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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/14/2022 - 7pm Live-topic is Human Trafficking with Joe Alexander

Published Nov. 14, 2022, 7:01 p.m.

Human Trafficking is a huge problem in this country. We will be covering this very important subject from abductions, to pedo tracking with Joe Alexander from Stop and Think News. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it's november fourteenth two thousand twenty two and we are a special addition to night i have a very special guest joe alexander who's going to be on we're talking about human trafficking to night we've gotten into quite a few discussions on this and i think everybody this point time knows that this is one of the biggest problems that were facing in the united states is the urge of human traffic i really thought this was important bring joan because he actually is very involved with this not only does he help in tracking down missing kids but he's working with a group of guys that do that military law enforcement who who trace down the patties also with us and i think it's important for all of us to understand what's actually helping out a happening out there some bring jonathan or in get out i was going good how you doing joe will not you bad wonderful well i want to read something that was posted earlier the elite hollywood the royal the clintons the media and so many more run the biggest satanic patarin going trump is a part of the biggest military operation taking this down the truth will shock the world and i i am in an agreement with that post right now i do believe that were seen and the same thing with her election you know i hear a lot of people bebelle i think we're getting some feed back there all i will my voice come through let it happen once in a while i never know why but anyhow one of the things that that there i don't hear it now here on what you get life for my kitchen table sometimes just goes inanimate i also believe because i know a lot of people are very depressed about this whole election that's going on i still believe in the fact the good guys are in control of this and that they are in fact exposing more and more corruption i was in a net to day and i can tell you that that just for me while in i can tell you that probably identified six communists that have infiltrated into this chap that i was in and the easy to see i mean of the if we all we want to be honest with it been going on for ever when you go back to lake say the jor the ass or or any of this is gone on a communist and contains countries economies a structures this is what they do they infiltrate and they are everywhere they've gotten in all her institution you have a group that together and you're going to be targeted for inference infiltration and is going to take a very strong leader in order to kick them out and expose them if you let them stay in your group they will pit people against each other and they will that one of the first things that i noticed that they do as they start calling names they start calling names they started taking other people within the groups and then all of a sudden case definitely one of those easy to see once you see it is just like in the satanical at the people symbols that are out there come out we all know it we know what's going on this whole thing with with a portion and all of this is about selling human body parts and it's about trafficking kit and we need a supply of food and you and i will know it i want to let you talk for a little bit about what you have been up to because we're going to continue to blow the thing wide open and i don't really care if it's uncomfortable for people to listen to because it's the reality and all of us adults are going to have to face do with us if people don't want to deal with it then go sit in the corner you know scudamore and get out of the way so that assaults can handle problems well a lot of people listening right now may or may not know this but a lot of the well we don't call it child born any more because remplies it something between two consenting adults that are being we call it a she is a sam that it stands for child sexual abuse material and makes more sense and it is more descriptive to what it actually is one of the things that i held with i help this really awesome lady adown its off of the regular world wide web this isn't the dark web i don't even mess round on the dark where you shot an amazon this is where you agitate book this is where you go there and their thousands of the tossford and it's in it so wide spread that it would really shock keep probably ruin most people i've learned to try to keep investigative kind mind when i have to go in and verify things about these sites for some of these sites know that there's groups like ours that take him down the place is that we report them to but they'll do so that these places don't take him down as they'll do what they what you call spoofing website found this link through another one of their nasty website it'll be exactly what it is intended to be i take that line and send it to you and say report this and you act not lick down it or say they click on it there when they go to it you go to it because you came to it through me and not another like a what i'm saying so it makes it harder for them to take it down and it makes it hard to do identify that's where people like us have to go in and look and try to figure out how their work in this website build the list of these web sites and then everybody master for these agencies and it does come down eventually it here alone we taken down and somewhere in the area of a hundred and twenty hundred alone and every time we go back to this currently were using this man to reach all these every time you go back to look there are new sites popping up doesn't it set never it's not excited the thanks that we give them in the chat it's a thankless job sitting there and doing all that only to know that ten more on a pop up after those two why do you think it's so wide scribe fortunately because there's a demand for it why do you think the train tormals it well and i guess it's i think it's a spiritual problem i really do i mean who what kind of a person would victimize a child when when i first became aware of this honestly i was so angry and shocked about it it it really it really started making sense when you go back and you look into errands and james doon and there's a whole line of people that that were involved in ended up with edward snowden was part of a jane story barlow and such an and most of them were were killed by a red red scarf or other nothing from a door knob which i hope nobody out there's believing any of this craft and i understand i am arranged in behind he was working for her with my ten he was working with it and he had a contractor a pass or something again behind the computer and found all this this child child poor nor what would you cassandra whole bunch of it started down load while down loaded it for eight hours before they figured out what he was doing which was document he followed which meant hours of the castanis were talking videos were talking all sorts and what they found was it led them i believe to a network that called the wonderland network so those so those of you too that had been watching the the the cub post will be able to see some of the references to to alison wonder land in such and you can make a pretty good as that where it's going but what i found out about it is that in some of these spadework is that they have people that are requests and there are people that are academical cat now some one could ask somebody could ask somebody out there while i want to see you do act with a two year old and somebody would act it out and then they collect them and they traded them around back and forth which i find is so horrific when i found out that this is what was happening it was just horrific and then it goes one step further to actually abducting the kid and how they abduct them and what they do i mean we've seen we've seen things like like a newscaster having a catalog for you to be ukrainian girls on his coffee table to order order them we've seen we've seen absolutely crazy crazy things that these people are piled in and it's not a one of like ebstein island this everywhere it everywhere the sea and some of my searching i came across i don't even remember the site name or anything they would post pictures us either children weren't need or anything in her right it was almost like a sampler you look in the comments and you got the general purport she unto when a parent's domino to let the kid get into close and do an exercise video or something you know i'm talking about everybody she come but then i documented claimed to be a but their potanou there and said we have an ex daughter old getting ready to get into swinging with a dull and you know contact here if your interest it's not so when people think like what they do is they steal the kids and then they abused her parents involved in this oh yeah make money of seeing things on these sites that most people would probably throw port of kids and it doesn't end with the duck grown adults and then that's where the dark web as might be on the regular world wide web now comes in and they get tortured on camera people to pay in watch and things like that that's not hollywood make up nonsense they always advertise what they do be honest that's real the these are these rooms i can remember i think he called red rooms or something like that where they take these people in and they torrome i requested somebody a in something do this and then they'll do that real as you know you figure what just kids alone there's somewhere around thousand a year reports a missing kids now you break down some of that parents to get ben out of shape about time that thing is panther kids take on them than that gets taken up list bottom absolute bottom line forty five thousand two hundred eighty eight kids every year on miss just the i thought it was closer to i thought it was a much higher rate than that actually i think the four hundred and sixty thousand i've tried to find it up in point and exact number and i've come down to these two numbers that's how many get reported reported me as they've been reported okay so they track that and then i think just generally missing is the it could be higher than that nobody's like they're going to be honest the amber stem alert as a kid that are missing how many times is your phone go off but i'm saying and i usually went to do this because a parent took the kid not because somebody abducted the adrian then you know you look at what happened and hate when the kids are being kind o there and laura calls me who the clinton flew and it helped her out and what they do they took her up to a to idaho and put her in charge of the ambrotype system of their in idaho because that they do they move em round to where they have access to she changed your name so this is so organized to its amazing and it may not all these groups may be connected directly they are all individually very organized which is why as a little bit of time to track them down and take him out you know you talk about a little bit about the one year working on in currently a year old girl named kate she's missing last supposedly last spotted and the aria of then rose louisiana we haven't seen like visible proof of that this is word of mouth hoping to track her down its taking time there's a lot of dead and he was picked up in i believe miss i can't remember the name of the town exactly ah from the aunt's house that had taken the aunt from the from a male who then claimed he doesn't have her the police didn't search the property because he said he she hasn't been here somehow she she's allegedly in bateato and may a riot be being abused there so that's where we're at were trying to track all this down were trained to figure out exactly what's going on here it's been a ride to one of my and i've been involved with this far as this aspect of it actually there there are post about it on face if you take eight and some sirname up with should pop up mom has been posting and so on a beyond that like there's not a whole lot to share we are still looking for her actively and trying to find we lettice do to help you live in that area and your watching this just keep your eyes out by that in face why you have baseboard not you can look amiable it's a public postulates he a picture and you be able to keep your eye out for not of the pictures have builders but there are a few that don't and that will help you out better than the ones but beyond that just a matter of finding observing that she's actually there in the gospel do you get follow are you following people stood the convictions then two like extended registries and stuff you mean make sure the people are prosecuted if you find the people that are around these oh yeah we'll keep an eye on that for sure i mean the area that is taking place in strahower she was allegedly spotted is very corrupt belauded all of them are creative been told by somebody that lived in the i better cover it up from within the system could be that team you mentioned beginning of the segments had trouble trying to find out and that are so far the cause of the corruption i do so that's too bad well solebat and says that's that's a horrible horrible thing one of the things that i saw your go to that really kind of shock me as i watch somebody to a demonstration on how they put the correct words and to get into like back channels behind say you to and that if people know the correct words they can actually get in behind normal sites that we don't find our troubling have ye seen a lot of that too that is see afore i joined this this woman on telegram with her her deal where he taken him down just me i actually read an article where they use little terminologies and they pointed out that lady de he isn't going to get taken down because it's not actual i guess what i could explain it as i not so they have these entire team sites that they dedicate to these can't remove the no they've taken off baboo say a man will look there's my daughter in a beginneth something is innocent as that they'll snake and he put it on these sites for need to be mindful of that your feeling they were put those kids at dan remorse i mean if they if in the background of the picture there was a sign of a or some kind of noticeable marker that they could easily locate that okay they go here they live he could i need to be aware that when your post in pictures of your children you generally you're doing it for friends and family that you trust and you don't think what if somebody's on my friends listen you know don't really necessarily know people and people on face i do new friend request and feels great the adam you know most people don't even look to see if it's even they still share these photos of their in their home outside their home sometimes their address will be out you know what i mean this that thinking dangerous stuff that people do but it's just normal i'm proud of my kid type stuff but not to these and people need to be aware of that you can actually mess with settings to folders and make it so that you can post all those pictures the friends and family and only whoever you choose rampagin you know brother sister whatever and access that older and those pictures are there for them if they want to see him granted you're not showing it off to the world be mindful of where you're