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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/29/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published March 29, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandeburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is march twenty nine twenty twenty three what a great day of the olive and welcome to redeem a grace i you know what i've been doing a lot of pondering about the state of human beings are i know are a human family here and at the sadness that we have an omental you what we got to go back to god and truly wake up and enjoy the day and such song a start start to day out with a little video from backache love back ache she's a very very inspiring and and i believe a very anointed person as far as he reims's go there an end listen to her starteda of in the open bring the there go there's my old commercial for backache all her music is good and prays god what a great day to be alive right you know you know what that reminds me of o'really thinking a lot about this about getting back to very a very simple way of living we really you know we've been within running around believing satan fly that we need all this nonsense out there when the simplicity is as if we pulled it back and we put her time into our families and a correlation ships and our relationship with god and do the lord's work everything kind o falls in a place you know it's like we we've got such a such a confused and out there right now people don't know how to stand their lane right and investing that is god is good we are not he created us the way we are and we're we're like a little contained universe on ourselves in a way because all the stuff that he built within us to be great is already there and we docetae what he's given us in his talents and follow his leading and let him let him lead us along and not try to be everybody else just be who you are and that's that's perfect you know one inwlitode you're going to find you know everything that everybody if you think you're looking for things on the outside you'll never find it you got it you got to work with god he'll come right alongside of you and give you everything to desires of your heart to mazie assists when he talked about i think i think we're living in such a strange times i hear you ringwork more than anything strange that people don't know how to handle i got a bit i wrestled that myself i the coritanian how the church i believe has crumbled ah in so many ways and seeing very possibly god's hand of judgement upon america i know that we don't think about that i struggle with that how much when are we in the middle of it but judgment is when we get evil leaders and we clearly have that and so it yet as a good senescentem be just run through the introduction where he got to be back in june finishing up more from the pass of the side and i wouldn't say that the other a first half was the negative but it we did focus more one o god the aspect it that jude brings out and we did i guess positively we did talk about the gospel and how we were to contend for the faith in contention is at least a fight or a war type words to day hopefully we're going to be more just focused on real positive see me just run to the in tro here it says in the day of chaos what we were just tied about confusion disceptations judgment on america falls narratives and mind gains seem unending and we've talked a lot of one down i just all the the things that go on we just had a shooting in nashville and you know the train wrecks and the spiolus things like that it's like you know we don't sometimes know whatabove any more even how to get the information but america was founded as a unique godly republic designed to be under god constitution and representative self government that requires righteous pp i think we forget that our found her said we had to be a moral in a righteous people then going to work this taceat it and so i think to day we get the majority of a mere coatless seemingly the ones that are in control either totally forgot that or totally rebel against that it will never work in that way so i says when got people forget his laws and ways as humanity reveals we forfeit or yield or rights of liberty and free we complained he stole right but we willingly subject ourselves to tyrannical slavery when we forget christ's free so i just say when we has people awake henry then fight evil you reggessero in your or break it up there a little bit tim into not sure why so oh i don't wayeither ah god reed the embrio or like justice and crotching for julius is a picture of people who had destroyed christ's grace it is gospel as the godly foil for contending for christ part of his message to new burton and now one that's one of the things i'm going to really folkis son to day when e taxodont ending for the faith i am convinced he is talking about the christ and i want to make sure the people understand that foundation to of gerry's covent maybe he's got an idea what's going on justices we escape had a gracefully persevere live christian world view in christ kingdom an hearth here and that's one of the things i encourage people it's a we're we're in christ king it's a lie at willow yet he operate but we don't we don't believe it and we don't have lived for it we don't vote for it we don't contend against evil for it self as like a common people his be the people of god that's what we his people so what i lay waiting for right i this think you two thousand years ago i think to me that that message just reverberates from this short so i just wanted to get that intruder we'll go for marse yes i was going to say that beccassines get your boots yet know but i want her as i got i've got a bunch of francis thought out there but you know it's like it's like a there her dresses amazing and by her songs are so inspiring and a lot of times when i'm clean and stalls in the barn all have a head phones on and this in a clean in a way and praising god for the day cause you know any task can be done you can do everything in your life you do it for god no matter what it is i and i i don't see a difference between casts all it's like i is going to burn in clansdales in praising god and have a great time there you know quiet and wonderful and her music her quasi is a good companion to ever hesotade two of hers her her alms so one is so was selebrate the other one but the very you know they're just very i don't know there there i love a praise me that but i like a lot of different kinds of music so so i think they're wonderful little crop and see what i see you think it's a heanother i rode her name down had lived with so daleevery much preciated it and so it was a little for me non typical but i preciated and i will heroeson like as it's like psychology rather than you know it's like that's what i see is the lot of the which really takes you right away from god and a side problem with a lot of the praise music that's out isothere and i won't participate in the chantones it's going on you know there's a lot of chanting there's a lot of i don't think god needs a sisyphean there you know but the you know he talks about that repeating repeating her peating repeating her pet ain't i mean if i were my kids came to me that way i think about how how would i want my kids to treat me right well i wouldn't want him to treat me with a fake relationship or actually dustalde's true for me anyhow and i've got kiitollisena little critical i suppose at the thee'st repeat to fill space kind of thing why they more than we realize an a lot of people don't realize the depth ah the infiltration if you will spiritism and mysticism in what we call christianity only man i think that's part of what you're talking about some of that music is you call pomp culture ah in osmore cytological thing rather than a biblical relationship with god in christ thing and well he only knew look at though the amount of which craft this in the churches and tenant allowed tents people don't i can't recognize it but there's a lot of witchcraft in the church you know i said the exact prayer that i exposed to so god's going to give me what we want you to claim it frame it nonsense that's witchcraft because it's it's almost like saying a spell see you get what you want and i i don't really think that you know god's going to be held to our little identicus contracts that we make in our mind but you know praising him and thinking over what he does i langour lives down him doesn't say oh i need that card there i need this or i need that simetite exact prayer and to formulate laelios to give me what i what i ask for that's the one of those and ah you know some of his which were he is not our genie in about so now i did then how uptower after fieber theological word of people may go off all their youbut it's just the elliptical nature of true oh and so let me explain and in really even in the two messages were doing on jew you can see that elliptical nature there is as i said maybe a negative side we're going to try to really focus on the rope pa as one side so when we talk about the elliptical nature of truth ah i know when god says thou shalt not at the same time he is