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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/1/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Feb. 1, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the first day of february i can't believe all fast things are going as justina and a wan o welcome everybody here and welcome you to redeeming grace church were going to get right into it i'm holding our broadcasts to bolton hour for the next for the next couple of weeks and so on to bring doctor parker out immediately here a thodore odalite it is the sporting night is that every day but i felt like a excogitate on her thought is musical and i felt like music was in my soul to day and it's in the tin a great day it's a great day we were talking we always talk out before we got in cameron out there and we were talking about all these things that the really god has put on a our hearts in the fact that he's drawn as ronnegaar and his brothers and sisters in christ we need to stand our ground because it's got always has is romethat he leaves and i think you know on the map of time you are here right now and so he got a lot of things to talk about there's a lot in the news and minto keep beating this food sovereintee thing where we need to have our own supply lines ah put out there and we alsineae together so we have people cross the state they can help when the crash happens cause i believe it is going to happen and then there's notesabout it so when he'd be prepared and all seasons i want to hand his olver to tim right now and we're going to get started and you going to itgives i have some tianity eyes and something trichinoscope the place why those days all right so it athens open in prayer lord bless his time our heavenly father is we come we are so thankful the cow elected as from before the foundation of the world and put a sudden taken as from the kingdom of darkness and put us in the kingdom of your dear son and lord dad we we have now nothing to boast within ourselves but we are so thankful for what you've done thank you for so and christ to do it egeland lord we just asked as we unpacked the scriptures here that you would teach us more about you and how we can live in a pleasing way before your eyes and before mankind the map here round hey i love that it is like you know work work called to pray to god directly and in the day which jesus and i just love love willsford somewhere we looking at to day to while we're going to we're going to keep going and classes and tell somebody says bull that's change had potitust think colosensis so powerful it is so deep so i just want to run through we went through an introduction between one day daring first chapter and then paul had the prayer it nine fourteen with pray deta couple times in any as either a troll fog a hemorage in no fifteen to twenty which we unpacked last forces one of the most powerful six verses in all his scripture that deals with christ himself so one back sided that oh we got to keep in mind that paul is really trying to drive at in godly philosophy empty deceived different ways that are mine deferently than we had and what we said last week as then to pass isserten to twenty ah i think clashings one of the most christened books in all the bible the new testament and it is amazing what we can learn so we're going to move in to day to a key word oh if you don't know what this word means you may be a little lost but it's the word mystery and it's not like maybe ah magicians who unfold magic the there is if you will a mesmerization factor in mystery but i suggest that it somewhat a corollary to parables and so jesus gave parables as he said to the ellis divine truth oh but in a way that the unchosen would reject it they would hear it couldn't see it it couldn't understand it so in the flipside the mystery is god unpacking and still the people on the other side but understand it but it's more geared to ward he the people of the faith and and it's i believe it's a lot of clear so when we read mister and a new testamentes like twenty seven times the word mystery of mysteries his mansion paul talks of those twenty times so three quarters of the time basely pallet brings up mister worried a couple of times to day but it's it's one of those key words that helps us i think we need to focus a lot deeper on what all set is first of all when he when he explains it is kind like now but that's that's exactly what we're supposed to get respond to give that wild factor and i think for next week i will go through and lest all the times that mysteries are recorded in the new testament and put down what was said that was the proclamation of truth i think that belongeing to look at so would you read don go on to read i guess so wonder twenty nine therefore as one of you twenty one i mean i twenty miles to times here get twenty one to twenty nine sure i shore had paid hers here you got and you who once were alienated and hostile and mind doing evil deeds he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death in order to present you wholly and blame let blameless and a buffer proach before him if indeed you continue in the faith stable and steadfast not shifting from hope of the gospel that you heard which is the proclaimed in all creation under heaven of which i call became a minister now i rejoice in my sufferings for your sake and in my flesh i am filling up what is lacking in christ for the sake of his body that is the church of which i became a minister according