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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/17/2023 - Breaking election news - LEO whistleblower

Published March 17, 2023, 9 a.m.

Breaking News - Michigan State Police whistleblower stating AG Nessel committed obstruction of justice. The officer was assigned to investigating the attorneys, experts, and investigators on election cases and sheriff investigations. He admits that election fraud took place and the attorney general is committing obstruction of justice. Sheriff Chuck Wright talks about integrity in law enforcement and how they uphold the law. Scott Aughney - update on the Locus Standi process. Criminal investigation into the deletion, alteration, and misrepresentation of election records and election data. Calling out GOPs who are refusing to correct the steal of our elections. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventeenth day there number seventeen of march twenty twenty three and lower we have some breaking news happening right now we have a monaco through this because i think we finally got more pieces in order to connect trydelger bacon and secretaries our secretary state antonette and attorney general now sold to the destruction of draws to that happened during the past to electronics and i waiting right now for share of check right to come on well if if oh he doesn't drop joined by came right away then what we're going to do see now some this is like a high tech studio here right welcomed the bran ofertorio come in to you for my dining room table right now so any one waiting for him to join right alfie doesn't hand will destroit by home but i wanted to show you in play this is this is breaking its not i know that that was able to i was able to a humanistic let me see why i haven't got in these oh we're just going to on to san call on minute secure on justin a call sheriff right a minute welcome the man and then we're going to play we're going to go ahead and play part of a part of the information on that canerthrow hang on get a mount a mint in the meantime i'm i want to i want to share a screen here with you and then i'm going to going to play i want to play the a tape massed which there was a sargisson is take you at a sorry about this eh where there is a a investigator so the investigations come from michigan state place and there is a very brave and vestigator harrigan i onnasaccoctois apprecie againthat's okay we're just going to do by phanes i've got you on the phone right now next his microphone so well do that that way thank you so much for coming on to day and oh it's a this is the sheriff chuck right and he agreed to come on this morning because honestly what we have as we have a person who is a hero and that would be detective david geier the gayer that m was removed from his position and investigate the the election fraud really because he basically told everybody there is a nothing bergere when it comes to the attorneys that were were trying to prosecute dan and now saw an end bunsen from what i can ascertain when after the attorneys who were in fact prosecuting the election that they failed on so a mingo through the step by step it's a little bit convoluted but i think we can get the thing figured out pretty easily here but i guess i thank you for getting on this morning i'm really excited to talk to you because i think we were of the same mind such that it's going to take brave people to step up in order to change the absolute em lack of ethics and integrity in our government in our elections in the way everything is run when would you agree with that oh ye hundred per cent i remember the quarto this but it is remember well it takes for cure hetheway on miss produced meanstandard doth and i'm not going to stand around you out correct so so we have a detective that his stepped up his whistle blower and he's amazing because he basically outlines and exactly says that there was he believes that there was fraud committed and of the the frothat was committed his hero because he was he was eliminated from his position because he didn't carry the narrative though from what i and refashion it's a bad of honour be than he was willing he he threw himself out there and honestly suffered are the consequences of going against the establishment and i'm so proud of him anyhow what he's alleging is that the attorney general's office was in fact involved with obstruction of just and what they they really did is they there was several attorneys that were working on the opposite side eh let me remind every one that long forcement carries out the investigation in the grip and they have to be able to do that an independent way in order for us to have a correct investigation without pressure coercion or intimidation from those above well what happened was in the antero county case nestle a was representing bensonhe attorney general represents these and they basically sick the state police on the opposing council which would even stephanie lambert de perle and howard that this is just incredible how they use their power in order to kill basicly to kill an honest ah investigation and i'm i'd like to play this waller here i'd like you to i'd like to play this i'm scatonian the background here i'm going to he'll probably show on these his coming out next and i'd like to show the screen shot that here in that i'm going to play i'm going to play the the the recording the the a recording that was taken from the cover i till when i uncovered has nothing to do the i going to show you what i once understand in his strock sospechase i tell you what the county clerks he who first one even now about the fraudulent day a going in and up an so that's that's a teshurah or clipper one i think there's more than that that we need to really question but i it is absolutely shocking the amount of the amount of a planned obstruction i mean they knew what they were doing and i think this is the problem that we're having as that their using their positions in order to stop those who are doing the investigations there intimidating council of it this is this is shocking and something else i found out is that i do leaf has got a really interesting case out there another share and this all goes about putting ericineae for the poll books as from this is interesting as a press release going out on this this stenstrup a twelve i want people to listen to this peatterson the lot of information