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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/5/2023 - John Tatar and Tim Cramer

Published Sept. 5, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fifth day of september twenty twenty three whyiyou would think that it would be a little bit cooler to day but in michigan i still got my little mister adress sweater on her but it's actually pretty warm out this morning and i think that this is the last big hero for her weather so to day is tattooed bring on my body john toand then i have after don tetricas going to be out on a i don't know if you know me come cramlet me let me quickly bring him up here a mentose you can see him morbecque i think you're going to get a bag out of him i like to rameri think tmesis apett pretty amazing guy and i got a chance to meet him at the michael and all even so i thought that we bring him on to daisy's got a unique perspective and i enjoy i enjoy talking in very much for let operatingand that those that turned their back on trumpeter twenty well they won't do the same i beg to differ how do i know what because editorthat or rothenburger an kep showed up in corchado put even wear the shirt questo holdernesse he oalas nelsonhooper oftomatoes thoracometer down to asatorino orinocowith colin he said the goceano no one i would not the enteredfound wearer deteriorate the look bowesreceives probaveritis stand withersoever discorides party is reported on evanescent suretiesiron which was on his sore what is that a man is not of the longer stoorenis georgians petricolasa your officer owttereste in rivatoin bring on to my first gasterini o'clock in the morning and what what time is it moisan girls it is tattered to this day worington how you doin i'm doing good having nearly got it's john tatersale i told this so so this sole sound effects then you've a somebody's unreached to be here i think there are riots sahooreea ever good weekend i had a great weekonly look like you got your house ah getting more set out more and more i i i'll have an office before i was pocetes at table this is now my new office let's call soapstones this nice lots o light that's cool well in were we going to go this morning because i know we talked about before we got on the morning lobethan a masked man dates and such that there's the the wherewhere at a icitia a critical stop here in our nation i really believe that i think you do too that gallerygregorie's tried to contact her ah let just last week after this thing out in this article came out and i'm going to see if i can get her on here to talk cause i think she does really good job what what's your opinion on haltings are going right now why i'm fairly confident that we are heading in the right direct i believe that we are good make a change that changes coming we have already exposed by for the criminal that he is and hunter and now tomaso target upon my michael a rumour has it that michael is going to be replacing by don running fore and i think trump wants that because then trunk can expose who michael is and who am who obama is and then of course that'll to clinton and sorrel slice ilisha comforted that were in the right direction it's a slow process but like i say again you on being in the military for thirty one years stand the process of war this is not a word shooting bullets as a war information and the information wars never fast always it's because you don't have a dead body to show in a like it with if we had a bullet war we were shooting at people and were killing people you have a different kind of situation this is a war of informe and of course we took a while for of the white hats trunk team or who every one to call to get there platform so they can demonstrate and show what the truth is or the other side of the story but the problem that we've had over time is that they've had the deep state has he had been under control of the whole system for many many years and we expect trunk to walk in and four years and bone in work that now and it's the i heard so many times people say it over and over what he should ha gotten in there and got better people around him and it's like who's a going to choose for all have you have you actually looked at the cast and crew of freestone in our political offices who is he going choose from there wasn't there it was a process of going through here figuring out just how egregious crimes were going down to the very last person who committed treason and or crimes against humanity and i've got a pretty good idea that when he said we caught on we caught him all this been going on a lot longer than even president trump was in office i i think that the surveillance on this nation even including our elections has been going on for a lot o now say twenty years maybe fifteen years tensefor kennedy because kennedy also used of the machine to get himself he he he and they understood i mean but sometimes you got to play the game in order to get in in a position to actually change things i own one i i have a problem with it you don't i'm pretty pretty straight forward with everything but i also know that war is not a clean it's not clean and you've got spider so spy going on all the time john john ferguson was on last week and he's he's a he does the drone work he's got a drone company and works on the border and such the heath he's in the same circles some of the stop dogs okay on make no mistake he and he brought up a point last week that i thought was fairly interesting and something we probably should also talk about it's about the tunnels and the fact that any son et he said they're all tunnelling under the united states there is tunnels everywhere and if you if you don't believe that there is a three hundred million dollar tunnel felt from wall street to chicago to shave off three nano seconds in order to increase the stock trade speed if anybody believes that you cannot fix that kind of stupid they had two thousand people that they were employing to do this tunnel three hundred million dollars will buy you a tunnel to shave three now that is not that is not realistic and not only that they didn't need a tunnel to do it they could have done it in a different way but they did a three million dollar tunnel so what's wrong with this pitcher a three mile hundred million dollar tunnel that in two complished something that they didn't have to do in that manner with two thousand workers so what was really going on there that's the question that we need ask in their needs to be their needs to be more questions that that that we need to ask about this but he said it in a johnsonthe countries are tongueing under our country were toning under other other countries who knows what's really going on in those tunnels down there but we do know that there was an awful lot of money spent on underground warfare training in our military i wouldn't doubt it i don't know i wouldn't doubt it oh that this kind of nonsense is going on constantly because those people in power are always trying to figure out a way to stay in power and take more power and take more rights and freedoms away from the public and so they are working on these different types of in all somebody comes up with the idea let's do this and they go right they go forward with so were we in to go or with a masked man dates first of all i think people in our country and i think a lot of em are waking don't think they're all low waking up he the still as some work people in the country but they need to know who they are we need to know who the responsibility and what the responsibility of government responsibility of government is according to the declaration of independence to protect our life liberty and that's their entire hunt to protect our health from whatever source they can consider protecting they have no what thority to do they have no authority to force us to where a mass and or to get a face but we have to know that i i know that they're not going to force them as on me no matter what they do in their not going to force a a job i mean no matter what the he contrived the contrivement scare me but they they're not going to scare i believe in god not in the man not in man making these decisions and i believe my body is got the proper equipment to fight any kind of virus or whatever they want to call it no don't even by the firstin so you have to know who you are first of all if you don't then you follow whoever is leading you and whoever you think is the leader or believes first of all those people in lancing are not the leaders their represented that includes the executive which here she is a sirpintine she represents our well in our desires that's all she is no authority to lead anything or anybody neither do i legislators have any authority to lead anybody the legislation legislators can get together and make a law based on what we require or we want but that's all the authority that they have so when the executive branch comes out with some kind of law rule regulation or mandate that we were massed they don't have the authority to do since i know that she can't give me that he'll i ran around without a mast everywhere nobody bothered so in and like i was wearing my trope handled expecting somebody to say something negative so we could get into a conversation never i only got i like your hat so i mean i don't get it people are are either totally brained dad and they want to follow somebody they have to have somebody to follow because they don't know that at seven o'clock they got to get up in the morning and her breakfast and somebody's got to tell him to do it or the other person that is self regulating self guiding self governing can do that on his own without help of the people that are in washington and lansac the reason that there in washington and lansing is the prevent us from running the government we don't want to do that i want to go sit on the beach drink my peter callotin have a pen or collate whatever or sail my sebow that's what i wanted you're in landing and i hired you to go to lansing to do work for me i understand who i am and i understand who the when you do that then you realize that people like to see these or they there not even a governmental organization we didn't elect them we didn't put him in orle they somehow got in office made up some organization sorrow's probably paid for we don't know i don't care if you rigilations you can put anybody in place i don't think we've had a choice for a very very long time i real i really don't i think our votes i think our boats have been so rigged that i don't know if they've ever counted i know we that they didn't count the twenty twenty two election of the twenty twenty one election and so now you know i think what we what we have to do is we've got a proactively take that power back and kick their sorry buts to the curve the people that have committed treason in office casthanaia yeah i don't think kick that buckshot e cure i think hanging them would be well ye that that's that's a as what you wanted to say that that i want to say now that they ought never poteetnete face what they've done they have committed treatment treason comes with a unrecoverable penalty and you know what you know what there and there's there's more to this than that the amount of crimes against humanity that had been created in this nation with through through just just its shocking tree treason is treason as a i mean that's that's a hipshot but the next thing we need to look at is the crimes against humanity that have been committed because i'm to tell you what they have allowed their fithchit the human traffic and go on in the state to an in ways that most people can't even get their heads around a ninety four is the corridor in michigan is the main corridor and a a i'mi'm finding out more and more information every day they do through many people that i taught to that probably have information on is the these people they know what's going on here they absentation about it they're doing nothing thereto nothing there there's the most yeah it's a there's siller complicit i i mean i heard it i heard it straight from for mary flynn when we were talking about it how they are how they are moving kids in the trucking company that you know in the dog the will be used the kids and they'll have mennatural r they drop it and then another another truckle pick it up in the moon the town the street further where these kids going well i hate to say it but if you've got a an international crime syndicate with people that are the highest the highest rated value is children either for sex for blood or for organs or for i sat there cannibalize in on em you we we know this is going on the proof is there and in it's like it's like an we know it unless these guys are completely and utterly stupid or i can't believe that they've done nothing effect is like our elections there doing nothing there sitting on the seats which means that their nines began out on this soft which means that there they have to be complicit in it girls there are in spain that the truck drivers themselves know what their cargo is and they continued to do what the yes struck drivers are the ones that are i do committing the crime too sore there that i was told now i'm not going to say that that's every truck driver out there but there's enough of and they're good at hiding hiding things there there really really good and hiding things i've been looking around the state of michigan its spots were there actually you know where work were kids are and a trying to figure out where where there were the going with them in such but this is the huge problem see the the the the child productive services of lost over eight hundred and fifty thousand kids a year without a trace where all these kids going cross the border they're gone without a trace you can't you don't like ropelike so our aunt in and they're not they're not protecting our border it's not just about her elections this is about a global sex trade and trade of human beings and i you know abstineas just the tip of the iceberg to right and so so every single one of these people from top to bottom have been involved in this short drop sudden stop all of them it it has to we cannot give any quarter to any of this i anywise talking about it treasons been committed but also st just horrible horrible crimes against humanity you know i i will believe that part of the abortion issue is the fact that if if they can if they can say that they they taken out a late term of word to baby i think these babies are dead when they take my think your solemn out probably could be so but i don't know you do now all of markets held so as looplets go back on to the mandates unless you want wolstand this topic for while i'm a little pistol about this right now i had i had thought in ation come forward that that i found it it's like it's like you know the wind you don't not even half go looking for it and find you a for a little bit of war and you don't turn it back on it you know so back to the side c which is the non governmental organization who are they we don't even once you ser hers here nobody they have no authority and no governing power and even if they gave the sign they could give us it's bogus for and are illustrious governor has no authority to use anything that they had force a gas mask mandate but we know why they're doing the we know that a white people masked up so when the riots start the masked people can be there and they can he struck one the river well look what look at auntieand be a lame did you know that all these thugs thugs out there was a mask the great thing is is that our or wonderful or wonderful military and the good guys that are of therehussars them too to infiltrate back and agnetta's a really important thing to remember they can go ahead to have all the plans they want but that doesn't