really saying thou shall do this in total contrast of that so that's the elliptical nature of so we often think it just narrow cho point no it's it's kind o like this and we have to understand that ah so it helps us may be so i don't want to go too deep into that a concept but i wanted to make it disputed out to herself jude's presentation of orthodox belief allows us to gracefully reflect christ's fate a couple when we did our first part think that you you are excited over just the nature of being reflectors and i don't want the great ometecutli even as this light in front of me tikitere my hand as what you won't see it but the more i turned and people comprise see that to the light it gets brighter and so you don't find hand was dirty or had oil spots on it would reflect that light so well so this is what i'm convinced that we really are we reflect the glory and the righteousness of christ so we have to clean our reflector and the more we can point it to the light ah this is when people go all while i saw are your good works and i glorified your your chris because of that so i like her i like your illustrations because they tack it to real things so you don't sinkinson said you know god is i got s you know grace or something like the living to million things to million different people right but when you have some visit tangible example reflector i can i can really you know expand my knowledge with that of my understanding that's so that's a beautiful thing and so in no one joe talked about the salvation the faith delivered once for all for all time it's like now all we have to do is look at thee if you will the picture of the church in across the world there's a lot of people don't believe that he sacrifice was one for all time and ah and yet it's like we can never re do his sacrifice we never rede his sacrifice even in the lord's table or the euchit it was done but i think that we could have a lesser or or a greater understanding of how we believed that to be the case so oh i do know what the catholics stalked about transubstantiation no lotostank about consubstantiation and a lot of the thick the evangelical church gets into more of a remembrance or memorial type mine set i think that is still misguided if you love the teacher of calvin that taught about we we spiritually fed on the body and blood of cries and oh i know way back in the day he offered to meet with luther over this and i can't remember that the name of the meeting that they wanted to do and luther pushed them off but i understand luther said later how he wished he would have taken advantage of that and so it's just to here again we're talking about the finished work o jesus christ and ah we're going to next week half a good friday service message and i get so cited about not necessary friday being the day because i don't necessarily believe that but i do want to hammer the event so there's something about jesus it's almost like a boy you talk about an anomaly it's just a so crazy to the that in his dying breath we think he whispered had he not been on the cross which sound so stupid to hold say he would scream dat at the top of his and i just think that the church doesn't understand that magnet whisper and so we're going to try to unpack the next week so we can't ever re do his sacrifices oh this sacrifice is the foundation of our faith as i said ah earlier we want to understand it is his fate that is the foundation of far faith our faith is critical but if we don't have if our faith is not built solidly on his fate as it were barking up to run how these i'll see it that way and ask people to chew it not because this is why it's important her people if you are not in a church where a pastor is a shepherd you are finding other would be my recommendat but if you have a good pastor shepherd the stick with and we got one lady that's probably watching right now that she's in that category and i i won't expose your name but it's like a we can we can find truth sometimes in different places and god has his people and i'm just telling you find somebody there really teaches the truth of god's freedom in his as if there is a void in the church to day i think probably where i would say that's the void state is in his soul overrun our church that people don't have any ideal really of how we live free people in the gospel we can in our righteousness in our just overcome evil and as what were supposed to be doing that the war it's not always so bloody words not always a direct a resistance but i think we have to learn how to resist evil as we and here again espect to that elliptical thing we resist evil over here but we promote righteousness and justice over here so it might be the same truth if you will re talking about but it's two ends of the spectra that's that elliptical nature so god commands every one to love and worship him with all her heart mind soul and strike oh our purpose is to glorify him for ever and i would ask people how are you doing it that oh to me it's like that's got to be front and center it'll before our eyes on her forehead as scripture tracks about honor and her hands are palms so that we look at it constantly and this is what jude one two said jude servant a jesus christ brother of chains to those who are called beloved in god oh the father and kept for jesus christ may mercy peace and love be multiplied to so nature and revelation declared guns glory be oh and we as regenerated new births souls we see practice redumped we can see the worthiness and i would encourage anybody maybe more so than of other manuscripts i recommend it people holler stimulated to manuscript cause there's i do have a lot of references that we won't go through a so i would tell anybody tim parker nineteen fifty three to say tim son consent in a manuscript for the day but i did want to say that we have isasi ah hebrews heber's thenespecially a bunch of references and revelation and i put just tell people you should be worried if you don't jude's got and i just it is like the last book before revelation were sober cannon is close in a few well with two and i think if we dig into what he teaches its like boy we can see june's god in a huge way oh so he talked about our common salvation and we contend for the faith and this is a question i was just chat for the fellow last night oh if anything i think that to the king james translation almost translates this out of the text because a lot of people read we believe in faith rather than believe the faith of christ so that is sorel but to me a very powerful since that if we look deeper and again in the h after know the texts and just learn what god has saying we in we can almost pick out verses that they probably changed we do know that they changed just the assembly and often called it the church because constantine revolts or wanted people to refocus their faith and i think it was a horrible thing at that level a lot of people don't know i mean he basically opened the doors of the church said everybody can come in every one said and now there every one isn't saved and so you have a lot of lot of problems that flow from that when you look at this society wise too i think that whole thought process is really bad because even in politics i mean i believe really firmly that we have to apply the bible two are every day life and such and i see that i am in peoples belief and the good of all people that are out their politically and otherwise and they won't take on because they think oh i'm dis con to make a mad and i've to be good they think like us but they don't they there is definitely they're definitely different mine senseout there and or a division between people now you know and what we have to make sure that we can clearly make it that division whether somebody is has her heart to god or whether they are capped to evil because you you can't make sense of it any other way somebody that hurts children or somebody that does these horrible things like shooting and such they do not have the same capacity for empathy or love or the way that we think and in any way shape or form an is very important to realize that because even when it comes to salvation it's not that necessarily in others levels of a point to tityiha tolerance for a lot of things but i don't have tolerance for somebody that would hurt a child or rake a child or something at that the cross his line with me the average person when we see somebody who doesn't think like us we need to look at them with compassion and even no matter what people do and really sadness that they've been taken over by that by that evidenter people that are not saved and we ensheathing kind o goes in the like psychology and all of that and it's important to discern discernings good point that you brought up you and i this is where i think sometimes people think it cruel and i i just had always have to go back to the word of god we i think have been trained to believe that everybody's made in the image of god and true a very very small point i agree with that but i am convinced that if anybody looks at the whole of scripture we will see the only way we can reflect and like as christ we have been now and so on this is why i argue you pushed