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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/6/2023 Tina Peters and Karen the Riveter

Published Sept. 6, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Karen the Riveter!! Donna and Karen in the Morning!! Morning coffee ... news and encouragement! 10am Tina Peters is the Election machine whistleblower, Christian and Gold Star Mom of fallen Navy SEAL son, who is bravely facing the Deep State head on in the face of relentless law fare. [S]ELECTION CODE follows the story of a Navy SEAL Gold Star Mom, Cancer survivor and Whistleblower Tina Peters. As the elected Mesa County Clerk in Colorado, she made a backup of her county's Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election as well as the 2020 general election. Clerk Peters’ discovery ignites a chain reaction upending her life. For the last two and a half years, she has continued to be inundated with costly law fare and personal attacks assassinating her character, illegally removing her from office and draining her life savings, simply because of her effort to wake people up to see the dangers of forces taking over your very liberties. Watch the documentary to see the tyranny against her for doing the job the citizens elected her to do. Once you see what Tina Peters has endured to protect your vote, you will choose to unite with her to save America! Why? Because you're next if we allow this tyranny to continue! As of January 10, 2023, with the end of her elected position and salary, she is needing funding to continue to support her work educating, sounding the alarm and empowering others to unite to save America. As a whistleblower, Tina has continued to support our cause to save the America we love through her brave efforts. She is especially grateful to our amazing patriot Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne. Reach out to her at where you can watch her documentary [S]electionCode, and support her fight to save America You can also watch her upcoming 5 days a week shows on Lindell TV and also Badlands Media on Rumble Monday nights 9 PM Eastern Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the sixth day of september twenty twenty three and welcome to bernier whose note we've got two fabulous people on this morning we had a little scolding change because dana and may had a ruling in their case and so the prose case and so we want to make sure that everything is a locked and loaded before we put things out there and so they're going to be re scotland carron body and faithful friend i agreed to come on this morning which heralways thankful the carron for for filling and when when we have a in the schedule i mean it's amazing to have friends that you know you can always turn to when the one to a dot a go just in the dapoale betokens the he so at any rate ah me carin on first and then ten opeter comes on at ten o'clock and she is got a really amazing story so reefor then i'll do a little introduction to her but at any rate here we go where no caranay doing the morning what's the ankerin but i was about to say to you before you started there's it when i watched the recordings back there is sometimes like this half a second where we can see you before the entre and usually your smiling cause you're prepared but occasionally you and your guests might have like a funny passyour interacting or saying something cheerful utilities like this half the second was like and then the hour into it's something i don't you typically set yourself up by your smiling and sletkin weird assoome times weird face i can can do a lot of were faces i have word faith but my new thing is that i found a sound library sican go really in seven years old you just see the instant now what do as he and the inconstant in her you know that it made not herbody else neither so angmering everybody on the chair her you know it's really comfortable to have you on brandenburg news network and ten and you know all of my friends out there that are you know that we got to know each other over time and we just set me talk you know about normal stuff and i got a tally i really really enjoy i enjoy heaven knew people on but it's really tiringand you don'ti'm having to listen to every single word that they said in heap ohhow do i say it how a being poor the conversation forward if we get into a sendo slow spot but you know most of them that i've had lately are really good talkers i don't have to say anything which which is a kind of fun cause then i can just look less than like everybody else can write but there is a lot of things that come out that i don't agree with everything every one says but i let them talk and you know very very rarely will i stopped somebody and say you know time out because there there entitled to their opinion on and we can always learn whether we agree with people or not just by listening to them say things that well maybe i just want to ponder this for a while and be able to articulate why i disagree or why agree with something or if i need to go research something to find out if something is true if we need to take deeper intuitive there's more to the story than what meets the eye and such and and i think that that's a really good thing to just sometimes the bit on talk and then i disagree i just hadn't er up you're wrong rock the cantatore of the wide as we crossed some oneeither in thin and youhitmylit were the rather that's what you get for bringing me on i know i don't know it's so funny i want to see some crazy so i did oppose this morning and i think that i think that this is something that we have to come to terms with in the fact that something that things aren't always what they appear ought there never with the appear and oh there's a couple of ideas on playboy started out with so i've got one that's got a lot of costing in that i posted anyway cause i think it's great bettyand i'm sorry we've all heard all this swear words and a in sometimes we just we just need to i listen to the message not necessarily the individual words you know we choose not to do that but to us say i'm going to disregard it because while i don't like th asks so anewahwas played the cement and he can we you men to read along when we go and on other began read omittere long disease just because i i know we've got to come people out there that struggle i try twenty nine goshenite ran a field during which employs more red armado on fields copepod heights trothlesse miles in visited a revolutionary memorial and in high see later tachistoscope admission i voluntary join the chinese cabins to uphold mary's plato to absorb the positions of the parties by lodge observe at a member to securities cohortes to be loyal to hearty she wore her the fight ocasion as etelist to be ready at all times he sacrificed to harty and he and sonority had that's what he and i wanted to bring us up because this is i've got a real problem with his colt mentality party nonsense it's going on in these people are not and start of in so going man you don't you don't how easy tis to call off the party or something like this and this is sad so when i rode on the the company owns goshon his own by the seas peter by the sespe of you had business in china or any chinese ties they are all under the control of the chinese communist the is the field triply took workers on and marched him six miles and sworn oath to the communist party that's what the sworn other this is hot works they have no loyalty of the chinese people of the country just political parties are by construct subject to inevitation people are subject to corruption over money and power the rest falling to blackmail coercion threatened timidation and being slandered aspicite ultimately sense so silenced or do so familiar the illusion be two party system in the united states is a unit party sold out to the globules crime since the traders sold us out time to give them their marching orders we the people have the power to restore this nation the legally the constitution guarantees are right given by god and the law is on our side now we're going to hear a lot of people out there i've got lots of words for me that i can't say on lying here to but i'll call him more on an idiot's right i am a little bit softer than what really needs to say that if you were sitting here the table and call him a different word right so but at any rate we we have to break away from the ways that we think because we're used to them now i adopted a little girl from in from an orphanage who was there for for several years very very hurt her mother was killed in a train excedent by her side and she has closed had injury very very very disabled in what we were told and we adopted was that all kids more that leave an orphanage because they mourned the familiar it's an orpiment our whole nation is a nation right now of ore who have been abused neglected left alone who have had zero leadership on hell the rightful president of the united states showed up president of the united states president donald j ch who was the only leader that i've seen in my lifetime to set in a so so with that said we have to come to terms with the fact that we are suffering mass i cost through abandonment and not know who to trust anywhere but also being able to see things for what they are and being the adults and the leaders in our own right now expecting somebody else to do it the same geswce i'll do it you'll do it we're going to do it and are in our areas and we what were given and if god assisto do it we stepped forward we do it are we qualified for it how thou were not qualified for you know it's like none of us are qualified for for the task ahead of us but god in good neas i thy steps he loves working with with train wrecks and broken and people who are not qualified in our humble enough to say while i'm quallified because i said yes i will do it i always god that takes our faith and moves his forward can we ever have too much faith what is faith is the question that should be asked it is is it faith in our plans in our strength and our ability to do anything now it's our faith that god isn't control and that as we take steps forward he will equip he will open doors he will give us his favor is he going to tell the plant no he's not going to tell he isn't an tell splenicus we will screw it up every single and so just as he did in the desert we walked not because what her eyes see or ears here or anything our faith in him alone knowing that he is the our faith is in his faithful when i tensed because when you start hearing people talk about civil war and let's start the shooting let the shooting began that kind of nonsense where is it going to and are we just going to replace one system control with another group of people in control that that are just going to be just as bad as the last one or are we actually going to restore this nation as one nation under god where the killing stops we got in to stop the killing killing his worthy make their money and get their control restore this in a lawful a time where you have to and i've really been thinking about this the second amendment cause i am a a you know a second amendment as nothing short in when i say that it's not all constitutional carry i'm going to throw out bas words like everybody else does no i think the government should be or should be arming our population we should instead of the army ukraine why are we not arming our populations say you know what you have the right to defend yourself in your property period now some becomes to harm you you have the right to defend yourself standing round you you now have to worry about in past and nobody's going to come take your gowns or give you qualifications or you can't have a handle on your akory seven or you can't have you know you can't have this set of the other no but if somebody steps out lying the punishments for doing the wrong thing when a gone it's not to go this promises we're going to prosecute those people to the fullest extent of the law if we started removing criminals rosolved the guns are at the problem the people are the problem and the lack of of a judicial system is the o in actual just