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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/7/2023 - 9am Chuck Ritchard & 10am Jeff Buongiorno

Published Aug. 7, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten!! 9am Monday Morning in the Mitten with Chuck Ritchard Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics! The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Jeff Buongiorno Jeff Buongiorno is a political outsider who has been watching the hijacking of our government by various forces for years. These include lifelong career politicians, Socialist Democrats, the Communist Chinese government, Elite Globalists, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, and Big Tech. He believes it’s time for “We the People” to take our government back and restore it to its rightful owners – The People! Jeff Buongiorno is a Conservative Constitutionalist and American businessman. He escaped the tyranny of New Jersey and fled to the Great State of Florida over a decade ago, seeking new opportunities & medical freedom. Jeff spent his career fighting for law enforcement and standing up for the Constitution. Early on, he served as a Deputy Sheriff. Jeff later built several companies, like transportation, supply chain, manufacturing, and tech companies. He has helped veterans through the GI Bill and the unemployed through workforce development and the Workforce Investment Act with an 80% placement rate. He knows that low taxes and less regulation will spawn more opportunities for everyone. While running his businesses, Jeff had become the patriarchy for his family while caring for his Father, Mother and Brother. While the Socialist Democrats are attempting to cancel the history of our great nation, Jeff is running for Congress to protect our constitutional and God-given rights as an ardent defender and supporter of Self-Governance. He believes the Constitution is as relevant today as it was when it was signed, and he is prepared to fight for “We the People.” Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventh day of august twenty twenty three welcome to our show today we've got a lot of stuff to go over there as many there were many things that were happening this he asked weekand i wanted to show you i was a in a wonderful event over sterling height and my body no fleas there and so wanted to play a little bet i have eight segments that i put up on my telegram channel at brandenburg the number four am i i always find my posts there so i thought i would play the samite and let you see the first few minutes of of what general plan had ere rhoiconeis le anderloni and i aristocratisation orig my monoanesthesias and perform of onanists of my life wing of sosonees we are in some twenty three how long you goin to stand it how our country currently accession the shadow of the valley of the or on trees on as i i have desired onoiochrhonons internationally or ornithologist the sinforosa to the mind we for stores or and were in so i had a cohongorooton sootiness of late it hoping opossuming down sotialit one teresenhohe jack i can make stones and one might i now or wore the mortar not long charter i had colonelsandham i have ronsocos and your watch was promotion and i know how come on other commentators orehore no worship here for coit's thereon notesafricathe gelatinous oh watch the the hoopoe and now how soon costolette piscicola there salassatore sternocoracoid the sesoforis desolated soon allantoate doitall of decision dronestein by changes in course energiesof cold oncewhich egophonic satinwood he forgot what a man he horsemanhorseman ossestre and nonesthetical postice irresponsive she on her the shannon in ohio howsomenever some have a constant totoposti in gold he sat on don get out erosional cortes some are concessions were on or to someoneshould on rougethousands counterfeits of people conditions so as to assortative association on the galloped and i think in that i have a eight segments up there and it was a very very inspiring presentation that general flint and all the other people that were there did and i just want to encourage everybody to watch his words he is a true patriot he is a spring man of god who absolutely loves and his family and i would encourage our ready but so rockets so i gonsago morning this morning at nine o'clock here we've got chuck orchard and then at ten o'clock we've got ah we got special see bonjorno and i i think that you're really going to like this because we're going to be talking about what's happening on the borders specifically with the attother using two gather information and wherein to get into that this morning about what's happening here in the republican party in the state of michigan because i'm going to tell you what i am really getting my hands around how this whole thing is work and how the republican party which is the cult at this point is usondo divide and to to distract and to lead people astray so we're going to get into that but first off i'm going to say good morning hackendorn do often had him in ray to go ready to take on the osteotabes i've got my one stone and old david had five i only need to want if i can't hit it with the one one shot out of the park as you and i always say and i better said unto while there you go you know there's there's that there's a lot going on usually hit the hit it pretty hard and so do i so that's really good and truth you know the main thing is as we got to bring truth to the surface and right now i'm so work and i'm getting my for screens up in writing hair so that we can we can talk about what what's important and with the things that we need to do to right nation because as a general plan said we can it's it's something that we can do to write the nation but we've got to be willing to sometimes walk away from sodom and gomorrah and not look back and i really do believe that we're in that position right now where we need to be making aren't things value rather than the things that we want them to be that that is a big problem we have when he mentioned that a that movie cocoa by disney some people are still like oh you know i've a it's disney i've got all these memories of desnes yea but are they what she thought they were as it which you hope that they were because of nostalgia and i feel the same way about the political party system i think it's nostalgia that is keep keeping people instead of looking at things in her face value and there are so many questions that have to be answer that we cannot look away just cause we got all this whole beyond a by gone party that stood for something which has been infiltrated by who subscribed to salensky and the tactic that you disagree with them you will be removed and we will change by laws in order to make people that have have garnered support like hitler give them absolute supremacy to do whatever they want we have a big pole and in i and i'm going to hit it hard because when when i look at what happened with tototectin thundred dixon was the designated loser and the last set is designed lovershe came from a globally and all he heard was split the bolt spike well you can add up the boat and say that's that was not even close to the problem now what's republican party they've split into different factions their using a strong arm tackles in order to remove people they rove removed the budget chair they removed danny bared a lotta lois and and don beat they removed all of them there's more people have been removed they removed me from a meeting just for vein there trying to try to build bridges and set your not a real republican really i never left they abandoned me like the good abandon the whole rest of the state and you can quote me on that because i can see the writing on the wall sosovery on let's go there you want to go in a crowd to minute werefore we gets there conuention general plan and i was really of if he painterseven one of poperinghe valley a gate of the valley of don and what i always thought of when that is i also yet with this may be belie things may not be going the way we want you know what we know sinchard number one we know we can charge other shadow it out that's what gives us the whole des what kep us so the promise for the future brother future on this earth or or hand and having been in the point it may cisthosa control i poisoning there two of to day to unpeaceful couplets or of the cross absolutely gathers dropped the cattle with doubt of the color the cross by casting crowds really did to it but he is on the way by told by an dossierthe relapsing arnold prisoner faith and it gives us the drive did take in it is isibility stand up against the one i mentioned the stone that david have the five stones but really in all honesty we all have those stones we have a valise use our tale is god is told is to do well that's the promise behind us and i look at the second peter of yesterday in church talked about second peter and also all setosely received the political realm all the time so our job is to beare out who is gelert and who is in one uni do that all the time when run here real like to get into i'm going on to what was going on and i'd like to read this this does on from she ceinturon and has to do with progressivism the progressive is intestaro folks is started back in ninety and nearly nineteen hundred of when he rotation kennedy wrote about ninety and nineteen nine nineteen forty five at the point is disguised continued the paraphrase it now read it because i think it's worth reading pareciessen steorre down of i need understand why the fence was still oanother one of us is incompetent all of us how we every one of us when we go on something we ought to know what's the rationalist and in sikenesse to the archon really makes a poison in the matter of reforming things a distinct of reforming them there is one plain and simple principle in principle which will be probably be called a caracther exists such a case in certain institution or law let us say for the sake of simplicity organ erected across her on the more modern type of reformer goes kalypto it isas i don't see the use of this let us clear away i wish the more intelligent type reformer will do do well to answer if you don't see the use of it i certainly won't let you clear away away than they when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it i may allow you to destroy it this paradox reststhe most elementary common sense of an ascoceras it's really quite long if he got was to i can send it to be the point i may kiss understanding what really what lit up to that point because willephis going forward and when i look at what's going on in politics not just yet like hope see and every almost every county but i got to stop there because they've got to get conoscitore counties three counties that i think retarding it literate now i look at i'll do indolent and i'm not saying it's perfect instancing cutter not too ingoting down their trying to build terendete in his team and the way goteshses up in basingstoke had it is the perfect not none will be what the point is not trying to tear down their find to fill up so those three but whether i looked to kencote and what's going on there i'm opened therefore comunecate i really want to get it out there and then and collision with the cordon people are despicable they are despicable they do not offer fact i do not often reason and they do not follow protocol the act like islet children to that is set well and i i can i am really shocked you know i'm really sorry but i'm going to disagree with you on the fat of etini think that's healthy right it when i see right now is if you've got somebody the tholthan organisation or something and you've got as many questions as i have right now based on the things that i've seen the gothones here that i'm going to be working off of on this to hood not believe at this point time that the system can from within because it is so corrupt and they had one deliques tion of what you do is a leader i bondyou get questioned absolutely near organization absolutely how do you answer that she see the mitrosha none that's theseit's like with truth but if you can't get the truth i mean christina has been asked to provide things and she will not provide and there's todos were you provide your your information in your on your companies will you provide your what your bark is gogtoothed condition is one for your leonorayou swateness as strength weakness the opportunities interestyou won't you can on no business what do that i can't there's other certain i'm gettin hanasser certain things from kenosha e that he too like his financial especially to if there's other people anybody that has an interest and this financially as of licomedia of chester i wore opondo it on your own comfort though it will anybody days a financial interest in his sure we do you you you he cannot believe whenever we do in any type of work they want complete financials on as and and it is a long and rather the gods of depredation of this go on enipape transparently is it my adeline that to the general public without you you don't just say if some one calls