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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/20/2023 Constitution Party-Jim Clymer and Bill Mohr

Published Sept. 20, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Jim Clymer was elected as National Chairman at the 2020 Constitution Party National Convention. He served previously as National Chairman for three terms from 1999 to 2012. He is the senior partner in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania law firm of Clymer, Musser and Conrad. As the party’s nominee for Lt. Governor in both 1994 and 1998, his candidacy set Pennsylvania vote records for 3rd Party candidates. During his 2004 run for US Senate against Republican Arlen Specter, he received more than 200,000 votes. Jim Clymer was the vice-presidential running mate for 2012 Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode. Jim and his wife, Lois, have five adult children. 10am Bill Mohr-US Taxpayers Party of Michigan is the Michigan affiliate of the Constitution Party. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twentieth day of september twenty twenty three welcome welcomes the broadcast we have some very special gaston to day and it is we continue on with their constitution party weak as to morrow i do have a little bit of a departure because there are a couple of very brave patriots that are running for of by the goshen plan and one we were on a really helped them get their message out there because they're not politicians there there just regular people like we are and i think we should i think we should kind of help them out and pass her information as they can get the word o the you know god only knows that all of us are being censored out there who are bringing the truth forward so this morning my first guess on the morning is jim climber and i got to meet jim last spring constitution party meeting and not in st louis and there's going to be another one here in a few more weeks the son october twenty and twenty one in saint louis and i'm beenenough everyone to calm and in an join in this i was so impress by how well the meeting was wrong but not just how the meeting was wrong but the the list of in the people participating this isn't like a normal political me okay highly educated its conducted very perfectional line and were talking state so i'm going to introduce gentlemen a gem was elected as a national chairman at the twenty twenty constitution party national serve previously as nash national chairman for three terms from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand twelve that's commitment that's what we want to see here right we want to see people get in the game stand again and keep out erything it you don't keep things going to should not be just to fly by night thing but we should is our duty is americans to step forward and fight for this the senior partner in the lancaster pennsylvania law for climber i think it's master in conrad as the parties nominated for lieutenant governor and both nineteen ninety four nineteen ninety eighth candidacy pennsylvania voting records for third party candidates during his two two thousand for run for us son of against republican ireland specter he received more than two hundred thousand votes jim climber was the vice president or any man for the terwent twelve constitution presidential candidate virgil good en jim's wife lois had five adult children and with it said welcome him good morning to morning coolanoole how are you this morning and gone wonderful thank you yet you quite at quite a history and you know in being active politically how did you really start in you know getting so active i mean your hearing the torney clearly so how did you get active what motivated you to step up and and get in the game so back for protopope were lit your listeners were born but very good water on acis what got me pigeon power and now that's gone back to for on coming interested him but then and so i followed pulsefeel but then comingwhen rigging was elected nineteen eighty i thought that was forward at that time and now i started one to like the conservatives commit conferences and learn to know how a fellow howard fell one brilliant mine bromine these reno longer with us and he passed away and twenty thirteen ten years ago but gramine marie you in and he so one in merely to relegate and false of i started out of the us taxpayers forty and then became the constitution party the change of name and nineteen ninety nine well that's also so in grand michigan it's us taxpayers party still because our state refuses to work with us and and you know carry out the will of the people they are very tyrannical on all their actions of we have not been able to change our name because they have actively blocked the and so you know we are the missinipi eat of the tithe constitution metal about with aftertone if i could use interrupt their second and that's true of ether several variations of names with our state of fine and in nevada is the independent american party in the in colorado is the american and that you mention michigan taxpayers port how and in that state function mistaken have to have the same name as the national party but greatwhat all your doing in michigan and not he has a great party and we relateswhere doing there thank you we have we have a lot of fun with it too and right now we're watching the the republican party in the democrat party fail abysmally in the state of michigan its its really it's really tragic but that's okay the tettars party yes textor's party is here and i think that people are surprised at the cane statesmen and how things are conducted so let's let's talk a little bit about the the constitution party the platform what it stands for and help people can get involved well i would urge people first law to get her web site that datecost tion party do come and you can read all about us there in a nutshell as our name implies she is movement to try to restore i say restored because we've strayed from the one for in so many areas but i restore a government yet i elected who wore honour their on defending a hold the and and of course use down to number different issues but ile have a we have a number of key issues with gentian read i see you have the platform up there we have the three pillars of the have the twelve twelve key issues that we that we advance pourtant some of the onthophilos familiar with probably would be powers and we believe in that tenth men met to the constitution the bill right where and concept of the derision at home certain powers are delegated to the federal government by the state and a tenth amendment and in the paraphrase is but he federal government if we haven't i give you so come you don't have it the powers reserved to the people and that has largely did forgotten as the national government since its power expanded so howsbond what is authorized to do there are seventeen enumerated powers in article one second age of the i wouldn't play that the romeshould be limited to the and otherwise and he and it's a that the unfortunate thing is that the education in the united states is so so then so changed education and to indoctrination that i do think that it is part of our sponsibility now to help educate the american people in what their rights are on going forward and i think that the things that i've seen happen within the constitution party or so inspiring i mean people are so willing to share their knowledge that they have and on on the law on the constitution on the wall the all of our founding fathers the documents that that they created the you know the declaration of independence all of it we have we have wonderful patriots indeed and you mentioned that reson and dependence as one thing we firmly gravitates on part of that is still one of our governing documents in the dorothe left and hers who list discount he decreed and part i believe held is that rights come from god and acknowledges this race come from god and not from government decoration of sure put that into further writing that reiterative by god but they are is to be secured by our government and unforced so often there's right of being taken away by one eltinge so so to get people more familiar with the constitution what we stand for in the party oh what what is it that if you had if he had no word tell people what what would you say is going on because there's there's so much is very very expert expansive and a it's a subject that we could talk about for days and weeks and years and we would never come to the bottom of it oh well i now that's a more i faced and we have to take and then is very important and what were tried emphasise people now is to focus on local races get involved in the local level and that's where so originates is that the local level and you can inflict school boards on councils supervisors things that death lower level that becomes a stepping stone to and if any were building credibility there so many and in my experience in o i know state in a pennsylvania where i am is there some till takes place at the local level his people to get involved the cataloes but the the bottom of the where the stars he could be supervise a commissioner school board a borough council or in war anne sets people by being involved in that level in your right education distorted but our and were founders desire for and and so much that they hear it people heard of over never again they believe it true and don't recognize what the limitations that are that are but on the other hand my say more i fasted because other and we also need people too but be effective as you are admission for governor one people to run for state light of it provides a platform for getting the message and you know i ran for you as senateseanad for in four and then we ran a row campaign are just the nabinaud a campaign and i was commended by that for some of the news out i recognised o ye run a roehampton and for that i mean to the candid form yards sings out get make your visible make your pie and none panipat him soon but i was on told that cause of the carcaman of his running that they were including me in interviews in things of that nature candidly that has been a little of a problem with our party were people put her name on the bouying the soldered he not just get your name on the bare to run a relampage again as you do you're setting a great example there in rich and and also for president i mean we and it odette whether his forces on a lower races his one and ignore the president c for people to listen for people to think that you really realizing at ordinary have the even her yet as well nomine who will same thing run a rope him pain get out there on the st it worn out in the for a government where educating ye and that's this vault all in in an o itself and i really think we're going to see some amazing change happening here very quickly quite honestly people are waking up to the fact that the unit party that we've got out there is wholly founded by dark money packs that sort of thing and it's it's really become a special interest in my opinion where you know you've got the public in party is like two it's like it's like opposite wings of the same bird really and they're playing there playing the game together i think any time you see that amount of money involved and politics you know that what