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Interview - Stefanie Lambert,esq huge Michigan election lawsuit/interference

Published July 20, 2022, 12:01 p.m.

I will be talking to Stefanie Lambert on a lawsuit filed in the State of Michigan, about the 2020 election and new evidence of election interference. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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every one this is donna brandenburg and i'm here the morning we're going to be getting into a very serious and breaking piece of news this lawsuit filed by stephanie lambert and i wanted to bring you this is an interview straight from her so she can tell you what's going on because this is a really big deal right now so you got a bear with me a little bit i'm just getting used to the software here and but i was incredibly is going to be incredibly important lawsuit for the state of michigan and in uncovering a subversion for enduring in our elections so here goatry and stephanie and and i do robin i stephanie how you doing i am doing well in get another beautiful day here in michigan and another day a fiftieth right well i wanted to i wanted beyond to day because you yourself and so many other brave brave patriots and whistle blowers are coming forward and and standing against the establishment and this is very important when i heard about your lost it we were talking the other day i got to tell you i'm so great for the work that you've done and you continue to do and i really think people need to be aware of what's going on so an i've got i've got the affidavit at her and torrington's and even as a retentive and cantons affidavit there i and i think that it for people to know what's really going on in the state there's so much misinformation when they illegally removed myself and the other candidate and it was an illegal removal of candidates by the board of camp that i've read so many different articles and seen different broadcast there is so much lying out there and misinformation it's in so what i tell people as you have to do your own research go to the sore spend doctors are working full time and overtime in order to really frame and or had them in a bad light and what they're doing is though these people that are in fact that are in fact doing the work and doing the right thing are the ones that they attack the hardest so please please tell her body it's going on here sure i repent he got apaecides the atom township unless of with questioning are the elections run accurately and fairly ran to a looking into the process he selected a number of twenty twenty she did not run the november twenty twenty election she took office she wanted to make sure that in her communion her job to run fornication really learn about the process that it was being carried out in a way that the voters will was being reflected in each at now as soon as she started to question each process a lot of push back from the secretary actions in the county they actually used the michigan tabulator they took her ballads out of her and took her ability unlawfully to run election the secretary of state ordered in november of all clerks in michigan to to leave what's called an porteous that goes into the hole as diana that was a huge red flag to stop any and to other clerks admission that they were being requested to delete data rather than lack it up and preserved in the event look at to reconcile or it if there's a he did not delete in fact she thought that would be a violation of state and federal crime outlaws preserved she had it analyzed by benjamin now what is very important it has a rich diana the the decent found anywhere else in and not critics not preserved anywhere else were able to find out in his did in fact order original election data be deleted from the twenty twenty election not just in one location but throughout the then what else we have on the that's really important as there are unique voters on there with a time when the vote in person in person voting data that does not match the state records that have been obtained by a comforters that are not reflected in the atoms uncoil records the adams official records reflect what the canvas results were so those man so the adams township clerk reported the results the canvas but what's important is they do not match the data so there's unique voters at will the township state level that do not match and that highly concerning an it's not actually and what is learned here in this benjamin confided so the contract that inner civic contract in dominions contract is something very similar qualified voter role is loaded prior to an election that's really interesting rotten says in his mid but there that potentially gives the ability for a vendor or a bad actor through the internet the who is voting how their votes live and there they have the ability file callout the person's file this is obviously not a really shouldn't have anywhere in the change it but most importantly it was elected to run fair elections in her township doing just that and some of the things that he questioning she was able to there are in fact major the things that have been revealed in a township where finding in other jurisdictions throughout the state of michigan interestingly i was just prior to longing and this interview i sent an email that came out from a word of election to all the clear you might be a carefree here but you might be getting for equator your voter roll you know you need to talk to your toney for release anything right so obviously there little free about on a but then it goes on to say position that you cannot release and then it quotes a law so was really interesting about that if you are called the secret at found by the court of claims to violate a really in the twenty twenty election so here she is advising through the word of election don't release any signature data i don't understand how that could i need to do because i was just given a law that i can't you are request with my clerk and see what my signature looks like to see if that match as if i want to do my duty nothing you know happened with my foot into it what people are looking into and that actually country we have a lot of the evidence that relates to the twenty twenty election is the grass roots every day pole in frustrate no request obtaining data and then analysing really important so everyone watching this right now that when is something going to change when you know some one going to be held accountable for violating a law person is actually he to making that happen and they can send their forests and i got a lot of them yesterday to my website or my em you can get to my email account from my website and sudden me anything that you loan by too in her office that's really incredible that the amount of a in tis breaking down on is overwhelming it's not one point of failure a massive amount of failure in that election and it just were seen more and more every day which is really due it's very disturbing to look into the it would the amount of surveillance and information that bad actors can get on individuals and one of the reasons why we had anonymous voting a people coercion and and intimidation in the voting process that hot was set up what what they clearly done as they've overstepped that then basically you know sort people through information and i mean this is much greater implications than than what were even talking about at this level right now and it is very very dirty when that light to encourage all my followers to go to your website and get the direction that they need to file those toils and to formation onto become part of the process of tracking down bad actors who really who really were all in all of them there is not just one person there are thousands of