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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/13/2023 - Ken Nash and Karen the Riveter

Published Jan. 13, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is january we are i've got my my very social guess his morning hour our kind the in the remoter again and were we going through some some in now some information that's coming out there i re like doing a morning coffee like a news updates quite a bit of i know and and i think it's good it's good for everybody to know becse mainstream media is an abuse dismal failure bringing the news guess what we are near as talking together you me carintavy ody out there in some the other wonderful guest oh come on i did is mazingarbe and were in talk about some unreally un fore the half in her own personal lives he i think that any one that's over the target is absolute being hammered and i don't even i don't mean just like in a normal way i mean like a lot of you feel like thor a long one and there there alone going through it's not true we're all going through the were but were standing the sing and were unwavering and our resolve even the we see things that are st one of the things that last you days i want to make sure that i clarify things that i say you know when we talk there's always people will take as one who the hang around and also experience as they we all interjected and there may be missed because of the direction that we come at from as the human being in the astounding are lit and i think that this is part the new sources and people out there that i find be very very reliable there there are there are some really good sources the a really bad sore and the amount of time we put into cement hard who we listened to and i are fond so and into the background checks on everything and overtones so or a little bit are so like when we when we listened to a new sort first thing is question the credibility the talking seem like it a kind of crazy if it does go find some other sorts that this ride i do find out these to a collaborate what the of there is some continuity one source that comes out in its got a lot of hope in two it is real row news and i see a lot of people that jump on their their band within there i'm i'm not really a fan of that that the thereit's really easy to put out their unseen concisor swallowing the hope on that comes there's not a lot of of a we can be watching anything and so though i i look at them and a knight and i do look at all sources does matter what it is i i truly look at as things that probably be so i want to know what i want to know what erskine and i find out if they got a nugget in the non community there is some ordinarily smart wonderful a kind of that it or like when first came out in the next thing you know we you know canonwe got people that are putting their spin to everything and there there there basically this is going to happen i know and not i know and that's where the was so much is but i'm no tale in the anon community dowler and i mean stellar people out there that that are true rise there are so warrior who are none device of of the page and who are not in it to make money but only in its and in oconostota in some of these guys and galls out because they really are good i i truly love brian cates i think branca an amazing then and his information becomes up its pretty bombers so if you want to follow somebody who's really good he is by clandestine is not as human is another one and i'm going to make a less forever body of the people that i find to be pretty pretty he and because we can cultivate our own our own new sources and help each other cause people will have an end stein this and somebody else will have a specialty in this there as knowledge about about how things and in those that's well that's what i do is to piece things together i'll be on the subjects that i know like business but then you have people that are oh in the in the military have military which i believe the good guys are in petrol i really do and that's where that's where our hope in god people in late to run the ball forward and elpelet run the ball forward as i aye i loved general plan of going to do a shout out to general flinch admiral rogers two of my if i had to say i ever had ever had a herero or heroes this too top the last selflessness and the ability to put the in an an way that exemplifies absolute result of a watch lasting when they talk man their jaws just it's an absolute defiance over those things that horrible and you know all of us can choose that every day also to follow the example of some a an amazing those those people who claim to be oh that don't they claim to be and on so claim to be people who are our patriots and every sector of our world who are really in it for money and building their own audience or building up the which which porites those in the ones we have to watch out for but they're some really good sources out there bear at the press ah is it isn't other one who he's friend o mine himanastasia darling and i mean darling and and they they really so much the in to selfless service of of this nation all of these unsincere and there's so many we could not even you know we could probably get dazed railing of name stood in in the path you know donald the ah certainly selfless put his family and everybody out there but how many people are standing behind the case that that have done on song though the work of anson heroes and i hope some day that we can all stand a gallon charles people are on an in talehow much we appeah and the thoughtfulness in in the hours they lay in their lives on the wine and i mean truly putting aside everything else that they may have found important in life switching her folks to self less karen is another one who sitting is going to be on her and i look at how much a nail as he and she won't what he can put her face out there in order to stay is to be able to say what it needs nest i will tremendous amount aspect i really do a trim in and i mean a tremendous amount of set lossindividual are served as one and a in removing the ball for it and i just want to say the at to every single person out there on behalf of myself the state of mister the united states the world and the remnant of godspeed who are still standing with an unwavering resolve to absolutely take this nation jos sat in absolute defiance without regard and and and continuing i have tremendous for every one that goes to work every single day to move this country forward and taking care of their families and in an un son way that nobody ever sees you all all all of the all the people that do that every day get themselves out of bad go out there and are part of rebuilding and standing with the united states just in in the capacity of a working every of not sitting at home or on an entitlement dole or that or continued to go the or government as robbed from we the people in so many ways taking the works of of or the fort of our labor spin it out into organizations standing against us world like conomic for you know it's like gretchen workers that's there and everybody else you know i've got it if i were not on lying great other a times where i just want do you know when my words and and absolutely lay these people out for these subversive sonus activities against the beautiful the beautiful people of michigan and of the united states who get up and showed their bravery of taking care of their families every day going work to work every day you are my here people that we stand together and state of miscontented sat true it oho loved their family you are all my hero and i can't thank you enough for the work that you you continue to do selflessly that nobody sees what you do taken out you know to the point of taking out the trash to payin attention to orne too too picking up people off the floor who have fallen i i've a very good friend who is straordinarily important in the grand scheme probably globe and yesterday a friend of his fell who he has some healths he went over there this person of off the floor got him back into bad pulled muscles in his in his arms shoulder trying to do it because his gentleman s is a clearly disabled and a in in happy some it was a heavy left and oniscus i'm so proud of every one every day working in the nursing homes that are the serving people in the restaurants who care about others who really put their thought and their their energy in bravo to all of you and we're going to do this were standing together you're amazing don't ever let anybody knock you down for one thing that you do significant case every single effort put forward god will take that and multiplied and you will be rougemere for every single thing that you've done every tear that you've cried every hurt you've had every joy you've your your or and with that suck in to bring on two amazing people oh we're going to bring on i at the care in the riveter and my good body i got a meteorite care carinago there car in the remoter and and canonised you know as so many times we don't know what people do behind these but if you knew the work that in the resolve that foles these people have put into stand in the where jail time involved in it for an unrighteous of fighting in a righteous omination we've got amazing people to look at and i just want to one o welcome you both one let's talk about as ever important i've got some news items that we can get you ah and i just want to say he i can morning ken so as from an everybody's mind i put some poles solved this morning that i found to be a important because in opercancer this stuff in maistre city council that approved animal sacrifice the detroit area i find a port and a and a in wrong on the every love ah i understand that the freedom of religion allows them to do that but my personal my personal thought is that there is also a female general mutilation that goes on in these groups also seems a little too djonder ah transitioning type of stuff when you're going there to another human being i have a big problem with all and some is canossa that roth there and another thing is his in its look at my policy or let it put up and i am my telegram so everything that said there i take responsibility for because i've actually posted these hevinesse with me go hands ah there is a problem we here ah one more thing a government motors which be got gagenrat owners gave a grand toogansa tion of supplies for elementary schools with books promoting the transgender ideology from a wonderful command in chief whitmer who is over there in davos stegobolus combs so basically she took our tacks money gave eight hundred twenty four million dollars in our i give way of our tax money to government motors and government moners there funneled it back into the globe lest a gander of funding these marks ideologies which tear out everything in our war with god almighty eeswhat they are and and in throwing this sad or schools in order to promote the mutilation of children so tied in its amazing so i i find this to be absolutely this is all about money it is not about about anything more than that there there also so many of these clinics of popped up across the united states the two thousand twelve i think we started with one and now we have i have you look at the number but when you look at a map and see where these trans yonder children mutilation or its grown in a disturbing and then we got another one that came out with an from heart michigan we to go hearts where they had taken kids over to the detroit area and they went to a piece of light to a strip club long is oreography what great planning what is it's just like home at pepita's ry i'm going to say and if