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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/11/2023 Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published July 11, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eleventh day of july twenty twenty three i had italian i think i need a vacation because my my brain is as a kitten fried and i'm not not remembering otherthings discouse i've been so busy and i've been diving into the investigation so have ily that em that all of a sudden i'm like oligocenethe morning i have a karen and john chon this morning some of the greatest friends a person could ever possibly have and also truth tellers and we stand together in their so much craziness so much nonsense going on out there that you you you couldn't write this if you if you try there there's a guy on my telegram channel there's a guy out there i don't know if you've seen it but it kind o all rolls and to gather be into one great big scrambled egg omelet of none and so what what were seen as there is a guide that the jewel citizenship with em with israel and i think this is in anybody that wants to go your own go after me the jewish a defamation league whenever that is then you're probably complicit in the crimes that are happening right now there is no place for any one to have immunity just because of racial or gender status on anything we are this is purely good against evil this is what we're looking at right now anyhow he was brought to a let me or give me his name here minute he his name is in fear do do do do two go laughed all afghan his jewel citizenship with israel in coatof america think tank engaged in multiple serious he subverted four in an agent a registration and of was actually working atostor chinese policies by acting through a former high racing us government ofis he was brokering deals for dangerous weapons in a rain and arranging oil and he and told mongoliabut crimes till not linforce there is one case is brought up to him that we will be talking about later but i'm not to tell you what i'm pretty extra sure that when we start digging and kicking over every rock out there we're going to have these types of people crawling out of every rock under out under every rock and log in the state of michigan and they are involved in the highest levels of our government including i'm going to say probably political parties because there are working together where the world he cannot for it is just getting worse and worse and we're getting we're figuring out and we are kicking the connections out there so every one can see that because we we've got to stop having this tiger beat high school mentality of heroes and noons we got a little evidence as this what it is is like this is oh i love this for oh i love that person to that that i tenet the show began right now we have to look at evidence and let the evidence stand for so what say you chuck on us weird weird interpath whereon in the state of so oh well i don't think he had no time to dry covered all that it's going to be a long day but how the hesitationin first of all a thanks for having behind he thinks you so sonwas interesting you talked to copsely an action in darntal i have noted a personal friend who i say get me or keel acts negotiated it in i ran when i ran diesis american names closetduties in california is the brother of a good friend of mine is well his father sir your brothers are friends but so is interested i am going to the pursue this if you could send me of this guise name animi will i will in twoweeks i will be with him and i can start asking some of these questions about this person it knows heet me let me through i've got it on my telegram to withers i'm a little fragment ed this morning i have fast and furiously then digging into some connection bodies who are also digging in the connections and i'm going to tell you what guys you you you couldn't you couldn't even write this stuff it so crazy and his shellicoff in on the race stonorthe roaches water they do he wrote his geitonia got edestone they run they run parrhesia hear o gonegonehe this canutic to go here and show you all put it in this is something else i really want of what a show everybody out there that's really interesting because you you know when we when we stick to personalities is stupid thing first of all because people are good good liars but look at the top here welcome to the new look of justice that in the coming months well you'll be seen more pages of this new design share your feet you know it that tells me ah it tells me not only the pet design but it's probably big change so all the elves people after that say nothing's happening nothing happen whatever shall happen to us eh you're not looking deep on showing how you as attorney announced his charges against co director of think tank for acting as an unregistered foreign agent trafficking in arms violating your sanctions against the rich and making faults statements two federal agents galoche a tool us surely citizen there is a whole list of these people sitting in our government too that are dual israeli citizens tonite no mistake this is a big problem to me cometake chastisedthere licences to do that israelcontinues and there notorious planter of torontothe lobbies when we think about what it is they do there is their pronepos it right anticipation o how could he or looking to reduce mecistheus and for so think cogeshall the laws that were created or creating or crevices out of everybody oh i think come to the problem too but are interesting enough for these points asensio well back on the days there was in the coterie had free pins on every day when it was in ps are day or not sorry to hertogin every week sleepers and sleepers were people put in there an anelace and then when they were needed the activated their doctores was to gather information weteyes and ears of the orissathe represent yet there's lots that what they were they were they regarded practised her back olden what do we know about china what do we know about them we sansanding the same principles are sane policies to day we have people catambanco osman alciston california i've got a letter late right but it you got to one there so gods what's goin on his more a ruthless respicere they sure and there's there's also oh there's so much in this article i've got it on i have it on my telegram channel and it's it's worth the lock because i think that what we're going to find out is and here's the charges that are against this this guy present terms we have to be melchisedec to be able to live through all those see as if every nose that he lived to be a very old age i'm so anyhow i this is scaresomeness collodaria wolcot what are you botoniates like the princess well it's it's looks like that but i have a feeling that there's more going on behind the scenes because old to right what i'm seen out there in the state of mission because i've got in several calls and the calls when you get a come from somebody in the pitch of their voices pitt's higher than normal and the shaking you know that their eating their own rate now trying to save their own but from those those free flight three flights that were set in stortinget to get me he covered because dolores or to inspire know that in man i i look at corterealis calls this a promise that i methought ously reasons i got to all this stump another how consiterate case why in my own case when do when i turn under senterpartiet postage will this deluder of there is a bull dog is to the really take him task on is it no you can to squat and loaded what is he gone to located we were five after time when we put her fainting gonerils so we have to do a lot of earl research on potamidopsis on where they can't they can't waggon the gold here is the is to force got rid the serving men the people got hitherward and what they found and you israelitish a great town that's exactly it won't he keep us in slavery and when to keep her in in control the through that through these you can post and they do it with unknowingly we don't know what we as they passed until later on all his sudden replied nonforfeitable well they have ordinatemente middle of the night i mean that's he that's he that's pretty clear and there using their using em in making fake loss won't we'll go to john john john your unconstitutional laws johnson expert on this and you know they're using their power to create ways to subvert what is actually a or carrying out their oath of office their duty as well as ah you know they're in this self enrichment it's all of this sort of thing and they there they're great their great liars cheats and thieves so i think we're going to find out as there's more and more in michigan that working to find out or going to be falling from grace we have this oh james james copied there and i'm going to man all throw this up here a minute too as we do our little quick run down on the the the sad state of the state of michigan right now cause this pretty sad um it's it's very very sad die of what i look at these guys gone i histiopterus they clave the export for whatsoever to day ii think i call him some thing of cicalta a third say that say that again there what to their talking heads now he goes are paid into concionantes what they get what they have no such i look at argirocastro when i watched the other watch aboard the we have during cold good deyotenonni what on god look conosceste or doctor he's got a oligoston of microbiologist i was and i look at her in or go way go way and miss i went continuing through this with people they said look its so called expression except scowlike when the care a car capacitances man kelly oleadores re i take it a reservehow minit wait a better do not the sport i saw i've seen this old gerald over again when i was in interposition of authority higher up to dallas if people come to work for me i would get on behind her bow to my interpolatores bey as the starting point then i used that of transcolonial come back and her testicle backers a word for your right your thing don't successor look out to the girl by wife because the isaarites one thing he do so i would find out a testimonial at all i do not expect or not read to the people we think they are as like it were in politics the very people we thought about i do hold we thought they were as what you're doing we were doing uncovering or people about ten the don't teocote and the caroline to seeking others all along and they don't want us to know that that's okay you may not hear it any where else but brandenburg news network but we're going to just keep crimson and you know too bad for the sous put up a a a pose that it threw out there from extreme michigan knew am i depectore director james is was founding have committed ten counts of wire and mailed in and this is this is who they replaced danny bar latewith makes no sense whatsoever and less they need if somebody standing with them that's already well versed in these kinds of activities because what were seen at the amigo is absolute lack of transparency and they refused to answer question even man depart for gossakes who was who is not one of those guys that i read it with ye wouldn't be listening to the much that meant but even magnoperate these no transparency here and i'm sending you going oh there there eating their own right now trying to save their own sorry behind but inhoneste that both recolho be dismissed acentric fail to allege a pain of racketeering activity in order to allege a pattern plate of moss the sounds like legal posturing to me in a large mantle related predicated act that amount to or pose a threat of criminal activity im in its h j ink versus northwestern valtelline company the parties do not dispute that the predicated acts in this case ten male and wire fraud acts relate coachthe there saying that they don't even dispute that they relate to each other they and they only dispute whether the predicated acts establish continuity or whether they amount to or pose a threat of continual criminal activity on goodtart now at five so ten acts that happen i would be kinda thinking that with those made a patter in there i don't know about you chuck but how how stupid do we have to be before we just decide that you know that this nonsense has to stop you know ostrogoths stupidbecause these people keep on electing these critics i think there given bones voice i know the past president of of the eporediensi of mechanics odorere paddock he got going and to mr wiser i asaphthat they were given despotically colored it so well that the infamous go roger deoseowa even district heronbill dollars go indeed do so pilebreaking it generally of course with the fish district here we got all these creoles to we see we get cocosearse that you get oldestbeing a criminal elegantius threw out the thesis michigan conservative colonies from their the face o pagesand we've got sidled back or dansantesthe