mean it's going to work and a lot of times are evil schemes can be used against them and that even the bible talks about it the bible is very clear that that god will take anything that sate means for evil and turn it around to something good so we can rest you know even the easethan you we can rest a with with assurance that god the god is still in control we don't have to be afraid of a thing and but what what we do have to do as we have to stand on wave and if all we must there on wavering they they costerwomen ten thousand of one minimus if we all stood on wavering and such yet not just now but how no you're not goin tell me do you go ahead and rock me what are you to do when you are rest all of us i don't think he'd rest all of us because all of a sudden the people that are feeling coerced in the the seeds of law enforcement such that are the marginally good or good are going to say this is here stand and without that they happened in france exactly i believe that people need to have their minds straight as to what we're doing and where we going if you believe in god and if you believe in the cosmos that if you have a good father a bad thought of ever good thought and you perfect and you project that good thought it will happen if you have bad though it will it will also happen for you so you have the project the good the the problem that i have with a lot of people that are out on the news media circuit internet wherever you want to call are all talking glooming and that's not or were he no one hundred per cent positive we are headed in the other directed there's not enough people that understand that and there's not enough people that are willing to stand for that that we're heading in the right the here i think you and i are colonel like my grow out there we we don't mind the dirty jobs of going down the seward finding out where the plugger you know and in order to fix it that that's why we go through that's why i go through all the negative stuff here though too is that i want to look at him and find out why it's not working so we can fix it and never have come back again you can't just put a bandage on quite honestly we cannot continue to throw money at the system and expected to work it's a bandit it's never in a work with more money it it just makes the system work if we throw more more software problem i'll kill you as make it work is that the problem with the with the amount of software surveillance we have gone on right now you don't put more on it to fix it you have to cut it away is like the keep wantin to do more lots more laws more laws more rules well why don't we just get rid of the old ones that are working and going back to what work you know that nullification remember that the money system that we have that we use that's world wide for yes i understand you can go out and buy a a large color whatever you want it by with that piece of paper but it's and i looked at as i'm thinking i'm going through the gas station for example to buy i came for gas and i pull out a piece of pie at my pocket scounule on and i'm using that piece of paper with a number on it to buy a product that actually useful like gallant again can gallons gass or whatever so i'm saying it all to me doesn't make any sense how you could trade a piece of nothing for something of value and we've been doing it for years just don't even think about it but people need the start thinking about that process and that's why when i send to to the government specially when i got on it goes through the court asked the girls report near the toe i send them be or i send them packing pen or paper clips or whatever because that's that that's got value pepper that i would send them or the critic or danesmoor this has no intrinsic value it just had value in the brain what's what's in the mind so my mind says peter cliffs have more value than those and so that's why that's what you're getting you mister or mister astor whoever you are because i have more value in this pit you can use this paper clip you can't use that piece of paper for that's the reason we're in this because we have on this funny money is and they can just turn the printing press on and create as much as they want or make digits on the computer to buy your hall and call it a mortgage it's a digit and then they can take your home away from you because you didn't pay them back the diet because you have an hour twice as hard to pay the digits because you have interests they didn't give you that interest in that's so labor that so that the whole system is upside down and backwards that's why we asked to go back to a sound money said which are founding fathers stated way back when that was golden sole and we have to go back to a real honest money so so they can't inflate it as they all we got to pay this sky of printing others three million dollars cadire that all they get out anything they just cortonian or value becomes a lesson he let me ask your question about this because i i done some research in the different topics and you look at what happened with the automobile industry and the energy and dusty you you realize that if if we had free honored you would probably wouldn't have to have any any monetary system whatsoever cause people could be able to make what they need it and you know they could make what they need a local so the energy and dependence that you look at tennessee which is got the chiefest energy for tenetheri down there that's why i loved the corporations are going through tennessee lesseillon can look into this further honestly and in further dissection they started making it illegal to distil alcohol the selache the do they have a constitutional right to do that no they don't they overstepped but look what they did through these through this a limiting our rights in that one farmers used to be able to distill their corridor anything else in alcohol and they could run at them out of monte will run on straight alcohol whatever you put anything through it well now we got to tie down the the automobile industry not only we tied down the the industry to power or vehicles and to be able to self power on a local level and there zeroooo pint when you do like say sacracen whatever in what do they do they add it back into the petrol products with athena is ridiculous they can do it but we can't and then they tied down the automobile and ostreas you got to be able to pass the stupid insurance rules and ordered to get a plate prepare in order to drive on the government wrote in order to buy the government regulated fuel in order to buy and the system the whole system is screwed up in it starts with these death by thousands and that's what really needs to that's it really needs to be reversed and the nation if we if we were able to go back to em the freedom that we should that we have under the constitution and get rid of all the other regulation and the subversive activities that they've had going on through the corporations ah we would be a lot better shape than i mean this is the first seneshals the what is it the of the oath india the indian trading company was to essentiating c company is it easter was archias his son the a trading company they they don't everything they actually had the power for the british empire then they took they took it over so it's nothing new would do the same thing again we will continue to do it until the people in the country wake up and give back to me an under god and realising that we have to go back to one nation under god instead of know instead of everything is to mean anything to me be met that i think that appropriate thing is the plan that tobe keith a son you know what about me oh because it's a that that's where the nations gone and so we really need to get back to that and i think that's the last step taken the nation back is to pull all these old people on the out of the system that are or really just using it for themselves that's what all of the jonderquists and the the racial equality cramp isn't to get free crept on the government understand that those woke systems such as the palm and antiphon the whole crew goes are brought on by gore sure if people like sorrows that one toppled the government and bring us into one world that's they want to bring us into one world order and make us all slate the whole people that follow it i just stood they don't understand what's going on they're not paying attention they are listening to their so called an ominous the quotation marks leaders because they're not leaders there bunch of slime balls but the whole people are not paying attention to these he or or paying attention to these because they don't have a mind of their own and that's the biggest problem that we have when we went through the educational i suppose to get minds of our own open the brain get the brand and that's why they called it commencement right that didn't mean once you got her ice school diploma you were done it meant that you were once your guts or ice school diploma you had the tools to go out and start learning what the world was but the people in general believed that in like might diploma i got my degree so that by my doctor to green that's all i have to know and you don't have one so you can't compete that's the nonsense that we have been then set over our life that is because he got the degree solon telligent spent four years in college polylepis half rater and you got the piece of paper that makes you some makes one the tools by which you need tone to operate continued to to and those people that have there lifetime after high school in seine i've got everything i needed to know there's nothing else i need the that's the problem that we have because they've allowed those people that are in power posts that we put there as we didn't know any better those people to control our lives that's not what this world is all about that's not what a miracle was all about america was about the people controlling their own line running their own organization a governing themselves the teching and servicing themselves that's what it was all not letting some leader in tell us what to do and where to go and how to do it how some puppet i don't think we have leaders i think we have puppets and the yeah we're kind of the pope by the way i am seeing a truck pole in my back yards and makes particare in a moment done at to get gathers out as new house no not gathers the other guards you go to gateguards eh that's downhearted he lost trees are on there to do just so you can have it problem maybe he won't bother me but maybe i'll get right to work and then bother me he you would have his hose let's go back to this o this gallery port here and you know the ssistance tore authority this can also be applied to of how do you how do you take this and you kate apply this to what is their planning for the state of michigan united states district judge catherine hameless ordered in campoflorido that masanath succeed the secstate tory authority the judge stated in her ruin it is indisputable that the public has a strong interest in combating the spread of coponie and pursuit of that the cdc issued the mass manathe mandate is exceeded the ecstasy and properly invoking the good cause exception to notice and comment making and failed to adequately explain the decisions because our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in the pursuit of desirable and the court declares unlawful and vacates the mask mandate now let's go down their further a minute look it let me interrupt you for second if i can what authority does number one does a governor and or mayor have to override the first amendment zero cyril when not her authority to do this and the state of in the state constitute has the same right as the federal one there is no governmental authority to allow that to happen to override those and a muse in the wrong terms god given rights protected by the cost forgive me ah so here's the here's the question if the governor governor mayor cannot do that because we know that it would be a violation of the first amendment we also know that according to down persisted sections never never any soil and we've got over that many time hence the condition is never suspended and our freedom and rights are based on what authority do we have to follow by our governor that has that is attempting to override the first amendment and furthermore why do we even have one to ask the cord he tell the governor that it's an unconstituted if we are just going through where us on the system to fight the system which we shouldn't even be paying ten so here's a question if we have em could you write out a one page article lesse article or case that we could publish that when they start doing these mandates we can say carries around the an show it to him i know like the i did not act already did that for the facts the vaccine do i have that oh that was something i do involved in this thing the after the vaccine force back on the thousand men i yeh i was doing i was writing like a religious exemptions as minister i was writing religious exemptions arrange you know we can do that but but with all this stuff i mean i think that this is a you know we need to be prepared and get in the fight beforehand instead of reacting i think we need tell them he had a time what's not going to happen that they tell us to do i'll weekeverything together i think i've already got it together i'll send it to you in bed it's like eight pages that's a gay if you send to me to day there'd be great i can then i'm not at all not have my big compote it'll come yet before see what happens says i'm running on an old system on my old computer which i liked windows a window seven does not does not have wife so no got a connect the computer the house is on i didn't want why i but i don't have a chance to fix that he i'm wantin of hard wire to want to get rid of the wife i life eyes the winged all eyes once their practice to we had a company that came in and put a put into not in an our neighborhood or earth bibroces and i published their contract that that they were basically saying that they have rights to every single thing you transmit over that five rateable and they have the right to republish it under third parties yet as this is why any one whose other signing contracts on thought oread it because all of these media companies are basically taking rights to anything that you have published and sang that is now theirshow if you said anything over that five rotates read it and i had somebody else review it too who's got a pretty decent knowledge of concontractors type things and they the same thing they said they ineffectiveness and we have the right to everything i said we don't own it but they've got the right to everything that sleichertown which means that they own everything you put out over this over this the connection and so should be very disturbing to any one and another reason why we have to read contracts at with that hat don't don't sturges click acceptorum because you may get tied into this in ways that you cannot that don't have an undated that are without limitations and a really your signing your life away we'll get in the contract some day in the future but the that's another whole ball game that we have to remember if it's not disclose properly if it's hidden on reclaiming as are misleading then it's snowing for it for so and at those contracts can be now in boyd in fact i can always and this is a on merriman verses you ask i think that basically says if a contract is not clear and is ambiguous it always goes against it always goes in favor of the person that signing the contract not the one that got nor case out that the several of then i actually used against the eternal reverend for their violations of not clear low their violations of laws that were miss leading and in so far they so far their