upset i like not od like this to your your is swateness on your unincinerated companybut i sometime the litical parties chuck have financial interest in o and so does hot rybody that's part of the republican party so it is appropriate to throw it out there and honestly you know you cantridge on that point he met la because you know i come out the corporal world other things you you cannot care must not share and so when we talk about political parties there's some other rules in doctacion you got the upsetlington you've got to the merry of finally steve got to different things but you also have some other things to going to which i believe is a little bit i think is wrong in all hearts do it including your local party they have what's called a the levencourt where one can come in i think some ten ten thousand dollars can come into these so to these parties for ministration purposes don't point is it not track crackcrack of thosethose things that we needed yet with him but i think we need to do that and if it is just emetic way when you could get rid of the corruption absolutely that is no doubt i stand against it i also recognize it politeindeed be able to function westray and like son so ocoison so said the artist surprise you never lecture into me know where you're coming from what what what front you are attacking from and so that's really ken you we keep these things in mind i'm not saying it perfect i'm not saying that i agree with him under per cent not at all but he knows the areas where we don't agree i didn't here will we can get a wind the wind i dinnerwhere we can work it out as opposed to this endthis attitude i see coming on like all the second district challenge didn't even show the second desert does even stowtlie me what their pudotessani talk about transparency let me see the podoconus wanting to give your godlike john roche it now did they give money to him to the pack on the liberty they won't even stroke than any we still when the meetings are well that's othersothers a question o so why is it not o k for then show or in you o kay for christina not to show things but it's not a for the districtthough be out the defences roper and were in get into this the differences i don't talk about transparency in the same way they do they want a bend as transparently unlock the one that brought transfered and solothe people will the rear show down on your brother col records will you show your ires oh you can for when i get the people with what if i asked me say i if i ask free of mogodover or her as like logical profile do you think it's a proprietas in i share with not at were talking financials though chocklate crop of the problems it is what they got it they were talked in nontransparent they're not just talking financial or talking about his hesitatedif erent things and inistae all cake yes i understand the whole premises i do i've done their gonthaire a very high level the deeply i got to tell you goes positions or lonely position to you know that god had got it everybody was ascribed to the top odette top you don't have friends because you have to make the coppices like dead or love then it is not always but to be potable to everybody we know that chichis it why is it up to somebody like me who goes to the financial and looks through things and ask questions but they will not cough up the answers like like their some greusome anybody that takes the curse or lookest paid fifty five thousand dollars for benefits to people dawn and christina goslari i agree i konsonanten what about what about twenty thousand dollars that was allegedly paid they said he paid to lowes which i don't believe she got paid annotates now so now we've got to go as all these questions and what about this so so this is another question and i'm on to tallington the day because you know you can can not look and i think this is wore this is going i mean that's what you do when you look on financial and you look good action and on the twenty third of june there was an allochroite ed for the atocanti republican party and the whole thing is hid and now they've got this hole a good neighbor a program of which is all about day to cook is all about spine on your neighbors and day to collection so repose within its incredible and now with all of the things that are going on in the questions about the activities with you know you've got the budget there move you've got danny and low as and dawn and there was one more removed i believe that they're all removed because if you ask questore going to be removed now here's a they've turned the republican party into a bunch of little spies spying on their neighbors to input data in the i'm just going to say a theoretical looks like makes me ask these christina is failing so poorly i think i think i i i dissected the little bit i don't know but it looks to me like she's raised my eighteen thousand dolls and she's been getting paid him over five thousand dollars this is as an end it doesn't include the benefits okay all of this stuff together and the money for mackinac here's her speakers that she that their chuckanut there are they going to show off or they have the money to pay them because the accounts don't have the money in it to pay them they're all of these things that are questioned and it looks like any time some somebody questions her they almost used like solid lensky tactics look at what's happening and in mcconthe have divided the republican parting can they've divided it in mccannon they're goin after mark for in an leaseland over theregood i do know i'm actively involved across the state now nora i'm riding the venosta it can county on a number to go there because no they might coopers knocked all did not ill tathagato same stern not at you have you have some leases out there that are and that our spines is one there are some of the old regime that are actively how do i want to say exciting so these people like nickyand like stuff the body these people are novice is shorter one numbered he is they don't have the skill sets and you got these other ones you onless when i called appetising exactly that they won't take me on because i know i'm going to come in go right for the juggler and i have and do my point is this i began counting it sad commentary because at a time when we need support and moving forward they cheered by the herd down not one five on monday doone fond did i hear of positivistic from those four five people not one time and that's why i read this about he hated sertenas you in that these guys are acting no difference in the real wolsey that equivocally that they are no better than the pen ducendos offer anything she's kind of a contest there i don't know he bore was the county commissioner sad she woke offered to the recoopered nation it was accepted in his she tried resented it because they were polandsome crags behind the scenes the point is ospringe decision makers when people that have character and honor and integrity none of those to solicit of or the acingani us cordoncello to county and there taken i can buy her in there and i have to look at the case and now it more detailin waiting on a piece formation and then edentulis a dispensation on that isotheosis law license on the say that beyond bonesthe with doubt lyonshenry abitulon his park and were going to prove that toedient for me one twice and now this i see this and these guys had signed the letter the crime is an absolute life galenathe said bestindeed he pepito it out of context so this can cold you periopticon take some to write the court because that's the only way you get get relieved to day is pushed tickleder and into cork we look at the second district we will go with a catastrophic the people behind the scenes the lack character i will go right through my no i don't well and you know him too you know they got down the road the guy that's what i call the grocer i tell him the first class citeenis past we know bredenaide her little bit because you not the woman that serissoides up in these characters and then and then oh roseacea minute and there's another sodome up we'll come out next month that's an talk about ended here sits discussing is obsolete discussing as if there's a case going out and blease and how be kind of interesting i the way on the second estrellado member i think is it is the reasonable member in green i'm glad he did but others had also made the need to quit because one honest we i believe they are not caught up in it they're very honourable people there being dragged down by the likeness for this group so we go to camelot work for work has been attacked by pistonrendering there there there being attacked by antoine time that somebody somebody does anything that they don't agree with they remove them there there is so much going on it behind this as well as writing like the by loss to make christina the supreme commander with a heart men who is entirely and right now we i had nigh lost suit like i had my lost suit or the lossthat i was on was dismissed last last week he's he is up a part of it if he's in hieland we can't even talk to him and then and why i'm like why and then we've got we've got all the stuff going on we've got foulons sitting there next to her and watch how they're picking off the grass roots using emotional tactics rather than livestheir doing and in he now we can look at all these people and i agree with you on all of them what the probe misses that if we don't start looking at people as the voter the individual it's going to be not these not this book emanate the creen problems it's going to be every single person in the state of michigan just like it wasn't good cooltivated for tutor dickson the designated loser so back to the way he set about the dividing color orator a share of the machining chivertons for thirty four years acetatis attacted not his in fact holocentroid these to missing i disagree with you on onwhither doing ursini don't think the people that you're talking about that the state plublaveh ability on the the knowledge be able to do what you wageseither people outside of it that i believe our trying to influence influence and annisette what i do does it doesn't matter where that influence is coming if it if it hits the gold because it go is as thou destroy to destroy the state by making the air the public in party they absolutely in ithacian and distracting every one and the problem is as that the people are going but but but but but i'm a republican you were i don't think you are any more because the republican party is no better than the democrat part it's a political cult and the there raising people up to be in a quasi aquatically status i mean even look at the people that are going out to macinian a delight like these people i the heyeste tion from the fact that they are absolutely doing some very very wrong things and if people join in with a spit on their neighbors things there's going to come point time where every single one is going to be convicted of treason cause i believe it's one i got you pontoporea though i'm not even as ocean at all docoction of those at it and away but not really what i denote you people don't realize you been profiled for a long long time and people been making money off you have on i don't tortosa we don't answer every time you answer and idling i quiz or question caruther be from herit to life or plan perorative you are answers are recorded and they know exactly who you are the konfounded know how you voted but if your reavering forrestare don't take can predict beon your other perfessor profile taken predict what your probability of voting for a specific beeeeeeagle by republican profile of me that it nieper cent i told they were wrong i'm actuated get a hundred okay because if i am as strong astonish believer do i agree with the hundred per cent now but when you talk about republican principles of a pack about their platform there is two elmets odible the constitution absolutely beyond the shadow a doubt i don't discreet the second amendment i care about every one of those because i stand for and we are under attack asolare with you on that i generated general plan the same thing when he talked about the valley were in the valley catothe bellido but this is a time we rise and we we do in a way horrible to god but also not afraid to put on that armor battle and unite now that donabor anybody could we battled back and forth a cot we still remained france and that therein is the thing that we have to remember to people let no question we battle we have to be friends he let me ask you this so if you've got you don't we can have all these feelings in such about being you know things wanting that in ostalgia of disney and of the state of michigan and all that i can rise in all those things but when you have infiltrators and and i i honestly have started to really believe that a lot of these people are democratic infiltrators and to nonconstat up marks into the republican party and so the same thing do we just say okay okay dan en ossolis absolutely off her flipping rocker with some of the things that she's done in the past so as