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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/6/2024 Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar/Know the Constitution

Published Feb. 6, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Studying the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the sixth day of February 2024. Welcome to our show today. And today is Tater Tuesday. So we're going to bring. How are you today, Mr. Tater? I'm good. Good. So I was kind of, it's funny how all of a sudden the Gretch, Gretchen Whitmer starts doing that stupid tater video. I guess she wants to be as humorously stupid as we are with our Tater Tuesday. So I guess copying is a great form of a compliment. So how are you this day? John, hello. John's locked up. That's not happening. There you go. There you go. John's locked up. So today we're going to be having this tater talk for John as long as he's locked up. So what are we doing today, boys and girls? Well, I got a song here that actually I recorded in my own recording studio. It's not much of a studio, but it does have the recording equipment. And so I'm going to do that rather than play the part to it because the music background is better than what I can produce on a sixth string. Okay, let's do this. And remember, as our founding fathers put it, the fall of the republic will be led by the judiciary. Everybody knows what the highwaymen are, right? who were the highwaymen. They're the ones that used to rob stagecoaches and stuff in the days of old. Well, this is done to the highwaymen. It's called the Highwaymen Judges. So let's see how this plays out anyway. I was a highwayman. A district judge for many years Riches gathered by the fear Many a working class relied upon the law Attorneys would decide what verdict you would draw We worked together to enrich us one and all I was a circuit judge They all assumed to know what's right Robbing people in daylight I used the law to jail all my fellow soul For a portion of their pocket full of gold We all are members of the attorney's bar I was a probate judge. The state's money I would steal. No one alive could reveal. Us lawyers could always find a way to pick the pockets of those who were at risk. We never wore a mask, but still we all would hide as our republic cried. De jure, my friends. De jure, my friends. De jure, my friends. De jure, my friends. I was a justice on the Supreme Court. I did well. I made a deal there in hell I sold my soul cheap to the deep staying in power For some fame and fortune I would have to cower Every decision that I made while alive As our republic cried hey good job this that's a it's a sobering but but the truth you know exactly exactly the truth That's sad, but it's true. And as we've been talking, we really have to continue to get all this information out there because people don't even, in general, I mean, everybody's starting to wake up here, not knowing how bad it really is. But we've got to keep talking about it because their nonsense just keeps getting worse. Well, just recently, this socialist, communist, fascist, Durbin, know who Durbin is? He's a senator from Illinois. He says that we should all allow the illegal aliens to become military, to join the military, and then we'll give them their citizenship. Yeah, let's just give them firearms so that the invading army can turn them right on all of us and equip them, pay them the whole 10 yards. These people are paying for the overthrow of the United States of America. This is, again, they're using our dollars to do it. Every single one of them needs to be tried for treason. This is not a felony. This is a punishable by death treason. Absolutely. He should be drawn, quartered, and or keelhauled, one or the other. Except the ships aren't deep enough for the keelhauling problem. Anyway, Tlaib is another one. Tlaib says she's going to support the... I don't remember what country she's from, but she's supporting the criminals, the people that are raising their arms against the country. And Omar is supporting the Somalians. They had to send them back to Somalia. And Obama, of course, says he wants a national police force. Is that what they want to put together? Yeah, the Kenyans. trying to put together how did these people ever get into office? Actually, the Democratic Party should be drawn quartered, most of them, because they should have stopped this a long time ago, and they've allowed it to continue. And this is the fall of the republic being led by the judiciary, which isn't pulling them down and saying, you know what, this is unconstitutional behavior. Omar, you swore an oath to the Constitution. You swore an oath to our Christian form of government. You swore an oath to the Constitution, and you violated it, and therefore you need to be tried for treason. Same with Tlaib, same with Obama, all of them. But we are allowing this stuff to continue because what? Because it's all fake. Everything is fake. It starts with the fake money system that was created, which creates money out of nothing, which allows the federal government, not the federal government, but the banking system to create money to take your house because you didn't make or give you a mortgage on your house with fake money. They're not putting anything up front. They're giving you fake money. Pieces of paper so you could own a house and then they turn around and they take that house from you while you labor for it. Couldn't find a better slave system in the world than what we have created in America. And the parties are all part of it. You look at how the Democrat parties work. And this is why a couple of the states said that, well, Biden's just got the nomination because the superdelegates have, if you compare the delegates to the superdelegates, the delegates are about like half a vote and the superdelegates are 10,000 votes worth of weight, right? So the delegates don't matter. They absolutely do not matter for the Democrat Party. The Republican delegates do not matter because the party tells them who they're going to vote for. They put a slate up. and you basically vote for that slate because they're not talking to their constituents. So both of the parties are functioning to cut out Americans, and they're by and large funded by the corporations. This is what's so wrong with what we have going on here, that they're incrementally, they have played ball with them, and incrementally they have... cut out the voice of Americans and they refuse to back them. I mean, you've got the entire rigged election system we have where we've proven over and over again that they've cheated in so many ways. They've spit on the Constitution in many ways. They're not following any rules. They're just win at all costs and the parties are involved. So when you say that with the people that take part in this, Even down to the voters, they're complicit because it's a complicit system. We can walk away. We can say, I'm not buying into this. I'm going to use my own brain and we're going to cut these criminals out of the system. But that's going to require everybody to do a little bit of thinking. Yes, we're going with the fake money system. That's what starts this. The bankers that control the system that create the fake money to steal your labor because they created fake money and they're not putting anything out for that fake money. They're just printing it. And so they're stealing your labor and your time of life. And because of the fake money, they can print all the money they need to buy off these politicians, public functionaries, and it goes all the way to the courts. They buy the courts. They pay the judges. The judges are all part of the system. They're complicit in it. And the judges themselves are there to protect the banking system, not to protect the individual, not for justice. They're there to protect the banking system. I'm sorry. There's a judge up north who just put a gal in jail. Her name is Beth. She's been on the show to make an example out of her because she was talking about common law rights to someone. And the judge put her in jail for this and said he was basically making an example out of her. To who? To whoever wants to talk about common law, common law, common law. And, you know, it's like, you know what, I think we need to be able to talk about whatever we want to talk about. There's no violation, in my opinion. I don't see what the violation is. You know, they're talking about being communists in the frigging college. And, you know, I can disagree with that. Marxism, they're teaching Marxism. So it's crazy. It's crazy. My question is who was she talking to to get her into a problem? Was she on the air? Was she talking to the general public? Was she talking to another attorney, which would be a big problem because they're part of the court system. They are called officers of the court. Excuse me. Bless you. Officers of the court. Members of the bar club. And since they are officers of the court, they're under the Constitution. They have to have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, even though they swear an oath to uphold the bar. But they have to swear an oath to uphold the bar, or they're fakers, or they don't belong there, or they're impossible. Well, I think they're all fakers. Well, I agree with you there. They're fakers. That's why they don't follow the constitution and why the judge can tell you in his court that, oh, we don't go down that road. We don't follow the constitution because they are fakers because they are part of the system because they are part of to protect the banking system. Sorry for the shadow, but that's okay. I can't deal with that. I know you've got it. You got to jump off at about 10 o'clock, right? Yes. which if you were, I don't know where you're planning on going today, but I have a couple of questions for you as a person who taught the Constitution and watching our elections, because everything rolls down from there. If we don't have free and fair elections, everything's faked and they can write whatever they want. That's exactly what they've done. When you look at what was happening in the last two elections, major elections, which Where do you see the biggest violations to the Constitution? Actually, I see the biggest violations to the Constitution by the individual foot soldiers that are on the ground, counting ballots and doing that. Those individuals that are down on, that are actually doing the dirty work, that's where the violations are from. You can be told an order in the military, being a military soldier for 31 years, you could be told an order from a higher command. And if that's an unconstitutional order and you knowingly carry it out, you are in violation of carrying out that order. Remember Cali, that thing in Vietnam and the My Lai Massacre? Cali carried out the order of his major to annihilate the village. He carried out an unconstitutional order. He's the one that got fried, not his major, because number one, it wasn't in writing. So it was just his word versus the major's word who said, well, I didn't give any kind of order like that. So that's part of the problem that he didn't get it in writing. The second part of the problem was that he followed an unconstitutional order, and he swore no to uphold the Constitution. So he's seriously in violation of it. uh and and that goes down to back to the election when you have some grunt on the ground counting ballots and they purposely fraudulently count those ballots or they knowingly count ballots that are being brought in they're the guilty party and they should be drawn quartered that's basically what it is yes the the people pulling the strings up above are telling them to do that and probably paying them to do that, and therefore they're agreeing to do that, but they're doing it. The ballot drop boxes and that sort of thing, stuffing the ballot boxes. Those are the guilty party. They are the ones that need to be drawn, quartered and executed and hung and whatever you want to do with them, because they're the treasonous people. The people above them have to go also because they're in violation of their oath of office and constitution. Yes, that's also true, and they're also treasonous, but it's the individual foot soldiers. Why would you knowingly violate the law, knowingly violate the constitution in an election with You don't care about the election. You don't care about what the outcome is. You're just there because, well, I made $50,000, or I made $100,000, or I made $50 by doing this. That's all that's interesting to you is the money that you made, not the fact that you are creating a serious problem in this country. Well, that's a problem with the signature gatherers, too, that took the big dollars for signature gathering. Right. They're calling them felonies and they're trying to get them on felonies. But this is treason. And they seem to be ducking that. But this is treason. And everybody who participated in it is also guilty of it. That's right. They carried it out. They committed a crime. That's right. They've committed the crime. And they're the foot soldiers that have committed the crime. If you go back to The olden days, well, the olden days, days of the old when they had criminals roaming the streets, for example, Al Capone. And Al Capone tells one of his button men to go out and shoot somebody. Yeah, Al Capone's complicit in that, but the guy that actually pulled the trigger, he's the one that created the problem. He's the one that needs to be... removed, destroyed, arrested, jailed, whatever. So here we go. We have the same thing, but in our election, which is probably more serious than murder, as far as I'm concerned. Well, it accomplishes murder. It allows murderers to go to go free and rapists and such. And, you know, it's like when you look at I don't know if you follow, say, like Tommy Robinson or what's going on in the UK with the rape culture there and the rape gangs. And they just let them go. I mean, it's a it's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. And I look at that and I'm like. I can't the, the public, the public functionaries, the officials there, they're guilty of the crimes. It's just, just like with the judges, you know, we've talked about the judges, the judges of a judge, let somebody out. and they commit a crime, the judge is complicit in the crime at that point in time because he or she did not stop the crime knowing somebody was predisposed to it