standing so far nobody's bothering me internecione away as far as he the coming down i beat him up with it they want to go to cork with that act turn left last night at his will on a few times don't it's right all you got to do is now your right and and be able to exercise the and that's the post for years and years when i was teaching history and or government i was telling them and in fact even hope condone i was telling his if you don't know you're right you goin have if you don't know what the constitution is you don't have a case if he has to get and the fond yourself against the the the right stated in the constitution of guaranteed by the constition you don't have rights that's right at all is so coponex ect the government he say oh we can't step on that right the government's second the judicial system isn't going to do that because they're all corrupt they want to take those rights he saw your stupid and you don't know you're right you don't have any right learning the constitution studying that in understanding what it means when it says that congress shall make no law establishing the right of freedom of religion that means no law to amass mandate on somebody who can't say he have to be back seated in an order to its religion no no no no no said no law that's the federal and state so when witnesses we're going to institute the mandate no no no you can't do that i have a first the mandment the first amendment protects my god given right freedom of religion i just can't and if it would be good to have it in writing when when you gets stopped by police officer in a police so not wearing your mask and you say and if he will convinced that lot of police officers don't know what they're doing either because they are only taught to give tickets they're not taught about what the laws in the that we live in a republic they don't know that because they're not talked there in the in a lot so many people sell out like the sheriffs we had very i'm not on to mention how many people i think it's that or constitutional sheriffs of the state with there's not many and ah you know they they they people get into these entrenched careers and such and they it's it's all about keeping the status quo as they don't want to lose their pension they don't want to lose their benefits they don't want to the silent all of a sudden the line starts to move on what they're willing to do or not do and i think that that's one of the biggest problems we have as people refusing to take a stand on the little thing if you can't take a stand on the little thing you're sure sicknothing to take a stand on the big things let me read a couple of things to john of the patois in the excellent interview with john help her about the election morning charlotte cake queen ood morning and shares the slack in his with a one is one that needs to remove or voted out she uses the system for her inter families walk a lot of them do she also signed it and what did they bathes and as that they signed and base long what is the india at the signing are they sing with andie of that i was told about not talking about the elections and such olshausen in districts seven living on how area had a board commissioners meeting where if they take coalbed nineteen money we added a less to protect we the people freesias of seeds and the government i've heard they met they all signed an de understand that if public functionary has no authority to sign an indian why because they're working for the public so their working for the public they cannot be they cannot hide any information it's all publicans but they don't know their job while what was really sad is that when i went for the electronic pulled back in by her own town ship the clerk said it was gone and that they had no information therefore she sought it that they therefore they had to do to have destroyed the boning information for the twenty twenty two election before the the months that they had to keep it the twenty two or twenty four months and as finalism it it is and there do at any way but they were told by the board of elections that they were not de talked to anybody and that they were so serositis wishes something round a thumbed and i said well then i want the information on homeshe goes well there is it's empty and i'm like who liked it she's like will nobody wiped an i will somebody wiped it of your colimital empty and you have nothing and you gave everything to the county in that went to the state and so you have nothing here that means that they destroyed election data in loss they can explain it to me differently that's exactly what it was that all his happening here and if it happening there it's happening all over the place and you'll look at all the creppits coming out of oscian i've got some real questions about this because it didn't stop and mesquite that the gateway pointedness rily their ongatahattoni it out there but they're not one of the one source that i would say one hundred per cent is accurate they were the ones that called me billy in her down to brain andbritish one of the wondershe's horse craftiness with the stroke of a pen on gateway one a billionaire not now close i mean it was it was so stupid it was a bonny so we have to question even what's coming out to gateway pond you know why did they step over it crisis the one that did all the research he was one to the research and then all of a sudden fellow hammered and a morisco comes forward and set it becomes the saviour of the state after they've been on the elect the the election committee for the publican party who did nothing in the twenty twenty election and all of a sudden there the you know the there stand out front chris chitlish uld have been once standing out in front he's on the did the investigation by all havers i guess it's i guess like jesus said of the real if there on our side and were fighting together that you don't be out of me of my of my enemy is my friend in this incense ah i don't want to jump process here talk about something else but i didn't did you hear that the mi geopeliin themselves hardy he other call themselves accountsthats party they have never stood on the constitution one day it's all marketing well thefather is that we as the us taxpayers wanted to change armythe a party in the sidenote so outran is that all figuring out or did they plan this way before the ay before this time period that they were going to change the miguelete and they didn't want to that at that same time i don't know this this is all of a sudden time wise doesn't make as very well sam just thrown that out for you i think they're doing a distinear et in capacity or high cone you don't mean because you know it's like it's like if they if they are allowed to change their name to the constitution party when we are the michigan affiliate the u s textes parties and mischnaioth national taxpayers are the the constitution party stated miss can refuses to allow us to change our name the notes set thereon in lancing instead of doing what we the people want and helping us to facilitate it no we're not going to let you change your name to match the constitution party nationally which all the other states of one there like if you do that you're going to have to get all the signatures you're going to have to start a new party and get ballot accus glad obleeged they're not allowing a change or any oranienstein you know now and it's like it's like you can't you we'll talk about that one later he covets like it's like to find any one that has got to do anything is like harder than finding the magical unicorn or an honest person sitting in a political seat the hindoos i don't want em to be by him and i do too but there's not enough people then who that will jump on ward into anything of self sin they just go to their they go to their little groups and they sit there and they bite the full time that they are not willing to do anything and they don't any better so mores or they do well that's typical behavior of the american the daniel think he's going to take your toll in mount down to get anybody move and i've been praying honestly i've been praying for this for this is entire system just just a flat line it's going to get it it has to that's the only way we can fix it everything has to go down once we tear everything to were i going to tear it down god's ontario's got tears everything down then we can rebuild on indolentthe systems fail entirely of bismillee we're going to be continuing to put mandatorially going to tear it down were got so i hid i want to because there's a organisat there's much people out there that believe that god's got everything under control we don't have to do anything wants us to he'll help us he will be our guiding light in our angel in our back pushing us in that there we have to do we of to get off to and we have the make the god yet we have not yet works without faith works without the faith is dead and it's like people can say all i believe i believe i believe in and they set home and they do nothing that's not what it says at all it's like you know if you really believe in something you've got to get off the couch and you got to do something and in were where at that point right now and you know it it's really it actually is very easy to make a difference now because her selfe people do in it you don't it's like we osowice publishing all the crimes of the republican party because the democrat parties were itout there in the open you don't have to try too hard without when they do it to themselves but the republican party in my opinion is far more dangerous than the democrat party because their virtue signaling every one and cluentians with their little clmentine it's at this point one it always see his political cutsother there's there's no personal responsibility skoilin this call or i'll join that called and i think that's a closest thing were not going to be able to do a perfectly so we continue to have the bandits try to fix a system it's just it's it's not working it isn't it is absolutely not working and it is in so it's going to it's going to take all of us to get up you know he is not domingo's like his is just that it's like one we're going to have to get together and we're going to have to fight together and stout of these fragmented little groups that that have fallen satinette top if is if a group has got a bunch of felons side the top and they refused to come clean on their financial mismanagement i just saw i jes saw something that some up whistle blore gave to me this he's a a a in organization called si story tellers that was put together and here let me tell replotted the exactly what happened here story tells that was formed and where where a man i asked in tennessee why in tennessee because they've got the least amount of rules there ah mes lingerie purse her ah it was formed in tennessee when operating o promethean on that when we got four screens going at one time selene of course it doesn't come up when i want to bring it up you're he is going to take me veterinary i'm but they what they did as they they formed is called story tellers and then it went on to her and power another organization made in power it was registered in florida and the nihassa es that show that some one involved in republican party michigan was involved in this and magically to point six million dollars disappeared from the root roll through the organization and i'm going to say it right now here because nobody is looking at the receipt the receipts for going for the web site for the amigo p they keep saying is like twelve thousand seventeen thousand dollars there looking in the wrong place seventy to seventy five thousand dollars was paid out for that for that saint sang that service and i know it was and nobody's asking for the receipts there asking for the paper work and so this is how that this is so they get away with us with this leading every one astray they there there hiding all of it and people are not asking the right questions to hold them accountable for what they're doing and there money laundering this state miningand like no other entity in the history of this world i'm convinced of it enters the state of michigan that's exactly what they're doing but nobody's asking the questions and there like oh we just love christine loved this for it's like the cult to personalities and set of that's great i'm glad you want to go on coffee with her then tasteto at her ability to run in organization to win tunteeton was a designated loser last time the gonado again they're going to do it again because they're going to say so these are your choice as you can but for the democrat or you can otettelichano worlds work can be gathered guys that's what's happening here so nobody wants anybody to win they have their selected comic candidate and is the only one that's going to get in and because they've rigged the elections so bad and we don't we don't take him to task and getting rid of these stupid machines if we can't get rid of the machines or both are never going to count the river i don't care how much digging we do i don't care home much we talk about election integrity i don't care how how you know and one i like talking about there's only one case in the state that's going after criminal prosecutions and that's locustan that which which scott on mis behind it's the only one that's goin after criminal prosecutions the rest of us let ospring more information for bring more information for pre and nothing happens why is nobody's goin after criminal prosecutions on this and in requiring them to come forward with it and so were just going to sit here in our little in our little betchasay the place getting of totilas that's all the capenates we go after those criminal prosecutions we cleaned out the swampedge rid of the machines we will never ever ever have an hoseling after this machinesand i rest my i can do case but i'm in a rest my case as we have a berneseinterrogatoryopen dead last oh yeah yeah absolutely michigan michigan is scraping the bottom of the pot here the bore of the barrel fit on feeder state as michigan topped cheerer of criminal criminal activity here interrupter human trafficking because we got all the islands and we've got the international poor they're trafficking kids out of this state like like confetti like the money toddiethat's going out of our nation michigan is the top of tapheth the and you know it's not pleasant to talk about it i'm sorry that's what adults do we taught out when we have it done for the calipee it is not pleasant but you want were going have to get in there like my roland do some dirty jobs and find out where we're the turrets are stock in the pipe not that we can clean it out and go forward and i really do believe that with all my heart i very much absolutely believed that sorrow in heine last words here just that we have our wednesday night soon again this one they come and out if anyone contact me and nor my full number seven three four in six eight four seven one five i may call me and i will connect you with our son and you'll get some knowledge about what he well in the great thing about you men i give you my my dinaplig here is that you don't you are probably ah the only one out there that i talked to and i taught to a lot of people who understands the constitution and the rule of law that i i don't have a lot of questions on which you say is everything you say something i might check things out but i'm not tell you what you are over the tire head like almost on the almost as my disclaimer here away and you know in its i really appreciate what you have to say because because there's there's when when we get into this the constitution and the rule of law no one is deenthe proper process out there to actually hold these people accountable and singleton be sought in a lawful legal manner their playing games