and so am i wanted to bring that up we start we start the nonsense fining and said ordisaster start revolution it ain't going to start and we have a we have a lawful way to do this is the malicious one what's militia everybody's armed indeed any time you take guns away from population that's only to protect morons and idiots that are cited in a sea who have proven themselves untrustworthy abe the carry out she tyranny not carrying about us and it is not us democrats mustnot democrats against republicans the government and a global crime syndicate which they work for against we the people who they have a gold to insult no setomono these influences that are there one got a good message but i'm an tell you what you'd better start thinking through even what they say because every one it appears to me is in it for perhaps reason that there not said and you never know who there working or with just like in the party we have to we have to evaluate every single person it is not their words that we have valued their act words had my point in a direction but you got to research to get to the angane but the rest of him the whole time the rest on just well well well what do we have here and oh i'm omnamante that sat on going to go to a video and some of you may find as three i really don't the little fence i've been fined for the thirty foot or the pilot and i mean that's the truth i have literally been founded for forty years of all this nonsense going on have you been founding care in in i then in everything a current and everything with the hand we have a bit of a pound later on as impotante cares of the world the and thomieres at the dangerous thing when you leave me with too much time on my hands i can hear now i cause i will find something to do on these very so fitful warning of few men listens and language they roof for i think i see the little money over breath but not enough to make me rich or so back pocket be a little money over rather that not enough to make me rich men the same tax corrected a man a little money or rather not enough to make me rich still down here onishishin the waters easterlinges tactical antistitis iceglistened cocotte feel climate changed from outrivalling onlihtinge tendonitis cote as to get a second jocks the break oreoselinon son of the foretaste anaesthesia como some one conolatoria he tells i don't have that better i cossack came a top of it in both flanks coception theodiscus i have to because i don't trust you the poor out of the pan on then my car's toronan like the place don't filistatidae i can not and soncino of your pingencola your porch here sinisterwise a paper on to say you how he made a wordswhichfor signation i was soaring inflation there is nothing more in the rain than the fact i nobody take plan for this poor demonstration like our woronisher like that strepito threw with jorhamites stration you planetarithed and called his price like the shingles conopla the invasion outdoes that word really i'm baffled soilhenry of inocarpin ash hole commencing on the one concolorate look be try to throw up rybody the pantomorphic past on the picket little ran so testily as fliessender for his back such for the micronesas eparegotos with the fuse was you would have in there sornette free crossognathid then the reconvalescence is in everything that you witnesses to be certain of real in you is the costocervicalis footeclothe money that you say you spell have to santander spain in is your hiues comancheethe chasethat you was settled beatissimae to itthat of this sistine to cormantin in its pogone home so i thought there was worse was interesting what say you care in no i i think the sentiment is where a lot of people are and i personally like a posted last night i stayed off telegram molcho the day till the evening and i like so much of this for me it's like i don't care i don't care i don't care i don't care or keep curling in caresomebody sashikahe point where i like okay i know that i know that already where we talked about that a year ago but not everybody's were on that is a lot of peoples are in a state where they're very very angry glad they figured here now and there there like i am so ready for something to change somebody has to fix that an an i'm sittin back i'm arenation sat right now because i'm just waiting for them and if we go to the matrix movie it made me think when you were talking about the grieve's concept i hadn't thought about it is a grievance the there's an initial shock they no wind when neil gets pulled out of the metric and he finds out the who he really is in he ethically racked by vomiting because his like who is too much effort and there is not just a grievance it's a in sedan acceptance people are going to be if they haven't already it is state where they are going to recognize their own ah one culpability for being a part of the problem to failure to recognize it and there's a lot of guilt that comes with it's like now just we we get it we get it but now you're going to be pardon the solutions so focus on that when when you're ready cause cause accepting it is a process is you don't recordsthe good deception these people you are through one and lay all the spooks in the sea and the fbi and the federation in all that nonsense is out there they're great and this is what they do it's on her intentional information warfare and they're going to see how galileo are inrolled the god is using the to see to see what were really made out of that's what i really believe it's going on it now i think a lot of people i mean that a ready knows but i think a lot of people have to figure it out or i keep coming back to the strains from the decoration i've got a dog that wants in my lap right now cause we have so to another he is under the there is one and while it was so it must become a through michinori down right now was may i keep coming back to the evils being sufferable kind of phrase and on this my favourite part of the declaration of independence because i i really couldn't act with where we are as a people prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience has shown and me in kind or more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to write themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are acted but when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right it is her duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for i secured he was explaining his little bit to keep people the other day ah there is as i rode about on some stack about declarations there was a declaration created by nine out of thirteen of the colonies to basically set of later overtangled in sight having don't like what you do and with this the stamp act thing taxing us without representing us you're not giving us a jury of our peers c is they were complaining about the same things ten years later and it was it was very personal because they had english coming into their homes they had them taking their their cattle or their hogs right before winter basically starving their family there was a very personal and they put up with a lot for a whole decade so here we are where finally waking up and a lot of people within the last two three may be for years and in e gone wot's wrong with everybody else the evils are no longer sufferable for a lot of us but we have to wait for the rest of the people in the licit to these words it this is just brilliant ah they're more disposed to suffer while evers or sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed so dustlike you were saying we're going to have to leave the things were a custom of two and it takes themselves it takes ourselves to get together and change it we've had a long train of abuses and usurpations the same desiring its body in that brought us here where we are to day and we are being reduced under absolute despots but is our right and it is our duty to change things for our future security and these things what we haven't like you said are qualified well yes and no he could as god gives us everything we need it did not and and i rode out that a little bit last night to we already have what we need we just haven't practised so we made to acknowledge as a people what state of being we are in and then we need to accept it and then we need to recognize our duty to to do something about it and a lot of people are somewhere in there and generally we call these people normes because there are people that are not ever going to hear it their blind and deaf and then just we can't waste our time on those people they're just not ready or they're just not going to ever be and there's nothing we can do about that we leave them to god and don't waste her time on it and don't get angry about it a peaceful and work with the people people here willing to work peacefully for the change that we want to see when we start doing that as you've been talking about there are ways of we can act peacefully to get the change that we want we're starting were just starting to recognize the power of the people together that every one has a role to play one of you can hear that but that was a really big frontier out after the iodoform oh so it's it's green to take some time for people to start to recognize not only do we have the authority and not only do we have the power we have the ability to do something about it we just have to be looking for it anne also wrote last night about needing the armour ourselves with god so you have both defensive and offensive tools and in camp train with them and i think that's part of what we're doing right now you and i and many others like us are training with our tools you know a lot of people are doing it in the election field for example how do we do elections proper is in important concept to but we have to practice it we now get out what were not to do and then what what can we do and when we practise that authority as a people then we can get somewhere well we have to we have to get rid of these machine i mean the machines and anything like tronic that's the first step to restore in our elections right there is to get rid of the machines machines have got to go there's the an end which i look back at what's allowable in within the constitution and how to run an election there is a reason why they did it that way one day election elections a loud in one day and the counting has to be done immediately after the poles it onto you only into though you had to come and vote if you didn't they would go it yet you they are the tell you what it is like what you know counting at the priests and lovel and calling them in there's got to be like a you know a top you know every s got the two to part othonian stoppino his kind of a nightmare of they have people understood as for protection and some other actual tax ecurity they would need it but because we have an uneducated population on most of the stuff we've got to put things in to safeguard the population from really bad people right so one day voting counting immediately after the polls closes at the present calling the results have it be it's got to be counted in and in public you know you on private account in are you bolt in private you count publicly i like the idea of young to camera looking right down on the ballots as there being counted no boconnoc s nothing like for it right down on the ballet stakeout you take out a machine and you start colony and somebody starts you know running out you know hash hash marks or or something you have two words that of hashema or three of em to make sure that there's redundances the cone ah i think that's what needs to have because we've got you know another thing we've got for an otitis in charge of our elections a minute you hire dominion or any of these bodings you've just hired a foreign entity too to have influence or partie partner election the government's not supposed to run the election it's we the people because governments always going to make sure the government said and you have if you look at what's he happened at that one board of lections meet and let on guy and outside guy on voted outside guy his protecting his industry and the industry was signes or gathering scan and walk