clendenon this pitcher here which is kind of interesting i'm how this thing all rolls and apparently a won't you tell us what you know about the people standing there cause the address there is sort of mashing some crazy stuff because pon koska is was working with a with christina it is coronation that as god had real clinospores the detonations like cages a man occorrendo is i like to say and the reason i do that is for people that thou there they think of picturenot i say to go under posing on the yellow scene dofind out that she has is a polity of name okay and go i do it but it's not great so that's a shon where geniohyoid you have a shell the game from his tonsilitic forget sick and go out of me and cotewithout it unbeleever to think of his tootooree sucker i think she got red glasses on in this pitcher too so that's so streetopposition for my sister my sister with a school whither i thisanother great is ordanit glasses so angelike a clinton was her mother and that we stole it is to know my sister tachistoscope and on if you want alretty sister so hercegovina was living rows or something i think her gate gave and was set aside to go back and not exactly an honorable person and now she's kind of faded off into the affection so on we know that to the ay after no egerlie as she can oitavas wandanoe time and interlaces the sinful he really was and so that childenchildren there is the serelopes a reordinative million dollar case he went to three years and nine months i believe him and prison of the seguines loved this etherialises on her lest i get it rememberedoh all rose and five chouski forget i want my favorite people and rosin goes back with me to along way which one form the anochecimos in conspirator collatinus and man and then they have failed when they left it in conserveion which is one of the ofersocnes orgaization cross the state taketake do it better and course they did because they are looriloo then what happened of headman the head of him so she wore that ran for sarpedon cover and is as a roseshad of that is he was the porobischa of open calashe also was hidden in god it embedded in the precarious kept the kept that quieted take it now i don't know why they didn't i i believe it was being hossifus people like me to ye was and knew that we were instructor and rosin by the wayside besides the moscheleses sighed to shatrenschar the people running this same callierges hellisholar meiland i'm settled back chilicoti out of sheridan oh very oh very answer and be member libertate grasses a grassroots purse in who relies of the grass woods pers he likes to claim his she's a care of the grass roots keep as she really is not stood up for grassroots have one thing she's done for grass roots that we can put our finger on an i can't call you i know it is i don't she has it marinas on logs olevain was on the crack in case with the de folowed myself that old thing as should be howled it she was on a precedaneous called the cracked kino idea mary and is appeared at different things and she appearing what people that our questioncharles i i don't know hepossessed there for one who because of a grass or pagoda tell you i don't see it i don't see it at all she is pushed her face out there and does nothing i asked what peoples roche's done this is her second term but i don't see we you and i do more for grafters and his well it is done he to say it but it's like i i don't like to take any term right now because i think pretty much all of merricoviv i'm i'm an american and that's what i am period and history now i'm in american and i richesto by and to any of these the colt mentality you know i am i with you as taxers party which is a constitution party which magically is is there to defend every one's rights and even if logosare it's the rights that were defending the fact that we have that that ability to have opinions so yesterday when i was at that rallythough you sought but a somebody there decided to elect agethat he was not welcome he is the one that kind of lake behind him and corisanthes uch in stephanie and ray were were busy kind of working on this together the scots so had of the locustan tostication and he's he's actually the whistle blow and they told him he was not able to talk so fortunately or not i just said not were not doing this since i went up there and i and i know got a hold of the microphone and said this is not what means be american is the silence people because we don't agree with them or we don't like something they said somebody wanted him to apologize for something he said and i'm an i'm sent here and total absolute shot going when in the world do we apologize for speaking something that we believe in or that we've seen and o'er as a whistle blower who is naming names as his uncovered the people that are committing these crimes and they want him say sorry for this this i like are you kidding me he had a centerboard with bess haloooooo izing be americans come on that's not i agree with you hardly yes got so chosen no apologies no apologies for having an opinion if you want to change your opinion that's fine but ever one is entitled to the opinion and the first amendment right of the enabled to say what's on their minds so we can talk and get down to think i thought that i was fairly significant and it was was fairly elengenesse hononnyagen over all to rothermere well i take great halealii sa can go yesterday i got work on at home i think what things i want to talk about for good off cause i don't get wather guess what's going on in incompleteright and they're trying to take out his chair and the people that are trying to take out if they had better ideas i say go for it but the fact is they don't and the people there are doing it are none other ternaire sang group that was ridded i creed ideas and i go on with the other per cent but they don't all the or good she but they offered nothing in return not you got it you got to be able to say okay this is a right what is it preguntado what are your proposals and as one of the things that we do we can give proposals to these guys if the williston and pray now i'm not sure we're getting people that don't wintonites what we're going to keep poseemos what we are doing with this coesaris to bring out packet were not happy were not comfortable to the word the direction but were willing to work with people providing their honest and truth you ask what we want yet i yet absolutely you just see us hid a beautiful side way to something that john's work and on right there as having having petitions and or writing or doing an act so and so i'm going to i'm going to stop right there and because because i'm it's a beautiful side way to join in what john's working on right now and i thank you very much acuminatis morning because you because people of miss again in this united these united states need to know what's honington in how many people are in there and they it's real easy to look at gretchen waterholders of olotocara out there is she prout you know what nobody acts alone and so it's the net works that we have to cover just like the peones they want to point to different people who will broken lock these people are into huge networks and i mean their huge innthe same thing with in our government or an industry there is huge networks of people and the hardcover for each other the attacking to think about that way i was talking to somebody the other day about how our antibiotic treatments are wrong because they they are single action anabiotics as what the doctor's potopic pros prescribed the problem that we have is that most biological things that we have a problem with actually exists within vital films and unless you take down the mile hams the what were what were a living to go after goes and hides in your body and it can put back up again so you got to hit it with more things to target the bile films the same thing with politics or with criminals they live with in a colony of his evstratova different people covering for each one and they bring that same personality back into the mix if you don't take the entire organization now areyou have a great day thanks and come and so just a grillade ship to these guys of to understand what it is they have no idea about ten what leader is a leader is only as good as the people that follow if the leader does not orenford now ideas how can people follow right hopefully he got to have an you got have ideas to go to willing to which yourself as a copatriot not these page people run around but a group entretethe self everest himself out there all the time why because they both cavigole that and we've the people a gleece can make things better if we work together and we any have to know on we have to do some checks on people to see what their connections are in such as is nonsense to say in wicked i'd like this person that's great i cannot like a lot of people but that doesn't mean that they're a qualified for the job or be a corrupt that there there not something that the something they did admit that they are content so with the allies that we we typically here on beans think that everybody thinks like us or or would approach things like a good people are like that but we don't in which i had typically have the capacity to even understand though the people that have warped minds and warped realities those people that traffic children those for her children those people that like to kill people and and these these crazy arms wore seethey don't care people to them are just throw aways they they're just in the way of them getting what they want to psychopathoses andrewe can we not pass our analysis on what we think because they the theydon't think like we he well any i thank you for coming on to day chuckle have you to pieces and you have a great day with it when the whatever you have had to you and i think are coming on by a girl talk let me my okay so i want to have a quick commercial break here this is kind of cute hoopoes he in that she's like showing at her gratitude by holdes hand i thought it was really cut this morning we welcome guys for that rousing start this morning ah how are you guys doing of guy's me on me that motionyet you got more michigan as guys were the first yonder new trial turn this for michigan quite honestly cause everybody's guy he gus good morning every one is his i still think it's morning but army i hope we are growing enough he you hope or growing enough have from coleorton to have to weave seriously right yeah i'm in the say i'm i'm right there worthy cause most of the people that have been violating the constitution and their oath of office are re are creating acts of and we're going to have to resolve that somehow or another we hope we have enough the take care of that poet yeah i geretotheodorus submitwith business opportunity grow hemp were any lots and lots of rope zackly a it is it's it's an illegal act to have a duel ses if you are in congress or in running for a we know that they do what they are not allowed to do and those that are doing it or creating acts of treason against violating her old wild you have to do if you have to citizens then you're not a citizen of the united states and you should not be an old making rules and regulations or attempting to make worlds and regulations in congress or wherever or in the judicials because your words your lease elegances and two america your allegiance is to whatever countries either paying you or you like the best your hair it is his from her whatever and a lot of judges do the same thing when they step on the bench they were in attorney and then they stepped on the bench and now they say well i put all my turnes stuff behind me now you you've been you've had acts of prejudice than you've been no condition mentally like you are when you go to school your condition to behave and do slitand things a certain way and those things go with you there your baggage so how can you say that you are for america one hundred persons if your carrying a duel they ever seen the list of holding people are in our government have who have dolsontown and ah the vast overwhelming amount of them are from israel of the connection of israel and the deaconess from israel is just shocking but the american people again i understand that the collections are corrupt at this point in time but we're not going to fix until we all get on board and say ah there and were getting more and more people that are finding out and believing that their corrupt than we had back in twenty twenty of ours but were still not at that point where we are willing to stand and take the country back through this process that were working on its common in some it's going to take a little more time to pick up a few more people but and that those that are that are a loyalist to this process that's going on right now to the corruption these people left to be removed or at least her and feather in shown who they are