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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/3/2022 - Live today - 8am with Mellissa Carone and Gerry VanSickle

Published Aug. 3, 2022, 8:04 a.m.

Gerry VanSickle, Attorney General candidate for the US Taxpayers Party! We have another real choice for Michigan Attorney General! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg coming to you and it is it is the third of august we had a big day as the day didn't we were the primaries and i've got out of tolerating no class night all night and during the day after day people were a little nervous about what was going on and for my perspective i'll tell you what i honestly prayed for the outcome we had just i think that this is alphen and i'll tell you why always more strategy going on behind what we see then what obvious and i'm going to stay with that so god bless you all this is going to be a great day and we're going to go through many many things here today in order to in order to come to more knowledge as far as educating ourselves and in moving forward and to the next steuben i think we're going to go through his ancient our nation had been going in a wrong direction for a very long time we just annot so my perspective was as i did not vote in the primary yesterday i see that the primary yesterday as the republican democrat primary and the side that i it was a person who was running under the us tax payers marthe constitution party was not going to participate in that so i did not vote in the primary yesterday and i want a horse back or riding pretty well come out the whole day good morning donald how are you doing and enjoyed a very nice day realizing that the outcome is in godmanham this is going to be a new a new day a new time and we had the opportunity an unprecedented opportunity to take this nation back and leave a legacy for future generations and that's exactly what we're going to do and we're going to do it outside of the crop the party system and if people and an actual choice now yesterday during the day and also at night there are i had had an attorney an attorney call as well as multiple people that were working in the pools yesterday telling me about the blatant corruption that they were seen they were seeing so much corruption i'm goin to have dan hermannson's going to write a report on exactly what he saw mohammedans we had people on the ground all over the state and as i said before those people that decided to cheat or our elections there are good people looking over things everywhere and i monasteri now somebody cheated on our election they have made a very very porch choice because there are those of us that is myself who consider that trees and against the united states america and the corresponding punishment that goes with us and prosecution of fullest extent of the law has to happen to her emotional apollo out here men and working on a peter going to just listen to this whether you whether you like her agree what people say we listen to the core massage ask questions it's not that we accept anything cook lining or because that's how we got into this to begin with i'm on a plague down day tramp his inauguration two thousand to the ante and i would like to say that i do believe that he is rightful president of the united states the election and was in fact stolen rig this one right now were seen the rain happening right now but we are going to work very very hard at making sure that every single vote can that your vote counts and that we have good people who believe in the american process and are willing to see that process through to the to the answer he began we are not really transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to we are transferring power from washington d c giving it back to you the people from this day forward in time only america every sensation or trade or tappington or bonefires the more to boatman workers an american family we do not take to impose our way of life on any one but rather to let it shine as an example when you open your heart to picture to there is no room for prejudice yes the other we will make america a oestergade you and god bless america i love that speak and i i think it's very inspiring and we can go back to some other words that he said i mean think about this changing the governance back and give it back in the hands of the people instead of criminal politicians who have been ringing the system very very very long time this is going to have to happen and it's going to take bravery in order to step away from necessarily what we feel that we're comfortable with you know demonstrated in brief one of the things that i find really interesting about human beings is that whenever we change from something that's familiar we have a sense of greeting we don't like things to change we like things to say the same and that's part of the reason why we got into the situation where an right now is that we are going to have to make brave choices and that is to vote that is to vote in someone who is not part of the establishment or people who are not part of the establishment my opinion we have to get back to a pounding fathers had intended and that's exactly what we're going to do so without sad it is absolutely my pleasure to bring on it the us taxpayer parties candidate for attorney general i have not this man a few times and i'm going to tell you that right off the bat immediately when i met him i was so impressed with jerry fancied that i can't even put it into words the man the man is a statesman and he's not a politician whose you know where do you do sinopians who want to hang on me on i've got two phones going he is not a politician but rather a very educated statesman and he has my full endorsement not because he's part of the party that i ran not but because i believe that he can do the job with honesty and integrity and i do not believe there's any one else else out there that can even hold a candle to this man so with that sad i'm going to bring jerry vesicant now and we're going to do the little differently because you know of course we don't have the billions of dollars of harmony behind it because work were principal people and will not be owned by special interest or a political establishment so we're doing it that our kitchen table and just as the original patriots dedit we are doing it a different way we have to break this political industry which is wholly holding a hated so that organising a look a little different than the way that were used to politics being run but that's okay because process it is to bring the sack into a prop into proper procedure into a lawful process to put the government back in the hands of we the people and stripy power from the tragical political establishments so he i good morning how are you the wonderful introduction i'm very proud we work i used the word intemperate times there i think that subsiding that we have as her insert i stand on entering the people into play as you heard a precipitous very important in the town has been taken away from the people constitutionally i might add we will restore it and i believe between you as governor and as a thirty generals they can take michigan and beat the straining star and leaders in showing all the rest of the states this is the way things need to run we will bring to the table near of experience i've been involved with the the laboratories when i went out to the dog a dishonoured banishment i gathered it antithetically beneath a more petition said the church to get us the taxpayers party on a ballot i've been out into the thicket it took me so mytenstein eight agonised titanian sheehogue her children good mongoose at one one day with the brand new owenton a half inch i onwanonsyshon a street competition in that really drove me to be involved more there were two pages in the the constitution as odorous pages athos surbiton of picture of washington bloaters and at that was a mere perduto the text of the constitution and an appendage i thought that was to and he wanted the school i with the wastwater and there was another comedy my daughter she said she said her teacher said the really goban talked to the principle corsini not to be anybody up she was in very impeacher and this so too must part but i think she wenteline she told a constitution was writ by a bunch of white wasn't one to us the father aias nor then got to get back to our constitution or connives at pistol nation need come back to and search it so and alaister do it and we will be the same testament be the people he led country back into its gillette and the toad our grandchildren and so great in children and it's a britain be the sentis country to together it was an obediential one we need to move and we can and still and the air the strange i saw distraction seventeen is part of the plan some plain and distant as some oh gosh i do we have to be out there we have to be the usual legal or we have to be polite tiresome thing to want no it's not it means really he and i we need sanseverino it would be to no one were to atheist things right things are going to i love that that's that so true and you know when we look at the unconstitutional cows i will stay with what i said is that not one person in lancing did the right thing they just did not do the right thing at all they were they should have stood up for us and continued on to to fight for the further people of michigan leslie femininity pro problem there that's all right because this is very often we were on well one can actions and i fire not a professional studio so in evanescently as we are at the yard so your back so yeah i agree with that and sometimes you know you look at the revolutionary war they were not being attention or or following the rules of traditional belfield combat they were they were shooting from trees like squirt i sinuous and trees but but we need to be using a regular warfare which is information warfare helen to bring people along with us through education and sanger upon our principles that leading the nation back to the two self governance and the way that we want because where as is i think that donald setterday we are the owners of this nation and we need to start acting like it and telling the post what how we were undiscovered what we would like to see done and we need to hold them accountable they have to listen to us or we have to remove the and this word no not gone we too then back to reality the reality of the fact is we he no one should i start weatherbeaten way it seems right now they would have benauwdheidfontein they are doing as to paper now we have done them a paper but pottinger and now were saying wertheimer we bring back and on to do the job began and i think one that's what you are there i think that's what i'm here for we need to do the job according to the plan and the plan was satanic a long time and be going to the people see it concealed the second a little brief information about myself a man business as fully a business about the eighteen nineteen years and and one stationariness only we comenius the his first the peeping the i worked to piccaninnies to be done to make pen it doesn't just to begin but gooooooosh and i've been in bed and involved in there thirty years my wife and i and boreland waved about all aconitin canteens one of count he greeted the train educate and it's a educational process because as i was cogitating the great class the dominion had been taking away from us waterhouse weave into this was the where we need to be we have a good home with her at all nations who are they just need to be or are you and what's your feeling it a constitutional convention because that issue keeps coming up a lot i am a mabouya paled to a constitutional convention because it was found it was the hand to be preceded by a moral group of people and government and i don't believe we have that so i think any to anything that they do to touch a constitution right now is going to absolute take the only thing that stands between us an absolute tyranny away the apostle so otherwise the big presented to us was ripe if you look on they ate now as to a it's the will to which bore the book onondagas look at the nonancourt and then lead and was out yes i am absolutely one under the sure opposed to this theme he should have all been outdated wenongonet is in their way what they want to do as they want to destroy it and on another together in their and replaced it with a shorter and then that just anything goes and whoever stars whatever as we i only believe that the people in a tone as maturity of the that reddened he that we just need to bring a politician's back in line footing i beseech ideas and bad morality and moral of the a condition in the poolrooms the condition wintering there were atheists been onesided schoolhouse if you feel it to be in your boy are you can be a good they as children young children all with you like are you a she at him or did unfortunately it's just another one of the steps diminish eleonore's going to be or should a generation editorial and erect to be its concern and it is absolute confusion and god is not the author confusion and it's like a breakdown of any type of structure local and it's just absolute confusion and when people are conceived that so they take us over me you know and i been on the human trafficking is here for many many years to get rid of what was happening there and you have to wonder why they would want us to bide and can interfuse what are they what are the reasons behind it because there is is not being done for no reason so i say to every one too and i'm sure you feel the same way but if anybody wants me to use their pronouns or you know pronouns of any type i'm going to require mine to be princess better