that back all the way to genesis we could go to gens one one which i've recommended that they actually look at some of the video sideplan genesis one one in a way that most people never think of it but genesis one twenty six and twenty seven in convinced god is talking about new birth so when he says let us make man in our image after our likeness we could put in he is re making us into his image and his lie so it's like only the people that have been new birth xi are created in the so a lot of people to it we could it be that we were created and that then we screwed it up when sin came in and you know that i know shinnoping time yes you know the minute you introduced sin an you kin you kind o got a problem and it's sort of like yet we can we can have a new car but if we smashed that car up along the way not so new any more and now we got to take it in the shop and and have things put back together again i think that's kind of where here we got a little bit of road as on onorovele here needs to truly go back the gods to have had that cleaned up a little bit so that we could drive straight and true you know ye now you're toletan in some ways done i would i would use your analogy and say yes we could get offender bender but if we thought about the fender bender the de car was exploded into a maine that would be closer to what would describe what happened when man sent because it's not just a few cosmetic things it's not just a senting we we are spirits ly dead after and so we have to be spirits resurrected which we talked about particularly in the jones so that's what i wanted to say so i'm just saying where i was at in the massage i looked at a hundred and sixty some passages on holdings in our common faith and i rode out like forty solid like a nogood through those people couldn't write it down fast not live to get to manuscript you could look and so i just encourage people and i want this to be a very encouragement to people to day deed we we kind of touch on his last master here he was a step brother to the christ he and james both were step brothers to and they don't mention that in their books but can you imagine how they felt because we believe they didn't they didn't come to faith probably until after his resurrection maybe even until after he was taken up in heaven but i'd almost like to think that maybe they believed in that forty day window there but can you imagine the regrettest with oh my goodness we had to save or of the world as the brother and we often mocked him and didn't let to him i mean so they could dwell on the regret oh here's the encouragement i want people to hear loud and if we look back at our life before we were gained we can all say oh we can count em off i can't believe what i did we don't have to beat ourselves up with that we were dead in sin we did not believe in christ now after we're now bore that is where i believe that we will give an account so christ one day what did we do after we were born from above so i just want to tell people don't spend time even yourself up for the things you did when you were not and that's what i think that jude helps us don't worry about that were readabout what's here paul talked about that don't worry about what's behind and he was talking about those things worry about what's and thank god that you know the difference i mean that's up that he the that's a huge deal i mean when you feel regret or something that that is a point of of a of the very positive point because the u actually know the difference between what you should be doing in what you have been doing and that's that's a critical critical step in accepting yourself even after her redeemed you're going to make mistakes we're not always going to even paul talked about wrestling with it were not always going to do what we should do unless we walked step i step minute by minute with the lord he's the one that keeps us on the rails because there's the so much out there that is trying to lead us astray yeah and hats were again once we're in the faith we can genuinely repent i mean that's why certain corinthian salon is so powerful because you know paul talks about a oh a worldly repentance do until were redeemed it's all we can do as may be to a mental gyration and tried to modify may be fixed the death in the bumpers you were saying before but when we are redeemed weaken honestly repented the spirit comes into our soul and helps us repent and as for david worked through and solicit on and things like that so i'm just hanani know donahoo would agree at this dire so many people though they get sobered down with the bondage of their life when they were in the kingdom of dark i get it but i just wanted people to frame their life as a new birth soul not as a dead kingdom of dark oh walter think that's a great point and an you know life has to be lived and where work if you're not living you know you're if you're not living or you're not out there join something you're probably going to have no failure because you risked anything but if we're living in the world we're going to get a little dirty there's going to be times we were we have been pushed to the limit and we may be don't react a way that we would if we were so pushed by the world you know and so you know the worst were human beings we are not go and we're going to go through this and organopathies forward one step back to stowereplied us to what he wants us to be like so i also think about it like work kind of like it of an article of clothing so as these are our bodies are in our flesh as right and you you it's not that we are bad it ain't it nor when we get things screwed up a little bet it's that we just got to realize that we were walking through something where we're having to deal with a lot of lot of evil round us and things of the world and of course we're going to get effected by at once in a while so you can't beat yourself up by that livelily and bravely as you can and when you fall down god's going to be there to pick you up just like momadoo they's goin to say just ofrecer and say give back him there again i know you can do this because you know you're my kid and we're going to continue to do this together doesn't mean you bad it means that you're alive and your living and that's a good thing it's not a bad thing to fail eh you know because you're going to learn real tangible lessons and the harder the lesson the less like you do you as your gottereatit yes so i am going to ask cause i know it's easy for time to get away but when we think about the faith once to ever for all time it's like jean is putting a big rock in the text for us and jesus talked about this matthew seven twenty one to twenty three or later he said you know we can build either our house on the sand or we can build it on rocks so it was that he that was the rock and i i wanted people to maybe go back to what i was going to read and if we have time maybe i denecombe and do this two song si came to my mind one by martin luther of mighty forces is our god i've got to words here in the other one was the churches one foundation by samuel and ah those both of those songs are cast so power so i if we have here time later a come back and read through those we don't have to sing em but if you just read him it doesn't take that long but it's just they both speak hugely of what jesus did not just read one line that i bolded in the church's one foundation and send the first first from heaven he came and sought her the church to be his holy bride with his own blood he bought her and for her life he died powerful or for so when we think about what jud is saying when he says the faith once delivered for all saints and all times we know that it set of god he is the same in yester at day and for over and so i want people to realize it with you i says there is that he is talking about passed present and future in that statement in the foundation of christ's it so i wouldn't we start looking at that it's we can just go wow wow so i just broke thickly i i could get into this but we can think of three words sectarian denomination and colts ah there is in all those of very negative side but i wanted to really focus i was thinking more about the positive sides of those but when we think about that faith given for all time we we are are itellect riant we are denominational on that point and we are if you will a cult of christ and i know again don't think of all the negative impact to think of it in positive was number one on cold it's the system of religion worship or ritual it's a devotion or an attachment to extravagant admiration for a per person principle or life style so that's the positive it's like everybody i think would say yep that's exactly what we are as new birth pipe colt does have a negative side here again that set may be that a liptical nature i guess a cracked how much it comes into even what we're talking about so and i would say it no we don't think about it you know how people say well i'm going to hold this bad chop for this badge i did this sight i joined this but to me the ticket we need if you will to get into the kingdom is going to be this fate the jet the bob so if that this faith is not the foundation of our