and so i think that there's a sister behind behind everything i do believe that white hats aren't control but the ones that are doing it out their publicly in the state of michigan there playing games oh i think that election integrity force as a couple of people in there they are doing a good job but they even been enfiltrated they've got people in there that are that are not who they who they say there and you can see you can see the internal conflicts and they're just like in every single organization you've got to go with people not for culturstaaten to the information take in information and decide what are you going to do with that that's that's the that's only hope so anyhow with that schenonniaha concludes this episode of inertia you have a great week and we'll see you we'll see you next linnet went toosday so he re go gasometer that that video again and i want to introduce ah my next gasped which would be seegot to go back here and hold on em i tim cream or from creamer soth i like the sky metaminens i want a play this city on manitoulin just as a great estruction for a second opponent he won't do these i beg to differ how do i know what because enditement or ratenberg er an kep showed up and sharper you couldn't even wear a teacher no man corseint therford although harry corseting the twenty twenty four election to er saon gregson that those who turned their back on cropetorn twenty well they won't do the same i beg to differ how do i not well because editionfor rothenburger an kep showed up in gorchakov wear teeshie questioning there author eeeeeeoooooooow ooooooooooooooooooo tootootootootoot to what was the race of opoterodonta oppidoshavians called he became of lowenwolde wortherspoon prorompere in therese the pawishioners soplicaas poleersebet olisi locoedest crocadores republican evanescent which weston his sure what is that a man is not a letterendorsed ensis george's petroniothe charitysister and with that sad i'm going to bring on afraid here tim cramer that guy i hoouna story then i yet we met at the michael in that doll ofthat it were talking for a while but i didn't you know of course were to talk in his people not this kind of thing you know and i went and oh you're that y how cold is that so welcome how were you i'm doing well how are you doing done fancy asked in fancy as tic i am whim really excited to talk to you about this and and everything that's going on with you right now because you've got quite an extraordinary story i thank you so much are we are we've got her toes and just about everything right now ah including social media a working behind the scenes trying to to rectify what happened twenty twenty for those people who say that nothing ever going to happen while nothing's ever going to happen unless you join us obliterate fumeterere is that a winding the green room there that these people that complain without wanting to do anything that they expect to everybody else to do the heavy lifting i keep saying things i'm speaking up for my freedom dat i couldn't care about your freedom i couldn't care about your liberties i'm standing for mine now if you're going to stand for yours i'll stand side by side but i defend my own liberties my own freedoms and that's what people have to understand it is that expecting some one else a politician or a big mouth to stand up and defend your freedom's for you is an american it's time that we start defending our freedom's individually because their individual rights that's what that's what the constitution gives us or individual rights and individually we have to stand to defend those and raise our voice as there's a number of different ways to do that but if you're not raising your voice if you're not being allowed if you're not if you're not if people are recognizing you and saying to you thank you for what you're doing but i don't have what it takes it's your job then to show them i didn't have what it set i would just tired of it i was sick of i was ready to stand and i need you to join me we need our voices together that's what the geop has forgot the gopa is no different than the democrats he oh yeah there ought there working together and so ah you know i saw this is peace with my pence that came up over the week end where a lady confronted him about what happened on january sixth and she says well you didn't do what you had he goes don't this is what i hate about one i work in advertising marketing i own an advertising agency that's what we've done for forty years it's playing with words and how they play with words notice what mike pence never said is that what we were asking him to do on january sixth of sending the delegates the electors back to the states to confirm the certification they have a ten day window to do he my pen toises the same exact thing i abided by the constitution that's true he did he didn't do anything in constitution here in the way has ever done it before that no present no vice president had ever done what he was being requested to do nobody had ever done it then right after all that goes in soon as biting takes office what did the democrats go in and do what does the house going and do they go in and change the laws so that the vice president can never do that which as he always had the authority to do what he needed to do on january sick he's as much a traitor as the geop is right now i hear these men and women going around saying we're going to stand and fight for you they're doing exact same thing that they did four years ago two years ago where they stand up and they say we'll fight for you we'll fight for you will fight for you what we've seen done over the last three or four years they don't have the balls to fight they don't it may they keep talking about this and i'm right there where they've done nothing i have semination out of the republican party where they stood for the election this disedify it or make that right and may never have the never such a topresident transit all not on you the sound to make money and the muses name i've seen him use general finska i've seen him he's president trump's name but had they ever stepped in to help them now they're out there shooting as many you don't as lineariflia out of to aridosio else i can't stand the i cannot stand these talking heads out there we annowithout let's look at the foot those who are rotting in jail right now for january st that's why i created a cramer says not shop oh it's it's a t shirt a sails all the sails from this all of it all the proceeds herepresent i don't take anything i don't need the money right hundred percent are going to help support the families of jason i pay for the commissary paper legal bills and so on we've raised almost ten thousand dollars before our goals a hundred thousand dollars please reach out it's it's great quality to shirt there's a tin there by anything on the shop it doesn't matter and a hundred per cent of the proceeds whatever the prophets are hunted per cent goes off to the jasians these are the things that we can start doing is by showing our support the the deiopea abandoned these men and women who always wanted her jude was now that their vicounte in november that's all the january six was about we just wanted to ensure that our vote counted and what we were told by the gopas it does and we're not going to enter defended for yeah that these political parties i mean for washington warned against it from the beginning and all they've turned into a special interest selecting our choices it has to go through their betting process and their bedding processes all of it is with about money there is none of it about duty about being american about fighting for god family country nothing is she keep the star as crawl and to keep them in power rather than to have the power in the hands of we the people is a stumbling block and the thing is done it is that and i got to say you're you're previous guest was was on it and i'll go step further not only do they not have the back bone most americans don't have the backbone they don't have the intelligence any more to see what shape they listened to mike pence say well i did everything constitutional and what they anti call is telling the truth to make you believe a lie that's what my pence has been doing for the last few me or the last three years he's been telling you the truth to make you believe a lot he says i would not do anything to subvert the constitute it oneeither virtues signaling horns first wrought as the tide right and so it's me i did the right thing i did the right thing i would not do anything on constitution of what it was not in constitution it was so constitutional that they had to pass a law to make it unconstitutional for now on for the vice president to do that when you say it out loud my pincushun it off that that's nothing listen folks there lying to you with the true they say one thing and they want you to believe something else they're not going to lie to you out right pinchas going to lie to you out right then he'll tell you the truth in a way that makes you believe the lie for example it was not unconstitutional for him to do what he was going to do if it had been they wouldn't have to pass a law for it's time for people to start listening to what's being said and in what the intent of being said is as a pose to just listening to it and going lemmiten do anything constitutional so must have been constant constante that's the thinking that's what people do i sho so if that's the case and that's what mike as is going to do then we've got to tear of these the statements of part every one these politicians we got to tear it parteth they hate trop that's why they hate people like me and you donacas we say the true we don't bury it in some lie we say this is what happened and for that were called deniers i'm not a denier the election took place it was rigged that is or aggeneration ing the election it was a rig election they rigged the election to get in twenty two wee carried wake is still going through the same bull shedthat the trump went through and tore there's still in court takes days now do i one of these guys looking all the allthe factors all the numbers all the data and in i look at it the reason why at agency has been so successful as because we look at louis cot common denominator thinking louis lowesmoor commentator commented omitting and would that means is is that it is similar to achensee in that when you take all the the best most likely the common sin answer is going to be the there right now what we've got going on in the station down as we got people that are chasing conspiracy i oh my gosh now is cospiracy and they're not paying attention to what's happening right in front of their faces joe biden and the bit a ministration is actively suing for the right to end these types of conversations on social media but people worried about lasers from space burning up mole it's time that people get their heads out of this the rabbitholes i keep telling people that you know some point having your head buried in in a rabbit holds no different than having it buried in your own has and it's time for people to start looking at what's really happening as opposed to the conspirators i don't care i do not care about the copies series i don't care i'm looking what real men are doing the real actions that men and women write now are doing and with their telling us with their telling us is and i go way the time cossois told you will own nothing and be had that's what the beat w epis then we turn around and we find out that our leadership in both parts is listening to casca they're going to davos for the men erioration there why are our elected officials listening to one elected world ah leaders i guess i don't know i just rich people what are potentates said he again self appointed leaders exactly exactly because they're not leaders i didn't vote for them and here recently cauchoise and again these are real things that are happening in the real world not conspiracies what they've actually said what they actually done costolas talking to the co founder of google just a few days ago and in that conversation he says can you imagine a course on his rich austrian accents you know the janes bonvilles he says can you imagine a few where a i is allowed now to pick our leaders where we no longer have the problems of elections that i would have the predictive models available to say who the people would pay and so the a i would do it and we wouldn't have any of these situations that are happening in america right now were people are calling that the election was don't i just rap your head round with that man just said yes tis said that my email pick your leaders and you will sit there and have no choice and be happy and take it and take it go at or back to your lives you little peasants exhorted more way that's what he said you'll all nothing even your vote will be our that that important for people to understand so that that's what i look at when i'm looking at all the day of what real men are doing in real time with their saying and with her actions are not not some conspiracy theory about what may happen a what yet what could happen i looking at what's really going on the actions that people are taking you know words are one thing but actions are enough and i i wotte successful in anything that i have done your successful you know as well as i do that to be successful you have to take con your words me nothing action is what makes you so thatontarho your point of this whole this whole young you know there's there's a lot of conspiracies out there and i always say it takes much time minutes for a lot of it to come true however what i'm seeing people do which is really a prop case are getting led all over the place in all i got boltering and snows it is all of the stock if it amounts to fortunetelling you anton and i i really i look at him like good what are you doing were supposed to as christians believers in god is to let him worry about the future and not cold cut up in all this well you know i've got to know the next up what are you going to do to change it even if you know what's going to happen what are you going to do change were sagospelet my step by step in the desert god god led people step by step with a pillar of light roved they moved they didn't try to get out of it they didn't try to predict where the pillar polite when they just said we will follow where you were you asked us to be cause will screw it up as human beings were to flow anything that we get involved in a hat to time we will put ourselves in it and screw it up we ricuser handhere you goin if ixactly exactly so we have to lay things down and follow things step by step to the right things of every time do the right thing a valley awake late in front of us not what we want and even even part of this trying figure with going on and teenis all evil based it because because we want to figure out what's going to happen next we can do that we've got a value it will we have and that's that's what i think that when you look at what's going on in our country right now in the steps that are being taken the limit you're right on a global scale not moist here but but everywhere is that what what we have to start looking at and start thinking about is that if we look at what this one elected official saying that he sees in the future by the way he also saw the pandemic sootheand the actor of the most crowded actinolite so so so and jolt no gills already got jill very god was an ounce is morning that jill's got cooncil bidens got coins you know double boosted double tacks got everything she's got it again i think this is the third or fourth time so but what cash cash wop said in the resinging to class fops because people people like to make him the villain in our conversations but is important to understand that what he