segondo that many of the people in our country don't go down that road to make the connections with who the people are an that's why we relicsold be getting rid of part then we that's not our toltec that's too has to it's too easy to infiltrate and use it for self enrichment as well as britain florence and being agents of other organizations or countries who what's worse than that a lot of people all fear in the public vote for the party they don't know who that nurse was that persons a democrat on my bold form regardless of of what that individual that's running for office is the belief in that person may believe in communism socialism but because he's a democrat or fascist the because he's a republican or whatever i'm going to let but they don't really know who that person is there an done the whole more and so this is a serious problem the men at the the prone stuck his head above water and i knew he was an attorney i knew that was the wrong just because of what i know about attorneys and how they behaved and that ninety nine point ninety nine per cent of a mark there out therefore money that's all their care about they don't theron paine idea what theos as maternal one of em and he's not the only one there is tons of the so got to understand what is going on and we the people have to be more aware of the laws in the rules in the regulation i try to govern our society we do want rules and laws and regulation but we don't want rules and laws and regulations that are controlling you an me we want rules and laws of regulations controlling that brings me back to ah downs versus big well spring court decision that says we are the authors of the laws and therefore the laws do not apply to they applied to the individuals in office because that's what controls but we the people need to understand those no one instead of being afraid of the police and afraid of being afraid of being of the ordnance officers and all those others because they really supposed to be working for us not for the but we need to get that under control and the people need to be more and more educated a society cannot exist less we have an educated all there is to well and why did they take civics out of and life kills out of our schools so that people would come out of the schools with programme and ignorant of what the actual law is so that they could take an do with it whatever they want to do you know i mean that's that's the thing is if you don't know if you don't know what's going on you don't know how to defend yourself within the lock is we're all for lawful shall all of us are are to follow the law and lawful processes stanshawe want we are not law breakers we are law upholders in righteous laws not the ones that are in conflict of the constitution and all say it agin anybody that's all the talking about this convention of states nons is it is on the wrong side of history without because if we change the constitution with the amount of people that are involved in stuff like this jewel citizenship and we can give them acts to change anything right now we got a problem because of the because of the ah ah amount of diversion that can happen through that i did do worcester honest the brother the constitutional convention has what would that prove even if they could get in there and have a constitutional convention and makes to a new amendments say that that's all the old what would that proof number one dey don't follow the constitution as it is christ wore not making them follow the number two if they think that they can change and get a balance budget we could get aboundance what it tomorrow throughout the federal reserve get rid of the fiat currency go back to gold and silver and we would have that would not create the inflation and the a control of the money system like we have right now the federal reserve and the money system created all of the problems because you can if you want to buy somebody off you just print a bunch of pale more in a bunch of digits over to and that guy all of a sudden his becomes so millionaire or billionaire because of the digits and the phony money but it's not he and that's the system that we have created because we've allowed the federal reserve to continue two thousand thirteen that was the hundred year anniversary and they were sold halpen voted upon in congress again to see if should continue to operate that never happened and there was a god by then in a pentapolis that was my recette time and we were saying hey what are you doing about this what are you doing about it neston i would expect your much caterham quite honestly as another one he hes ane other iowellis tory there with a couple of conversations and a blue any credibility with me i'm to tell you that right now i evenhandedly with our no o he is and what you well explained preston what do you know about him i know that he was he absolutely useless as an he did absolutely nothing in cone i have went to him where the question regarding the internal revenue and i wanted them to look at my documentation while he had another guy and i don't remember the guide's name i don't want to name calling over here but he had the inexistent that work for him ben he said at all contract scandens oh yeah they like to use all that nonsense in on me and murders and acquisitions and all these crazy terms of their lead people astray that's right is not a waconta it's about the case the constitution is always bent in and it's the it's the deep state people and those people like gentilio and in his minions that worked for him that believed that no constitution doesn't have any one and so why would you put somebody like that in one i seem to remember a conversation with with mister bonvolio where he did mention a twenty thousand dollar payment that would have to be made by me by you enrouled heard the story oh i have dessidid now i can throw the doctor re then the question is is that that i thought was really funny because you can always say connections and who shows up in the cocoon of a meeting i know you weeks ago and what was he playing a movie by curtis in what was released shocking to me was the move by curtis clark who i believe had helped the can buyer never mentioned ah some critical people that i would think if they were really grass roots would have been in this video kind of shocking to me and of all how his pushing a movie corts clark whose then with can buy her that did the the taping of surprisingly they named every other entity on the planet except the ones that i thought should probably been in here speciously missing was the grand new party so you you think i can't gus put it on i care for is ten foil or whatever it is start thinking once the antinoits amazing how most of our conspiracies that we all grew up within this is just conspiracy there i'm not going to listen but that they are all come to true contankerate ten minutes with that on that one it is conspiracy so there go but there you go and i guess more questions to ask right there and his kind of amazing that somebody tells me how smart they are and in the throat at military military and they don't know the difference between digital and analog technology is here trying to sell you somebody to have you put money into see this is the great thing it's like what were people perceive you have money whether you have it or not certainly i'm not a billion or a man tell you that right now not even close and such when they perceive you have money they throw all sorts of traps out there for you to have to start through right and when somebody try is trying you know get money for things they're like they're going to show you all the great things hoping your domino not to know what they're actually throwing out there and when asked the question ah on these gentlemen failed to let niste when somewhat asked while his all this equipment judge at all or is it an alogether was not one piece of aunt audiguier and it looked to me like somebody went to the trash and pulled the whole bunch of crab out of the trash and threw it in this place and such oh man we're going to really make this look like something a trained eyes have a little bit better ability to perceive that kind of nonsense i see that might own will love attacapan on that would be able to perceive that all analog and the bull ship meter was pegged right then and there et betray oh i'll gentleman that was speaking earlier was talking about checkers was talking about language and that when all we back to bush when he was talking about being politically obama was part of it show but got ondherstand that the bushes senior and rate junior as the same though not any they were this was just carrying on his senior's legacy boston clinton they were pale and it was bush that put clinton in one sir clinton and office because clinton was the big at that meeting down that god camp riot a camp piled robinson parkinson regarding letting us build their letting go certain person build the guns and not to bill clinton brother building and then i could become president if you loved this because they wanted in you know do not lie i think i told that story already in the group then they are meeting in arkansas a bill clinton and in the george bush and i icetidas gray was the cia member and in our kansas they developed a plan to make no george orsino said the clino want to become present and says ah antiocheno can become president but you got to let us build these guns because we can't have receivers being built by cold because it it has a serial number and ill be track so we're going to do that we're going to do the aran contra things but we have to have untracked west on verse it so you're going to allow us to set up the factories over there and allow us to build these it and and we're going to then you know contadora in the in south america and you'll become president the next like guess what go clinton out of nowhere with the most lousiest economy it runs for president and makes st alban well i think they all have to pay a price i mean all you have to do is look at the prices that they have to pay and i don't know if you've got looked into boma's back ground but he's got all kinds of a has got a turbinatine stuffs on pretty sure that it was little eastern activity and a and a looking to the words red white and blue spray because that is where i believe he paid the price she get in as president you know what i'm talking about i for some reason did look that up and did not find it when i was on good go head and i've been out go ahead and talk as second and i on which continue on that thought a second okay what we really need you know when you become a teacher pressbecame a teacher you had to gold through a particular class or school or program and then you had to be tested out o that program see the duke did you qualify to become at same thing in the military in order to get your next grade yet the gods through some sort of training he was not only time but he had to go through school yet the past the classes in order to become an officer a lieutenant a captain the colonel whatever so what do you have to do to become a policy congrs you can hope it at of money is what you got to do it you don't hand and they pass money back and forth between them there's no confidence e toss there's no truth it's just pay a whole bunch of money to this criminal these criminal organization and they'll support you because they know that when you hit it no continued kicking a money now every single course ever single fashion how there medical even attorneys i believe i have not sure about attorneys but medical profession not teaching profession in a lot of the other professions require every one two three or four years going in getting a ah refreshers what do you have to do when you are in congress you don't have to go for a refresher you don't have to re read the one did you ever read the constitution that you sworn to i don't think it ever have i don't be taken a class on i don't even think they know other than to stand upon sage and and you know put a whole bunch of bull crap i'll there you know i listen to colical about thor arachos we got a thorn reactors like wogood job googin that i mean did you go go that that's what nestle told me to do maybe i should have doled you know collationat have a towering that everybody forgets that the school and you graduate is called comet see done commencement starting you've got the now you've got the knowledge the actual foundation as the heart to go out and rested and learned in all tottered and rights supposedly when you leave high school and now you take that knowledge that you gain from high school and you learn you go to whatever your profession is if you're enough if you're the legal profession you record cases and understand how the court cases not the little blur that is given to you by somebody else but you actually have an understanding and you actually go through the process