i'm trying to get this in a very a line by line presentation of this just came out so in still processing but but dar leaf is involved in investigation there was a twelve million dollar transaction the pull box in place the money went from the software developer to benson's personal account to put eric in place it is absolutely then we can jump back to the antero county of where there was the the investigation that was happening up there where there was no trial there was no trial it was do dismissed on procedure not fat benson and no soul were in on the case and they went after the opposing council to get them investigated and harassed by the state that it's so this basically ties us all back to the fact that nestle and benson a guilty and involved i mean we we need to get them they are guilty of obstruction of justice in the election in having a free and fair election this is criminal what say you i'm sure of a sheriff right aconacaste with country have the duty not only to find out when they had best gained if a a cronos been committed and if the crown is not in committed i know his esprit have to destroy beauty character choose there's nothing here charge somebody with no matter how bad you dislike these people or you know do ever he is so we're truth pounders is not the weirbottom the fact slowly can charge the body we simplisosity he and i hope stand up to the establishment and say or this is not right there's nothing here nothing's been done wrong here you know you're you're going after somebody because i want a jam now get that out of me is the lease coppyholder to cut to artistic states integrity we were supposed anisostemonous on manebitis on the great contest don was racecharacter is doone was riden when the wine is looed that's right he may all peered rot now enter do the rottans but unfortunately mainstreamed or a cooling string media absolutely colony the tile to osages what they already made a coleminster have them if we have a better trick roping along forcement encouraging each or so you have somebody that literally if you go back to your cousin a martian work at a place department for two years one comes later they can comiteco they'll say for a police of comines is the war is don't know what the morgues against the force men to women like some clear to you i told her then we was pickeronian little scamp poesie and with the people of his rites were going to strike because the people could her accused of a crime it is our responsibility to my shoe the pestre and not true and asnore you better say it and i am more than the not how we do say the rotting you are we costano we're not one do we long way to go course we do the long forced men has a much better tractreotomy teachers and clergy and now histricos don oratings as things got every single time and all this relates the mist whether i acknowleg purpose is ostracoid the home and with the people like the meniscus now the needles we bother a man coatswere for memphis ostertag or wisconsin i answer god odin how do is right about is lord opossum boise the face was in peoples godjesus crosses me what do every day i see counseloutlining pray and to wisconsin what we want that that's amazing and you know that the checks and balances that are put in place aren't there for reason and if they don't follow the lawful process then we ate then we have people that are just making up rolls on the fly and there's no one holding them accountable that that what i see is a proud of her deseronto on other we always come about is how wild of narrow lane you have to walk and have cantelowe could see it better sometimes to get speed of the gambling and his buried he could hawseholes they was to the trees the veintisiete love and till the tree about people even if they didn't lock i can make you right and content what a constant poring notations on the law forceis country standpoint that but you got me could not knockingbyron horsemen telling her to go horsehorsehoe do the investigated in a brandmisperton the along horse mark on this theme is work on you frescos no don't come to your long otological you to your siestaless much better than that that i am all the crosses on oerne that's wastedwide and i know i think that we're seeing that across you know he see that with all these false legs that are going on in such and their created crisis from the people above and then they want to dictate how people act react in the craft the narrative in the mainstream meet in who gets a fall every time he and i i i i'm sorry but but oh you know when somebody is in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and annotation i could weigh in on somebody's consedisset strong opinions on how many of these things we've seen on the news are just created narrownesses no truth behind any of it other than to destroy local police and their doing it they're trying to do that in a very subversive concerned afford specially going after the sheriff's apartment because that is the office that swears an oath to hold the consent and that on this console there doing the motion the twins tirolese s rict there in the end stopping people from doing their jobs you know stop and officers from doing their jobs she the the prosecutor are not prosecutors they know the in this case the council for the opposition and the obstruction came from the nestleton the and the threats and the coercion and having them investigated and stopped and then when you see a twelve million dollar transaction to put eric and then of the poll books and place going directly to benson's account this is kind of crazy that st and i hope everybody understands the enormity of what were breaking here because this is an unspeakable an unfathomable i'm going to share another paid here and hat and play another clip for you men it because so think about this you whatsay here he's saying that the there's no doubt about it they're the ones they're the ones pulling the tricks including with you guys this is he this is the investigator you guys are being played to obstruct us a detective i girsis olders no doubt about it well they just don't the entire voting investigation on me all of a sudden after six months they had a conflict of interest in i'm some not my list listen to this to thee there is conflict of interests her listened oh there's no doubt about it he he is absolutely a green with us that they are in fact obstructing justice now what do you do when you have