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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/24/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published April 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten! Update with Donna Ivanovich on the Semi-annual meeting of the National Committee of the Constitution Party. The US Tax Payers Party is the Michigan Affiliate. Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news entwork i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fourth day of april twenty twenty three who did we have a good week and i i got to tell everybody what happened this week we've been national constitution party which the us taxpayers party is part of were the were the michigan affiliate of that and one of these days will get bontento to change our names that something that i work in honorato to the constitution partly because that is accurate state is impeding our process of doing that the they can they are choosing not to which is about typical of the michigan a government a goin to have a couple to guess on this morning my first guess is don ivanovitch and i'm so excited to introduce her to you and were going to talk about what happened this week yet were he got to hide you do i i ain't a worry you good morning good morning what a wonderful week i desertall you and every one of the national the national party was one of the run that as politically that i have been to in my entire life i was a hole blown away the caliber of speakers i never see such a roster of absolute credible see and what they talked on hope were fashionable they were and how well run the meeting it was it was on time and and i got a show erybody i know something that you that i know you did we have all these ones really like thunder pee yes sah i win at it was the silent action everybody's so when i hadn't it down the sign when auctions so when you see a little light said him too they light up wikhetamok let let me see if i can find his i turned the dim yesterday asked me in five if it is turned on and that was like i got see kiss coursecoarse and i'm curious you i don't think it's see it on there but the lights do in fact yet there youse his backers or a screen of her distincting hondrethe o lake you so you know it's like i got a talaini been saying this for a while you know i was i was a s of the ballot and the publican party did what they normally do which is nothing they did not stand for any of us because they wanted they wanted me to be gone because i'll tell the truth no matter one and how he can't have that with the communists uni party going on here i'm going to tell you and for everybody listen out there if you really want a home with some with patriots who are not politics true states southpart the only action he at that the people there are not so much into the party in a hold the constitution and your rights your individual rights with this is all about that this is a you know i think that the cannot be overstated that we cannot we cannot continue to go on the way that were going on we got to go back sure consent way back to the in an everybody that was there is absolutely his level to level smart about the constitution the lawful process upholding right getting government out of our lives and it was amazing yet then that's right show your knowledging that that's that so true yet where can you know where it were real hard core when it comes to that i and not only that acknowledging the fact that it is one nation under god that this is this nation was was built with godly principles and injustices and sad before you know if we were all moral and an actor integrity we would need a government the government is there take us people who do wrong but you know i think if it each one of us get into a little bit of introspection on our own lives oh i think that's going to help and something that i thought was wonderful was when they set it's our fall because we have not held them accountable for what then this why we so i mean starts with us we have the we have to get involved we have to participate that for sure to hold you like to help recapitulate put the video on o for one for ten ospakar witwould julie to talk about right now oh that's why i know we could talk about some of these speakers you know you have you have a great run down on your telegram so we could go through that if you like yet we can do that here i let you know what life going on let's go to this video amantecas i've got that cut off this here his that'sthat's the man of the hour youngeronly gosh he's a nice man in his son he and he was so extraordinarily generous with his time and not one of a a great presentation he which time afterwards with dozens and dozens of our attendes answering their one truly truly gracious and his anyone man and in when it sees spent the majority of the time not talking about the marine alonewas lie that we've been sold you know because he was the one that was the pioneer in that technology he really spent a lot of time talking about fitzgerald warfare and i was absolutely captivated by the present it was is extraordinarily plato cement here and will coplestone though really well people could hear him but this is on the face but page for the constitution the national constitution party and amanecer every one to jump on there and listen to the videos i will be posting them also on on my telegram channels everybody out there now where i am it's at brandon bird the number for a but i would also encourage you to get to get connected up here and pass a information on this is how we adigenis get the job strange rise or his horse on conserved secession strong and from there he does is that the the discussion do scot better in batter as the night went on and he he stayed very very late i think it was like he stated i know we are sanderson a group talking and he probably stayed until we just with like four or five of us and now we have been his tone thirty and signing autographs and taking pictures and now walking to people he was so generous with his i i came back in one of my things that i tell my kids when i come home as i like i can't believe it i got to meet one of the all time greats you know of this onstrating that we have going on where people are are in no were taken the nation they and i felt so honored you know as i go if you are all all it was like having a rock star there i have indotatas amazing and then and i thought all the the next day is going to be is going to be just you know it's going to be flight that's relay what i thought that i can't we sowineers amazing and to morrow all will go to that i have no idea how this is got and then the next day completely and utterly locmine thingit was amazing the caliber of speke yes and out let me let me see if i can grab my telegram channel here in the people who ah who was who was there a little betty it was it was absolutely an it was absolutely i don't know how you got almost speakers the ominously i was a god saying believe me dot of becausein all no interstate mushroom and you know once doctor malone you know answered my email and said yes i will come i just was like oh my god what do we do to hoganites this is the word word we're not canes any more dorotheathe si knows no that's kind of what it was so so let me see if i can songerons this picture right here and this is kind of can standing around hanging out see i am i'm not only by the the interviewer home but i'm also stand no no my tesanonron this picture yes isn't that sweet yes he gets his wife yes david gill but russ hatches chairman of and i the soane and the ollible guess in front the state chairman of missouri but i don't know who the gentleman is in the back that we in the that's the some of that came from michigan with us so it is okay he in dread he that jill the his wife jill is genuine and i'm going to tell you it's like when we got a chance to sit around and talk about you know we talked a little about the ghost story and that sort of thing and that she is absolutely a gem i just love her and now you can see you can see it on the other thing that i saw there in the week is very strong marriages yes or committed to family but in he i thought i thought that that was kind of nice picture let me see i try not to scholarand to oh oh you know what i i desponded no skill in cananore going to be dangerous now but in coodn't you redenesse ah i like this guy isn't thenedor eric no pooty who is he was an immense state representative holly jones in crafting the bill sponsored in our missouri legislate i calls for labeling of our food containing marine technology yet was it was a truly oneness near and then oh yeh well that's one of our yukon dearest founding members darrel derek has he at you know what i was so impressed with him and how much he knows about about the theatre of the theatre of war with their ukraine and and i was glad he came right out inside it because we are in a war yet anolrhain the thing of it is as that only congress can truly home declare war on an international scale if you can or you cannot on american soil the hiccan you with you know i've governor governor can do that americans and it's so refreshing for all of us adults to go through like another world history lesson and harold and darrel provided that i listened to his pod keston the way home yesterday and talking about you crete and he makes some very good points about the constitution and the the the reason why that the weaker that the weaker that leaked dockments wife really why the united states as well as russia will say that this is an information because the minute the either one of them admit to the being legitimate then we have it we have war that we haven't declared war which changes the whole ball game and probably would devolve into nuclear or an go and so he is he goes down things that hockins we have was disappearing in these is mazin these ran down didatic jogelers than on the area too oh yeah oh yeah he there's michel hotel i was here and in a is locked her shoes she has i go i will ohitepoto got a picture of him they were anwahaniad i got in line and it ordered them i said erikoinen them and so i literally i literally got on mine that night ordered i ordered the shoes she was wearing sheerwit and blew like a flag sequence shoes on heating or rail shortly oh no but what she really did she she ran down the didn't amazing men or a rat run down on the world that canonic form and also the miss the on the effort this going on in the missisipi is called the marciti and called the views that to take over different areas a manipulate to run the works she lives is just really small towne america that's the home town of rush limbaugh and now you've got them creeping into that little city as compared to new york city and land hoedoper everybody the dish that's a change me a rope and he made the movie two thousand a nitrous nitrogen two thousand and also wears my peerage incredibly tale the man he and his at big pitcher doubt watch i will be posting his videos and up testing or yesterday for all wonderful this is another now that i was so impressive and errand yes i have horrible begetting and bringing a bringing that training for hand counting the stale absolutely cause she could trade all over the country she works with mice and dell the night kill o guy and as she is successful in missouri having gotten rid of the machines and osage in an incredibly nosedive heard a lot of crackpot affords out there i'm not a fan of petition amid this point do in the petitions from the legislature casseroles ening there might reporther want do crackowes she goes on at seeadler's and corny clerks right it's intelligent he and so on all pulled out this sky is so impressive till her speak at heard him speak multiple i am connote you what if so intelligent and understands procedure so will the hill stopped the meeting if he sat seize like like the on the resolution we were doing and he's like i don't like this in this is why and he she give me a minute and i will read write at any did any did a beautiful job devisit he talks about families and how they encroached in our families and using the constitution in order to bring the in using the constitution to in fact in orticoni te in an amazing man every one so tuned a yong he's he's amazin the and there's there's david gilly i this guy blow me away and i like in what an amazing individual guy hears the constitution memorized including other documents yeteshi he's a military intelligence of that worstation as his resume is like for her to resonating inalangan but i spent a lot of time talking with him about the militias he was talking about i points collier from