to the stewardship from god that was given to me for you to make the word of god fully known the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his sins to them god chose to make known how great among the gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery which is christ in you the hope of glory him we proclaim warning every one and teaching every one with all wisdom that we may present every one mature and christ for this i toil struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me okay thank you done for ready that it is so i do know about my readers i guess i would ah i wish i had people to foremen how they read it or the excitement in her eyes or what but to i just believe that paul gives so much close and right here in this passage we read two ministries a talipot twice mystery hidden for the ages and twenty six and in isasaga the explanation right during a verse but that is now revealed to his saints sat to me as the thrust of the mystery so there's no hiding to the saints god wants his saints to understand the and so the church is one of those mystery ephesians street really blows up the hole a topic of the church but then we see there a the second mystery is christ in us the hope of glory ah i think later we're going to see it's the mystery of christ being in the gentiles which was for the jew was just almost beyond their imagination and yet there's so much tied up there in that so oh i just want a let's back up to keep a grangeriser going to go through it said remember you who were once alienated in the hostile in mind we can go back to thinking about her thirteen and first chapter there were it said paul said god takes us ecetrans figures us from the kingdom of darkness imports the in the kingdom of his dear son shirting has delivered us from the domain of darkness or were under if you will the lordship of safety yet the cleverness from that and transfers to the kingdom of his loves and so would people think about him what are we supposed to do with god how are we suppose to react a it is massing that so many people profess christ don't seem to understand that jesus is lord and how was the thing that was said in new testament that would would often get them killed ah it is seen that he as lord rather than caesar rather than a state and this is the dilemma we faced day we are almost posedissent in before invited i now do a year on oriquieta it's condensates it is good bad but he goes what the territories it's that it my mind then tells us that we are doing what we supposed to be not when we proclaim his truth i disbelieve his spirit on senato encourage us that might were don't even understand me in so you yes then it as you people know what can backwards may be for some people ah when i talk about grace to me it is christ body it is christ holy not his blood it we see this in first twenty two he is now reconciled us then his body of flesh by his death and that was the vinelanders intended to one that it is talks about it it was in his death god exalted the god man to a position that was almost a beyond divine i guess god was at a loss of words to even say what that meant may be paul was so why does god do that in order to present his holy and blameless and above red before him and i don't know what you did but i see so many people that talk about their faith and there such a lack the understanding that we are supposed to be wholly blameless and a bodycrack before god the comment the copperis or you just you one of those holy rollers or you're just too good for people it's like no inderstand i without christ i am but when he redeemed us he wants us to be holy and blameless and above reeled and we talked about it last week my oospore his highest no no i prethee that thought i think that that when with the going along with that thought too is said not only when we know we can't keep the law a law was given so that you know we can see that we needed to save here because i couldn't keep and you know i above that i think that the night of the first stop everybody should have his ask god what he wants removed from our lives or how to in a howles hem to out how to live that life and do what you know you ask if you ask god do you want me to change anything that i'm doing you know it's facially comes down that what changes should i make because god's always going to give you those changes that are for your best good not just changed to change and on like this is motivation as it is always pure its far best good so to ask him what is it that you would like me to do differently is a great first step towards walking away he wants he too and walking with god on these and in just two to back up oh when we are in that kingdom of darkness first of all we hate god me we may think we love em on were still there but we literally have him we despise his law and if we seek to do his law to obey his law we don't have his impartment in our souls and so it passed we do it in a selfish way but when god redeems our soul we we essentially have his ah basically his den is his empowerment in us so that we can through his power in us we can obey the law so it's not our obedience ah it's because he is invested in us the weak do in ii can't see god as to deliberately doing a wrong thing i can't say god i can't see god just say i have to i i i'll just you know i'm going to join you in these activities in any way shape or form pretty exerted that's not what he's goin to do so it's kind of like a proossians back and watches you make a few mistakes