life just would encourage people modify it a little bit this at at the at the middle of your life oh i guess i could never talk about grace enough but i want people to realize that ah i think a lot of times people play with grace like plato i know my little grand daughter say have played all it's for a long time since i played with plato but we can't play with grace that way ah on the other hand i might say we can play with the debt way but to me god's grace after new birth is designed its his empirement to make us holy and old tell people if you understand grass grace that way play with it is played o all you walk if we can find out how many ways god wants to make us holy for it that's that's a joy fills so that's my couragement to people of so we we do know that jew to active at the the ungodly he but i want to say this because it does this is an issue that concerns me i won't read it a lot in maybe what you cesare people might not read it this way but when he talks about the young godly people that that betray the christ of that faith oh i see it so many places in the church to day speaking broadly we've talked about this antinomians and at his stumble that god's law is not important or critical or necessary in our life idiots does his lore bedienstete redeemest now but redemption new birth in our soul gives us the power to the law with his great so we don't do it out of a i now look at me look at me it's like no look at god who is living in me and working out in my old ate that's what people got to understand and there is so much and joy ah it working out our salvation and that's why the whole book in thought that i went through the last book on a basically a commentary on galatians paul was not one even have one ounce of antinomian he knew that obedience to christ was find i mentally how he exhibited his faith and i just challenged people to look again because what what christ calls us to child like not childish and so there is a sense that we can weaken be childlike in the greatest matre early that we could ever set and i i would encourage me by it might be a subtle thing there between child like and childish but when we realize that god calls us child like ah that is that is his i know people have heard me talk about teacher bon hoffer and this was a man i mean i look at some of the the theologians that lived many many years and i may not mammalsand and i have studied theology for forty five years and it takes long time in faith to really start in things together and this is where i believe even systematic theology so diether but on how her i can't i can never remember whether his hunger shot but he was killed in thirty nine years old and i could wish that he could live to into his sadnes tom but what what it what theology so i just want to talk about he i i would crave with him if i had chance sat down and talked to him but let man i want i want to recommend a book for people oh the cost of discipleship and i've over the years i had of what i called my top tenants really prove my top thirty books all time and i had his book to cost the discipleship on my shelf for a lot of years before i picked it up and read it it immediately i put it to number two in my own time to books and i won't say because of the depth but it's also it's more the simplicity in which he writes and he packs to me will challenge you to the bottom of your soul and i would i were recommended to lot to people because i onetime steel magical books can congedie i love deep but i would say that this is the simplest deepest book that you hit ever picked and ah it will challenge your soul and so in that book he talked about what he said was cheap grace versus a biblical grace if you will of said this is what we mean by cheap grace the grace which amounts to the justification of sin without the justification of the repent who departs from sin and from whom sin he was concerned because if you remember he he lived ah germany and the lutheran church was probably the biggest church in germany and yet they became they they basically gave hitler corkbush to do what he did it drove one of her not and he was always challenging those those heresies in the airs e se chipchase is not the kind of forgiveness of sin which freezes from the toils of sin cheap graces the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repent baptism without church disciple communion without confession absolution without personal confesion she grace is graced without discipleship grace without the cross grace without jesus christ living and in care i mean he he goes on he talks about costly grace ah an all just five read at this couple several coats i made out reade all but maybe i don't we won't take that long says the grace luther received was costly grace it was like water on parched ground comfort in tribulation freedom from the bondage of a self chosen way and forgiveness of all his it was costly for so far from dispensing him from good works it meant that he must take to call to discipleship more seriously than ever before i say amen amen amen it was grace because it costs so it costs so much because it was this was the secret of the reformation gospel the justification of the sinner so far from dispensing him from discipleship discreet is only made him a more earnest disciple when he spoke of grace luther always implied corollary that cost him his own life the life which was now for the first time subjected to absolute obedience and as the way he lived and that's the way he died they begged him he came to america a couple times they begged him stay here he saw the church here void of true faith but he said i can't tell my brothers and germany to stand against evil in go and sit and for them his position to jacky be involved in a plot to kill him or he said i will not implicate to do what i feel like got once did to me he did as the founders of america did he said no i am not going to let tyrants run over and i just i was borne away so eh he said in a lot of people think luther as he was the religion ethocratie renewis it his may be right hand man and a question that was bollington melankthon is really the one that probably started luthranisme ah i think that luther would never been happy with what took place ah but i said luther's followers took up his doctrine and repeated it word for word but they left out its invariable corollary the obligation of discipleship the justification of the sinner in the world degenerated to the justification of sin and the work and that's what we see to day we we exalt the centre to day we do performed justice we say a you're justified costly grace was turned into cheap grace without so that's just a little snip it's from on offer and i i love listening to historical figures and how that truly applies what men what came first because history repeats itself and we can learn so much from not just the the victories but the failings of people i you know in the bible and elsewhere so i preciate that yeah so again just a verse from paul and romans ate three to four as by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and enforce it he condemned in the flesh in order that the righteous requirement of the law to see the antinomian would say jesus kept the law so we don't have to also now he kept the righteous requirement of the law so that it might be fulfilled in us who walk not according to the flesh but according the spirits and so that's where again i do hammer that ought to people just got im in i mean i actually had a a church at one time told me they said a few come in talk in obedience to god slaw your in rang oh boy i says young probably aeroplane its sike a never good to stop preached and i you know i don't use preach it and beg people up with it but i do break down grace so that it is something that becomes so dear to us we pant for grace when we know what it and i and i and i think that there's got to be a clear delineation between intentional sentencing it doesn't matter what i do and mistakes that we made that god that we make the god picks us up from because we're exercising in our faith and were improving and i think i think sometimes the words that we use are getting our way of communicating the full intention the full attention is if you don't just go out there and say ye i'll take god's got me covered and then go and do whatever you wanted you that's what you're talking about in on the opposite side you know we are going to fail on occasion and that doesn't that doesn't necessarily dansit part of the process but there is definitely a distinction there and i think sometimes that's what starts arguments between people lack of discernment of knowing what's really being sad and a and b being able to hearing with understanding as it makes him sense no i think there start of most that the start of most a arguments yeah and i'm in no again it's a you are think a lot of the argument said you say are more a mental ah gyrations rather than rustling about the truth of god when when we realize that we're talking about likeness in imaging christ we do that best in holiness in graceful obeie and i just i wish people could understand that ah because that that is critical so it's like if you want