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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/28/2023 - Chuck Ritchard and Jim Price

Published Aug. 28, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Jim Price - The Jim Price Show! Jim is a proud father of four, and has done just a little bit of everything. From project management and High-Security Dept.of Defense Design and build, to a Youth pastor, wrestling coach, and has played for the Wichita Rugby Team. He is now picking up the microphone and digging deeper for the truth with no spin to bring you all the news in local and national politics. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty eighth day of august twenty twenty three welcome welcome to doncaster the bone and a sharing will bettine together a sorting through the news as well as truth is out there my special guests and to day is checkersand and am after choke it's jim price from the impression to morrow it's state or tuesday and jeffreys wednesday we have marked fincham coming on an emerald robinson it should be really fond wheatthese all all weak all this week and next to wigoto really amazing people coming on to work through his masterly got the united states and create solutions to the problems a limit let me start here a metering a clip here to stew have a little bit of motivation and here what are wonderful president kennedy had to say i think this is timely and it's a great call to act do not i for where they do sure the pongo in the near one what a beautiful address and with that sad on a welcome check or showed on her you doing this morning chock i'm like every day get up i'm thankful and what a beautiful piece to start the day with with don kennedy i feeryd but a dovecot unique uniting henning acs on dedicating to making things better if those words just really were of thistelles great great posts great job of cicester to day so i think you done you think you i mean where i just saw very knows we always talk about things before we come on line has an we never know exactly what we're going to talk about with a with all of the stuff and the nonsense going on out there this is real news for real people by re people the kitchen table and so so you know it's it's a wonderful wonderful clip and his kind of a nice antero and to what we were talking about this morning every one has to step up and do we can't we can't sit back any longer and watch what's happening and in our nation it's real it's really kind of sad ah but but we really need to stop off and in do something i'm goin play a clip in a little while for our national constitution party meeting in october tector twentieth and twenty first and so in st louis and the keynote speaker is general plan i think it's going to be a wonderful conference and something that every one can certainly as welcome in sojoin in to and and how some one invited everybody to that it's the way to get involved in the there actually is a many ways to get involved one of the ways is just being a voice and reposting good stuff to social network in all your friends family carry pigeon however you can get this thing out there or information out there which will benefit the nation and truth we all need to be working towards that same good i am glad you did that of it fell just thought i was those words of don kenderside ringing the years because counted the country where talking about on a common focus and it has got in one with political party it has everything to do with spirit of this country we have collarbones odenton and the fact that we eat have responsibility to carry that torch forward i look at that and i go back to hill in you like her up then blessing to man my parents were democrats obviously but they were john kennedy democrats they would be republicans to day they would be constitutionalist today they would be libertarians polytone i don't care what the whole pocas on the country we the yeah we in and i think it's real important that we've got to get rid of all these labels and monoceros to get behind because they're all infiltrated all of them we can't i can't take the army go pseis that this point at all not after all the felons that have been hired into that organization if you are going to get rid of good people say like dannions and down and replaced them with people who have found in ones and their background and ten counts of wire for there is no possible way this is going to be able that this is going to and well it's just not going to nell and you know the the the the gean p the grande party there there the establishment there in there with with a people who have been sitting on top is in stablished in against we the people if the islike think that by after fifty years of being in power was going to change something so that we lothian which we didn't vote and the rightful president of the united states is donald j trop because they had and like when when we when we look at that and the track rock there there never got a change these people are never going to change if they were going to change or change something into a yet into the benefit heard we the people they would have done it but that with their not they just there just so talking heads but he had a bad wife whenever her in talk i can she think about that the teacher on the peanuts you know the the old the old cartoon and that one the teyetasta cher were dorothea that that's what i hear it's like okay there's no intelligent life here in the political partisans and all it is as headlines he that they wanted make you believe what you want what you want things to be like is the difference be what we actually have in the frustration of what we want to have as a huge departure libya suberogi ing over pocketbut it rolled to activity was things we have to consort poker saying interlard and for you it's in cantonments so she to county but i say that is because we got a lot going on we need to start and make sure foundation like our houses our sole because if we build the house on sand we know what happens we're always borne about that so i say that about an icepack to john kennedy about what he said herepassed to which you can not country can do for you before you can do your country in the same respect we need to do that in our own allies because we've got issues going on in overthick about two of them i wanted to talk about then county and what's going on to night also water talk about my own county what happened on thursday and i think people see the tie ends and in housingall in the so when i look at is and i think you do excellent sobering in so in kennedy and because it does parkerus his hardestas at home he started arlachar so by doing that we look at ocenico en be tall what happened on thursday you know that i i showed the count in one and it in let us here went back to him because one of the conning commissars was spreading rumors that were not true i told them unlike the previous case that wonderful dis records the were no damages so got settled out a cord i got some of the one court purse five thousand dollars only five hundred and that weotoma trate which is for none because we did need a manageable i wanted the watemelon would have wanted was if you go to a jury so people could see what really is going on he hasechtahach won't be cake go to her because i there's no damages that's onbecause he solvent the men but allows us to take it forward and i'll get to the meaning why wiswell talked about so then i went on thursday to remind of that and if i could august had a year ago i was there there are damages now and i have told him that in this county commissioner has stepped up his game and act at we have an audio of he stating that the reason that political parties were not allowed to have the sharper which had often before was because of me and where the trope excuse me who really ye yea he would on petty would under say that the county one of an attention the same words he said i cost some thirty thousand dollars well no i did not cause some thirty thousand dollars as a elrelii defended by myself in or and through his city powel we would oswestry poor attorney on that yes yes because what there was going to was in peddicord they were the sector state i got to take people back for it are the cracked we took the case to the spring cors okay i for the sector stay had democratic party democratic ashacombe everybody the city detroit so he took a thereeducated out by the new supreme court his secretary of state working with the see clerk tried to do it in her own to get back centre for doing them it was peter retribution i said i would not certify on election unless we had a corrective action for the sectary state i was in asked for my tony party my county a titian or the clerk i was agaigan the heads off so they would be blind side i was purely a rosecrest ate in her iteration in the letter i stated come back and threw me off the of the board a camisars and by two in acanthin have it a hearing of i shoot him in freeport on first men regret i had the right to do so than i did in what now a year ago i went back because his casamenti lister one day shot was commenting and making illegal comments of because he was agreed enough to say anything aiding to sail to and then my perseverates for violated now it's much more than that now i've taken it to the next level i am going to put a back in cord again i told her that on thursday my intention is pothin as well as any one else that conjoins with him on this this this statement ah that is by andre and his libels later for libels later he accused me of this and that this cosmeevacuation i again istologische here we go so in my own county i'm trying to clean it up i'm trying to get this guide so woolgoora with the greenwell be best if the cause or cure trot was just what i once sits shotit an agreement will be when we win i want him out of politics forever on an off this the fair board i believe he's also doing some things on the fairport or illegal and we will prove that through discovery while i notice and has been done so i'm trying to help me do my oncloudy as well they'll to night and i want to move on to can county can count on to night for we were replaced in of the people that that stepped on it will be interesting in the fact that he dioscuri not but i played to be there and as a moth is a procediere is she what really goes on i hike i ran as thinker the incendiary to light the fire works if you really want to know the truth on your right hand man just by my but i don't even say nothing in fact what's really funny escaped april and doubledot even know it was there and i know why can you believe that i don't they are but they don't know why what does that tell so what i appear place as a lot of couch i do i not word to nototrema ohohatton that at times just for but i disappear as myself a music why and you know i follow protocol i'm a big one on protocol to avoid right in you not to say we but time of that takennot but i usually very cordial to people i tried to be rode a less the behavior of their actions it demands of the otherwise and centerford to tell himself solicited i've seen pretty much nothing good come out of the political parties at this point in time because it's just it is the by design they have devolved at this point time into exactly what george washing his sadday would honestly eh a pit of despair and i'm i'm going to stay i'm going to kind o stay with that i'm glad that people are jumping on to try to help but there an tell the entire structure changed there's going to be no change is going to happen and i and i really do believe that from bottom my heart that it's it's a it's a pit of despair people need to think for themselves and because i don't think i political parties work i think it's just wait there's way too much money and them and a lack of state activities that's what i've and i really unfortunate the anteferendus poteris assertorius to be the secretary of the second district of it was admirable that we had a great share of rob no twas a counting missioner for misconster on abolishing bob his destinaret job i was the secretary under i was happy to serve in that capacity to get to know the people in the various counties from wexford although we down to telesicles and between but we did so we didn't just we winthings got was the focus people like o in wondahment up here an okanagon nowhere governors o succeeded or later he kept the noise people in their heart or soul or even people over in kent county to some of those concldere not in cantcant were not exactly honorable they were not and i could carry you that there therefore possess on down not wethe people over all we had a great great headed work on towards getting this people reluct elected where are we to day were getting a poloall sorts that are have or a character and we get him elected this is my problem this is that i'm i'm not seeing that the average everyday person can go and serve their country in that capacity be it as long as we stay with oh i'm going to vote this way i am this kind of person i'm going to identify as what is a part of a criminal organization i don't think it's a good idea and so you don't would we finally decided to get off these political parties in both candidates and that are actually quarrelled or that we clean that everything out which hasn't happened we we replace the grand the purim the grand new party and that whole establishment restregne with another one and an honest good too back an tell you it's like the sick the th this is for somers really engraving the cache see that that no soul decided to indite right peering but but this is the right this is the right this has been going on for a long time their stating that they broke the law and such an unlike in looking at the going you know it's so hard for people that are not through this stuff full time to know what's goin on so they described how to light its cones to have in none of those people possibly want ever ever ever ever all against for the fraudulent election they never fought for it they have not fought for the legal process that was happening none of em stood up for when when we had when when those of us that were removed off the republican ticket i've been told by you torney general's oh special prosecutor and all totally cleared of any wrong done and it was it was something that the board of elections they were involved in it when you look at them losing losing the signatures i mean everybody there was involved in the selections oh oh that's going on none of them saw o thing i cannot withstand i took the case to the spring exactly nothing remained there where was anybody when i stood alone and i'm said only justice exactly mister dishes exactly that they stand for nothing unless they've got their chosen puppet that they're going to put in place it's all we have with political parties and it's not going to change is too much money in it there hide into which he i we have the voices out there that are thrown maybe we're not a hundred per cent of active but we are affected more than now if we realize we were effective and tearing him down and moving on as sorosis what did he then i think so you little to earlier about how the people are or chatting about me there can to me been an enchanting up because the worried about where i'd gone exposure is like when we talk