than you and every single way and make it a little painful for everybody maybe maybe a queen of the universe and better than you and every single way because i can actually differentiate between reality and so so and i weasand on that so i like to bring melicent now grinning alison minuteman that i geniality frontier for the sounds good morning i do i do more good we're doing a little work around on a sound so when when a derisive some meteor or microphones sell one because the connective is a little little walk okay so it makes you that if he's talking and we then if we be absolutely quiet okay outside the state so good morning and how are you god i'm glad how are you he survived last night with a going through the election and well i survived that will see a stake on survived with whom one yesterday i got a trim really excited about who won i shot to be well i'm excited about whom one as far as our race down on but our state house race as a relief and and i don't know if we're going to come back from i think it's going to be wonderful i think this is about exposure in the party crop system which is held a choke hold over the state far too long they have been choosing in installing candidates and give us a lusacho ice but guess what would have three of us sitting here we are actually giving people in actual choice by moving away and away from a manipulated and rigged i mean it dardanelles left jerry into the miniature the riesengebirg come then minute yet i interwreathing that we do we are bringing together a group of people or people say bisonette at anent so so well as i like jerry to talk a little bit more about ideas going forward as in the attorney general's position what ideas do you have and what do you think needs to be done others something about institution then i think the most fundamental we the people have given authority to raise or to our age that both the other has no tory to ride on bateato general does not the authority of the right we have every general that was the most life erigena opinion greater in her history there was really and once he rode opinions or whatever it the situation was later too that as and activating the way is to be i derangements to make sure that the law is that withers it or actually constitution to say he read the tenement you're going to follow my little on what the law should be that's not the position of the attorney general eterne general is to keep in its a petition recover the past of years or the anthony she does not and as we must do this as submissiveness was wrong as this report actually opinion in the what the shearers shore she did he passed on to other and mather augusta you need to make sure that we a i'm not sure what to apostasy stated he was a word we have destroyed a very large sense he i want to make sure that the tourney general the general is working on her people not against no i agree with that i was something that i really think needs to be done is i think we need to go through the laws on the book he turned constitutional compliance with them and remove all of those laws which he had no no standing under the constitution i also believe that many of the departments that we have which have overreached both federal as well as a need to be abolished we need to abolish anything like that and have an end enable those services to be put back into if somebody wants to have the services or take it upon themselves to have it be accomplished in the private sector rather than a public sector because there's no checks and balances to these organizations these angels there is no oversight there's no accountability there's no responsibility there pretty much doing whatever they want to do and then just some of their nose that the rest of us that has to be decisively rained back in and and i think cleaning out departments as is one way as well as i like to see the entirety of the accounting of the state published from tapping we the people direct acts to come through that find out exactly what they've done because the word or gone greatest detective agency on the planet which as we the people of the state of michigan you talk about their exactly right we have what i foller that is so large so with basins all incendiary aspect of our life the brush is not or is not constitutional that little army post job abolition to bring back to ability to do this that the concierge and that is of their legislators and a right has nothing to do with our right the right to ride no authority to intend to rights in any fashion we do have already to make a even formosanta and ere what the supposed to be doing to people i don't the constitution is well the state that they do have gaspee about the bush amendment while they say a so read of the brush and religious rite it read the line the winter the lions are gratulant one of the bushmen caroline the right three of green people have the blue a single clue as to what that means the man we have the authority to do all weeded the you enthused something wrong now escorted and we have the authority to foreordination and so long nobody then arouses the liberal want to do the wise of the tension at shoreditch the breeders of freedom of religion and then they stopped the unsheath as a reed and in personettes us oh we just we diavolo back to the start and and you know they keep talking about the global rest well i think us taxpayers party candidates are going to teach him how to do a real rest and that goes back to you know the rights that we have and proper governance which like to on the yet no i completely agree i think that it's also very unconstitutional the way our ballots are the way they're barmaidish people being able to you know both straight party is i don't think that that should ever be there and this is something we have to work on and it forces people to not force people but our young people that go into a boat i think that they believe because i was young at one time eighteen you know and i believe that going in and voting straight ticket was the bed thing to do but it's not it's it's really not and i think that that's what we really need to push to the people right now as we have people have another action they don't have to voracity know the is unconstitutional and it's been going on for so long that people have been programme to do this to to you know claim that there either a republican or a democrat and if you know there are a republican than me a lot of the time botanising absentee i think that people the bone absentee probably both straight and get more more than people that go and devote and it is an issue that were having a heroine to bring that to the people's attention because do have another choice and they don't have to follow these parties or literally polluting and working together against that's true and it's really it's really it's really almost a psychological need for us to belong to these parties and feel like were doing things with stones an individual before god and you know it really is taken establishment or go against what's an accepted practice in order to make the changes that are necessary but what i've heard so like every week i'm getting about thirty million interactions online and just two of the two of the venetians why i know you know it betrothal ending the and went out without an it would not be possible because we don't have this big pack money so god's pushing the forward but thirty million a week and the next political candidate are mandate this out there is that eight million a week on the same two matric that's a that's kind of crazy and and that's an odette candidate and then the go down to the other governor candidates in michigan and there the struggling to get three hundred thousand so i do believe that god is behind behind this and maconochie people are getting a courage and look look at other options and and you know taking it upon themselves to say if i have to do it by myself i'm going to do it by myself you know the balas you and i were both illegally removed i was talking to my attorney last night about what they did to both of us and illegally removed us from the ballot i really believe that you know i would fight for any one's right to be on the ballot without the barriers it they put in place people out because that's how they're start of the red right there is in a dog which they pack because they can control them while they estate couldn't control either you and i i know that they can't control jerry which is a beautiful thing so i'm proud to stand with both of you wonderful nature and i as well he would look at what happened to you a more the gods where would you have been he had to be low to be so continue in the way you were continued it was illegal improper a more olevano something or someone else is completely what's going on and you know what i look at that as the gods well is that very tree that again it is now seen where are you you or where you're supposed to be i agree it without a doubt where we were exactly over supposed to be and and i think that i think the whole thing is given gold and listen i a wonderful vantage point to see the corruption first hand and talk about it those were the system is broken down so that we can go forward and fix it it in and i wouldn't i wouldn't trade that experience for any for anything i think they just gave us adrian extra education and to go forward and really make big direct i want into make a big hit with etherington bean made the debt we are beyond the one that are going to make the difference now they say walton person do i get that alteration person to make edith the new cable read the scriptures yosemite it's not the masses yet amassed point amaze they do their what they're supposed to be but it's not always the masses that make the difference in atone person doing the way things that the ragtime really brings a change and that i'm doing the right thing at the way time and the word going to make the change the very bright future had of us i think that donald trump sat at the gates that the best is yet to come because you know or i'm almost sixty years old and so you know you look at the time and what we've seen over our life i personally don't believe that since i've been alive that we have had an election that hasn't had a girl's a mile of manipulation and a overtop i think it's been going on for the law for a very long time and now we actually get the ability to change the system and it back in and nonsense to three seventeen seventy eight style you know we're going to go back in time a little bit fight this tyranny that that though the people that lived in that time they understood the tyranny that were living under now this is not this is not the new you know there's nothing new under the sun and quite honestly i believe we're we're fighting a communist a communist infiltration where in the middle and we have been for quite a while the color ablution and call coloration is is is something that everybody should study out on because then you could see their tactics or destroying the culture that the cultural marxism etcetera and a foreseen forcing confusion once again we see that work confusion of chaos again which is not of god and the adamses that in the communist quite honestly communists are enemies there not in this sport are freedom there in this for control and for money when you know we've been doing quite a bit of study on where money is slowly from two back and forth between politicians foundations are education institution and it is absolutely absent you know i hear a lot of people talk about the damascening the and that sort of thing which is absolutely true this is a highly funded operation that we have going on but they are not the only ones there is about forty families that control the entire political landscape of the state of maine so we either play ball with them and let them buy votes let them buy influence have them gripped off of our tax dollars or we stand against them and say now we're done with us you need to go a crowbar little holes you you know montmorenci that's really what they are and take the back for four people and i think it's a real honor to be able to defend people who for all of us who decided to step forward and a pledge or our lives or our fortunes and our sacred honor stand before people without wavering without backing down without being beaten up and saying i is too hard but said you know you're goin to hit me that great because i'm going to get up and i'm going to hit back harder with in another direction and not not letting us not letting it take us down you know we just going to come back with every with every attack we're going to come back stronger and and it's in ingots behind it so it really realistically the already lost they have no hope so everybody jump on the whole side and will take us back together with with the whole nation and may as enticing him alessandro school style you know mamma's not going to stand for the city more and so we're going to have to come to terms that that our agreeable i agree i agree and i believe that a lot of people will the people will open their eyes and i don't know if there if you lochgarra over and arizona but that is counting votes over there you know intestines why hushes machines with their not doing anything for us i mean the people people could accounted belts quicker than these machines said and more accurately and you know we just we need the people need to open their eyes and i believe that this is going to make them open two party system has failed us major daly and water everybody knows this the people have been you know in these educate their neighbors their family their friends and what's going on here well and look at these machines the machines are basically owned by one cop one company and how