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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/11/2023 Chuck Ritchard/Warren Carpenter and Tom Renz

Published Dec. 11, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9:00am Chuck Ritchard and Warren Carpenter - The State of Michigan is a political mess. We have to open lines of communication and have discussions between people. Chuck challenged Warren to come on and debate him. If we are ever going to have government by the people, we need to have civil discourse and discussion. The current discussion needs to be based on facts, rather than attacks of opinions. Hopefully we will be able set aside our differences and put saving our country first, along side of truth, honesty and virtue. 10am TomRenz Tom Renz is a prominent American Attorney, Political Commentator, Educator, Advocate, Businessman & Patriot. Tom has gained national attention for his work challenging pandemic-related policies and vaccine mandates, and advocating for individual liberties, medical freedom, and informed choice. Renz's legal expertise and relentless advocacy have established him as a leading voice in the fight for our Freedoms. Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am, in fact, Donna Brandenburg. It's the 11th day of December 2023, and welcome to our show today. I expect that there's probably a lot of people out there watching. And I'm hoping, I want to let everybody know what the intention was, because of course I'm taking fire from both sides here, because I'm not, I'm on the side of truth. And I think that we need to talk and put everything out there, no matter whether we agree or we disagree with us, because this shouldn't not necessarily be group think, in my opinion, going forward. That's what got us here in the first place. People need to have both sides of any issue discussed in a civil way, if possible. in order to make up their own minds instead of being told what to think. So this morning, and I'm not going to say in any particular direction, in every direction, Donna Brandenburg is constantly being told who I can talk to, who I can't talk to, who's a good person, who's a bad person, setting up teams. And this comes constantly, daily, all the time. It's a constant stream of this sort of crap. I could really care less about anybody's opinion on this because I am for the for the getting the truth out there and finding out what's going on, giving everyone a voice to talk, to talk, whether I agree or disagree with them. And I'm going to prove my point here and in a little bit, because I will bring up uncomfortable facts that. may be a problem, may not be a problem, but we need to encourage the discussion of those things. Now, with that said, everybody knows that Warren and Chuck are coming on this morning. It was not a setup as some people have alleged. Chuck has always said, bring anybody on that you want and we'll debate them. And I'm like, okay, I have had three days in a row with two hours sleep a night and And that's pretty much it. I've caught a couple catnaps either on a plane or in the car. I got on the ground yesterday after being up at 3.30 in the morning to come back to Michigan to do this show and to try to continue to fight for the United States of America without respect to parties or groups or any of the crap, the childish stuff that's going on out there. And as I'm driving back, I get a call and my mom had to go to the emergency room last night or yesterday. So as I'm driving back, my mom's on the way to the emergency room. So worrying about anybody else at that moment in time or their feelings was not at the top of my list because my mom was having chest pains. So we finished this whole thing last night. I talked to Warren afterwards. his broadcast last night. We kind of gelled up how, you know, because he's also coming out at 8 o'clock tonight to put a report out that they've been working on. I don't care who put it out. I know who put it out. And I know where it came from. And so what we're going to do is I want to make sure that we I understood how we were going to do this in the morning and at night. And this was about 11, 11 o'clock or 1130 at night. I thought we'll just get up in the morning. And usually Chuck and I talk maybe 10 minutes before the show or I. I don't know if I have ever, how much I've communicated with him before that. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we talk ahead of time, but yesterday was not my day for that. And I apologize to Chuck this morning because we talked about it. He said, I feel like I was set up and I'm glad he told me the truth. I am. And I'm like, I very much apologize. That was not my intention. It is never my intention. I want to see peace here. And if anybody out there says that they're a Christian, then we're going to do this in a way that is respectful. And if we disagree with somebody, somebody says we have the right to go to that person and tell them that. And we should. That's biblical. But also, we've got a constitution, which is the highest law of the land, gives everybody the right to their opinion. And as I say that right now, I'm going to put out there, if I never won an office and I had to do it illegally or in a way that was against my personal... framing of how I feel, what I feel comfortable or how I feel that God has called me personally. I don't really care about other people's standards. That's between them and God. I would hope that people would do the right thing and we'll put the right thing, but I'm not the one that's going to sit in judgment of every word that comes out of other people's mouths. Okay. We cannot know people's intentions. And if anybody says that they do, they're lying, they're living ass off. And I said it right there. Okay. And I don't care if I offended anyone. because everyone out there is playing games right now. And I believe that. I really do. I think that to find the purest form of anything, it takes a little bit of back and forth. It takes some discourse. And if we were all communicating with the intention of putting this nation back together as one nation under God, we would be able to talk things out in a civil way. So with that said, I have no knowledge of people's intentions. Zero. Okay. And I'm not going to pretend that I do. I can see things with my own eyes that make me go, oh, this is something that I've got to struggle with. And we need to bring it forward. and talk this thing out. And hopefully somebody has an explanation. Or we say, yeah, I, Donna Brandenburg, have a problem going with this direction. And this is the reason why. I don't care if you want to go in that direction. Knock yourself out. Find your happiness, right? But this is one of those things that I don't get paid for this. I've not gotten paid a dime for this. I lost an unbelievable amount of money fighting for this nation and by myself with funding, 98% of this political nonsense out there was rejected by everyone out there. And had, except for my, you know, my band of merry men that follow me here on BNN, Republican Party absolutely threw me under the rug, okay? And so did everyone. Split the vote, split the vote. So I'm coming back at this as Democrats hated me, Republicans hated me, everybody hated me. Half the taxpayers' party hated me. And I'm going to say probably 98% of the people out there hated what I have to say. I don't care. It is my opinion and my First Amendment right to say what's on my mind. So before we get into that nonsense of we shouldn't be talking to this person or we shouldn't be talking to this person, go sit in your ego chambers and feel proud about yourself, virtue signaling, or go sit in a coffee shop with snowflakes. You have to have a safe space, okay? This isn't what we're going to do here. So I hope that we can get on today and realize that that We have people involved in this. Very, very good people. We have some very bad people involved. And I'm not saying that that's the people that are here today. But I'm going to give credit to both Chuck Richard and Warren Carpenter. for having the guts to come on here together and talk about some really difficult issues. I hope that we can do this in a very reconciliatory way, not for the people that are standing here, even though we've all decided to jump into this arena, which is an absolute abysmal pit of despair to be involved in politics. Normal people out there, I would say I was normal. I got in the middle of this with no background, no ties to anyone whatsoever, and not giving a rat's rear end what the opinion was. I want my country back for the normal person that's sitting out there who really finds this whole stuff as distasteful as I do. Okay? So with that said, we're going to come on and we're going to talk because we have people involved in this. Last week, somebody... who is an idiot came on here in the comments and said, Chuck's been sleeping around, you know, on his wife. Well, you know what? You just proved you're an idiot because you said it without any proof. Okay. If we don't have proof, it doesn't stand. We have to see the proof that's there. Can we get it in a hearing in court? No, there hasn't been one thing that's come down. It's been settled there. So this is between us as people, as Americans to go through this, for the love of God, family, and country to talk this out and try to restore the nation. So with that said, I'm going to invite Chuck on, because Chuck's sitting there listening, and Warren on, and say, good morning, gentlemen. I am so glad that you're both here. And may I say, I hope in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, whom we all claim, that we can truly be. I would love to see a miracle from God and see this resolved today because I believe that that can happen. I really do. In all circumstances, we can resolve differences in a way that we can be proud of. So if we can't, I'm going to go to two minute intervals so that everybody has a chance to talk because I believe in that. I really do. Whether I agree or not, We're going to give everybody a chance. So, so anyhow, Chuck, you want to start first because you're, you're my buddy who's been on every Monday with me forever. And you've been very faithful and I, and I love you for that. And I really do. And you brought so much insight to the table. And a lot of times you're, you're a great provocateur. So are you Warren, whether you, whether you, you bring things to the table to discuss and debate and you're brilliant at it. And I'm thankful for that. Donna, thanks, but I got to tell you, Robert's Rules allows us three-minute intervals. Okay, three minutes. I don't know these. Two minutes for me is like, no, you know what I'm going to do. All right, we'll do three minutes then. I'm okay with that. Let's look at biblical. We're going to say, you know, it's not mamby-pamby. I mean, if we read the Bible in this context, complete cover to cover, we'll understand. And I always like, and you know I say this, we go to Moses. When Moses came off the mount, what did he do? He round up the Levites, and they killed those who worked the ball. We look at Joshua and Jericho, and the wall came down. We can go site after site. We can see it. It isn't mamby-pamby. In Ephesians 6, we hear, put on that armor. There's a reason for that, because we're fighting evil. We're fighting those snakes that were in the garden that were salivating on their belly. We're fighting them every day. And so we have to remember that. So we're in the world, but not of the world. I don't think that anybody could ever accuse me of being a Namby Pamby, just saying. Go back to what you said, if I can. I want to go back to what you said, because you said one on one side and me on the other. No, that's not right, because I'm after the truth. I'm after the same thing you are. It's very clear what I do. I do not go after normal people. I go after bullies. Why? Because they want to put out half-truths and innuendos. The point we have to get to is get to the truth. If we don't get to the truth, and whose truth is it we're after? That's why I told you this morning, we have to go to court because we'll put it in court and we'll let the jury decide because it's the only way today. When Warren and I are done, we will disagree and that's okay. We'll agree to disagree. That's what has to happen. We talk about what's going on in the MIGOP. Make no mistake, no organization is clean, none, none. There's not a one I know that's clean. When I say clean, without problems, without issues. It may be intentional. It may not be. But we don't know that until we get the facts out. I know that there are certain things I disagree with as MIGOP because of my background. I was a vice president in aerospace. My credentials. I know Warren's wife wanted to criticize me. Oh, you don't have any leadership. Really? I have a master's degree in organizational development. and management with emphasis there. My doctorate is all the work is complete. I have two and a half chapters yet to go. So it's kind of funny, ironic, but this is what we're dealing with. So I could go through the whole litany. I won't waste the time of the people. Thank you guys for listening. But the fact is, yeah, I have the background to be able to make those assessments. I've heard Warren's. I gave Warren's wife the opportunity how to prove or disprove What Joel was saying. And she never wants to go there because she doesn't want to do the work or she doesn't want to face the music. And Warren hides because he hasn't been out there. He's always out there. Bring the truth. Show the truth. Not this stuff that they're putting out there. Put it into law. Because if I was them, I'd put them into law. I'd put them in court because now I've had it. I told you this morning. These people deserve to be in court. Let the court, let a jury of 12 peers decide because that's the judicial system. Well, we're kind of in a court right now in a way because we're going to put things out there. And I don't believe that the court, I don't believe that the court system has... 8 p.m., you've got Warren on. Why aren't you bringing the other side on? Why don't you have, if you're going to do it, have a debate where people can present the ideas? That's what I told his wife. The fact is, the easy way to do it is take, in that meeting, she acted like Jerry Springer girl. She did. In fact, they were going to throw her out. They were going to call the police. I stood right beside John, and then Dan talked to her and just settled her down. If it wasn't for them, they were going to call the police, and she'd be tossed out. I don't believe that this is an appropriate thing for a debate on that report. This report is being, no, no, it's not. No, no, no, no. I get a chance to talk too, Chuck. Chuck, I get a chance to talk too. All right. I do get a chance to talk too. Okay. And the point being is that this is the reason why Warren is putting this out. If somebody does the work to put out a report like that, I want them in a respectful way to be able to present the report. That is not the time to sit there and debate it. Research tells you that if you do research, no, a Google report is not it. Is one got the background to be able to do this? Does he have any credibility? Why does it want... I don't really believe that most of the experts out there are worth a crap. So I would rather listen to somebody who's doing the work. And so we're going to put it all out there. So here we go. So, Warren, we're going to this kind of this how this kind of came to me is that. there was a bunch of texts that were brought out to me. And I'm going to let Warren talk about this because, you know, I know that you have been terribly hurt, Chuck, and so has Warren. as people that are defending their families. Don't put words in my mouth, because it doesn't. They're not going to hurt me. The truth will be the truth, no matter what. I stand on the truth. I will still be holding my head high. Remember, I've been attacked by the best. I've been attacked by many fronts, and this stuff is falling away. case is going to fall by the wayside when the michigan tenure commission is done and then it goes to court you're going to see what happens judge shopping oh judge shopping that's really great right so we see what's going on make no mistake i i'm going to use every every legal means I have to go forward. It's that simple. And I've started down the path. We have two issues right now going on. I named six of them last week. I go, they're started. That's all I can tell you. Watch and see. And if Warren or his wife get in the way, that's exactly what's going to happen. The stuff they're putting out, if it's not true, we will need to bring it forward. That's the only way we do it. We have to hit them with the legal side. It's the only way today. I'm sorry. It may not be the best. It's all we have. Well, I think that this is one of those things that we need to have everybody's side come out or what they're thinking, and then we'll make our own decision on what we hear. So what's that? You will not change them. You will not change them one bit. And the reason I say that is because the lines in the sand are drawn. Listen, I've listened to this long enough. I'm sorry. Hold on a second. Let's give Warren just a second to talk because, I mean, this is what I'm talking about. We have to also listen, not just talk. And I know everybody is upset about what's going on out there. Everyone has the right to be upset about it. But we need to let people talk and not try to force them to make a decision one way or the other. All we got to do is bring the information forward. People are smart. They can see through bull crap when it's brought up. So anyhow, so Warren, let's give you, I think that we just went through five, more than five minutes, probably more like seven. So if you can, I'd like to hear what you have to say. We just want to hear what you have to say. I'm not taking sides. I have no problem with this knucklehead rambling on. We can do this all single day. You know, you got a lawsuit, Chuck, bring it. Listen, I'm going to stop you right there. So, you know, this whole thing started at Joel Studebaker's thing in Macomb after I did mine in Macomb the week prior. I've never seen the administration scramble so fast to get somewhere. I saw you sitting there, right? I rented the room. I was there as well. Right? Downstairs. At any time, Chuck... No, no, no. Chuck the truth seeker. Chuck the truth seeker. At any time, truth seeker Chuck, you could have walked downstairs. You know who I am. Right? And... And listening to you espouse the garbage that you do, Chuck, I'm not going to let you filibuster me, old man. Sit down in your chair, all right? Listening to you spew garbage and hate and vitriol to people with absolutely no factual information at all. No factual information. You talk about decorum. You talk about decorum. You're out there talking about people's children, you sick old man. You shouldn't be allowed next to anybody's soccer games. They should put you in the right man club, buddy. You can put that in your law school. I'm waiting for you to bring it. You got nothing, Chuck. Listen, I get my five minutes. You can say what you want. I'm not going to stop, Chuck. And tonight when this all comes out, this is what I'm going