whitherso has once ok they have not paid attention to the low poles not seen christine a chromo and every one standing whether doing the same thing if they don't like em they just rewrite the big loss but they don't deal with the problem with the money part someone proposed something and i was going down this path so on the twenty third of june letuse this make sense to every one the twenty third of june they register otoconite blican party now you got gomastha who has got no bed contracts with joel coleman too for liberty and a for on the colonel tea we live not on much of the really being paid oh because i can't see the financial and order in its not in the financial do we osee the receipts because i don't think that we're seeing all the acne and i believe that that's probably a big issue and ever publican out there should be asking how many accounts did we have how many duty have now where is that money i think hereandthere not hold on a second and of course it is on barnehous and shoot so and now go anyhow so let's let's look at what's happened with his good new neighbor problem spy on your neighbours committing treason don't do it because of your going to be guilty of it and watch how much or there is information out there in free information from the republican party that has already been paid for and is already in place why now did they have to have this brand new apt paying somebody else a lot of money to get the stuff down in order to gather new information do you know how much money is in de to collection a lot that's where saloonist's what hell dooded and all of a sudden who still sat on high that oseney that that would be a stand of michigan and note does he makes his money that's where he makes and i can almost i i i'm going to be i'm going to put my my my my hand out here see of doebereiner's right about this case i have pretty sure i'm going to be right about the watch what happens they leave but she takes that data with her with with all the people standing round her heart man lavedan all the rest of them that are there and i bet they start something else to sell that data and in it doesn't matter to her sheet if she wouldn't matter to her whether she succeeds or not because it's just like ever other politician of their it's all about the money and if you if you watch with their doing and i'm going to tell you right now every single republican out there i'm going to ask you to start thinking and stared at miss stolata interntional charged solichood look at what they're doing and i know there's a meeting of i think it's up in crystal friday shalako the love of the eleven and it's like i think every single person should be there and you better start right in your questions now because it looks to me like christina while she's not going to show off and she's not so now she's not i really do in anything we hit because why because it's not going to matter it never mattered to the politicians whether they winter loses just like like the matravers the rothchilds always sad too does it matter who wins or loses if they control the money and that is what it looks like it's doing and when you look fifty five thousand dollars for benefits for two people are you out of your mind i don't disagree on that but let reseesting of on the eleventh i killed the stuff that myself i would owerto be go right on the lame because what his people like free monteverde's no interest on contraspace there is none i i will debate to on transfer felteven know what the word means to bear the orchestre like pestilent the children i like compare her to a protocanonical in tococachi i did that for reason i wanted that i i want it now you're geo the body deserves it the how much money has she given to the republic part how much to be given done lissoy given don't there the points do we do if we don't pay do is to we don't pay of any information to our readers eventover not over not were not let its hot not tortoise that yes people that a he deserved to see where the money's colmerus i don't give money dolly don't well go isidas getting paid with he said that she was getting paid and then we'd got known at times cracks then are going out there to threats mondegothe hard earned dollars they deserve yes they all deserved to know like not if you don't give monty to it you're not part of the organisation if you don't overhip on firstcause take a local just think oh take it her club i don't give this here collectorates rve to know where they spend her money to it well you know when they had that meeting the one that they asked me to leave as i came in when i was absently it what it wasn't re and it was like i was asked to come there and then they've been ask me to leave this should have gone after the members that asked me to come who should have known the rules and in studdin what we're going to do is ortego after somebody who was whose trying to try to work with them to pull people together in the askingwell anyhow they're a little power point that they put up there it was bad it lets see couldn't see it it wasn't it it was illegitimate meeting to begin with because nobody saw and then they promised to send those things out every one where they had miteside forty thousand dollars of debt i heard him say it myself and in the that they were trying to sell people half cocked financial scheme and how to get them out of legacy at which i'm not sure there is legacy doth there i don't even know i don't even know what happened but there's too much money that disappeared and no one will know one will answer the one felt consperget it you want to get gensericus all a charge it asked the prosecutor of the county and in foleford was cartelisation why haven't enlitihoro sidasso now we got all these bookemen out there but the reality is is that no one is doing a thing in their walking the gowalk away with that twenty twenty four election being not one of em have done anything and i'm on to say the whole republican party leadership is just you can you can say that in and the party leadership at this point time pretty well trash there's only a few people in there that i think actually have a i'm not goin tatian i shouldn't say the entire thing most of it okay ol i think ninive personalisation most ill cut off because that's why we do ye silisious ninepence but i want i want to look at these people that that the she has been putting a rough and now it's like oh we have to save mackinaw we've always gone and we've always done really if you that that's exactly the same thought that put hiller and place was the was the this false sense of of a loyalty accutely where where they'll follow a leader under all certain without stopping asking questions in warehouse done what i honenchatagenten reelates to me save his atheism as a critical housesometimes on the lesson he sat yourself he des said hill because there's so much splitting there is silkslashed so fragmented so this isn't the kind but what is the case is that we have questions we need answer we do but we have we need answers for those who hestergate money but if so the longleaved n't help a pony in the race okay then you are deserving of an answer you really have ten months if there are financial crimes that are being committed and i can't say there are not but i'm neasures looking on prosecutions right mecenate with the prosecutor in that county and on what his income if you really want to do it you use the law gets low to keep telling people remind you the bath the waist instructor will not his usual against hecamore use against the colonel widelyacquainted to granulary the grande parties to insultates his absolutethose and pass how you counter wishedand hestons cutter hands all ratdolt with this keel out of god out of callisher you might see my case against sherlock brought up and wish her on it probably going to go to court because it's it's the opening if i did the piece of information indeed were going to tell for going to go after a more bineothe people down once to prowl because they are a canter they are a caster to our agostino people every one of these has delegates deserved that we niserons yes we do so less to point me it is this my point and you know what i'm sorry but what the republican party does every one in this and in getting people and that are absolutely marxists rows holegen losers like whitmer nestled benson in there because of ineffective leadership of distraction of being heaventhence to a people that are acting like like oh i'm monteori now i am going to be right on this when they walk away from that day to i believe i will be right and that's a question that we have to and see if anybody will hold him candlebecause it's been saved mons and nobody's hold colintoun table yet they're just there just walking all over onecares the question i got a question was john in the dog on jonathan done we're going to go to john as the dodo i don't know isadn't even ohithoughthe had lost suits against what's happened here in the republican party never stood with me even though i want in ponderin the federal court judge said that i had my rights violated republican party did nothing assignatus the contorted to the girls to these i think that the republican parties stood behind the tower because you're not hard of the clock not even my chicks the charles seconds now as to the stand tied me and i take you like a plain about that plan not if he should have been the one that now about it yet well i eocence you don't go out there put it out there while under way you did have recountered he worked with the guy named come with the work in a disseisin to undermine my case when the guy out of granatieri god the lawyer there he ateas working with him and i got to tell get on if there youremind no water people will undermine you every which way you can't if you let him so we got to stand up i agree with us topeseses that it's dad and me in the fall of this nation falling is the sheep will that follow these quasi celebrities now that the weenat hollywood now here on to go after him in the political parties cause that's exactly what we have let's look at jonathan dognothing him okawe got a guy thathamsa oklahoma this sky wharepin all these people on and you know where are they i really want to know got people and tried it i don't know i didn't ask the question and i don't get night as he should do osterwise i get sick and tired all these people twenty thirty forty thousand dollars for speaking again i don't care what his general plan or or david clark or wait is or even poleticians got it understand wait a minute wait a minute this is a rages i ben piled to travel causesthe artifice chops good commontent thousand dollars or thirty thousand dollars i don't think his god is doltimore than a business and i can the problem with all this is that i nosethat the same is not true at all but i'm sayin is i think there's a pit of moderation at naseby to be here if we got to act and grenoak about bee like jesus the renee to be like caseweed reasonable lasers because i think for agocontrolled are andertake an and are doing the same dog one thing to us as the politicians so i has to problems with the emessage yes it's good gonolobe print you talk okonkono the center why old et incorimba on the comfort twill end up in machine why not only where the mass his kennethand in large no class the republic came hardy functions as the lead i see i desiderare with him doing it up there i said before guinea that would have moved out to move that they had they paid a nowto keep talking about carrie lagging jim could best where are they going to get the money they act you know like i've i'm going to be i will also i'm an imnestar the let's if very oh yeah that's there going to do for free that's what's going to happen there on no but i just say may be well put by the conseillerois work in there and at nobody's getting paid you have to add two paid staff and you know in a part time lois who didn't get paid what what what is to happen to me ferreorostris sergeant ida i dis here at and couldn't couldn't believe it but it's true i know it's true i just don't know why i don't know the reason and have looking for reasons why danny and gone not those elegantique tions i've talked though some insiders last night and those are good questions we ought to help answers to those but on personal matters i don't know i don't know if you fire somebody i i i repeople there were things i could not say there were things i was not allowed to say because of an agreement that was made by the fire and every one and they brought him pentheter thousands or disagree i oostoleteren tricomonas the felon with ten counts of wire frantike are you kidding me and it's like bill it's like roller dank you been talking about it roaringest save the case bathanceaster bird type you look at me as if what he was by the background is tonesall i'm going to tell you that he is not called at any tripolines they want to put him in our other won't put him now and they want to put maconoise share of this king and kepe and melinoides ed that and i saw the bill considine no no he's got problems within the state of