onderstand what the constitution and what are your duty in that one till we start holding these people responsible for their duties their also of we're going to have a mean why would they take an oath of office why does anybody take her because your small to be swearing an oath to the constitute let your going to uphold the tracks not yet violate that because you didn't know too bad ignorance of the laws can i show you what we have other player of two men a video here to show everybody what happens when we have programming and when we have the nonsense that we have out there instead of actual education this is what we get right here the cat love on on this and because as the people who transition are in children his people are going to be like you know the japanese soldiers who were on positions and didn't know the war was on they got my river then this is why there's another reason why this is the worst worse worse social contagion we live or of experienced and lots of people have done the worst thing that you good one which is to hand their children repay because of it that his people would have to believe that they did the right thing for the rest of their lives for their insanity the preterist respect so they litle and each one of those people destroys and tire organizations and entire friendship groups the god lost cometo the number of times that somebody has said to me of a specific organization that has got turned upside down on this oh the depth direction has transcribed for you know of the canalis on that paper the does special investigations has a transcolorated entire organization gets paralyzed by that one person and it may not even be white known of the organisation of their transcolation but people will have served said quietly and now you count your treasure phototypes and you know you can't because what you're saying is you is apparent have done a truly like a human right occasioning to her child that can not be fixed there as specific interventors who are really actively against he is right here and it's not known why they are but i happen to know through the back channels that if because they pansthe child and for those people will do anything for the entire rest of their lines to destroy me and people like me edostoglan me re standing reproach to them i don't want to be i'm not talking to acetonmia spend my time venturedabout then but the fact is that just simply my saying but we will never except my natal males and women spicions it is their son that we talking about and they tunneled their son that he can get himself sterilised and destroy his loistosta function and when the one exception was won and if we don't tis the way back for them on their child they settled their child to bid good that they can't live on and on the one pastbetter to force me to deliver on miss so that so that his compliance the people who will letting rewenging i'm sorry to say because evertentis and its point to the death as for as their concerned in some the young and so so this is this is the problem that we're having right now is the problem with em you know with the the nonsense and the psychological damage the mass at closest that's out there and the damage is stuck we've got we've got this as crimes against humanity when you transition a child is chanted told you to latin it really is and the parents are doing what about the parents that are selling their kids for i've been seeing a lot of that coming out and you know giving into the human trafficking and the child tracing that her other there's a lot of parents that are guilty of this you know you can look at masada that was in the the wickie leaks and you know in the connections there as well as the mother of these children there not these people are absolutely not there not parents though i go for the ones that are honestly breeders that breed kids for to be victimized for other people for their own game this is a sicknes that that we can't even come close to getting our arms around this and understood do you understand this we have gone down we've gone down the rabbit hole so gaybright now i know when they say you're a at the bottom of the the slippery slope while yeah we've been at the bottom of the heap and a lot of crap on to ravennatis not unholier body gets ginnifer out this kind of nonsense is going to continue to go on as on motivation mutilation of children orsino or of crazy psychological derangement yes because the lot of parents aren't parents lot of parents are trying to be friends with with a kid that the grelliche doesn't know what direction or out of beer or hot act or the gorsoon to get into the end crowd that's what it is in the olivetine of it none crazy or ostinato with bringing the child up appropriately it has to do with being a friend of that child you can't be a parent in a friend you while its change that around you can be a parent and a friend but being a parent is the ability i've got the lead them in the correct direction and you the ones of that supposedly no although we have had this has been breeding in our society for a long time so later the parents out there then are allowing transgender had been worked to begin with nauroin to have him bring up a sane kid generally machine if through alertly sad so anyhow that to her anointing to sales spring carronade for second letter way and for a second and then we'll be off to the race is here on the constitutional legal pressall the stuff comes out of the bad legal process and without law and with letting insanity were on the asylum here on yes so he he stalked about parents wanting to be friends and i think it's far deeper and more horrific than that because when it boils down to his you are talking for example allow serving one or two countries you you can only serve one master a train when he went on a citizenship or your life style you can only serve one master are you serving otter not and those people who do these other infelicities regardless of what it is there not serving god and in this is one reason why i've been digging into my bible more because there's a lot of evil out there and it's rear in its ugly head it's the screaming bob cat around every corner right now and i feel like in order to prevent myself from responding in appropriately to all that evil i got to be more focusin centered on god than ever before and if nothing else all was evil that's happening around us is a benefit to us because it draws us closer to god if we seek him if you're doing that then you know how to become apparent because the bible makes it pretty clear god is supposed to be our father and does he treat his children poorly no that is the example he treats his children with care you don't abuse your children here at that are pretty basic concept and these people who are confused are confused because they've given themselves over to that reprobate mind by worshipping something other than god that's really what it boils down to and in no now i refused to say where we need to cept this or that we need to accept people with other pronouns we need to accept people who think there ah ha we need to accept boys going into girls bathrooms no we don't we absolutely do not if those things go against god there abhorrent irid if they opened the door for abuse and to victimise other people a problem and i mean i don't think i don't think we all have to be coached on what's right and what's wrong we we should know what's right and what's wrong but apparently they've done such a good job of messing people's minds that we have mass psychosis of believe that chopping all parts of a child's body is a it's not o king because you've made a decision for them that's going to last the rest of their lights and i have you on to you and let all who had i mean i'm not going to stand in their way i may not i may not agree you know that something that i would want to do but i'm not going to stand in the right they're going to do it is in the adult but a child hold in so right the video that you are watching a friend shared it with me yesterday so something i did see last night but i had hardly any other news yesterday i would at the last two days have been very busy around here so when i was watching that video i was thinking that what she was talking about is not just limited to a transgender concept consider from a perspective of a vaccine parents who gave the child the vac ane vaccine not just a coved back scene if you want to call it that thinking that their doing the right thing right they also introduced something terrible to their children they've caused harm they have not researched properly they've not protected their children which is a basic thing ah why didn't they will because you could excuse it and say they've been taught not to not to look closer so from that perspective the parents were also victims oh yeah me other hand they do have a responsibility to protect their children and before you inject them something ye better look into it so there is a culpability there there are a lot of people who will refuse to look closer at vaccines because they don't want to look closer at the possibility that they could have harmed their child that form of guilt is so difficult to bear that they would rather force every one else to believe that they were right to do it then look at could i have been wrong and caused harm that is one of the hardships of everything going on is not limited to transgender or racine's its encompassing a lot of other things and if people will just accept that we are just human we are not good we cannot see any everything we make mistakes there is forgiveness for that and in rectories in oneschildren will forgive them in time when they can look back and understand if the parents will or any any one who has any kind of leadership position will look and say i was wrong i was wrong i recommend that to my friend i really sorry friend you know is in the if their friends on their death bed you still better do it because we are all capable of making mistakes even deadly once but god forgives us all and that is one of the most wonderful aspects of that parent child relationship i'm i'm working on a sub stack has been taking me a while just to think about it because of the place on that and jesus called his disciples children a lot if you look up children in the bile it like i did and i o my half how many times his children in the bible it's not just children of israel that's very common but christ also called other people children many many times because he cared for them as some one who knows something more than some one else but he cared about them he didn't as we might say lord over them i have the special knowledge that you don't have he was always recognizing them as little ones as people who need it more care there the parrot call relationship there look at how jesus treated other people that is how we are supposed to treat one another and our children what a great example what we have and the grace that he gave to others even when they were sinful people look at how he treated these people and how he forgave even on the cross and i and i think that one of the biggest stolling points any brought it up to your point is that people are going to have to be able to forgive them selves for it making knows mistake because oh jesus of forgive any of us if havereally understand and we admit that we've made out we made a mistake we all had happed that there's not one of us that doesn't have a lot of things that we have to really come to god with and say may i not i i'm feeling heart broken over this and please forgive me i'll never do this over again and then don't do it again right that's true forget that's true repentand forgiveness is to understand what happened what we've got to give ourselves a little grace and those people around us there are true monsters and there are conveho are just really masked off on the th also need to be need to be on a hill because he there there hurt and they're going to be hurt and when all this comes out that harmmuch all of us were unwittingly involved different points of our life in this they hicisemos of child sacrifice of human trnenschwer going to have to realize that you know we've got to forgive ourselves when we when we have to come to terms with us and then we got to git all forgive each other because we're going to need each other to be able to stand together and just just shake our heads in one of the greatest healer personal type of a healer you can have as somebody who's guilty of the same thing you have done so i a a work so well as you can on the body so kind of help understand problems that bring us to doing things that maybe we shouldn't do you know this that's another whole subject right there so anyhow john back to the law here a little bit too i will you bright john wrote something this morning did you want me to bring that of that stonehorse of become want people to know what's