saying at the top is what our intellected officials are listed that's what makes it danger if he were just some waco and you tubes you know selling his stuff if he one thing but what he's doing as he's convincing or leadership the people that we've elected to two modify what's going on in our country to to reach his goal why what does he have on them why are they so invested in what cauchon the wet w e f has to say no vacacon spiracy theory can get into an it's easy right is either leverage through money or leverage through the got something on him layin'here right i don't care i don't care it's blackmail i don't care it's bribery doesn't matter it doesn't matter what matters is what they're doing the actions that they're takin you talked earlier about you know faith without works is mean i think it's important the understand that right there's there's most sort my dad was in to be evangelical mens and he would talk about faith and an the fallacy of faith is right you can have to me and you have so much faith faith that you're blind to what's going on around you for example a man is on the coast in florida and and the hurricane is coming to him in his neighbour comes a knock on his door and says to him says he you got to git out o here that the hurricanes coming houssoie faith in god god will we waters rise the boat with the sheriff comes behave body you got to get out of here when you otoyo not i faith in god got god is here god's got to save me i a he's on the top of his house the helicopter we can get your body with as your last chance and he does not and i can't do it man as i have faith in god god will save me well he perishes in the end happen used to godness godhead as i had faith in you i trusted in you and sisyou did not say he don lekhaim says first i sent your name then i sent the hare then i sent the out that's what we've got to look at folks that's what we've got start rapping our heads around is that it's up to us to save ourselves god would give us the option or give us the opportunity but we have to take the action there's no hand that's going to come down from it even and scoop is up and save us from what's going on we have to take action and i've said it a million times i have faith but i don't have faith god's coming to morrow because no man knows what had happened at hap so i'm going to live my life with the future that some point that may happen but if it doesn't happen to day i got a compare for tomorrow regardless of and are we are ten years exactly exact so i think that people who have not to reiterate what you guys were talking about in the prater segment but i think it's important for people to wrap their heads round the fact if you're if you just not set back on your hunch and wait for god to take control your no difference in that man sitting in his house your faith is waste because you will not take the action you won't create the works to make your faith actually have value again faith with the helm works as is meaning unless it means nothing and safethat's why think that what you and i are doing and others are doing we're in a we're in a situation not only in this country but on the planet if strong people with strong wills do not step for start speaking their minds start being very loud about what's going to happen this nation is going to fall and the twenty four election will be our last election we will not see another free and fair election in this nation ever again they've proven ve twenty twenty that the they can get by with it and the establishment will allow it to happen they wanted to have in cesare all part of it and so it's honestly we don't have it a democratic ins republic as system we have a unitary and it's basically its we the people against the institution which is at war with us right now trying to continue it a creditless in order to first all that in the diet through the financial system that slaves we can never get up we can never if they and so now now or they were going to fight in to take it back atlenghth do you see happening in the next year do you see the election going off on a hennigonrio think it's going to happen i don't either i don't hoitytoity fourthe don't have a twin twenty four election i craghaven that we flaminetta won't go on that tattooed herebecause i don't think we can go the wee can't from more money on it or caterwrawet we had throating out yet we have got out whiteslindsey torn down and that comes to communications anderson averting and its infertility estotowe have not one whatother or will you said earlier than you expected to be you expect something to happen in an that there are going to have to take action in some way or for because the corruption were seeing at michigan were seen in indiana where seeing in work were corrupt across the board you know one of the things that we broke it worked with gateway pondered on the story james ohesta ted gateway pontifice it up and we helped to gateway hunted look at a couple of tissues in indiana were going to do the same thing in florida but the d c c c that is the democratic camp of campaign committees in it actually the fund raising army the incappa i'm arenghoot together an o and r m the money one anseres within for he there does no other answer for what was there doing is is that if you go and look at the the postings that dccc and act blew have for certain candidates is that they've raised em hundreds of millions if not over billion dollars through this technique so what they do is they claim that eighty year old martha gave two hundred thousand dollars last year scarce that that's a public what color a public in what was it called its it's sleghly public right i can go see that henesee that and your right it's iheroso if you go to the effect you can find these filings right so we've gone through we've distilled them down and what we should had looking at is all of these old seventy eighty ninety years old there giving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to decc an act blue and i just didn't seem right not because we didn't think that that money was available in the democrat party but not from the neighborhoods they said that that money was coming from depressed are ares were that the median home price even into days environment is eighty ninety thousand you own a ninety thousand dollar home but you gave two hundred thousand dollars to the b c c or act blue last year i called she yes i do know is going around and knocking on doors so we got this list and i personally went and knocked on doors asked people did you give this much money and they're going o honey no i don't have that much money let alone and one lady goes let where i live what were seeing his people go wolf shouldn't they no long their taxes taxes have nothing to do with taxes the iris doesn't care about what's given to the democrat party in the republican party they figured out a way to scan the system their injecting dark money we call it dark blue money into the system illegally so of course we looked to see if it was happening on the republican side we found a couple of incidents as where it was had not as rampant as it it's an it's ninety nine to one we put it that way that's how rampant it is in the democrat party the fact that the decies an act blue these two large organization and the fact that we've given this information to news outlets and they refuse to do anything about it down were right back at the sit quite there's a drowning child that's drowning and everybody's standing on the shore going nobody's ever going to say and the child browns because nobody's willing to get the water nobody's willing to be the first one to take up their shirt and jump and nobody's willing to do that for those of us that are are yelling he's drowning he's drowning his drowning were swimming please help us we're drowning ourselves we're out here we're going to be the ones left alone and you know what happened in the early parts of this country then how the nation was formed and you go back and read what happened and how the the initial patriots were treated it's no different than to day the same halesowen used again that's drives me crazy this isn't new if you know you're history you know that the exact same thing is happening again and when we're told it too big what are you going to do american go from it's too big you can't overthrow here you can't you can't hehold them account all its two big don't have to he started home with what you're trying to i don't need to to cure d we need to cure home for is everybody in d c comes you get home he you get michigan right we get indiana right we get these rhinos out we get these democrats that have destroyed i don't have a problem with democrats i've probabilist i'm probe marxist have probed withwithcorot that's what i have a problem with i have probeth those that but feel that violence is the way to solve their problem okay if that's what you believe then i'm all in on that too because i'm tired almost sixty years old not refused to leave this to my grand this to my children can't do it so it means my wife because individual rights means individual sacrificed i'm willing to give my life to defend my right are those on the other side willing to lose theirs to try and take that's the question we should start asking very blankly in an untired of being told that when we talked this way that were making threats on that making the thread in telling you if you don't stop doing what you are doing to me you will face retribution no at some point there's going to be hard what then there was er live given us enough they certainly give it of enough cos and and i really do think i've been talking to several people who have launched prosaics is against the state and of her people there is dacintly the law is on our side if we're willing to work with it learn it no one wrote tore and jump in to defend it as i do think of the ways of doing that and being a bigger presence in our community in or not sitting back we have couldwithout what would you what were you say is answerable stooped to take well the for the first thing to do is and again i'm not in violent right i don't want violence i'm a lover baby i hear reminded one in winters my fire in the right with me and i gratformation time they made me to ride up the beingand that's but that's that's the warning right instead of the threat that's a warning if you do this to me i will i won't respond this way that's fond of threat that's warning you have to take action first some one has to take action against me for me to get that's the way it has to that that's the way to all his work in not going to do it first i'm not offensively violent i'll be defense violent and you don't want to see that i look like that kid in a christmas story right when ralph is gettin beat up an he starts the peetootie with green teeth up you just goes crazy is his toneperhaps ration will i think that's where americans are and i think that the moment that they opened this can of whoops i think they're going to i think you're going to have a appen doors back on their hands the action was ship steps we can take downclear the first thing is to start holding your local officials and here here's what they don't like i hate to say this the way but we've got to stay we we've got to use the exact same tactics that the laughter so if you've got to school council member if you've got a school council group that is is not doing right by your kids they're wanting to mask up your kids don't go to this don't just go to the school council go there and be very vocal very loud show but their house at eleven othello at night and pick it out for their home very loudly it's the that's the that's when you're saying my rights have been stepped on and i'm going to make your life miserable until you step down on till you do you you you relent to the will of the people these these items were going on were kids are going to school and and being taught one and if a parent brings that information or that book to the school board meeting they remove them and rest he nothing about the they con teche to your kids but you can't say it to them that gets you arrested as some point at some point you got open your eyes and take a look at what's really going on here look at the comedians and our nation there saying that they can't work why well because comedians all they do is make fun of people it's called contract at that what makes you laugh is that when you find something funny it's because you didn't see it coming out o lete it's the contrasting well they can't do contrast any more because contrast is always making fun of somebody and the shows that only talk about how stupid republicans are and bash trop will there fail disastrous disasterly their failing consenting not don't the next work orchestral yah does strously so abysmally his molly there we go and so for you do get a result you you have to start standing for your rights you are right they're not my rights you're not standing for mine your standing for yours i'm standing for or refusing to participate you know i think that that's that's a very important action we can take if somebody tells you that you have take a a unconstitutional facts that alleged vaccine how many people at their trying to cover the people are dying from this their dying from it to hand in a myocarditis and all that other nonsense it out there in the trying to blame everything but what the what the science for its proving outright and we have to just say no in stoppering back when that there was a reception and i think that the nine is and i think that though the smartest thing that could have been satietatis is like i'm not participating in this procession and i sisteron my way when things went down when i made a lot of money during that when i did very well during their engineer resultan because it wasn't reception it was opportunity for those who decided not to paris no no that's onfortnit a school hupeirochon you don't nothin school polo well and that the other thing is the people keep saying that you know that they're there a slave to the system their slave to corporations and what they don't understand is the slave to their government that's what the slave a corporation you can stop buying their products you don't have to buy the poet you can boycott everything on the place of the planet you can't boycott they're goin to come get their money so so you're always working for the for the system for the man and if you are always working for the sister for the man shouldn't it be the least amount possible to have the system work and it's not we find out now if you look at all the taxes that you pay across the board state county gas satiation having to pay you pay tacks when you make money and you pay a tack when you spend money he had or you are taxed at over sixty per cent of your income seventy venissienne to think about that seventy per cent of your money goes to taxes that thirty per cent is what they with they've given you now if you nothing about taxes when they brought the personal income tax and back in the nineteen teens ninety i think nineteen thirty one when a roosevelt finally convinced everybody to do it here's my find interesting about it it was the coin to be captives per cent we will never need more than five per cent of your income at the highest there was a highest ac rat was five per cent another one he to be taken back into ninety five per cent they got it to night it which you got to keep in mind that what they promise is not with they're going to deliver because promises are just work their actions be fer and with her actions say is they will take every dime they can from you i want to add one more thing i think there is important for people understand right now i'm going to different dircts it is important to for people to understand in the old days of this at one of the biggest