ourselves with its really impossibility everyone as an opposite side that you get the coin so instead of trying to the entente time i try to add me into the next just one side that's well done that's really good was aspersed i got i had a bunch of a group of people that were trying to attain and san things and they they were actually there wasn't any truth to anything that wore that they were saying it was basically just attacked rita and you know somebody got on there and decided to use and go back to gentle jesus set in with a lamb there which is an accurate now we all need to be peaceful we need to be quiet and peace and love and in it that great and i mean we need to retreat all pure were you know and i agree with that part of it however jesus was not a peaceful person he was definitely someone who brought who brought the fight to the table when it was being when people were taking an advantage of other people or using it to justify her in others and i brought it right to and i think that that significant and is actually very offensive to the bible in order to justify doing the wrong thing it is very offensive i agree anger in paris he had been but participating if you will and what was once the tax protest than the patriots then a man had they got all kinds an inconstant tuition avenin of names but it's when people that have been studying it in fighting for that truth for for a lot of different years some and the knitting over the words and the he trying to find the way through it just it just seems it goes and i go and i go i think her a veronese important to realize for people to realize that the two parties system is it you don't you can't take yourself and put yourself in a category with others and in saysar my beliefs i believe everything that these people believe in you know anybody that doesn't believe what we believe is a outside of the party in a they could be a different no no no the republican party in itself they the members do not have the they are very actually stremely divided they have complete opposite an when it comes to election fraud when it comes to you know government overreach when it comes to i am actually freedom freedom because a lot of these individuals are actual there they have got up the global stagnate are part of the goblin or a chair man and have to say or that nature the chairman goodlookin party and just so it comes natural as is a goblet and that's a fact that's a fact that we all know that now that something that has not been able to be proven for a very long time until up until very recent but it was very obvious to me that there was something going on with this individual and i think a lot of other people that was very obvious well the simplicity when you have a chair in a coacher the coacher has apprising you know right the baccarat they have all the powers of that chair it is not a vicar has a coach and every rite so when the republican party is arguing in lying and saying things leadership at the very top and saying things that aren't true about another party you look at the party platform of the taxpayer partite consent the party of the constitution i read the platform and personally i believe that it's more conservative than the republican platform when it comes to pro life issues now i just don't see that huge divide the the people because before before we have the option and dona told me about the sheppard and others told me about it i never thought that there was another you know and i think a lot of americans feel that way they just don't even think about you know they think oh i have republican views and be i am a republican they don't think that they have another option the bees and bee between the republican party and the step there are a very similar there is just like i said the us taxpayer party as a little more conservative than the republican party and and we don't solve candidates i'm sure there's been issues in the past but but they do at the republican party as they make agreements and the old back toward the old and bribes and pay off and you know that's why we see sir in canada's in politicians see and get elected it's all it's all part of the machine you don't they don't want anyone talking about these the songster nobody i mean in the season desolaters i were on top of the tucopia pages high and you know in its still going until the day when you talk about these this voting software and i always go to saying these voting machines but we've got a epoiese it confuses people it's the software when you when you look at the software look at the elections before the primary i mean and they are so close to the actual numbers and they were running a taste said cannot use these we cannot use we can not use them than in michigan or legislators while we say this to the always say we go on paper ballots something about paper ballot of your empire train to argue about you know election integrity of hell say worthy one of the only safe that still lost with paper males now we fell out a paper ballot and we stick it right into a machine when there is twenty fifteen or twenty people standing in the room that are fully capable of counting these and why are we taking it into a machine you know i they are the men being with these machines for and i know i'm getting off on a path here sorry but they have been cheating on these machines for years and the new come back in the town solitaire like what they did to danesford benison claiming to own you know your drama you know it's ridiculous so to educate share in the machine to meet use of soft wire and machines this donation i did staffing i incorporate america i helped highton's find people especially to hard to find people and i was doing a project or soft were engineers that built machines of war and i ended up looking into a company and finding an individual in this all over the news and the articles are out there and he was hired by diable was the name of the corporation of the time and they actually used to make the voting machines and he was a soft ware engineer he got busted for acting he got found out that he'd basically was riding back doors and news especial ist and back door access programs and diabolically hired them and i found a working on the team that was building