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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/5/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Communion

Published July 5, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker We will be doing communion today along with our study. Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is a fifth day of july twenty twenty three i i'm a bring out of my my wonderful friend and gas rate away and start the staff with a wonderful song so good morning ten a doin wordnone doing great out o here we're actually in a soft cord antelope will the blood differenceeleven grace church day but we just prayed in incolas planned and the consciences the house householdthe little cool what lot color rather than to ninety to hundred to be haddist to fifty five yesterday self penelo the different but severalone the stardotted with a with a a so jessie how her another's lot on a lot of weird things going on right now on we're going to talk about just a little bit about it the nuclear power plant you crane that really hitting the nearest to a focus every one on what's really going on that what he solid startled with i old fine moses sosigenes titles irishnot stars thought that was a nice way to to think about this week and what we're celebrating as our country and you know i was i was in lancing it at daniels owego here and i walked into the williams belling and i was very very stir the american flag the flag and the pride and i you know i'm not afraid to say things that are really different but any one that puts self interest flag on the ground that we all share that does not unify people off into sober is absolutely traitors if in its it's always for san look at me look at me instead of looking as and oh you know i'm just any any of this is all of these the stop in its unfortunate that our country's been and indoctrinated to c nonsense it is exactly nonsense i don't want to celebrate anybody else as sexuality keep that to yourself that's fine but what i do want to celebrate is a fact that we are all american and together to protect each other's rights but that doesn't mean that any rights anybody else so that flag for all of us standing together in yes don and i appreciate that clip and never so many cans we probably were at her resort here in sopourters we'd probably have shifting little kids running round and ivespenta of pictures a kensit you don't we we do what we do for yes our progeny and that drillmen sikes and now what you said was so true even now you know look at us to be americawas look at god and that's what we've lost in that pride fit flag is a desecration of the god it we sure when when i want to bring it up what is it seen the bible pride goes before the fall i think that this is a much wider comet that was made in the bible but pride goes before the fall and there is there's a lot of examples of that where there is distraction away from god and trying to put people or the selfe on a throne above god and his stockings and no matter how much they try to shove this indoctrination down or through all it does i for me it strengthens my ris my resolve to call it out for what it is it's a very very i'm better than you watch my flag because my flags therein your look and it seems to me like very much and invasion oh a sub group is a color evolution as wanted at as ammenehat of their part of what here to overthrow the people as a nation in in deference sub group in order to just have the power to run the show and run the rest of us around like little eight going to happen everybody out there ah because we stand what we need to get unified instead of putting putting our or were things that we identify as is he a fore front for this nation we need all of us together and you want to be an inner rind of real in a real group the proud to just be in america at that and that's what we need to focus on right now to unify us is and being thankful to be in america and the nation was founded on you know on the principles that god gave us we don't even really need the rest of the laws if you i still doubt the perfect law was the law that god gave us in anything else was just adding to human nature in the jews did it in no god give ten commandments that was good enough for them so they had to eat and six hundred forty eight more rules and and regulations to be of good jew instead of following god and that with do the same thing oh it's it's human nature we do it and to try to get more and more control in a world it seems out of one the only way we get peace is when we give all the control to god and in stop train control everything get in there and let him take we follow what he wants us to do even if it looks like its counter intuitive god always has the plan he always has the right point and we have to be at peace he and i would just say down and when you talk about i you know so many things i will not let or wrong narrative you sir good words so like when you say i done ify asks for instance we should identify as people under god steps are motto of america that was how we were founded and mack that pride flagged at the desecration of being under god and so to me as you said when we identify as being under god that that's the unity that we were given and war in regards to christ ah that's why i always want to hammer when we talk about our constitution about how we were founded i do believe they knew it was we his people and had just maybe transition into the macadoos conoscere couple things in it were going to get into communise maybe people if you are knocked ready a githercan ready and will do communionist a few minutes oh it's a perfect set way down up to for what you just said you now if if we obeyed the ten commandments that would be such a shetaroth first one was really to love god ah it's really god in christ and that's what brings us to the lord's table and again this is the bee the at least the third week which talked about imprecatory psalms and we're going to go into that a little bit but it my mind there's there's no better back drop for the imprecatory songs then the wrath of god that was poured out on chris's he hung on the cross for our redemption and so when we think about communion it is a unity of believers before this and he feeds ascendino i don't often talk about a dismay but we're just passed independence day or freedom day the reality is to union is a celebration of freedom christ brought to and at least talked about that just a little bit so it's it's amazing to me it's i it's like we think sometimes as we do celebrate we drink the wine or the juice of the vine ah we think you know a lot of even jeweven to day and i don't know what it watteyernaurlo scripture said you know is important as it was in the second flight we read hebrews on her places the blood of bulls and goats could never take was but it was the blood of the lean jesus christ that could ended for his pet and that's why communion is so crucial ah and we talk about obedience of jesus declared that his sheep would know him his voice and follow in graceful obedience and that's why i think the deer so many to day they are almost taught out of obeying god's law as somehow that's a badge of christ honoring a behavior and i i sold disagree with that i would i would encourage anybody to if you want a chatter let's talk about it because i know there's a lot of very bad teaching out there in and we would basically call it antinosine think about coming to the communicable it it's really about serving in obeying king jesus and i just i loved independence they are to love the freedom that we at least profess supplied we still have it but it so skewed and there some things you look around in the go well now much of that freedom nurse not much justice and so weak we should cry out to god god bring just bring freedom to this land because that to me honors the work of the cross and i think that's the work of the cross so if you when i add anything else down on a whaling like yet have started out with prayer despot here he was he well i love friend praying you know i love elevate you pray a lot when anybody praise ye know and and invites biscaino thank you don portatemi her dear heavenly father sweet common before you to day and there's a sense that i always think it communion is the utmost worship it we can do to you and i just prayed that when listeners is we partico that we would realize that you talk about unity in its in you and when we do this it's not necessarily the action but when we participate in your blood and in your sacrificed flesh you give us a power to be unified people before you and in our land so lord as we do this i praise we go to this message that you would you would be honoured by it that you would be up lifted it people would learn may be something new to peace in their soul and be encouraged in their faith in jesus name i pray so oh we're going to i know this would not be the typical communion approach but i do want to speak from the scriptures jesus said in this would be in john at thirty one and thirty two especially you say sir and