turning point ou sa once get torn away by the cirrhipedes i know him i know he he goes around the country with turning point you say and with reclaiming america is a thousands of college students and young people and he's offered to partner with ah and what he'll do on his daily pocasse to promote stothart platform and are values and drive those young people state parties to help them grow their part and oh i am i just amazing i told lyin amazing individual and you don't just so gracious i mean every one was sent on a gas is young and handsome and his just has it together ah there's my guy de climbedat onal carmen what a class act he did on we were topstander on talking and he actually did a recite of longfellow's home the midnight ride of paul revere and he's got is so much self memorized helen really talks about we really had got into talking about how important it is for people to be at tocat which were not because the school systems of failed us and how other perhaps i may not long on the other oh i tell you she's a she's amazing she is a beast when it comes to fighting for the kids of the border and in hers her personal story being raked and judgingto carry that child in what a blessing her child is every day i made what a testimony to the two life and to protecting life and i worked in a circumstances in how how so much beauty with her dog i could could come out of that inittens takes people to the border to help rescue these little girls age eleven to fit who are raked and impregnated and then the cartels bring them to where they have abortions staff hesperetin a performin abortion and incendebat of the street to be a post it has a terrible life and she helps the and the otomi also had and roll nice technical presentation of drones at the warders on dies so this is sure leave here and she's home school monton and had him caraprese and doubt presentation would numbers tied and i am her presentation was very very in doubt in could have been two hours in which just wasn't enough i never there wasn't nothing and i can let it i got stuck cimentate too and i love the sketch because of his he scottenses rossetti have to look at it here i met but the way to ride the tax structure because we all know that it's a legal how the tax enough it is in yes and there's macaroni don't have my lips said gone down a main with her furthat was that was it was just a man as receipts taxes what called had soandso anyhow there's that there's the car connover boden a lock on that one and go there in check that out but it was it was really really amazing that i toscato tell everybody in fold well done well done every single person there is a statesman and not up a not a political oh hathor what we what we normally see in and political party it is absolutely one of one of the nicest genuine group of people i have ever ever been an and the meeting to your credit never be else's credit work it was just phenomena i thank you so much i'm yet we're very proud of how it came out anything else that you want you want to i tell everybody i'm going to bring chuck on her menwere going to get you chuck a cold and he can chime into this little bit here tooitonga morning i'm going to have you chimnie got down as soon here and i thought i'd bring chalk on so that you know you can you could hear it were talking this hole in this hole ocasion part of the national one was so well run and donasiano to her credit i mean she was working like a like a man woman out there and i mean it was it was incredible it was a great experience i very much looked for to the next oh good i'm glad you being at london georgia in october and hopefully i a good one just like this one it will say how men there in ganoidei to be there for that and i wouldn't miss it for the world ye goo good so often so we're going to keep working together with the national party in the state part of his ardent i'moh first vice thereof the steers party michigan as well as the chairman of the communications of the membership committee so work were builded they are retained such a such a pleasure such an honour to meet you personally donna thank you for all that you do i'm just excited and that we can work together and now better in our community i think i think it's great and you know god bless you and every one out there and just to everyone out there please pass all the stuff on and is here so many people that are lost we need to get pulling together and wait to do this sister he is through the essexes arting michigan which his constitution party national constitutes the state saves the nation you know under god is god who saves that but he gives us to to use and the tool for us to use as and i'm just very proud to honor to now the cavalier wonderful day thanks for being on i think we're going to do this on a regular base she oh i i really think it's cool all the stuff that's going on and the constitution party and people have who be of no idea because it's just like on any one who is doing anything for real gets so pressed and censorates we're going to do is an alternative way good all right hanging there think you think you have a great day i will you two got blessing god blessed be okay guys here here we are as the chokitapia this morning or charles separatefor with the lobbies ibounde felefold with the candidate to another county coherenthe photo by sister law of her idea brother last week hawaii can tell you i'm so sorry that you lost i'm so sorry that you lost your brother this those chuck lost is brother on to and then what a i ii know what was his time to go in your piece with it but it's still very dificult caiwas a goneoctober one walk histopathological her home in christian concerned the artist and one she thinks wakandanot his wit polishing her brother home and delivered him in in his kind of a instititia corio look back at what i wrote you realize what the holy bird does in your life and how it touchstones specific moment but not you the then was i thought i was there for my brother it was a better i iv askesis my brother hanging on and all this time is not doing well the purpose it was at me for them it was him for me and and others he was there because god put in there not in pain he was in pain as the mashing he was there for me for i rebels and then people called me in that you do i read that night though to me because they had the similar situation with her the wither love wood in the same way so there is a part monstering we do cried like ecclesiastes seatime and the season for everything under god and that exactly in and i had somebody walk in formations to get hold so away sir yes so you was pennyweight sporting in the life isolated while it's in or condolence is to you and your family and and you know and well wishes for your brother he had graduation day and that's what we all you know that's we we all aspire to antilles hard for body left behind i get the so you want we talking about to day chock at simon beat out on people because he's just start radio you cared about to i don't sure poteen was that you just had your casting he has promoted and you are conservative and yet promoting national power it makes sense you are he be on you can't get constitutions on the conservative and in repelling your tacciato can't be those things and our portion a national pocker corianderseed well she there is a ghost democracy when democracy is mob rule already an you done all run that that's what i you know and that's what that's honestly what killed jesus it was my rule and replied the you know existthe did not you know they don't want to the the rooms in whitley they knew it was an unjust it was unjust a ruling and to the point that caesar who washed his he he consonancias it and i pontooniers possbile washed his hand and so and oh you know that he didn't want to think to do with it it was more rule that killed at what this is going to it and these ties think that their twogood panther done i was going on in the world and the idolator or for bringing all those people in where do they come too to the cities where do they go in their cities they go the blow their toll to like mediates like ropes and wonder they do they go for these democratic prog he sat arkillidas all the the pictures will rule this country ah our rights will be gone yah in when we won't we won't have any rights any more it's unfortunate you know it's really unfortunate but yet that the national that national popular party or populous part of vote is stupid honestly and destabilizing as it would be you know it is ah getting having a convention of states and giving in there and messenians tution again because we don't have integrator governed all the do as you as that to tear it down exactly corrected as for we get to go right into an they want to go to conventionthe states and outsounded a rifle fire for those who don't do the constitution and what it means this that can open up i because stution well that's what they want their wonted the constitution so they can change it cut through constitutions and told already roll to weknows howdy more of sense last checkwith that wise had such a big deal poliseiliche and look at what just happened with it the redistricting committee always good get better as can be the best thing inlicere this a biggest mess and disaster in the state of misconceptions in older independence their nondependence they were democrats loco the destroyed and the process the convention is cases is no different these say they can control it once you let the horse selon the born do you know horsebean me you let a mourguevan however if it's it's not is never going to happen i got to show you a position up here this morning and i hang out a minute looseneth oh because any anything this work were massed the states of natchitoches and disgraceful ah let's see garden gardener knows and i'm going to read what i wrote for the woman put the soup in a minute by a red by roman telegram this morning about how corrupt this this nation is christina crown well the people that the person that we the people in a ideopsis to represent republican party has been under tack from day one which tells me houses a threat to the globes such as the establishment grand new party globulis minions on a globales ah and is its truth was happening a christina crom was fighting an honest fight against the salishan and every one or supports that stand with her or stand disgraced before all mighty god because that i will stand with her because she's a sister in christ first the formal wiser it is money horse torpedo grooshe his way too much of a class act honest not as cicer deserving his see treatment then hand it by the fireplace unpart he pulled the finding the throat from political party calls were clearly kilacale up by washington washington wore a about them they will be the complete complicity in the death of this nation unless people get back on and refused to swear allegiance to these parties and criminals you got to dare to be are mission of republican party operates to political committee and the sashes came from in the article that all pull up in a minute here am i so that we can we can talk about this because this is this bad guise a mission republican party operates a political a party committee which can take in contributions and make stonishes to influence elections at the local state national level the committee must be registered in the federal election commission and its required as submit regular reports to the federal government which detail exactly how it spending his case ports piled the march seventeen and hated party had one point nine four million dollars in cash at the end of january three days later i hope i wislicenus three days later however the money was gone subsequent report subsequent report on march twenty shot only about two thousand one hundred dollars of that cash remained with no record of how the rest stolen it was suspend but it was sold what was he anded over christina by the establishment in her attempt of marin the eidophone the ground as they left the grand inparty and wrong misers behavior is what say you relieve him there's no doubt about a bit it was in christianitate all she wasn't office i'll potesseno trol o noon for oranthe that in giverthe even into the date to later the report would have been filled by whom whitelock at that wherewithe treasure is the treasure is sin that repels a treasurer a is accountable the treasure is the one that the wingo after an put the e got why because you'll finger the rest because his name is on it and so that's going to be interesting is what goes i don't misonderstandin ran wiser i decantation this states we have never had the device of his do we teach to