we think that this isn't happening enders and so the props that i have with this is number one the kite to a strip club wound ran out of space took the kids in the strip club area s were playing around on the strip or poles pictures of a matre trying out the strip of poles sounds like sup into either grooming and or child porn and now in our forsis out there and then the superintendent of the district robert shantered that consider for legal action the trusty weaver who spoke out go about but also released the pitchers of the kids on the strip old that this is so there is nothing to hear that it was done right by any one of these people in any way i'm not defending one of them they were all wrong every single one of a and every single peered then a los there to go into the and in continued marches is absolutely in the row you kids out of these pricked schools that are grooming your children because at the end of the day is the parents fall for buying in and leave me and not have the guts to pole now there on that came out and cool because somebody actually dock him out of the study that digital screes the child children childs is and he put a video otomite egraphan at brandenburg number of on the number four i for i do my writing anything else falls out from and and how it affects it's just like cocaine does with the rais deemed so there in this in the state of domain live while the pudding subliminal massages and grooming massages intertransplanted ah a pretty essercitre to smart phool and let them be kids again where their actually relating to people so that we can elect shoulder on can in fact dissipate in society with the ability to talk relate to me delong and a group stand on their own feet without having everybody's approval on what they say and do every day so that they can dissipate in a normal human interaction working having families the whole ten yards on line and the nonsense to be done and right now it's it lands square on the strollers he the interesting to send your child with a cold pro whenever they go put go from camera on of my man it's about the only way to know what were child and in his child i wouldn't like it with going to school and ending up in pete's apartor and striped clubs and all the grooming and sithence almost have a live feed like this coming off on my child's body just so like it now weopingas me and they don't know i can go back to the franklin cover of where they were trafficking kids out of the day carson that was attached to the savings and loan and guess who was involved in that john mckane who had the the child trafficking things settle and arizona where you look at the money on that tomlinson the only son nothing because why is there all involved that there turpitine where the border and human trace right there right in metal of it are our polite so you know i'm sorry but but we may have to make you know sacrifices to stay home with our kids or get together and grow and hope with a baby setting or the child where if we do it in groups at the double thing where you know the people that are watching your kids there's not a he i would hand over my kids to a child care sonner where i didn't know the people and i mean every single person in you know grandparents step up to the plate here take care of those i so that you can help the younger people go and get a job you know brothers is stand other people in that you your social groups that you really know well stand together and help each other all because you have no idea what's happening to those kids and her paint it in there entertain for putting their kids out there without you heard me mentioned before that our church saner sara places of worship i should be more fully utilized we started one morning at our local congregation it gives an even be school there and be again the parents that a tender local church would be the type of people that you would want educating your children and if he had that little setter to start the day you could have the children stay there and we could begin those little people shouldn't have to be alone as you have mentioned canoeor introd that is well as food stores again were still always subject to our stomachs a better use of our local congregations and the people that we do assemble with would provide a lot of the mechanisms to give us an alternative if you will if you didn't know how to pull your kit out of school and you couldn't go spend the time if you didn't have it yes you rely on your neighbor let in the same place i would i don't go to a congregation when they do a animal sacrifices so i wouldn't be educated much but there are the people that i do congregate with the deepest faith and those who get people that i would be to get help from from food to educating children to the day care to place for grandma graneagain there are meccans right in the in those people who are sacrificing children oh by because of their religion and their doing iiknow there's vireos out there it if somebody wants to see what they actually do it's out there and you don't have to die and this is actually part of the religion sacrificing animals for the religion and i mean the bible clearly states that no sacrifice like that is ever saved him s are facing god as egypt from god it's not something we do and and realistic church needs to step in and call it out regardless of the the consequent as it's like why you have to keep doing sacrifices over and over and over agin if you don't do a sacrifice six months of your death then are all to sinologist in your throne and how any way i mean there's all these as realistically asking how far you can push this are you going to grave a pigeon and what you're in now you're on your doth that vision will your lay in and bad to make sure that you've got every last thing and then a sudden what if you live in other day while you got another day of sent make up for there's no possible way to make this in any logical way makes yet it speaking of these matters are speaking of seniors i do shared a for cameroons hand nere this says doctor mike eden tells made now was i am convinced that over one hundred thousand people were killed by government protocols of my dazzlin and more pie doses use were between three to five times the recommended amounts in the video he describes how he looked it up and this is not what you would give a person who is healthy and breathing well on their own this is deliberate murder of at least he by estimation was being of a hundred thousand people and i don't know if he speaking specifically to just the ink or where was it ah these people are in careful she said so that's it's a horse as he other end of the horrible crime and we think of it in terms of elderly people but not limited to any adult in that kind of situation who is sickling they deliberately were murdering these people in calling a coverly everden pay up to a hundred thousand dollars to the cares act for murdering people over fifty years old who were put on the protocol a put on their little rater rat a wheel the hampstead and you know to just get him in the interest and there getting paid for he and as its unfortunate i know him i know somebody who's in politics right now who has wiggled her way and to a very influential influential spoette post and if you look at the background in the amount o there's child care sinners in the dull foster here sanders and then you look it on laura on all these little individuls single day antistes i got to as to a little digging and you can exactly what these politicians are political activist or political operatives are doing and what is it about its about murdering people trafficking you know i and doing the wrong thing i ever single let's see what else do closed i posted on and a head line from mail online health perfit missouri dabbed thirty five suffers three strokes after turning his head too quickly flying pickle ball and tearing an artery for and loving become the head line not because some one died but because their trying to convince people oh i turned my head too quickly my ardoribus soandi had strokes sir this is reduced as you think you're that stupid while i know when i first gave ran and this is what the politicians in all the destranges as i had to take through all this right and every i can't tell you the amount of people that came to me and sent remember talked to people like their in third grade be and on like it's not in my experience he's been that that americans of people for michigan all over the state are are pretty smart and actually pretty knowledge of all in others there is a i think there's a lot larger number of people who are actually thinking awake to what their doing now and escapethat or a done we've got a lot smarter though too not believing everything we see in her but i ain't my experience is that and i'm an i'm in that i everybody you know we all all kind of wake up an start this isn't and i think i think every day i wake up then and i'm like a man i just found something also that is so wrong and yet you have to ask yourself question iago while another day to wake up to another level of of their evil that one yelk almost stuck my head in the sand lately because after looking for so long and seen so much and like you say every day there's something more and something nos i after look that over me to the last probably around the hole started the holidays something just made me take a little time off from all the digging or the i did soundedhis not like were finding gold were finding nuggets a curse and he has a letter or some day he just don't want to turn her sometimes i think lecetershire how how are you dealing with this case we you know we always talk before we get on on live he and how are you dealing with it because all of us have had a lot of loss is lately something which take for before going on this morning was that i had a horse and put down i had to somebody go that i never wanted to let go and that was that was pretty awful and then i've got another horse i'm going to have to put down here and it's it's so it's so sad but sometimes on and then he got all this political theatre going on out there and after a while you're like all right come on guy his rope the bandit off and give this one a word jossing down in the despair with what we have to do to fix the slops i oanonical come up with ideas certainly but we can't we can't spending in this political theatre for ever i mean it how how long is this going to go on and that the amount of loss everybody's head i mean as innocent and i seen people pull back into their families one and in a rather than no being beaten by the spare new cycle consale besides all the supper out as and were anybody that speaking not knocked out on every level so what what was your expert oh i guess on the sixth when my best friends like a brother to me i nonimalist as long as i've been ad michigan his grandmother passed away and on the sixth passed mine sooth of us at her grandmother patahion now that can i'm so sorry they all had to masha my grandmother was ninety eight years old she spent probably the last eight years in a home ah and i think those homes only want certain kind of vegetables to take care of the more docile the more compliant the easier tis to take that nine thousand dollars a month plus benefits for whatever coleorton programs at their running and when ye when you really have no quality a life any more you're just basically being kept there again in for a check and the family can't he take care of somebody that gets that far gone unto men chathams need to be a doctor to be around among a rage now they also got a monopoly on the madison and the rose at home we had that with