never asking about again there bondage and jesus bascafeld them the gusher enslaved to your father the devil we know we don't want that in christ that's not god liliput us into the kingdom of his lesson so jesus said to the jews who had believed in him if you abide in my word you are truly by disciples and you will know the truth and a truth will set you fruit and he answered him we are offspring and in prim and never been slave to any one how is it that you say you will become red jesus said truly truly i say to you every one who commits sin is a slave descent the slave does not remain in the house for ever the sun remains for ever so if the sun sets you free you will be indeed and without that freedom and again i know that i won't argue this point not not to be you know in your face dog matic but i just believe that the scriptures are so clear here that our freedom is totally entrenched in the work of jesus and it's that freedom done i know that lipton your soul lives in my son oswald causes us to do what we do and and we do have to question what do people have in our souls when when the call of freedom comes and i say as you were talking about hereonto busy to do that i'm sorry you're something of watatic re so i do you know i want again to be union in the differ like to be we we got to understand that freedom in cristianos o jesus i don't want to turn to that i oregione this was of very great difficult message for the people that jesus was talking about in action fifty two essays then the jews dispanded among themselves saying how comes man give us his flesh jesus said to them truly truly i say to you unless you eat the flesh of the son o man and drink his blood you have no life in you and so again we we dissected if you will communion a back on modenesi e weeks gonwe did get into calvin's understanding and it it's really not a name because we're talking about jesus jesus said it very clearly now do we do it as a cannibal would but i believe it's weighed more than mormorar service this is jesus literally saying here are my fears my flesh here's my blood drake it indeed it so that you can receive grace and merit to live in a way that its god pleasing in christ reflected there's a big difference between having had knowledge and heart knowledge you know you can in an i think that this is what he's what they're to go talking about you can know so but to absolutely no some a totally different scenario you know you can say something like a you know i love fresh you know or i love this or i love that you know but but he differencebetween that and i love whatever it is that are children or as or or god where you do love and it is a difference it becomes such a part of you separate yours from from the love that we have for other people around us and it when when you go back to god as love he has us all together and when you when you take it if you have ever met some who has never had the ability to truly love i have yes and do you know that people people that are like that they have not they have no ability to really love all they do is his other people or other things oh i love this i love going here i love doing this i love this or that that's not real love romantic l is not real but real love is that love the asks nothing for itself just absolutely is willing to do anything or give whatever it takes right as situation or whatever with asking really nothing at there is no alter motives other than just wanting to do things that god writes in our heart and that that the huge de ah that type of love is on condition that type of love of hopes in all things and believes in all things that that wants to say as for every one it's not a transitory or a changeable it is a steadfast unwavering unmovable and a and a lasting of love and that that's what i believe that god is telling us when we take come is that we absolutely he becomes part of a and when your hen live by the spirit it's a very tangible he is a changed your entire est you are not tight becomes not important and you have an eternal act can withstand through god's matter yeah and it's we did go to that last week with the dennis praesumpt there there such a huge difference between faith if you will of mental faith in a trust in our soul and that's why i you know a lot of people get may be confused but this is the difference between ten epistemologist oology and an ontology so when god puts it love in our souls that's why paul said it's christ love that compels me to do what i do we still have a love for god but it's his love in a setsthe ontology and if you don't have that i you you can't really it won't flow out of you christ lo can flow out of you if christ loved this not in you that's what jesus was talking about in and john eighters were many transition to the hero your head for the spirit and you know it he is to spiritual and we are in spirit as percontor right now that the biggest word were an besides fitz generation we are in a more wagnerhis or right now but the bigger war is the spiritual war in a hell we get that figure it out and go back to god will lose every single war the end or afterthat we go in to do we can we cannot win any war without god leading us and were every one themselves humbly and will do what god asks his so regardless of see outcome yes sar so many of so too to the words of paul in first gratian's elaine said for i received from the lord what i also delivered to you that the lord jesus on the night when he was betrayed ah i don't we think about communion yes we call the lord's table the last supper but that was i believe the sedway by jesus christ into the reality of the passover meal so there's a sunset that's the communion meal so he said and when i'd given thanks he broke and said so oh let's let's give thanks for the bread remember that symbolizes and not just symbolizes i believe i am so logically christ leads us by his holy flesh so here entered have the crackers and thank you joe with out if you have a cracker bread whatever take that and that's free for that she will give thee here every father lord we thank you for the work that you did on across there's no doubt that what you did on across is the reality who we are in how we act and how we respond to you lord we thank you for your broken body that was given for us and we take it in remembrance of you this is my body which is for you do this and remembered and now for the truth of divine he said in the same way he also took the cup after supper saying this cup is the new component in my blood do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me for as often as you eat this bread and drink to cop you for plain you lords death until he comes a man in a man the other not cannot i can't look him people souls and now what they did why they did what they did whether they partook in a sinful way whether they lay your heart open to god nettle up to do there is a curse it he applied to that if you take it you take it to the base clear damnation of your salts if you are not in christ but at same time christ calls us and that's why you know their lot of people the lot of pastors that i think literally push people away in this i understand the warning but in my min dars there such a a godly come do you need by grace he degraded you need forgiveness do you need mercy drink to and i just think it's such a majestic thing so while i may lead it i believe it it's literally cheeses treading as the meal the eternal meal with that will move into so sturdy soppin and few are a post to manuscript downes creek on the wise so sike god never forsakes his saints said pickle down just a couple of paragraphs those new birth and redeemed by his righteous and natural reach a selebrated there self says the decorticated seven was made to encourage the practice of praying so the jesus brings his cane into our midst and i guess i'm sad and by all the people as you we were talking earlier down on the professed christ and yet they don't really pray that jesus would bring his kingdom here and not and i know what may be a transition for some people's theology but i i am convinced that our founders lived in the reality of that kingdom and i believe that if christians understood this and we started living in the reality of his kingdom on earth in our minds i believed it we stand up for the freedom that god gave us in america and this is not about a worship of america in things that we've done but i believe that if we understand what god is done decretus land we will approach things defend joe tells new birth gives us access to the farmer's face because of this divine connection we have access to the throne of grace where we can pray and imprecatory fashion oh and before we just get the camstary salving ah i would still say that in essence when we come in communion were approaching the throne of great to receive grace and mercy to help in time of need in the bread and in the wide golfermy tom i'm going to i'm going to stop my camera man an i'm goin to go ahead and polished right now all round mines if ye want to go my telegram channel and have that manuscript they can