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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/19/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Constitution Party Eastern Region

Published Sept. 19, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am The Constitution Party Eastern Regional Chairman - Dave Kopacz is currently the Eastern Regional Chairman for the national Constitution Party. I has a degree in Environmental Science Technology and served nearly two decades in municipal government. He has a lengthy record as a constitutional activist and was a duly elected delegate to the 2008 & 2012 Republican National Convention. From the website: "Please take a few moments to review our Party Platform and founding documents posted prominently in the left hand navigation bar. Study them and share them with friends and family. I’m sure you’ll find they represent and reflect the same small government framework of our Founders underpinned by the classic family values held dear by so many Americans today. We expect that you’ll like what you see. Americans have watched as their government (at all levels) abandoned the notion of constitutional limitations in pursuit of self-enrichment and hegemony. We believe that the ONLY thing that can fix Democrats and Republicans is constitutionalists! Visit the “Get Involved” page to meet other Constitution Party members in your state. The Republic needs you!" Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the nineteenth day of september twenty twenty three and welcome to our show today hey um so i've been a putting more thought into where we are in the time line of the world than i think we're dining pretty close to seeing some major stuff happen but it's to go through that in ariis gastonward in a just start the stay out gittatosi morning everyone can you do mister tator i do good let's get her let me die let me figure out here on both give the coolest at this with some president drop the rightful present of the united states motivation for the day so now they live on and we have the same wish in the course of your life he will find that things are not awake things happen you do not deserve and then are not an wish born oheryou head down and fight fight fight ever ever ever give a rock give it don't pack now and never to stop doing do you know his lotion work fillingafter temper ever came estate more righteous your fightfor opposition that you will lie conspurcabat is a service sacrificed at the boche do you must go forth into the world and turn your hold and greens in action hayasiras then the land in raceas a parisina ion of the plates with the philharmonic the founders proedeclare tion of independent in honour reiterations worship government we worship god it is osontagongona trunks and its tone we proudly come we one nation on the gastornis the story of adventure i defended the master he too he nobility down charles the response the for me no post rooting follows he fell when your story goes from your vision perseverance you will hold the further when we have the courage satraps to matins the owners i have the confidence to stick to one shoulder preston starts it hello he sonoritatem his long as onetor he and i just want to let you know that god and i wanted you see you are special if every way god bless you and god bless her more thank you very never ever give up what think john i'm wearing from shore actually there you go love it hurry co well you know what and that's a hot i got lit a little trump and president tromp agrees in an thenthank you to the rightful president of the united states president donald jump for his wonderful words his inspiration or breathes country you know you go back and you look at what the more on in the office is doing right now and pick all the more on not the want not not president trumpet you know the face present by an how they've destroyed you you can't even saysgae president with watching how he's destroyed this nation with the money going to youwithin i mean i have not seen one thing done correctly president trump all his policies worked he understood how terror works were he was actually making america great and all by is done so far as disgrace this nation and in every sin or where it were like a laughing stock right now cross the across the world so i rothersand here in washington that the support by believing wrong in this nothing wrong he asked done anything there's no evidence of polochie they just lie through their teeth and can understand why people haven't fed you you know what it really blows me an you know blows my mind just blows my mind right is this whole thing with all the things of the bingooro you don't think you've got hunter that's was screwing is his brother's a daughter you've got all of the failure in oukraine you've got the failure and afghanistan you've got the money paid by china you've got em on you all of this stuff i mean the list isn't long and in people are still say yes yes were innere in a stay on the bidentem here are you kidding me how how could you possibly lock it all those failures in the things that he's done wrong and how could the salient person even look at him and say this is a good idea unless they're just as it's just sort of like him it while it is come as like chinese communist party they are loyal to the party and they don't care what the party does not as to the same thing and world war too it's marxism and it's a it's a blind loyalty to latent evil and it's not it's only sad as tragic it's criminal it's wrong then making every effort and every time destroy america and bring us comins his if anybody ever read any of the coming his manifesto or any of those documents ellekone can see what's he his games and played over and over multitoties cross word in countries have fallen on the pectens and now we are come teeterin i won't think we're got to go there no one but the more on said her alter they really all need to be struck up they sure did lunated and soutenoit all well young i hope you like that because you know he and i over the military for tribunals on and be done with her sorry behind chats upon many of them have committed trees and its like the older oh it's the list is incredible it's totally incredible did not lienever gave up his very very good video become if anybody gets involved in once or has in he comets when trenching them or leaning on a for one reason or another this is an ever gave up so if you get involved first of all you don't want to get him to idolatrous the work and i let the world take you would write your life and paid fine he wore over there asking you to pay and do it goldtree ber ein print of a peripathetic example when you're wrong rather than stand to fight for something when only i feel that what you know it's like it's like you know i've heard i've heard over the years to or about you know run to side save your own behind i don't really think that's what god anadendritis we if we don't stop and be venette stop be the anthers the line they ready crossed it you don't want and unfortunately i cogoletto us were two sleep too long to get it to this point but now were not which is good it's so now we can stand other so go back because there's so many more about there are the now you you can see the winds blowing i think we're just about to the press of his right now where we come to point in nor and so the dismasted nothing can stop with coming and so i think it is our president trunks one of his last tweeds he that bucko and i don't think that's just kind of a gentil suggestion i think that's a ah if you paint attentionyour going to know what's coming i was talking to some day this morning that doesn't like to hedworth there you know we were all warning about the job and the problems with this and the th we were i mean there is a lot of us south of it were screaming from the rough toss that that this is a bad plan and you know now it's the economic crash that we have it in ecce and a lot of us have been warning about this for a long long time and i was telling this person i slept i yayoi feel like we're in the time of noah remember how noble was building the ark and everybody laughed at him and said oh oh ann what do you know well you know what out of mary the rains come on down the arcs bill the ringings come in down then i i would start fighting like the third monkey trying to get on market this point in time because i think that i think it's there's so many parallels to that the warnings of the out there people of made really really bad choices because it was easier just to listen to the headline you know in a hornets sorry asteittaista to be the th and leadest about it but we all have to we all are responsible for the choice as we make in life and sometimes we went sometimes we lose her now guarantee and hopefully we put enough time in the things to make good decisions and if we don't have good information for people will guess what is in us to go on to get it you can't blame em we have to put the finger points right back on ourselves and or sometimes it's just the way that god planned it so that we would learn something but either way going forward we have to be smarter about or choices and we have to be half look forward that is a little bit farther reaching than what's the next baggetto chips i meaning you know we have to be looking down the down the pike and had of us now just the next day or week or month but years decades centuries that then are to come and water we doing two not he and the next generation what we were handed what our parents were handed i mean that even will always find a way to fill a gap if we allow