before it happened. It's all reaction. We're gonna let somebody out and we're just gonna wait and see what happens and then react to it. Nobody wants to get in front of it and that's the problem, you know? So some, I think we need to do things differently instead of just investigate and prosecute after it happens and then let them back out again. Maybe we should be a little bit more proactive on the reintroducing these people back into society. Who is, what is the purpose of government? We got to go back to that. What is the purpose of government and the purpose of government according to the declaration is to protect our life, our liberty, and our property. And they're not doing that. They have not done that at all. And therefore, they are in violation. And we went over the preamble of the Constitution last week, talking about exactly what the intent of the Constitution was. And the intent of the Constitution is the law in this country. So we have myriad of public functionaries that are out there violating the law every single day. And we're allowing them, we the people, are allowing them to get away with it instead of tar and feathering them and kicking them out. This Durbin character, who calls himself a senator because he probably was installed in office, is a traitor to the country. if you kind of think of allowing military or people that are foreign born, that are not American citizens to join the military and then become citizens just because they're part of the military, where is their allegiance? To global allegiance and its destabilization of the nation. That's right. If the Chinese, for example, join the military, And we have a war with China. Who are they going to be aligned with? Who are they going to fight for China? It's just like the dual citizenship nonsense that's out there. You cannot serve two masters. And so when you've got all these people that have dual citizenship that are in office with Israel and all the other foreign countries, this should not be. That's right. You can't have dual citizenship and be in public office. I agree with you because they're just going to it's going to be the poster child for this is Omar, Ilhan Omar, who talked about Somalia and her. She is a Somalia first person. She said it. And so and to use the United States in order to. affect things positively for Somalia and screw the United States. That's basically what she said. That's exactly what she said. I agree. She should be immediately removed from office. Immediately. She swore an oath of the Constitution. She has obviously violated her oath of office and committed acts of treason. And look at the cowards. The cowards sitting in the seat won't even address it. They won't say that. They're complicit cowards. They are all complicit. And that's the Republicans too. That's the uniparty system, the Republicans and Democrats. So anybody that calls themselves a Republican and Democrat ought to really think about what that is, who they are, what they represent. Just because you call yourself a Republican doesn't mean anything. In this day and age, a Republican is just as dirty as a Democrat. They're both the same. So people need to wake up. Wake up to what is really going on, the reality of what's really going on. What was the other question or was that the question? I don't know if there was a question there. This is our morning, you know, old guys pissed off at the world situation here this morning. You know, it's like, you know, every small town has got a coffee shop or a restaurant in it. My dad always went to one, all the old farmers are sitting around the table and such. And I'm gonna tell you what, if we went to one of these restaurants and went to that table that's in every one of these small towns with all the old guys that are sitting there talking about how to fix this nation, we'd have this thing fixed in about two weeks. And they you know, they're talking about all this nonsense and such. And that's where you find we the people, you know, it's it truly is a it's not that difficult. We just got to stop listening to these people that are that are usurpers in the seats and kick them out. Exactly. Exactly. It all goes back to Norton. It also goes back to Norton versus Shelby County. Understand that the Federal Reserve banking system doesn't exist because it was an act of Congress. They had no constitutional authority. It goes back to the bar and the attorneys that have no constitutional authority to exist as a bar because they are members of the court. They are officers of the court. Therefore, they fall under the same exact rulings that the judges do, because if they don't, Then they're a rogue organization that sits in and that runs in the court system, but they are in violation of the government because they are part of the government, but they haven't sworn an oath of office. So they're all fake. They're all fake. And those people that run around hiring attorneys to take care of their legal aspects, I need to understand that the attorneys that work for the court system are kind of a, I don't know what you want to call it. They're kind of slid in there to do the dirty work of the court system because that's what they do. They all get paid. They all get money from the system. And they are there to steal money from the public and to keep the public under control. They're part of the banking system. When you were growing up, did you guys sit around in your family and listen to your dad, your uncles and aunts discuss politics and argue it? And John's frozen up again. Hello, John. You there, buddy? Let's see if John's going to come back on here again. John is frozen up. I'm going to tell you what my family did. It's like we sat around and everybody argued politics around the table and why everybody was doing things wrong. Let's see if John can come back on here again. Let's see where you're at, John. John! Let's see if I can kick him off and make him come back on again. Let's try this. Oh, there he is. You there? You there, John? This is what you get. Real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. Let's see if we can kick John out. Let's see if he'll rejoin here a minute. And there's John. We must have said something they don't like. Yeah, they didn't like it. Then they freeze you up. So I said, did you sit around the table and argue when you were kids or listen to your uncles and aunts? And usually it was guys, dad and uncles arguing about why everybody was doing stuff wrong in the government. And that was the topic of conversation around the table all the time in our house. Well, we had some conversations, but... Poland as a kid I mean he was born in America then they went back to Poland and he grew up in Poland and when he came to America this was the greatest place on earth for him because you know what Poland was like during the German occupation and then the Russian occupation was a was a place of hell. So, I mean, he was so happy to be here. He was not really tuned in with the political structure as much, as many weren't, as many people that came to America at that time. They were not. And, you know, he joined the military and he fought for the government or fought for the country and really didn't have that connection with the oath of office and the constitution and all that stuff. That came later on in my life with him. As I started seeing what was going on incorrectly with the system, it took me about 10 years to get him to figure it out. You know, I've got a friend, her name is Teresa, and she's from Poland. And about five years ago, we had a discussion and she was absolutely so distraught. She's like, this is what we saw in Poland. And she said, the country's going the same way. And she was so angry. She's like, this is what we saw. And she said, I can't believe that people are not seeing what's happening here. like well some of us are seeing it clearly maybe not everybody hope everybody catches up here but but it was her her disgust was and and panic a little bit of panic realizing that we were watching things fall apart yep except during the time when my dad was uh on on this earth and and uh saw what was going on things were not quite as bad as they are now I mean this we really trump brought it out without trump this would have still been hidden in the background we would have still not known who biden was we could still not know all of the other stuff when trump came out and said fake door for the visibility of what is actually transpiring in government, many people would never have known. There's still lots of people vote or thought Obama was a good guy. Manchurian candidate to tear this down with that 16-year plan to tear down America. And Hillary was going to finish it off for him. And, you know, it's like these people are criminals. They're criminals top to bottom. And if you start looking into Haiti... what they did with kids down there and on and on. When Haiti comes out and people really realize what was going on down there in Haiti, which is a, it's symptomatic of what's going on across the entire globe with these people. all of the organized crime crap that they've been involved in. They don't like what somebody says, they arc inside them. And it's really too bad. I hope that everybody finally gets their arms around what happened in Haiti, because when that comes home to roost and everybody gets their hands, gets a grasp on this, I think that people are going to be so furious that they won't be able to walk the streets. It's not just the election. It's the absolute violation of human rights, the murdering and the butchering that's gone down. These people are butchers. Yep, absolutely. 100% agree. And we need to keep talking about it because I'm sorry, you know, if one kid is being trafficked, which is what's happening in that Southern border, this is, this is, I think, you know, they keep talking about, you know, changing the votes because it, it, it is, it is, but the vote, the structure, but, but there's more to it than that. It's infiltration into our military. It's being able to move kids around unaccountable. And I think that there's a lot more about human trafficking than it is about anything. And these NGOs that are taking part in it, like Catholic services, Lutheran services, Bethany, anybody that's getting money from the government, and they're getting big money, the hotel system where they're housing us, they're all complicit in this crime. It goes back to what I said. It's the people at the bottom that are actually doing the bidding for the government. the dirty work, the transport, the white vans that they're taking the kids around, the trucking companies that are allowing this and people to be moved, the container companies, all of this, because they don't just pop up in a place and go, oh, I wonder how they got here in the state of Michigan. No, they got here somehow. And nobody's asking questions. Who's letting them through? Who's enabling them? Who's moving them around? Who's giving them a card, a credit card? Who's giving them money to move around and who's taking the money for them to be moved? This is all pretty organized. It is very organized. And the problem is, again, it goes back to the person on the ground that's doing the actual dirty work. Those are the people that are first and foremost the ones that need to be arrested, drawn, and quartered and gotten rid of because they're the biggest problem. Without them, the people pulling the strings wouldn't have anybody on the marionette. Well, they pay him off. It's just like GBI strategies that was involved in the registering voters that Nestle turned her back on. You know, oh, did they do anything she knew about it past the state police, which makes the state police complicit in this right now. And, you know, because nobody did anything. They just worked together to bury stuff. That's right. It's too bad, but there you go. That's what we have. That's what we have in our country right now. I don't know if it's the love of money or the love of stupidity that keeps them going. I don't know. It's not the same metric you or I have. I mean, that's for sure. They are destroying the only country in the world that is a free country. Because if America goes, and it's not going to, we're going to win this battle. We're winning. But if America would fall, the whole world would fall. We would all be back in the medieval slavery system where they have the masters and we're the slaves. So those of you that are out there being complicit in this nonsense, understand what you're doing to yourself and to your family and posterity, what kind of world you're going to leave them. because you're not doing anything to stop it. And this nonsense about, oh, I'm just one person, what can I do? Anybody and everybody gets together can do a lot. When the people are on the side of the good, on the side of Trump, The deep state is done. They have no place to go, nobody to help, nobody to do their dirty work. And most of those people that are in the deep state that are up at the top, like Clinton and Bush and Obama and that whole crew, they're all cowards. They would never take a gun and go out and fight in the war, but they'll send your son out and your daughter out to fight in their war. But they would never do that because they are cowards. And that's what we have to wake up to reality. Oh, they'll do it to little kids. You know, they'll do it to a couple of 10-year-old kids, Hillary and Hummel would. But, you know, it's like, you know, we'll just talk about that because they're cowards because they go after children. And so, you know, no respect for them whatsoever, but much respect for President Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States and commander in chief. Okay, so with that said, maybe we should, we don't have much time left already. We ate up quite a bit of time ranting and raving, but I think we needed to do the ranting and raving. Yeah, so be it. You know, you get to say whatever you want on Brandenburg News Network. If you don't like it, that's okay. Go watch Teletubbies or something. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, go watch something else. Yeah, if somebody doesn't want our ranting and raving, then go watch Teletubbies. Let's go to the Constitution and take a look at Section 2. We already talked about Section 1. And so we need to take a look at section two. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chose every second year by the people of the several states and the electors in each state shall have the qualifications requested for electors of the most numerous branches branch of the state legislature. So again, we say that the I think it's the 17th Amendment that gives the electors of the senators to the general masses of the population. And it has taken away the rights of the states. That's what this was all about, taking states' rights away. Because when it took the senators away from being chosen by the electors of the state, then it then it broke this part of the government broke this part of the constitution which by the way 17th amendment's unconstitutional no matter how you cut it you can't change this the body of the constitution by that kind of an amendment So they've kind of, you know, we could probably nullify about 90% of what's out there right now. That's right. Anything after the 11th amendment, as far as I'm concerned, you know, and it's funny people will say, well, what about, you know, women's rights and that sort of thing? I'm like, it's either on it. You can't sit there and say, say, Oh, this needs to be protected. It either is the law or it's not. And I don't know. I don't think it needed to be said. I'm telling you what my grandma was, uh, absolutely in charge of everything. I'm going to tell you that. If you go back to the preamble, it says, we the people. Are women not part of the people? How about blacks? Are they not part of the people? Right, it didn't need to be said. It was already there. People just needed to get their heads screwed on straight. And I don't see it saying, we the white people, we the white males of this country. It says, we the people. So all of the people are, when it's talking about we the people, it talks about everybody. So the Women's Suffrage or the Suffrage Act and all the other crap that was put on the Constitution. All it had to do was bring forth the correct mindset of the public to understand that there are people just like everybody else. And that's the way the government should have attached, attacked it. The federal government should have said, wait a minute. Uh, this black man is part of the people, isn't he not? Or this black woman or, or this woman in general, she's part of the people. And therefore she is part of the constitution and the constitution protects her. as well as it protects all the other races and all the other amendments did really nothing to the constitution except water down and wreck it. Okay. So enough said. Well, we get into the whole race thing too. The whole thing is stupid. You know, either you're a human being or you're not. That's right. Last time I checked you, I've never seen a truly black man or a white man or a black woman or a white woman. We're some sort of like tan in between somewhere, you know? Yes. We won't go down that road. Yeah, it's a stupid argument. It's a stupid argument. Totally ignorant and stupid argument set there just to divide us. It's dumb. And who was creating this division for us back in the day, back in the 60s and before? It was our government. It's the same answer always. It wasn't the people in our country. Yeah, there were a few racists in our country that were brought up incorrectly. But the majority of people or the majority of the racist problems came from the government. President Johnson. was one of the biggest racists of all. And he did say once, and there's a video out of him somewhere that says, we're going to give the black people certain rights and so on and so forth, but they're not going to have the power that they want. So he was complicit in creating the racist situation to begin with. Whose fault is it? It's the people that agree to that nonsense and don't take it upon themselves to just not behave that way and teach others. So there you go. Everyone's got a part in all the nonsense. So let's go back to section two. No person shall be a representative who shall not have attained to the age of 25 years and... been seven years a citizen of the United States. Now, we don't even know if Omar was a citizen for seven years. We don't have any clue. We don't have any clue of any of these people. We know that Obama was not a citizen, not a natural born citizen of the United States. So this was a violation automatically right there. Not so much to be a representative, but to be the president. But We don't know if Obama or if Tlaib and Omar were citizens of this country for seven years. We don't know that. I mean, I don't have any. I haven't done that research, so I don't know if they were or weren't. But have been a citizen of the United States and who shall not, when elected, be inhibited of that state in which inhabitants of that state in which he shall be chosen. Now, there's the word he in there. Maybe Omar shouldn't be in there because she's not a he. How do we know anymore? We're so confused on what male and female is anymore. Who knows who's what, right? I've never been confused. I'm pretty sure you're not confused. Never been confused. Well, the point is that everybody was concerned that the proper pronouns are not, let's rewrite the Constitution and put he, she, or put it shall be chosen. Ridiculous. Things got so ridiculous, it's not even funny. Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within the union according to the respective numbers which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of the free persons including those bound to service for the term of years and excluding Indians not taxed three-fifths of all other persons The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States and within every subsequent term of 10 years in such manner as they shall be by law directed, shall by law direct. Okay, I got to stop here because this is... What is the direct tax? We're talking about two types of taxes that the government has the power to tax. One is a direct tax and one is an indirect tax. This is a direct tax where they can tax directly, but they can't tax the public directly. They have to go to the states. So they go to the several states and they say, you know, Michigan has a million people. Therefore, Michigan has a head tax of a dollar. Michigan owes a million dollars to the government, to the federal government. So the state of Michigan goes and collects the million dollars and sends it to Lansing or sends it to Washington. That's the way that is a direct tax. The federal government. And the internal revenue do not have the power to go to you directly and tell you to dig into your pocket based on your quote unquote word income, because that word income is a generic term and it does not mean profit or gain. It means just the money coming in if you use it generically. But if you use it according to the laws of the internal revenue, Title 26, it says that the direct tax or a tax upon the individual income is a generic term, but that tax, according to the Internal Revenue, is a profit or a gain. That's it. That's all it can tax is a profit or a gain upon that individual income. And generally that's a corporate tax or a excise tax. It's not a direct tax on your income, on your personal income. That's where the twisting of the words come in. And that's why I say, if you control the language, you control the narrative. And the government has been controlling the language for a long time. And they call your money coming into you an income tax. which is profit or gain, and therefore they can tax it. That's the biggest lie ever pushed on us over the years, and we have bought into it. So here it says that according to this, they shall tax the several states. And then when they tax the several states, they go to the state of Michigan or to Indiana or Hawaii or wherever, and they get the tax from them. They do not get it from you directly. And moving on. They've just gotten so big and so bloated. The whole government is so bloated right now that they don't even know what they have. As I have said before, I don't know if I've said it in this show or not, but if you look at what the taxing system is, this was explained to me by one of the people in our group, that let's take a look at a bathtub. let's take a look at the uh shower head which is uh not putting in water but putting in money into this bathtub and what happens if they don't drain the money at the bottom of the bathtub what if it's water what if this what if the shower is running and you don't have a drain at the bottom of the bathtub what happens you have what they call overflow or in this case an inflation so you have you're inflating the money supply so how do you keep the money supply under control you drain the money out of the out of the drain at the bottom of the tub and how do they do that they use an income tax that's the banking system they put the money in they inflate the money supply by keeping dumping money in and they take the money out through the through the income tax to keep the tub from overflowing and creating an inflation. They make sure they take their cut every time it moves, too. That's right. Well, who gains the most from an inflation? The people that get the money at the very beginning. Those people that are at the bottom of the tub, they lose out, always lose out. But the people at the very top of the tub lose. Those people that are gaining the money once the money is immediately printed and they get it in their hands, they're the ones that are gaining the profit or making a gain on that money being produced. for a living at McDonald's or whatever, or a minimum wage, they're the ones that are losing because their money has now been devalued many, many times before it gets to them. And the inflation that has created the price of goods and stuff to go up, they're the ones that are at the losing end. They're the ones that are hurting. And retirees. People who are incomes, they're the ones that lose the most. And then they dip into the next generation's wealth to impoverish the next generation. That's their goal is to disable people by not giving them the ability to provide for their families and themselves. So they work so hard just surviving that they can't fight the system. I went a couple of times overseas to a couple of different countries and over in a couple of different countries and I watched how they did the shopping uh you would go into a grocery store you'd go up to the meat counter if you were at the last in the line uh then you'd probably not get anything so you'd have to get up early in the morning and get back in line again while what's happening here in America is exactly the same we're not waiting in lines yet but the same kind of nonsense is going on here where they are creating a situation where the price of goods and services for a lot of people are not attainable, or they have to give up certain things. They can't drive as many places anymore. They can't travel because it's too expensive. They can't buy gasoline. They can't buy this. They have to give up dinner or lunch so they could cover their heating bill for the day. This is the same kind of thing. It's just different because we're dealing with cash, with fiat currency, funny money system. And in other countries, their actual goods and services are diminished considerably by government. This is all done by government. There's no benefit to the people at all. And our government is doing the same to us. So people need to wake up to reality. Anyway. Charlotte says, don't register dogs. They're pronouns. ID them as birds. All right. That's good. A number of representatives shall not exceed one for every 30,000, but each state shall have at least one representative. And until such enumeration shall be made, the state of New Hampshire shall be entitled to choose three to choose three. And then why did they do that is because those smaller states did not have the enumerations of the population. Massachusetts, eight, Rhode Island and Providence and Providence's plantations, one, connect uh connecticut five new york six and so on and so on and so forth they did that because they did not have the population that some of the other states had so they wanted to be sure that they they were covered with some representation of some sort when vacancies happen to the representatives from any state the executive authority thereof shall issue writ of elections to fill such vacancies Have we been seeing some states and some governments fill vacancies for a period of time as a substitute until an election? Yes, we have seen some violate this. I can't think of them offhand, but there were a few in the past that have violated this part of the law. It did not hold an election immediately, a special election, but instead filled that vacancy and waited for an election. The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other and other officers and shall have the sole power of impeachment. and we are running out of time. So maybe we should not go on to the next one, uh, section three, but pick that up on the next time around. That's going to take more than a few minutes to do. Yeah. This is, this is one of those documents. It's like the Bible. You can study it your entire life and see how it applies directly to the situations around us in, in today's world. And, uh, understand why it was written the way that it was because it does address really, realistically, there's nothing new under the sun and it does address all of these situations in a wonderful way. I got to show you something here. We're going to talk about this this morning. Here is the 1928 Silver Certificate. Oh, yes. Okay. Why is that a Silver Certificate? What does it say on it in small print? Well, it says silver certificate. In the middle of it. Redeemable by silver, isn't it? Yeah. It's a little old. Payable to the bear on demand. One dollar, I think it would say. I don't have one in front of me, but Silver certificate is the ticket that. It's the Treasury. Of the United States of America, so it's an exchange, so here's the back of it to check this out. Yeah. Pay to the bearer on demand one dollar in silver. Yes, that's a payer pay to the bearer on demand one dollar in silver. Promissory note. Yep. Or a claim check, right? Claim check. Yeah. Thought that was kind of interesting. Thought that would be a fun thing to, let's see. It is. We've been talking about fake money. Yes. Yeah. We have fake money and here's a silver certificate, which I think is kind of cool. That's right. That's part of the fakery. Yes. The non-sensory. I'm going to bring in here, Karen and Ralph, the IT guy here to say