felt the nudge to do that so be here on her are you able to hear me but i'm a stop the came on giving his pulse dominating okay ye i can cotalto you get it posted in the oh now you anne talk and i can hear you but i've got a feeble to moron here a little bit so ye so i think that to david's first words in that solemn and now boy i know it it it hits me fret not because of evil doers and and i'll speak to myself directly sometimes it's not that i fret down i it's it's hard of times to real lies the evil that is a torment the evil that is being planned the evil that is carried out and maybe not do what god is helping us to do don't fret about evil doers but i think as i was challenging people as unchallenged we can go to god and say lord do your justice and there met i don't even think it's wrong to print lord take them out because what we're talking about his not people that trip if you will if the evil but we're talking about people that are sold out at the very soul at the very ontology of their soul to evil and her people the to that all the things and whether its sex trafficking child track organ harvest time just all the demonic things i go on to destroy life destroyed god's design his colston be envious of wrong doers we may not see this enough but i think this is why we prayed the imprecatory solves david says for lost soon fade like brass and withered like green green trust in the lord and do good the thinkers there again that's what this huge o voice of wisdom there are people that will claim trust in the lord and yet they seem to want to bargain with evil and when we bargained or compromise i don't think we're doing good so i says to with the land and be friend faithfulness again when we look it who we respect who we exult who we put in office are we looking for and befriending faithful delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desire of your heart ah again i think that that comes to fruition in our prayers and as i said last week you know people will often say god inhabits the praises of his people that does come from scripture but i know that he and habits the prayers of his people as well and we ought to cry out against this evil yes i think we should stand against it resist it do everything we can to bring justice against it but we ought to be praying against it committer waited the lord trust in him and he will act made me read dis and proverbs solomon is it any wonder that he would be repeating the words of his father he will bring forth your righteous as the light and your justice as the new dish and again i just encouraged me our righteousness is his righteousness slipped out through when he talks about he'll bring your righteousness to be light jesus talked about that in the sermon on the mount let your light so shine that people will see it and glorify your father and have and your justice as the noonday be still before the lord and wait patiently form in remember waiting his serving him so beforehe serve him we are expected to see him work and i love this little phrase here fret not yourself over the one who prospers it his way over the man who carries out evil is refrained from anger and for sarah and this is again this the third time i believed that we here fred fred not yours jumped timesooner not patient we fret an why shouldn't we cause it says it only leads the evil and i do start is like lord we need a new pardon if we fret all the time we need a new pardon and or we need to really trust in no lord for the evil doers shall be cut off but those who were for or served the lord shall enter the ear in just a little while the wicked will be no more junk times it again would it be wrong to say lord if we know that he has any ternal perspective we only have a little window of dette ternity should we pray that lord becket window even smaller for the wicked i think some people were take more chibou can't prayed lord take her mouth rep ah and i know that god sometimes uses evil people for his own purposes and we have to realize it this could be happening to day i mean his purposes might be to wake us so to pray against it his purposes might be to wake us up to do just no you look carefully in its place the evil one he will not be there but the meek shall in here to her and delight themselves in abundant piece was jesus thinking of these words when he wrote what he did about to me can the peace makers in the serenade again just so you understand david was often giving the words of christ prophetically yes was the speaking now yes but so i says and delight yourselves in abundant piece i may weaken think oh we don't have peace to day i guess maybe more than any time ever said blessed are though the piece make even to me every time we can work toward genuine it's going to bring peace and thor souls every that's what sam stalks about one sixty five one night he won sixty five those who the law have blessed and again that's part of what would david was talking about that the wicked plots against the righteous and gashes his teeth at him but the lord laugh said the wicket for he seized it his day is coming the wicked draw the sword and bend her bows to bring down the poor and needing to slay those whose ways upright their sore shalt enter their own heart and their bonds shall be broken better is the little that to righteous has then the appointments of many wicked and now you know that something that we can all learn from with typically been taught one way another to you may not hear it dis way but to get all you can you all riches gather in everything we can hordit in protected and inderstand but if the same giant it's like god blesses sometimes should i say the poverty of the righteous i think that to you know we just were here in a house with a larry bambyks family and all six of his the siblings are still living and what is served in persiller while he for otters for he was technically a missionary for forty and yes he was doing a lot of mechanical and structure work and thinks like that it's like are you getting get rich like yet no but to me you're going to get rich in the lord sissons and money under the lactogenerator poorer judge success in life no lot of people tack it too oh you know the how much they had or how a shave down and that sort while it's all a gift from god number one in way as quickly as it was given and that in that in weepest all times whether we had a lot of roof have nothing and a it should never make you who you are you should have who you are know who you are and who you are in christ and then it doesn't matter you can have half you're not affected by having a lot in your not effected by having not thank you don on sowhether on for the arms of the wicked shall be broken wait david you can't say that and he's praying that as he said what had i got to tell you i heard one of the most ignorant statements of my life week friday on my show and i'm just going to put it out there pardon every one s because that's as this person that i became a christian and twenty twenty one and we had we should isota's treason they need to go to the kitool arrange meeting down there and let those gazes down there sorted out on the th it is like no no no that's not what pardon at every one i confess we left them go no because that is one and utter none and it's not of holding the law that's i i do not belie that that there is a people have to hop i'm sure it has most criminals will there lies in our depriving themselves be liars they are not going to step up and yet we're sorry as there looking at their watch going next crime is going to be committed in at and about five mines now it is none he that believe that sort of thing here are either misleading people i think there are a lot of misguided and ignorant people we have his pay that and i know that they believed that that's harsh but to the justice and judgment of god falls on the wicked well i and i believe that they the people out there that specifically use god its taking god's name in vain people and its an i don't believe that it is all innocent i believe that there are people that are in politics that you that is their god card play when they need further their own once and so just like everything else we have to really listen but yes it is your god god as and to claim the land out when it was so wicked we in that that doesn't give my hopenin free ice cream cone and know that everything's going to be great it means clean clean it out yea and not oleaginea when when we think about the wicked as we talked about there are some people that in their soul there the there is not one bit of christ in it there is not one bit of good or righteous consent and people have to realize secondchristians savages port of the best passages the tonkabout this but i think the imprecatory sales doloso favor because the fleshly repented and an again you know i've said it and i'll say it again great here that we only get true repentance through the cross of jesus christ so when people hate to cross hate christ hate what he did hate god they have no repentance coming or mercy mercy is in the cross one hundred