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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/5/2022 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Dec. 5, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to bnn brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg i have two special guests on today ken nash and chuck ritchard and were going to be going over things that i wanted to place something for you first let me see if i can amerindian that i want to put iwanowna we guessed i doctor all you know be there you go he got together a place something aeneas i want to show any of the board canisters last month was it was gold ronconi ah ruth now i do public and even one of you one and to repose and i can tell you right animosities potentates and i'll see that to the people in a cartesian talk to one person at orleans and charleston now the reason of tooroomaloo your house and mine federico high in the ministry the end of this and we egoists tomahawk about for narration the and so intensely ashamed and retraces right back people that are on the child and furthermore management sake that any one is threatened every one hears of in the foot so it will necessitate love is a fall of three o ever ever blame any one else a people so i lack of chariot in france are election does yeah you have a problem with the last desire no one he had services in so unpersuadable setup now i had machine has been served on the children and i do not attach and i just it's a shame i am savonarola in electing a toronto no understatement five and i sat in our machine that the he conforms at last in the third unless that is in the at the word can these men sure that there has been a protest the process of having or state election directors each some men come giles esteemeth the former rector i osdeven whether or not the compliant he said that statue brought the bones the states on the wall right at asherton election was a ounce that were a compliance even in five and inheritor and it is not every single person it touches his guilty of the and we're not in escorting that elastical alisanda no balancing on hers i mean everybody out there i can presence say what abolition coal the way for the toleration a callow is not well upon it is properest people here as stop or i will have you removed the canongate and right now yosemite enemy of the people and is not one of us is going to back down on that for now to christ come tapsalteerie now god bless you that was his nation and god was american got washington to help he other that we have charette i think there was a pretty clear concise and to the point if i get american try to only yourself from nay i think it was pretty oh confidence in you to point these people are the enemy of the people they did not carry out a preelection and we all know it we all know that reared there is no there's absolutely no class on here that they fail and badly and for the end that meeting so i was it was myself christianities there but they gave us three minutes to talk on a matter of national security and then they all in and an after they bothered public comment so this was not a hearing this was not hearing this was robert tristan and they knew exactly what they were doing and that though the person that was that was calling out the people in the audience it was to john what a joke what an absolute joke these people stopped there and interline love fast was going on oenotrian attention to everything but the fact that they fail so an i want to play that for every one there i can i know we can accustom well there's a difference between hearing and listening noises like the if you chance to voice how i call it hearing hinderances they often hear and they didn't listen i mean that these people are failures on every every single level they are failures they cannot they have not been able to concur and i want to have in the sort they went and they serve by the election and they didn't listen to a word any of us not one work there was no consideration it would demonstrate and that was there well aaron is backhaus and the other part is he inserted the sound there is kind o comin in chile all yeasaid and mine and we see if we can get shocked in her and will let him talk as chickasaha checked amazingly brilliant man and let's let's see if chucking command on and get the same figure out i did get the slow the slow down figured out on my side of it here i yes i can here talk about only name of interview a new tie no way of knowing what he's talking about because immediate the board is only more fame are doing ooroomiah i the level carlaveroch armenian i can tell you no they don't it's a farce a spot they call it a certification is not a certificate there's no verification to a all you do is like a bank a bankrupt you look at the nurse and see the match adieno real understanding if you really want to make those percipitate every part of that system has been and verified the reason they say that i like so possession or on any animal save as a vacation ever no they were saying that in the town they say that if they don't even understand the process when i say that i even asked the experts that were verified or carting these before the celebrated asked why they were doing another hundred and four balance why don't they use design of experience reduced that i asked him to any question could not even answer ask him my precision overseas as my question or it on to but i can tell you this the so called experts are not expert because the process is much more than their part the coral say they understand no they don't they don't understand the goading job on a very limited basis but they do not understand it i process if you're going to be over that and you're going to verify anything you'd better be able to testify in court that you understand all aspects of that process you boeotian make these guys i did have david that they did indeed at a train these because the well and the promises that the states trying to hang the entire election failure on the clerk but you know that's what i pointed it out there it's like they're trying to create scapegoats so that there is no one who was actually responsible for failed lection nobody was taken only way to do this is like a settin affidavit by the clerk and in the clerk's better know what going on there including a intestines tampered with did election sure get in there an intemperate it is a coronation their temper with diminished with the weakness there this is the happiest with a flashing potentate cavaignac o'donovan a very sumerian weather's no fraud because the fatalities ashes and the terror the should never occur for the african incantation there no they don't and it is a crime on the same convention the secretariate but the parson back to intrastate a totemic other i never did right and that as a rule that a real problem because that is just hand yeah it's it's a real problem because because oh you can't you have to have some one that he had the responsibility and in it some level and there is no one has any responsibility for the free then they can back the tilborough toastmaster that because i think it's a point that these to be made in these be we look at whose antoine state board we have two republicans and two democrats anointing twenty elexandria nor wasting and we had a alangalang of the washerwoman lecamus then why did he he came because he closely he had threats against them away the minute tinyboy would you do that that makes no then what i entering de no fortunately occurred or to that i mean to this taboret should alleviation because the servant can it you won't call it that i don't call that was done under dress if it was under direction of montacute otaheitan done cause and two weeks to do it lieutenant who is one languishing up january thirty first how often twenty one he was the chief astounded for the house under the chapparel this question why would that share or that more and that unlike with the democrats is republican i have something on to the river it elation know what i am i can tell you that the bi was looking at it and don't ask me how i know that looking at that to find out if teramore ladoucier going on so i don't know the outcome and i'm sure we're going to hear from the chapter tiresome somebody told him different standards and for him to sign off on that because that was the key his boat was cause he botanica they now had a igsample majority and that election was the so whatever it was on sanpritchit thing i give accredit even i know i hopefully opposed any time i put in a second stain and constitution does allow for the legislature and put his acolyte did one him because atalanta was should occur as they should apollinaire when i went to the u s house of representatives even in our case as when supreme court they said there's no there's nothing to see because the legislature had no problem with it we have what we have and nobody was right there the train is doing everybody document everything and yet there absolutely ducking everything so i'm not sure what happened here but i've got he should be sharing that window what she was going on the i've got i brought up the i brought up the detroit free press article over there on mother computer and it is not showing trusting thee so i've got to post on to my telegram channel but yes in and its testators and works and worse to criminal investigation for her how speaker lechaptois to the motion how winslow lawyers representing two new outfoot indeed i assassinate records from public from the public that this is crazy you know why why is it that every one seems to want to do responsibility and hide everything casterton step up there's no other analogy it okay ferou even though i and the white mercaderes an actor i was told by ago in a poenitentiae that you and hearing for a long time well it was given to her i think i got in bacteriology in to her she did it doesn't matter a shedlike it and when it is used to the apartment a treasure after a lot of other people that are connected through the laboring on guy these she's trying to protect identified this is meanderin but here's the ticket won't know until this all comes out and ridicule as you said but there's other pastimes other people in all it's so it's so like an octopus as many panics and what it could be that she's protecting democrats that are involved in this action because we're not talking about just facilitate are a lot more and the lot of incident to take that occur realities deep as is it just there i don't know that esther only a couple of names that in there were a couple of times i can give ye have what is protected under underscore because i can't give he got we've got a trustful and lay we allowed this thing to continue to grow and grow and grow because we do not think about it britomartis rice foreword at home that is in their districts so we can keep an eye on that we don't alison tell the truth and you know what i say were the trumpeters and we trust we build relationships he can't do that if there manhattanese pole so the chambers as much as i know the news one report it there's more going on behind the scenes and which just haltoie bit more patient i think naterally surprises all when this is if not i'll be proud i don't think so well i yeah i i i will have to see in that one but you should certainly write on there's a lot in play right now and also you know just trying to figure out who was who is out which sigh because i bet that i parsifal time job designed out you know it's like i like it one must for example you amos does a good things but to not all good and you look at his man who was clearly you can see the satanic part of the connections there which makes me really wonder you know all over the place and in some insolent somebody is got in only flown both from that and the satanic symbolism all that kind of nonsense you got oot o wonder what again plan we can ask ourselves are they controlled they might be they might be absolutely control and he may be playing a role because but but i look at him an moskovskiya he came of a failure really i mean the guy is never never made any money in really himself he did government money to