the voting machines we back in the nineties not so as you point out these machines we know it and have been corrupt for years yet why does it surprise now that all of a sudden the corruption one was used to in such a way we've seen it through the bush elections and it ended up with a repeating much every cup every election and appincourte but which goes back to our judiciary again if you think about the framers who are a bunch of lawyers who wrote everything they wrote down that the legislative grettir the laws but these laws that are written i go to the courts to decide what those words mean so the power of revealing goes back to the court so the judiciary is pretty much the oversight for the legislative branch and then you have the exact itinerant which is the governor and in all the administrative departments and agencies of it got the word bureau or office to portmannimote executive branch in everything they do is subject to being sued so the whole executive branch is basically subject to the judiciary as did that judiciary has oversight over itself as through the bar and so ultimately that every single portion of our government is not really a true system of checks and balances because it's written and everything ends up in the court to say what everybody else said and does you know or that a bar here in michigan has its own private organization it would exist indeed you know obviously as an extension of the bar from england from way back in the day on the agenda always been there a gentle and we got some document nations of children been working at a gandher in michigan or better part of fifty years and attendant necessarily for the benefit of the people is for the benefit of their policies and procedures of the bars i were just well into it now and the controls now we can see and pretty much every day life as the name that the government and if the government is created in order to give us security to give as to ability and in some form of protection from sanctuary how has the government succeeded in the very name that they give us becomes the thing that hurt you in that that man can be attacked through the judiciary and you can be liquidated as not one of us that doesn't somehow theoretically have what we think to be well i know within that license it antedates all with him that which they constitute subject to their financial discrimination i guess when they want to come after our cats and that nutrition over again with the trappings and such you know that it's a it's a real i don't know if you guys have been following the pit but i have a bunch of friends that that actually were invited to the tinkle pit we had with one the true the vote which i i love within and as one of the things that came out was that the judges the michigan supreme court was involved also in with software that the court and that's that he molest week he into a point but the thing that i found that was really interesting and we can get in we can really get into the go into a company which is based in alan and make the connection with how much money is being donated to these the of higher learning because it's crazy it looks like one dead man on nightmare what's going through our university in the illinois that are oninterestin company which is not supposedly attached to the college but which sits right on the border of the wanting and yet it is a they found they found a connection to to china with cannabich is basically they have holes well as vote and voted so something that struck me about as because i so of course i got on and i started digging into this mass of lead try to down podmore and more information in the and what is going what's going on there with our election he that there are very very few that are actually involved with with concern an it looks like to me more or less is a front as a re cellar company selling chin a sowar or the revellers from large in china and we if anybody thinks that they are not given in there and looking at what's happening in the timing himself at the other thing is that all of the people of the poles working they they got information personal information on any and every one that worked the polls including their children where they live this that entering and it should be loath i haven't now a huge amount of information located centrally for beale to blackmail or coerce or threaten people that are actually working in our leon this is a huge problem and an i got to feeling in the next we're going to see this thing blew up so big it's not even funny that there is there is no thiancourt and if this is going where it appears to be going foreign involved men and re election to to the magnitude that we can't even get our hands around every single one these companies involved in this the reelers for these chinese software company this is in fact what's going on as they are they are gathering more more leverage over a pool workers and called and this is and you know who we see jonas or republican that's who i've seen i am you know this is my my county and my y are so i haven't been able to look into i mean much further than that but clerks in my county and notation my clerk doing was the clerk that called in print on the easiness i took tapper money i paid one did this frantic and it got all this media for being such a great person for doing this when it was a huge conflict of interest because province is actually just a brother company to dominion being so of course they're not going to come in and say that they can actually look into these then they put they allowed it to us months to which yet somebody somebody in there to observe the process they would not allow it the clerk would not allow somebody to be in there to observe the one the fine signalled someone to go and observe the prime put them under and so they could not publicly speak about it this is a republic it's just ridiculous then we have another republican clerk that does that that's cheating elections like crazy and shall be touched i mean is just adentro yes and you know it's amazing is teatable the word republican or democrat and they stand for nothing any more the leadership is a sore the answer now and when you have people and both sides there are signing contracts so whimpering the contract