it to on this morning i post to something this morning too that was a about heremother minute oh the blood drinking no sons and that this is this is so crazy now i was like i didn't put the guardian on link on there when you get started up poles the garden you like but it's like this is so crazy it's people's a hunger for for immortality that this is all about the guardian article is about this is a specifically it calls out a dad whose drinking the blood or having it ejected of his son to reverse ateable to hit is to live for ever and in hisses been going on for a long time in the same its cannibalismus have called it out for one it is i don't care if you're jacking the blood i'll care for drinking of blood of the kids what hour cannibalizing another person whether you let him live you kill him don't make any difference somethingtertius men going on for very very many many years i mean you look at andenmatten the blood of the six hundred versions are virgins or sohn this regard on for a long time and a it's going on now and all i can say is say is it kind looks a little suspiciously like crimes against humanity to me but i digress is probably his frontgoing on we act on i'm sure people are it's wrong of pentageron on all levels so in modern but that it's not whitherhere as her when sperience life thence back to our primordial it his state that we came to this earth to go back to god i mean you know not that goes yet we hold that to god and he and if this is not a foreverything which is good i'm kind o glad that this is not a forever stated i wouldn't want to live here and an imperfect state i'd rather go back to god and and oh i want i want to go live with god if you didn't finish sure her work here you'll be back or about that won't you rather go on to a better world a better situation than were or at the he ain't my poet as to going with it god that's my plan south or night worrying assert here sir ah an order of the cases that you have is northovers his shall be cold in your carteretmy be we need the chinoiserie oathes that didn't shallas and those that did show but in a little reminder were you as sir m and i guess where i really wanted to start with the say that if you get in vallidesole again you have to decide that you're going to in nointel you find you cannot go part way if you go partway your god if you're going to discord and fighting district ninety nine or nine per cent of the time you're going to lose because they believe that if you lose this precardiac up yourself no one in mine money that's all cards is there not interested in justice or your safety or anybody else is safely their interested in money i could get the money out of you there happy removing your driving points spain was speeding down the street or he went through a red light is in material those points to careful the pock it's all about the so if you continue to fight yes it's coming cost would you rather be paying for our yourself or we can rather be paying the pure ran so less than issue that you got a create or thicker bill before you get involved with this point you get involved house as you were eventually you when a law is on our one hundred per cent on his not on this taken twisted and they could now make it were like its on their side but its own hours always been on ours because we live in a report but don't live on the moresomeover or republic for the people are in charge we delegate forty fox shone in our stem we don't want to be there doing what they're doing at their home so we hire them to do us specific duty that's what he called public functionaries phil a function in government at their hired and we the people to be aware of that and to understand of laws on our side wouldn't it be nice so not have the government bought the old oh yeah what's interesting they are not bothering wonder why they are not bothering gave the irises and bothering me records systems are not violating ne the police for some reason seemed to drive five me i'm not warns i have my fall by my ear he they look right at me and they keep going wonder why i he had maybe they should go at her actual criminals and stoofjes you know deciding to live our lives away we want to no harm no foul you know but you have to get to that point in your life or you are that you're in the i remember we create an ore of rounds a kind of a if you're a very positive person or if you're a very energetic person that word he felt by others surrounded so once you get involved in this and you start learning the law you start realizing he you're more powerful that they are that information kind of like given off your body to to or the people they listened an they packed off they don't they don't miroitait fight so keep that in mind as we go through these cord cases that's why important to learn what we're talking about and understand here's the house the law this is also free port if these laws have never been challenged by another court and if they have not ever been overturned or weakened in another case then there are slender called starry decises they are the law of the land they are just as strong as the constant if you get in the court and you listen to a judge in the judge other prosecutors and all that ruling old law what other costs oh but they want to talk about that do they that is the oldest law we have while actually there are lost before that called the coming we use some common on what we don't have common law in a mere nowe have cost all written on not common on those people that think they're going to fight for battle using there not corrupt we live well in the scary thing about some of the common law you know i i like some of the stuff in common law but some of it can be and of being kind of mob rule type of thought type of a process our comenaron titution and laws of the land are based but they're all written down so riot and what we we ate we have our law is based corpse and i do know the court so now got misrecord this records rule in a certain way there's rulings are good across the mission has a court ruling it's good in californe now we've talked about that that's part of the constitute one person in one state for everybody in all tsoneca no matter so particle for section two i think it also says the same thing we are all guaranteed the same la freedoms from ones they to anoint so saying all that now we go through these supreme court now you get the extra one and that's what the supreme court says and there ruling is that extra poncho could get in front of jogi remember you so but we were fighting the income tendon the judgment so you have a great narrative which you got no authority now we got all the authority they want to talk i i like that i've i've got a little concerns oh i've got concerns about every system that are out there you know like i think we need to get back to more of common law grand jury process that that you know to be able to use that but with that sad and had i was talking through some scenarios with some people what happens if you call the grand jury and the grand jury is of your peers and everybody is like how do i say it was to say their dragged on tilers and the grand jury had a local level and i don't know if this is based on anything but it was one of those things that i think these are discussions we have to have to make sure that there aren't loopholes of of things that he can allow people to have a fast track into justify criminal behavior ah you you do know that we have to place secures right notre had it jury record level and at the trial court in the other and this sogrange and the function of the grand jury return our true bills no people can be so the government could go after individual super hethe grand jury was set up so it wouldn't be are graced wretch somebody called it to the unwithered the wretch when come up and say we're going to have it dicetis person or that bone head in no comes up and says well we're going to work or go after the six without returning a grand curate of the purpose of the grand jury is to take thought power away from the government to be able to do to a give that information to a jury people to say whether there is actually informed the old reform or to issued indictment for them to court the that's the purpose of the grander that's the only purpose of granger has take it away from the government and put it in the hands of the grand jury and ah years ago when i was as gay as should be i mean it really should be that way there are from there some concerns that you know when their eyes some concerns that i think we're just going to need to talk through on bold sides because right now we know that the way that they coursesworn right now are completely off the rails and he you know we need it we need to return to what work and when you were talking about returning to many tempo common or whatever is the rule of law the rule of law there glares little splintered roofs around and i think that there's a gal name i think it's honor about right that ended our coyathe ended up a gitting is sounded like there was a whole bunch of people that got in trouble for following her and i think the point being as that we really have to be very careful for we follow his just like it sounds you know people will throw terms around but that doesn't mean him that we just blindly followed them because i don't know let's just say that some of them might be an fbi sat up to and trantha that's kind of what i'm seeing here across the board as a lot of these little splinter rooms and they they there it's concerning to me the people are getting sucked into the following people who were in fact a set up and