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Published July 15, 2022, 3:58 p.m.

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hi guys, this is donna coming to you live this is the first time i've done a live broadcast would stream hard so i've got three cameras going on here think it's going to be fun i'll talk to as soon as i as soon as i get on these other two we all make sure that we pulling into this anyhow lots and lots of good stuff going on right now and ethie exciting time to be and we are witnessing history in the making right now i am entirely sick of the two party system hang out of animation corruption is an older come all and we arranged in agram going to be a lot of fun so the corruption is to overcome table what we're dealing with and they are removing good candidates and only giving us in allusion of choice to day there was an articulate out on another candidate which was removed and i don't godfathered to be of the people not all the political parties not all then not of ben handed to so aprilis going to be out here just to meet we're going to go livermore's voice should be allowed for at the second so we've got we've got a couple of special gas here now and see arsenal so while season to go if you have any if you have any questions if you have any comments i einai canaries to them as we move on here and this is this is going to be a great role i got to tell i don't think that they could have given us bettany better gifts than what they have given us to move forward and truly take the state back and and return it to the people which we haven't had a very long time granny it elicited a right now and see the cows but here the going to be part of this we try to get the spear of work i take literature time for everything new cameras doing us with bravery okay in training nontechnical bugs worked out so to day i met with a bunch of patriot said the tutor and grand rapids of the wagogo after a hope the april inconsiderately what i've got you a got integration is what is life stream to face but in such so to dine backstairs we start off over overhead so again whenever you whenever he writes to sit that was certain income on my return goavernment when we were in that for a minute then a itinerating are goin to get serious here in michigan real quick you are a man indigestive all over the united states he is going to be great no republicans played stupid games are going to get supplies it is so late bettersworth conterminous pleasure than so much for having me on to day and that territory my supporters and so are got integram going over here and above three of terrorised over her slices going to be a lot of fun in it to always portal automobiles the operator social media as an unsocial media calls it can go to brandenburg for governor that come i am alternative i number four animal and alienations agrando gashwiler sidorenko stream to a beloved out there should be a loser and so used it pray i talk about necessarianism course meteorologically without toleration it would be frustrated right and alterations and inaccessibility to the madonna i may now was more like a thousand of my bellarmine got out of the new even though that it was in the testamentary actually found them only after i illinois be the first clue for every one there was seriousness on he beatified and containing a niaiserie totalitarian while this is the official looseneth i officially running out the us taxpayers party which is the constitution party and we have a clear a very clear short now to november so we go right past the primary and all be on the ballot innovative very exciting so to all reporters no worse told jones going to be at the ball i set out to win the governor to push his state back together have got the i've got these presumably to put the state that together better than any one i see out there and were going to do as i take the second back he down on this and it's not only is going to be an epic history mademoiselle and i really glad that i took opportunity to run as a republican i was in fact offered to run on the constitution carried to run on the republican ticket i didn't even know i didn't i didn't really though i airplanes in such i never been politically attached to any one philistinism of godhead and run his repentant of the major part does not it's not working it's not working at all the corruption is so deep it incredible so we got to the point of fusion lawsuit in the interior and i took emanated wish to watauga came down from the judge i was going to tell him all the seven and jump off the party anyway and i got a remotest on paris taxicabs i wouldn't stand on a savage of these people not only are they corrupted no interest in fixing this state so it was time to go bigger go home time and so my admission that right now assimilates textures partly constitutional and i am also costantino and this is going to be a moment where the two had engaged in corrupt politics in landsmannschaft dynamic too which will not be down and which is going to try this corrupt system down into something that looks like almost unrecognizable where we are a fact of turning this government back into the government of the people by the people and for the people which like a semitic noiselessly to welcome my his persecutor it is the move we be wonderful the badger in her own right we have two badgers here forget to retain a famous basenesses homicide for me tenderest of michigan everybody take note whoa honour having a even he greeted i somersetshire sooperstitious i was an antagonist lorrainese interdenominational and witnessed over twenty pounds of production and anointeth companies several for publicans as well in a dust i got on albatross senegambian in that we have seen in our party is just a man is unbelievable mahiette point where i senatorial removed off and i want to see my exertion listening for election temerity and fighting for his estate in the mashonas hard as any one could possibly do and you know what a traction who is willing to fight and not at coutances i have above six lawsuits he all that we are going to continue to fight and set pressin the state and we will not be back and down and to all the show out there that his graphic up in the last few days i have promoted because we don't really are not going to engage a communication which shows we have a state take back is too important to be distracted on nonsense the issues stick to what we need to do to fix the state and leave the dramatizer you want put in but it doesn't belong in the politics of michigan and we will put it down if we hear any of it were in a cinquecento childish an realisation georgians waterloo people as a complacent to remember his repentance nor was usefully overestimate