to tell you. My wife never once swore. She didn't swear at the meeting. She didn't swear in the text back and forth with you. She calls you out for your absolutely hypocrisy and lies. Listening to you ripple on in your newsletters like an old geriatric version of the National Enquirer, okay, sent off to people on Facebook. You think that gives you some bias or anything to say that you're an arbiter of truth? Chuck, you've never posted anything with factual information about me or my wife. And that's why I'm here. I'm not going to let you just talk and talk and talk. Try to talk over me. When the truth of the matter is this, I brought evidence. I brought factual evidence. And the reason I didn't come out and debate you, Chuck, before this is this. This exactly. Because this is how you act. And on top of it. I'm not sure we're accomplishing anything here. Hold on a second. Donna, don't tell the lies. His wife came on my page. There's not a single swear word she's ever posted. I've got all the screenshots, Chuck, and so does Donna. So this is like violating the first rules that I set up for an actual debate. I was supposed to get five minutes. I didn't get no time. But guys, guys, guys, okay, now think about this. I'm going to sit here as mom here a minute. I'm sorry. He's showing his colors, Donna. But you didn't give him a chance to finish his three minutes. You jumped on him. So yeah, you did. You did. The entire time I didn't say a word. I let you speak. It's my turn. You didn't give him a chance to talk. You have a chance to respond. in your three minutes, but you blew past. A1, there's things, laws that are called. No, Chuck, bring it. I hope you file this suit against me so fast, baby. You bring it. Chuck. I'll pay for you to file it. you have to give each other a chance to talk and chuck no chuck no stop a minute you didn't give him his minutes to talk you jumped up sorry i it is not okay to do that i don't care who anybody is if we're going to try to give people a chance to talk you've got to give them three minutes i told you what was going to happen why didn't you give him his three minutes We'll give him his three minutes. Remember, you're the debate master. Bring it. You didn't give him his three minutes, so we're going to try this again. I tried. You wouldn't let me, but he tried doing the same thing. Chuck, you got... No, he didn't. He sat there quiet. You have to give him his three minutes. I didn't say a word when you spoke old man. Okay. So, and I don't, I don't really care. You guys can call me any words you want. It doesn't matter to me, but you know what? Listen, listen, we're going to give him three minutes to talk. In fact, five minutes now, because he didn't, he did not get his five minutes. You have not given him one second to talk without jumping him. I thought you said anytime, anyplace, Chuck. Anytime, anyplace. Okay, okay, okay. Stop, stop, stop. All right. Give him five minutes to talk without uttering one word. And then that is a proper way. Actually, it's been more like 10 that he hasn't been able to talk. You've been able to talk over. This is incredibly unrespectful. This is incredibly disrespectful. Chuck, it's disrespectful. You did. You talked in between. No, I didn't. Now, you're going to give him five minutes to talk. Sorry, it was. Okay, this is his time to talk. The phone goes away. All right, so you've got five minutes to talk. Thanks, Donna. And I don't even need five minutes. I don't need five minutes. This is the crux of it, okay? This is the kind of... ...ops that are being ran on people on both sides. They're being run on both sides. They're carnival... Yeah, they're being run on both sides, right? And he's accusing me and my wife of doing this. What I'm telling you right now, me and my wife's intentions this whole time have been to get truth out, right? And my wife was only there to support me because I was a huge supporter of Christina. Nobody knows this, but this summer her car broke down, right? And you know who lent her a brand new truck for my business so she could drive it around for a week? Me. You know who raised $20,000 for her campaign? Me. Do you know who loaned her $1,000 so she could start her 527 to run for chair with Pago? Me. Do you know who ran her floor count to whip the votes so she could get elected and make deals with the other chair candidates if there was one to be made to build a coalition? Me. Do you know who pushed and pushed and pushed everyone in my orbit to support her? even as things started to crack on the facade during mid-summer up until they called me to to run mackinaw and they did call me to run mackinaw you want to know why because i had the link that christina sent to me that had all the documentation in it that kicked off my report and the reason i didn't come on or respond to chuck and all of his nonsense is a it's nonsense but b when it got personal And he went after my kids talking about how they should be calling CPS on them. Right. And that my wife was some Jerry Springer person. Right. And she's the most straight laced, sweet woman you've ever met. She's smart and she's sharp. But I won't stand by and let this man trash her or me in the name of what he calls his truth and this and that. In fact, I got 140 page report that you can read that was written by the former assistant attorney general of Michigan. OK, that's who wrote the report. Chuck, it's not a Google Doc, buddy. This is the real deal. And guess what? I'm going to break some news right now. We're filing criminal complaints this week. So you will see the lawsuits, Chuck. But they'll be against people that you think are great. let me speak this was yeah yes and this is this is what i want please take turns first of all your wife is not the sweet person you want to make her debate she was there that's why the fleet that's why the the security was right around her why i was standing next to him because they weren't sure what she was going to do they weren't sure whether she could attack joel or what You start screaming, right? So that's where the Jerry Springer come from. Second of all, you talk about CPS. The reason the CPS was mentioned was because your words in a meeting, your words were F-bombs. If that was on a field and I was reffing, you'd be thrown out for two games, two matches. You should have been thrown out there. There were little kids in the audience, little kids. They were Ben Joseph's kids. They were little kids in the audience. And you're using words. You had no remorse about that. None. That is a lack of character. That is a strict lack of character. And what happened? You didn't do anything about it. When it was brought up. In terms of you going after your wife, your wife came after me on my Facebook page. My Facebook page. I didn't go after her. I didn't know who she was. She came after me. You know what? And you bet. I don't like being attacked on there because I know what it is. If someone opposes her or opposes you, they come at you. You haven't come after me. At least I don't remember if it is. You're not on my page. She does. But I wondered where you were at. Because in all that, I would think a real man would support his wife, as you say. But there's something amiss here. Why? I mean, CPS. What is CPS? What is it you're talking about? Let me put this on the screen here a minute. I'm going to show this a minute. No, no, no, no. I'm going to read this, Chuck. Hold on. I'm going to read this. Yeah, I am going to interrupt you a minute because I'm going to read this. No, I'm going to read this. Kelly, in this text, it says, never have I seen a Republican act like you with a total lack of class. CPS should have a complaint on you because I feel sorry for your children because as parents, both you and Warren have not done a thing except whine. Well, I'm really... That is very true. That's an opinion. That is an opinion because it was based on Warren's words. Warren used an F-bomb. He knew the kids were in the audience. He knew it. The kids were right there with Ben, and yet he did it. Now, that's just not being professional. Well, I've seen worse in these things, and I'm not saying this, but CPS is not an okay thing. I don't agree. I don't disagree. It really is. There's no laughing joke. That was a comment made to him to focus on what he says. The fact that he uses an F-bomb. That is out of control. He should have never used that word. He used it more than once. Why? Why? What was his whole purpose? Did he deny that he used it? I don't think anybody denies anything, but like for me right now, it's like, I honestly, I honestly think I get an opinion here too. Um, I honestly think that any, we know that CPS is the largest child trafficking organization in the United States. I know that. I don't know that fact. Then you need to get educated on it because Tara Rodas is a whistleblower from within CPS. And she's friends with many very good people and has provided all the proof of this. And they're getting a million dollars a kid to legally kidnap them. This is no joke out there. They are trading in kids. And so to give an organization like CPS, which is a criminal organization, in my opinion, who uses the law to justify is really a scary thing. And it's a terrible thing to families. All right. to alexa oddy and and and those guys and nick pro that's no different than that and they're getting thrown off of their committees oh i listen to everyone it doesn't matter who they are let's correct a couple facts real quick all right so i gave you time to i gave you time to diatribe let's let's correct her facts all right so it's not benjamin joseph's kids first of all all right they were lauren turner's kids i spoke to lauren about it and we've i we've spoken about it several times she's actually posted that she's probably that her kids have heard far far worse here's the other thing the meeting was at macomb county gop executive committee meeting there were no kids in the meeting when i was there i didn't even see the kids i didn't know there were kids in the meeting until after i had said the f-bomb so to speak because this is serious stuff man these are felonies and you're carrying these people's water You're carrying these people's water. You're enabling. If you think that you're the party of law and order, but then you're going to placate to the people that are the lawbreakers. Are you doing the thing again, Chuck? Are you doing the thing again? Are you going to try to talk when I'm talking? Is that what you're doing? You know how to debate, Chuck. Do you have a clue? I agree. Go ahead. I'm waiting. So go ahead and clear the other facts in that. So you didn't know that there were kids in the room. And you did talk to the mom that was there. This really needs to be about the kids. But this is another point about where Chuck doesn't have information. He says that he's got the facts in his newsletter and his Jerry Springer Inquirer Facebook page or whatever. guy doesn't have any facts. Every time he thinks he's got something, he's gone. He's a half-truth teller just like the Karamo administration. And he goes after people's families. My kids are not the only kids he's went after. How do they let you on a soccer field? You're like one of those white van people. I wouldn't worry about you. Okay. All right. Hold on. Hold on. We're going to stop impugning each other. What did he call me? What did he call me right there? Yeah, we're going to, we need to, I would be worried about you. so oh boy oh boy oh boy you won you're just this tape will be used for evidence just bring it just bring it okay no doubt no doubt okay so i think i think that we we we could probably go into more civil a civil approach to this but now that we've got all of our anger out here let's because Because no, because eight o'clock tonight, he'll go, go over this report and it will go nowhere. It'll go nowhere because the problem is you've got two sides, two sides, evenly divided. And this is what happens. Unfortunately, that is wrecked. The entire Republican Party is a train wreck. This is why people like me from the outside look at this whole process and say this whole process is broken beyond repair. There's no way to fix this. And I've seen enough proof. I've seen the proof of CPS kidnapping children. I've seen it, and I've heard it, and it's there. It's indisputable. I've seen the other proofs that are out there. I'm looking at this report, and I've got to tell you, I've got some questions, and I told Warren I was going to bring this up. I will listen to anyone, no matter which side is on. The report is written by somebody from Warren or Cross and Judd. I have a lot of questions there. However, every single organization is corrupt as hell out there. And so we're going to listen to individuals and make the decision for ourselves whether this sounds palatable. And hopefully it will instigate people to do some more research, not to find out for themselves. What I've seen from the books of the Republican Party, the MIGLP, is more than a little suspect. What I've seen by people that are actually resigning because of their their questions of being dragged into a legal system that they're going to go to jail. If they don't say something, move away from it, they're probably going to go to jail for what's being done inside of there. That's what I'm seeing. And it's a real concern. And so I would love it if we could all, instead of flying attacks from both sides, because it's happening, if we could say the core issue here is, and what we need to understand is we're all standing here to protect the children. That should be our very, very first priority. and truly acting like adults to protect them and get to the core of the issue. This report needs to come out because from what I've seen and the firing of people and putting felons in place, you can't justify this in any way, shape or form. So I want to look at the report. It's 140 pages. I have not read the whole report. I've seen the basis for the beginning of the report, which I think is valuable. We need to look at that. And outside of that, you know, if somebody has a problem with language, I get it. You know, a lot of people have problems with language that's said or with processes that are out there. We all do. But we need to honestly haul it back in and be able to talk about the core issues out there, which is how are we going to fix this nation? I've not seen one motion out of the Republican Party that tells me that anyone can. wants to see this thing go forward because we're spending too much time fighting each other at this point in time. And so the core issue is let's listen to this report, make decisions on our own. And I'm going to read some comments. The comments are flying out here. This is great. It's engaged. And I want to thank everybody for the comments out there because we're talking about getting to – getting to the bottom and you know and if somebody's saying an f-bomb i'm i'm great i i i i respect everybody's opinion on this and i respect trying to protect the children but we don't call cps on on people's family and i think they're the enemy yeah they are the enemy and so so hold hold hold hold on Stop. I didn't call CPS. It wasn't in there. I said it should be because of their behavior. It's their behavior. It's Warren and his wife. That was the whole problem. But you're not seeing anything that's an actual threat. They weren't. Somebody in a meeting that says the F-bomb. You know, I know pretty much everybody out there says the F-bomb for crime doesn't translate. The soccer coach has never heard an F-word. Give me a break, old man. It's not acceptable. That's why they get thrown out. One, they get thrown out. Listen, you come on and you tell my wife that politics is smash mouth. You engage in the arena. But you're such a dove that you can't hear a swear word in a closed meeting that's supposed to be for adults after 9 p.m. Dude, you're a hack. You're a hack. Even listening to you now, it's just gibberish. Gibberish. Gibberish. You don't have anything to worry about. Gibberish. Somebody just asked me when was the last time I reached out to Karamo's people. I reached out to Karamo's people over and over and over again, and they never responded to me. What's that? They're asking me a legitimate question. I would like to know that too. I have reached out. Well, you got to let me answer it, Chuck. You can't keep talking because I can't answer it if you're talking. Okay. So the answer is, is that I saw Christina Caramo when Mary Flynn was in town and I said, let's, let's get together and reach out. That was, that was before she kicked me out of the meeting. I called, you get to let me talk. It's rude as hell to talk over the host. Okay. And so right now I reached out to Kramo's camp and they were concerned. Dan Hartman called me and I'm like, you kicked out of a meeting. Someone who was, who was asked to be there by Mark Fortin and Lisa Mankiewicz. Somebody who was, and you're expecting me to know these obscure rules that you pull out of your back pocket. Anytime you want to, to make a public, to make a public thing that people on the outside are supposed to, you know, you did not, they did not go. Christina did not go to Mark and Lisa and say, you know what, you need to, you need to handle this because she was not supposed to be here according to the rules, though they asked me to be there and there was no way for me to know the rules. And up to that point in time, I supported Christina and I was as, as a member of the taxpayers party, the constitution, the real constitution party, the, to support her and see this nation taken back. I want the most qualified candidate. I want the most qualified people who will get in there and get the job done. And I went there in order to be supportive of the Republican party as another party to bring peace to both sides. And she asked me to pub publicly. She asked me, to leave, to create a shit show. And I'm going to say the word because that's what it was. So they called me later at night. They called me later at night. And Dan and her both apologized. And I'm going to tell you exactly what was said. And I'm like, what was said was, well, we have these rules, Donna. So there are rules within the party to keep people out that don't know. They're stupid rules. And she said, because we don't want the Democrats to know what we're doing. Well, you know what? They never in this in this meeting, they never showed anybody that was sitting there the financials because they couldn't make the projector work. And it was an illegal meeting because they never showed the information there. Hold on. And then not only that, she asked me to leave. And somebody that was there to try to bring, who had no ill intention. I was just saying, okay, if they can make this work, that's great. We will get behind it. And that's the sentiment of most people out there. We've got to have the best people out there to make this work. And she's like, well, we don't want to have the Democrats know. Well, she didn't want the whole party to know what they were doing because she didn't share any of the information. And she didn't share anything out there about the four hundred plus thousand dollars in debt and had the audacity to ask everybody in the Michigan party to to bail them out at one hundred