about the i shouldn't roaches the rochers had tasted neighborhood a white or what in the road his and the like people scattered yes that's what we are there like there are like thought the like of insects or scattered because in other evil well we need to shed more light of them and as we were trying to do in the what you're try to do with this program it is for in the light at lake exposed and then in watch mescatter yo i pretty much think that anybody that sitting on a seat right now i should never never be able to hold off as ever again because i don't care how hard they tried at this point time it's going to take while the sore oh what ever he's got so many lies going on and stories and games and craps it's time to it's time to start just clean the chicken house out be it's not going to work the people that are in place right now they are not interested in they are not interested in serving we the people there interested being part of this criminal organization in organizations that looks like a squid and and oh i've got to call its coming in the coming twice from and ain't one old number one baker not a medicine somebody may want to call linen now of sorry other ones i usually i see some call it in twice like that the trying to get hold of somebody self anyhow i'm when a wenongonet an others to do the depeople are or looking for truth than honesty and you are not going to get it in these political parties and it's just like you know when they did that when when president tromp and with so arabia they had that of the change the regime in satiabia what did they do they took the entire royal family which is two hundred and two thousand five hundred people who shuffled their sorry but into the ritz hotel the last sky that they took every bit of their erich's and their wealth that they had gotten through ill gotten gain which is all of them who played who played in the political realm to take money the pack money the dark money all of it they took the took it all and they said you will never hold you can get leave here with your life you will not leave here with any el gotten gain you will not leave here with you billy did you ever serve and public offices and i absolutely think it was one of the most brilliant things they could have done established political a crack that work sot against their people who were warm onringan i think that's what we need do again i really do i think i think it's time to clean the chicken house out here because hensoldt crop the lord to it of about a bandiera sed that you can show the accepted the broad under himselven of fifty points one on seven through one to two thereseveral laws which apply what is so prive the other to the roger and you can kill that their band from one and italian and so that some men to get that we want to bring these charges for clothes people as the event he brings me to his boohooing to happen last week erstes posed peperino what called because said in onset was havin a press conference against the against all geneosodon general day ones and in that the massage was she caught a sweetheart al with a guiding eric urged his was a former a prosecuted torney in any absconded with a lot of money and only was portable i think of twenty five thousand and no jail time and the noosheerwan on earth we were doing our chief law enforcement officer let this guy off he well she she's a plague on the nicnic protest called deployed by the way so good i see i figured that that i do arisennay rate you want to talk about a plague that would be day enough gretchen whitmer anson and the entire legislature of the state of michigan they are a poet they have absolute stood for nothing done nothing go along to get along a world by her the old the political parties censying think because it's all one are over the people of the united states marowana hear what these these are and a common more on nor these more unsure involved in right now there involved in the second amendment there trying to i have to otto bring the bill and in digging through this right now but they are using this they're going after the second amendment using you know in the rod installing red flag laws and gunners because they're going back the beginning of our country said they there was a time that they people in groups that they thought were not worthy to have fire arms against which group that was the slight in a back one in the beginning of our country were not permitted to own a firearm and they are going back to that so in essence you know what they're doing their telling us all it we're all set you all of that epitattomenois noses he was crew all of them this this is one of those things that you know that we cannot sit there plainly coming out in telling us that we are a slave class and we are worthy to have fire arms really really i i'm a pretty extreasurer that the criminal class is sitting in the seats right now here they are ordination that vision of one flew the cookers dustcap coming back that in mass or run into a silo be done worse that near on you saved he what happened and and you know what you go to that you goin to these political meetings and and i i see the same thing i'm like i like this is a jeejee this is some serve joke the ball kicking that going the the what whatever because they are more interested in winning at all cold get it if i can stagescasting of that we're going to win with all costs when all the lying cheating stealing dirty tricks all the sort of that's what they're about and so i am going to i'm going to continue to tell me what you need to dare to be american walk away it's just like when they told that told our military head to take the jab for for sacking he has the right to tell anybody that no one absolutely no one but shapebut but if a person is told to do something that conflicts with what they know god put in their heart what their calling us what what is their right they need to walk away and o'er the guilty if it you know it's like it somebody in congress or i'm on to use a board of concessionthe board of all elections i in their infinite as wisdom because we're all a bunch of arcs the place they told the clerks of this state try election to mariners plans and the clerks that did that then we know they are in at there in on it and so and i don't care if they say will read it and now well then it's a dereliction of duty what one way or the other it is in in in you now you can't sit there and goes through people's intentions they broke the law they broke horses on to the bolt the cochino because there is a case right to day of the friend aliis as a hearing to day she refused he is as an lost her job the result of the and is this what to say we know it we pray for her for god's hand and that decision is prayed to day ganelone goes because she stood proud against it was her right to say no it's her body it's her life it's her evening about it absolutely they were taken up for they took that right away from her now she put able to get things straight now but now the hearing is the day so it is as every one prayed for her and that she the altercation takes hover and controls his because this is a wind that we must have we will have a wider or lives and the tall government government that you don't control the indies he lonatura laws natural law i don't circumvent that in what we could see it is our legislators are legal system in poriadotchny the day when i was a freshman i school we back went yathat that way we go i was a member of the law i went down to the court house in the stated and washed all day case is an washed the judge the prosecutin torney endeevour hark initio to local comeback all other together they were a backhander solometer words it isn't about truth its theater sounds the eresbythe and that i don't like it after a quick low cup i decided that what was the promethan i'm going to go where real truth is i'm going to go fosforescer werish forward because i could not stay in a disciplined like all that was just take it intakes at two or build with billy came out with a two dollar bill so i guess i took that away her hat i had no i don't you i do law professor in college his name was a professor bliss and he was such dry humor it was mazie the first day i came with that everybody was in there and he was really you know the glasses i you think professor plessis on his nolanis looking at all the one and he's the for all of you who think that you're going to get into law and you're going to save the world just let the door right now because all your doing is defending criminals and trying to get them off charges which they are by and large guilty in the history i can't brythonicized can we be a get he was being honesty such he said that anybody that makes her the court is one and the assentatory side he sat as somers it makes the court because he set up their not they will strike a play deal and they will get out in their guilt generally unless he got somebody like o j or you know so you anti don't think it intoning it's actually exactly accurate now some some people from people are targeted i mean look at president trump he's absolutely targeted and but but look at the sixteen that is so this isn't my quandary that i have right so i keep here this has been going on for decades this blab of lab o la does it make it right something has been done for decades the democrat parties were doing it the republican parties been doing it for it something that progressing to something that is as accepted policy therefore were not connorton to call it out and so now in when she calls it out yes what's her intention what what is her intention and why what's the what's the theatre behind his cause it's all theatre i i really think it was get get president trump that's exactly anything that we see out there in the legal field right now i think if we really distill it down it's going to end up be get president figure out away if he can make it through this labyrinth that we've got monsters here here and here to stop him no matter what it is so it cause i'm i'm looking at this going not one of those people maybe one i'll say maybe one of the ever ever stood for president trump or free and fair election they might have thrown something out there just to get applause they may have used president trump as a fund raiser which i think we saw i think we you know that used him in the mishanalled tion eering rally that was over in washington which i heard repeatedly we're just do it is to make the delegates feelgood so they would vote for i like give another drug guides give everybody in other drugs so that every jumps on the in strict to the destruction of the united states of america that something a good idea he well we know we know right now it don't trump is going to be in this battle like it or not now they try explodes that were on forward in a tri to last week over their no walkee i er gianciotto this you never be talking about the orons shin the bribe i prestatori the brought right refreshed my mary ogetonicut a better tempted bribe was i guess john carnego or one on burgandians the peacher cordiace there was the guy excited and john was ventured in a guiding delisles they were they were trying to character assassin in cargodown the rondo that and a wit proceeded to do them that pride was still in effect woes what i disposed out crowdon from a friend of mine on thursday who is at the of the baby and the walk and said i'm sitting at the table with some guide then cordinare what do you know about it all by god i do danger will robin sondang er danger danger a bad that i was serious i said oracles i just here setting article tsidibe ware beware because this guy is then is but then i went look something up kiss what he didn't know less the orange sheen himselle this bride he settled this with nobody been do what i think was so jolly fifteen o my god said no article so i would like to talk to john carter got it the tears he who is this guy will like a heniocha the virgin islands deeper than that he runs the crusades sire my favorite distilleries right in of the ilotes it sho is guise not a slouch there's a lot of corruption in virgin islands i think we spoke about that before even more than i anticipated but these guys are writ to miss of it so osterstein in truth fell there i don't know now i begin to wonder ackerly or argolets or yowowow yo we you know you you ain't got here was an all down there too so i just get on the waters is get modder moderhode and his sewiere honest goodness that we believe in god and that god is leading us what i got to tell you sometimes i beginning to wonder i ask god kill what is really going on to her help me help me leave me god i'm sure moses i'm sure joshua asked the same thing when they were a face with these these challenges his what shape do it were it worse my past a noise we got to pray we had refrained and believe what i got to tell you i believe right now the good is winning over this evil on a teosta the corse a the course that's all i can say state of course so i but that was a big revelation this squeak this week of the last weeks so we had a lot of stuff colindantes we and i and we are making a difference so i'm very untrained to find ye thank you i'm trying to find the interino find the article on who would he find the article on that which that i look he is just look olotoraca the indoor ackerly ye'll find it to this look in defect i may go so tegere and about the settlement just one second because and now i said it i said it round i spent to myself in fact though that old listing the roller doing is the cat alley apple king callender's lawsuit for going down farther public and party in the virgin islands of the dolicho twenty nine i go down though there was the came hours twenty i point twenty one can orewen fourth as the date of the th article that of the bride was talked about attempted characters asinanio attritine up here okanese yes well i'm doing right down to i so anyway solicitors thought is going on and if any say willis had important why is emersonians open i go back to what i've been saying to people for in time there nine uncommitted delegate boats into virginis lands it was set up by some one in the orange catholicon in got the modeste nominating convention their nine and committed what they did was as like govindacrya letters what they were doing with plain chests they were looking away back and two thousand one at what was going on in and they have pigritantes as because they did not one trunk to run again i am almost certain of those guys don't or knock hoppers and that they were going to stop him from brooding again i'll dare him go in and for their ox he cost them money why because he pushed her for truth of what it across so indeed they did not want it would continue their hero their ways so that's why i can i mean that's what this is all about here's that here's one that's on it's a he coracle wrote this then charnorth republican party and the virgin islands horses for our fenian this covered her admitted see here he and you know that this is this is honestly i really believe that there should be no money in politics whatsover it's an industry and it exists in order to outspan us she the one that was caught on the i now trying to do this again how can hang out a minute or ain't this is real news for rob people by real people at the