going on ye i kind of important i'm in to see if i can share the stock men without recase i think i'm pretty extra sure that this is going to be extraordinarily important and going for his people always want to know what can i do what are the action of will i don't we'll get for ask and ye shall receive right there now i wanted to ask you questions about this too on is this something that we should be doing all the united states i mean what you know what we call particular particular issue was brought up by taxpayer party some time ago four years ago three years ago yes and where in her in the pond yet we're trying to get a change or trying to get a change for can't get a change we got too many road blocks i send you on one of the change because they don't want have any go they want to keep us relegated to the background so that the republican call and the democrat called and set on the top and anybody else set it that's for real they want to roll igate you until the other worlds of of no notoriety no mainstreamed coverage and no ability to actually be what you are which is the rest of the aniettes so this is my my letter and it was an example i took to the wanton caspar group meeting last week and i handed it to and they're going to take it to the central committee and again the proof because if we don't get approval in the central committee doesn't want to go forward with then this letter will die but if the central committee wants to go forward and wants to get the name jane then this is the hiss one of the avenues in order to she netherness and avery county of and like all the way across the state of his tothis be like like a a a campaign where everybody can can noisette in one no i can't do it can be in all the county ah but it's not up to us to go and get signatures and do all of that craving and do a petition we're not into that now i'm not light but this is an administrative change and in it nighties when the askings should we be sending us to all of our representatives to put a little pressure on them i'm sending it to my repose as my representative will get soothed by me that if they don't do okay so only if you're willing to carry the ball to the unsoldering the garry the ball of the industrying the letter alone without any teeth behind it kind of a waste of time and energy i can oh my whole purpose here is to a calorie that the shorepresents my beliefs and my wishes follows through and carries out makes this it says basically lays out with the who they are who i am and i am a presently fired to my im presently in member of the estepar particion which is an affiliate of the national constitutional partic connolly that out ah at this time i am requesting that the staccare party be renamed to its national affiliated this request has been attempted several times in the past with secretary of state running interference he try and discourage the u s expire party from making this same chane we have been told that we would lose our gallant status in all of these that we have been functioning as a part while there's a supreme court case out there and this one is telegraph telephone telegraph company verses or again in this basically states the handling of the election is the duty of the legislate and you can't relegate or or a pass on that duty to another end remember we've got to go back to norton verses shall be county which i spoke without earlier were talked about that again the norton verses shall be conesas des they've constitutional for so if you as a representative pass that information on to a or pass that duty on to an executive branch or any other entity an illegal act it's an unconstitutional act than it has no has no power so i'm laying it out and i always do this i read the parts of the spring court decision that specifically apply to what we're talking about because if i just cite the case or expecting that leg'slature lorry to go in and pull the case up and read it he i don't even know she knows how to fight so i pulls specific information from those cases always and put him in my letters and put in in his court case wherever to this is what i'm driving at nothing else so this is under this article of the constitution it rests with congress state let in michigan is the state legisls decide what government established on this on in a state and remember that they have sworn an old to uphold on chartier the federal constitution says that we have a republican form of one note the mochis i suspect if i ask glory what kind of government we had she said democracy the distinguishing feature of the form of government and were talking about republics here am driving at home it's not a democracy is the right of the people to choose their own officers for governmental administration it's he it's the duty of us in the republic to do this and so in laying the groundwork saying look lady got what i wanted to i want the name changed to constitutional parties the legislative duty to determine the political question involved in deciding whether a state government republican in form exists again stating what i specifically want them to the and under what authority on telling them to do very clear can you read it any other way as the supreme court talk is not meant brings i have a right to do this said this is what i expect and you have the follow through with the republican form of in other words the michigan legislates or has the plenary delegate delegated authority see that all elections are conducted in a fair and honest manner and to deal with the election is with all election issues what happened in our twenty twenty elections that the secretary estates at all or word this was a fair in unst she had no authority to do that she had no authority i say whether the election was legal or not legal or proper or not proper that's the legis when you go to legislature and they're not going to do it because their protecting each other an you know then the protecting their own lections titworthy true you see one they deflect that problem to somebody else like secretary of state then they wiped their hands sure in unless you do some digging and find out which slator whether it was your legislator or not that actually violated the law or that actually voted against a friends i got it you would know because the secretary estate said it was a fair lecture she did the other why why why we can't get why we have three branches on one branch of government from being a dictator such as the executive branch has been in the state of michigan some in the legislature just doesn't do their job these people elected loring one in there are tons of others i could not reckon spend an hour naming him don't know what they're duties er how do we even know their elected at this point time because of so much evidence of temperate in such i mean that is is another question i mean the whole thing in the whole system is just a dumpster fire they still are put in that office and they still sworn osteocolla constitution now if they are criminal and and on the side line they do all kinds of aliabene they take our money or whatever but they're not doing their job which is required by the constitution what the supposed to do then there creating acts of the then we go after for violations of their oath or where not whether they got elected in their properly or not if she's not doing a job properly she's going to be old the key that's the whole game if you don't do your duty you will be removed because you violated your old of office as that those are exeter and the penalty for treasons cleo nothing ambiguous about any of that so here we go in i'm spelling out to them that is your job that the michigan legislature abrogated their sworn duty by ratifying the twenty twenty election was fraud and therefore acts of re spelling and out form which for eager sagan pretty clear ye which each member of the elected body will have to atone to in the near fut the task of changing the us taxpayer party to the constitutional party without consent is a good gesture on your part that you are in fact working for the people and not for your own personal or party interests and that it will validate your position as a legislature showing a good faith effort doing this modicum task and writing the wrongs done in the fraudulent twenty twenty pretty clear so livewell be looking for a reply to my inquiry in the next thirty days and if no reply is forthcoming i will once again request your attention this matter and with in time i will be seeking a coma complaint in a competent jurisdiction were i will be taking you and others to task for violating your oaths of office article no others colleen of the michigan constitution nineteen sixty and spending my time exposing the abuse of the legislator which you are part which you are a part so i'm expecting in telling him what i'm going to do on tellin you're going to be so baby if you don't figure the old you're going to be mentioned as he defended in a losse i'm not playing games with you so this is what i expect from you to do now will see how she handled along with this letter there's another later that being generated right now by another member in our group in that letter is regarding the hat cried oh what a nightmare he hath a easeand you know what she voted my legislator lowry voted yes pardon for that ha cried bill so she's got to get a second ladder from me and the second letters from basically sayres to know we got two things from it again you're going to have to lose you have two things to you don't think we'll get there attention will get the i think so a man a rate if few things in the chair you met a good morning the cattle patroon and such a parent these parents of tree children need to be in jail ah what's in israel down i asked and just cause wantmother to say it i'm just wait till these children grow up in the rage and hate will be rampant calle says while seepies was given too much authority and believed parents are afraid that spies will come in and take your children if they if they actually parent they come dear homes because some one calls and them and give their opinion and how child should be your shouldn't be raised seeschiffen from patriot and callie says now which more his sign and other unconstitutional law but hate sped on and israel is a home of all evil according to collybias human dravidian is israel to point all a donas and michigan is a bussines around our state keep your babies close ye and exactly collie got run stand by truth stand for truth to day and over day god bless and protect his saw and our daily walk and and i like good morning on the other on the other channel i get things keep your eyes open in response to the spa you go back to norton verses she arden rose shall be counting is the law sensual like for matt you get it you have it more like a minute he's using norton but he's not saying i shot she to step on it's a pretty good one i not only a few seconds long ere if you find it i said the two on the second et etesioh but while you're doing that i want to read that little part of norton in time jordan yea all the encordin mattesses you got you on a pull it up right now you want to pull it up at no better tuntosarvet to thought as seeresses of twenty mousley somewhere near about number four four minutes in the while when you see in is recognized for his i think i was seven the members very simple goforfor many astral forbench we want to get when you see gets the i started elejorde little minute in the sun here as erosion of the land from mistresses your hats was you don't support it or were you afraid to say to you do but i'm hope i'm happy to yield to mister johnson on mr biggs or mister mcclintock mister tiffany mister massy anyone and when elselike to joy and mister like to win a i and i'll like to express their support mister gates ever to a bulgin attire ferocemente seenone of them now with all isospore devotional thank you for yielding a young it's in your sorrowsyour i have sir i served her for twenty ostent two prsentire i am not getting answered not and he was getting to that well estertores been on miserysomething is this or now gentoo twenty two years to see yesterdaies on of your colleagues i have originally my time or anything my time mr gatestone so publicly say his supports the finding a tough made nos progress and in a hope that when we got on me i my cosmeticseastern on the beyond know here the catotocalas work accept the amendment to gentlemen and others of fire the little miss nestling my time of soilhave it time to reclaim well i would if you hadn't been speaking over doyouyou ask his on the question wiwisatekwan heathens were you sir overdoctored also made to eppisodin the gentleman from florida is recognoissant you pray appreciate this to trust in the legislation i have offered in many of the features of government that are o mister chief points out a curran other areas they don't occur only in the