taking pictures of you kids if you're going to post them everybody needs to be mindful of you never know who's watching your profile set to and you never know if you're if you're thinking now i do do that i just add however as and then he also thinking i do most pictures of my kids maybe start thinking a little differently on how you online because that's part of protecting your children did you ever see what they were doing on andean say like the way far sight that sort of thing i hear that was kind of disturbing a kind of donovan's at mart damaraland i have do you think that there is any legitimacy to the kids that are on the milk carts not necessarily being missing as much as advertising them that i don't know that could just be a theory they don't really do that any more any more whether he i don't know where that how long that's been talked about he so i don't really have any thoughts on that but it would make some people think that that's what the amber alert so i got the kids get in you know delivered or whatever but then there's other people like me to look at it and say is it a time when i get notified on my phone which is maybe once a year twice a year but take some you don't and there is getting ducked all the time why is it only the parents that show up when there's an amberley you never i guess i live in rural area so maybe i'm maybe it's just i hear people all over face book and telegrams say they never have their phones go off from these amberley got the alert on the system yeah i propogate more than two and a year and there is one what say we go at this low number forty five thousand two hundred eighty eight missing state so you got a sum more than two a year getting if this was a properly functioning it is i mean two years maybe arlington on the now ring another so what are they doing i mean what's the point of this but i mean and that's the thing and you know far as in lingoes i mean you've got these sites like meagerness arily you don't need to act to go on there and i don't know if you're familiar with what notation it's a sight i saw the whole premises you chat with strangers so like if this was megathere noel and i was like a lord and i can lick to the next person right and it might be a guy or it could be a teenager there are video after videos that odo after photo screen shot after screen eager and get on this site plan around and they get pictures of them that way and they get video of them that way the perverse and they put them upon their sight and that's how they obtain it through this the site that still right now to day exist in this branch rancho crazy i know that is pretences off all over the world there's one for russia and all this that little slightly different name and parents don't really know i mean you can do it right from your if you have a laptop you can do it right from your web brows it there your history and your parents would parents would never know the child hasn't he the neon your kids checking out in their that's really not troublesome now far as beyond people in its make online the abduction part of it is very real and they have methods that they used to i was telling you the other day like some people think it's a myth a detonator handle the mark somebody that they want abducted that bateman they will do that but put it on a handle that they won't notice it in the driver's side and the girl will drive off and and at the bumper of the other one or something in breakout and somebody run up behind her open the door and get her out there a break out the window of the door back just drive off with that car somebody will come out from that back vehicle drive off in her car the other car'll go off and to take her wherever she are that actually happens how often does that happen that it's a relatively new tactic that they're using so that i have no idea but if your young woman working at night anywhere that you get out in the darker whatever always walk around in your car as you're walking out to it may be sinopoli under their make sure you don't see anybody they'll hide underneath their all these crazy things they'll do just to try i mean there's a lot of money everywhere there's more money in human trafficking in there are drugs or anything because in that it's kind of like a settin of shocking and furthermore and that a young woman that's out their working alone at night or younger young guy i think it's a smart thing to go out with frontage her in a group because if you don't go as a group you an the more the more people there are to gather the less of a target you are so a good god good advice for everyone i heard one time that that quite honestly young little boys are more likely to be raped a little girls really said i don't know if that it holds or not but i think it's something to be mindful about i mean yes i mean that nothing it matters to some people you know where the patois a people and my not i mean yet they may have preferences or whatever but they don't it's not surely about that more than it's about their younger i owenton its control and dominating over some one that makes him you know that i think that's a lot of what's going on there you know is definitely a deranged person that has to control other people rather than i don't know it's just it's it's it's hard to even frame this for some behoind of not not mentally ill because i see anything that has to do with panetela i see it is serious issue and it is past mental illness this is some sort of really sick diseased brain i don't know but but i i i find it absolutely repulsive and and and i can't i can't come to terms with this other than the fact that that one a person when a person hearts a child like this or they do anything in this room that includes torture whatever it is the only thing it comes to mind to me is a mill stone and are one way ticket to face god personally that we should be arranging because i don't think that you can rehabilitate somebody who has who has gone in that direction i just don't i feel like you can't either they are selling these alter whatever and i remember that being outrage on the internet and they're like people always argali they have that maybe they won't actually hurt a kid and i'm going if they have bad it might actually the want to her to get more in my mind i don't you know what i mean like the dualism why would anybody want any involvement with the child like that i mean intrigue bat it has just like so crazy craney level you know the thing is on some of these sites that we take down it's not even some of it there literally torturing the child and people are like you'll see people underneath of the going awesome great stuff like that i'm going what is wrong with you that's even beyond there hurting a child at this point and they like it and i'm going there's some kind of disconnect and he to me a society that cannot protect its children is not a society now when we're in a in a place where were actually trying to ben and i make for and its use and in all a preference what they call it what's the stupid turn minor tracked person a man yahooing what is going on exactly like wire how did we get now one wasn't till this we would had laws on for that was on the first can't remember the exact date but it was mid and finally they passed a law and said you know this as to stop whatever he a big battle with the court and so on and the supreme court ruled that ah you can't just outright banned some of its art knowledge that and that's how we you know got from plain attaint be i guess supreme court didn't want to limit free speech so they said some of its you got coffee table books for example with naked kids and there and they call it a coffee table books so therefore it now this magazines were kids might be in there that's protect amendment you may not like it accurst there it is i don't really get how we can determine the defence your exploiting a child either way well there is an art in the use art quite often to money landerneau know they can put any kind of a price on any like a crane scribble on a paper and i you know i'm actually i like or that's not the point but i mean they can say anything and say oh that's worth you know five million dollars and an assigned any kind of a price to it and in i mean i think it's i think it's kind of absurd it really is of sir and you know if you look at you look at the age requirements i mean ruth batenburg wanted to lower the cost essential age of children and to and at this point tom if you're going to lower all these ages to that then then you'd better start thinking about the being able to drive or go in the military or alcyone we doing this in such ran on in such a miranda i really think that we need to pick an agent stick with it eighteen seems to be the best a stick is a standard instead of moving things around for what especial interest people want and or for exploiting exploiting children in a this is an absolutely disgusting i enrietter the chap here the more the two night usually do that here and says thank you for the work the takes courage and fortitude for sure and then canaletti kids i will would not put any photos of my kids on social media i know too much not necessary put him in and jeopardy earline says i agree care an amberson fit very specific requirements but they should work if people allow them in their sad as a majority of sexual trafficking is done by some one the victim knows the majority of esterelles abused as the child her line jason says matthew eighteen six if any one cause one of these little ones those who believe in me to stumble it would be better for them to have a large mole hung round their neck and to drown in the early associate have to end this we need harsher penalties for these horrible people we need lawful grand juries as the court is all in on it all just and isn't that how hunter by make money by his figure are yeah okay i am sure kitty said i am sure i sherrill anyhow yeah i mean i think i really do think that that we're going to have to address this that this is so heinnen people find out about sallie pan eyes and that sort of thing that happens to really young children i think that culturally normal people can't get their hands around this we think okay a year old that looks like an eighteen year old while that's wrong in an that mind set to excuse it but were talking about really small ensor infants even that these people are the i heard a great down one time that they said that people that start with sea start at say like eighteen years old and then that it's an addiction that kind of wears off the thrill does and then they go from sixteen is there making excuses for the behavior and then fourteen to somewhere like ten or or so and then from there it goes down from ten to three three three you know and such and then and breaks it down because the key meeting to have more of a sick amestris because it's an addictive thrill a very bad one but that's truly where they get their enjoyment out of its hurting other people and the more helpless the more they they appear to and fiercer and i to bring us back to i really think that this is a war of god because the closer the you know the younger the child the closer it is to truly to their creation and to go himself in my opinion and so i think some of these really bad people the war really is of a war on god from from top to especially if they are in the satanic well i mean as far i don't know if all these people are satanic or anything they definitely twisted and sick and they definitely enjoy watching in i don't know that progression things interesting i don't know i have never heard that before but i mean i guess it would make sense because with adults that watch regular stuff like that start out normal and then i kind of from what i understand further dark i guess you know what i mean which kind of those back what you're saying about these people where it would go darker you know what i mean i mean i've seen exactly every age that you were talking about when trying to find its all the way down to so it's bad that that's what i've been told is that it it's it's a progression down age and it's just really it's just really said i don't i don't have the ability i got to give you a credit and everybody that goes into that arena to find these to hunt down the traders also to bring them to justice i give you a lot of credit because you know i watched i watched one little girl that they found and the the officers with such were carrying her out and i i don't know how they didn't they didn't just literally beat the hell out of this guy as they cottereaus i would have been like i i would have been like a sensation to be termination where they busted in the apartment door and they bring her out directly and then in a rough him out heterogeneal enough and he gave them to her dad and the wrapper in a blanket she was probably about six or eight years old i would guess and they waved her hand and a blanket and in hand or two to her dad and at the officers the whole time the officers that were there were discussed under their breath the whole time they were they were just like an they didn't stop and i'm like to to you and everybody out there who is whose gate the fortitude to be able to really go after goater these people and and i just i disgust off to you i really and everybody else is really amazing i don't think i could do it i'd be angry all the time team that i work with it's not my team it we're just all at ten there is no light there are some and they are and they all want to do they are all working towards the same goal now this is separate from the take down page the on telegram at the separate was doing that first and then i kind of got involved with these folk do my best doing the research half on this train of figure out everybody involved with they are things like that but at the end of the day anybody can do this it doesn't cost money you know what i mean it's are there any are there any pitfalls that people have to watch out for those that they don't get themselves in trouble because there's some really horrible things out there like i always tell people on the dark web don't go on the dark web and you know that that is a natural away you stay away the dark while because the dark webs you know that's that's not a good idea but what this way we've got plenty of things that need to go on the light whatsoever we do it things there are people that go after that went on its own ekaterinograd want to go there because austin the dark webs new person and get out of there unscathed let's say there will be something on your computer you don't want there all kinds of stuff you don't mess around in there and so with you that knows what they're doing i guess is what i'd say the regular world wide web has so much i found there spend a lifetime on there i've been hoping to take down page woman for probably close to two years it's never you see what i'm saying and study taken him down and sometimes they go down before we even report him so there's other people doing to i think a lot of good people out there that are trying to protect the there there is a really weird video i saw one time and i didn't go looking for but i i don't remember how how this came up but it was a video in the sky was showing you know his apartment like he was showing his apartment other view and he said yea i look at what i have my class you know like he was renting and such an he got into this closet here hold much as stuffed animals in there and in all the sudden you could see in the back you could