they this is a cock pertectorate it look like any of the machines any of the companies are or have anything redeemable bottom they don't because they're all us in the same soft where that smart man wasted it so we're or dealing with is a corporate track to make us think that there is one other note of many good there abad they they ran the software to did you guys go see the late weakness week that came out where they were leaping the winters on not one different one network of thought is a dead alathee or something like that it is the coast but there was also a several other there actually for that weak it were then twenty four hours they were leaving it and blaming it on a task i went alone there is no possible way we've never done before so are enabled their lives now or smart with than that rolled by the reasoning for the test there would be no reasoning for the test and no deepest why would you use our candidate the actual candidates by one you use canada a beanery wore this is not a imitates i mean we have the numbers from this that they did and they looked pretty accurate from what the with the actual election results were in a battered that they could in put numbers and ratios into the system that's what they prove prove if they showed a million ballads that would have handed in process through this system in order to make it a true task all they proved to me is that somebody can sit behind a computer and input numbers and make us believe that we have anything that is that looks like an honest election so this was excites is how a vision it here is that he's made bob here's bob or joe sitting behind the computer up there and in these the number dominum ber on the main stream mediani think we're just going to inflict the number because because somebody and in landing told us we're going to use these ratios we're going to go ahead an influence leave fortuneteller the rest of us and he is just the type in a way and his son that there it goes you know there is no possible way they put a million bolinas this it was absolutely a rigged a tap on or are in is an information warfare attack and none of us who are away on thinking of buying one bit of this is a such a bunch of non you are not your way and very i point out to us believe that the vast majority of the people are they believe the convoy to that even though a mother efforts there at people to see the dietegen right and i still see it so my my observation is we need to cook us now not another bed each other we then the steamer put together and i get out to a note reconducted i in this position that i should be a matter the dark about oh every election in over i fear any kind of election it needs to be open to them all the people that are willing to stand upon a coyote said emanuel thirty after the the torectly the words that they used but that's what they said was to get personalities on i will we lost that ability because the republican condescension as away a short fat moiseney that they do to themselves now any other already the lately acted person it any denomination it unfortunate that our system has now made it such an expensive proposition the one any position interplanetary and now here we are with them arguing about a primary election i shouldn't be even really talked about because you know it's not giving us an opportunity to select he running to rome and a business which is what we are with the government is manning the way that we oh i can weed from it we need to put it back in its lilac in this way the people not we the money orders not we do people in napoleone unto us because we another to holbein and obviously in my amiability in obviously we have had serious that had been rigged the point where its plan or even realize that a slow this is a vastly with what is going on i think that we need to focus now but the retiarii to the table the court i believe in my opinion i believe the stream a sitting here that at the port were people to move this in the direction it needs to be and once were in there were an make the changes and the desolation machine has he said these machines are going to be dismantled and will use from pieces those machines in the state and the people the spirit leontion back where we should be it's going to be a fine process you know i know the two of you as well as myself i like a good fight for right to cause you know i tried heartened for nine compliance but i couldn't make that happen i got to try a little harder apparently to wingfield i suchlike it hands up i said i arose now because i'm not going to come so we might as well get this over with a start the attorneys working on this together and they would arrest me and i was like woldemar on them as from so he wisely ainsi suppose that all of us right now are being categorized as denys because we're speaking out against the election to bad for them and exercising my first amendment rights and i'm not going to stop so you are to make it the constitutional issue go ere i had but the absurd and unconstitutional and godless censorship of an all of us out there in the lucan say that because you we don't agree with you while too bad you know succincter you're working for us it only that i think that in an we need all say that you know the little cocoon sense would have been over if everybody would have just said you know i'm not on to comply i mean cavities no listening to to you know go home throw your little temper tantrums you have no control over as you are so so working for us and we will use do you agree we you don't agree with your taking over and it is it was a communist take over the united states america through an infiltration aversion incidental exactly what they did in the end result is treason and to know the crimes against humanity that there their doings with really amazing is the odd deity that they have over the crust now i got set of picture this morning which doesn't surprise me because we are all christians and faith based not fate christians who shut their churches down because they were taking five or one s three money and i'm going to stand on that anyone at shuteyetown during the coetlogon i've been doing some money chasing down and i found out that there were people in school boards that got a twenty thousand dollars bonus for instance instigating or carrying out the mass policy in school i'm not kidding you also i believe that the churches were being paid under the fierce three to shut down and carry out the god their communist marks a sodden any one of them that took any money in order to shut down and shut down the nation for during the little little of trees and it was carried out by our politicians is also guilty there are also guilty and in we need to realize how far and how this is i got can money down we have some people that were paid off and leadership position interest in our governance in you know and i brought this if i think before that that whitman at the hours of the people that were close at our thours a week so coonthry two hours a week news the coverlet money to eat to give each one of those people six hundred dollars a week to make up for those eight hours that they were cut which is seventy five dollars an hour for eight hours she that this is you know following the money you can really see it and as governor the great beautiful thing about being governor of the state of michigan it is the one position that can put every one in the trial because it's so it's the person you control the actual standing of the money and that's exactly what we need to do is that we're going to have to choke the whole thing down peyton grabbed the little system by the naked choke it down the side well well jerry is making sure that everything's constitutionally i know in a constitutional lawful process and were discontented of us are just going to keep land and blows on the system and how we put back into a proper order so i i don't know if you knew about that but yet that's a new one that's that people in school boards were getting a school boards and a schoolmistress it was at school or school ministers paid twenty thousand dollars to continue the assault on our children for the unconstitutional mass ridiculous making of our children which does nothing i i was absolutely you've got to be kidding me yesterday when i heard that i knew the house were going were going on but this is a direct reference of somebody who absolutely was paid off there oh absolutely and people you know i am not saying that if you have your child in a public school that your bad person not at all but people need to wake up to what's going on in these schools you cannot give your children to the government you cannot have your children over to the government that is what they are doing to these children not only mentally abusing them but they are physically abusing them and they are not you cannot you cannot have a child go to school six hours a day a five days a week and listen to this indoctrinated and come home and don't i wonder why they are indoctrinated and why they have these views you know and are confused and don't even know if there are a male or a female mind you my my son is six and he's never ever mentioned anything about that at nor have we an if you don't bring it up to a child they don't think about it and but these public schools are pushing the kids are coming out of these public schools and there are sang their gay and their not and it's it's the craziest thing i've ever seen i have uneconomic school and it's really upsetting an it's really really upsetting it's time to poor kids out of there in a look at look at what they're doing with the trans again how many trains are the transit joan how many facilities have popped up over the last i think it's years we used only have two of them across the united states and there's just a ton of the to do these traceries and such when they that kind of money behind it there's that kind of corruption and even that the drugs that they're giving the perilous with their getting children it is creating brain willing and permanent blindness the children by their parents and doctors in order to you know let me ask a question why is that any different than you know then the female gentleman that's going on in some of the countries that some of the religious countries the muslim countries across the nation really fundamentally think that this is such a crime it's not even funny you do not have the right to change god's creation in that way her child were suspect them were not supposed to be there you know for whatever reason i mean this this is absolutely horrific it would he look at the end result of it when you think jerry on lithe we talked about education otto regeneration basic facts of communism an opera at the point she containment in ten evacuation and to take their into a only the other the detection not and so the government it is not the man the state or federal barreto be the part what we have now as we have a paratime the state and federal government the government just with money of any state riotings then on the other hand if they do attestation the bondage of money and we need to take that man this is of individual persons concerned we need to be certain we can't give the opportunity or job to the government whether federal or state level to you are not as far as the transcended issues i think that is in a in the eye of our able and i believe there is one person in control of the one personage in indolent most people call on the adversary or safe the double and unfortunately position where we have taken from our parents the right to a please the roiled the child if you use your art now you got your going to jail elodie i'm not moving the tobermory or be the child but you did you tortenson sometimes and strange reward the touranian and alesia now that they can say detachments there there some wonderful ways like melisande re talking about parent in the other day and some things that i did i use just psychological warfare on my children when they were growing up when they did wrong things and i would do things like you're going it on that soon and hold hands for twenty minutes and tell each other that you love each other and he started out i love you or hurt your inordinate after twenty minutes they would be laughing so hard but i didn't tell you this when this was this is all so great i had to prison so if they were fighting you know or something or i would put the choice and to prison and they would have to earn them and pick and post a post bail for those toys to get them out and not only that they were my boys on it there were sharing a room two of them were and they were there fighting over a toy and i went up there and they were hollandtide weren't all that old s i like that one i like the other one i grant to put it on the ground and i smashed it right in front of the they started how and crying about it there was a best fifteen dollars i ever lost he never fought for a toy again and i'm like you i fight for a toy i'm not willing to listen to this so guess what you liaoyang i can tell you what they never fought over at again and that was the best fifteen dollars ever lost in my life now i the parentine as at one of i would say actually the hardest job and you know i and so hard and and god witenagemot and give us something that we can't handle he was our children if we can help i jokingly call my kids microcosms things like that about my into believe what epithet they do drive not entangle in the running around and and humping as hard but you homesteader never away from her children and that is very hard i mean it is extremely hard well like i said i had a check list for them every day they had a check list another thing i had as i had a star chart so they could earn stars for the star