off with all the petitions in their possession and he shipped into bangladesh to be authentic have for suture verification are you kidding me and the real sad thing as they already had the signatures to compare again that is not what the law states is allowable let a mark away with we do not have an election is not lete it's not you right now that if you weren't looking into it that's what i'm talking about you're in the practice and of it your learning what works and what doesn't work if you wouldn't weren't going through the process as you did how much the less would you know about the party since i read now any i wouldn't know i wouldn't know hardly any of this watching this thing break down i mean i'm really glad that i lost in the manner that i did picked off the ballet twice illegally soon spring court soon foddercorn now had to re convene a conference had to go down to the board of elections had to get involved in actually go down on their walking into these meetings and such go to the board of camisasco to the board of canvassers meetings may retire a walk in there braider and half of marked disconto anocheciste colomis people should know all that the meetings that you know our political operatives on one of their names as joe and i think she's funny because every time you see her it's the same isandaka over again right and so it is always like like that see brandenburgian the pick in your face as in all its like in i'd laborthese been told that i went to texas for for a organizations annual meeting out was being given in a ward for service but they didn't learn along the way that i wasn't going to put up with their garridge because we had a lack of transparency she from the board that the gun charge i say that anyway his wife was he was also the treasure and of course these people like so many other organizations were hiding a lot of things and some of us were being vocal about it it so may they they paid my way there so i can get this word and they trained they changed the meeting time for their public meeting there for the whole body because they said well the horse races on to day and a lot of people are going to want to watch that and the word got around then he was and so a lot of people showed up were all sitting there and when i walked up to them like her phone to address the board somebody told me later she said the energy level shifted on the whole panel we could callamesia let them get away with anything it was great oh eventually i i can lie drops and bombs and there in the night last because i couldn't help them and i couldn't get anything out of it and i didn't want to be a part of the implosion so that's when he leave but you learned don't you oh yeah you learned so much and in a in a lot of people have asked me over the years have you have you ever failed things on like a kiddin me if you're if you're not the only way you don't fail as if you sit in your chair with the remote control and you just watch life go by right can of course you're going to fail but is it isn't a failure now it's really not so sortyou say ah the time means not right you put it back on the shelf i project you worked on or some idea you've had the time i may be wrong you know and it may just be that you need to learn some more things or you needed to learn this into something else that you're going on poor and nothing is ever lost it's all a process and it's all my opinion it's all ordained by god in order to lead us to a batter a better way to look at things better solutions may be may be something we just needed to learn you know i would work issome boy this morning i'm not going to say much about it but one of their loved ones had a real serious problem and oh he had their hearts so henry started a sound and it was dramatic really tremenda in or like i like you know what idono it's like when you go through cramah you can you can relate people who are going through them as you like it in any and this person looked me inside oh my gosh you know how i feel don't shout on like yea i will last two in my kids i lost my first baby i've had two kids at he onmolested he and all of these things and you realize real quick how when people have not gone through this they don't even know how to express and communicate things in a way that doesn't sound really really really ignorant you know i remember when i when i lost oh my first baby i had people literally come up and tell me god's way getting rid of is there in point oh yeah oh yeah there there is there is an amazing amount of stupidity folly now and i am in that that sort of thing that this little set and first oh i could give you a whole lot you know they want to give you the great wisdom because they think they know everything but they never walked in your shoes and honestly i think a lot of em you know self silt stout sages who want to think that they know what you feel like or what you're going though they have no idea and yet love us and go to that go to the chant here oh charles says john teeter i freely to it governor john in for michigan a governor and the shoules what more trying to make state and charge new green renoden not or electric commissioners a townships though the people of miss innersole out this one michigan i dissent you link i'll look at that later if you gave me a mile of minute mark charlatan and love says i was told the same thing when i had miscarried it in his crazy what people will say and and i know it's very hard to say the right things sometimes when people die or when somebody has a loss we don't know how we they feel even if we've gone through it ourselves we can think we know how we we might but we might have better response as you know and i like like i remember when my dad died a year and a half ago you know what i listened to the tutor dicks and prayed out that her dad died at that point time will mine i died during the run too i never saw you're not much i know i did i did say some but it wasn't the campaign platform i thought i think it's a real cheap shot to e to make bill sorry for for something you're going through in your life when you can sit back and look at everybody's life out there and go everybody's dealing with some everybody is don't you winsan i know what what it's like for you molly he almost lost her or kitchen to fire yet what an ignorant statement if these ignorant and you know i mean that is such an ignorant thing to say what we got like worked a couple thousand kids that they say they can't find and or and total area that they put fontesvilla i'm not there so i can't see it it's really it's really a crazy it's really crazy thing you know my mom a fell and a couple of weeks ago she fell as she she's very old and frail she broke her cheek montoncel sended up in the hospital and she's an she's in a rehabilit right now she gets out on friday so i'm not going to have a broadcast on friend but everybody's dealing with something all the time and when my dad died i was there with him hold his hand when he has and i know that everybody was sir creole were walking on egg shells around me to i do try to be really one and i and i think that's really nice i really but you know what it was a time to move on and for about a day and a half i was the little terry just remembering all the good times where he had but i was happy for him you know he saved he was home for regisand i would not wish him back for one minute she suffered terribly for a couple of years and in it was it was as time and i was more thankful than i was said do i miss some absolutely absolutely one of the greatest human beings i can go to my grave knowing that i will ever have known was my dad he he was in in it was it was because of his integrity you know his integrity and his age smart as hack i mean guy was just like a like a the photographic memory in the cyclopedia knowledge of common sense like eve never seen in your life i mean incredible and just just an all round good guy just a really really good gay regular guy goes to work every day does what he needs to do take care of family community people around him you know there were people that would give intrust my head in the things because they knew that he was bombed pre an honest and if they gave him something one guy i'm sold diamonds in the areas his never givin anybody else which he did his essay to my dad had don't be like this is my dad's later here in ideanever over to your dad and is like the cushiony one cause he such i know that they would come back exactly as as you know i i handed it over to him i mean that's that's really a guy but we don't know how people you know but we can say smarter things than i gaswagen rid on yet now who now shows an incredible lack of experience and ignorant real really ignorant or you know people that tried it to coerce you into believing the things that they believe to back it up with information and you can put him out there is is but man ah this will be this as a guide that's got a show on tv and you see me drink out of his coffee cup with a lizard people on it right the show started out is really kind of interesting to sinnawah ann shot through it but i watched show jumped the shark and i'll tell you right now that i think it's probably carabi i this point and i watched him go down the path of this is really interesting picking people's curiosity and once he had his audience be all of a sudden he started going after god and having opcodes on soul eating and this that and the other thing in order to fall into complete chaos and i'm sure that people who are not who are not a really how do i say it very saddled and stable and not double minded will be very easily misled into areas of a of a hating god costs what it comes down to and feeling alone in a man i could do it a break down on white this message is so incredibly demoralizing and danger case a release in my opinion it's very dangerous in an individual basis and side contigerit now i really do believe that it's a sight to demoralize st lead away and a destroy all it is it's really sad but that they do it all the time and the message is that's out there in the public is real consistent but what the theefe something that your kind of interested in and then watch search indocible chippermore and chippermore and till they have completely got you away from the core of what they don't want to look sir it's very sad i notice to it of an onatel if in posting a reminder of about ten careful and discriminatory and to you folye use critical thinking because oh i read through some stuff that brian cakes put out last night i don't know the but in one he clearly did he had a coterie of who they are in the history were in it were in a chat we get out of colon forty nights and and on ah but he in his talking about how this one used to be all for general flynn all for hennepin and all the sudden there's been a flip did he name which one it was oh he was tagging in the matrix was one and the authority we think that's a chip shot ah there was more than one yet but if i if you screw up a little bit from yesterday's post westonthis you'll see and and i i tend to kind of jest take a step back because they they had some in fighting a while ago if another one and it was like the one an one thing an another sang other thing in him like i sconset of it nostocs on the message elsewhere for a while so the fakers i usually they do but it's interesting how some of these people will think they can fool this ammon community when they are great diggers they will know exactly how to like you cannot fool this community but one of the things he said was he noticed that this person's bed wearing more expensive clothes then stop and he's like asking questions were there a pay off that led to a sort of in the support and then the almost any one can be corrupted by money and that's by money or coercion there's a lot of people that are threatened the there's a lot of this happened and absolutely and so it's not just in it it's everywhere and sometimes people meanwhile and in their their intention like even if he have some of that you know is a good person they may have been fed bed informed to go to the sword and that's the only way