my dead we could give him but not enough to deal with the problem so at the end we had put him into a facility cause he was like breaking windows and he was strong he not he lost his mind begins high so i corandeuil where and then all of a sudden he's got that he's got the good mans to help me start of helping and in you know what the sad thing is as our tax dollars ah pay for a lot of this not paid the bill on his it's like our or tax on for a most to go in he and my grandmother was one of those i met she was a country girl born in nineteen twenty three that lived on a quarter on the middle of the country an onerous raspberries and ordered a now pay the taxes on the pain for house solationis but i but i told of that home and i shall that was slightly o blessed and now after a younster praying father take him home father picking home i'd be what's best for him you there was a blessing to that so you know how started this with how to pick on how to get my how to deal with it and so as i jumped away from researching into the crowd i expect more time study and in the scripture and tried and learning were to find the joys even if the disciples and the apostles were all being persecuted and beat upon and going through the same type peponthen for walking the truth the spots on the weather supposed to find joy in that persecution there's not an easy thing to find one shovelful he thus instanterly you o how to find the joy in that so spending more time and trying to beg her out the joy that they talk about the love the hope that to it those different things there had just done harder for that in order to find and there was one other thing this week that happened and you have most your listeners or wonderful patrie the lot of a or members of the journalists sembly and things that are going on nation wide to that degree we found a member who basicly had passed away he lived alone and so gave matthews we found this is no longer with us why he said he thinks have just been hammering now whether it animals stand grandmother's touches your friends and these are our family had but a gentle it dagisthos cripture it brought his monitis brothers up to him and he still lasted through my mother and brothers and as the family of the assembly and so when you lose a member that sister to your heart it is one getanother any more it can't be depressing yet at the same time what penceshould back me me of anything i prove more of a stoic place right now rather than being depressed and so is the joy that brings it maybe back up to even keel instead of celebrating all the the joys of the victories like a new birth does or something like that that's how i've been trying that muddled my way through you're no friend from a this is too much back to mormonee keel now and iturrino the corner it's back to the other end of the of the way to where high my smile leans a little brighter and a little more vocal marke counting your prayers lee and on the every one around him for the losses that he had he had lately and anybody else out there that had these losses too cause i had just some people that had died suddenly and there trying to normalize this the herds and the damage from the vaccines and everything that that some people are afraid to speak about and i i mean we really need to be praying for each other and being there for he and you now willing to willing to help the if if we hand or loved once over to these there they don't at it is a is then on on money not on love joy or helping and i think there can be some real joy when somebody dies my dad died we were ready to go we hold she not even to the year he was february when rightly did it was really entered he was looking my brother and i were holding his hand and we were just how it's okay dead you can go we're going to be allied and just encouraging him to just let go and he didn't know as he he didn't know said all he had to much of rule and he his kind this kind of knot there and about the last day day and a half that has wild look at us the he recognised as the little and then at the last minute he looked down on he was taken in a just and to look at us it was almost like he could see us he couldn't really before a reckon as in that all suddito look at with the ceiling like the and and it was like he just kept looking at the ceiling and then he took his hand away took his last sprout you could really feel in suffering and him leave the room and there was so much joy in the old that that your like ye he sat this was a good thing you know you can feel thank you for sharing that i don't you know i don't know if you gave a chance to open you that was from the heart not was honest and that's a very personal expense i oryell share pretty much any experience of you know if it's going about fit you know any one just to know that i don't know i've been with with a people when they die and it's kind of a kind of a blessing when people died be with them there's times where you can act l you when you witness then leaving and i mean i think there are times that god shows us when they leave the their stile there and it's it's so kind of in this kind of got a couple of frances i can share at some point time of watching some one they that literally watching them leave their body and you you know god gave it to us and does not the gate you on davis dry heather dryer was writer i don't know if you ever read any of the tracer novels but most of his character as were the the good at heart and people that just had bad things happened to him so i even if you do everything right you're still subject to all the as other stuff going on around and dave mathews was one that onewas having a wonderful life on the alofsen kits on a car accident where which wasn't his fault someone else ten and a damaged his body physically and so he had to live his whole life pretty much with at least i know i damage kitthere were other things put kitty is an easy one to to bring to mind the end hertalk about and having a damage can he suffered over two hundred kidney stones on his like you know that's a i more than make that's like giving two hundred births i meane you wouldn't wish that on anybody and in all of his times there all the suffering that he really had in to one his physical pain that he went through all the time she never he never put that on anybody else as he dealt with his paint and all he never snapped anothers that his endurance through all of it in his grace ship you will a toward others with but knowing that it can he was still hurting all the time and all the way up the tree the end we were still talking about paper work for at the daisy wanted to do because he were some enemies he still wanted to go after and he certainly never had a ace i put was saying that it was starting that his ailments were starting to hurt more and more and more andyour story certainly helps to to know that that released now that the cause that of looking and seeing and then being released from that would you like to hear another story please plead because you know when when when we die i think some some of us have the ability to see things that man and i think it's only or or god gives us the small men sorwe is and i think that this is a story that is more tangible and happened to a friend of mine and i think it's it's a wonderful story of continuity of life this is an all there is this is swearing slaters and you know and we're going to get rid of these slaughters and it's going to be a good not something to be afraid of front of mine i went to i went to college with one of my college rome and she went home to see her mom and her man her man was a at one point time she was up in a a golf pro and her dead he did actually i got to think about how this she grew up in the van were barth was she knew barth and her family was connected in the twa the lots of stories of a berth because they were they were one point time fred as they were connected to of the baseball team and so he in rembas just one of the most lovely people i've ever met in my life you could go to their house and i my kids were led on and she would you know when my oldest son was little we go to her house and the first thing she would do if it was had up if she get like a little a little a bucket of water or and put the water and under something so that so that my son could put his feet in their splashed around him really he mammy thanks you know doesn't thanks to really show that she cared was engaged and in house she really did care my friend calls me and tells me that that she passed on and on like he got to be killing me she was one and i think she was still in her fifty and i and she said yes i had but i got a tilly the store so i was getting ready to go visit mom she lived in doses and she lived in de she said i got a call from my mom and i was going to be headed for home that week end is said mark called the i don't i don't know what to say to you but she said i was out my flower gardens to she said i wanted the house to look nice for me came home and such and the calf et and she said i was working my flowers and she said all the sun i looked up and she said merry was said she was looking off to the left she said and she was i didn't know what to say she said i just sat there and i stared at her for he i looked there at my flowers and i looked up again as she said he looked right at me i did know what to say or do she said i just sat there and just looked at her i will make it my flowers and she said i looked back up again and as she looked off to the rich on faded away in a so my friend comes home we can and i and they were sentenced telling stories around the table and reminiscing and wonderful story and she said her mines talking about the great store and all of a son she's just laughing and she puts her head tackle remembering stories and they realized that he had back little right then and there and so course my friend as the absolutely in a panic doesn't know what to do on the way to hostile i just got a real piece out and but the really amazing thing was is that the next morning get up and she's in the house in full of red she hears the door bell and and here she said her mamma we said just canna jokingly you know if i ever came back and want to come back as and she said that would be cool no door lowings the door and there's nobody there but there's a cardinal sitting on the bridal right next to the it man that i don't believe that it was one of those things she came back as the cardinal but i do believe that god sends us sometimes its on how you know on things that it's going to be okay and i got another story on its tithes is cool if you want to listen to him i work i worked with hospice with em you know from different people in hosses and i did i can't tell you how many interviews i did over the years like i've got tons of interviews that i record the supper of the released stick out to a really interesting about how the continuity life really is and this this woman was tell me the story it underlies we were talking about everything from care how to improve this what people in bereavement made in or not so he tells me the story about one of the most interesting anolis ces as the sky is dying and every day's cenatorius and every day he's gone he was a builder he was a builder built houses every day he gulped stein ended it at my house is being built in owen and they thought he was just kind o like in a remembering right now he was and so he is like at the out the roof went on to day the sods are in work were moving forward and and it's it's going got this went on for like a number of days and you know a number of days and finally houses on so all ready for me to move on