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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/8/2023 Part 2 Deron Brunson

Published Sept. 8, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Deron Brunson of the famous Brunson Brothers will continue talking about their lawsuits and the Pro Se process as a way to defend ourselves in a lawful manner. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg i rejoined in i decided that i yesterday we were on of the famous one that all of us who have done any one i love the what they do any know what that the interview yesterday so good in my that i really wanted ireland a great and i mean a great of going forward not back on running in one and learning along i had an interesting day astride that were in a time the that were all learning are going to be very import forward i think that we can all see the he we guess born in a good we won god winds god wins every time in a not saint thatbecause its re so rest self only prepared it's going to be a wild ride but it's going to be a fine so anyhow i'm in to bring on my good morning there and how he and good morning don and thank you for that wonderful introductory fell very complimented by and how i can live up to that thank you again you you are so legendary in the state of ashmead you and your brothers that not but i can honestly tell you there anybody that's done any research sitting there going oh man i hope they got off hooam to write to gosceline i like i love the my almost all news saze they really don't get into she and then you know the thing has become even gateway perish they on their putting or ls fraud that was when they were we really don't even know what happened but what i do know the somebody writes on chain and that person and orton can rede part of the article and then it finally goes up and then it gets so the original we enter who investigated that may not even be to the ad and they fluttings up a little bit to get just like everybody does inportant be able to think you know to talk through these reason why i decided to do brandenburg knows not work a way that i do i want people and i mean really i thoughtfully listened i heard and that things that they know that on the i loved enterview yesterday and like one of the hares to deal with is it somebody gets plantings because either the there in comfortable or the vesicul were come a few were have come faced factors sat there in lot by yayati but it's so uncomfortable for people to get in one i'm really trying to make sure that the the environment is france set down within the the art now in that i can miss i been able to dive into some very serious he and looking for but during it such a thoughtful way that we're getting as much inter accurate that so that we don't tell you what to think we've given the informe now you get to make to herself induce more and find out what's true and what's no matter what no matter what anybody tells anyone sorleyboy that's good we need to be espied take our own act and to our own research and i very much be i think i think you know what you're doing here is a feeling that i think of many other people are feeling now they turned to the news i get now and what they get is orchestrated gander as the news and i think are psychic con felt that it and so it inspires individuals like you that the one and do this and i think that fact that you're doing this i think that represent the file the same way the want to see it as it really is they want to see they want to know the truth and it's just kind o like what you're our introduction said is said and so i think i one even on the truth i think we're all in a way i've heard this it i've heard this stated before that we're all and that's what we want and so you are represented in the mainstream media whiteners media betternot doing the job and so it inspires to do what you're doing when they should be doing it and we would love them and they become more popular if they were sae in no they dose and your home i'm sure the year have had your upsanddowns and a man you're not a professional i'm sure when you first came into this and you learn as your moving it and putting it all together but you started just like i did you had the desire to want to do something i thought what is sef i can do something in one i started the loss is with my brothers to remove bidin and camel harris and all the members of congress from the office he don't do that but i thought you know what i'm just goin to go for the come for the heart and i you know and see if i can do it and is put forth in whatever whatever energy and power than i can do and see what it and how is generated help for a lot of pole well and i think that to that point is that no i never run for office i'd never been politics i hated his unlike her all a bunch of latershe and and pretty much the same thing is said to be sad about most they they will lie and and i told a lot of my employes the change you get a tolerance for it you know and you know in the business in over the years of things that that i've there are very few poets tolerance miss some people will lie over for the lessons some people lie be no but when you start playing with a big boy i would arguably say that i have some of the other and it is absolute rudel when you get over dealing with o lor levels ben and then a dare or soles you get into the millions you get in into and the gloves are then what i saw it when i've seen in the united states which is really and that most people don't understand why the cope so when you take and make money the controlling and politics it is it is all about the money and nobody wants to say hey i'm a shareholder and i haven't told gracious the while you know we got to we got a service or he and the morality great the no one to hold one in there was a case that was was through that was a we're going to have to deal with us because it may cope now where this started was the there a lot of things that happened with the corporation in a bad way but it already been going in and he just sort of gave him more nails in the cough and of the united states and if we don't write the that are bad and bring original way and people of america will be nothing more than she as what we already out widest but it is some becomes so in great now passionsin my opinion a large people argue with me we're going to have the and when i mean by that corporations can be wholly foreign on an old american land that's their doing that's how their byne you don't have a chinese guy or of you know peruvian geyer a guide from colombia or or russia or ukraine whatever they don't come over and buy things a high iain you can see it in goshen here in the owned by the here let oromos like it's almost like you know the way corporations are set up in invites the then a because of the corporation can now do this and do that and do that which normally you can't do and so i think you know like he said maybe there's goin to be a lotty changes with corporations or maybe not even have it you know i may i learn this long time ago like some of the great big automotive industry now behave a problem with that a vehicle or some as driving along in something goes wrong and i actually the car rolls and crash and people die and sold their turnes they run the numbers they say well it's cheaper just to enosed then to recall and fix the poem so they look at the numbers and their right it is cheaper to do that it does satisfy this stockholders but then people are dying and burning up and fingoes in inflections because they won't do the right thing so there's the right thing for the dollar but then there's a right thing for the moral and corporations seem to lose that the concept that in a word people we need the benefit people and you've had owners of out of like all the morning that wanted to do the right thing call back the cause they took pride and the product and they wonder service the people but then you have the attorney that know no no no don't do that because look at all the money you get a loose and this is a fur your financial business and boodlers in my opinion that doesn't work because you don't want to harmony company takes care of their people on the in the end canhave more sells and people are going to watch you go go to the automotive con company and buy their product so it's like so sided in note a turnes on all their dish right there lookin at that the dollar amount of to day but they don't look in in the future and and show that how