kitchen table guys and this is exactly what we do here then he got that one would to get on the going got another one here as i know to what i look for that you should have a which is escorner going gives atlee's no or anisette he had done so all dosing or in it hitherto exactly exactly pascoe do on me here what roehenstart me be shaggy on you massotherapy makes more people may rake one and try to get a call up i now owen you're trying to get something quickly in corot's an order ackerly cornaceae there is the king what my man the key word they keep doing it for other republican denis lad caught ontarioare version islands or publican so every you know who he wore came dogs of hell in a word you know where ah that is let escape ah no georgeyou be you be is for the use surprise the what was it they said and star worse the den of thieves and villainy and here may they don't have any good search as on the sum of these you know oh you yea god into it you like okay i need the search for something and we millochin here not a is that coming his lacondone if if there stopping putting a stop on the path to say that case i was trying to find it but i know where to get to me anyway an i find it is where i said to myself tokay there's that what i sent that one to you corentin extort the personator that other public and party does in some of the democrat party report of the forward disent he dosiadon't another one sent here as siderides to two i just censure is she settles were cargo at that the one can agathe go can got up his coregonus this one and those that he got no the one i take this one out before this one i i've seen this one on her before handgrenade got here we go rehabituate one i just set the woestina his cap and last month it went unnoticed i went on notice i'm surprised no one fore it was quietly that that's the quest i be ask how cold lotis not setting thing monasticon have to that now she'll say all was settled in was not a last walk it's going on for three years under her auspices its pride and into me i was assured that it was not sold it was he not settled to it was dotted with money i bending it is arrogating it i called i guess his kingoodie cutting coronation suddenly to the crown of pantaloon i regret drop all claims to local leaders i'm i would want to know why to the interesting to know virginal i cannot but on you to see that because he's just cap in omen that literally july seventy how how a resonant anderson i don't understand why we iidon't understand the republican party votes down there i don't get i don't know how foreworld is that happened that all a sudden i'll be cook the criminal enterprise i gos were not her the lot of criminality and the melodies look well endotheloid les do there or house holders dell there we've got out curios holes tellthere we've got all the divorces have oldolder we go on of having stole their casinos down there i mean this is like this is like a not the playground of the rich and famished the playground of the criminal and encountering i know what i like to know wells enabled abstain in the state of miscinius odontonithes to getterlowin he had a hole an interlocked in yai know i knew that now i'd like to know who in our set now at that is here is with archonsof because of terateuomenon in more than i shall i got a feeling there are later people connected to them in this page just to have seen it it is here to folks you've got it is everywhere well you know the whole fox island nonsense that happen where there was a bunch of vile mysterious kids that were killed over entroit and turns out that the connection with fox island i posted this in my channel while back if you want to get on a telegram and see what i posted the story of all of these murderers that happened of children over in detroit in a tieck to fox island which is up in lake is if other goorsoon likeness in her here's a owing to conwerse john ramsey was was i believe tied into that and so i did he's tried in her lot and clad his house at and harborthere his house they were going to run him for he the side or house he he was considering do that when an old thing had john but he came up and how was the house of the brand wiser or out of people do ye makes you wonder if nothing else you have to ask her solenostomi is yet the whole base said he betake area seems to be a nest of globeless infected was told that when i was up there but i was solly couldn't use his name after he said he was in sport me but that ahweahgood out that donna brandenburg does not get bought off pushed around her told what think when i see somebody who has absolutely bottom theatre in pretty much going to say something so so i'm up there with a bottom peter who was an honor these sideswas that everybody who was anybody is up here all the bellairs of the world and like relyat of his own mouth these you were all had a down to naples ah now we're all headed down to naples here in the as i used to actually talking about all this and richly said none of us really liked to ordinand let us throw fonderies or for you oh i'm not not really not really okay with and so you know that was kind of an interesting interaction and i wasn't there long so as cold i always hear of a i was he try to people with me that so i've got a witness to some of the sons it was it was almost funny if it wasn't so pathetic and an attack on her nation it would almost have been found but i'm going to tell you what that's the scene of money right there in the state from what i can the that that seems to be where all the globes congregate and there's other people up there having to do with the republican party and that area wonder how else might be there that's tied in too i don't know say healthcare or or or worked down at rice university where the trying to cry with a the a work on crossing the blood brain barrier with leesence and such oh i wonder who would that be i i've heard i've heard rumors of this i looked out some of it i think it would be something that may be all of us can put our little and on hats on our working hats dick it some of this stuff up guys because i think this could be could be telling very very very very telling on what's going on now what we have not not not what we want but what we actually had ye yes sir for problem because one is like the wizard of oz and to gentessomething the curatical with you doin conoisson says cannot getting pattison's pain in on one is pain these you know it's like it's like you know we got out by and large of you know the finances for the am i gop are questionable the finances for the jnpr more than questionable when you got people there making donations to all i don't know said globes and people on atlantic council like round wiser as well as a foresmell on one of his this is ab the there's none of them to ever be allowed because they took part in an organization in a form of government you know as the wind when when god talks about it would in the bible is like you know that in the andes that we would have a form of godliness without god right of course overrates it out there i'm a christian i'm a christian i'm a christian means nothing to them any more than it does when they say i am a republican all it is so so i don't i don't listen to any of the talking points i want to look at the behavior gradas what it is we have to stay in for actions to our action not words but what's a words were accented words must be insane in what were seen on were these politicals as they do i don't back at all and it's all about they've got it all that you know the word me take the word we in a tepid upside down chip the we in to me as what they do they always wore towards as the whole tower he and they want to shut up anybody else or son sir any one else that actually wants to speak out for true severally amazing thing is that eminent of to go back to these godwin's god wins every single and i really do believe that right now we're in the midst of a huge exposure operation whether you believe as to one group or another doesn't really matter god sitting on the toe and so it's god's plant god's plan is always shown through no matter what people do and he always his winds and he will use anything and everything that satan means for evil to turn it around to something good and i do believe that i think that that's a rat right now when retired i get i get criticised for talking oh you talk with that person while i don't buy into bein divided up like a bunch of children on playground i want to talk to every one and in fact we were talking this morning ah about looking and listening to differing opinions and why that is so valuable when after greece but but there will be information that we didn't have but by listening to the state for instance on public transported by and large pretty well it's it's it's a low she system we have it should it could and should be a sise that works if we're going to in fact on one of the things they do as they go to a two like short term gain of a changing the schedule in order to a canter to lake pike rare than having something where everybody knows that boss goin to run every fifteen minutes from of whom on schedule on time so of reliable trans will we the promises we don't have reliable we don't have reliable transportation because they can't run a boss scadol by enlarge on time and they do that some of my designs so that they they don't that they don't have any of the ego for the most out of people at the beginning by and large it needs to be like every fifty nets have that boss runs so people now if i hit that that must i'm going to be able to jump boss here make my next connection no no common sons none whatso so the i am i'm going to have the proboscidean a couple of lads anyway so it coming up on the hour oh thank you for doing this to day i think in a word you're talking about his having done it able to debate hisses and an uteliaasti a with like wi stepington even nick i'm more happy to the bat him in open for i really am but i don't want them to do what they do and what they thought in the process be privately and say ten goosethe said this and say that i've seen them too that i will not through that that is why i should you somefing dick on not more happy to debate him because a like do things in are not honest and i can't tolerate that and i just can't i'll step any intentasen some persons of the son i person's words out of it on contact also she agreed to no kepe a not papersso and he take it and then here the word has been the words but their actions had the master works and so with these people more happy than he were asolandad have it but not in a private section where they can change things because that is what slander libels all about when i find we go ms incensewhat thing i wanted it to get before goes about elizo and what they were trying to character sassinate me admire and it was this sad he won his case on friday the church through the peep o without her and that was the best thing because it should never ever even so a the point with the devil process is horrible it's doesn't he and do what it cost to do the case employed as the woman had tried to get a peep o last year for her in her children and the husband of accompanied them all all for shell back then potetitior me anodon i probocas i'm still say this true and i'm going to put it on the way because he won censiers taste did we're going to put it back and cord again they just don't see comin but i won't have filed a condenser tenure against the i'm going to fill again she judge i time we started feigning yet i it means so that's what i meant i have told peoplesstill let it go no i cannot let lies go that is absolutely gone shadow of doubt i will not let biscobras there lies we need to bring the truth thou so these roaches these rats they run when we come forward yet we want em to run because we cannot tolerate this of breaking down civility and his hour and its orchard side something about it he said it rinconete said it it's our our mantle to pick up and rundlestone it's like i've seen i've seen a couple of these people that came to couple of my events and their rude they are so rude they they will try to take over of tents like newittees and and and you mentioned a couple of hem that actually did that i've got a long memory for stuff like but they came to one of my events in the and they really tried to take over the meeting and were fairly rude about it to they weren't they were not there to find out ideas or here thinks they were only there to derail any any steps going forward and so i i've seen an experience that you know first first hand in effect i have pictures of those that came there a one i answered the question and so soundly handed their tails to the they they weren't looking too happy in this picter i can i could put it out i think you would probably recognize these and then though with that you don't i do but you do not gosse were we going wrong cause we got to get with you to biliosus issues as the dull and sallie orchis perspective one got that as how we get better sciences we we do get all in time we take theories theories and proved to disprove or shareson in politics the or suppress the they've got no coulter remote there's always a game buringen when samesomebody when somebody wants something there's always a pay back to these people that haven't a junta they ought there going to be something that comes back to them instead of civil discussion where you can actually a talking through the unified the right solution not for them when he not for their boots to get the seat it's the right thing for america for being american and we all have to go back to daring to be american do the right thing first and foremost under god of and a bent knowing that will be standing front of some day so we have to make sure that all were behavior is above reproach and everything that we do not for ourselves putting people before us and in all things letting them you know he giving the deference to other people i mean it's nothing difficult oh you know it's it's not it's just not that he so so i i've got my next my next guess coming on here and i want to say thank you so much shock for coming on he illiterate baton that inthos and here doing it again you know you're over the target and bone by check or shared i love it they mixed the think is so much lower doing and of what they say about the i know that the said commons for you and i last week about don't say anything to us because we even mine that were telotroch who did they only my genetrice bycondylar she's a woessometimes called totowell we always tell the truth sandy if you're listening that implied you petollisten as we all groping your story tell an git back on track eh that's right as i actually posted one of her posts about o don't listen to anything brandenburg has to say this is a political is a political person who's got a ganda don't in the coolers commisson to she it's another form of sense or ship to tell people in her in their little cult groups because that's what it is that the it's not a holding people's right to think and make their own decisions it's telling them and just putting cracks of the don't cost anything don't listen to this person don't do this that won't you want over six and stones may i can care last on i know you couldn't you could care last either there there of their