to get the because we his work human beings were going to whereto make some now i find i love brian i love rank he with one of i ain't you don't hev he s one of the most memorable pepperers that i have ever met in my life and i i absolutely adore bright he held his amazing smart funny to the point real quick and will not put up with any that's what i like about him he is just as genuine and nice of a person as you and and i can tell you he did one of the greatest reaches i've echoed in my life i was sobbing during the speech it was so passionate i got down and i'm crying had over to him and i've just i'm just like i couldn't even talk it was that good and he was took a inabout andrew bright bar and how anne creeds ired him and what he went through and when watching vanderburger was murdered and he was murdered for saint speaking out about john protestaban a world class child traffickers in and bringing to light the parapyl networks and refusing to bat down this is underneath the culture that we live in and we are going to have to come to terms with it is more prevalent than any one knows or wants to believe in our remember years and years ago you know nobody knew why i was of written under many different days and when i realized the wonderland that work was the first one that really came forward and how many hebe are involved in it and in what actually happened what's here behind it will he have actors and you have pairs of like baseball cards they collect child poor and they will say to some one i want to see year old child done this to them to and including torture and were and where it came out was arnswers who they killed same with james dolan who they kill and james perry barlow who was also killed trying to fight ex and it and its is everywhere and i think michigan is the number one in the united states because of our islands how easy it is to traffic out of michigan in that corridor that ninety four corridor pure poison in the islands plate going back to the idea of on the emotions in people is trained to be one thing to be angry about the this evil in itself if you found out about your neighbor hurt and the child the anger that you would feel toward them would be and you would be very angry about them and what they did to that one child you find out how many people are involved in comany children the anger in this country is going to be phenomenal there's another there's another reason for that though in that reason is we're going to be really upset with ourselves that we didn't know it we didn't see it happening right under our noses in this were that guilt is going to come from were going to have to accept it and deal with it and move on because yet we are at fault for not paying attention and not doing what we needed to for a long long time o ka we learnt let's move on look at how it happened a right underneath her nose is so we wait make sure it doesn't happen that way again it's like this code thing we learn on we were learning okay what they they do before with this ballot system because of pandemic corono there there acting like their going to go through these motions again what i posted last night was i unlike the narrative is from the people they're going to try to do the same thing again it's all about elections i'm starting to think it's not about elections it's about the fact that people need to see it and they need to disagree with him that's what this is the bow it's they're not i don't think they are really leave here got a pull it off because so many people know and they're going to disagree and now they have the tools to disagree with they have the tools to notice it and the fight back with the elections so everybody has been learning so what is the narrative really what is this for what is the purpose of doing another skimmed amic i think it's for the wake up of the people to say okay did you did you learn it well enough the first time around i cogenitor okay here's your chin here's your chance now refuse entertains participate they got no they got no legal legal standing to paristhe aspects sir standing round you know and that that's what needs to happen he just saw another on a school in maryland is applied at a mask mandate so it is in here here the consequences here is the test last time was not tests last time was the wake up call in this tangoes did he did he learn from the first time and what are you going to do about it people come do i get together you better get together you better go to your school board meetings if they try it mam's bring your dads cause you were there last time bring your your friends bring your dads bring the teen agers cause me kitchen when they speak up and i think six year olds that were brilliant now really young kids in front of school boards and i speak in their mind so it doesn't matter how old or young or what their experience as people need speak up and disagree stand together as a community and it can be done peacefully it doesn't need to involve any kind of violence and he kind of male shop were not there but we alone constitutional is right right foot the singing from a from a violent perspective i don't want people to think that that's what we're calling for that's all this is not this is not like there's a proper way to do everything we don't know that proper way as he it's going to take some some rail to keep things in order to insure hes and lawfulness of this one when our just shoot off and one air and omanago back to the now you're talking about in motion an there is a scene in star wars where luke is watching all of his friends get murdered on there and their hope in that he so angry that it does some there what they're trying to do right now and so if we could sit there and watch things that are going wrong realizing god still alone he is not like his in the dark here okay and he is allowing this we don't know why but he's allowing the are we going to get all kinds of stupid or are we going to not over fed this through come a fact and in and do it in a very calculated way it has to be done that way if we start to in stuff that stupid oh you're were subject to being set up by the fbi and the cia at another fed erection if in the third motion look at the nonsense that's gone on for years without withwith the lip led tarts the people that are screening and crazy and their doing stupid stock he on the th there creating a circus for themselves he look at me in a six year old on the stage who you know look at look at my body you look at my my craziness that sort of its drag queen drain on and raids and the three book all this nonsense is not normal this is not normal right and it's like it's like it's so nurses it's kind of hard to describe and you know we can't go off in this direction is it you know we want to be we want to be an example of i mean what would you do would you we really want somebody like that in charge of our finances i don't i want somebody who is going to be professional enough to get the job job are we going to or do we want to pour in star as a governor i don't on the tall you that right now it's like i don't want to have somebody that can be oh you know that can be compromised in any way shape or form i want to have somebody that no matter what happens i could stand there they're not going to be effected they may not like it i don't want so it's run by the emotion i wanted to be run by sound things by education by the fact that they are educated enough to know what's actually going on to be able to make as and not be run round or like the bible talks about double minded because i'm to tell you what i i that's the other thing i have learned through this hole of nonsense is how many double minded people they there are out there who will not stand for anything that as soon as the wind blows this war that way they're going where we and wonders for money or fame or power or knowledge there's so many people that are trying to look for the new savior who's got the new knowledge because nobody knows doesn't that seem like some of the secret society esoteric knowledge tight things it does to me i like okay maybe maybe not but until i see some proof i'm not jumping on the band wagon doesn't mean that doesn't mean that i'm not entertaining at you know we cannot entertain it but that doesn't mean that we who i'm going to jump for the next you know the next circus that's out there in front of our faces as it's like a kay i'm that's what they're doing to get people to look here here here calliandra to look at to focus on which is why we can't get the nation together to walk round other my opinion at etwingen that forces gay and is married to a man like who cares really in that all your talking about every day what not even tinenlos has none that right here you know it's it's it's may be fun to laugh at her whatever if you want to pull colds and hem and showed people how much he disrespect him i mean this is a scone bag evil come bad okay we're not talking about whether he was gay or whether he was born in another connoissoit that most important things we need to be talking about right now so one of towyou have fact out is let's talk about red white and blue spray is anybody out there now with that me look it up look it up and then you start taken into the evil that's behind these pets and what actually had you know i don't at anchiano all the letterbooks he edocebat before i know what you talking about because you've talked about it before its only thing i've heard about it but you know we with spring in a pilot americans pilots brains across an american the you all that's that's how i feel to the screw those people that have taken this nation and and mocked all of us they're going to come in to some of us that are unwavering and were not going to waver and we're not going to have it explained way and we're not going to be coorse were not going to be paid off were not going the and in that in all that's what that's where they're going to have to come to terms of that because there's some bussites and i think i i think using that as an example is bonafide for some people may be that's the the door of entre what the guy voted for believed in case he's african american right i i voted for him because he would when i don't want to be a bright melanistic he's gay well maybe that's the door that's the crack in the door for them to come out of the matricks so may be that there is a purpose to people spreading that as much as they have and talking about it or maybe that's the the first straw so to speak for some people to think what else is there that i then that his ben here for many many years that i didn't know about what else am i miss it so you know what i could not or light whendespite trinepos i've got at this tentacle on my neck gueststhe and a and so on switch gears here a little back as we went i can talk about this kind of crop for you know if it was ausserordentliches i'll his that word with searchers for years right and had been part and or have been part of true and on or research communities are not putting up with this stuff because we've been at it a too long and i love you for it i love you for samaintide my neckatees is the election machine historian and goldstar boofalo nameahhis bravely facing the deep state had on in the face of relentless lawthis is one talking about here gusatave bravery if you seen the stuff then peters is done i i for while there was like obsessed with her vivcius i'd look at him and fell to go get em mamma this is great anyhow as you stop selection code follows the story of a navy sealdnes whistle blow or ten of peters as the elected may sconcer in coorse made a back of her counties dominion voting system serve only to stumble crossevidence of manipulation in a recent local city council actions well as the twenty twenty general election peter's discovery ignites a chain reaction of banding her life for the last ten ahalf year she has continued to be inundated with costly law far in personal attacks assassinating her character illegally removing her from office and draining her life saving simply because of her effort to wake people up to see the dangers of forces taking over your very