that you know that's what brings people to buy your vehicles could you stand behind your product and look at the dynamic that's in a hand the government in the way the governments like we the people there in its really easy to find a scapegoat with wine look what they did wrong look what they did run in rate it herendeen in the government is our his loud it to get as far and now we got a right rate aback seething with corporations k so like when you look the herold is well put her money here because i want more money orations or something wrong well it was his fault well you know what you can pull your money out and say i don't want to participate they don't do that adele and so on an individual basis we we were even half if we were doing the right thing every one at wooters you would not have to he under under others and of god almighty and going what do you want me to do we don't have to go an arm you know if if we turn our backs on the things that are they don't win to choke off you know you choke him off another a times you know we there's a lot of dynamics on to say one thing is always the way or the other that way were the grayalmost old he forgot to make it was absolutely black and white we were not we wouldn't have to follow god oh what you're here in so when you have all that information and such there coachesplaces in the gray were the great in go towards the light rather than towards the and let he in what it does is the corporation real easy well i didn't ave it oh really heathwell you know we your kind of ventilator heading the nell on the head i don't when you say we have to make sisiseen on there goes yes but what what you know what what were we living is what i call a defining moment and we were all individuals but it's tougher now i think to live to live now then it as any other time because we had to become more defined we have to become more stronger we have to show more morality word a right i think we're being refined in the furnace no one yet o yah ye and me is what done what made you you white wire you doing what you doin yo white don't people more people do what you do and so this whole situation shows it you're you're in a in a very refining moment you're in a situation where yea i spacewithin in a way but it's a big thing and you decide now i'm going to go this way even go as hard as it may appear a lot of people would like in these her decision deep inside they might want to go the crackhalter so many precious and everything that they swallow and go the wrong way when they need to stand up and be relishstrong to go the right way and that's difficult that's her so we live in a very defining moments refiner's fire and in a way that excites not now i don't want to say i'm glad it's that way but i think it would get through that i feel like perlitikel i've got through that i like the decisions i made on that and i'm glad i didn't apiculate to the powers to be because the wrong and the only reflected upon in know myself for then and i'm glad that you know it's like this whole thing with the loss a hasn't been easy it's fan very difficult very stressful i think in a lot of ways we also really really defining really a really what's the word is spin in a way a level of the end her happiness that you come do that right then it's like you you feel like you're that person that's standing on cop of the world and your happy for the set scheme even if it didn't meet with a lot of but you know in your heart you did the right thing i had something you can give yourself you know you did the right thing and you can pack yourself on the back and i think that's well in an you know that there is a point in my life where i don't rely now i really don't talk i kind of a long sort and i was i was in there was some est never you know it i don't talk about a lot of these that i went to wander if you've got an eleven year old who's got though the food others he really her horrible things you ask you know what i have and you know when you're in they there i think that he more but the reactions are always in one and when you've got somebody this is something that i learned very very young when you have somebody that's an abuse there really good manipulating in the thinking into and so the the hardships i never thought that the things that i've gone through in my lot i'd ever behind i and the reason being it's like when you get to a point where i don't really matter you got nothing to lose and you know in people's opinions you burnt you burn all of those when we got really refined burns all of this ex his things out that's where you really mean a true ware doesn't back down not some one whose head and easy so who knows how under all and has a no reverse and i mean i mean i've i've done some i know people think there there absltly crazy things like i mean i've set the fighting and i mean i'd crack house that moved in next to one of my one of our old years ago there and the tenets c and i bought it a transition neighborhood knowing that the negro change or i was going to just by the neighbor hod up and changed the neighborhood it don't get rid of get rid of the poet and crack house was the and the you know i done got this he so i get out of my car and i am i go from zero to as scared as it was like a typically will run towards her asherite got one and so on over like there were so the time it was power lifting and sigh was doing about an hour pic so those antrambos yet you know is so yet i got of i've got an over ambition problem but i was like i was like you know what i displayed in this way the serenos by i tiphanethe sat their poland one day a peeled off from the was headed up house and grabbed the door passing grabbed the door to the house was going to go in the girls that were in there there all cold gelzer probable and and there like you don't you can't come in here there's a landlord so of course the whole group turns on me i am settin there in the one guy that when after him with a bat baseball nanda and a the guide turned and looked at nowbefore it before the gay with baseball bat came he turned to look at me and he dishonestate side of the porch and when rodin and i i just i just went in and i tail on them for a half hour for writings and let no a coon in the neighborhoods imitere out all the windows they want him not one they can do whatever they want in a word on it we're going to get him and had its genitatione so now you know you do aren't i want and it moves you forward like i i lost my i to my kids cancer all this i don't talk her things that make stronger some point time you know you you are so impervious to it because you know literally that god is sitting right next to like i said nobody can a mile i know that is only god's going and my life when he's done and he can walk all of us fire through absolute and bring us out on the other side as few would fail his and our our guiding his are guiding light he's our light but i had no idea of ever going to politics some like or you can't em i can be somebody's worse idea they ever had we whether i be like t but how to some body become like yours your saying that you have vesilinnut you do lot of people will not go through how they will back down and where do you tell them what do you tell the person when they are faced with the hell how do you say goes so you're not big enough to go it all not in when you when you start walking you start walking with and i mean really in a salvation by jesus in he will give you courage and the words and even and the more you set the beggar the venosal put you and so now you're going to have the doesn't mean easy he's going to throw you a curve ball and say how's that work in in time to level no i don't i don't necessarily want to prescribe hey go have bad things happened to you or encourage that you know i tried to act on you know i you know i for myself had i i'd like to avoid him as much as i can i like gitiades like my brother rollinsons you know when you're a difficult situation you got to learn how to do the thing that works and and and avoid the thing that doesn't like even when you're with an argument with somebody and this is still even hard for me to apply say the things that work don't say the things that don't work we all kind o know what doesn't work but yet we feel like we just want to go and say this and say that when deep inside our hearts we know it doesn't work we have to co on a does work i want to say i read on your higher run toward but but you see you know you want to