at now the it is in the that has totally exceed any sense of authorization and by the way it is not even an authorized and antitheo ernment just continues to cry his monadologie show orion own inspector general failed to secure the so back and get it again eaters of government that are o mister ship points out a curran other areas they don't occur only in the th now the top is an agency that has hotly exceeded in any sane of authorization by the way it can even in authorized the antitheo ernment and just continues to get funded in one of the three oonkint according to me who according to the department of justice own inspector general failed to secure their facile and then they violated liberties and rights by maintaining electronic records that they have no legal authority to maintain spying an instructor will the gentlemen all contrains aloneclose insinuator a point i wanted to to me this tenforme ion is getting for congo somehow he might be reading norton he might verengerten but am as regards to an adult protective services and child protected is a paragraph in norton but it is contended that an act creating the border greeting the boards of was fielded in that the commissions were not officers to series were not in those they were nevertheless officers de facto that means as a matter of fact and that the acts of the board as a de facto cord are binding upon the country the content the contention is met by the fact that there can be no office either de jure or de facto if there is no ofice as the acts attempt to create the office of the commissioners never became law the office never came into in order for branch of government and nor an office to become a lawful as the bee in the constant in in michigan and asked to be in the michigan one there is no branch or office of government called child protectives that was richardson the letters he that was made up that organization doesn't by this government stealing your children are those organizations according to the supreme law of the land are verses shall become and the constant those organizations though not exist so your fearful that the course accomplished their mission so fearful of that organization and you coward to it because you're afraid they'll come and take your children they have no what forty to do the now the end of in court because sepsis brought of case against you and you bring out norton and you ask him to show your discureth ority they don't have any is that means they have no constitutional authority to wit and that person whose knocking on your door and saying that we're going to take your children away in an office that doesn't exist so what of the doing her senarmont stealing money from the pole because there at the pot there be fed by the public got by the government so there and their creating acts of trees and there so after artemin john there is little or no yehnonanatche half but santonate the legal end of it they don't have the authority to do what the the only do it because we agreed we allow the and then a mother that has her children taken from me she has no clue how to deal with it or what will he be gone ogoto an attorney and he'll help me up now one his pardon has all ericinol you've got to be able to to deal with it and you've got to be able to know the long how do you do that well norton roses shall be comes out there for everybody to read the constitutions out there for everybody to read i even had a judge tell me the constitution are the norton mercy shall be county is really old eighteen eighty six while then passed tithonos ralala he had but that's what we're based that's what they and you swear an old to an old law that is the law of the land so that's how we were go back to the system and say ah this is what it was meant to be as how it's supposed to be operating and this is how you're supposed to operate and you miss jones think you work for thee ah child protective services are imps and look there loosely eight hundred thousand kids within a system a year she that's an numerositate being quoted and one six child children is a is quoted as being raked within the kids that are taken in to see pass so this is a real improvement happening here right that an i'm not buying this at all i think the whole thing needs to be abolished because they they it seems to me like they've been infiltrated probably by child traffic while if i was ever if i was ever see i can't do anything because while number when i ran my children i did when i was raising my children if they were monoton my door i would when after with the i will let you in and down what how would you doubt dealt with that if you had somebody come to the door that wanted them threaten you and taking your children what would you have done i wouldn't be in first of all i would send him a letter explaining as i did when they had was the home the the other i was at home fleet he the one that made the supposedly the ruling so patriotic ah the one that made the ruling or that we were supposed to get vaccinated were maps ah health in human ser i wrote a letter to help the human services he and i told that the rectory or an apostle ah you are de facto or prove your dejeratus i monatonon old ones so and they sent the letter a seried and that was like the they got the letter on friday because it certified and i followed it monday the guy resided i was at my letter i don't know was a coincidence ok calling to point but he got out of and they backed off last words his parsoning or neither moonman other people had issued when i didn't have any inches when the machete stole my point instinct i would write a letter to miss jones who was knocking on my door explained the herd that she's dead is not operating in the curious that i give her the norton which it shall be counting where she can find that intent and it if you continue to do that then i'm going to take you the quarter and lonesome word go for planing that an flannery plenary damage ah and that'll be millions out now they may i may lose that but they're going to have to come up with us somebody to defend he and have to pay i torneyes they're going to have to go through that process they're going to have to get their name dirty they're going to have to be in or a lot of em just will back off with the fact that the the i you not you might show me and he might just back of that matter altogether and stop bothering on the other hand if they continued to go forward then we move forward without we put a complaint together more or well an i think otis i think this is important because we have to assume people or we have to presume that their innocent but on a level of the criminality without there i presume everybody's guilty that would come to the door that has something to say like i'm the government and i'm here to help the minute i hear that i think the other in the parapyle that works too and there all parts steel and children taking weapons and drugs and all of that i'm the government and i am a bunch of pacifists child sacrifice hers and how a hum and your avogadro here of keewatin throat that's what i assume when i hear that at first and i'm not sure that's a great attitude to have but i think it it works well and being a little set you might stop him at the door and say are you a de jure officer occupying a decurion and they would say all other idol know what that means well i suspect that you ought to go and figure out what that means before you come back to my and at that time he might even hand him a letter nor verses shall become the are you might tell them he ah you begone beginning certified letter from me to morrow or the next they and the al explained my position and so one day i know what it is like with the police when polly comes up to you and he and he flicked your nose or flick your ear whatever and you stand up to him to general misureba down as so these people that come up to you that think they have the government behind them they don't really have the government behind them they think he just like you think they do have the government behind them because you don't know any one we have to know that we are in we the people have the power they have no power it might take a fight to bring that to the fore but it can happen and ninety nine per cent of the time you will be but you have to push back as the low this nonsense the and taking my child from me a nieppe because i'll menomini be fighting you with everything that i've got now you don't know that and they take your child now it's another bet bull game now it's more dire child out of their custody and i know the other problem is having a husband and wife situation where the wife police one way an husband believes in other way and you can't settle those one person i heard i am the great find that the wife wants the baby to be vaccinated in the father does not and so the rein odds with the and she's actually taken in the court to get the baby vaccinated is that's ridiculous how come we turn to government every time we get a nose bleed or cut on a fine government is there not to do that but not to be the policeman we are supposed to be able to be self governing self regulating talking to each other husband and wife and coming up with a solution the or even with your neighbor if you have a problem with your neighbor you talk to the neighbor first you don't call the big guns out on the neighbor because once you've done that if you've lost with the big guns then you have no what he can do that so you don't want to call the the apartment are you want to call the the ordinance officer or any of those public offish public functionaries on on a problem that you might have you want to try to resolve it yourself and so be getting back the resolving the problem which her children and the problem with your wife or husband you want to resolve those problems in how did not take it out absolute last resort when there's being done held to hear it yet no ope agreed but we don't have that ability in ore because we haven't been taught that in the lithotomy nicae with he talked to i get things resulted the problems taken care i am we are in a very strange strange situation right now in our society where its force against fort we've kind of thrown out the the logic in the and the mediation and the ability to speak the right and you know we can we can base our decisions on that logic if some one you don't like like if a plus it is is and be as then you know that do in a logic problem if the people in our government are not standing up against these entities which are criminal and or doing bad things then logically there either covering up for their involved in it or the what being blackmailed or something like that either you standing or i or the stupid so there's only a couple of paths that you can take when you see no action from our legislature which refuses to do their job when i say that i am pretty well convinced if they're all involved in this stuff and you've got whiter that kept the bar with a glory holes old men and lance and two blacks or capellar something while the rest of us were shut down on but sure as her wine to make sure that everybody sitting up there could find something to have intimate relation with and glory holes in a bar you've got to come to the conclusion that they are involved because they all knew about a a certain congressmen ex congressman which i taught you told me a story of being an de segother telling this is how it works cause he got explained to an outsider holt works if you don't pass the task oh you're out here voted off the island went around the corner and hit a woman and stopped to see what happened was horrified got out it was another congressman and drag they looked each other session t say anything if you won't singanything and this colitis hot works in de they commit crimes and they cover up for each other so if they're not seeing things in their not seeing the arm what needs be set to uncover these things then there in on it no there's no two ways about it i don't believe that there is the thirst that many i'll give you that i'll give you that this polyaenos that are stupid more than likely it's it's the other the other way round is they don't get there unless they can be manipulated or compromise you know how a spy a soldier and a another person to become a spy or lackey for they'll ask them to do a very menial task at the version he i'll give you ten dollars or all give you a hundred dollars if you and though get that one foot the particular state i like of the sky desk and all in your one if you go and get that stake while give your hundred dollars as well to yoathes feels the statewere the staple or and he gets his hundred dollars and anon barater may even that same day on ken can you in all another i'll give ye another hundred dollars if you are he's got a sheet of paper on his desk what this letter had that you get if you can go get me a letter head i'll give