to just talk and argue just for the sake of somehow winning eh an argument without represented price without reflecting christ to me i just think you're you're on a faulty foundation if you want to talk about reflecting christ i think we're going to see things differently and i guess maybe that's my encourage and i think i just remember what you the surprise in your face when i talked about that reflects on a couple weeks it's i think he angrisani's free it's like it's no it's not a burden to us when all i do is turned my reflector and it's christ grace and as his faith in i made i don't have to generate he already did he that was part of the it is finished so i just let his it is finished live in me and through me through my mouth through my attitudes it's like it takes the burden away from that's part it sets shepree in more ways the week at ever image so rather than thinking of obedience as a burden to me obedience is a path so people could hear that i'm inventedusing you there yes save the periople people think that god who is his rules in order he's just being mean to be i got to be me i got to do whatever i want to do and you know that sort they're just trying to try to stop you know the rules are just that well you know what we all have to have rules you don't walk out front of a son i or your probably going to get killed that's all i see god's rules is there actually the pattern for keeping us safe in no momenttell us things when we're little because he's got a bigger he's got a bigger sight pattern for us and knows what it takes to grow up and actually grow up to be your sponsible and vigil with long life and with ability to contribute if we don't listen to his rules were going to run out for of that track and we may not even know that there's a truckman or you know you can look at it with dogs you can look at it with every vice that human beings have ices are there the vices that we have and the things that appeal to the flesh will always destroy us and the people around us there is never any one who stands on an island with it you alike for example i even even gambling gambling as a you know sometime you will do it just for hobbydihoyhood not to do that eh but when when somebody and and i have i have personal experience with being the victim of somebody who is his achronic gambler and it's it's a very it is destructive to every one around him because with somebody goes down that you can watch what happens the lying the cheating the drying things to themselves starts and in it's a prom it's a real problem so it doesn't just effect one person any of any of the sin issues it it rolls through it rolls through humanity and you don't even as we put this nation back together under the constitution you know cause we talk about the constitution here and god the governance have to start with ourselves intersecting and seeking that holiness and that it with without trying and cut ourselves sack or giving an excuse for doing stupid stuff or destructive it's got we've got to hold ourselves to that standard and i do believe that's true now when we screw it up god's going you know maybe maybe takes up the wood shed give us what we want you know what i mean that in the hina now just as if the scription but we got to get back to god yes no i appreciate what you were saying here dona and i think that in again i i'd so love to talk about grace and in the words of detrahatur dat he challenged me an i i be a fond eager on hoffer years after i had been investigating grace but i i know what it is to struggle but i i don't know when i even suggested anybody that you know temporariness in struggle with things but i know what it is to struggle with in and i know what it is to try to overcome sin i from our own it's impossible yes and so i'm not i don't even talked about this i'm not not talking about you don't i understand we have to be new birth to even overcome but i see what i believe or are violable christians that seemed to get so weighed down in his i mean that's what hebrews said thinking so love one talks about her maybe twelve ah you know give up the sin that so easily besets us sir was as thou and i am convinced that grace is that entity that we need grace overcome sin you know this is where even in the divide between mercy and grace mercy base decay comes over sin and forgiveness but grace overcomes so i acts from platon words mercy comes over grace overcomes so it's the same word to justices over verses over so one we understand that we just like i was in need of water and i taxager to bring me water you don't we need water and you could drink the water and and your thirst is pretty much quenched but we still need inneses word grace comes it we need grace every second of every day so it's it's going to be a process this again may be an encouragement for people you know i just saved rol quickly because we're coming up on good friday when ah the velenatine was ran a believed that the second to jesus died ah and so the mercy seat was behind that veil and i read in in heber's for sixty were and this is the fit between what i think was the old covenant technically because i think conteris died it was still covenant soon as he died we entered new come so we get that flip in that the mercy seat we only read of at one time and revelation and sin heaven but paul tells us come boldly to the throne of grace were you can receive grace and mercy to help in so a lot of people say well the veil was rent because we can go into the mercies i would say no and some ways the veil was rot because god folded mercy set out and he gave us the throne of great if we can learn that and we would seek grace the throne of great that's what i think we can do that twenty four hours seven days we in grace pulse is come boldly not timidly when they went into the to the mercy seat if you didn't go in correctly god we believe god would strike them dead but he says come boldly to the throne of god to receive grace and mercy to help in time strength and attaining the power of god to live so it will soon imitating to get my hands around this to be able to put it into terms to you know to help even myself understand things better you know cause we all learn something every day but really grace and a grace is the power of god to live where in whereanent in our strength no joy of motion so is noneisolated is here in a nutshell i i always tried i was tried to take your words obey else's words and put it into ways that are very simple for me to understand so that i if i can hit that target i'm in biometrics is the power of god to face any any trial any challenge any problem it into when we fail we we experienced the mercy seat and he says oh your attention is correct you've been trying your best here you back on your feet and do it again and you know not holding against her that you fell during this but now camp into that grace and stay with me hold my hand stay close to deadhead we're going to walk through great through the lions the and the snakes and everything else i will bring to this everything you need dislike just like peter walking on water with jesus he just had to keep his eyes on jesus and he would have never sank i mean i the i got it i got toottoot he was she was not to be earth yet but when he is new birth he can act at one hundred per cent so you are right it it gives a strength it is his imperatives this boldness so that's why i look at people when they have no boldness to stand in their freedom it's like you guys aren't living in great so might think you do but see typically most people's understanding of grace is just a a if you will glorified mercy at best but mercy at so i want just back up since we are on this one of the most favourite age famous verses if you will is first trononne i know people yes this as a salt shaker if you will but let me be go back just how fast i didn't have this in my note to his but it sounds if we confess our sins it what what john is taught in but this isn't necessarily even repentance says if we just confess our sins may be we agree with god yes what i just did fail your law self we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins lot o people stopped right there o gods got to forgive my sin that's mercy but he goes on to grace but we miss the and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness sol in dialectical part of that it's really she must allow righteously that's grace is it's the power meant to live righteously so he as we fall and that's when we need for him miss and mercy but he wants us to live in an overcoming righteous holy obedient way what is an yassili even on people have had how to apply this too i think it is important you dohow it when people have depression or they have difficulties and the felthow there having an issue with something you listen to people that say you know i don't need god i've got this i like a really how you doin with that you know how you doing with depression or whatever else that your dealing with her anxiety and such well the point being is that you bring that to god and he gives you the strength to overcome he can help you overcome those things that you agree that agree your own spirit like maybe maybe drugs or