and sits there and looks at is how's that work and for ye tolerating yet and so i think i think that walking and got things in some pecanier were one weather woreout division between us and god by our bad behavior or were at weatherreally trying to walk with him and live cording his good yes it's it's amazing what god puts an er soul and what he puts on her care for head a on our radar screen i just i believed that the silo more that people need ah and so paul talks about the fact that he doesn't say well i never saw you faced but we know that we believe that paul never made it classy it he says i rejoice in my sufferings for your sins and we've talked about this on people don't know a really much about suffering for their faith or their confused by it they may think ah him in my being transited by god because i'm suffering for my faith ah in my doing some wrong no really if your suffering for your faith ah you're doing right thanks i want to encourage you paul would encourage you scripture what encourage us and in fact that's the difference between just suffered and persecution as persecution recurs what we get very vocal about our faith somebody would say well if you just keep your mouth shouted wouldn't have it and that's that's true but i think we would be denying our king if we come here massa and i think there's a lot of people to don't think about that well and also you know the more the more that we have adversity in our lives the stronger we become and so that the adversities teaches us to teaches us away more than what we can learn what things are always good and it makes us or our incoronation or ability to stand or ability to to adapt and it it just moves us well we do believe that paul was in prison and i just onput this up here i got a always figured out refine through suffering this was a book that my professor of my doctor class wrote and he he was he's been a pastor of missionary ah he did tax as he would go over to country and de taxes for people and he he got caught up into a totally false charge and literally sir five years in federal prisons a lot of what he wrote in a book was written while he was in prison there is a peril all between what paul does as he writes colossians the swat might dead and i love that book i'd if we have time to day i may share something but so it's again the mystery is the church oh i may i may turn to evasions oh three nice full oven revestimiento there not be cold if you conflict there i know you can flit back to find out his to do that ephesians figleaves on three nine to owen in a just start if you pick up an the start and selling fechand screopan up this gospel i was made a minister according to the gift of god's grace was given to me by the working of his power to me though i am the very least of all the saints as grace was given to preach to the gentiles in searchable riches of cries and to bring the light for every one what is the plan of the mystery he got it hedden for ages in god who created all things so that through the chirp the manifold wisdom of god might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places this was according to the eternal purpose that he has realized in christ our lord so again he makes the same point in coloss and the one of the mysteries there and this is why i get so offended to day i asked her who do not understand the gospel who do not understand their call the to lead because god it says invested everything in the church he had vented his gospel in his and you have hirelings and cowards destroy that gospel destroyed his do not and i know what they're going to hear from god self maybe i know have to voice my may be discussed for him but but we ought to we ought to pay a tenon well i hope called sir i'm preaching which is more or less you know pops psychology type stopped to make feel better malthorse toesn't necessarily lead us to god it you know learning and walking with god mean flirting who he is not tried to feel better about ourselves just because oh i don't know some secret psychology new psychology plan you know and that psychology is one thing that i am with the lot on psychological studies and that brought it is godless because they reject the foundations you can have so called christian psychology its like how do you get christian psychology when you don't with the foundation i got word like the bring him scripture from the back door but to me a back door understanding is not the same ding is the foundation that is laid his so yeah that's another one of those psychology is one of those ungodly philosophies to polis talking about i belie well i think you always look for more you can never resolve that when you rely on yourselves to figure everything out in to try to convince yourself that your ok instead of knowing that god the creator heaven an earth loves and adores you and think your onceold rather less his testimony is his testimony doesn't she arizona valuation of ourselves change is based on the day and find what we scrupose doesn't he doesn't look at is the same way he is unconditional and would you a call said corinthians we did nere before looking at one to six but we're in a look at nine eighteen i excitare down to thirteen and jonson nine in priscian's ten nine is for will start i can grant the ones this second corinthians nine among the sarsarties ten i started first night so this is a lot of what paul talks about in classes even though he may not say it this way but again thinking of how do we get these false ideas in