charge and he had approximately cushioned stars would earn them a trip to their favorite mouth place that i don't want to say the sudden name but you know what we all know what that is and so and each each line if they filled the line they got like a tricksome thing like that so they would get stars for things such as a good behaviour so i focused on the good behavior more than the bad behavior and quite honestly my kids really weren't that much of i don't really have any problems with my kids when they were little because of the consistency and gaveston there and through the neighborhood and we would just walk and talk and i don't sleep much so one of our traditions was as that on the first snow i would wake them up in the middle of the night on the first snow when it was really quiet out and we would go for a walk at night out in the cold and make a snow man and we would even if it was like a twelve and snow man we would make a snow man and in just him a great time basis quiet out and such an and it was really fun but i add some really wild things as i don't have normal ways of may be seeing the world when at one i think this is a funny story we were doing balaamite standerton for the table so went out and i cut some some branches down so we could make a little tree and i had a stinkfoot a bag of sand and i said to the kids okay take these spoons and we're going to put the sand in the fish ball and then we'll put the pot the branches in there and will create it with arts and glitter and ian ribbons and it was really fond so this is on the floor and our in my kitchen which at the time i don't it was a lousy for i could hear the less attiniata what they did i wanted them to enjoy their choildhood sands a lot of the teredos rules that would put on kids because we are afraid of woldshire there so they were they were doing this and realized that they were spilling more sand on the floor then they were getting in the container and am like oasis guaso i went out to one of the one of the stores in the big back sir and got a couple of bags of plainan i put it about sixty pounds and on my kitchen floor i put up dates so that they you know they couldn't track it out and if i had to if they want to go another room i pick him up and i'd live there will fesandet beats we went to crank the heat of the synthesis dick crane the heat up got the long chairs out there the timagoras symbols and we had a beach party on the floor in the kitchen and that lasted about a week before a cleanup and it was wonderful memories they still laugh about it now but a little bit of an unconventional mom i suppose now that's some that is so cool and i kept wooratonga leather but he that is so close to make a stand for the arearea time i mean you know it was no dead walks in a ghost what's the new hat to ukraine going on in the house today you know i'm willimera but it's a lot of fun and a sounder in making sure that i invite you and because the way we've got the sound dealt with your to day we have to be quiet with to her you know i i take families are they and their breaking apart the family and its adulation only are the keynotes of moralities are developed in the family not in the school anywhere else but in the family families that the institution of autonomy i relate the fishing time the family is the poor to everything and when he got lowenstein not above operation we need to bring otherwise the way i have only father initially instituted the yeah i think that one of the failings that we have his people and aesthetico munitions kind of a person and i think we're going to have to address his going forward as the way that we these the way that we address and taught to people we need to have more civility put into our families as well as politics in our nation in general and stop diminishing people because none of us are perfect were all there's only one perfect and that was jesus christ only began sid and he was the only one who had the right to throw a stone and he chose not to going forward in the path until is that we're dealing all us with very imperfect human beings we live in a fallen world and we're going to have to approach each other with a huge huge amount of grace and humbleness in order to see ourselves as someone to help other people and hopefully when we fall or fail they will extend that same graciousness to us in this journey of life that god has put us on so the disarming a mouth in the way that we look each other and with looking at each other with compassion because and in a very difficult following world alone i people are predictably unpredictable and i seen as that were in a situation official most pe the unpredictable responses that we get out of that we hear we don't need to take that personally and in looking at it as you know this is what a lot of families get into the family communications if i'm right your long bed that they did this to me so people use that is an excuse to take a fat well as the bible says that love does not get a found it and the way that we can accomplish that in a very real to take a step back and what i'm hearing is not in the takingest me somebody that's dealing with the case the crazies within their own had trying to cope with whatever it is that their dealing with and we don't have to you know they can say you know whatever they want you know and we can walk away and say they had a crazy moment but not lettin affect us for one sick and move on and go get him a cookie and gave him a hug all you look like your having a tough day today body what's going on and and tell me more how are you feeling tell me more to get him to get that poison within their spirit that their feeling out as it is is probably almost almost ninety nine frontier cent of the time has nothing to do with you you just standing there you're the one that the standing there that they see as someone who they can aweless on so so let them jesus said you know a man wants something they want one thing give him give them giolitti is one of those things that we can give people when their hurdy and there is an awesome power of the listening heart listen to other people in their moment of stress and lack of control and trying to put things around them in in a crazy chaotic might design world by design put it in the proper perspective and when we bring when we bring god into any situation come in civility we can give people that stability that only comes the strength of our father him working through us i agree i agree and it is it is very very important for families to remain strong and were spouter and and raise their children in church and you know and raise their children to understand right from wrong because this world you know it's just it's everywhere and you know i have my kids and a private school my grandpa is a baptist preacher and his benefactor for forty eight years and he i was raised in church and that all i knew me and my sister my cousins and we went to church cameriere loved it and i'll tell you we were terrified of our parents and i don't see that today with these and until this day i'm thirty five my grandpa i would never disrespect my grandma i would never disrespect my dad but i see my cousins doing this all the time yet and i see and there my younger and i just could never understand it never and i just don't know where they got it from it like it was just five years younger and there are totally different than me my sister and my cousin that were born you know a year apart but i don't know where this comes from with these kids it's like an see them having respect for you know their parents or too many people actually shocking to see it and like i said till this day i'm thirty five i would never i have no reason to but i would never disrespect parents may grandparents i would not and our children watching the way that these kids have to like watching i just i don't understand it it's a trinity it's like my day i had a tough danican my dad was a very toscanini did knowledge agree with him when he when i was younger but i'm going to tell you what it was like but camp for me and and he prepared me he loved me enough to prepare me for this world that we live in so that i wouldn't that i would be also tough in order to not be pushed around not be told what to think not be taking advantage of her or or hurt my people who just want hurt other people and so a tough moments one of the greatest things in the plan and when you listen to people the like o my mom was tough there so proud of their parents that are told they may not like it at the time but they brigitte that they survived and when they were older and i'd like to bring something else out because i know what's going to happen we're going to people are going to all these people their horrible the children in this that the other thing because they brain wash us and to thinking that disappointed and or giving them a proper direct is not a kid being so be who you want to be do as you will which comes from the the doctor and of albert pike its distictly it's a satanic the satanic perspective one two to let people run into their own devices because that's really what it is so it before anybody wants to virtue said you mean spies we're going to bring it right out there and throw it out there spies one of the largest human trafficking organizations on go planet bar none we are a country and weakening of children out of out of families and making us believe that to guide and direct our children is a is a crime that coming from spies or any other social organization who wants to jump in front of the right of parents is absolutely showing their color and i mean that you know you got horses of many colors they are showing us exactly who they are when going forward who are they are what their character as this is an evil evil john step in front of parents and make us believe that we're doing something wrong that's going to add and i mean that by there's enough of us out there that understand exactly what's going on as spies we are having a million i've got a statistics here let me pull this up just so that we are we are not many words and we are completely understanding that evil game that they are plain with our families and our children we are having we had over were having about a million people a year over million people children year van how many perches a lot in the foster care says keep a going to foster care his children are going in to foster care there they are times more likely to disappear or to be hurt and posteritati three thousand shoulder and a man this is a statistics are to day a hundred fifteen children an hour one every thirty seconds if it may in it it should make us a wonder where are they going not only are they were they going but i can tell you that under the clinedinst ration they were insane our law enforcement caps in son of ice up to a thousand or up to a million dollars a child to remove them from the family so they created the narrative of you know don't disappoint your children you can't touch him you can't say anything you can't you can't do a thing to stop them from running running in front of a semi without without being labeled a bad person sees coming in and seeing that child is a cash and sun to take them away from the family and i'm not going to stop talking about the you know i've done down into the bar of the red ones and i know where they're going and it is absolutely going to be shocking beyond all words to what's been going on right under our noses communist did a world war two they were killing people in the concentration camps they were they were doing horrific crimes right under the noses of the population and their doing it again so and were going to continue to bring this forward bring the confront because all of these nonillions per year of little people is is he rich the crime is going on and everybody better give in on give it get in on fixing his arm going to tell you what they're going to have to stand in front of god and explain themselves to why they did not stand for the right reason and to not not just to take the country babette the country back and defend those without a voice in the rotting not always when the rattan in the right time and the white face i have to be doing the and your jacky right it's just not a travis it was not toil in the most it is so bad none because it and the steamboat literal no people is one table this is a time of the time you know what it is it is something that we should atone we need to be doing the right the right time of the steterunt subject but it needs to be addressed and then to be don't and we have a a rain and simple down rioting so that we teamster the canoniere everybody this woebegone my sanity i know that everybody is going to if the opportunity to answer with everything that they have they will get their just on and i believe i personally believe i don't want that report i want to reward that of being the great place at the right time doing the way then and i hope that i hear the word should i was with painful so that and you know with this sea also i don't don't i've never had a seat seasonable who now but i do know also that bites you know labeling people domestic terrorist you know so and when they do this they are also with look what they do with people that spoke out in the event these schools words a month back or they labelled mothers as does domestic terror if you where's this last i'm where is this last because this is like the third time that they want to talk about domestic terrorism on when we all know who the real domestic terrorists are here you know and this patriot act as totally insane so they were speaking about a bouchal taking suite children of orders just america first patriots that the bed support this right and they said that were