dollars. It was it was ridiculous. It was ridiculous how they were how they were saying to bail them out of their bad decisions. And one bad decision led to the next to the next. Then they let go of Danny Bartolotta and and and Lois Lois. And they replaced them with people who were felons. And I'm sitting there going, what in anybody's right mind, if I was running a company, would justify replacing people that were there working on it in the last minute with felons? and to run a party. And I'm like, and the story just went worse to worse to worse. And I'm like, are you kidding me? And I said to Christina, I said, so 90% of the people in this place want to see you gone. I was the only one that had been unwavering support up into that minute. And it said, we're going to give her time. Tom Norton called me within two weeks and said, we got to remove her. And I'm like, wait, you guys haven't even given her a chance. And I remember the call. And I'm like, I'm like, so within two weeks of voting her in, they're already talking about removing her. And this was within the party. And people were calling me saying it right away. And I was giving her a chance. Until I saw catastrophic failure, and they're going to, this Republican Party is going to lose the election to communists, to the state. It is no, there's no hope. So go ahead, Chuck. I have to go. I've got the state of Michigan. I've got civil rights action. I filed it. I've got to call them. Watch. Watch what's going on. Watch and wait for it. I appreciate everyone fighting for this nation. I really do. Whether or not we agree with each other on how to get there, we have to get there in an honest way. But the truth has got to be out for everyone. But thank you for it. Thanks for being on today, Chuck. You can discuss it with Warren while I'm on the phone with the state. Okay. Bye. It's pretty neat. OK, so so hopefully we're not I don't want to have any more attacks on here. Let's just talk and see if we can get anything. I just I got to I got to I got to stop in, though, about what you were talking about. But she kept you out of the meeting because she said that we don't let the Democrats know what we're doing. Right, Donna? She said that to you. Well, I've been called. I know. Right. Hold on, hold on. Let me tell you why this is important. But Donna, this is the key. In the report, it talks about how Christina runs an organization in Nevada where they help elect Democrats. Your state party chair today is working to help elect Democrats in a sister organization that she's part of, right? Probably accepting a paycheck as the president of Unauthorized.1. So she kept you out of a meeting because you could possibly be leaking information to whoever, but she's actually actively working in a 501c4 to elect Democrats, right? That's your party chair. And about people that they hired. Robert Owens, right, that you were talking about when they fired Dan. He's a felon, but he hired 12 hookers. It was in his divorce filing. 12 hookers, and he can't pay his kid's child support, and he's $100,000 in arrears. He's a deadbeat. Right. These are the people that Chuck's defending, by the way. Right. These are the people that he tags in his post. No, no. They're in his post on Facebook. I'm not I'm not telling anybody anything different. He's been on his on your show to talk crap about me. I'm not going to let him get away with it. You know, the guy with the red glasses. Is that kind of like the red shoes? Right. We all know what the red. I don't want to I don't want to go there because. We can't go into this until we have proof on what we're saying. We have proof that there are felons sitting in the MIGOP. We have proof that there are some things that are wrong. And I mean, I'm not going to disparage people on kind of sort of opinions or anything like this. I'm done now. Come back to me. Yeah, be back to you. Don't go into stupidville, Warren. Don't do it. You've got enough things that we can talk about. With a guy like that, it's the only way that you can speak to him, right? And I mean you can have a normal conversation going forward, but a guy that goes after people's families, I can't do that. I can't let it go on. I don't want to see going after people or people's families. Stick to the issues. Somebody said in there, you were not a state committee member, so you were not allowed to be there. But the thing of it is, is that that was one of those obscure rules. But there were other people that were there that were not on state committee and they were not asked to leave. I was the only one who was asked to leave who was not on state committee. Donna Brandenburg was targeted. by the christina karamo and the administration to leave publicly when there were other people who were not on state committee who were allowed to stay this is the problem i have reached out to her i was the one who was trying to get her on and give her time to talk no we're not going to sit and talk with donna she came to my barn when she first was running and such but i don't know she doesn't even look like the same person anymore And no, I did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me just like they left Donald Trump. They left Donald Trump. You will not hear any of them, none of them, fighting for election integrity. They're sitting on that administration because they're too busy rewriting the freaking rules and rewriting the rules, getting rid of people who are actually trying to fight for the election. We all know it's a crap show out there. Nobody's standing with Locust Sandy, which is out there. Trying on a local level to go through this. Locust Andy, I don't know how much you know about Locust Andy Warren, but Locust Andy has done some amazing things. Even the election integrity force. So this is it. I talk to everybody. I get the election integrity force that's on here and everybody's like, oh, this person within her is bad. This person is bad. This person is good because they've all been infiltrated. They have there's there's three people on election integrity force, which I give hats off to in this organization. And everybody goes, Donnie, you're full of crap. No, I'm not. I've talked to them all. And I can tell you the ones that I know are honest is Scott Ogney, Joanne Bacali and Sandy Kiesel in election. If you want to listen to anybody that's telling you the truth, those those three are. That's my point. Everybody's got an opinion about how everyone's a baddie, right? Everyone's opposition. Everyone's baddie. Everyone's lying about everybody. What you have to do is you have to look at people's fruits, right? EIF has pulled a lot of stuff over the line, man. You can't say that those people are bad actors. On its face, it's just not honest. We need to get real honest. And the reason I didn't come on and debate anybody earlier or anything else is because I'm here to do what I promised to do, which was deliver truth and facts. Chuck should love that. He should welcome it to the party. And the reason I stayed silent until the report was ready was because the report are the facts. The report is testimony. It's documents. It's affiant. This is what it takes. It looks to be factual to me. And it was presented by somebody that was, what was he, Assistant Attorney General? Yeah, that's what I would like to say too. I want to comment on that real quick. Not just a non-person out there, somebody that's a backup. Don't take my credibility. Take an attorney who's never lost a criminal case, who's a former assistant attorney general of the state of Michigan. He's a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in our state, okay? He's an RNC attorney for election integrity. He'll be our point person that comes down in 2024. Do you think this guy is gonna risk his career on the rantings of some guy that's spewing lies? He wouldn't have taken the job, right? Attorneys get to choose who they represent. It's just like the cake baker in Colorado, right? They don't want to bake the cake. They don't have to. It's the same thing with an attorney. He could have looked at what I said and said, you're crazy. You want to know what? In the beginning, he did. He did. He said, there's no way this can all be what you think. But over time, he started talking to people. Everyone's saying the same thing. All the documents point to the same thing that I'm saying. I didn't come here to talk about people personally. I came here to talk about what was going on. Now everybody's personal about what's going on because the truth's coming out. Well, and some of the problem is that we're going to just keep working our way through this because sometimes there's misunderstandings. Sometimes there's people that are meaning to do the right thing and they don't express themselves well. Some people go right into, you know, instead of trying to resolve it for the nation. into personal attacks and i don't agree with those but i can look at things that are not correct and make a decision so silly saha says you can't do that uh it says didn't you leave the republican party no i didn't i was abandoned completely and utterly And split the vote, split the vote, instead of, why didn't anybody in the party stand up for me when I was attacked by the Board of Elections when they lost the signatures? Why didn't anyone? No one stood up for me. And this goes back to all the fraud that's being covered up. by the whole mess of them. This is a whole huge uniparty situation. There was no one that was righteous in this thing. So Christina asked me to leave the meeting. Let's go back to this. The only person, and I wasn't the only person that wasn't on state committee. Instead of going to Mark and Lisa, who asked me to come to this. How am I as somebody that, yes, you'll be welcomed in here. I was told that I would be welcomed in there because I was speaking for Christine. I could have been there for media. And somebody said that too, that you should have been okay about being in there as media. What are they hiding? Why isn't the media, you know, the media should be allowed to broadcast this. It's like, I try to broadcast stuff that's for that. We have nothing to hide in the taxpayers party. I'd say anything in front of anyone. And it's just like this. I get on here. every almost every weekday i mean some weekdays i'm gone like this weekend i was in mar-a-lago and i was in new york city at the young republicans club i spent more time and money on republican issues because it's like republican being a republic form of government to hand this to we the people i never needed this job i got a great life and i can make money without having to grift off the freaking system like the rest of these out there is I don't need anything from anybody, okay? And President Trump was the same way. But I asked Christina when she called, and her voice was shaking because she knew she was going to get a Donna Brandenburg ass-chewing from me with no backing down from this. And you all have never seen an epic Donna Brandenburg ass-chewing. I would make General Flynn look like a piker with this, okay? So... I called her and I said, she goes, well, we have to hide things from the Democrats. Really? Really? How many Democrats you got sitting in there, honey? You got a lot of them. And 90% of the people there want to see you fail to keep the party. And I said that to her and I said, how's that working for you? Where'd the leaks come? It came within your party. That means that you are already. taken down from within. And then what does she do? Whether or not Christina has the brainpower to run this organization, which I have serious questions because she's listening to people around her. She's listening to people around her, taking advice from people who are not giving her good advice. And she doesn't have the fortitude to stand up against things that are wrong. Okay. She didn't have control of the meeting. None of the information was put out there and nobody got it afterwards. So I'm asked to leave somebody who supported her as a patriot and an American until they prove themselves wrong. So I said, so what are you going to do? You're going to hide it from everybody out there, what you're doing, the finances that you're hiding from everyone? I said, how's that going to work? You will not put it out there that the party is 400 some odd thousand dollars in debt and asking all of these people to put bad money, good money, good hard-earned money after bad. I did not ask people for money. I figured it the hell out. And people within these parties need to have the mental fortitude to get handed something. We have dug out of more than... We had somebody that forged our names to $13.7 million at one point in time. I didn't sit there and cry and bitch and make this everybody else's fault, and neither did my husband. We looked at each other and said, we're going to take this on, and we're going to make this work. We're Americans. We bootstrap. I didn't sit there and make this everybody else's fault or problem. It's like you have the brainpower and the fortitude and the smarts to figure it out and be a leader that protects the people instead of making this everybody else's fault because of your bad decisions, Christina Caramo. He won't talk to me. After that point in time, she went back into her little coward hole and would not come forward and talk. I have asked her to come on. I have asked to what can I do to help you from the beginning with no malice in anything else. We have to take the state back. And so there is your answer. Christina Cromwell wants to come on here and talk about this. Bring her on. That's great. But you better come for answers on why she's hired felons and got rid of good people. And I don't care whose advice she's, if she doesn't have the mental capability to run this thing without having people tell her what to do, she's unqualified and you hired her team. You didn't hire her because she's being told what to do. My people, you're not, this is the problem in politics. You're not getting people that you're hiring to do a job for this nation. We are not. who have the mental fortitude. The people that are in the positions are functional idiots that are up there. They can't make decisions by themselves. It is the people around them because they're not smart enough. They're compromised. They are compromised idiots who are mouthpieces to the puppet masters behind them. That's all we've got. that's it we got nothing and at this point in time burn the party to the ground you darn right we should burn it to the ground because i haven't seen enough iq of anybody out there all put in one basket rubbed together to be able to run anything even an ant farm but everybody's got an opinion well really if you got an opinion you're that smart how come it hasn't been fixed this is as dumb as hiring joe biden to be president he's in he's in office for 49 years you know, or whatever he was. And we think he's going to fix the problem. We think that these people in the Republican Party that are sitting there are going to fix this problem. If you think you're going to fix it right now with the amount of corruption that's there, this is the same mentality. Mass psychosis that put the Nazis, which is N.A., the Socialist Party of Germany, and Z.I., the Zionists, who gave them the money and the power to run it forward to kill their own people. If anybody thinks anything else like that, I can't help you. You're right there in the basket of people who have a low IQ. Because it ain't going to work. We have done the same thing the same way and it's not working. And all we can see is this degradation going down. So for everybody out there, let's see, we're going to go. Chuck is rude. I agree that this is this. If we cannot sit and listen to people talk and bounce it back and forth. So everyone, whether you like Warren or not, I don't care whether you like CJ or not. I don't care whether you like Donna Brandenburg or not. Great. You're probably in the majority. I don't really care. I'm an American and I have the right to my opinion and that's it. And I don't get paid by anyone or be told what to do. And so it's somebody out there that says Warren's a felon. I am. I want to talk about that. Let me talk about that real quick, Donna. It's slander if you don't have proof. That's another one. No, no, no. This is a comment. It said it's slander if you don't have proof. That's exactly it. We have to go back to proof. Yeah. So, yeah, I was arrested in 2009 for a third DUI. It was the last drink I ever had was the night I got pulled over. I remember walking into my very first AA meeting. It's what my lawyer told me to do. I walked in there, saw all these people all smiling, drinking coffee, eating cookies. I'm thinking to myself, what the hell are these people so happy about? I stuck around long enough to find out what it was. The program gave me a happy, joyous, free life. I've been able to help sponsor over 100 young men over the line. I became a national victim impact panel speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. So anyone that got a DUI while I was serving in that capacity had to come listen to me and a victim's parent, brother, or sister talk about the loss of their life. And then I talked from the offender standpoint. I spoke at the Michigan Highway Safety Summit in front of state police to help lower recidivism rates. So you can say that all you want, but it's what we do in America after we come to crisis, right? And we love a comeback story. So I took the lemons and I made lemonade. I have no... Listen, that was the best thing that ever happened in my life. And it's probably what... At such a time as this that God has kind of baptized me by fire to sit in a situation like this and not care what other people think. I'm so far past that stuff. And I hope more people talk about it because, yeah, call me a felon. I'd love to tell you the story on what I did with that mistake in my life and how I overcame. Right. But this this is it. It's like, OK, if if someone if someone such as yourself who is arrested and had a felony in your background. Well, two years ago, not a drink since. But 14 years ago, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at this point in time. And I was going to be running a company. And let's just say that we are a distribution for alcohol. I would not hire you for that position. Right. I would put you in a better position if somebody committed wire fraud, which copious. I would not put that person, I don't care how long it is, as an administrator or manager, in charge of the money. Because I would choose somebody else. That would be an automatic disqualification. What about Robert Owens for fundraising? What about Robert Owens for fundraising? It was just, it was just convicted of stealing clients money. And you got him up on, he gets convicted on November 11th, 2023. And 10 days later, we're letting, we put him in a position to take pictures with Carrie Lake after he was just convicted. You know, the guy, the guy hired 12 prostitutes over the year and his divorce filing and he's a hundred thousand dollars and isn't paying for his kid's child support. You got this guy as your fundraiser. The party's a joke. This, it is a joke. And that's, that's the problem that I have with it right now is that any of us from the outside