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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/5/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published April 5, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is april fifth twenty twenty three and we're going to get right to it here because the welcome to a redeeming grace church i'm going to bring out my dear friend doctor simperer and we are going to go for it one o do a check here because tim said i couldn't see me this morning i had it might be as computer it might be everybody but i'm seen myself on my second screen some assumatur computer to your colocasitis not that this is one it is is this is real real men i real people for real people at the kitchen table right now so we're going to have some we're going to have some for real glitches in that sort of thing so not a problem but welcome this is going to be a great day to day jesus osante throne and and oh i was actually contemplated in like this may be one of those broadcasts were i'm truly striving to be more like jesus i'm here but nobody can see me i think we've overcome et thou keesee me now or not i can't yet when you come on i'll let you know so utter utter no what's going on but yet any red with your computer does i had i had somebody else check it here too so okayhere o god so its wonted welcome the the audiences seconde i see good friday message but we will talk about that of the lamb is horned the tree so it might seekest ne a title but that sides i want people to reflect on if you go why and where do you go to the and i i know in these crazy i call him covers ah many stop going to church as they felt alienated and felt like the church basically abandoned them and there's a little story here i want to say tom the salon in the caribbean and he came upon secluded island he anchored his boat so it was inhabited because he saw three crew building so he walked on shore and called out a greeting and a some big man appeared a little discussion tom found out he was stranded asked about the three buildings since two had crosses in front of him and he said well my house is the one without a cross over there is where i go to church now the tom asked about the other building hoisted all that's where i used to go to church and we should at least chuckle a little bit but i just wonder is that so familiar and so i want to go less and as we go through this crosse et massage i won't say it's a totally phil into blank message but i believed that we will answer some well have i have a real problem with what happened during coved with any of these a shutting down for any reason whatsoever quite honestly because his christians we should be last ones too lay down in the corner of the foetal position and the first ones and whenever there is harm or somebody needs help or anything like that and i have a very strong feeling that most of that was done because of the five one sea threes and the and the money the money that the people were were actually getting for closing down and i by huge problem with that so i can understand why people feel little alienated from churches that don't serve them and start it is more or less a lot of em relieved turned into the exact same thing that our government has it all about money getting but in the seat to pay for more air conditioning and two girl bigger programs in instead of bringing people to the lord you know helping people where the god in jesus went to home so there you go so there there's not a while they did him synagogues of and it would go to the senatoures mostly they they did assembly in homes and so that's why we read about that in the scripture ah and you know that i i believe actually cancel culture because i resisted of the cove measures and everything from a tyrannical governor in a later found out from some people that those it closed her churches redigat paid by the government to do so so to be the cry prostitution of the highest level utter even now how you could do any of those to money and maybe they all did but i don't know how you could show your face and actually claim to represent i am right there with you that's exactly what i'm talking about and it's really it's really disgusting to me an incredibly eh it's a it's repulse if i mean fine how has it work and how did that take in that thirty pieces the silver work probably got well but it is its acute of the rest of us of exactly what the priority is is the priorities that doesn't matter much money we have we're going to take we have in use it to serve each other and stand bravely or regina keep hanging on to this world and the structures that we have cause i am completely of the pendantthe god is going to tear out every single human structure that we think that we have put our arts you put your trust in god and that is it god will make a way no matter what we see you just got a realized and trust him man things would back the things don't look good here is in certain state does it matter of your how bad they look i know who controls the entire a plain field here and that be god so i can trust in him and he is good all the time no matter what things look round us and so you and i are in the same page entirely on this so i love that here i i wanted to say for people that do you know how long you goin to church are given church isn't our ticket into heavens glory but i think there's a lot of people i have different church life stories ah maybe not like tom or the man he met but sometimes we move on were not even sure why sometimes we do move on for good reasons but it's the assembled people more than the building and o jesus often talked about that even as the jews so much emphasis in the temple ah it's it's a matter of the temple of our souls so he had ever wanted a building i think he wanted to dwell with with pee and he he allowed that to be built that i don't think he ever wanted it he really wants just hang out with us you know that that's where we are what he loves its beautiful not our structures but alsop that's a mean and and if you know as he had to clean the temple several times i mean i do believe it was david and said look i got palaces and you don't even have a structure miniato tenet and his like in know oh we need to build a house for you so god yes he mighty consentito that i fully intended it to be to the benefit of his never did he want he alienated from his people with his truth under a building ah that was a poor able to him so there we got it we got to understand that's why i just don't people can not for so much emphasis in the church or traditions but we need to find our hope and our trust in christ and his finished work connatural worden of talk about to day and will packed out doesn't this is make sense to you does to me when bible says that wherever two or more gathered in my ain my name there were now there won't you know what that's great but if there's god and you is there staring theory now yah of each a little bit but but you know it's and i you know that's pushing it to the limit but we can we can commune with god overinterested the day in all sevenheadedone are posedanto the limit and i am not i'm not saying that there's no truth in what you say i i do think that we have to look because we tucked last week about the elliptical nature of truth ah that that was made was made in matthew eighteen in the context of church discipline i understand that discipline primarily is teaching teaching the disciplines of the faith and then you get different measures of you get a formative you get a boy corrective in and you get punitive ah measures that the people of god can't just take the name of god and then live however they want and sir matthew eighteen was basically all about correcting those profess christ and an clearly live as if they don't possess cried and so that that message like where two or three are gathered remember it was if you go to one person him and him alone they don't hear you take two or three so that they can be witnesses so that's the same two and three at the bottom of that passed so what would jesus was saying when you seek to purify the the gathering of the believers the assembly of the church then in there in your miss i'm going to give you power to do that because you're shaking my