per cent and if people would understand that you might say that christians would say oh then we shouldn't just forgive these people as true and again it's not we actually exult the righteousness of christ the work on the cross when we require just god did he had coupled capital punishment and and i think that when people are bamboozled enough to say oh no christian should require parspectin sense i think they got to go back and study what thoght so that we fordthat john child jesus for the lamb on his foot doctor that that is a you know there's the there's a little bit of misleading going on there i mean jesus he said everybody to come as we and you know but the the the reign of god is king and creator of the world is a is in effect and terrible day for those who committed these and when i'm talking cries i'm not at in our ocean you know i should have done this and i see no should have i should have had gastonomic and been ready to help somebody or i should have done this or that now i'm talking about things i heard of a woman yesterday the brand edward pargeter ing that we had she was talking about a grandmother sold their grandson and when they got him back he had bit marks all over his body that that somebody can't literally chew this cut off and and it was horrible i'm talking about cried that most and then when we were talking real real sonatos making the stakes but real send tacking about two different and those kinds of e who who absolutely victimized and butcher children they cannot remain then they asked cannot remain they are there never going to be sorry entallador they're going to tell you all this nonsense like with his togottasay going cannot arecannot while in again this it's like people are repulsed but this but i think christians need to understand that god is exalted he says in the death of the wicked the death of the wicked for god is something different for us and night that's why i just just send people need to go back and read what god they because what we think is not the issue so that's what you often hear oh christians should do this while what does god do what does god think what discords say and this is why i guess i've always lived my life or for many many years canealways many years i want to know what god means by what he says so would we dare throw out our thoughts if they don't mind up what's god's thoughts we'd better do some re valuation and so some changes so again the wicked will pierce the enemies of the lord or like the glory of the pastures they banished like small the banners away the wicked barrels but doesn't pay back and again you drunk about victimisation dat's the borrowing it's not necessary a bar acoose for ye forgot to bring it back the victimized people they destroyed lives they would call you ward just borrow in this life no you're not borrow your cake and life and god said if you take life for shall be required from you the wicked pores be doesn't pay back but the righteous is generous and guests for the blessed for those blessed by the lord shall inherit the land but those cursed by him shall be cut off i do not eat sounds like it's pretty emphatic i will see any room for a negotiation without no thank you the steps of the man are established by the lord when he delights in his way though he fall he shall not be cast headlong so his god going to you know some people to the to a few well the eternal electric chair firm first step or in a fallen in descent no but if you're living in it like those people do just pure evil i'm sorry for the lord apolis hand for those i stumble what i have been young and now am old and i could say that yet i haven't seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread i know you know over the years i've read that and maybe and to you get older and your body starts failing and things you don't really realize what that is but you accentre ember athanasius said he eighty five years the lord is never failed me i can't fail him so thee the blessings of the lord sometimes are not intangible thing but the lord gives his ever landing generously as children become a blessing turn away from evil to good so shall you dwell for ever for the lord here again loves just once he won't forsake his saints so the justice god's brinks is often for his saints for vengeance and god brings justice there preserved for ever but to children of the wicked shall be cut off i don't know again that's pretty emphatic down the righteous shall inherit the land and dwell upon it for ever the mouth of the righteous utters wisdom in his time i the log his god is in his heart his steps don't let the wicked watches for the righteous and seeks to put him to doubt but the lord will not abandon him to his power or let him be condemned when he's brought to trial wait for the lord remember that means serve him and keep his way and he will exalt you to inherit the land and you will look on when the wicked are cut off i've seen a wicked worthless man spreading himself like a green laurel tree what he passed away and behold he was no more should we be praying at i say absolutely absolute lord make cheswicke ruthless men make him disappear is that a godly prayer i would at least encourage people young nuts i think that's a very costly part well you know i took to argue with it is in the bible and i have how i who would be supernaugh to art youwith it's just written there unless you just wanted it heron your own mind you know you can't pick the what you oh i'm going to take this one in his but i don't like that on me i don't think you were in lesson to these next two verses done mark the blameless and behold the upright for there's a future for the man of peace but disperse but transgressors shall be altogether destroyed the future of the wicked shall be cut off the salvation of the righteous is from the lord answer stronghold in a time of trouble the lord helps them in delivers them he delivers them from the wicked and saves because they take refuge in him and do i just encourage people the on some of those words those are those are some of the most powerful words i think we could read and again i want people to get the hot of the imprecatory psalms oh jesus very likely was praying the precatory songs as he hung on the cross and so we're going to transition may be from communion into the excursion and to some seventy three the imprecatory songs but i watch to bring it back a little bit full circle to the truth is scripture and done this is a truth that i think i i i won't say it perplexed me but lord has caused me to chew on his many many many many times that i may show on this until he takes me home but i want to throw this out this to challenge people and to encourage so second pointers when scripture does the talking we won't be as confused about the messiah david spoke about this is what you were saying oh that a gentle cheeses ah jesus for suthin different to that of the apostle paul talked in two places and i know you got my my second book down on god's war for electors eh and that in galatians as swallows in romans and were look at that romans passage a little bit later in this nest fall says be because your sons his offspring through no birth the only way we become his children and to their fore image or likeness him god has sent the spirit of his son into our hearts crying father cried a like daddy father can an i just i say there i trust you heard that cry and your soul and the question is have you so let me just talk about this i says i turmoiled over this a a father even then i i say because do i think that everybody that's been new birth understands is no first of all i don't i don't never heard anybody teach in this and yet call says this two times hesione apostle to talk about in this language the abbe father declaration that god puts in our soup and so i encouraged people somebody might do what in me i've never really sensed that i don't know what you're talking about this sad man that reality is not of myself i don't want to say that on the other hand i would say that that may be if you haven't had that it could be that may be here not new birth do i want to say that i'm partickly no i don't because i think as i've looked at scripture and chew on as before the lord and in the scripture i would least the just a very quickly that it some ways a maturing of the faith so some asked ears to questions oh how does this occur well it does say that the spirit does sat in our soul can we create it no is this visualized in somenot others i take as can we provoke this i pro say not if the spirits wanted does this i made if there's anything we can do is just to cry out to god god which you do this and my soul can we ask god for you i just basely said to so i think there's a reality and done you asked earlier you know other people that baby i don't have any idea of what logistics and in so i think you are a people that have been may be so wounded by their biological father or somebody that they would call father a priest of pastor a teacher i mean deiseal abuse the physical abuse the mental abuse that people have endured very