are in, because on the outside of, of, of all of this, I was, you know, like I said, I was never, I hated politics. I thought everybody's liars, cheats and thieves. And they are, they are. I can tell you that from the inside, everyone's spinning this in a direction. And it's like, I just want to get to the truth and I want my country back. And I hope everybody decides to leave the farm here. The, the, the landscaper. I just want the country to work, and I want to go back to shoveling horse crap. I have no interest in being a career politician, none whatsoever. I got asked to run because I am ornery with injustice and lies. That's it. And I knew that I couldn't be corrupted over money because I don't give a crap. I can live in a field with nothing and it doesn't bother me. Or I can have that I've been poor. I've been like dirt poor. And you know what that does? It gives you the fortitude and the ability to think not to be an entitlement minded little snowflake. You figure it the heck out. You don't go to everybody in the party when you're a leader like Christina did and go, well, whatever we will do, let's go just like this is what politics as usual is. Let's go to everybody and ask them to bail us out. When there's a problem, when you get handed a bad situation. No, no, no. She turned a populist working class party into the welfare party. Right. She wants everybody else to pay for what for what her debts are. OK, I agree with you. She's looking for bailouts. She's like Joe Biden. She wants to give bailouts to everybody. I would agree with that. You don't go. This is what we stand for as a caucus and as a body and as Americans. We are bootstrappers. We figure it out. She's turned us into the welfare party. And if you want to. So Tom Rents isn't on here yet. I was supposed to have Tom Rents on here. So I'm going to see why he's not there. But that's OK. We'll just continue to go on. It's like we just got more time here. And see, they confirmed that they were on today at 10 o'clock. So maybe sometimes things happen. I mean, I've had Chuck that hasn't showed up or let me know what was going on a couple of times. And, you know, he was supposed to be on Monday mornings and And he's been under a lot of attack also. So a lot of the reaction that we see from people, both with Chuck and with, with, with everyone out there that, that goes into fight mode. And I'm just going to say it guys, this toxic masculinity, we're going to have to, you know, pull up our, pull up our, our big girl panties and our big boy panties and realize this is the way the world works. And we all have, we all have the ability and necessity to find better ways of doing things, but this is how things go. And, and, hopefully we can learn better ways, but we got, we got right now. And so, but we're, we're still trying to get to the bottom of this, but, um, oh man, the, the, the chat's just going nuts here. I'm trying to keep up with it on being on. So being on live is going nuts. I've got, I haven't gotten anything else up because I'm getting personal tech, uh, texts as well as let me pull up rumble and see, see if I get to my rumble channels. I'm actually, uh, maintaining about five, five, uh, But I want everybody to think about this. If Christina would have come forward instead of trying to hide things, Because she was. She was absolutely hiding things. I love that woman. I love that woman. I was my kids. I have a three year old now, but she was two years old when Christina ran. OK, and I'm going to tell you this. When a commercial for Christina came on, my daughter knew her name and would yell Karamo Karamo at the TV. Like, oh, I love this. You know what I mean? I just got a text in that said that somebody blocked. This is somebody that I know who works in intelligence. And he said, they just blocked your broadcast and said it and it's not online. So we're going to keep going because it's still going to be on Brandenburg News Network. So they said it was not available has come up. So somebody's blocking this. And this is what the censorship is, because they don't want us talking. I would ask the FBI informant. Well, that is a problem. If we're, we're, I, I actually, I actually, this is kind of funny. I actually sat next to somebody at this young Republicans club and, and it was kind of cool. I got to meet Rudy Giuliani. I got to meet Cash, Cash Patel, which, you know, was really a highlight and exciting for me. you know i like to meet everyone so we're still up on bnn live and so so just so that everybody knows out there let me let me throw something out there and telegram a minute because we're gonna keep going and then tonight we're gonna keep going again and hopefully this is like you know what this is like okay so i'm a mom right and this is like watching your two sons Fight because they know they're right and they want to get things together. And it's like, OK, you love them both. You love them both. You just kind of want to get to the truth here. So you listen to things for a while and listen to how they react because, you know, they're full of all kinds of passion on what they believe is right and feel like there's an injustice done over something they love. You know, you love your wife and your children. And I got to say, I think. It's the only reason I came on with that guy because he's not worth my time, to be honest with you, normally. I'm not disparaging him. What I mean is that I've got a job to do, and it's to get this report out. Your first job is to protect your family. That's why I'm on here. That's 100%. 100% why I'm here this morning, right? Because this afternoon, we're going to take care of some other business. But like this took precedent. And my thing with Chuck is this, if he would just if he if he would stop all of the all of the kind of stalking behavior and personal attacks on people that he trades in so heavily. And he would just say like, you know, he's got a thing with like somebody else. I don't know who else he talks about, but like, you know, X, Y, Z person. Like, you know, they said this about this policy or they hold this belief within the party. And it's outside of what our you know, and like that's where the schism is. But it's never that right. It's it's it's always some like diatribe about personal characteristics and and nicknames and all this stuff. And that's not decorum, as he always likes to talk about or discussion. I want to debate with the guy because I've got everything. Right. But like, you can't have that, you know, with some of these people, because they're not, they're not here. They're not here for the debate. They're here for the distraction. So I've got to run against people. I'm telling you, I know this because I do this stuff. So, so my tech person is telling me, it looks like being on rumble channel quit at nine 45. So somebody killed the rumble. As soon as Chuck left, it killed my channel on, on brand. So I, brandenburg for governor rumble is still running but it's a little glitchy both have raw views but zero unique views so something's being goofed up intentionally so somebody's in there hacking around they can do that but you know it's uh so they're both both those rumble channels are screwed up but guess what like i've been saying brandenburg news network which is why i created that that's it's still it's still running up and you know what they take they try to screw with me there we'll come back in a hundred thousand little incarnations because i can do that i have the ability to do that we're already effort time and effort we're already into unique we already have this stuff going in different regions of the united states so if they screw with us in one region it's going to just get moved to another and we will get moved. You know what I was talking about this weekend? I think this is great. So now that we can have a, we can have a discussion on this without being, I have to see what happened with Tom runs that because I like Tom runs. I've met him before and such. So we're going to continue on. Let me see if I can, you know what? I'm going to see if I can bring Brandon. Next time, Andrew Huff, look him up. I want to introduce you to him, Donna. You really got to hear what Andrew has to say. We'll see who kills this because I think I find this to be really, really amazing. So we'll see what happened with Tom Rents this morning because I get it. People run into problems. Chuck said somebody hacked his bank account. I don't know. I'm not there. But I know that my channel's been hacked as soon as he left. So something's going on there. Maybe it's his friends from Chicago. Yeah, it's like I've got my friend who works in intelligence just showed me when it was not available. When it got hacked was right after Chuck got off. That's what I know. And so let me bring up Brandenburg News Network live and we will go back through the comments because guess what? I can do that and I don't censor and I don't stop people from talking. We're going to continue to have this conversation and it is not going to be taken down. Oh, here we go. Here we go. This is interesting. Let's see if I can go back. Let me see if I can go back up. I got to see if I can go back. Oh, here we go. This is interesting. That's why I had to leave it said somebody said that. Oh, please let me see. Oh, yeah, I can go back from the beginning of this chat. How cool is this? So going to do this while we're online and then we can we can show everybody what's being said out there because i'm really interested in the chat so we'll see what's going on but i do know that that happened so now intelligence is involved in this now because that's who i got the the word from which is really everyone is showing their colors please it talk please it um warren talk who's showing whose colors let's just keep doing this chuck is out of control chuck is showing his colors can't let anyone else talk let's see what we've got here i'm gonna see if i can oh now bernie news network is glitching let's see what happens and because now they're trying to screw with it here can you see that that's wild yeah so we're going to continue on And I might go live on telegram here if we can't, if we can't get this going in the direction it needs to go. Let's see. Hey Donna, I do have a 1030, but I might be able to push that. Okay. So, so, so somebody else just came on and said, we're working fine on rumble. Don't believe the reports. So they're trying to create, well, this is great. They're trying to create some problems, but I tell you what, I can read through these texts and I've got them all saved off here. So it's still up and running somewhere. So, so just, just keep going. We're just going to keep going. But you know what? The thing of it is, is that, is that see how it, where it got glitchy right after the fact. And I'm sorry, someone is, is working on screwing with the information. And, and when, when I can, when I see people that get out of control, this is not adult behavior. So yeah, So it's like, oh, okay. It is, it is tech says it is showing up fine on tech's computer. So we're, we're going good. So it just, it just may be, we just have to keep going, but let, let me go back and read some of these comments and I can do that after you're on here, but I'm going to say, I want to let everybody know that after I get off here to just right here with Warren, would anybody else like to come on the show? Because I'll actually open up the lines. And you know what I'm thinking about doing? Honestly, I think I'd like to have a call-in show. Let me try to call Andrew Huff. Do you know who he is? Because you're going to have Tom Renz on, right? Tom Renz and Andrew know each other. Andrew was the whistleblower from EcoHealth Alliance. He was the vice president of research. Call him. We'll put him on right now. And then you can share the invite link that I gave to you. And we'll just put him on camera if he wants to come on. If not, he can call me and we'll do it that way. So this is real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table. This is how it works guys. So let me see if I can, I'm going to see if I can try some, this is new skill for Donna here. Okay. So let me pull this back on and we'll go and we'll read through some of the comments here if I can make this work. Okay. So, so when, when I'm managing like five, five things on a computer, it's always kind of interesting. Okay. Whose color is showing? Chuck's out of control. Chuck is showing his colors. Can't let anyone else talk. Donna, please moderate this and mute Chuck. You know what? We're going to go through this, and sometimes it takes a little while. Here, I'm going to mute more in just a minute. We're going to give everybody a chance to talk, and whether they can maintain the decorum of somebody we want to have on or not, we'll figure it out as we go, and that's okay. This is the way we do things here. Hang on, let me see if I can go down here. Please moderate Chuck. Please, Donna, Chuck is talking over your show. Mute Chuck. I haven't learned anything new. Get this under control on professional. You know what? It is professional. Let people talk. And, you know, it's not it's like because nobody is being professional out there. So we'll let them show their colors and we'll see what's going on, if they can conduct themselves with the way they should or not. But we can make a decision on there. Yeah. I did talk to Andrew Huff. He's going to get on right now. Oh, that's good. Yep. Bring him on. And so as soon as I see him, I'll pull him on, but we're going to keep going here. CJ doesn't like anyone coming after him. That's hypocritical. It's all he does to others. F-bombs have nothing to do with calling CPS. Chuck is nuts. Chuck attacks everyone, and then he whines and cries, grow up. And yet Chuck thinks this is okay. Let's see. Hang on. and yet Chuck thinks it's okay to say stuff like that. Using swear words have nothing to do with being a bad parent. I got to agree with that. Just because somebody swears doesn't mean that you turn them in or even bring in CPS. I think that that's an out-of-bounds activity. That's what I believe to be true. Other people believe differently, but I don't think that's okay to involve any legal threats on someone else's family. We either protect the sanctity... Yeah, I'm being shadow banned right now according to what's going on out there. So the FBI is messing with us. That's okay. We're going to keep going. Chuck can't see it. He's having a hard time believing what he is. Warren, let's see. Here we go. We've got agreed. There's nothing to do. F-bomb has nothing to do with slander. Warren is a liar and hypocrite. What about all the veiled threats that you sent? Here, I'll unmute you here a minute. Let's see if I can unmute you. Can you unmute? Yeah. Donna, you have to mute CJ and make him take turns speaking. We're working on it. You got to be a little patient, guys. And Chuck's glasses are like petal or are they like petal red shoes? I think that's an out of bounds comment. And I wouldn't say that that shows a whole lot of intelligence there. Bring the proof. My bad, my bad. I admit when I'm wrong. You're right. And that wasn't what I was referring to. I was asking a question. I asked, are the red glasses like the red shoes? That's all I was asking. Okay, so anyhow, Donna, when was the last time you reached out to Cromwell? I answered that. You got a chance to hear my response to that, and that's been settled. You were not an SC member. That's already been settled, but I was the only one asked to leave. Let's see. They have to have rules. Well, they didn't follow the rules. They followed none of the rules while I was there. They never showed people the financials, so there's no rule following happening there. So now you've been on the warpath against her because you got your feelings hurt. No, I really don't have – Any dog in this fight I have brought, as far as feelings, I can honestly tell you that I have no feelings about any of this. I want my country back. Let's see. Chuck is rude. You can say anything. Call me any words you want. You can even call me a C word. I really could care less. You know, really doesn't matter. Now, can we have civil? Let's see. He left. And Ward admitted he's a felon in his speech. Yes. And that's okay. So we've gotten that out of the way. So we don't need to go back and revisit these. You're invited to the meeting and then made it a show to remove you. Why? That's exactly what happened there. And I agree with that. Really, what about the cases they won against Benson? None of them. You ignore the fact and make up BS. They won no cases that are of any significance. Nothing's going to happen. no it's all it's all political legal theory let's look at your fruit warren um threatening those and taking his yeah i am looking at the throat because he's actually got a uh a a report out there. And the thing of it is, is I questioned where the report comes from. And I told him that before we got on, I'm not a fan of Warner Norcross and Judd because I've seen them. They're funding act blue, but we're going to look at the report on its value. They're a law firm. They have clients. I didn't hire, I didn't hire the law firm. I hired a guy that I trusted. And who didn't trust me, right? Who didn't even trust me. I had to convince him to get to where the report is. So he was speculative the whole time. All broadcast is Complaint Springs Solutions. And Chuck slanders everyone and gets in the way. September 11th with Robert Owens was found guilty on six felony counts. So this is a current thing. You do not put a person like that in charge of money. I don't care who it is. I wouldn't put you in charge of alcohol, okay? I'm sorry. No, as you shouldn't. As you shouldn't. And so that's what Christina's followers don't believe the facts of the people she has working for her. It's a cult. I agree with it being a cult. Thank you, Warren, for the explanation. I give you great respect for, for how you handled your errors. And I understand Chuck reported it. Chuck is character assassination and yes, let's bring Andrew on. And that's when I joined. And then somebody says, that's why I had to leave. And that's where we are. So, Hey, let's get this party started guys. Andrew is going to be a great guest for you. Trust me. You're going to be blown away by what he has to say. I don't know. I hope that this is going to be. So I'm going to go ahead and go back to the feed here. And let's go ahead and bring. I'm going to stop that screen a minute. I'll get reports on that. And let's go ahead and bring on Dr. Andrew Huff. Good morning. How are you, sir? You're muted right now. You got to unmute. Can't hear you. He's got one second. He's working through the technical difficulties real quick. Yeah, that happens. Hey, you know what? It's real news for real people by real people. And I am going, I am going to Alexa and Holly DeBoer's event tomorrow night. And cause I want to hear all sides. Yeah. Gettysburg gala, Gettysburg gala, buy a table, buy a ticket, get out there and support these people for myself. And I'd love to have anybody show up that wants to call me any words that they want. Go right ahead. I'm not afraid of you. And you have the ability to say what's on your mind. There's no such thing as coincidence. Chuck leaves and the