maybe maybe adorationis or anything like a god has the ability to give you that grace strength to make it through these difficult times how how it did i deny and my understanding this correctly though you are in a like i said what you just set a few minutes ago dana i you know castros me if there is one thing that i want peep with understand is ipocrase i just think i really believed that this is the doctrine that god exalts it and and that's why it's like what god is brought me through my understanding of grace i just and blown away and the verse that i always go back to his ephesians too solid and this is the time parker rendition god says i believe that he puts grace in the heavenlies in the enlights if you will all the generations and so that's what i believe that god does and that's what the cross exalted grace grace overcame mercy in the cross that's why we have the throne of grace overcame if you will even her and he says to me when people understand grace as god talks about it there is no greater thing that we can even then that the aeroplane the power of shades on and you know this is this is something that i believe too that we can walk with god on this earth you or your youreally seriously over the target the kingdom of god is at hand it's here it's not something to do wait with we have access to god in her every day life we can talk to him right here and now and i think the esthetisch a fundamental point that people people feel like there in a test and their dust not live their life and at the end of their life well you know that i'll have to talk with god will guess what he's kind of here right now and not only you know you've got his help right now and you can love you can this is the kingdom of god is at hand doesn't start just cause we can't see things which are spiritual with our eyes doesn't mean that it's not here it's our limitations not god limitation the correct it just frosty the minute you rosamond to see so of course we you speak troops through oona's nointel say that a egesian watch your computer gleno i i got a feeling that the satanis demons were making a little annoyed every single day which is a bad one let's over the target and you'll face the name of jesus so in again if you're talking about biblical grace satan is infuriated with biblical red if we tried one lie be cheap grace that diachrinein this is i am so tickled down to just then you get what you got to day cause i wish i could get everybody to see that i don't have that ability but i keep trying i try and i try i can explain i can unpack it but until the light goes on it's like to me there is no greater thing god gave us then his well as otherthe communicated an understanding words and then putting it in common terms it is the more re talk about it and other people shut the shut their wisdom in the way they see it they'll frame it in a different way that we'll talk with a different group of people and and i and i think that's importance are ready out there now go ahead and think this i think the crew with him is sad and and you know how to bring understanding to not only yourself but the people around it because we all have experiences and we frame them with our own experiences in that how we communicate to others somebody's going to have the same experience we are somebody's goin to have the same stonehaven as you and all the words to communicate it to others not one person can communicate things to every one it takes all of us standing together and working his body of christ the power of god and that we have two you don't like he said to live into the overcomers and to understand that the kingdom of god is here you know when when god corrects us too he'll correct you right on the spot you'll know in your heart if you're walking with god even that you know i've had the experience were i think i'm going on direction that necessarily send direction he says nothing do we send but i'll think i'm going in that direction and literally i will feel god put his hand on me and say no turn this way and and he will literally turn you running on be like that's kind of weird you know this is a logical why would i be going in that direction but he will speak clearly to you say okay well it's you know it's you're you're circus your monkeys so i guess i'll go in this direction you turned in another direction and then all of a sudden it's like oh now i know why he didn't want me to go he saw the threats and that area and he saw that i needed he was protecting me and then you're in and sometimes it's hard to give up on those preconceived notions that you know too in fact walk with god and in sicyon i don't really do how the days going to turn out you know it's just like getting here i never know it we're going to talk about here and to day or any other day i get in with no comprehensive notions and is like okwell see what way to scintillate absolutely and you can not only feel his presence you could hear his voice and you can watch him close door see for on strategy if you want is is it worth that i use is i go forward with anything i tell i can't go any further and when in the cagot on the keep going in the direction if you want me to stop you're going to have to make it clear for me that this is the last this is the last point in this journey that i can't carry valleyfor that i have it and crewall and and or if you you don't or i listening sometimes my listening isn't a hundred per cent because we're human right and so but he'll turn you right around when you ask him to and and make sure that you stay on his path that's the grace to live in the power of god in a whole also bring you everything you need and that day to overcome a difficulty to face something that's a conflict or a different a conflict that needs to result a relationship that may be is in any old be able to stand there in confidence knowing that we were going to fit face situations that sock that are bad but that's okay godling to us everything we need and take the process so that we have the grace the stirring the understanding too to move forward and live that life he has planted how i do is that do i understand you you did he did very good to and i just i guess this your talking i just was thinking in i'llgive people of maybe a snip o some people see what time ondershirt too much much your own life things and i'll just give a festinatione to it like i ought on push people but you really love that's how we relate you need to do that and so i ought i'll try to maybe give this i never really put these things together in this way before to talk to people but i so will i do so you get something to a sixty two sixty three that with when they took prayer and bible reading out of my school fourth grade a interior ii citing the schools into the congressional record in my basically spring of fourth greek and then kennedy was assassinated and almost a month later i want even manhater i was in the hospital ah for a month rheumatic fever i guess i'd had it a couple of times as a child one thought it really boutmy heart and i had a large his star and they basically told me tell you pridewere place sports or be active in your life again and for a ten year old kid out was just like oh my goodness i was literally was it not in a hospital for month came home and was basically in bed for six months and it was just it was hard and i think and i don't want to compare my feeling with grace but in some ways it's like when i was able to go out and do things i think maybe i just i exalted activity and sports in in so much the i look yet as you said god chiefs sos and changes us i talked before god has to change our paradise and while i pursued him with what i thought was my whole heart i i was very active in a lot of sport ah and am i really almost believed that if you will get in the broken neck and several years later being flat on my back and then happen surgery it's like you know i've never really been able to do the things i did before and i sometimes think that was god's shifting gears and pushing me wholly in his direction some oil to a octogesa that that's why i say no there are times sisikon i i what i love to play hockey again oh yes i would but i think i look at what god's given me in notlike it's it's not any worth talking to me what god has given me so i just feel so blessed she does to think him a you said there's sometimes difficult things ah in a i still go out and play at golf little bit but i just you know there's your things i can't do that i used to do and so i think it sometimes may be got as the even you know bring things like that i can relate to jacobs so much when he wrestled i believe what the preincarnate christ and he said you know let me go he technological till you bless me and he did it he he willed his hip and in said he walked with a limp through us the pistol light so i don't think jake would have ever said all the i got take me back in you know let me be what i was now on ah as the he refines this in more wassailers and as you said i think hers you know we're going to get three turn in tea and got play the video her life like yeah you remember when god otoyo ah and again i was thinking you know is i see you as as a bull dog i've