find whatever he does but it's not like he relies yes now his mother now self made millionaire sight that he offered of other people the able oblivion and that makes me really concerned so my quest as you know i look at all this stuff without elation on like an i don't know about the sky i just don't know about this i well little does he go out at it equal obviously what we got to do something about the bad there's no doubt now i can originale that there are people that are told me bad piece people that athanasian i don't mean us i don't mean like santander seventy are affected and the unhesitating onwilling to get him a little bit of a way to see if these goosanders and if he can bring out some some critical information then that i'm all about it i just do know it's like just seems to be an awful anatomical to personality crept oinon with under canalisation okay donatello politics are so very i really got into the mitigating out people don't care about me at all about animated to bring us up to give me total about this can i've got you you now and not sesostris to things that i saw that i got a little bit more than to serve is the fact that russian and chinese founders may cross and is the airfield and both countries of the first time their joint are which were all what he had been in china decides to engage the united states over rushed in terms of question and why is this why was this kind of life not even in the new cycle that number one and not number two that i really got a question of and i posted this last night i got i found this and i posted this last night that there is a joy resolution that ten out in a euthydemus in the basins are bad the a crab he got a board is a utility more not now graniteware an energy monopoly no no you at about this man but what they have done is that this is an honored this carefully so that every honour sends what he says it inhabits seizure on all and i mean all investor and utilities and state of michigan in anticipation should and the one section is the purchase or quarry eminent man all the electoral gagarin distribution and for transmission the city all albany investor all utility in this from state in pilgrimages were like an author is proposing to take entertainments and by private citizens busters missanabie to owe all sorts of antoinette who in agitation under the amiability he inhales work travel except in this is the same mister written word antithesis you all not in the happy and they just just rameau wentworth world economic or basically as gilcrest with part of the young world economic form met and there's more etherial antedate of michigan and is not on the door to tell you like i did with variations in which when the seminole withholding food in the hospital that the armature killing gronow and now they've got there they got a bill out there in order to soothing in the political and the political rock litigation where in a form more committee were going to talk about some more wherewithal about it we're going to do petitions were going to do in this we're going to do this and you and there is no one here i am here out there that no how to be even a half way i have way affected analysis on what's going on while they keep every one absolutely busy chasing the tails and giving domingan in nothing this last the boisterous dog a goin a circle and that's what i refer to natheless these people one thing or doing something to giving little little something go rolling behind and they know is not going anywhere the people determine the and the setback in the laughing because why because people are atop he was the detonators of control this whole thing is it is a sham political i the ottawa intentional he gave formation from the from the delegates so they can't rise up against those in charge right wife look at the system to before even talked about the bills we ought to talk about the pistol control so that the people that come out of their system i mean it now in every bill i want to see the stupid but the stupid as to mine in an i want to show you something else and i can pull her up now because i've got the lolab we're going to go on and i'm going to do some show you guys what is kind of crazy now will too the person that behind this naperville tonnistein house down crassiore and here's a phone number of his friend footboy intellect to stop your connotation over a you starving and freezing of out in the state of michigan the pieces of craft and then here's another thing that we need to talk about that i think is as significant because while he's got everybody running around i got offered another unto our time origination from the chair of the republican party with christina carambas nobody likes the lenape in an no and how well because i am not going to constance and i'm going to catechisation and in the inaugural with them here because they were illegal and they were its molestation they are fraudulent there was nothing and i mean nothing that that was john corruptly in him so i want to show you i get my he of the aforetime and you tell me okay just just that a good and go her man she out the molicepan she he got going on and the animated the genii could bring them up here in the thing out because i had had no one fall and i saved it up but the the moulin i mean the mouth a of these bills they have and you can look at it in darley there you basically sat somewhat thin down and brandenburghers at his molasses on one then as such in a mile she won't take the path money or the dark money on what homologate this palmer money what other name you bring up why didn't he theodolite i don't know cause maintained well nearly as is the under investigation at all from that from age there is a god if he is because you know what the gushers they were all having to do with gun control that gregoire under any review by the journey general who at would be interesting i just i am when i you know why i do it yes i love you for it and i mean we have to be asking all kinds of questions and iteration what is that i i was tired now for another lobbying for i don't know a inattentiveness there's a question that betrayed i don't really have to pontoise question is raised about the instruction at all okay well indetermination but the noise i respected that illahee i've got into share this i finally got through poor up here when we see by an get see if i get the think come the going to i've got to do it in a different way here just a minute and we will add that screen because i think this is fairly important the other got out this is the the number of bills that our being that were generated and trying twenty one and twenty twenty two be how and in what they are who who i was involved in its subtleties you boys and in this is the scarabee these doctrine i can down here limited here i won't showing on my screen illimitable repeat you are talking about holland who left to go to government affairs at sparta why he was i knew that matinee but competition i will away well information i told me to ask the question okay now look at this look at all this brandisher and then in that you can see the names on the right or for a leetle that are are you know finally them in a love goopher i think i think mentioning that company is relevant because there is a food security group with the world economic form and sparta provide in infrastructure great idiot have that a greater peace to her here's varies at all on you know look at the look of the garcon sealed weapons concealed the poles or open carry on a concealed pistol i mean that it is not and then when you go down here i mean i don't know of people understand how many bills these people are throwing and and there's a cost all of these look at this i mean look at this it just keeps going and going and going and going were not even a tenth of the way through the bill right now the thereabout but this is all the look at this look at this and it was a causes no sunset class no gods know nothing there is another is a huge amount of unfiled by bold face no a good old pal and a gettin in manitou some rascals as so many equal petitioner he egotistic inestimable like to doing something there's no substance or the ever come out of on election allister bill i said i never see the day the light of day and it still has it and he wants to go out there and found it a perimeter like he was a puppet so he can look what were done in the legislature boaedicea and into a dog one thing and then he put out on the same alone this is one for you i will toast three eleven they stand all a put out thirty nine bells what he do the apathy for but i guess they didn't go to i don't know what school they went to but are not because those bills had no such they want a practitioner on election afore now where are they now an election agent care they can care less to it or gone is that this nothing boisterous now is not being now the gateman running around the commentator i think there's samaritaine bigger problem is the bigger problem is this whole thing with foreign interference in the election and it's like it's crazy i we but our guys i mean the have commendations i am only shot at how and i was in any time and the bad anapaests are and yet there he was asking law the laws are passed to make it look like they're doing yes you said i suddenly sarsfield have a care to reduce allows every year make up but reduce no you know luciano i got to pull up right now i'm looking at and talons unrealized that i provided for his improvised for the fertility of election in counsel me how they the other have maintained over me at law home the one shadow of doubt that they have assured the purity of the election what was the standard and once been the action since then mastering one thing pitiable to francis who define violation of this act in providin you realize that our hour even our people are reviled the law thomson eating the law by how heaven one is most to be held with one days after election that would mean that electoral november eight bottiaeans ain't now like the senate does orientis obliteration why did one county have anundee first which was to why is in any heaven terentianus one i don't get it most the laws clear it's because these days passions in this no sunset they make cristofer one of us he one of us as the nuts in that i that i tell you i'm just in dismay that we keep putting the same crafty the rapiers in office guitar or even when for i mean or even now man all whose one minority leaders that a look at his background built we always got i'm just as all by the type of people we put in office it was anyway here i got on i got to show you now anastasia sundial so this is bartenstein honourest if generally exit state legislator delicate a job taking a lobby and job you i usteantseff wi joy there's a reason to why you see when the centuries come out i think it will probably be a tiresome connection i can say okay old that's why said ask the question right before the primary the under investigation brother now under mastication type he i don't know i do know but i don't know roadworthy so i guess we're the is it yeah right part nachbaren it quarters and what town mirantur no well guess where virtue in my yard i there besides you know i heard that you know i've heard more about byron canter over the pass and i tried to find out what so special about it but there's some there's a lot going on there so there go part nation what did you say about it well just that there is a food security group within the world economic or so it's interesting when you start watching wolfran ions like we talk about nestlin the past all part of the west as don't put aside to recognize that we have that antoinette but i will raise the question which which is in the two satraps that they leave that early it's not that they leave for london but it is i that they led that early and i was told i can say to there is a connection and to ask the question if we can some weather they are they under investigation anyway have they been informed at the under investigation i can but they may not i not even know it he's that another reference to atone now like antony because we were talking about how these laws are getting made whose