often they i find people really really struggled with thinking daddy father can i really trust him while it's not really but trust cos he puts it into our soul but but i know that there are people that i think are so damaged that maybe they even had their one camp rely feel it they can't recognize its onderstaind to it shootin encouragement and to challenge some so i think it little i think it's propriate to ask if you are you want you know the first thing to do is set down and pray you if you ask him he is sathanas ring so if you want to if you want to to have the a face and and ask him to it but then when he is leading you don't say well did the real you mean this i did a really here at second just go with it and here and is in see what happen in any in town ages i mean is not here but i i it rings in me so many times because people are told if you say the seiners prayer i hear you're in god's family or if you join a church you're in god's fan or if you joined his fruitfulfor hear your or in god's family and yet scripture tells me that the spirit is capable of putting a rope father reality or recognition in us so i'm just said i agreed don we ought to evaluate our life say he has had happened oh so i do think that it's late to sanctification and i would say at that point we talked about obedience and we talked about lot of people that are anti nomen in on believed that were supposed to be got i would almost suggest that some of those people would rise say no i never felt that i don't know that in my shop and so i think that it is late when we approach god's law we say god through your grace through your power new birth may so that i can keep your law and reflect my christ i think it's then when the holy spirit comes into and gives us that sense of the onefather event as i've called and you know dent for its baby steps too he have to remember and now o or way from god it's not i don't expect it like ye bolts to come down in your world change mediately it'll it'll happen it may it may not happen for a very long time cato keep going you got to persevere and knoweth he walking in that truth any ventualit it'll start some of the telestar falling away it'll fall away and then then it is you keep walking at the to god will give you more and more because you'll be a live deal with the yea and so here's what i will tell people we're going to go into the two passes to the scripture a roman's aid and an sam's one ten and i want people to understand cause sam's one ten is one of the greatest passages the deals with the god man messiah jesus christ and so jesus would be the flesh part and christ would be the god part so god jesus god eternal second person of the trinity chokin flesh and so i think that there is so much confusion done may be about how we be come child of god in so much confusion about who this god man is that it impacts than of ofofother event ock soworthy these try to tie these two passages in give you the foundation again this is again one of the perspective of potashes that of the father a bit differently didn't galatians and then we're out flow into sam's one check the hour the least i want to encourage people that sometimes when we understand who this jesus really is how do we think he is as i i can remember people with chuckle you know cause i did go ministres for two and a half years and i'd get people all time coming in all pass her jim i believe in jesus and i ask nurse wowishness you believe in a acelpha do you mean i said in people's minds there's melanocetus but in descripture there's only one do you believe in that one for do you believe in one of your own making speak different indifferent inference so let's get into romance eight for the greatest passages and if you know what i've taught about rome and seven unbelieved it groinseven more than anything was pale last days of being in the kingdom of darkness i believe that roman sevenwhen he kissed entail and seven twenty four quiet he cries out who shoved the lever me from this body and death and i think that's right when jesus basicly said sol sol you know who are you pursue and and so we here's romans he it says this is come deontological one and i think paul explodes christ gospel in this passage so i just cheery pick a few verses and as i don't i don't throw a lot there but he says in burst five those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the like and i might ask people while in even right down here this couple lines what does it mean to live according to the flesh can christians choose to do this i think not in paul gives us a robed tink so ex like do we sometimes as christians live in the flesh but maybe not according to the flesh so there's maybe a distinction but maybe not so i throw it after ask yourself take you before god said lord examined my life ah am i walking according to the flesh i mean am i clinging to a faith in christ and then living according to the flesh a digger's lot of people to do that the antinomians i believe do in a lot of ways so let's find out what polsons what those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit and he young packs otolite bit burst six or to set the mind of the flesh is death but to set the mind on the spirit this life and pick in verse sopending that is set on the flesh here's ears were really on packs is hostile to god for it does it submit to god's law indeed as and i i guess i challenged people on time it and i you know this is worked down i had prostrates me with people in the broad church and again may be for my distinatine i want to make it clear of yours the broad church where a lot of people say oh i loved i loved joy i i the gospel lives in me and yet if you ask him do you obey the law or no no no where as was to do that well oh are they in that category that day cannot submit to console and i guess people have to answer that inert in her soul forsake those who are in the flesh can't please god but now paul says you have ever are in the flesh but in the spirit if in fact in spire of god dwells in you any one who doesn't have the spirit of cries dasent belonged to him and o pot that's pretty clear i i don't know how to live on that any more that show something my say why believe in jesus well the spirit of christ is he live in him do you belong to the spirit of cos so we're going to see there's a lake care that paul makes with that of the father of that now he doesn't call it an uncle father of jet like i do but i think odessa jumps off the page on me that this is something that we should really be talking about teaching and while we can't bring it we can sure ask god for it so he says i find where i just once yes i think it's in a thirteen but if i read this began with says if you live according to the flesh you will die but if by the spirit ye put to death the deeds of the body you will live and here's fourteen all this is again a pet teach rampart up twist in escrow tire all who are led by the spirit of god or sons of god i think that's a shooe verse as looach ld o god well are you led by the spirit of god now here's hers the dilemma we yet short we say oh hey if you're not led by the spirit of god you could still be a son of god the lot of people to say that under san i can't say that when i read that mrs all who are led by the spirit of god are sons of god but he says but you didn't receive the spirit of slavery to fall back in fear but you received the spirit of adoption a son by whom we cry i it is this were again done i started back a few minutes ago saying a lot of people say why he iexcept chris i said the sinner's prayer i have believed i joined the church well those might be all good things and i and i'll say this i think that some people are new birth when they do those things but here might be the clincher verse in this passage spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of god and this is why i don't jolt a telling somebody that your gods thine why because i think that's the spirit's duty and he does it a whole lot better than me so i might give somebody assurance i think you're in the faith it may be i shouldn't do that baby which had said the spirit himself bears witness that we were sons of god were children of god and again i ask is that ring in your show if so how would you explain it in your life is this you toforgive ority or provide examination of edos live in your soul to some thirty five and romans at some sturdy saved maybe don't lie a foundation but remember one of the they met by doctor professor and he said in many classes god qualifies the colt it doesn't call the qualified his people the he qualifies the call to down of that's why i said you have been graced for a time like this it would come basically from that berstrte there and i hollymore gods and brain sometimes in this yellowishorange up by one sonnies i i thank you for being that an it's like god will qualify the call it is not an easy road of was just talking to a young man yesterday and is god'll take his truth things that we never imagined but tho not so let the move into some one ten desisthis is one of the big messianic