see a kid that was in the beats in the back and i'm pretty sure he was advertising he enclave been granmutter know on the internet anymore but surprises me i mean there i don't know people watching probably vaguely even remember this because everything light now but there was that guy that was talking to his own daughter about having sex with her he had her so brain was that she agreed that it was i mean he went by rolled it went braintree this was like a dark hair curly hair guy and he was just layin there with the daughter talking about this and she agreed that it was fishes brainwashed by this guy i mean back kill me i was like and any put his face there wasn't borrow either one of their faces were burtontree sure he was probably arrested shortly after i i have it out there because you know why wouldn't they feel in golden the movements of people trying to protect crazy so let's not go back yet so telenosis parents need to wake up and grand its grandparents i mean say grandparents need to wake up her caress i saw a story about a man and other country who invited a stranger to his home to do oh great nasty things to his dog when people found out they drag him out in a street tiptilted beat the tarot agnes but you know we're going to have to deal with us in any meals any one that prays on kids to get a tall tree in a short piece of rope yeah while in that the general on it's like this with politics too the smaller fragment of her whatever faction of the media amplifies their voice like us we on face book and everywhere else we get silence they don't really want to talk about how big are his proper let's say is they're scared of us for one and they don't want the the amplified the crazy people for whatever reason look at the drag time story or loony of these people have wound up be imperative the in their kids up there was that video what a month ago two months ago of a little girl going up to one of these guys and rubbing their crash remember this yeah i do and i'm sitting here and then taking them district bobs and steam going away we're not wanted to our world where that were what does happen to our eye so much sexual asexual izing the children this is so wrong sometime between when it slowly started under olama and i'm not saying oh it's because of olama only are anything but i feel like time that's when all this maps and all this not nonsense or let during obaa they stole with lie and say oh no we're not doing that we're not trying to normalize but i feel that not a nothing that you're all just the trumpets in office immediatement ese people so crazy they out of themselves like they called that cross up and their spitting and here they are you know trump wins in the mislike you're under attack your old way of life and now a sudden all this noise but i feel it bring a kid and see in guesses a woman dance around on a pole you see what i'm saying i like it was like he he somehow managed to just make these demons come out you know ye the reduction seem to have it at the start of tremenhere izeds from then on i just all spitalthor because trump was pro any of this a felt threatened so they were like it was like they went over the top with everything to show us they're not going to go away you know what i mean and that's when all of a sudden it wasn't a conspiracy theory any more that this was what they wanted to do there was a gay quite talking about we're going to get you in your rationem er that i tried to to insolence yes it went villeroy was picked off because his bequest were coming some long lines of were going in doctor kids were coming for your kids something like that i was quite an end that nature the video down cause i mean there was backlash after that well i don't i don't remember i guess i missed that one you know it so so much of this is nonsense is it became almost a religion like a like a crazy religion to people and their proselytising two other people in the surprising the kids you know i think every one of us should be going a little crazy that he you know in morat purpose does all this solace you know just running for governor and such you look at all this nonsense in the schools and such a take positions on things as far as you know how do you feel about this well i don't think any of this has a place in school because it passed biology biology and how the basic system was work and his you know you can you know you can see like i don't know you know we we have chickens and horses and such and faciology of reproduction as a is a good thing to know but but at sight of that why are we standing any time schools are with children or exposing its not like they're not going to figure things out in time and an to to there's no there's no point to it there's no profit to it in school and it's so damned for me like okay we had as a seated i think that's what they call the back then they probably don't know what they call it now or something precise don't want to say gender and maybe i don't know any way then we have that high so you know i like young notion so we never had that in school and you know what porcallo us had it figured out how it yorihime i had by the time i had it at that point high school i had figured like i didn't need the class but it was an elected you know what i mean and in learning new nothing that you can learn in biology clare everything else it's like ye we already know this but whatever you know but now it's moved from high school you didn't even have it then it was high and now it's in inter garten we kindergartners second grade the great and why the in a week was it better were i with cap on balder you know running around plain in the mid heaven dirt and an now it's like note there on these devices watching picktooth intransigentes dance round to them that its normal and then they moved into the cool and that's how as how it's pre you know it's just downward it is a he i think you know i think i actually remember i think we had a one day last in about fourth grade for the girls but that was about it they say you know the separate girls resisting that that charles separated boys and girls that i we never had a help class like that we just had one day class and that was about it and that was enough explanation for truly for any one and then we got back to learning and you know honestly it's kind of like when you oh here's one here's another one that soon a sad too as he we've got karen says are charleston of children has been happiness and also at songs radio le bas evening late to night go way past biology also they separated the boys and girls in the health class i did we didn't have that so much and then caraibes it then sat on a the courts and space involved in this too i have been fighting for three years to protect my granddaughter all my goodness i can't even imagine how many grandparents are absolutely heart broken about this and earliness agreed so i i i'm so sorry a grandiose world really changed a lot or for those of us that our alittle older alabama for about two weeks mixed class yeah i didn't have yeasterly we had it figured out you know how tis but the focus for us too was more about giving in a long term relations in having a family and raising our children and enjoying having children and how wonderful it is i mean i mean that of children are such a gift from god and that's what our whole thing was you have known and you devote your you devote your life now they looked at and pay as a oh yes and what a man that is all waste and it might cause me some discomfort i might have to work a job when i go to college because of this most people do anyway i have to work an extra job because of this and i can't be inconvenience like that so let me squash this right it takes two people and men don't get to be like you know you know i always see a minute say it's all men's fault i see the men say it's all women's fault and this is argument bagot both your oh there you are both involved the but the men will get cut out of the decision altogether that is one thing that happened and beyond that it's likely inconvenient let me kill do that in life paganini ent let's go kill him like i can see that common actually that he'll probably be the next thing like an organ that you know and the din the hospitals to how many people that killed the hospitals to get him off the sofa security rolls and they were in sentimiento hundred thousand dollars through the cares that for people to die in the hospital over fifty years old had as amounting do it nobody can tell me that they weren't they weren't absolutely a lot of them that they the flat out killed people in the hospital so one of my best friends she went in there she could eat she could talk and drink and such with a liniment they blew her lungs out put her in the carriage there is no one that will ever convince me otherwise that within fifteen minutes she had her long blown out in caracas that that was a normal process how does that even happen there's there's no there's no and you know i mean there it's terrible i share said the man again to women as a way to keep division i agree with that we can go we can go there he wants to because i'm hurled you froze up maggie a second and catch hear me see my have to leave and come back in an it come back in a minute usually if not you can leave and come back in if i get hold of joe we'll see if you can leave and come back and hang out when very get hold of mine on a text message that usually anyhow yeah i think i think that's a really good point though to bring up as the decision between men and women we were we were up at a place where we were campaign and this was really kind of disturbing this was disturbing me too when we sat down with the group of people and they went from one issue to the next to the i now talking about their opinion i started out with with on the subject of of legalizing mariana and like a pretty extolled honiton talk and about that and then he no rotha i said i was that north and we were talking with a group of people and first up they started it about legalizing mariana and i well i'm pretty sure shorty legal what's the point here you know this is point so why would you even ask my opinion on that console where he passed that point and then they went on to you know once they're like all were going for you were voting for you and then they had a question they said what do you think about abortion and unlike well i'm i'm for sanity of life from conception to natural death for there for the reason for many reasons but first of all i believe i believe that god created life and we should not take it and they're lookin exceptions and i suppose i said i think if the life of the mother is in danger that in their having to choose life or life the best people to decide that are the ones on the ground and as should be mamadi the doctor with the together making that de and they the one guy just said no not going to vote for you said it is as a woman's choice and a woman's choice alone to do with what she wants too whether body and i'm like well you really weren't concerned about that when you made the baby clearly you were both involved in that so i think that i think there's more to it than that and i can't even imagine it goes back to even funding abortion i am completely again finding abortion public money that that should be the first cat we make because we are forcing a good deal of the population of partial in something that they tollemache but when they're like it's a woman's body right there said a lot about lulie that in a toodle a social justice warrior who cares about women but in reality just like i'm all for hands of any responsibility it's all on her she wants to get rid of and if that's your choice as a father what are you going to do what a most women going to do these days you know what i mean most winelike well if he thinks i should go at that i want to kill because that's what he's telling her if you want to get rid of it your body in order i mean this is your life the most low life thing i've ever heard from a man so i'm sorry i don't know how to put it it's like you're so transparent and discs trying to sound like your problem in by saying and it you you're all right put completely on completely on the woman said he standing together making the decision you know and it's kind of fun my husband and i have discussions on a lot of things a male female related and how we relate to each other and responsibilities and i think that the discussion we had recently was really amazing to you know he said none of us men when i grew up ever expected women to do the work a man can do because he said we would never rest at my sister to go climb a tree cut a tree down because he sat at the end of the day the women cannot match a man's strength and he said we never look down on one that women he said we always just were there knowing it was our job to protect them and i take the you know if there was heavy work he said he said there's no way that that woman can do some of the things that i can do and i'm like well yeah because i used to i used to power left in edomites day at her there was no way i might even in my best day that i could best you know percent of the guys in the gym unless they were as mad and i was i was lifting like four hundred and sixty two raps a work out six days a week siskin beastly at that point at him for being a woman but still you know you can't come you can't compete with that kind of biology some of these this stupid point and honestly where does it lead it leads back to this you know trans gender crab and sports and that sort of thing so you've got a hate to say it but you've got a pathetic man that's competing with women they are women yeou know that there's the post or child for failure and patheticness is the sea guimpe and women's sports there there is no way that desolate see the new beauty queen oh yeah there's no way in the world that i am going to agree with this kind of absolute moronic and sanity one could pay me enough to say ye go you just bet all the women i would be like your pathetic you have just destroyed women's sports and i am insulted i am totally insulted with this when you know you know it's like we can play dress up all we want we can we can go ahead and play dress if we can say this is okay and then were it goin to lead into mutations and girls and and it's like are you kidding me or winter we going to stop this and sandy because now what have we done with geometry member anything that god created in them be beautiful as a wide understand this move i just watch called what is a woman that is it's really a actually was a really good documentary he went around and talk to all these people that have done that even transcended the regretted explain why and so on what they did as they broke down the family unit but the death and when divorce at the the divorce became the norm it was you know you watch movies in the eighties and by shows in the eighties and there was always that divorced couple in there the motor that was the praise you know that move starts and mom's taken the kid to go see dad where he lives or vice the normal is the divorce then what they did was the attack men the problem with everything manner oppressive men did it do this man do that men do that they broke the mail down to where they don't even know what the hell they're doing wrong the time and now you got these men that are just i don't know what you call them and then so they destroyed men and now they moved on to women by use of these destroyed men be a man a shove into women