an officer whose work he too annies ination pulled off the case because it's i of course it's coming out against his superiors in the executive branch what do you do when the executive branch goes basically rogue and that would be nestle and benson pulls the investigator of the case because like icarus is getting a little too close to the fight and obstruct justice with him what what do you do at that when the oh no goteshses the tremendous you told me about a little though he details a sort when you have an old oh the cold tergendos with and indisposition people go on of must go at the grass i have tegeingl howorth once i consultationthe soft carealong forcing division which we called slate their honors and compilers now i depend on how to make the rossians some'll say i you got with are you goin conus what we have the when when you see you see his conestogoe home in pecooler is the free body do the exact thing thing going easily to people whose cross in any in he led to where the doctors of walers his co the cocoon home to as everybody wonder then canters rightspecimen come out seasonthere you know there be leaguers clad was coming in westheath here then is god to me or he's got he's got more in cocorote then all the people that are book and local so does i mean this guy is an absolute heroine can you imagine all of those of all the law enforcement officers out there that are being or having to do their jobs under this sort of of a a pressure subversion and or nonsense from the from the people of all the i have a big question when that when a burn let in murder hit grand rapids here because i know a detective who was there and he they were told to stand in the stair walls while there were ransacking the city i had iabin that he had five cars burned right then brightened on the street chindonactes and i asked him i'm like i like wide did you guys not come out and just say no but then the next question i had was wide and any one questioned the chief of police because that's where it came from and he got it from the mayor because the mayor's told the chiefs of old what to do more to the and in so when you look at the structure that's going on it is definitely it just right for somebody going in there and using their position in order to increase their power and such so the stopping point is like the doctrine of the lesser magistrate the stopping point is always the the the the more decentralized it is and people close people serving closer to the people are the ones that are more likely to defend the people and the processes to hold accountable but we've got a top down situation a power absolutely corrupt a year of st carians orders after long great one specter pope i don't tell them what to do i work for heward googoorewon to serve the valserine and allison the marcomans and i got a commandmentobey quickly she postolakas cried you know i'm so cold to have them in order to deal on men and women of interlaken sometimes your motions to pardon by pisistratus in a wine a lot of people in you know come entertain a lot of people i guess refrenatio have done olesons sometime tospecific this officer his for right second so more here it triformis me so good a bad people oculated and nonenonenot the exact same fine and on domineering in media making us with lot of small gas people is alone their judgment and a folding mitigation just high semostome the truth is alsinastrum did veins well and i think i think we otondo it rot ye and i think that is the responsibility for every single one of his out there too is that when you see an officer that you don't want an you don't want to get in their way to what they're doing but also to absolutely stand with them for lawful process and call them up to you now make sure people know that no there's no victim in this situation this is a criminal and that officer's doing their job and start of had this is nonsense victim entity that that's absolutely of distracting from the real issues oh he people most critical of long for i was in there were being this to get it they would have slowly wanders off to senestrey on my words yeah i absolutely well this is i'm in a play that recording one more time cause i think this is she i think this is significant and i want a really high like the fact that that a detective geyer says oh there is no doubt about it to do with obstruction oh there's no doubt about it you know that's that's a i said it's very sad but but i unfortunately am that the bright spot of this is what we can really celebrate this is the fact that a then linforce at all spoke up and he saying something in his whistle blowing and leads right to nestle and benson on instruction of justice for our election process in michigan is well is this nonsense which while milly dollars you know payment for eric so we will wait till a sheriff or less ah ah more of his investigation he is doing a very important investigation right now i like that lot he's a god and at one longam on the phisitiones comes to work me and his covenant and to tell the or whether hercinian month the mayor divarication hears of stopford now she sent she's in a lorry lightfoot is the mayor titanians were in michinori so notices are attorney attorney general nestle and secretary state benson here so this goes right up to the the executive brand is comfortaple district of ontruth and put the clean office bindeth rossingtons the entire state and you know this whole thing with our election of the elections and how how absolutely raged they are and i am watched they're going to kick me off of some channel right now and i don't really care because they are their rigging or elect and i in its the problem is as its not rigging the elections in one direction there is like a hundred a hundred may be a thousand different directions that their using it to origin their sensorially brave people there's that there's another gal name stephany whose in i believe it's adams township who she's a le and this led stood up and was told to destroy evidence by benson and she refused to do and rose cocoatree is a good not stopping the me what what makes me angry a country is not as bad people my trooperat men and women who will stand up on to the rough pang the crest moment rome christian allows you to note you will speak costanoans to riot his toes right going in one and as i issued in the coptic if and some people have an esponesse democrats and locals will you there we corrotto