you another hundred hours i goes and gets the then it becomes wolnothes a document this is going to be worth like five hundred monks but now if the guy says renitence is i'm not going to do that well he omongoland tell him you stole the staplers letter had docked so now the guys in in and he can't get out of it because he doesn't want to lose his job or whatever he's being thread so now he's he's going up the ladder and he becomes before long he stealing major secrets from the middle and he was worked into hate so a lot of these legislatures that are in congress are doing exactly the same thing they on federalist bit here a little bit then the line there not bright enough to figure out i go down to and roads began with should i be stealing that stigler to begin with i don't get it so i went i say stupid yet they aren't most of the marsh take it the gold taken also office they don't know what the old nownevernever that's true about somebody that took out a two hundred miles eller lone against their position in order to buy things that when there was no money there or people that were miraculously a recipient of a cat at yeah well hey a ongive me this artergates swatten right now that i threw that our onyou know i'll do you the cattle at all you have to do is in all do something a minor deed minor deed our own then now he had now you're on the hook for taking a forty thousand dollar vehicle from somebody as a pay off for what does it matter for what or money the money around the back side in order to ensure a certain agree of life she this out you know something out all these questions we have to ask questions questions as an extra accounts that nobody knows her there and i did you see i posted at this week that twenty million dollars disappeared from here an ochlesis of the ascanien his andison that right now as honestly as i if if i disappear from somewhere he goes can make an assumption that you go to my telegram channel and just take a look at the stuff that i've been palestine and then i think he may have a good clue a trail to go down and ask see if i can i got to get a talk amongst himself the incas i'm on to find this i goe we get back to we really need to understand what the constant we really need understand that the legislature is the only body of government that can mak the only body of the the president cannot make it the governor cannot make law the governor cannot make it or anything else they want to call it they cannot all they are their responsibilities to carry out the wishes of congress or the wishes a legislature that's their job they don't have any other from the michigan republican party see that's why i say parties hinge the there you go and i haven't a delay here clearly because i don't know every time you get into something amaze it's amazing how it set at eventide down millions of dollar with peter for the omission or public in park and new penances why do we care as people in the tank here starting the constitution party they have so much power that what they do affects us all it's werry go on we go on in this she so pedro campaign finance record shows that the mission procopii bother the million dollar sense canary and failed to disclose how they spent just about all of it recent campaign i'll find his records were so worse submitted to the federal lectric commission last month indicate that the million dollars in cash had vanished in cash he had vanished without a trace thro the mischieful cat party now we don't know if that's the one before the incoming a group of people or because they won't show us anything and the question is as where's the forensic on it what what are they an idy what are these people hiding i want to know because if they were hiding something they would to throw this out here they would have gone ahead and gone for forensic and what are they hiding so here's the deal to michigan publican party operates as a political party comme which contain conterbutions on making spongers and florence on actions of the local state and national love to influence elections oc and the committee resterois erred with the office and is required to smite regular port to the federal government in exactly how it spanning its cash well i kind o got so few questions to that because it sounds like they're trying to stop in front of the the sovereignty of michigan is a state the tent the mononitro will go down that path in other day reports filed on march leven indicate party had one night four million dollars cash at the end of january three days later however the money was gone a subsidence subsequent report of marks twenty showed that only by two thousand one hundred of that cash remained with no reference of child the rest was finance admitted by the party and set only tracked by eighty thousand dollars in routineers most of which were given to old estate companies to print political mailers and conduct voter serves why do they need the surveys to find not so just be who they are they got to find out how to craft the message for manipulation that's what it is the vast majority of cash more than one point at many a persis just simply disappeared and the financial irregularities are all ready raising on eyebrows among government lots dogs in chamouny clerk arb abiroc proponent of transparency says i noticed something strange about the most recent camping finance filing that you might need to look into seems like you have some financial problems you think two millitant you cannot simply make million dollars disappear officials on the impartedin respond to the request for an explanation no more than they did at this sham ball kicking even on friday officials of michigan republican party dinner respond for request oh my roomsis ect schuderoff cials will likely see clarification from party ofshe why we have to go through this much nonsense to get our questions answered alternately the legal round fications are unlikely to mount to more than a fine why two million dollars in the half of one if the mission gopi cannot spend the campaign delegaspi sibly imagine the havoc they would wreck honestate budget if they were given their responsibility by voters to actually run the state what would they do the same thing they've been doing in all the long it's no secret that remission republican party as having financial problems newly elected charwoman christina chromo announced last week to the party was four hundred sixty thousand dollars in got no i heard at that state committed benmorealso leave six hundred forty thousand dollars in one it is in a pigment even get their numbers right and there's there's no light to reconcile any of this none of it unless they are in less they're doing things that theirs thither not telling us what they're doing theirs no there's no answerable there's no answer to any of the so the severe knows this is your one i geophones tied to people who are tied to the grand new party there all these people are wanting party which is one party were the democrats when are we going to wake up and be able to call it what hence the republican party that may geopenian imparting in p and the democrat party there all in it together i geddes look at the money in the connections and you'll see i and guesswhat i'm pretty extra shark with copple of these no bed contracts that they issued for legal services and perhaps may be even their website and look up for liberty look at some of these things that are going on it's they're no bid contracts that are going out there to their friends and family and all these people that were supposed to believe well they're good people they did a good deed and the path that we got to give him a pass to not follow the danga are you kidding me no one on the milk don't no pass will be given no pass is i don't care if you were an eagle scout a girl scout or you saved a hundred million baby dock if you break you know as the cover for going on to commit criminal activity no cover will be given and no paths will be gone period so there you go there's the there is he and i who wondering if this is why they won't show their funds why they didn't last week end in the ball kicking eat at the state committee neither was it all kicking it did you read about that oh i didn't oh i'm happy to disclose that for so the sky achano is in the way in county republicans committee committee neither part of the colony more part of the republican party came and broke in and i somebody right in the balls there scoffeon guy had a broken rib the other guy had broken down shires i'm sure this was an epic battle right there you know too to all guides that are breaking ribs and breaking dangers is kind of a joke at this point i like or you frigidity me as a distraction will repent stands in the front and praise on well they all marketwoman on an we got our we got her excusing what was supposed to be shown in the first place the financial and was wondering if this is all prisonwhen show the financial because somebody might ask a question like where did two million dollars ossianwere in and if we had that widen we have a a forensic audit of this because it seems to me that we had we had two of them that were screaming and election or a frantic audit from the beginning and friant transparency none of it had it's all the traction at cottonplanter gets with no little smarter after were repeated play book on how their taking down the united states from werethat and they never went back to the accounting after tinother though not open any thing of given to per know who it may i statement an article casrate to save their own what right now cause they're all involved in it such wall they didn't have any transparency they didn't show anything really really made that great i'm so glad for that you are at the you are example that we should all be following sinnot even close notes to turkeys the forenoon a remanere running for election and they came to our group competine we talked to him talk to him about noon we talked to him about the republic i guess we were talking to either clown or or the wall in love listen to reprint to de achitopel speak it's riroriro roetha kind of thing and he never really gets to anything of sobs and anomoeans up to and from colony to his oh a relative of there to defend him in a county as less in six thousand votes it would had no chance changing this select and was there so much crazy going stuff going on home molishers elf to hold me that she got picked up it stopped a clock in the morning from an air of port and it was odd to pure and cold back on the point and point out to andro she said they scalped grabbed and either lechenaie of voting the cinerator took off with that and was like what do i do what do i do i like tell them renkonti gave her a few days to come up with the truth she never did it so i went to to day and hearteneth t was a good idea now that i'm finding that all you tanssista ing of the christino raand dans like no no we were under the of the provision of the sheriff really really at this point time i've got more questions than carter has liver pill you know there you go now you guys know how old i am that was the same that you know that used to be pinaoforte yeah it's like the grotesche and in yokohama in andronico who had no friends to god at home how long has it been in that one point to million dollars came out how can you not be suspicious of every single one of them involved that in this i think we have an answer for ourselves and that would be oh what a tangled while when first because things that are digital can never be read for a guessed who isn't half bad in investigating and looking things off oh is that a problem for people because you know what that that's a huge promen i i think i really think we're going to find out more and more what's going to come to the surface going to be kind of damning you know like like shared phone numbers with the michigan conservative or aprosos a protected source and michigan a conservative coalition as a shared address there in all these people sit in there to gather but there's more than that there is much more than that it doubtedis in to here it dives into multiple into anti it dived into connections connections connections and if we're not sweating yet and it doesn't matter something happens to me that informations already in the hands of people who can actually do something with it and no there's nowhere to run there's nowhere to hide its game over when president trunks lad we have at all he wasn't kind fredawhat criminals you can sweat on calling her voice shake you can try to deflect and gaslight it is as the video games sake you were we were theme over ports on criminals so there you go should be found this is going to be one oh we are definitely living an interesting over the target in there you go so anyhow care and you want to come in and say a few words and its love and o'clock and then an we're goin to we're going to move on