hi to you. Good morning. Good morning. Well, this is so informative, and I really appreciate your time. Oh, thank you. So next week, we're going to go over Section 3. That's right. I got it marked, and we'll start on Section 3 and go from there. And we'll go right into it. But I can tell you right now, we're probably going to go into our old guy rants here and talk about what's annoying us for the day, which I think is profitable all by itself. Well, I think we need to bring things out. I think people need to know who people like Durbin and Tlaib and Obama and Omar are, that they are actually enemies of the country. They are the enemies that we are trying to get rid of. and protect our country from. I'm going to go one step further. The entire legislature of the state of Michigan, because they allowed, I'll say before 2022, they allowed that election to be certified. Yes. And they could have stopped it, and none of them did. That's right. And so, you know, it's like each and every one of us has that obligation to make a decision and decide whether we stand or we fall in with them. Have we thrown in with them or are we actually standing on law and order, on the Constitution, on what's supposed to be done, or are we just go along to get along lemmings? Well, right now, I think most of them are just go along to get along lemmings. I haven't met too many people that are actually willing to stand for what's right that are in the seats. Absolutely. I agree with you. Now our president, our rightful president of the United States, president Donald J. Trump, he has stood spectacularly. Absolutely. And you know, it's just like, he just keeps going. They can't, they can't, if they were going to find something on them, they would have. And it just, he, he is the great exposer of, of, all things which are criminal in the United States. The guy is just amazing. And he is a great exposer. If it had not been for him and the way things have gone through the past few years, there's so many things we just wouldn't have known. We wouldn't have known how big the problem is, how expansive and the scope of the criminality in the United States. It's in large things, but it's in the small things too. If it wouldn't have been for him being on the running for office and getting into office, you and I would not be speaking on a radio broadcast. That's the fact. You would have already been gone. It would have been off with your heads. Hillary Clinton would have been sitting there with Alice in Wonderland ready to chop all her heads off, you know. That's right. That's right. So we know we're winning, but it is a war that we are fighting and we have to stay vigilant and fight. Freedom is not free. There's definitely a plan going on here and you can see it because I really believe that that we were in the process of helping to break China. And I mean, the Chinese Communist Party with General Flynn's brother out there and head of the Pacific Command. And there's two generals there. Right. And General Flynn and then his his brother, Charlie, was out there in the Pacific Command. And when you look at all of the flotilla that was held off of the United States West Coast, they weren't getting paid for these goods and services. They were sitting out there. And China, I can just imagine what was going on in China, the panic going on with not having anyone to deliver this to and no money coming in. There's a couple of people out there that are talking about it. Peter Zion does a pretty good job of outlining what's actually happening in China and the absolute destruction going on there. We have Evergrande that collapsed. Well, we've got the same thing in the United States of America. It's just that nobody's talking about how much money has been put into houses and nobody's living in these houses. We just don't realize it's already on our shores. And who's at fault there? A lot of them, it's the developers. When we see the criminality and the collusion between the developers and the banks, you bet, you bet they're hiding money there and it's going to come to roost here. I was talking to a guy that works within the banking industry and we were going through some of the nonsense going on in the state of Michigan and what's collapsing here locally. The banks aren't lending money and it's going to roll through this whole mortgage thing here because this is a This is absolutely set for watching a crash to make 1929 look like child's play. Yep, I agree. So everybody, which is a good thing. I'm like all about this. I've been hoping this would happen for a long time because it isn't going to hurt us as much as it is going to hurt those at the top. That's right. The ones that you were talking about. Yeah, it might be a little bit difficult, but you know what's going to happen? We're all going to get together. We're going to start small local businesses again. We're going to figure out how to get things done without this big system. And it's going to be fun. I think it's going to be a riot. But for them, they're going to be squealing like a bunch of stuck pigs up there. Because it turns out, just like in a bug's life, when the grasshoppers finally realized that they weren't necessary, that ants don't need grasshoppers. Grasshoppers need ants. Yeah. The grasshoppers are screwed, and that would be the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the money guys at the top. Obama's, all of them. All of them. And yeah, we can go into some of this because I think we need to talk about some of the difference between the Jewish people and the Zionists, the Khazarians, whatever, the ones who are controlling them. You know, there was a great video on the last few days that I saw. You know how many actual Jewish... Jewish people are against this money system because they're being hurt just like the rest of us. Sure they are. And it's just like China. We don't have any quarrels against Chinese people, but the global crime syndicate that's going on, we got a big complaint with them. Yeah. So anyhow, well, thanks, John. You have a really great day today and thanks for coming, buddy. Thank you. And we'll talk to you later. See you Wednesday if you get a chance on our other broadcast. And go ahead and give a link to that of where they can find you on Wednesday night. Email at jtater2 at and ask for a link and I'll provide it for you. And we'll go from there. And thank you to all of our wonderful friends in your meeting that came to the Constitution Party meeting, the U.S. Taxpayers Party meeting. You know, we met so many really wonderful people, part of your group. And I just want to say big love to you guys. You guys are amazing. So have a great day, John, and we'll talk to you later. I'm going to go ahead and we will be back in just a few minutes. Bye. Good morning. Welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the sixth day of February, 2024. And I'm on with my esteemed guests, Karen, the Riveter and Ralph, the IT guy. How are you guys doing? Doing great. How are you? Doing good. I'm getting by. Getting by. I appreciate you coming on. You're not feeling too well, are you? I'm okay. I think I'm in a recovery stage. So I'm getting a little bit better every day. Well, there you go. Well, hey, I wanted to bring this up because I know that at least one of you, probably both of you, are a little bit of an expert on silver certificates. Let's see if I can get this. Look at that. Isn't that cool? 1928 silver certificate. Very cool. I thought that was kind of a cool thing. Back when money actually somewhat meant something rather than, rather than just having a value of, uh, Hey, trust me, bro. Yeah. So thought that was, I like John's Pinto beans. He goes and he pays in the court system with Pinto beans. So I think that's pretty funny. Coconuts, they're quite rare up here. Coconuts, coconuts would be good. Yeah, so too fun. Yeah, I think it's unfortunate, but it's stuff we're all going to have to talk about. So what do you guys want to talk about today? Appreciate you coming on. Courtney was supposed to be on at 10 o'clock, and, of course, I call my buddies here and say, hey, Courtney is actually fighting, and she's in D.C. today speaking and fighting her issues. And I'm like, fight on, girlfriend, fight on. So thank you for coming on today. So what do you guys want to talk about for a little bit here? I got a question for you. Okay. So I just found this morning I was going through Telegram listening to you and Tater. And so I saw this post. Joe Biden has this post on Twitter, I guess. And he says something about how he thinks that children should be able to fly free next to their parents. And I'm wondering why he's saying that. What is the purpose? They want to break and nationalize the airlines. Well, that's what I'm thinking. Like the airlines would never back this idea because they would lose profit. They're going to have to raise fees and it would just be, and they would have to face a lot of questions about human trafficking. And I don't think they want to go there because, But why is he pushing it? I'll tell you. I think you're right there. It's the human trafficking part of it because it's just, you know, it's just, I don't know. It's all about the kids. They keep trying to hide the children and such. Hey, I see something on your channel. Let's put this up here. This is fun. But it comes back. It all comes back to the children. They're grooming the kids in school. They're usurping parental rights. And this, honestly, I think this is where we have it. This is fun. Here we go. I'm on Karen the Riveter's channel. Go check her channel out. She puts fun stuff up there. Well, additionally, by nationalizing yet another form of transportation, they have even more surveillance and control of the freedom of movement. Right now, you've got Amtrak, which is technically government-owned. You have the highway systems, which are all government-owned and operated, with the exception of some of the toll roads. But... Most of the transportation infrastructure at this point has been, at least in some way, co-opted by the government. Yep. Well, let's hear what Toby has to say here. This is fun. We'll put a bullet in your ass and see your parents in place. Damn, that's fast. What's your name? When you hear Mother's freedom start ringing her bell, you'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you. I'll prosper your courtesy, Mother Red, White, and Blue. Fun. Very fun. If you didn't hear, he has passed away from stomach cancer. I did not hear that. Yeah, that was today's news, and I got that from, I don't know, again, I don't know how to pronounce his name, but Jack Posobiec. I call him Pozo. Anyway, he shared that this morning, and I thought it was kind of cool clip that he was singing to karaoke in some sort of taxi or Uber thing. Wow. So I'm reading up your feed. It says, too, that Pakistan has got a problem now with infant female infanticide and men prefer a son over a daughter are killing their babies and discarding them in the rubbish dumps. Wow. Just one more one more thing where people absolutely do not value children. Yeah, Tommy's been sharing a lot in the last several days about Pakistan and what their culture is like. And it's not very pleasant. That's one. And here in America, if a mother... Doesn't want to become part of the system. Doesn't want to have anything to do with it, but she doesn't want a baby. She can drop it off at any fire station or hospital. No questions asked. And of course, they'll still want to find the mother because they want any information they can get. But it's a way to save lives. So they don't have to put them in a trash bin. They can put them in a... In some cases, the fire department has a little box outside. that you can just slide them into and they'll find it. I think it sets off an alarm to our society. What a what a godless society that would allow this to happen. There's their animals, animals aren't like this. You know, animals will actually protect their young. And it's just just just nuts. So what do you think about Tucker over there and in Russia? Well, it was interesting because one of the Ukrainian channels I watched said they were sharing where Elon had said on a post that they should send a marketing team to do an interview with Putin and get all the truth out of him and make a big fuss over it. And I'm like, that's kind of what Tucker is doing. Just the fact that he was in Russia got all this press. Everybody's like, oh, he showed up in a theater. He's in Russia. What's going to happen next? And so it's great because it's made everybody all on edge. What's he going to do? And so the latest was he had an hour-long interview. So what's going to come out of that interview when it airs? Well, I'm sure that he treated Putin with respect, but he probably also asked him some really interesting questions. And if he talks about biolabs, that could be really interesting. Yeah, and there's the boss, Commander-in-Chief, rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, saying the border bill is a bad idea. And they've been putting out today a list of all of those who are against, those who have been against the bill, and there's not one from Michigan. That's against it? Of course not, because Michigan is the seat of villainy and all things bad right now. Poster children, our poster child state of don't do what we're doing. Here we go. Remember this? Going to be an interesting week here. Yeah, I never I don't think I ever saw that photo that that moment from that angle until like yesterday. So I shared that one today too. Yeah, I'm just going down your channel right now. Honestly. I hadn't seen that one in that, I hadn't seen that angle either. And what's interesting there is I kind of wonder if there's something encoded in the barcodes on that. That's what I was wondering about. Is it, is it some sort of a, if you put it into something to decipher what's on the little, the little colored patches there, what, what would they be saying? I'd like to know. Got to be a way to do that. Okay. Ralph, the IT guy, you got to get on that a minute. Okay. Yeah, get right on that, huh? Just get right on that. Let's figure out what's that. Well, I remember initially they said some people thought there was something inside it. It could be a thumb drive with secrets. Who knows? Yeah, there's a lot of different ways of passing data around. Yeah, let's just go off to crazy land right away. I saw something with Nikki Haley