old on unles and you have got to is the head of ordersthe call got trouble that is not more thinking not at all was it is the whole thing with the republican party in michigan not even smart they've got to get somebody who has absolutely i mean christina cromwell clearly is not qualified look at she she broke her promises of not taking a souerente it was financially sound well it's not they don't have enough money to cover that they don't have monthsnobody from what i can see to deal with the map and issues of their inspersion to in the guess here will see down his right to get let's see jay of the money to pay him of the contest drafting out like flies you know well we'll see we'll see what happens there but we've got we've got this up jonathan john who comes from oklahoma how did he get up here who is he standing next to heart and then for communicating is communications or something like that and then you've got you got you've got folinhas i'm going to tell you right now dear god let the people out there that are true re probably things for what they are and actually if these people cannot hold themselves accountable it's time for the republicans out there everywhere conservatives out there whoever is out there is a voter to hold these people accountable because these questions have to be answered and it's not just literulas you knows you her feelwell i don't want the leaks shout there because in degnano our strategy can now what if you're that good you can out run em and you don't worry about competition that is something i've so for many many many years and you know what i can i got to ackording people because they don't waste all my time on this political nonsense which is turned into an absolute show of ball kicking off you know the ball kicking meeting and all his other nonsense up here that's gone i mean this is like this is like jerry spring or politics and our country's going to help because he no one is at serious about running the country holding people to countable having fine nance a financial integrity and in the republican party is a microcosm of what the happening in the united states please please every one get in the game and help stop this nonsense as crazy derive to go also to a thick got to kill osorkon at infinitude to got to keep cold no don't don't donate a dime to that party in which onkionhent you cannot you cannot must not pricieuse you can criticise freedom use when you know what ideas in stockinged not aplanted acol transparency siryou can because the figment black rat with black rock and and state street arabel they can say well we're not going to show her orofenan cels because it doesn't affect everybody really it's taken over the whole nation and in so it is no oleaginosis chiaia corrente not a public or dolent matter if they have function is economic warfare in my opinion because it's like oldestest related operates because orgination of controlled by if as cossantes tokio there in that no known pain attention to it so it's like its special introits national interests so why would we continue on system is broke and if the money is being squandered away in different areas and such i am more tuotiin why don't we just break her garniture de point because that's why i really go on to cassiopolis a way to congleton is orologean got the knock what you're doing a corporation you'll never do that at as carthwaite which be now you understand first all cleared domine solenodon of and to give her questions o this is doctor chacnabiton oh you when can problemsand very first thing you must do is clearly to find what the problem is and you look at it for multiple points of view you do it in a prince tore me session won't you clearly defined you have a number of nothing you can use in decide which costs were you put out what all can happens his people desideri know what's tofason on idolisation i don't the problem of the god they will solve a problem for not the problem and so consequently they could down the road can omayan then guess what the problems great back so when i say that i givenother standpoint doctor dee doctor deminische akas oneornithologist climbers by and general motors those are all tactics used to solve problems in their very bathotic and effect that's where we have to get so i don't throw a veil with a backwater no way i go polishes are older again well i tell you what though this is more gondaree because i in fact if i here every single employe of a company that i found out was doing things that were unethical and wrong and three and amblycephalid start at over as the personnel assets wootton we find out why those before on antoniadis in onethe same thing now and a dozen matter to me when they put a falintan there with wire fried to get rid o somebody and put a foindin there some wire fraud i don't know i don't eat any more for at this little guns argue with that you not when we for the beginning i spied because i don't understand do we have people on innerkepple being on board including the look my background and you don't use em i don't know he answered i don't know why but my whole point is to put a person in there my god this pressing after we've increscis the godlike to roberta the color so onregenerate we don't like that it is goes on and on and on you know i agree i don't disagree with that we we agree on the lot and we can disagree to the points but with the one point everybody's got to high indeed we still how to walk away as we have the estotewe used to always do it we had to get along in mere active and have decrescendo or we were told so in the colonos who was going relateshowever put in in place solutions seasons at work and you know one could then desiccatas we i'm comprecatorem as week untold and pistereen on yes he did dolores to no solutions they criticize criticise criticised i want to know i watched him in that onomonikana it was distractable it was a disgrace they screamed athenogenes of stuccoed of stoppage in one of the members with a isostasy there no different than in feeling in the enticing her of people that can not offer solation or do not even want to offer solution i can want to care now well that's that seeexactly that's exactly where i met with that with the way that this whole thing with christina and her regime he seems to be going is that the solution is as you cannot play ball with people who have this much criminality and their background and one bad decision is leads to another least another leads to another there is no way this is going to be effective and it will tear this state apart because of a wild that second one the cold a coat just hard chesterthe because as exactly right we have to understand what really is going on we have the understanding as caracoles solving one or one in sardeshmukhi invasion of the republican party we've got to look at it it is the whole going as a direction was the charter going forward i can i go on to onprinciple i go back to the republican platform i go back to the bible and the constitution to postand course there i believe on as a coach you know i cotch twenty eight years i level we ascribe win we will win because of what churchill said about persistence is far greater than the intelligence or string and i believe that we are too we have to remain committed we have to be able to get in there and it like like some of us are doing like you and i what we have to an end also remember what our charge or charges to make it better in what it was when we came i right wellinever one of us ought to walk up to the idea that were leaving and leaving this society better than was when we came in through it retortand i'm i'm with that side i'm going to have to move on to the next sidenote chanidigot it really has and so i think you i love this i love the fact that you and i can get on and harberth's stuff out and cause i i really think that every single criminal that we have on you know and in the note him out o dem out all of em canonesas her every standing with her we got to have some better people and there cause it's tearing our country part so with that she thanks jack out of etoinne look at old here have tried dayone he gushes kind fond i love i love to begin with shock you know we both get both giafer oh personat about having things done right nice certainly do not like to stand with criminals and not i now know i chuck doesn't either it's to our method of getting to the truth is what we're doing so many himhonor on my neck on i i got to tell you i was down a turning point of a few weeks ago and i met jeff bongiorno and i was so tickled to talk with a sky i got to tell you we had a wonderful wonderful discussion and i and i said this i think i could sit down just like bronson last week and talk with him for probably in no six eight hours we never hit the same subject because we're both good talkers so mondaino duce into well social democrats are attempting to cancel the history of our gate great nation oh we've got a jeff pon journal is one see in these political outsider who has been watching the hijacking of our government by various forces for years these include lifelong career politisch as democrats and the communist chinese government alike globeless mainstream media hollywood big touch he believes it's time for we to people to take or government back and restore it to its rightful owners whom perfect the people jeff bongiorno is a conservative constitutionalist boom in american business man he's hittin all the points here guesande escaped the tyranny of new jersey and fled to the great state of florida over a decade ago seeking new opportunities and medical freedom his perfight ing for law enforcement in standing up for a constitution and he served as deputy share boom there's another point right there were wordworth's knocking out of the park here he built companies like transportation supplied chamanare the companies and helped veterans throughout our through the gabilan unemployment worker i want to innisrn for office right now to work in to bring on japan we're going to have the thing out because ah he brought something to my tention and how our system are electric domino all know the elections in human trafficking is those are my code number one she so we goes through this because i think that we've got a serious issue your in jeff brings into the fore more in the after morning worn thank you for that a passing heinousin knife i preciate it i caught your gassing were having the same issues than here and folded with the republic of party of florida in our local geoponist es we need to get american fr in and training the swap stores at the local in its it's quite the battle we've been fighting it down here for a couple of years now and he it is starting to show on some to progress for we still have her you know i thought i was to the free state of florida and i thought on these a great governor clough his he's not a man to an election fraud in only twenty and he too turned out the best and establishment kindly going in the oststrasse in real in second on sorry this is real news for real people by re people the kitchen table when i don't always get it right i got like four screens going here but yet i agree with you this whole this whole election denying they call as an election to this their election deniers of gondo his look at it for half a second and you know we have had our voices stone one and are election stolen and i'm going to give a shout out because i do this in every single show that more than one is usually is that the rightful president of the united states president donald j he had his rights deprived and in that if it if they step on one of ours us on the rights of one of us they've stepped on all of us so this is where we stand and gather i'd like to play a clip here a minute and i brought the secession or in sisinnes and i'll bring it up in a minute too cause i think i want people see oh see what the guy got your name wrong milosavskis forward just a little bed but we'll go out for it and occur i i had a look changed with president tropeninsel it was no only america first candidate which true a hole about election integrety lesserent where he first this election he said he is going to be watching down the oregon or onecott one tooconfident and montoneros and president trooth ing now and there's nine thousand seven hundred and twenty one reported violations in popeaccount for the twenty twenty election who there's no detailed as bad as an andron financial state shall much stoppage there so we understand it nor presoners and it if there's ninety seven hundred violations folding violates that were echoed by other odors or by election officials greek it down for a sailor what happened just sitting in a black hole somewhere in me erestes later and it cost sollecitandoli cattle okay so anabesineus and livish date annensky and there's no tell of the pointthat a column is sirthe law these one column it will what by provisional early voteby mail and save night group in all into no there was ever an ardent they could reverse engineer the holding a match then reporting the son not to hastings said malevolence at that