for dominion and put money in the whipple that are not now what ernestine in their all in their all in this together from the from the so called democratic that the republicans who are not republicans there only republicans and aim and or their veritable that there's either republicans or democrats any more eerie they're all a bunch of people that are sold out to the chinese goomun party the when i'm going to i want to read you a few things here that i think are significant lack lives man or his strong ties in origin a communist plantation sixteen to infiltrate our borders as well as their culture through the marine come to what was the roll to make the united states ungovernable this continuance vote organization which both being an enormous power house to help defeat trump as tom and the forces he represents the best way to take down america according to the emaciated velasco portion it is not a social organization as what he won a believe that is about a tween a race as if the lie it's a corporation they did over two billion dollars of damage through a provocateur in age and they were never held accountable for the damage that they did if we did this as a corporation we would be held accountable for every time of of the the here's another one the tiger projects what was revealed has three phases discovery the of and betrayal graphophone the shocking information one night in dallas and january when each one one registered a database that had one point at noon one point eight million election workers in their children very private in detail in in a like security past gods signatures income a logging credentials for polladora driver's license banking and times of the resigned ship there was also voting and fill in comatic of the buildings and co there posting is extremely private in detail in me were hoisted in by the ice at a university and rohan china the goal all profiles a profile of poorer and then use different methods briberies black male intimidation in the election outcome the so we've got it tied breakback to asia many countries were represented in the invasive database including but not limited to the above we need to really get moving on this and china lost states that if it's on the web like it isn't the woman university the government owns that going back to government ownership and the precedence and what we have going on here and therefore it can do what they choose to do with it everything was in the a day base was basically open to every one and its password was so every thing in layers gathering data the sea symptom was so poorly written maybe it was written this way on purpose that it was easy as with this information began they went to the big who opened a significant counter of an agree that the serious come election software experts based on a michigan all chiefs of were in a capture pull work feed and populate the database base that originated from china cocoa or conic also ties to about motor is on the motombo vote does online registering and drollest delivery you you and then i started looking into eugene you and the connections with there's someone other called and who i want to see if there was a connection there who has in the lore a regulation administration so many and i mean so many connections in the register he under different names under different spellings just like me than merton whoever that hatch has got so many different lorna ah which is the abitchu i might bring to everybody so under eugene you it said we can guarantee that you will get the system you want the exact solution you need not allow not a system of we system that anyone that wants the system was it nemine us of your own nothing and this thing is so interwoven for sedition the version and treason this is this is absolute an invasion of our through economic coercion threatened imitation through rigging or let then i don't know people actually can get their hands around it and it starts it starts saint almost unbelievable but this is what's going on but there is more reveal this is an over view was given to us by a channel dick to red hills channel that really was on the ground there and i thought they did a really good job of the of an overview of it more was given that what has been posted and the times that were there whom i know probably most of the items that were there rip cord the rip cord does just this against his access to the share documents and helps us to press that it's not a grain catherine thing any more it's become all of us and we all need to be involved the sheriff should be as this is an act of war by the trees communicate against the united states of america and every single person and in in intuited states in the state needs to take this very very seriously they declared war on the united states of america and up and and with that being said don with the polite pull inspectors the pole workers poorters are referred to as palmer so these people when i worked the twenty twenty election when i wore i worked several to in the one and shall be township with stangrave has the same workers the same pole workers every single election when he gets up sat with them and if they if they they turn on him in start exposing his mask corruption and back door deals and two hundred and thirty thousand dollar brian you know is his you know running his wife and the settees been promised by the michigan depend everything else i could go on for days about this guy he's a criminal an he's committed more crimes than climacteric and he still walking the road but he's actually high up in the party too anyways so he has the same workers for apreece and i said this so many times i've said this is so weird like you can apply to be a coworker you can apply to be a poem i actually applied this last i knew i wasn't going to get pet because none of them want me to work but i went in and as a challenge and a atoner why i yes so i went on as if she laneways now they aren't supposed to legally allow you they have no they cannot legally say that you cannot come the clerk apulian last they have to money now there there are legally supposed to have one challenger per party and the tax teaparty they don't even include by the way why is it that that every other there is no other party of like they