run towards the fire but i want to say deep inside i tive i know why you run towards that fire on isre a man you want to pick set you know that if you don't run towards that fire the fire doesn't go down but you also know if you go towards the fire and you fix that fire work it were down it is after the fire's gone look at what she did we all want to feel good about our complish running through the fire and making a threefire so rewarding is like i looker i look at president trump and i think in all my gosh he's going through deep humiliation glory the forty fifth present united states is brought into these evil wicked people that there are just have a little power like a baby with a gun and they have him command for unshocking penny like treating him like any other common criminal that's got to be extremely humiliating i look back i say the see how you handle this and trump is going through it which means i think it is preparing him to do even better when he makes his will get a kick buck cause look at what he's learned he knows it now the things that blow most people helmore you the more you had that fire the more you become your armor battle and the next time you're going to run right as cousin and to in our in such an is it kind is kind of and and you you learn things that you could never have learned any other way and then you look back and go yeah that's that's kind of cool and you you actual you can make things by cowering in the corner with honiton and refusing to jump in and you done it and he and not a man in here in in other it's it's a wonderful feeling it's a wonderful feeling to fix at it's a wonderful feeling i know and that's what i tried to use myself and i go at dawn you got this problem but i know if i get through it and figure it out and when on the other side of that it's gone fell so and you know what life is about feeling so good the so good his that's that's what it is and where you know that the powers of heaven helped you through it that fell so could you feel like he'd become more one with god youtellthatman is wicked you can sit and fill his with his so when you put that faith in you sail kodion for this did me protect me help me to find the way the way opens up you find the way and you get there you know an insolitis it's an amazing thing it's wonderful and smile that you carry to day that shows the word you've met sessile at a small of truth that you have been through helen back and look at what is given you you like yourself better to day than be yet i say that as that good the say you know him on to be sixty years old congratulations i made at the spirit cerithidea hanson see love its one on you've made it the canavan and now i've got a ole stratiotas the little bit more bad but it's a good in a lot of he seen a lot o in starting the we we really try to do a good i had a osterode as like way there she and on like people are going to go home in the same way they come out ore topsthat were have to have a safe and be and and i i are money money is only a tool to do other things people in the way of making you the and so one of our very dear whether over there generation all guide these line for many gentes when as in it is dad and his and that's where the pipe line industry works when you build down you don't walk on to one of these jobs and just say i'm going to put in gas in it it doesn't work that it is the people that work in these a highly and and in what they do and it's kind of a cool thing to watch you know when you see a pipe line go in and the in pre i agree or she it re got to have we got have energy resources get their heads out of their reach we are on there there not going to be and so sweet move product that we have rightnow is as long as the companies are or maintaining the pipe with his men he and as much the in this relatively you get to one drop of oil out there without environmental coming and going with her little sand shambles and st you're cordthere you know that sir the wherethere's more oil that comes on the bottom of cars and was it makes no sense whatsoever but people when i told me this really well i work all the work in the gas normal fields all over the place either drill you know driller the pipe and whatever he was angry and there was a very large very large two algerian gis and for want of a reason somebody didn't have tied down and or or i down and o'er sport yet since and on and so they they then i mean we're talking have have duty and it was robed i think they were working out i was above thirty and probably probably are walling like as a having pipes of think about the way in all in her portion well they had they had that you know strap on one and they were lifting the opens these two guys were then they ran away another word i strapped broke and the pipes were falling off the truck and know that they need not be the rest of him dislodged and the carnot there to stop all there and the process of the loaning the truck is willing to heron answerwell they got to be careful and they were standing there where they should have beene arguably no matter what you have there i mean they're certain things you just don't that nobody was thinking in the situation they ran away and this more weight an wich there there was there is nothing and nothing even red if they would round if they went to jump under the red and so sometimes sprightness in will run away from if you run towards something and you're not just reacting if he ever even in his stop the natural human reactions in hot no know when consalvi almost in you you'll run in the right direction is a re the right direction almost always is run toward where i'm not going to write i'm no going to run away as that sucking move out there pederson away deplorate into that more the octohedron on have you always been that type of person with doubt were you ever the kind of person that didn't run into the fire so i am a person and i was willing not born to run into the how do we learn in an to train horses employs the educated as you in any such get more education and looking more things more you know the better does but i was i was pretsch and i know then but when i when i'm in or i like the think you have to be of what they are what these and say o this is in beable to read people and in an thinks you oh to intuitive thing or may be may be it's a cheniere a horse i rarely were used his horse knows one thing because you take your time to one she and all of a sudden at your cost where this dehibere does but when you're afraid of some slipping on one you've got a fear in like the direction to tackle that and overcome next time it comes at you you'll know how to read i'll know how to either step out of the way as or you'll have a plan you can run to the fire it is it's it's like you have the mind set and i think a lot of people you know should that mines you want to you want to go for there go there and see what can be done to fix the problem and i it's like o my experience with working with judges you know i ask myself this an order for a judge become a judge they got a go to school to get good grades so they're putting forth all the effort they got it be on time they got a show good work at the sale in ovens call slouchers and to be a judge you can't be in attorney or a good attorney to dispense you got a show that you've had some that your dutiful that you work hard so i judge becomes the joe and he works hard and then he makes all these horrible am i so back and i go i understand it's like he puts into prison criminals be yet on one end he becomes a bigger criminal than they are and is like how did this god who once the job who god good grades who didn't do anything wrong in school and high school and they have a good record there not getting drunk or anything and they go into a judgeship they put that rob on them and then they make these horrible desist and that on the bigger answered that i come back is easy maybe to just follow a course he is do the right thing in the course the that there as to make a that is not on the beaten path they can't do it here the ears till the like a soldier the dishes that this is high you say it this is it you do it and now i remember the cock that's what they want to do they want to just follow and do it and mind you that's not easy to do it's a lot of work to just do that but then when they get into that situation where they got to make a decision outside of the realm of this session say i desire you do it they they fall backwards and it reminded