the one have little kaydessa my questions are interdependent because i infinitesimal earliest party you constitute many people against her boisterously you all they have completely failed as we melitopol wisely from the holoserica turnover stepped in to defend the anyone they threw a soft with no defence they did not pioneers entente election it was a complete abandonment of candidate other than the ones that they wanted to sit at the top of the people that are sitting at the top of the leadership of the gods if they didn't defend us why should we have any concern for them they they totally abandoned us in a totally beneficent trap and they have told me and then have fixing the twenty twenty election when a crime was committed so it's time to may begin to run for the fight and run actual candidates to her actual true republicans true constitutional conservatives and take in and restore the constitution republic to which the men rather than special interest in you now run to the party this nation is being run by corporations and in conjunction with puppet politicians we all know it just that worst stupification ready to take the packet look at black rock and again arabella there pulling the streams on on everything and you can go look at the union the other corporations to which are fully money and deductions which make it to the politicians i had some say to me that doneraile she won't take that money and she's a woman that was part of the comments to which i find absolutely hilarious dissonant do things that are very very different and furthermore last week i had twenty million interactions of line the next close of candidate was carried late with eight la underneath that cabin rinkitink republican candidate and three hundred thousand which puts me about two twenty million head of the next candidate which i think we're going to give em a good run for their money i think were were doing extraordinarily well and we're going to continue to do well general lee is staying with us with the indorsement so hesitating with the candidates at the part so were seen significant and significant people who realize that the two party system is broken and can be fixed and their supporting who are actual good candidates who are willing to fight for the state the nation without being with without a compromise going to be reorientation can taegither all and you know comparatively for friendliness i see i entered a cooeperative predatory resettlement for those manoeuvres arch about six to eight hours every day i don't know tremendous amount of reckoning over the years under many different names you might know me another some other names that is written under and so for me is not only a candidate actual truth behind what were seen behind the head lines and in it i also do i connect that so when you look at the connections of our state our state has so many connections to the world like an amharic is the very disturbing to every one because that is a i should be doing made and aconite is organization which which goes after state which goes after assets which most after an economic advantage to to debase state the population in the people so with meriones to george sorrows as a solatium and be made in an agreement to bring the world economic form in two detroit that the plan is to bring the world economic forms headquarters to detroit so we can think this current corrupt imitation we have for that but we can also go further in that and look at the corruption that behind sat in big doors in the state in bedinger large investigator report on this which shows the amount of foundation involved in this how they move around how they go or public universities to one money and were talking in the billions of dollars and that only men how we can tie that back to the special interest in the political parties unwise the head of the republican party has done in a hundred and fifteen million dollars to the university of michigan opuscule lariated agent all soothing corporations such as that better involved in our technology all in a commerce that are involved in institutions which we have been told to trust those institutions are part of the problem the political parties are part of the problem michigan is a one huge money laundering organization so this week one of the things that sound as one hundred million dollars for a twenty seven mile like path in detroit now one do to malone that that is over three million dollars a mile for a bite at wean't fix our rods and an inward putting three million dollars into a white path in michigan it assertions it in the winter so we're not taking care of a prioritization and going back at a goat the roads in the proof the roads i have gone all over the state for the past in a humane and you know i am on it i work and instruction i own a lot of and young big yellow iron and no one is looking at construction site so impress the state as it dawned on the sabot a twenty mile stretch at one period of time had our way orange barrels in twenty miles in approximately a hundred fifty yards of participant which was really pathetic tousaint to to give the old women that they were fixing the road by inconvenience people will guess what we finally get within four months of the election and we murdered something hoping that people have a short memory and how the very the roads are now bad they gone for us before years and all the sunset a bunch of stuff out there they just came on at least five entertained the tutoiement people in order to destinies she's really in her but he really sad reality of it all these roads are federal road so my questions still as backwards coming from that should be from the state of michigan fithian road that doesn't include this is federal soldans er the question of where are where's the money going on we paint the task as taxes for the roads well harthouse sooner punished dunting into the general fund in order to hide in some raconter hand in a cook caroline need to be and to be separated out so that we have specific fund for specific forces cities that can't be taken out looked around and unaccountable for so my my intuition to the postman and watch watch the heads explode me saying as we need to publish the whole thing for tattoo and what the people of michigan look at what they've done exposer hundred seventy seven million dollar christmas tree on which which amounted to a botheration and odd and i and we need we need to go through that among other i latoolibooloo analytical marianson eternitatis wittenbergers abeelities infinitesimally heroine it was a thread that watermelon is but a good literation of coal in hopothlayohola you are lacedaemonian several region the state right out because they don't know what they're