FBI shadow bans you. Things like that make you go home. Yeah. So that, you know, I started getting shadow banned. That's what, that's what they're screwing with the thing. That's okay. Go to That's still there. Go to live. That's right up. I can see it. It's, it's a little glitchy right now, but that's okay. We've got 52 people watching on one, on one thing. That's okay. And let's just keep going. I'm going to just keep this camera rolling. And we're going to bring the report out at 8 o'clock tonight. Go bring your family and friends. There will be no F-bombs on there. We will be talking. Let's just agree to try to be as not offensive as we can just to bring the truth forward. Tonight's going to be just facts, Donna. So on and so forth. Okay, so here we go. This is Kelly. He has been attacking me, this little fake newsletter, so I defend myself. Lauren Turner, I have the email. Hit man, but you can attack people with questions. Lana or Lauren, I was a lot more concerned about what Lauren said than any cuss words. Lies are evil. Cuss words aren't. It's Donna's damn show, Chucklehead. She can interrupt anyone she wants. Lauren, they were my kids. They're only with her and she's not offended. And I spoke to Lauren. I apologized to her and her husband. Right. Her husband actually came downstairs that night. Right. During Joel's rebuttal to the room I had downstairs at the exact same venue to rebut the rebuttal in real time if they wanted to. Anybody could come ask me questions. And I apologize to her husband that night as well. And and to the kids because they were there with them. So that's never my intention. Right. So I guess the thing is here, I'm going to go ahead and pull up the other one, too. Let's see how many people are still hanging with us. This is the tough, the brave and the mutts out here that are staying with us. Quite a few people that are still watching right now, which is cool. We've got, you know, I might might just bring this back on again and we'll do this again just to get people talking and see if we can if we can actually talk like adults trying to rectify this. So but eight o'clock tonight. And so, I mean, people are hot about this and they're going to make mistakes in the communication venue on both sides, on every side. People have the right and should be mad as hell about what's going on in this nation. So there's let's see. So let's see. Kelly said he apologized and stopped swearing. Someone pointed that out and Chuck wasn't even there. Lauren said, he also apologized to my family and I didn't think he needed to. Kelly said, thank you, Lauren. Lauren said, you're welcome, Kelly. Hitman said, get secondhand information, fake news, peekaboo, van scandal. Chuck's a crybaby, can't handle it when people give him a taste of his own medicine. Curtis says, this is almost embarrassing, like kids squabbling good grief. You know what? We're going to have to work through this, guys, and we have to be patient. Think about it as parents. When you see your kids, I mean, this is what it is. Adults are just little kids with wrinkles, okay? And we go back to what we know a lot of times. So sometimes we got to go through this and we're all parents at this point in time, probably watching the show. So we're going to go through this. We have the skill. We can do this and we can bear with everything a little bit. Tell Chuck to be quiet. Let Warren talk. Chuck is a fed. Fake news, Chuck. You never fully vet your facts. Warren said, uh-oh, my kids are up and around. Chuck is going to accuse you next time. I don't give a rat's rear end. Curtis says, KK, stop texting and responding to myself as well. December 2022, I even requested a volunteer and have been ignored. I guess I'm not patron enough. Oh, I was told at that meeting, and you know what Karama said to me when she kicked me out? She said, after all, Donna, you're not a real Republican. As she kicked me out. She said, you're not a real Republican. But she kicked me out, but she let other people stay. She's actively working with Democrats, this woman. It's crazy. Patrick said, Christina won't even take calls from Donald Trump anymore. Hasn't for over a year. I heard that she missed two meetings. I've got that in testimony, by the way. I have seen that, too. Sorry, little man can't handle. this um someone's running scared it's going nowhere oh my god now he has to leave so much debate for the debate chuck had to go change his pants well warren won the debate 100 percent uh nick says kk must be getting advice from people like chucklehead no wonder where they're not in his position why is this all about uh you don't you have a guest okay good enough kk i don't care it says what it is at least i'm out here doing something instead of sitting there like a cry baby in a freaking corner and refusing to come out but this is this is it it's like i love these people that snipe from the shadows that won't put their real name out there you just lost all respect go ahead and put your face in front of the camera and stamp your name on it and then you'll get some respect out of me um he doesn't run away We're going to go ahead and- I got to run in three minutes. Okay. We're going to get Dr. Andrew Hoffon, who is friends with Tom Rents, I hear. Thank you and welcome. Not necessarily friends. You'll hear it. Can you hear me now? Is my audio okay? Yeah, you're good. We can hear you. Okay, good. I was not expecting this. I was about to work out and then I got a text and, hey, hop in. You know what? This is what we all do. We pop on, you know, this is no setup. None of us knew what was going to happen until 1130 last night. It was no set. And we just pop on and say, let's come on. I'll bring them on. So there you go. Well, welcome. What do you, I'm going to let you guys talk a minute. So go ahead. Yeah, sure. So, you know, I wouldn't say that I'm friends with Tom Renz. I'd say that I ran a counterintelligence operation on him for two years trying to figure out who he was. And he's playing with some dark, shady people. And, you know, to go through that whole story would take a while. But Tom Renz came into my life. I was introduced to him. You know, he was going to represent me as a whistleblower. And he was going to represent several other prominent U.S. military, U.S. government whistleblowers related to the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and vaccine injuries. Well, he screwed up almost every case. Every whistleblower that he worked with is either furious with them or fired him in one capacity, including myself. He recorded a deposition under oath with felony perjury, which he never did anything with, which would have been very helpful protecting me and saving me from some of the harassment I received from quote-unquote patriot groups, the government, the DeVos family, and all this craziness that I wandered into. And, you know, it begs the question, you know, what what is Tom Renz doing and what is the agenda who pays him? Because I was introduced to Christina and Robert Owens via Tom Renz. So Tom Renz out of the blue, after I stopped talking to him, contacts me and says, we need to get you elected. And they've been encouraging me to run for office. here in the state of Michigan, which I'm not completely opposed to. And we're still trying to figure that out. But next thing you know, Christina shows up at my house with Owens about two weeks before my got. And, you know, I live up in the UP near Marquette. And it's not exactly like a close drive from someone from central Ohio to come cruise up to the UP just to for a meet and greet. And so we have two days of talking about politics and, you know, they're trying to evaluate me and I'm learning about what Christina's role is with the state and what she's been through. And it's great. And then at the last minute, they hit me up for 20 grand as they're leaving. Oh, that was what happened to me is $20,000 and you won't get on the ballot. And that was, that was, I've got somebody here that can say that, that was a, that was an ex-Congressman that did that. And also offered me a stick with blackmail material and every member of Congress and said, you can use this and it'll get you in. And if you don't, it's going to get you killed. I was like, there's the fricking road. Don't come back. Yeah. And so my my experience is interesting. So I played it cool. I'm like, OK, well, I'll think this over. And, you know, the gall of Tom Renz. So Tom Renz knows that I've lost over a couple hundred thousand dollars in this fight. Personally, my company lost four and a half million dollars when I decided to go down this path. So I have I've given more time and money than most people in this this freaking cause. And when they come hit me up for another 20 grand that I don't have. I just, I played cool. And then two days later, I light them up on a group text message thread, very profanity lately. And like, you know, what the F are you guys doing? You know, I did all this crap and their excuse was, we thought you could be a spy. And I go, a spy for who? I go, I've turned over all my documents related to eco alliance, Dr. Anthony Fauci. All these other things I've been involved with. I've been sworn in. I've testified about this stuff. I'm the leading witness on all the federal court cases against Dr. Fauci and the government and all the bad actors in this. I'm the person that has done the most and put themselves out there on the record. Sworn affidavits, all this stuff, pointed people to the connections between the intelligence community and the origin of SARS-CoV-2, all this stuff. And you think I'm the spy? I mean, it just is nuts. And so then three or four days goes by. And they're like, well, we want to come back up to your house again. We're sorry. We're going to work with you for free. Oh, they pulled that on me, too. Yeah. Well, then they came back. And then they came back the next time. And they're like, OK, we'd like you to speak at MYGOP, all this stuff. And the night before they were supposed to speak at MYGOP, someone dumps acid again in my wood boiler. And I don't think it was the government. It could be. It could be the government working with these people. They did what? What? they dumped acid in my wood boiler the night that I'm before I'm supposed to go speak at my job. And I don't know whether, you know, it's a copycat cause I've been harassed by the feds, by Patriots, by the DeVos people. I mean, I've, I've pissed off a lot of people, but all for the right reasons. And I, So this happens again. And so I work on this wood boiler all night. I get the acid out of it. And I haul butt over to Mackinac Island from my house, which is like, you know, a three, four hour drive. Get there and get dressed and then go on stage shortly after I get this all, get myself together and get on stage. So anyways, through that process, though, you know, they're like, oh, yeah, we're going to represent you. They introduced me to Carrie Lake. You know, everything seems fine and normal. But then I start digging on Robert Owens. And then I find out the same thing that you guys have. He's a recently convicted felon. He was shooting firearms at my house, mind you. I had no idea about any of this stuff. He comes armed to the teeth, shooting firearms. He wasn't drinking, at least. But I'm guessing this stuff's a violation of his probation. And here's the thing. I used to work with the courts and I worked in the government for a number of years. There's no way that Dwight and the feds did not know that Owens was traveling. He's a high profile guy under the thumb of the government, that he was traveling up here to do these things. So what that suggests is that the government is trying to set us up with these people. Sure is. You are 100% right. I got a boogie. I'm sorry. I'm already late for my 1030. But Andrew, have a great conversation. Donna, I'll speak to you soon. Have a great podcast. I love you guys. Thank you. Love you a lot. Thank you so much. Make sure that you let everybody know that Warren and I are going to be on 8 o'clock to bring this report forward. And we're going to continue to talk to everyone, whether anybody approves of it or not. I don't care who it is. We're going to keep going. So go ahead. Excuse me. And so I'm new to Michigan politics. I mean, so I lived in Michigan. I first moved here in 2016. I was a professor at Michigan State University until 2019. And then I moved up to California for work, took a better job. And then I found out about the pandemic that same year and moved back to the UP here. So I wasn't really involved in politics back then. And then I decided to get more involved with all the craziness going on. And I had no idea that this state had so much corruption on both sides, both left and the right. The, the, the toxic nature of Republican politics here and how it's being pulled into actually Wisconsin here in the UP. Ron Johnson has a lot of influence into it. The DeVos family, I mean, up to all sorts of crazy stuff I'm finding out and even polls into other state like Ohio and Minnesota. So the question is, you know, why are there so many outside influences in, Leaning on what's happening at state level politics in Michigan, it's very strange. And then if you also look at what's happening with Christina and the nature of the people that she's being surrounded with, either intentionally and unaware or aware and accepting of it, because those are really the only possibilities. It's not good. And the main job of her position, from my experience, I used to be very politically active on the younger is to raise money for the party and to heal bridges and to actually grow the size of the party so that we can be more effective in getting good candidates elected. That's her job as I see it. And it seems that she's failing. And the idea that she would come ask me for money, I guess she'd take you up for money. Oh, everybody gets me out for money. Yeah, I mean, it's okay to ask people for money. I mean, that's part of it. But you should at least be a little bit aware of your audience. And these people that she's being surrounded with, if they're all criminals, they're being put there. They're being put there by somebody. And I'll give you one guess. It's probably the FBI. The FBI is probably doing it in partnership with state police and the state police from different, you know, whether they're troopers, state police, whatever you want to call them, but from different states. What they have aligned in here, they're uniparty people or they're Democrats. They're uniparty Republicans or they're Democrats. And that's what these people all have in common. And what they're trying to do is maintain the status quo by disrupting and cracking the base of Trump support. Yes, they are. And I want to tell you, I've got somebody that I know that that prepared an arrest warrant for for Gretchen Whitmer went to the state police and he's been threatened by multiple people. He went to them with this arrest warrant for her and they said everything is perfect. And, you know, and this will stand in court. But if you file this, we will shoot you. And there was a witness. I mean, I'd hopefully get that on recording. I'd laugh at somebody. There's a witness there that said that. And I'm like, give me the arrest warrant. I said, I don't care if they shoot me. You know, it's like we're going to go forward with with absolute no fear on these on these people that are in our government. The government itself is. How can a cop who can a state police officer tell somebody if you file that report, we will shoot you because we're here to protect the governor. No, you guys out there are there to protect the American people, we the people. And anyone that would say that has committed treason and deserves to go to Gitmo and be handed over to a military tribunal. And, you know, we can send them down there and they can make the appointment legally with God. Because I'm done with these people. And every one of them that commits this, they have to be removed. But go ahead. I'm sorry. And I don't disagree with what you're saying. I think there's other ways to handle it. This is the thing. So I'm a libertarian conservative. And this is what I try to explain to people. If they're going to come take your guns, who are going to be the people that come take your guns? It's going to be law enforcement. And these people that all have the mentality of law enforcement. And I served in the military for a number of years when I was younger as an infantryman. There's a big – there's a nuanced difference between military people and law enforcement. Law enforcement people just blindly follow orders. Follow orders. And in the military, it's different. You have to accomplish the mission. So sometimes it's okay or acceptable to bend the rules a little bit as long as you accomplish the mission. But that's not the case with law enforcement officers. So – You know, we're put in a hard place because a lot of law enforcement officers are conservatives, but they're falling orders. And so I'm working with Matt DiPerno right now on some cases against our favorite trio related to the whistleblower retaliation against me. Because in my case, when the government came after me, it was the CIA, the FBI, DOD working with the Michigan State Police and the Marquette County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Greg Zybert. I can prove all this. I have all the hard evidence of it, all the reports I filed. So, you know, a lot of these people are just scumbags and they'll do anything for a paycheck. You know, the sad thing is up here in the UP is that a lot of these law enforcement guys, they're probably only told part of the truth, right? And when you get targeted by law enforcement, it's only because they only know a small part of the bigger story and they believe whatever the feds are telling them or whatever their higher ups are telling them. But eventually, you know, this stuff gets out and then they're going to be held accountable. And, you know, I feel sorry for the guys at the bottom because they need a job and there's not many other options. But I mean, we need to start playing law for our back with these people. And it's funny that you're going to have Tom Renz on here because Tom Renz, this is what I like to point out. He sits there and talks about all these different cases that he's filing. He's not filing a lot of cases. OK, he's spending all the time on social media making a big stink. And I've asked him pointedly. So and this is, you know, think about how weird this question is. I asked this of Tom Renz and Mike Flynn both. Have either you or your associates been involved with intelligence collection operations at or near my property? Both of them refuse to answer the question. Okay. Well, think about that. Why would Tom Renz or Mike Flynn be engaged in any intelligence collection operations near my property? I have no idea. Well, and that's very strange. So here, I'm screenshotting the chat here so that I can just keep talking. I'm listening to you. I'm giving you a chance to talk right now. Sure. Well, I mean, I don't know where else you want to take this. I took a look at Warren's report, at least the first 20 pages of it last night. Seems like Christina has an interesting background. She maybe embellished her resume a tad. And