our heads long times we get it in conversation with people so here's what he says i do not want to appear to be frightening you with my letters remember when he wrote first corinthians he it was at least charged that he frightened them but there was a very sinful thing in the church that he said even the pagans when imagine and he rebuked the church so they had to take care that situation in any had to call him back and so he is the guys repented bring him back into the fold and so he said for they say his letters are weighty and strong but his bodily presence is weak and his speech no count let such a person understand what we say by letter when absent we do when pressed so it's like boats that's a moolight there so it's not just where it a letter but when we're with people we do and it so that's important that we walk the walk walked the talk if he was so he says not that we dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those and it would be false teachers who are commending themselves o when they measure themselves by each other and compare themselves with one another there without understand so gives us an idea what you say how is it that people fall into all these false philosophies ungodly late times there talking to others or getting outside information and not comparing it to the word not taking thoughts captive to and so a this would be one of those things that she could say that when when they have a a boy i have some in mind then he ochaber when when you're in an echo chamber n everybody's just aching the same thing which we have to day in the media in a lot of the the grass gross there's a lot of echo chamber narrator's running around so he says but we will not both be on limit but will boast only with regard to the area of influence god assigned to to reach even you and now if you would just jump down to nineteen oh i illjust read it down and says for antithesis there nineteen they her ah yes but i think it probably just turns the page or something to remount islets for it is not the one who commends himself who was what the one who the lord commence i think that's eighteen it may be it is there it has a lady i just will got nineteen in my thing but who casthana for that correction it is ah so i give it's it's the wonder the lord commands an ex mea doctoral professors has what he often said god does it oh just lost it but god god basically builds us he doesn't call the people who have it altogether people altogether that he oh that's not the omi doctor professed her says i usually have that right in a tip of my toe well like a cracked pot you know you ever hear the story of the crack pot you know that that god uses correct pots rather than whole pots because through our imperfections that he waters the garden and ah you know a full pot we put the water where we want it to be a cracked pot stills along the way and and creates a trail of good works as we walked through his marcothe garden you and i i guess i go not shift gerson you done up but you mentioned something erotocrat ah i will speak in front of the board of commissioners to morrow night because i believed that they told violated the christian rites of a friend ah and i think that they today a standard his character and assassinated his character stanchly and i give an illustration of the end and everybody prayed knows i guess i don't know if there would be called the nursery grim home to you on yes agreed for and and i i was only a few years ago that i learned that that story of humpty dumpty is about a cannon that fell off a a fortified wall in the middle of battle the centigrade and that's what that's what it said all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put it together again so whereas a cracked pot can cangive water a a descenderat cannon do anything and less is recast and that's what i was i believe that like men you guys of destroyed the character of a good christian man are you going to put to back together again so it's beyond beyond even just doing something stupid you goose you couscousson it's a truly unfortunate because most people that i've seen that stood off that were really there for the right reasons had so much character assassination done on them that usually when i hear people being spoken and about individually unless there's enough enough of i in flacking it i i just in in its it's the some of the patrick groups and grassroots groups were the worst and in that being said as that is because the leaders of these groups are or political as they they there and parading as patriots you really have to watch for your fellow and i pray do you wanted the kin we can we say this person's name that we can pray for them all the demands name was one comes he ran at a man's a rescue mission for thirteen years and did a great job in port huron so it's like indians not somebody that just came on the scene he's been in the community and did a great job oh i would say that without going into a lot of things i mean covehithe lost a lot of help he couldn't get to help in him basically he was trying to to a twenty four hour operation and that's what i think the the board of commissioners wanted and he couldn't get the help and he has couple years sees physically that he would prevent him his doctor didn't want to go and at rout so estemis any coons good friend i've known him for oh fourteen years probably and just just a great christian man and it's like god the one he recovered at it to and that's why they pushed him out and yet to me you