that in my opinion were involved in this in this entire entire twenty twenty i feel the same way you know this is how i feel about this it's not a part as it and i think that every one when that was the narrative that was presented by the men but comprises about it an that's not what is about did your boat on as you i do we have problems that we need to he the to continue to posing as problems in order to prevent it from captain in the future and on my telegram he to he followed but in my web all of the evidence in pennsylvania and not all of it i what has ah in a public violinist blower a lot of this evidence is in video of election of crimes literally tearing up election data and putting it in a trash can when they received a right no replies so we need to keep exposing those that are violating the law or right to vote is very serious and important and he that you don't really appreciate yeah you're welcome and i agree but going back to that i think that there are so many people involved in this tampering or election interference that this is not a small this is not a small issue here and we can't let this go i mean and people commit a crime they they have to be held ecouter what they've done because this is that issue of national security this is not something you disco oh you know we're going to blow past the and we promise that we're now we're going to do it again because the amount of people that are willing to lie to keep states crimple is literally shocking and if it were if we're going to address us we're going to have to clean clean out clean house here a little bit and people are going to have to be prosecuted for their parts in this they were doing it knowingly there's enough people that did it i'd say there's a portion of them that maybe didn't know or didn't have the courage to stand up but there is a good portion of them that knowingly were involved in the subversion of the interference failure right at one county we can extrapolate at an increase that throughout the state of michigan which brings us to willow many how many potential votes were in error why one of the very air here it adam towns had an eleven point five present the state records of the official certified results if you tremble that the clear i do not have we require that of certified and to what they have as their i vote role and voter history but i don't have the from the entire state of michigan hypothetically if you were to extrapolate that that would be over eight hundred thousand that speak for in there you know that type of that type of an error is as absolutely something that we can't we can't tolerate we're going to have to deal with this and i go back and say all the time that we are going to have to deal with the election you can't blow you can't go past either a failure or something that is potentially this criminal without addressing a you know if we don't have free and fear elections if the votes don't count we don't have a country we just have we have political puppets to which are reading the system from top to bottom so i think the a thorough investigation and prosecution for every one that was involved knowingly that knowingly tampered with is marriage is is there anything else that you want to say on this right now that people should know because it appears to go right to the top of the secretary of state asking people to destroy information what if they didn't have something to hide why are they asking for information to be destroyed that that that should be a red flag for everyone right there and when when people are innocent they don't destroy things that that information helps helps to exonerate them and settles all quest so why are we getting all the information out there to answer it if even one person has a use i think we should go to the fullest extent that we can under the law to answer those us so that the belief in our elections solid and and people know that their vote their volume my concern with this whole process is the amount of of hiding of information the amount of bending information making a policies on the fly and that sticking to a process which is basically you know on tamper i think what you just said is very important entrance and our local clerks do not even have transparency to a large extent from the vendors we've somehow given all to the vendor the machines come sealed they the clerks don't know what's inside of that is the internet as there's something wireless on there benito know step of the process when the clerk stood at hand count an exactly had a do that sure was more work for the clerk possibly we knew that the results were accurate and we knew that with a paper and count that interference and we knew that the person doing the what he lacked in and was prone community intrust the to do that job the vendors we don't know that we don't know who they're hiring we don't know what they're putting in their machines there's very little transparency and i do find it concerning it i agree with you is there a push back on transparency when people want to have the information should be that it how into a ebody and revealed one actually happened to alleviate any now the secretary of state said that there was a risk limiting anent that was conducted that an i've been told by that they received a phone call or an email to pull out forward to seven ballots to see if that it may astray one red not down ballads aisy that's not a thorough chance had an accurate election and then when word leading things like original evidence that's not i come or go maintained anywhere else that all problem so we have to maintain each part of the process so that it can be reconciled need all pieces to reconcile an election and make sure that is transparent and last lady asked you know what can people do it would be to continue to ask their elected officials i am finding that the it away because it's not a popular cause to now interleaved i mean there's only two ways they can go they can there he either involved in this as a cover up or it you know i'm going to say the hard things with that the first thing that it makes me wonder right there if they were all involved in this or you know or if it is just it an uncomfortable thing you're only two ways you can go and with the outcome of right and if they don't want to handle something that's difficult or unpopular that that's their job they to me every one in michigan ability to have their root not to leenoo know that there are so many problems that need to be addressed and we need to do this quickly because and i think that the clerks need to start thinking about how their going to follow the law really educate not orders from you know it is to let the pole back data into the wet as emetic that's a violation of so they really need to intimately understand what the preserve the even and then mixture that they are having an accurate election in their so that might mean doing a hand count immediate after they do a machine count of several different races at random they need to develop a process really make every one feel that in their yeah and i think that a really that's really good advice and a good path to follow the machines in general i have a lot of questions about these because the dominie machines i know were used over seas and other elections it's not desolation and when you have machines that are being used in other countries elections in a random way and then it off and you know an oversight company they just did it on the books and he had been in and out in honour company come it seems to me bestuur like department rather than rather than a third party which is very very con and going back to something you said earlier one of the things that i went when i kind of went through the process of voting and i did it with some people