to what extent that's actually affected her role in Michigan politics, I don't know. Well, I tell you, I looked in the background, too, and I was a little bit concerned. And I worked with somebody that came to me as an investigator through Mark Fincham, and we started chasing people down. a little bit to see, because I want to know who I'm talking to. You know, it's like I'll give anybody a chance, but we need to know who we're talking. Sometimes it takes a little while for people's true colors to come out. And I know that's uncomfortable, that process for everyone. It's an uncomfortable process to go through. And I got to tell you, I heard something this weekend and I'm going to bring it up because I love President Trump. I absolutely love him. Okay. And I will stand with him. And I love General Flynn. These guys are smart. They're not in here to win a popularity contest. They're in it to take back this nation. And not everybody is who they appear to always be. They may be, as you say, bending the rules just a bit to achieve the goal of putting this country back into our hands. Okay. And so sometimes we see things and we ask questions, go, I don't understand what's going on. All right. So I was at Mar-a-Lago this past weekend and then I was at the Young Republicans Gala in New York City. It was absolutely wonderful. First time I've ever been there. I just like Christina Caramo. I support anyone that's fighting for this nation. And I may not agree with everything you said, but there was something said at Mar-a-Lago that made me Pause. And I didn't understand what was going on. But remember, there is always, we're in fifth generation warfare. We cannot look at things. General Flynn has been right out with this with everybody. He's telling everyone, don't take anything at face value. Be smart. Think don't believe what people are saying. Even good people are playing games in order to move the ball to the end zone, to get people to think and to, and to they're seeing it from just like president Trump from a 40,000 foot, you know, viewpoint. They're, they're seeing things differently. We have a short bit of, look at what happened today. As soon as Chuck got off my, my feed started getting interrupted. Okay. If, if anybody out there thinks that we're getting the truth, or anything, they're shadow banning and they are screwing with anybody telling the truth. But the problem with me is I'm too fricking stubborn to stop. We're going to end this thing and this generation, their child trafficking, their money laundering, all of this crap, this ends and I'm not quitting. And I don't care if we have to pop up in a million different incarnations, we're gonna handle business here as adults, not children, right? I'm just curious. What were the couple of things? I'm sitting there in Mar-a-Lago. Now, you've got to understand, I've been all over the place. I was in D.C. a couple of weeks ago, and I went there with the opinion of, great, I'm going to go to this crap hole city that's a disgrace to this nation, and I'm going to leave here absolutely more infuriated than I already am at what they've done to this nation. All you hear is, you know, all you hear is is crime, unsafe, trash. They've trashed this nation. And I'm going to tell you, when I got there and I've got pictures to prove it, I was all over the place. And it was me down in Brandenburg as an American, as an American who went there. It can tell you what I saw. I'm not listening to the news. I am reporting what I see. That's it. It is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have been in. There was no graffiti on the columns. There was nothing. And it was incredibly safe. And this is what I saw. And I was just jaw dropping surprised. So this is they're lying to us. So I go to Mar-a-Lago this with this past weekend and President Trump. goes into what a disgrace Washington, D.C. is. He said it. I've got it taped. I'm going to put it out there. There's graffiti on the columns. There's trash everywhere. It's a disgrace. And I'm sitting there going, where is this coming from? I'm like, I'm like, there's something wrong. And I, there's something wrong there. It's not true. It's not true. I was there. I've got videos of him saying this. I have pictures of being there myself. I is a witness, a testimony. We, my, my, the gal that I travel with and, and, uh, I was there with Erlina Velting, Danny Bartolotta, Danny Bartolotta's dad, and he and I are about the same age, and we were expecting this to be an absolute disaster. We walked in there. Erlina and Danny took scooters out, and they never got back home until 2 o'clock in the morning. That was that safe. It was that safe out there. And there are bad neighborhoods within Washington, D.C., good neighborhoods. I mean, anything around the Capitol. But there's no graffiti on four foot columns, which was what was said. There's no graffiti there. There's no threat there. It's like every other big city. But the area of D.C. was beautiful and it was loaded with patriots that were there to celebrate America. It was a wonderful experience. We have a great nation with a great history to fight for. And that is not true. It's not true. There's no graffiti there. It is beautiful. And they're working to preserve our history. And so that one, take it right off the table. That is fifth generation warfare right there. It's not true. And we ask, why are they doing this? I don't know. But I do believe when we watch what President Trump did for this nation, he put everything on the line. He didn't have to do this. And we had the best economy. We had no war. We can look as a testimony to see what we saw. He is the rightful president of the United States. And the Republican Party in the state of Michigan stands for nothing. And now they got everybody squabbling like a bunch of children over nothing. And we're still not getting any work done. Abolish all parties. They're evil. Interesting. You want to abolish all the parties? Well, I don't know. I don't know if the party- Now your microphone is ditching. Oh, sorry. Is that better? It's kind of staticky, but keep going. They're screwing with us. Okay. Well- TO WHATEVER EXTENT, THE IDEA OF HAVING NO PARTIES, THE PROBLEM IS THAT PARTIES CREATE STRENGTH TO GET PEOPLE ELECTED. SO YOU CAN SAY THAT WE DON'T WANT PARTIES, BUT PARTIES ARE PART OF THE PROCESS. THERE'S GOING TO BE NO GETTING RID OF PARTIES THE WAY THAT OUR CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS ARE CREATED. THE WHOLE THING HAS TO COME DOWN. Well, what does that look like? The Declaration of Independence gives us the right to do it when things are so corrupt that we have to, that we have, you know, there's sometimes in a company, you got to level it in order to bring it back to the original intention. We need to get rid of about 90% of what's in our government right now by nullification. well there's wasted to actually make the government smaller but you're going to have to do that through the powers of congress and with the executive branch and you have to work in concert if the president can come in and do it for their term and actually downsize the government quite a bit the problem with that though is when we rule by executive order of the president things are not very effective long term. And the actual dramatic shifts of presidents enacting executive orders every time one comes into power is actually, I think, the root cause of a lot of the problems that we have. And we'd be better off if Congress actually took more power back from the executive branch. I think that would solve a lot of our problems. Yep. So here, I'm going to continue to screenshot just keep talking on this because what we can go into what you found with with Anthony Fauci because that leads us into another deep dark hole with the DeVos's I've got a big beef with the DeVos's right now and all you got to do is go down you know Judah Ayers started me really down this path and his research and what we've seen so I went and I checked it out myself and That Ford Museum down there is a Henry Kissinger Museum. All you got to do is go down there and look and see that he was pulling the strings on the Fords and the DeVosses were right there in lockstep. They have four, the DeVosses have four Johnson & Johnson facilities where they were, you know, oh, nature boy and girl out there, we're going to do things for the right reason. They were producing the Johnson & Johnson vaccination vaccine. in Michigan in concert with the Van Andel Institute. And let's talk about, what is it, Dr. Francis Collins? I'm sure you know about Francis Collins if you know about what's going on there because he is the puppet for Fauci. Well, the boss family, so when I ran the investigation, the group that was tampering with my vehicle, when I was being harassed by law enforcement, the administration market county sheriff department was the boss family leadership through box. Can I ask you to leave and come back on because your audio is back and that might correct it. And so we're just going to pause a minute because don't leave and, you know, don't leave permanently. So we're going to let them come back on and see if we can get around this little engineering glitch because they don't want this to be out there. And guess what? They don't want this to be out there. And let's see, somebody said in the thing that they're calling me a rhino in deep state. You know what? I hardly think so. I'm the one that everybody hates right now. So it's, it's a, it's everybody's hating on Donna Brandenburg. Go ahead and hate away. I could give a rat's rear end. We're going to keep going until we get to the bottom of this. And all I can say is, is, you know, anybody out there that wants to get to the bottom and wants to stay to take this nation back with us, you just keep going. Oh yeah. So now rumble died because now we've got, Now we've got Rumble dying on me. So now Rumble just died on me. If you think if anybody out there thinks that any of this is a pure thing, you're full of it. You're not getting the truth on any level. We are not getting the truth. It's going to take Americans standing together and saying, hey, this is what I thought. Court systems aren't lawful. You can't get you. We got all source funded prosecutors. And so it's going to come up to us to stand together as Americans. So I'm sorry. Please, please continue on. Oh, what I was saying is that, so my come to knowing that the DeVosses were up to sort of bad things was simple. So somebody was tampering with my vehicles and it was obviously being done by mechanics or people who knew what they were doing. And I come to find out that it's the Fox Nagani dealership here in the UP that's doing it and they're owned by the DeVos family. So go back to the beginning of that before you got to the Foss. What are they doing? Sure. So this hasn't been for a while, but actually, well, this began in the fall of 2021 and went on for about a year, year and a half. And somebody had been tampering with my vehicles. They had been hacked. The struts had been cut, all sorts of different weird things. Brake lines have been tampered with brakes. And it was obvious to me that a professional was doing this, some kind of dealership. Well, I come to find out it's actually the Fox Nagani dealership here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just down the street from me about 20 minutes, that was doing it. So what was happening was that they were actually stealing my car when I wasn't here when it was parked. And then they'd bring it over to the dealership to tamper with it. And that was done in concert with the Marquette County Sheriff's Department, the Michigan State. I have the proof of this, too, with the Michigan State Police. The Nagani police were in on it. And this is, they were doing this as the puppet masters of the FBI and DOD. So I have all the evidence of this. I have like the pictures, the photos of them tampering my car and they ripped me off in the process. So I filed FTC complaints against the DeFoss family and Fox Nagani to the tune of $11,000. Cause that's what they ripped me off for. They actually claimed that they did all this different repair work, but what they were doing is they're correcting the tampering that they had done to my vehicle and then charging me for it. If you can believe that. So yeah. It's fine. I mean, and that's the thing about you're this wealthy and you target a whistleblower. And the funny thing is I couldn't, I couldn't really understand why the DeVos family would come after me specifically because, or be in line with this. And maybe it's just because it's the government contract money with the Michigan state police and the state of Michigan with this Fox Nagata dealership, maybe, you know, You know, I tried to come up with other hypotheses why they would do this. And maybe it's because maybe they thought my bringing this COVID information forward was going to benefit Trump in some way. Well, it does benefit Trump. But the reason why it benefits Trump is it's because it's the truth. I had no political stake as a scientist bringing that origin story forward. So, yeah, here we are. It's all falling action. At this point, it's going to be an interesting year to see what happens with everyone knowing that this virus came out of a laboratory in China and the U.S. government transferred the technology to this laboratory to spy on them. Well, this is it's incredible. And hang on a minute. I'm telling people that it please tell everybody, anybody that's on Brandenburg News Network right now, please tell everybody that the Rumble channels are coming and going. So somebody's just like they hacked the feed here. Have them come to Brandenburg News Network dot com and go to the live area because. It looks like it's updating every couple of minutes, but that's okay, because guess what? We've got the original feed. It's going to be plastered everywhere on what's out there. So just here we go. I don't know. Where are you located, out of curiosity? South of Grand Rapids, if anybody wants to know, because I put my name on everything, and I put it right out there. And if somebody wants to call me, it's 616- 4 3 0 4 4 1 0 in your face. I'm right out. Not you, but everybody out there that's talking this because it's like, it's like, you want to fight, you got one. And, uh, you know, it's like, that's fine. And Danny, because this is, this is absolutely okay. So I got people in the chat that are actually putting their names on this. And I want to say, I respect you for doing that. Not sniping from, from the outside. Because we have to stand up together as Americans and put an end to this. It's not going to happen if we're sniping from the outside. We've got to stand up. We've got to do what you've done and file actual complaints and bring the proof forward to what they're doing. Because this is a war against us. It's so evil. I can't believe that they cut your brake struts. So I just had my car worked on over at Fox Ford in Grand Rapids. If something happens to me with any brakes or anything like that, because they replaced all my brakes on my car. If anything happens to me over there, that's the first place to look. There's the easier solution to everyone who's listening to this. Do not do business with Fox motors. Okay. Anything that would enable Fox on it. Don't do that. Don't buy a car there. Don't have your repair, your repair work in their car. I mean, that's the simplest way that we can strike back at people who are ultra wealthy and, that are targeting people for bringing the truth forward or just for their political beliefs. A car dealership should not be working with the government to tamper with anybody's car, even if they're a leftist, okay? The leftist should not be targeted by your car dealership and neither should a person on the right. So do you know what we do? We boycott those people. Don't spend your money with the DeVos family. Don't spend your money with Amway. Don't spend your money with Fox, okay? Don't have your car repaired there and tell other people not to go there. We hit their pocketbook. That's what we do. yeah well and and you know you can look at so i've got i've got people moving over here from from the uh uh where so larry lager or lager larry said donna were involved in a war between the globalist billionaires yeah that's exactly it they really saw my my channels over there are dropping off but i got people joining over at brianburg news network which is the only one that does not censor and uh and we can say whatever we want here you can even say the f-bomb here and i'm not going to you know what i mean it's like it's like sticks and stones mate you can say whatever you want i mean i've been called worse things by better people so so uh anyhow go ahead well i'm i'm uh oh this is funny i'm getting like information back from my uh from my tech department on what's really going on out there I actually find this to be a great fun game. I think it's hilarious. I'm curious. Well, it's like they're saying that all of Rumble is down now. Now we've miraculously got microbial pneumonia coming after after another election. Yeah, well, I can talk to you about everyone about the microbial pneumonia stuff. So that's another scare tactic from the government. And so I'm an emerging infectious disease epidemiologist. It's my area of specialty. And I'm also that's that's what you do is you're so give your give exactly what your specialties are, because this is great. I didn't know you before, like, I don't know, a half hour ago. And I really appreciate you coming on. This is awesome. Yeah, so I'm an emerging infectious disease epidemiologist. I've trained at one of the best schools in the nation. That's the University of Minnesota. It's a top four program in this field. Years ago, I graduated back in 2013 or 14. I did a postdoc at MIT in complex systems analysis, which is modeling and simulation, high performance computing. And I used to build artificial intelligence before anybody knew what it was for the government for disease detection. And that's what I was doing at Equal Alliance with Dr. Peter Dasik and not with Dr. Fauci, but he was on the periphery of some of our research projects. But this pneumonia scare that's going around. So this is the reality behind it. So the mRNA vaccine actually lowers something called your neutrophil count. Your neutrophil count in your blood, your neutrophils are the things that attack foreign bacteria. So when I started seeing these reports coming out about this pneumonia, and pneumonia is a bacterial illness typically, And so my first thought was, okay, this is associated with people who've been vaccinated. And this is based on a Scottish public health report that came out back in 2021, which indicated, and this was buried in the very last, so the study in Scotland was a census, meaning they measured everyone in the population. And In the study, it was probably like, you know, the report was like 150 pages and they were trying to determine how effective the vaccine was. Well, in the annex and in the end of the report, they actually put in things like adverse events to the vaccine and they had all the other statistics related to the weird findings. And on the very last table, there was an asterisk in small print that said that people who