censorship there political hit jobs there agendas previous rate of there for any one whose thinking and so i could care lest some enough introduced on my next gas on thinks lots are caregreat day by i'm going to call you later cause i want to fill number for ees i've got no i need some i'm not ionas you for your wisdom on a couple of things but i need a couple of fine numbers for you cause i think it's time for the gloves to come off hand and perhaps a little bit more ah legal pommely needs to happen in the state of method are they talkedyou made ida everybody so i want to i want to play a quick of clovio here and then i'm overing on our next guess we've got we've got a jump price from the jimpriculatei on jim is a proud father for it is just done a little bit o everthere priaman is as rent and high security department of defense design in build to a youth pastor rusticola afore the wichita rugby is rogerogee players are an otello what i've known if you run me player i have a friend who played rugby for south africa and his cats are these days are huge and thogh i he is now picking up the microphone and microphone and digging deeper for the truth with no spin to bring all the news local and national politics in abrigement say and will play that video later anyhow where he has the emprise shall and eh what's they hie to he dehiontchotach have me down i preciate the very nice to see you i'm going to go ahead there your website upset everybody can see ah see what i see who you are and what to do her a minit and share you went or our audience he it impressed the sister ear website and it's the goneperished dot com an ant on the ganosos of things on here the conservative voice why the train to sit silence all of us aren't they well and this is the sad part of this is that it's not that we get to have just the open debate we come to a better greater or better or greater understanding shutting down the opposition which means that they're doing on feelings and not fond well that's the way that they have a really to take in the nation captive for a long time it's like that go after our man and try to weaken our mind because as are there are fighters are brave fighters and that engage everything has to be emotional so that you know you don't want hurt people's fewings and nothing gets downed it's root reallysome times the best decisions that need to be made are the ones that there's sometimes a little painful i really think that we need to go scorched earth on an what's happening politically right now because there is there is such a path example of justicers no justice out there and you can see that by what's happening to the rightful president of the united states president donald or emetic about what they're going through in this whole thing there exposing the self and the leadership skills they relate don't it they have never really obtained all their doing now is they don't like that that's telling them that he wants to go in this direction well i don't want to do what dads to people who have never been told now in their life or didn't have a father give him to serment to say do as it makes sense you understand that this is an how this works i do care about your feelings these and not the dads are callous and cold and all situations but they actually obviously give second gas or look at themselves save one of my doing right or wrong here and how can i have a greater out outcome there i want so tryin the target which seeing right now when i had got attacked myself back then i was i was a didactic to like you said earlier and night and ruggles a play for the which all rub beten we actually won the championship of mensch often i was part of the thames and so i've done all these things i've had all these adversities but the greatest one that i did have i just never saw the one that i had my gloves down i thought the bell had rang smiles ah the fight that is i have to fight is actswith and liberties that i have to fight for those resolveris o i want people out there they are willing to desert and they'd rather over pile of ashes than ever let us when we have too many things to say right now sad part of his my mental history what i i thought my country wasn't who i thought i was in this country when i thought my country has actually been complete line we've done things across the globe that we should be ashamed of we should be better than that i know i send like a mote bit of a left wing hack on that but i really am not i'm saying that i want us to abetting light that peking on the top of the hill and i want us to be amazing at de great and i think we have all the rights and reasons to do that i think we unbelievable those with evil and their heart and we understand in even the bible says the harem as exceedingly wicked who shall know it oh that's a real thing for us and we live in that daily life that we know that we are true sinners with those around us as but those of your hat her sin under control there not looking to be discerning people oh they're going to do whatever they can to make sure that their selfishness and their narcism the fact that they actually derived pleasure from our pain shows you what they're going to do and they're going hewing to kill us instead of deal with to find that our battles outside of us and there's a lot of people out there that would rather just said roll repiled ashes than let you win and that's a real thing in my coney can be amazing if as on a few he and we actually re look at how we want to have our country corner the constant according to how i have the power and i don't live in democrat lose tells me i live in your mocracy i live in the opposite of what that is which is a republic hwiideesh not like to unassoiled not elected leadership says elected leadership we have to understand and be preserving what those that's how the uses and abuses we don't know what god given enable rights and that are power comesfrom practice that we understand that in a very very few people may be one per cent of this country has ever read spines all the way through or has father a store in their hearts they know how to do the right thing and the fence go as opposed to the emotional eh a soup that we get into with the others that wanted the he and a democracy is the least stable form of government that has actually out there it's my rule by and it it gives them the power to absolutely violate any one who does not one hundred per cent locks though falling line with the majority does not protect anybody's rights which is i always say that when people call it a democracy it's kind of an eye out that they failed as it is it in others parts of our governance that is you know democracy like very local elections but but though an overall it's a republic so that every one is represented in that's the needs that that is that's the way to go and i agree with you so what what do you think right now what's on your right ah well quick on that democracy is but light of of she so coming isn't she it so ah socialism is actually just it is as it's a it's a face forward plant into manure and its secret ah what of things that were seeing the day's society the things are going on is a real benefit so the wakening of people the people actually understanding that their country may have some and has time to stand opposed to be a sentinel freedom and liberty i will tell you this i do believe i get the needle freedom is acutely being moved i do believe it's being moved in the right direction to now we'll tell you this here's here's my pre in every like well you know there's words and then there's you know a nonscandalous and others ce and odds they make up all these fancy word and stability every if there was no white hat if there was no good in this world we would only be we would not be talking about freedoms we would not be doing the show we would not be i would not have traveled to vegas and saw rosan and general a general plan and others i would not have been doing these things because i would have been in my fifteen minutes city i would have been living in my case i would avoid he been rounded up and put a cost get re educated ah no different than george peterson has to go get re educated she stood up for himself politically and the health poured in canada as actually persecuting him now yes to go through a nine month a re education process realize him that self back is ah this is a real problem for us when we see this going on a world while the great thing is the second take that in use that whole thing to do in analysis of their the ridiculousness and i hope he publishes a book in the findings of what they forced him into and my private work out too well for them when you get patriots that have no back down attitude and who are critically thinking and evaluating what they're going to they can't they can't kill the american spirit they cannot kill the spirit of those of us who are believers who are here to do the work of our father it's impossible i can't call no it's a losing proposition so gweatess continued to stand together erosion to the reawakening to her this week and i was going to go put in the last the last minute we we we had to cancel i didn't want to sweat for two days came wantthat's not fair and nobody gets away in one halidon mind that i actually like hot whither i was i was in india for a while for a lot better time and it was like it was as they were the monsoons were late it was about a hundred and ten there every day with max of humidity and i just don't eat it if i go into something like that i just soeating and to start drinking water and and on my dear now enistor good event a lot of great people i have met a lot of one and your ma it and i really believe that less of the enemy than we persian i say perceived because if you go by the law of war and the law of war i am greater than i am my enemy thinks i am amazing takes up great these fears by numbers or larger and i do believe what them stacking the voter roles way they have been doing for decades and the and they've been doing this if the guys dat i started in twenty sixteen they didn't trettent twenty or twenty eight as ben going on a long time they have actually been doing this for so long that that's why the voter rolls looks like there's about fifty per cent de esther trying to make it look like that we have this adversary this real said of us just living our lives and freedom it not happen to over justify or fight for those freedoms in oil tell you right now for no one's handing out big buckets i have to go out and you have to achieve that freedom and liberty yourself and you have to maintain an be a cent on a guard to that freedom every single day to your dying breath and understand that if you do not perpetuate that the next generation of people will never understand what you are talking about because you didn't live at your when she something i found the sweet to your point there on this is kind of interesting this is a voter record stock ham we have twelve million eight hundred and eighty one thousand nine or nine hundred and one voter records in michigan in a state that has about a ten point one two million people we took we took three hundred thousand votes are voters of the cube of a guess what are secretary estate added back so here you goose have a lot of questions to ask and you can actually go on the side and look up to see whether you're on there or if it's i it's issoof you know who is to cease is on there and probably chase down whether or not they're doing the right thing and i i think it's interesting but while is that is that of a dampish you know how they do this this folderol thing one of the the tactics that use is best big people on their their dead so they could maintain using that name over and over again but the variations of jim paid price james price j l p they used what they do is he take your registration and this is a they've poovenoos his nothing i made up for sir ah is that when they go in they see that james price steve will they go on they duplicate it and as they keep acatenango back at immediately they they create new one with your same address as a verifiable address but they have nearly go back in in doctor the address of the then the voter registration is undeliverable than those balances going and undeliverable cart where now there showing that open testimony that people do not know where the open car a voter a early voting ballots were mailed to and put in that basket in hot there's no there's no chain of custody there's no standing there there is no sealed box there's no cameras come into the mail by a mill room because they're brought in by a mail distribution on not by your city county state or federal government is a private and on the post office in the napoleon estateher like o undeliverable undeliverable undeliverable who this basket i don't know where they go nobody has accountability where the undeliverable so now there has been sometimes people said oh yeah yeah a county worker came and got him well as their name where's id isisthat they picked up twelve thousand ballots or twelve hundred ballots is there a list of the names and addresses that were on there there were undeliverable how did we track those where did they go where the incinerated you siefst where's the accountability where is that but this is one of the things where i believed that the enemy that we fight is far less than what we believe i do believe there my stay teguis understand i am a bit of a comedian but i don't think on this when i am ninety eight million votes i think was cast only twenty i do believe by inconsolate between twenty and thirty millions i get in and then there's the old boats a go out to make you most nother thisi but i believe honestly guyser's only twenty third per cent of this nice ex population that actually believes that are democrat and most of only do it because it's what they've always done in tradition they don't know how to change their mind in any other way other than just push ah and that's sad part of that and there's the oars too that do the same exact thing should be mindful that the enemy we were fighting is not as great as they have made his rule encouraging you know good always out numbers evil no matter what because when you when you do still it all down to the base level the battle is the lord's we just wet you know he'll tell us to do things we don't have to worry and we shouldn't even worry about the outcome putting conditions the oh i'll do this if this happens now vot tells you to do something you step up and you do it and then you let him worry about about the end gamonetus he may have a very different vision for this than what we do and his plans are always well think about them for second you you just mentioned something here that will you you get your taking about god's oh a lot of times god put god's plan let's say that he wants you to build a land a lunar module on them on the moon like in what's he say that's the while you don't go by jet feel as a number one thing you go do that day because i'm going to go bullock a lot of other planning and things go on and so a lot of people like wool well god how do i how owiti fight this motor integrity sometimes this about you going out your front or is about you having the conversation of the neighbor and that's the yet you go on that journey because you can't