glory i'm going to make sure on their with you so any rate what i did want to say hope that maybe help somebody so i just think sometimes we just we just throw that out here two three gathered i do think that you know we back in hebrews ten and i guess if i had a a life verse it might be ten twenty four twenty five were talks about don't forsake the assembling of yourselves together so there is a sense that there has to be i think intentional assembling of believers oh will people definitely were if he had to and compare people to the animal kingdom were like a herd animal truly that's the way we were you know we we were created to the function within families and with in groups there's no two ways about it so absolutely and we help each other that way yes i don't want to confused people ah i can i know i do sometimes ask a lot of questions and i'll just throw one out sometimes you like the prime nor pump aloit ah if we can think about one event in the bible that almost the majority of doctrine comes back to what would it be salvation and redemption am talking yet we could say that i mean i'd say that all scripture does but i say right on one of vent that we read about in cp and so like i said i won't i won't let people hang too long what i what i believe is that the death of that of christ on the cross the event that the majority of doctrine surround so ah next we were going to go through easter massage and and the week after i want to come back to this very topic because i am convinced on or as people will know there are so many churches don't even hold a good friday service i'm convinced that if we had once service in the year it would be the good friday sir so in some ways this message is going to explain that for people why why this tim parker think that and then we're going to maybe hold it a little bit more and two weeks if there's anything i really gets me kicked it set so when we look and here's the reason again this tis directly to grace ah because in a will unpack this but i am convinced that people have such a truncated doctrinal foundation that most people cling to what i call a half cross gospel and so in my civil time what i have cross gospel a half cross gospel to me as when you're gospel surrounds what i would call and i will unpack this so you you're going to understand that a little bit more so if your gospel does it include grace oh i question you know do you have a well rounded doctrine and i say this done because i don't know i've never kept taps but i would get at least a couple hundred believers i asked to be times oh can you tell me especially in a conversation with mercy and grace when i'm trying to distinguish between the two oh i'll ask him what can you tell me about the the passover oh yeah they jump right in there full of boeotians and they talk about the blood gets splattered here and bud gets flattered there and it's like ye that's des right that's right and and what else and they look at me they said what do you mean what else that's all there is is a really it's like you sure there's nothing else now in no that's it it's just blood blood blood and it is what i think we sing we sing a lot of songs blood blood blood ah there's power in the blood now i am convinced the power sinbod but since we sing that i'll just make that point so when i tell him that there was a lamhethe and if they didn't finish it they burned it before the morning and there like some of almost teleodont you're talking about is salicala in see so my boy in is in this message or redemption the back dropped the bilocal backdrop of our redemption and salvation was the whole sacrificial and yet said he we get people to day that want to throw off with the table the whole element of the sacrificial and if we properly understand the cross event you will see that jesus i filled in the greatest way the sacrificial system of once for all time we just went through that with ah so a hope that gives a little oh leave him to what we're what we're talking about so if sacrifice is so important it's like have any of us sacrificed an animal for sin i think almost everybody would say to know him now and i've got to and i think sometimes we are anemic if you will down up doctorally theologically because we never participated in and one noneindeed to participate in it two understand but i do know i will say this a sad or mail is is least a a huge a word picture of what they dealt with and i think there's a lot of people that have never even participated in a sad or meal and if you have an i would encourage you to take advantage of that when you can because it put the sacrifice on are a rate or screen in a big way ah so we know that our christian roots come right out of the jewish roots and you know they had a system of sacrifice and so for them when jesus came ah those the believers they had to do something death and ah i think we don't understand what that difference is soon a look at two passages one is exodus thirty ten and hisses were aaron is making a sacrifice errand who is basically the high priest first high priest shall make atonement on its horns once a year and how was the title of the massage the lamb is horned to the tree so i'm not sure exactly all the dynamics of the sacrifice but i do understand it sometimes it would literally poor maybe through slam the animal on to the horns of the altar there were horns maybe it wasn't even dead yet maybe they waited the slit the throat while it was on the altar on the horns of i don't really know all that somebody might fill terminformation and for me but there is a sense and so it says he would make atonement on its horns once a year with the blood of the sin offering of atonement he shall make atonement for it once in the year throughout your generations it is the most holy to the lord and so most people know and can quote romans twelve one and two i beseech or i appeal to you brother by the mercies of god to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to god which is spiritual worship and what paul is talking about terrors of santley spiritual level were spots to put ourselves on the horns of the altar and not be a dead sacrificed but be a living said some people might go well i never heard that but but it's crucial that we know those sins oh i'm sure you were taught at at some point down yeah i'm listening right now because you always bring different things to the table then what i am in familiar with and so on processing right knowledge or as your making the pitchers his atithi's a crazy time that we're living in right now and i think putting it in contact with the things we can write relate to her right now is very very interesting living sacrifices amazing his word hall to give our lives to lay or lies down and continued to toil no matter what happens and doing the right thing so you know i i get the okay so i don't want to go too much into the weeds we and we could really talk about this on packet many people have a i really doubt jesus died was crucified and died on friday i guess if i had to pick any day i would pray say it was wednesday as we know days ah they counted days a little bit differently they did count parts of days as a full day but i am i do know that when when it said jonah was three days the three nights in the belly of the fish jesus said i machete that as he was so i will be three days and three nights in the belly of the earth and so i tend to be a little bit more a literal a tarpon and believed that he was in the tomb for three days and three nights oh so have you ever sighed like the feast days that you wish feast days and the and the the way that they can cordinate with the events and jesus lie so like it what i what i what i learned was that a good friday was basically lamps election day and orienting the nestoit was palm sunday that frontwise lambs election day and then if you cordinated with the jewess jewish feast days it's kind of a time an amazing kind of an amazing correlation so i annihilate my older sister we never really had a chance to talk but she did really begged me to get into all the michael rode teachings on that and i got a real dear friend it is pretty deep into a messianic fellowship and i guess i can just got to get there and participate or did it lie a son yes we went