the goal is the goal is to place their little pope in heaven do what's in the interest of special interests of the corporations and such a and and that sort of thing and the globules leaders like the world like an onefor him my opinion so you know it's it's very important that we the people have the representation of somebody who's just a pest and i'm not sure that there's many people that could stand up with his to the pressures of the money that's involved in it because in on like i've been offered just incredible amounts of money four million dollars somebody said he they deposit my bank account and within forty eight hours in one instant and it just kept going in a going and unlike there's not a snowball's chance and how i take one dime with that money you know and that's why we have to be i think we have to be like you know we have to be first forms have to have integrity to stand for the people and my my opinion that is he even in the state of michigan a governor's office should be there to serve the lower the lower one is a they say lower in offices and or the local offices not not have it be you know this tyranny from on top to noebody what to do it should be the other way round indeed yes that is so true and that he that is the sad thing state sensitisers and are state money an important rule in and the fact is are these partitions are said are porton paid for the year then they know where their dread butter is then it were their money's coming from an the to those ere and the interests of the people like this so let's talk about the the the event coming up here that's mestigoit up here a minute and ah onatak about it because our body my body a general plenishing to be there an imraite about that any time john flint's anywhere i like to go and say high and give him support because he has he has given so much so he go to the website you go to meet us and saint louis gon and click on that it's goin to bring you to the page and we can go down you spoke last year and that was so on general michael plan will be there hennores on october twenty one we also have bradley dean will be fried afternoon in joe miller and then susan bonable talking about home school man which is great you know that this is the nicing is the variety of topics john ferguson's been on a berneberne network and he's really interesting a being former former marine but he works on the border and an he's got a company he's got a couple of different companies though it working with dranslader she's the the galegantins works with mica window and such very nice woman ah gonfan barker i have not met her but she's talking about the vaccines and the injuries and we all know now that that's probably not a good plan national defense priorities by as martial wilson and on an i'm in talk about getting money out of politics a big grape of mine is the the amount of money but any a general plan is going to be there for quite a quite awhile on saturdays like i think he's scheduled for what like three hours his campaspe whom we have lances for on this as on a satire the twenty first and he is a great estate question answered sir welcome significant enough time with him and then andobrandini on the for important speaker when the forosthe so free to have you one of her speakers but yet we have a great line up of the ensata about joe memorabit sansom a lasso my adopted and he ran for defeated of marcasite in the primary public in primary but then she ran right in campaign and though fraud that hurry like the again in the folly lake selinos all that i finegrey and in elections and then he ran again as libertarian in twenty and and large number votes like persons son heard of for a i can nay why he's so he's a great guy and i've known him for a number of years lots and then a friend of the in a number of years and raidlike to try to entice him for nomination president so to be of great candle but that way at the ansonanson ic camp pain and that's monthentirely great plan sides and any other speakers you mentioned to horsbake we have a great line up in his convert me i would echo your encore for sign up and see get there lad you will not be tied she have a broken down in friday the twentieth is primarily the business meeting of committee men on friday evening we had killed no arsacio see the and then saturday canby where we have speakers yourself on a hot there fray left over business take care of we can do that on saturday as primarily satire well then the better be really fond and i know doctrine was that the spring conference what are they what a pleasure in a surprise to have him there and he that was that was fond too in kit he he set there into questions of negotin talked to him now a lot of these things you can't go and talk to the speakers and every one was so available to talk to here in and and it felt like gazing comradery so i would just encourage any one to come and listen to general plan and gets shakes hands and thank him for a service of what he's done for the nation he certainly is then his been under a tack for a long time very very brave picture and just in all ronicky hengiston just a elseper nice when when we talk about the united states and the foundation let's oh maybe we can go to talking about the history of the united states in what how the i sat came about to give us the freedom that we have well maybe they don't see it very well and in the public schools the government chose any more and on schools i think to much cared chop as you've done and then i then voltersholm movement to for many years though there are those who fact is the decoration in depends the fabulous that outlines this is not taught well the grievances of england he out the foundations to why country needed to break away and independence of the abuses in tyranny that the king of king george of in it now if you breathe through those list of grievance for too many of them true to day in our government what our government is and that that it was a cry for freedom that she and for the freedoms that again as i said before were posto be secured by our cosin i dependence see break away from great big and then we had on framers of the soonfound ers of our country were great people who sweden writings and what they're thinking when we we have so much the form with a to be grateful for the foundation of the lad he forth friedman implied when he left he invention and moses this government follyeven is given us constitute are are public i'm sorry we public in the in that statement because they laid the foundation a given us the docket god governs i mean is gone remained that we have to do our diligent hold i in body thus what we again the price parties go back and look at that as for our founding yea and capring the crontrin of the government people people what what were seen right now is they think that adding more laws and more regulations in the setting other thing is going to push us forward and just makes things that compounds and the make some worse there was a rolling that came out this week on copyright reform and i thought that was really super interesting i'm going to talk about that some point in time because i think that the striking down some of the copyright rules and laws which the allowing outside organizations to copyright regulations as well as rules and laws so that you have to buy them rather than at being available to to a company's and such just creates a barrier to entry so only their bodies can play ball and there and if you don't need more regulation you need smart you you need to get smart and caught most of this back and and i have stiffer penalties in my opinion it's our god the eastern district is doing is putting together some home school materials and curriculum to see that having seen it i heard about it but ye that's and isolating the winter count for cold the other evening with and he may not in schools home school families to be an gravely and then it by and large and his nerve by a voice there people who eleventh government freedom of religion some of the to hall marks on sure and i like that there's a patrons involved and the principles too because our nation is truly i think it really abandoned our veteran i dad was about yourn and i watched how the services eh you know veterascis were were in no it was really sad because i don't think he pornone into it but i don't think they really have the organization to know what's going on i think that we should honour our veterans as they've honored us and in serving serving them in you know in all capacities one yes indeed and horrible the seventhats hospitals especially veterans as things like that and the stories about some park here that their less giving there and and enable we ask or to go and morse probably shouldn't be fighting in that we should be staying out of the game wounded they had sometimes everything from aged orange stomatic no come back and you you know the high rate of suicide among veterans ah it plorable in were not for not we haven't taken care of them the way he he and what's your score card for bidin right now he's off the he does and the name come bottom wrong in my seven i i don't know i have met i i say this one time i though he might be the one of the better of the democrats voices into the form the ideology every ear you look at it he from moving a portion on doing everything he can increase oh string the military a loud letters the policies it es simplemente in the military turning moral in less inserto sporting a corrupt organ nation like ukraine what's going on over there fording to these things the name of the and wonder if he believed now what that means any the certain i not freedom in touraine and on the crag catlike selenski over there we have no business man there and for the last repubican here in the same boat with him in despot every ere you are to look at giving money biddeth miocene now after agree with that i think he's in a dismal failer he started family in the day got inaugurated a with bomination syria and the killing has just continued on what what blows my mind is held the left so tied into the ideology that they believe except that they're not looking at things in face value of what it really is you know what what we want things to be and what we want them you know we believe is to be true and what is actually true or quite often miles apart and i think we got that happening right now you know we we think the things that the will may be often involved in for years our turning out to be completely upside down and i think if it's hard it's hard for a lot of people to make that to make that jump away from that but i think there's also some very easy solutions to write the nation starting where the tenth amendment the state's right and i believe that the governor's our really and should be probably the most powerful or one of the most powerful em in in you know in the strict but right now it's kind of like they just seem to be communist communists allies little marks soldiers and in its really too bad but if we had i was told one time if we had one honest governor and the united states for the entire united states around it he only takes one and i think that's important people think they don't matter or if they get in politics that while they not polchester neither or most about you know that that they that they kicked the curve we hear you know