and the nurse went talked as kids said you know was watching so he's going to the you pride should all come and see so the whole family shows up there and a doors are on the house he talking at doors were in the house it's all done it's in and its he's talking to hogs thus good bye to each one of us est son comes up to mangoes are not in said and leaves don mike drop boomed and he dies i mean he dies within within a very short period of time of telling us is and there all standing around going the on well a week later that sun was killed and motor she and clearly he knew and so his tinwas to me like he was kind of like one thought here once with but who knows we with her so much we don't know but will we do now that the cent continuity of life we don't we in a we never the choice of where you want to go the spendthrifty you know and and a second on people who are not believers clearly contemplated a an about you brand be hanging out happen with all you with all your own jesus and a in its going to be beautiful so we get to see dave again and and all these people that we love which i think is of very beautiful thing and there's enough evidence out there just people at wanted to walk about our way from the evidence on the job the evidence was there the evidence it god is there and that there is life after so clear that you almost have to have more faith to be in a he but there you go there's my he's my encouragement to i lost more but we'll top you know how that some people some people have a hard time switching from a present tense to a past tense when these speak of some one whose just past here she likes all well she used to love that and i why but be yourself up over that because the thirst still here and incense if they're still in heaven they still spiritually alive why bore a about the tenses oh i hillsgod once in all the pass on master as the heir you know personal that i really love him then this is what i love about the and i'm thankful that they were in my life and i looked for to set and i don't think there's anything wrong with that now not a iniktilik the idea of those the we think of biblical people as characters the story but there the real a historical people men and women and i look forward to meeting some of those you know there's their i want i want to ask david what it was like you know and those experiences that he had i want to talk to peter and and and get these questions answered that the bible doesn't tell in although those kinds of things would be really interesting it and i don't know what heaven it's going to be like for my perspective here i think i think the three of us here will probably be asking lots of questions and sit sit down like with it not okitiyagana in sand wanted to milk that's goin to be sick of her questions sometimes every of them whitesmiths mine why the day why that's a essene's got another who had not he is in any assentatio youngest son i'm not in answer you i'm not going to say a handsomeness enough on playmaking together yearning to know every he grew of little bit here row here the prinkipos i think he has a sad to humor you i had i had a dream one time that that i found encouraging i have not here comes from i was standing above with god beside me and am looking down at like this griping boulder the heads rolled over or fell on my body there's karen's body down there and it was a mess and i said otto looked out was like her with and i i i don't remember saying it but i remembered that i was thinking i hope somebody finds that you know hopes woody finds me there and you know cleans that up or whatever but there was not to her i didn't really care about it i had god standing next to me and he was looking down with me like a friend and there wasn't any gre more sir grief or any concern about that there is my friend god standing next to me and i respectfully with all humility ah i recognize his role in my life but the idea that he's there at the end and we we tend to think of why i don't want to die in this or that circumstance what if it's painful what if it's scared that's all he and it will be nothing to you when it happens to you to we because we're living breathing creatures to be concerned about the without thinking about the spiritual ramifications of it being the more vital what we know is what in your priorities in life they are what your priorities should be in et what is the greatest fear that you should have giving a speed which is not one of mine in the former house master at giving speeches is is not a problem for me the idea of dying is usually that one that people oh that's number one on the list or numbered to dying and now actually the only fair you have where you might go after that and if you know where you're going after that then you got nothing fear there is nothing greater than that the idea of being separated from god for olovitreis jesus taught us that and in by the way when you to my appointed this out but it's still something to stands out to me to when he was in edgar in how one to say it was look that mentioned it that when he is praying he was so stressed that the sweat was like tears or the tears were like drops of blood or something to that effect he was very very stressed in the garden the in angel came intended to him and yet after it mentions the angel it mentions that aspect of how stress he still was even after he was given that we are not going to just not suffer because we get baptized and we believe in god or we choose to let god into our heart we're still going to have suffering look at what paul went through i can was talking about going through the scriptures will how did paul find joy in the tribulations that he was describing he lists some out i've been whipped this many times i've been put in prison this many times i think he had an eye trouble of some sort he had some kind of physical ailment he still stead in his icon i and then i have been other fine example is job job suffered tremendously lost everything but he did not lose his face and that's a hard one to read through cause you're like a just makes you feel all one with him how terrible it was but he persisted so life is he going to be always roses because you have faith you can endure anything the peace that passes through all understanding is there for those who believe in it if you talk to my husband he'll tell you a story about that cause he has experienced that in his life when it aimed to lost and he tells that story on freely that piece is found with a true faith and helps to carrying through all these kinds of lost does it mean it's always going to be easy the yoke is easy the burden is like i mean the old goes away it means you've got a partner next to you sharing the yoke there yield i i think that the faith the whole issue of fate is it faith that our prayers are going to turn out the way that we pray the now that's which absolutely witchcraft when we tried to the faith is the faith in the character and of god himself as being a through all its rule easy to see a faith in you know and if everything goes for your way and goes goes right but what's really what really tested prove though you are is having faith in god no matter what our eyes see or ears and been able to walk forward with boldness knowing that god is here always he always went in the nd and whatever it is you know it's kind of like we're in a boot camp and away and all these things that come to a set are de the sharpening and thee to it a true believer there there's never really a true trade because you realize that there is there is gain through everything everything is it too to a true believer has a value because god allowed it to happen and there will be a reason why happened whether benefits you or some one else there will there's a rise that he allows i was that you know you listen if people that are like you know claim that frame at non si and you know it's like what grote god's goin to do no i'm not in that can like thine will be done on our thesis he took we can pray for certain things short certainly but at the end of the day when our prayers gone get answered i think the way that we wanted and his god his something better for us is that something better and you know like like dave to day and i mean it's difficult to lose he is in glory with god almighty and in only with my dad i think about all things that he loved to do when he was young and he had his mind he was brilliant my dad was probably he was like an in annoying encyclopedia of knowledge hapophrenoi at everything at his sonnes it was really good and soon had on all his he had a good i you know you can you would go anywhere and he would know that history of every single thing here looking at including how it works and white was screwed up in high could make it better resembling brilliant in any of torone was very very et he was still at lachine was old and i think about him being an how then and think about you know dave what he loved doing when he was and all of these things that now he can do them again what a wonderful thing to be happy for you introduced me to kim parker doctor timeparker troisiemes ing time he's another her of my thanatoi filled individual always i mean always he's always full of joy amazing but yet you'll go head im sorry her well set since i've merely he and i have formed a closer relationship for me it's like having one on one time with the pastor finding that he and i have such wonderful conversion and that when also part of what help find more of the joy is like you say he's oliscus bemiring and bubbling but when you get the two must together you can handle your smile right now or smiles are contagious awful each other and it is boysthe same thing and our topics and conversations of the same so he the cluster the people that are his pen the truly he and dave was one of those who fatherall of us that are within that knowing again where they are knowing where were to be has certainly made a big impact on help keep the chores of instead of going down no man of what i i have a feeling words crash in the economy and that sort of thing unlike bring it we got a rope the bandit off this thing this thing has got to get resolved and i would rather be the one to walk though that the next generation some halt because right now if we keep letting his world i cannot it for you know were on the show are you kidding me there's no hope for any and so i mean as it's time for us to just get in there and hammer this thing out and your gods can lead the way and all we got to do is stick together lay down all of our wept formed again other and find ways to help each other and you know look for what makes people joyful and help them find that cardinals and rabbit and i was thinking of another aspect of or what what can you do sometimes one of the losses that people will have is their faith when so many bad things happen will how would god let this happen in my life is the question and were they just start to drift you know when you when you become frustrated or angry or so as sometimes you don't feel ah like you can pray to god you're not in the mood theredescription because it is kind of put a device of wentbetween you and god and it can grow if you let it in those times i think a benefit is to remember all the times and opportunities where you have seen witnessed first hand god working in your life or you've heard stories of others who have told you how miraculous something seemed to be their life in you know the god is real if you know that god is real and you believe that belief implies action it means you have to act based on that pole it's not always again it's not always easy and it helps if you have a spouse who