to left bannock church for years and as so it's kind of to me it was reallyit really ah jesus atticaan really brought the difference between it for me reading things in black and white and all the sudden have a full color pitch that you're looking at with doubt and color that that you don't to understand in the context what was going on perhaps a little bit more ah ah visually and things that you can relate to like in a handed in described me one time as the bible isself is re written from an eastern culture which is a very different culture than what we have selegesceot is you know god his grace scott as this will most elopatak that down cause there's nothing tangible to give them something to come on so one word can be a million of ferthing do to millinders where where an eastern culture would sick you know god is like a mountain and then you can sit back and ponder it go all okay i can see that i get that and oh the the the the turns it to the ally turned i abstract concepts into tangible examples so that we can get our hands around it a little bit better i can like study the feast days and i like the celebrations that go with it to lot of fun oh and i i would challenge people to do that because i think that points or rot deeper into the the truth of scripture and i am convinced we can learn so much from learning no thing so i sure it were even like the messianic passed over is amazing when you look at the maps of that's er and you brace the broad and that's the pitcher of christ being purse for you know for a centime mean it's it's really a it's really a need experience and i would also courage every one to participate it's one of those things that could be very very easily be a life changing experience when you can really understand what really has there through very tangible you know the tears the horse radish and the tears that he brings to people's eyes as an example of a of a the israelites leaving egypt and such is its beautiful thing yes if it is so i was going to see his good to bring out four points in an act more petiete first four on a number ah to explain why i believed that the cross event was the greatest event of christianity so first ah it was this event not his birth oh not to pass over that he celebrated the lord's table but we get were getting close to that not the entrance into jerusalem as paul sunday was probably actually would have been a a sabbath day ah rather than what we call sunday we just to western christians we re change had a little bit but so it wasn't even his resurrection even though there's implications my point is dying on the cross brought the it is i was workin anybody give then the son of god i mean i'm on to tell you what what you know if we don't believe god loves us and you know and he gives this his only begotten son and we can get her hands around the fact that god himself gave us his only begotten son to be the atonement for our sins what else could he possibly get up you know it it eliot's crazy it's an thigawette and the end of this setting is sanded honor onjust convinced it if we don't look it does event in in the eyes and i'm not saying you have to believe what i do that it's the greatest event but i'm going to try to put that on your radarscope ah if we knew it was we would go back in dig in and and i'm convinced the parsley in two weeks when we look at it again we're going to see things that i hope that maybe you say well i've never seen it at way because there's so much truth in scripture that we don't we don't find to have any place to tie it in and even back to the word in the title we if we horn it to the altar others so much truth that his horn to the altar and so it's almost how could it happen this way in his declaration it is finished that was his dying breath and up again this is why i think a lot of people say well oh no it really wasn't finished a man cause he died i mean enclinaron it wasn't a shout would cause the earthquake itself was because yes he was dying at was his last and i just think manners so much power packed into that so ah i know we've gone through it before but philippians in this two five have this mind among yourselves which is yours in christ jesus who though he was in the form of god did not count equality with god a thing to be grasped a verse seven but made himself nothing taking the form of a servant being born in the likeness of men and being found in human form he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death even death on a cross and it is the thing that falsas therefore because of that event god exalted him to the highest in the universe ah so that at the name of jesus every knee should bow it's like a teeshoee rate i mean do you feel like it this such a celebration when he footnotes amazing while we're going to and orontobates messing with that done i am convinced that ah the angels celebrated the death just like they celebrate it hit the announcement of his birth may be in a bigger way we can we can almost see the heavenly balloons being set up ye han it yet now i can it you do it like an amazing tomasin so that i got a spoiler alert to dagobert's hockey here an you are so right we if anything done oh that's how we should be i and i think when we learn some of the things that i want to throw out one table for people they're going to see that party yeah and ah but we don't and alex think i'll just give up a little bit we we get so may be inadvertently implicitly trained the sink of bolsover and the passion of christ that we lose the ability to dance at this event ah what would go there so some people exalt it is in a small way like we were just talking in the resurrection oh i believe that the resurrection is the icing of the redemption this event was the cake and so yes the resurrection high lights is an again maybe here time eh when jesus on the road to a mass remember he was proesenti that day and this was before he saw his disciples he he caught up with the two two guys and rode to a mass onelike in or he did you know you didn't know we think about one happened then i go what they told him and he like oh her little faith but he said that he didn't even talk about his recorrection he said didn't she know that i was born to die so it's like again we put emphasis i think on the wrong things i just say listen to jesus listen to what jesus puts the emphasis on and i think will come up with different answers okay song in fit this in light hack layman's terms here it's like jesus dinon the cross is like carrying the ball across the the end of the antonishing the ball and shortly thereafter the resurrection is like the announcer going and they take the game at the osages that's that is so good connivall were to go yes so yes and so again what will get there but what so the second point is participation in his last suppers where he said this is my body given for you basically a this compass the new covenant in my blood so here's a ah a prophetic statement here a harbinger any base rises drink drink it all of it so this proclaims his and and if you will done to me i understand that proclaim i rejoiced party time his death and ah but we don't because i think we don't know enough and so i'll just say rowquickly like when i we think about the christosthe last supper careful practice what they call transubstantiation what they believe is that the elements literally become the blood in the body of christ sell in essence jesus is sacrificed to gain and again and again as why they call it a mass lotherensis consubstantiation in it it was a real twisted thicken wasn't it in one to buy into the catholic teaching but they said the meaning is under the elements as the khan and most even evangelicals practice what they call a memorial view oh where were you remember his death now as a pastor i practised calvin's a spiritual eating view so there's kind of continuity all the way across but it may be oh where do you put your emphasis on an in calvin talk at the elements are bread and wine but if you will the holy spirit invests mercy and grace into these elements a week we eat it we mercy and grace spiritly through the elements so there signs to the to the truth behind it and so again it's like his death i believe was god's technical official beginning of the new covenant