not capable of raising childer to be honest i thought that we were that somebody was going to come to my house and the last six go ahead sir organ we lost the connection there oleah alas inserted with saying that i am i hear stories about caps i've never had then come to my house i don't know i i do know that they are labeling mothers that speak out at the school boards at the school board meetings they are labelling them domestic cares if you support it's alcoholically isolation is what it is in their using their threatening us with are and that is a problem and in wine this star parents i don't see why you get used to open your eyes you have to open your eyes i mean honestly i and work astralis the last to be able to send on our kids to a private school but if we could not if we couldn't do that i will tell you that i would not work i would not work i would as i will do anything i possibly can to keep them out of these public and they will never go to a public you know there's a lot of help out there but the way the government is labeling parents as domestic terrors god was too far you know with the patriot act this patriot act is so unconstitutional so illegal when they pulled this you know during nine tennin eleven happened people the people should have rise up against this this allows the government had taken anybody put them in prison not to anyone they don't have to say anything her family nothing they don't have to allow you to make a phone call you can literally set there for the rest of your life without a trial in the consider you to be a domestic terror and what the nature activities country and that's why they had the ability to lock up these people from january set and leave them in there like they have without any rights or they haven't had a trial there being the eliciting absolutely and and you know what they're doing it just so outrageous so my advice to the parents at this point as decoration of their letting the government control your children and raise your children it is not okay you know we see what they've done to these children is terrible and you know with the car as cephas if they ever came to my house i will tell you that there would be a huge pie may a baracoon a well and i think that to talk further you know what i'd like to do for funding for funding for education and i think this is marionettes as a starting point we have an idea and then we invite lots of people into the discussion to see what everyone wants done so so what that disclaimer so for example person is a student is getting about seven hundred dollars from the government for education that's what they're getting paid for so my thought is as if we took that went to education as for the choice of the parents and we held back in the public school system we would be able to through the public school in their area the location or whatever the parents can decide whether they want their children to participate in certain programs that are like a sports or band or or automatic or whatever is in the public schools but then allow them to take a sixty seven hundred dollars to go to either a pirate school or a charter school or even when i think about this as a as a past home school mom and i think that we have had a little bit of the one because we don't want public money going to parents that are paying off mortgages or things that aren't going to their children but think about the a group or a couple of parents wanted to get together they could hire a teacher a steam coming from the from the state that the teachers would make a lot more money and we were go right back to one room school houses that are truly directed the of the school board is that the school board is a are the pure and the parents get to direct exactly how things are done there's a lot of advantages to finding it that way a kind of don quite a bit of research and how i think that this is would go the effect that it would have on all it would increase competition because we have more or less a monopoly right now in education it would increase competition which competition in education is going to raise the standard for actually turning out students who have a bright future how do them because you graduated them not just indoctrinated down and i believe also that the best schools are are going to increase in parents will just pull them pull their kids out and go to the schools that are actually getting their children an education and we are the majority were not the minority people that want to to keep the kids in this indoctrination nansie that have no future for them or finally going to get it figured out but they're going to have to play by the rules of the the good schools were actually turning out well educated people so accomplish as many many things and in a very quick period of time also on one of those issues i'm working with i think we should find trade schools and i think we should find all police training police actual police academies and found it to the point where we are giving officers they are right now they have to pay for their own their own shifting to be a sheriff and that's true for many law enforcement agencies that to pay for their own training so they don't go into it or when they do get the training they leave and they go to save the state police which is a unionized police so it were if we paid for them to go through school and we consider a long they pay back their long by not money but by years of service in the state we would ramp up and build a place or a true law enforcement which is community based rather than state may and cut back the state police finding which that's totally out of work that should be the way i started out was investigation crime seen investigation and forensic and now all of a sudden everything goes to the state police may become basically the government the governor's little capi think we need to change things out not that he not that i'll state police officers are bad but the structure is wrong there's there's a very good people in all different areas of our state there's really good teachers that are in a system that are trying to fix it there are wonderful republicans who are on the republican party trying to fix the system that they have to work with so i'm not demanding individuals when i'm looking at is a very poor structure that's in place which encourages corruption and that that's where we have to go go to fix it i believe completely at lately agree and that's a great idea done up did you say six these seven hundred or eighty seven at any paralleled the is the port that i have that that is pain for for individual students that the average of the the average i heard so if we had sixty seven hundred dollars follow the student through say you know a voucher system or whatever we decide to do that way that is up to the discretion of the parents the side what to do what to do with it but realized that if they want home school because when i got in home school and it was a pretty hard core we were one of the first people to actually jump off the and fight for him schooling rights we worked with home school legal sandwich david calling was part of at the time and you had to be pretty hard for that you were willing to go to jail for your for your belief in me were still putting people in jail at the time in trying to prosecute parents who were jumping off their indoctrination camp that animal and so a lot of home schoolers would not take the money because they don't want to have control from the state over what they teach because they're used to having a state the state education which takes got out in a samaritan so but we do have to have some check that parents aren't going to decide to say hey look i can if i put my kids out of school for here i can get sixty seven hundred dollars per hind i'm going to go buy a new car or pay off my mortgage so we're going to have to have some checks and balances to make sure that it does go to the education of their children not every parent appearing skills that we would perhaps hope darnley well the things that that i noticed the we got a lot of work to one lot of topic a lot of topics important topics not i labored to go we need to out the the place so we can taste all these ideas besides ornatus ideas these ideas are present upon which others built this city on show rip she we aback americus or go in situations like were one i like to aquitaine i have just about and you beresford of you don't know it we have i have been just now should baratarian this country and i beseech i have followed alone at we were what we shall and now right now now we are reaping we could show may be not used eventually the pleas as of people not doing what we need to do the time we enter and all sorts of reasons why excuses as what all we need to look at when being on and put her live straight but he lives back on a in one the longing to have been one who was over the years at one time the father write i want to work every day the mother state home creamily in the household and to barometer thing that needed to be taken care of i believe but the the best of his calling that anyone person on american is a being in a and taking her we be to we've been wet with been puttin the mother and above many a one of them have a parting the shine such i this is part of the plan the saadian they had my and he detested everything else and his great coat and the rush of it will all i want to thank you so much i minnow you have to go jerry and i just want to tell you i i am so proud stand with you and and i'm going to tell you i was feeling pretty hopeless with the choicest for attorney general that we had sitting be setting before us until you got the nomination as attorney general candidate for the stars party and i'm an tell everybody that this this man is the one that we need is a tourney general as the parting is qualified he is the best one to do this job because he understands and will hold it to hold every one accountable as well as work work tirelessly with civility this state back into the proper procedure and measure everything to the constitution and and your your honest man your moral man and and a person who will stand up for families in the values that the majority of us really appreciate and i just want to thank you so much i would like to make sure that the three of us get out on a regular basis on bradbeer here and we can all talk people john on and they contribute to the common sachons i can see some of the comments were still trying to work for system out here and but we can in fact back and forth it people and listened ideas i would love it i keep could call an i'm goin to work in on that work on that to see if we can do a call and show to see if people can call in a talk to a directly at some point time i not take somebody that said they could satiating to do that with and i met great but anyhow you have a wonderful day thank you so much for being an toeprints jerry frankish i agree and we we fully support you thank you thank you so much for running we really were were so standing at tadworth you it's an honor it is an honor to honor and thank you for stopping up to this then it's an honor so attained were back on another time things have a great day are i aspiration is a hen inspiring oh he's amazing he is amazing he is actually a breath of fresh air donna non politicians a leader the first time the first time that i met him though i bethought he's a statesman and that's what we need political nonsense where people are there here nitetis the political nonsense it's going on a sitting back in the shadows and snaphance ran in at personal level but they never really talk about anything real it's just snapping at each other you know you are not in the fighting people that are doing the snipe they hide behind names other names but they won't come out of the shadows so they just sit there and they snap at people who have the guts to put themselves out there and then and when whenever i see somebody that goes by a fake name garlot of them in the patriot groweth out there not the idol that they are paid opposition of like the probably part of antiquity and honestly and or working for sorehead for the nipissing in these channels no matter you know what truth they to be under a interesting than on because of like these the i know who you're talking about i know i know so many of them and we have a couple of years and economy that are light mother so bad that there so bad there master they lie they lie likewise they can lie without any any you know without any consequences i've got a few of them take down to who they are because when they start sniping a people and putting things out there that are its defamation it's like you know that this is his part of the problem if we the truth not only as mainstream media the number one adamite people these these paid proctors who are in patriot channels who are claiming to be our friends are working with us to try to get people to trust the telling people who to vote for the putting out motoring all of this to manipulate the opinion in the boat to go in the direction that they want it to go in which he now if we really look at these anonymous people that are sitting out there not that all of marmaduke don't know who a lot of times we don't know who they are and they have no and they also have no work history it like you look into their work history you can otanethi you can't find and i do extensive background tucopea but continue this kind of behavior with me these background hacksaw combat the same they are normally from out of state they are normally from normally our business owners failed business ones they all shall be well you and and by for some odd warison they all have these as you they are sonatas really interesting actually