controlling owlenglass lucas a law firm based over on the the i guess you know they got an enjoy area office the leader of their government services tom letter who's a former speaker of the house and southern ent services and relations team does here at lunechien you look at their the right up from some of their customers as they actually helped their customers corporations right laws to get them past to the corporation and accomplish something it might be a war or a variance women then they use their friendship and their relationships in order to get a reporter somebody to submit that as a bell in things created so when he goes through a lot at the resumes for the different members of his team there they talk and boast about the various public act that their part of having adopted and incorporated similarly he to put their names on all because the doing something even though we know it are and any other agreements before they even even did it out of the box and whose going to vote for it was not in resolute guys i missisague term for fishing and right in eustis side all right i will on this side will loyalheart shot not showily doing a oidores ablative and they walk home at night no a few years ago the organization was trying to get a bill through to the house to allow them to prescribe i have the same prescription rises i can stand it you obstinate i said this lobbyist got his bad whiplashes well i got over the mannahatta do that you gascoigne and and say all you want to do this and so he's getting money from both sides and that is exactly for five years at least five years i never got it doped either that it miscalculate our guys were bogarts lobbyists that all of that i had a chat some work with or even me information because they don't like the sublette they bring out the loser business assemble in these inanimate but you do sometimes i hear a patriots fight for the country and consequences be down you do the right thing you know regardless of what anybody does around you and you know and then when they come back he said then they come back and all were going to be and churchwarden and do no right there potboiler lies it's like you know the head of for i can't inconstant plastic treason like casting crowns to about insisting on accelerando i coincide i think watson we inattention is taken about that very thing and then we have a lot of all the creator gardens and he crowed in in dealing with at all weakened because of some of the writings people think that even i cannot come a boy the most confirmed only once in a nation i no longer and they don't like it tearing it out but you know what it is he groaned and we have to take at facilitating and people have to alice to go where we can talk and we can we can talk about the after i saw this this bill that's on the table from from mister brain trust over there and an arbor that too you know in order to commandeer pirate all of our rutilius but on the control with good extra sirree auster stare and i sent looked at it not well i see we got what you know what's to anastasis well we've got to zero assets in the political in political romeo not nothing eive been around people were not to tell you that i haven't immeasurably sentait went on but i'll sitteth almost no one that he had that done arabs were at were all playing so in a county i keep the tolerant member of a organization he filled a unaggressive on the other he taken a look at him because honestly that discreet director of the christian coalition but he's got this other side of him dark side that makes me wonder if he's not connected with this and in some way as well you know what i am going ignorant now most of these grass roots organizations and i'm going scorrier disabuse cram their quasi their train in crete quailed statues for themselves in order to run people runcible and have them you know more of them just like they get hollywood and not the christian collision i am out on that organized on them i just i haven't seen anything that came out of that that was any more than manipulating people under the name of christ and i don't have a lot of respect for that at all because what they want do they what they will you feel same way now i say what will in the innkeeper distracted rather than a look look we have to go in this direction this is the only direction is actually going to gain us so they got well as dotations legitimate leeterature we got him more five hundred dollars generalement have you contribute to this matter the other thing because we're doing all this work for the lord nono the most of these places are alien to us in order to the issue the organization itself and the restructure of booteraidge that there protected their jobs and father dominating with cancer sandwith all of this erewhon you've got that money centralized yet when you get them with power and money centrality have a prime and now i am saloo at the current and how they wanted the currency in the crypts of bedclothes is the stupidest idea that i could think of and you want to know why because if if it is a trace of ultra currency and and the problem is that we have to have one trace of le because it's none of their business they can they can condone but they have no right to regulate the ability or agreement between two people that are making an agreement for a trade of time service and the case the boy is called state of envy i will smite you wantee a movie wide why ipecac or electronic currency is so bad there is a good example and if you want to go quick an offset the basically control it in by controlling his credit card in his delicate okay but then they turned it to the hatrack their tail on them do so and talbot cameras in woorara and arts all bad so a kimono in the one but the movies called intermittence it that the awake i don't know what is a particular people using these security systems like alexander any noise all the sidin out they can be astrogators that the problem well and it it should be up to the individual to decide what they want to pay for something or in what type of accurate government has no right to make any judgment on any of it that they don't have the right to regulate human beings they do not have their right to threaten course or mock us down and you know administer the enemy of the state because we are the state we the people are the same we are of the united states and they are the enemy of america easy people to his in it was right because government abuse which are but the second amendment the right to be ours was because we find we meetingers the actually his many times about it to others so is here we face anastase thing talked about the same thing turning vernet has a place but a limited role very limited orion again we waited isolationist other and you look at it where we go in we going towards the middle and so that no good we don't want to be closer to socialism because we see all the pitfalls if it was working everybody across the world would adopt but we don't because why it controls people well and let ilyinishna dollar transaction were supposed to report now oh i want that great but what about the millions and millions and millions of dollars that there money wandering in their own pockets and we have no accountability for the tenant do whatever they want and they come back and say you know you stepped tick they get it through all these shadow armitage the isolation i mean it's just criminal that they are making the laws and because they make a attend what they want and that's a simple again julie then they coatfront it's a right thing from accepting rotational this stuff right just what a doctor but they don't lawmakers why why not why not stop him from taking these junks to have to last beggars the chapel diaries were bring out which has obeliscal you know we've got to stop it or are they even when it dowell that you know you and i am paternity get a free ride or prepare when i went up i see that when i went to the public invention i mean intent twenty one found out rotatory own room but i had so many tell me that they have the room paid because there were in the club and the rooms were very very i it was i they weren't the rooms you know you talking fourteen hundred dollars a night and you know it's like they were getting this pious all of his other non says those of us who were part the system i will raise my hand to save me pain my own way out of you know out of my own pocket and they sat there and they laughed at you and radiating from the chamartin it's important to get to the common ear about that that is the price behind in anacostia what i'm told it is that they're using the department a treasury to go after some of these very people so watchful there using the alcohol model to use it to go out these people that's why some of them are running right now that's wot i told us awjus have to wait about play out but i've got to go i've got to go to coloma to my apologies how be back on it another day if you want but a much more on a like to be the ever monday and it is a wisedome that you got rusty recounting against jim aldgate you what rushes not a guy wants because it'll be business as you and encountering be able to send that to night nineteen that night it's going to be a firework balconied mannion think anywhere worth a craft so i i i when i want a boat so there is no reason for me to be there came heteronomy i queried to connect as that your former or something connected pantomiming chuck and adoratorios that i can read at a recent propose to face look so i can read that in mind his itinerary good for people to hear two of them enter the weekend okay great have a great way to day thank you i amazing he has me i want to read something from the chair here and i think everybody thank you can his caucasian researcher and institutional work to count and chucked know a lot about police procedure as well as the way the nation is to and now the way that is working now so i mean and i think we understand somebody other than eminent everyone is to start to ernestine state constitution and in the meldritch state constitution it clearly explained that when the great does not follow the desires of repeople they are many and alternately on many dissolved we are giving power authority to a dead corporation with the people we the people and take a government bank and leaderettes why are we finding them that is a great quest sally continuously to put off our selves in harm's way they caroline we must follow the recipe to freedom and great and rare good morning bones managed morning good morning charlotte good more how charlotte after you come when men fought her boats she had bought the election when our money surely more impower donaldson people of america yes and i'm hoping is still of you to right now that i usually see donald's comes on the output they should be out for speakin to truth so i guess i'll stand back twitter and broadfirth time being and i think we might figure it out how it to lie stream directly to brandenburg news network to come brandon the minnesota calm because i we are saving the videos off there in our hiding emancipate who are patriots are are also utilizing that i think we've got to figure out pretty quick your however on that and so you can go you'll be able to go and so to any of the above i do like roller for literary good job of come that brown had now on my canadian and monday i think it's at all believe and bradley when i saw this morning says lad here disconcerts with her about to take down yekaterina corporate galanasas true and raniero donald said where predominate result is no five by law while and i think is to set off they is two actually get in their annoyance and remove the players and i say to motthaven involved in this we know by the most in all of their unconstitutional laws and even and all is not just go away because they notified anointed topic at anoother versus adams i can't last wabigoon it is more than willing to go there let's finish the sentence that is the really important and it will if we people stay silent basically emigrating party i think i steeplechaser with grand impart it seems like another republican for to divide people again just like that and i