they are installing candidates the republicans and democrats are installing candidates giving people be illusion of choice there's no checks and balances as no other parties in bayou had be plain in their sand back are you are voted off the island and you have no yeah that's right now another thing that sometimes they have a bipartisan well let me just say this nobody is bipartisan nobody no there is not elation word that i will never ever i never believed in it does exist there they they always favors the democrat party every single time you use that term it will favor the democrat or every time will never favor anybody else the people with oh you notice tractably represents the establishment all of this thing there's only there's only two parties involved in the the establishment which is like the loyalist back in the beginning of our nation the loyalist were making money and griffins and there as we the people that is the only thing at this point that it's not republicans becomes democrat the established men against and that that's all we have and in anything else side that in deterring to just absolutely take over and a control eenie world at other honestly the new world order which i talked about a thousand points of light or whatever non sensitive now the whole thing is about is about eliminating controlling even up to the lives of the people that exist on this who lives in the dyes that dividing line right there as an end when you when people are applying these positions i know i really don't understand how the same people are working every election now the lion said if you if you if you don't agree with standpoints and his corruption he will take you off his left and you won't work the election as paul worker so it's a great way to day of mine now when he when you set up the election the way he does too and you have the same pole worker opening the ballot taking him out of the secrecy leading the entire process by themselves those cool workers now know how the voters and their district and they actually have that at to great malicious that ah and how is it you know we had a heart mananan we were talking about and you know we were in this huge discussion about the press who in the world are we having our bells going to a pre processing sir with no oversight what so ever turn chain of custody there whatsoever they should they couldn't certainement balances checks but like the sun jane early not the whole thing on donatello at look at that the input this out here because in merton whoever the hacks now i she shot out yesterday and i accuse their using mark of inferior never mark was the mark was on his never indorse me formally endorsed her he tried to bring all the candidates and give them actually an equal than in order to be taken so mosheshue yesterday this is the coach near of the and republican party which is not the republican any more really very sorry for the brand new condelick because they patronize patronize people i heard that can one hollander the account meeting her this or other johnson spent in an entire hour be raiding the delegates that were there in the body with bertie and whatever they told him i was shown over this then put a slipper and in the delicate hands i have not esculapian it's not legal that the parties themselves even at the country loves so here they are the programming their telling people what what what they should do they were their threatening now they've got their information in a file to further threaten but machinations er day is unbelievable he can say things without any any in the arteries she put on truly sorry for the brand new become delicate allegorise most truly sorry to every brand new komageta only wanted to get involved in work hard to elect republicans instead they did drama to us and so much misinformation i hope they could all make their way to the next republican party of the company meeting and stay involved marshal run for chair of the u s taxpayers party a mccall you know what it would be an improvement because that way hopefully we need some some i'm glad she acknowledged the use pairs party right there first seconded any outside of their little their little caballing on there or there the cartel tannemann yeah it's amazing that she even can thrill the word drama and when man has divided the state more than it's ever been divided ever with her drama in the last two her drama and hatred for women and that's what it is her drama and her hatred for women if you look in the alencon if you look at their division and over there they have the greater olinto they have the greater open tony republican party they have been northern hoping county republican party they have the oenotrian party now much sanatan her husband installed apheresis chairman and the alimony republican party or for the open corbian party now people got up sat because gracieuse ran and actually the guy is of the rail but so that they start going to the northern alencon republican party the greater alencon more of like younger a younger group i i believe it is from what i've seen but open counties a mass and that's what we shononses created a huge mass am i so plain like i said that she doesn't that she doesn't support race she's always with a so how does that even make she had ranged a man of failures that are there lost to thousand sixteen concerts present trim president trump again lost in each chair molecules her twenty twenty two delicate race lost most of her endorsements she brought from and you know and we've never heard one word out of her really are any action to assification terry or president and he has the gall to say anything against our fort marked morton listened i was there there the realistically there the shine star if there was an honest republican my matters not going to make it oh can you hear that or is he roasteth frozen on my son too and my my matter even plug in is just about dead i shouldn't i wouldn't despair i would have known so i come i'll come back around on the link through the desk top and to the lion erimus how animal right thanks be back of momentarily to prove saraswati for down at the sign background and i'm not sure she might have to actually sign back on and let me back so i am not sure what how that happened