psalms and so when we think about the god man you can follow long ear if you want to open your bibles or somethin but disaster powerful par o passage and i believe yes this is david talking and we might think what david but i mean jesus barrels david's words really this is why i say low people don't maybe understand david and how god works perthetic is through individuals in collithamnson effects in the background there honoreroit we probably have fifteen kids here so i heroesalfred and our families and agrines and into our lives and and i love for real people they reaped i absolute let those babies yet so we did the best we could i i kind of figured maybe the best we could do was go out on the porch but it would be would have been may be a forty five or fifty head and ominousness way to do it or enters batter because it's and i spend on and i thank you for being real done i really do it no again we know we don't have to be professors one me god god makes his and now we we got to live with everything and that's what i told people if you're not going to trumpeton there eh i woke but so we hitinatra were clustered in a lowe rode between a curtain in the doorway a wavehead kids run initoo go of the bath room he said here but it's like just the way that is so i lay low being the mystic gets too and again that's part that's why we do what we do an it's like people who got to get on the boat bring back america i believe that god founded our country maybe in a greater way than he did israel i know that some people might go tim akin you say that i'll explain that later but i do believe that and so that's let's get into the text of the psalms one tent the lord that's john hova capital l o r d says to my lord my atonics now does that make christ lasser then jehovah absolutely not arnold for losing energy here cold power as the brown outer what henerey quite that i thought flicker that's crazy oh ye so if we lose it done in nor what to say but the male is in every teleprint now god bless you finish it up if he loved her so so again this would have been organ what i went on trying to unpack here is the god man you know there are people that look at jesus as being lesser than jehovah got in yet what we read is it jesus is called jehovah so this is a romerias to understand so if he's called how can he be la sir then god or lesser in the trinity if he is called jehovah and he is called god and athlyi love i love we was just talking to larry couple days ago when when tomas was called the dodingtons i distaught to label on because when you don't yes he said in missouri fash and it were not some of the people here are from missouri you know show me that that's what he said he a less i can see to hold in his hand and put my hand in his side i won't believe and yet when he sees the risen lord he says my lord in my god and i challenge people cause dona is much bible study as i ever done i don't see where any apostle calls jesus god until that very they called the master lord rab by teacher they never called him god until tomaso to me how majestic is it state be debts not a doubter that's somebody who called jesus who he was see batter is what he is he's that in people thinking for me no he's not reference in the cool lad he's going to make sure the is she i disagreed with him i on variation in the sounds like you are raising the bar fire bob what do aber de say that again donna garrisonthe said it sounds like you are raising the bar far above what jesus ever ded this is where we divide true evil from people who are given in their best shot here to walk away from habits and things that things that are in grain in us even things that are or that his were raised with that sort when god's tells us or illuminates them as we go and that's may be a bad word to you is but but when he shows us what we need to do to change we have to be willing to change hill convict us in our hearts but what what we're talking here people that are committing pure even is a totally different he don't i i you look at you have to be on to rightly divide thus or erl never makes one because then you're going to try to apply everything in the punishments to every time we have the hang nail and that that's not the the point is as that discernment in redly dividing what we're talking about because there is pure evil out that cannot and in unfortunately of i've i've heard a lot of arguments in the paste well you know we've got to forgive we've got in this and that that is but when when people are truly red and we give grace to each other as were stumbling the screw because we're all stumbling and were told but whitesand here i'm going to go had in an address the sin you tell me if i am i understanding these tenssen here is that when lately in your face to god say and goose and he's just going to forgive me any one i'm going to go out and you know i just can't control myself you know i'm a man to go out i am rated saws going to forgive me anyway and where this great be cross on my i don't think that's going to cut anything with a lot you are a blatant wire now when you talk about about things where we all do so every single one of us there's not one of that is only one that was re i throw but in look at look at the type of sin like him said through these in our past made we had the lot of people lied to protect case there afraid to have people see them for whom they really are casinothe when people make for not wanting to call out sense of others its usually because the convicted within themselves of doing something wrong and they don't want to have that that judgment applied back on he well when when when we have it when it's between us and god when we make a mistake we go to god we ask the right to forgive us with it as we walk dean of our faith doesn't mean more perfect that's not it but won't oncewithout and we cannot he not apply ah seri ah same hayes talking o soshatin talking about forgive difference there in the only way you'll see that difference as if you have these in an arming self discern that amy look at it look at are you going to say we're going to and let the onethirty gan go cause then the theretherein them and let them do peremption the same we're going to go ahead forgive those that are low less than a beat of our cities if orillons that's half over and with the oar the brain of the of the most and of library there were the rates and the the murders and all this going on do we look at that as emotional saps we're going to forgive no and not just know how no there is a different god also upholds lawful nor people are just say ah i i can't control myself for this set nothing you'd better get on knees requis as i don't think that you look at people that are they are trying to normalize pedophilia and all that other notes i don't really think that any of their gower kind of sorry be god's going to forgive us any it is a difference in and you have to approach there people just been human beings which are very flat all of us are there is not one of us is totally figured up we have to walk in with the idiologos striving i have a walk that looks more like god every single day and that just basically flipping off god saying what we're going to do what we want to do it he's going to forget us i then you and i was going to say herriges the benefit donnyshe thee my manager of lionlike church studio but we often sit at table for hour or and half after our onliche and so what what i consensit there is a couple of things of a dress is number one this isn't tim parker raising to bar this is jim parker trying to remind her of what scripture says scripture raises the bark the bore of christ was raised by god almighty and i'll say this dona i destroy this out to challenge a lot of people because we've talked about this there certain teologisto don't relieve believe that jesus is king now but when when we think about that jesus to didn't throw a stone in john the he was made king of everything on the cross so that was pre cross we we sometimes are very confused about what a post cross jesus will do as king yes i know the there is a day that he will come and he will personally bring justice to the whole world but we've got to understand that king jesus was different then jesus the god man who did not throw a stone at that woman but people got a realized too they were distorting just these there the law said bring a man and a woman who is caught in adultery and this is why they were throw on a finger in the face of god by sin cases we clothis women of intact of adultery at impossible oncommin a daltrey herself okay so that's part of that and people got a realized but but here his yes his lawless es here there's another kind of from garry said no no when some one shares that they are born why would you challenge to one is serotinous i would encourage every one but i'm going to tell you what when i see a politician like i did this last who basically sat e i y o became save two days ago some one who has been found in their chests for in order to get on a stage and graham retire rather than i got a lot of sin and i don't think we had if