you're not going to voter registration issues by just saying i'm doing it to night that's not how god works you've got a start that first step you have to have that initial conversation and then another conversation another action other action they build and they may not be in the direction that you thought you were going to go but your destination is where he wants to and so don't try to predict and think you know how the congo work out go and listen to that small still voice but put action behind it i really i i tell you what one of the most offensive things and it may be a lot of years on this one and some one might get click of the show and i apologetica in this is a no senseorigins tocante anything in any subject and in your four well within your you'renotaunt but i have a hold your right to say things to be one well the one thing that really bothers me is when i see a christian a man and woman that does have the sermon their heart and they know that they have love in their heart first thing they'll say is at first thing and only think these on your knees a prey and will pay i get that night and it that's a first what is escasa you'll get blisters on your knee gets a bed sores on your knees and never get off that he get off beside the bed in the morning and just pray all day long it without ceasing in and never ever do anything else but actions on the table she just took on the leadership was upset for those tinkling bells and those banging gongs he understood that those people had no love in their heart and he showed the passion of righteous indignation that those of done things wilfully wrong to you stand up and fight for your that right there tells you absolutely honest get up off your don't give me your two older you're too young or too busy or too do i don't care what your reason is god expects at secerning pray it out yet will prayer don't give me wrong yet you've got to get that you tookit it's other things in there and so these are things that you have to do pray without cease this is a mental portion of it you have it is a catch so don't give me all prayer i want to hear what we're going to get done give me some empathy get down the blood in the mud of things and find out what's really going on i don't say we well do a hands off other hair got eagle and an action plant and some in sometimes you know if if we had incremental changed by every one so that everybody was doing part of the lifting instated to say yah i'm going to i'm going to let them do it and and stand back and cheer her mind this is a participation means everybody has to get in the game and you know what we were all when we start this were all too dumb to do this obviously you were looking ourselves and go how my overgoing to carry this ball is far the it easy do and then in the meantime you're getting shot with where swords and you know with arrows and andoooothe the back by your own family the heshotatsna work what you all they're going to get mad these latter when they start of hiding utenfor not doing anything like what you yeah i love it when the start evyding you too oh there's there is brandon she's going to start talking about ooncomfortable subjects well you don't let the the small to kind of cap is got to come to the one because i don't really care about your golf game i don't really care about you know how many points you've racked out on a some a video game ready thing like that what are we doing that's for real to take care of the people round us and humanitarian way to do god's work the work of our father and also to maintain this nation that's what i want to talk about because we are in a cross roads where we have to jump in every single one of us and oh in incentment needle and does man wanted to know you have the laws of diminishing returns is actually a really big problem for us on the other side knows this so it's not something magical we ned something returned as that really that we all know in all charities all churches all sins i know all ice cream shops it doesn't matter that there's a ten per cent corps that really gets all the jobs as this thing and have really been able to unseat the problem is as that yes you do have to throw bodies the i do have to engage with each other yes you do at the problems all with each other yes you are to understand that the enemy is sometimes behind you and your own team but if you don't ever get in the fight how can we ever fight back against even the law of domsie is doing it all if you want general friend to fix it for that's a lot of work for one guy what a ring as there bothering to either right or he the sign godmeaning do whatever it is one of my favorite things that help people as if you want to really really make a defence it out there is a digital soldier and and pass good information on to your contacts and i don't care if people call get in a group social media groups whatever it is but post post call e mail right letters sonicari r pigeon i don't care we can all spend a few minutes a day doing this in order for the information war to be won because right now he we are in oftenerin warfare and you know it's like her going to in ormerod's here that he wrote that book that's the round and the way that we win this is by being loud making noise being really super loud refusing to go along and pulling more people into the one i think about this when you say that a people the bother you want people to engage you want to understand all these things on that's how simple is though just i don't care what it is and to say that we can beat the algorithms it's possible m until they really black lashed you until that keep the popcorn pop the more times you like share comet like shire come go back and go back to post and comment on the people's if you want to your social person whoever it is you go to your main information go the jim price show go go anywhere you want to and you go in there if you like and you share and you the grips of in your small grooves are different things like the you are fighting the machine that's chewing the legs off of us and it is we can beat them on their their own game but were like well you know i don't like going on there i don't want to do the thing is if you guys on there your girls on there is is not that of you can wait we understand that the thati've never been confused i am pretty sure you have never been confused my horses are not confused my dogs are not confused my chickens are not confutest ly know the difference between male and female there's no cone one was that her confused are the brain washed people in our society who who are able confused on what a woman the one sold them now no one said no you're not and no one gave him a fence or a boundary says quite talking that way he made in your face could doing all these things held just understand that god made you amazing and indeed that most amazing person you could be i don't have to worry about all these other things right and now i was beings so that the week is we have to get the dog in the fight right we got to get out there and if you can't but say you don't have social media you any thing that you have is just the one thing that you're watching she well here's a thing you have a debit card ah you have to you have a voice you have a brain go out there in use them if you don't understand how to work it on the social miteside at least show up to the meetings bring i bring a tree like a mill and cocks capwhich do little things because that's where god ned at times we elders is people that think i have nothing to do here will support those that maybe i don't want to be in the front line maybe try one to know be known but you show up when you yet in that you know even people can even get small groups together in their own neighborhoods and do little road rallies or do stand on a corner with sides or you know walker one neighborhood and find out if there are people in need there because we all know that the government's do annotatis it's too both busy money laundering to you crane to kill people because the governments and the biggest not pedlington it why what were sitting three hundred million dollars to that worn torn country were osteogen why what would you talking or and where they are they are human trafficking child trafficking like there's no to morrow i mean this whole nonsense with bresail and having polosya some roman and a john carey and had the cast and crew of a political freaks that have been involved in this i know an end the the sea one of the biggest seats of child trafficking for many many years now it looks like it's turnante the nine states of america because the her people will pay the most money anywhere in the globe for children sick it's wrong and i don't know this is like when present trumps said there should be dothenth for drag dealers they should also be for child traffickers and people who abuse you know that are that are engaged in that kind of disgusting poofity behavior well i got some stage with jim oh that the jim could be even with the timber and then in cuse me an i'll get ready to be in ohio were getting ready go i we're going to do it to for him to be hazel in timbale begone going across the one there's two more dates that have been a nailed down the first vintage them for events going to be no high ho ah here i very soon within the next couple of months and so if he goes on to keep up on that ah on the underground railroad advent with jim cisatlantians of amazing stories i went like a set was onstage a couple of weeks ago in michigan and gus if you don't understand this thing there's a million children that go missing in our country every year and no one's a besiegeing missing children and i know the sounds really weird your sing well there's some five hundred thousand of these kids are just kids at go missing your name other five hundred thousand of these kids of the fecches numbers es are five hundred thousand this this is a comedian sized hand in america those kids are missing in child protectives his family serve family services in five hundred thousand after year after year compounding that number so now we killed a million kids and won the no background check no no age requirements a lot of states then there's another million kids go missing as to million kids what would this nation look like what would be you to this country be like if we weren't a killing them or let them come up missing on top of the fact we got millions of people being for a traffic back and forth across the southern border on top of it gus i bil some want to slow the whole show down for his i spent almost two decades of my life working for the department of and i built and enters exact same systems that in the capital ting when you say they get in there with a plastic flag pole and absolute insults to my career and the andwhat i understand did know what we do as the secure of a federal building or a military it's a lie but back in o six when i started doing these designs stuff and i really became the guide that he are in the industry i did it for a long long time a very very well respected i did as i put into my big i say my buildings cause i design him built to train the military at usthen so it's kind of my baby i put ground penetrating radar in those old why do i do what i do that they wind it with the overset no because we know other time tunneling under our court tunnel under their siati just said as a matter of our military as other countries tunnel under america cause we tunnel under other one people wanted think that there's no children in tunnels that they want to think the tunnels don't e got scientists i know that work for decades and lost almost to have been in the one and they led had they had the thousand years that that thousand yard stare seen things that they can't talk about or wouldn't want to talk about it they don't really want to remember as we do have an enemy and the sad part of it is as were paying into the system and i tell people are you sure you want to keep paying your taxes into that not only pays for abortions in your own country and don't like yourself that they folks that we also paid for abortions go and then on top of that we go around and creep proxy wars of things that we have no business the middle east to we have many enemy right for of esitettiin and maiming children and other human beings on this earth and that right there caused righteous in what you stand up and defend those de i think that's a cheer point i love this discussion and i'm really interested in this with the whole that the tunnels and the kids in such the question that i don't hear asked enough is where are these kids going where are they really going you would think that we would have have some you know some bodies or anything like that where are these kids going because of the number is so high yet well the sad part of this says if you want to get really down to the brass tacks of make your coffee said well well here i'm put out thing up here on so you year open to say what i long there being cone and not just sexually not to spiritually but ate ah there is absolutely ah that was a physically meaning that there are set ah things done on me look at mutilations to a different things look at anthony weiner's lapse gus that insurance pile that was on anthonywishes laptop does have hillary clinton and other people involved sexual acts as well as toward maiming an execution of individuals and we can't have that conversion getting the actyesof other incas hunter bidding had china put all these videos of him on his lap top otterby did not video those he did not put those into files that's china making sure that they understand understands at one point five million dollars he as a tether has a rope has a call back because should be held accountable for that he didn't put those on the sad part of this as he is actually a little bit of a victim but he created the the bear trap for himself right the mouse trap he went out and got the money for chinafor the big guy and oh by the way gus were the boma found not with a babings bathing sudan but not was also found with the female but not with his girl friend or somebody is significant other and the problem is is where was secret sir this is all coming out that in the autopsy the individual who died at with the obama water border wetherford what seth the paddle ah he was found naked in the water so why was a why was this young man in the pond by obama's pope and then drowned in eight feet of water in such as paddling to shore or failing to show the other individual made it to go call nine one one but he did not make it things going on here folks wore even with that or were seeing that it's not just so much to kill the children of this world but also individuals of might rise up or have a different opinion no toilet they want to silence every one if they can't silence you one way they're going to take you out and all the way that's that's the goal right there well you're going to with you so that the tunnels in that sorthing let's go back to that again besting that they had something that that i i remember when i first got into doing all you know really so serious research and i'm on to tell you that i was as became a twenty four seven i itlike sleep and like maybe two hours a night i'd be at my solothe in the middle of the night something awake me up and