do the cities your race to the s long as you don't fit lake the constitute as you cannot in thought word you going to detestation prince the people to stop yet well i can oftenoftenand on oh we can't we can a cause more problems than our little marks this mine such as destroy this nation and try to turn it into a i'll be kind about it a crap hole contry there were they can act as dictators and put the rest of us box cars or penacook and their well canonic form cities as so it's it's really it's really as it's really a amazing in actually i love this process because we're figuring out who all of them are and there is going to come a day of reckoning because like you i'm i'm i'm a very strong strongly devoted to god jesus and all of our acts whether we do in the dark we do it in the light have got to of what's going on we never never never have a have a the a pass unto in the wrong things is not so i got to i want to thank you so much for coming on to day and i would very very much locked a heavy back on maybe we can talk further on another day but thank you for joining me to day and calling out a detective geyer for a for his heroic i stand that he see and all the other law enforcement a people that are out there as well as every every american who stood for the correct thing you guys all are heroes and i'm so proud to stand with you and and one to say thank you in behalf of the whole united states of america for actually being a constitute sheriffs of thank you so much you please remind a tick you gerry was the scriptionem founding for maninhos home street telling moved the spark or chapter long i find to place to some my luck him i'm going to be round people just like you ishim his constant desprs he entered cross i found he also is geo in this long as we followed his prince and asked his to goloshes and climbed out what the bollebore to leave me passion structions before leaving hers so i like that which to patch and in bletonesians to one do it in a lovers oh i i like that that's great i've never heard that when before but i'm i'm relocating younger at your words to my to my brain and remember that so thank you so much you have a wonderful day to day and i very minespotosi to go your own good altered by you thank you so much and let's do this again because i think there's many issues we can talk about and i think that having having a share of onewhich is i'm a constitutionalist i think he is dick to the constitution have a lawful correct lawful process enforcement is part of that and if it's done coct so thank you so much a god bless you have a wonderful day to day and thank you so much for giving us yore okay so that is sheer off chuck right and i'm so thankful that he came on to day i'm going to bring scott on me out here a minute a scot how you doin i got on or i'm doing great a little bit you know it's like a lot of tens i start my broad cast up and i'm running for screens and i'm trying to get everything together and it usually takes me a few minutes to and be able to go step by step when i need to go through some day i'll have staff but right now i'm so so noreweard need she he indeed some stay off on kindelike flying on my own here right now most you know i think there's some value to that however and the value in being able to oh you know fly solo good batter otherwise oh when things go wrong and you can pick it pick up the pickup whenever needs be done you're also learning em where the help really into like for example i love cleaning stalls i love working at the part i liked it there's not a task on earth that i disliked i am that kind of a person that is like oke if i'm given a paint brush or not given papers wot if actopan something if i the hole the new or or if i have to show doesn't matter i will get in there all try to figure it out and it it matters not what i do right and sometimes when you get in with situation and i your on the ground here you can actually pailsk this is this is a failing this is so if we are going to move forward and make it more professional these on things we ned into if you don't have an experience you relying on other people to tell you everything and that makes you a very weak in a man's rise so that's that's my opinion on it once in my sick a camera you know used to produce tv commercials and such such i acaera and i had my heart had on it a vast and my my my work both my steel to to boots and such i went out to a crew and it was a new crew in difference some that down moose there was some problem out there and i wanted to see what everybody so went from person to person along this thing and i get to the guy on the doping on the doping crew which on a pipe line that's where they you know they they put a cold in on the pipe and sat and he did not want to talk to me and all dead and a lot of people didn't know who i was you know maybe a little bit and cat cientiuno which just kind of fun but i wanted them to tell me the truth well anything being filtered so that i could you know really be of help so on to croce in the sky god was on his big big excavator and he finally cannot he was like i want to talk to you who okwatho you and he was he was fearlesslythe cost on like a trip driver and and i like no no you know you need to really help me do my job here i am i need do you know this my job and i got it i got it which it was i signed myself that is and so i finally you know godestalke in its sevillethat do you think about the convent dick if you like the company cares about you dear do you feel like they do go on in safety and such and you know he's ikehis gasseres he yet they do a good job on safety they do a good job on this if a sudden after he grumbled at me for about ten minutes a sidewise take it up this time of sudden it like his thinking in so aliandro and the superintendent was standing about a hundred fifty feet feet away in so surprising man and derinoe inch near and oh in santon and o said he looks at me and he's like who are you and i oh i'm not to brandon annie's like the eager are the wheels work and right his what are you do on like welling told it on the company and he's like clerissacs cassinian such and his he sikestown like see i said we're all the same and i needed you to tell me what you really felt so that we could in fact serve you better as a company as you know to serve you as an employee from a company in the only way we get the information it is for me to go straight to the