ah that was one of i would probably say that this will be a new pair o dime for many ah because we think that the new covenant starts when the new testament start i'm convinced that the new covenant doesn't officially start until it is finished so what was finished the old covenant was done it was completed it was fulfilled as greatly as it could be that was the beginning of the new covenant meal that law right to the cross so the third point is that the flesh and blood of the passover lamb on a cross is the epitome of this finished ah now call talks about this but i want to bring it out in no exodus twelve which is where the pass over started oh do you think that the scribes and pharisees and high priest would have crucified jesus if they would have no now i think there evil and their confusion was so deep that yes they would of ah but little did they know that there the greatest scamp trial in the history would produce the greatest event so pallas first grandians to age none of the rulers of this age understood this for if they had they would not have crucified the lord of glory i bolinao because of their arrogance and their grasping for power and i interject this here because i think this a significant with a time wherein with the rightful president of the united states donald a god repent things there is like types of christers repeating and such an i believe right now that oh any time a god's god's will is going to be carried carried through no matter what anybody what it had the bad people want he is give him a little bit more rope to see if there's going to turn round and if they don't turn round the hangings are going to hang our henright and pretty exercere when god takes care of business that's pretty well it is finished you know and so you know look at look at what happened but that the similarities that i see with that with age that were in right now is the fact that evil always behaves always it there is not real smart it's kind of effect it's kind of like derby and do really and it makes a lot of state it is he it is the air against of thinking that you they're going to go ahead and kill god's only son they're going to go a head and and in order to grasp that power and control because if you don't let god be in control and you don't make him your lord saviour you will literally try to grab that control for yourself and and that's the grabbing of control is i mean truly we see that the stay this type of a structure is in fact being repeated even in our day so to understand that if they thehewen they can't want they're going against they're going against the big guy the th you know the one that this kind of like a a lowing a lot of this to happen but not surprised yea and now that you know when kids they get in a corner and sometimes they they have devious plans and you can see it that's what they have writ not is sometimes the contradiction causes a red flag to fly and isles think that the red flag flies you know sophos probably wrong but it's like i would say to day the evil is magnified hugely from what we've ever seen maybe it's more in your face but i agree with what you just said it the evil people couldn't be dumber in what they do they think their hide and some if anything the best or do it is just to hide things from neurons so this is something that ah here's a couple of points here this the fourth point to devilfor things ah john cocoon i still probably would put his book number one as i said last week a number two might be decherd on harper's to cost of disciples shop by this was old puritan man that boy did he on pack the law but here's some of the things he said that god requires and we find it in scripture perfect perpetual personal holiness and perfect atonement for failed holines so we saw that with adam and eve in the garden and adam was our first federal head he basically failed to covenant and that's why we we die spiritually so a sinful dead man could never accomplish these requirements this is exactly why the god man had to come it had to be the eternality of god to accomplish what he did and in his perfect perpetual personal holiness was sacrificed for our salvation and as for what i think we we do have to understand ah we know that we all deserve god's judgment because of our sins are failure but this is what i said last week i don't want people to focus on what we did when we were in satan's king ah does it grieve our soul yes i just walked people to understand we can realize it we didn't have the grace of christ in our life but if we've been newborn now we do to focus on what we do now so in that i just would say that jesus death brought the correcting life and atoning payment for a the orbitthat football game a example jehesus finishes at all up an says combined you beer drinking pretzeln savages let's get up and and if it's we took the game now let's get at it you know you yes everybody knows roman six twenty three or least even if kant quoted to waistis death but the gift of god is eternal life through jesus and i would say that as i understood some of these things as i had the process some not only in theology but i would say more in the fact of becoming a pastor and preaching through the word i would say that the grace focus from this aspect that on trying to bring to people's atenion set my soul free to soar like an eagle in god's truth and i i would pray that for others i think a lot of people don't know freedom of christ and it might sound like a a contradiction to get into the sacrifice of christ and it will set you free but there's there's a lot of truth to that oh so when we think about this jesus was the second adam ah when we think about sacrifice ah i know that genesis one to eleven is a very very confusing time because number one ah we pray talk about it before but a lot of people don't know genesis one to eleven is at least twenty seven hundred years so i can't tell you why god did it this way but it's like there is not twenty seven hundred years in the whole rest of the scriptures from genesis twelve to revelation the end of revelation and in so we see things in those eleven chapters that we kind o have to unpack and some people would say where you can't do that but i think i think we must and it helps one we can so why do i say that because you know that i speak about genesis three twenty one is being the pivotal passage for the application of the first new covenant gospel when it said that god took animal skins cloth oh we learn later that his salvation is his holiness that he clothes us and so here it couldn't have been any clearer than it was the skins it was basically the body of the lamb covered there send death that gave him new life oh and so i'm convinced that jesus himself a preincarnate christ was the god they walked and talked with in the garden and i believe that when when they send and they were hiding and he said they were naked and then they they made fig leaf portire and thoughdidn't like that ah now it doesn't say you know i don't know what happened but it says that god closed i believe that jesus literally sacrificed lambs in front of them and explain the gospel to them and then took the skins and maybe it too wild a dry it out or some but fashioned clothes for them so to me that is the application of the gospel that we read in three fifteen so we wonder why it can an able you know some people was selected able didn't know it was supposed to be a blood sacrifice oh yes he did they did because their mother and father i'm sure many times as our mother father's did e satis down told us to jocino one happened back here and i'm convinced they knew exactly what god wind for a sacrifice for abel brought a bloodsucker cane said he hastily cursed god had said i am not going to do that in or take the best that i've got i never said that sacrifice had nothing to do yes it was supposed to be the best land it was supposed to be the perfect and it was it was always a blooded oh yes there were fruit offerings but but the point is for a sin offering it had to be a blood sack and that is why jesus had to die for his he to reverse their death through eternal life ah so even though i know what genesis one one talks about it really explains unpacks the gospel redemption history began when god said i will put