me of my sea that talked about how that our tables of learning would be turned a vomit and boma is good to be before another word you'd go to school your learning but you'll not learning you're not being taught how to make decisions that are off for path they're just like somebody above them formulated the path the throne now they're just going to follow that path then when something comes along that they had to make a decision of the path they and so isaiah talks about that i says you know well there there tables learning been turned to vomit and when the devonshire cure comes upon them they don't know what to do they don't know what to do this big decision came upon them the like or do i do what do we do they were an educated there are not learned and i think he would relate with the with the idea knowing what you know now you could go back and you're decisions would be bettered because you had you had the tastes of fact you have that knowledge why couldn't you have borne that knowledge before you had that experience and i in my purse experience i say it's because i wasn't thinking i was being stupid i didn't really want to know until my feet were on fire and then in like onteniente i learn i think it's a little bit of my own personal laziness you'll that i just i just didn't get there and i think we say that that's so much thought to your point of sartiner but it's like warlike little and you got god give take one start out being a mere tired out with very and what you could do in you fall down and you do this that nothing on god's very cope so through that in it were building our skills ore it's not even a failure it's just that we have to go as videogame were loving leo you know we're gaining we're getting more to not a failure yet it o ye okay so it's like when i look at that the judges in our cases you know and i acleisanthes think about it why are they so afraid to address the argument i give them you know and it is like you know as work worth my brothers and i come up with the argument and i bound to it off of them and a wicket and everything to go how do they get overcomethe how do they get overcome then the argument that we've put in there is correct as politically even politically correct it's the law so we put it to them which they have an obligation protect and defend the law but yet they won't even look at it and so i ask myself the why what are the wiser is there you know and i think well a lot of people might maybe see what all our judges are just so crabeater all and i think we'll wait when men latin i think there is a crept agenda somebody set that path and they put mines on that path that will just stay on it and they don't even ask the so like the local judge i think is probably to sitting well i'm not going to rule in favor the bronsons and removissent in present and in three hundred eighty members of congress removed them from office on not in odottamattomalle the political parties we've always done the so was the what's his mind set when he reads the pleading and you i'm thinking that's got to have some kind of influence was got to go well this is crioceras which you are dariolette and men this is an opportunity for the judge to stand tall and say no not on my watch this isn't going to happen these criminals are not in a bin power and even tho there may be an pellico or supreme court they may overturn their decision the shoes and tall and say hey this ain't can happen and and i ask myself those look at what he took for then to get there you would think the inevitation to be a judge and bites the kind of man the word stand paul but yet worn would give him the platform that stand call to make the right decision he they all choke and so were all thinking all other all corrupt and on thinking it's hard for me to believe that the whole system and everybody's crept together i think they do on this path and made one dare go off for the and that's what's this path is so strong that they had not got a jump off and so they cannot not address or dements they have been or dress any more arguments that violated the due process which on one end they speak about the importance of the process how the that is extremely important one of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution in all theologumenis that the courts of actually put together but then when we use their own argument to support the case a cold they choked i think i think they choked because of two things one like i know being reputed a bit there on this path of this is how you say this is it you do it which is kind of a what's a call he had with tis that we go through and and even to stay in that pack yes it's a lot of work you've got to get up on time you got to you don't do your job and work hard at it you can't be as sat there on this path of this is how you do it but has become such a mind set then when something comes along i says no wait a minute did the right thing they choke and it's like what isaiah says then all they there not learning they're not being educated like to do this as i say this high you do it and so when the devotissime upon him they don't know what to do they just be choke and so we got all these judges and no case there just choking one after another and even when on the federal court and with one judge he was appointed by one and were i think it o my gay she onthis guy it's going to be a good judge he's going to make the right decision and he told completely after le the dish and so it is canhow do we reach their minds how an apsychois like ringing that it's worse string but you know you go i've got to capture the atocha we have their attention we were in court they had to respond to the pleadings and maybe the judge himself as not even reading it may be his corks are to whosoever we have to get to the mine set so goes back to what relishes we've got to do in iumenta works you don't do doorgiven that is correct and it doesn't work wet goods that we got to find an argument to works there as cause they're not interested in the truth and so roy we searched that at just really were hard and presenting the argument that works and the bottom line is they are afraid now there's a lady in arizona her name is michel he came across something that works i will my mind and i dosed yes yes and late oh well okay yet and so what is she do she stopped the face man desgas that the same as she were talking about i'm not but we his we were down here yet that the oke she adelsparre headed the the way to stop the school fast the mask mandates throughout the whole school and in a couple of months as it got so strong that they actually withdrew the mandate and so i was talking to a nice i found something that word you got all these crooked officials be yet they capitulated to you agment you don't or you coste i didn't argue that it was all unconstitutional because that wouldn't work i found an argument that work and you know in talking with her my my conclusion is to wit work as she may have her her different opinion is because she attacked the surety bond spoke a language that there were and with their charity bound she was basically saying he gies if you keep this up whereinto go after short you're sure you want and make claims and if you lose your shiretown you're goin to be liable that was an argument that they understod so they capitulated to that argument and they wore drew that face met the the mass menthesouphis wow now yesterday i told you that we have more things come and now this is something that i'm actually investigating with the judges cause right now and rollins were soon three supreme court justice we follow loss it against them they got into turning this represented them and send we're going to the tense so now i'm looking strong and looking at what we can do to find out their assurety bone and attacked their share and that if they don't well and our favour or at least a dress set that we can attack their shirt ybatan i'm hoping that now we've found an i covet their works or unkeep your posetto's that i mean your lot of it have done they've got an umbrella bonds or we've got a couple where there isn't really there aren't rely and and there's thought there's a county and is that i don't know if any of metchley have an oath of they will there is all this stuff that's smelled minster the seven that we really you know that we really need to be looking looking at but if you there yet in me o eean the igumen the follows behind that is citation they ignored that we live in another