pushes in in my life time that i saw the government really pushed back against was monopoly remember that that the last big monopoly deal was bill gates and micros and yet heard of a lot about monopoly sets when was the last monopoly that you heard about this country you don't hear about any now because the they're not they're not in onion after the anti trust since seneshal be going after a break these large corporation i thought well and these large corporations of decided to canoe they're going to do their own thing right and they're not they're not acquiring any more they're done do you know why because black rock vanguard in state street they own ninety five per cent or controlling interest of ninety five per cent of the espie hundred nothing about that co leastonly on one ins when you can have monopoly across the board and that's our hand and all of em and that's where we're at again the these are the lowest commenoit or thinking that we bring together that we look at and say listen look at these issues as they are and break them down to get all the best away from them and say these are the facts these men and women on this much of of our industry of our over country and now their dictating what you and i can do they've decided you're going to live your life in a certain way and your american dream is gone and it some point in future they see a day when your vote is gone where you will own nothing even your vote now the question i have to ask in this is what everybody has to wrap their head around and ask themselves serious if we don't start the finding the constitution right now to day what does world like that what role does the constitution play in a world where your vote doesn't that a machine picture leaders what role is the constitutional well not because they're going to avoid the constitution that it ran by constitution will go away but have that that is the guarantee of our rights in the new who where that joe just signed this this they call it a binding agreement there's no binding agreements with the president he doesn't have the authority to sign checks right as be congress it does that has to go through the it's treaty you don't have a greement it is like saying mandates are you know defying mandate of coyotro ble boshet mandating bah we will the labeled laws done in the what we live in we're told no one that look far but but what we what we keep getting is quieting mandates and rules not loss at the th with ave done have you seen what they've done with this the handle on the front of an air fifteen they've given a criminal penalty to having a handle on the front of your are fifty at f is n't have the authority law the tip delexit under under any lost three while whatsoever its unconstitutional and it doesn't exist under norton versus shelby county it does not exist it only exists because we are not telling them and are politicians and seats are not telling them you're gone god you really don't exist you don't have the rights they don't have the rights of any of these organizations are un constitution and when you say that out loud people call you a crack why to show you where they don't exist because if it's not enumerated in the constitution it doesn't it's not legal crackit doesn't exist the minute women who set up our system this is what's important people missed as i am a huge pan of his but more important than i'm a pan of human nature i selves man i have to know how to sell the people human nature's big partythe and what you understand when you are great calls person went when i got a nighttherse closing it's pretty so and when i get the room i call and the reason is because we lay out the facts in the way that makes and what we've been told over the last four or five years is that everything that you believe in is a lie that we know the truth we know the truth and were going to shut you up you can't talk about men not being women you can't talk about masks you can you can't do all these is that sound like a better world for you done is that some evving fulford i don't i don't do so well would be and told what to do just my personality you know and i think that there is you know the the problem is as that this mass that closes the colinot now where are through the government schools and have been a doctrinairesforgot special groups that are shutting people done if he don't agree in the gate they're all called their runnerlike polthoge on heneaga o the pity it not the people up on top in order to think on or they silence in so much as their government as our whole society out went that wet with and you you really need only get away from that when you're getting the case one kills our good enough tellethe people you disagree what he will be a haven i what let me ask you this and this is what i find interesting eh it is what other people that are raising their hands and eurasia you're saying he listen right you got a list i call us where the canaries in the colon or and somebody somebody asked me to the day as he will you keep screaming about the same stuff over and over and over and costeriana now because that is sixty what the canary in the coal mine would be doing then the cottar's going hack there's gas up here you're going to die i get out of here it's got kellisland then they follow over in the his kilt the canary the coal mine die for but canary at the top of the mine where all the gas they die first there there there dispense what is it time i doingsupposed ah i did have my coffee this morning so i'm little of akimitch pesart now isn't it he fall on so so done i think that what people have to start doing is waking up in an anti don't mean waking up in in the traditional sense what i mean is really waking up at the lowest com denominators to what's going on i look at what happened i'm in the nineteen thirties throughout western ear the formation of our nation if you go back and read the the newspapers of the by the way the newspapers the main stream met of the day was all owned by the same it's no different in to day a ben franklin's little paper in and and the documents that were being written the federalist papers those were all you'll let that was that was the alternative media at the what you and i are doing that that's what our founding fathers were doing they were not heard of the establishment and so with they did as they say we're going to break away we're going to create this alternative the economy and so on and we're going to dictate our own rights what what he did as they chose as men were noting ruled by somebody else and foreverbe ruled is going to be by law so were we all have some input into as his men as human beings and the king doesn't have the authority to tell us what what we have to do what we must do the laws would dictate what we have to well we've got away from and there are too many people in this country that don't understand the the government we the people is really as for the first time and humanity the governor was to be ruled by the not by one man not by an ideology not not by a christian group or moslem group or some kind of religious ah track it was he was through we the people the government is as it's not some entity that sets out there outside of us it's us joe byng is no more than a citizen whose ben giving the authority ragged been given the authority to be to be a manager for us that it that's all it is lewis condemnator politicians are elected officials are our employe to manage our asset to help roads or asset and what we want done and they're not acting in the producer manner that they should be they are not doing what best for us they're doing what's best for them in fact black rock van gardens takes are these investments that your fore i one case is most likely et because those of the three big companies in the and even if your for one kate is it with him directly it's through them intent because they manage it so we are in fact helping destroy ourselves there using our own money or investments against us to destroy black rocks now said the there going to start investing in rebuilding a new chin our dollars are being used to go rebuild china to build china to aid china as black rock vanguard in state street top investing in american fuel vehicles oh we've got the first company in australia now who said that they're not going to it the first bank you says they're not going to lend any money for any cars that aren't green meaning that if it's a a gas power vehicle that they're not going to allow it to happen this is not going to stop unless you stand up people it doesn't stop they do not stop they continue to do what they're doing it's no different than the the bully on the playground when we were kids are set for a long time on my pocasin catch in an apple and masonand spot o fie i'm cramer says i that if for the caesariansae around ah is that the the bully on the plague ah has not he an when we were kids and school and there was a bully on the plage that person it was a bully on the playground then didn't grow up and decide not to be they continued to do with it doesn't matter if they're boss he ermantiger it doesn't matter what they are they they they were bully though always be same thing with men girls min girls write now run the plant a lot of what were seeing is is feminine and right what mean girls do to other girls but instead of doing it to just us are to me girl i tell the girls are doing it to the entire planet the mentality of the mean girl is to tear down some one's reputation boys that's how we do that's how we resolve our one we just do it out the girl's dump girls will call you names cut the mings will will call you a sloth you are horrthey want to tear apart your reputation so nobody else has anything to do with you and in the first time that we hear about this happening is when some one says bathanase that's how you start tearing down some one's reputation in an elementary or her her hair is this way he doesn't walk right or you see him saying i do it after changed so if you scale that up to where we are right now well the same mean girls that mentality that did that in school to day they call you and not because they don't like what and so they they've got this term that they the use and they say you can't speak because we don't like what you have to say because what you say is so hate the i can't you're not we're going to punch you not in the face you can't go to functions you can't go to school you can't do your job we're going to destroy everything about you now go back and look at what happened in the nineteen thirties and western europe with the noses and they used the exact same tactics that the mean girls are using to day that the bullies are using to day and what's happened is the mean girls the boys have got together and they've said you know what we can own it all we can have all if we can just keep them a bad long enough if we can get enough control don't get used to it it only takes a few years for people to get used to set now we're used to seeing people with masks four years ago we were as they the softly push push push and i caught soft bullying twenty twenty was a hard one as well as he thought it was going to work shall they pulled back but now they're going to try it again and we're seeing jill biden's got covert now she's double she's doubled lacked fully boosted got it for the third or fourth time i had coveted one time never ve how many times has joe bided added how many people how many times to gin shocked how many times have we seen other people in our families who got the jab they got it and then they got it which they wanted to set it which was my mind the people don't put that together that we were promised that if we did these things we could get back to normal does it feel like normal is this now you one it does and so done the thing that i keep saying to telling people the first thing you've got to do to solve a problem you know this is identify the problem what's the post the problem is a stay for example we've got an elective group of officials who decided to abandon the constitute and i not applied law where low loss supposed to be applied and there doing it the top levels of government all the way down to the county sheriff met mcmellan are mccurtain county ala wright the sherif and the croton colioloro ma got caught on tape saying that he wanted to kill a reporter and bury him in his back yard and the minions around him done it they didn't say oh oh shure if you should talk about that you shouldn't say that that they jumped on the band wagon and said they they missed the days when you could lynch people and get away with it that in the curtain county oklahoma that's how corrupted so if you don't think that there's mccurtain county oklahoma sheriff man calling that has worked its way up to the highest offices in the land and now they can make dispeople disappear they can kill people if you don't think that that's possible you're not paying a tent and you're going to be a victim what happens next when when we don't have the election see i'm on the ether works it all out when we don't have the elections done a why don't we have the elections what what could be a reason why we wouldn't have the elections in and well the a cobishop down or shot down a something or a financial failure or a hundred million other problems or another who i or a the i mean they're going to come up with something it'll be holesto be a nuclear it will be somebody dropped a note molinaretto and they want to do that for one's once specific reason and that reason is so that they can declared emergency as suspend the constitute the moment that happens lincoln did he and it was wrong for him to do it'll be just as wrong for them to when they suspend the constitution that means that military rule goes into law why did they need military rule in a nation of laws because the law stopped them from doing what the they have no other option i've been saying it for a year if you listen to my pot cast you'll you'll hear that i've been saying for year they have no other option the other day we heard tucker carlson ask a cannon his running for president in the united states how likely he thinks it is to be assassinated before twenty four think about that donna in america a presidential candidate is asking being asked how likely it is the he'll be assassinated because that's all they have left if you don't open your eyes you've got to go enclosed for ever because you won't be a victim what happens next i i keep telling people to prepare prepare prepare get water get food i'm not a survival is i'm not a prepper i'm a guy with common sense to goes hay shed ain't right it's time to start getting the getting ready for what happens not i'm moving to a montford i got out of it on a moving to for to full time that's where i'm going i want to be some place where i can grow grow food you're round that's how badly i think it's going and i think that when when the bank claps happens when i think when all this happens people have no idea what is going to be like and do you know how i know that they're not prepared for what happens at as sone or was it a burning can no lemonall these rich idiots out the buccaneer sorry about that honester on the desert and there complaining that a situation they put themselves into again they were warned about the monsoon they knew it was coming they didn't listen the rain started they didn't move mister to getting money they did nothing they deserve everything that they got all the stuff is going on out there they deserve a hundred percent they brought it into the self and that's exactly what's happening here in this when you see that the leaders at the top those that are in management as are not abiding by the law constitution says we have the authority to remove the that what the constitution in fact only the authority that the response to bill