point save that it is real mail adolpho such misticismo it's on it's ninety eight that's here on nine a one she threegee misdemeanor and i called the sherifs office and the sheriff preferred me to who the supervisor of election from pesewepes ute election at what there is also a spectioneer that its quickenest on you have to follow the pouncing wall since i went to the milanese m and i met a man that chase and some great people went roger's mark finis been my mission the elections that all these problems like mad onset on electric fire stolen lesions are devastating devastating were seeing it in our country every day so i'm going to stop it there and that is so well said i really preciate you knocking this apart for us and bringing breeding all the stuff to the fore front yet well there's a you know which is first in election are down here and florette called to resign to run bill that allows a the governor to stay and office in on for pen and in that we have a new we have a huge issue now with real nor the borders as in the and illegal immigrants that's fallen that they are there not migrants their illegal aliens or illegal immigrants there is going to porter said invasion and there was a big there's a big bull of confession with a a segment of the law where the democrats long and the lobby hard to allow third party and gods who are non sine to register voters it was curious that two they were living so hard but now we're starting to the reason he behind it what i believe is happening and there's day though and every one should check out its public day to it's on essedo security administration that of and the report on a weekly basis the number of new voters will register without any county idea or any drivers it so really what's happening is they have no conceit for the local now what's the post to happen is that the dam big in the local officers is the day the oft to the and the first check only the last four in this secure in number what as i found out through investigation on election servers and were finding the this all kinds of apis and what appears to be happening is illegal aliens are being given social securing numbers or at least the less for digits and registering just last week the week ending july twenty ninth actually there were two hundred and thirty four thousand new volders registered in the state of state of ford there was four hundred and fifty seven so these numbers don't make sense to actually their building their steel for twenty twenty four right now every day as we speak while they distract us with all this wakeness and hector bid in an indictment the problem petosiris the voters or tainted and snatches look at indiana illinois missouri is an especially these you know the same old sam o pennsylvania georgia arizona there getting twenty to a hundred thousand a week now i've been to motivehe and you can imagine it's pretty difficult to register to hundredandthirtyeight in or a more vehicle it is the open for the hours a week times i don't know how many but they don't exactly move quickly so these numbers are their autocontrol and its obvious georgia twenty five thousand four hundred and sixty in the one we period and then you'll read hedio be georche queen the voters a hundred thousand volere taken off meanwhile they've added probably over half a million since firing bontoff ice with the open water piles is a constitutional crisis and i believe that we need to return what do we have voters it's a day a base of ammunition for the bad guys take a cooters they turn him to inactive when they needed to be out to the turn em back the active again they catch their votes by malice north the courthas or right they have no voters in person with your eye you prove your citizen of to local price and that it and the story no fraud we went i won i love that this is shocking to this chart right here is just for one week as that in my corps just for one week one week we had four hundred thirty nine thousand people registering in the united states and to an almost a half a million in one week in e in one week in texas olmos the quarter million but you know what really i have worn it at is that if you look at the top of the chart where we have with the heather we have it'll give you the break down of the columns we have five thousand four hundred and four dead people rich no single met the citygates look within the on matches ones almost thirty three per cent the sesia wants you to three fourth column he's no matches this means that the numbers were red california was twenty five this tilstock in california because people leaving they registered twenty five hundred fifty one twelve hundred and seventy five they did match the social security number didn't match the person if you go down to the bottom what's taken look at them at the average so hot a foreigner thirty nine thousand new holders registered with no state it and yonder lives license like like one gandinot's go down to the let's go down to the bottom occasionwe had what eighty six thousand did there's no meat a posy of no fifty four hundred and four who were not to be now we have to foam these numbers and see what what goes eighty six thousand and what those five thousand actually added it's very difficult like foxes and hoping with some great people not and there have prostrating the data no there's also a great group called on new york city a woman by the name of marle she was able to prove scientifically that the voter roles in the state of new york was called with invalid terms loss of control meaning they proved that a percentage over the percentage according to federal law of bad data records and it was scientifically proven and new york orders or a disaster and morally has a great group of over two thousand violent tears they're going to each and every town council meeting in the state and the trying to get this intent for the town council in the local county fish so the oppressor to state legislators something about it his co that is correct okay right there so that's the that's the link for that so yethookah or what in new york dacca i hear that one well that's that's amazing some they have a document if you go on up within his document there there's a petition that they brought forth to all their let's say a documents petition yet so this is what each day really needs to do i know i put it a tree out in a really went viosin that the fix our elections stated in the declaration of the pendants the same no usurpations in the same evil is is repetitive not testators it's our duty to file the ship or to reform it and this is what the plan is with new york citizens order they're going to the local to the people closest to the politics as to the people and their showing that he or voters are and we have to do something about it so there you go on the rise he gives them staggering asticot just how bad the day he is look at that over a two point four million if the camillion three are there's segnis he is we often looked with guisethe down here if you if you check that out i can ill i can post that water my telegram channel but this is a really good ah the she's on a wonderful job and what what was that woman's name what more he his dedicated intelligent and making a difference in we only the follow suit where they the idea is that will there some legal theories that work were working within were trying to keep them a thoghtest right now we don't we don't want to you know short game plan what they there will be either will be a lot of legal action taken in in were hoping in every county and we want to expose how bad the voles and they really this no time or the bar is trotted run up the clock right oh well we like like in in in georgia bryant camp and bred ratfaced for there alkaloidnot where no contactae them the machines cause we won't have time i mean listen i'm in i the were wolf something out very quickly you do have time to do up dates you know we looked at coffee county georgia's server so every one is after the machines and michelham and i have had some this cut a cold me out a few times yet the machines are one thing but a machine is just a knowed of a network and everything really is under the server is is the main to the vice in the higher crit the servant controls everything you can scan ballestero to the server and the server can change the votes i mean a there's old consedissent theories but what we saw veris wones of actual servers that were in crete the twenty twenty election was that their price these shines spy where hedication outsiders you bet actors have preached them and brinkhous theodosius say that now they are not connected to the internet or nothing this trick into the internet we know which not true we know what you georgia we know in the cosecant we know what it may succournot what in inanition michigan have been the congress they have a hearing with robert ray and in marcrobios this exchange if chinese spy work coiffure millions of servers and changed data and rather rash he felt out a grease now the saying well now what the cantica effectuate sievers only you know it makes no sense and by the way when they had that exchange they would try to pass that terrible bill the six thirty two were basically saying the government owns all the data the cotignac down but when it works in their favor this to day the the test terrible risks we know that a you know we could be the but when it doesn't fit there narrative no it's the greatest secure lection an in the history crisscross so when anaetidos fit there in the there is it secure but when they want to take our liberties all its and just or friday news mace that the mexican cartels have had he won a important for people understand go to essay do the data look at the registre the article so when they also you know some of these hats are not no falseness em their features right this is like possible to niabin what we there put those two hundred thirty four thousand voters in fact is that was the mexican cartel this this is what up against there stacking the deck and they're getting sloppy we could not at we can make a on on science in data that the voter was like morally hornick of audito your said poole through a scientific purview that on a respected journal that control the voters yet here's the yes look at ely here's the sahib on mobile apt was locked in october twenty twenty and a loud noncitizens and central north mexico whose to travel to the united states i scheduled pointments and mexico certainly let people through if they have an appointment their sort of counting that is the defect of transit visa a animis a director of defence overnight locorestive immigration avocans orgaization the washing an office for latin america told examiners it sabotaged and they know very well that people can't normally get an appointment unless their north of mexico so this is a case ours for her and of the for the legal for a onderstand not used to see the thrones fly over and you would see thousands while waiting a line when now they've got their act together they're using technology they're working with the third party and gos and what we call a florida third party voting organizes eves and forde in their inelastic bill he did have one good thing bar the basically disallowed a non cities to register a voter but a federal judge overturn that so now you see the problem we believe i believe that the di registering them there he went up and a form prior to them entering into the u s and their dispersing them trees i believe that this deal the illegal alien will never on the inside that will use a full primal and return or the call the registration into what we're up against and if we can not have to be stopped we can't we can't out bathurst it's me would you like a potosino the ithitherto why what would you like me to put out notothenia he said i think we've got a leg marsolet me let me i throw that pedophilia some people can see and maybe you would like to go through that set by so i could do that opimian i am here to insert up bring it up you know what a herenthout with her what people need to know is that our state legislators in equal himself repels like legislation that being pushed out to all the states and it informirende stand a every calderas behind it with marcelis there are are republican teletatos are playing along with it it is terrible thing we really only would have the party boarding organist gist cronin is it is really was really i i think there's a leg here it's really you rotha really good point that we really em we don't we want to go with these these ideals that we think are true but we have to think through things and in analyzing for what they are you know we used to like disney and we find out the disney is involved in all sorts of all sorts of a one pushing marks ah morally ethical problematic contact and we have view it based on what we have right front of us and right now with republicans we can't is take the titles of somebody sends a republican because they very melt might well might be an infiltrator absolutely has the black is erstlige i would do teleki think we're catching out but i'm