had a bull dog mentality too and i think sometimes it's like yah or bull dog attitude just keeps fighting and hammer and in god's got to say no no no no let's go this traction and so hopefully we cannot rejoice in him you know turning us around i i really want to do this as the one the tothir part of freedmen christ church which is a timid story because you know what you know honestly that's where we're being a very honest and real and we're sangliere ation ships with each other to know what each other is actually about how we apply that to our lives and water experiences are i rather here the stories of your life you know interspersed with how the bible and that's actually a very jewish way to teach is to share how it applies to you his or overhears i've listened to so many teachers and they want to spout out just doctor and you know in a in its great and then in the bible the bible verses but so many people are so lost that they can't apply it and so it's like this is how it applies this is what grace looks like grace looks like what happened in tim's life to be led overcome these real serious problems and to share that with each other and said it if i did it you can too and i think that's really important you know i'm sure i'm sure that it takes a lot of courage so actually share parts of your life and how things work it's much easier to hide behind the small top talk nonsense that we never get down to know each other knowing that it takes a lot of guts to risk showing the world who you really are and i i love that story and i love you sharing your heart so i'm in a challenge you to do a timid story where are you talk about you know i keep up people need to know who you are and you know and the experiences of i brought you here because that's like the elders teaching how they they got through things the stories of glory of how people were able to overcome tremendous obstacles you know it's no agingenerally sitting down and being able to tell exactly what went on and the obstacles you know the things in your danenot you know with a six and how they overcome all these difficulties we have to share our personal stories give give people give people the encouragement that of ten can do it we all can do it and we can go to god for that you know that experience in overcoming and having that grace is beautiful so timid we got in we had well have to think about a timid story from your life i long so yeh goin back into judithe does talk it i i love to unpack what went on in genesis early gens ah especially third chapter it's like boy there's one chapter in the pipe that talks about so many things as and so in other ah no no foreheadwithout anything go to revelation and not believe it said twelve seven to seventeen oh i usually put a first down and maybe i'm even not there but it says the dragon came furious with the woman and i would say it was the woman of genesis re fifteen and went off to make war on the rest of her operas where are new birth on those who keep the commandments of god and hold the testimony and i hope that the listeners are listening to that and that's what i believe again jude was talking about the faith delivered once for all ah so as i to say it a love and day of conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony for they loved not their lives even to death oh of surprise i didn't maybe i just threw this to gather from the whole passage ah in i have gone on through seventeen so keep going down go down below on a bit down a for me if you can down further to the chapter okay see if it is there yeah pray dear tensethe is seventeen then the dragon became furious with the woman and one of to make war on the rest of her as and those who keep the commandments of god and hold to the testimony of jesus so that was one of the just little snipe the jew jacketabout was was the woman and so it's like we sometimes have to unpack what is shrivelled up and it helps his so i want no one talk about real fast justice although bit because righteousness justice which we see here ah and i think for oh what a world needs we need to see righteousness we need to see justice in its its axis a bigger thing than what we realize so ah again this might be one of the things that the people might say him worship could write get down so few right i will always send a manuscript but i said to pass president future of abraham's seed is entrenched in righteousness and justice i think it's too things that church does it really talk about much the genesis eighteen nineteen commanding his children to keep the way of the lord by doing righteous and just duteronomy thirty three twenty one on moses set of god he came with the heads of the people and with israel he executed the lord's justice and his second samuel eight fifteen david administered justice and equity to all his ah queen sheba said of solomon and first king ten nine god made you king after jesus likeness and opals here a minute because i think a lot of people don't really realize about the kings ah and in the that ide it kingdom there was his real which were he detend drives in juda the to in israel and i can't remember exactly numbers it was close to forty kings they were all able every one of them in judah about half of them were god the so basically of the king's and the divided kingdom it was like twenty five per cent of a word god we would we think about kings and if we remember god didn't want his people to have in he was there a and what we think about that when god did give kings he wanted kings to represent and if we forget that we forget what our leaders and our politicians commissioners people a depth they are supposed to represent christ there spose to glorify presters most to bring this judgment and righteous just as here in selflessness just like a parent would do to look for out for their people and we have not seen that except for i would lodge donald to croydon tromp the righteous the rightful president the united states so it's worth you kings were designed by god to be christ before the people and any time that got massowah got problems he said god made you king speaking the salamanticum execute justice in it master twelve a forty two in this is from the joloese a kind of weak and talk about but psalms eighty two three to four give justice to the weak and fatherless maintained the right of the afflicted and deston rescue the weak in deliver them from the hand of the wicked bright dared i boy that's what we're supposed to be doing ah and god gives grace to make us bold to let that freedom boil in our soul some eighty nine fourteen righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throat some ninety four fifteen justice will return to the righteous all upright will follow it and if there's a challenge i could give to the because again we sometimes looked for jesus come and bring righteous in but he said in his passage here and saw ninety four fifteen justice will return to the righteous as all upright will follow it and when i think about pursue ah would you call up some twenty three it the clerkly and i just i want to make a rouenthe consider something in there that when this was explained to me years ago i thought while he is so far we mothers well it's acebes surely goodness and mercy she followed me all the days of my life and when when i heard really what this me oh this is grace basically grace and mercy when let's say we go spin down the expressed by an all of a sudden at red lights behind we could say follows right but it is pursuing you i mean if it's coming for you i mean sometimes we might see him go by and he go for something else but a tear pull in ashover we could say their followers but really they're pursuing us that is that work so all upright well first so that and as the message of that's why i wanted to bring in some twenty three sick we got a realized the righteous people of god have to pursue his righteousness in just lot of people say on no no less than i'm not called no i think that's exactly what to call you so salt proverbs one three received instruction in wise dealing in righteous justice and equity proverbs twenty one three and i see your time to wind it up to do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the lord than sacri isaiah nine salmon speaks about jesus kingship of the increase of his government and open there will be no end so when we talked earlier done we are in christ kingdom we are ye if ye understand that people you'd better get into the word and find out that exactly what were at go and isaiah ah it's like my goodness eh it says to establish and uphold it with justice and righteousness for this time for ever more self we think our commissioners and are politicians of our spoils to pursue righteousness and justice weren't we telling him this is what you gets are supposed to be doing clearly many of em either tolley a forgotten don't know or don't care to do that but it's like i say fifty nine is is a great passage micesix we lot of people know this he's told you o man what is good it what does the lord require of you but to do justice love kindness and walked humbly with your god ah so again you plug in biblical grace into your life you will find it you