liberties wats ooc mentary to see the tyranny against the fore doing the job the citizens elected her to do one you see what he appears as endured to protect your vote you will choose to you night with her to save america why because you're next if we allow this tyranny to continue as of january cone twenty twenty three with the andover elected position and salary she is in need of finding continued to support her work educating founding the l and powdering others to unite save america as a whistle or tenesinus continued to support our cause to save america we love her brave efforts she is especially grateful to her amazing patriot michal and doll and patrick oh nice nice for if people really reach out to her at ten peers that you ask and you can watch her her documentary so cared ominous sign he away for now by wordner send your way and i'll bring back one to minute it's so our next are next hour it's teen of petershill be right ooooeeeeeeeei he welcomed brandenburg is not work is tonegren and burke of september antipeter's how are you to day good morning good morning i'm doing great this you know i have to say and get your not imprisons a good day threescore i are you in any social media presence right now i am at real tin a peters on twitter and realtine peters on on the other so i can tradesince ussher not doing two although or they now they're not and i think it has some very aggravated because there are they are the de said at my last courtier and he said i tried to keep me in colorado so that i couldn't travel round speak it all these wonderful events so i learned to adapt as we do as crisp people and ah so i started being on every one in pocas a sort zipping into the event and then he winked at the last a courtier were actually they found me guilty of something i didn't do go figure and ah he said was she has a bully pulpits and i'm getting right on other some gin region five days a week on lindell t v and and then i have my own show on monday night that i just had the doctor's on a a doctor artist and that group that are doing a conference it had like forty four thousand forty four or a half thousand views a day after that shows so on this and some were it wears that show on as that is wontedness medea you can't like the one robe the tin of peter's show this also he i want of i want to bring on the let's go ahead and introduce the summoner play this clip a mine that in you sent me because we i think we want to talk about this this morning and it would go anywhere you want you know we don't censor and so there's no i always get on your i never know where things are going to go so let's play is so minute and let people see what's going on here is an bs his surprise some one we eighteen trumpets and guided in georgia the sway garciones with ties side of colorado john as man and gene alice eastman is currently representing the states gop in an election lopsotteli is an advisory fellow in constitutional law and policy of the conservative centennial institute at colorado christian university according to access the criminal conspiracy outlined in the ninety eight page and diement is drawing paralels to election tampering in colorado and showcases the states ties to the trunk campaigns push to overturn the presidential vote drowning us now colorado's secretary's day generical she's also chair of the democratic association of secretaries of state thanks so much for being on this morning i guess first i'd lock your take on on this indictment and parallels that we were just drawing but the indigerent diedover all oh good morning thank you for having me and have no welkin say high from colorado and bolder and i think it might my overall take is it's a step in the right direction for justice for the american voters make no mistake donald charms the attack trying to steal the presidency was a directed tack on this station and every voter in the country so i i think it's crucial that he is held accountable because we are still daily with the after mass of of what the twenty twenty attempted sailing of the presidency has ben and were still in the dealing with see count less americans he lived the lies that tom has put out there an nanthos named in the inditement and others who've been doorstill helping him along the way on we have an electorate we have a population that doesn't have the full picture of what is going on described the situation in colorado as if perchance to this in well you mentioned the electricity breach and a big part of the georgia indictment focuses on the actions around colchicon and georgia but colorado had election security breach five months afterwards when massicot clerk ten a peters working with many of the people in intrinsic including my clinocoris her own voting equipment to try to prove the big lie i acted swiftly high in address the situation and then led the first toe pieces of legislation in the nation addressing insider thread one day take away as specifically for the coming twenty twenty four election states have to recognize that these insider breaches that are our being so mented by the radicalization of some election workers in this country are a true print in they should act he went away quickly clockwinding out to make sure that their security protocols are ready to go for these types of a new evolving threat and there he goes so she had that you're a threat tina oh no you know it interesting as when she says a lection security her own a press release after they discovered that i had legally done a back up of my election ah which showed you know their criminality tis even said to portable men security it did not violate anything having to state or federal leon she has a clamped on to this word election to make it it make me into a criminal the seven felony three misdemeanor indictment has nothing to do with that the re very careful very sly to make it have nothing to do with any kind of elections they did not want she in my opinion to bring out all the truth of really what's going and so a in addition to that they had tried to make a sixty seven year old gold star bomb i my mama my son was a navy see i lost him while i was running for superior and they you know they had to make it look like i was a a hard criminalcriminal so the while i'm sitting in the gallery of a a court hearing for my chief deputy who the that and they accuse me of recording the well there was never anything on the pad but they seized it they handcuffed they threw me in jail ah they found me guilty of lying to a judge when i said i was not recording they in rovidence ther did they though they had no evidence just sent it just a cos they can accuse anybody of anything and year year without defenses they don't care if you are innocent or not there not jack the matter of fact i have a friend that is their second day court they picked the jury yesterday second in court in this for a facing twenty one years in he did not even go into the cape ably filmed recorded people that were doing the damage which horse were the feds weld ah or those set up by the end and his facing twenty one years in prison didn't even go in the capital ah you know buddy has damning video that and they were actually turned it over to law enforce to show you know the evidence of who was crimes like breaking it in that sort of thing breaking the window and all of that nothing that i got a couple of days in jail or whatever and this and this young man ran so prayed for him he's twenty two years old his father was with him all the time his father is a congressional candidate hon for congress obviously i charge him with thing and here he was right next to his son the old so this is the this is the madness behind this criminal enterprise called or or government the people have got understand that we are the oven and we need to take what in your opinion are actionable stops that people could be involved in to make a defence you know there's a lot that people can do ah you know what what a lured me to the problem was with the election of fraud and undiscovered that's exactly what it is it's its rod it's fraud and you know people are so afraid to say that word because they've been shamed out of it the real evidence for me was not the twenty twenty you know i thought maybe things did go you know were askew or or we're going on across i was in charge of five divisions one of em in my county was the election and we run out i felt like i'd run of flawless selection i done seven electors ah i felt that and i'll trop wine it was the the net six months later the municipal local municipal city council when i said there's no way when i pulled those rest see p thatmight i said there's no waie is no way somebody from california that was still wearing a mask when he didn't have to ah or governor who is who has made our state into a transgender operation ah they had whatever of destination ah and no boarding babies right up till the time of delivery and may follow and gameness doing twenty eight days after they have to have those ah satanic rituals with the body parts to drink ah to create a rent across if people don't understand that whole thing of why and parched and all those are involved babies you know in abortion and after he should look into that but but it was the local city council election on it was not that i set all my gosh something happened here this not and people and people bringing the information so there was so this is what people can do you can canvas you can get your vote rolls you can walk toward the door ah we found they were bringing me ah thanks to the work done by doctor doc doctor devils ran were bringing me evidence that you know what they would it would say ten people and a household voted and they would go to that house and there be only two people that have ever lived there are things like that and so ah they were bringing me the things and i i still have i still believed that we you know we were the gold standard across the united states colorado was now all the all the cooled that i'd been given by the secretary of state and the colorado county clerks his wife the director for over two which is see minion and and and i just want to say it doesn't matter i'm not i'm not going after dominion i'm not going i'm going after any electronics his telling your vote you cannot therefore that's the way you voted and so in our case in our county it in our state its so what people can do not as they can get involved in their local local they can go to their city council elections city council sorry eh a meeting they can go to their commissioners i can start calling them out a bacon tell them to get rid of the machines the commissioners have the power to defend this they hold thee the purse strings of the cone and they can be asked so i've been traveling around it is come not from and ah there we have five i spoke i did an event and then i am which if somebody needs be the come out and doing it that i to do that but after the event i was talking to so the celimenes and one of the m sorry gathers and so the gentleman that put on the one that was a comision and then i was meeting with commissioners so we got three of the five comin to agree to hand count not november so that's long from picture that's what they can do get in fall eloce stop whining about what's going on a washing get involved where you have influence in that is if that is your vote he voted in in a local a cone how do we deal with all the absent ivo a balance and such because like we had over a hundred per cent deevotes for the registered voters and so many counties i mean i mean when i look at michigan and i mean michigan is it isn't a dismal failure in a listening to that the democrat indoctrination pop it there that's trying to tell everybody how to think state looking entrusting ourselves as much its crazy but but this whole thing were the absentee ballots i mean i don't see where any of this stitutionally allowable any of the system from top to bottom the wind astern well it's not and so i but here's what here's what's happened and for people that have it watched the lection code i know you have the one minute trailer if you want to play for them some point if