oh but but everybody needs to get in step up and try you now try to do something in god leads us through it what we don't know he he gives us as we move along to achieve his purpose certainly we bring this nation back as one nation undergo in visible with liberty and justice it's it's a awhat do you looking forward to the most with the conference coming oh that's hard to say i may looking forward most to the trespaces that we have and her ottavo side because we ready said and but we also need to make some definite plans for next year centreton and horace she we need we need to get on we bow equalitie in twelve states right now the wine be working on that we have a couple of were working on a north carolina and missouri that are an under way we recently finished last orontabella there but in order to run a campaign that take seriously you have to be a sufficient number of ballots for the presidential campaign so we are or high water more was forty five we had i pack in these balance in an would not achieve so we have we really have to put the thing is he put up so many barriers to get on the boat firstrate they and but we made some progress on that naboth some laws changed in courts right here betsy veniale on a significant carcase that lowered or he required still in case very operation to get on to the ballot he so what we need if we have to hire people to we have volunteers who will do it and not were building a grass rope who won be willing to get out there and collect as invaluable and i set idifferent cause you can spend a couple of million dollars to get on the ballot and all fifty course they are again the big money people can do that pinto that but if with few higher petitioners you have volunteers it will do it hammerpestle it out there and gets that of course sadehiot of money sentiebant talk about that we have to set a budget for next year meeting this is some of the best or who might be nominees of the sea are nominacon vention will take pace spring next april and in twenty four there's a lot of planning that has to win to a national convention and work twenty twenty four and as where we were nominated action nominated or and a from the preparation of workmen made to explore who who might be available for that who may i desire to me people who may be seeking it testing the people we've really had a number of people who express we need to the one to examine them in the sea where the this one about to run on or flat committed to the stands and i think when potentially have some great people so it cast but though for the process and slumbering forward to that the laying some of the plans for the same time in earlier encouraged people to run state and local or become o them looked for opportunities we we've had a number of in that area number people who are elected as on some or men tractat the year not more we need again moved and divide their betterrather open off the titanic here with the republican pardon though we may have a lot of people coming you know what looking for something better here so very short like and i got to say i would get a call it down a van that she is just amazing i love her and talk about working a hard working gal conferences together and so confident and such such a nice gal and i'm telling it we you want to get something done down is amazing she's organ yes and what what what oh adolo reactive why she is seasontends a man i for time practising lawyer and how even on national chairman and limited how much time i can put into the my recruiting of donna if one of his say is probably like critics this term is as the national chairman be she does a tremendous she prideshe keeps me on track times not always successfully with i need to be doing in song he great as a a tremendous it is something in the name down of and it reposewore we we laugh about a colin at d and were playing dead down and dinah when we were working on a on political things together which is in so we have wonderful people as as regional directors can you call out the regional directors to sure i in the west and net hand kierson or the the area chairman and in cochin ah in the west pale has staranise nose in utah nevada and derelove scholehouse the last is for that and lasted strike a said that for my adopted state and trade that were i forgetting things going in a last most of people still an important the as freedom by and large in the south we have kevin hayes come home or the sherman co chairman respected in southern regions and for the rest west espouventable and mary seers from your shamisen are the sherman cohere in the east we have sembls as dave copas dakotas and neckshells a chairman coch and in the s and yes i mean things we don't we have two pads orehave an office for time office miseryher where i am and we have gone a von of this and so we don't most these other people are volunteers i may we ask cloudof whether its sherman co chairman chairman seen these were volunteers in may they work hard there's some lots to do we we ask a lot of again they are there doing the creek great child prepotenti with the more we have now and you are to earlier i think the time is ripe we have you are recognizing the ability of the two birds of prey are the two birds of two wings of the burden pray one then cause republicans sing i saw twitter not to day from james wood said that the one have a red memories try to paraphrase it crag as best i can he said the republicans were the problem if we know we know where the democrats are a very clear numbers but the republicans or in position where they could do something about it but they don't it's all told so the reason the following party has lost its mornings and in one respect for his as to cross the board but a lot of the this is public import sometime the past gave lips i never can had the intent about it yaooris in in the state of mischance honestly because we had all of the unconstitutional lock downs and mandates and and i did not hear one is stand up for we the people they all laid down and ah it was gold along get along and we could see that in the last election to it was like it was god long get along from the leadership of the party from pretty much talked to bottom i didn't see i didn't see any reel reel go you know a lot of times like you said felton get em give em lapse to port any accountability or teeth into some none of them had the godstone and in its it's really it's really said i went to the michelangelonew down in missouri and that was overwhelmed overwhelming speakers came on stages that the problem where america is the republican party and in i think it's because they're given a lusion it is based on illusion we don't have elections there they they they're not fighting for for free and fair elections they are not fighting for this nation they are not standing for anything and so you know when i look at the political stuff out there all the really doing is talking about you know the little battles that they have whose fighting who but there is no answer that the coming up with it they have no solutions for anything and at that sparely that should her first clew that they've they lost their way absolutely i mean in there are small hand fool that i would say not in accord so the leadership were all called the establishment the had hold a rings of one they are not at all committed to that something now we've got a work to hit i think that hold trumps and some of our people attracted to an i certain tract his hated so by the left something good but appointing the listen to him he understands that he has no rule on what constitutional government involved and or adherence to can never acknowledge that he made him mistake his dental and what for the getting to his campabout the locked the odds and so on and the whole he will oneteen the moon pandemic and he was part of it i made even the he is one who startled light of it in otoha tolerated that doctor face but he was you see in what they do it it is another example the action without really doing it there said michigan in the same thing anian many other many others o ka egranus end the constitution now as of this so called pandemic in late latin violation freedom of worship freedom of freedom of assembly although tramp be by our case trampling on during that i can tell you what is so i like president trump and i think that he's he's done a great thing for uniting people in also exposing what was wrong here and sometimes you have to show the people what you know you have to show what it would look like you know for us to lose the nation and in such a but but ah i i think that i heard one time that then there was possibility that you know when you have to make a set they had take the lesser of the two eves when you're in office specially that my feets going out because i'm talking anything anything you know of substitut i really do think that there was a somepen ial threatened coercion or that there was a greater the sometimes the people will avoid because nothing's really clear and clean caught in more as the threats are so great and the turn osintias surveillance state of men ere or to the point that eh you know we do have foreign volvent in our elections we have so you china's not a country where the border any more a china is a global crime syndicate and there's many many players into that and i heard a wild back that we actually had something called clubs well as other threats that were it within the united states that's one of things the gongorian trouble is that he was exposing the glonek of terrors this nation or they were the training terriss and i have a sneaking suspicion that president trump was was faced with so it is some points in time where the great which huge threat that they that he had to deal with you know you do this or you know oh i don't know that for fact but it's a guest omine because the club cake cars were were fitted with chemical biological and nuclear weapons and they didn't know where they all were and that's that's what i heard and so sometimes i think you you went an incremental and incremental manner to restore the nation at hester i sure love his economic policy and an always say present trump is the rightful president of the united states and they they on the last two elections at least i don't know we've ever had a row honest election with the last two elections we had we have not had honest and or in actual lection all we've had was the selection of you know of in an illusion of election with the foreign involvement counting the votes in a private poseponed and public winachin is the private colony so that's completely unconstitutional and also the fact that attack of le by ford entities and most likely run by them and these legousin and that sort of thing i cannot put any weight to the to the election at all but certainly when you look at the sentiments of america he he was his heritors dent united states is no way to bid in out thout you know garden more votes than have its note and possible so i misifolo him for what he's done you know yet now the or exactly right and be there there's no doubt in my mind the last election was stolen he is president election and i think a lot of other elections as well he especially immense frauds to place an interesting may you brought that up to linda ranch one of our speakers and think i have this right is promoting the