who think like a program and what in a step by step analysis and when if of a voter does not have the ability to verify their vote from beginning to end if they can't verify that both is called bodoeri separate from voter of dedication or motor authentication means that yes they are in fact registered voter and the archey say they are but i think there's another step to this that we need to explore or in that when we hand that valet off whether its hand counted or through a machine a machine has a lot more opportunity be hacked and sheet on right who comes the boat to so if if if a voter can check always to the how the vote is counted how it how it is counted then we have blind face faith in that's already proven to be corrupt beyond all explain and i think that that needs built into what afterward we're going to have to build that end to the press so that we become as we the people more involved in the process and take responsibility for our part of it instead of just blind faith you know handing this off to whoever sitting in the which cannot we don't always is no we don't always know he actually sitting there what the he is there actually involved with say a very large organization with is launching a cooper subverting our united states are thoughts on that i'm sorry you broke up a little bit and i think i got most of what you said but you set a lot of really important things and i think that looking at how much their tax dollars going towards these machines and the license and everything that goes along with it to him little to no transparency or idea about what's happening that we have documented probe we have documented problems and they could all be resolved in my opinion by putting them in the closet for the november twenty two election and letting the clerk he and count the ballots with an oversight process to really make sure that we've a dress get counting accurately in november so i agree with a lot of what you people need to continue to look into this and go to their county cork officer speak with their representatives the issue really a sad thing too is that this is an error number one in management is when you have all the responsibility and no authority it sounds like these then put together so that the clerks have all the responsibility as well as the liability for not carrying out accuracy if in the end and i am afraid that those clerks are going to be blamed for it because the people who are really you know affecting or potentially rigging the election are going to pass it on to somebody else and we might terence there a little bit on the gutless side and so what they're goin to do as they're going to push off the liability or the falcons else and i'm very concerned about the a fault in this whole thing on clerks who might be a really good that that are caught up in something that they don't even see they don't even see the wrecking ball coming their way and that's too bad but that's how the globe a work as they they're gone they're going to destroy anything in their way to remain in control which is so on that a really good people that just wanted to a good job for or township and they have little to no control over the fender process that tender creates the ballot the vendor configures the ballot there is like a great on it that's really complicated explain another time there are so many different files and in process that goes into it and everything down to the password right that's really concerning and is obviously a huge security but the clerks are copple and i heard yesterday from a number of them interesting and i need to learn more about it but they tried to lag in at that they normally have with look at something and that what they were locked out of i know that was random it come out about the diana in munching eleven and a half per cent off or secretary of state turn off their access to some call him access so all the question to this every one needs to be patient with each other because this is a lot of work into and they have a job to perform on a daily basis so while these races no requests are for one could be patient with their local most often just trying to do a good job but we need to that the forecast and they can be a great help to the entire process of restoring faith in the elections and integrity to the clerks if they you know if they help us to write the right the twenty twenty election and like said be transparent and bring to the table what they need to in order for us to address it in a very professional way i think it's in my my experience with word of elections is that very favorable and we watched laws being broken in many different diet see that right there they stopped as we were going to go look at the balance after the hearing and such we were going to go check some balls that they had in their possession the nominating phenomena ting petitions would signature on it and they denied us entry in order to actually check the signatures and the balstain what they had in their pose and according to your attorney that's a violation of the laws of this whole thing of stopping information from being out there is going to have to be addressed this is it not destine area i think we're uncovering it in many different many different areas and the people who are responsible for this better take no because i don't think we're going to let this lay any more we're not going to allow our elections tampered with you know interfered with her strong you i think you are for centrepieces like a lot of people and i i really command you for doing that that's exactly what we know can you please give us give us your your channels all of your channel of people can get a hold of you not make it really easy for them of your website your telegram chalons and that i'll put those links put your moroland for your website in my telegram posted i did just before this is there any other information that you have please give it to me and i'll make sure that that i post that that that anybody that wants and help in the fight and get more information she is the gall to go to shenstone that is the nazarite amount of real good attorneys that are uncovering things are amazing and and stuffiest on a spear point of this i i believe that she is on something here that is absolutely pivotal for the and so go ahead please leave us in norton the easiest way to follow me is definitely like umberto and click on the fellow but my telegram he confined by other social media there as well but stephanie's feudal and lambert the sirup and i put it in the first post i spell it wrong sutter that everybody spells your name the creative way and you know god bless your momentaneous much and in any case and that you and get on and topples let me know and i think this is really important to get out to every one all the people of michigan because people really are interested in this we want the number one issue that i hear over and over again is election integrity the integrity of our elections that our voices can be heard that the fruition of it if our voices are put down in any way shape or form constitutional violation first amendment right there even you know even at its own rate a silence a huge huge was to silence people and and if it can't stand and so i thank you so much as i delight to have you on here it was really nice talking to you and you know the last couple of days and and god bless you in your efforts i am so so grateful for everything you've done thank you so much on behalf of all of michigan than you and if there's anything we can do let us know so much done have a wonderful day wonderful interview i'm going to end it here please please pass the onto his many people as you can and and we're going to get this man stanning for governor of the state of michigan under the us tax payers