tipperary how many people in the potiphars race you know you have a horse at he throwing a whole bunglers in order to to you know that can't win in order to buy out the the rays and then were the time they start with qualifying them you got the one left they really want everybody on so continuellement who to botheration where are your dot all the while a fallen and no idea what i don't deny please what we know that we insert twere not putting them into office there selectiveness that there actually is a selection and isolation we do not have a bolognian this point timmediate to a then antipater there's no way down is no station a process for the living that unless he really stand up and we fight a thing out in the unified manner not material i don't callanan i'm adown the creeper using an i'm grassroots and i miss and i mean what's go back to me in america and fight this thing at the end we had to go to the face the base structure with the rest of the minion because that's where the dividing common that he says to say no hall is a joke is putting up your anice as canonries the remedy for re the people well information on her and i think it's i think that i think is talking about starting a it's quite harkenin eighty and eighty four some resisted is not sensitive heart it's a big enough campus kind of find it once you get to that or stretchers on and on by setters been round while the serious have work in one i keep going after the retrievement got to him not down there and that's an eat process to go now and down the hole the refugee settlement at last seen developers that we chased out iron center on the basis of the fact i call him a parasite in the sun woman you call me apparently because you are you're a parasite you have no interest in being your you are a parsonic organization is just time to call it out for one is william go home go somewhere else but not me not in our neighborhood and then of course they sunderland's to go on or abundantly i have a blackthorn the world are you going to call me a race is holy how the other amicitiis doucin your house i have several so so it is not so not by sanatkumara craft and artajona go find somebody else who's going to listen to you because i am that will not no heaviness down hollander is to the river grass roots people don't do five hundred dollars detergent what they do do as they waste your time they waste your time in these savanarola bad things are so very leaves and feel with your safety succession and they do nothing they have petitions to sin how many species the actually moved anything how work with the proposals to the attack anything who are these people that are running his grassroots groups because you want to know what i see in standing wistonbury evil people the anatomist the people that are in the grasses organization in the ones that have ouroungou a lot of more rubempre that destroyed the tea party she outstand optician came from crime in a storm animation that came from texas he told that demeanin a woman behold locus in charge of it i look what they've done they sold everybody's names after after so larouche sold everybody's name in the campaign as such are you kidding me just because they say something as if one thing doesn't mean it it is i mean we disconcert listening to you now think for herself and digestions his henry grasped people get berneyites days can you the grass o people the leadership is making everybody run around in your time is money if they take your time to go run around in your not moving any any final any size of willemott it's a way to tintalous is stealing your mind on inanities organizations is noonings the service you know i had seen such a look at one of the change not me and we lost the election relation we lack proposals to the chinatown the kestrel ever one etherealness more in some of lincolnshire home and mijok thank you good in her rotha's great harriet you party to seasonably and unconstitutional otoyo isabeau tiful stand as a patriot to cut ties with in one and when the trees on a traitor organization i i i i admire you that thanks chataways brain a lot truthsense michael be the amazing matabooles i will not be going their way simitiere see there were cut normans because you got as into it young italian all these things when you know was like when i became governor because i am not come i see no reason to be running around to necessarily lancing everybody should be in their own district she cuts security that it cost centimetre for the sake there's no reason for all of this running around none people can accomplish what they need to do which is to what we the people want done without sitting out there in their little pale looking down on us so i think we're going to reach and retaliates left ostrich down in the answers that it forth and quite heart and i think it i think it's so titania it might be a megalosaurus is now a sertain grasped and community ordener he told me in a meeting that he had had a job for two years before he was running for office after him and john smith set me up in a meeting a down down in separating i can't got it figured out that in there he had a michigan is dandelions that ramona salacious the rabble widest hollenstein website so man anastasie researching all that one joke i would i would agree we've got so many things that need to be torpor and by words and unpresentable by nourished antony none of these organizations is lawfully they do not have the right to exist they do not exist nor should they ever exist all being little military silos to go after we the people in another way they frame that the fragment the fragment the fragment so that they can use them as a long and an arm of laforce they do admission on to business chiefly he had to be the enforcement arm of their elegancies that they were and readjust need us out come so what say you can i'm going to agree with like you say the splendor down hunterdon compartment alien the majority of the job you do during the day and for a while the people the majority of the job eddring the day the gourmet perfectly comfortable but the usually about one little piece with him the job but have to compromise on and everybody is a mechanism compromises and that one little piece worse because it's like the tie those little pieces together to operate a whole different take take everybody here one put up the case that you gave me from brunanbuhr and i've got all kinds of links up there now sagoola haverin no one comes of the supreme court on comito in that still wouldn't recognize that it's there now it is an official case and there is the actual document and in no one of the things about it is it sitting right now waiting on for them to go into conference with bill decide whether to hear if you will whether to hear it or not there now i guess the supreme court whose based on pressure from the public whether you would agree with the merits or the argument or whether your side that would call frivolous mother should be thrown away the more attention brought to it over all the fact that it shows how many people are ultimately invested in ultimately what we're dealing with not following the law in regard to the elect i know that it suddenly but he in a head a couple million fears with an hour and i heard its almost untainted million oranges imagine it the same kind of thing attention went to the bronze and case and read it understanding it basically looking at the final twelve that to get it ultimately seems like the side everything in bring that pressure through public awareness in order to have them accept actually do so about what really the whole country is crying out through the front on i think so stranded eighty eight respondent to the party action is dependent in the trial court and it is pretty expensive you know sometimes you know outright some one provisional but i could i could have a lot more to it as this refinement which i don't think is a bad idea about doing it i've got two more lawsuits that are going to be launched in her pretty pretty quickly the first one's going to hopefully accomplished to go on having people sing like a canary i think that intellect is the most recognizable three hundred eighty eight people at your talk as you mentioned the inflation need to be taken out and it wasn't proper than what he done this void or voidable another proper realm and so i do it right in gloom and all senators there now that was worn gram grassley haggard think it and more tempting hurricanes good lass i like to see how i tell and more but that's okay mike pat came the i and in the left of course the john and jane goes another so you have with those to be found later the authoress it is not the only one to landraethin i should be but five thousand maybe a hundred maurauders and fifty thousand i've heard that that would be a good number well as you know that depending on how this play out of subsequent violenter learned will lead to the filing and he kept it nice and easy they got a nice straight forward single it is hard to do not deal with not answer and so the more the people ever concerned are aware of it the more they looked at the supreme court to at least allow the case so happening and it is a current there's a lot going on i'm in pretty excited about the fact that all the stuff on twitters coming out that you know if if they can show and really exposed how much of our election was was changed by the you know dictates by intergovernmental as well as a the different parties and organizations is like a athirst one blame all only down across her rose going on and then all of a sudden you know same boy comes out says says he you know i was also given money to the republicans to the dark money sources i like this is right now i see his big blaming of the democrats and the problem is is that is that it's going to end up being both sides because it's a uniform and some at that information coming out of the little bit a little bit jaded or are out of balance in my pen a eacus tiplers recognizing this one assassination the iceberg to ochiltree and the amount of people that they mottarone is pain and the indoor a long time in their views of the christian the christian organizations like catholic services lotteries tactician services i found eighty kids that disappeared from boutibonne i thought i found a track i found to trace ottoman they showed in less michigan there was no doubt ottomite just disappear on the border here they show on her bathing in michigan it is sorry they can these kids for what man thirty to forty five days and their gone and there's no fool there's no responsibility it sort of like a solid cash so as there's no body there's no money in their totems and you know a lot of loot of the christian families are unawares i mean that it's a refuge service there is sport in family that emilita in from somewhere in the needle to stay for a little bit a lot of the good hearted christian faith as people do open their house up at the now at the asking of their church in its good people being being taken advantage of by people that may be don't have really good attentive you start to see in the money involved in this you have to ask not listening to their words but what's behind it once the real was the real story and not by everything that were told because a lot of it is disproportionate do away with it because there is no there's no consequences the light genteelness but the light come that in the complete i agree with that i isosceles on charlotte like minor stores with all her canvas donal the people serve notice to scott that brown and disorderly had clipped in it from before the man is released might adams's really quite stews and the movies and haggerty now my dockerell biting section people come to the median with a bunch in complaint and they see how i feel much better would not the notion and then they want more money there's a lot of stuff going on there with the right dope in the face deep and then take over their two i mean that there a white countercurrent state for january six twenty twenty three downstroke for reason of necessity that was important in explained that recent easily when you have no other recourse when there's nothing else you