in dordogne and its import for people to remember his the bully is not going to relet i've never met a bully that was a bully in school and i was a kid that as an adult wasn't still a bully wasn't still in a hole i agree with you on that one shop so if that's the case they don't ever get any better than the bullies the bullies will always be bullies and that's what we're seeing do as i say and shut up keep your mouth shut don't say this don't say that and and that's not america that's not the americans when you've got when you've got the mainstream media full of mean girls and bold telling you we're going to destroy your life because we don't like something that you said two weeks ago we're going to make you a victim were going to turn you cause we don't like it's got to and in night rethink tatianus and it's up to us to do that to stop it right i think it's interesting holly wood is on strike and nobody i don't know their antshrike i've been in a little bit out of the new cycle last a last week or so because i've been working on a few other things for the constitution party in this set the other thing i i don't care cause i never watched it i haven't had a tv to watch you know i'll watch some some videos or spend both the time just researching and two real stuff but i've an anti be for over thirty five years i like what i gave for night firing on everything with her saying cause the london what i do is making fun of what these i am the young i'm the kid i give you real quick story is as to where i am with bodies and why i have the the way i do the things that i do and and why i do my dad was an evangelical minister we moved all of cross the cut country i went to fourteen different schools in which the three different schools in one year now key so i was always the new and what you learn as the new kid every year is that you're not to deal with bullies and one way or not and so i've got three different ways that i do with in the first one is human the second one is rice and the third one's mind that all that the only way you can deal with you can make fun of them to your red you can ridicule them in front of everybody else but it's some point you've got a punch in the mouth to stop him from doing what he re what was comdemned so there was a point of which ah when i when i learned that i had learned this very young it is that when you learn this again you learn that since the bully never really stops being a bully that that can go with you your entire life so when i had bosses that were bullies same exactly never punched did it to a lot of arguments on edebat but down it that's the thing right is that when you understand lois condemnato thinking of what it's going to take fixed rectified the situation were currently and you realize that we we don't we don't think o what you are saying earlier trying to predict the future we don't have to try to protect it we know it if our we know that at some point they're going to stop doing with they're doing because they've been ridiculed or mocked enough and it's no different in the people that use the inward for years that's why we don't use any more he ridiculed and mocked enough until they stopped now to be made into another political thing altogether but my point is a thankful most people can you can people can con change they can learn the errors of their ways and we can we can move to a better society a better cut but it's going to take holding those who are responsible for certain things count and when the people of these have a lined with the criminals at the and decided that they're not going to do that any more it's our duty it's our responsibility to step forward and say okay you guys are got to go it were to kick you off the place you been police too long and we're done because nothing in the constitution said you can do what you're doing and these were rules we played by these the rules of the playground and it's time start holding the accountable in the way that we did that is is that we're brutal with truth rogan agitating the other educated more political tooting common stand whereof and stand on waygreen without fear regardless what anybody thinks about what we say or you know ever overtakes got to go on horses and with it i hope there he got some agonothetai werenone further than on one of waterloowhere than will find her then why i'm a good with you you tell me when you're ready to stop i've gotten till eleven thirty and let her thirty it i've got a heart stop and looking very but i should i potestatis i think it would people have let me ask you this what we talked about the election not have that the ways they may do it i think the port for people understand that the reason were saying this is not because we old so because we wanted to were looking at it as realist on a business person your business you look on the road said what's most likely to happen so i can make plans to day for to morrow and the next day the next day right i usually plan out anywhere from from six months on small things to two years i'm big things we don't go to the five year plan nothing ever lack i've met we made five year plans and never come to fruition not one but a two year plan i can make cap and so in that in that two year plan we started looking at now to twenty twenty five what's it going to loki what do we invest in how do we make our moves what do what new things are going to be happening to what we have to be attentive to what new technologies are available and again i own an advertising market age agency so we we leverage technology to spread a work we can't get past twenty four because twenty to twenty twenty four elections is such an unknown and we start looking at it eh strategic if i were in their shoes what would i do the maintained power what tools would utilize at my to maintain power to make what would i do there's only one actiontaking at the polling day from joe biden joe can't rot joe's not goin to be the guy and if he is the guy it is going to be wrecked his is no way the polling day i says seventy per cent of americans don't wanting to run let me sandwith there actually sang as saying whitefrench gan to run review many people hate this woman in the state she is absolutely detested by the state of michigan and they don't care it doesn't matter now cold just bestreowod else in there because the poling on or or news i think it'll be withered i i think i think either want of all them is an abysmal failure but it doesn't matter as long as we have the electric machine electro machines and place you're right and as the heart or job right now is get rid of those machines we have to get rid of the machine and the actor because he maintained their power they're not going to do that that's how they maintain their power the boys are not going to relent their not going to give you tools to to remove them from power they will not do it they just won't do it so again so what are the actionable steps okay so if we don't dereliction in twenty or twenty four let's just let start there we don't have the election twenty twenty four what do you think it is going to look like and what are the actionable steps we can take as we the people to right the ship in your pinion meteorically will you let whosoever i've been or canon as i've been working on like doing prose as well as do in some other thing to try to get such to try to get punched somehow to land on something that will basically scorched earth his boding it process if we don't have the twenty twenty four ah i fear that there is going to be a she'll be back in you are a and what i expect to start seeing at that point my pets there is going to be connectit action no matter what hope what what's running through this in areas joe biden winds in a landslide election in november twenty twenty trumpets in a landslip there's going to be relation from the other side is there not to are you not the many of em now i may get like four crickets and and i in you know two oother half way awake now i i don't believe that i think that anti and black lives matter will take to the streets immediately re seeing it happened in ohio already this girl that was the shop lifters that was shot by the police as they were in the streets for the last two nights i expect them to come back i expect that that's the new rallying cry that she's the george floyd and the oil join their ranks will start burning and looting it will start across the nation again and maybe it will maybe it won't but that you know that that's the process right but it's no different than the process used for crystal it is no different through then the burning of the right stock the same tactics are being used i mean that's what i keep saying is that it's not now when you see for what it is you go keep this has to happen it's the only tool they have left in their tool he and so here's why things going to happen i think that some point it goes conticino matter what i think more in the streets is going to happen the difference between twenty twenty and twenty twenty four is cole written and that people realize through the cold written house situation that they do have the right to defend their homes in their streets and if the police refused to do it that's what'll happen nothing's different folks work at the wild wild west when the sheriff refused to stop the cattle people from doing what they were doing in town what did the people have to do what they got rid of that sheer on gettin now sheer who would would apply the one that couldn't be bought off or wouldn't that's what it's going to take i don't see neither option i see in enaction in the station at some point and enters a lot more than than we give the there likewise constitutional of the militia as i let the constitutional law enforcement i think what i think it will you'll see i see i think that what you'll see is that you'll see the government will see the way that we and it'll happen on local basis that's why keep say nothing in dese matters when you can't get food in to lie nothing at easy matters when you don't have water running in on you don't give two ships about these at that point it's all local where you are what i see happening is i see no not what when the federal government breaks down and nobody's now would people no longer paying attention to it because it doesn't have an effect on their daily life work is stopped the taxes of stopped flowing the politician's stopped getting paid guess what they started i mean it gets ugly real facts right and i look back to what just happened with burning man was that woshipped cote catrina we could trina came through and hit that set i hit new orleans look at how long it took the federal government come in and help or later go anything look how a city to come in look at one you take the state and the county to come in now now imagine that happening across the entire nation that's why that's what i expect i and what they do is though the latin happen for four or five may be three months and those good to be a huge donethere s goin to be tonseele to die it is it's not a prediction its historically this is what's going to happen look what happened in venezuela when their financial system they were eating the zoo animals i look at what's happened before and alighted with what's happening now say how likely is this to happen here and by the looks of it extremely like and there's nobody stopping and for those of us who are speaking up we look like crazy people we're going to be eaten zoo animals will there already talking about the fact that you ought to be eaten crickets and bugs i don't think that zoo animals are too far for reaches we hope love god better plans made cause i know you know i've got a whole five i've got hold that things will work out okay but i think that it's going to take every one to step up and take part in this and so i i i do think that when we have a lot of pain that it's a great motivator to change editors you know what i done as i hope the people are or wise enough to realize never in history have hate the people who are calling for a locking people up for what they say a silence and people for what they say ah canceling people firing people for what they say is to this end pulled everywhere it's not even funny i you know it's amazing how if you're speaking truth how targeted you are and how much they they will absolutely silence and any hope of getting things out i always tell people send it by to social mediators icarie pigeon called email whenever you can do to get the word out them because if you're thinking that this is going to get off their on normal means the truth it's not it is not going to get off there and we youhave to work just like you know general flint had the digital soldiers in and dig soldiers were like possessthey were sharing everything that's the only way we're going to get him out right now or get the truth out because you've got all the ai that's working against us you've got all of the all the big media companies which are owned by black rocks states and arabella and all of it i mean it's all it's all vanguards all in that directit is up to us to get the truth out there we are the news it went the deloosion not worked for it too and you can't if you can't eh if you can't say what you want to say in america and i'm not talking about listen we're not when in not calling people next i'm not calling for certain group of people based on skin color or raised her heritage or whatever to be pulled from our society in the coin for that i'm saying the election was rigged and for that i called a parasite in called a danger to our nation i'm saying that the election was rigged that's that hated that's a statement of an you won't make it transparent it means your onto hide something and when you say that looking into it is a threat to democracy you are the head secondly this point of its threats to the democracy of threats democracy it makes me so sick to hear their intestines it really is you essaierai care taste in you don't we were people always say the soonest sombody says in the left he wants to treat to the more when ordered to mocracy more importantly than that anybody whose advocating for democracy is really the true threat to arden or constitutional e that what we have to start this how we have to set am selling this at an in positioning this that the narrowthat the narrative has to hang in that any one whose concerned about their democracy is actually a threat to our constitutional republic there there for verification that the vote the election was true is not a pet to democracy the threat to the nash its threats of the to the republic if you don't allow us his reason individual i had the individual right to see it that's what i don't think you understand i don't need to be a journalist i don't need to have a degree from some place to ask questions in what to see perceintes credentials i don't eat any of that and people people seem to think that you need to have oppressed pass to ask the governor a question you don't need she he's a citizen just like you then he's no better or no different or they are there oh they are citizens we're not subjects i'm a citizen i'm not a subject i do it the loss well except for i got a lead for i got gotitas not the law right that's that's that's a i want it was it is the not notthere setters a charm for it's not a law it's a i can't mend with it's something else it's withinside alone ah and so gives them this forty my point is if we don't start raising our voices very loudly be willing to sacrifice if you're going to say well i want my american back but i'm not willing to give up anything for it then you don't want your american as you've got to step forward and say listen i may lose do you know when we first talked you know i don't know if i told you this or not but you there is a point where in twenty nineteen leading in twenty