day we've never had the discontent fighting amongst the vicounty parties and district parties every aspect we look at whose back to these two individuals because they control and do not forget wister groecas he was the finesse he does alike to wineentre to make these are his command bettie i want to tell you that we're going to bring up and down for the evil that he shows he's going after three ladies on the side escape and we won't go out for him the dessave way because evil will be put down and i think you're on the right track here christina did do it at one point that i for gain they got so accountability here and they've got it what ought to happen is enterprise in the artois is that he put him under the heat they filled her therefore he i much more quick impression onall of his popecranmer and mischant it only gone now as they had a bog the cranworths into that litigate and so i just put the i put the article up here or so that our reconsecrates from gardner news room and so we're going to go down and there there it is about you know what what actually happened he and here here the sight there's another posidonian gettin barberton says hi am my dope in county clerk and campaign finance professor bar ah berbinoro thegither i noticed on these strange about your most rosencamp in fine silences that you may need take look it looks like you have some financial problems will of course they do because they they they tore pete they try to torpedo christion the way out which tells me everything i need to know that the fact that she is genetey fighting the establishment and you know anybody that anybody that stands for anything they are going to try to take and it's going to be up to me the people in order to hold the countable and i do believe that you do a close right into the next phase the extinguiendole about is the cogitators talk about that the stock but what we were doing where conciseness is diverted into that here i think that's a great idea i just i just got a nice pass greeting to it when we talked about christina because the bond after her habit after her to be poor he selected after he with he was elected in now afterwards and how the after on the pinacate which she had noted and now they were last week there were were up in clare and trying to kill were there how for behind the a week before they didn't like it they anchored by when i put it out there i got a confirmed by lobbies friends in lancinated their sources that they see your dead on i said i do it was because i got a corruptors they were after heard they were doin cool ones people liked of the greipar were doing the evanescent and told the atizoe it had evil on the evil went to the long person and thus when alerted me is that i berlin to this sure enough that's what was going on so there are day to work on a stage and coinage these were these delegates in the many of of are not hadpeople to delegate ditches there being misled opie piper humeer this story of the piper handle and where the children are let out the village in germany be by this pipe piper well that's what we got good people like yon reship in you we know his past omental lot about people like andy she wold that constitution beget thus i know it or or nikyas toas one of the ones of in the second district calling for a national popular on these of the very people it does great people are working with miss good you don't talk on well they're not for christina not for christina so what is it how do we barethese we have got it do our work oaks illigibly and i think you hinted on the head o gin when you talked or christianity renew our fategod we need to go back to those basic principles we can oughtened to it and be burned to does it englishindeed actually means which stand up for porites well and in the question you don't it when it when you're out there in the political arena liars cheats of thieves you know most of oh and i you see you see the posturing and the the deals are doing the back room deals he the passing round money the it's all the charade it's an illusion it's unbelievable and the but the really sad thing as people will stand up and say you know what are you going to do for me why aren't you not doing this in a really cup you over failure when when it should be the other the should be the other way round i mean i mean how present on sent the best you know asked not what you know the government can do for you but are you countrybefore you but what can you do for you and cold and in the the question really needs to be approached introspectively and that is due why have we not held them accountable what we need to do to hold them accountable in to tell you right now petitions aren't the way to do it when we were out there getting signatures every corner that you stirred on like an end say the city the there would be as position gatherers which we have found out are really a pad idea and the but they were they were paddled to people such as myself with em as this is the way to go and he and such they would stand out there with well i as for ballet unite and you would look at the cango nobody wanted even talk to any one and to get to get is almost impossible to two you don't get signaters oh you know for if for any effort he they did the same thing that they did without a most came from the republican party they were doing the same thing with these petitions that they were doing were the candidates that they shall lick it they saw lace and they placed those candid and i will go on record to sand i believe it is my opinion that i was the only one that may be there was one more but that i was the only actual candidate that ran and wasn't at and that's that's why they they need it now don't say brandebergs last name that's that's naughty he is not part of us and in tetsworth work it seediness another premising it olistherops i don't give them food in right so you don't venture it so what do we soon things there the one is to get one you get any in you any view and they can't want you i'll there right so i may is she my name at de studyyou they were used in a kind of a obeshay which his had a shutting her diagonally there were and then but what was really funny as to her dickson the globes she's absolutely i globes and you know one of the presentations we saw this week end was pretty amazing they are it was anna on education a tin it back to one of the alle gard families and betsy domos to you if you look at it i got i got some questions there because she's part of that the lomentaceae technology loman loman at larne and then what what of that rolled down to thunder dickson she had illuminating down there and i like line you got to be kidding me all these people are connected and that they hold lomilomi connected to build gates that's a gate foundations that so the devos's are dominantly connected to build gates there's no there's no denyin so christina to this dead up to then come back to the then all intertwined in greasing her outand the ordepents with your talk about petitions and rallies in all this streptotrichosis them of christina now she was under attacked some evenalas week on that friday that where they were attempting to one take her down and pentegot bigot toward it in an seltenecks they got mixed follows they was all the consolation know what his thought to about ohbutdid because you're locke get me and a try get apeyou produit permitted gateside and a print occurred there i think it's really a poet there are show you the relevance of the good on that friday night you had and then happen after god before dainties before the of the open no ladies were arguing in a bar there were arguing over a delegate were thrown off and i don't you know this the delegates were to deluges were thrown off the arcuated of executed twenty calves yea i actually i actually check out was there that night ere i discide to stop in the hide my body christina and though you know just to say i everybody and waterfloods on everybody's way sortsreasoned wont to bring labor pain i done to one lady windsor on whose sonontowane what his guide doing is here casteno acometieron was sent i wasn't outside to see the fight i had you know i i i don't know i said i do hide to people and i kind of moorunde i know a lot of people there just and then now then i turned in for the night she missed the fight that was out there and i left fishing but that was that was about it and the lateritio who withsaid on roch's last you iacke from ocello she kicked i called all the fusing can by her the itavttereth i don't know i the astrardente gideon is do we not to hold off out of he pisani don't know what else recurred but did that dedolent see polishes very cushionwise that andesnot a tagetive way she was he should by my authority or some pus mocking her right yetanother came to be bittersounding thing her i think he will because kellythe what do people do we one of those most black white the two people were black ole she seeing the can cower on tells you county hope and who is representing the calls to a wereremain that when those that was the lady that was removed from the nose jules were its doblingtonthe i end was not by doroteo le thtre no i was killing him with her that nice to enrose lashes the chair of the alazoneias gonong with her i am now you said some close connections with withdrawnsitting with her i don't know all for chickers i will be honest with you on that but i do know this that the delegates on up you can throw off the executive is but you cannot throw out as a diligent and she put out a letter telling it in devisser in fact ichis me in this as my party of even of so i would ask for the resignation and would ought to be done because these be refunded air what i show as is the delegates don't matter and on compretace around in the did it to christina old display was the christines supporter he drew he has re black too a coorpee stood up for her then of these two women or to a people and guess what tell through them off to do i don't know they got in your location under till well acted at city but they had thrown up that with caused this pipe tasks what caused his coon talk nor one it is when we get into the grande party what this really means great out now that what fitter around her again christine was that the beast with not the case he were to going christian ye cascating these people and who are we fighting is like rocco in old in her or biliosity with god we know that now we go that second district is as well and that's the problem for eleven and that night a depicture doesn't say everything knowing is not when you have to people that are opposed to on the second the he come when you have to those people that are polesthe chair there something wrong in the optics when they got hair appeared in the picture where the fold the problem that since the pedants and i could i see it made people don't care that's their prerogative when i see it i get in period by eliaphet with for that second district i know she's close to hide i know that going time but compare with rotten make three of them there and i think it no way a way a do this to we got escortleaving of or i leave it at that that's what happened at the cole in you and had on it i have enrigues i was there and i guess the main thing is is that it's a this is not the way that our governor and meant and government should ever be handed never ever ever when you do you have to this the delegates should be responding to the cost not controlled and a top down organization and that is exactly what the republican party has been set up to i i believe that christina is a wonderful person and that no anybody this fighting for this nation you know i'm on the team really it's like we have to dare to be americans and not by into these divisions because we are going to have to stand together we absolutely are and an it's a large problem but we have to follow a lawful procedure first and forms and then after that when it devolves into a crazy and i mean how many times see craziness this yelling his this nonsense where we can't talk through our problems there is a dysfunctional american family right there and in such the contract the conduct of every one to change or we are going to go down with a because you can't solve problems that which if everybody's yelling and screaming and i mean i was really shot going to different meetings is the lack of professionals the lack of real answers on how to honestly solve problems and listened to what every one has to say whether we agree or not we had we have to perseforest to be listeners to their opinions and then as were listening we have to be thinking of ockwells a really good point i'm going to and if it sometimes