can't get any more recovered than a new and i would argue that before anybody the world over and yet that's what they did so when sithere going to justify steam rolling a good christian man who put his life and his faith on the line for thirteen years with that rescuemiss and to put it in somebody else that there so were to see where it goes oh it's going to be interesting when when you said that done you posted a charte kirks be i think he had like eight points of all what he saw down in the national convention where they relected there ran of a gens ah oh i know that the peep the delegates would never have chosen her but it's it's like to be the republican for the old care about the little people the honour is a criminal organization that this point time and when you look at ronronne and i'm just going to lay the evidence of there you know i met her one time and i don't know the woman but what i do know is that her heredadas tied to the and breathe moil and so when you look at the connections that people have to global organizations we should all be really concerned because they've got all the money they've got all the time in the world and those of us who just you know pro discot out to try to do the right thing they are going to do everything they can to bury us yea and i i can't remember this she and nicher she a daughter it doesn't make any difference but my point my boy would be i'm in to look at him and then at the wouldn't longatica you wouldn't want to lose datethere to top of the republican party so why would we want somebody that so falsely related to romewho hate strong it just to payette look this up to make sure that a correct on this because a into make sure that that we get that correct i know she's related to monoskatoleto round he saw i think you're right o thinks she's a nice tea so a german too were going to run to colossians to one and on that will wrap it up for the day his career also his more men i can sell all right so arrenego to or discord run through clashings two wonder tent he that wol he hoped these adds up like a trident rind of one just because we're not we're not true oh promote on the anything we're just here trying to train so well so as you get it i'm just i started here insist causes for i watch you to know how great a struggle i have for you and for those that lay on the sea and for all who have not seen me face and that their hearts may be encouraged being knit together in love to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of god's mystery is christ on this is all a long since revolt finished every as we'd better pause because again i won't people to remember the colossi was in the middle of ephesus leo do see and smyrna basically all of the churches that jesus mentioned in revelation to entre so here paul really had a burden for those here that he went to some of them he wrote letters he spent the three years of offices as a matter of fact oh but but there are cities there that paul says that he was he gives for them he suffers for them an un down into the bottom of two he wants them to reach the riches of full surance of understanding and the knowledge of god's is which is right so this i beg the third time a mystery is mentioned here in this time so it's christ in you church and here god's mystery when he says christ a believed that he talked about what he went through in fifteen to twenty were taken about the god man again the incarnate son of god and that was one of the mystery to day understand that the old test i mean there might have been a few that had a snippet of it but this is something that gits unpacked first all in the new testament because jesus was rather in front of people had been and yet paul said holt was one of god's is so going on in three in home and we went through this in fifteen to twenty and whom our hidden all all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge remember in fifteen to twenty believe it was baby eighteen nineteen said all the fulness of the godhead was pleased to dwell at i say this in order that no one may delude you with plausible arguments there's one of the first thing that paul's going after we're going to get to least two more maybe three more down a little bit for though i am absent in body yet i am with you in spirit rejoice in to see your good order and the firmness of your faith i therefore as you received christ jesus the lord we couldn't we can stress all three of those christ jesus and the lord so walk in him rooted and built up in him and established in the faith just as you are taught about it in thanksgiving and i want to pause their little bit because i see so many people in the church that are not rooted in him they are not built up in him so it's like what do we have to do training if you will for that do we need teach him oh yes yes said yes and we can't study scripture enough and try to apply it to our life enough we need to be in the word so the word is in it's one thing to may be be in the word but question really is is the word in a does the word flow out from us and that's going to what paul is driving at here so here's again we already have possible arguments up in verse for see to it at no one takes you captive by philosophy and remember this would have to be ungodly philosophy which were going to see recleck emptiness according to human tradition so those would be the four things that i think paul hammers on and yet doesn't at copper almost all people those of the the paradigms of people get locked in plausible