paper bowed and that's one thing because suchnorth stands for to have people more on a people balanced there their votes and keep them secure keep them and counted properly and in in public as you say in avoid a man there so much it with computerized flooding electrocuting himself everybody who knows anything about it i say the dorso way you can guarantee that is can it be a protected its gold to be he can't be here as where we have something like that i can be i can be acted on people involved in so hard the trees the winged me time transpositional it's so it's so unconstitutional once you put that in there that ballot gets counted and secret and nobody can see which way the boats are nerving wept and so i mean just going back to that you know that alone that factor it there on out on it you know and i think a linda and is come up with a really good option too and i once again i would encourage every one please come to this conference in october you will not be disappointed the caliber of speakers that'll be there there are truly inspiring and amazing i'm goin to a like keep you on it one brother next guess and that's that's my body here bill more and so i want to weregoing to go ahead and play constitution party into and we will bring in with you and so will talk for few minutes that's good yet the one from to the second hour of bradenburg news network it is the tees the tonick hour on the twentieth of septimania so proud to have my guests sign to that i've so much respect for these gentlemen you know jim climates just amazing that its history within politics and to serve this nation is not apologies he is actually statesmen and i got a tell the same thing with bill more you know we've got the noach other pretty well as both of us are vice chairs of the u s textthat in the state of michigan and bill's history is amazing his father o was an integral part of starting and being in the party and michigan in its onhanded down now to bill every time i talk with you even though the earth you know are age differences is us is substantial cause i'm i'm an old grandaunt i learned so much with from talking you gentlemen it's just really inspiring and you know you're going to be a dead here pretty quick too or a hammersfor congratulation ottelay i oh i just wish i could grow a beard like that so at it they acted there are isinbard's on dave has on apierto he as on yesterday too and a very very wonderful a gentleman and there working on a home school crickand i know you home school billjust like just like i did too and ah i think that it's time to cut baandene of these structures that are out there like the thatworcester failing they haven't done anything and you know the thegovernment schools octonatio casman us selfstudy know unable to go forward by that wanted to have you know jummanoo an hour talking about the national party i think it's time to talk about the state of michigan party too you stacey and all the great things that we've got going on right now and you know building the party and moving forward in order to serve this nation on the tastes that the only word the comes to i thought that on a topic that i talk about quite frequently and that is education so we can it remain there for just a minute moriscoesthe a lot of people don't realize and they continue to support and you can see that by the by who they liked they continued to support the federal department of education a number one that is an unconstitutional agency it that power was never given to the federal government in fact it was forbidden and the up costituto and the tenements of the mistridden to them then that powers nepote states into the people respectively and in macegans other states across this union education is still forbidden for the states to handle icianos not have any clause that guarantees the state the right to set up a department of education to be solitae educating our posterity the only close that we can find a goes all back to the northwest ordinance from this from the seventeen hundreds and that is that religion morality and knowledge being necessary to the security being necessary to discretion free state ah the right how that man oh i'm sorry religion morality and knowledge being necessary to good governance ah the schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged i got that one in the second men went mixed up i talk about both lots so so the state is to encourage education but they are never given the authority to set it and therein lies the difference is the people's responsibility to educate their own children nowhere nor in the scriptures can we find anybody in times past settlement of the faith with sun their own children off to their enemy be trained up and ways that they themselves do not approve of and that is what we see all across the merica am glad their certain people not of majority yet but a lot of people have woken up for the last three years and i started to understand that principle and the sooner we can get our posterity our own children out of thus indoctrination system the a the government has usurped power over the sooner we are able to train up generations who will in fact support and follow the constitution and the laws that were originally set up in this nation the government by oh i agree with you a hundred per cent that you know in the nets to your point is a great point is that we've got marks us we've got a mark this ideology in our schools that are just training them to be foot soldiers as the same thing history repeats itself that happen in germany they went after the kids and look at look at how they've they turned on children against their families and then were these ridiculous proposals that allegedly passed in michigan i don't believe they did that i really don't there's no way possible that any one could convince me that they had enough signatures to get these things on the ballot not not happen but they just rubberstamp on through and refused to those of us who wanted access we had no access and i don't know if people realize how bad this is i was the board of canvassers meeting and in michigan they are as guy that came in there who was a signature gatherer confirmer kind of guy you know and they let him go in and copy off the board of elections every and take them to where i heard it is on record to bang each to have signatures there fight with the other signatures that they already had one on hand that means that bangladesh had the signature there is of all the voters that signed the pits if they in fact did that and they involved a foreign entity they did not that any one to an he walked out door with this candidates had no such as myself had no axes they refused us as keep them this is tyranny treason at the highest level what they did in this state and i you know people people don't even understand how badly they've gone after the systems our children education there there's a case out there called norton verses shalbe county that proves that all of these the organizations have no right to dey don't exist under the wall then if you can let me go he had smother things i need to get to oh sir no more i won't thank you for coming haste jump and i really appreciate your wisdom in the leadership you have for the constitution party and thank you so much for you now for the all of the service that you put into the nation thank you i thank you for what you are doing this is really great i preterite the opportunity behind or let you go ahead now and this you license as well santsimo you have but you have a great hay to day by assiginack to that you know that it's in schools and such i mean people have got to get involved and take the seriously because they'll take away everything that means anything to everyone out there ether there's two common phrases i'll see if i can remember in both fear and and one is that if you don't know you're right you don't have any and that is absolutely true if you don't know what the what we're doing out here eh not only in public but within the party we want to restore the constitution back to its former glory as the law of the land is currently it's not a bit is but it's not being followed that way it's not being respected in that manner and if the people don't start fighting for what they know is right then they're going to continue to lose it and it's not that we've ever lost our rights because we have it they are all still intact two keep a right we have to be wooing to use it we have to be willing to put ourselves out there to what are elected officials are servants mind you are indentured servants to let them know that we in fact in all of our rights we have more than a written in the constitution he chose all the back to common law which are lost common to man there all found in the scriptures that the entire premise of our constitution both federal and state and until we get back to that point we're going to keep fighting the same circles and politics that we've seen happen in my my entire lifetime i watch it so we need a sir what in the acts to the root of the tree so to speak and get down to what are founding fathers set up for us the example that they put in place and we made a start going after these of criminals we call them elected servants these corrupt criminals after an office and continued to be placed up in office not elected but placed in office and we need sir going after them for their crimes and it's going to be the people that are going to have to start doing this because we see there's not a court that'll take on most of these cases ah an at least there's not a cord this onprovided justice for most law enforcement won't touch it because they they don't want to lose their jobs and i'm not i'm not basting on lawenforcement here i know a lot a lot o good guys out there that are part of it but he that they need to be educated and understand what their proper role is as well and that is to execute warrants that are put up from an injured party or an accuser against some of these elected official it until they start doing that then i can't stand with them and i guess said there's a lot of good ones it there they need to start stepping up the game and work with us the people to restore what this nation used to be while the god a clean their own house out too i mean if you're standing with somebody that you know is corrupt instead of protecting the brotherhood or the sisterhood or whatever you want to call it you have to call them out the the oath of office as well as how we stand before god is to stand upright before god in all things and that doesn't mean protecting somebody that's a criminal it even comes down to you know you may have somebody standing right next to you and you watch him do the wrong thing in any profession be the medical profession or the legal or the law enforcement you have to call them out or its its demeaning a degrading to every one besides its small system as a legal there there's a reason why we have are elected officials taken oath of office and it's more than just to protect and uphold the constitution of the united states it so much more than that of the used to be that every official would have to raise the right hand and place her at their left hand on the bible and swear this of a lot of em had removed the scriptures from that now but they still are required to raise the right hand when they