believes that the way cause you lean on each other i recently i said something about that you mean one father and that way you keep your heads out of the mud like the the line and the four scumme and that is very true that if you've got somebody else who has a strong faith turning that person and say look i'm released struggling here i need help keep in my head up out of the mud i don't know how to get closer to god cause i'm not feeling it right now because another man or woman can help you a and in sometimes just going ahead and praying anyway even if you don't want to even if you don't feel like it cumple yourself to god and say god that's my problem right now i don't see a like praying help me feel that cracas i really need you that is rich sure it's pre that you bring out of case that was just parted those porters and my last conversation is that i have had a problem craig spraying as we pray to day a more social the what is interesting how again he reinforces your words right there were really his using your tongue for me to get back to ye honget there get there and listen and so i i hear him speaking three you about that praying i thank him for here you sharing that then wounderful but is in that how god works see i'm not taking when he credit for that i thank god for that that is how god works but my father i'll say is because i don't think he's done yet he thinks he's retired he's probably listening right now and my husband both had been preachers in one how often have they said all that song leader he selected the song that we had rid along with my lesson to day and i was not expecting that we didn't speak to each other things like that happen all the time where what one person needs another person offers without prompting or knowledge that's how god works we just proved it right there on a blessing how louisa he moved on things around her in amazing way and the cannot in okolloma going back to the and so many connected that we had with with a other people and all the sun somebody will show off at the right time and in we don't even know there it wasn't that it was prompt in whose see something that wasn't prompted and ere now that i needed the more oreehow did on this happen will it's god talking derectly and and there's nobody's really were also similar i mean that there's not one of us that doesn't have moments that we set some and you only though he too is the outcome is what are you going to do with it when you're you know when you're overwhelmed when you feel a wall when you think that there's only one way out when you've got struggles with relation or when you know when there's a issue societal you like all this ancestors that in our schools and in politics what are you going and in you know first and foremost you know you've got to put your time into things that the spiritual so that when when there's other things that come up yo know there's a lot of discussion and on on aliens and on ofoste coming out more and more and more it doesn't matter to me there in the store like you now if something comes to be true in one direction or antler some change make is life my focuses on god and the rest of it matters not and so there's a lot that we haven't that we didn't know when we were going down the radio from the beginning a finding out what's happened in the world that the world isn't what we thought while i am pretty extra sure that we're going to find out that there's a lot more things in the world that is or what we had and a he sounded as doesn't make it he how how things come out or what is there what not the truththe ultimately comes out but god has jurisdiction over all of it no matter what comes out of the shadows or what issues after he had come to terms with it matters not so you can listen to people this another clarification now gone off to the mouth earlier in the week i'm tired of the eagles and the nonsense that i hear so many and all of us that are out their research his battles the people instead of co operate on end or call in no sometimes you got to call people out just for on truth a lot of its over mine not over truth but over money that's what frosted but it's like like whatever whatever comes out of the shadows whether it goes one way or the other shouldn't matter any and it shouldn't blow as true believer well dear when that is one because if anything shows up that we didn't eat probably all were always here we just didn't know it was and you know and as far as stares were trying to figure out whether i were in a multi dimensional universe with the isolated by aloof the breath bible i mean yet people that cowalls you've got you've got ah you don't teenhood nowhere i mean is pretty much all there no didn't discover nothing to kind of all there a piece one that it's not like at all of a sudden happen you know i i don't know it's kind of like the indians is you didn't think and all of a sudden you diagnose with something that's that's here then she and that day you already had it and so it's like the pointers does not like i got cancer or at this on the steppe the opened it's ten and so now you do have in from petition you the same thing with all this optical nonsense and i know of which i and so it's like like we on change anything keep walkin goin to be once the end of the day it's goin to be i'm sure davis very proud of you with all the work that you guys did together can and a cause he isn't a was he isn't is and he is very proud of you and you're going to you know we're all going to continue on and and remember i like a people like you brian who was among with your talk about being moved and something that just cause as you i had no want to find a cause in punishing a time because i never know we could have been in the hospital or like one of us in jail for a time so you give those few days but something i was on in his heart to say no we got to go we got to go tscheck in so yes it's loose it's dave who showed me a lot of low throughout his life the doctor parker herself the assembly those that he kept picking up point your down on her just master that in calling check on you make sure you're all right now you know ever these going to be okay we're here till we're out and were any that's got know how here are we really is we already have death i mean it's all the physical body death is already there for us kind of like the cancer you might just get pulled about you are not things really changed like like does go on and we're in expression of his glory in that life evenin you can move on and got home different do with what comes my way if you consider it a day just because that ball goes up en down dozen create and you form owing on the second of making a beginning in a man udito see in insect i think of second corinthians if not or i think it is but you still keep the days and the hours and the months and the years but those again those are still concoctions of lust branssat the same day we only have one birthday on on theirs yet learned those are anniversaries of your birth you only have one birthday your one and this is your one it's now every other thing isn't division just because the sun goes up and down so many times doesn't change things because some tells you that we found that you have this already doesn't it doesn't change things i meant we just one that in front of the next day after day after and again depending on what perspective you want to think about taking most steps you can see it is a negative thing to have to trudge or you can dance and joy forward it's a matter of finding that joy finding the truth colornot separated from achillas never separated from your an expression of him karen was just expressing on behalf of the one we are one of the friends of the man in the movethat you call patriots men around a long time he said that this way it's always stuck with and it is each one of us is a sparkle in the diamond that is his present the in that i i don't know whether he credits it or somebody gave that to olbiotatos it badly and realize that i'm not a life i'm not the life i am an expression of life of him coming in to be and in that you all of us are in fact that express in seeing everybody as that that sparkle that is him certain made a big i think the thing changed our focus to you know how men younger people and i like pentristo a pincushion cause i like to look of beautiful things and i've got i've got different things that i look at and trying to like hebrides and in fact i found a really good chocolate he i do frosting recipe it which is to die for it really is a man you want something decided that fantastic you put that on muchowns and i'm telling you what it's made and you know all these wonderful things that we can enrich our life with feel pressure and i think is on to live a pinches where everything is the world is looking at everything that we do that are expressions he that our hobbes that are houses that our outfits that everything it's not realist and you know in to bring bring joy to you rather than that is putting on a show for it's really it's really a serene as when you start bringing joy to you and and i don't want people in this part of my life its you know i heard i heard a come at one time that it's a cause i like to study things like psychology is women a lot of times are very physically modest emotionally in manchan turned to be simmons and emotionally mode something that i think is really beautiful in you can see at this is this is amazing thing when it when a man truly loves his wife rarely talks about cause he's in her he's holding that precious wife a sops to him that he would never speak about things and put it out there and i think a lot of times you only if we when we really love some put it out there for the world effective is wrong you know and we hold those things like a i i rarely talk about my house and i do that a people are like me we went on not your hosen on an erycis and locks nothing your doses then i decided to put myself out there the rest of it is nobody's and or and i would refuse to talk about them it's if they want to do this sir welcome to do it that i would never mother for anybody's nobody's business go go figure out your own life one crawl and overcrows i'm willing to go this far but they're certain to places that are not willing to go and i don't feel any regret for it and that those boundaries are or so import and i an it's okay not to be that in starr that that whatever i don't even know all the social media nonsense all there in no few of one but i don't i i never on face santissimo they showed up there the haven account i thought polson and so in ossian tell you that right now that magically appeared some in somebody put a connection from talligram or theoretic something else like that but i don't go the and i don't go on you know what it wilsonthe other ah as side heard of that people go on to find friends and i whatever they do on in my don't i don't know i don't go there's areas that you don't have to tell everybody precious to you the things that you love or that really hurt you you don't need to put that out the freddy one i think it's a point what they've done to president than look through his financial records what has this to do with the in president of the united state was his about performance you don't go into a job anywhere else in life and say when somebodycome to apply for the duck weliweli everything about your wife your kids i want to see your tacks rockers i want to dive in all these you know he checks which now no invader and we do not have the right beat up those that that jump in front of us and political life in her we should have the de man absolutely prepubic transpired but the nonsense