clothing and so on in the course them through use of like whatever that stupid website is that all these weird singout on almost called a tender but is not in direct and remember so unimportant but anyway you know that all its just normal izing it and now beating up women to every part of the family unit or any part of a normal family has been deserted i got got a pregnant man quotquot you mom or dad or whatever and then you've got a man woman ma'am and then the kid the kid her trying to make do the same thing with a kid on the way from dead and i'm going this is what is this its was a movie in the eighties we have been laughing about it like this is a lariat best comedy we have ever seen in her life is but now it's just normal life while i like i like i like to tell all the women out there why are you putting up with a crap there's never been a man on the planet that ever had an actual period and everything that went with it and i'm pretty erasure that none of them have had to push him bollington their behind to deliver a baby i mean it when you think about it it's like you know what i mean it's like not absolutely not in i mean i am really insulted if somebody comes of incessant ing to me i'm pretty well likely to call out for the insanity and the insult to me and all the women one planet rather than put up with us nonsense because it's absolutely nonsense you know and then giving people a pass this kind of absurdity and none and i honestly think that the marks are using and people with that are a little bit mountaindale anyway because why would they go in that direction and turn it into a complete and utter you know something that actually does victimise it in and the natural progression is victimizing children once again for you know going going to you know the the traffic in the mutilation all of this nonsense easelmann when you see how much money is gone very bit of this is about money and into not call it out as it is when i read something that was kind of a funny thing to me but it was sad it was apparent that said the noise it was just a just a an absurd way of frames as a joke but my my six year old decided that he was a pirate so he brought him to the hospital he poked his eye out so he could be a real pirate and put a patch over his eye and we now cut off his hand in order to install a hook on his hand so that he could be a real pirate and at it so much at so crazily martina mutilation that's going on under the guise of trans gender and look at how many different accounts to meliorate existed one or two i don't know it was on a map and that movie i was just talking about you know and he brought up to the it psychiatrists whatever she was so what about somebody that doesn't believe that they should have a leg like it feels weird being there whatever and that's a it's called pantomimists called somebody is more whatever you know it isn't it kind of the same thing and no no it's not the same thing if people were born in wrong body o what i would have asked is are you religious i think we would know what the answer would be well now so you think i made a mistake now they were just born into the wrong by so near implying the asper i went into the wrong body the spirit come from that's in this wrong body what i'm saying they don't want to talk about that born into the wrong body unless there's a spirit that was placed in the wrong saying there arguing for god in a way with their argument for this person needs all these and they don't even realize it and it's funny to me and i wish you would ask that in this movie it was a pretty good it was a pretty good lick if nobody seen it i'd go check it out if he can well is that what was a movie what is a woman it's just called what is a woman that will i i've heard i've heard of that i don't let really i don't watch t v so i kind of like it he don't never do uppercut me on a trivial rivitin because i will be the weakest link in every single subject as population think akolouthia something like that i can faltered that's where the watch though i mean he did a good job on that but ah i mean that's just it all kind of ties into each everything in the old notice now that he the umbrella of the rainbow is now you know whether they wanted mittens including the etoile all riding together they told us that if that wasn't the case but now they're just openly they're being excused just like a trained person or any one else and in all this together it's all just a breakdown it they're trying to down mentally to where we don't care about percent of people out there are more about animals than other you know what i mean they saw a dog whining in the alley that was go help he saw women have the screen fire to get help with their being read i'm saying they broke in us down over the years mentally to where human life does it mean anything and once you've gotten to that point and it's a subconscious thing a lot of people think that they care about human and then then you ask him some simple questions in the kind of find out they don't crazy like you you've taken people into your home and help you have the opportunity to do that not everybody would do that even if they did have the opportunity now what i'm saying there's a big down there's people that care and there's people that don't about humans they'll save a cat and then the watch a kid walking on the street with no shoes and keep drive that kind that's where society as a whole has become so it's no shock to me that were at the point where you can go on line and human than a child but it's one where at our corn and i just nothing shocks when it comes to the stuff because of that i feel like society as a whole has just given up on humanity both sides it's not just left your right i mean just as a whole its situation of being and were seeing the ramifications that in everyday life well the solace centeredness and having a plan in her head that this is what we want to do this is what we need to do we need more more more experiences materialism and all that sort of thing rather than focusing on the things that really count and the last which is the people round us and even jesus said if you you know if somebody needs something give it to them this is i think this is one of those things people found really they couldn't relate to it when i started running because they looked at the things that we you know that we built and that i own and built in such and they're like she's she's a billionaire that came out all over the place on like sorry i missed that little financial statement because it was mad or go to a mass you know you know just a mass a super wealth too many things to do it's a too it's not a goal it's a tool to use and you know if you if you can't help people when they need when they need help you're a pretty pathetic human being and you know to whatever comes in front of you is generally i think were god's directing us and whether it be that you see somebody a neighbor that needs something painted or dig somebody out of the snow or do their yard or help bring them a meal or you know if you get really if you get really success you know i am a car or you know red try to help in multiple ways you know it there's so there's so many ways that we can tareha in god gives a stuff only to be able to share it how other people in my opinion all in volunteer is is the way things should be we shouldn't be being programs that we don't want to be part of if you want to help somebody you help somebody voluntary there should be people doing it it shouldn't be i'm going to work to work for somebody else whether i like it or not i'm going to work to meet my family and now i'm feeding and other families to my youth i mean like volunteers be brought i mean we're seeing or seeing these churches that used to put a outfoot the shutting their bank the i'm so old in the church's right now it's not even funny easiness magalloway so wrong because they all took the money i can't say i most of them took the money to shut down for this time into cover and nonnotte were there all about taking the money and do and do and what you know their masters told them to do which seriously wasn't got all might if they shut the doors went since when did christian you know run run afraid of anything stand there and fight and serve the people around and i'm disgusted by the whole thing and it's like you and me have kind of a similar story with that whole thing at the very early stages when they were just growing fear and paniotti we jumped through like we were we had so many make us master the beginning before they were mandatory because we didn't know we had an older we have an elderly person living with us we didn't want them and it sounded like at the time that's what we get sick from it right so we took that my wife working at in the medical in yer shoes down without balcom in the side door and we notepaper and then started saying well you have to do this started notice strongheart out of the story of hancestor farinata were like were done already i have the house would test positive for coverall sick with the same thing but have imitative to cover the other half a test negative of that work you know ernestine that tested positive forenoons it is and that's the thing think that personally i think that nobody has to agree with me it's just kind of what i i think that it started as like a good guy operation than the go hijacked by the bag think about it even people home time on their hands how many people woke up during our lot that was a waste break people breaking free because they were researching they were seeing this stuff on the internet they weren't that were stolen while there you know in the bathroom manderson just a they were literally understanding becoming the realize that everything's messed up i treated things that came out of coldly and people don't like to hear that but i if people will we open a barbarian we were cooking food for people all day and always sat there and had had a big party every day you know people were coming for breakfast and lunch and we just we discount going you know and and we we actually had a really nice time because i wasn't you know we weren't buying into it and said okay i guess we're going to going to figure this thing out but but there you know we lived together we did together but i'm not going to nothing i think they hijack it and turned it into something bad is what i think to aeolia evanthe election the nonsense with the election that we have and you know passing proposal three i don't know what you would i saw like almost no signs of isitnofrit i saw almost no signs and not only that not one count that i remotely believe that accurate from this election now an there's not there wasn't one one ounce of honesty and the entire election and i think i really know it now see things go wrong this way too i think what it's really doing as it's given people the opportunity see how our lackeys exposing more and more and not only that were going to start seeing more and more of these grass roots shells that were that were really political operatives at set a lot of these grass roots groups up in order to distract people and give busy work rather than give anything that was actually going to move the line and now look what's happened they're just their masters that giving giving busy work to keep gipples on of doing doing something just like the illusion of having actual candidates and or that they can change it is like the keep on and give like will dogberry can have the image you feel better hunting just just do that right now you know and and it's like it's like it's kind of crazy i sat there watched a wound watch him before me and i was so mad i just contend then i woke up the next day and took a if you believe like i think we discuss this the other day if you will leave the map the next day our governor right now that all at right they've sold his dislike that cities control elections but if you really look a pretty sure the rest of the state outnumbers majority of the cities i want what i saw was detroit when i found out what i was campaigning is that detroit property it has only about five hundred thousand residents in detroit granodiorite size of detroit borodine i say somebody else just came out of a by the way we were to go vote the machines were rejecting the ballots in the workers weren't doing anything about just saying keep triantelopes white you why that's from junior i tell you what my mind they said it you would get a that it was successfully process never said that with the rat too i had dropped the ball in the tray in the back and never said success small completion or whatever they said at what rate to next nalini have no idea of my boat content i don't have yielded but you male in or your absence bellator whatever you can't track the ballot you don't vote in person there's no way to track it it just all it will tell you voted or didn't vote in this selection and what your boniface is and stuff like that as far as i know there's no way from the state to track i how do you know and then there was that sight that somebody posted in your telegram that that was not supposed to tell you whether or not you voted in the twenty twenty elections i don't know how legitimate that it is i but i ran myself through my kids ran themselves through none of us voted in twenty as we were all there voting why i saw something that showed how all the candidates voted in the past and they changed that all of the candidates stand for boning and i think it was april of last year so that people that had not voted in person a change that they looked like they did vote and in person and that sort of i was the only one that didn't have changed status and i think bob scott all the way across that i think i was the only one that voted in person on every single election the rest of a head somewhere along the line that they were that their voting history was melted or changed and i screens of it too so so this has been going on been going out to a he a neighbor ham lincoln he tried to use male and voting the house so that he wouldn't win i think it was abraham lincoln was there was some kind of something going on back then and i tried to do the same thing to him don't quote me in lincoln but it was one of the washington lincoln one of the some kind of disease going around so they did the same thing but at the end of the day it's just funny to me that alice these are if this is early voting shouldn't that be counted before the election all early voting right so conform do william puts it and seems to be a whole lot of mal administration you know what a good word for it so see honorine more things i don't understand what she thereat man that was bowed in his bed queen isn't even good looking a year they don't understand why so many women support this evil early in a how boiscoran because it seems like a lot of people pictures of the kids on that site ali bey says when these people die god's truth will show who they really are anthropologist will say their skeleton shows if they were more male or female here you can never be the opposite sex that you then you were born where it's impossible less that's what i say all the time they are blasting god saying he did it wrong that i only watch old movies like gun smoke as a bad men i oh my gosh me to donna and cyril service to people the matter how you do it as the most afflicting you can do for yourself yea and in all that's what we should be doing this focusing on other people but anyhow well is there i think we want i want to hit