take an oath and that is raising the right hand to god and swearing before man and god that they will do this thing and it wasn't that terrible long go back in the sixteen seventeen hundreds if you were to swear an oath and be found to be breaking that oath oh they would stamp your right hand and in a burn ope into it because you are now a purse and that is every time that you were to raise your hand and swear another oaths everybody would see that and know that that man is not to be the and we just let them get away with it time after time after time we see it ah an i'm hopin over the last three years more and more people there getting to that point we can up because we need to start holding him accountable to this if they break their oaths as simple as this breaking their oath the the rest of the house of representatives or the senate the rest of them should stand up and start in peachiness the smallest and fraction of the constitution for the smallest and fraction against the people's rights they should bring up an appeasement process and understand a lot of people don't understand what that means because they haven't read their little book called the constitution eh if you don't have one anybody listening if you don't have one contact your representatives halltimidly someone out see for re ah and read it understand it because without it you you're not going onderstand how this government works we need to start pushing for these impeachments and it's going to be difficult because they're all in it so you can't have a mass in peachment because none of em are going to bring it up and they won't peach each other because they're guilty the same crimes if they're not speaking out against it their part of it it's as simple as that yet as i mean i think we can go back to the declaration of independence about removing a a corrupt government we have everything we need two in fact it you know stay within the rights of law of removing i i kind o think the whole thing is corrupted and needs to go i mean most our our so corrupt right now that i don't see salvagin on because it becomes a whole system of covering for each other and the judges cover for people i mean the prosecutors are prosecuting crimes and unless they're getting a kick back am in most cases because what they have is if they get a money judgement it goes into the retirement which is really really it defies explanation but anyhow continue on pleased with in my now you've got you've got a lot uh i've now of knowledge to share with people a good and just the basic work in mandaloyon know me eh i'm pretty much as simple as they come i just spend the time to understand what i don't understand right if and i told my children the same things if i tell you something speaking to my children if i tell you something and you don't understand one word of what i told you just just one somebody stop me right there and asked me what that is i do the same thing whether be the scriptures constitution any laws if i don't understand it i'll go somewhere where i can whether it's the person enforcing them with the person that writing them or there's documents prior and pass that had been written describing the blacks law dictionaries a good one and that that's where we need to be we need to be educated without that as hosea says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge if we don't get this then we can look to history and see what happened a prior nations at that done the same thing everything we see to day that's being set up in government was set up and a not soderman hitler did the exact same thing ah and we've seen it the more recently but wasn't it ending in bringing this elf but during the socalled now foes oh to see the federal government going and sun femund shut down that hole area the or they wouldn't let people and even take a picter it didn't know how much you talked about that here but the iocose notatis by not buying one word of what's going on there is telling any truth of any of it i not by one word of it because his too many things that just arnot adding here the federal government sets up these departments to cover their tracks as all it is and they they pick the narrative and then every department every news station has bought paid for by the cia everybody runs the same narrative and that's only to indoctrinate the people in the believing that right even hitler said if you tell a lie long enough loud enough and often enough the people will believe it that's absolutely true a friend of mine describes as in a way if you got two dogs fighting in a ring which ones going to win and it's one that you feed more right the one that's ready for the fight so it depends on what were feeding and for feeding on the common narrative through the media or for feeding on historical evidence or whether it be documents from our fathers or the scriptures may we can pick this stuff up it's very clear and concise what's happening and that is america's falling under judgments because we refuse to bring justice upon the wicked and until we start doing that we're going to get more of the same it's it's insanity doing the same things over in expecting different results and i say if we want the results that we used to get we have to be willing to do the things that we used to do and that's long before my generation but we have to get out there and be willing to sacrifice a little bit of ourselves even if it's a letter or a couple of hours a day or a day a week and now some people that have downright left their jobs and there they've been out there every day doing things oh i don't have that luxury right now eh and i'm not making an excuse but i will take whatever times necessary to fight whatever fight is put in front of me i don't care what the cost is ah our founding fathers pledged their their lives liberty their lives fortunes and sacred honor right that's everything that they had for the cause of liberty and who are we to think that we can just sit back in our couch watch them medias narrative and let the country that we claim to love so much burn to hell because we refuse to lift the finger and do something about it man if you're not in this pit get in it because it's coming to your front door is only a matter of time yet there's there's no gettin way from this because it's the government that creates the crisis and then tries to solve the crisis you want to see something really entered so in i put on the male fires and if there's a guy named steve that he is looking into the directed energy weapons and how you know you look at all the pitchers that did get out and how many blue roofs flower pots on the bolas were out and he pretty well correlated the many fires with the chinese on sand lies that were going overhead at that and then you know knocked in a part on what was the what was the ah the range it would have had to deploy a lazer in order to burn everything up and how that would work without destroying the the the things that were the color blue because it was not i was reflective of that price a spectre and it's it's really it's really interesting but like it that's i say i'm not buying anything that they're saying on any of this right now just like the plains that they lost and went down they don't lose plans in the okimow yet i mean how how many more lies are we going to listen to from these people before we just like you know take all their narrative put it the trash and get back to what matters which is how we're going to take the nation back and stud if at this suffices to time waste you know when we would we get tied up into their their median are and have really at the time waster and studying the constitution studying what it takes i've got into the prose area and very very much sing that that doing prosaics lost its against ah a finding parties is the way to do it and i'm telling you the brunton brothers of the amazing and they've got a case in the supreme court so i think that probably our best recourse at this point in time until we in the less we force in whole account of all our public functionaries to get rid of the machines because they we will never ever have an election as long as those machines are in place just selected here to look those have to go and in my opinion the even a secret ballot should go away there is no reason why somebody ah in my mind would want to hide a fool i mean i'm proud of the golfer anybody that asks me i'll tell you what wonota's no problem at all and until we get rid of the secrecy of it and bring everything out to the public you're going to youre going to get more of it and i i suspect pretty soon you won't even have to go to a polling booth they're going to try to set up an online service where you can just law in with the withcould secured idee and and be able to voltri from your home you know or or call it in something like that and a canoe absolutely i mean the there's no there is no set protocol for being able to count those and even if there was we see is not followed even with the boring machines currently or signature matching esoteric cut they are the i hear it over and over day after day people call us at democracy whether it's on tv i mean even the people we like to look at the people on the intellegis atures that the his you dosserets the governor may for pesach's everything you hear that democracy to axidares even here a lot of patriot groups calling it the and the atesui and that is nothing but a put a bunch of lies a there's not been one to micracantha history of this earth that is ever lasted the end of the rondeauseed democracy is coming is every time i see over and over with governments and i believe the romans had it right when they set it up the romans required the people to be the law they didn't have a specific law enforcement that were set up a the men of rome were required to be part of the roman army they were the ones that when owan executed the laws and they were the ones that went out and fought the battles and if you wanted to live in that nation you had to be willing to put yourself out there to protect and that's the same thing i mean that's written right in here you as costitutione out all my people know that there is only one law enforcement in this entire nation and it's not the president it's not ah your police chief it's not sheriffand deputies it's not a martial so the only thing that we gave the government power for law enforcement is to send out the militia suppress insurrection repel invasion and to enforce the law that is the only time you'll find that everything else is statutory law it's all administrative law that they've set up and in that has turned on on us the people we will out it and it has now become a law enforcement to protect those who basically pay them right so it is the militia that has to be willing to put themselves out there and somebody may ask a bill what's what's actually a militia you know isn't that our national guard no no militia is every able bodied citizen typically under the age of about sixty five very state to say who is able to take up arms take up those arms in defence of his states and of himself when that is directly into our second amendment we can see that the security of a free state being necessary the right of the people to keep berachot be in french rate and i took a little bit out of that i know a petephres that's also