i i concerned for the people there are involved with some of these things though the some of the information may be right i think there be i think a lot of more being let down the primrose path there is always cotolette bit its truth his otherwise i people were catch on they have to give a little bit of truth yes i ansandina whom she is and i think while there's somebody has as i know others who ended up in jail using her methods so we really have to be careful with the mosesthe people's pew because they're trying to build i've seen em out there all over the place you'll go into something and all the sudden somebody else pops up that's a common law exornant the gals i mean and i'm not i'm not going to say i'm an expert in that or anything you know we all know what we know you know but she started talking about things and i'm so they're going wellewillers that i have which is is not being eexternal what they were doing and that was to build an audience to salaeratus up a lot people you have to look are they are the patriots pay or are they pendor are they real patriot that want to be bad you know are they trying to pay themselves come where they try it when you get the big money and all that a lot of these people will justify their there are you know justify their path but the path really comes down to a redistribution of wealth you would be shocked it how many people i've taught too over the years they don't really the rewardthis onstel say they do but really what it is is this about building themselves little kingdom and they want to build little kingdoms for the ideologies rather than something that actually will work in a selfless ways take back the united states it it's it's all about it's enters always there always got the pinsky dollar round in it it's like an i look at it nigel march out there making your own way it ain't you know why aren't you finding a onthemaker old way so that you don't have to make sure that every day please your way for you or tallouet do i method are you goin a die type the method you know where it losnitsa must follow my method that's so common in it's disgusting i i really disgusted by so i unfortunately or fortunately you know i'll call it out for what it is i mean it mention all nesbeth money part of it gets involved and the power part of it gets involved that that oh how i say it that spilling a kingdom for themselves you got to you go to set through that people need not understand that there is only one way that there come to wit in this battle and that is for the public is arsene there is too there the tall caps the certificate all a french flag and all of the admiralty courts or adikematon cords all the thoughts motors those at work and never word nobody can ever prove that it wore while it might have worked for one guy i am because the judge was not upon his game at the diet at the time or there that's a possibility but it is not a proven fact in his what does ercolano our method is not our method is the method of the rule of law works and now you can go back to the after the judge as abide by the old violation of course so i mean we have in we have the power to change his we have to understand the rule of law not must not the long trowthe torneys was ferneryall fe sphere or the complete of the crime if the point of they are often seen so often cast they're not here to help they're here they're here the panther hopkins's always ended few higher an attorney then you give up your rights in the republic become part of and you lose probably all among you that your paying as well as the so mologoito call up on norton verses shall be county go through this semitethat we could call it norton organist he actually the corner stone of the it doesn't mention republic but it does talk about everything else yet my yellow verse this is what you sought me or caved ah but let's stop right here just for a brief and i'll i'll just give an idea of what's going on here the case was brought up because they were trying to sell bonds to gieterai road back in now before that six years prior et they were doing railroad and so this was just after the civil war when they respect the pad there supporters with a feather so governor of i shall be coming if a tense decided that he scorned to have an organization for together was going to be a commission the solo the salons for the railroad is got off for itone screw up a little bit it might be in there i don't know but he was going they were going to sell inside yes ex percept there is genist for an and that was a lot of money that then because it was golden silver remembered all this old real money not faithfully a feathery as real money so picrocarmine for somebody thousand bucks so he was creating this a commission to do this but with the people that were selling for that with taxing were really the a just the were so they actually kept his case now we have this and talk to the judges saying that job in droit your asking for or that europe that you've been employed in why does it your constitutional authority member everything this baseball as we delegate for i can be delegated for a few governor a governor that such you must whereasked can't do it you have no authority to do that governor that's not why you're there and there is no emergency act that you can prolotoorio kit i do catch so his pet the corn when his highest is supreme court of tennessee in tennessee back in night tenetswas rolled on it and said you guys toneet and six years later the supreme court picked it up enasanyo at this again because norton wanted to take another swing in it to the the spring cart took it up in the laying out once and for all how so now look for through this that's what is such such a powerful case and no attorney not what i turne not one judge once and she once too once through the porporati to argue with you about they know this is a losing i think it's face that start on the magistrate there they go so one of the terminologies that they use is the word is sure we is not a dish open the day i shore in it is according to the law and according to the constant but it is contended that if the act created by the board was void the commissioners were not officers the shore no by the constant or by the rule of law they were nevertheless officers defects can be an officer to facts you are sitting in a position as a matter of that you have no authority so not to cure so they were nevertheless officers the fact and that the acts of the bar has said the fact o corps are binding upon the country as long as they followed the deserve floss the boy this contention is meant by the fact that they can be no officer either to curing or defect if there be no and that means that as in if we read on as the accepted to create the office of comissioners never king a law the officers never came into so if if you did not go through the constitute eminent forty then that office never are you can be an officer the sure or officer de facto but you can't fill an office and this is what the stumbling block for far for i'm sure the a all of these organizations that have set themselves up as quasi government to cite funnel people into those organizations do not exist he created and it's hortensis here he created an office i have as religion like ninety five per cent of our government right there a flood it is on last curity all the olvidado one cootoba i know i hate to say it but if we had at the top for bility to prosecute crimes instead of the plea bargain slap on the hand type nonsense that's going on you wouldn't you wouldn't have the promise would be under it like we don't even more laws when needed in force the ones that are on the books i mean that's that's really what needed nedobe happening for what happens my great grand my gray grand came to america i knew not and he was not long in her all of people at that time period new the wood never been saw never i resolve never been created those offices was officers were never having and we would not be one he for of them right now because really they have no authority he had never had any authority and when congress set up the o one runs round in said gottwalt for had he arsalane on the gold if they were have never created that office to begin with or if we were now this they could have not created that office and they would have tried to in you can't burn more can have pure coal mines to re write cointension so that that blow fell setteforthe oh who would be well in like right now we've got in ourselves so far out in weeds that it's going to take while to write this in honestly i feel like we honestly have to go into a humanitarian effort because we kind of wrecked it you know what recked the work out there we've wrecked the ability to keep for people to just stand on their own with consequences and either stand or fall but on their own because there's always been a safety not there and so they're not or not it responsible for the choice of the lot of times you know and i think that that stuff we're going to ask me thinking as we write ollcain in the hair i'm well ontenninonta calothes morning but as we as right the nation it is right the nation we're going to have to consider first humanitarian effort because our education system is failed this nation so badly and people are not a corrupted let'slet's just save for the sake of an argument we decided to go back and and oh norton verses shall be county and so here's a stroke of the pantheon to day because it's all all oh on constitutional right oh what do you going with all the kids in the that are its cpassion then the the the holmeses you know all of this to his consequences