can do i mean it the only peaceful the only avenue its i guess a lot of people think of using the currency as a reason of necessity in life i have to use the greenbacks and the federal reserve system because there is no other option there is no other alternative in fight don't do it i will see when the people have that ultimate right of redress of grievances and bring the petition forward and it's not hurt and that's basically what you went through with the other courts lack of jurisdiction in this that other eventually there's only one place that you can take the petition to that would be back to bring court under our to ultimate right as a petition for a redress of agreement it's not right for any of them to count anything is not agreeing you know under the constitution you know as its constituted there is really nothing else you have as a option but to go as the twelve in a robe to give the decision and it is that of necessity because in going to the king way back in the day when the colonies admit you went and the only other alternative the only other option is one that potentially war which is so the last necessity the last opportunity the only recourse by law of necessity because outside of that rooms to outside people people have gone to the supreme court and he who you've got all these people in places that are violating their jobs to the detriment of the people and the people have agreement i i you hear it or your basically a i think that giving notice to the supreme court if you guys are going to be the adjudicators of how the executive branch executes and if you're going to be indicators as to what the legislative branch means well now is your time to adjudicate and get this right because you're not being put on notice that you're not functioning as a check and balance so that scorpion notice is absolutely right because this is my loisette petition opportunity the people have to deal with what is a concern for most the united states and i bet where i go back to necessarily the content of a stupider show or something like that but that there was eight million people across the country that are looking for truth that are looking for change that are looking for something to happen you know a million people willing to look into everything not including a stouter whether they liked it or not a bit you would still want well i think it's important woodlock at everything because you're going to find you're going to find nonette and there but are going to lead you to more questions you shouldn't watch things for for sake o this is this is the gospel no the source and they should be you know there is a gospel there is one gasp and one word of god that's it and i and i believe i believe that that is the the you know the hat that is the word that is what i believe but when you all ideative word of god so one day you could read it if you like he guiding him wonder action it's right the next day he could read it and could be all it applies to this a little differently so that they say it's a lie you can read it and know that as a whole spirit house you what's going on he is going to direct with the words you know it's just like like you do when you managed when your little kid on dead sick you know don't don't tempt this for you know don't just for this reason but then the next day it would be like a you can do it you can touch us now or in a may be a fatal of it but but you know this is an old cat place you know to be right now the next day would be well you shouldn't be there because the situation rochambeau you're in the intense now because on the outside lessons a gun got actually told but when you look at new sources that should just be there to get you you should believe anything a man not notice you and me's made mistake so you look at it for what is the next question i should be asking and now i'm going to get a computer and i'm going to read down that red and find out for myself in the share what i learned with others i i think i will not only not believing everything because you always looking at that other side but how many people looked at their own side hogan republican or democrat are so busy looking at over at the other side as to what all their shortcomings are never got in and investigated the very side that was arming him with all of his knowledge and courage and confidence and then you know when you do find it get your eyes open up unto the side that somehow you come with wait a minute now i've got all the other things that were seated before that i got to look into i agree the word is the proper place to keep your folks cutting down on the amount of time you spend opening on a side that you would pick seems strange to me that a christian would join an organization that immediately causes you to pick it is a mentality that it really is a carmentalian in you know there's there's a there's a of moving up based on the fact that you obey obey only not the whole the whole thing with the communal the political party is most political clubs are going out the true heir people want to be accepted it's like it's a game sitting and i don't care if it's literalists a good thing or a bad thing if the bengalee and you know i don't really think that this is necessarily the fast way i think the promises that would become so dependent on those and those structure rather than in an how many occasions going say this in an undertaking lots of friends to day a well so gobion all of these non facings that were running around for aside of our own families we can't even take care of the spiritual or the emotional needs of our own families let alone go and hand to be running all this political ally and you know leaving leaving our families for a bit so of two actually do something that's going to make us you know roarer our family what is the proper what is the proper order of proper order we watched her proposal three basically take every child on an instant away from their parents but i say that happened a long time ago i were just seeing more and more of the restrictions of the tightened grasp or on their children even the unfortunately the word children are minor those are legally defined terms so when they say children when they see minor they mean specifically and you and i would use the word children or kid or mineral these words have a total different meaning than when you and i would versus when they would be using the now the original children and minor terms came from in the state had orphans to take care of and they were told out they needed to take care of the you know the kids that didn't have families on behalf of the people in a cohasset department there too that will look at look at the double that they use okay so now peredonov jurisdiction over the kid your kid should be able to do anything federationist the the age of consent twelve but which means if there are adults will they can go into that they can be with any boy that once a victim amount we got all these so called organization and moreover old sixteen ten years old and deracinate what happened the responsibility there may in money up to the point of eighteen years old because our government can neaera than all the sun as soon as we cast comes in by later we'll see later had a good life and oregonian it comprises the entire state and two thirds of the population live within that that you know gravitates surveillance that surveillance and now they own all four of our devices so they can take him away and anyway one in those alsworth they're doing to traffic children i don't know plantigrade and more control over our stuff the end the foe are on an account that used by license the software on the computer is used by license there was a time way back in the day where he actually bought a box with a dissonance back he actually installed the product as the softwood even though he still used in my life still installed it had it on sight where now everything streams that you and they turned off software and to a service well every situation you don't on your data you don't know anything you again or just using it happy yet but there were enough well look what they did headeder did that with a tractor where you have to you can buy the tractor but now you are tied into a lifelong service contract without use to be that you know is like like my dad and trapdoors know we had traversed and said he go out there an git ye out there and gusterson mutual turn forming yes out there fixing the trackers of sheer will now they've made it so that if you cannot if it's not just a complication of the computer system it did in fact very much complicated thing but you cannot work on him without avoiding the entire warrant so they basically you basically paid for something that they all its ownership and you agree to these terms by paying in for i think it's wrong it's just like i think every person it there if they want to know the car they should be on bilocation shouldn't just be able to nationalisation well i see the first thing you got to do as you got in you got a pass it imparts well cousin like i don't know who knows extermination spennithorne whose going to have a drought just in order to get insurance iterance in order to get a license to drive on or a rod and it goes on and on not by virtue of backing out of the andante have eliminated people's ability to actually ah can become part of these abodes industries or these these industries are even it is a total barrier for it it's wrong absolutely wrong licensing is absolutely an attack against free people and it has no place state of well alight in singers i guess one of the are is about business i mean the or if he were to be a car making company then that company is the one who created by a license and then required and in soldierhood by regulations and rules again their corporations which are created that ultimately by a state so there's an if you found it in the delaware corporation everybody in a herd that one but there's michigan corporation terutak in about smartness in such and such a are you know only created because some one went to the and create growth and economic and number which are in the use any more peril but basically create a corporation and the created by the state to the state give you a file number invalidates that he exists and now you can go ahead and do business in the state corporations that are controlled by all these ordinances and regulations and that got really confused during the cold bit situation to her like the restaurant which is a business was told you know you have to do absurdities and somehow some way that got transferred by the needs of the business down on to the people where all the people thought and the turnen responsible for regulating corporations could tell a people what the individual and again even that term individual is now so formal legal obscurity scared to use that and i i think anybody should be able to run a business that they want under their own under their own name with absolute no rules or regulations they you know is like of course you want to protect the environment and that sort of thing but they have the use i mean if somebody wants to as a herder her fine yet the state of it there's no reason through this i agree to that but at the same time of the business name right like you would say applecore a front to the umbrella the organization to where all the people kind of limits on formability stopper pose for a corporation is to set up a rather then in between but her dress was cut here throughout the indented to have a business name because she can receive the pay at herself directly she doesn't need to be controlled but because she's a license potation like you also have doctors and attorneys the hairdresser falls in that category as well where you go back to jack came which comes to an end you know citation in astonished at different they have the horse and buggy going around the downtown area and operating his care with their people that are running their businesses on the road and so are original traffic and transportation was came for the people that are running their businesses and if you were going to have a fleet of horses and be a true business owner that's where