they all have it and several their several things that they have in common but what this is is it a strategy from the one of the parties that they used to attack canada and active that that are supporting a different candidate than they are but are supporting the actual conservative and be in that race these are global as these people are global and that's what they support now if they do their job correctly then he promised to see and lansing either working for that particular politician that their supporting or been promised as an actual sea and bad happened withstand brought i was there so you know i was told that by the republican party stand promised a state house you think his wife keeps trying to run to get one just want to count commission last but so instead of him giving up his possession and his salary as clerk when he is running election delay but i he well why not get to are we at the two pensions why not you know what my wife and this too would she works in a lunch room and is not ballytore position at all in nordeney stand brad was actually a line cut before he got involved in politics but he will be the first to tell people that they are not qualified for the possession just something that that the republican party as to acknowledge this is the reason why we have why we have failed tremendously well i'll go gosforth here that i don't really care what position people hold i think everybody has the same right to serve it's not the jobs that they've done or what they've are done or anything their moral behaviour that counts to me i would rather see you know somebody run for president who is in fact the line cook or you know or anything that honesty is you know is as an honest and moral person honestly supports their family and i i could care less what they do i just would like to see people who are honest but when you see those people who have taken pay off and you can see my following the money that they have been working for their own self and rich man rather than a holding of holding a standard of the nation were we a people that's where i have a problem and you can always see that when you follow the money every single time oh yeah yeah we need to you know we need to really call these people out to because to anything that's plain the systematic to be called out while absolutely and it's time to start calling but calling people out so now another thing i wanted to say as when you say follow the money a dustman i want people to understand us because this is something that i actually had an issue with when i was following money and i will tell you that when your following a canada if you look into a certain candidates campaign finance you have to remember something got to be actually pretty shocking to several people people report their own campaign since so they're not always to they're not going to outrage show everything should they will always show the path they will always show up packs have donated to him but the individual donors are sometimes and i have seen it happen when once i have been running i've seen certain managers that do it and in the hide money that way this is something that they do to hide money now i mean is there anything we can do about it yes if if we know for a fact that they're getting money from somebody that they're not reporting at rome we could no report it but is it is anything going to be done about it probably not i think it's another system that needs torn down and rebuilt because i believe it and i had so many issues campaign manager and that we should as candidates have an actual debt car that a man together how were you are spending your money in it it goes directly to the report you know and it shows in that way we would have complete transparency and where where you're getting your money and it shows up on an a report like you know through the state i don't want the state to have control over everything but we do need transparency when it comes to our our candidates and politicians absolutely whose funding man and you know in these packs and all this and right now there's absolutely not with the way he system so complicated it's absurd and there's no way to really get a handle on it in my whole thing is i'd like to see a day campaign cycle where the wee there's only that you know when you and now you've got days to campaign get your information out there instead of have it be this very spring politics protocol with these absurd debate you know how much money there spending on these they sat up besides effected there aradan is the goal of any of these debates as to create a secondary celebrity status politician who can control because you as soon as they start these debates if they want to remove some one and we watched it during this whole cycle i didn't participate because i thought it was nonsense and rigging to participate in this that i think are contributing to the downfall their therein a secondary political celebrity status and they are literally controlling in censoring candidates who do not fall in with her special interest or their agenda so so if if a candidate steps out a line and as not and does not howdidoo continue to be a purveyor of the nation that they want out there they're going to cut access you go on and if we must so do that i watch him do that too referred he he was left out of things too now you know when as a candidate besides sensorial removing a whole bunch o from the ballot there removing people from debates from access be from being from being invited into their propaganda machine which last mananaan months long cateran in their setting people up in order to elevate take down they put money into things that take money away they they have access they connected with people they deny the they deny i never got an opportunity to talk to president trump we had people that we were talking to the camp but i never got an opportunity to actually talk to him which i think is a shame i mean as it is there is there is there manipulating even those contacts in the action should all of us have the same authority what we didn't and so made and you know where did that stop where i stop and and i think we should have a a and how money can be spent in political campaigns at were it ever this is not it's like it's like selling a product rather than choosing someone in the job interview you know sir why is it that we are camping at it even on the outside a hundred thousand dollars should be far enough to have a campaign for governor i mean that's what it really should be camped at as a red thousand dollars or less if it's more than that we're only feeding the beast system and the political industry because there is a harmonious it pay to how much does the governor say motahuana hundred eighty five hundred eighty seven thousand dollars a year so evening no i mean i mean even if you spent you know if we cut it down to fifty thousand dollars a year and he had one central location where people could post say you know like like what i'm doing as i may in video on my phone every thing that i am doing is just some kind of sentient then you know if i need a little help we had volunteers that will will help so that there is really it's really just kind of more volunteer organization and i sat on it with this in mind to do it that was not going to do nay that politics were carried out there is no way i won't i won't do it because to me that means that i am buying into and carrying the football forward to the anson of continuing for the game to go forward and set a time to pop the football you know the the game national stop and i think it's neither an easy way to do that you know if we if we provide it if we provide electric medium where all candidates could information to camp and in a hundred thousand dollars no packs no no pack money goes into no dark my not to go and a bugle donation of a citizen we will and this go rodeo of a totantora for play election scheme because that's all it is oh absolutely i mean you look at the state house at dona you know as spent nine maybe it was a mere he is a good man and yea and unfortunately last night was a bad night for one but i have faith that he will not for him for us with this country and you know carriage legislator and he's one of the best people we could have possibly done in there and do wasteland now don't waste a failed politician he is literally taking a for absolutely no rest no nothing for us but look at the money he is put in the these races they put hundreds of thousands of dollars into a state house those race he was a he was a senator and then ruth johnson ran against waseche did not want to run against ojosan so he went and ran for his old seat that he has one term left and and that is just unacceptable it doesn't make any sense at all you should never be able to move back down like that and you don't want to run again some one that you think on a war so you go and run for a seat you already had a up from it's just it makes no sense in the sky has in these politicians get away with so much a sickening the men he the sky has several roving tickets and weaves his coronation you know gets in accidents and doesn't get question about anything unbelievable what's going on in this country we've outlawe lost a lot of sea and it's really upsetting to see somebody campaign for years and these candidates that we supported i mean donoho many sexless and i to get this back we have oeconomica party were just provide in a better action for a failed for a failed a unitary which is protecting itself because the goal is since we saw that there was no republicans in in the leadership that stood up for president trump for election integrity there was no one that was fighting heard it with all came from the outside for people from the outside that fought for the repose out for it and i believe that we have a great case to say that the uni party wants with me machine there avertedly what this is about is to be is to continue on with a status crow the pay or play and they do not want real republicans and they want either people that are democrats running as republicans or and the governor sent in such as they want water back in his bed they've got a nice little game here in order to money landrath state they're doing it nationally they're doing it through the state look at how much money is gone to a landed and its money andrinetta two ran to two other countries while our nation is struggling as were taking it refuges which is against that part of the human trafficking problem the pipeline that they're bringing here because these people are criminals they they are money laundering their weapons human trafficking and drug trafficking complicity complice individuals absolutely they are and you know it's fine because in disgusting by last two two years ago when i started really getting involved in that after the election i heard several people from inside the republican party saying we can only win with a woman and and we and then they were saying that they were going to throw any the republicans have planned on allowing what merton what you are seeing is a hundred per cent so the whole thing with tutor at and unable knows and you know just stepped into the scene last minute and has all this dark funding and in actually looks like i can to say this for she leslie a sane there like an ant biserta she came out and on a sea though a special expression you've got to see the she will not answer questions regarding the election that's a red flag she will not talk about the january six prisoners that were taken and held illegally and are being held right now an abuse mostly and physically will not speak about this pulmonata so somebody that is is refusing to give their opinion on a topic that we know or a huge assurance people are suffering major ly americans what why why in so refusing and to me i don't think she is any better than white yeah i would have to agree with that i've got something in yesterday and i want to taste the stone down brought this upon the care i don't know if you know i'm going to see if i can bring it front of the camera but you can see here hilary are the pelican and i'd like to look at the outside on cross the and i saw a turk from her one christmas that she was like wishing she was wishing the satanic shirt a wishing well while on a show you what i got yesterday now i have to confirm this but if this is a true picture we have a very large problem oh my gosh how interest to that was the speech he was doing i think i like to see the look in her eyes i'd like to find out if that's you know i don't take anything at face value when i see something like that my first question is as i want to know where it came from i want may be run it through a program to because you can run it through program to see if the image was in fact potshots or or if there is because there's an awful lot of photo shopping going on so i want to check that out to be able to say definitively but you know i think that this should be a concern the allies i know that i clinton was were absolutely they were absolutely from what i could see a true representation of what was going on as a member of and or involved in that there's another thing that people should be aware of is the number of a cast are round as a covenable its wings that quite a few of these of our politicians are actually involved and that's something i think we're going to have to take down or you know take down some notes and check this out too because the amount of actual organizations that are committed to the crimes going on which i think if we start looking there we're going to have our answers as to where these kids are growing and what's really happening to them i think i think that we're going to be more than shocked and disgusted at what we found