codified nor michigan constitution article on section six that every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for the defensive state the defence of himself and the state and we see that being trampled on left and right and why is that they do not want the people educated enough to be able to enforce the law and bring just the because that would require them the stand at the gallows that's all he is and until we get to that point the word were not understanding this we're going to keep getting the same things on one point i wanted to touch on too ah regarding an enforcement of laws you mentioned the court bringing up court cases and such as a recourse and and that is is a very good way to do it if the courts were working for the people which we know they're not their set up once again under stattor laws under their own policies that they follow to let the jurisdiction is what we're under we need to get back to the point where we can open up common law courts because a common law courts the people are the power in our current courses on weather be circuit courts are appeals courts even the supreme courts the people are not the power any more we've lost that off and now the courts claim supreme jurisdicion and it's that's not the way it was ever intended the people are supposed to be the highest power of this land we are the kings and we are the rulers of this land there is nobody above us save for christ himself or one only king there is nobody that stands above us not to the president not a governor no judge no other person we are the rightful rulers and we are to be enforcing the law according to what we gave them we did not we did not receive a constitution from our government to tell us what we can and can't do we put the constitution in place to let them know what you can't do and to let them know what you must the federal government only has about eighteen to twenty delegated powers right one twenty hours ah and they have to do those but they are not allowed to do anything else and as we see a day after day report of the report from any new source you look at or from any politician you hear about as then talking about the ah you know what what these agencies are doing their bringing up the crimes of these agency and yet not bringing the action to take care of it there not bringing the axe let's say here in talk about how the tree is decaying but let's not cut it down let's just let it infect everything around it and not always while in their using that as a as a selling point themselves in power i mean put things back is going to have some unpopular reactions because we've got used to having the comfort of the you know every time something goes wrong were not responsible for her own actions there is always some one that will go in catch you when you're old ah and that's that's too bad and it's wrong i mean that i think that's howsis honestly part of the paris of dominos down is that there's no consequences rest and ah you know because of course somebody in the government will step forward and make sure you get your entitlements not title the anything you know we're supposed to work for a living were supposed to work to feed ourselves and take care of ourselves because if we're not doing it some one else is and i think that disconnect as out there too people don't realize when they're pulling money out of the system it's not something their title to it's something that another taxpayer has put in off of their hard work go on somebody received something for free it is on the backs of somebody else who worked for it and never received now that's all that works yea it is kind of shocking to me how people how so many people don't have a grasp on the sly it's almost like they think that money grows on trees and on it well in a kind of has es it they that's part of our inflation problem is once we got off the gold standard they just print it if they want more money they just print it devalued the dollar for the rest of us doesn't matter because they can go to the press and printing or here and he and we keep using this fee a currency the constitution's very clear that the that there's to be no accepted money except for gold and silver in the states yet they can only coin that the money out of you know it in only be coined and the quaint as a specific word out of gold and silver so we we have falling so far from what the original attention of this nation was individual rights it wasn't the moral of a democracy is a republic its republican form of government which were supposed to be guaranteed which is representation and so so that even now people who have a minority position in an issue just say oh ye now whatever and i'm not talking to racial minority i'm talking what but it could be as pose but it's like if there's if there's you only have the majority ruled then the rights of people are not being carried out in an it's it's a long discussion that we can take what it really seems to me like democracy is one of the most discriminatory types of government and to your point it always ends in a dictator well let's let's take a recent action in michigan and me talk about that with talk about props three now whether or not a man to leave the south or whether or not that was legitimately codified in the constitution which ah by the way it's not we'll talk about that mine because in prop three claims that the any individual can have the right to slaughtered their unborn right now i said this from the beginning when they first proposed that i said you put that in the constitution and the constitution becomes now and void and a lot of people say well how can you say that right and a once again if you don't have it get it because i carry a copy everywhere i go and in our preamble which is the basis for why we establish a constitution in the state michigan nearedest it is we the people of the state of michigan greatful to almighty god for the blessings of freedom and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this cost he break that down a little bit let simplify it it's basically stating that we were willing to stand up with god on our side in claim that we have these specific rights that nobody can take these from us and were putting this document in place to establish a government to protect secure those blessings without being diminished which means without even the smallest portion of it being taken away from us to ourselves and our posterity are posterity is just the generations that come after us it's our seed on this earth in the moment they brought up prop three i said that violates the reason for the constitution you put that in there the constitution comes to ovoid you now have a rogue government and to and to make my earlier point clear oh i said that we are the kings and rightful rulers of the nation and of these the very first article in the michigan constitution all political power is inherent in the people and government is instituted for their equal benefits security and protect times were in charge of it here yet every forget who said it but every nation has the government that it desired i think it was john adams i might have that wrong but i think it was john adams that said he paraphrased that the legislature i or representatives that we put in place the legislature is just a miniature form of the people at large is very paraphrased he was much more eloquent than i we look at the legislature to day and see who we have representing us and who do we see a man in here news reports all over the place we have legislators getting rested for drunk driving right drunkenness ah we have legislators that are numerous of them in the act of adultery in sodom ah we've liars cheaters thieves and why is that because the people are all engaged in those acts and we have not brought justice against those every one of them is a violation of law and you can even say it's a legal because their statutes against all of them a but we have not brought justice against that and so thieves elect thieves and drunkards elect drunkards you elect whoever you relate to right i look for people who fall under a what he was told the moses and acids when he's a picked from among the people oh i look for god for ing people those that hate covetousness and stand against a moral gain also the people that we should have a man as sons getting right back here is wattonthe should have an office representing us and in gastriatony mineinger thinges ther singin but until we the people get back to that until we are moral enough to hold ourselves accountable or legislature are governments get a look exactly like we are i not in it i mean i think i agree with you it's like it's like we the greatest burden of fault on this honestly it ourselves it is because we allowed this to go on for so long i believe that the constitution we have in michigan was the legally put in places corruption so i mean i mean you know even it's that the constitution itself in michigan it needs to be now fied and we need to go back until we get back to what works and what was lawfully put in place from the original constitute and a and start over from there because went what happens is you got a cascade falling down from that of in in a legal one legal document or legally put in place and now everything after that falling from that and he's be owlified with it and you can you can keep going back into the stroke of a pen keep going now with that sad you know where the structure is that this nation has got used to and the nanny state that's going on we're going after do it and as in humanitarian way rather than in a very quick way because i don't think you could i don't think i could you know a onelight return it in one day it's going to take a little plan in order to have the structures there or we'd really be in trouble i think we're heading in that and i really do i think we're going to see some wonderful changes and it might be a little bumpy for a while but i think it's going to be a great thing because you cannot look at them out of money laundry child trafficking terrible things that have gone on in this nation to really almost make us you know the true tired it's the totersten or passants were peasants to to profit off of which is unfortunate but we're going to have to take that and re reverse all of it and go back to the beginning to what worked and i think i think we've got to work cut out for us then i can tell you what i know that the justexpressions caught out for the job we're going back to the constitute and the lawful the lawful on the nation i think it's important to remember that was just thought on the constitution here i mean i know he shoots that you agreed with me and they ought the contest three cots and in my opinion now sixty three the whole area is when we could start to see the downfall of our state and eatin you have a lot of people that all but there's probably some people on your show that are watching who basically just keep tabs on you don't agree with what you say are we just call those the bad guys sitting out there watching the show right they're just takin notes and a watch what we do ye another talk somebody has shown her talking to them i will say look back in the last seventy years and tell me as a nation gotten better or worse over seventy years time frame frank substance were everybody would have to say it's got