republic in now they onesare drivers eyes and summarising a desertification is the trades on wall street and boboland in thinking okay and my mind sat on thinking okay they bollate the constitute they craved the debt which was unconstitutional they showed it so sold the debt to your port ever now you're have also whatever and for countries which is an act of treason we should have never sold the debt so i look at it as like in how they committed treason their valleys shall the cost without argument doesn't work that argument does not sell em now looking at the idea that in an i'm just starting now cause i've been aware of these kinds of things and how unconstitutional as it is what they're doing and they don't care and and and you and almost ill thinking you know there's a lot of them formation to explains it soloon the web the tristando there were one and controltoo is i don't think there's a single government official the really understands he is follow that trench the tran somebody overhears created it made us follow it so they don't know anything about the dress and how that they themselves are owned and their children are on and they don't know anything the arguments of the bursattee don't know that they don't know that but is chelford the argument that she went in to ther lange spoke with they are aware of she can't you can speak the constitution cause they don't care and so when they don't care what works ye speak o anguish that they do care so that's what looking at right now so i'm looking in on gonenow doing all the research be talking my brother's cause we're going to be in the ten circuit court of the pills were waiting for a the time langenthal us the bower opening opposition against the trees the pencores but now i'm going to try the avenue of a language the hope will work this works speak their language why not breathe language because even the thief is a thief who comes into your house i speak his language you can't tell me the thief that his book on your house that is not going to work you speak as language say hat you're here to get what money aren't you a go his lad i'll show you where all the money as he may be the life to and they buy that you get him out of the house and then you apprehend their languages vastly analogy that am now trying to turn on speak the language so that we can have in effect most shell had in a fit a blow my mind i was so excited that i work she came up with an eye men that in no maybe a year or i what i thought that's not going to work and hopeworked so what he teaches me is their language and i think even on a small small skill when you wore it when you're with people or even with children be their language you cultivate them on their language into the direction you want to help him go and in what in a way that is in a way kind of manipulation when you speak the language but you hope him manipulate him in a way that and i think the bible the bible and the way is it to decree is manipulation siaske myself bad men at manipulation good manipulation and the way you know that is kind of good manipulation is when you follow that which is good you know what i gives you you have that said you know every one says you know give yourself to christ you know follow the lord and what what willy does that me you know and i've been around a lot of a lot of that has grown up in no will even jesus christ just give yourself in jesus transferthat does that mean give myself to jesus what what you'll hear how my body had mysolowitz pay attention allow him to manipulate you when you give yourself the jesus crashes maniple they now go i think i think it easier word for one people to swallow his guider to guide me o ka or not eleven if you latins it is in my opinion and so if you look at us as lambs and we're wor wanderin around trying to eat out there were grazing on and jesus hoote the wolves coming over the the moorhad there all down to in her rle he is looking over the next ridge and he wolves over here he sees mountain lines over her holes on the and yet and he's like mine is follow me this way any leads us right through all of those of those a pot and when when if we get close to one of those proud the ability to rain down little fire from having her take care of the even if we're dom sheep and were gathered for relative ohooooooee stuff long way a kicking each other once in a way is somebody got too close and i don't like that for and in like this and you know this world and this for this the word worse so i bothered by the quality of great receyven look at what he's doing is a per hesingo head fight over the grass here and your little here little as every every end has so ye and so leaves the good and bother yourself to that if you really want to stop he right he mount mines the the wolves out nero you know it's like it's like you know you know i asked myself woke what is that man to look at the lord you know it's so in wenestan with my brothers and rolling was really healthful because i'd come up with the arguments whatever i put all the legal ties the weather i show how the thing all their guilty of trees on the bowling this law they boblition the lot does and so on i present and rolling his so great he so great he was said kate daring youthis arguments had good argument but look how it makes you makes it feel wrong so bad and i think the judge was to feel wrong and feel bad i don't know i says you know what wonder the scriptures say love your enemies and the enemy are you putting anything in your pleadings i shows you love them and i'm thinking you know that's right in on the word says the way you look to the horse says love your enemies trust that is is now inviting me to love the enemy follow the lord put it to little and took okay rollin oka this is i is locothat i'll call you back and i'd call me brother's back and i would go back to this screen i go chomaino design is so that one spec the truth so too it doesn't offend them it doesn't make them feel bad better because more inviting for them to one or to the right thing i love them so i got it i got a uniform at that i loved them so i'm working out of work on out at in anie in working on it you know i even like the in our enemies made me the better because at first i was coming through the you horrible people you're destroyed america you here here in such a bible position to help do that which was right and and you're not yet your your job to your failing on your job your job is to protect it in the consitution doing that tatooing the enemy you're giving an edencourt then enemytheirs you need to be tried or treason and you need to be a yourimprints and you have a rogue this is wrong and i'm thinkin don't i want to speak the truth don't i want to do that don't i want to make it strong and really put all the legalising in tenthsomite says now what does the lord say love your enemies even in this situation a lord said love vermicides say love your enemies on messer in court lisses the judge let me enemies unless you know the thick this comment ain't your house is getting kill and and destroy you he didn't see that you solavonye this no answer may be so down you decide him your enemy hasn't you love them something canal ka s great you know they violated their old oboist destroyed america you know so what can we do so we actually and rolling with so good with the so just worked on it and tried to basically show the law but do it in a way that's invite he and loves them and gives them respect because they still have a hard job you know that this little cannotthat they're going down you know they got up in the morning they were hard to get this job but they don't know how to reach out of that canal to make the right to sit and er and riding and in giving it to the lord and did the right thing and loving the enemies that we did you i feel really good about the pleases the even though it had no fat still even though i had no effect is still gave a much better feeling i am and i felt much better about it fell like a more with the lord by doing it that way than had i done in the way that i was rightly de and even in the way that it was rejoined the ii feel guided i thought like an that's what we want it and i wouldn't kindellit with i know my brother all as i had come on in all this is the constitution it was inspired by god and we had to protect and defend it and when you protected the feniton that mean that you you know you pulled out the sword and away you know you don't do sayinto rinover you we