we saw with with a cavenago though king about his are you what a low life to do to human and nobody owes that and i pologize to justice cabinetfor the three haviour that and the beecock on behalf of this is absolutely horrific in its uncle the point if the news be titcome up to me if i ever pulled both and they came up three or questions that they sat to that that i've heard them say on the houses lost privie horrible human be and i rested let somebody created the live and hellot of me in that kind of abuse of the i wouldn't expect to see anybody else take it and i sure is how would it yes they're monetizing it on top of it you got ter although money i got on we need take ye for it in order to push or raise up so you know if you nice the pick topics like that better there built in order to to make basically what the product and put that out there as his compounds privilege should be lost in that case i mean anybody looking to make money on stupidity he broadcasting to those i ought to nowheld i cool well will you going can see my face so i helps ah i also don't care for the docking they also to care for the doing of public officials forms ah i don't care what level all office they hold when people show up at their house and pick it up and down the sidewalk while on the side walk because it's public i can be here and i could do whatever i want to now his time and a place for you to er your grievance to do that at their home i think is too much i know a lot of people disagree with me on that one but and will they came into my household and demanded that i wear a mask there or whatever it is but they're not showing up picketing on your front staff and you ithn't like that either it's not a key there is a time in a place set up for it i disagree with how they require that i don't think it should be limited in york times first and solomon all about that no should have more than two minutes if it takes me two and a half then you will you old and listen to what i have to say if i'm telling you that you're going outside the scope of your office or you could go to their office space and do it or you can write them a letter and put it on public record but don't please don't go people's homes and shout at them cause that's not fair to their family either in donelike you said their families didn't ask that's not okay that that's where i as a decent one for me that's no we don't do that i nothinglook at milan he and baron and anton junior and eric in their families i should be of this you know there there there a private individual there an individually person i don't have all the right words there they are an individual just like everybody else and the there and an absolute break them over the coals for their opinions and for what they done we should be so grateful to the standing with her father and just supporting somebody for been willing to do that job instead of finding things flying and sob in a tack over the families in the and such a slice secure hers appreciation day for malania i love alone i think so beautiful and i've so proud to i know that so many that such a gracious wonderful past articulate and educated in an on line i would never speak else of this we and it's like and bar and what a fine young man and you know in all of these endure a craziness out and down and arrian a valence such an thankful they stood with somebody who had the gods to stop off to run for president as in wondering how many people at their head he got strong for office not many and you know it's like and we need to get behind them and support them though you know the ones that we really believe and make sure that we just don't evil of them you know it's nobody's pet to ogigivs him you know coahoma be sick hey you know in a very respectful way we can do that can it kinnikinie that and the one on acomenticus to the home you know i think people should be allowed that space so i absolutely agree there greeba as not looking at the family members of candidates there is two sides that coin because you have a hunch or bidin situation i mean if if they are working together if the family is some unit that's working to the detriment of the people who if you don't look you wouldn't know and so here you have pretty much joe biting his turn to sammy into a conglomeration to where where he couldn't do it because of the public he had other family members at aped out chasing the financial dreams for the fire line and sithiense with you on that level as not if we find phil will then they should of course for that and be subject to the scrutiny that comes with it but if you do here at the other family members and they come out to not be part of that conglomeration that that should be spoken as well by you just did for the family of crop because guaranteed they ben through the same screen that the biting family had but you have a hunter situation that's not the same as his open and so to that degree pressed song for those that are lacking proper and for those that are that they shouldn't be attacked at the hole but if they won't show up to office if they won't be available anywhere else and that's the place that they demand that you finally have dialogue with them then how else can you have the conversation if they're hiding in the hole all the well theerjust remove em you know we have the we have the ability to remove people who are not upholding their oath of office and no getting together some letorires crevassed a better way to semble we get together we talk about what's wrong and then we put together a game plan on in a lawful prose in order to change the mechanisms are all there and but but we just need everybody stand gather and so came heredado the job for a man is one the kind of fail that it so we're going to replace you with somebody who will actually and otto otoconite did that we we saw attacotti had new people come into their commission and get rid of the law firm that had been serving on before gave rid of some the positions that didn't need to be founded a ter pay for people to sit in the position they got a new city of ministrator that they had had already been elected but they hadn't been seated as officials and so they were capable to talk without a about what they wanted there their tenure to look like and so when they got into office they began to institute their their police at the same time i am aware that within the last year into a county actually receded a under the journalism and i know brian was a big part of that but i do county has the seated journalism ly and within no time not that they had a direct cause of effect but it is still a collection of the people that have those tendencies and he and desired to make those changes have if you can have a whole bunch more situations like i had an automaton where you were able to get rid of the pretty much slept the hard black lead and an end somewhat bring us back to that center if not towards a conservative right side then the antiseptic way like you said old hooker it among the tropiole had and the neat thing life round about all that is after they did all of that after the people did what they wanted gananes the last one that they got standing to be their checks and bounds was in their trying to cause problems and call them trouble makers and investigate all that conniston the attorney general position is really a position that probably didn't belong within the american system of constituted government with checks and balances to such a problematic proposition have one politicized person hales slay across the whole state of the your talk at a county doing what it county wants does escape saturni general really have should they really have that kind of power when you have a collection saying this is your poore there's ways all goes back to to the influence and the political parties i am a pan of annopol tical part i think i think that they are nothing more than special interests and it is a when you look at the the characteristics of it the same as and where were you the people get in at lower levels and they had the ability to progress and garner favor from people about them in the bell support of s so it's it's very much the parallels are so and when you put the money involved in this yes and you know what people the ties filibusi ness this really his relief it's got to go they got to go wherever goin to have a free and fair election the political parties and their inflamed so corrupted and they have convoluted the whole process with all of the conventions the conferences and on and on and on on and how much money they spend and who there shuffling money from from this one to that one i mean all you had to do is get into transparency the u s a look at as one penditures and their incomes and watch how this one will give to this one and this one gives right back to this winginheimer in money around and in its it's everywhere it's in it that is a cancer right there as over the choice of you only get to what they allow you as for which is going to be there candidates or there a gondos and somebody's pain these e poor shows the gandas so with all money driven the whole the whole thing from top to bottom is about money not about the well we now about the cost now about future generate it all it has nothing to do with honour and a ticket it's all about the love of i've been to refrain carryingplace to behalf be sure i go back to my telegram this morning ah secret rule change we'll see how low makers get a thirty four thousand dollar pay bump republicans in democrats for clandestine move it says in what this is from midnight writer channel in one of their finals acts of power house democrats secretly passed through a rule change that will see law makers in the lower chamber thirty four thousand dollar padre our people waking up to the fact that his political parties are sent democrats it doesn't make any difference dodecapetalo notesnothing they just gave themselves a thirty four thousand dollar pay rates while the rest of us are out here struggling with the inflation they created the financial abilities powers as sets off of we then thou it already four thousand that icequite of an amazon driver's yearly salary and then he do more for the people right now than anybody else there imagine on the ten hour day twelve hour days driving round package he sent you make forty thousand a year we folks just have themselves be raisin the year and such not their base salary this is a raised of boughten what they're making the equivalent of a delivery drivers whole yearly in commoning busting at famineand the drive peaks seasons for amazonios during the holiday season when the conditions of the worst cincillac on a bet of driver over the i know he talent i got a friend that works there this year because of the storm that we had here in michigan they have us so actually did not deliver packages the two days prior to cries and that's how bad the weather is on they make you nowabout forty thousand years just busting tail all the time trying to make get along and you are all kinds of wonderful i am as on his people out there helping their comendator ity or good workers here to think that the politicians that live offended off a home just gave up a race equivalent to what a hole may in salary would be for a whole year is just his heart in order to steal from you have then nothing for nattering when looking at what merged with the state police during cold be they got a ball this jerwen down and then look at look at what they did everybody close to what morgan's six hundred dollars in the hazard or an accolade and she dropped the hours of thirty two hours again six hundred dollars extra so they were made at seventy five