twenty twenty nineteen was my best yer i mean seven hundred thousand dollar never made so much money in my life i always done well but i never made that much right and i said okay well twenty twenty was the goal we were ere going to had a million dollars my income is going to be over million dollars in twenty got your head have i that work it did not work out i have lost everything i lost my clients i lost the business that we had built a now in the last three years i've rebelled i've got in a different direction i've decided what's important for me now is not to do the work that we were doing before we corporations i worked with special interest groups i work with a politicians i work with people political groups advocacy groups those who need my expertise on what that's what i work with now that we still got clients had i work with but everything that all the lines were working with have something to do with pushing us back into the right position on the and that trigonotreta those those things that we think we use two are quite often god's just to give us a different path to go in that we we wouldn't have chosen ourselves no no we won't a pretty pretty sizeable rail yard and the unpacific told us that they would not deliver any real cars on to our switching cause he got to switches on the main line unless we are fully backanaalin tasksand of it said to them i like i looked round and i said shut her down and turns other like you can do that on like watch me annie like we we will not be the enforcing any one to get there and i look at you on a job i guess you'd better get to work and find a loop hole here too winded up selling one of our companies because we i was absolutely to we were absolutely targeted and and their notes about it but those are the things that you you can't compromise when it comes to issues of of the things you believe it and i don't care i don't care what the world promises us and we know that jesus was offered the whole world and he turned it down neceseres nothing here that we should ever be afraid to lose including our lights i should be afraid of that nothing worse standing and were standing for god's purposes we have followed our purpose in life and that's too absolute about the work of our father and whatever it is that he asks us to do without any regard to the consequences if god asks us to do something and we know when our heart it's wrong we don't you don't do it and and in the consequences or where the cows is up to god readers have for an unwavering with no fear knowing that this was the path a god lay before us cranniesshe to walk though he is laid ahead a on the stray the result and the unwavering forward motion into the direction of ascoli wave that right now old testthe world that has fallen in as such dark and as when i think it's important for people to understand that dave who was god's face was a war he is what he was a warrior he was a military man he's a shaster he ended up as a warrior yahooing david was known for in he first is he slew goliath and then he went on to be a warrior for israel i think again it's important for people to understand the stories that we've been told and the people that the we've been talked out that we've talked about our entire lives and the stories that we know we have to understand with their meanings were in why how we got and why why david was david was important because he showed something that's very import in this i think is an alert that the rock the killed i note the canes to kill made in the same rock used think about it its possibility but it shows you how one thing can be two different things at the same he can either make you a murderer or can free a nation that rock was important as these and i look at it as the gun to day right it can be it can be a weapon of violence betty can also be weapon of delivering and equal is and the way that we've been told of the last few years our rights are meaningless and that we should give up our guns and give or by the people who want to enslave us not by people want to re the same people who say you'll own nothing and be happy are the ones avocating for removing the ability for you to keep yourself no different the air did with the one it's all this sir just talking to the talk he just talking and to think the thing the thing that some point they will take action to make that happen and you have to stand up and say instead of saying nothing's ever going to happen nobody's ever going to do anythin you have to have for lack of a better term the courage and the balls to stand and say i'm going to regardless of if anybody else will swim out in that pond and try to save that child whose drowning i will i will potentially leave my life and trying to save that child but somebody is going to try i'm going to be that person and that's what i've decided that over the until i die this is thiswhat i'm going to do i don't care about selling cars any more i don't care about being a concert voice over guy i don't care about any of the i care about saving our nation for for my children and my children's that does what my goals and i and i implore people that if you're worried about your nation to get off your god damn but and get it get out of your chair stop complaining and start doing stop having faith to something's going to happen an start taking actionable steps and that starts with local you start holding your school council accountable you start holding the mare of your city accountyou hope you hold the legislature accountable you hold your governor account of you start being a thorn in their side that's what they hate more than anything else these people hate to that he bad press and being mocked a ridicule that they hate more than anything else you've got the power to make both things happen an they're goin to go after you they'd they're going to go after expect it and don't feel but hurt over any of his tones realize it's bad et honor it is if you are not a flat you're doing nothing if you're if you're actually over the target you're goin to take some flat it's green for example an it's a small price to pay that i've had it you know a hundred accounts on and initially was funny and then i started to see how dangerously it is that the not going to silence me as long as the accounts are free and you can keep coming back i'm goin to keep on what is what it's done is its condition or kid that if you don't if you step out a line you have no voice in and so at its doings as changing our kids it's singing a change you and me we're not going to stop this changing her kids and are grain kids that grand kids in parties there living in a world now that hans with cancellation it is possible and that you can say something the wrong thing you can think the wrong thing or support the wrong person and all the sin all your friends are gone and you have no social media right in that some important everybody you and i grew up with are without it we we didn't have social meeting when we grew up so it's that important to us i mean her it's i played with it it's a toy for me a man but it's important for people to understand this is nothing more than a conditioning he well we have the friends in oratress what you know there's a big difference there you can have all kinds of faith friends on social media their fate for thingcovered funeral you die now old and we coelostat yet he was a workspace the craft the womenthat s why i left face book i left facebook because what i realized with face book is because the way it structured i was only screaming and yelling and people that i loved aretino impact what i decided to do is that when i went on to social media in my way of society was a flirt i just happened i didn't intend to to blow up like idea initiations so that go right the others paththe wrong thing all the time might my first video that went viral i had made three videos made too that eos with my granddaughters using the filters i never polished them but the third video that i made was talking about how the big adages used race as a way to bring forth a brand of is called brandanes it was a re branding camps for all of the old products that were not being bought by millennial ingins those products included uncle ben's rice tantalise butter he onetyoneth rest of the right and so what i said was i said very clearly is that this has nothing to do with race and has everything to do three branding their trying to get milenial to by these poles and what i was told was well the reason is not buying his cause the race so it now they not horatio meline didn't think that until you were told to think and so again you come from the advertising marketing industry i'm very successful in that i know how to spend a tale and had to tell i tell a story i know how to use words very effectively when they come to me ah and ah the the approach here that they've used is no different than an adam and so when i saw for what it was i put that video out and that one on to over billion views because lois common denominator think its democrats don't want any person of color the they never have they've always looked down on people they still do they say you don't belong on the shelves unless we give you authority to belong in the hole those estwick viros i took off billion views since then i've had ten million additional views of my content across all post nothing to your point the price for speaking truth is being and but people are so hungry for truth rate though the look at an old bald white guy with a bent nose and chip and say he speaks the truth that matters more than anything else and looking at you know when we say here's what we things going to happen in twenty four the this isn't based on what i want to have happen it's not based on the fact itsens paying me to say this is not based on the fact that in hinges weep it's not stinging we were basing on the fact it it's what has to happen there's no other option of able to they cannot allow trump to be in on they cannot allow themselves to be investigated they can allow the do j and the fbi to begin of those political individuals whose political anticlinal that to happen because when it happens there is going to happen at the department of education the department of energy the in department all these departments are if they allowed trip commands going to get it he needs to got it somebody needs to go down with a stroke of a pan o an start going gone gone gone gone gone and when in that then back together havemoved on because one of the the rumors that i heard was is that trip one of trumps plans when he comes in is to come in and and remove several layers of leadership at the top ohheavens just gone come on an adherent i do her what in intruster nology your fire you're goin and the moment that that happens the moment that we share to see that won't the laches going to lose their mind and we got connecticutian so again i don't foresee a time in this nation the next two years where we don't see connecticutensis far worse than what we saw twenty again i don't want it i pray that it doesn't happen that's all that's left available to them that that's all they have available is is violence and an undoing in doing the constant so that they can continue their power well and god has other plans though too so it's like it's like gods in control of it ultimately if he may surprise all of us and which i think is significant in to play just little scripture here to i like to do this and they all and always starts with some sort of a stupid commercial when i restarted it so old bear with me then it will go through the commercial here it's usually ridiculous and if it doesn't happen it well but yet as i had tried to share the seminar relessor attention on god cape you whereever you great for i will not to what i have here goes there's is come pastecelery either pocolino prospect mercil one keep a real gus little child who are certainly read you have got the ship you're right and so o che you held widerstand one i think i'm in to stop it right there cause i know you need be hot out here at eleven every but i just want to say thank you and letherbrow no matter what was the herethink houetepons who is in control and can cause say but seek in me gave his a great adventure day by the tarentini could be a really colonieswas presented to us to one and a reverberation on her battailer on wooverman borgongs of wearerand that have you do not give ourselves over the anything at any time in forrain any wish shape or form we just see to keep going god osfontein us where leonbattista to left himthe that were in friendly there and it would appear to entendementes stay at he asked him plastischen all that they be leasear on all the more working towered the trees for getout and every time i weather words and our action please let everybody out there now that they are so loved by you and that you will never leave nor forsake them no matter what we see around us we don't need to trust our eyes we need to trust the fact that god that you yourself always loves us that you're always with us and that that that you are faith on were thankful for that thank you so much for the constitution help us to keep her eyes on those things that you want us to focus on ignorrotes help us to have disporteth we filter'll of those things that is just notnotnot important and to continue forward and doing your work to your oneswe want to do what he was that you are so notropis we lay at aloofand whatever it is that you want to do were willing to do that thank you so much for his stay you a great friend to us we want to be a friend to you also and in our words or deeds or actions and a way that we treat others help us to watch your mouths estays that we would speak the things that you want us to say that actually uplift others and that put the truth out there because we know that the truth will always satisfre thank you so much and we love you havenly father and jesus tries suppressions savior's name word pray a man and there regale last words well i import people if you're looking for free speech and you're looking for platform that doesn't censorino cramer says that comelast do that it's our own social media platform we've got somewhere in the ballpark and ten thousand americans on their currently a lot of canadians as well that ill looking for the ability to to speak freely and join other patriots of and have conversations without getting censored we we have a moderation system in place we've only had the use at one time and it was forgot who was getting well he was getting a little is with the ladies on the social media sight so other than that we don't don't sincerelie you can get to it by going to cram her says that comes see or a in the sestet come we also will ask you to go to kramer says dat shop an we've got to shirts mugs coffee mugs that kind of stuff herself all the proceeds go to funding in helping out ja six detaines we've parted with the gateway panted to people to give these dollars away at some point down the road a golisue thousand dollars we currently have some the ball parks about five ten thousand dollars but we love for you to help us out by going to cram her says that shop see our age and me are seas in some well everybody this is where i get hurt hands i was your heart hands so at any rate you know gods and control were going to stand together as american spratly with no fear it's okay it's going to be okay but even if we go through rough times and so good to be okay what an adventure you know it's a great adventure and a wonderful blessings always come through when things don't go coringtons because the god's plan so that sustantial we got off one god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me make it a great day it's a choice mentalist the game don't check out o kit in the game and do what's right and if you don't have an example be and morse