on the aloe say productive is there anything else that you can tell everybody about about what they can do to protect themselves rather their family any more than what we then what we have already talked about or anything other any other information if they would not to here kid where on line you need to be with them about what can happen if they give out too much information on themselves if they show too much information on themselves on its golier the go record themselves being silly in their room but it unticketed be something on the wall from their you know a school in this city and this is her name might not have their address on their you do the math she now had her face he goes out of that school he looked for that face and you know her name a moment he got an accident were going to take it to the hospital to get they were enough about that kid to be able to converse with them to convince them that there's a familiarity it's all a parent have to be blunt with you kids there's no going around it now you know with my daughter she was talking on line to what she thought was a boy over over and turn out it was a doe and and we gather off that platform and i told her exactly what human traffickers would do to her her brother's me or mother if they caught us off guard to come gather and it wasn't a pleasant conversation and she was very upset and she hasn't done that stuff any more you have to be very blunt and you talk about real life this is an online world with a we live in currently i wish it was you kids are going to be online whether you know it or not if you're not checking they're going to be the i can't say chippewa from all the vices because they need in prison they need it like for us we have a third of a mile long driveway or kids always had devices even if it was a flippant on the caleche there on the way as i was always doing stuff up here i need no one to go pick him up in one noanoa the snow and or when they were younger i didn't want them to be all the way down there on their own after the bus leaves and i'm not there that so yeah it's are going to have the vices kids need to be online because they're in school and things like that and kids are also you definitely need to talk to your kids far as like teenagers and stuff the probably not going to listen to you he hates alizarin but they might listen to you about mornings you know cakewalk around the car checked but anything that's a if your door handle smeared or there's something strange on your door handle don't the use a sleeve go back in where you were if you can find something in touch that door handle they will put things like fenelon that door handle and try to get you to you know fall out and then the committee that way too that's a thing that they'll do sneaky at what they do because there's money in it and if you'd not aware of what happens in this particular realm of world out there on your own at risk especially as a young teenager or going to peach a job or something you got to but get up if you don't know everything i mean because we could we've already been on here or nineteen minutes and i could go on for another hour of what to tell your kids i'm not he gone i think that this is really valuable now i really do so good like for kids a little safe say what say okay let's say your daughter i'm some anseline had found that on my back look here it is you now immediately cut it off she should probably do that beforehand but i find out she finds it out now what your parents what the parents are going to need to probably do from that night in the being convenient you might have to take some time off your job doesn't understand why then i don't know what to say there but it wouldn't hurt to either have yourself or some one you trust for home from work were the next week you've been marked they know who to look and i just anybody in general especially women need to be acknowledged like they have to they have to acknowledge their surroundings they have to be aware of what's happening around them these days it is just the way it is stories of like out las vegas who who will leave casinos and stuff and they'll go to their car and these guys will follow them and just a man a pull up these guys already be behind him sloppin to the van the gospel that that's real light you always have to harry if you you know have made for when you can and have a gun for when you don't play around these people are evil and the bottom line is money in your their money is there money one way or another post in your kid and you don't think anything of it there's my daughter at the you know all this is a birthday at the beach you know she or whatever of how these it's hard to get just think how they think they would do with that photo you know what i mean it will end up if the right person finds it all end up on one of these sites friend who runs that group won't be able to take down i won't be able to take it down they're not going to take it down there's no there's nothing in there you know it under the first amendment do you want your kit on there though knowing what that sits learn the settings to every social media that you have if you pictures of your kid on the internet for whatever reason rather than just taking it the people in now to use it learn how that folder were picketed kids to that make it private and there's a way to only answer and people in it like a set or to get cheap cameras for your home times have we seen people tried to educational home from school or a boy the walk home from school it further on home sidewalk bring camera you know and we know how to i don't really trust bring personally but any camera would be you know of the front of your home always know and it's always going to come back to this always know what your kids are doing on the internet they're going to get mad at you they're going to get annoyed with you our daughter now willingly give up her show us what she's doing on the internet if we ask she nothing to hide because i got explicit with when i say explicit i mean explained to under grand what traffickers do to people what are they doing at the border showing up with genitalia in their mouth with their head cut off you know what i'm saying victims they saw something they had i need to know that because that's the people that are going to get them or they're going to end up in the hands of the if anything will scare the life apothem to doing the right thing on the internet make sure your kids understand not everybody they talk to on line as we as they are also that's really important i mean i can there's a but i can push right now and i'll sound like i'm a hold another person you know what i mean there's all kinds of ways that these people get same way the police to try to catch creditors these people use decoy to try to catch children he all things that age that we live in what once was on the black web the dark web is now here and it everywhere and they don't stop once i mean they know you're on to him they may leave you alone some people even have cameras on their car make you more comfortable you know if my daughter goes out in the world that probably going to put some on our car enough that he can carry and everything you know they made that heart for but all things that you can do it's really just comes down to common people are everywhere like you said as to get into different parts of baboo that'll show you all this so do i and where do you think they're getting those pictures from a lot of comes from face book these are just normal family picters you can see in this one it's a well known sit it pictures you know an most times is from the parent and the impersonal up to what's going on this isn't the same world that everybody grew up in a entities my kids were worried if my big wheel had a hole in the tire you know and now we have to worry about somebody abducting your children because of something you and it would be your fault you know what i mean it's dangerous they need to know at the end of the day yayati stranahan trafficking and child predators a meal in all the branches of it that i mean well sounds like you and taken all they know of a twitter at least and you know but face they're more worried about what you were i say about the vaccine and they are about getting etoiles of the what perion and face book are you do you think is improper i wouldn't even know i mean because you you know you can make baboo groups that are the only you can get into if you have the line he invited sure it's more than we could ever human imagine if the right people got in there and looked around they probably finds and that's the way that she also does this unpack but i can't remember exactly what her group is called on face where they take down these don't reether way don't report these to face book or the actual telegram or any ihan when you report these sights on the actual platform itself the alert the person to the report that gives him time to set up another and then when that one goes down everybody's moved the in the fine again don't report them to that find the sights that you can report people get on us about this one because i think it is to that hillary thing but at the end of the day the groups that we report to to remove the and that's all we're worried about you know what i mean when propitiatory till somebody tried to say that one of the things we were report these sites to as it ellery's whatever that is or whatever and i'm sitting here and i are going down like literally gone and it's not the only one you report to on the face of it i think that they are doing that and of it i think they're actually taken down the the doing so but you know we all know the rest of that side of that but i'm trying to find the group and its buried in telegram message well you know i look at all the weird stuff that like christian and and what was the director for disney james that they were putting tweet out there when you see stuff like that or that should the old soverato right there and say we've got a problem you know houston we've got a big problem well and then what did they all those are just jokes at comedy alyattes things you joke about and then there is odont joke about saying and that's not one of them you know you know joe about they were saying it and that ten lady she was the most disturbing one out of all of them i think are disturbed and then she thunderation and then but she raised it with it's not an abortion my child died then comes out and says it was an abortion that sounds like a ritual to me just wear off makes a lot of cast agonised my ballet went in red light came out i was expecting to get stomackt titanite seconds before the light turned green and accepted my ballot you have to watch the people that are round your children including their boy friend girl friend there are many girls that were such traffic by their boy friend and the majority sexually trip kids were introduced to it by some one they know that's called grooms and the gift of fear as in an excellent book for women in ten girls builds awareness there's everybody has everybody has suggestions in the everything works as long as your child is up to date out how this stuff works on the stand we had a guy that worked for us and he lived on he lived down by a paby the border and sidonia one day pretty good sized guy really and he said he was a stand pull up to grab a gal and he said what they did as they she had a dress on any she pulled the dress up that was over her head and then kindlike she couldn't she you know she never hear her head or her arms free and he said he sat there for a minute and looked at he had a forty five in his club compartment and said you know too he tost a few minutes to make the termination but he said he said he pulled it out and then said let her go now or he all divaricata and he held the gun anamile he well she got away and he said she was so scared she never been said thank you to one just took off running and he got back in his life changing for her again but while a raisonner do it again i mean she'll be a little bit more aware of things were adorned stand a group stay in a group stand group and that's it you know a lot of a lot of ladies as single ladies or whatever i mean they like to go out to the bar or whatever and olathe don't always go with friends i stuff got because you can get drugged walk out the front door and to your car and you're on your way under the ground and then your caresses there and cooling for and you'll be lucky he's guys aren't wearing masks and i may not even if they end a lot of times for these bars and stuff they have same place as a lot of times for amount of you know like they do it like three or four times but they also have alternate that they go to and they always know where all the camera and they always know where any security is at an all time to these got like we said earlier their organs they may not all be connected all these organizations may not be connected together but their definitely organized organized and it i mean a lot of these people would be lucky get away and go see their family again as what happens after their taken is not something that even at never know why there bein taken could be body parts anatapein for body parts organs a place out in oregon the got rated by the b for like that that again is a text meaning here a minute so the esoteric might admit raided by the by for shenanigans they were it was an organ company and they got rated by the they are doing some shady stuff in that makes you wonder like place to stay in business most of them have like a list that you can sign up or that on the back of your cart great but then some of these companies they have i can go to their website and be like i would like you to you know what i mean i'm signing up for your program you know you sign up directly with the place these people get the organs if none other clients or whatever rosined up or dying well i think i think there's a lot more going on than that you know it's not an ordination at all darshat's what i'm saying how do those companies how do they stay in business the ones that harvest organs for money did you disentangle came don't somebody this as bionassay gruesome stuff but it's out there and just just nottings going on but i think the best thing to eat homeless is cherished to homeless people there there are some really crazy things out there and i think i think you know not to make anybody parentibus the paranoia helps keep people alive and saves to you from getting hurt by these monsters then then i think it's worth it worth talking about well i keep going if you got anything else you can share because i do think that it's good to raise the awareness that really do i mean that really i like it really comes down to you need to need to be educated on it yourself and you need to educate anybody that would be at risk of it he age girls especially that one of their main aretino young women another target yea they will target men too but they don't usually get used for the same things yes sir charles said something yes to cancale as human men at does and i heard of it but i can't remember years there's a funereal serving people that was that and there's a bunch of aromatic ing at the blood transfusion and such that that tignonville in an that cortin's a whole lot of cramer and it's just it's really really nutty and so you just all all those crazy things to be were aware of right and there just there are for us to fathom this stuff is actually going on you know but it is and i do think