the people wanted to control eventually the polluters winnow the man fish and organizations that are wiping out all these his when it comes down to regulating a man or a woman but my doesn't have ability if you will just by performing rothesel to wipe out the whole fish supply in the great lake not in need regulation to where a fishing that is providing food base services for community which aestate would to make sure there was a food supply for the people and so there are there has to be that trade off what i gain i think it's in those that would choose to do it for where those regulations should apply but they need to be a reasonable thing not where we had like to the governor continued shudder every single business in unison all work it all out from correct and i think that that i mean to that point attorney general really only has jurisdiction over the sheriff does over individuals in different you know for it is a different allusions and become obscured and i think the erroneous so he enticements do not take the market the beast where god yet she has one of her set down an ivory and with lettice alcohol he is so mad needs to be in jail yet they got a double set of standards there for what else is going on i can hold right now he rested by a wise well we brought up mark of a beast which is something that we've been talking about a little bit because of a study in that i had done but ropes book that's coming out for publication i think it's a third i've actually been reading through that and enjoying it too and the relationship is of wonderful a parcel the admiralty his book is really unpacking glacial he's a theologian without a doubt it's a real mean die into grace if you will but engrace he shows up the changes you on the first then as well how great speed you and as you were talking about the daily day to day one day here in this in it doctor and then a few days later now when he but you up precept upon precept running with the understanding by understanding in experience by experience then all of a sudden you'll find that you got your hands for affronting your supposed to touch in the he talks about the basically that within i'm enjoying going through that and jumping around things there he gave something that got my attention this morning was that he latitudinous starting branchin human trials and i've got a concern about that when that song like a really bad idea and from a biblical perspective is truly a bad in the opening i saw which is really interesting is why the you presume is dry looks like that could be a real concern in these if i cannot you this is why the everyone's good going to you freeze river drying up and wanting now now you can look at it from porpoises but if we were to talk about him in our inform the east coming and that's a foundered a boundary we we could probably make some are imaginations but we can certainly wonder about that happening in the there is a significance to that because i think there might be a hare i think we can we can watch on that little bed when i go through the strong cords looking at words and scriptures they talk literally and figuratively the writers even back then were poetical teresina canaille right back for an the artist back god then that rose you know they were on they could create visions they didn't just speak literally and they so you in vision words actually more meanings what we kind of give them credit to meeting i think literal versus figure to makes a big difference and so if you were to look at the rasper drying up as a border between in the east and the other civilization can labor told of was to take it to the east you got to so far down that road were fleetly have the the joining together of the two different side i was at a meeting on thursday and we were talking about china and their changes comment came up that one of the biggest and patent problems if you will over intertwist why they're getting right to think of that nature the growth of the christian see that even in the original chinese the way that they form their letters shows that they were aware of the flood a lot of a stroke served symbolic knowledge of the most so to some degree they know as much as those that would be on the other side of the euphrates so that in were drying up by this figuratively see where the millennial kingdom which had been the multitudes of coming together there would be a divisive lying on the center in more spirit prevail over the accurate as what we see in the new test it figuratively could be but with a literally i suppose you could start looking into what could be causing appertain about how maybe a couple of weeks ago when i was talking about honestly as a global impact at that same meeting on thursday we nelly came up they were talkative that the home percent of the water whole infrastructures of basically being taken up to sleeper looking at taking up the power supply taking control of all of that for having access to all the technology so far from any shore nelly being something that taken up nightly percent of the world water and look what they're doing in michigan where the pan like two hundred fifty dollars for a permit in order to grab our natural resources and walk in they can profit with it this is wrong this is evident you know and i think that lackarago plan there when they saw oil the people of alaska actually get a royalty from a nomination and i think that's really really good idea and then you know i mean there needs to be if we are the owners of this state we do not we do not give free usury of our national natural resources that should be that should be compensated to the people that actually live here and that and work here in my opinion and i do think that that alaska is a good job with that militant women i have sat at my home isn't true traveler inaction others of our rights that a loud projectors there can't have meteorites are one yet as there christmas christmas specials out of the store there there actually an interactive projector to where it beams on to a wall you can use pens to write on the wall and it actually updates your software you can use a finger oh doreen say that you know it's going to happen it's you know it's going to happen i've got imminent all the time right always going to be like all my god what can we do with a whole less i mean i do great at negritos in what you mean about me in an idea central all the time yeah pretty much to ornament to it's like it's it's a constant all i can then there's races of computers to build and put together have the others they got project the isola lots to do here so charles all this water from these comminatory in california and they care about green energy when we had the cleanest antony in the world we have clowns in office charmanwati it leastly there there are so many anti trust us that should be filed that we should have so many anti trust in these prosecutors of these judges do not hear the case and they are they are all ruling by weather by other than even by prose by the prosecuting filthy have to be removed he broke it commentaries down to one person i mean if there's anti trust case out there that's the attorney general's job to be handling businesses yes sanction the company and liquidate go at the bank accounts of the assets which is why the corporation is a registered financial legal entity in order to give that bank account their there to build that bank account not with the interests of stress when they don't follow the rules and if they want it respond to having the profits taken away upsetting the investor to cause a change then he mentally the attorney general as and the very license and liquidate the company from me you anti trust and all these corporate concerns are easy to handle but it nests now allowing to stand and not investigate we had back again down in hasting very count i had two hundred people at a signed affidavits about somebody not having an oath of office the local prosecutor basically said ever exonerated because i'm not going to file charges it's as if that one person and that one legal capacity to bring charges which is the attorney general at the top or local county prosecutors are municipal who are basically an extent of the attorney general basically absolve people i will even say that there absolved as if they meteorite in a court case when the only court were the only way was done by that individual attorney general or that prosecutor who basically say no i'm not going to fiesole as if they veneered them definitely in proper and we theoretically just have an election to get rid of somebody who did know all of that shuddered and help closes all the businesses for all this time as my mind how michigan is so profuse how did how did what just happened in the beginning of november happened with some like dat nastoides n't shut it all the business one minute yet turned around and then but all the antitrust up continued to go on it didn't happen i'm sorry it it just did not have in the way that they must it's not it's not even possible mission a complaint a sign on a complaint monday and sustains me the paper sealed into but i monastery email at his want to go through this complaint in a wide we are contesting the election yes i do she is really an insignificant that's what dan adventured in that hearing that you started the show off with the specific law i mean aedepol saying these how the business of elections needs to be run and yet has to follow the law and so he sits as pacific law specific thing has to be done that is all that they have to have the director of the election certify the equipment before you can go ahead and and certify the results so it is he pointed out a whitestone just tell me yes or no anything other than it had generous is now have you done then the law requires you a simple straightforward question that nazarene won't let your kids start mealy mouth in their way around it it would just shut down eleanor now we had not one machine certified in the state of michigan not one so what do we do with that that tells me it's like okay so i've got a question so would you use a richard terminal that has not been been calibrated or service in order to process in or have any standard in order process payment will be not because you don't know how it's going to come moohoohoo oh i don't know i mean there's a million things you can do how about a tired gay but the or or why agamemnon they will enticers from the weights and measures of coming out there and making sure that the business is selling you the actual number of gallons at their calculating a tabulating weltansicht benefited so why would you go to isabel a well akouomen whether it's like you a truth in whatever you do i mean even if it's something as simple this onely crazy and they're not certified but i dismaying about this what did you go gewandhaus just say that a a there's a time there's a tire pomeranian you know supporters in noroway a man a compressor but but you know he got to and i know that that's tolerantly as a grandfather of dangers and such and you know that it collection go to a gas station and the toleration is off even for putting her in a tired and you leave there and is off and all the sudden your either to london blow or two high and you blow a tire in a very dangerous sir ah you we need to have honest and you know in what we are working with the tools we are working to complish life it's not just in the fact that something is important as national security in our elections is shocking we wouldn't do that in commerce we would not do that in like some waits and measures of anything or or expectation of what we are working with because if we don't know i mean what look at the log at the lately for annie what if that letter the madeleine's rangoon ammunition and the fire you really have a proneness to be true in this and we have it something as important are elections you know i would think if there should be truth there and the only way to get that in election is to have the services of a machine and make sure that you're getting what your pain for oraetes elections no reporter pain into them and this is what is as it is it is absolutely as effect and every single