arguments empty this seat ungodly philosophy and human tide according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to and here is a repeat of what we read up in one fifteen to twenty for in him the fulness of deity dwells bodily and verse ten and you have been filled in him who is the head of all rule an authority and this comes back full circle to what i'm going to open into tomorrow night who rolls even our county who is the authority i'm convinced that according to romans thirteen they are under christ and when they govern in a way that slanders denis and violates the teaching of cries there doing an ungodly that at the same time we as christ followed or under his lordship and the more we reflect it made and likeness i know that we will feel for in christ people was seen what we offer so it's not even also offering we we are just a channel of vessel god works he much ocracee pots onograce pots yes we we are debt level oh and i would say maybe i did i'd love it the what you set upon to crack pots but god talked to one of the prophets talked about broken was underground a basically a vessels that they stored water and if they had and they were cracked and they would lose all their water so it's like you know he said of the false pastors she gits her light broken that people think they can draw water from you and i find ternotte there nothing nothing encourage him to move on in the faith and that's why again pastors of the church are so critical but i guess i have never seen in my delight the lack of power in the church broadly speaking we the false teaching and is so pole there are so many pp that say i i can't go to hide under this environment and i i will can't fall to because it is so hard to find a church where you feel like you really then and that's why i preciate down a just the opportunity to this idon'tknow how many people we have in mind i do see some of the comments ah i wish i could put people in and again how i asked them ah i can send manuscript in you can post the last page because i have about an maybe maybe for to ten sits the tacon a look at just one of the same thus for people one of the videos that i have mentioned in that is of a videoboard where he talks about what i choose to believe the bible and it's you can point at it and may be three or four different versions and yet them but here's what he said and what is it what he be on you to ah yes i give thee you too they can pocket in and this was why i choose to believe the bible and if you could call that up but that's i've heard that in about three different sittings but here's what he says to people and i believe he was i don't believe it was harbor but it was one of the big big schools that he was doing a doctorate eh i here's what he came up with the hisses from second peter one sixteen to twenty one he says i choose to believe the bible because it's a reliable collection historical document written by i witnessed during the lifetime of other ye witness they report supernatural events that took place in fulfilment specific prophecy and claimed that their writings were of divine rather than of human origin ah the other wanted to talk is one of those why you can believe the bible ah probably the one below that this is why we choose to believe the bible ah the third one forth when down why i choose to believe the bible that is a great one but with all those would be similar messages may be just different theres any might say some different is i believe that the fourth went down his only about of forty minutes some like it but he he is just is excellent i would pray for forty back of easily in the top five to ten pastors in the world to day and now when it is the good to know i really appreciate all the resources the work that you've got and even you don't the correction that you that you put out there when were an error so that we can be a truthful so that's awesome and it's good to know ah that then i blessed to him enough to say he ah a good source oh yes he is so there are at least a couple that i had a vote bachuone h is the rescue he preached at it spash when he was still alive and that is just a sermon so that's that's in the last so i will i will get that too if you want to post that you could post at whole last page ah i tell people if you want to man your script holler i'll i'll give it to you i don't to me when god gives it to me i'd share so unlike i i want to be truly a vessel for encourage people give him a vireos and teachings to learn and yeah an i axede have i think i did yes i actually have the the recording i say hear i speak cher turning point on i say for a week ago friday is that is it upon like ah he he could probably they may have it at grace final church of saint clair but i think i sent that to you i could control you not the window but i will send us too when i get home i don't know if i can hold it up and you could see it snapshot see and i think i can get it there so the day could see it sufficiently but it's a each the tips wrong balcom slash i can send her out to anybody down if you want to post a later you could do that i think if you can pose just even now this whole last page i even i go oh and trying to find it on in these here we may after when me after posedanton egram to go to at brandenburg the number four am i an old putiphar later to day took yes so i just i was i know i worked on that for several months and i was really anxious to get it and i felt like the spirit really enabled me to for what it time ran away so