you have you don't agree with her you can just say okay going to processes because maybe i'm not understanding exactly even the words of their saying they met they may be not able to articulate what the real problem is in sometimes it takes a little research on our part to say well i ponder then a little bit and research it then we'll get the true meat of what their talk came about and able to a common solution for every one instead of i've got to be right i am a republican i've got to be right on a democrat i've got to be read i am you know i know everything there is snow will noodels would have everything everything we are muddling through on on chatterton right now in the fact that this nation is at war we are definitely at war and we declared they we didn't officially declare it that's why they want admit to the weeks and in whose faultless leaks were or that there was any validity to those late in ukraine because they don't in russia says it was valid if the united states is says yes its valid then we have a truly declared war but they don't want to do that because that's going to devolve it a bad things real and so we we we are going to have to change our posts and this nonsense of acting like a bunch of people who are in high school high school group cat fighting over some his there increased a week can go too we can go to a not not the ther opinions were wrong to stand up for but but the process that's why i consist then you would never but you would never see it this type of behavior because if somebody had kicked somebody out of a party an awfully you would have the entire party got as who hold one you can't do is why so what are you going to do to remediate this or you will be in immediately distance from the party distant from governed we don't do and demonstrate and the i jesperson that totisesti wasn't there for cat by one i made myself torobelle for cat by two three four five meshepeshe so that to incite i i don't think i don't think a smart person would take melissa on greenow n i don't smart person would not take her on i do something as stupid his hiding her phone out of her hand i mean that that was the such portions tell you why i told your person and i got to tell you you don't what she was botanischer no matter now if some one has thrown or not it do i never got to that level she does said how can its good never got that ole but she was of that because the delegates were entreated only inches assoluti rights cristofano rounded his opening their honour and that is what we're about as americans we depend honours and i i got to give her acles not certainly i don't know all that all the and i don't want to pile on telling neither i don't tell reads well but i don't know all this mesitic all leave it that but i do know this i know other people are trying to control the in the fact that he proves it all any time eased i'm sorry it is credibility of my book is already helped the window i you you first i use the word all se chokily know not limited lilicronen liars losers and is because that's what i see we see an then gradually and they are all i well i got into his look at the financial the financial and proprieties that happen in a fall of the money and you're going to have every you're going to have every answer you're needed on who's because this is an industry politics in the state of michigan is an end and this state is a mine laundrying organization the way that this is right there is there's no defence of individuals rights there iris that they have spent on our constitute and i posted the constitution an audio form of it the sweet in that also put hillsdale o a constutional down there and interageted to know when you go through the declaration of independence and you read the grievances and realized all my gosh we are here right now this is what and they only left you owe the they had a problem with the two per cent tax in were taxed to the plus every single person out there whether you want to know it or not this doesn't even include inflation is the intact above sixe look at the what's going on and you in gilocourt i do wi one o course people capitano can i onwithout semenat means or watching as second as were talking please continue and i ll not go get that a minute the reason i mentioned that is because her self to in it when is this progressive vision star were in this sort and degree an excellent point out in contributions drinked it out very clearly the talks about the declaration of independent in the past one to get rid of the process and the cock in the declaration independence to enable teaches committeewas for they have a petioleate he gives to the real reason the kilbrights are about enright of the those ten person mended where got tyranny protecting wall with a really protect individual rights not the collective it but the individual rights the sober right these rites are so imposed this is what progressive is of his tone tried to sheitan the moving that way the endrisalite thirteen or people like woodrowell seated theodoros iceland the guiding john could not or not so rose was a president of love of form tonocotes on happensthese kispott over season learn through the germans and protegerlos here in tideless gressus is loike european we don't want to be your we want wernerians we believe in ebony politics we believe in the individual rights we believe collectively the porpus it of life liberty and happy in life liberty and property and renounces like theirs there so much that it as americans that you don't now we going to agree with any one one hundred per cent of the time it is illogical and its unrealised we we we have to find the commonality and that's where you stand together as one family defending each other against some one who was trying to violate the right and one ostreosior you don't do for god and gard there moving that way quickly rapidly to it teviston of the united states in the individuals and almost his as individual not countries per se but individual province has because where were not were destroyed yes what we've we completely we've completely a lost say and this is like a word that people don't understand the confederation which is you know the fact that the states right the pedroites that they they then they made a back words we should not have any federal tax that we paid it should go to the state and in the state pay like an a portion met for federal service it is grand colleco rect on the shadow of a doubt panadera government the state body exactly the dean in cut that the federal government needs to him about ninety per cent of inter ninety five per cent of the cut back and the states government needs to have about ninety per cent of it cut back i mean there's the multi layer there of things that are or absolutely and accurately not allowable by the constitution but of course he took it on to school so nobody knows what it says and in that way they can they can do what they want because people just go well i guess they've got all the power we literally turned them into a what we laughed with the monarchy we've we've we've turned this into an oligarchy running this nation which we are subject and even that the biggest wild thing that were brought up this morning as the priests and gobbled the things on the precint glove how the present yahiti think we should as essenes how can this be a representative form of government they're not representing a constituents i have to be the basis what really really in its trickle of effect now to trickle down a fact the will of the people starts here the representative listen in the stage with the people want not even necessarily what they want but they have to listen to the people and in instead of owning in these call to personalities it we have to have people who have integrity represent their areas not represents one i don't know many ill nonsense that this being pushed on all of us i don't know if he saw this i saw bidio this morning and it was transgender has none binary person who doesn't even know mary to in living in environment married to one person whose in the environment but having a relationship with the other one has no idea what pronounces to us on so you could spend your entire life trying to figure out what what pronouns and the can change they'll change every day in order for them to say what you use her on one to them going to sea and you're like what change for ten minutes ago you you could never it's jist a harassment let lemme play this constitution or a video disse little bed to acquaint people with his this is important to know this is your defence people take your right one the theory of declaration in an because chochocoles onles greatest and longest living is that her actors have been held here fred livewell and do our work set on every now we're going to help you learn something about it king in this members of our poem and among them all they may have meaning of constitute of the churches that have gone a rounded and so i hope you enjoy it rain and continued learning rome elvenich other shall and the note to tails the tails how exactly this why they different understand prevails here about those so that inhalation some come and behold a general point norine my first question how is theasamenos and just at the answered that is so very in and the difference this argument that the poles power freshwomen be a radical and the constitution was meted conserved the most people are used the freshness coteries of all past nonsense round here and even on its face stones at the time exact time that her person seven of their cost never mind they were all kinds of state the some of them said also said the decree and they're all like the cots the structure which in too so he taronitis he is every boat if you raise the decrepit veniceyou will find that it and in the first part of its states some universal prince and second part in seventeen paragraphs about bad stuff to kindle which beds throwing off the old gent in the things are remarkably like cassation and states what did the king do wrong i feared the which is a violation of the first step in all government the making of laws but also a violation of separation of one how the coniston separation of powers i at hours in other words representation and an that's where i stop that right there because this exactly what we've been talking about is the is the the lack of being represented pres really what's going on here i think the classes excellent i've taken on one the squassation and a monecian the i find it nothing more than learning you back in you can send to class and think you that the learned but i got to day doctor here and in all the others have done a tremendous job for all this when they put that out they've got at touchet bringing different perspects when we look at this constitution we look at the declaration of the constable capillaries we understand to right and why was important we tied back to the decoration of independence and then bring it forth with the constitution doctor or is very clear on that there nonsupport docendi they are astropatene about the dead the whole but they talked about the individual and you must maintain individual to have the whole as he parted the progressive consino you considered they consider the whole as the only thing but the individual parts as to your not aministren ginestreto you will not have the gold as you always promised to weak is lake so you stop facesthat weak isle jessie you were talking about the delegate okay work on concolinel person in the rights macassar the rights are not subjugated in any way yea and in it in its tremendous to read i think that the nice thing like john and i go through the son thus days we have been on to the different laws not only sell for up presented and in a court are defending yourself using a low but we also go through the consent to go through the a constitute or arconti with some who studies how it's been applied to real life is rearing really intend and i did that i done that before were willingthough the amendments and the articles with some one who who has egregious violations against it and why this is so important what happens if those if those amendments are articles go away what what happens what is it really meet sixteenth amendment the ex i'm in where we got in the weeds with that you know i mean there's there's all sorts of things that that in they'll take the language like like attorneys do and though though in wild because it's not about just to any more it's about who can out manoeuvre the other in a legal manner or longer it's not its notes it soundabout justice in truth you don't know it wanted i do not want troops for instance of your the the juridical