for that for a day without which got to say care i don't know but i had done an it ain't no there so much going on in her so much i tracota glad did do you down and chalk are capable of keeping track of the hooshomin the zoo because it really is too i mean we've gone past the goat rode while go i think in a weaponized ariseit now well well you're revealing so much and to john i was say well good luck with that oh my my thought is every like i etchak about all the time and carrying a riveter is known for saying we all have a role to play and and i don't want to put down any body for her doing what they feel is right and there rolled to play and certainly you have a specific niche that you work well within my challenge would be hwou threat in a defacto legislator and the ego into the court system its like asking one corrupted branch to discipline another corrupted branch and and i have my doubts such you'll be successful there not that i'm saying don't try something because you might be surprised you know i would be foolish to tell donna don't try to win your case against the system for the election is she that she had she might be successful in some ways there and regardless of what happens there is an education in awareness that comes out of the effort so we must learn how to sell govern you point that out yourself john we love forgotten how to sell cover a long long time ago and the idea of self governing is now to monsters we chipilly dust elect other people and let them do with their going to do and what they do is they ask an attorney how to do their job instead of the people and the tones as you mentioned are corrupted there very corrupt so you're your asking you're elected officials two work with other corrupt people to do the job that worship poles to be instructing them to do and then that and then we wonder why they say we are the bosses it's a literal thing that we were told in our township because that's what that clerk was trained to do they see asses and audience instead of the other way around and what you're trying to do is instruct your legislator and then hold them accountable so i plowed you for the effort i don't know if you'll be successful but if nothing else you can teach people about the process that is it that is in place it now how to use that process and hold them accountable from within ah there may be benefits to that so everybody everybody's got to give it a try whatever you can do and am i as donaisan earlier it's all good but the man of ivorysome thing the chant before before you do that i just want responded karen i den more excess ful than court than that jean wins and he wins a lot to give you some idea what in over in wondrous as i believe the geopena not be the problem historically it has switched parties overtime it is the infiltration by progressive democrats in the perfect progressive republicans they progressive show up whenever will it's dis call it progresses or marks is not let's not call in progress is let's call a spade a spade here and a progressive is a marked it's the marks is there communists here marks as whereon to call it contoomacious this is what you're talking about here so the marxes progressive shot whenever the geop takes back a good and godly platform it is very hard to hold political plum line and a coin the cabal environment that's exactly what it because they throw their assets to us and take things over if only the agoindeed actually remember history thank you that was a really good post there and i preciate that very much it used to be the used to be the party of of an noquite use sotto strict people of course you know they get somebody out there who am in the last month i sent it home people that all of a sudden miraculously they've been saved and they jump upon her as stage some and i'm sorry i'm not buying most of this you know it's a will see we will see but i'm not buying a hook line and sinker when they throw stuff out there on the th stows the bible probably better than any christian out there and so and when when you've got somebody who's a spy or an infiltrator they're going to know you they're going to start you they're going to know exactly what you what pushes your buttons in order to distract and two deter you from reading a good and a good and truly godly go that's there going to go go after and so you have we haf to remember that that there's many people out there that are using god's name in vain in order to really slap god in the face on these got work too well because i'm pretty extra sure that that ah when when they really meet god the god of just the god of righteously of self control of the oconees he's not only the god of love but he's also the god of justice and the first time he came was to come as the redeemer and to die for our sins the second time he's coming back with justice and i don't think there's going to be any way that any one's going to get away with the lying shoneand stealing that they have been throwing out there and then walking then here you know i'm out there to take you down to lie tenseless you as they walk out the door you know and that's that's true i don't think it's going to work too well just just a gas whatever anybody thinks you do not why mock or dope god because he knows the truth in something that i thought was pretty interesting is if you go back and history have you ever looked at the difference in i'm going to make it israel connection screw everybody out there for not wanting me to make it a israel ah the israel connection that's out there when you look at their their tax and the text and the torah and the half dora and then all so the tone there is a huge fire because there was huge infiltration from satanic forces from babylon right back from the beginning if you don't know this the tolete hes that there is no after like so you can do whatever you want in this new consequence that the followers of the town men which is infiltration also believed that you can sexual relations with a three year old child and it's nothing more than poking them in the eye read it now what you're looking at just like read the constitution if you haven't read it and you don't know what i'm talking about then you better stakes in time to read this stuff because it's true we have had infiltration into the institutions that god has put in place from the beginning of time now does this linen that old all people who are jewish and houses our evil no but do they have infiltration you bet they do you bet they do and oh when when you look at the infiltration where what are most of the banker what are most of these people that hold jewel citizenship with israel what what we have here and just because somebody is saying is saying something like that i don't care who you are if your christian you better be the first ones to clean house in in no inposed people who are infiltrators with insane and claiming being christian same thing within our government the political parties in if you're not you're in with them and the same thing with israel if you if you can't call out things for what it is because you're sold fraid of a scrutiny well then you're probably and with them and you have do not be afraid of scrutiny and calling these things out for what it is ah it right now we can steers all of these people of duel citizenship with israel is as israel people is really paid people now is this is it the chinese people when we say china is as you know coming to the united states this trio not tryin to china is that the chinese people no who here who are these people that are sitting at the top if the one world global crime syndicate and they have gotten their tunicles into everything that we believed that good we have to go back and look at everything and we have to be willing to not sit there like a bunch of freak and cry babies and say don't say anything bad about people that are christian i welcome it welcome it and i'm i'm a christian if you want to scrutinize things doing it because your help means to get rid of all of these bad actors that are posers that are that are impostor womanliness or even the ones that are not pastors or impostors or impostor and pasted and that our trying to lead people astray the same thing would people that are or jewess help us find the ones they are that have been truly killing and leading people astray that are under the monoceros and that are under the label same thing with republicans democrats all of us it is all of us who are really against the criminal enterprise which is set itself up within so many organizations we have no quarrel with the jewish people we have no quarrel with the chinese people we have a big quarrel against those who are impostors and pastors whether your christian or anything else on the top i guess what we're going to call em all out it were going to throw out there keep it up and you're just giving us tiene anyhow with that sad how about we say a prayer and we add the shafter eleven i love you guys to peace john and carinissima ing and ah i really appreciate all you done and that you've put into you know your lives and you chuck too into bringing the truth for that or uncomfortable truths that people don't want to hear wharabout the dear heavenly father thank you so much with this wonderful day that you've given us in the ability to sort through this absolute mass that we have politically ah religiously in our schools in everything and that we've trust you god almighty the father our creator the father of heaven and earth to lead us through all of these heroic things that are going on around us we love you we trust you no matter if we're walking right down the middle of people who are criminal actors here that are standing on we trust you to bring us through and bring us all home with you and that we are in your care you protecting us your loving us you are showing us things that we need to see to really grow up and we really appreciate that you will never leave us you will never forsake us that you will stand with us as we walk through present darkness which appears to be all around us you are what you are the true light and the only light or a precious precious heavenly father we love you and we are willing to go the path that you leave before a please give us the strength to walk that path that you i have laid out before us because we know that you're there you're always with us and no matter what her eyes see we will promise to focus on you through your leading new york street and and do the right things help us to always do the right things and not be not fall into these traps show us what we need to see give us discernment and wisdom and also grace and mercy for our brothers and who have been led down this path by the by the impostors by those who have set their hearts against you and ward in a war against you those that have sighed with satan himself we as you can confuse every plan of the enemy and that help us oh to tocontin to walk forward with no more deception no more reincit no more wine nor cheating or stealing but with absolute transparency and a starts with us we ask you to hold us to that standard and help us to stay within that standard we can only do three your grace and your power in your steed and we dismally know we love you in the name of jesus christ our precious saviour we pray the iberians that's what want wandering of a wolverine wang or said yes being breathed very inebriant search the scriptures they searched to find the truth and that's exactly what we're doing so any last words gus no other than we have a meeting on whence they nights ever welcome to come to that meeting to manning to me as to our wednesday night meetings is i will be at nicholas on the twenty sixth to be the restaurant on telegraph room candidate at yahoodom right getragen to there i can care and at nothing as thank you so much for being on and so he regathered go let's hurt hands shreeve the her hands god was so you why bless all those whom you love and god bless america were taken up back and even though we go through all these things we have to have the fortitood in the war that were on because the war is in for is there to take our minds to weaponized where there lies to jump on and further their lies and refuse to look at the truth we that that's what they're after thereafter our minds and our children because of course they've got out their patefond net works out there and all the other nonsense with drugs or in weapons trafficking and money laundering and all that out there need to just look at this so sosiego to do is start looking into it and it will become the the fog of war will very easily start lifting if you're willing to look into these heart issues nothing scary about it when you have got on your side and now walking forward with truth and justice a you have nothing to fear so no fear going for it love you will get to morrow have a great day a i thanks i succumbed i thinks john thanks are