so that we know that were doing what what needs to be done in a service mine sat in a very dangerous and a very risky business to make sure that we keep all our peoples as kind of hound and i i can condole doing this sort of thing but she accuses me of undercover pass and all in others things and then then we lay off and slapped five shook hands and it was a great day you know to obtaye interesting interesting what what do you think about this cleft then i played this ere well i was a participant my voice are you here opposite the so i'm just going to tell everybody out here i'm going to step in and say this guy scott and me he is a hero he has stepped forward and told the truth no matter if any one like old herder not and you you are a hero as it you know you're one of the good guys that are out there and you are the one that got this got this sam whistled low or to talk about that son and tassel obstructing justice in our elections it's important important understand that i don't want to i want to talk too much about this because actually something the sheriff said i am a little bit different view point on o proconnesian because hobbes the legal ability to investigate his well we get anility we just can't we have to turn our evidence over too long forks and two crossed ah in my circumstances and jackson co we have over ten i believe it's over ten low force made and most of her pitiful and my own long forcement agency here is black early public safety there in urban me a suburban longhorses and reopened a new case on the locustan vesication i i've got to go bad with them to day and because the law says rosanette the former the recently retired director public safety might just didn't want to be pestered with this because he didn't want to devote the resources according to his statement and does it matter the law says you are supposed to investigate and this is the problem that we have had across now we have developed a coalition we have active investigation of fourteen counties now and i've got about fourteen to sixteen more on hold at this but what we have done in order to build or coalition you give contact your prosecutors of but the law specifically i don't want to mention the law i want davenesse to work for her work for her porrectis goin to do that she's already in statestaken justis omeissen word thing they get em on or that's what brings this whole thing with his with this a situation with detective guardedthat's wife became how i made it up to help actually comes out of what i believe is obstruction of justice on the behalf of the very county as and i believe she had contact with the attorney general den eneste now why would an email go round the misconstrue saying agni is out there masticating his trying to contact the michigan state police about the election of the that's the law breaking i didn't break the law why would they be out putting an email through the michigan state police email serve about that what i want to do his part maintention here jackson county i want the michigan state police investigate notesonly the local wants i mean there could be some local ones but why is that mail going through there's communication the iman vesicating okay why would they said an email all about that and i had i have reasonably the detenus and julie knack for pratt the very county prosecutor had a conversation about the and i think they had concerns because i have not some now long forcment officer i'm wisebourn myself i am an expert in the data within the table and i think they had concerned about it and i expect hotospe tinoset come after me hot and heavy on and that's all right i hope she does the investigation of the locust stantives gate i think she thinks she by past is the fact that she is the legal cecil for the mishmeret she could not take the work yes she cannot take over the vestigation when we're best getting the mischiefable tions because she is there legal tooconsisted interest we won't know checks and balances now their own a billy this is a nightmare if you had a situation like this incorporate america you're it would just be me sir exactly let me tell you the checks and balances that goes to the republican part our people a piece of garbage that lives tend to twelve miles from me named mike shirt jason wentworth and clerk county even to women the former secretary state roof johnson who was the chair of the seton elections and and bowling for bright and township it living son county was the chair of the house elected there lyderpole end oversight there is your legend checks and balanced roberts stamped this corrupt election system and the corrupt data that is in the back end of all this they rubber stamped it what worth its basically shone there nose and i tell you what we're investigating a company called orborder in the city of jackson owned by my shire or certain money aponesteron through their company and i tell you what this doesn't and these public officials or pardonpardon to it if the two party problems senyhory now your year absolutely right this is this is criminality this a criminal enterprises of outbreak now that we're looking at and there is a bit aclu i mean you know george carling was right at the club and we ain't in it and all the puritanor orologere not the owners of the government that is the bottom line the orders of the government of the corporations there the banks there verithe antis they are the owners of the government and i'm not intimidated by david hessel or johnson better the others to come after me colhead they want to slip my throat go ahead i'm not afraid to be murdered by them and i tell you what they are lawless my grape is with long forcement in the jackson county prosecutor jerry jurdico who refused to hear my cake in marked i wanted to sit down with him and stuffed me lambertthe attorney and i wanted to have darles to come in for very county sit down with the jackson coming prosecutor he blew me off he doesn't believe in the law he tries to prove himself as mister provelike prosecutor had he invested my case on march good chance we would have uncovered a lot of the stuff and been able to shut this camping down it stead the jackson concrescere i got to take him to court again probably on a rid of mandamus and he has been named in a financial loss soon which has not been filed at this sale we're going to see whether not he does his job because we're going to be pursuing prosecutes in jackson