than pomecitron they do not hold and we know what really was going on in for going to make it the cions to we know all as i mean i do i do we shore we should have we should absolutely i don't know i think i think that we should assisting differently the whole thing as i'll get genino my radical views here how things really need to be changed around i i'm not i'm i'm not sure the government needs to be involved in an ninety per cent of our lives and the way that the court system works right now pretty much every one of the judges out there who are contributing to their pension fund by every time they make a judgement they get up at what is aperiente of that goes to their pension for for that for them there literally giving themselves money by the judge he severy everything about it surrounds how they get a bigger cut of what we work and they don't really care about which side which side these the judgment comes down all they see as money in front of a and all the sores tunes that are out there they all they care about this same land you and i taking whatever it is that we worked for they don't care it's sociopathic and disabling us so that so financial in economically were so weakened that we can't fight back did you know that at the board or right now i listen presentations ninety per cent of the people come to cross the border or chine i don't know what persist i heard the nineties heard ninety per cent from from how their hoves yester and she's been on a work it's like ninety per cent a day for yesterday at our chinese fighting age males two per cent are the rescue them are mainly hasten and from middle and their fighting age males who are a lot of em of lateness is about trafficking kids across i am worried about a popular people come in through legal sorting to get them holdings should not when they come in and the one in the legally they should not fail to go right away they should thursedaie frame conolies should not be loved the pope prit ooman at all ringan all because we because i can coming in there say the law does the matter had long a dozen matter and then be give them the right of both what is this same os who are taxes and try to look her life the best we can under god and could be sassy to powder because the brother but it does it exactly there saying that our lives and what we worked for dozen matter don't we came here i know or our parents and are our grandparents came from other countries in the lot oboes and i i have no problem with with a lawful immigration it's part of its cord of our nation but when you just say we're going to flood this nation with fighting ages males down at the border i mean this is what they didn't world were to to france a week in the now to weaken the comforts of the one and that's exactly what they're doing now they're putting such a burden on us who are working we there trying to disadvantage just economically in there doing it through the corporations or doing it taxation in the illegal taxation are unconscious the money laundry the we could sit there and talk talk about it you know it's tolerable in face here but the reality is is that no one is following the law which are no one asks who are seated i were so far away from what the constitution intended this nation a look like all the rates are completely been dashed at the date the great into it a constraint another another topping you mention the chinese come across the border while they're already here we be need to be were trying to be porogerai bittle so we go talk about the chinese and their boletin in the going on plan and also do not forget the one are because they are all there too the three of them in the state i believe teutones probably poor plan but illiterate the rally that was held in is what they were trying to do latour tried to do as bring attention but it's a little too little too late where were these people before there doing i show ye the rhynhill was there others showing cause just once keep his panel dilate grass root that the grass or denting the grass roots in the naves overused get in all to the act of a throne did in all with us really go on her lotus call me to her said he a text last play whinewhat we can do a lobbies asked me night laid down a playin for bright a clear the disciple that won the adlies theologalis the always go donteither cameras are going what is the concatenations the twenty five rallies wilsoneer year had the thousand right now with tastes ralis or honor not moving the line goter not so how do we do it though soonfor other rally sonometer of miscrosopic er with chondrodite ingrainedly and clarke it a guiding the prosethe ruled a joker out of god out of a grand rapid and norton i would tell you the part of this underlying things can tie to linton some ways his high the andes these guys all are running in the pack like a pack of wolf yes sitioganas because there so the joke unfortunates some of the night in people are listening and that's the sad reality but i got a pitcher of them those guys were all together over there and on this rally look at us look at us but you don't what what has spanned up this she can come in the whole two and a half three years not a thing and what did he do to her a reason money scan the care goes what it goes to stand up she yet the collected money is always sees is the gain to them making money and notoriety of course while we got daycourt speak in as he was esortandole logic on of poncas the dark money and matters holothuroids good cheselden whose husband was of choking down at the capital because he was shoved colyford and then the child something the effect on the fair placethat's what real bad does this ness the same timelet her out to peniscola she like that story folks i goin to be one out there tell you don't wait that's not an honorable hostilits really sad and i think you made a really good comment there that we can spring board off his political industry that's out there it's like watching a sit and and it's in its for show it's an loge the these people are not interested at all and govern itself governess there and for money and control and that's it in the sand together is it is it like a cast of a reality so and watching continued a pop of you know when with the with the infamous or ledged arrest which i'm not mine cause there were people that were changing and do as they closed this is what it is told across the street on the church parking lot it may have the eye is not going to go the street an hour before they come in to do an arrest or whatever and change their clothes and a park in mosses parking lot in order to stage they're going to come on i mean the this is a logical and and i think asking much of questions about foragers that happens ah women oka this is is not looking right is that how the fbi actually offers did they go before they ran something sees me were it wordstake pause here we're going to change our clothes out in the open in a church parking lot were anybody can see us doing that the turn coming that is so that was the that was the collinses and then doctor was involved in it then he sand then then you look at hotallowed up at the court house down there for the medium moments and i have to question our single person that stood there for the i know what that brigand that's him telling that second district where's guyana seconds with the same group of people there all their halls of pack a boos or head as because that's what they are and you cannot thrust the few cannot trust her you cannot trust those coasts that's that you talked about it surely susan group of the petitions oh i got so many petitions and that's what copy the biddies would stand up it all right what do they kitcheoseyin us said as he potestati work can't you go and blinded on to themselves in dadosodi does us surbiton you gave it to some one who donethat is the ah and then they they take that information and they they the solid they they surethat's what they did as they sold people's information and this is wrong this this is with somebody gives you their number and in the they entrust their personal information to you that's an honor and this on that that is an honor that is not one that you betray you do not that stuff on you do not sell it is a commodity you don't you don't do that or in all that that saddens one of those things that he protected and they didn't and they they used it to raise money for a campaign and that's really sad and unfortunate but you know werke have to keep talking about this you know this is not just about us you know i think you're the same way i'm saying where i can take a whole lot of abuse for my really affect me honestly i do stand back and look at people go up you didn't say anything about me but to told me everything i need to know about how youth and in what you think is o ka because it has nothing to do with us but what really is where we need to be putting our minds and our efforts is about the who need our protection and who need us is a dolls to stand for what's right for strong families this nation united under god is god that has to set in the head of this nation the head of our families the head of everything we do when our lives where we check with him is as something that you want me to do hellholes i mean you can walk on this this earth with god but first and foremost he gives children to raise it is parents rested on a word the state the social workers the heat stand down is not your area and any one who sit there and try to come on as serenading kids as law it there they turned into lawful kidnaping those one of the largest child traffickers ever in upperness and there using these inste the schools everything else in order to literally destroy our children to groom the to groom them into being targets thought there they're coconspirators of their wants that are complicit criminals these kids up you them for st as the way to young in the train trying onorse this as well as business of mutilating and sterilizing our children this is not normal behaved to lithopolis this is a door and it's a war on like keratitis is a war on god this is a war is i now you mentioned about a war you know what anderoon and that's why i was going to go with this is the war on god then a war a rate now in our old community in our own back in my incercession you look in stoning plans and everthing else those solimans are not content poterit so sorting plants are on against us is individual a sericothea and so we otto start there warmer alcidonis sold a wide spread quick i was going to back to the to the gochanant why that is you talk to warn were cotobato chinese he then vice president a prince he repo don't like him which i don't percy like him it was practicethen talons that we are in the largest economic morenever face in our life the attention and even solidator nice spread the polveder and we all look katestorese but this cheap goods all control my wife quite being through him as in its all chinese i can some cases i say is this future pan of of years ago and we keep feeling or calling or enemy were pelionthe casterwell while gallegher feeling of per piling the o middletonwas is so that may be thus indifference we can potatothe we have gasped as here in our country we can not hold that we can find in tall that so i don't buy it to that but this is something that's really a fathers mews we should please charge over season and we wonder why we got problems rate with their produce goods because they shut as thou they found the way and so i try you in doing this i did not to chapters in sun so i cried the butbefore i now in doing it on video for p the people again so soon talkative thing about having spies in and their dewy that their dorsad got quite a word you don't have the might a war she what are they doing they fought a war but not not a military war and the economic war right and the greenest to watch with the gentoo industries and how the shifter industries overseas america is the is the power house of innovation china is the power house of that's what they've done as they steal they stole one intellectual property stolen or crosses as they do not they do not respect our laws or even international laws they respect nothing and because it's a global it's a global crimes i look with they did to the textile industry in the united states we were a power house in the tottonasse corenorth caroline the carolinas were absolutely a textile power house in he they they shut all heart all of the mill stone and all are textiles are now produced oversee and it is unfortunate womanish fourteen thousand in one and they awake got a little piece of ornamental a great big you know what the antipoison china in onionwe on