it's a it's something we're going to have to face because i think that you know where pealing back the valiant we thought was really going on and finding out now that a lot of these places are in fact things that a lot more furious than what we thought they were and pregnant talk about more and more of this where we ostentatious really going on i'm in the channel from telegram to the private check cause i don't barely have access to the man that i am is the comment you soon roblochon to i have to just like get on the rule because we like stream on rumble face look you to and twitter and i usually have the ones from you tobene we come up on the lathe dashboard here and then i pull off twitter or rumble after the side and those of the ones that i usually i tried it all three of those and i never see the one or twitter with these other ones i we were going through there's the link of the group on telegram i sent it if people want to join that you don't have to lick the links or anything you just office before and thou and those sights will slowly come down and will tell you when their down you can you can lick totantora that they're gone did you put that underneath my telegram the post on telegram or what did you i asked the tanyard thing that you have me i put it in the private that i'm looking at comments on private chant their okay all right hand out and those are the sights that we report to there kayuta should i do you want to you put them in the charitable me talk to the chainmaker that's what i need to sign up the time cried there here are you are come in like were she seeing all these my goodness now it makes if you if you go to the old man who has come out click on comments there yeah i saw those but i only go you michael donald donald michael that's all oh that's the rottenest yoritomo over on a rumble here are the and all talk about good thing for them to go to to to to go to you if to the cyber tip the cyberspace those are where you would report stuff if you find any stuff on face ingram soon send them to those and the one below that that is the group where we take them down on telegram if anybody wants to help out we can always use more help or people reporting the matter okay here we go a man try to put that on at their report channel and let me go over here and all seethe other one my skill to night it is monday now as on the road for six hours today to to give me a little bit grace here and then i will see now can you test you know what can you prove those on my telegram channel underneath underneath the last friend news network could you put it on there to wantonly want in the car if you put it in ah in the chap that fine and in it put it in a chair i think well you know what if you put it underneath yea in the chat underneath the mass in either way so shows up underneath the message for me inconsiderate under the main channel people than the chatter that way it brings me back to the god thank you which rising back to the post that i put up there to night cause i think this is this worldwide crime since which we have gone on here with a world economic form and well of course the world economic forms robed after its sight that god we have the way back machine digital is for ever made the stegosaurus suckers some explaining to do wonder how many other money laundering schemes or old maybe cryptogams out there doing similar activities just like staniland pretty sure there are hundreds maybe thousands of them greatly the right back to the fact that we have so many criminal activities going on out there in so many different ways that money laundering or with the never ending it is it's never any and in one now why because you got the lousy people in office that are enabled and point out slept of the problem there part of the problem bandoeng on and beat on the political party because the political parties are are are enabling that their like they're all part of it all of them and we're going to need be together here as we the people and truly get into instant a rodolpha's croppin her to our nation and plunger children at rest but i got i think so she is came fine all of those lines and the low common you to face look and then doubt under my telegram channel which is here put it in the chant there too a minute so i'd like to have a really make sure that they they can to the centration if they need it there's my telegram channel i'm assuming that everybody that's assuming that everybody that's on rumbled once that they could see my telegram but they got their titles but i did did put it in the comment section case anybody wants to see anything else that you an talk about to night or this is i think we covered it just common sense guys we got and educate your kids at all of this i'd love to have you back on to teach because he actually joe and i are friends have been friends for quite a while and i'd love to have you back on where we just talk about everything like we normally do cause normally when we're on it we don't see on one subject to were all over the place with innumerably ever seen what's balthasar and waiting to find the will have we'll have that the gondolieri know what i'm thinking now but elsewhither day ashton this led me down this little rat hole here and man i get that sometimes rose something and i literally cannot go to bed at night because i'm up researching in and all the sudden i'll realize as three o'clock in the morning and i'm stillante an opposite i'm going to bottle to the bottom of obituary time to go and by slow eights only nine o'clock becoming like withal now whether that were that gomes the rest of the night but then he did up a sort of i think that's a ashestiel yeah and include people it's just one thing just leads to the next to the next is attacking is is really amazing and you know what i think they're doing with it i think honestly we've got so many distractions going on on the election but not just the there's it's like a so you have holes problems with the elections going andante balance be titian the huntingtons you've got you've got things going on here you've got the ballot not going right in chinoiserie mechow many more things can they do wrong you got as your self the question and then all sweeter an attack and all of that nonsense with with money wandering away from the american people to actually bring we actually bad to have the regerlations or blest them we were to hear what you've got to wonder to the good guys are bad guys because i was thinking last night i'm like that the warning we've got a bunch of elections were like counting votes in that nicole this person or this person the republican or the democrat was that like so being like you see what i just put out in the news you better elect the you know you better win the senate if you know what i mean when wing they're going to be the house are thou they're goin to be able to investigate all this the republicans you know what i mean so you better when or else you know where is it the good guys like look this is how trappistine the republicans are worse than the down the crieuse we we vertical ourself and to stupid here thinking that they are any better and there is as bad as the democrats it's like the republicans he had had the bookman so they they blame the democrats for everything as the republicans tried to get away car from the high especially here in yeah michigan that twenty twenty election then side with bananas and whiter than the canvas gate we talk about election fraud and anybody that does and that it didn't happen on like so you guys also they'll eat it and then they dropped it nobody wants to talk about the fact that president donald day trump is the rightful president of the united states they don't want to read that twenty twenty election they don't want to talk about any of it and you can see the republican depredation as he gets in there you know and and and it one that he started getting the money coming in to his direction all of a sudden i have departed he like rosie a whim by you like a whipped pup to anything they wanted him to do and then do you know and consider it away dick and at the same thing conceded right away and then tried to make it look like all poor dick said the republicans are beat up on her hat now she was part of it and she started in on him in well i've had personal conversations with people and i'm going to expose all of them and that all the sudden woe came the whole thing got stopping now she's going to be running for the chair of the republican party at tea what wholehearted differ a better job or offer another job i mean i had these young some to me about six times offered me to be able to offer me the head of the republican party and their like all its more money and i like are you out of your mind why in that warlike the rest of the coward the use i more of your own money than any of these other people i was marriet in more my own money than any of them because i primarily funded almost all of mine because the american public is not used to finding campaigns because it's all been founded by dark maniac money and i wouldn't take any of them so pretty much you know the majority of the funding came to from myself and i appreciated every single dollar that anybody put into the campaign because there was you know i have limited resources on not like a global is who has unlimited resources so was basically i played with what we had played the hand that with was given but yes so all i can say is somebody offered somebody else a better job or a promise of a more involvement and they ran for it you could could honestly see the same thing happened with kelly kelly cases you know immediately run a chase should a contested the one area that he had more doors than he had then he had votes doesn't make any sense whatsoever what did he do he runs to the next beg for money thing the proposals never shows of the camp were canvases i was the only one that was there fighting for the proposal while will you know i listened to ternata save but how much the donor that neither one of them showed up and one are you kidding me the can't believe anything the political people say i like you know i'm not a politician i've never run for office i can just tell you they're all a bunch of liars cheats at i've been i know i was there from the beginning and i saw what i saw and the commission was dropped but i didn't know how old how bad until he will do now admiring and his gun you know really bleeding somzing things behind the scenes from day one when when you know when i started running and and just unwavering support and i think it's because you know we know each other enough to know that we're just paris that water country back that's at the end were not for sale and i think you know i know you're not you for sale for anything and i think you know that there's not enough money in the world by me off in anything that a shut up for a change what i'm going to say yet whither people like it or not in the street my mind i don't like to go as you were exposing all of them before you ran they knew who you were years look into a little bit and they you know found your boy something and they were just like yes she can't win you know that i said but yet it raiseth evidence i think i probably in this in the range of seventy thousand documents and you know and i think you and i are bollyooly got me be not how much you've got saved off but i've got a last sayemon of the somebody such as is a notable notable entity that may or may not be equal to the seventeen letter of the alphabet say everything of life you go yes sir we will be dought a smart cookie safe things off and don't rely on other people to have that information got it save an we've got t say of wild got it safe to everywhere with god a save with different people it like you know master on i tied that though one retired congressman that came here freoff for me the twenty thousand dollar trump indoors and in trainmen hold tanyards is like it worry about the thousand or so documents as saved not only a million years and never find it you know there's no possible way that it wouldn't be in a hundred different locations because you know it's like you take one down there's going to be a hundred thousand that are going to pop up in other areas so good luck with that and then you're going to have so many behind it the pistol to boot and or an army of us may be may be something to do with these little it is bounteous of the my a constraint i think your cameras owned by a the other a girl price shouldn't have masked with her with the army frogs the first cameron he did and will form in the second time it's going to be the death o to their little to their little criminal enterprise i don't think they learn very quickly keep it up for much longer i don't think resolute hope sometimes that i think about it or i find a post like what i shared in my chat last night you know it's true i mean we're going broke where suffering were written through its struggling but to end at some point you know i feel like there's something happening you can see it or not something has to be happening as much for there not to be something happened round the world globally there's been more human traffic eye patrum passed that he moracin bill here and yeah they picked up here but it wasn't just here it was it's a round the globe and human arabian human trafficking i hope madman that telegram the guy that the owner found that does most if you look in there you can stroll for hours it's nothing but human trafficking one after another different parts of the united states and the rest of the world every one just brownstown grow and yield us be reading about bus left and right i mean when have we seen this garrison in a while but this is every day will every day human trafficking and to day's date and i bet you'll find a bus so oh yea and in lots of em inhuman kids they find you know will fit the finely a tremendous amount of kids all at one time and my question is is one we when we deal with this how are they're going to be enough people to handle the amount of kids that are pulled out of the situation in order to help them re adjust to normal life were you don't just come out of a situation like this and return to normal life without having so much trauma no you don't i contain army of ellesmere the first thing they do with these kids is trying to find who they are where they were abducted from and to their parents were at if i have the means to do what they do when they do these raids or whatever that's what i would do so i soon that's what they're doing i would like to not think that they go into the he who loses kids every day and then just get revitalized that would be awful so am ripping the wrapper i think they have capstone of the biggest child trafficking organizations in the world and i sat at prove me wrong you know i mean prove prove me wrong it is waterman stream media that writes about how they lose thousands of kids every year legally kids over the dumbest things from parents i mean situations that could have been rectified with the core or just incense in them the king gets then you've got these people that you see is a weapon this man hates this man because the kids don't get along so this man calls keeps on this mom and tries to get a kid taken away what's wrong with why would you do that you know they don't know anything about what we there's a lot of out there still like that the day these busts are very interesting as happened in foreman even india it's happening in india all the time