on it. You know what? It's not her face. I'm like, this doesn't match. So I don't know what's going on. I'm going to see if I can find it here a minute because it's crazy. Just on the consumer side for data, you can get one terabyte micro SD cards now that are much, much smaller physically than a USB flash drive. So if that's available on the consumer side, imagine what... on a governmental side is available for data transmission. And that's just in physical data transmission. That's not counting satellite transmissions or radio or, or any laser based stuff like the laser links between the different satellite constellations up there. There's all kinds of different ways of shuttling data around. So something, something is honestly pedestrian as a, as a USB flash drive is, you know, That would be pretty easy, but there's a lot of ways of doing that. Wow, check this out. This is crazy. There's a bunch of killer whales trapped off of Japan. It's so sad. It is sad. They are incredibly crowded there, and they look very desperate, and I'm thinking they're not going to last very long in that state. They will drown. Dear Heavenly Father, please help these whales to get out. This is kind of sad. We ask that you would help them shift something and help them. It's kind of sad to us. We care about your world and the animals you created and ask that you would help these whales. So in the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Wow. What kinds of things to keep track of here today? Let's see what else we have here. I'm just going to go down to Karen's channel right now. Oh, all the flooding in Southern California. This is nuts. Now, I have never seen the LA River this high. And there go the pickup trucks through it. I'm extra sure this isn't why you drive a Prius in adverse conditions. I don't know. I think we all need to take the electric cars with 400 volt power rails through that. Yeah, seems like a beautiful idea, doesn't it? Yeah, turn them into steam-powered cars real quick. I guess so. I still think we need to go back to steam-powered cars. I mean, wood-fired steam engine, perfectly carbon neutral. Hey, get on that a minute, Ralph. Yeah. Start a new list. Okay, here we go. We've got the list of senators. Updated list of no votes. I think that was probably yesterday. Yeah. It might be a little different as of today, but I think that was shared yesterday. Okay, do we want to talk about these silver certificates and what's happening financially? Sure. Okay. Sure shall. Yeah, so, I mean, at this point, the dollar isn't any different than Bitcoin. They're both basically just fiat currencies, and they're propped up by nothing, you know, but in the silver certificate era and the gold certificate era, you could actually redeem those for something of value that is, in fact, actually a proper way to pay taxes per the constitution yeah um and it it's I've got a lot of questions on bitcoin I just want to tell you that right now not not my uh not a fan honestly I think it started out with a good intention but like everything it appears to be a little bit um co-opted The original intention of it was for it to take the place of cash for being able to pay for things online in a decentralized manner. And it was kind of intended as a way to cut out the central banks out of the financial industry. And in that regard, it does work in that capacity quite well. It's effectively a fiat currency that's no different than any other fiat currency. It only has value as long as the people using it believe it has value. And so for that, hey, works great. You want to use that as a currency interchange method. You can do that entirely electronically. Nothing physical has to move. And so you can use that for online goods and services. But then it started getting into the area of... investment and currency speculation. And you see that same trap happen with a lot of, you know, especially back in like the nineties. I remember seeing a lot of that with people buying into foreign currencies, thinking that the exchange rates would change and that they'd be able to make money by buying up these foreign currencies. Oh, yeah there was well then that one wasn't the only one there there were other foreign currencies that were also caught up in that same kind of a speculation investment boom and you had the same thing with bitcoin and that's when the value of bitcoin really kind of took off is when people started looking at it as an investment opportunity instead of as a currency interchange like it was in originally intended. And so that got corrupted and co-opted. Now it's completely different than what it was originally intended. You can't really spend full bitcoins anymore because the value of them as redeemed in other actual, you know, real world currencies is so high that that you don't pay for stuff in full bitcoins anymore you pay for it in fractional bitcoins and the network is so huge that any kind of a transaction takes forever to go through on top of it all the bitcoins are fully traceable just like you know the serial numbers on us currency or credit cards I mean basically we had that system through the credit cards uh through credit cards Yep. So it's not even anonymous. I mean, cash is mildly anonymous because there's only certain places where the serial numbers get scanned and traced. Even that is questionable at best because there's a lot of ways of tracing actual physical currency as well. But Bitcoin is exceptionally traceable. Because there is a full record of the interchange of every Bitcoin through every transaction. It all has to be recorded in the global ledger. And so it's very much traceable. Now, if it had stuck with being basically a cash replacement, that's fine. Works okay for that. But as an investment, it's, in my opinion, kind of silly. I think it's very unstable. I know a lot of people really like it, but it's not something that I would be very open to because it's too unstable. And it relies on what happens if the entire internet goes down. Yeah. And see, that's part of the problem too with any of the cryptocurrencies is that they do require a global consensus on any and all transactions. Yeah, it goes down and you're screwed. You're sitting there with nothing. You have no access. It's like having the banks all closed. Yep. Yep. Incredible. I want to show you in a video here, another Tommy Robinson video that he put out there, because I think this is important. This is what open borders will do. This is Biden's borders causing havoc on the streets of America. Venezuela migrant drags New York woman from her moped to steal her phone. The NYPD says three migrants went on an insane crime spree, stealing 62 phones and wallets from 62 women. Trump back fast. And I will say President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. I don't know why they're obfuscating their face. They should be right out there for everybody to see. Well, I would say that in the realm of legalities, Well, you still have to stick with innocent until proven guilty. And that's something that once something gets into the news media anymore, everybody is absolutely guilty until they prove their innocence. And even then, there's a specter of that hanging over them and their history forever. Well, you know, if they're illegal immigrants, that's the first thing that should be determined. And if they aren't, that's a pretty easy one to be determined. And if they're illegal, they're already your lawbreakers right there. And put their faces out there for everybody to see them so that they ever try to sneak across the border again, they're immediately, immediately turned around. So, yeah, I've got a real problem with this. I'm glad I didn't catch him in that circumstance. At least that's what that video is suggesting. Hopefully that is true. Well, the other thing there too is, you know, that is yet another argument for making sure that you, you go and go and get trained and get your CPL, you know, especially it's especially important for women to do that. And any of these laws about women, taking away gun rights, they, in my opinion, disproportionately affect women's ability to keep themselves safe and protect themselves. Yep. Here we go. Let's talk about what Vladimir Putin said too. Yes, the Quran is sacred to many Muslims. No, it shouldn't be sacred for others who are not Muslim. Criticism into any faith is legitimate. People should be able to control their feelings. If they don't like legitimate criticism, people should have enough emotional and rational maturity to take criticism, even if they don't agree with it. Legitimate criticism should never become a criminal offense. Criminalizing criticism becomes an impediment to freedom of speech, freedom of expression. And freedom of thought, it creates a slave class. And here we go. I think that was Tommy's commentary, because that's not what Putin says in the video. We know that in other countries they act differently. They don't respect religious feelings. And they also say that it's not a crime. In our country, it's a crime. Both according to the Constitution and here. So he's just saying that it doesn't hold water in Russia because Russia has its own constitution. Correct? I thought it was. What I didn't like about it was that he called the Koran holy. So it's holy, it's sacred to Muslims, and therefore the Koran is holy. He's respecting their rights and their opinions. Right. I wouldn't use the word holy myself. You what? I wouldn't use the word holy myself, but I guess I'd have to pull out my dictionary. Hmm. Which dictionary? Well, there you go. But yeah, I know what you're saying, but you know, my point is I believe in God and I don't believe that God allows for the rape of children. Rape and forced marriages and beating of women and so on and so forth. And if that's what the Quran allows for, it's not holy by my standard. And it may be holy by their standard. And maybe that's what Putin is saying. But I'm pretty sure that God doesn't allow for those kinds of crimes. Those are crimes. Crimes against humanity. And, you know, so I'm just going to put this out there. Most of the religions, just like everything else, have been infiltrated. And so for us not to be critical of anything, we've got a real problem because that's what the criminals want to do. They're going to masquerade under all kinds of labels so that they can virtue signal and say, oh, but we're in the right because... And, you know, the defamation league comes out, says you can't say anything against a process. Yeah, we can. And we can. When you see something wrong, it doesn't matter whether it's Christian, Jewish, who knows. You know, it's like tribal law in Africa where, you know, all that sort of thing. Things change. We need to be able to question them. I'm sorry. We need to be able to question them. Look at the amount of time that Jesus spent talking about the Pharisees and the Sadducees doing the wrong thing. Yeah. And they were the religious leadership. And he called out, you know, even the... He called out the Samaritans as being better. And the Samaritans were basically considered heretics. Yeah, untouchable half-breeds. Yeah, and... And actually the Samaritans are, uh, the Samaritan faith. Uh, I don't remember exactly what it's called is still around. And, uh, part, it was more or less kind of like a, a splinter sect of first temple Judaism, as I understand it, um, where they, they quibble about a few different things like which, uh, which mountain was actually considered God's holy mountain. And some of the locations referred to in the old Testament and they, uh, have their own version of the old Testament that basically they argue has not been corrupted by the, uh, the religious leaders at the time that basically that Jesus was speaking against, uh, they, the Samaritans argued that basically they changed the, uh, the Torah and that they still have an original, uh, un, uh, unadulterated version of the Torah and that that's what they consider to follow. Um, It's kind of interesting looking at the history of the Samaritans, actually. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Talmud, because that talks about being able to have sex with a three-year-old girl, and it is nothing. Oh, the Talmud is... The Talmud is a godless book. In my opinion, too. That is... I don't know how anyone is able to really have... The Talmud is incompatible with the Torah. Mm-hmm. And I mean, that's a pretty big deal. So why is the state of Israel based on Talmudic law? It's a big problem. Here, I want to show you something that I'm going to play this just a second. This is on Fauci. Let's go beat up on Fauci for a little bit here. Okay, this is Dr. Robert Willner warned about Fauci. He was aware of Fauci's fabrication of the HIV epidemic, and he died in 1995. The most horrible scandal and scam ever perpetrated, not only in the name of science, but in humanity and in all history. Today is December 7th, and I was 12 years old. when the attack on Pearl Harbor came. And I remember World War II very well. And it's a very significant day today because I see an incredible parallel between what is going on in the so-called AIDS epidemic and what happened in the years preceding and resulting in World War II. The great lie of Hitler. It's amazing. I think he would envy the job being done by members of the National Institutes of Health and even the media, especially in this country. And I will put the lie to the individuals of the NIH, particularly Gallo and Fauci and Hazeltine and Essex and the rest of these scoundrels of the worst order, criminals guilty of genocide, Without a doubt, I invite them to take me to court. I wish Burroughs Wellcome would take me to court, because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly. Because in a court of law, I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence, as I have in my book, Deadly Deception. Now, I'm not alone in what I'm doing here today. How does the press escape such obvious truth? Why would the finest virologist in the world, the most noted virologist, member of our National Academy of Sciences, Peter Duisburg, why would he put his entire career on the line? What did he have to gain? He's already lost his laboratory and his funding. He can't take away his professorship because he's tenured. I like what he's talking about, throwing into court and find out in front of everybody. In a way, that's what the rightful president of the United States has done. Throw