in my tie between you and the woman i believe that's redeemed sarah between your seat hard or satan sieged and the woman said her see jesus will bruise your head and you will bruiseshe and so that's a language of the crucifixion rite there the death of it that i believe is that it is i dust i can not stressed enough so am i know that there were a lot of different sacrifices but were talking about the day of atonement and caiaphas was the high priest and i can't prove it biblically but i believe that the almost the very minute that he was behind the curtain sprinkling the blood of the lamb that they sacrificed on the mercies is when jesus died and when the temple veil was oh i i just think and it may be speculation you see ok we can considerate oh but if caiaphas was there and he saw that still perpetrated the life its like boy how evil was pretty amazing that the whole the whole lot of the whole event that the whole bible is just amazing case it so tight in together and you can see it throughout the history of redemption in god's grace and his love towards us but all i know and in a good know good parent you look at a good parent here it does not excuse kids that behavior because they know that it leads to death and dosed so though jesus made the way like you said we are still required to or should be working towards that holiness because when when we heard ourselves we heard every one around us there is no but nobody acts within a back you you don't think about i don't know if you ever had a i'm assuming that all i have been touched by some one with suicide at some point and you know what an in somebody complises a suicide is truly a tragic thing to go through his terrible thing to go he but oh it doesn't and with that person the person thinks it an a just the just move their grief and their sorrow to the people around them that that goes on with all of our choices and life when we choose to do something that that is not ideal or that is personal even if it's to ourselves it affects every one around us we we were where we go on we go all his very deep implications if you really think it through and you put it in a spiritual context it's not just it's not just like a political thing it's a spiritual thing and it's rude and in its co and right now we're in a spiritual war we are absolutely in a spiritual but we always have we it it's always been a spiritual war because the course satan wants to get rid of god so he can be in control only it's going to end very well you know and oh just it's not going indweller him because it's absurd as to its chords and absurd it's absurd to think that anybody could could get rid of god absurdit but yes but we have we have our point to you now to turn to god in and understand and bibles wonderful wonderful teaching it's a wonderful teacher throughout the entire bible he an how alive and what god has done and in on the character on the character of god himself so that we can in fact trust him and all suche yes i am i would say as you were talking had done i just kind of open to thought in my mind in the confusion of to day and this is why i i thought what i did for that turning point you as a mast oh i appreciate you bringing it up because we've been in the spiritual war from the beginning we just don't know it but i will say this i think that the infusion the evil to day if we are not fully aware that we're in a spiritual war ah i would question whether your new births and it's like in some ways we could take god that he made it so bad that we can so visibly see that we're in a spiritual way as a blessed time to be alive right enough if you would you give like a salvation a conffession i could i like to do that and it is got walked through it without rybody out there because there you know so many people are so lost in this is not being preached and or taught that the things that we've been taught in the churches are basically pops psychology and how to make yourself feel about above things you're doing wrong and excuse your own behaviour and set of you know you don't have intones come to jesus moments and then will you know what this isn't working and not only is it not working were being latastro by a lot of that no castelatio to solitario will do that o ka so when what are they the greatest confusing segments in scripture in my mind is is twenty did ever os here did i do i do i'm going overhead three the and davis when abraham was commanded by god to take your only son isaac even though herehad she take him up on mount moriah and sacrifice him i again probably the totality of this message kind of finds its focal point in genesis twenty two because i think that if there's one thing that really really really confused as believers is not understanding this passed so my point is until we understand the cross events we will never understand genesis so god was giving us a full born living picture prophetically of what would occur on the cross through abraham and isaac and when we understand as to me it's like it goes now i understand and that's what i want for people ah not only about genesis twenty two but about to cross event and as you said the gospel so i got to say that abraham showed ought most fate now he even read that he he believed that if he sacrificed isaac that god would raise him up in speaking of resurrection aha isn't that what the picture of redemption oh and yet too i can just imagine the grief of this man he waited twenty five years for his and here he's prostrating young man could have been even twenty we don't know but here god says take him up to her and sacrifice so one talked about two things isaac was bound to the altar sacrifice like jesus was horned to the altar a second god accurately signifies christ titchener death in this prophetic it when istic asks what this means his father as his father held the knife above his chest he answered god will provide as himself it says for himself but i believe it really means god will provide himself the lamb for a burnt offering god did provide a lamb and as the way among the cross and it is amazing so if we can look at the fulfilment of the cross em bring it back and put it directly into genesis twenty two in my might you go oh now i understand and again two weeks out we're goin not unpacked this a little bit more because there's so much there so we see in de ah in joseph the story of joseph ah fortificare hed one of the the best messages i ever heard on this he said that the whole ministry of joseph to save one man his brother judah who jesus was in his lineage jesus was of the tribe of juda judah the line a judah so he did his father ah israel jacob was he saved where all's brother saved yes was the nation saved yes but here's what we have to think about his well and i think we don't think about it we think we realize that god brought his people out of egypt to send them indecent who put them in egypt to begin with god did i did god did so yes the times changed yes did a fear it didn't know god or joseph come along yes god send em into egypt to thrive and then he wanted to bring him out so in up here's another facet of for me don who was your so she i know i've talked to you before on this exodus twenty nine and the first eighteen twenty five and forty one gives another key fasted of sacrifice and when i when i speak this way people almost get upset with me because for the most part with the exception is something that they did with the blood like putting taking the blood in de day of atonement to the mercy seat blood was pretty much a throw away item and i don't want to minimize the blood what i owe because jesus does it but my point is that god elevates the body and the righteousness in the holiness of christ the flesh of christ higher and his sons why in in ephesians to seven itsays that god put to me grace in that in heaven lies in tenlights for all the generations to see but here's the point of those verses it says to me this was a gold nugget for grace that the burning flesh sends up and roll that is a sweet smelling savor to the nostrils of and while we know that god the father joseph have nostre spirit if he doesn't need it he still smells it you as but there forenoone me have nostalgie set up like this about the bold and this is why to me again this