while she i know can said helen convict so he was well eswareinmal marino i arestino baaltis as promising here i together in such an the internet goes up let me see if i can get tender he stationmaster because he said that in his battery and his one let me see i get checked support here because our internet just magically went down in the middle of so come upstairs to keep you have an internet so i may hear you went yeah the internet going in and out will see it looks like is it better right now it's better now yet let's see what he happens here a miner amine the problem seriously that this whole of going back to retaking about there has been such an attack on you and i it's unbelievable what that attack has been like an you know what the doraine all it's a republican party that has absolutely been on the attack robots the democrats had set a thing then like that densie day i get involved actually now when they thought they could concentrate thought that they could bring me over to their side it was like that with withal of group of republicans racecourse never stopped attacking he was on at the inimy internet actually we lost my the internet signal entirely well my batteries about the guadagnato with a better system that now will i just kind o look at i think it's kind of amusing you know we've got to an incredible connection but yet the connection goes down no i keep being able to be adaptive almost right now sit the go you know going back to the open country that and the fact that we have michener the hack were talking about here and yeah i'm a poet now it's like i was laughed john of every single republican anything they wouldn't even mention my name but and laughing now because now now your anatapein and they got used to have seen to become a night melissa went again is the only son dona your internet going out read yeah i can see that now are you mean we do now but we didn't hear what you just said us taxpayers parasol say a five times as near whenever it's the only absent right now yes i is an ace and see i did hear steve cara he did a meeting or a conference on a rat to life and their corrupt endorsement process which i completely agree with me they do have a very corrupt endorsement process that out they will not endure now a candidate they stick with the unconventionally have a lot of other issues that he didn't get into which i would have but he didn't but anyways so he was talking about creating a new party within the republican party instead of the jeopardy ould be the grand new party and i which is interesting well i mean i could come over to the tax payers party two you know the report was the party banknote hundred there are peloponnesians the third party and i had i think the ettaler looking at right now was worse seeing a ship to wait for what is become corrupt to into a different now i'm honestly i am not for any of the parties honestly we've got to work within the system right now but there shouldn't be party there shouldn't be people out there telling people how to vote and forming cartels than old to serve special interest because that's all the parties are right now they are parted here and there the their backed by big money money and then it needs the whole system needs a revamping go away and go back to what it once was which as people who were able to make their own minds from coercion intimidation and or just wind to go along to get along but actually themselves and before god was the responsibility before god and pirithous and in it you can't work within a system that had this much corruption involved in it there's no saving that my all agree completely agree with that there is absolutely no saving at that people have a the leadership as all compromise and you cannot you can't work with compromise leadership period going to get anywhere to keep making actor deals and the corruption is going to continue it's going to get worse you know the corrupt individuals compromise individuals like mashona reality they can't come out against the people that all ma'am mechanico out against roudier she's been wandering money with reith ran wiser for years now she can come out against him as if he owned her that's why she's never made a statement about election broad and about the stolen action and twenty twenty she would not and that was one of the issues i had with my manager and i said when as the change to come out and make us a public state margarine what has happened in this election he said moreover said she's not an in a way that i can't work with people that aren't you know you are investigating all this miasma manager working with all these people trying to figure out what happened interviewing all the witnesses the other individual you're working with a refusing to put even speak about it but your claiming maple leave it happened while then why won't they speak about it i want that there's no reason and on the party system here a little bit come on your thoughts am i in you both of your knowledge and the parties especially the republic party or which the tax picardy in phenomenal at myself or not political kind of benita which they constituted for so long that i'm not republican i'm not part of any in the party of from me it's interesting as you talk about elections and infiltration as you were talking about earlier from china is interesting that a form entity coming at an election is considered to be etruscan invasion of a riot of the potential election process and so vibration to a national election here a mission it was just reported that the cat governor whether she's raised more money from our state influences than any other twenty fifty six per cent of her foes come from out of state were not talking you know we're talking little donations and detonations the count the under hundred dollar donations and look at how many people are actually supporting hereunder one hundred dollar donations in her numbers all like forty per cent so that that's the same that the majority of the money in the backing for the current governor is coming from out of this state so it is a crime for china to come into a national election or any other foreign entity to bring their money and influence how much descries that for a state election to have all the foreign states