it is going to take a little while you don't just you don't desvernine nessarily burn the far forest down the unless you've got a plan for humanitarian effort to take its place well that part is true however there are a lot of organizations out there belin most of that's him said the arogast she if i could if we are concerned about spring criminals state lines then a mistakeoverdone could get involved in does it have to be often there are a fiord orantsoak on north treget my or next gaston here he seven proves doing oh the time already now that's a kind i asked but scroll scroll a little i don't have to find her as soon have up he may not really gets through garden aright i the fact of corns are in being upon the counter back by ups that's where we were okay aren't here were young and the axe of the board has the defect olcon are binding upon his contention is met by the fact that there can be no officer errors no office such a critical and then how this is so the doctrine which gives pholidite to the axe office de facto whenever i where whatever descends there may on the gallery of the appointment of the is founded upon consideration of policy for the protection of publican the individual it may be fed thereby officers cesare created for the benefit benefitof the old not for the benefit of the iris if i for out of the whole land security is for the benefit or for the government the benefit of the pope but the idea of an officer implies an existence of an office which he holds in we go at you can create a de facto of it would be miss application of the term i called on an office who holds no office and a public office and i only force how many by the iris wait to many by the force of loafer the benefit of the public but by the force of the in wicked really see them being weaponized by gretchen whitmer here in the state of meschen i am going i would have an a a great time discussing her debating with anybody out there that i believed that michigan was the worst state in the nation really do the people will tell you that we're like number third and child resintance i believe we're number one and this man think that the proestantior public functionaries they were acting like a bunch of terrorist now they were they were terrible to us let's roll a little margie angry can get to that one paragraph be dodo not getintregod it's like difendere tater you're tedesko he colmatage my catenhusen right now ah okay stop there when the government is entirely revolutionized in all its departments usurps by force not over rich you sir i force or the voice of the majority then prudence recommends and in force obedience to the authority of those who may act as public functionary and in such a case the act of a de facto et or a factor judiciary or the facilities must be recognized as valid this is backed up just this is if we have been resolution not the words were we are no longer under the if we have been revolution but it is the required but it is required by a political nest there is no government in acting except by the government defective all the attributes of sovereignty have by usurpation in that word be transferred from those who have been legally vest invest with them to others sustained by the power above the forms of claim or to act and to act in their steps but then but when the constitution or form of government remains unaltered and supreme there can be now the fact and the constitution still this day is is unaltered when there is a constitutional executive and legislature of their cannot be any other than a constitutional jude in our cut in our state we crossed the nation we have i share group of party members for members there not a club members they all belong to the same club the judges sure the prosecutor the finding attorneys all belong with the same got a total revolution there can be no such political solace to solacen in kentucky as a de facto court while that care there can be no such court while the constitution as life and are important while the constitution has life and told there can be no defect corts not the fact or ligislature or insect there has been none such here might be under our constitute as they had there happen the fact of officers always could be to the fact or office in a historical but there was never and never can be under the present constant the factor of and the corn held that the gentleman who acted as judge of the late we're not incumbents of to cure or de facto office nor were they the fact of office of the they did not most important point is underlined as long as the constitution i so all this off as good so no and i understand scopritore there is the michigan canes right there look at siclas similar to the rest of the infant the record who did norton versus shall be coming have several fifes he talked on in regard or cardownie i am llottak for many give me instructions on this cat wherever you want man to go but i'm going to try to help all the next guest come in here benicassim technical difficulty so em if we ever can do it that way they'd be good hanging on it only your i could thought we don't have the scroll like can just talk about the case a little bit more so the other point then we took the at eight seven and from it eriospora is the ill get talking about certain things and the really craziest thing as is to watch how um you know quite often the ah the less well we'll have out there is he's an i can say of soldierdown keep going so anyhow but go ahead and let's finish out here and an end whatever else you know i really i really love going through these cases and we can't go through them enough at this point time is worse still trying to underhand the onset dingen the way this ring works he pleasantries we listening to language of the radio were they to cocking both over or their talk about government fish they're not in government there complications and is that of reached the language is being bombarded a democracy the occisi not reposed were being bombarded by the media with the inappropriate language i go back there and let's see we could get finite last paragraph i follow wasted i strolled out a little one in yellow now scrase and that we could end it that pair at that care but it's another good paragraph i think we're too far now to look at all paragraphs here back back upon but i think it's fate iii for the case of frontenac shore you go heaven the stop there we minutes too the cup one more at i'm not conforming constitutional life is not a law i saw that they constantly it's the last part of the part i don't know where it is he got a little further right there in as problemist otherhouse the exact this is a good spot to him unconstitutional and is not in the cost is not a long confers no rights in poses no toes it affords no protection he creates no office it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as thought him never got to be one of the most powerful cara grounds in the whole case colonist the only one cause you have to know the terms but an unconstitutional act is not alone so can not green greatly gertrud whitmer tell you not to go to church now no sir not constitutional escoliasta home you can't we don't have to listen she can chickenbread and advise she can't force right she forced his no so unconstitutional saw how many acts that she finally with her lot down in two thousand every time she opened her mouth she was violating something that frightened it and it gave her no protection that means she is liable for lost but the problem right now is that the prosecutors the judges their honor lege there are a lot more you don't call to them you don't go to them yet that was as to get me put in its club as net the can is george carlos that and we in in it ergwine his acts one hundred percent you never called to the club to get just soc yet another going to do whatever gain playing big the balance out while you who in this case open the next as laying backs why then the law is on this well it's like work much of chickens and reward the fox is to find out whether we should have free run of the chicken cooper if they're just going to eat us and has enchauntement cannibals out there that he will eat all we do and to time in our fire or property at everything that if you wouldn't watch in the dock clock that clock no that's not tartiferis got to going a hundred miles an hour faster that you can't have it and they don't even have a dollar just silver oil or gold ratio on there any more and no less my luck last night it was five hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars per american that we are it's part of our debt for their unfounded liabilities and such and its like people look at the national debt is it no no no just scroll down a little bit to the bottom if you really want to sing which going on because what's going on at the bottom is was corellionel and are you not what is if people are sitting back in there not fine on silver in some that's going on right now i don't know what the i tell you what i would think the toilet paper would be a good come hot it it is something you can trade if her if you don't think so all the all the helena hand basket because it's it's an i'm a tiranno i think we are if we were on a roll a cost at we were somewhere in the pad a pretty exercere bout here in a bower anteponat near pretty quick you know what i have to say but it's just like with with the job there is some people out there like laying a oceanthat were you know we were telling people you've got to me thank you you've got to be smart think this through and they went a head anyway and i like i'm sorry i'm so sorry it's not cool to be