gets back to the issue of the half cross gospel when we separate grace and it's all about the blood blood blood bug blood then we have short changed to gospel jesus christ and this is what you wanted me to get to and i will a very very quick when we realize that the burning flesh comes up to god's nostrils as smelling savor that she consented boy there's something about that we'd better learn if we have it already and i just say that that was so huge for me oh could be like that that the smell of the burning flesh is like you know it talks about is not living in the flesh and the burning of sin that's what i see the pitcher of and it's like the you know the eradication of the sin of the like why think that again when we when we realize that the the burning flash was for the sacrifice for sin and again specifically if you will for the day of atonement because it was like that was the whole pass over so again maybe two passages from the old testament while there's more but two big ones would be a exodus twelve with the passover and genesis twenty to ah because there if we again if we think about the pass over as being or the cross event as the epitome of the passover we go oh yes in his case back to what i was saying about people that forget the flesh to the meat of the lamb was critical so as did the aftertaste the blood out put it on the door close to on a mantle but they had eat that lamb in a they couldn't finish it they had to burn it before morning and then they were ready to go ah so i was going to say that the emphasis is on the body wouldn't the altar is so a lot of people focused their emphasis from a picture of the blood but when we when we really talk about the altar that jesus was horned to that we are supposed to be horn to in romans twelve one ah the emphasis is on again our sancti it's it's his holiness that makes us holding but if that's what he calls this with we will go to heaven in the close of the lamp and that will be our ticket his huge so you did want me to talk about em in this hope a good place to talk about the gospel the gospel itself in my mind when we think about the law of the law is what says do this ah the gospel is not necessarily a a negation of that or ah an absence of that because if we think about the gospel the gospel is believe in the lord jesus christ and you shall be said so the belief in the lord jesus christ is at a command or is that a status i would probably say it's more established we hear it as i command so in essence even in our quick inversion of the gospel believing the lord jesus christ now shall be saved we hear the law and the gospel break there in that state oh so i know that jesus pleads for people to come to him and ah i will say this done even this may help people understand as i understood the lord's table celebration that it's not the pastor of one fading the flock is the pastor stood in the place of jesus and it was really jesus if you will that was telling the people in front of me do you need mercy come drink mud bed do you need calling us come my flesh so while it was a celebration for believers i told people i mean i know we can take the supper paul said in the wrong attitude but i set no could be that that you realize your need of redemption right here and oh so that when if you need salvation ah so i've got to say in the de lord's table would be like an altar call but to be there there wouldn't be anything more glorious than the house somebody come to faith in the practice of that and i know i shared to a few weeks ago but i i did have oh one one sermon i preached in a in assembly a god church years ago i knew a boy or young man it was a diagnosed with lucinian who is erdetagen cameo and i did preach on calvin's understanding of the lord's table and he came up to me afterwards in he said i got healed to day and a silly time in my life i ever had somebody in preaching come up and say that i knew exactly what that he meant god knew birth made to day my good friend i call him a soul mate he he was standing next to me he said all you men god healed your lecanodiaspid now that was the forterestano enter i think he died within two weeks and i i exactly where his soul was so i you know when you talk about the gospel the gospel is the epitome of christ facethat he declared he finished he gave stood he gave his body he paid the price not just for our sin he gave us eternal life so we could live again and that to me is the gospel in a nutshell and i do not believe necessarily in decision or regeneration which is often framed in i say the sinner's prayer mortise but as i understand scripture god redeems us he knew birth us and as the baby comes out of the wool and breaths when we are new birth we will have faith we will say god oh forgive me for what i did he's already forgiven us when he said it is and we detectascope gift we can take that declaration in ane gift with new birth in our soul and piety which is it has candover were good to get to timeelement though of hundrednation hear the thunder here it meadowlane hack of a storm colonists then going on all morning on and off so he got one hack of the storm so he thought everybody on still here of if i'm not on me come other side in this hall or on the back side of the side will see that i think it's easy to get hung up or hung over even in christ's passion and you don't maybe that's not the right verbiage for some people but i dare say people that get in i trust me i know the passion really deals with what was done to jesus did he suffer oh oh did he suffer oh i mean he couldn't he could die in the garden of de semine when it says that he sweat great drops of blood or by people that would save may be the the bird not him with so deep in one as like the spiritual bird was way worse in the physical pain to a son yelations from god and he understands what we feel like before we are new birth with his separation from god and what changes when you accept the gift of salvation and you have that piece of passes understanding and i and strength and everything you need i mean there is definitely a change there and i can thee the stress of being suffrage from god or thinking that you're walking through this life alone he absolutely had to face that and and i think that you could have done anything to you in physically and it would have been bad but that was worse yes so you do he lot of people died with the thirty nine lashes that he received ah he could have his well ah i think that what you were just talking about when he had to drink the cup if we don't we don't think about this case i think it was peter oh peter how was it so to say peter and job but i may be it wasn't but they asked a week we can drink your coughlike no now i laityanother what he drank he drink cup with the sins of all his sheep down to the dregs ah so green be quite a man i'm going to tell you that right now or to make it through like the last in in the dragging of the cross and all that a man think about just even his physicality how much god gave him grace to carry that that that horrific torture and bird the oatlong side of of realizing the separation from god i can't i can't even imagine that i cannot imagine yes i mean so in a glacial street or teen says christ became a curse for us for it is written cursed is every one whose hand on a tree and a two weeks were now we will on pack up one passage in romans i just felt like it was way too much if i put it in this message so i figured i'd move it to there oh remember jesus cried as he came ah into jerusalem and what we call palm sunday remember the people rejoiced but really they didn't understand why but he did tell him if you all de sing praises the rocks would cry out ah jesus grieved over there their wickedness their disobedience and coming judgment he no he said you know how i would love to bring you under my wings as a check as a hen does her check but but you would not he said so the cross the people there on palm sandy they weren't at his cross party they missed the chance to dance at his party and i'm convinced that many missed that to day dona anasseis brought up ernewerte to close out here eh jesus glory was revealed in the transfiguration and again this is such a passage remember when moses struck the rock almost in cursing that