dollars an hour on those old werethat hours that gave collecteth t's a huge the huge of benefit and in they just i understand you myself as thinks sack out there we deserve that tweese and on what about maybe is of taken enough and looking the mount of money they get out of office come then with almost nothing and they leave it cause why is it like upwards chargeship no no morality no one taketoit cians upward charges money cool the beheathland's going on right now one of our friends said he as a you two channel as well on these out there trying to stop the stuff down to the local levithin he's owningnot they have a water project going on if not their bare to count but they got a water project going on and he's been tracking in watching and the one guy whose making the recommendation said he didn't get anything out of it turns out his one company that is awarded the bid for nine hundred eighty thousand dollars without any competition or anything else soles putting projects through the ithemselves a million dollar pay up without anybody being able to even compete to find out about it and their pitch in the very projects and so they have and in there are people now starting to use the video and oftenest meetings some and befool about it and put things out in for doing that of course they come after you and so long as one of them a lot of present learn how you actually have to videotape and turn your audio and video on the moment your carpets the parking lot because it's everything's happening not in the meetings it's happening in the parking watson the way no or a meeting on the way back out to the car and one of the men was a salted and in wood trall the rest of us to put your hands on somebody that's the salt and to he was assaulted and was onsetand nothing was done till the official then actually put his there hands on him for months and loss on monks and so he finally have him charge now and so there are quite a few things happening at the local level where he i guess the old term was good boys club a people that look out for each other working it for each other pushing a gondos and proposals that basically cause lucrative when falls reach one of their own organizations on so colerain those counties there are to people that are started to make a big one every single is a developers that are after in the real tears that set on the zoning boards as well as the the city or commissions or con commissions it should be a legal for for them to sit on any of these commissions because of the conflict and it is so blatant i mean this is so like and we know when you look at people that are in power as it is it is most of them have connections to development as from ofsome sort that's where the money is its eating of our farm land and and you know taking the fast money out of it and then moving on to like parasites hope and that they literally or pre there is some good bellers out there that's that's great i mean we need feel convulses and all these trades but when you get into the hard core developers they are nothing more than per they do not contribute to the to the communities there not part of the communities they come in jest a victimized communities they say all this clearright area im on go in and i'm going to do this his and they are gone and or they'll get themselves or somebody that's a and that there pain sit on that board or the pass somebody on one to you know get the projects i then then the people get a jug we were talking about the the other day and how many people a tap to theses are getting jobs with the comet with the whitecaps or horizons after they get in i'm not on pick on them in thick on all on any of these big multinational national or they do their job to get things rammed through and then all of a sudden look at the corporal structure they'll be right not till all sungita good a good boy good girl pat on the back and they get a core or sometimes work caldeway they work well over here and sections regulations for a agoor for a company and the next thing you know the getic and i mean a government job or political office he slentando anything cimon as the mechanism while economic development corporation resented at the state level we talked about it in the past is basically a venture capital seat ending and honteco and township levels they've got the same economic development group i've seen buildings being held by politicians in non profits that are basically being pushed for sale by an economic development organization so all of the advertising alliaria and are the very people is set on the board down there in those you want to hear crazy story that i found out i was i when i was out crossed the state you know not met talkin o guy didn't development the city so you have to have a walking and for it was no it's something that's unlike mischance we were going to demand that you have a walking path through your property like so they put the town of money ned for the walking past for lake michigan and when the guy the guide took the money and i'm sure it was a fraction what the gate on my nets such oalways see she's developers or people that are taken the government money out on now runissons or whatever looking on much money to make up bill take like in millions and millions of dollars in our project this probably two hundred thousand dollar project the stretches the money from the but he doesn't a forfeit the land so he got paid in in the seen amount of money as property and take and gets its its you are you're talking got general motor government wellesmere sing thing coming we giving to tax breaks we give of the incentives which is then basically folding to take the money from the public and then they turn round and give it to whom they will which is usually one of their own compares or somebody within her own organization who backewines the revenue opportunity and the turns round and in in asail or something like that or least in the land or keeping an easement right trans them as incentive which she quenched the so many millions of dollars and it's all out of the people's pockets of the people are paying for you crane right now again the yoonison white schedule we've been people of america been the the driving economic practice for the world for a long time he put it on to the police and state that they called us by providing a military for everybody or the funding for war efforts around the world her in reading on behalf of ed and madison and all these things that i still had you as dollar which they put bills in basically garner for themselves all we go to work for it it's all a basely taken the laborer and of fruits on the labor of the the american workers who have been the hardest working people for so long globe grow really go crimson we be not hold different way if if the laborers on the fruits of the people actually stayed home instead of being satan of independency system and in pastor on the world as our effort icebegin an ass to what would you do as governor on like one to tell you what we're going to start cutting all these these are you know money laundry organizations right out of these because i think you and all these palaces you caught all of this of the going on or comfort and and you actually have a huge amount of assets you could aptly the humanitarian effort to help first our own people and then you know build economically builded as a strong hold take somebody that that has a steel resolved to do what that isn't in it it's going to make a lot of people on the happy in the global that that have been on the global tate this goal christ is the good to be unhappy oh well groom who boo who you know it's like you you know it's too bad for them you know this is the they done the wrong thing for so long and you know i i kick china right out of these no no no owners no ship done over immediately good bye bye bye ariosto the chair your men so a couple of good mornings and bedell and marie and marie says i was there with my mom and nineteen ninety nine is and my father two thousand eighteen when they passed on so and i was blessed with an encounter with an angel passing through the opportuneness la on foot on december years ago i wrote my experience down surymer i can only imagine the lives in her travels but things changed very nicely for my day and i after her visit whiles content so like her about that can love his good morning a very to day we'll have to lessen to re even environ sounder others also a builder sits on the board as well so corrupt i know it i know it and it's like you know going to these local meetings everybody needs to go to these local meetings cause i mean that's what i do too love cause we live in the same area and hold them accountable there in there i should just name everybody locally go head and soon you because i can prove in that of who if there are builder or developer they sat on his own in board or a township counsel city council they or in violation gross conflict of and they should recruit you refuse themselves from all these down because they are regulating the things that they make money of i had that in rockford i bought the baton tackle store that kind of sat right on the dam from the little old lady who had run it for thirty years and ah she had a record a bit construction with the conic restaurant out a call reds on the river east by the name fort and a big carriage house and the white pine trail can runs right next to that and that's all right on the river and then on the east side of the white pine trail opposite that west rock and all that stuff i was the building that i rent it and it turned out that the owner of the building that had granted he was on the planet commission so he had every interest in tearing down all of the buildings that were there calling him an eye sore and propping up which his basically it so out of place it is doesn't it with any of the down town what they put this stream big monsters you know high cutting edge knew to restaurant and building right on the other side of the white pine trail from the building that he had turned his property value up exponentially and so he had every interest in in tearing down and in a issoppe that the lady that on the beach store she was in one of those little buildings that that he chose to have he participated in having tore down but that she did not place her unhurt her pastor any more so he offered her release and in his building in order in alterers herd to the ocoteas crazy is at the time heard her wrath at that in those old shack's right along the river was only three hundred dollars a month and so when he told her yet on your going you were going to carol these down you don't have a place for your store more but you can go over here the rat was for fifty so she had a fifty per cent braincase moved into his melting he tore down and had helped bowing the clinic mission tired out all those other buildings bill the multi million dollar monstrosity really to the doesn't fit will he elevated his property values as well so he got a new tenant be got in he had her pagan increased rent on his property values went through the roof there osanottoon how the game is played right there and they work together and so somebody will buy something near something else and then you got this exactly what they do and then not only that if she's there now he's got he's got off a choke chain on her and i'll guarantee you i've done to so many business owners when they get promised all these things i met a guy hers go in the sky's absolute and in i go tell you how this is he called an i said well as all let's meet and talking in a restaurant somewhere and i took hold idn't you old oh i've got blond haired i'm