and that's a big russia i mean come on like what some things happen in in one of the biggest everybody knows that what most people know that a in the profile yeah that's a huge her and stuff you know all the way to port oregon that's an you retracing a potentate of michigan as we have the international poor so michigan was a huge area for trafficking children also he is don't realize that in where they're going were they going through michigan but i think we're coming the end of it so that we can we can put an end to this we discover aware of that you know everybody needs to be more aware so if throwaway aware of it and how it works you might recognize it when it's happening even if it's not obvious you know what i mean when you learn about answer and looked almost see the signs of it on something you know what i mean doctor can just see it or whatever same thing it's just being able to see the sun and just there's all kinds of different hands yester are supposed to learn i can't remember the main one of the top of my head for how but there being traffic and when that came out they then it came out a couple of months later that the traffic started thin the kid's hands so they always find ways around almost wished the media wouldn't report on it to some degree but then nobody would know he now comes kids and cages and sat but i've also seen like spread sheets were they they've got kids long on the spread she and they have to have things like like the category of the type of blood they have and what they can you know what they can do when they do certain things to him that changes the quality of their blood and then all the termination tattherin for those kids they usually only last in that kind of captive for two years or less and then they terminate them and then they swam for their organs but he much yet around it at some point if they keep them for internet entertainment let's say on caricaturing there of no use so that's exactly right they held them off to their organs whatever it goes into the woods somewhere and you'll never see that child again planning for greece re sharing in abusing them in a way it's just like look at look at when ajangat that operas pushing for a while and he got heathcote in a quart of lopping girls and then you know i can keep in the pregnant selling the baby's off and then they terminate at the girl's lives when they were moniteurs old man the soul emperor then i think the more prevalent too is that the results kids over and over again and that some point and they senor the organs and they are in her like grim there the prettiest he is a it sheila we need more harsh punishment yeah i think so too and yet siderealised kidnapping victimization one percent one masai they stole the sonate by the way he told bonita so there wasn't is not one thing that we can count on as attestation and in in your face at the inwards listening that i could give a crap right true truth and we have to be courageous enough to say the truth no matter whether people like it or not and cherished yes she saw the spread sheet yeah that's kind of so brangwen you see so a bestial was taken from a coster gather got their name in a paster name they've got different things about them plaster blood type plus a drone lies blood and then when they're going to be carinated and such and kind of a kind of a horrific horace specially if you're in the middle of it and the man what did what we do have the overseen any of the satanic ritual you mean like when i was taken down sight seen anything like that or just in general is it just in general sort of well you see the fate of videos i make a you got a lot of video obstinate of that i know i won't get taken down for you know what i mean the satanist they do and satanic rituals specially to adults very well the adults are kids doesn't matter but it's very very sober and i think that that's an area that we think for voting for me gonsalvo for you i think you're a real person i am acalephs person she's not agramant as me or families no each other and so tookabatcha actually for real so and i think that this is another area that we need to get into and we say this is spiritual problem because when you get into things like the satanic ritual satanta's another whole area we could go often to and i do think that there is some there's some merit and to going there because think of the state of luciferians is a joke it is not a joke and this is what i owe whether you believe in the devil don't believe in the devil here's one thing that i know for you right they do believe in the devil and the things that they do for the devil have to do but all that evil out in the world without creating some kind of a negative energy whether there's a devil or not in your mind you have to think logically doing things and letting its blood run out whatever they're doing in mind that you're doing something for this being that exist bring darkness into the world whether there's a devil or not so if you don't believe in the devil you need to understand that what these people are doing is doing something regardless no matter how you spend it you know what i mean when i was riding i was really trying to decide how much of the stuff i wanted a post because i do think that people need have a good a good you know wappetoe the eyes to wake him up a little it was some of those because they they would not believe the the daps of evil that these people are in and they think this is normal some are born into it like if you look at the hampsicora he could put the franklinite handicap is the one that's a little bit more chilling where you have where you have kids that are very young and they're just talking about what they did normally what normally what they what they were doing to babies in the sea six year old then may be an eight year old or so talking about it there is also there is also some other things so bonstetten said i saw she's referring to i saw pavely that night it was unbelievable and horrific but i believe it's real i know it's real and anna she said it again and then bonvoisin i was supposed to be sacrificed when i was thirteen three story and i met i think your sincere person in your attentions were good for your sake i gentinetta i'm i understand galapagos new out just now in michigan election what a joke he will get wounds called me a billionaire so coalitionist but but i think they have the they do report they do report quite a bit of good information on ewaporate request on that and everything i question everything i question boomplaats way easier not to see it by choice but it's everywhere yes heavenborn i started seeing some of the sunlight you know what actually happening to these people we owe it to them to to turn our back on this in a stand up and say say all right i guess i guess if nobody else is willing to fight this i guess we better somebody better do it somebody better stand up and fight this you know it's like the human sacrifice stuff that the state as are involved in sit they there they disembowel they might feel them this horrific what they do to these people it is a perpetuity worship the same memories and they actually do sacrifice they weren't supposedly in the united states when trump would talk about him but there was just a bust of what like a couple days ago in new york triteme that murdered somebody other here there everywhere in the order identifiable then we think it not so enemies he said as he cherishes very hard for nine people believe it these things actually have and and i too dealt with people that refuses to believe the seal happens from alibi to and boone country is a joke unfortunately and no one knows what to do and are fearful of prison well i tell you what i'm doing right now as i'm not conceding because i won't concede to traders and were still have aloud that's in process right now to be certify the twenty twenty election because no matter whether anybody says unless we deal with the twenty twenty election were never going to get to the bound of the scotia to their and maybe even before that we are going to have to deal with the twenty twenty elections and we got a message that have happened before we can like we can't beating the same cycle that we've been repeating since that probably forehanded mean to do that like how they didn't they know exactly to that suitcase out from under the table and start professing a etaient sensient mean to her that i i didn't mean to do this oh yes she did oh yes they did without the palisade is nobody's fault if you just said i mean at her was an accident that he had for it is for kids a lot of them now too you know and if no consequences for anything very few people have paid for their crimes in the twenty twenty election there was a lady in face the project bartas he went to jail couple other ones around the country but a mass effort they were on social media doing it openly i was in there was another guy ripping up trump ballets on tick all pretend right he alice say we've got a leave it lonesome a three hundred buses to chicago from texas sitting and how can i help and then she said i've seen many videos of the cartels isis and other groups torturing people and sidonia absolutely sticking her head in the sand is not an option otherwise you may face with it as it is allowed to continue grantly that were to stand before god almighty if we see the stop happening and we do nothing were done in this and i want to go back to this cause i said the other day and people are like oh she went there were a goin to stay there because you know even even our boat if we vote like a bunch of freckened to go along to get along and these other things that are happy well guess what we haven't stepped forward were guilty and were complicity and were harriers sympathize or coordinates of the dona says and to sacrifice some talking about it i got that and in it is we we have got to start talking about these issues bones monasticism room but to dick of abomination they were messing with the votes i didn't know until twenty twenty to be honest he had no idea now it was sketchy but didn't know it was so deeply imbedded or this has been going on for a long time that's why they went after a roboticist ashes trying to expose the the democrat he was tried though it was doubted he was trying to expose the democrat saadian that's why they went after him to destroy him you know that i did i did assume that the official story was true but now you know that was an diantha about the guy a man honest for a long time but i moonstones honestly there none of them are honest but when they get done with people or if somebody gets close to squeal and analostan like they hung up a catesby anthony ordain and the sister the queen of the nether one's all in one day by a red scarf surround their necromantic as a signal to and you can you can really you can really see that god david jose and joan killer have affidavits for us to fill out over these elections we are on a brand borisovna and i'm going to keep going in the direction that i'm goin to win is going to come in there and there's going to be a new sheriff in town because no one is going to get cut is going to get cadaleene to be no mercy for these people that hurt children and they have that of decided to commit crimes in this state to the level that they have because we can't tolerate the city more and and we we we are losing our country due to apathy to people not wanting to get involved and do the hard things and due to having got less politicians who won't make hommage a decision on anything or fixed anything because they don't want to fix anything coralline it look at these republicans now you know they wanted rain because if if she wins they get money from this the battery plants the two better men one going in around here the anointings we just she could save nineteen eighteen million dabblers the kinchin by a battering at sitting to eat to battery was matter there both the same entity in the batteries or going to try and together not goin to be here they're going to come when i get them that sit on it to do what to create may be who knows how many jobs would know a couple jobs because we don't know how many they're going to get the can get the money and cotton on same thing that happened with the government motors over there with married borrow what we give it who is the one or two white she gave a simalion dollars to government mules over there to create four thousand alaejos and salad no guarantee they're going to do that they could take that money cut and run to another state or another country and the dead than they they have they been doing it for a long time custer some kind of which one was it plant there was mexico plant they were going to not know that when true president than they the water going to do it again reindeer was informed in there all doing it because i'll take the government money after they contributed to their favorite candidate then they caught in the run while the republicans dried the getaway car and you know they blame the democrats but the friars are driving the gateway car from the shaft there all imitate it really does a lot of them i mean there's some republicans i think that are doing the right thing but the majority is this state anyway i feel like the not on our side on that i say per cent of temerity is how i what is it that politics the potrait or their threatened they don't have the guts to stand like one of her having with the congressional speech they were paying off people with we remember how that made the news for an entire day and then i just do our money where did it go they don't have money the way that eighteen go on masinderan else and this frontispiece off all their legal bills and make the go away michael but all said i will wear everything you guys are talking or excellent formation and yes republicans are guilty as how and to i did the day josef two years followed joan for two going on three notingham the cycling the same from the sudden twenty charlotte says good we good were with you bondmaids that not doubletongue chester oh yeah just your bunthorne they were taken out to that sinner in ohio i think she got our conceit arkansas arcite to a good god term now dixon and eternal running for her the republican party and the horns party asking for money for eleven let convention that one at the end of the month i saw about money you know carscallen thirty convention aesopian convention at eleven thirty so they all got to get into the bag for money thing again and tarascon called it we sure did we had the thing figured out with with dick mark caridad a whole bunch of writing she calls a deck murford dixon and weather and we dotterine rouillier caillou worritting the name carnate awesome person not wear your manner if they actually the one who speaks in a very brave way bones my elsie it's a gateway punnit they just put it out to charlotte von mama said we didn't choose these people they were chosen for us no one wanted dickson no one knows or if anybody if any one they should have ran here it he had been out for the kids freedom that's restaurant like collided he conceded and i add like to know latterman abortion to what he able to get one if you were rated or going to die i don't know he was involved in some crown in florida that at marathon into too i've got questions on all of them to get all the candidates that were running and the hat were on the september twenty twenty one trapper selected as stalled arnobius it was an illegal strappin if an emendatory whatsoever they were walked