missed there's the others know there's no happiness in any of this but we're going to have to start thinking through our choices then think that we listen to you now we they prove it the oneshere i doubt these people are murderers thieves sheets the whole ten years there's they have no morality because early walking on these only about stuff in their pockets and so we're were dis gowere just going to have to or get smarter i've loved us i know of others in gaol wended up in jail using her mouth as he now she was talking about annemarie and she has as used admiralty and court not to nonesade corps abi was seen emeraldine maritime was bitsee logs has nothing to do with you this idea we have men on the land and therefore were not in that is only is not about them about noon the law not a in that and of an righteous ponderable yes canonise anyhow well i i ah i would you know me we should do like a six hour marathon some day we'll get our coffee will have her or extra calf indeed you know capiteins and we can just keep going on this as you know it's really great to have a nice package sir massage for every one but you never really get educated that way all you do is get somebody else's head lines to tell you what's going on what to think and you eat you don't know enough talk about it we have to go through this process so they were educated enough to not only talk about it but to move forward with what we know and have some go with if we don't if we don't do that were dead in the water you know so so there you will thank you so much mister i openingevery very long hang out of the hand where it were almost there just about it i have to do this because you know it's me we're almost there were almost or ah we're resent i'm looking for my ah i've got my tectis linking up headlike high in everything from me oh ho here your i like you don't you don't never make it crack guid bad because you know what happens the hands or be in hindman's drove up in a jungle i don't not to get out right this testator as is dangerously meonides sold he refined that we have while whence the insolito a couple of your people have tried this with oh we even had somebody from california come oh areolately were the link was but somebody in california to come are so well i'm very godsomething little bit of a brake and i'm an get dainhe a minute we've got we've got dave a compass and he is the teacher for the eastern region for the constitution party so onbring him in just menhave a great day mister trainevery loves you it's like it's like creditmany people love you i mean i get so many cow mansion so i have a great way as setons they ride ooooeeeeeeeei heeeeeeeeeee welcome derenberg is not work this is the nineteenth day of september twenty twenty three and welcomed the second hour ten o'clock in hot this week is constitution party we we've got two fine coming out but to day as in i wanted introduced my next guess the same as stave copas and he is the eastern regional chairman for the namefor the national cat constitution party in mute john hermitand i want to read something as i love it he wrote we casonas a web site and theirs this difference owefor the different areas so you can get connected there and you can get involved because as far as i am constrepitante the democrat party are not just a failure they are abysmal failures and their actually dragging part of what strain this country what is seen in the constitution part is true statesmen and people at want to stand up for this nation without the nonsense and the fighting is such directly very educated very professional which i very much enjoy a smart educated its amazing and is his god two kids three step kids and a beautiful wife named cynthiaand he is he has a degree and environing is served two decades and municipal government has a lengthy record as a constitutional activists and was a duly elected delegate and two thousand eight and two thousand twelve republican national convention oh so like me i think that we all that there's a many of us in the constitution party that have woken up and smell the coffee here on how the two partiesthe une party is wrecking this nation and we're going to have to find about her way so anyhow we you can take a few minutes to review the party platform and founding documents i'll post the length youre freberne and oh the docks posted prominently on the left hand of the navigation in study the and is studying with her friends and family help educate people around us and you i think you're an find out that they represent reflecthe same small government frame work that our founders under penny you know the white the classic family values and things held so dear by so many americans and i think that what is really important is americans have watched as the government all levels abandoned the notion of constitutional limitations in pursuit of self enrichment and we believe that the only thing he can really fixed the democrats republicans is constitutionalist that there's more and more as some one get involved so we go to the web site and it post that in a minute so that so that we can all get on the same page ment anyhow on a welcome morning david you do it morning donothing or have me thank you so much for coming on this is really exciting to talk to you know other people who are who have really gone all in with the constitution party and i thank you so much for all the work that you've done and the amount of time and effort you put into this in you know not me take nobody gets paid to restore this nation this is because of our duty and our love for the nation that we do this it is a were certainly not it is not there and i never meant to be that way we were supposed to be it was an honour to serve you were elected as a public servant you know we were expected to sacrifice sir sacred honor or wealth and yes and i hang on to second i just hit the wrong button here am i an absolutely and i think that i think that every single person needs to make some decisions on how they're going to serve the nation i mean everybody should be do it we can't dissibach any more and let things roll down hill because that's exactly what's happened and i think there's going to tap me a time that's going to come that's going to probably motive a man to say motivate lightly or force people into actually you know getting getting in the game to do something because we're watching certainly a the demise right now of the current system and i think were seen the change of the old guard great now which i believe is god leading his own to captivity so let's let's talk about i'm going to try to add the screen here a minute i'm for some reason i have let let me see what we've got here on miss see if we can restore the stoneas if i can get bring up my up there you i'm going to i'm going to add the website here just for a minute so that people can see what we're talking about so this is the the consertion parties eastern region page and it is easter reason regent that constitution party eh that come a went to about us we also had of on the yard and all these are all the states in the eastern region maine new hampshire vermont massachusetts rhode island connecticut new york pennsylvania maryland delaware new jersey and west virginia so tell us what's going on there well what are you did here in that not this of regional one man to help people by lifting out or individual on what the party platform is which is mere draper my host the monte conference called where of topics you and egesto people still apprehend on party paradine i wanted tried to make a come i talked to are some of that stigma so i love is part of that you know king apart at a feeling that he to arisennot the practice i've been up for you know better part of two only now is there a noticeable people realize his to onontio are you out the democrats i characterized them communist his progress potted a part there public ore enablers of that they've done nothing over the last one the curb incrementally in steadily so there effectively the left and right arm the same we're trying to break we want to get our statesmen and there again we are about realized that the sole problems the layer of government policies red down what the more power to get involved at the local level among big advocate in we've got to be i think it's all well and good either important in terms of party gold turns the putting down across the then absolutely includes so to mark what's wrong to day voted in town hall for as come right in ross the nestorian do not come pass policy i have the effect of law on there's a lot we can stop she cole going on go right around your feet a working as where people wanting bored to board health yes see how our sausages he also long enough to educate the public so well that that's great yea of inescation that is people are listening on how to get involved not it only with the constitution party but with their local government who give them some ideas because i honestly think that the majority of people i talk about they don't know what to do so they'll go and they'll sit in presentations and listen to think but no work is getting on and so we need to have actionable well i mean as far as getting involved in your local god quincal your town clerk and in as co he opened and be open for election boards or on like a two or three years cycle and so there never a whole new board all at one it rotated through every find out where those big show up to some of the men i used to see how they conduct you know just throw you out right onesremained others are elected but i suggest make i out without there was the vailable if you got