quite i'm quite a presence he notewoorthie for the biggest ego in the pit notethough i like well i ii told him i'll wear this and so we get there and i swear to you the guide to like a how that i was like he's got out harry feet his little opinion of him wellbeing quite a prose you know and and so was kind of amusing the sky had go think of it a love and warehouses full of business he was doing as and he would hold them in portemonnaie not less the way that he did it it was every year the the the income the right went off and none of these businesses it looks great at the end but by her third year business was literally to put business as out of sin all of the equipment which they spend a life time accumulating he an an an an an then a giddy some else in there and in the same thing but providing him with his own equipment ruin in their lives and any they could go after their houses and their personal and i i sat there i like ah you're a despicable human what a horrible human meet be to be in the business of ruining people's lives is exactly what he did an is that you don't you want to put a business in here he said i've got actionhere selon equipment that i've got my youhad all equipment that you could ever want to i was actually in her trying to help a friend who wore a contract with i should a been illegal he can't hear this man's life in all discriminates put entire life accumulating he and how that it was more like a got along and he has stricken and and so i was tried at lively find a way to a you know a business way for him to get out of this that only reason why not with he was strengthened do an you know do gessisse moundlike going how would freeze over before i would even talk he about any of this cause i would not be part of it what a and happening all over the lot ah and you know and it's it is literally happening all over the place and then i was i worked for somebody one time years ago on the sky we come in are all kinds of polop the costly talking about this guide is church is gotischer he would get mad at you and with an entire corona down to the hall sword when i was in my early and you know you're just still figured the world thou and yet you do now now i think pretty much i would a gone after him with a shovel or you know you go out to inuerse you know at this point in time matter be well armed and you're going to get the back and it's not going to be fond and you pray go on laying on the ground wondering wondering how you got you know as for bosleys he scandalised maturation on like an oh my god what a lunatic i wouldn't take a moment because we've been out a little bit of a tar we've been speaking ionally for a while and in its therewith thirty four thousand dollar rays i was laughing in it and i want to say this is this is what care in the river or as a because i give you information but then i give you encouragement i'm sitting here laughing about the got thirty four thousand dollar race are they really getting our money i don't even know if they're actually going to get any money because so much of it is a clown shell is you crane actually getting our money i don't believe in now that they're getting on i know on paper and in the minethat's what we're told so are the actually getting our tacks par nos are greenback notes or dollars if you want to call them that i don't even know but what i do know is that when i share that and i say can you believe they gave themselves on thirty four thousand dollar rays the response in the public is anger and anger prompts jane that's why i i think he yearned over the last because are you ready do something about it yet cause i know there's an answer for that that's the lawful sadly because if we do what we're supposed to do and we do it as the founders intended us to do it when people do something which is not lawful if they go outside a scope of their office they try to give themselves power that they shouldn't have where's whiter by the way at the that when the people should be and should answer for that were learning now while we have this corporate clown show so ye get angry when she could have do about it if there's nothing that you can do then you need to assemble and if you if you can do something with what you have whether it your local township where you go into a meeting and you say what do you think you're doing and you put some pressure on them as cat was talking about earlier sometimes we can effect change which makes a difference in our communities where that is possible absolutely do that because there are real consequence thirty four thousand dollars a piece often a distance doesn't feel like it effects but when they chernoff your gas stove or they they are they don't let you put more in your tank and i can't let you drive to work or they take it out of your bank is it is it going to take that is it going to take not only losing your grandmother and your best friend but you're your neighbor's child for you to go you know i've known that the shots are a bad deal but ah it does it really affect me personally what is it going to take for people to realize that they have the power and it they also have the duty to do something with that so on one hand the laughing because when i laugh i'm saying to myself the people are going to wake up only here this this is really get news the people are going to wake up more they're going to get angry and the good dustyand i cannot hear for i set and going this is a good thing for a if in when some of these bad things half but on the other hand i don't like hearing about people dying i don't like hearing about children am going to a stripper show a drag shoe or or slime round on steeples of the pits of place it all those kinds of stupid bangs but those are detrimental to our society those are detrimental to our children what is it going to take for people to see the difference and decide come back god decided to the power back to the people and clean up the garbage in this country i don't want to stay us become sodom and gomorrah or not there yet i can see how it happened because we're watching and repeat of it we allowed god the leaver schools to leave our churches to leave our government to leave every aspect of our family life and now we can see that comparing contrast different what are we going to do to return to god what are we going to return how are we going to return a power to the people under god in order to clean the sin out of a country for me the answer is the assembly and if we can do what we can do in why we have the corporate great do that but you better be settling your county you'd better beat it assembly i do anything with the out the i don't know where whitbury is but i don't think she's really in charge any more it's going to be there we need the people in those assemblies elect proper representation and how the lawful jurisdiction to return power to the people where it belongs bring back our grand juries bring some true justice to state or counties are country and then we can clean the stuff up it's great to be a lie i know you do don are you said the number of times this is not a overnight thing if there's going to be a transition period there's going to be a whole lot of changes i knew also find that excited in a loving oppression how art weken benefit on returning the of the state back in her eyes to the music it's the one school learning school so much more powerful than what they learn it will now those are the things of things that we need to go back to corbeck tis the peters he had power and is to do that ratio as wholetime but i had itinerant to be founded on it through out we lost car and i knew that it was going to happen he then we talked about anything super positive ah the something we can attack and down she can jump back and here again he there caren she there nash entershe is there shoshonean so they did put me to talk and not this standing more now in your still rotting here so you know what this is a good time to stop and i like everything you had to live thgot he was soon you know it's time to use that anger as a force to move forward and do something something get involved as something too something all of us that are here that were nobody special decided to step forward and do what we could because send what was on and in that's that's pretty much we want our country back we wanted to find here are not for god family country wanted to found the people and that's why we're here we want or we want our country and the pass of st the right there everbody call like five people call five people in town you love em be positive and see thing hated and in reach out of people say a prayer for me boy that you know and let's less say prefer every one we know and even those people that he know what the biggest slap in the face to say pray for those people who are are not sent and fires in the heavenly realms i can do that with our prayers so yet you this how were you goes say what an lessassier words i'll say prayer and also prefers entente there have father thank you so very much for allowing us to come together we pray for each and every purse and other the fire from your holy spirit in them to make real change things that need to be done that give them the ability to stand under all consist in an unwavering way for goodness right and righteous thank you for guiding us through this time thank you for dave and we thank you for all those that have gone on before us he true true warriors that were fighting for for your god you so much for and for or for all the people out there that we know are fighting so hard for this nation for general plan for admiral rogers for the people that had the courage to stand up for donald trumpet is entire and i eyed pedenacio and all these people that are just amazing patriots who have done their best serve and to move the nation for for every one in the military military intelligence standing on the right side and fight fighting for his on the general gerald for for all these all the who really care and a step forward to do the right thing regardless of the thank you so much for the day that you've given us thank you for giving us a righteous anger to change things that are wrong and hopes to know which what to do with that to go and the discernment to know exactly what's going on around us we as opportunities around us single we love you so much to pray in there was a perfect parting words i'll take yours okay they go anything carterlike to add that for those outside of michigan or image king national itinstantly at net for in missionens go to michigan disorder michigan de jure that or and here you can always and also my website dinting in brenburg for governor dot com and a man a telegram at at brandenburg the number four am i so much rule we have braided bones not work not come and we're still fighting we're going for it in fact to day is the day that in my thought that a losse was going to be felled on monday i think so we've got this one should have a few people scrambling discovery because that's why you do it the tacherat out of the corner and see if they're going to run to save their own tail that surround a chicken seltenheit and you never lay down you don't back down for any this is where we had flannel friday papa and i where all her and to swanlet you know that we love you fighting for you help help you fight for us too you know it you cannot like a two way set and an all all that we stand together i've god bless you bless all those whom you love and god blessed to be a great day it's all a choice be a great for everybody would be in her will see you on monday with chucker shard blowing the lid off michigan politics which is always of a fond why