trying to i'm trying to figure out how to get the sick that software is kind o funny for me because i have to have i do a little bit of foregoing the way oh i want to put it for fisico there that's spirits very shocking and and woman in the great fighter it is to my advent you went back and checked the have a data to have it is to help america vocis a federal law that it was imposed in two thousand two and i think revisitest twelve and its terrible i have too much power in our local elections she's in the twenty governmental agents we had what what was twenty twenty there were closed they were by appointment only eventually maybe for the end of the year some of these to allow some transactions to be done and you would need an appointment shocking in doing calvin when everything was closed and it wasn't safe to go out and vote it was you know voter die well they managed to register seven million new voters in twenty twenty while all these agencies are closed so miraculously begone electronically white a pisan lady night per cent shore that is which going on we know that their interconnected obviously they have to be secure number of the local folks or pushing dat so is very simple david down and here's another web site that's very concern the if you want to pull that up on on on second and and what you do that if not that of one on upadevi e that might give me some better a band with him me once i could continenthave that of i here no worries if i can grab this some the can you give me that that website name again absolute he is in for the younger than either alpha peasouper i can here comes now what so he was spring oothoon have remembered his his wide open before you can identify as the floridian registered a lot here you have this is supposedly this website the federal voting assistance program is to register military members and their family but you can also identify as a military members by friend or girl friend or youknow whatever yes seven gentes they say they're on now i identify his non byddinran my pinheirino trunkone i won't i won't that one that's good so here you have an an open website to register voters if you go in as an individual you can register from any country you can give a local address is the registered you tiful obviously by valley but what concerning is on the ship side the feds he now again into our bones because they basely have the final say what's legitimate voter and what pacheco this is you have in the pen for my security standpoint not a good thing the disaster now listen no carried the bolt that no i would know terry members they moved mountains i don't know why they really i mean i love the military only get me wrong but i don't know why they need another ten days that have their votes counted right there they're discipline there the military they should be able to get their bantsine in florida that they use the military polesbut the military the chosenthe is right this is why the laws is well we got to take the children and it's the military so they have an extra ten days the count now flores been pretty good they haven't done any of the arizonians where it takes in two weeks to count how many ochtend the pot carriagesand place we've been good what that lord does if they wanted to institute in forecastle we have fondante conphedential bouts and that's because of the military bold there's a lot of left on laws that are on the in in a pretend twenty years it's for going on mark alice has forty lussurinte every one had follow mark lies is called the maces ah that democracy and i signed up to his email is and these depots forty losses every month there's ten twenty thirty nurses whately doing the people can't compete where have we were getting a chief cake then by these yet do you have a web site for mark o that my head i discoosion my white gaining a man the meketaton out the people can see the are now in i got it tittletattle that the people are really realizing his word digestor we can now you think i rang out but doing this that favor why sending the emigrants to the illinois and new york but where's that really do when the senses come ride their county a legless the trumpet ministration you can't count the legal you have those because that the termans the apportionment and all of the congressional is so there basically it's a chest they're putting these illegals where they want to turn these even congressional so lost that he has it's all about redistricting and getting congressional sisters the work in favor of the left of the democrats and i want to know where the kennedy democrats and why are the stepping out speaking out against all the certain distinct radical take over now i poonkiny democrats come out speak up went yet i think we shouldn't we need to stand together as americans and and drop the labels of ten or dividing us in to stand together and dare to be american rather than having to be in a sub group to give ourselves a legitimacy to speak up we need to speak up as an individual and just to the right thing so i would agree with that sighing out another people the people with the people versus the global is right is so living in as tackle sure as so sing out men of and bring this i think i've got i've got taxsupported or some hold when i can i can now work this little bit better hang out a minute add an and you know we're going to beat the milanois suppose you every one no i think august sixteenth and seventeenth writhing found be going out like retineretur that's going to be gedanite be doing like a live well doilies enation there and i love talking with you about it you know about all this stuff so i hight so he regained i think i've got i think i've got this more or less figured out here so so censerthe sir as sort of a head of figured out for a minute and then i didn't stroboscope down i got to scolemaster lessee who i could do her this is not working the way that i wanted it too so hold on to semelet's go back let's go back and take us off and then we'll try we'll try it again if he be sowellyou are elifant to pipe to your lot for the people to find ideating to find it trying to find a way to do this i can i got it now got it originaire treshonnour cooking here all right said you want to go down this this presentation of ben shall people you put together here yes sure so basically an i put it presentation to gather and trying to try afore the people we have what's called to help america vol which is it's a federal law and it has some good points in it which were going to in part of that a legal part of the legal theory with the the percentages on how accurate the voters need to be and our elections for there are some good points what mostly that they the elections have been federalized to a degree so we have the help of merica verified voters you daises the less four digits security number spoke about the third party and goes i was i pointed that out in this lid is that the star party and gos they were basically loving to have allowed no citizens to work for them into register voters that's the problem because were i not citizens a lot of em or outside the country mexico and there pointing together there working in concert with these other and geostatic charities united nations there all at the border acting as posters concierges for the so he that can't be charities gets a ton of money so doesn't lutheran services both any christian services they won't be romanus and and try to get at taginae string you know in order to break this country part i'm sorry but i think any one that moves people around like that for money it's human trafficking that we need to call it for what it is they've been infiltrate absolutely so to one to lancetti's on this base explains that you'll have part of the problem is we've disconnected social security numbers they connect the jobs now no bolachan this among expert on it my friend jason is the one who informed me i was spoke about jason the only night but basically what happens securing numbers they they are going to map to the cold and there's really no way to check the name so this is why you see that there's holes jobs created security numbers are getting multiple de taking multiple jobs people who working three or four jobs that's a re creating five to five hundred thousand jobs there for poor time jobs only to you know makes me but i diverse so he is more on a government the lagenis i was just explain that to the people these are basically you know this is a government works outside of the government through these agencies its is really a god in medias i think so too and reluctantlie with with two thousand miles where they were sashand ballads and the ants and some of the angiosporous a proton is this of the guys that are on their tackes of the states that are under the they want you no border state control right the cortes they want the borders arias rasped here's a finished remember the as stated the union the red the less one that biting was dark brand him with the milk the marines on the background and allthat sara hopebe sanders did the bottle and that week in gestalt half a million voters in the arches don't know if it's coincidence or not pretty ironic between the weak of a horrid dress and the week after one million arkansas volders were added george their stocking with the average of what i've seen average of twenty five thousand a week pennsylvania has reached of over a hundred thousand i was onesvariety to forty thus new voters without driver a licenses or any kind of counting ide as no connection to the local twenty to forty thousand a week and every one could call checkthis numbers as to say doc off it's out there for the north the next light okay so here we have it now this was me montagnites repeat this is what's it what was hard when so the article in or from new the last month and the numbers are just skyrocketed it looks like the cartel has to taken over this operation the one it was supposed to help with you know tragediisto s and you do whenever they say it's fred it's for good that they find in the fairy and but now they can't hide we see the number checked out out she be p doc you are you can read all about the if you want so now they changed things around right end the migrants they're not they're not a backlog on under highways in this we don't have a you know drones flying around showing thousands of he organized his and their there there are pretty much up points of entry now it looks like arizonanogales the intensest brownville eagle pass tobago and pastel and california collectible and sands these aware there you know the they cleaned the back log up in these made it look at the over clean and then now they can't say that they lost the operational control of the board of which it's more an organized in his explains about a hammer when i spoke about this as this word establishment to computer resting wide voteresse so they are talking to the feds there's eight pies that are the sendata up and down both ways suppose verify the driver's license with with the defendant there on knockinheath name of privacy were only going to use the last four digits corner and you know serianthes that on the site have provided the less for it does doesn't cost in essential security number so to me this is plausible deny ability where they can register these illegal immigrants what to say what we really think him to social security number we don't know how they got those last four digits may with the mexican carteloise don't know how they got on the rolls and we don't know how they got that both by maibowle this is all interest let's hide so they they made some updates with his so three or three hares those have some states that hear that or that don't use ah this five of them to mexico contucky south carolina and virginia somehow they would grandfather it in they must have fought bloody murder not not the implement it was there not using it and then the greatest state of all they have right north the code does not require voter registration and whether register the vote were allowed to vote why is there a separate data base isn't isn't that like repugnant to equal protectionism is in both who registered and those who don't i mean i really think this it's one big day to base of pre sons is sure piers that way does so now we have the results which show holders being red one week we had almost six thousand and i don't know how there you know where to those social security numbers through is it that their just like randomly putting numbers through and there coming up the the question that begged to be answered you refer to the local the ashes questions but if you try calling the local help you know all we we don't know or you have to fight onitor even in florida now they change the law that you have to be part of of an approved and go certain information there there's no transparency in their making it more difficult and that's happened in the lists sessions of state legislation where con seethe writing on the wall with a trying to cut off them in the same reason why the hivite to sixteen people and michigan right for a challenging the electoral votes there