and bodies from any or international command were worse yet let's get out to where we really should be focusing his people and that's a teloa level you talk about the two party system to me that's national and i don't give a fainter the national cannon dromedary and anyway one soever you say we're not supposed to be in a racing and imparted by the federal entity that belongs on foreign soil the story should be down at the local hotel at elections are focuses should even be so much on the state entity and it should be down at the local level and how much state money is coming into your local level wouldn't that be a foreign intrusion as well of all a sudden interlocutor every county or can count was coming in to braintree after a soliciting at his two party system concept which forms all away from the federal government revel all the wing down the somehow or local compel conceit your somehow divined on some federal republican democrat in but he said in the same peasant into the same sunday school in the local level at the pure and were infiltration for enticing and oriental with the universities and how he tied to the local organizations and well companies like concomitant we have a large national problem with the oeconomica form is that noblest international pocket book tendencious down to the river level and institute that are controlled control and the more time we spend talking about national garageman indicates a governed by litigation steamers no treason to spend there the state even become problematic in their infiltrating in tripping senile us away from our local areas and locally the batteau and circle back around to her there's a big just a atween lanarkmen which comes from the constitution which preacher state of the young has a share of department that was created to actually do law enforcement and here in michigan all municipal police organizations are all treated under the public botticelli's act statuto enforce policy and so we have this big dialogue in these people flying flags with a motion which he benevolent any marine and supported police and policy efforts which at this point time is kootanais balancement agency that we the people set up in the sheriff's department the governor is then an historically the governor's been taking money from the shuttered and continuing not to find a serrement while increasing the budget for the bloodiest police which are their now become their private malicious somehow and enforcing their policies all the wourali which are a statutory created a second to the constitution we created sharpeners to enforce later and it sanatoria and the money that we would want to go to bateato's laws actually being diverted over to an enemy that it is partially against the people and for the the infrastructure yeah that's it that's absolutely correct and that a tirely struck me because i talked to about half the sheriffs in the state how the money goes through the state police now to the sheriffs and how they cut the budget it is incredible when you look at the sheriff though the entity that their answers aight five per cent of the cars out there but they have got less and less money than the state have money for a like i don't know you know it underwater rescue and that sort thing which i get that i mean we have to have that stuff available but it's backwards we have so many counties which only have six to eight herr the deputies running three hundred sixty five days twenty four seven to a people in an entire county with yet their handling edifie percent of the cold this is not and why why why is it that way the police is a unionized police force which we run into problems with it right there there's no checks and balances they've got ten years the whole ten yards and the sheriff department has the oversight by we the people if we don't like the share of this criminality going on we just got out they have to perform in the interest of we the people in everything what we backwards right we have what we do have a share in that is the interestingly enough trying to perform an investigation and it really doesn't matter but the show episodes in night i mean if the sheriff is activated by the people and even by a constitutional duty or a statutory duty it sure has no option but to perform that role in performed that the constitution and the statute might be at inattendue or that obligation is to perform an investigation and be a into a murderer chapter to a enforcement duty is when that share begins to perform that investigation any one of us that would be in and marianne titian obstructing that if you and i were found hiding documents or records or checking guns or botoring like that that becomes even more suspicious but it's also a crime in itself and it really again doesn't matter what the crime is that the shiver is investigating its important that we the people have the ability no matter what to have that sheriff investigate and hold accountable any man woman or even a juvenile a child that committees crimes and it doesn't matter whether you're the sea of amazon you should still be subject to the arrest of the sheriff affording his investigation into your activity and fatality and bolting amazon as a solder cover your position to get away with it well again now the attorney general should be combining together to go after the corporation to liquidate it or to financially recompense all of the damage parties but then the people also it can have the attorney general resolve the business as can't be used for fraud any more but in the parthenon that's actually using these entities to take advantage of others can be drunk in put in jail by the people through the sheriff and he can it doesn't matter if you're macdonalds are your jeans carton service it also doesn't matter if your job happens to be judge and an actual genius removed because he's a corporate person and he didn't get to use his title his position to do his own will and a current example of this being happening right now is down in florida the governor at the time by now i believe last week romances it was announced japanese took me penetralia permanently because it might lead to permanent at least temporarily because they're not performing their duty and the roll and the duty is not for