worse than you see crime rates go up eh you see more murderers ah you see more corruption in government a everything has gotten worse and so it's the same thing that i said earlier if we want the results we used to get me as to be willing to do the things he we used to do not a doelike these people to uphold the law or do ye let them to tear down the low were supposed to be electing them to uphold the law right the we like these people to uphold the law and yet over the last seventy years also he sees and tearing the law down one at a time they will tear it down and write in something else that they claim is better nor underwente ting themsels right now for if the nation is gradually getting worse but there writing laws that they claim as better why is that and that is to protect themselves against the crimes that they commit they don't want to be prosecuted for the right note i agree with you the nineteen sixty three constitutions i don't think was put in place lawfully ah and i can't prove that whether it was or not it really doesn't mind i know it has an we can't prove it because he didn't have the required number of votes as per the constitution that came before he they they did not have personage in order to pass they are a percentage of the people that voted but not the not the people of she so then there are many errors made there re cause it passed only by a mild majority a very mild majority these same thing we see in elections is somebody gets fifty one in the other gets forty nine and then the other one per er the other two per cent or out there you know they call us independence or stragglers and really were the people that want to make change ah well i was the inanethe population they had him certain amount of the population not the people that voted in that elcot and so in the election was low and so that they did not have the votes to actually put that in place as her adding a new cone this isn't like i'm going to change the law here to change what the dog catchers do all right this putting in a new constitution in place to revise constn they didn't have it and though it is in fact and that's that wing right back an old fy that right there then to noakes one to bring that up they ought to start that process and it is about two years ago that i carted say in yet we probably ought to just go back to the nineteen o e constitutes because the nineteen o a constitution gave more power to the people to be able to lawfully prosecute criminals it is simple that in sixty three for instance we took the dust penalty out of the state now it doesn't matter to me what people think about that because the scriptures clear when you commit certain capital crimes you are to be put to death and that is to be an example for the next person that they don't do it and only by then are we going to have peace right when the judgments of the lord are known in a nation we'll have feasts and it's as simple as that ah then it if everything i say is seen to be going back to the same point until we get back to that we're going to get the same that we deserve so he bring back the nineteen we constitution may be with a few miles mild changes stipata the nankow what that is i have doubled into that that deep oh but i'd be perfectly fine with it then nineteen sixty three constitutions for instance oh what is the desirable three or four section fifty one whatever the legislative one is where it claims of the holt and safety of the public is to be the top priority of the legislature at the look at oh but they're open up the door for them to set up the department of helpinesses and the other halted departments that we see and we we see now what that what that was set up for over the last three years we saw them take it on and they usurp their authority oh because we never granted them the power to do what they did to us we never told them that they were allowed to shut out her business for the flute or anything else and so if they didn't have that power then they don't have it now they cannot gain powers that were not granted to yet it was all its didn'treally really most of most of the the verbage that's been written down as about constraining there there overeatin is the size of it in her activity it is not necessarily even applied to the is applied to themselves they don't they don't have the right to tell us what to do in any really in any circuit in one here the constitution is the limit government not the people there than to be clear and everybody's mind the constitution is not made for you and i it is made for those that we put up and place to do certain tasks our representatives is the afreedeeman in a concert it would be it would be a a you know you could make it a parallel that it's an operating agreement how they have to conduct this ness as we you know as we have hired them in effect by our vote to do certain things for us as a as an antithesia american it when they swear that old they sign that contract with their own words now we get wet you go on this for over this topic for a long time because the there's so much of it all of the all of the three letter agents that they they don't have the right to exist they don't exist and and then watched what what a whitmer nestling benson did they weaponized these illegal organizations unlawful is should say against the people and made them their own little police force so we had we didn't have one or two on forest oh on organizations we had multiple organizations that were going after red the people now let's look at trees and going rolling down hill and not staying constrained in the way that it was sped and fortunately we go back to our you know you know you and i are both faith me now we were both christians and i as don't say that lightly were both believers in jesus christ on and god's law as well as his love and salvation oh they they have weaponized all of these organizations to be a little little secret police force as to go after we the people and it was really terrible i don't know how many people outside a michigan know how bad it was in michigan i would say that my opinion that mister gin was probably the worst and the united states for for tityranny and going after people and really just really being hostile to american here was very hostile the california new york are right up there his bernician the the reason why they did this so much as because we had quite a few people michigan that stood up and started protesting against his and he and being there caught faith based but being a follower of christ that's that's what were called i mean there's there's a reason why they call it protestant back in the early early reform days as protested that means they got out there he did something about it you out you want to see what the men of faith used to do go back go back before the revolutionary war and look at the black rod resident these guys were actually preachers and pastors willing to take off their garments and put on a captain's uniform and stand there like peter muhlenberg said he that there is a time to fight that time is now when he ripped off as is a or of the call that not a cloak might be a cloke every way and he had his captain's uniform and he was a one one of the ones that would tell the people the truth in law he would tell the people the true and let them know what needed to be done to be able to continue in the liberty that we have you and i both know where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty without that is nothing but contention and strife among men that we will strive for masteries if left to our own devices we are wicked and we are deceitful from our very beginnings there is not one among us he seeks after righteousness without without christ and i were my little dog tag here i don't know if you can see that this first john three eighteen right and he and that is that we are to love not in word or in tongue but in deed and in truth i mean we are to get out there and the church the individuals the church a spoke to be the one that's going out there and presenting the truth and bringing about resolve were called to be the light of this world we are the moral compass the churches the moral compass for society and without it ah it leaves the door wide open for the government to demoralized people and we've seen it over the last seventy plus years if they can be moralized you they can own you they can get you to do what they want to do all of this falls at the feet of the church where i should be because we've left off the things of god we have left off that which is pure and we have allowed this corruption to continue and i could say it again but i don't think i need to so he now it be very beginning of the show eh you played the constitution party banner which i thank you so much for setting it up that's a beautiful start to show you're montcalm and the constitution party oh it's been a stablished for a long time and i hear all the time that regarding the stacks or his party michigan which is the affiliate of the national constution party the onereason is is that not a democrat or republican secretary ostat will allow us to change our name on there's no law against it that's a continuous battle and it irritates me to know it where the absence of laws are supposed to be liberty and in this case the absence a law becomes tyranny in their minds somehow that they can own you because they don't have to do it they wind boosting children and say well now we're not going to let you do that in all it is a barrier it's barrier to have an equal footing and the election process in self government they are literally aspiring to out of of the elections where we his is part of our identity you know being the th affiliate of the constitution or there is no reason why they shouldn't help us instead of stopping well the constitution party changed his name in ninety two they used to be the u s taxpayers portantina ly and that's where we derive our name from when they changed the name of ninety two webenheim that battle to try to get our name changed since then and it's not recrosses that we know what the name constitution party or think it's better that may be a part of it but that was not the reason the main reason to change our name is so that we can match or national affiliate to reduce voter confusion right not the present we it is yet they go out and connect her twenty twenty four when we nominating presidents and voting for president vice president and at an handful of other offices and he when what a present replace president runs i don't care what party it is democrat republican libertarian green constitution party prohibition part and in the list goes on another's several but when they run their running under their national party name and but but they are nominated by the states to be put on a ballot not of how many people understand the process here but a national party does not put names on the ballot the only the states can put their their candidates on the ballot and so when we when we elect the presidential nominee which is typically the same as the national party at least hopefully it is once again to prevent confusion there put on a ball and michigan as eustacethat in a vote looks at that and says well i thought they were the constitution party would now what is this and in running on that principle alone should be enough to