you ever watched selections to watch that and pass it on people that's what it's not a dry data as documentary it has humour it has some drama and has how the in machines but yes the ball of harvesting with god to get rid of texas just got rid of eric ah electronic registration that was started by ah well one of the guys here in colorado was helping david back her who was now because of all the pressure that's what you can do but press here on these stepped away from he was the owner and the board member and everything these electronic of love eric in your state you need to love me to get rid of it that corton jonathan brighter the head of our board of elections as chairman of eric the the way eric work richly is there able to and always wonder why am i not able to get into ah database from the time the registation had base from the time that until after its diet while the reason is because there in their monk in around their enslaving the voters so what they're doing is the registering people who don't have the propensity to vote an active voters things like that and then and then they take them out then the inflated it balance sent out to that person wherever those ballots go and then and sometimes where they're not supposed to go we know that i and people are voting of and then they take them out that's one thing you've got to get rid of in your state it was created to do just that in my open and have to be careful cause everything i say is my opinion but i on this and you're entitled to that you're entitled to your opinion and so is everybody self so still for now still for now we have somewhat first of menmen but they're trying to get rid of that too so he what we know that and all the social media jump on that rumble starting to follow suit with face book and all the other ones in a word we were creating a platform and frank that will these i tell you a brand that's why i creed brand burgos not work as asiaticke of abouteverything now in the only way they take this down as if i take it down and i'm not taking to down because i believe in free speech and sometimes people don't like what other people said and alec that's okay you know we can listen with respect to other people's opinions that's what we have to do to get to the truth as a right not more his torosan alex who was posesses a hundred times worse than his father i should give you some kind of idea his thirty or something and a said that he is going to i make the internet take take the inner that away from and the dithersan report to billion dollars a sorry so that in about the resisted the ericson reported that there should be disturbing to every one because it shows the ownership of the inner not basically the structure is by a company and i believe it's fenland and it should be i've got the guy that wrote that report on an have him on too because i think it's real important to get to the truth let's go ahead and watch the trail in from mere from the via the selection coomen stick to power your home for pennies has made energy companies furious this simple trick could save you those issemination intumescence competers alegori the sheets security preachers continues fias to this before that the thousand twenty elections at these holinesses i would have said he and as to the election as watchkeepers admits she wrote in a consulted to make a forensic copy of the dominion voting system in massicotte the shake tethering machines are too goldoracle that in the shins and george and texas switch boats for one candidate to another virtually having machine was broken into valdemarino machine owing machinessetting machines or machines machines shamshieh are carnotensis first mothersuccess somehow that even remercis elections we've seen no evidence that ever got insistens have been tampered with in nevetherless witnessfor is the most secure securus secure election in america is to curious the process is very secret and please machines are built by private we will have a right to know it those ones had to snowdon during the softer with a cover singheerampore sion from there comes aristotle they be like the stake if the infiniteness and hide as well its polwarte programmethis deseris politely likefrench between godconceptions constancecertain notions the contenido era and of the pecos this is a well metinic make it cecilia although can't see what i've said then quite a pathos in it to nevers and i and you can see from that last seen invested that they're not there not done coming after me so i she is the sentry state so i ran a lesswill ranford clerk and won and that this is what i discovered a the and then in a february february twelfth when the binnenstraat on said they were going to then said they were going to ah keep the dale's holderman see delectauere called out ah twenty seventeen before the senate judiciary the ice axes so that's that's the one that you vote on the when you go in to vote in one and i you know the touch ah he talked about the car code program and things like that and always wondered i said you know why i mean how do we know that crcod that that she it out that's cold is actually what the voter voted so that was my question you know i was a business on her for the before i public so i wasn't your normal a government employee that just goes along the geelong the i really want to make a difference you can actually earn a living you're not just in there said groff offices tom that's that's right and so you know i ah infebruary twelve when they said we are in a were not going to release the biting ministration said their knocking release that report that was used in the curling wraths ravensburg er being the the sectary state in georgia who perpetuated all the frog in my pet i and many others they worked on to release it and i said okay i've got to run into the belly of these and two days later on valentine's day i stepped up to it and i was with michael and dell i not long before the election for mary lago and a fund raiser and saw what its of the two thousand miles and i got to meet our great present it was really sweet he called me a rock star he told me he yes it was really sweet and he said that that's what they do when you are you know when you're exposing lexona they come out it was so coming back mike said stateif he wan that's great if you don't let's even better coscus will expose more fraud well sure enough i was six at the geophone the state ashe i was forty seven per cent in the poles in a three way race and you've got to hear you'll laugh at the ho i who my poets three a race why a one opponent was the in one of the five directors along with tina estonson who was a fellow under a bamford that of centre for taconcivil lies is that fuddled four hundred and seventy million dollars ah through borachera through that organization to ah to counties that by one you don't hear here was the person that's the secretary of that horganisation that before that had never even taken and more than a million dollars in with four hundred seventy million dollars his running on the republic and the other one was all in a lone a tip cat alone deal with our a am appointed attorney general yet that was by other poet and he couldn't even say in a debate ah when they ask him well who do you think on the elections i will buy one here's the guy running for republican it so here comes the night of the election ah ah and ah on i'm waiting the press has already the weak leading up to the cab we know your you've won what you going to do i said i'm going to to get rid of the the machines were going to have it i told him all the things water marked balance on to get rid of the registry one about as b and re register at the clerk's office if they want to vote the next election you know i had it all i mean we were we were going to go for and we saw them that it on election night there was one county donned that had a that they flipped the boats and eleven thirty at night me to this other woman and then when we call them one of the next day they flipped them back what it guess this happen eleven thirty night guess what time they ah the election clerks went home that day in this they went home at the they went home at ten p m at eleven thirty the machine was up and starts flipping boats around slippersand so so here i am you know of you know watching this whole thing go down where there stealing the election and so that's exactly what in my opinion that the woman you just saw that ees that is interloper in the securis states of is going to do as she's going to run for a governor i believe in a kiddy hob's fashion and we know what happened with katie hobbs and people will say to me they'll say well well you know ah ronian youalways saying with the orenstein your vote no do not thank you that will give them you know if you're a republican and you back in your vote meaning voting early they will know who you voted for obviously do not think your vote cause then they will inflate the boleros and your vote you will lose your boat so you go on the day of and you take your mail balanced state you take your ballet with you but don't give it and you say i would like to he and if they say you voted already you call long fore the people don't know what to do you call odors some one has stolen your identity and voted for you because if you vote that day you vote right then without guess what vote they could they got the vote they one is the one they first received they give you a provisional they count the vote that saint so it's important for people to ah what's what's going on here the people will say that they'll say well we don't like and in arizona to happen we do because that's what showed us the they were panicked they saw to every county carry lake had won when they when the criminals saw what was happening they had to put in nineteen inch bowl and yet they can plthos numbers any time its electronic it's easy that it's easy to spoofed the numbers and oh my son that you had clinton clinton not o curtis on your bedeath re housegoing to be on next week and it he found him to be a really amazing um number sky he's a number sky and tatackte to explain things in that what happened you you can't have and his selection if we don't have paper bales hand counting publicly private voting but public counting and not by a foreign anti take cases exactly what's going on right now it's it's amazing where where is arm did you well and cleanse a good friend he actually other working with him and beth beasel down in texas were that were folks like a mentioned before about going to his you've got a mean why wouldn't you you know what i say i say okay as clerk i could have said i could have said why i'm going implement another prose you know it doesn't have to go through legislate okay we'll keep them but were also going to have many times you have these elections democrat republican by parts time of election de i pay there my hear hundred fifty of em a proxy before an election at obersting around so we would you know have them have them count the ballots under camera eh ionethat way they're verifiable i also get back to present level long it level voting hissing level it's so doable and you know when you get that that push back cause i've heard it all now you get the fish back up well we don't have enough people held the ballots oh yes you know every time i see at the the audience will will say rasour hand if you would be part of a of counting the ballance and everybody in i gesse editor that three hundred people there all of em as you know there are no excuse for not being read there is no you can tell where somebody is whether a commissioner elected official whoever by there stands on estelle this eve i believe now you have had doctor artists on and all the doctors on talking about covent you know what that really is and how to prevent it and how to i had it on people that are selectively put into power that are making the decisions about releasing code it instant dialogue were enacted mask he do not compel on isiampa you know it's all comes down to these telephonepoles down to that you know our border is called the shots on our border it all comes down to the ice calling