her some one on your select order inboard was voting or property rights away on on darksome a circle of one because a good heart work oil a good ground game getting out the date notes i don't mean three by five post card in right out there local level you have the opportunity one like where you might be able actually majority of the the son overlooks so often by my work in local astonisher important you will find that your active voting demographic still over as ay as so men sure that i was on here and gathers a number rests good old fashioned hard working in going out we don't have to go out there we i soon i want this i want out we're going to do the other the come in with some view of how things osawotamie listen to what the real problems where is the pinches how are you how are you better off or worse of an ore were really just want to be for those that are running for office if he to be one of those that can sit quietly often get their votes i don't know i have said for a long time so i come from a farming community and forming background as you know how it is it's like my dad never breeds dad was always sitting in the there's always one little restaurant there with the whole bunch of old gus old farmerston the table every morning and there's solving all the problems of the united states hollontontes you what if we had two tables full of farmers like that rosolved to weeks because it's just common sense the common sense simply go back and simplify to what worked not just keep adding to it complicating it so that you have to involve the attorney's you have to get you don't common sense is some and nobody makes money off for common sense you know other than an individual homer on for ooportunites but oh ye so so what else do you got do you have going on that you want to talk about in the region think we're in the most exciting and i really got a it back is a dabbling his son but one of the things that were working on right now is one how cool together a number of just getting started his reel excited that it's outthinking outside the box in reinvent the wild are this house it are pines scogin back on me child is no third and i was home you know when i pulled them out i was here i was the chair of their pyrenan when i finally had dragged my child ingenuously and now i finally had enough and i scratched out of the letter of ten i get out of col everything blossom i found it it around the oh i think twenty minutes ride on my house i were out there as i got deeper into it i realized it i regret it not on my kid what we're doing is bringing a lot of the were not re inventing the wheel the prose people like faith based correct the are all a carstle what they want it element they were adding is there were not fantastic gonalo job the cancer content she were now looking at putting together a system where we can reach out the after state prosecute cross the world geologist to changrah onomaticon whoever we get on board with structure the contents after it and recorded and operate up as again in olarte men whether they want to build their own entirely in comet together whether they two hours of additional history of one led to go here and find it gained out but the for at this digestible so really exciting stopping wonderful school that thought so my home school my kids and i home schooled them all the way through cause i was i was done with that thirty thirty five years ago i was just like this is not working and i will not teach my children to hate god and other human beings you know you see it there are more of fighting in the schools and the amount of damming down but but the fighting and the lack of respect for each other lack of communication skills and i remember the biggest argument was with all their not going to learn socialization will pretty much every home school can i've ever met actually is got his advance communication skills compared to what their learning in the school is just cause just cause they're sitting in a group of people that are the same the schools are kind of like say made same basic socio economic that they tell you that it's diverse it's not and in they typically doesn't teach the skill to talk to different people get different generations and ages and be able to tap into people that have experience in different different areas which is a more important than sitting down with a text book and spitting out the answers to the teacher's one here that translated to esperance alldeles engineone take my kid the exact opposite these colleges and universe i run down like a bit the one the product is not a earlimart student of the product of a college is a graduate kitson for to what you just said a long way and school kids more so than their public school counterpart when you go to college life you are to my kids with have for them it was to be in her acting with him learning with an oar people of all so the acclimated dog quite well to that yet in it that the communication skills typically or so good because they don't jump what i've seen as they don't jump into immediately just to argue and be right i typically see home school home school kids were there a little more thoughtful they there they'll sit in the listener what's going on before they were so so they're not listening as to respond into argue that they think they know overthing they typically or listening to the core issues and because they're not teaching any critical thinking in the schools at all i mean there not thick thinking the i have not seen one instance where their actually teaching critical thinking its teach to test it in and the vagrom personally in there as know the thurston good schools out there but there's a lot more bad schools right now than good schools in it's it's too bad and i mean in our area we had people that were administrators taking condone for keeping the masks and place and you have in any of the non profits but anybody that's taken the government money for anything is setting themselves up to be controlled it was a in a blind holding wines the mass in i have a hard time in i say about a system there are still a thirst no child a young child's mind absorbed in it clide what they are doing this de does not even belong inside the walls of the right oh my goodness yes that rout reason right now i i tell here you really only have one old childs and how is he in there is nothing but a rest is they could act he will without your consent and knowledge in his all kinds of horrible the up against you know how it is child away absolutely your absolute right if they they've done of a spectacular job of destroying parental rights and in its towpath there as a poprosil passed in the state of michigan that was worded in a very misleading way but this is where we have a problem with people taking head lines rather than really getting educated on what's been said and i have heard so many people say i didn't know that they were going to be able to do this with my kids that's like i thought it was just just just in unlike he didn't read beldeg you know you didn't read the rioters you didn't read the proposal and get into the meaningful discussions to know what we were actually voting for not that i believe it it was honestly bonefor anyway because i don't believe we've had anything honester election systems whatsoever they have done one thing right but the point being is that it's like watching sheep men led to slaughter by these by these unconstitutional laws mandates bills proposals whatever you want to call them and on teletak the time to go through these we are going to feel the brute force of their deception which in michigan it has been the end of penlight kids can go gettin bortolo the parents kids can go they can take kids and start transition as early onstretched so i want to play with a barb who is a boy i want play with barby rather than fire cockerre going to starch transitioning you which is nonsense i mean two that logic it would be some kids as well i be a pirate fine than whydon't you going to chop the leg off and poking hyacinthsthen of stupidity going on in the government schools and government indoctrination you have just to talking about this i have a did i do about this last pointed out that you know those same kids i thought he might be a girl you know i can tie i out with him dam them meansnot are so impressionable they look up to the adults in their life is in some one with the title of never let it is so i agreed the taking advantage of the innocence and beautiful hearts of children and leading them wherever they want them to go for some sesorthos personal agenda well that's pretty old laid out for use by other to those in the the mark is in the cone directly after the in they were and the continentwhere i warn't fixated on immediate gratifie they were in for the long hall in what they have done to our school it is unbelievable the progress the now they had to come after them insofar see it now he looked out in these do not under but it doesn't even know what that many times the rooting it all so that the one after the here we are a property alle overlooked by most poets her talking about securing your property he one of the communist that towerto abolish it's the only way to brat from your region the world economic come in in a do what they do you know of your him got your fire on if you're private problems now when they come in the you through the american planning so through your reins offers an official by line completely ignores private property he we're no longer you live in his son where business is there no longer allowed to say on to small man it was no due process as it without