while we got a little to the standard that state of erica's bad americans not that we plead or act but we'll all the chinese there killing their big onthree billion people their killing the air water poison now that's why will lead up to so we got this air water and killing people they will complete it the battery place one thing i say did catwater contaminate our hair and kill her people at this that there it is in it's not in an open beyond that because our education system is failed every one so so badly they their demonizing also to and in like tidedeserted realized that greenhouses will poncio to in the green houses because we need more of it not less of it to make a plants so now they're trying to say we were going to say we're going to go ahead and store the end and it and pipe lines underneath the ground to eliminate the so to well where i can only food if that point si because you kill the cow too that's what youantee here there's a balance god made a balancers and natural balance there's nothing wrong with se on two endothelial nothing rough it out plans ledinthon se o too we have no plan if we have no plans he annoncen we have no oxygen we have no no and no plants we have no athene have no food and we die and so it's a mean that's citelian put it out there it talk to any farmer that that is you know that raises soothing will tell you how it really works the biology of this the real biology not is that male or female is pretty abstracted that that oh that's a genito know when and i can tell you and i'm going to see this right now i don't want to hear any more of the sander nonsense this is mental illness and i am so offended you know you want to go play ross up that's fine you've got the right to do but john expect me say that this is a key when the mental illness any form of sanity out there it's not ok i am not okay with natural born man competing and women so it is it is it's not ok this is absolutely wrong on every well and you don't even look at the pelvis and you can even dress up all you want that's my in a thousand years when they did you back off and they in their study things like they have like an appearance your still going to have a millesiome give the ape so for betty do this i think we should demand if somebody wants to play dress up a guide to play dress up to be a female that's fine but i think we should say that's great but joan have to go all the way and that means modification to your estralla's get the saws out and in and coppertoes down to make to make go it's to surgery and make that palus actually look like a female pals not that is connachan anything you're not going to be a left kit i don't care what it you do not have the reproductores nor will you and so these sterilising while he is from nine to believe you i love be in a female i don't really want an i would never want to be a guy i like my am you know as we got maleand i'm good with it and and i love you know i love the way that god made both men and women were we were created this way for and we we we help each other and in that's a good thing we don't need to sit on top and be talked of that the greatest thing we can do is to serve each other and help each other it's not dam people worship and while i see with his transgender nonsense is like a six year old want to wear you know want to stand out a stage and say look at me and look at me and a like what one about the people round to do i don't know i can talk about this for long time but are you poterit dancers cocovieilles we have got onto president to goes red with what i was saying earlier holding his progressive abatetwa with the individual rights but insisted the collectorates bilongeth you know then the wall because the whole is to atomthe there socialist you that it ocasionally illinois what is and we are not normal there not hats not it's it's mental illness as what it is i think we should just call it out for the it's just like where the bakers and the bakers of ecully won a lot of cases that they don't go out to they don't have to prove i cakes i'm okay with that because we had of the right to free associate you were an end and when rulers something that you don't believe that is the first amendment violation in competitor and in it its violation of compelled it is come is compelled you can't do that to another person you cannot compel them say what you want them to stay just to make you feel good it it's a violation of the rights if a person doesn't want to make a a a wedding cake go get what for somebody else why try to compel somebody to you don't why try to why filate the right it's a violation they don't need to serve you you've got the right to go anywhere you want that's your right chelsome body to do something that they don't believe you know under god that's wrong that is that is taking some one hostage that's putting some one into servitude not upholding the rights and its old come the shock about the little it be upon this costanoan on actsometimes to another subject called the grande party were all over the place tacked everywhere i don't i know they're all connected as spot a plant you know an orally there and in corasson and those kinds whereas they all to we did the boy did it and packed on nothing people i walked away while there are given him to ideas there's a third on the cappence lot aotes there so ideas you on his pocket is only a temporary on the iseither is a what's called in dangerous species or there questions species are gaining thinebathe se is the cure on war or on erloesen the state part of vitiges delicate i think the people think is sir roger that the girl wore work exists only northern michigan and is called the flying the jack bird of the chaldean one border of the like that if this bird is on the on the even of its not they have to strong that is not there they can't do it we just one study the grassto in the state and collating inter otherwise the the cupania on it they are mere conapate up in the countable for namegoethe job shall a concaited precentor look at the cacheter shine is the delay is called it master plan in his zodiac it's so agriculture to the good enough to go for his own increased with the crew that of their ways the sloetton through lonstolat either those tisonly school it down and that might be enough to kill it but we have to go for the knock outer which is what the lock is so is called me yesterday to ask me about what they what they can do okleton look at the ernsten use their insanity against him as a weapon asesores ent trumps the rightful president of the united states present hopis in fact the rightful president of the united and so here i go we've got moist oh my goodness look at it look at the a and dangered species getting i got to be known in tricoteuse it is the cord it is by the way it's there the jack pines are on the property will get it already and there there to are the are the corpes there there not here yet i don't believe i believe me they winteringham asoonder the commissar these are what stonebird a priest mark of smartiness like unlike roman round here mediteranian find his son at plans to get mammals we've got we've got birds i'm looking for the looking for the bird here you've got to be her less oshadhipati i've got it off do okookono good is it important people see that oteseonteo yet there you go so why they came at a horseboy put a battery plant there you know old you kick for all of our agenone through every training on the planet have i andover told to the story about the turns oh my goodness oh my goodness so ye there's the warbler so but yet i not the lesser prairie chicken was one that i went through training down in the basket one point time and it was an old guy who probably he looked like a specter that hadn't see human beings and probably fifty years and he terature yeh yeh got to carreene just wanted the heat is wanted free land improvement and he was used in the excuse of these the prairie chickens and and it was it was kind of crazy so i sonmiani a lover in a i'm a lover of all these things like some of the non sense with the environ noses that are out there there's no there's no common sense to any but i'll tell you the i'll tell ye that the the crazy herman put my put my the savour my flag i got my light up this way i this is how i i to really the despised the insanity of a lot of these environmental ah regulations because there's no tunstan of it there just isn't any sense test i had to go through turdetani and not oh i get out of the car course i can't keep my moll shot when i see something that's done and now i no i can't i see something that's so sore and i have to interreaction off down a shot up and i'm like an now this is not so they had return train and so the sky comes he he walks into the job trailer and and if eternal train he's real serious about it right and to the right way you walk out and where out big hill and each silicates to thousands of acres that reconnot sunk so we had watch opertos i got to tell you his turtles so in danger that we we have to be so carefully so i got out of my car and i walked to the job trail and i saw five of these ores anson or going how can they possibly be in danger when you saw five of em walking twenty feet i like and like that this is even making sense i'm like you sis is the first since we he walked twenty feet from his truck to the job trailer and and i like and you so i damn turtles and so that it might my friends laugh about my hat it laugh about my five damn turtle's story and unlike in twenty feet how in this possibly be in danger it is gloesion i don't know the isohyetose to it's all about shutting down our companies and stud you know i clicklike yet when you see him in this is a noticing that happened or guys rescued a hawk and such rescue this talk to how had an injured injured a wing and there really prominent they wrapped him in car hearts i took really good care of it and they called a is weofan mals were animal lockers were i and some were going to by nature no matter where we are we are going to try to protect the animals cause we love annuls i rescue and tons of time and animal and i would never kill a turtle or animal or anything intentionally and having some training isn't going to change dorotheenstadt in work entirely that the only thing that you can do well that's great if if nobody wants to gas or water or oil or any of these things that we need to to you know and pretty sure animals are smart they know how to move out of the way if you're watching out to the they generally will out of the way so and ten twenty feet away from you where there is danger i mean that's what animals do right so oh i i got on fire i got upon the tent here and i was although that of the hawk sargis found this hack and he was really andestimated him in their car hearts they called the hot a hawk rest you on her and the cango and they took this hawk and tetantri to get so we had a mess since three months later that the hawk shattered youth and yes the hawk and in the recent there and everybody was just oh you're carrying anne and honestly if you leave the hawks alone the thereshoes will feed them for life even if they can't fly they'll find they'll find a way to make it together instead of and sad but we thought we were doing the right thing and at once that came to rescue the hot youth and is the hawk and fever like this is really sad and that everybody was early heart broken you know you don't don't odontoceti this corstorphine he caused it to to wait esploit down is not for the carmelite used to law against of gases from the very long that's why he gave that there's one other way that i used using the law to go against each into vital senator to representative malawi federal and state of and that is the part i am working on it i'm looking to see if there are to air our log is that onejohn he enter honest lobes i been very discussions ible ether are carsongood woods done any nowso station is there being painted with that same brother just like as there in an organ or party in our lives we know is good people we know so that people there could not exactly he do is deep pellot of information as honor is it you distrust and they are there palled by what test it olosticha acter to his cunning done by to or cropping socker isidores and it was therefore by self for years if i didn't take as an agent oh no ganderee i was painted with that same prisonyet greek taste careful with you signed people that you understand who the are what there what there may come is because the deer a lot of people that are not so good of their right and that his hand ormond careful so that's to take on the gorge plant the rally do so good on satiry ime a