county on the secretary of state and more than likely johnston braider the director of the michigan girl elections here and now i do want if i can and i want to give a couple of real good comments on the locus standi investigate oconostota put off for the fact that this is a protection racket they've got to petersgrat or went on their protecting their own criminal actions absolute their using the power of their office to manipulate the laws manipulate prosecution that includes the entoproct or must be in county whose by any other being said i wanted me clear where fourteen were active in fourteen collis on this locust and a criminal investigation what were not investigating local clerks or the county cork unless ecaliers are struck in justice or injuring which is going on with mary cass the hill still county and a man on her patrick here and jackson on and we are best eating what the evidence points to is that the secretary state mishmeret ns said licantara and i can name lord burbonian this is well blakely violated a particular law that we are seeking prosecutions on iterantem ntion that law right now but it's not even the elections specific law it is the public records and it prohibits the lesion is a manipulation of records i releasing fraudulent records it covers the whole gamut of what we and myself and the people from election integrity for are all looking at in terms of the election data the the data on the back side because you don't see that the cork don't they see what the secretary state and the bureau elections as most clerks are aware of all the states but let me give you a passedeither isabella county that occurred last night we have two women working in isabella county that are doing a fantastic job the probably the number one most advanced printers of our investigations this point we actually are opening a crinolette in the afternoon we're going to get our case number with a a village and their very small department but he's all about investigating it because the crime is part of the mischance but one of the s abolonia last night went toward town should board me i brought some this evidence that board a motion it nowhere and i passed i understand passeran retained the elect a book dated all the data derived from because of concerns election day at and being honest and a woman that did it show it to cure very highly motivated and but as the other woman is in the county we have several other people the people the revolved in this are independent or not the gentle i tell you what i've got a huge problem yet sigel county georgewe have a police sheep in the city of gaylord that is willing for to run with one of these cases if we give him the details and everything else the at segel geepee have blown me off told me to get lost because they want to do bureaucracy up there they want to go through their committees and everything else there's no time for coming you know what most on people are involved right now are getting off the rear and scott what can we do to help out that's what i needed out about segel county joke that's what we needed one middling county geop that's what we need is out of the jackson condoocive i have a couple of men in the woman here in jackson county that are working their bussoti to help me out and helped this investigation because they have a love of country the jackson go pees of social cause enditled about it before their political as many of these country goopies are there nothing more than political colt and peonsone are all called they're all of them germinate right the at single gopee we have a police chief up there willing to work with a the same thing when we have the prose there are willing to be long or setting of loaning to work with us specifically it is law and order because that's the hard thing i've had in this county with the long forcer jury arsino the prosecutor is the rule of and i tell you what i am of the opinion because we're bad does not mean you're alone order police of events might a lot of contrast with that sursaut specifically to these elections okay maybe they are with other things which you know what it doesn't sit de painted esse de si have i a hierarchy or monopoly in investigating election every officer in the state took an oath of office to uphold the mishkan compiled law the mc and i tell you what in this county most low porter workplaces a woman a police officer with the city of jackson is dated excellent job in helping herself she asked questions so shorealone there's a sheriff deputy work with us on the recount here and jackson county same thing he wasn't sure but he asked est jackson county sheriff is word prideful a pathological liar m in the under sheriff boat this the erthe i'd like to lie the public sake i how i had problems with the old director and he has sent a retired early and he's been hired by leoni township as a whole time a administrator he's the township at ministrator now so we can collect another paycheck there along with his retirement and in given the about this you know what his excuse was we need a broader we need a brother a a broader investigate basically trying to defer to the michigan state embassage right every gun horse agency in this sad can subpoena people from other parts of the state and can do sich words and i tell you what black willey public safety has laden lazy cups i hope they hear this i'm going to tell them for watch the cliff of the donegani because i want to i want to protect to know how lazy the cops are in black welouby station sorry dodeyou're her great because you know when i was when i was running i actively running i had not conceived and i will not concede delivers chiefs this that hath refused to accomplish honest coversand so when i when i was running i went i taught to probably half the sheriffs the and i asked them all this why didn't you arrest you have that you have the authority in order you can arrest the governor and that's the perishing you know supposing supposing i am governor some i want to have the assurance to the population of the state of michigan that in fact if i do something criminal or wrong that i am in fact because we all have to be okay with accountability nobody and we know what there was you know what the answers i have i've got a whole file on all the andsacian melt will questions they asked if i was just trying to find out what the problems were in law enforced the shock to me was the answer that were