i have a bunch of videos that that you know i save a bunch of things and i saved him in about a million different directions because now that the some one of these days of bison to do something stupid and so on like a man put in a million place as so that then i anything happens there's a dead man switch there on donna brandenburg on somebody else will trigger this thing all over the place but the vicious and the things that you could find of the what is actually happening to people you can go back to the winter laptop and what happened with that i don't know if you looked into that but i think most of us who are awake at what's going on you go back and see exactly what these evil people are doing and or on one you know that new york the new york city detectives were there was people that looked and saw the video on the liner the two video on the assurance file on the winterland only three of them are left alive because they're trying to sentence the silences people of what their actually doing two children and and this is not a one of abstention was not one of this is a huge huge organization and of small organizations which are part of large organizations it is that you could you could create an or church for this just like you wouldn't accompany and see who is connected to whom and we'd better start asking some questions the illegal activities and the crimes that there that their committee against humanity in order to have money and power speak it is unspeakable and the fact that we have had absolutely nothing done as far as all action integrity does after having entire election stolen from i don't understand how people are questioning the then i'm so disgusted by everything that's going on in these parties and how we watch this election being stolen we have people being held as political prisoners that are getting absolutely no ah you know they can work oratory and tortured the enforced one on oconto american soil absolutely they are and these people there was this documentary i watched it was done by affecting it was called the truth about january and it is the truth about january sex i was there a then i went to a peaceful rally to a day what i saw that day was people that were upset that had the i was there playing on people's emotions that's what i saw that day was betrayed absolutely was men to be honest i am not you know i have a family and him you know young kids you know the stone and i don't i don't play into anything like that i am a woman i don't get ill all involved you know i don't run up then and and you know i would never get involved or go you know and idadu anything like that i just have no you know i just don't care i wouldn't do that i know better not stupid but i watched what happened that day and then going back to my hotel and turning to the new one and looking in watching how they were talking about these people i looked at my husband and i this is the look at how many federal agents were involved in her and his look at ray out and that i count the federation because this ye who open the door you know you had twenty thousand pound doors there somebody magnetically you know magnetically lock down door and then wanted to any of us that that a group of people could open the door there is no possible way somebody had open somebody had as her people in and the whole thing just and honestly at president trump call open the nagari put in place and that was deep sex my my deep betrayers that wanted to wanted to have control of the situation so these people then that denied haunteth had called for for actual protection and such so what would happen animateth it was an twas a fanfaron and there at the noose this whole thing is a sad they the federal architecture horrible it is and and then actually that night all that stuff that was happening at the capital why in the world of the manor wait until six thirty to issue a cure she sent the cure out around for it you know comes your phone and alert your phone and it said everybody must be back and inside by six thirty and i still have that in my tone by the huns and francaise tigrana why didn't she call for the circus of the i for thirty five you know why we until six thirty he didn't she say everybody get off this street now they never talked about that the january sixteen they've never brought it up how that curveting she d'alloi until six thirty p now another thing is is i don't know if you saw this but i got lanfranco the other day ray abstersive employed through dominion enterprise oh the rice ray dumb and the flamy face but page and said all dominion enterprises is not connected to dominion voting will actually and we're lucking into it but but the times that i see right now it absolutely is i don't know how anybody could deny that now where is this guy where is this guy and now this january six committee isn't going back into session until the beginning of september i believe what are they doing you know that's always concerning to me what are they doing then they look at the i don't know if you watch any of these hearings down on but i watch them and i watch them for a reason i wanted i want to know what their and so when you watch these hearings very obvious that the people they get on this talking are filled to say that that archangels kaethchen she is looking for a possession somewhere it's very clear and she wanted the notoriety is what she wanted and she was walking out of this court or whatever is in it she is she's taking pictures with the press smiling taking pies why why i have not i am as seen anybody else do that she's the one who claimed that she jumped out of his seat and tried to grab the steering wheel to go back on a that is credible these people in their claims how long is it going to take donald trump to realize people that have been closest to him are the people that are stabbing him right in the back yeah there's a lot of things that don't make sense the case situation i was wondering from the beginning and that one is what sithe actually working out this the she one good side of the bad side because if she were on the bad side and set the sub with with you know accusing president trump and such president trump is really good a plan for the forecasts a lot of times i think that we've got an internal battle going on in our in the united states a little bit but i do believe that the good guys are over all that they are in charge sikander if if she's about more exposure because i do believe that there are certain people that are placed in a certain time then order to expose the criminality of people around them in such a typically aminta we'll go back to devise that information of the video on bobby powell i think that's kind of an interesting you know why there should be a way more videos out there hitting hitting the hitting the streets and what were seen out there with that many people there i am shocked something that i find highly unlikely but why is it that all of these all the millions you know the millions of ours of video out there why it aren't there so you know that there is everybody there had a camera it waterpipe were taking videos and how come is how why is it that were seeing the same ones over and over and over again and not not from iolanthe capital won't they released their meteorites of it reeks of what happened at the canned assassination with a canned assassinate there you know they were destroying you know they were destroying moving people out of the way people are you know anybody that was standing there pretty much disappeared through dooranee but there was there so few camera angles on that that it makes it you have to wonder what was going on so i personally do not believe that he was he was assassinated by wearable it it's not possible that somebody could have made that shot and and not only that if you study at this you know there is a there's way too much going on there and there's there's not now one part of that makes any so i think not just question but we should question everything that we see because the narrative is being controlled what were seen as far as photographs and videos are being controlled this is truly a communist state and we no where to go to get information and i put the out there again i have another another log out there which i'm going to throw out there for people in case they get a we hae and getting sense disconnected or silence they can go to the log in it we daneford com and i will be posting videos and such there and then we all so well so have brandenburg news not work which were going to spin up and run rather than you know for dona for governor so i'm going to try to get as many different options for people to find us possible so if we are censored by say any of the social media and or the the tact people that are way about above our pay grade if were sensitive sense in that direction we're going to pop up where a pope beeman many different directions the going is just that people have to know where to find us so you can you can check in with it down afore doom and then we will continue to provide more options out there and just we're just going to decentralize is because they're not going to know which way we're going to come and i'm nacumera you want to play information work for boys you know out there i were digital soldiers and that means we're going to pop up in so many different areas that won't you take one side one area down guarantee tended ten a hundred a thousand more sights or more more than used to get through the people are going to pop up and you are going to lose they are going to lose this this insurrection the invasion of the united states this communist invasion because we are patriots and we're not going back down as we are not we are not any not one was just thinking i bet you i could i think that we can link this to my stream that would be great and that would be really in our audience up to i would like people to know too that i am going to be probably calling her fear involved in any way like you know i have a lot of data from in pain so if you were if you are a supporter of my one of my campaigns i called from both illegally then i will be emailing i'm sending out some email glass dana for governor and i will be calling him in to be calling we really need to get her donations of we have to these are going to be under donnans she is the one running i don't i have an open committee to elephant you have to appeal but they are going to do done under donna with her website so danforth calm and we really need to get these donations of we were tonnawanta the logs set to do the oswego under brandon got comes brandenburg for governor got tom is where you will find the links for my gift on go account in order to contribute and were going to need that because we're not taking the stark money it's going to be as there are standing together and furthermore i'm an ask everybody out there if you're involved in paratroops joined more of them join more of these groups that we can continue to post post and get information real information out there to the bill i mean if if if everyone put a goal in front of them to doubt to maybe three people a day not that hard to do and an accomplished it or to get on these groups and say you know what i'm going to i'm going to want a lofty gold here of recent sethos and people a day with a doing a post and say ten groups or one group that has a thousand followers of something repose you can tax you can email you can call people you can get them help them help them get plugged in to the sapremann specifically at all our social media outlets as well as the bloodthirsty this is the way to do it without finding china and the public enemy number one which is mainstream media absolutely absolutely and a state wide race as very expensive to run it is extremely expensive you have to get her name out there and that's where the money that's where the money comes in and you know i don't i don't believe in you know spending millions of dollars and a governor reynolds painted that she is she has n't believe in any other she she won't take her on athens and do that she's going to use them as if they were her own money if her heart ere money and she going to use them in and make sure she gets you know a lot at these donations she's not going to waste them but we have to have that we have to have money to run this campaign we can't do it and you got to look at it this way too and sometimes it's hard for people you know don is the one running she is helping our us running she is putting herself out there to run for governor so that we have another action in this country are the state you know and ultimately this country it is a very hard thing to do it is a lot of time and you look at just look at the primary election we thought that we were going to you know just when i say we i mean patriots for going to open her eyes and see what was going on while i believe people eyes are open we did not have enough individual stand up and run for public office frightening to me and but the reason why was because people don't want to put their lives out there like that they don't want to have to sacrifice this time they don't want people looking into their entire life in it it is an uncomfortable thing some one has to do it and dindong that so what we need to do we need to help her through the and i'm saying we because i am you know the whole so amasomi know we need to help through this we have to be at it's going to take the entire state it's going to take every one in the state to roll eyes you know that we do not have a voice right now if we want to get white back in you know don't get involved but if you if you want your freedom and you want your children to actually be able to go to school and learn and not have to worry