cap people opened the see what you turning into the haven proved yourself yet and i don't really to prove yourself going forward to do that believe that there is i want to get this into before it to go on grandipora my favorite subject oh yeah let's go and on that money you were that one point nine million dollars go you know you should count a benetheton who is responsible for that one point that i reliant i lady nemesho mane and words were partner unwise you know it's the side stravisse would we cannot for leader jim we cannot support because are not leaders as to the problem while witenes an ambassador he was the olsharfe and the michopdo waterdoesn't make the ostermann they weren't and they still here we talked about we talked about her on the son she is now the leader of this grand depart cadire was confers into a christian or not the ten before i go on i run a gonewith never mademioiselle has oncontented she sat down because there was a difference in character be surprised there right surprise can it loses his peple do and do so we these saw that east of down he realized that he was the god benethe russkoe erected here the rest this people is talkabout chantrerie tor wistaria while his to be the general the one of the districts of itemised up to visit the third or deegeenboyah the number dispater he was nennything what would he do before that he was then a teaparty member and he what i did do this thing his sire i talk showed couplet and that's where he got in trouble i do recall the daily piece came out that he is a white she promised as he did i talk so were the whites were presses omitting many characters the entwertet got pulled down to the articles still after i came out together that was retenaient nty twenty one there when high abactalis dismissed from a generosities and a not sure the reason why but it doesn't matter this kiss not been to whom we think he has he nowdetective director who awaited taties wi credentials and the one critical received are not favorable to leave it that a white surmises are clotheson tonics to is this only the coelestial report can first we realized that she had an article asked who last year a rigid old darling kill crestola of cacongo is she said to the picture to the babies and they will cried it'll make him cry fast men did do this there was a awaystretched splendor ilyotosi called for oscar a generatyon money twenty two never happened but he certainwas stietenroth dead because she is that which so howego to because she trio and got to be shown matters now less tickled locataire person mad deperthes representing why the cap calls roope in a case and an falls what graver tones a lady told in the delegates been you share the see this characterization in this grantorto working there was a and the article that came updates to talk about and as well appears they are there's streenger one of the top good arm what we is the cora who supposes the cheer to the call for the resignation he shold comand to resignation now or be painted with the procthor all of the ex seemeth racter their plausit there in the case had they need we need to call her from what they are to put this confision behind its their cause in this division in commons thus we don't leave it we need to be you replied you call to we need to be unified against the true into my god now we were and so i will i'm a little chick to what you did there a partly responsible behind this cool and told those i leave it that any any of what do you say i don't like the behavior of taking your marbles and em you know what's the i got i got dined because i got kicked off and the other man were published in bales that i had had in askeby the tax first party run on that before i ran on the republican he and i i just want my nation back i want my nation back but you know the the the amazing thing as asesor the same people that were like see now yelling from the top the tree tops slipped the bolt slid the bolt and as soon as they didn't get is is sustain get it you know they went off and they not only did they to the financial and the i don't know if he's even got the documents yet from if they turned it over to her yet but they they subverted say they subverted in her beam being in the position that the weed the people voted or in and cannot and i'm not a fan of any one that standing on that side right now i just it seems like they are really only standing for themselves and that for the money not for the nation and i believe that it is seen is i feel that christina is in fact standing for the net and standing for michigan i had not like stand out by think i think she's she's doing it because it's written in her heart to do the right where is because of the history of these people involved in this you and and the connexion all i see is a bunch of beggar brats with their hands out trying to get more more more for them go in and nothing no nothing you know you know what it's so funny as to go went to the constitution parieting the sweet cot in the national one as a committee member and i was the difference of what a statesman looks like as in what a person that a politician los storydivergent totally distilled and all have seen with politics in the two major party is scalejust goes down to raising money because they're buying boats rather than a plan and i still have never heard an actual way to on things back together i mean i was i facially had a step by stopwhat i was going to do exactly getting in there and i i i may still get back in their present only one that hasn't cone but i had a step by step plan as we shot down we shouted out we paused all take and so we get the same figure out and we do a complete audit and we throw that out o that and all the out there for every one in the state theft of this sad we would have the great detective agency that this world has ever known with call me through the every department the records as well as every department every bureau every every dark corner of hidden information on were that money's going and follow it up with where i went and and where the dark money came in how how you how you of an in and really amiconi of what what we have is when you followed the money the money paints the on money it is a fogotten minutes i had looked ponietta go you mention this holbein this state about how bad it is hers offered do we look at saint cler county and what's going on over there with a fiasco in an the charges against the leadership but or the former leadership but i miss heneker who could detail with that idon'tknow hi don't these new one for me what's going on over there there was sir coulommiers so the spatious latinitatem the girl belongs then there's some missing money apparently as well secretary i believed that our old secretary and the share the old chair and it did not mean it wishesjust a fiasco colossale can we look at the night districted the vestover there was honest was we look at the pit district of you know i would happen to this district you know this guy john smith you've heard of him i have i know you did i brgeshale why he's the th district chair he was evicted from his house never is the telling that we caught notior honor in these people and eviction pronouns might be another personal issue i don't know as again disguised calashe passed we make in leadership yes come on we don't better we go to the level district a border crippled and the lemon district with tom bill of the roaring distant doin it enters convery county we got a mess found there with the with the neochori down there and then with this woman i conclaves he constitutes a name of city twichellthirty questioned her as well in this pile because he can hang it with his kind to porte epigoni hankes come up i just can't attack so that one tell you that the shores we wonder caught he attacked from that to perelisis he said i will neither confirm nor deny to rumors but my future plans torn one prosecutor in one or more all he the what it okemahbeness in bad i tell you what one you just give it up and save us all the th the bother to get you really are finished yes lost is the loser you call it before and i was called elseviers losers and criminals is con of fitting for these guys right hello see i have a lot of questions i put that way and you don't we i mean you look at you look at the parties and what they've said and the platforms that are out there and the fact that you know the democrats are always seen we care about people we care about people and biting bombs syria against this what'sthat tutional let the allowable he committed an act of war on the is a nooation day how can you tell me that how can anybody who is whose a sudden liberal or democrats tell me i care about people when we have had when you add up them out of people killed in in and present trunk cap hesitators he are rightful president santos and day one bind its in the bombs syria against the connetable by the constant i committed an act of war within the same i do i you will again tired of it all these peoples in these here caricosus cheap party grass roots i tell you right now so hard but so the people have no clue what he could mean titles don't matter any more exactly thank you very much the troubles and their tried to act it it's a holy title it's got now to get a live your words and acton got to be together goosethe same right it's it tent the titles just don't matter any more because it honestly people are so used to driving headlines and did you looking at a head line rather than wait in that just because he said look into the slow but further because counterintuitive this is something that doesn't fit and there's some good rock so if you read any an article you read down a lot of times read the last two paragraphs and then bend before you can look at the headline re if you really are is had lancacheer in some sort the top started the bound and rebeck up and you'll find out that perhaps it's not as it is at per oh this old nonsense in ukraine we we committed a weak cmitted acts and acts of war there against russia we are and world war three right now most of what we're seeing is fit generation warfare which the mine they are after our minds and this this is probably one of the most important principles to remember out there is that if they can weaponized us in each other we be compared of their war machine and these pecause were not were not educated and were not asking questions and were repeating things before we know what were really talking about they literally turned us into a weapon of their war and the men we we have to absolutely be so careful not repeating not repeating on sons or in less we unless we've got and if you don't get that off a headline you do not get that off cranly repose enough if there's so much of it for so much sight stuff going on out there you know its espier so pieful time right but there there's there's so much an an i o there's miss information just information and mail malone and that was there was the topic that of that doctor malone talked about and it was very well done and i think you know general plan he's i love the sky i love general can i hold that as some day you all get to meet him he is like a brother is like a big brother and you know you just he just like regular me is like my thews gaston look also must go through all through a ball round football or under something outside you will i woodthe brother you know yetholm is just amazing and and he talks about pita's book fit generation warfare every one should get a copy of this and studied as this is a man you for what they're doing to you and me in the nation they are weaponizing of we are the greatest weapon as well as the greatest if it be if we don't we don't take a time to know what we're talking about and that doesn't come through how lines it doesn't come to it influences that comes to actual research and looking into things for ourselves and honestly i do in an honest valuation i know i know you've got to leave one on owen's going to let's say a prayer a minute there's a whole bunch of comments in the comet section to have met for me to read down there right it's like a good morning good morning what kind of questions did you ask i i just basically listen to him i didn't ask as many questions somebody asks some good questions about the reverse of our marine and such a net with hidden who is the person for manisty pushing for this i don't know what's regarding thanks and if he consoles charlotte says how old five thirty to night tional resolution second amendment at the commissioner's something went down with republican treasure of our party when i first joined it through my present there were a lot of rumors going on i wish i had more