things out there and let people see what's really going on. Yeah, Trump has been doing a lot. Trump has been doing a lot of that lately, just throwing things out there and letting people start to wonder about it. And it's cool because more and more people are like, what's he talking about? Well, you know, you just got to keep looking into it and checking things out. I mean, they can't hide a lie forever. You know, they can't. And the truth is going to come out sooner or later. It really is. Oh, total solar eclipse will block out the sun for over 30 million people this year. I was talking about that with somebody this morning. And let's see when it is. So we'll talk about some good things here a minute. Hang on. All right. So I think this is fun. The last, what happened here? The last solar eclipse, we went down to, I think we were in Tennessee and watch it. And it was, it was unbelievable. It was a lot of fun. So I am going to plan to do this. This will be really fun. Where is it going to be? Let's see where we can find it. April 8th. Yeah. Well, let's see. Maybe it'll have something on here. It was just one that popped up real quick. So total eclipse and partial eclipse. So they do have it. It looks like we have... Interesting. Let's see if we can get in the gallery here. It would be fun to find the path. I need to figure out where we've got to go this year. 2017. I think I found it. NASA actually has a decent map there. Okay. See, this is what happens when I just kind of grab things off of something. This is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. That's the way it is, guys. Let's see. Of course, it's hiding now because I've got too many tabs open. Let's see. Wrong one there. Where'd it go? Oh, here it is. Hold on. See, this is why I need staff, guys. We have no staff. It's a sad thing. Okay. Here we go. 2024. Get it moved around here a little bit. And see if we can. There we go. Oh, closer to home than was the last time. And there's the map. So on April 8, I think we should this is close enough. Hey, how about how about it? You guys want to do a caravan down there for that? That'd be a riot. That'd be fun. What do you think, Karen? Really? What's that? I don't know. I said it's not very far, really. Everyone really should go into the path of totality for this, though, because it's really cool to experience. Well, and the fun thing that we experienced is it got so quiet as soon as it was really odd. It was an odd quiet at a midday point. And I don't know. What did you experience? Because it was so quiet. The bugs got quiet. Yeah, the bugs and the birds and everything. Everything got really, really quiet. Yeah. It gets quiet and it's an odd quiet. It's not like quiet at night. It's just really quiet. Everything gets confused. The bugs are confused. The birds are confused. Everything is confused. Yeah. and it's fun so you got to keep your your your glasses on until uh until that moment then you can take it off but you got to get it before the diamond appears and that's that's uh an important thing so you have to be having people that are really watching the the clock on this so that you don't end up damaging your eyes but it's a lot of fun a lot of problems with that with if they don't If they don't watch the time, from what I've heard, I don't know anybody that messed up with this, but the problem is when it gets dark, your pupils dilate and so it lets more light into your eyes than would be even normal for the middle of the day. So then as soon as that sun peaks around the moon again, then you get blasted by direct sunlight in your eyes through your now opened pupils, and it can cause vision damage a lot quicker than what you would expect. Yeah, it's quick. I remember hearing quite a few sirens after the diamond appeared. So I'm assuming that there were people that weren't paying attention and didn't get the glasses on before the diamond happened. So let's see what they say. You should read something for the people who aren't. Who are listening and not watching? We have an opportunity to see it. White lines inside the path. Outside the path, purple lines will become covered by the moon during the partial eclipse. These lines extend to the edges of the map where percentages of the parcel excerpts can be found. This is strange. Your audio is off. What's that? Yeah, the audio is a little odd, but I think it's probably because there's, probably because of the video, even if it doesn't have sound, it probably thinks it has sound. It's just me going on there that I can hear here. Hard to tell. And there's a big difference, too, between the experiences of the people that went into the zone of full totality last time and those that were just in the partial eclipse area. The people in the partial eclipse area didn't really get the significance of it so much. You've got to go to totality. That's the path of totality. You have to go see that once in your life. It's really, really cool. What I will do and what I did the last time is looked at the cloud coverage map and decided where my best chance was of having clear sky. And so you really should look at the map and kind of watch the weather beforehand and say, oh, it looks like I'm going to have to drive a little bit further because it looks like it's going to be cloudy in this area and such. And so you really do have to integrate a weather map to get the total experience, the best experience. And then get in your car and drive. It sounds like a movie title, The Path of Totality. Yes, The Path of Totality. It is cool. It's something that you can't describe. I was kind of like, okay, we'll go check this out. But it wasn't like it's one of those things that I always wanted to do my entire life, right? It was one of those things that, yeah, it sounds like fun. Let's get a carload of people and go down there and see what's going on, right? And then when I actually experienced it, I was like, whoa, now I get it. And I definitely was on my list to do it the next time around. So very cool. Awesomely cool. Yeah, because there's that part of me that's like, yeah, it gets dark, it gets bright again. Okay. Yeah, it's not so much about the direct effects of the light itself. It's more about being able to observe the secondary effects of all the nature around you. Yeah. Because it definitely changes things. Well, it's just like our chickens. You know, when you have chickens and the light, or horses for that matter, their heat cycle is based on how much light there is outside. And so when you get the darkness of winter, it affects the physical bodies of things in our world. So a horse has to have about 16 hours of light in order for them to go into heat. typically. Okay. Now I've got a couple of anomalies, but that's, that's typically what it, what it takes. Chickens don't lay as many eggs as in the dark, as in the dark of winter, as they do in the summer. So you can get them to lay by putting a, uh, a light in their coop, but we don't do that. We just, we pretty much will follow the seasons to give their bodies, their little bodies, a little bit of a chance to rest because we just think that it's probably better the way that God created it. Now, we did put lights in our coops this year, heat lamps, because when it was super cold out to keep them a little bit, give them a little bit more heat, but our, our animals are super, super babied. So we, we actually, we actually love our animals and try to treat them the way that we would want to be treated. And that's, you know what, that's the way kids need to be treated. Not what's going on in this nation. I mean, you know, the kids, kids, animals, God's world should be treated with that kind of respect, every single person out there. And, uh, That's why I think that all of us are disgusted by what's happening in our world. There's people behind these actions that are being hurt by the criminals that are sitting in the seats. And families, the destruction of families and the lack of protection for children. And and but you know what? There's so many of us that believe in a godly way to run this world with with liberty and justice for all. That doesn't mean a protected class is better than anybody else. It means that we're all God's creation and we should treat each other with that kind of respect and honor. Yep. There is a natural order to things in the way they're designed stuff. And letting the chickens kind of work with that order rather than trying to conform that natural order to human desire is a really good thing. Well, and reality is, is that you can take the eggs and you can water glass them or you can dehydrate them or you can freeze some of it. There's so many ways of accommodating. so that you're kinder to the animals in order and still have a food source there. That's another thing I think we should really talk about a lot. I'm actually thinking about teaching classes on that, on food preparation and storage, that sort of thing. Because I really do believe that as we get closer to these, the eminent collapse, the financial collapse, when you see how many banks are, you know, I'm going to bring this up because I think I did a post on this, my Telegram channel a few days ago. When you watch how the banking system is just going to hell in a handbasket here, we have a little bit of a problem going on. But we don't have to be afraid of it. We just have to prepare for it. It's just like anything else. You just prepare. That's it. It's nothing to be afraid of. Prepare and stay in a state of preparation, not just not just prepare for, you know, what's what's coming, you know, because I think it's going to happen tomorrow. You know, you don't need to try and do fortune telling to figure out when it's going to happen. Just stay prepared. Yeah. Should be part of our lives. Yeah. Always have some always have some food and water and supplies on hand to be able to not be held hostage to the corrupt system we're all under. I think I have this in my telegram channel. Let me let me. Scan down here real quick. And I believe this. There's no black national anthem. There's no white national anthem. There's an American national anthem. If that offends you, you are the problem in America, and that's where we all have to tell people to shut the hell up and stop dividing the nation. Oh, this is good. John Podesta put him in there last week. We have to cut the carbon pollution that's driving the climate crisis, and that's what the Inflation Reduction Act is all about. Chief pedophile, John Podesta, with his little occult, you know, symbols on his hands. John Podesta, the, you know, who is your daddy, John Podesta, having a little kid scream, John Podesta. And, oh, look, Lawrence Rockefeller, his son, pedophile John Podesta, and his son, Lincoln Park, frontman Chester Bennington. The more you know. Coincidence? I think not. Oh, I like this one. This is from Ingersoll Lockwood. It's all happened before. So Punxsutawney Phil. I've lost all faith in him. So this is Punxsutawney Phil's ex-wife Phyllis, who now lives in Florida and said that Phil is a compulsive liar. I thought that was fun. Oh, this is interesting too. I'm just going to go through a few things. So energy, transportation, information, and manufacturing. These are the things that change humanity, that will change world power. And they are descending upon us in ways that are very unique. The technology is on the engineering benches today, but most Americans and most in Congress have not had time to really look deeply at what's going on here. But I've had the benefit of 33 years of studying and becoming friends with these engineers and these scientists. This technology could be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour. To deliver Wi-Fi from space where you never need a cell power to connect. To deliver energy from space where you never have to plug your phone in and it trickle charges. And you can use that energy over time. It can be applied to cars, to houses. The technology of Edison and Tesla that we live with in our energy environment, our paradigm today, is expensive, it's dangerous, and it's wasteful. Plug it into the wall. But yet that's what we all do because we are used to paradigms. The power of space will change world power forever. And it doesn't have to be a big country to do it. It could be a small island country. Let's say New Zealand. Because the technology, if optimized, can change world power. And there's nothing you can do if you don't have that power. The nature of power. You either have it and your values rule or you do not have it And you must submit. We see that play out again and again in history. And it's playing out now. Lieutenant General Stephen Quast. Now, something I found out recently that I thought was pretty interesting is that the GPS system has been shifted over to Space Force. That was originally a Department of Defense thing. And I'm not sure when that was shifted over to Space Force. But I just heard about that recently, that that got shifted over there. That's interesting because, like, yesterday I saw a post about some GPS signals getting messed up in Europe, but I don't remember where. Oh yeah, there's been a few different zones around the world where the FAA has been publishing notes of GPS unreliability. Because GPS is not difficult to... it's pretty easy to jam and it's not terribly difficult to spoof. And this has been a problem for airplanes because they keep getting away from the older navigational technologies in airplanes and going to purely GPS. Well, the problem is, is that they are getting spoofed now in some of these areas. And so a plane that's, there's one that a pilot published a video of a plane up at, I think it was like 38,000 feet or something like that. And it was squawking at them with terrain warnings because the plane's GPS thought it was in a different spot than it actually was. And thankfully, I think they still had traditional altimeters. So they knew how high up they were and that there were no obstacles at that area. But, yeah, GPS can be spoofed. GPS can be very easily jammed. It's highly illegal to do it, but it's easy to do. I like to watch planes and such, aircraft. I'm an aircraft person who likes to watch that. And if you watch the military aircraft and you watch their path, quite often they'll have all of a sudden a zigzag path. Right. So that if somebody were going to try to take something like that down, especially if they're low, you could never get a lock on it