doing the botanist ration has ruined this country for captain furthermore shows a confidence he had recovered grand home as a artistry and she doesn't even know many barrels of oil to use on a day so and we need to have qualified people not to speak or has which are in fact drifting of the system in one more than grand homemade a huge amount of money because she is heavily invested in the telephone so he made a kinetoscopic in the million and that needs to be put on their toes we have politicians making money awful system of the regular road colorature trumpeter entertainment what that means is that our exports equal are in port and it was it was that why the prices were low in his deep six everything and hold money into the greater initiative which people may be don't understand yet i supported and started a research project with western university reconnoitring people onderstandin of the juries forms of utterance because the cowardly need weapons come that's more that more environmentally hazardous entrench we took out of all orreries so that a disaster there putting money and to be and i mean that jorinel at two million dollars a windmill that better that there putting out there even if you looked at it as an investment a window of that magnitude and mounted energy is that it creates and the problems would take thirty six years to pay off that initial investment a window fails after about twenty to twenty five years so you got more than ten years that's just his no paternally that people don't realize what they're doing with that the energy companies which are all the green daneman's are attached to our politicians and such so i like a romantick and then they go into the dark money and that's how the money laundrywoman fine and then may how a titian kind of hateeta behind a back that way to it it is i it is a very serious problem and when they write to contract is just like the gasolene i could tell you lots about hollerin to distract people from what the really after the winnowing out the companies will estates windmills but what they do as they do in radiation so now we have with sidonia that are failing and coming like the catechist there cause he can't hold the break but the wind will companies do not take responsibility for removing them so we've got all these windows all across michigan in the united states that when they failed because these are not permanent fixture this is like a temporary fictional to be read repaired repeated and it set who was going to take them out because the land is antipathies father farmers at land and some notable to mediate the problem that these in winter unrecompensed so what they do it like a stray dog coming and coinin your yard and all the sudden take of execution after it because they're going to grandemont was initially invested from the chance martaban we are going to have to pick up to the comforts or we will have wine unordered yards as far as the eye can see then that take responsibilities for the messes that the cause i make just to the iceberg on all of the isoperimetrical oleomargarine is itineraire unwearied itineraries parted i wonderstone incarnation at early radiance a dorsetshire and i know one when she had one of the sixteen potowatomies said you know i find to be a separation or country are obviously the astonished at the problems with our schools anoukhoron i have a two year old daughter and i can sometimes costing her pocohontas for the polishing the sensational by children schools ainything that's a huge travel we have so many problems befallen the bed one could go on for days oh you know that's why i broadsheet be running with her and you know as i do or that she shall me assertained for what we have come in written a little because one side statthalter side of me mother and tell the sick of guineas to and tell me we put estate back into a fashionable brogans tion it should be run like a business with return for the work of the taps has the money that we can attain a benefit to the people of michigan america first michigan first in that way that we were going to strive to run this and people if he langobards they're going to become irrelevant themselves real quick and endeavouring ordinairement eveleen of the estates for they are guttapercha antithetically to them and chronometers ten o'clock on sartorial encourage any one who wants to be a patriot and stand watrous of patriots that are not only to note the businessman brassington was in the swamp as a that's a great place of sturgeon derful group people and so we feel that coming out and then after that the role of going to be happy again offered it to do it actorines of there and then to oregon to be doing my little bit of preserved of course so i don't goin to be doin a news channeville and then will repose that annie now that i've got my leonore eeeetoy ironville to back to my speaking schedule because i speak in all over the state beneath roars the state and wolmerstadt we've got the legal part of this miltonian as soon as he sinceritas going to be ladislaus as soon as we get past next week a they intentionally allowed people to go to brandenburg or governor to come and my telegram channel like telegram because of the sense is to arenberg for any but you can find all my social media on by website of brandenburg for governor that the sabaeans i soothingly you like me any real poor out there that wants to report true you only one that actually reported the ten thousand signatures that the bordenton of my signature the madelonettes a second mission they lost westerhouse thousands permission of and never found them and told baboe in till we filed in the supreme court and you were the only one that had the guts to get in there and say woodsdale ording and i'm very thankful for them and doubt and i think that all patriots should know that a prominent a real journalist not just a political faith nehal she actually reports the truth and were very very painful for all the work you do your amazing i lieutenant a anaesthesia desolate to me you inadmissibility as the cafeteria going to be great it's going to be great litigation is going to be it's going to be an amazing her with less surprise i elaborated london brisacier here on our face lookin integram lie if you want becomes and herman'll be sitting here and we can talk to you so yet to her must go there's integram is and here's everybody else i'm looking at the command and what we do in the more so thank you for the wonderful support of body as given us it's it's amazing that this has been quite a ride and such an honor to know all you guys i know many of these that are sitting there the catharpen and crowded proud to know you all no i said i am you know i think comptometer going to cut my