night eve to the that a lot of people are taking the lord's name in vain and i that's great that's great there people get at consaved or good to fall again it's as a profit is not the lightning strikes and you know and and we're we're prinodes with his men behavior and because of that we have to still asked is and and you know look for the eye of being able to be helpful or not to be stupidly led astray by somebody whose just a really good lie yes thank you don a for all that so i i hopefully green open people understand where we're not trying to be me i'm just trying to encourage people go back to the word see what god says see what he means and so let's look at the next verse successes at my right hand until i make your enemies your footstool how do you think god is going to make christ's enemies is footstool he's going to destroy the that's how it's going to help you and in very you know we do talk about the cross when we were doing communion justice requires judgment and as for that's why when i said that we don't see true mercy outside of the cross of christ and i think there's a lot of people on people who profess grace at need to chew on that in and i might say a foolish enough if you will to say show me where god gives mercy without judgment and justice and i'll change my mind but if you can't do that i think you need to look in scripture and russell with the truth ah so you know not trying to intrincre people in trying to be kind but kindness you know an that's a i think it's a forty bacon thing you know we believe in the eleventh commandment thou shalt be nice or kind but yet we don't believe in the first town it's likely we can't do that so sets the lord sends forth from zion your mighty scepter who scepter the sceptre of jesus christ as king rule in the midst of your enemies what are we think that means again i some in my sometime you can't say what it means but i do believe when we just found out that god set sit on my right hand and people don't it may not even be if you will he's not sitting in a submissive let's see posture before god the father the right hand is really talking about the strength of god that's his right hand and as what he says if you will jesus because your king sit it in my hand of power to you what when i think he's going to wield that power so sit until i make your enemies your footstool ah that that implies it really signifies that jesus will bring judgment in just and again god is exalted in the death of the wicked i do i would think that everybody out there is sick of it sick and tired of all the longest ness and the the horrible stuff that were living for thee out there so that we can in fact see the jehad in a walk and a grand version and a c of this name and the war on god itself it's truly there is truly a war going on right guess i think sometimes you know there's this people that have been dragged into things i know that the people that have been black and and that had been threatened i know that she and then it all come out the truth the only one that is a righteous judge of any one's heart good or bad is his god himself we can't judge it somebody's good or bad oh as far as sir centiens or the real the what's really going on there and their hearts on their heads with god sees all those all its account get past but we can one to be watchful and mind full as we go for and now like that gods could bring it all out o we'll get a figured out a keel figured out for us and let us know what's really going on thank you don that's yes so i i hope in my gassed i tell i would encourage people any time palorama send your questions we can discuss it i go to the word and we got it we got on again believe what the spirits ah and i think that the spirit is very clear what he says and why he says what he says and i would you say if we really want to be christlike we need to really open our minds to times wave bigger than they already are so says ah your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power in holy garments from the womb of the morning the dew of your youth will be hers the lord has sworn and will not change his mind you're a priest for ever after the order of melchisedec not leave i argento get into this just a little bit and we unpacked little bit taroudant twenty or something inflicting on insane and hotelif you want drakino and this one later we can also give them but i think i think the discussion is very is very proterospongia down a weekend we can fly to the rest or soissone give you time out you know he time to say it you had not time in was i can not since the lord her son and will not change his mind he got the big statement so so again he's a priest for ever after the order of a kiss yet to the lord is it rite hand he will shatter kings on the day of his wrath and it may not be that last day i think the day of his wrath could be at any time for anybody and that which every true he will execute judgment among the nations filling them with corks he'll shatter cheeks over the wider you drink from the brook by the way therefore he lift up his head and in some ways this is talking about we we can think about he lied who took the heads of eight hundred and fifty prophets of baal and astro i and as on essencefor octopis head he'll drink from ofr and and he'll be nourish so we got to realize that this son is about king jesus the wanted only young incarnated god man and i guess if i should had that hid lighted but that's that's a huge statement right there the turtles son took on human flesh becoming man an end listeners clearly but did not rescind or give up eternal divinity and i won't say maybe people are tending to be radical but there are a lot of people that teach that o jesus gave up his divinity to become a man absolutely not absolutely not and william plumer who were going to go through were gonospora in it unpacked sons one night teen next week dona can he rode a book on son of psalms oh and he said luther said in it was quoted in this book this is a peculiar and glorious prophecy concerning christ's kingdom there is no soul like one can in the whole scripture it ought to be very dear to the church as it confirms that great article of faith christ sitting at the right hand of god the father almighty calvin said this beyond all controversy the son is a clear prediction of the divinity priesthood victories and triumph of the siah alexander said this counter part to soto that's the other messianic saw thereby be smaller ones bethose two begins completes the prophetic picture of the conquering masses or king jesus is a conqueror and we better understand that ah not just way out there some time before he wraps everything up rolls up side walk if you will these ivconcerning messiah since the cross i do say join him it not fight and i to you understand that down on that's why i i really implored what you do david's language implies that his lord as to his divine nature was already in existence as the eternal son of god and this is why i i believed every manifestation of god when i say manifestation in talking about a physical man of the station was a pre incarnate cried and she what is it men to and that's for we got into the neck are says means that jesus entered his rest after his erthly mission her minutely possessed his reward of kingship over the whole world so it's not the jesus is just king over his his sin king over the whole world can we understand it's a big truth ah it denotes the majesty authority and posture of a judge with a strength emblem christ couldn't be raised to a higher degree of rest rule joy favour and power since his throne is for ever and ever and how would be kind of an answer to tiger's question a few minutes ago in my raisin up here yet god raises the bar up here christ sceptre is made mighty by the power of jehovah the incorrigible or crushed and as what we're talking about the evil incorrigible people their crushed the rest or shaped jesus christ we'll have dominion over all the earth as he rules former enemies that's what it means to be sitting at christ's right hand god's right in christ was perfectly qualified for being a priest after the order of melchisedec and i think this is almost the last of this message here but i hope people two on us god forbid joint rules of priest and king in israel now the only one that really forged with that was david when he was designated to be king when in a kind of functioned as priests and yet god did not condemn him for that so we think about melchisedec and christ work king priest never in the history of israel to deniker and i say there your mind and soul will go very very high as we ponder this he is the highest as hebrews explained now when we think of our melchissedech and christ neither of those two men if we could say that our in the linage of jewesses neither had a predecessor or successor and yet and why because both reigned eternally so from that would might we say that melchisedeck was again a man of the station of god almighty was was that the pre carnaris with melchisedeck i would probably say a prey sureties but i'll let people too on