get the name change but once again because because they don't believe that they have to do it because they don't see themselves as representatives boss but rather rulers over us that they don't and they continually required us to ask permission for things that are normally lawful to do when the problem is is that i don't see it is that they don't see it as their duty i see it is honestly they're all beholden to that unitary in it's a barrier for entry and i would say that it is at is with with knowledge for knowledge to keep us off so that we can't change our name to unify and end a to keep us as a minor party rather than to have a more onealso represent i want i want to please second i'm replayed the the interoffice party is as good a mastic constitution parties so there's going to be no if if we keep workin in the direction there's going to be no no guess work to this so here he ego one so you know where we're working on that to make sure that we're communicating it because we don't have that help or represented from people in office where a word finding different ways around there barriers for for us i moved forward in an honestly have the ability to have self governance might the people away we choose not just their selection for s her absolute so talking about the party for a minute ah you mentioned earlier that the the and irebo placed chairs which we are i'm also the secretary for the party i handled a lot of paper work and oh i don't know why people thought i'd be good at it but emerentiana you are very good at it ah so the u shaxper's party and its foundation is it's too restore the government back to its rightful duty right to narrow the government limited back to its delegated powers ah to bring the power back to where it belongs not to the states and the people respectively right that's the that's the sole purpose of the shapes party and we we put up candidates every year for those who don't know every year when you look at your ballot em mostly state party candidates but there candidates on the ballot under the shakspere party names almost every time and if people say that they've never heard of the iseters party that tells me that they've continually voted straight ticket and marked one check box on her bell it walked away that sir the saddens me because then even george washington john adams but they said that the the two party system was the greatest evil that could ever ever be derived under the constitution once again on paraphrasing ah but that each party would have its own ruler and they would bring up policies that contradict one another way it's he it's the illusion of choice the illusion of opposition and that's the way it's been since nineteen sixty when the republican party came in to be i should go back and research a wiharas the eighteen sixty was ethericity yet eighteen sixties i think i said that right that i say nineteen nineteen sixty one pretty sitonwas eighteen sixty red but yet the eighteen sixties and since since then it's been it's been the illusion of choice and i he man i'm losin names here to day thodore who said it but oh eisenhower is thing was present is an hour that the this had nothing in politics is done without first planting and he forget holds it was that said that presidents are not elected their selected it an it's that's the way we've seen this happen now and were talking we're going away back to the early nineteen hundred here people who anstosses not something new we all the sudden election fraud became a big deal in twenty twenty this hasn't been new it's been going on for for decades for generations and in fine to porson omit it really simply is and he in the easiest way we can do that is to get involved locally ah you know it it's difficult for somebody who's not in the game to frinstance gordon the lancing and address the entire legislate or try to try to get an appointment with the governor i god forbid she won't even replied to my emails any more little on my phone calls but put the try to stand in front of these people that you've been indoctrinated so long to believe that that they hold this higher authority than you do right that can be intimidating but at the local level these are your friends is her neighbors to get hauled in your township or you'reyou're city or village councils ah it's very easy to do it's very easy to get to know these people and he and that is where we can make the most change regarding elections because these are the people that take the ballots these are the people that count them and in a few years ago we were working in our township to try to establish a hand count only it didn't go so didn't go very well back then but i must not bring him up again and seeing if they bite the bake but that is where we can have the most difference is with people who live right by us people who can get to know as and if you don't know your own township board or your carboard or city or village board em get to know and in typically it's it's like five to seven people it's all that's in there and the majority of a mere empty for peixoto ever goes to these meetings for the most part ah there's only a handful of groups that will maintain it no more than like ten people at a meeting but get involved at the local level to try to make a fence once we can sir changing local levels they can start pushing to change county levels well thierseele says local action equals national impact yet if we can change things from the bottom up that's the way it's designed ah like me said earlier work we are kings were rightful rulers and we will load ourselves be put on the bottom is time to rise above that and start holding all of our representatives accountable right were republic as you mentioned don on this article for section four of the us constitution we republic governed by law and we are to bring the truth of that law indeed the men's going out and doing it to those that we liked and let them know that we are in fact watching them and that we are in fact willing to take action whatever necessary to bring about proper governants well so well it's love and o'clock and i look a prayer and then whirl what we'll do as i gonosome last words and then we're going to end it go on to our day how's that the works at works do you holy father think you so very very much for jim and bell and all these wonderful people who have decided to step forward and in a work for your good purpose is here through the process of governance you gave us everything we needed to look at what ah the government should be vain then the bible and judges and kings are all you gave us all sorts so we knew how to stay on the rail and the main thing is as we need to follow your law your lead and once again acknowledge in this nation that we are a nation under you in obedience to you with your with a you know you told us how to do it you laid the path out in front of us you gave us wonderful people to go in front of us they are behind us the founding fathers to give us a wonderful nation that we have and we are just so grateful please give everyone out there a renewed sense of hope going forward that you had opened their eyes and ears helped them to listen to your voice and step up into action to help take the nation back for your good purposes we that's our highest or highest calling is too is to serve you and we're just grateful for being born at this this point type that you've given us an opportunity to to be here now and to listen to you to grow closer to you too to know who you are and to be representative of you on this earth body of christ were just so thankful thank you for es and the tea you're only begotten son that you sent here to die for us to pay the penalty for our sin that we may live with you for ever we accept your gift we love you for it or thankful for salvation that you did what we couldn't do we couldn't pay the price and you did or so it in loving towards and if anybody out there feels like they are not worthy to come into your presence we ask that you wore a touched their hearts and let them know how much that they are loved and that they can turn to you lay everything at the foot of the cross and and he have the salvation that you've provided jesus christ wore just thank you so much for the stay you've been a great friend to us and we want to be of a friend to you also thank you for loving us so much and the precious name of jesus we pray a man so any last words here bell i'll say it once more if we want the results for used to get we have to be willing to do the things we used to do edmund burke is quoted as saying evil can only prevail and good men do nothing right and i'm telling you he's wrong because good men do not allow evil evil to prevail and ever word woman the were good men yet we stand on the side lines and watch all this happen be sure that when they come knocking on your door and when those comes to your house that there is nobody left to stand for you we need to be willing to stand for those that are doing right now so that later on we have those same protections there was one of the best any statements i have ever heard thank you so much and i really i really preciate knowing you i really preciate you know that our families are friends and that you know that we can stand to gather the way it was supposed to suppose to be now everybody has their forts and life and the gifts that god gives and i'm i'm just i'm so thankful for all the work you've put into this nation both the steepers party the constitution party as well as educating and standing for for every every single right that god gave us in and i'm just i'm just really thankful also any on you are going to go guys are going to go that part of the show pleasego to brenburg for governor do come because i am the best not conceder who has arnot conceded i'm not going to conceive the twenty twenty two election until we write the twenty twenty election the twenty twenty two election and probably go back to the beginning because something's got a change and we have to be willing to be on bending on these principles because if we start if we start you know that in one on one or two little things and upon it making concessions on the big things we have to firm on what we know to be true and go back to what works thank you so much so her hand so i thank you so much everybody god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day metal though keep getting educated listen to smart people like bell he's really smart and i heard a wonderful teacher as father who gave him this is the result of having parents i spend a lifetime teaching their son to stand for this nation and be a true patriot not just not just somebody you compare a thing who knows that the material inside now and i'm just i'm just really thankful for you well so have a great day and we'll be back on to morrow we're going to be honest in people that are once again in the text or in the constitution party in constitution party week as well as a couple of people are running for office ah up by goshen and in the state of michigan to that political actors out of office and two several none near one of them are polities they're just everyday normal people like myself and you who dissected that we couldn't sit on the side lines any more but we had they have to do such to be really friend showeth so now have a great day in wood will set so