part where lives well that's why they wrote the law to say it happened we done it had to be heard of i mean that's the real crux of what dance but forward is that there is a law here that says this has to be done on their good reason for the law testified i know basically what he's doing answer did as the pen down or has i is the sentinel be said for the little things are or what some of the little leslie people find like bonds and old suma if you're elected there so many days that you have to take your oath of office from when you're notified or is it the day of the election even that is kind of you have to take but an old the office i put a band up and the old is the same thing kind of saying when you sign something that i declare under penalty of perjury if i do something contrary to the terms and conditions i'm goin to be held accountable and the bomb is no more than a bee which is to say yea all even at my feet and my etwas endeavor that a longer taking so whether it be claiming your right to or privilege to travel on the roads and commerce or whether your claiming your spot an office or whether you're getting a fishing line no he fell out the application you take an oath to be bound by the rules and you pay the fee and next thing you know you're out there fishing under a sportsman and so it's no different you can't be on the road if the innocent get your license and taken care of you can't be the water if you have taken care of your license and if you're out there doing that and you have taken care of your life that's considered a crime and so here we have again the same thing that little books are fighting as at these people don't have both above so violent that they have paid the bond so it's like their is your man at the time or they're not drivers at the time because they're not licensed even be doing what their due a emanation thing might have been a stupid example with my point at all is that it really is the fair but that honesty and etagere and knowing what we're working with an awe and a nautical as our election to her no not accomplished the shaking of all of us i mean really shocking all of us and you know this goes back to an integrity problem that we have we in such a spiritual problem that that we have in the united states of america with integrity look at the person will i don't want to lose my job so i'm just goin to go on to get along i am going to sit here and that you in halls of congress and i jist goin to go along to get along as i don't want to lose my job i'm going you know i'm going to do this it and all these low and reaction and to completely and utterly bankrupt society because the somebody sees all this guy doing this way i can do it too this guy doing either know what's wrong you you have to stand on integrate you believe is something is wrong you got to walk away and in if people don't walk away that's another thing that is should be right out there and for every one that battisterio problem because it is so if if we lost everything to morrow only given by god any way and got carnac the ten times over maybe he doesn't maybe just a simple occasions better who knows but but the fact is that we trust god with every step arizonians we walk away from we walk away from it and there is no compromise if something is wrong if you're asked to kill somebody in the hospital and i know you do it and i don't care you know i don't care what what excuse anybody gives me if they do something wrong is to go on gelatin with her the people and lancinating that all is but one test for liability sake that all committed as leading to the all of them because they were they they shut off and it was going to get along and they didn't stand it it doesn't matter so many if something you would doubt which i'm sure i'm going to be at the top of the list as much as i spoke it out i not retain you know now and call them all traitors and trueman publication one all the markestan they are they did not protect they said that they took they took office in order should be protect and trout the wishes of the people and they didn't for green self for games for solferino and as for being part of this little cat club and this is the thing that i'm really concerned about when i watch all these other groups and the outside it becomes a callipers nalty they want to and rides people that are in charge of perceived to have money or power whatever it is he called a personal enemies or an don't either either you you know either you can agree with what their going on with or he should stand up and say so and if you get to the point where where it becomes outside the fact where you have no ability to fix it yet trianon we can't jessimina swam like that because you're going to be guilty by association and you know i think is this really important integrity i watched him move or a documentary cluster and it was really good it was adventure research yet at somaliland singing anything of somaliland and how small and and somaliland really that there was a horrible desire of small land because it wouldn't fall in with malaria country without a really without a country with the kenneth won't be there not represented in the un or anything like that which is probably a good thing but it it appears to me that it is probably one of the biggest areas of integrity and is primarily muslim but you can go down the street and they've got banks you know an incredible amount of cash sitting in bundles on the street and nobody would think to do to take and the one woman gave it to her said if you left you know a hundred thousand dollars on a rock over there you could go away and either you would either find it when you came back or somebody would go and bring it to and there is none of the credit so much worse matter if the united states work that way we in the world where it's like this is your property and i respected the ancient wagon in the united states very very much in this is really interesting macaria is a great study on it where they started building a top of the masses and is one of one of my favorite places that ever been to visit one started building that have the mass well when most people laughed as they were kind o mad they followed they followed on now the season and for hunting purposes following the seasons and unopposed even drop so these fool be gone and they didn't come back but the people that came after the event was hundreds of years would never think about tremenhere what they left behind the respected because it wasn't there even if they had you know it looked like also ejus left us there like no it's not mine and they erected that and so they built down the walls into the canyons and there is literally thousands and thousands of cannon of cliff to olenin the wall where they would pick out another place to live and they respected with those who can and you know we don't we not have that in the united states if somebody sees you know i have a half a can i a street somewhere to go in it by the little scoundrel and pick it up instead of going well it's an easy it's an easy assassinate i know it's not mine there doesn't give you right to it and the politicians that it learned that a just cause you see something sitting there and you found it doesn't mean you have a right to that and i thought that was pretty interesting and smile and then they live in peace because it is the piece that you may at your supposed to may and there's not this huge green where i have to eat i hope they have to have you know the horror mentality you know i don't grootboom making money or for doing what they want what i do have probably is repeople see that aniello know all it's mine and it's just there tacoma it attained france you know we've all seen at so many different you know in the somebody like dogs a dollar on the master are we asking ourselves a fine keepers were a young man this may to take may be that one dabbler that that person had to buy something to get them through the day do her best arrest had to help them or he seemed that that you have more than enough and you can share this is what i get in trouble because i see that you know what we felt over the years and they then all my gosh a millionaire now i miss that financial statement because you know i mean i think i think you see i think you know me enough to see you know how really now really i live it is like if you have something in jesus said that if you have some in sudden haste that day you give them a sort of your vachel that person if you have a truck you share that angels led with the he really was you know he really is john banister went they lay legislative he shared what he had now that doesn't work in a large society that destined those very centralized very large but in families absolutely it were perfectly and in small communities it works perfectly where you were you share what you have and you re you have the boundary just like you fraisier is a boundary you have to respect those boundaries and just as you see something don't mean you have the right to and i worked for politicians would learn that because they have no boishebert it's all for them and we are just a bunch of caters for them to step on and a asamayama that would victimize a child or kill a child or which orchid in for torture child that people have and is relieved and like i said i really thought of putting a lot of information of her visit is a picture of their highly pile nor i generate came up and in a supposed to be for the mountaineer because while stationary that belonged in it was that yet feroshepore translates as saint it's like why are we saying like a declaration drop that we allowed but the problem it is that it's not that one company all of them a man of this other and so she does this abolition she's covered with blood besancon are you kidding it is its and is it wickedness is the fashion and i absolutely as for every one to see and i i do think there there is definitely some value in facing you know and listen the results that we see and self for those that you turn from it they turn away because that other moved and for those that put on such ear and such mantles again you can see by the fruit i put into doing you know you need to step up or something like that and not interested in the bottom show it as the manatee has the post like that this is my all and we're going after faces because this is vile and you know it's like there's to chase the nonsense down and all of them are involved in this metical it out for what it is and walk away from the rather this is this is in banishing it's good for now and baronesses in bantoom to this then straight at her come straight from the from there we forgathered there and the heresiarchs says monopoly loss must be forced misintelligence i want so much and refuses i parentage all right so it is love alone let sayonara and then to bestow blessing and you know what i want to read something again i think we're going to come to him to go on fretting i think we're going to do is a watered so as a prayer to and here he ulyashin else it is john at an adequate cause i do think this is this is significant talking about who jesus is i interesting because this discussion is coming on jesus is the way the truth and the life no man comes from the two father except rum mansie so bright so let's go back and find out what he said when he was spoke again the people he said i am the light of the world who follows me will never walk in darkness but what have the light of life the fairest challenged here you are a period your own witness your testimony is not vain answer you may testify in my behalf my testimony is now for i know where i came from and where going but you have no idea where i come from or run you judged by human i pass judgment i no one but if i know jamiesons are true because i am not alone i stand the father who sent in your own lines written battesmo it missus i am one justified to myself my other ways is it father who sat then they asked where is your father you do not know me or my father jesus replied if you know me then you know my father also he spoke these words in teaching in the tobacco and replant where the offerings were but he had no more demeanor come one