received vaccines, the more vaccines that they received, the lower their neutrophil counts are. And that means that you have a weakened immune response. So what we're observing right now with this pneumonia, especially in the kids, is that if they've been vaccinated with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, the mRNA, there's a higher probability that they're gonna contract things like pneumonia. And the more vaccines that they receive, the higher the probability, the worse the risk is, higher the risk is that they're actually gonna have this disease. So that's what we're seeing going on here. It's not some product of this new disease. floating around the population it's an existing disease that's been endemic for a long time um at low levels but the problem is because so many people have their their immune system weakening kids from the mrna shots that's why we're seeing this problem Well, that's the turbo cancers that are coming out too, because I know that it's like the, you know, the cancers, your immune system is what really kills cancer. They can give you chemo all they want. They can only cure like to their own admission, 2% of all cancers. And they can only take 60% of cancer out because you got floating stem cells floating around your body. If you have chemotherapy, the statistic I think is 60%. And I always ask myself, what kills the rest of it that takes it out? It's your immune system. You have to have... a strong immune system. So if they're sabotaging people's immune systems, of course we're going to get sick. Of course we're going to see emerging turbo cancers. Of course we're going to see all this nonsense. Yeah, the terminal cancers are really unique. And there's a couple of different causes that can be driving that. One is this concept. They've now coined the term called frame shifting. But what that means is in your cells, if you remember back to high school or maybe middle school biology, there's something called the endoplasmic reticulum. And what that does is that produces protein synthesis like DNA, RNA. And what they're doing is they're spitting out nonsense or actually not nonsense, but random protein strands. And when it does that, and it doesn't code for something or build something specifically which your body recognizes within that tissue, that's what causes the cancer. And then there's this other thing, at least in the Pfizer vaccines, called an SV40 promoter. And that SV40 promoter actually encourages the growth of these things. So that's what's likely leading to, quote unquote, the turbo cancers. There's a whole variety of these things. And really, it's, you know, I hate to say it. If anyone is dumb enough to keep getting these boosters and these jabs, it's a problem that solved itself. I mean, these things will kill you if you keep getting jabbed with them over time or it increases your risk that something bad will happen to you. I'm totally against anyone getting vaccinated with any of these mRNA products. until they get improved and they go through proper clinical trials and testing and safety trials, which they haven't had. So, you know, I remain optimistic that they might fix these things for the future and the pharmaceutical industry might get it together. But the way it sits right now, it's just there's more bad news coming out internationally now. You know, just in Italy this morning, it was announced that a whistleblower leaked their vaccine safety data. And even the Italians knew that this mRNA vaccine was dangerous. and they didn't share that information with their population so you know every day that goes by the story gets gets worse and more damning and i push this story so hard personally on social media and if you guys want to follow me and you're new to me so i'll plug my twitter up my is a.g huff i don't know if i can put in the group comments yeah you can you can probably so i'll put it on bnn's comments oh yeah i don't google they're they're evil uh a.g huff a.g huff that's who i am on twitter And I've been pushing this stuff really hard. And the nice thing is after Thanksgiving, I think the dam sort of broke loose on this lab leak stuff. And all these people that were in the government, they were trying to deny that the SARS-CoV-2 came out of a laboratory in a group project between the United States government and China. We're past that point now because all these people, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Daszak, another guy with the name of Dr. Kristen Anderson, They're all trying to now defend this thing called the Diffuse Proposal, which was a proposal that they submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency in 2019, which actually laid out the exact recipe of how to make SARS-CoV-2. They had the last critical steps in it. And the work on this actually began all the way back in 2014 or 2015, and it took them that long to get up to this point. Why this is so significant, though, and what I brought to the table is that when we worked at Eagle Alliance, and this is all scientists internationally and in the US, the best scientists, we work ahead of the receipt of funding. So we do not need the government's money to do our research. We're working two to three years ahead of our funding. So when we submit a grant or a contract application, typically we already have the first year's worth of work done. In that proposal, so now, when you think about this diffuse proposal, the laboratory leak, what this all means is that they were probably already working ahead and had this work complete before they even asked for the money. And that's how it works. And the dark department of defense actually shoot down the proposal. They say this is too high risk. This is too dangerous. You guys are crazy basically in their rebuttal and their response to this project. But guess what? They're already doing it and that's how this all happened. Intentional. Not only is it for knowledge, it's intentional. Well, it's intentional with a lot of bad decision-making around it. Could I ask you to leave and come back on again? I'm so sorry, but they're really wanting us not to come out. And then, you know, and or would you come on Thursday? I can probably come on Thursday. I had to get back to work, actually. Well, this was so gracious of you to come on today at the last minute, and I really appreciate it. So let's do this. Can you give me two hours on Thursday so that we can let you talk as much as you want? So Thursday, 9 o'clock in the morning. 9 to 11. Let's do it Thursday. I could probably do an hour on Thursday. You could probably do like 9 to 10. 9 to 10? Yep. Okay. We'll do that. We'll do 9 to 10. And then if you can come back on again, I want to hear what you have to say. I really do. This is important. People need to hear it. And I don't care how many times they try to take this down. We're going to keep putting it out there. And to their horror, I have someone who we will be broadcasting some... J6 video that they don't know is out there. And we're going to continue to bring this out as us because they are lying their tails off. So let's let's say a prayer minute and go into our day. And then then we're going to plan on that. Please, everybody, let everyone know that that, you know, Dr. Andrew Huff is going to be on Thursday. At nine o'clock in the morning, we're going to continue to talk about this stuff. And I might even just ask Judah Ayers to come on after that, because he can talk at length about what the DeVoss's have been involved in Amway and in, excuse me, in this nation, because it's, it's really, it has to be talked about and the involvement. and how these families have obfuscated the truth that's out there. We need to know this. Everyone should be really upset about the fact that his vehicle was sabotaged. This is brake lines cut and such. This is serious. This has gotten so serious, and we've got to talk about it. So dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much for Dr. Andrew, for Roran Carpenter, for Chuck Richard for coming on today that we can bring to light all of these issues because when we throw everything into the light, into your light, That's when we find the truth, whether we want to hear it or not, whether we want to see the fighting or not. Yes, we're in a war. We know we're in a war. There's no there's nobody here that should be in denial about this. And that the only way to win this is to throw this out in the light and ask for your blessing on every single thing that we do. We ask that you bless this nation, that you bring us together, the good people that are here and also to. Absolutely, to absolutely speak truth in all things that we do, that we have patience going forward and that we honor each other in the efforts that we have bringing this nation back to the proper jurisdiction, which is under you. We're fighting for one nation under God, under you, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Please protect the children in all situations. Protect all children from CPS. It is so evil. And the other organizations that are set up against our families, please protect our families. We love you. You've been a great friend to us, and we want to be a great friend to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we pray. Amen. Awesome. Thank you for having me. See you Thursday. See you. Okay. So I'm going to go ahead and it's just me, guys. And so, wow, that was kind of crazy. All of the problems we had, audio and otherwise, but, you know, we're still here. We're still up kicking. And I keep getting words that, you know, that everything is off on Rumble, that it's on on Rumble, that it's off. Some people were not having any problems on Rumble. Some people were. And some people had the chat out. I want to thank everyone for bearing with us this morning. I think this is a good way to have a discussion. Thank you so much for bearing with us. It feels like. we're alone and that our families are being attacked. The foundations of America that we believe in, the lawful process, we don't have that. You can't get a fair trial here because the judges are funded. The prosecutors are funded by people like George Soros. We are in the fight of our lives right now. The next election, if we get there. General Flynn has said it over and over again. I don't think we're going to have another election. And you want to know what? I don't think we are either. But we'll see what happens. And at the end of it all, I'm going to tell you right now, I don't have Um, Oh, what is, what is your rumble channel name? We've got Brandenburg news network on rumble as well as Brandenburg for governor, because great question. I am not conceding the 2022 election and we are not going to be able to go forward until we write the intentional fraud that was covered up. We have proof of that. We have proof that they were, they were registering, uh, uh, fraudulently. It's out there. And we know that this is true. We've got three people in the Attorney General's office who are being charged with 27 felony counts of crimes that were committed against me. And it's not about me. It's about all of us. You know what? I didn't need to do this. I didn't need to be out here taking any heat for anyone. And I'm going to ask everybody out there, don't look at me and expect me to fix this nation. for my family and every single one of you out there and we're going to have to oh it says on the rumble channel it says there are no videos some people are having problems on rumble not everyone i'm getting feedback back that some people can see it some people will just go to and you're going to find it without interruption to the best of our ability and if it does we've got the original video so we're just going to post it everywhere so you'll be able to see the replays you don't have to worry about this i'm in this for justice And when we get this justice, I'm hoping that we're replaced by someone out there that has the guts to stand forward once we put that first plow in the field and put the first furrow in and make it easier the next time, because we're going to take this nation back as one nation. as a lawful nation, who is a, a, a nation of, of, of laws and of rules that, that where we protect each other's rights. I don't agree with a lot of choices people make in the world. There's a lot I wouldn't do, but you know what the great, the great thing is, is I'll fight for your rights to have a differing opinion. That's, that's fine. We, we, we, I don't, I don't have to agree with you. You are an important individual, which God put in you everything he made to make you absolutely beautiful, wonderful. Exactly. And I'm not going to argue with God. If you have a different opinion, he's got something else going on. And I don't need to know the outcome. I just need to trust God. I don't need to know. why president Trump said that there's graffiti on the columns in Washington, DC. I was there there. That is not true. There is no graffiti in the columns. They are pristine and it's beautiful. It's a beautiful city. I never felt in danger, but I'll tell you what, I went to New York city this weekend and I've got a lot of opinions on that. that city is a disaster. It is absolutely a disaster. Most of the people that work in there, it's a city of billionaires. Most of the people that don't, that, that work there, they don't live there. They live across the, I talked to a bunch of them. They live across, across the river and in like New Jersey and such. And they come into the city and work because they can't afford to live it. And we talked to people says, nobody owns property in New York city. Nobody does. Think about that. They've already turned that into a 15 minute city and that people have to commute to to get a job owned by the billionaires. Nobody owns anything there. It's already taken over. And you know what? Where we were, it was absolutely filthy. It was filthy. The prostitutes were around in the district. We had to go past protesters that were protesting President Trump. There were plenty of police there, but there were protesters there that were protesting our ability and yelling and screaming at people that were there. And it was like, fine, we're still going to go in and we're going to do this in an elegant manner in order to, you know, and I would just ask them, come and join us. This is about they have abandoned. Don't say that we abandon you. The entire system has abandoned you and everyone. They're abandoned. The people in New York City, I could see it. They've been abandoned. It's the same thing that's happened all over the place. They're trying to turn things into slums so that people are fighting with each other like rats. just to survive and and protect the things they love their family and this nation this shouldn't be they've done it through tax structures they've done it through many many other other ways so i want to say it is it is uh oh don beattie came out and texted me said i think you broke rumble i think i did break rumble but that's okay we're on brandenburg news network and we're going to continue to bring out the truth and we're going to post this thing all over the place they can try to take it down They can try to kill the feed after somebody leaves. I don't care. We're going to still stand and I'm going to still stand to protect the rights of each and every one of you out there. And just want to let you know, if you feel like you're alone, you're not. Don't listen to the news. Do not listen to the headlines. Go and research and find out for yourself just like I did. I did it. I went to D.C. I went to New York City. I want to see with my own eyes what we're dealing with here and try to bring the truth forward. And you know what? We're Americans. We're mutts. We've been kicked out of every good country on the planet. We've come here to stand together as one nation. We didn't come here to stand here as Africans and as our forefathers didn't. We came here to stand with each other as one nation, one group of people, to give each other the ability to say what's on their mind, to have discussions. and have everyone's voice be heard. When they sabotaged our elections, they violated the First Amendment. If even one vote was silenced, it's not acceptable. And if we can't question it, it's not acceptable. That is an attack on our rights. And when they attack one of us, they attack all of us. And so I'm not in this for anything else except for justice and the rightful president of the United States. I don't know why I said it. I don't really care. I don't really care why he said it. It's like I have found that to not be true in my own experiences. But he has the right to say whatever he wants. And I have the right to go ahead and go in there and and and investigate it for myself to find out. I have the right to listen to what Warren Carpenter has to say. Find out if it's true. I have the right to listen to what Chuck Bouchard says and find out if it's true. If it's true, it's true. So be it. Let the chips fall where they may. We have to take the nation back. And you know what? We're going to do this. And we're going to do this together. We're going to find out who, yes, as Whitler is trying hard to make Oakland County like New York City, a 15-minute city. If you don't think New York City is past its glory days, it's way past its glory days. It is so far past that. It was so – it was probably – I thought Venice, Italy, when I was there was absolutely it was charming, but it was absolutely filthy. It's absolutely filthy city to be in there, you know, but but it's charming and I enjoyed it. But New York City, it's absolutely filthy. I cannot believe how they have turned this and abandoned the people there. The people there, we met some wonderful people there. Absolutely wonderful people. New Yorkers were we were having a great time. New Yorkers are wonderful. But you know what? Why aren't the people of New York owning New York? Why do they have to go in like some sort of slave class that has to commute through two hours a day because they don't want them fighting them? Because once they're pissed off at what they've done to their city that they love, you don't think that there's going to be a whole lot of New Yorkers who's about as hard bitten as every horse person I've ever known that's going to come out and say, this is not to be. Whatever these people, these billionaires, which I am not, I've never gotten that report and it's not true, have set up, whatever the future holds for them, they deserve anything they get. There's no excuse for it. But we're going to choose to do it a lawful way. We're not going to, oh, yes, that's why she wants solar farms and windmills, et cetera. They're a crap health care plan. These people that are sitting in the seats are at war with you and me. They want to silence us and shut us down. They want to turn us into living into these slave camps that they've got going on. It's happening right now. they're human trafficking individuals we want to talk about retribution and or restitution let's talk about restitution i say we strip every one of these people that have been sitting in office from their ill-gotten gain put it in a pile in the middle of the table and give it out to all americans that's restitution they have waged war against every single one of us and that's