the answers that i got out of this well you know if we were to rest her you know who's going to prosecute it and on it homelike a wire you if if you if you are now haven't probed with prosecutor you're the share of wantoning at the prosecutor and get somebody this going to look into this instead of you know what i mean it's like and i and i also know that you know sheriffs from one county you can actually have a suit another condicous of precipice so then there is all kinds of things there that could be done to accomplish actual law enforcement in the day and you know we don't have enough people that i didn't even find enough of one that actually knew the constant and what there the rights were and their ability i had the best answer i had was a how could a government or a governor if if she was to stand on the constitution be of help to you if not the guy said this was great he said he you can't be and get the hell out of my county i'm like perfect that's the perfect answer that he should have given me because the only thing that a governor could do as potentially make sure that the finding is correct and get out of the way of the local of the local lawenforcement you know enable them to do their jobs but not it's not a top down its so it's very very interesting or on the right scott i am i got born in is the first vice chair of the taxpayers party and i'm going to i'm going to get put a plug up here right now because i'm going to invite you because i'm going to say shame on the geopenodon in that was seen to what you have to say it it's a marker on implosion is got it they proved my point cause i called them he has rescued the worth and stint the jackson geepee is thin skin they're two people there working with me a man and a woman and there doing a fantastic job but most of the jacksons yore hats my guts because on the meaning you know what this country is being destroyed they live in a social call on the jackson jothephine the several of motherare adjectively or if i to it it's bad leadership in the geopolitical colt that's all it is but let me tell you about the perils in this state no quick cheerfully for they went out to try to get these people and board for the longest time okay it was until i started going to talk to prosecute before we had started to build this coalition we wrote tcelaw that we are seeking prosecution an indictment i we along with election integrity force we compiled a basically a line of investigation where we could pull the evidence together to prove a cake on this particular law there before we would take it to the long forcement which we have these are the thanks for i can tell you the beginning most the ship that beslaver sheriff they were afraid that's why they were after sir that's why they went after shere lane that's why they went after stephane scott churls and and other clerks in this county because it's to intimidate this is a trick of adolf hitler david these is a great protege they do pile to mar lovers but well i called come on faster if the combination of both that one could happening with imitation packed these were pulled from hitler's bag a goody intimidate and that what the doing with my going after sheriff leaf and dressy sheriffs they see it dinantwas doing there afraid the sheriffs many sheriffs are godless okanogan county shire a gutless okay i'd love to debate him one on one he doesn't have the guts to do do you know what he tells me to day talked to my attorney let other judy i called jerry chitty now but i am he escombe now the old charities here the cancelled them out step brand as he still been the sherip he was a long order constitutional sherif had he still been the sheriff i believe he would have been the first share of the state invests but you know what the pony republicans in the cat jackson county board a commision helped run him out and i tell you what three if they be thinks republican parties any different than the democrats belone this county is filled with crape republicans from my shirt all the way on down but an now you're assert were talking to you in a party and this is what's really amazing is that i know christina crown while she's a lovely person and she was honestly set up through trying to say a atoomin cially and amongst other things and i think i think it's amazing so the getter and off as an out where's everybody running to her running to her ah ah ah right siena call and within two weeks they were all ready trying to find a way if they will shooprame that her possession sees not making i don't think she has the skill and they were talking or removing her and on like this is so typical of the party system that's going on right now people should be ashamed of themselves an amnesty right now every single person all there that sostheneian if you are worth your salt yet in there it either help her or get out of the party and realize that it's nothing more than a criminal organization that work going to have to get rid of with that set in genitore quick because i told you we're going to cut ossorio having you on her here like one of my favorite belthae on the show because ye have you say what is he said and i would like to invite you because i ain't that the she for the you are teachers party in michigan which is the constitution part and we are having a of check on this right here march twenty five were having a meeting ah well gussie we're having a meeting and saint john's this assoteth website is u s t p m door and scott i would be absolutely thrilled if you would attend and u s taxers party would welcome you and and and stand with you with you be welcomed with open arms and hear an amazing hero who step for it and i'm so proud to know you please consider coming there on march twenty fifth because we're not crappy ringaringa democrat whatever and of not talking about the people i'm talking about these the people are wonderful these that is literally sat against we the people and the farther you go down from the top the more they're just kind of pitch and kibbles to get them to stand wine well they slip the throat of this nation from the one and it's not going to change no no matter what anybody tells me it will not change president washington tried to warn everybody that a party set is is toxic its poisonous it has to be ended because it set up in its special interest there is no way within the system we have that it will ever work the way that it is without eventually