based on the path that they're flying. And it literally jumps. The plane will literally jump on the radar. And so I find it to be really interesting, like super interesting. Building seven. What was in building seven? Oh, yeah. Let's look at this. Financial institutions, government institutions, insurance. So how do you get rid of them? Let's just drop building seven in a free fall demolition. And we need to talk about that because. There's no way. Why did that come down so far after the towers? There's no explanation to it unless you wanted to hide what Rumsfeld talked about, which was a very, very large disappearance of money. Pretty extra sure the CIA was involved in that, but who am I to know? Want to talk about another conspiracy theory? Yeah, sure. So yesterday, I think it was, I saw a post that said one out of five, I think it was Americans, believe that the Holocaust never happened. and the reactions were all over the place and the comments were all over the place. This is something I haven't explored very much and I don't know what the arguments are for or against. Do you know much about that subject matter? Some. And there's there's quite a bit of conjecture on the gas chambers, and how they could never have could never have physically processed that many people for death in the gas chambers. There's definitely something going on there. And there's there's there's That would be something that I'd like to put the evidence out there so that people could see both sides of the story and either it stands or it falls one way or the other. I think that's the way we need to be with everything. That just because our emotions are tied up in something, we need to evaluate things because we know that the news is fake. And there's always an agenda. And I know what you're going to say, Ralph, so go ahead and say it. History is written by the victors. It's written by the victors. And we have heard so much about how many Jews were killed there. But there were a lot of gypsies that were killed. There were 6 million Jews, allegedly, 5 million Christians, allegedly, and the gypsies and on and on. Now, do I believe that there were a lot of people that were killed? Oh, yeah. There was a tremendous amount of people killed. The first ones that they killed were the critical thinkers that were going to criticize what was going to be done. They had to take the critical thinkers out as well as protected classes that were under the category of outcasts and victims. That was another one that were highly manipulated during this time, including, say, like the brown shirts and the younger people, too. So it's a complex situation. I don't believe that it's quite as cut and dry as what we want to believe it is. I don't think we will ever hear 100 percent the truth about any story. There's there's always going to be things that we don't know about them. So I don't know. You know, I listen to people that are fairly dogmatic about about most situations. And I think that there's a lot more in play. on anything we hear in the news because someone has always got an agenda or they're trying to accomplish something. None of this stuff is coincidental. So it's like if you have that mindset that there are no coincidences and that things are highly manipulated, In the media, the fifth generation warfare and our perceptions and how we feel about things, social engineering, the color revolutions, all of this stuff going on. What's behind it all is where we have to get to. And sometimes that's almost impossible to get to. The tricky part for me is like things like with that or Neil Armstrong on the moon. I wasn't around and I haven't studied the history that they gave us and how they gave us and when they gave us whatever they gave us. And that's the thing about this. Everything I think I know about that history is I can't I can't place the timeline, you know, of the delivery of that message. So like, I don't I have an idea of that. For example, we didn't know they were using gas chambers for a long time, and everyone that heard a little whispers of it were in great denial until that came out. Well, was that a narrative intentionally built in a certain way? What was the actual timeline of the delivery of the narratives they wanted? You know, without having that knowledge, how can you discern? Because what we're learning now is how to look at the narratives. You know, you look at what the Biden administration is doing or what the mainstream media is doing, and that tells you a lot about politics. What is not happening? You know, I'm going to tell you right now. OK, so like I was in Washington, D.C., and then I went down to Mar-a-Lago and listened to a couple of speeches made by President Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States. And he was talking about how horrible everything is in Washington, D.C., the graffiti on the monuments, all this sort of thing. I didn't see any of it. There was no graffiti there. And I felt safe every minute that I was there. I didn't have one minute that I felt unsafe in Washington, D.C., So is there crime going on? Yeah, by the people sitting in the seats, clearly. But is there? And we have to ask some questions because we may be in the midst of something that's taking down actual criminality. We don't think it's happening, but it may absolutely be happening. And we need to be questioning all of this and know what our recourse is under all situations. I think right now that we are absolutely learning the way through some of the stuff that are being shown to us. We're learning what we should have known and we didn't know because they were hiding it. I have some serious observations that I made when I was in Washington, D.C. And this is just my own observations. When you look at how large the buildings in Washington, D.C. are, and you realize that when they alleged that these buildings were built, and the amount of farmers that were out there with farming situations, how in the world were they able to construct these buildings, which is an incredible amount of marble and sandstone and all of this? I don't think there's any way they could have done it back then. I'm not kidding you. I looked at this. If they were the size of a small church, I mean, look at churches that were built mid-1800, around the turn of the century stuff. I've got some real questions because just like the pyramids, we can't even build them now with what we have there. And I have huge questions on how all of a sudden you got a bunch of farmers there shooting with squirrel guns behind the trees. How and where did they get the marble from in large pieces? I mean, look at the Library of Congress. It's huge. It's absolutely huge. I don't know. I've got some questions. I want to show you something really cool here. I'm going to stop the camera. You guys can keep talking. I can hear you. But I want to show you something that's really cool that I got. Well, kind of circling back a little bit to World War II, something I find really interesting is listening to the accounts of German POWs that were captured and brought back to America. and their experiences with America during their stay here, but then also seeing what our government was showing them was going on in Germany, and this is what you guys were fighting for, and how absolutely... how broadsided these German POWs were with what they were being shown by the Americans as to what was going on in the country that they just came from. Like Russia, Russia, Russia. We always got to have a boogeyman. And that's how they manipulate us. So I'm going to show you this. So this is something I bought at the Capitol. And when they did reconstruction and they did like, they made these little, little, let's see, this is a piece of sandstone from a reconstruction. I thought that was pretty cool. And I've got a nice little boxes. So I thought that was really, really super cool. And this is something from the original marble. But how in the world were they able to transport this before really the technology to transport all the materials was there? Answer that question for me. What was the date the Library of Congress was constructed originally? Let's look it up a minute. It's quite an impressive building, I'm going to tell you that right now. I'd like to go back again and see the monuments again. I really liked Founded in 1800. I'd like to see the Founders Monument. Yeah, this is, you know, it's crazy to me that they, you know, that how in the world did they move all of that there? Well, by the same token, though, I think our culture has been degrading for a very long time anyway. So, I mean, pretty much everything, we used to build it bigger, better, and last longer in the past. Yeah. So, here we go. We'll go to some... We'll go to some pictures of this. It's an amazing place. And I would tell everybody, you should go to Washington, D.C. And I would not. I was there. I'm not afraid to go there. I want to go back again. It was really amazing. I've got some really cool pictures. I don't think I've posted all of them. I've posted some. But this is a huge place. And the amount of the columns that you see are enormous. And the intricacy of the carving is amazing. I mean, look at this. Do we really think? I don't know. Maybe there were enough people here that had that skill, but it just seems a little, seems strange to me. I had a lot of questions when I was there. There should be somewhere in the Library of Congress a record of how all that came to fruition. One would think. This whole area here, it's just beautiful. And it's big. I mean, this is a huge area. And we're talking impressive. It is absolutely beautiful. It looks like the buildings are newer than 1800. Okay. Because there's been a couple of major fires. Just reading up on some of the history, it sounds like it's pretty much burned to the ground. The first couple versions of the Library of Congress pretty much burned to the ground. Well, that would make some sense, I suppose, but it just, it seems really, it just, it's just really amazing. It's an amazing building. And I have a problem thinking that a bunch of farmers actually were able to build something this huge. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we just evolved to the point where we couldn't build it now if you tried, because we don't, we don't have that ability to do that today, in my opinion. Well, now you've got all of the permitting and the taxes and all of the stuff on getting in the way of any kind of progress that you can't build anything without so much incredible overhead that everything costs way too much, too. Yeah. Well, we couldn't move the stuff for the pyramids today. Yeah. Yeah. You look at the technology in the pyramid or even Solomon's Temple. We don't have that ability. And there's nothing – it is not possible for us to construct this today. So how could we construct it back then? That's the question. One of the odd things, too, that I find about some of those buildings – I don't think I've ever seen the Library of Congress buildings in the background of anything, but if you look at paintings – of the founding fathers, you know, contemporary to that era. And then you look in the backgrounds and some of those buildings are already there. They're already there. I felt when I was there, you know, I've spent some time in Europe and such. And when I was there, I was like, these buildings are much older, in my opinion, than what they're saying. At least I would entertain that. Yeah. Need to see it proved proven to me otherwise, because they they look more like they look more like a palace than they do a government type building to me. And there's it's funny because there's all of these these water things all over it. You know, there's there's shells and there's fish and there's mermaids and there's these, you know, old, you know, Greek and Roman gods that are that are adorning things. You know, it's it's really it's really something that would be classically different. It doesn't doesn't fit even the columns that are there. The columns in the different buildings are from different inspired. Let's just say inspired from different parts of history. What they used to have, when they started with columns, they made them to look like bundles of reads. So you would have a convex pattern around the outside of the columns. And then they went to concave patterns. And they change that pattern. So you can look through history at architectural patterns. Everything has a pattern to it. Everything in the world does have a pattern. And you can base things and make certain assumptions based on the patterns you see. that's another thing it has never been taught and and uh I think it's one of those things that if you watch the patterns and you watch connections you can really see things that are are quite often missed on the surface so so love put out there tartaria I gotta say there's there's a lot of there's a lot of um Evidence that things aren't what we see. When you look at all the underwater structures that are out there, there's things we have to question and not just take as face value what we've been taught. I could go either way on the age of those buildings. I could... Without further evidence, I consider it kind of like Schrodinger's cat situation where it very well could be much, much older. It very well could just also be explained by I tend to think that society and humans themselves have been gradually degrading and that people are less intelligent now than they were in the past generally. I wouldn't argue with you on that. And that a lot of our capabilities have gotten worse. Yes. And the way the real world works. We're out of touch with that. And I would agree with that. So it could go either way. I really think the Industrial Revolution did humanity a great disservice. There are some things that it did improve. But overall, I don't think we're meant to live like this. Here we go. Let's see. Let's see. Tartaria and the History Channel. Let's see what we got here. This could be really fun. Let's see. This is kind of interesting to see this talked about. And of all things, I do think we should absolutely ask some questions about what's going on, what's there and what's going on. Not that I'm dogmatic about anything, but it certainly is worth It certainly is worth... There's some interesting evidence. That's for darn sure. Yes. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No, I just like looking into things, and I'm not afraid to look at things that are not part of the mainstream, fake stream media. Like the question I asked you earlier, there's so much that... I think it's good to start asking questions about what we were taught in the past and having the ability to think with a more open mind and more critical thinking and being okay with the idea that you've been lied to. That's a tricky thing and a lot of people struggle with that, but the more you learn and accept, the more easily it is to learn and accept other things. And the more we know, we don't know. What do we not know? We know so little about what's going on in this world. It's amazing. Question everything, especially the things that have supposed consensus. Yeah, like health and big pharma. All they got to do is get one, two people to agree on a paper and it becomes canonized. Anything where there is a consensus of something is generally, in my opinion, a bad thing. Because it means that whatever they're trying to assert can't hold up to questioning to the point where they have to squelch any kind of questioning on it. by saying there's a consensus. If it could actually stand up on its own, on its own merits, you wouldn't need to try and protect that idea by saying there's a consensus about it. Oh, this is kind of a fun thing. What is this? Symphony of Stones. Oh, it's like a giant's causeway. Armenia. That's in Armenia. That's kind of cool, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, it's like an upside-down version of the Giant's Causeway. Yeah, that's cool, isn't it? Mm-hmm. All these things that you can find out when you explore the world. Ha ha ha. Sam the dog. Heaven and hell are both states of mind. When a person is in a very doubtful and negative state of mind, he's always going to catch hell. But when the individual finds the heaven, the harmony, the God, the good, the love that is resident in his own being, that he begins to experience heaven. Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind. In other words, you change your conditions by changing your self-image. If you see yourself as a person who is in a veil of tears and under conditions and circumstances, that's the way you will be until you change your mind. Also, one of the techniques that I teach is called visualization. I started looking for old light bulbs at antique stores because you had talked about it. I found two light bulbs from 1910, one works. That's amazing. one thing they don't want to tell you. That's what they want you buying all these light bulbs. Yup. Yup. That was, that was actually an early form of planned obsolescence. He'd mentioned it there. I think in the comments that, uh, the, the cartel that formed around that mandating that I think no light bulb manufactured by any of the cartel members could last longer than a certain number of hours. And, uh, that was, it was very intentional. I remember reading about that a while back. Tracing Ophir. The land of Ophir is mentioned 13 times in the Bible, which is famous for its wealth. King Solomon is supposed to have received shipments of gold, silver, sandalwood, precious stones, ivory, apes, peacocks every three years. Solomon had the ability to travel to distant lands and collect goods because of the navy. And let's see what it says. The enigmatic Ophir, a fabled land of riches, has sparked curiosity for ages. Recent scrutiny of historical texts and navigational maps has ignited a compelling theory. Ophir might well lie within the Philippines. The journey unfolds from Africa's Cape of Good Hope through India, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulu, and culminates in China, where Ophir may reside. This parallels the Pyroplus of the Erythraean Sea, pointing to Kryze, a golden island off China's coast, aligning with the Philippines. While scholarly discourse persists, these historical whispers tantalizingly suggest that the Philippines could indeed hold the treasure-laden legacy of Ophir. That's an interesting theory. Yeah. I know we have hieroglyphics in the Grand Canyon. Oh, that's fun. Oh, very cool. Crop circles. Oh, that's fun. All right, next snow. Guess what, guys? I'm going to be making, like, snow trails. How fun is that? Can you even imagine how much time that would take, though? And you have to have absolutely perfect conditions for that. Yeah. If you get wind, you're not going to be able to complete it before your first tracks are effectively wiped out. Hey, that's cool, though. That is cool. That's amazing. I got to try that. That's like a gym replacement. Hey, that's really cool. Have you ever heard of a game called Werewolf? No. Werewolf is a party game. We used to play it with all my celebrity mates, you know, like 12 of us around the table. You need a lot of people, you know. Everyone gets a piece of paper. It's either got a villager written on it, vast majority, but two have the word werewolf written on it. It's divided into day and night phases. Someone runs the game to make sure no one's cheating. And they go, okay, it's nighttime. Everyone close your eyes. Everyone closes their eyes. Then they go, werewolves, open your eyes. The two werewolves open their eyes and they see the other one and they give a little thumbs up to show that they've caught each other. And then the woman says, werewolves, choose someone to kill during the night. And the werewolves go, They said, okay, everyone close your eyes. It's morning time. Open them again. During the night, Francis was killed. The game then... Predictable. You always get rid of the badly written character first. You'd be the first to go in any scenario. Yeah, exactly. It'd be the black character first, then me. So basically, there's then a conversation, and this is where it gets interesting. During the day phase, between all the villagers and the two werewolves, over who the werewolves are. And the two werewolves are trying to draw attention to other people. I heard a noise from over here. The other werewolf is like, yeah, I think I did too. And all that sort of thing. Now the game, then at the end of the day, the villagers have to decide who they're going to kill. And they say, well, we're going to kill Constantine. And it's revealed by the person running the game, I'm afraid Constantine was a villager. And the game continues. Okay. The villagers win the game if they kill both werewolves. The werewolves win the game if they kill all but two villagers. The game was invented by a student of sociology in Russia who wanted to prove his thesis that an uninformed majority will always lose a battle of information against an informed minority. Wow. Yeah. And the werewolves usually win. Even if you have 12 people around the table, the werewolves will usually... I once won by turning in the other werewolf. I mean, you are in show business, Graham. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. That's clever. You turned another werewolf. Yeah. And we won. Wow. So that just shows when you have hidden information, you can completely manipulate a large group of people. That's happening in the NHS. It's happening in publishing. It's happening in every middle class industry. There you go. That's a great place to actually stop here today. That's a great analogy. That's a great analogy because I'm going to tell you what, this is what we have going on in the United States of America. We have so many people that are, well, we've got people waking up now, but you have to question everything. Because the manipulation can be coming from both sides. And, you know, I personally believe the good guys are in charge. But with that also said, I want to question everything and find out who is actually in charge and what's really going on. I think it's important. Hey, it's our government. It's supposed to be us. And why are there secrets from us, the constituents? Right. They should have no secrets. Nope. They, we own it. I actually said that to somebody who was in the, um, the capital architect when I was in DC, I'm like, so how, how far does this go down? Really? How many stories I had somebody say at least six, cause they'd been down six and I'm like, okay, that's cool. And I'm like, but how, and the guy wouldn't answer the question. He goes, you know, I'm not going to tell you that. And I'm like, why we own this place. Why shouldn't you tell me this? You know, of course I'm right in their face about it, but, uh, it was, uh, it was, uh, it was crazy. So I'm going to, you know, I'm going to do, I'm going to see if I can post. This is really cool. I actually really like that. Let's see if I can. All right. Here we go. I'm going to, I'm going to try to post some of these things. I think this is just cool and we'll see what we can do. Oh, I'm going to put this here as a placeholder, guys. Let's see. This is cool. There. Posted to my channel. So there you go. So anyhow, let's say a prayer and end the day today. You know, we've got a lot to do. We've got a country to save. We have people to take care of, which is really fun. You know, I know all of us are a little annoyed with what we're seeing. out there in the world but you know what that's a minority of things we're people and human beings are are our uh our family and whether whether people do everything right or not we we can expect them not to do things right because that's the nature of the world we're in right now so we're all here to be a help and to help our brothers and sisters on this planet and to when people fall try to pick them up If there's bad guys out there, we want to see them do the right thing. Nobody ever should gloat over someone making a bad choice and doing the wrong thing. We want people to turn around and do the right thing and join us in the human race here, doing the right thing, loving each other, taking care of each other, caring about God's world. So let's go ahead and say a prayer and then we're going to go into our day. I'll give you guys a few minutes to talk after the prayer and then We're going to go and celebrate life. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for each and every person out there. I'm so thankful for Karen and John and Ralph and every single person that's tuned in to this broadcast today. We thank you for the gifts, the beauty, the perfection that you built into them. And we ask that you also give us the lens to see everyone through your eyes so that we can see that quite often people make wrong decisions because of their past, their history and such. Those people that are being blackmailed or that are being coerced. We ask that you give them a great amount of bravery to stand up to the things that are wrong. We ask that you give us your strength. And we're thankful for this day. We're thankful for the beauty of giving us the opportunity to grow, to make mistakes, and that you're standing right there with us and putting us back on our feet again and saying, come on, you can do it. I know you can, and encouraging people and giving them the help that they need. Thank you so much for loving us and for giving us your word that we can study and see. We can see through the deceptions that are out there. We turn to you and ask. We ask for great discernment and wisdom in how to deal with each and every situation that We're called to be in. We thank you for every situation, both good and those things that are challenging because we're learning every day. We're learning and all things work together for good to those who love you and are called according to your purposes. And we're thankful for that. We can learn it through all things, even if they're uncomfortable. We're learning and we thank you for allowing us to actually be shown the truth and to experience it and to live through some of these things because they're great gifts that you've given us. Thank you so much for this day. You've been a great friend to us. We want to be a wonderful friend to you. We want you to know us. We want you to change us. We want you to help us to grow. And we want to be more like you, our Papa, our father in Jesus Christ, precious name. We pray. Amen. Amen. All right. Just got to say guys, end of the day. Find something to laugh about. That's me. I found another meme the other day. It made me laugh so hard. It was Ozzy Osbourne saying, some people say I don't speak very coherently. And then down at the bottom was Biden. And it said, hoard my beaver. that's funny all right let's see I don't know some things like that they're kind of silly but they make me giggle I'll get karen up here with the heart hands so I'm not the only one with hands thank you so very little let's see everybody just needs to go watch seal rescue videos for a little while today yeah that would be fun let's see where oh there we go got karen in the right place let's see if I can oh there we go all right as said Looking around Karen here. So anyhow, go here. I'm the best not conceder who's ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And I challenge the rightful president of the United States, commander in chief, President Donald J. Trump, to a discussion on this someday. We'll see. We'll see how he does it here. So anyhow, with that said, here's Karen and I. Hard hands. God bless you all. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love, and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. It's a choice. You can choose to be happy in all situations. You might not like it. You might have a temporary downturn. Take the time to feel upset, pissed off if you need to, whatever it is, and then get right back there in the game. Recover from it and say, okay, I learned something this last time around, and I'm going to be better the next time this comes in my direction. I'll know how to handle it. It's OK. It's part of the learning process. And so we'll be on tomorrow. Tomorrow we have Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Mark Sosnowski is going to be on tomorrow. We're going to be talking about candidate recruitment specifically for the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which is the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan. And we'd love to have you join us there because we are looking for people who are who want to run. And who want to run for offices both locally and across the state. Help us. Help us help the United States of America. We have no money. There's no payback in this for anyone because that's not what we're about. We just want our country back. So tune in tomorrow. Let's do this thing and have a great day. God is with us all.