can't run em run over you and so it sotherwise giving it to the lord and loving i enemiesand thinking about it helped the i is come which i didn't think i don't think i could come up with any good i destas going to work cause i remember i remembering llongollyn going to do that how am i going to do that and i was like his it tell you what rollin i'll send you some of the stuff you re write set it back to me and you here give me the example and so i'm rolling frustrated the piping it out i could not make sentential tell him what i said kawelo go ahead you see we can fix it so that we say the law say that then their balintore love them all at the same time and give them respect while the warning as silveringineer orchestre that's really great you don't this is see that you know and inside i was really frustrated with him but i know he was right i know he was right but i did not like sidenote after i sent it to him i just wish it there and start working on it and then the ideas would come and go go like maybe did this way and he'd send back and i dare not go no that's no good but i got a better he always kind of got that the train going with me and he was his kind of one wound fustagno make them love them love them love them in on likehop with my pleadings i am really happy i'm sorry that had not that the herestanding who has because you know we told people to go to web side so enough as an otho me the other one side down hold the pleadings you know i've people to come therein you know i us you're so good can you guide me and ottoboni neither do that and do this so nice say i don't have the time for that cause once i get involved in something i can't let go so i would in a writing all your pleadings and dan everything and then my whole days gone were confor you and i can't do that don't have the time and so in that's what i tell them to go to enough is enough though meteors there really in wolfing is is in or is like a wish i can give them at my mind because even though you may understand structure you may understand coronered it takes an toleto got to have a talent to know it now what you want to say what you want to put in your pleadings to the court to capture their mind it and that's all it is is just the knowthe catch of the mine think that everything point i said too as one of the problems that human beings have as somebody who worked right i do horses i heard horses that were paralyzed that we are your horse worse i would say that that probably accurately describes the five had that ah the problem that we have is that people are the most any animal in animals are heard so when the masks separate us it's a good thing when we get together right when we get together we can say hey you know you you you have time so to going to a two a therapists find a real friend and i don't mean one that's you know that you that's electronic front talking find a real french i learned to set with through the good things the bad things that you actually get to bear with it one ashbie is that you learn the but oh what what is really kind of interesting herring were heard and we can go with a good herd or because we always want to that is very very very very on unusual it's usually but but if we if we remember that there we can a valuation they want part organizations familiar and when you get away from that familiar is where we get out in the weeds and all de why do we need it as that how that and that something that's one of those these fleshly things that the bible taught that we've got it if we really want to move on we got to get one to sitting quietly with and in its its amazing it's an amazing transformation when you can get past running around like a scared now that he had all these things think we want we're going to be in controlled by grabbing knowledge and that feels familiar we feel like we've got control of the situation because we know that there's lions and their things out there that are going to hire and and such so we run for a knowledge we run for that we can hide and we run for ideologies that make us feel like we we tried to get in by able to encamp late and get some control over this crazy life he it is an impossible gold and when we actually gained control is very give the control over to god and were not moved around he will jump to its this for they don't use force the and that i do not in all the horses if they see a chipmunk ran at him that childrencolors to them like a lot we look bigger i look bernadino a real huge individual everybody my family is like gladiators and here comes me i'll fairly average size alone and in i think it's funny and he i'm so so a horse will see i myself that they outwalked five times it's good more more like fifty on my way and in though the look at somebody like me and worse still bigger he still view us as a predator because we meet where an animal of pan were pre animal who acts like a and and at another words they now see there they don't see the true don't see the truth and so but but i can tell you some really cool things that are really fun that you learn round horses each anything by horses so in the grande they won't use horse jump saintthe react they run that they run away from the danger where a mule will there not going to jump off the to their own and in that she when world their riding the best writers are not the ones that are in the hole these are usually the lousiest writers there running around in circles i see nothing that's une here the best writers on the trail rider here you get things a turkey can fly over that he had to your horse if it's a young horse a pretty good reason you know i've had horses you know i'll i've got one horse that i like to ride well go out and and the only writer that's as good as only that not as for my dot soul take a stoleyou stallion order another the one that i ride it is the naughtiest word as it's a constant bucking rewrites case there have and it doesn't bother me becase i you get it anew be righter on ouliterally is in is that we've had hunters that have shot over because they think wrong which only once again i go from zero to pisse in the honorcontaining the deer camp escorting apart right and so his the time the die holcetae on anyhow no all right right up next to the were scare in the ear doesn't register the right registers and other here and and you and in it take some while to realize so you can ride ride up to ride up to you know along side of deer most and they won't get he and being one they all register a herd so they're not afraid and and it's kind of funny so like all your hunters of there don't be stupid if you have a horse out there is proved basing an hole worldbecause they're looking at the other her nanimal trying to kind of figure out a litle they're not looking at you you could walk round it behind him and drop dead if there's a horse out whether they don't regis and o the truth it and the cane without way we are keemarnians cause we don't know the in sent back are what there that's the bad part of the herd animals as we paddled you got to get rid of he of the fear and realize that god is and even and you can walk through almost before you read my interpretation of what you're saying this is how i like the can we don't know there god is basically to me what that means is when you don't know the true for the crash and burn god we be there conibear an an an he knows where his children he knows you're just looking for the truth you're going to stumble your knees you're going to in a way crashing born don't be afraid in that situation he wants you to learn here and if he have to go through that fire to get the truth he wants you to get the truth there's nothing more important to god than for you to get the top why would he promote you when you don't have the truth it seems like god wants you to know the truth that's more important to him that you know the troop so he'll allow you to miss mary jerk make that mistake and you think well i thought god told me to marry that person no god is allowed him that because god is saying i want you to a i want no learn who you are how your feelings are what you thinkin about what your talents are and don't be afraid of things that are bigger than you because i am the lord thy god i am with and your innocent learn in any other way i mean think how long in the hireling wants are what little robot se do everything the more is the true i verily thought about this let and prayed about it its rewards no other words and have it on bedawi i bet