not 200 years ago that's right now we take all of these people We take all of these people. It says showing that Rumble's down now too. So Rumble's completely down. So good. I hope we broke it. If that's the case, so be it. We're going to keep going. You know, every single one of us is under attack. They've used human trafficking and opening the border in order to subvert the nation with illegal immigrants. No, they're not. They're fighting aged males. And if any of you think you're going to escape this without your family being affected, you're living in Disney World right now. It ain't happening. We're all a threat from this right now. And they used human shields. They used children to get in as a shield to come in here as an invading army. By China? No. By Mexico? No. No. by the people that are sitting in power within the United States of America. We've been infiltrated from within and they just brought their army in to attack Americans, to turn us into the enemy, to disable us. So you better figure it out and you better figure it out fast. that they own the political parties. Look at where the money flows. Look at the globalists that are funding all of this. Look at how this goes. Go to the Ford Museum and you tell me if that's a Ford Museum or if it's a Kissinger Museum. Let me just post a picture here. I'm going to nail this thing right to the wall so that you can see what's happening here. Let me go ahead and show you this because... Let's see. They said, okay, Rumble knows about it. I'm going to just keep going here. Screw all of them. See what happens. I don't really give a crap because you need to know exactly what's happening out there. I just haven't done my, my DeVos Kissinger expose yet, but it's coming. Um, we're going to go ahead and do, oh, St. Patrick's Cathedral and, and, um, in New York City. I want everybody who wants to go against the Catholics to just say, shut the hell up. Find something better to fight with other than people that are trying to do the right thing. Go hardcore here. If you're going to go after it, let's just go hardcore after it and go after the real threat. The real threat is the globalists who have imported an invading army into this nation. They know what they're doing. They absolutely do. We're smarter than this. We're going to blow apart their fifth generation warfare here. And I'm going to show you a wall in the Ford Museum. And you tell me what you see, because I'm going to tell you exactly what I see here. This happened during the Cold War. There's more. I've got lots of pictures, but this is the first time I've really shown this. So let's go ahead and bring it up here so you can see what's going on. And I'm going to... I'm going to go ahead and tell you what I saw when I went in there. This is just one instance. And who owns the property that this is on? The DeVosses do. The DeVosses put this up. The DeVosses have one of the lanterns that have been given out that should tell you right there. The only ones that get this are the people that are standing with the globalists. Make no mistake. And I'm going to I'll publish it all. I'll show you who's in this. So check this out on this. Here's Kissinger. Every time you see a picture of Kissinger, he's got his mouth open and he's pointing, giving instructions. It's all by symbolism. And look at we've got Ford, his little lap dog who got a Maltese cross. It's sitting right there in the museum. Here we go. How come it's okay to stand with Russia then and be talking to Russia? Kissinger, let's look at his background. He's not exactly who he said he is. The Jewish community has been infiltrated too. Don't be stupid. All of them have been infiltrated. The Christian church has been infiltrated. We have to think. So here you go. We've got Ford taking instructions. He's out there as an emissary. He's not saying a thing. He's got his mouth shut, taking instructions by Kissinger, who was at fault for what happened in Cambodia, the 10 million exterminations there. And other things, too. Just look into it. You'll see it for yourself. And there he is here. And we've got Ford taking instructions from Kissinger. OK, he died just recently. I'm going to say right now, every one of us can be probably grateful. But why is it that he's got a whole wall in that museum? right next to the Oval Office simulation. There's more there. I've got all kinds of pictures from this that we can look at and look at who they've set up. And I'm going to tell you what, we can see the symbolism not only there, but let's look in the Amway Plaza. Let's look into why is there so much Egyptian symbolism around? Why is there transhuman figures around? Why is it that there's the globalists are sitting there together? I think we need to ask some questions. I don't have all the answers. All I can do is put out what I see. And that's exactly what we're going to do. We're not going to stop. I don't care how much they try to sabotage this. I don't care what they do. They can do whatever they want. But you know what? I'm not standing alone. We've got millions of us out there who are just regular people who go to work every day and have watched everything we love being sabotaged by these people who don't give a crap about you or I or family or God. They have waged war. If anybody went to Kissinger House and Ford, weren't that great either? Oh, yeah, all of them. They were all sitting there together subverting this nation. Look back. Kissinger was giving marching orders to Nixon. They were behind this. And what party was this, people? Was this the Democrats? No. Your throat was slit from within the Republican Party politically. That's the truth. Look it up. Find out for yourself. That is my opinion. Donna Brandenburg, the Republican Party, has been slitting our throats for years, promising and not delivering and hiding. It's nothing new under the sun. We're going to have to come together as Americans and think for ourselves and not be sheeple, being told what to think, who to vote for, and going into their little process of selection, because they're slacking us. That's exactly what's happening. So anyhow... um it's like somebody said i can't wait to tell you what i learned about trafficking this weekend i wish i could have been there i had some choices to make i decided to go down to mar-a-lago and and stand with moms for america making our families strong what kimberly fletcher has done with putting candidates in positions has been nothing short than miraculous general flynn was down there and it was nice always nice to see him and his wife lori was there that was great um and then then i went to new york city and i got to see some other great patriots who've been working to write things and stand up for President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, is right to that office. He is the rightful president of the United States, whether you agree or disagree with him. If anyone would have won that honestly, I would have backed him, whether I disagree with him or not. It's not about liking somebody. or the childish cult mentality of backing people without question. It's about standing for the process of being an American, the lawful process, the honest process, which was not accomplished. And in your face, you know, I got to sit by an FBI guy when I was in New York City. And he was fist bumping me for every ornery thing that came out of my mouth. We'll see. We'll see what happens. I'll see. Oh, guess what? Warren just called back in just a minute. Hey, Warren, how you doing? I'm still on and I'm still I'm still out there putting I just put up Kissinger's wall of shame in the Ford thing. I'm like that Kissinger wall of shame within the frickin Republican Party. Everybody should. Yeah. And the wall of shame by hiding the information on Graham that's out there here. I'll just I'll flip you on a speakerphone here on Graham. That's that was producing the Johnson and Johnson shot. in grand rapids michigan knowing fully knowing what they were doing to the american population yep so there you go so i'm about to get off here but what what do you think about half Oh, I love the guy. He's coming on Thursday at nine o'clock. So he's the real deal. Yeah. Yep. And I've met, I give everybody a chance and you know, it's like, I'll let him talk. I may not even say something, but when the hammer gets dropped, it's going to get dropped decisively because this there's too much at stake here to soft paw this like a kitten. Now this is where we go in. Let's all, let's get it all out. Let's air it all out. And then people can decide. Just so you know, Warren, if you come on here and you prove to me that there's a problem, I will rip you to shreds just as quick as I would anyone. But until that time, we're friends, and we were going to try to fight this together. And this is the truth. The truth has to come out. I don't care who it is. Our allegiance is to each other, to America, not to the citizens of the nation. We're the greatest tribe in the history of the world because we unite all the tribes. We unite them all of America. That is the promise. That's it. And we stand for each other's rights. We stand for them. We don't snipe at each other. We shouldn't. We should go for truth. Truth is, Ford Museum is Kissinger Museum. Go look at it. Tell me I'm wrong. And you know what? If they change it out, which they did, they kept attacking the channel today to all of them. I don't care. I've got it all. Because I go and I don't listen to these idiots in the news. I go and I figure it out by myself. You know, it's like that's the way it is. crazy what was going on with your channel by the way like totally nuts yep And so, yeah, everybody was commenting on it, like on all the different socials, like, like on Facebook, it was talked about on Twitter. It was talked about on, like on Telegram. It was talked about like on signal. People are talking about like, what, like what the hell's going on with the podcast is crazy. So like everybody saw it, you know what I mean? It's really, it was real. It went down. And I'm going to give everybody the permission out there. You can use any words you want around Donna Brandenburg. You will not offend me. It's up to you. I may not agree with the words you're using, but I don't care. That's the freedom of, again, the greatest tribe. Well, you want to know the stupid thing about it? As I sit there and I listen to these hypocrites talk about, it's hypocrites. You know, if Jesus was here, he'd call us all a bunch of hypocrites. Because they've got cable on. They've got all this cable crap on. And they're watching murders. They're watching rapes. It's like there's a murder on about every, you turn on any network or anything. It's all fearful. It's, it's every, every two seconds you're looking at somebody that's getting murdered. You're seeing abuse. You're seeing, this is a hit job on our psyches and to tell us that this is okay. And I don't necessarily believe, but you want to know something. Anybody says, Oh, they hurt my feelings with a word. You got cable in your house. Then you're a hypocrite because you are giving a lot. Yeah. You're watching these movies. You're watching these movies. Don't tell me that you disagree with this because I can tell you right now that almost everybody that's out there that's watching this is watching soft core porn on cable. They're watching it on satellite. They're listening to these words in their homes and their kids are hearing it. Don't tell me they're not hearing it. There's a separation between the spirit and the flesh, you know, and we've let it, and we've let that divide grow. Yep. You know, we're not, we're not, we're not, And we're bearing the fruits of that in our society, in our civil society. Well, I really appreciate, and I have to say that I thought you were a very, very classy guest. You sat there and listened. I'm sorry for that. Yeah. Well, he wouldn't let me talk in the beginning. It was crazy. You know what? But it's okay. Even if we do that, even if somebody attacks that, if you watch me, a lot of times I'll just sit there and I'll listen. I don't even say a word. I will not even respond to somebody who is an idiot for most of the time because I'll get my licks in later. You just wait. I'm just, I'm like taking my time to plan their demise right there. And that's the thing of it is, is that I'll listen. And as I'm listening, if you're, if you're watching me not talking, I'm planning their demise because that sounds like That is, that's exactly what's happening. The demise will come and I'm sitting there planning it and I'm not backing down. So let's take a look at the Kissinger chap again, or the, the, the Kissinger museum. I think it was great. It's not the Ford museum. It's Kissinger museum. And there's, there was everywhere in the, everywhere. Kissinger was there everywhere. He was everywhere on all the pictures. He was the shadow president. You bet he was. he sure was it's just like people don't know that people don't understand how that all how that all took place it's a really weird time and with with nixon and assassination of kennedy earlier and everything else i mean that was that was the coup d'etat that happened with with the military industrial and the intelligence complex back then and now 40 years later we're all we're all reaping what was so so far long ago right We're in the same spot. They've been able to grow unchecked and we've been slumbered in our sleep and lulled to our simple existences that are just creatures of convenience. Oh, I want fast food. Everything comes to my fingertips. Oh, I can just comment on social media and that's doing something. No, you need agency and action. Yes. And you've got it. You got to get in the fight. But anyhow, I thought that, you know, you sitting there and being interrupted at the beginning, it's not an OK thing. I mean, nobody was paying. Well, that that that was not. And I understand why you were angry, because you were being basically silenced. You can't just go on and mow over someone. You have to give them time to talk. and sit there respectfully. Whether you agree or not, you don't go into a Jerry Springer mentality to attack and refuse to let them talk. They have to talk. I stayed silent so he could say everything he wanted to. It was a very classy thing. I hope that we can go forward and never go into attack because I don't appreciate attacks, even though you were angry. I get it. People... react the way they do it. And it's a practice thing to hold composure under all circumstances. And so, but it's a normal human reaction to react when you're being attacked. And it's like, and that there was a clear onset of an attack there because, and it was, it was disrespectful. And it's like, you know, we, we can do this. We can do this. Honestly, we can do this without going into an attack mode and acting, you know, And, Jerry, we can go back and forth. We can bounce back and forth. Oh, so somebody said Kissinger is Epstein. So, question. So was Ford with a question. DeVos, then DeVos wouldn't be as surprised with a question. We're asking questions. That's it. There we go. And we need to have answers. That's what we're supposed to do. It's an incredible method. Yep. So that's where we're at, guys. So we did say our prayer here. And just so everybody knows, I'm going to be on with Lauren again tonight, whether anybody likes it or not. And we're going to talk about this report within the MIGOP because when you have a powerful lobby, lobbying should be illegal. You cannot have lobbies. We should not have PACs that take money from anything other than individuals. Period. The system is so out of whack that you can't even justify one step in this thing at this point in time. PACs are evil. And so if they're accepting money from dark money funds, if it's a PAC that they're taking money from the individuals and they're deciding they want to get together and fight, they've got the right to do that. But I don't like the fact that any of these corporations are... where we are out there being funded through economic warfare. I mean, that's what they've done. When they took all of our corporations and put it under Citizens United, they gave it... The rights of a person that our corporations, our people, they've never enforced antitrust. They've never done anything the right way. And they continue. And this is every one of them in the seats needs to be removed and never allowed to hold office again. Never again. It's in the parties the same thing. I don't like Matt DiPerno as an as an option. I've seen too much failure there. I do not like and I've got the right to my opinion. It's my opinion. I do not like anyone that was part that was standing with Ron Weiser and Sean Maddow. I do not like him. They have disqualified themselves for office due to due to their up more and start coughing. He'll be back on. due to their abject failure. I do not like either side of this. We have to get back to having people who are just true people as Americans fighting and fighting this forward. Let me see if I get Warren back on again. I think he started coughing. See if it come back on. Oh, lost him. So that's okay. We'll come back on eight o'clock tonight. This has been a long day for everyone. And just to let you know, heart and hands, God's in charge of this. He's just got some pretty beastly warriors on the ground right now. And this is who are actual adults who are willing to fight for this nation. So anyhow, if you're feeling alone, you're not. There's a lot of us that are really good people that are fighting. And we're playing fifth generation warfare out there. This is not child's play anymore. And we're going to continue to go forward. So with that said, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Help us spread the truth. And you can ask me any questions you want. And it's a safe, this is a, this is a place where your questions, your opinions, the things that are important to you are and will be honored. And even if I disagree with you, I will honor you with listening to you. And I think that this is a very, very important process. So have a great day and come back. Come back tonight at 8 o'clock and bring friends. There will be a different link for it. This link will be gone as soon as I leave the broadcast. And so we will be generating a new link. Please watch my Telegram channel, Telegram Gathering Truth Social, and make this thing go viral. Let's get this report out there because we need to see what's out there. And then we're going to question Warner, Norcross, and Judd. Jason Ikes is going to be on Wednesday, who has questions there. No one gets a pass. Everyone can be questioned. Have a great day. Make it so. And make the right decisions. You know what's right. God's given that to you. Do the right thing under all circumstances. And you're going to be one of the heroes that stands at the end that God's going to say, You did it. You did what I asked you to do. You stood for the good purposes as we bring about and fight for God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It's our duty, our right, our obligation, and our job. Have a great day, and I'll see you tonight, 8 o'clock, Brandenburg News Network. If Rumble still crashed, if we broke Rumble, come back here at, and we'll be live at 8. See you later. Bye-bye.