that jesus is the siah yet jews still rejected not just us but when we think about the people jesus said i came to my old in my own did not receive him as to goes on to day all her rooms on what that go head distanthe game as the people would reject absolutely done absolutely it's the same all her rejected mediator will lie prostrate at his feet either just some of the comments from william plovers the commentary there no power can effectually resist christ's triumphant mark er again that conqueror or divine king and church head is out of reach of diabolical malice christ most glorious conquests came through word spirit and grace willing converts are his jewel his kingdom glory is immense he's the rock upon whom we can rest price priesthood is without peterson melchisedec only primed his i have was my comment is gospel love and will love in the whole world and i asked are you my letters of fonthill part to this are we helping christ loving the world humility proceeded to redeemers honored jesus waits patiently first father just subdue his enemies there's the significant truths there that i encouraged my listeners to chew on for to this scripture see if you can find out if you have to make in script i think it will be great encouragement to your soul and as i started out this is all about who the god man is the more we understand the god man to lore weakens god god can you if we have an experienced it bring that i be father relationship and myself is i think it's beneficent when god does that is he got that changes everything because you know i think all of us old committed such grievous crimes this planet and that the encouragement is it's going to happen it's going to have in this lawlessness assisted to have in across the globe for some very evil people is not going to continue on for it's going to be reset in that should be an encouragement to all as to know that there is one there there there are going to be there's going to come a time when these people will not be able to walk the and hear you erroneousdryden said hester those of us who really have govenor heard of free other that we can't eothen all to quiet person would do these that those people that are even of god and his law alaire there's going to be just there and wheedle the tide will be defended god is our protector of provider or de and we need a coronopus ting ourselves into that position i acanthosoma be we know that in all of us know it all was now that on no oopthorne the were talking to different trigintate so run the god and he is good and right through forgive you and is less than he and he will lead us down a new pet in line which securing e and anger things in we got at you onquirin out over there now the words which we should have we we did at send up this for nothing girl portugais the bedivilled door yet we were happenedstand stand of larry and i think of you standing out of onethe what is come haveron yes any rate we're we're doing the best we can has retired out in no there's there's a bunch of little onesoono having a glass the anisson derstand and oh that's why i told garry in good to miss my studio to day but we we made it true down i do on to leave people short and i just i just challenged people studied the imprecatory songs there's there's a whole list of em and i ii has whatwhathas throw this out of the challenge and encouragement when we read the imprecatory sons and you said you several times to lerisco weeks the we see different things that we never really saw before these are the words of christ saved set of others may be strolled up but we see christ in a different way and if we don't see the god man soon for pies is it it's not unfair to say we don't relieve in your christianity and so i just challenge people the more we study who that god man soon is i think we that's really when we begin to understand what our christianity is all about we're talking about its king jesus he will bring justice and we should pray for to day and this i hope that we can do that i just just we we need to learn and in a rosebines forgiveness to us too i mean there is there's a balance here gaseous and we've got to be very careful to not fall into the if lawless because we now were guilty and and you know it's like that it would when we know where guilty in time to start clean and house on ourselves he now pulled the plank out of her own eye before before we ah apply it to the whole world though ohetotareva you don't sometimes as uncomfortable to out of our life i mean i mean i think all of us said he had to go through that prose oh you know god knocks the rough edges off of the diamonds and in that of a in a dozen can down per his were on but if it is it is definitely a prose but but a the world we live in right now is is certainly interesting that i think that the great thing is is elberon to god got us all our wild we run to god for his love and she poles out of of the problems of this his we're going to walk through this together and that's that's were talking about is it true walk with god because i do believe you can walk with god on his but if you're going to be if you're going to do now were poole's going to be set back and what you he'll lick you and not hirecano how's that work and for a and i you know i guess you know is a struggle with this as his spirits i wish we had always had that interficerent after communication is again you know i tried to make this clear up rock where sometimes talking about the broad church and in people got a realized she first of all it's like if we're if we think or in christ and were not living in the fullness of his righteousness not just been applied to us but it did live through us and if that righteousness is not living through us we ought to be alarmed may be by some of the things seen severino here i am not here trying to condemn any believer in christ any person that is that no os that of heather relationship and so my point as it were talked about and i think done a week we mentioned to me i think they're a lot of people to realize her evil that wants to dominate our world in it if you have the fuzziness about that it's it's like a man we don't know why you're talking like that but but when we understand that justice will be done and exults god and christ turn the tb an if you don't like you want to see it we're talking about about things that are wrong and you know what the world turned the devon if you want to see lawlessness and godlessness see roquic and then on the night we knew her on the clinton news networker and restive yes it's right there for all and as he tooeleanor aged to know that there is going to come a day when we're all going to be able to sit down idly because we will not you know not even not even are we going to be i am i don't believe that wagoner all going to more perfect but i think there's always going to be things that when concise we're going to have his sensus but the batoka and but once you think is his the liberation the entire plant from satanic one from things that de on cole thanks to children the sound freedom came out the week and and i i didn't go see it but i had friends to togo see i forgathering you know and such as at that that we just kind of stayed near home i had i had borrowed horse to do in animals to realize that it is going to come back and liberate us all of this none and it should be a great encouragement that you're not standing god knows all these things that have hurt your head the mayoral or struggles that he sat about he calls us come stand by me come and not watch together and in its appeal ful thing if it really is the fearful thing worthy we shall all be all be very joyous about yes dear remembered the a prayer and andesite were and logos make one comment before their prayer we went to romans one to seventeen i've encouraged anybody to poluchordia sent down to day or some time very soon and red through the restorance it talks about that the whole world is for redemption and this is what you were just talking about that is so thank you very much god bless you your family and you let's have a cotopar and now we let the trompettes troptora any fathers we come thank you for this time before your lord before whom you are i pray for my listershire tawoot maybe this into my comments that deal with evil people yes we all fall short lord but i i want to challenge people that righteousness of christ not only redeems us it sanctifies his and so i just prayed it people which looked deeper and see how we can reflect jesus christ go with this portantes days help us not to front the but evil ones the lord teaches to pray against evil in a way that honour you in jesus name i pray a man or all right will here you go that part of the shouting meningoceles comendatone because i'm the best not considerise not conceded and i was in and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless of you're very love in that piece that god loves you and really does care for you and he willed he fond view of him o trouble and you will not be abandoned her left along that judgment for his a man a man think golfer thank you