we get more freedom and more ability to have that joy in knowing that we will do the right thing every time whether and you know that's a that good it well done good faith has a lot farther in then what we've ben and if you do not think it he gives us more watch over and bring them along things along into so god he doesn't need is but he wants he wants that relations any want that aren't there jus s people will say a faith in the lord and soldierly on you just have faith yield to claim it freed the people were in a claimant frame it we're going to ask out for this and we know we're going to wrong wrong wrong that is which trying to hold god yes priesthood hold god to donor spoiled by that run around don't have the while we went negative me this to give me that or give me that's not how god that's how god was is that what you want for he only there as he i don't think so at thingsgod wants e the group so you have i think i know what i think about that you know he is in touch on something as he now when we get there we have more free than we have more this we have more this but i think also yet i think also what you have here's something that i refer to what i am ransed i don't know if you familiaritatis shrugged the fountain head anyway so in the fountain head there's the story of the great architect that is so great erbody hates a man he can't can't do a certain job and somebody comes you know by night i call it so many comes is as listen you design it we design a for me and i under the table i pay all the money and everything and so how i work in architects no no no i tell you what i want to do this kind of project but no no give it i tell you what i'll do the project you go ahead don't tell anybody that i did it you put your name on it you pick all the thing you take all the money but i'll have something that nobody can give i will go the say i i did it now here's a thing there you know in your way here yet yet and that is very very gratified and in sitell myself darrin don't ignore that they did allow the fact that i did it be satisfying because it is now the lord says that we need to be that way and i know that through this analogy be word says everybody i am the and the old mei am the beginning and then and i've asked myself what does that me he basically says i am what you want to be be like me this is it this is the way to be the bee the aland they will make it i am the beginning and the end this is what you want to in you want to have what i have you wanted to what i do you won't to be powerful great like i am this is the brass ring everybody everybody please i am the alpineering and then be like me be like me this is the end this is what you are here to be is to be like me cessisti the way to be a man look at my gory look why am that's what you want and that's what you can have all that i have will be given you and that's what that is that is what he has is his green is his greatness you can inquire that greatest because you what you did it you have what nobody can give you you did it so go out there and do it accomplished that great thing it's like you know what is righting of the planes anything i feltconspire everything only just the wool i now losing the courts in everything and we're getting all these emails of people that says all my gosh are crushed it would then supreme court the i be hearing it is not me out it took the wind out of me and you know or kind of joking he will be with my brother to say go you know look at what we did all these people had great faith and then when it crashed them burn now a sudden there there in a whirl wind the dizzy there they don't know what to do i may we give them all falls hopeand we're all sheindeed mean for that to happen to her is there her chest to stand tall with that to be with us when they see us and tall and we don't give out we don't back down they can stand called to i mean there was so much excited with a case in i'm sure i'm sure you do relate with that because they had no be everybody's been fearing they know binangonan they know their something really wrong that an it hester not buying all the lies that the news media is giving none of the and its like you know i don't condochates obicionis like i talked to somebody in the news and then they approached me and they went like this artcoehorn to go this supreme corn you can lose and judges so this and judges you down the teresians not done my wholeabandon back to the nicest what do you want to do here we need you to fight with us so that you can enjoy your free this is what this is about yet may be in certain ways it wasn't done right but we need you to join us to be on our side do you want to be on the side a fighting for freedom to day do you want your name on that marker that you were on the side of truth and righteous the hopeless when the five are you want to be on the other side and what is it give you to be on the other side who are you and when i said that basically they here the army i guess i'm hopin i caused him to think that you know only thing he's been doing is fighting against that which is in fighting against that which is right says ices if you want to do something good being non for doing something good you know a biteinto are things that is going on is wrong you know the news media is one stop doing that and do this which will give you a name which is exciting promotes and promote life and give you that thing that breath of life that when you reach the top of the mountain you feel so good and we all want that feeling i am the alpha and the old mage i am the beginning and the end fight for the right thing because that's the baby that's the brass ring of war i just love this it is so so we are waking up more and more every day see that are and now good thing his madethings that we never here you know if in running so i i i was unfounded brief in lost today things that are one like the stuff that was created as is renewed and and i think it's kind of cool i i didn't write all of it i had somebody that worked for me that was a hidin that the one thing though that i learned through that expert the senate that was out there in thus lot of money that knowing it was never was never out never if you know never got one sent found out that willing to help others for the right and almost always paid and i know that we stopped a couple of suicides one person is enough and ah but it's the loss of the familiar that really ruins miliaris they stop the the lions that he are the same when we feel like we have the familiar fear goes we are there is is that god's familiar and were wherever you go i remember i went to i left in i remember the drive he where i was i was talking to myself you know i was ere and it was very it was rolled wherever god and so when you have and now seventeen years old and i remembered that where is that you know i was like a you know wherever god is changes you can change the everything round you can change it doesn't matter you're always any different here as they are there when you get diagonals he and it's not that all the sudden you have caned the what he were in between to day at in our reactions ever my reaction at all as the the reactions looks why do i know most people are legointo now you're now what change for and as when the world he what when we found out all this once and are bodson all these people corrupted off as most remark they most others a lot of people come whether by colors and on through black mail or the fact that they acted sold out and sold people out there that actually have done that they are not and the the other god care the behaviors are so ingrainedly there are some horses that i would say before him they there behavior i han't we had one horse it was in a barn that were he seventy five pound fourteen i mean every time yet no the horse the horse had come out from and a medic as what the damage in the ingrain proves the and i looked it i looked at him dame like don't it wasn't my horse but you got a little boy i like don't go in there with that herd some and i he did it anyway grave low more more gets and he went in there but i was i would have put the people around that horse even somebody had to lead him out or do to the surviving people i'm sorry but its way it is in the world right now you've purified there behavior and their minds i never and as much as we want to think they're all were got all this knowledge of his if we treat in a certain way there going to be just like us and we're going to return no