told them the strike it once he struck it twice yes the people were clamoring to him but but god told him because of your anger because of what you showed about me you won't go into cane in didn't he say speak to the rock he did speak to the rock and moses decided to get all kinds of theatrical one and an you know it strikes the rock and that was kind of a bad plan i don't think we can be striking anything you know all got to do is be talkin o god and he didn't work out well for him you know he he got his sorry behind left behind and going on my otto and yet if the transfiguration when we think about one case of jesus party who did he call yeah it called moses where to and not one room harmosas i'm sorry you took the you know we think about the country of israel that was canon so did moses get to sea can in physically he what he stood one mark with jesus and delight now that was the old test old confitentibus of law and the prophets they were at jesus party his disciples and most of the onlookers missed the party and we know an earthly shaking again you talked about tornado storm like in these chambers when christ died matthew fifty one fifty four says and behold the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and earth shook and rocks were split when the chosen cheerin so the earthquake and what took place he was filled with awe and said truly this was the son of god and i ask your question was this the only man there who really understood not likely well my point is he was one of the very few at all i'm sure her a lot of people that sat there that day and sudden what have we done yeah maybe yes but i think he did he did it more in jubilation so i guess maybe i was kind of making his distinction yes i think there were many people that went oh my but i think this man did it in rejoicing and i might say and this be just another tim parker sniffed for him to say that i believe that he was new birth in order to declare that the truly this was the sole like dead fan and i just managed i got hell to day thank you god i mean there was a man standing there if you will he would have price still been alive the thief that was told to day you'll be with me in paradise so here's what we have to learn and i just want to hold in just a little bit were almost done hold on just a little bit too to say how much do we get side track by the suffering and we don't understand the party time that jesus really declared ah we might say that some andesand crucify him we might cry like peter oh no it can't be not on my watch while india or stopped the suffering and so it's natural for us the more in our flesh but here's my challenge to people is that in christ yes we should dance so i think to cross event declared its dance the and i just got to say ah you he wasn't around him but i think i think the angels started singing some stanza of hail to the victor and i just ask why don't we and i always liked tangiblethe eighteen as he used to say i love when a plain comeforgot in liking i think god was up there that did he he asked the bulls but i think he was said i love it when a plain comes together and jesus obtained victory and glory the cross and yes it's only to those who believe in egede's back to what you were saying i hope oh i may not preach the gospel as most people here but i believed that the emotion comes after a new birth and i i do not want to manipulate people into making a decision when new birth is it in our soul but when new birth comes to your soul you will decide to follow these simple as that and you you will well we can leave behind all the grief and the shame and the regrets and you know all of this negative stuff that we beat ourself up over for our failings i listened to people and their like they don't believe it set on like really hows that work and for yaou've done everything right her entire life well now and akwold that be categorized under sin that right i sold dealing with some of that and will ye i've got a lot of lot of you know anxiety or such as like you can in fact leave it all behind and step off into the unknown walking with god knowing every stuff you take every everything you do he is going to make sure that you are o ka now does mean nor thing's going to be perfect you now in beckon of the one of the marks of of a of a christian especially a very developed christian as youre going to be attacked and here pointages because you know what we make sat at seeingthat's a great place to be right seasonif were it were not get a tacked pretty much extra shirt were not living were not doing anything and that were probably hiding the foetal position and close in our church is for if were actually working for christ we step out with boldness and knowing that that veil is rent in two and we can go to go and he gives us the grace to do what we need to do he gives us the forgiveness to get past what we've done wrong because we are only human we are human we are not god and we are human and so we're going to make mistakes we are not going there's not one person that is going to be able to live a perfect life but when we fall he picks us up he does the sock i believe in you can get back on your feet you can do this we can do this to gather and walks with us through this life you don't need to be carried any more these burdens and the sadness and the shame and regret stop right now lay it down and realize that is already taken all of us and you can leave it this day and the next you are a new creation and to in you might fall to day and to morrow you wake up in the morning guess what you're going to get right back at it you're going to give it all you got and you're going to try again and jesus is going to be their walking through this in its it's an amazing path when you go in that direction walking on and i believe that we can walk on this earth with god i really believe that every step of the way and and it's amazing how it changes your ability to forgive others to open your arms up to people that may be you disagree with or that you have a problem with an order to some differences or to restore relationships he'll give you the ability to stand things in order to restore or absolutely make the cots that need be made in order cut this sin out of our lives or those bad those things that are really distant and in its an its amazing it's amazing process and also the comfort that comes that passes all understanding when you're in a bad situation solicits an amazing process and i'm sure you and i could tell stories all day long about times where god is carried us i have i have you know several amazing stories you know especially like that are very usually when i tell the story of coming back from india with my daughter who was extraordinarily scandat happened in that grace were god literally opened doors and moved things out of the way because his purpose as were being and that i was never scared not one minute what even though there are people all around us point guns at us in other repetere blowing up in the street and such and i was i was you know and i'm i'm domino not to be afraid i suppose of anything and i'm discognathus and you know it and to come back i it's an amazing it's a really amazing thing what you can with absolutely no fear and guess what that is the most terrifying enemy on the planet to satan as well as the bad guys that are running round the political banners around them because no fear is a big problem for he that's how they control us so anyhow they go so he just to even get back to a little bit of the gospel god reconciles us to himself and when he says i i took care of the sin he now he takes care of the sin but he takes care of our deadness through eternal life as what jesus said whosoever believeth in me we shall have salvation we shall have eternal life certain corinthians five seventeen says beholdeth any man be in christ he is a new creation the oldest gone the newest common i think that's where even in our life the the reality of that first since the old competent bondage is gone its stone away we now live in the majesty and the grace and not again is the gospel jesus told nicodemus you must be born from above to even see enter the king so am i used i know that when we realize especially our new bird we can party so i just one last