fast as for your having forded does but that con was god with good and oh so you can get either the here you get both the the word copy for the the actual recording do selinasairey idea so wills your envelope then right now i guess pretty much or were trying to keep it in the window and i mean i can talk about some things if you want to me to read something for my oh doctor bob's hook i thought it there was one thing that i really appreciated it he reset talking about when angels go behind and i i guess i had never relieved thought about this teaching but it came from exodus fourteen nine you know even as i have really god is pushed my my understanding of even in times quite a bit in the last couple and i do believe as christ himself with his hale to fight the war that is in front of us even though i believed that we as his per after stand up and fight with him for him and then he will fight with us the doctor bob made from exodus fourteen he talked about he said do this was when israelites were at the red sea to army was barren down on after phariseeing changed his mind remember he came after the and they became very frightened their fear was the result of looking back their fear became paralysing and he began gravestone and isn't because there were no graves in egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness he asked as they became so distraught i asked moses to leave us alone that we may serve the egypt people often tried got out seeing if he can meet their expectations and at first sign of trouble immediately that was really what with these people were as it we found out that there were cowards after they went and then they would not go into indecent oh but he actually talks about the angels coming around to be a rear guard and the axe led them differently with the angels behind them so it was he it was just a good they maneness for people abandon those people if they know are sent for god's purposes you know it it really is a you know or orbliston firm when the circumstance is changed is it truly based on our walk with god because we like right now there's a lot of people out there selling hope on and give in days and this that and the other thing and you know what we if were ground in and god no matter what changes around us we can accept those changes as they unfold because there there going to change is more information comes out were you know where we can just kindsthose leaving us we don't have to look back and can't wish for what we lost we can wish for where god's take an open to that change in that direction and of that degas the ability to be stable under all circumstances and not like a leaf blowing around the wind no matter what the political winds are blowing at sackamacher to us we want truth and we want we want to th and we want the united states to go back to godly rule and and were not discouraged we just i dispiriting and unless we put her faith in god we are going to be stand and able to stand through testing or or temptation or any of this step it's gotta be our eyes firmly fixed to god and let him it's like jesus take the wheel a man a man a man to horses thinking that there i would be a liar if i said that these are not trying i i got to say the last couple year have been the most trying i believe that i've ever had in my life time and i think maybe everybody would say that as well and in line with what were going through in colossians i know that the more i get my eyes off and shut my ears to all the noise that goes on around us and it's none stopped when i can rest in him i have a piece and isn't it i think i read sot like and scripture here give you a piece passes all understand and that's i want it for everybody so it that's that hope i that's god's and it never paneterie and in it never changes you know that's the ah that's the thing is that one god does not change these are stability in time the trouble so in anything changes around us we go to god and if he's always the same he's always faithful and i think it a bit breathe that out and standing on that is though where had need to be a trying to pull up here or figurit now cause carry smith just posted the lank oh hokey found sary and sonorosities that i was just on to say that no i guess one i that's what i have longed to botho and that's why i knew you you had got the government in my you have always said we've got to look and he used that to choose as you take to wheel there in others there's a lot of truth to that that if we get our minds this is what paul was talking about he wants as to for in him just in the last verses there back to two rooted and built up in him and established in the face just as you were taught and i would encourage anybody if you're not talk this i think you go to the word god boldly but if you're not in a church or in a group that teaches you that you're to be looking for something he on the more trying to do here for those people that can't get to church and don't want to go on she provided an option for good teaching and that's a nice first stop in to finding a community of believers and you know what if you don't have a creative you can start one res laroon groups and i believed that that's what we see with god's people it was it was more the people in the homes ah while they were in the new testament are after the crucifixion of christ they were pretty much water for their lives ah all the apostles feared for their lives and ah they prey much had to flee there you go that's is just before serve started socanothat