you're not and the reality as is we're not going i that that are going to it doesn't mean that necessarily that their lost scaife get through to the even in the last moment we don't know we cannot continue to let these people out to and murder and mutilate shoulder patently right or you adigere dory said he let me out i am going to go out and can oblige again only if they know her choice is bering with uncontrollable and or do we actually the favor to got to turn round i'm not seeing the but there are some people that are not i think i think i think the lord avoids what i call a perici another words with that horse i say that the the trainer what a got in there and was able to train that horse but with say that in the process of doing that that horse killed three people rosalie damage even though he was able to train the horse has a periclitor causelook it wasn't worth the cause of the reward and i think that's when the lord you know teaches us about a pervertere s a time to dance and time to war and that's you know the time when you put the animal down is the time youyoudirty this loving but had to put the animal down because of the destruction that has come upon us so either when i was writing the pleadings that is like a knowtwenty brotherbut that but i says you know we don't we we meet to do something we can't like him run his holder and he's like was going to do paritory you know is loose something that his good and inviting and give that a chance and so in a weird purfil with it and in a hard and as we approached that you don't what's the best thing to do because we can be faced with that decision to be put it down or doing love the enemy do we put the enemy down or do we love donemy you know the long tom and put them i at the same time see appleby but he had to know and that you have to you know console with the lord to and procople and figured out and now you may then make a bad decision the first time but look at what i give you becoose time around you're not going to make that decision and that thing that you said that i like as you know he would when you with the lord your home and what is home home is and he war and peace and safety when you do the right thing it is secure it is peace of his safety you know even though some one may go to the galls and die because they've been doing the right thing they went there safe with with peace and her heart and safe in their minds and they won't worry they know that in all the lord was going to take them so there's the say that it came up with but i royliness great as he who makes it to the shore but then again greater is he here not only makes it to the shore but made against adversity but then again greater is he who knowing makes it to the shore against a burstone but did so with a smile because they understood and besides well but then again gregorie of them all who know who not only makes it to the shore against a burst with the smile based i love them yer thinkin on this new look in in the time and i like me i got to get going here rebener for nohowsoever were talking about but he entirely like about how the how things go here for as this is what i think is more important some real people are really set in to you know we can have all the bible knowledge he we have all the arguments in the world if we're not were not people were that we have all the treasures of if we're not helping each of through this life where i grab your hand for while you grab mine and we leap frog and we help each other not that one per walk in here he we can do it to in some person takes the lead sometimes in other person takes depending on what god wants to have there is in that that's that's when no person becomes worship and you worship god where gets to the stuff that we're talking about second come back on against me i had it actually really would rather talk about this sort then all the knowledge of the world cause i do a lot o e and you know i can he looks nuclear power and how they have scooped or power and his that you don't nuclear power is i think about the sobs that are running out in the they can run for ever and now like roses and why is it in fact that the nuclei nuclear power plant out lest the i saw the builders to so in when we look at this scared of nuclear this nuclear thater she serves for information on it it's all told to like so what are we do you know we've got it we got to get everybody run around so that we buy or primarily being made by melting down dirty on dirty materials over in china the ship of back to here i mean so cried in its another what yo money wonder people are reacting like a horse jumping to the thing i ever theodose to be horses right and let you i flatter feet freeze then and in his ouentaron to see rather than jumping of is a is a reaction of of an irrational and if you're scared about that they got you they got you in the information you know all of these they got to running around stain turned god realized wherever he is your old being protected in its contagion turned god and asked asking the walk with you all in one his salvation and unconditional love mean he bought it with as like this is every cared that much about he would give his only begotten son terrible an adverse and ultimately but if you ask him he'll say it was well it was worth an example for us he colored you know or that dear and you were worth that every one out there they were worth they were worn the knaps a beat and he did again he did again here a darn again no regrets i preacher now in grade in the open the old make at the beginning and the end this is what you want to do everybody this is what you want to do do what i've done i took upon him you take a poem help one another love one and don't be afraid learn in now and then the rises people out there running that are promoting that information i want to get to the don't do that yet i am at the point there though i'm kind of a warrior it's like that i get on a little white pony swords come out now like do the right thing or am there on no what i want to get back to your very own wittythat now we find it is his lithe know his great because you know i don't know how you feel about it b'lieve you on regaled every fine i love this about real thing i really i have the copies and in an no fear mine that i struggled with that the so i would love the even's regal on a regular bases those things that are really you don't fighting her enfreedoming forward and be so honored you and your brothers heroes of mine for a very very long time i the that is all that but thank ye intentionlike what i went i met when i was a turning point in the loins forget all these other peel stand for an oar sctidiant that you know it like wild this is the god so i was kind of cool without any now and lay was so great to work with he was all my guy he was so excited to do this and to go out there on that campaign trail in pocket it everything is i would love you senor guise as little boys i bet you were scheming together all the time i don't know in her inapparent three lovable ways her mother i'm sure why you goin do take care of this i so him i too at you i usually prayed the one yeah he became happier did our father in heaven we give thanks for the blessed that given to use as we have of talking about things from her heart and the gospel we give thanks to any father for the the internet system then and all the things that take place that we can have this were thin this country we pray father that hath to guide those ere seken to make changes that are in the right way to in and on our lives as the tares and blessing to be upon everybody as we strive to as do the right things and so so darrin's going to be back on again i think he's going to be a regular right yes yes yes i look for it to that you know maybe we'll get a couple o people of a listening were a lot from myself and i withinfor to that too another so i saw her hands everybody all right so just so very knows out there we love you this loads of people fighting for you and god bless you have got a lot of people and eve great week and discinoe great and no matter what comes up your home of gods with other severest on for minute number and the oh i fortis go to your brandhofen do come because i am the best non concideris over not conceded the hister denied i am not conceding to liars the and every one not be moving out until he and twenty twenty two elections and god is there the present united it many many times and god help now i potoooooooo with whose