away and said this is an illegal stratoliner make it make it honest or get me off of it in about one if alter whatever to gather sign all the way up till now like i know who selected in now wasn't that the obvious and i'm sure you haven't told everybody everything so i'm not going to you know what i mean but i know what's going on in the tolerance this is gotama in awesome book some day oconostota crazy lady decides to run for governor with no political background at all and she's basically just sick of their craft that on just really wanted to have things go back to normal again and have in a way through this with absolutely no how from the republican party oh my gosh i they say the name brandenburg that would be horrible southern sustains calling as for habes trump speaks to morrow we are revealing the swatter mis charlotte and bonelike mat to the honest with the started wollaston for antrim seems legit nothing to think he's real except for that bill bailey is cousin up in andromeda then there is some real person i think irrational and why did they conceive that all as at all ordinary for the chairman of the party again toilsome it look like it is an battle i had heard of you at all how must a posset to i found her just randomly oh yes they wouldn't say my name you gotta do kiddie when they fought old loeschhorn but let's let me be completely clear book i followed the doornberg for michigan and i literally have to go to your page to see your post i'm lucky if i seem composed of years in a week i atabalipa then i took out a youth started sansome there how do you kick a candidate of bellport the time down twice in we call her like all we don't know why she got kicked up belated i bet ten days to get back on a critical point a just like took me off boom she's gone why his we had to get rid of brandenburg and saving with the signatures i had a criminal investigator to me from the ages office you know that i was about getting you off the ball because i was the only only one that was a part of the establishment can abandon there now can we gonaive kelly was involved in local politics are selection is not election icarus michigan on rumble last night he had a lot of new about what went down to the republican party and on on this as well as a yeah i can tell you lots about that i can i can actually tell you quite a bit about it much or what so do a show on what you went through from the step on to now and people would probably like to hear that at best not crazy have to be crazy to run for governor here is a talk about you just kick me again take me again and take me again i guess i really want to state back be you know it's a double posterity good to go no problem so yeah that whole thing i always had some questions about anthropoidal tell you why why in the world did they go up to and he is the only and open out their assured his cousin and so why did he go to anthony while they only six thousand boats in the content county with that was enough to change the election why didn't they go right down in the scooter and start investigating the white man in the middle of the night find out who the driver was get the driver landiot where the absentee ball to drop the middle enter where they could actually have called it in a question and furthermore i monitoring this out there all of a sudden we're going to go radford fraud it's like are you kidding me they lost it right there with whoever attorney started screaming fraud from the rush at a bunch of more on for because annesley proud as a fifty year battle hiding a prove that you have to prove criminal intention with brought you can't just go ridin the jam into it there were thousands of people involved in that they were never going to win that all they had to do was jumped to one thing that could be certified the whole thing day one and that was that they had a fifteen per cent more airman and now her votes cast by numerators and desate attorneys gottheit out in the weeds and started screaming fraud they ate while tank this thing within our coursers yes yes there was father was frontages oporto you attend but they went the wrong direction with it and most likely intentionally in want anybody to the actual thing that could take down the whole deal it was absolutely intentional to go in that direction i just crater you know is crazy how how this so i don't know it's in its happening again now they're going to go oh what a talk about friday don't we talk about things that are that a real like the fact that they were working with non certified machines just part of the lawsuit among with american the american project is like why don't we just go to things there that we can fight so of these theoretical fifty or battles which every attorney unless his complete more on what hand that figure out i mean i'm not an attorney in that and you know it's like that was an easy one spot though i have time in court you know and he neither they're not going to come forward scared to death of coming forward because you know look at the like o somewhere there someone er somebody said that and i just laughed i'm like another not that is like that's that's what i call it the i don't know so lonesome i was so kicked out face book for asking about masques but two three months sowing good master paper mask for abel trash and that i was one of floodlight this was ah it was all but all bias me to joe and melvale didn't like the questions now look at me all crazy and banish from society exactly they do in fortnight nothing happened clowns the sure i feel inside asenath and then her she who must not be named she is a greater treat than tramp must be because as we don't about the curious that that i am she who must not be named then charlotte came up with back with maladministration down is going to be happy and in dancing as she said it too and their dying a lection deniers i don't deny anything other than it was wholesome well i hate to do this but we probably should jump off your but i never tonantis is great we should just do this to get in disclosing the weeds because we can go through all the more and between you and i had like we sit here it's like a shave you and i and care and may be jason jones and some night we go go ansell not with all the research or dagobas all of us are best researchers something wrong with our heads that we have to get in and find everything out you know i heard a new song that i liked from somebody i listened to and i had to make a new video like last what i'm saying i just want and i was like i have to make a video for this song it just has to happen so i went through a video together it took revolution there now and staring i have bills you know what i mean that i wanted to put in something i just work out i know what you mean though it's all there and earthenware things before i met you the other son how i met joe was i was watching his channel going who is the sky this guy is amazing in organizational and in atonement sky is like i just sort of good he super genius good with organization and so i just i just decided the call you one day and i just called you it was after your talking of being a da nunlike not only as a great organiser but he is clearly a good day holds us kids accountable because you were going off for something with your kids that day and i'm like the man's great so i called it and we started talking and i had tavernake his chanaanitish got a bunch of good channels on telegram and then you can go to his website too and i'm trying to get him to do start potations nowlett savoient want to pay for being any more i don't this winter i'll make more boasted but in the summer with the gardens and everything i don't hardly make a cast a weird is it the paper something you're not using though you may gain besides that they're not going to take you down because this is in fact my sight so then i'm not going to take you down on to make sure you have a voice cooli think that that's important oh here you go daystar and all gave michigan tax money to act and what worth three hundred sixty thousand dollars for her vote going to be a deep one corot now there are crazy and bones on a settee maclise because i don't know what else to do to help rumble everyone better protect day so all right so i tell you what let's see a parent and said it beyond the way because i mean we talked a lot at dark subjects so so let's just remember that that i want to say again please go to stop and think new dot com joe's channel on telegram he's got several of them there you put him in the comments there you if you would and i'll pass on gunther private call on me as a trainer this you got to realize this is not a professional but be another one face book at home and is that oh that is the girl that missing that we're looking for so to her that here i'm going to go and put that in the and on what believer into ramble but i've got it on then i hang out of that give there's the girl that a telegram or in face book and out there's the post for the girl that is seen so you guys can help with that one to so there you go so anyhow and let's say prayer inattention aragonite remember always that no matter what it seems like with heaton elections were to give opportunities to fix things that are broken it's not like any of this is new this has been going on for years and decades and centuries we just can see it now because the technology is given us a window and to see more of their evil deeds which i really think is given us at an upper hand of being able to put a stop to a lot of it and we just need we need to go forward boldly i mean god tells us over and over that we don't have to be afraid we're not supposed to have a spirit of timidity or fear but to just go forward and do the right thing no matter what we have to stand together doing the right thing not go along to get along not just as good enough not just the lesser of an evil evil as evil either you stand against it or you don't there's no there's no middle ground on this whatsoever and we're making big choices right now so when when we see these things don't don't let it get you down too much because this is where we this isn't where we waller and being sad this is where we recognize things to be able to fight it and say you know what during my life i can do what i riot stop is not it as i can and when there's a whole bunch of but we can stop a whole lot of it and bring people to just so i do think this is important stand together so let's go ahead and pray dayfather thank you so much for in every person who is fighting for these kids who cares enough to stand and put their time and to it to find the kids to bring these monsters his patois is minor triceps we were so sorry for what our nation is the doing to children beat abortion children away from families destroying families all of these things which are truly from a godless marcus's perspective we ask that you would confuse all plans of the enemy that they would have no any plans that they come forward to that in the name of jesus that you confuse them that you destroy all plans of the enemy completely that you break any hold that they have over people that you open people's eyes and turn their their turn their hearts to you and that they would come to you with an with a sense of repentance and a need for salvation for for the desired ever relationship with you until leave all of this monstrous stuff behind we thank you so much for joe you would give joe and everyone who standing with the protection your provision in your favour and every single thing that they do including this the protection in your favor for their families then as the prot the girls named what are my microphone what was the girl's name asked brick that you would give her comfort to night that you would help her find a person that will help her and help her to find her way back home and help us at her looking for her to help find her and bring her home so much for giving us this opportunity stand where you know to stand up for something and to help work for your good purposes what we know that you don't need us but we are thankful that you are including us in and this the brain back not only godly governance but bring back your will on earth as it isn't haven't thank you for each severson out there give him a great night sleep to night let him rest in the comfort of knowing that other bad things going on they've been going on for an awfully long time but that your in charge that your control and that everything is going to be right some day we have faith in you because you finished it all when you said the words it is and we thank you so very much for everything we love you we want to be we want you to be proud of us and what we do help us to walk bravely going forward and give us the the feet to walk the path that you lay in front of us capricious name grated all right now there you go so part of the show dining me then you can always go to brandenburg for governor not come because i am still in the race because i have not conceded i'll say that a million times i will not concede to traders and so we're going to continue to go forward and tell we hammer this thing night this thing out no matter how long it takes there's no backing out the boats are burned where on the shore we can only go forward and that would be forward to fight her way out of this map so you go to brandon at kamaboko i mean a while not telegram it's brandenburg for am i and i did put that and do rigord on telegram and i do respond all the commands there sits a great place to if you really want to contact me how he got my phone number ought people to if you want to call go ahead and call and our text that that's always out there too so anyhow i just want letter reading now that your precious an awful lot of us fighting for you and for the things that you hold dear because there's a lot more of us who are just a normal than there are all of these people out there doing the wrong things and at that age amplified we don't they get amplified so this is where we speak of where we talk truth we stand together and where we were we actually fight for leaving a legacy for our children leave them you know to to continue to fight for them and fight for a good future the and not allow them or any one to be victimized by these monsters who are trying normalization sent felt the garbage it's not going to happen and we beat they was on your mind and i don't let people shut you up if you see something that's wrong you just said you could set you have the right to say yet nobody has the right to shut you of your right to your opinion and we will continue to fight for that you know we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we were going to do this together and god is with us is there anything else you aside now just be safely prepared as it's going to get a little bump my eye you might want to buck a lot because i manifold in her at may be a little bone but that's okay we're going to make it through we've got we got the wire all a bunch of american moths and the moths are the toughest people on a plan at so were shown what real toughness is and that's that's a good thing all of us standing together the great night intimating a man every day week day from nine to eleven i took to day off but normally a man from nine to eleven brandanes network you can find at the you can find the the link on my telegram chanted the morning before i go on and sonorous please pass the sun charioteer on and join in skeleton us here and please keep commodore comes so anyhow i beaent morning by my