tense to it did know how bad it isn't so so silly this party so she says she's very angry i'll out fair phrases dealing with the clouds oh yeah they work were surrounded by sea clowns and fbi clowns or everywhere the cockroach toaster the oncomer and i think a lot of his people in the powties are actually political operatives or or pedal agents that are that are selected i really do believe that sir charles as geo pediopsis i stand away from the meetings but like the second amendment to night meeting i will go to charles the ninety thousand children men missing actually there's more like a hundred and fifty thousand children messy that are the one afterthat i'm working working with there's about a hundred thousand that have been passed through michigan that our mississinnaway out of a hundred hundred fifty to a hundred fifty thousand but a hundred thousand of them were for michigan which should be a concerned all is keep your eyes open its half and he on the re neighborhood thereby in houses of and their registering people the volto those houses the tract e children through to so there is in your neighborhood no legal only then that made himself legal american side as the right foot absolutely you can't you can't band that rule or none of the work osortasen the argenteria to give the right to all right right buchent you can't do that without her without and lutely negating our tired country you redenall the road rules are not opeope charlotte says stand up mission stole it from calvin and his partner never paid much mind them after that they pulled the fast on my cabin groomporter nothing like him i saw from ester church i saw i as sais another money laundering programs to joke you help love says ever any one who questioned sam michialino got back happened to be me and my daughter sceththe know and not so sure but that on that i as i think so donnissan on selling of the day to base saritithere do you hear that he i would not trust so down on it he would write with them all great coining yet and then while w w will in michigan charlotte i so let's go ahead and pray for the nation or leaders and such a minute and then well we'll let you you go and and you know everybody keep checking his family and your prayers for their lost the sweet as follows as so many others i i had an there was a terrible loss that happened while we were at the conferences and i it was somebody that i considered one of the loveliest people i've ever known in my life and it was a very sad very very sad loss to a lot of us and this goes back to we have to dial the drug problem here because of another person that i know that they lost a day levante reservation and they lost four young people to drag over doses see in this lasseroe those and it wasn't her a lovely lovely young woman so full of life and and in st a gleeful soul and her family nor can emersion the family cause i don't know ebery now as the other not but it was so sad this is this is a problem that affects every single one of us and it's going to keep getting worse and till we get people who close these borders down to the drugs coming in and were let in in an imposed death el on any one who is drugs pushing drugs sally and that that has it that he dragged dealers this it they know what they're doing they know that their intentional kline they don't care their pardon a shame not it's it's homicide saw the therethere killing people so they'd be treated accordingly in my opinion when present trump sat it out is like to nergoes again our guid or stable genius who actually will stand out from the eye and every one in it in order to rout the and called the criminals out so we can live in peace we can't live in peace and so we do that it's not possible dark and light cannot come and god's and trying to tell us that for or how long getting a tie and we each have to make a choice in our own lives don't lie don't do the wrong thing and i mean we've all fallen short of the glory of god i was very low who was perfect and he chose not stone and we owe to him to live our best live in to live with honesty and integrity and even if you fall down a hundred times get up and try again dry again to morrow you're going to you're going to get it to get it right watch herniagoras in through this and getting all the stuff out of your life but it's up to you to take that first stop turn to jesus and he'll help and we need you we we need every single one of you out there to stand strong and not be weapon is not to be a weapon of or of the true enemy of our world stand with us with god for the dear henley father thank you so very much for shock and for dona to day and all of these diodon i banovitch and always wonderful chosen to stand out for these to do the right thing i've so honored and were so honored or stand i gather for every single person there whose listening and who cares about this nation please hold their hearts to you give them your your presence in your piece that they can know that you're in control and that you will make wonderful great things out of all these bad things that are happening there they're just this manure for the garden and i we know that you have the ability to work things all things for good to those who love you in our called cording to your purposes and we love you for that we love you as you walk asru we also know that you can keep a set there's been so many times in his were you differentiated the people who were the oppressors and the oppressed and they were they you liberated them you gave them your favor and you protected that so that they could walk right through the middle of of all sorts of danger and in egypt they not only let the cape they gave them the wealth and the treasures of that tired country and just a please leave we we in that that's what we need now we know that you're with us now and we want we want you to know what we want you to walk with us we want to she or your rules is your sand box and we want to listen to you and make sure that you are the head of everything we do this nation our families are ours are our children everything that we would do things always to honor and glorify you and thank you for forgiving us for when we fall down and not a band in us but picking a speck up and say come on i'll do better the next time try again and we we we thank you for that so much god bless s family is a going to this time of loss and also for it in our friend that died of an overdose in her family please give them peace oh and and heal their hearts cause i know that he so heart broken as well as our friends that are up on the reserves by by onpleasant please yield her hearts so much lost up there and a and a help useth probe under controls the people turn to you for their comfort and their co bean rather than to those things which only lead to its we love you so very much blessed the rightful president this united states president general flynn ad moroders all of those wonderful people who have literally laid their lives down for this nation sword of uphold the constitute and to live right before you were just so thankful for each every person that his stood in a righteous way for you and for your kingdom we love you so very much his name i pray at in i got a run i adieus i gets some things gone i promised my wife i would do it i've got what i'm going to do right i will you have a drag dandtan you ye god bless you chock and will keep in our prayers thank you so much always look for to talkin to you you're always on we had fine in that one son in bering people the news so encono with going on the lady to ask the question of what pleases thee was it sandeaus i know this person you know then herdsmen in some one who is going to read like a being misled antoletti they get miss lee you comes tried to bring him back on back on track but he can't people out there kill and these lines right nessiot a bring it to people so they understand that they can stickednesses i mean thinking see he put it on a despotic i could not believe i could not please she would got you know and in god is our life raft i you know a lot of people look as a god and say he tells all these things we shouldn't do eh just lots to stop is now is trying to save you he's trying to save you from thinks as he made the world remade the rules and when you disobey the rules it only ends in destruction for yourself and and when when we have destruction in ourselves it always affects the people around us yet reno one is an island and when we make bad voices even if its destructed yourselves somebody loves and in when you dusted that law of and you you do things that they watch you maybe they're watching you commit suicide by inches because a bad choice i think we've all seen it when sombre when some or he makes per choice is as like watching of pretsi and inches it hurts its painful cook and so god's the same way listed us and goes come on you don't need to go down this area i i love you i don't want to see you hurt i don't want to see bad things he happened to you and i love you too much i are there i lockville o too much to let you go rosengrave a worse day we'll talk you later you two shall command keep going to carmenilla don't have a great day even to go back to that we love you you are so loved and so precious all we want is the best for you and to avoid those things that that are out there that could hurt you that's what that's what god that's the message of god is he he wants he wants to save you for every herd every every problem out there he capture or tears soldier tears and he'll bring us on and say it's going to be all kay it will be ok and then we're going to stand together to take the nation back this is not going to continue to go on we have a way out of this and for most we have to turn to god and put god first over these instead of the satanic the faintness that are running it now the global worships sat in the sand that's what happens when you go in that direction he's a liar and he's the father of all lies so to day no line to day only telte that's one way to do you know put up foot a i take great through the heart of evil tell the truth do the right thing and and do it in and when you do miss sorry where any one at people will forgive you people will forget you the true fan family god will forget you and he'll say command this is grey will it's like it's like thee the apodial son when when the one son left who the rejoiced when they came back it was in a sad that it wasn't a gloat then it was like ye you did it were so happy for you so awesome and and where we can live in peace we can live in peace and prosperity and we don't want a need to do this any more we can truly for the way the things of this world and live for god and do the right thing for each other and that's exactly what we're going to one nation under god so he walked here he got giving two brainborn dotton because i will not concede to liars cheats and thieves and that's exactly what we had in our election we have a bunch of liars this we are going to continue moving forward this this conference of weekend was really good be i got to talk to people who also are strategy and solution creators like i am i mean that's what i try to focus on your looking the bad things and ordito resolutions going forward and that what we found it was awesome the the hand county we need to have a strong effort in the state for hand conioine all machines there is no reason for this in an atexcess a lot of money in the i when you compare it for costs so she and times it's incredible when you look at the actual actual information is going to save our state so much time in an accuracy begone with them it's incredible we really have to take this thing seriously and is a great way to back out of what we have right now so anyhow so you gone rejoice in the day is going to be a great day to day you have that choice your astportic pate the rats things that you love your children and and make the day great for somebody else does and you and when we give to other people is our heart we don't heal our own heart we heal ourselves i reached out to others and helping them that's the way it works the god created the world as a choice to have a great day it's always a choice when we have difficult on still be great even within so that's one so anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america got was present tromp gerefen and mirages all of you standing out their christina crome all of the people out there there fighting for the big love to you all and have a great day and the god's favor rests strongly upon you the stay in everything you do in his protection his love and his red have a great day they see it to morrow to rolston tater tiptoed