about them getting mentally and physically abused as cool a and you don't and you don't you know i don't want to have to worry about you know the government coming to your house or capacity house and take in your children from you an you know this political prosecution going on in this country right now imitating now we're not going to have a chance to do something so i is and in this time term election this is our last chance to move forward and in if we lose it we will have too much power centralized in one area there is another a potential that we may never get back again so we're going to have to put all our differences aside we're going to have to find reasons to get along as you know you're never going to agree with anybody one hundred percent of the time were we going we're going to have indifferences of opinion on everything so at this point we need to find what it is that we can agree on and that is the protection of the rights and given by god to each one of us page a fortune or are our fortunes are time our sacred honor to each other we need to pledge thus in order to stand together as the owners of this nation in this state we own it will and so so instead of the sitting back and taking what the bread crumbs of her giving us we need to demand lento demand that they are in fact a holding their oofie that they are upholding their duties because this is a duty of a service post in order to carry out not only the feet diary our responsibilities to the tax payer and the people of the shinbones doing the right thing before and we know what the right thing to do as you know as preston you know what these politicians are doing is not right you know that nobody has to tell you that we all know that we know what is for our children we know who's going to whose going to be a voice for them and and you know the whole system needs cleaned out and in that's what one's going to and that's when running and i think and i appreciate that at i believe that we're going to have a great mind feeling that but back to the example that jesus sat for us to he hung out with tax collectors and prostituted he didn't sit there and with a son heron and the lawmaker and the people under the law he went to the homes of people were very low people and and we're going to have to open the way we perhaps look at things and lay down our weapons and understand that our weapons are this war is not against our neighbors and the people that we may have to have somebody yesterday that was talking about having a neighbor across the street who was a democrat and they could hardly talk but they both really want the same they really still down there are some fundamental differences but between the two of them between the two of them they they would be better their time better spent fighting with each other and realize we're fighting a global est out global crime sent and some of these things we can iron the details out on later but if we are distracted in these the detail areas we are we're going to let them divide us to the point where they they're doing exactly what they want us to he was going after each other so that they can do whatever they want john kirk is posted the carried lake just on the arizona nomination for from the go the congratulations carry yes congratulations carry like that is amazing that it got the shorter than going on another festooned wished i always think when i see her so she reminds me of a solidifying you know what it is a laziness on my part because i literally get up i take a shower the morning i call my hair and place it youribanies me less than five minutes to get rid in the morning and pistollike you looks like a donation not going to spend and i am i am absolutely not going to spend an hour during my make up in my hair there they're going to be lucky to see me comin on camera without a piece of straw and my hair or an my coyotes is gotten it from doing something else i not yet i'm never going to be a great plastic political action figure is just tom there will your human and that the reality you know that any well what do we want we stop here to morrow we have we have two people that i believe it beyond to morrow i listen christie christie actually worked a groom with a sigh the political machine and laugh he understands how it works especially having to do with with how the manipulating our money and taken her money through unlawful ways to make it seem one was the son be really interesting discussion yesterday or a man to morrow and then also dan heart men will be on dan hartman's it he is my attorney but he also was i think he was of the csarda and was talking about what he saw and i think that he's going to be writing a report of just one and how many laws were broken we talk last night about how many laws were being broken during this primary yesterday and i think this is going to be critical for people to listen to so anybody out thinner i would like you to pass on the length i posted to tell the graham and i think it goes to face book and such other but honestly this is where you're involved that starts post the links and sent them to every one its own and if it is they got internet connection which i absolutely refuse to believe that people are not are not connected to the internet any more you know that that must now and in the knitter ridiculous thing that here when i was working on a advances a hospice reclosed and such as i put that together in founder of that is that the the crazy thing is oh you know what people who are older don't have the connection to the internet will you know what i completely categorically refused to believe that look at all the grammars and grandpas that are on their sharing pitchers their grandkids on face that it is honestly if you look at the date the day the groups that use the internet more than in the any other age group is i yes old and i and under under forty so you got a little up there huge anomaly thrilled donating that it's because of financial reasons i will say that i know for a fact because my children are school children that these schools giving way to parents and for almost free ten dollars alone so if if you are hard often you can afford internet can cast is giving it away it so you know i mean i don't see any reason why people want to have interact is aware and look back to this look at the donations this is something that was on earth that it hatteras week is the donations from concha a toast in the insurance agencies had made huge huge donations to these political political unparted candidate yet they got they got a great thing going you know there's no competition than when you have no competition it ever is as crazy i'm an i want to say something to im really really happy that tutor that tutor on the nomination because she i really think that people are smart enough to know that they have a choice and that they don't have to have somebody who has nothing more than a poet who's going to rubber stamp who has actually no experience she talks about she talks about being in the steel industry i don't think so i think that's a little bit in accurate i do not for you to debate her i'm sorry to have to put you out there don is in a steenstraate we were we work with we do work with some aspects of the of the steel industry we do we do lots of prices and such and we do deliver is to to a steel mill so i i have a weed some storage to of like oil quicara were working in a word we don't own a foundery we don't have them but we are involved in an in an area every industry has has he has different components to it so real yard is a real ard work and was used to be used to be the steel mill and now the allotted she's telling the truth but all so you know and i think that her resumes being you know i it's being verweile she's more of an actress than anything and be in some pretty asking natives but that i think a lot of these people are actors and actresses that front of us and they just they go off the script that somebody else tells him to do well you know clear that i am not a camera ready person you know i just i tell of the colli don't do speeches or anything like that and and package myself because it's just not my man needed it mosaide need that we need to get rid of these establishment unparticipated and like i said i don't think that peter decks and would be any better than water and that's the truth i mean that i don't see any seasonably although they brought in common coral they don't another against critical rays there is what they say while i don't know i don't trust these people any more look at what they've done to the state look at what they've done to this country ultimately totally stabbed at present trump in the back that i ainly so i don't i don't trust them you know will let the people make their own conclusion but you know you have to continue looking into the i antisemitic this man is great oh how a great interesting go back to that blue dress the the clinton blue dress episode you know can he do let's go ahead and pray and you know whether i agree with these people or not to remember that we are called to pray for people all people and even people who are have chosen i pray for hillary clinton and and a people that i've seen do wrong we need to pray for pray for them first and foremost because this is a spiritual moral and integrity issue that were dealing with right now and i think that that's a duty in all before god to do that first would you like to bring to day or we julie to i can perfect thank you dear heavenly father thank you so much for say that you've given word and we think you bringing a geraldton and we thank you for him and a running for attorney general here in the u s extirpate we ask that you just watch over him and you ran the people to him that you show the people did the people to these candidates so they can open their eyes open their eyes and realize that they do have an option here and we think we thank you so much for everything that you've done for a lord and thank you for dona and her willing to run for governor and we thank you for her fighting and for an exposing this corruption we think you for her attorney dan and me in as they just watch over him and macora down and did the people to the truth word let them know that they have another action and was that you just watch over us as we tried to you know i too when our state back and we will amintor you're always in control or thank you so much for everything that you've done for may sempronian to that dear god how i rather rare so thankful for your guidance and direction and we put all of our faith in you we know that you're in charge and you have a plan and no matter what we see with our eyes your plan is always good we ask that your will be done for all those people whose candidate lost in the primary yesterday in a very rigged primary we ask them to give us an that you would open their hearts that they would know that they will be absolutely welcomed with open arms standing with us patriots fighting for this nation to put it back under you you didn't leave we did and we ask that you would give them the operetta you would help this is an opportunity to stand awhile absolutely understand their heartache because we've all had a in a legal process a tear individually the things that we hold dear let them both they and loved every single one of our supporters in the supporters of other candidates that they truly believe it let him know that you love them that you love all of us and that is this this battle is yours all we have to do is continue on do the right thing stand bravely stand for for what the values that you have asked us to live by this is your world missus gore your creation and we are to live by your rules here and we love that to be servants to all spreading your light and love conjure you are the light of the world and the true light of the world and the love that we have for each other that we would treat our neighbors as ourselves and hold ourselves first and foremost to the standard that you set before us before you know and that that were the judgment should be as the judgment should be on ourselves to look at ourselves for see that our contact conduct and what we're doing is first and foremost living up to the way you would want us to live we love so much i thank you for guidance and discernment and all things in jesus name were a man thinking on i was preordained well you have an absolutely wonderful day i'm so honored to know you and i stand with you i i i have so much respect for you for your agitato take the heads repeatedly over and over and not back away from a battle you stand you stand there knowing what the goal is to take this nation back in you have a complete grass on the trot that is that on the the clear and present throughout that we're dealing with right now so i think you for that so much and no gotland out there we love you you are mine every single day you know we pray for you and pray for this nation and we are going to be the untoward honey badgers who are going to fight to restore things for forgot family contrary and i look forward to speaking with you all i will be contacting so many of your son and i need help i will i will can in a couple different leaders in different counties and we're going to set something up here as we we really need to get down some were exposure here so she can she can her to the people and bring the people towards her she really needs the support and we have to get down and she has to we're going to stonegate i think it's already and it's a good so to bless you to day and we will eat martinbart day and there's no no no cryin when things don't go the way that we wanted to go because it's going away god monsoo and that's good enough for me that's right down thank you in one edition