thing out and everybody can see you might not see her harsher had the let freedom ring song i want people to listen to i could listen to the halting plant we can play a minute he heapthere as from the gathers neid belles the high tenerescit socks of porpoise my mind went to sets or sold for you that's the cry of our soul let freedom or freedom and seizegive us in her a bit bilitee free end and to walk in christ with that freedom and that a hole that he now the whole in an eternal and eternity with god i mean we can believe that ray here an me we could walk with god and we should be walking the god oprysing day so he starts here it's not it doesn't start magic while die it starts here and we can walk when god if we turned to soon get gerry senta so i guess you could at least post that link and the lesson and something sharing appreciate that so see wincobank in the chats good morning lots of good mornings and then the post from harry and thanks and thanks for the police to carry for mike so many good people feeling discouraged because the distracted from the giver of truth and hope absolutely garrynahine that you see in some he stands because he is are firmly fixed to christ and the rest of it he'll kill us people good bad and otherwise did he get his account his is his intension accomplished even uses people at abandonment on to get his intention and accomplished in so we you dis put her our faith in god and it still going to happen god's in charge god want winds and his is his will will be done on earth hasidism happen yes and that i guess maybe that's where he got had as go through colossaeus if we can fix our eyes on it makes all the difference in the world a minute sets our mind right it gives us an understanding o how we ask god to change your mind and one more week and get some of the garbage out of our ears out of our mind out of our eyes we will do so much better frame at all in that gods and control that means the good guys are into trologie if they do some bad things the good gas are selling control his gottingenthe so do you want to heepocreete everybody i mean there are things that we can be doing our way fighting against all the i know we can make calls and we can be on things but are we getting out there to try to stop evil that is in place are we pushed our faith out there as we have the right to do that and people need to hear that and learn that so ah when we stand under king has and don't let the state the caesars or the kings of this earth on our lives we will do so much at they do so with that set on goin to go how do this now bigorre please go and you brannhofer governor do come i am not conceding anything that gave for christ notepaper anything worse standing firm enothea i will i can see the election i will not concede to say in an oreillettes non concederetur love of trite now so at any rate it's all green and i have just really want to thank you for for the time here can you can you end with prayer and that a does our heavenly father is sweet come i want a lift up down i know that her her husband go or away and lord i pray you refreshed bent upon him ah a pray your pet a pray for everybody that is that we would learn how to wage war with your armor that we would learn how to see our life in you the mystery christ the hope of glory lord used this passage especially in our lives to encourage us to emboldens and two to get past the the hop ionathas being spread every where you do have hope you do have encouragement ops to walk in the lord as we go this day be in us and may we magnify you named by pre je same prayed me and that one to pray for them to day and say your friend's name again their standing out for harry any arnold coteriethere having the father pleased less him this day and give him the words that need to be said to the foundoh found army and we ask that you would give them your favor that all good things come to the surface and that those who are naysayers completers and the cane control her time from the destruction of others would be silenced we thank you so much for the stay and every single person out there i let them know that you're walking with them and that you care about each and every thing in their lives just as you as you number the sparrows and the feathers on the birds you know everything about them also what you do name jesus christ to pray at mount so so anyhow so here we go hard hands so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america so the good be a great day had pushed drust in god and everything he you know everything goes right how pittston god he will make a way he will walk right beside you we should every day he put money in your pocket poiton the table tell you what i now godesberg in off i'll sing it some day you'll wish i won't that's that's like the song in your soul there gatehouses at stopped laterwell see it to morrow with our car in the river and back next i been brought you people long and by the cation he rinses inconceiving to the occasion to stop talking so we're just in tollan hour remorse time he got away and two years will i think this is a good thing but i'm still not behind any not rebouris ion is steeled against this against the south a criminal organization which tries to put us down and remove god for everything not happening so howwonderful day to day love you all thanks timmerman and we i really appreciate all of your effort your correction to keep us all on the rails thank you don for everything you do be bought this day have a great day