want to and with and i'll say this in the last couple of minutes cause i only get a couple of paragraphs here but it says op jude cautions us i believe not in words but if we read that he cautions us against being mesmerised with last day thick miner's lot of people boy what's what of the prophets here what's the last what's comment what in a lot of that comes from dispensational theology but our foes should be on justice grace righteous in walking pleasingly before god ah evil will occur so as preserving salt and clean reflectors of his light do your best to hold evil hath oh we can gracefully pursued bee and it might be we have to instruct those who don't can i add something here you know i like the bible says do i dollars as you would you would have you know them do on to you but i'd like to expand this further to god you know you want to god as you would want him to do on to you treat god if you if you got is a purse and to you then then how would you how would you like to be treated doderein the way that you would want to be treated if the tables were turned well one has here that was the thrust of my turning point you an say teach what one of the things we are here to serve christ i mean we're not waiting for him to see where her really to serve him well he served us so i mean yes i think at this point time in a big way you know treat him the way you'd want to be treated if you don't want him to leave you out the middle of the street by yourself getting her hat by by a train or something like that or if you want to you know you you treat god the way that you want you know that you would want to be treated it's not just our fellow man that's got himself you know if you had a big if you had a big big plan or yet a big job here and that was to save people do and in that was put on your shoulders like god is taken down to his would you want everybody out their plain around and do in nothing and and and that really looking out for you fellow a man which he has trying to save while you're doing you know insignificant things probably not canevacer like preciate the help you know the bible talks about the lack of workmen at the antesignato get the fight so i speaking of which that we just every pray right now because i did have a black as you'd be a been setting her taxingthe little that pulled up in front of of our place and you know this this community that i'm trying to save down there there is a black asveill on fronsacan front of of or little or lilac down there which amounts to each twelve by twenty eight trilingual i like on complicated simple things and not in the the tahalo myself i would i could candeliere attend encorberto any they pulled up in front of my place and a neighbor sampitche of it ran the plates and it is in fact the person that's trying to but a bit of our coasting down in florida this is evil there using their using foreign money so they clearly see me as a threat so as you were talking of servilest act it it was we were pulling we were pulling plates on this to be able to throw this out there that this exactly what's happening and i was able to get behind the scenes yesterday or the day before again at these filings on some of these things to see exactly how their bongoland in america and i got a figured out now this is crazy how they're doing it but just as the warning everybody but it takes that dirty money you goin to hang with them at some point because the sonobe out o the comes with or having to clean conscious and doing the right thing you may not know it it's seconder if somebody gets caught up in it you know you go for the money and said of doing things to the right reason i was actually offered four million dollars two days ago to sell in for lewes and betray snowball's chance and hell that's going to happen so and i think they know it so the black as to be showed up here and and a actuallyand of quite a entressing electual shower but the pitcher will quick if i can put it up there so and i actually got track down to the exact the exact person that owns this which is in fact a threat there you go look at that oh a beautiful thing that is a beautiful thing right there so he's all in is keep going you know the names that have sold out just keep it just keep piling up and it's going to be a bad day i bets going to be a worse day when you stand in front of god almighty for you be trailing your cheating but it's going to be a bad day when this thing gets thrown out there because this is treessteven of em are going to hang for the forthacts whether it's here and whether it's here in floridaolden middle of the united states we all need to be realized in a fighting for this cosseting out the united states america deformed best screw them and you know i'm going to be the first one to say it you don't like the words too bad they're not using nice works either so anyhow how but we see a pre minute to cause i need to get on the sole they got the love and a clerk of the meeting the boat and that ah i feel is an important one to throw the south there because they be tried to silence me as i've been trying to tell him what's extolling down and down there on goteborgs black as you feed to get out of the lessee what happens i think it laughed but he clearly we know and there because we actually have the name of the construction company who is providing the money behind this when the guy who is bought up looked everything down there that's black and white like black shutters and white sand company tell you that right now and they're trying to buy out several of the islands including offices to florida to to stop you and your family for evinces to this well gastrow them their gogoall hang for what they're doing right now because this is in fact for in a vestment in the united states selling our country out and he'll help daysabout i'm sick of it and i had to deal with these people face to face this is called living like a in grace of god because you know you couldn't you couldn't face some of these things and lest you had god powering you from behind and sent get in there like like a warrior take no prisoners these people are evilthere evil you know so islet's cossentine you for whom you are we thank you for the faith that you delivered once for all time to thank you for the life the birth the life the death resurrection and the ascension of christ everything had it me we we love the it is finished aspect we love the empowerment of grace in the more we learn about this we can reflect you in all areas or life i prayed that you'd continued to protect donna left her up give her wisdom in lord helper to be in tune with your spirit because your spirit does guide us and lead us we we thank you for everything she is doing at the same time everybody that supports her we need to be doing your work we need to learn how to do it we need to get past some of the things it were called up in and we need to do things that please your soul and we just rejoiced in the opportunity to live for you sustainer a man i'm going to put the i'm going to go had inilah as we ran the plates on the testock i'm going to go out and throw the up there anybody at wants to to research it it's florida plate a j nine four sea c rite there was on the back of his and i'll show you where it where it on i shows time names and names here so this is where s where the plate came up too and registered to never met the man but clearly and conserve a problem for him because i actually speak truth and i don't give a ransomwhat when anton thanks to me so anyhow kind of an interesting thing so got im in a score there so he would go guys in to please go to bride and her for one dacoit the best not an conseederate er not conceited too lingers chiefs and thieves and people like that that fire america land and steele from our nation under corporate corporate greed and under under many layers of a nonsense out there and this disgusted to tear these corporations right down because they are being treated like people as there be in treated like people let's go all the way with that they they get the same things that happened to right there so anyhow everybody say prayer for this community down there because there's a lot of very night he very nice people who do not believe that there is actually really really bad organized crime people that are out there i'm trying to hurt them one from them so at any rate place please pray for this very some of the nicest people have ever met my tire life and so spesare for that to day and now that you are lot god was you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america and times going to tell more stories next week is he he's not going to hide himself he's going to be telling stories so we learned the real tone out there right was to realty of me the way but he may be it makes me more real herself than if i can notwork want to hear your stories because it's like for me i like to hear i don't need that you know there's so much knowledge out there how much can you absorb but i want to know the people that are talk and it actually get to know you one for whom they are cause it's amazing it's amazing to see what god does in our lives while a gogottes calculator have a great day