causing harm injury or loss to the life liberty or property of a i by vote of these politics this report in many times we cheered on so the tears of but in awakening in an understand he there had softened by wise if better recant the important foundation competent ethical people no a senator for your there going to be leading the world so in with all under a tack was very sight in what your work in not a wheel you want to talk about any one talk about the amasego history pillars principles issues platform in such o is there which struction you want to go what i mean probably spend two hours on not any one of old but know that not were trying to crack here i guess with to have a franchise bower recognizes still he the art the camp out dooley it's the cause can't look at either side a democrat or a red are apparatus is done her not stuck on to say it were nothing to do that we're gone for is about it i don't know i don't have all the solutions i am still out there trying but what i did recognize is after decades of this much liberty is actually were they might have to make cutting away the things that other no government security are the government he and out as the worst thing i want your addicted to the at dictate how you speak how you grass or they pulled the rogue oatmeal actual work at her art working proud people and i don't mean pride and in her a bad way i mean revered hardware in the rewards security i don't look at it from government how much donehow much you the assistants or whatever i look at that as degering in he now can control of your doubt in his softened certainly hasn't translated well very good work out in borghild the graduate entitled to i literally they have been ended almost everything her entire lives we tried to educate prepare them make them employable der graduating high school now feeling that the world owes them and when they don't get it they write parents of veiled government spies oh i don't know you know where to start i try to empower parents to the say you don't we had to forsake are you we demand or are positive path forward back o doubt addiction you have too was do opiparis our founders did not intend he didn't like party then for he democrat and red it was supposed to be a variety of choice is out there people were elected judged in characterized in voted for based on there they were the first and not necessarily the party flag the we why can't do or what you can't do as what it comes down to lie in the schools i think every single person should graduate with a skill and that if they want to go on to you know eustochian in school and hold mack and you know life style that's so so we knew what to do right now it seems like a lot of people the best skill they have is spending a whole lot of time on social media or sitting in a coffee shop rather than doing anything and that that is that is not a productive that's not productive that's that's not something that you can feed yourself on or i'm going to pick on andersson know about you but i've never been confused my husband is not condescended with never been confused my horses are confused my chickens are confused the dogs are cause nobody's compescend so that that kind of nonsense you know is is its kind of silly you don't really as it's not it's not really productive but it's in a genaaden more plumes reed more like titians we we need people that will do matancas not just building that just new billbut maintenance i mean get give me give me a confident canchonnete nurses or the doctors and that of the people who who actually do something every day and that's that's when the people that build the built this country are the are the every day man and woman who just goes to work every day and take care of their family their business you know men and women the manwoman of this country had are the backbone of this country not the politicians it's these workings some good observes i tied together so the doctor why is part of its so such the why are there not for atomic well if you look beyond what they're doing in the schools what the big kite write now the dear engine artificial this i mechanics in because i submit that the united nations says that we were not going to be driving in price and be rid by s and public inside of our little so do we need farmers who are i don't think as the haven in the future there is not going to be a the rovers and plumbers the united early i've known it this is ratong time and early on i had a hard time one was sustainable development the close as i could the find out it were not united to something called the oh what it again gave me right now but it is essentially a rambling less the altos things that are not odoriferosities it lays out all those things that are not single family home work and home are cattle artificially compacts yes he fears no one the devise there not the heretics when the omit that in the public schools is because they hope mitted the act in our life to insectologie er as social engineering and and you you roll that in with a credit score or social credit score anything like that now they can turn this supply and line of to people it would who they deem it's just worthless feeders and start the snan sense like you jehnichen in and in and a canada and that sort of thing you know i mean this thing has it has a pretty evil roll to it if we don't step up to a really are i say it sounds crazy depopulate the earth and their depopulation it i asked the isis what would be the combined when government comes you have suicide at casiste where you're only going to have a protocol or down here for where are if you're a wealthy politician your protocol yes for out of all of these policies on populate population doesn't have uniformed military command down in distracting people out evincing us to do to ourselves they shore our look at that abortion to twenty eight days after delivery that that is becoming an old can think this is not a key that's telling a baby outright infanticide and in this is where it this is what happens when we leave a vacuum for evil evil people will come in and they will fill it with things that are completely against god in this country against our fellow human beings they they will take advantage of the most vulnerable the ones that can't defend themselves and i think that's what the constitution really is all about its standing with each other to it to defend i actually defend individual rights i may not agree with what i probably don't agree with what anybody says one hundred per cent of the time does it matter i agree that they have the right the two you know as long as they're not here some one else or violating god's natural law i you know it's like a puling is is to defend the rights of others to live as they are called by god you know as much or about the the one of you all completely he did the creative all the greatest they were not forced to it something by one riding to henry for his say you are going to do this before that creatis own lived in no alventos all one the comedy of our liberties as we have been a capitalistic no supplying demand where there's a nor recognized the as words go makes her con on these strong what we have now marketing we have deal which is a top down soviet styles a decided what the outcome as the engineer that downward on no longer inorganic filling of is gone as white le on boyyou can my pocket if i hear the worst light once outer down hold progressive gone did i inflation is down no no and in most people don't even understand when the government is in numbers a fool in energy are not iced is not an inclusion when they calculate so you were being told the bill good wise and as probably one of the happen stoppedlooking in up in government like they are going they are part of the secure liberty i started with people saying no wasn't a revolutionary you know picture running out with our muskets it started with just saying a does were i not right now regardless of what rains down upon us from the sun i was goopto the big tighe do what's right i say if he were i i won't be you i won't have my right to me i couldn't talk about vaccines are called on i reject at scan own fire arm like tesno starling the life of res state of mind like i said liberty the hale out much all over their own life and their own no it i don't know what else have to happen eve carters nackendole doctor private property i don't know what they have an attack things don't go violent good rowing boiled i think in that the main thing is the law on our side and with the law being honor side we just have to stand up for it not have them bully us so like the mandates or anything unconstitutional comes down we just say no in terror walk away and i know the there's a lot of times that that we can just challenge that right there in front of us we should be challenging it and and not say oh he will i'm afraid to challenge you no they're in the wrong and when you tell them if you're educated enough on the law to be able to tell them you are in violation of the law point way this is the law if you're going to go in that direction that's fine i have recourse and i will i will i you know exercise that recourse so it's up to you to whether you take the first strike or not you might want to think that through because there's going to be consequences for violating my rights and the consequences will be one hekalesian or a wether's prostrate er it is but there is going to be some bite on the background from this because the last stands in my side and if the person above you is not listening and will not hold my right i'll go after the judge next for violating the constitute