i'll get out and all onchecked what's going on and see if there's anything on any the research a boards are not works or something like that i want to check and see what's what people are digging up for it i think as you research together because nobody knows every but the whole thing with the cannibalism that's going on casteneta call it one it is i mean i don't know you saw but the cannibal camp and now they're getting into the the lagoon meets and athenodorus that's been in in america for the they've been doing lab grow made in california and serviceto human beings in restored in the crazy thing is is a lot of times there really close to like a plane parenthood ah i've i've seen that areas too were where they'll have the production facilities right next to a plan parent hood shop case that's what they are what we remember the the ochoa city me post plant that got the fda fine because it is much human meat in the i don't remember that i and so fill me in a little hippothontis that one here's a standard in are you see that allows for st of human men if the mean asserts if i'm in a meat packing plant that s colepresse and just by accident a human being gets ripped into the meat you mean if i if i'm losing a finger right by lost a finger in the processing protokolo betsthat was my third ship ah if i lost my finger in the me prosition that portion of me or that plant be shut down and scrubbed that are tefail we find that material i would think so but would just throw the finger nell in there and keep on the sad part of it is as there there's too many lesions are none have transparency in this goes cross the board from a thin blue line to our government to the her much less or meat that we should be able to have faith and say oh what the trustworthy but we don't have the transparency let's say let's save my stories completely factual and but i can't have the confidence i could go in the that they have so much information i know for a that would be a lie the sad part of it is is that if i know that there is these little lies out there that they don't even want to cut they want to be honest with like the georgia to the georgia staff with trump just like all these other things the lap tops and all this stuff we are not getting trance why is the cop shops not coming out of being before it has cr twisted the arm we broke a finger we we we broke down the wrong door shustoff with short of ah we can know no we don't need to be out to elidore we shall be investigating in walking a bee and investing crimes and walkingthe be more impersonally involved in saying hey we didn't get it right here how we're going to make a right he we if until we get that transparency you saw monitoring or made for that has a stated for bugs and human men and then we know that our cops shops and are federal government are sea an fbi and assay and an even all over stone was as the avares drug traffickers on earth in tell you guys right now we should be terrified of our own government because they created a law demonized they perpetuated in our set on society and globally the poppy seeds that or in the poppy fields that were in the middle east prior to us going into the gulf wars and all that other stuff we started there with the the whole idea what we have the wine supply and maybe five to ten per cent of all the ophioides or opium in the world after we went in there it's now ninety per cent of all the opening the world comes from the middle east so tell me how we set their country free tell me how we made that country better but who's the largest per producer on not started simmer about apothesis we have been placating in col telling to a as we want control we want to buy and we want to be all have a friend but our government through the sea of the guys wanted to understand what this is a go watch the movie america made with tom crews i'm not a tom crosman and one scraps about that guy the story as the le factual and its only late it's literally the little crumb of cocaine here to the mountains and mountains of mountains of what they really been doing were they were paying an individual as you are a eroterion in an out of south america but also cocaine back into so they were training conscious in america shipping back and forth and private plans evading our government while we were paying this individual to do that right there sho folks should make you ashamed of what we are doing and the transparency of our government the start and we need to be so tired of hearing how there making things better and how the world can be a better were uslike a were exhausted with i can tell you that you hesitate a little bent to wonder whether it's bugs in or human beings in your food whether we were actually on organic or not that right there is a full stop for me when we have to start looking or government say not to day that sire i am i'm looking i'm looking at right now to see if i can find her an article on it of course you've got you've got snakes and everything else on therefore as absolutely no see that i found consider equites polyodon not a remember this leads to re stock from which was the one that got me i lost my first kigome first at ah there in their national fact checking association of men when they got me they there had their membership expired by two years for they were actually were actuated certified fact check out face parisoles forest put out ah the little fact checker box of the said that a drain a co even though can't be even though to grangegorman be reduced any laboratory sting snores even though a drain of crumb can be made in a lap in existing human will origin into were you get it from where to get the formula did you make these other doing his or verifying to you in the article it accused a grin of come does exist it can be found in a human blood harvest of for him and blood that made in the laboratories coterie himself so one you got devilwith the article like oke does it really exist here so that's the problem is the they tell you a dozen but it really does in the article just like swet back on other decision for her a second i permetteano say that those are valuable for a for using against five uses including the mexican beer flew the crone the the narrative lies full time i'm going to pull this up here because when i when i saw this years ago this is one of those things that you can get into this and look at this the cannibal club there is a bunch of things like this around if people don't think that the stuff exists oh it exists you in an in it is it is absolutely sostinente er someone's paying for the evil to be there some one's paying a stop like wicks doesn't charge much for web site but you are hosting website that goes to cannibal club dot or oh archie your charity we got a pay attention to spoke some one is out there spanning the time now i will tell you a and s pi the government the dod have lot of credibility problems member that lady on the oh the airplane that said the guide next to me is not real and she got up and made the whole thing and that were i others now a website that's being hosted by your department fenced with her images and her background on it the landing page for you to go to see and the sad part of this says they peeress the geo location on it is in ah write there never won a cos is there some things going on rotten so yet we don't we don't know we have no idea where any of this stuff is coming through unless you go unless you dig and to the cold behind it never abominate it okay it's twenty sixe or was it twenty sixteen are right before ye re before the election he ought to rise our government will through an altar and a was it pro here at the surveillance and the counter part counterintelligence of propaganda sixteen he signed in the law that our country is able to propagandize is yes the there sir certainly are a lot of questions to be asked on all this oh you know i've met and i know a couple of people who seen kids and were were involved in rescuing kids out of cages this is a real thing and i don't think we can talk about it honestly enough because shame on all of us if we don't if we don't understand that there are much much bigger issues behind the issues that we think were focussing on until we had the right people in office to call a halt to all this it's going to continue on it goes down it comes down to the free and fair elections in ordinate people with honesty and integrity in these who organise a clamp down on this stuff in eradicate it from the face of the means to me remember that in your own constitution this is what is going back to the very began this is why it's so easy for me to try to explain the things of to day the child trafficking we can go to the military deshormes we can go to the ufo's whatever it is now it says in your constitute we the people write god given any of rights we are the power but one of the things that explicitly goes into in the decline of penance is a redress of greed and redress of grievances as that listen this is my issue you're going to fix this is my issue and tell me how you feel about me calling you out on your babby haviour it's no this is my redress of grievances as you will find and you report back to me to my satisfacion but we don't even play we don't play on those games goes we let them tell us that we're democracy they like them tell oh is this and that and oh it's just one more red flag law first the a it's just her that says thou shall not in french the fringed the edge less the words decided it necessityall regulated militia well practiced people's army because americans are going to go out and blow things up and says what the first second amendment insures that we and the can plow things up the way we want to or can say what we want to and that means everybody and that's sad part of it is as that when we start limiting each other that right there is a slippery slope where we understand it now a portions in california can go up to twenty eight days after that's okay for people exist sanity so be mindful of your constitution where your power comes and where you need to go cause god given in table rights which is the big ge god not the small ye government your life the god he gives you that guidance on that discernment to be height not the government you do not get your power from a fellow man or for you small yore or from well let's talk about some of these all there issues that you just grown up you brought you a full isn't you brought up a the concitation all that looks let's go let's go there ah you are foes be careful i do believe that there are things better greater than us the old go out there thinking that somehow that you walked on water and god speaks to you after it you he shot get guidance from you right there are things that are greater than us bigger and thus we only know about one to their the end of our own earth let's not act to omnipotent in our daily lives understand that there may be something greater than this or even the fact that that speech ah can be seen and we know that that this is satan's domain that he lives in walks this earth and this is what he wants to do so he great as sanojen for you to look at there you go the other part of it is as also what they call blue beam ah the ability for our government to bound ventional object i can like a lazer like with a cat you know you do on the wall and the catch tonto jump upon the wall and do weird stuff and cross the floor and the dog does the same what we can have set three dimensional laser objects that will absolutely look a hundred per cent reales and i will tell you in this time right now we're a government thrown the kitchen sink at us right the giveness ever careful that one you do look at some herself a time to process information and i'm not saying he but also make good decisions of the fact not much talk to you about the fact that our government and in images threads dimension images looked very life like and sound to refraction in the atmosphere harps research into harp and is able to do this is where we understand the indian a earthquake came from the earthquake the camisa francisco that moved the hurricane inland as supposing going up the west coast when we had lost vegetantis rain instead ben is a real thing and k alters a real thing clips a real thing as we have been infiltrated for so long and so manipulated but do you have thing be mindful that there are government agencies doing what they have to do to stick there are angelic or spiritual things that can be done as well discerning in these times going forward i am a believer but i am also a discerning believer made that not everything that we think is unidentified is actually on yet i think i think that we've had a lot of the technologies for many many years when you look at things that were were happening even in the fifth a there is a tremendous amount of sofas happened in the fifty so thin of the technology we see is very old technology and we be deceiving ourselves if we think that even even the technology that they have that we don't have in its significant you know in your onelonger you can go look up i give you you a fossilologist you have found that everybody's like ah you postdon't exist ah you're full of the time and think he to be go to the internet look up he black night satellite in your coach and ah you'll find out that there's a satellite that does it pull or polar orbit this war this little cow copiap here was there we get satellites to go round the hemisphere right or round the equator this way right we could all these satellites the the problem is the black knight satellite since the night one discovered sweden have sight he has been going a polar one so as our earth and spins around the earth and they found that that back in the fifties they actually short wave radio operates were able to the signal and translate the signal that was coming out of it and the sad part of this gus i will let you go in and you start going back through this and nassa tracks this space qualify it as space junk its on their website you go in there you see the side like tracking the track this satellite that's been orbiting since the fifties one they discovered poorit we only had the mass to do polar overton satellites about human beings being able to figure out how to make a satellite go in the opposite directions away from the equator rotate that's a real thing so guys and she's strolling through right here right now eh take some one there's some bortles out there that tell you oh it's then why was there in the fifties before we had the eye i question all the history that we hate have been taught because there's so many there's so many anomalies and things that are in conflict what that when you really look at it we we've been even fed propaganda had lights for the majority of our lives and everything and every one and needs to truly be one when when i started reading some of the actual writings of basement frank he wrote actually that when a people becomes too powerful he has road map how to take the people down and oh how you disable the o you know president lincoln i've got some real questions about him he was an attorney and is that is it it that the titles of nobility and all and i was that is leaderson but he was horribly he was not to her lincoln was not the god he was not strong he lowed he let the let the banks run them so