followers was done so we can do this together negotiations that were oleander really excited indentation that bananas me veronese and buttoned and and i know that we echange in her heartiest but the republican pretty as i said the last the mountain i said it is just so in future and as chancing out and telling all these democrats to vote as republicans and unrepublican now benefitting the republican party even more an we have servilian clerks that have absolutely no idea what's going on terapia election coming up on antoun they don't even know how to run an election merely so there's a south we have in our country a venerated in our country it is just in our partnership and in some penteconters that we are having an anatomist as personal to do that where we start and we start within ten minutes of fire in sixteen hundred and two people that's goin to be the first section with a ten minutes i had a point have that cut opsonin at right there where we are and we're going to go we're going to go from there sorsogon it is absolutely shocking when you start looking at not the budget of the actual dollars that are behind it all to be going how is it even possible how he he been doing it this way for years because and were watching them and if we don't watch what's happening in become intimately involved in how or government is be on some one who is evil is going to run away with it so he to have what i see transparency i mean transparency and ways that we have never ever seen before we need have no systems we need to have we need to have faced and we have them now we have all the electronic ways of getting people in touch with what's going on where it was safe for instance bill we have two thousand bills a year going in front of our legislature and michigan how could he be passable they can't even read that many i don't think they could read ten bills a year i shall understand with the gals what's happening is like the infrastructure go was twenty seven hundred pages long in eleven percent was for infrastructure how can that be so what we need to do as we ashore in the belling we need to require every single person whose voting out of bellaire a complete reading of the bell we need to post the bill electronically so that every single person had michigan has a voice and to give her opinion to this bell if they want to impetuosity farming or farm restriction that work can not too well for the government over there in the other lands and i think we shipsuit for farmers to be able to weigh in this so we post it or a man what a people be able to put their opinion and tallest opinion of the opinions of people coming in then if the achang is i think that all languages a bill should only pertain to the title of the bill and for your more each bushel have a preamble which states the gold behold of the bell and the day it has to be accomplished by if the bill was not accomplished the state of gold by the state of day way out to go by he goes in the trap and it never reared again to dislocate so that's a good start about the past the past the past of mere names of the same with a bill these packs and her name are the complete opposite of billywith the pantano in on the michigan freedom member the devotees but their doing as they were the afghans the american first candidates look at that look at that they think it the amendments were going to be right onorate but protection protection protect the boat is in fact you know completely destroy the elections in any integrity we have in it by providing a people an excuse not to provide an identification and momont other things it's a really bad and then be there another one is coming up having to do with with the right to choose which basically gives an open and open a gadarene no matter how far along they are the pregnancy to terminate the life of a human being it completely destroy santo the life and the problem would then is as the next step is in fact what several other states have been entertaining in their bills which is the right to a board after a callicratidas after that is in fantastical home day after birth can actually murdered the child she would return with murder but as you allowed the doctor to do it then to wander stand well this way that their digitated is it is not murder if it pineland a mother can literally lay a child down and walk away in if that may be dies from neglect or abandoned man it's considered an abortion up to twenty eight days after her this is more this going people and the slow old rule in erosion of our rights as well as in decency in our society the effect cartier pornography in our schools and such if we do not stand in sight this little corrupt a disgusting organization that we have in place is going to completely at horrors in front of us that we probably can't even think or imaginable or possible this is the direction it's going to go so in howsomedever and ease your latterly gatepost oneida i know she was looking to his bankers i heard that she recently got a physician we joilette along someone favors and crusoeing who and who is getting the who was getting paid behind the scenes so alert all are somewhere even you don't mean office than him that many millions and millions of dollars behind all further portugalete through something of that was absurd that suddaine is running for office just heinous have completely missed that mamma and or that financial report because that is absolutely a lie in a misrepresentation i think i would know if i were a billionaire and i am affectation i had moments a just as i had obsolete aeons anyhow great so glad that you guys enjoined us to day and we're going to come back again and it's going to be you know we've got we got the honey badger here that are going to go after everything and i you know what i howdacious we like the fight so i think that the righteous cause so statue being happy and truly truly love this nation and we love the state he is in amazing place to live it's an amazing it's an amazing state for so many reasons and the greatest thing is the people that we have loved and lived with our collier we know the generosity of the people of michigan reading now the beautiful hearts every one has we been around the state talk into every boncassen every one and i hope we get a chance to truly meet you all i shake your hand sit down and have a cup of coffee and talk about what you want to because this is awful but this is all about us this is about us we the people standing together taking the nation back returning a government of the people by the people and for the people join us get it enjoyable done so join us and let doister is going to be it's goin to be amazing and we are making history together i can doubletongue god bless you all