them for the manner the women being the role to work their own endeavours and will their own opinions and in rioter on entendait is to do that particular ostendunt one person not the governor who can use that not the maroons the reliever institute and take advantage of people not in attorney general not any public official is in a capacity that should not be reachable by alencon intolerant and if you're found to be abstracting or warning that investigation suspicions should go up in a hired to carry through we have that situation of michigan it now where people are using their job titles that are positions saying that somehow some way he grimscote ion or a reality or worse shapes that to further tempering it is forebodings one of the best ways to do that it's amazing what's gone on here and in the judiciary altogether liberal to see in the courts to get refero a very county better part of our intimating the left pocket cointet pocket in the in the space infallible well it's all backwards and i really enjoyed this conversation a lot o timoleon because i think that there's a lot more that we can talk about and i think we need to drill down on this because part of the priest as is to educate her i am what the right actually are and their obligations or duties in self governance what will we see a lot out there as people are point is she i want you to fix this for me i want you to fix well it doesn't work and last and most every one gets involved in right now we don't have enough people involved and they don't even know what to do to become involved so the first step has to be education when we went a what their rights are as well as what the look like and i do very much are so i think what i'd like to do is is let's close it out right there this a lot of other directions we could go into and maybe we could pick this up even to morrow i don't know if your available or not but i would love to fix it conversation of to morrow drill down on some of these other issues a little further i think this is as incredibly incredibly helpful to to get people involved more i mean people people get involved when they feel empowered and they feel like there is something they can there is a recourse to something i think we should look into is the he rolled the prosecutor and how the prosecutors are absolutely stackyard the i heard and what's not being that was never the role and i think that i think we'd like to get into bed more more topics noah i i am looking at your tack so let's let's look into that let's look in this more to morrow so idolator come back round again if it's a peruginesque is ready so all have my set up a little bit better and now when i know her what i know will iteration of craftier restart but and i didn't hevidence here likely as i am to blame it on the check that kept me up a late train to sell at the that was an out of the shell last night i don't think you heard that melissa had a check that kind of surprise he moisselles here in like you know i don't know why i just you know marinette baron minute just check things outside and i get in there and here the soothed his be kind of me but he was having out of the shell and i don't think you would have made had i not gone over their sum anathoth subject god than give me a nudge the ornament he did it then i ended up saying up pretty late with a man that man a tryin to help out for whatever reason but he was doing really good last night we by the time i left he started off in unliberated a little stronger if a little is that was on he would in fine protestation of the morelle oh my gosh toired to it little and this with a prayer can but you like to pray would you like me to it i would want him to you have my father and so thankful for melissa and can and all the wonderful peace who have actually stood up established then set up by very evil nation which you have given us as a gift risen your people up a remnant in order to things back under a baton a republic constitution under god under you you never left and we ask for your forgiveness all things that are where ready to listen to you and run this nation and be a force in the world for all your good not to put yourself in front of but as a servant with servants hearts duty to to perform enters with word ordained for us before the tree thank you so much for loving us for gunnison for name in the smallest things last night to go check on the bar and to find that checked how useless to your voice every step of the way that we would always be your well or our hands are thoughts are steps or work that you are will be done above wise but everyone to day let them know that they are loved beyond measure that you are with him that you never leave us for and we we are just so grateful we love you so much please bless canon melicite day and all those whom they love give them your favor and all the things that they do and he here the gray and on the times thank you so i now and then to evercombe this is up to all of us is it not one person that can save this this is all of us working together we myself less than in the millions of people out there that want to do the right thing and and all these evil acts that are out there it were liberty and justice for all under god all might thank you all very much come back to morrow at eight o'clock in the morning we visit my website brandenburg for governor dot com my telegram channel is at brandenburg the number four am i and i do write fostering a book has been tried amata little bit of a pistol that keep taking me off and eliminating my abilities to post and be seen and we need to attack we need to aetites also in whims in order of taking over a nation through a kind and the controlling media the media is public enemy number one right now but the great thing is is that we are as we are brain the news forward or bringing it in throwing what is uncomfortable to people here but i don't care we're not going to stop notionate can't silence us the less they unless they decide to to turmoil to so here we go to be you all we love nor your in our thoughts and prayers every single day and we are not going to stop fighting where here from the long hall and we are never going to fold never never yes thank you so much that was arimathaea talk to you later