more distant a byway and you will look for me and you will ruin your where i go you can not know you can not come this may be just as well yourself in that way to regain our camp they continued the ethalion the optic heroically my leontine you are from below i forgot you are of the world and i am not of the world i told you that you would die in your if you do not believe that i am he you will indeed die in your who are you they ask just what i've been telling you from beginning to splash say in judgment but he who set me as trustworthy and what i had heard from him i tell the world they did not understand that he was telling him about his father so jesus said when you have lifted up the son of man then you will know that i am he and that i do not think of my own just what the farmers to the one who sent me is witty he is not left me alone for i always do what pleases even as he spoke he believed in to the jews who had believed jesus said if you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples then you will know its truth in the truthful sit you they answered him we are abreast of noreen slaves if any one how can you say should be set free i very truly i tell you any one who sins is a slave to now a slave has no permanent place in the family so long to it for ever so the sun sidereal be free to be i know that you are a grand toilet yet you are looking for a way to kill me because you have no room for my work telling you what i have seen in my father's case and you are doing what you heard from your father abraham's or follower you were abraham's children said jesus then you would do what abraham as it is you are looking for a way to kill me a man who has told you the truth that i heard from god abraham did not do such thing you are doing the work of your own father we are not illegitimate children they protested the only father i have a game to if god were your father you would love me for i have come here from god i do not come on my own and why is my language not clear to you if you are unable to hear what i say you belong to your father the devil and you want to carry out your father's desires he was a murderer from the beginning not holding the for there is no truth in him when he lies nadaud for he is a liar and the father of lies yet because i tell the truth you do not believe me tendered me does telling the truth why don't you believe whoever belongs to god and her loose the reason you do not see is that you i now belong to god answering that you are severe and dame his i'm not possessed by a demon of desire my father and you dishonored i am seeking glory for myself i am i am not seeking woreseff but there is one who seeks and he is the judge very truly i tell you whoever obeys my word will never and this man now we know that your dear possess a brandied so did the profit yet you say that whoever obeys your word were never taste death are you greater than our father abram he died and so did the profit who do you think you are if i glorify myself my lord means not my father whom you claim as your god is the one who arise me though you do not know him i don't know i said i did not i don't be a like you but i do know and i obeyed your father abraham reason at the thought of seeing my day saw and was glad you are not fit years old said you're not a year old they said to him and you have seen abraham very truly i tell you you before abraham was born i am i that the fictive stones on him but she said in but the way the temple so the question is who do we serve this day do we serve god or man do we jump into their little cultivate clubs or do we follow god regardless of the orestes that that answer needs to be dealt with by each oriana and fairly quickly i can't think that this is going to be a fairly quick decision that needs to be made like the right thing to do to me what do you think he's the one who moves so if you feel when you look at yourself that your stepson in line truth then i want to get down and asked for more truth and more wisdom and more knowledge towards the servant understand ask him to move you into way that you are walking in little again i don't think that to walk in a light i think he makes you the kind of person that responds when darkness rears its ugly head those that retaliation that walk but aware that it exists will then asking for the the change that makes you walk as one that's been granted such grace that acknowledges the grace that he causes one to change internally to where when his ugly messes stick their face there automatically be you used to in order to stand in the gap we are in a word a time where there is a collision between worlds and we can really see that in spiritual realm there is definitely inclusion between world going on and right now and that spiritual world is principalities and powers which we deal with we can only see the human beings only have ability to see certain things but there's a many other entities that are here the angels are seen on and we are we are in between you know it's close between worlds and all like about it right now and artois to be who are we standing with an aged person as to make that decision in which sign of the line they're going to go on i don't think that you have to work that hard to yourself or to the right thing i think it just as all because of that so not really your choice you just are that way because he's made you that way and then and it's not really working cause you're not working at it is just an automatic response because that's the fruit that we see that again what you are where the word comes it is after the fact because that being used by him causes you to begin that arduous journey that when that is gone or i to the one that does take frank oftentimes encourage the there you might sit down along the way with your head between your musical who help me along this and any pickaback up and again something else happened that causes you to respond and you're not the type that's responsive to such a then that's what i would encourage people to pray for that they be changed to wear when in justice criminality and these things happen around that they are changed into the type of new venetian and again that captain up for the neighbor behind reading the neighbor beside him that a shelter whatever it is she sat where he or not walked in that right path asked for that help to walk that and if you're on the path which you can go back to that wonderful book that time in october that grace already to where you want change i know the type it stands up to the bullion the half of those that you're looking for that back side grass to where you certainly can pray for the courage of the to the interior the friends you know the company that he's going to put together with you to hell because he had a weak one of us do this alone i really see the dynamic thought to cause couldn't choose to be in the position with the with the attitude that you have when the tops they are those that just again would wait always when the government out there then those that would run in there and that we see as really indicative already what the heart is absolutely dear little rider how my father and resolutely father thank you for a beautiful beautiful day to day and the time it would be able to find the gather and may even word that we say beyond or a toy or by you be full straight he graciously to stand against gredel and were very thankful for this time and the calling that you put on her heart or the way of her decrees that i may follow it to the end sanitary three teaching or wave your crestfallen it to the end give me understanding that i may keep your motorboat all my heart directly in the path of your commands for there i find the light turn my heart toward your statutes and not warelissan turned my eyes away from the worthless preserve my life crito your word to fill your promise service and that you may be feared take away the disgrace i dread for your laws are good how i long for your crises in your righteousness preserve my life may or unfailing love contortion according to your promise then i can answer any one who talks for a trust in your word never take your word out of near worth from my mouth for i have put my hope in your laws i will always obey your lowriver and ever i will walk about in freedom freighter precepts i will speak of your states before kings and will not be put to shame for your light and your commands because i love them i reach out from the commands which i love that i may meditate on your there remember her words her servant for you of giving me hope my comfort is i myself ran in this your promise preserved my life the arranmore on the mercy but i do not turn from your law i remember lord your ancient laws and i find comfort in the indignation groups need because of the wicked who overtaken your law you decrease theme of my son wherever i lodged in the night lord i remember your that i may keep her law this is then my practice i obey your priests you are my portion or i promise to obey your words i have sought your face with all my heart be gracious to me according to your promise i considered my ways and i turned my steps to your stanislass and not to delay to obey your command the wicked advice me with ropes i will forget i will not for the law at midnight i rise to give you think for your rights laws i a friend to all the fear you and all follow your cries the earth is felt with your love for your decrees thank you so very much how my father for everything that you've done for us to day we asked your blessings on every one who is listening either live or later that comes in less because you know what's going on in their lives and in their hearts and we just ask that you would draw every one closer to you a closer look that you would help us in eyes see tangerous them and ears to hear what you want us to hear as well as to make good decisions and always followed the path that you set before us please give us the feet to walk those paths that you set before us in every man every man in our day because we want to honor and glorify you with our time here thank you for our and we just want to say we love you thank you for my stay thank you so very much i not that we went to a one idea think we went down to a from thirty three two somewhat at fifty five or sixty so the i anyhow i am ellerby out there that you're not alone were all fighting for you all of us not just when prayers and love and all that also and the lithe legal situation in and in the government you don't that the vital tallot about godly government in stuffing we don't get to hide in our church with our little gentle jesus with a lamp set on his feet that's not how it works we get involved the more in the biltmore and godly government then a lot of societee just like jesus colootollah than he ever mentioned and to tell us the realities words were as sinnamary now than this not where we are right now and we have an ability to make a difference and be like his very dark world and i think that that's our most important thing so i decision to be foliage till he relied to be their help each other to care to fight for what's good and righteous and ever ever ever can see to wickedness or evil so there you goupinsfou brandenburg forgot dot com i am not conceding in contesting the election were going through all that more with other time so one go forward together with us and thank you so much caermarthenshire want to say for the noble opportunity thank you well i love it you have to say so oratorian i just want to thank you for making researcher and you've got so much wisdom and i really is always an honor to be on the hip haterius and such and i always ballantree tinware able sit talk especially when we can bring forward you know and he were here you know we're looking for sources i tenanted the scenes given me more more on more sources to so with all kind of work together it's amazing how the body of christ works together to bring forward all good things every one have a great day i will go her as mine so you do as by one right now i won't go now sootable you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america will see its marshes john tate cartesians everyone may you my