he went and created the federal smalley lived in now the uncle sam effect the top now were says allsee have scholars we have a constitutional state never get reported on this no one talks about this but they will tell of constitution individual state rights see the federal government that's why that's why the court of record the supreme court said the e pa has no authority or authorization in any state honse there putting us back to the constitution by are you playing the game of corn to the constitution are you playing it with their legal rules laws regale right now matethis right now violentos this you understand this boche the emotion or the direction of this country saying that we are constitutional republic esoteric as reciprocal one when other in within the fifty states of the go to alaska you have can cansos constitutional rites or as well as alaskan costs it means that you don't have to worry about where you're at in america you always have the government is always limited that's what the constitution is about us it is not a contract for you how to live your life contract is tell the government set your corner and when the people want to talk to you they will and until then rashyou have nacasac ity and emigration that's the only two functions of the federal government talk to scholar you taught to people who have actually really understand the consent and not the politically correctly so limits of government never limited venustate rights the foregoer ment when lincoln told the southern and do as i say or all send the military after you there like hay we want eqarrei with the declaranten as a so they want taxation with represented with the fight was about the reason they keep you all caught up in it emotionally they keep saying was slit slavery had nothing to do with that it had to do with individual state rights in the lincoln screwed up for his what is in the uncle stand more we live in the day and we should be the ones that pushed back and she you are my public servant i want to redress my agreements as with you and you will come back and report to me in the way that satisfied to be folks that is the understand your power if you don't read the bible that whatever i tell you in the bible the her constitution would have right tell us in the have your own power be i love that that's this is this is the discussion and the discussions that we need to have as a nation and there there comfortable in it challenges those things which we think were or are and and there's there's an awful lot there's a lawful lot that we have to unlearn because they were it was propaganda back then still propaganda now i call it riding your mental like a the incestuous the day that your parents did you find out your grandma is your mother and your uncle she very dirty in a process that for a minute but yet it or life was alike the people you thought were your parents bommand daddy you've had celebrated the birthday cried at their funeral and you find out that your grandma is your man and your uncle's your dad not people there entire and exists like everything you thought mom dad my my life my history it might it was all cusimanses uous relationship that i exist so your own exists ah what do i do so now that you know that your country is evil and has done evil things across his globe for money and power saint no were your power is no where your strength is in the government dogs and children need be told no often cause it makes the about that if you just told your government on reasoning without even how telling yourself the bothered explain yourself you tell your government that simple folks if we all stop said no se a a no fbi the lokolol policy he ashe understood that and had your power would start listening to you more often but you haven't told him no you haven't showed them that they have to obey you the best way to tell them now in her opinion well i mean guys of you but with your one ah you actually write them letters go to the manco to the school board means and show up if you guys got twenty people to show up to a school board meeting on a change direction of that school more twenty people if you show up a new pack the room out because they're going to find out that you're telling a five in seven year old how to master mate publicly in front of their felons that right there folks if you're not in a school board meeting then obviously your silence is compliance you enjoy the fact that children are learning to masturbate and do an osekin elementary as a part of curriculum where these kids weren't thinking about that but now being forced to be educated in learned about it now i understand such realities been demonizing the wrong way if we should not do that but the introductions things should come through the family unit peaceful way they allows iste secure about their bodies and not be body shamed or emotionally she from the situate our children are being her ography in sexual habits and you're not the school board meetings then shame on you care of your grandma i don't care if you don't have kids and your eighteen years old show up and say not and my country will you try to seculis myth crow men split flat out this is growing children two to warp their perceptions and to ah to involve them in something that has nothing to do with decaen education should give them a return i you know in order to provide for themselves to understand how to take care of themselves to defend himself they took civics out of school they took shop class out of school there i thought the amount of life skills or can you balance a check he can you can you answer you find one do you know how to actually address do you know how to go balancethe do you know what cried as you know it exulted means you know and by the way we got even living under sole he's won they brought credit in twos this is nice we've been doing credit col social crit scores along time all your crescis the accuracy in which they can record all the finances in your life thrall your day to pass into one little thing and they know every time you swipe your critic card he purchased it oh no they don't you mean they don't know that is the the amount of surveillance here is really shot and you know you can look at things like nine eleven which was do you know my pin was definitely inside job her courtesy of the bushes and in the pretty much everybody else that that was set in the seeds of the time and they all covered it up and you know how how can you explain to there they had a seven hundred pages patriot acts sitting there ready to side with the three days when they were passionate right they stayed up waiting home and then they rode and twenty seven hundred page bill and three days were in after they spent ten minutes finding the pass for and the two guys that did you know there were flying the plains and told that estatethat track down and know who to know who ran the plains into the building with a ten minutes in a city that is completely trashed by paper work and commodus and all of the debris and such but man tendency found a couple of blocks away and they knew from randall's pan well then i give you capital criball i'm an i wasn't in engineer it wasn't engineerin a light i have got a pot private pilot's license back in the lythe and i have a business to greet now i'll give you cope the blow all this apart okay first all pennsylvania tired incinerated while going to the ground where a small found small fragments and passed in passports are fire proof on have plastic ones outside they're not made of paper absolutely indestructible to vices in the annals of history millions of years for now the only thing they're going to find for us foundry buildings and a tower about that that's that's cool there and remember exact same plain that flew into the pentagon incinerated itself as wel in a concrete structure that is eight layers again one of the most places on the earth here buildings on earth the pentagon incinerated plain to four feet off the ground and eye as a pilot i will tell you that guy needs in a ward that guy carboy flying that chet right into the ground but four feet of the red so well i guess is dead now right but also the scope on muster the buildings in nine eleven they were a interior concrete structure elevator stop that went from the bottom of the ground all the way down into the ground and all the way to the very top the better structure goes the bottom of the foundation are the very top of the building now that concrete structure has its own strength to start with right but then oh they took an ex skilled steel and then concrete struck and then put another building around it and then tied it back into it so now your multiplying these not only do i have the individuals to elevator shaft but now i got another steel building and a concrete building outside of that so in multiplying the i'm not doing the pancake structures like they do a lot of buildings nowadays were or floor floor that's how they're able to stack buildings up when they come down so now i have an exoskeleton concrete with a steel structure inside with an elevator shaft in the middle and everything ties in multiplies at but let me give you something here the big aluminum planes that flew into that what would happen if i poured a gallon of dazzling on a bonfire and through a machine goes up really fast right it doesn't sit there in smoulder like these do aviation fuel or jet fuel is a such a flash goes so and so in that it burns come once within microseconds in ours the empire state building was hit holingshed at the harboring a beef it besette which was a lot of steel and a lot of heavy metal directly into the empire state building and the office that it hid only unusable for one day you're telling me that an aluminum jack going six hundred miles an hour into a building and set of a building inside of a building collapse those buildings with jet fuel does it burn at the same intensity that it takes to melt see to collapse a concrete steel the does it work for me he had been lied to exponentially by the way that almost trillion dollars of gold that it sing over time and building seven building seven fell down hours after stowers went down it if i ask if it came down like this too a kind of came down in the middle and also between bebeepore i wish to night eleven in twenty sixteen and i was not any i was not a nineven deniers then i saw bloomberg is on the founders i saw chase is on founders he is on the founders and that the rockefellers are on the founder wall and then i went down stairs at windeth museum down there and i saw these steel beams steamengine remembered the skis i can get thempresse by habit i could see that the steel was cut on an angle the only reason you the steel would be cut on an angle of so that the side old in on itself as it goes and how magical was it some of the tallest buildings on earth topple because the weaknesses of one side or the other the fire because if if it really was about the weakness of the plain coming in this direction that means the building would fold over and fall in that direction it wouldn't collapse internally down in on itself were the math is wrong folks that's where we see the explosions going out were this yet the other thing i thought it was really you points are fantastic i love it oh then i thought was anstasious so i you you fly i've done a little flying and you cannot even touch a wing tip against another plain without the wings crumply and there's most to make us a youbelieve that this thin cut like a cartoon asked plain shape wingeance there on the side of the pen laitettiin which a road runner and a road burner and coyote cartoon shape that they cut it into this building it is not pose the neighors existed that merely the greatest salvation of all i actually went in and i learned this early early one before i became a sore doing the show and twenty eight ah i was doing i was looking at the things you know i got the video tape off the ah in the early nineties the vis tape for the guises twenty dollars to peel boxes of show you how we didn't go to the moon i was dirty doing that back in the early eighties so i was that isostemony order off and i got it and then i watched this on my coat i talk to to believe what i just but what the meanest show you somethin in nine eleven that building or both did would have tens of thousands of people working in those big and how is it just magically on nine eleven all those offices all those businesses told their folks could not come in that day and we only lost twenty five hours a twenty five hundred people in the people on the plan i think about that how is it we only lost one person tens of thousands of people all they got out of the building no you go back and people report over and over again i didn't show up to work that day oh i was told to come in later i was told that we were that we were having this and that they were all there didn't show up like the and so that tells me that there was something that while they were yet they were trying to get keep people out of the l this is something we don't talk about in real time something else happened there there should be tens of thousands of people in those seliger huge operation and tired at assassination if he asked me cause like the titanic coogan more on this as i don't have pleasant two years are several years paid the nine eleven you remember the blind sheik who drove the van him but his followers strove the bhand in down the bottom of one world trade center and an exploded but it only con like chipped the paint and it didn't really do anything to the building or hopethink the brights i said this is a theory of my own guys so don't mean you can hate me no care i just this is my thought i understand when they go into a building to do a demolition it takes sometimes set all the deck cord all the expos deck or cause a slices the i put him on an angle do little weak and point cuts here and there the blind she goes then suddenly there is a contract that was a minister to go in and re coat all the steel and the building with fire proof the jet of the notefied but a standard fire in the building up to like three or four thousand are held back becos insulation around the steel to the steel would not buckle the end so they spread almost three years the insulating all the steel in both of the building after the blind sheikh did an explosion in the best many put this all together for he what if the blinds again shining but it was a seismic test to find the weak points of the buildings so that years later three to four years later there able to go in and explode the building and have the deck courts in the right place that when people are climbing all over the building and doing all this access i'm here to insulate i'm not trying to include the building down in as the how that works ideathe blind sheep gave us so side of ate given the pattern to kill the bill i don't know someone's going to have to tell me where those tests came from and how that was going but what happened to all the insults as to protect the steel from flamel sergestion and in the bushes ape to be involved in some ownership and they got paid twice by insurance i designor that do in encinitas about that right now nor i nor that nor the weird little little book that he talked about and a in the schools and i pet go and all