trying to silence us and the tritonomendetans any level strike ofcontention he spoke about this strike the total non matches we don't know well it's a non match eighty six thousand out of four hundred and something of in the week of joy twenty ninth did it match does that mean that you regis to them the vote and then we have of course we have matches and there's also unprocessed transactions i estas possessing maybe there hanging in hue when the week ends we just to break out of the columns of the data that found on asses goothe next one so good if he found them what we single match alive let means he's only one match i guess you got a multiple matches alive now i don't know how that works if there lowclass alive but again my my favorite one is you know we find them and we also we have always read like how do you have one one match is the life and one is a house to this his wishes lot of questions that need to be asked here you cently twenty point to one we are eight million new borders adister in this if you think of a bone in at changing america what it wasn't a cook you give me thirty million people i'll change your merica for ever first year of open borders it million eight five four they've met their code she no comparison showing pointtwenty chilas for the antienter orchestrator very sure targeting arkansas and that one week had a lot o now there could be a legitimate reason for orcheston i don't know i mean sir sanders i believe that you know arkansas is a rich state through through what you never can tell these days with the market them now in order to to moscow the day or day to base i mean that's what they would and the enemy would probably do that as the target the ones that are solid red and over the swing states he knows sing seemeth see seriously if they can continue to assault the red the red states they are going to take it over if they take horses the testes stuck in the deconversan in arizona now remember in pensivania there was thorniest five thousand more ballots cast on their were registered boulders on the last e proven fact don't count me the least two hundred thousand i don't know teacher and in those to go to come out in front the fast trial which jacksmith that there more more voters than registered more vocat that registered voters in twenty twenty pennsylvania flora before caragh ninety six thousand what new jersey a hundred and ninety one thousand and from winander stand they're not migrating from flora to jersey so new jersey and i would challenge those ninety seven thousand in florida this is from what i say that because i watched very carefully the house represented the state legislator and the democrats on how they said well in twenty twenty two you almost see an allow a hundred thousand she or a hundred thousand or those voters they don't use the term i think in their deranged mines that they think that a noncitizen an illegal immigrant has the right to vote and they've changed the vernacular where they don't say a mode of thing our secretary what does he portfire secretary state it's very difficult to tell from those his words he was articles write about that so we have a problem of florida to santos it's we have the gold standard we don't at all and as a candidate i ran less cycle i could tell you a lot of henpecking on down here you don't hear you go again california almost what tripled the new voter registrations and florida you know you you can't even reckon you all even california that sievers le lion i think we can be a go all she replaced the great bear on the flat rather the inking in the cry now you know you but frontsthe charge of anything and i everything's going to go to pieces you know except their pocket books are the only ones that i had money howabout the bile that they just found linkages you well we just found out to day that the the state of gagarennion was fondling the wild tacker was preactically won by china he i can't even write this stuff if you if you tried you couldn't even write how how compromised the entire in its not one side or the other it's so there both of them i metelabon a swap its amazing yet and you'll go less guess me the great point and like and like my birthday was just for the right or i had her they ricossia seven years ago i entered you know this this world in his country and it was a better place than he is now and that's why i'm fighting so hard he goes ounipigou from an neighbors or paid give it back in better shape to what i leave this i want to be in a better shape than it was when i got it and you know i think we ought to make ticket to the normans who were watching sinan and you know they have buslines right they don't really think they only hear the man street not or we have to get the as to them and we had to let him not we have to really drop the republicans and the democrats think it's the people versus the you know it's her any in its age old an angel battle right i agree many does bad in that one right out of the park where the statement because it comes down to the end of ideal as as making a decision for themselves not not voting for a piece of nostalgia or the way you want you you thought it was which you've got to deal with real facts because we have been invaded we are at war were werewhere at war with infiltrators that have infiltrated every every part of our nation and we're going to have to get rid of the labels make good decisions i i hope that you know i was never in politics i hated politics before i ran ansated i thought it was the very was a bunch of liars cheats of thieves and they pretty much are really if we just see a bunch of regular normal people not crazy crab not the the child elation that transgender nonsense not this hole you know imagenere devide race divider anything like a normal people who know how to communicate get along and find solutions that's how we're going to win well you'll that's where the senseshis in this work is it is so bad people are afraid to speak yet up didn't want to speak truth you are fretting olosticha to going to be cast you know the solis so problem but people need to be courageous god laticome o olean i let everybody not corages contagious so you know giveout their talk to your there was a great documentary that was put out in two thousand he back in the day tate the redmoat thought they had the election stone by republicans and in open to be into counties in the state of florida maistives on h protald hacking the makes see that because nothing has he in seventeen years of electronic voting its actually gotten this is a lection esp at the highest level and this his later had parted with this wise so hard to you know you have to at some point right you can't prove that some one in las vegas is counting cards but it's some point you're going to throw out of sin his winning too much how come none of these elections were they count for days and days voterepublicans it's always it a democrat of the radical left his in never in our favor it's never on her always so not to the glow somebody that's globose at that that will make sure that they money lander or to grant favors to their body yes twenty weeks on twenty three that the less i have compiled state in this format arranging i was remonstrant when in maniswarkoffi thousand a week but look at the less the in the last three weeks of july is registered half a million new voters since half a million new votes it is it is shocking in no properpoints earlier too of how many voters were registered during covet their house car conned even be that i know everything was shot down but they were registering people like crazy if the gatelet how many those vocal sethon is election was in november they had eleven months it went we were giving a year in total but i'm surely had five and a half million in by the time the time the window closed to register right as we don't we now be able to tracings in austin and we do otechestven blowing so we don't you know wasn't enough to throw the general i'm sure it had an impact on the on the local law makers and i just read an article that this fourteen amendments that their there proposing in the past to another of the seven and a insembly for tinodent estes being proposed as approval in november it were in your forty nine years the united states constitution has had twenty seven and in one year they managed to fourteen amendments now it's all descried it's every and if you look at the floor in the constitution then they put a word in in the oath will you swear an oath it says that you swear to protect the constitution and he added and the government if in the out one so that's catinensis the wishes of doing it on this because even the seven the second amendment is that risk in florida a because it says unless lord makers say so pretty much but forbade him i don't have an affront on me even as the case are under the so this is just an article proving that people are flocking pensylvania in the cives all the states with their flocking from it's tolly repugnant to what this registration numbers are showing withals's repugnant to this registration numbers a revenue how their losing pathromenes but meanwhile if you look at the voter registrations you would think the thriving which we know obvious their desperate and i i think that this could at the low the the mire col that were looking for to her his some kind of you nostre court ruling the fact that crazy and it is equal protectionism paused where he what the core has no voters why in for do i have to you go on to the state of base what why is it exists in the old thing too is in for a constitution of this extorted a lot it says that election shall be and direct i don't think that a vote by balabalongan from one place into a mailbox into a posie in in for the postages beg of the postal carriers bag into a mail box he from the mail box may be by i don't know for on his lot of people that have a you know let they have a live in they they they have caregivers so that care give texts from the mail box puts it on your tantale how is that direct and then it has to go back the other way and then you have sit down at the family dinner table right name what she'd done acatando all open your man and balance and how is there no influence there at that time how is it i believe that these mass will by mail a ballast time is is thus secured and it's not direct and another thing if you're a sort of find the official and i know from my election just one county popish county there was upwards of two hundred and ninety two thousand woe by mill bows returned in our county alone now if i took the sort of flying the fiscal and put her on the stand and i took those two hundred and ninety two thousand cass volk records and i read the case what record you swear or affirm that that ballot was can you do that no and i'm going to give you another one i tell werewede i thought we were going to do only kit minutes i got actually say this for the michelangelowhat this is really a bomb shell and i have the receipts on it so i'm going to freiheitthe in sowell will tell everybody that we're going to be doing another broadcast from the window of event here on the fifteenth or sixteenth and wooton that a little bet yo yes this is just going down the states that is the population in how in slides there on that he gondolos knew the usual set san new york so in florida were very fortunate where we can weaken res a voter extracted and it gives us all they are the whole vote of for all sixty seven coins whose arid and in whose removed now here's a finnish statistic of give you i went through these arms to the data and in polneaton ing alone there's fourteen hundred and forty one people that are on the active voters that or over a hundred years old and having voted in and oh why why they on the act of orders i think look i think part of the reason is the that any kind of recall is the thick low why i think you need five per cent of the volt to get it of the register of volders together recolit may be wolgast i have to check there there's a law i don't want to put the number but but it says that at least twice a year they have to feed up the vulneris so that means for ten years and if you vote if you miss general elections you're off and these people there i mean there some of them are or a hundred and twenty three years old and some of them are formless they used to they used to use the supervisor of elections address to register homeless people first of all how do you prove residency if your homeness so that's the whole nor can of worms and hindoos alas we've got we've got people that are we're ran to see from the eighteen hundreds in the state of michigan to and they tried to clean up the voters here took i think oh i think was three hundred thousand off of the rolls and benson put him back on again so tell me how it tell me how that works and were talking people that have de and in the they have no interest in giving us a clean botero or following the lawful process to have an election which which is now has any interito it whatsoever and they call us election deniers idea think you know i'm sorry the they are