the shots on on prosecuting these often this child trafficking child mutilation and murder up who is calling all the shots people that are in that of the or in power at that i believe that if in selected not let we've got to get or were going to lose our country were fast losing or on the local level the number one issue is elections and i'm sure even watching the nonsense so happened up in michigan with dan an ossiniwa no weel she allowed the election go on and twenty twenty knowing the espron committed in registering voters and another thing that i think is kind of interesting that's coming out is that by its funded by the same source as that a logically have fonded where are all of them whither neeland but as mother happily happily founded by a very very large my opinion crime syndicates global crimes sent tied in with corporations all the dark money all a pair almaniam i am so against the packs and the dark money i think we have to get a money right out of our elections it's be common intent industry where people are making money off of this and on every step of the way and there is the subject to coercion threat extortion of all of this to it's the great crazy thing that i ever i never thought i ever see what we've seen and i'm sure i'm sure there's a lot of people feel the same way i do that we we never we never expected it be as bad as it is and that's the great process of going through all this exposure to actually be able to see what's going on first hand and you know once we see it we can fix it and my pet the well theregetting to be some good things coming cessation but you know where we won't give up we won't hack and we won't quit because our nation are very nations and oh you know i've an i'm sure you have to interview people from other countries from brazil or you know whose families live over there and that exactly what's happened in venezuela and brazil in the philopene it's not as happening in the united states this is a global take over and they cannot finish but you know what there the w s ho they can't do what they are these evil dictators are planning if america so an here's one thing that i always want to say then when i say they are just men the criminals the you know that we're talking about the cabaletta the globules all of em concert there so you know they're just the their demon they are what they're doing right now taking over our one their trying to pit democrat against republic octodon and i were there all evil at the unit party in obando other we've got to quit calling out the democrats cause i tell there's a lot of democrats leaving the democrats yes a lot of em the walk away movement right now there's a lot of em better leaving so demonizing and because an interrepublic an that's what they want to do they want as black against why gay against a democratic inset as if for fever in it they were not really looking at who is really poling and they've got like the ramnes and the chinese and all that on the republicans in more doesn't take very much to pay off you know what there was some one on talking about how the an insider talking about how little money will fall for amenothes sores you got black rock you've got all the very wealthy very powerful a moneys said sixty two million dol billion the billion dollars tectona little tiny bit of that camp by office or of congressmen or a a year or or two black others lot of blackmail that's how the stop people need to stop pointing their fingers at because it's going to make the democrats won a point in the fingers that us they're goin to you know you've got the i focused on who the real criminals right i was they dare to be american because we have to stand together as it was a united nation under god you know one one nation united under god indivisible and all of these labels have led a astray for so many years and and it's just like talking of people disagree with were never going to agree with anybody a hundred per cent of the time it's it's unrealistic so to give him respect in to listen whether you agree or not in the try to have dialogue where you can get to the truth think is really super healthy because there's a lot of there's a lot of down a crat ideas that if you really listen to own a most republicans would agree with them if they if they just stop for a minute put your weapons down and listen listen what's being said because it may be something entirely different like the end the the defendant police they then actually started and most people don't know this because they were buying the they were buying the a military throtteen it was costing it was costing the municipalities and the states and the counties so much money to maintain and run them that in it was somewhat they shouldn't have had the children under the control save national guard or something like that it was military creed equipment that local policing doesn't necessarily need nor do they need the the the burden the burden to maintain those in in this this is a problem when people don't stay in there designated jobs like ah the satorne generals and the sheriffs the sheriff's are to take on the individual with when they have cried the attorney generals are for corporation and start of the you know instead of this one betidethen where everybody's reach in had everybody's lanes and its just really too bad i think it was a great idea for cost counting you know not that not that you're defending the finding the police or to find in irrational spending and that's what innocenter dug into it enough to find it so they they grabbed onto the headlines unfortunately ah what with you seen going on right now to write on to write the elections and the movements that are the cause i know michael in doll as done is done a lot to bring a lot of different people together and ah you know in that setting is helped you a lot a very grateful ah to and in others you know patrick h and others that have come alongside you know were there's more to tell this just about every time i speak there's more of us than there are of them and we can eat more we need more regular people to stand up on says you have to vote you know if anybody's thinking about votin for anybody else you can't do that this solidify iron there is no no other way is matter of fact just a side not on that when i was running for sectariesthe they're like oh well she might go to prison so we can't vote for a theoretic people say there eh though the the day is never trumper republican that has prosecuted me but let a guy off with twenty six pounds of fenelon probation you know an other ah cried to that but no no no there come and after the ones carrying oors on it preserved the lere you know you have to understand here's one of the things too is she needs to know he works for he our cheer on art that he serves at the that salt yet well that's like the whole state of michigan i interview about half the half of the sheriffs and the state they have no idea or they don't want to be or they were the therein with you know a lot of this not very many sheriffs that are actually constitutional and the entire united states now you have honored involved with a steve to manilla he's a good friend of mine and bob up you know it and chief mack with as his officers societywill train them they will show them what the a commitment is in a week taken oath as a elected fish you know i took out ah too pre state and and our great fra and to hold it you know it i put my hand up and took an oath in front of the job and we have against for in and these and right now we've got with these open borders ah that they've allowed we've got a time bomb e and these are militar of his people from the border o my showes of these are militaries men that are coming in there coming in there ah and bander still was just down on the border ah with my full yawn and helicopter over the he three hundred thousand people with children these children are disappearing done and they are this is the result of these ladies fake et you know where we can go on and on talking about the criminality that's going on people need yet involved locally and so i'm on of america first coalition call every week and sometimes to go six hours it started because we as secretary of state candidates all across the country so i know christina caramo and dorothy moon up and idaho and rachel hand and california and an andetrium ico and mike anamorphic in arizona and so and so forth a more merchant in march in new all these people that were defrauded of their of their second thank god the crab one thank god oh dorothy moon on the jupiter and idaho i think we've got to come together and realize i didn't go to prison i could you know these these go along get along establishment republicans that a either don't get it or their ole you know people is so so people say well you know what a trunk goes i cannot do that you cannot entertain fear and have faith of these you will thwart at the greatest miracle that god is getting ready in act to go forward you need a vote for donald got to get behind the only one that will dave one this all this so in their the deathly afraid of him that's why they're going after that's why they're going after me and he got the go after anybody that sought to talk in truth for certain there's the call to masbut that there's more of us out their doing it alecithal they don't know where to shoot right asked that's the point i'm trying to make is is that it can't just michael you know other people like us stephanie lambert you know can't be all these e it has to be you it has to be the local pp rising i like you said before your last with your last guest implementing change getting from the people that are like because i'll tell you what a lot of these pole ah you know they better be afraid of their of their the i may not get elected oh get in front of him he part of it and then they won't know where to his that's what happened to us when not when we had the coalition and colorado oh for the goethe they didn't know who was riding it was a bunch of of of people that were involved behind these his late you know getting people and im and so they didn't know where to shoot the you know so that's what we need to do we need to get together start because there goodthey're going to try to just like the cesi pa that's controlling all this to try to divide the old there can tried the gotico it yet to stay in your house you can't congregate can't go to church can do that can't oh to come together and great in cold getting this there's the lord of anomalies in the state of michigan he geinomai selected the the elector slate that here where they've got the sixteen of investigand none of them ever really stood up for president trumpetthe elections and that's a really sad thing and so now to watch what's happening here wending to ask a lot of questions on that there there was one of on that's in question that i think probably did their home people that say it i don't know the guy but the rest of them didn't really stand for any one or the elections i only heard on really using president nay an that's about it and so but but they didn't they they weren't talking election integrity they were not calling out president trump as a rightful president of the united states or workedwas just pore disconto forget about it and work on past it i have a big problem with us i o huge promise we can't go on until we write the twenty twenty or the twenty twenty two electors and probably before that some present trump as rightful president of the united state stop right there and until we go back to that and and bring the frat out and prosecute the fraud and right what's been done we've got a big problem now i've got some questions because these electors slices that they're going after right now and michigan let's to me like they're trying to turn him into martyrs of some sort but on the other side of that it's that this has been done for years with both party so why it makes no sense on why dan enos would call this out now well well this has been going out for so long when she's only got things to lose by even calling this or breathes out prosecutions so i'm like in your going there's a lot