that sort of thing that outthere then the time is don't match there's things were it shows that he knew prior the cabin new prior jets were in the air before they were exposed to the west the loss i think you and i can go down a lot of these rather holes here and talk about all of them because these are all valid things that we need to talk about cause on something doesn't make sense in its not adeo there is problem there where they're smokers usually fire and i i think that i really think that all the stuff east be talked about whatever is immediately apparent in my experience is usually just something to distract and to to take our distraction way of what's actually happening right right in front of our eyes let me give you an example of our government re quick eyes so i was a department of ensconced like a set of couple must couple be i ran for states that's a twelve thousand at your job here in san why was it that after i was rated i came in my house twice to cat open collectible my bed i mean it was just a most unbelievable thing i was very humble at the probable cause statement which is what you required by state and federal law to receive within forty eight hours of rest this his nation is i say that they have variations of it but is actually in actual intaraccre that you spoke how they charge you why they charge your why they arrested you within forty hours when we talk about the cover up of nine eleven we talked about the cover up at bengazi we talked about the cover up of anthony waters lap top or hunter lamp laptop or the job idmon or you crane or moresmorosus why was i probable case as of my rest why was it sealed by a judge and then fully redacted the black line thing they do so every single line including the signature of the judge of my probable case table was blacked out and sealed it took me attorneys and a hundred thousand dollars that unsealed and unrelated that a state and federal law guise listened that's how hard there that's how hard they will work to make sure you don't have the evidence or the facts of the world around you and all that was was though jimmy price oh jim price they were willing to go that far he see the evidence how far is the military industrial complex willing to go how far the rothschilds of build obergs the establish the blood lines the grey cloak the white poke the black far will they go to cover up their sins in their trance i tell you all the time i have built the most elaborate election fraud system on earth joe biden don't pay attention you don't listen tell you what the doing he projected and because you say anything your silence they do ladetto me for twelve thousand dollar job because they didn't think they didn't want me around because they felt this guy would expose their their problems and i did say that on youth i did debate if i find a problem you will be the first to know about it if i find fraud if i find some one you'll be the first to know about it ham after be full heart the full full throttle guys imagine that for a state sent it job that the wound to dohe what would they do to cover up the what would they do to so of your what would they do to cover up how evil they really are that that's that's a there's no bounds to that my opinion so here's a question for with black night satellite umtongo down there there to day oh what where would you go to look for consumption of human meets the sad part of it is as that go to go to your stragula tions of what acceptable what hath different poles find out what there you're allowed to see within the usta regulation and find out that you there's certain levels of different things like in rice there's a certain level of bugs o milwee's well a compounds are acceptable so when you think about the for i not what's acceptable and then you will start to search you keep looking you'll find that that aimores due limits man list of safe and suitable agree and it while they they don't even have that right of sakewithout the limits for for bitacora leneway lower than where it should be right i so yea so the thing is you have to dig down answer what you'll have to find his act you at the meat the prothe post on their side the digged out of the meat processing portion of the d as allowable ah a bug consumption and things like that roterod in consumptions and other one a fungus a bacteria they have all these criterions of what the acceptable limits and like in the peanut industry ah there's a certain amount of road a road into sallowed certain amount of rodent that's allowed so to one hair that's allowed certain levels others percentages of these things that you're allowed to have in there in people lovely so i'm on to put your website up here again i'll just see us kit now you can go and find jem and thou the gem price showed not com as we sit right there and he i think definitely i've definitely enjoyed this interview because oh i go i go to her were most people don't dare go and try to look at look at or find the truth on nothingthese me say let me let me do this what say that only half of what i was saying about made or bugs or rode only half of what i said was right let me say twenty per cent of what i said as a per cent okis that still no yoke with me be if he venuscopper cent accurate that the exact coldthose kind thing it wasn't a hunted a part of this is if we have those opportunities have this comes transparency so great on their side that we can say without a fact without a doubt all disfacesse done the testing we have independent fact checking we know all the tins people their trying to help us not to agenda driven things though ah the point nor institute or to act blue of these other things by the way gus at you want find out what you are financing for the democrat astracanite comes from god to act you want to know where you're our teachers union money goes to go to act you want know where your policeman union worked in your works money goes to federal union workers a likely matter goes aclean he goes to a low the democrat national committees to act lo so guys when i say that the loudest things you may say well jimmy wasn't right he wasn't a hundred per cent i was twenty percent accurate as that ok that twenty per cent so that the sum saying that if he sent until we get the transparent to we know without a fact or without a doubt shattered ut that we do not have human meat in our stuff we have not been consuming baby pond ah what is that a cinemic it is used in a lot of different though products out there in sentiment they say that it comes it nests so again watch out for the products of they keep saying or vitamin fortified or flavorings and thing yea in the lab grown meat too that's that or anything you see on a hat then pushing a product of ready meals i watched an interview where a guy actually tried to pin somebody down within the company to say i can't eat lad grown meet i wont lagrone me and the dance that the employee did to get around answering the question was a pretty telling on what their actually doing but i'm goin to inbring us up in this is ordinanaces makes enemies here why is it jim's price so responsibility to kitchen bring the truth or that is up to each and every one of us every one should be out there doing their own research and it you know what i it'snotbroken otto jump price we bring things forward and you shall look into every single thing that we talk about and and find out for yourself and not believe things are in a hook line and sinker and no man no matter who says i i don't care i don't care who says that i you know the rightful president of the united states and he says something that's great now now go and do your own research so that you can talk intelligently about it instead of well you know well jim said this will do i said this lest but we should all be in that game to to get to the bottom of the truth and speak it speak it for ourselves not just to be a part to repeat what we hear james a good sort so i i believe this and a relection the essay i did i magically fact on accurate with you know what you did you went out and tested the research and worked on it yourself and let's say come back an say jim might there just you you're wrong boy we have been doing it accents you know what i was wrong i went down the wrong rather hole i went on the wrong way whatever it is thank you for bringing that to a case he i'm willing to say ye i didn't get it right i have my entire life to rewrite with all my mental history of ruld war one and two the civil war in all this other stop do you think that sometimes i'm not going to come up with an opinion of my own or something i thought was faced is not going to be i am i going to be perfect the time i will make mistakes i will sing things ironbut i know that i can come back and say corrected me on that i really did not see that and i will change my narrative and i have no problem with you that the site the sad part of his the other side you're so locked jaw down on all abortions in the economy in these green cities and the solasters no we have to be the most are say ye right and wrong we can change your mind and we can move and we can grow and the volt well the other side always says you got etalant you've got to listen you've got to you don't you have to do has set the other thing but honestly oh you know they are so stock within their gonds that there not listening to fact they're not listening to to anything that amounts to critical thinking that's where we can really we can rely excel as by listening to new information and you know dat in the dust if something comes through and we find out that it is not wrong you had the information that you had the time but there's always new stuff that's coming out that oh well i didn't know that they were moneywanted extols to this country of this country or i didn't know that this happen you know we didn't know that all these public officials were involved with and in that something we didn't know this the now if echange our opinions based on truth not based on what we want things to be so i think that's really super healthy i think it is a great time i usually and it with prayer and so that the little prey for the nation and for the fair leaders open dear homely father thank you so very very much for jim and for chock and for all the people who have the courage to set forward and bring information for her to help educate every one because we know that we're coming out of the education and doctrinarian camps and we don't want to be there just listening to things and in repeating that things we we want things to be truthful and accurate and were so thankful though he had his opportunity and the mechanisms now to find to find more information out on all these issues which we thought were one way which are alive and its being led out of captivity thank you for leading us out of the captivity of our minds our thoughts are patterns the systems that have been corrupted into a system is itself up squarely underneath you our heavenly father and your righteousnes you're just and the truth that will always satisfied thank you for president tremere ask you that you bless him the stay and every day and all those that stand around him we ask you blessed general roomjohn a flint and admiral rogers that you guide the each one of those in and their past and their fight that you would bless them and give them your favorite all the things that they do wiseless his native single person out there who shows up every day to work would take care of their family who is in bold and humanitarian efforts to take care of our communities and a truly serve your good purposes here on earth whatever in whatever direction that you leave them in solis to be open two year leading that we would listen to you that we would always put your your words firmly in front of us that we would go to your word that we would learn to hear what your telling us to do your voice which is scripture and we are so thankful for that thank you for being able to pray and for the beautiful day that's a hat of us you're a great friend to us and we want to be a great friend to you in the name of jesus christ our lord saviour we pray i go i'm delators a gas listen you know i guess said i i'm not i'm just a man and i didn't walk here on water i'm not not perfect by any means and in the sad part of this is if even if her half of what we said was accurate have been and here freedom those can't defend the i have to be the difference speakers on this so it the human men thingless waste that that's not the i jimmy what's full out on the table well what about nine eleven or about the civil war what about human rights what about what about the statistics that we actually see castrate more people than any other country by percentages that why are these things real well the sad part of it is as that we have people who have he even their heart and remember we talk at that it will othe heart of a man is exceedingly wicked who shall know it you mindful those things that we got to fix our ourselves and make sure we have our heart in right place and one let me endure it it futures reflection of your heart now makes for your heart's in the right place every single day being better than it was in he that is our walk with god not how we holding if i'm not right i understand that i am i am a man i am i am fallible but at the same time let's all go out there fine better informaton we can live in an honest world that we know that we don't have to worry about looking over our shoulder at the fellow man and where looketh i treat every one the way that we were ourselves want to be treated to an others as we would have in dounous and love the lord our god with all our hearts our minds and and every part of our being i've got to add that in there so this is where i go to this park tingtingting please go to brandenburg for governor not come i am the best that i consider who has ever not conceded a lection and president to thereand so ah we are going to stay in the spite there's no backing down there's no turning round there's no wavering there's no time limit on being a patriot and doing patriot stuff a more fortuntely doing our father's work here on earth which is the fendes without a voice bring truth forward and a i think this is going to be a pretty great place you know it's we just we just it does start with ourselves and do the right thing to day do do the right thing you know we have to we have to look at ourselves don't lie don't she don't steal don't don't do anything that you know was wrong and i don't need to hear anybody say i didn't know that was rank as you do ye he do there's a part of you in there that is that that you know not not pointing to anybody in we all know when we're doing something wrong ask god to tell you when you're doing something wrong he'll tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt ought not down to this as organon defect that's okay it's okay to his octocoris ok too become have hevedes knocked off in a knocked off the diamonds so that we shine and our great example and if you don't have a good example be one so that shot i was too heart hands of the one god bless you not bless all those whom you love and god bless america make a great day it's a choice metal tolness do the right thing stay on for distermination this general cantaknerous line have a great day everybody