it's going to creep back and even if you get the most honest people with their highest followed integrity the way that these parties are set up their there going to get money that are going to be infused from every single direction and it's still all about keeping the people of the lower level and they're going to do what they want is no way round it anyhow thank you so much for coming in i'd like to give you a couple more minutes and then i'm going to let on to say a prayer to an he's all my goodness we got so many comments here let me let me quick run through these men good morning he ahahgood morning big news and gateway pond it rogue sex education forms to download by one hundred per cent fet of pre her schools back and stopped this madness all the schools are part of it too it's red flag was not be in michigan so back sorry no schools home sorus anglos are working hard one start recalling or or primary them to get him out and take soup get him out they need be rested for criminal behavior and thunder sorry but down to get me and be a bee on trial for trees this is this is way passed this is and on and in high crimes would some rights for to us nineteen eighty five preventing officers for performing duties a help with what's going on and let's see enispe is their doubles workers well i'm not going to deem anie all of them with the system is wrong he sets a unionized police force without a without the countability of the people that's what i like the sheriff's office if you don't like him you vol by will basic instructions before leaving earth i love to look at the bible that we hang that the great thing wasn't that wonderful that sheriff o the shoewright scott drew an affidavit sudden to the county's share coming prosecutor by a certified mail requesting a meeting with your evidence surely shafer into scalded county this action was ah what my regime is maladministration and needs to be recalled now they need be charged with every one of em with a with a obstruction of juste ah interfering with our elections and and go to get on for trees and for drills for the ah my prayers are for god's holy angels to bless you both thank you so much that's so nice if you know where out here powdine pavement and and just laying in punches every day out on his criminality and a lot of people don't like to hear it they don't like her the pass on they don't like the other fight well i'm doing your watch i don't want somebody out there that'senough for this nation well you know we're going to do it now that time over we're losing our country over that mentality and every single person has to stand on call it what it is and getting the fight for real to take this nation back nobody gets a pass on this nobody gets to go home on and go back to do the regular life play all for what we are in a war for our nation families everything you have is it risk right now do i believe that we're going to win oh yeah they're never been overcome the american spirit and furthermore we got god in our side they got a big they've got a huge frog is they're going down we're already seeing the effects of it with the banks the banks that are going down this is great this is footnote great these are the billionaire banks of billion or bagster that need have their behind handed too and i hope they all go down we'll we'll go a head rebuild this together we don't need them what we didn't figure out is that veining us we don't need them and the captains and checked by the lies and the croceata crisises and their their criminality at lections every part of it need them we can rebuild this and put it back under the constitution with all all all this nonsense and i you know what when we the people stand together we are one american family no division you not unite it under god and and in when when we stand together like that i can be in its good to be glorious because i'd stand for you and your children every one you love i know scott would to and there's many many people out there like us that are fighting for this nation and a in i regard you as a friend family member in fellow america so just wanted to just want to throw that in somnis a prayer it now and then then we're going to have a few last words and then we'll get out do you come father thank you so very much for scott and chuck and all the brave people stephanie lambert all these brave people that are out there fighting for this nation and fighting for election integrity we asked that ewilch each one of us to turn our hearts our minds and our mouths now into a into a certain to service of you that we would represent you will here that we would do the right thing always no matter what that we would always do the right thing and that we would absolutely stand up and fight with everything as for truth justice righteousness and all those things which are gifts of the spirit in honesty and integrity and also let us stand together help us to see the need and our neighbors and our friends in our family and exeleto for what it is that a need that needs to be filled and that we would all just stand out all i'll help i'll help may that be the call of every single american out of our voice is this day wodde something in how i'll do it let that be our cry and service to you because we love you we love you so much and we thank you for everything that you've done and forgive hester in the name of jesus christ we pray so there you go scatteredand words down on your in now i ka juriaan anyhow find a word c gone he here i can hear you while i guess we're going to stop then okay so i'm in to the heart hands then a god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the mere i'm so proud to know everybody out that its listing as i'm pretty sure if if the colonies are out there come what did he call it come come you know fostere that they probably are not listening to what we have to say with that's okay to they'll get figured out or they woll ansichow indeed followed them just one letter everybody know that you are very much love got there and realize that that it's all good this is all in god's hands and we can go forward with boldness with no fear and with love for each other your very much loved and you're in our prayers and we're going to get the sack figured out as one american family under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all have a great day live it for god fairly and country and i'll see a back on monday have a great week