more going on than being sad and we're not provethat ever that is but none of this makes any ha there's a lot lot going on behind the scenes that no one knows obviously and wearily i and so you know but the thing of it is as they got his people getting caught with their pants and oh you know just like general she set out thirty thousand a voting a notices to people that weren't even eligible devote thirty thousand no cards that but that's the thing is have to get involved i'll say the in a local level call out they need to get rid of the machine to start doing this a local level and and we have the stop wringing their hands going there's nothing i can do this is too big for no it's not it's not so big and and if everybody gets stella you don't get involved now they're coming after they are coming after they if they come after i mean why was her garland involved in a small county in colorado there we've got to have more people so many that they don't have a clear or that's what we need more an unnamed people filling prose putting a holding these dies you know sources to one that did old project for secretaries and then funded ah it was it was proven and i know there were more than seventy five ah prosecutors in the u s but it was proven by the by the campaign he was finding them fun you know he's puttin money behind these but we can we can shine the light on em you know i've never passed up in optischen the light on the de here or the or the here or the you know and call out you got to call these people out you know they can't remains hidden like under the barn you've got to call names you if you find something out about these people you call em out the whole press cold that's the way you set put the light on it right in here to me not being afraid stopping afraid if you're afraid now this continues the path that its own you're really going to be costigan put you in these high rises then i to take away all your land ownership and this is not this is not me talking but the f and the ho this is people that once to control the world or saying that they're going to do to you they're going to destroy ah you know two thirds or more of the earth's population they want to depopulate if they want you know they want to make your your young women sterile this is what they're doing so if you don't stand up now tells the best time to stand can't wait to stand up now and if that's you know i believe what god people in a how do you do you your cancer surveyor you lost your son your you know you're the love and twenty seven year old davis are going up with all these felonies and misdemeanors and as cause i know that what god brings you you you've got to start standing up you know i mean i've very rarely have a bad day if i've a bad day or you don't like up the press day at last a day and then i go okay that's it not to put my biggerhonour it doesn't matter what they do to because you want to hear and the end of your life well done good and faithful so nobody if you're not motivated by money power or position they have no hold on and in the other it was interesting as i spend a lot of time alone you know they've taken everything everybody from me including my husband that i would have married to thirty seven and the other for a vile they are but you have to be willing if you're going to follow jesus to be willing to give all that up and followed his so i was up at my property just tell the word how much i loved then the song had on long sotolick o lord you know and song came to my mind i loved you lord and i lived my voice until now that she and i heard him say to if you love me and that's what we're called to do there's a lot of people that don't know what's going god give out the movie selection code if you can support me i desperately need i haven't worked since while i've worked it is the hardest job i've ever worked with no pay but i haven't worked sensedthe paid january tenth when my term was ah as a as cork ah by legal bills you can only imagine or i member my bank account the other day show him that i was overdrawn is it o cego and then i i love an hundred dollars came so it was you know whatever you could do to support me i would be most grateful you'll be doing god's work and empowering other people as well they country but i won't give up i won't back down i won't give it its awesome while in its it's i you give me a great sidewhether to a two let's let's do some encouraging for everybody always on the and the show with a plain and scripture do inscriptor and then also prayer solicious cleans ore mines right now for a little bit this always goes to some kind of weird commercial before and i can if he had of it so beets or were going to do it anyway through whatever he got on to be prostate or colin where you goin to take care of those to the sound we get real and yes cannot what see i will see this is going give and i have no idea where this is it jumped out of the line take that offer then will is gone on here before i sophistications he gains he with her with her of her ego went past shears there est keep your life free from the love she has i would desert first time five first but his veneration provide for inspired and especially for members of his house she astonied it is worse than an honest as for seven through spite yourselves therefore to god she we trotter to god she who trod dear to you enistor there that's a great great one verse to stop on right there jenige yes i love the casino at it's like no matter what we see what we what we hear we need to just remember to focus on god has godesius through anything and he never gives us more than what we can handle and when it cottie become home nobody can take my life nobody can take yours only god can or less you know when you're believer you have god's pet against so many things it's just amazing and and he makes you tougher so you're a great fighter it's it's kind of cool i know all of the charles and tribulations that we go through they make us a lot tougher then then what we were may be ten years or twenty years or forty years of fifty years as the years ago you know and and that's that'sthat's all go thing oh he ain't let let's end as with the prayer and then incipiente a word to anything that comes to me dear homely father think you so very very much for this wonderful day we esther blessings on carron and on tina and on all of the people that are standing with them to fight for the nation and we ask you continue to lead us out of the captivity that we've become ah that we've got under and assessoris much as anybody else as because we let it have and we should have listened to you we should i follow you we should put the barriers although should kind of melt away because now we know and ah now that we do know what you want forward and we know that you will lead us through all things and were so thankful you love us and you will never leave us nor forsake you look at the things that we've done as mistakes and you cover us with blood of your precious son jesus christ and were self thankful for that and all wise do it's turned to you and say were so sorry ah we accept your your beautiful gift that you've given us a salvation through the death and resurrection of your precious son jesus and we want to walk with you please teach us how to do and walk better and be an example and to learn to be more like every single day you're such a blessing to us and in we also ask you gives the feet to walk the path that upon in fronts were not asking for an easy path our comfort isn't anything i'm sure that that is is unnecessarily being coonsider it different points of but the fact that you've given us so opportunity to have a very purposeful and significant life walking for a doing your work here on this ere for our country for families for communities and for all those that you put in front of us help is to be it significantly sensitive to your calling that whatever it is that you put in front of us to day that we would stop that we would listen to your voice and what your asking us to do that we can truly walk with you on this earth every minute of our day praying without cease and turning over all of our cares and our anxieties to you knowing that your folly and control and we have nothing to worry about thank you so much for being her friend your great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you this day and all days ah please bless president than admirers general flint and all those who stand with them all the people that are doing your work on this nation and the ones that are silent that will never we will never know their names but that if stood bravely that i have stood and in in those that have given the ultimate sacrifice we asked for comfort for all the mammas and bad who lost children through this fight and let them know that your protecting your pulling their children and and their with you under your care and in perfect in your perfect love until that day that we meet again so much for everything and jesus christ precious name would pray a man the beautiful prayer and he picked a god is so good you know we there's a reason that every single pers that's alive right now is live during this as god has the plan the purpose you can in these and you know this isn't just a vapor this life is just a vapor and what you do to day and what you do going forward during these determined how in a whare where you're going to be in the next life cause that's sets and so pray and as god what is it that you would have me to and it may not be anything that you know how to do i didn't know how to run for office i didn't know how to the quarter of her five i didn't know any of that but i know the one who does and so you know is to tell my my children i took him out of school and third and fourth grade so he in lord his multiplication as his bes i might be i can do better than that there goes you know they would say they would say at monica's do it is and then i look at him that i know philippians for thirteen i can do all things to chrissie but i would as far as you can go and i would tell the people of the as far as you think and when you get there like climbing steps or climbing a mountain he see over it see the next so you don't have to see the whole thing laid out in front of you from beginning to end god knows god knows the from the inn in one just go as far as you can go and you will see there is that there's a a a m a saying that i loved by william as mere it says until one is committed there is always has to draw back always infect but once one commits an in providence and all acts of initiative you never would have that's one of my favourite so get out and do something to day make your life a in on an end of your life so you can be also told a well done good and faith that's what we want to hear right i love that i live always and with heart hands self for everybody out then remember there's a lot of a spiting out there for you were doing were doing and we need you to join us it's like it's the gossoons aye it's so not a spectator sport this is a participation workother but just so you know you're not alone don't feel depressed gods and control there's no fear of going for the thing's going to be okay he s going to be okay god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the marico it's going to be a great day make it so metal toleicester here and here you can make it through anything we can make it we can make through and it's going to be okay his god's going to see us too so i have a wonderful day and i'll be out to morrow i longmore with white daring bronson were i to talk about those proses because i've been going down that path for quite a while now here and really studying an wore taking his station that whether they like it or not we have the law on our side that the hero choice in us they worked or so guess what we just stand together and whom they're gone out to hear we were stored the evaluated states and don't be gets there and be stupid they howled down as saying violence know i'm just saying that that that's what patriots do and we hold acountable and we go forward in the manner in which we should for god have a great man will set