and you just keep roll and until when when i listen to the bronze and brother's case that's exactly what they did they they tried they tried to get it heard and on one level couldn't get it done so they went up to the next low and there there in this supreme court right now because they they went they went after the judge that refused to hear if they went after everybody they knew but they knew their rights they studied it they put the time into it it would be nice not to have to do that i'd be nice of the government were under control but on sorry it was all of our faults every single one of us and the people that came before us then a loud it to get out of hand so now it's up to us to bring it back and we don't have another choice in my opinion that the only other the only other option will be absolute a tyranny to the levels that we've never seen on par with what happened in germany popotahoval the love the dictators and that we've seen across the world that's what's in store for us and if they don't like you they will kill you because the precedence been there they've already proven that not just take our rights we take our lives so at this point time we are like the third monkey trying to get on the ark and we'd better be fightin like it because because the ttention has already been infiltrated look at the borders the southern border with how many people had flooded in here i think we should celebrate mass potation day is some point type you know it's a this'll be masterton here you're out here i think i think the gangs like like sandweeds to be designated to terrorist organization and immediately neutralized because there is there's millions of them have crossed the board this isn't mexico mexico is here china's here the boarders don't matter any more china is not a geographic location it's a globe organization so of all these and in the wasthink differently now with that sad the law is on our side if we care to stop up in it make sure that it's in form and when we can do that and i believe honestly that the constitution party right now is the only option because there's no money in the sound adeo rats republicans that are getting paid by the brazilians in pack money and dark money this is raw patriotic effort going into the constitution party and i've heard people say well he can know a minor party never makes it well you know what that's what they've always said through time about god you know what god speeds any preconceived notions and he doesn't need any of us to write this nation but if you ever with that to pay the only one that ever said a third party will never make an roses spoil her art live in one you you're doubt your mistake red boulders are unnerved i say they already made up there the two guides are not there it's all a big story the amount of independence or are just going up or just amazing cause they're jumping the smartest people are jumping off the most educated intelligent are jumping off these parties and their either going independent or or something else will you know the constitution parties a nice because we have ballottins many areas that we can and will make a difference and so it's like it's like there is hope there is a process to get this to get this tondente first stop is walking away from insanity and insanity is the two party which is the unit party system it is one party and there working together the controlled by money is all it is a special interest in cosistent sol and i entigeral ing away from it which is a very exciting time you know it's a real exciting time to be alive in america right now and i believe god has chosen us to be here right now for this time for such a time as the exciting time to be alive for sure not at least so pointed out with the our bore this is that now in with a entire party apparatus with the democrats in about the they were republic not at democrats the young spent there a couple opening the heads it is fifty one per cent of them once as the way to is not the way works in republic but in a democracy they were denied the do like a spoiled five year old in the candy is on the violent where were out his you did or gianfleisa a very false one the power centers are which on but yachow do we fight that take the invasion or iss the lock will it is look at the constitution you will find out that the word immigration is nowhere in he does talk about naturalization and it is on the federal government i fear said a policy in they done they ignored them but they've done now i latest for but you s federal called is the lot deterred and i recommended all level the the local level especially you and herlittle be you have have some one stand up in asked his to secure legal opinion from town count on out your actions if they want to set aside what was going to be a new development for and asked them hours is not a violation i can't title they're going to have to respond back neither way is going to be comfortable there contact say ah you're right oh they're going to have to purge himselves in lines they know we can do that it you know if they make the wrong say let her be follow up weesop his fate in a way when we the first time go after her indemnity bonds the did he legal bubble well when you have an indemnity plies the you as a public sermon have been acting a righteously within are two your job following your oath we all take in oltre into their clerks raise their hand and drew their verbal as he is no half the sign aristida is this that persons swore and host through the constant other deer o the lot to follow the one times you go out for there and dove metiaris who got me booted off he if i reminded the people when my own attorney i got together with four other pledge not a wide abortion he waved i parked on i said you know what sounds like she just the openly i you know to poop who in her the oath of office i suggest that you file for the indemnity four hours later the lights went out no poorthat about i think i think all of us should have spoken truth of got kicked off in no it's like face book is no longer my friend and me there is you too and so so that's why i created it a brand burnes no work is something we've got to have a venuto get the soup so everybody pass the stuff along and i want to bring something up orlick here the continentsome meeting that's coming up with a thesearemy there general and others some really good speakers that are they'll be here in rethought we've got all everybody here and down to brander so ah we've got a hinderance of county john ferguson he's worked out at the boarder we've got a you know susan vonabalde home school rights a joe miller from alaska bradley dean and of course you know our favorite the people's general general plans so anybody can come to this it's not a october twenty for committee members and their and such an swellest twenty one is its it's opened to every one so you're you're welcome to come to this and actually meet us and in sailed so that we can we can get to know everybody and what walked forward to gather as patriots seatless and this with a prayer in the withals words o ka dear henley father thank you so very much for the opportunity to serve you in this land this land needs so much maintenance and we thank you for all the people who have gone before us with her wisdom to set us up with the founding documents as the founding fathers in vision for the nation and we ask that you guides in the right way to go to restore the nation back to the constitutional beck the constitution and the foundations for defending ourselves as a free people in constraining government we asked for your favor on all that we do when we ask for many many people to have their eyes open in to join us and saint louis come together so that we can fight this huge tyranny this over reached this usurpation it's going on this nation to secure the nation for future generations we thank you so much for everything you've been a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you we really really love you in the name of jesus christ we pray so they go any last words here to day dave well i just want to encourage people on to the know that there's others like you out here the in he it's not against the law that's what i advocate she do with love in youre beautifully beautifully set so this was where aristogiton brand and berg for govenor not come because i'm not cinreus to concede to the election and told rewrite the twenty twenty twenty twenty two election i have the best nonconcordant conceived in the history of the united states and organogenetic the thing around it's gonna happen and so it just goin take a lot little bit o gods for all of us to stand up with a no fear no wavering attitude as we go forward but we're going to do it we're going to get the job done and it's going to be a wonderful wonderful moment when we look back and how far we've come to restore this nation and we just want to thank everyone who want to think the rightful president of the united states president donald jump we want to thank admirers and general finding all who stand with them and knowing that were not back in town where there were with you and i'll paristato on wave that's the way it is and here you go with her hands god bless all you out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me with make it a great day starts with mental toughness getting educated and refusing to submit or or or obey tanical government who has set itself as the enemy of the people were going tegenwerking around have a little faith god is leading us out of it i'll see you guys to morrow thanks for it thinks coming on to day dave this wonderful