election deniers cause they they can't gorilla in the last two logstwenty twenty two was a complete valuer twenty twenty was the complete vainly those are only the ones we know all i think if we went back further we would find out that there was a lot of nonsensing on for quite a period a time of going to have disagreed with you on that one they nohantthe executed their plan okay that's that's a that's well said so he had this this is a great cool and when in trying to organize in florida is that the people we show our display and we have those of people hundreds of thousands so we keep these people pulling the actually send you ossetean an envelope so if we could keep them in is connie clouded cohen the younglove theory so we keep them busy shall they can't you don't there busy working for stating how the skilleton which is hither with so many but their stuff enevelope old as something a great and you why i tell you what i'm about ready to start you in a whole bunch of prose law suits because you can't get on you can't get an honest stop i'll personto to represent you anywhere and the corps system is so stacked that i think the only hope we have is doing it prose without that that'll keep him bedigree hundred per cent but what about common log grandores there too i love thee i love common law granjerias i think that all this needs to go needs to be completely reworked and go back to the de jure loss system round then the complete defacto nonsense we've got going on right now you know the thirteenth of moment closely have to it was a chit was amended but when they there was a section that was removed according to the law it should still being ex it says that no one no one with nobility a serving on if that word mean any tune will be barred from serving he is called the titles of nobility the first thirteenth amendment and it somehow justificare about the same time that president lincoln got on the scene and i am from age heard is that because a clerk let him and he should never have been present and ah because he wasn't attorney and that's when it dropped off the rolls so there's a lot of things that we've been taught in history from you know for my understanding which were absolutely um opposite of what we were taught and i do think i do think that we need to look very closely into all these things in quest we have to question everything any more because everything is absolutely upside down and it's not an inlesse do that world losing our country lost it we we have played worse i like your directing to the point yes you do it you you your fantastic yet we've lost this country now we're battling back and there's the i don't i believe that they will never kill the american spirit that we are all in here and when we unite as one nation under god and i mean it's got to be god's got to be put back as the son to you know of the nation that we are under his jurisdiction or none of them will ever be able to be so people make people's hearts may be turned back to god we need to go back to the constitution what the founding fathers put in place they they suffered under the same tyranny had the same grievances that we should all be a shouting from the roof tops right now holding people accountable they they had the map to get out of where we are and we need to go back to that in order to write this nation in my opinion sewell said so and so i i believe in knowlition and i think we know five back and we keep going in we keep going and we keep going because most of the three latter agencies that we have they don't exist and that with proven under understanding of norton verse the shall be county and with one stroke of the pen we could start nullifying all this nonsense and going back to really what what started the united states of america and the frame work strain the activities of an odd control rogue government which has now been infiltrated and is the enemy of the well i thought we would go for ten minutes to have an eleven fifty so you're almost wet so they got more i really preciate coming at an ivery much look for it in talking to this coming week and do oh then i think the sole great we'll come back on i'll do a live broadcast there before of them and we can high light all kinds of things that really really help educate and inform the voters and americans in this great nation that we live and because america is the standard in it in if we go back and do the maintenance to this nation we've got solutions it's going to be very easy to write but we got to get the bad guys out of these i copy this that no one's been of you know a drop food to us and the woes gonesends those weapons and no one's ballingers now that so busy bailing out you crane which is money on your campanile universe rate now a son so ye will thank you so much and thanks for coming on and i'm all out your let me let me see if i know i've got you your whole vol woodcom to bonsbons i o panchikas my left side donation my platform is election integrity right on lackingtonians fallens i find em all last time i well i did it my last campaign was with others it's very hard for you take the rection from these guys vocation every dollar will go to fighting for election integrity and i think i think that's awsome here will put it up your real quick and the island very much enjoyed talking with you i think you're wonderful and i i wish it well i am wherefore to talking again very to have a great name thanks to free so there you go gods that was a pretty pretty a pack showed this morning with lots of information and emotion going on on taking her nation back in the know what we should be all of us should be absolutely passionate about doing the right thing holding people accountable bringing good information for and refusing to give up the fight because we are in a fight right i'm going to go ahead and go back to wellwhere i'm going to go back to the act ah video and put the soup for general flann and just play through this low but because he is such an amazing and inspiration to all of us and i do believe that you know we need to have that no back down attitude and everything on do pooh i like so no forsooth we and oregon and not that nicolaitanes shock cases ooooooooooo confiscation he yearsfoolish they were too the one and all and every sitometrion with open the old oh and all i linemonostichswere come i oooooooooo doningtonensis oval and he is so decisive on oh oh as hasteners einegewisse prison you are so considers horseshoes as a trenouanton potato reversion of problem from the chin of aboosir bronchial on the horrorhorror oration and frightening it said i wociferated onontio and right now no act more ooooooooooo at or what i chose yours i onychogale thessalian waterhole a white as long margin i want to have it like his name at all and the hoopoe required i ioioriua profit and nothing her eyes sonontonheronons one appeciation iceni ohotorino note coastdisturbed and is now even i found that of ground and the online for her as you love in as your thessolonia oosterend i had an eporeodon to as of out of their i hear no tomar all moreoverone and mesenteron it is in dorkingresidence ciccio ooooooooooo the oratorio to singe or cow antelopes in love and opposite to longford postanesthetic and as rosalie his repositories and i assentandconsent like to do the hope it pontasote he for what anonadamiento misericor everybodies surrounded has not hopthat's one owing no and i goosiepoosie to the motombo to herself when into we scorn then home skirt i commensurate show for queen sons i and we i don't know i do isandhlawana on in life what high threshold why no festal on the stand here no one who earning except or how often my visitor i enutritos kind othing to groveswood and love thus i think he he did such a nice job on that so let's let's go on from there i just had the chain up and then all of a sudden it disappeared on me so i'm not going to be able to get to some of the messages but might windelas it's not the party for old regina more it's like an airplane that's on the downward position but the passengers refused to get off the flight that's get analogy very monk says military is the only way then we the people must correct the wrongs and also go to london that come and give him two dollars and they will send a letter to scotus for you for a ruling in their case and i don't know why the message is on the other chat disappeared a sorry about that guy if you want to contribute something to the chant the frowning for overfleet do an with that sad let's go ahead and say prayer tis and the stay and realize that god is always with us there's not as we go through these you know we have to be able to talk problems through and dorcas nailes and come to the truth of all things that we can deal with them that's part of it but regardless the difficulties that we go through getting to the truth bringing it out in holding people accountable solicitor and nothing nothing happens that nothing is happening though theron things are oh things are very much under control and gods some one he has control we just have to start following him and and a falling in a line a little bit and the inthings will just be o can i do believe there's a lot more going on then what is being talked about publicly a lot more going on so we can we can rest in the fact that that we don't have to be siteancient to live light heart it is gentileswe do attack very serious do something fond todate wild for somebody you can help go out and you know peter animals a pick some flowers bring bring some food to somebody that needs be the positive force in this world we can look for you know hundreds of those opportunities every day there have fatherthank is so very much for this opportunity to ah to serve you and i to day and every day we thank you that you chose us to be born at this time in the circumstances and that you honoured us with giving us so much so many things to choose from and you knew that you would help us as we walked forward sometimes we fall down nobody's perfect but we sure want to follow you and we always want to do what's right and we ask for your strong hand and your favour to be upon each and every one of us to do the right thing in to listen to your voice and be drawn closer to you your ever lastemotions for for for your children we thank you for a beautiful world that you that you created for us to enjoy and help take care we thank you for the clouds and the flowers and water and the plants that are growing in our gardens and the people that we love to remember patient and tolerant with the people around us to be a blessing to all who made us and that they would see you not not ospit that they would see you the strength to be the warriors that you need us to be not back down to be unwavering that very resilient with things go wrong and to get right back up again and be be able to proaches world our friends and your children with open arms as we clean the corruption and the th the elements in our society which have told truly chose to go down some terribly dark paths were going to need to do that and we we love you for including us and thinking enough of us that you would you would trust going down this path with you we we thank you for your friendship you're a great friend to us and we want to be your friend also we love you very much in jesus name we pray so they go guys it's going to be a great day to day a lot of lots of positive things going on amazing things going on with president trump the rightful president of the united states he's going to be able to get into discovery and an truly get to the bottom of all this a stuffed is going on out there and i think i think this is going to be righted probably pretty quickly i don't think it's as going to go on for a very long time it might but but just just my just my thoughts here so anyhow have a great day to day truly a great day remember you're not alone there's a lot of us out there that are fighting for you that fight for the for america the ideals that this nation was founded on are all those things that we love and were never going to stop fighting never never never we are not fighting for because we hate the enemy were fighting because of the things and the people we love they'll things that make america great these things that make our families be for families for children the children so anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merca make it a great day it's your choice even in even in times of trouble we can turn to god we can always put god first we can focus on him and we can always always always remember that that were never alone is turned to god in the answers will start a peering your help is right next to you every minute of your day and nothing nothing at all can ever sepper you from the love of so there go have a great day morritt tusday oh i did forget this gintoban oberhofen not com i am the best not conceder who has never known conceded i am not conceiving the twenty twenty election are the twenty twenty two election no connot let in to twenty twenty election go either we're going to keep marching forward and write this may so help us god