plea to my listener yes i get it about the passion and i would say years ago watching the passion of the christ by milk gives i thought he did a fantastic job but i laughed thinking what he didn't finish the story and i i do even here the torso second part coming out but the point was as i reflected i thought you know what the title of them was the passion of the one the passion doesn't deal with the resurrect and i thought at that level he did a majestic job in that move but here's my my encouragement people and maybe a change we don't have to burrowed into the suffering of because if we look at our christ who declared there i am convinced he died to part a hare outer now you know started nervosity yes he suffered but his death was not just the victory his death becomes army i do say jesus is king in in truth the co if we go back in examined the cross of you too may say with the cross and van was the greatest day so the resurrection was a proof of jesus's righteousnes and we can we can experience at same resurrection the righteousness because we have his it that we accept the gift he died for all of us god rose him from the dead because of his righteous and his righteousness is given to us if we accept the gift and we two can have eternal life with god possess what he always wanted anyway he wanted to be able to live with his people and ah because he loves us and like a like a good day how he loves us and cares and he's with us every step of the way which is a something to really i you think about that that god cares about me or you he's created the entire university still cares about us who screws up you know you know who screws up and on a daily basethird you know so we'll go back to that we'll go back to that football football game analogy in the comonynge i fear drink and pretenses joined the party over and except except jesus is of eternal light it's his righteousness that he gives us and isserninus as he walks he through the and perfecting that the perfecting of our fate simple is so civil and we want to make it so difficult in what we have to do it's like yap you know what thank you jesus for dying for me and that i can i too can have you know your righteous not and we walk right into eternity right there very very simple i do i am my not grasp on the one i you do don and i were just say this that i know trust me i loved nelsons up from the grave he rose and things like that for teratomata but my point is people rejoice an easter or resurrection day i would say that ninety per cent of my rejoicing is in the cross event do i rejoice in these heroes but i hope if you did not pick it up i so rejoiced in the cross the because jesus said for that very purpose is why he came came to do if we could remember that study it i think you will find way more of your fate she never thought and yes down it you've got it i have any good had it and i brought that song up i do i've not heard this or you know this a aversion of it but i'm hoping that this is great oh the a baptist church i will go hadn't and a tikonko midhat i'm going to just kind of find the uses a great song i remember my life when the sign that they pipe work and at church when we were little so again remember when we celebrate his resurrection we celebrate he is king because of what he did and if you didn't think we unpacked it enough to day we're going to rely in pack it in two weeks but i hope that you got a real of what god wants us to let's pray with everybody and oh you know would you like to do a prayer for everybody so that the hero would like to pray o through this and let's let's go and pray together cause i think is not licurge people at any time to call for a manuscript if you want chatter back and forth trust be i do i mean i would almost say i love to get feed back correspond with my her even had we sawsome thirty go there is nothing more that i want for you to understand sir on everything out so dumb question no i don't need one to bother him father me and i will i will rejoice with you over that to himself let's pray or have any father as we come to you i know this the pack we and well so be doing a resurrection day message after the fact but lord i am convinced in the cross advent is the greatest day of our faith and we thank you coming to die to bring our redemption you didn't just caused to happen you affect in new birth power in to live for you and sanctifies go with this his daylord were in the fight of our lives against evil and i think that more people every day or week in up to the fact that we must fight for righteous justice so to live in the freedom that you invested in ours his name is hesus we accept your gift to salvation and the huge sacrifice that you made for us and we are so thankful for everything you've done for us and look forward to an eternity with each other and with you in heaven celebrating your glory and your gift every single day thank you and you see retraites get his the party started here we've got a i think wednesdayand first right you cannot you mandeochade that i calliteuthis the version is here is i don't know see how this goes the sessites is like like building everything on the fly this is what this is what i do honestly just not going and say a ityeathus works and it doesn't artlerie defend seven in parellele rendered real well conversation i would say you the people don't have questions that i explained it so well that you have questioned just called let me know what you thought i love the song he anomythe the long her i he who in no teresita he region antennularia you the oh man that's beautiful that in or what a grand thank you god in i do start to click in her on an you too you know looking his sopping and all sudden this version comes up there you go and other gift from god a right there as we go forward i love it he arose he rose he locris the rose what a gorglorious thing is something that really celebrates the and he was victor before they put him in to cause he said it is finished yet there he go at how how what a glorious day so there you go so we're going to have great day ohoto us a right a man don't i do if people think for a peculiar people as celebrate this kind of stuff but you know in your rebirth ye get it so solitary go got it god bless all of you let's it here's forthsetting thing please go to brinborion doctorbecause i am not conceding i will not concede the liar's chiefs of thieves and continued exceetabeelity an tharsein or not going away and and ah nightnight given up any of this ergot ground to any part of this or evil just so soever body oleineae nose you know you might want to come and join the party before before ah you have some real trouble and in front of you so at any rate to one a letter body know god bless you this day we care about you there's so many people out there that care about you you are never ever ever along take all your poems given to god and know that he cares he's with you walking with you you can't get away for moshe's there whether you're talking to a endhere an he's watchin he knows what you do he knows you say he knows what you're our thoughts are in your intentions are turn it all over to him and walk into a glorious future with the lord as you can in fact walk with god in the earth it's amazing have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love man god bless the merican god bless you to thank you so much for for sherry with us i love you now only like to have at least one thing in in your your teachings the kind of blow my mind where have go that's amazing didn't think about it that way before you know has he the you know you hear all this here though the batholite is in the blood which it is and that's an important point at this time and in the history of the united states right now to understand the light is in the blood thereeven more in peeling back these layers of understand and being ok with listening to different points of view to learn is important have a great day have wonderful they so bless that you were here and that you can join us and celebrate this weenest and the resurrection of christ which is an necroscopies really glorious so talk tiguis tomorrow i carens go the ceronados hander babies so will be talking about boats to morrow and there religion i then thank you don