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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/2/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published May 2, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is may two twenty twenty three oh to day what is it to day to a you can hear laughin the bistonis tantor to and must bring on my esteemed guest mr john tied how are you ordinarily i hear there's old body dose for tatoroes day so suitoring her guitar this morning again no but if you want i'll bring it again some other time i think you should that was fun that was soon oratate wig absolutely killed was killing me telarius i got a lot of comments on the teponthota was pretty funny is not pretty funny sor what what are we going to talk about to day so to day an we're goin to do a continuation and from foralas week lots in the news again loo things to question i'm questioning so many things that's not even on that i'm not believing anything i hear any more heterochirally want to know who is behind hakewho was paying for think did you see that that the their trying to while the commandeering land down in marked by jackson owen marshall michigan there's two thousand acres that that you know what less decided to jump on with the amachanon development corporation again and up and commander of land which is not the will of the people this is a thesis that economic how do i say it insurrection invasion of this country and taken it by economic means in their use in the economical development corporation again two not represent the people and coincidentally i think this is really funny and i'm going to break the son the news to day because i think this is salarios we actually got a call from some one to help down there in one of their wit there are solar fires because all of a sudden they've got a drainage problem and we've got we've got flooding and we've got to the course they didn't think the thing through so we've got the initial investment on these things are not in close to where this is going to end up when you start when you start up sone at large areas lenawee can't do anything in any of our businesses without taking in a a drainage concerns on on projects on all projects and there already have it problem on some of these solasola farms where they didn't plan because most feel that are doing anything in the government have astutely no practical knowledge whatsoever they hire people with thinalteredand they don't realize that that ah ah yah you can put all this in but if you don't do a a thorough risk as sousemeat you're going to be screwed later on in the project so now we've got a huge problems with run off drain edge lack of runoff ihmisest like you can't you can't put in a parking lot without having hold a large parking lot without having a sufficient grain edge so that you not flooding your neighbor's properties in such knowing you see like drainagesa that sort of thing to hold in ponds well more on to her planting these projects of course didn't think that through and so now there having problems in jackson mission again of course with drainage johnny solar on the solar or so we're going to get into this little bit more because this is what happens when you have people running for office that want to live in a disney world reality but really have no idea how the world works are practical application of anything so this is god is just across the the people mischanter money as they steal or osanpur it into their tionpres that are poorly planned and with this another example of it and i thought it was pretty funny because the call literally came it came in i think it was yesterday afternoon how has the corrupt individuals that live in lansing or that operate delansing that's the governor and the lot of the a legislature because the legislatures relate the ones that have the power to do this and then they don't they can't delegate that power to the executive and just like he could not they could not delegate the power who shot us down or to pass laws on the covenances but they did anyway well let's think not at littleworthy to do that right and let's let's think about where the blame erlies on this you know it's really easy it's just like they they met they like to make a book he man to distract us okay we got always he were looking at out there so we're going to go ahead and turn a white into the skate go well she is she's definitely all so is every single member of our legislature and yet single member but it doesn't stop there it has to go down to the counties it has to go down to the township the the the one boards it goes this is systemic failure of our nation is not diswont person is to sort like his happening an ukraine over there you know at first the media decided to make coutinno the bogieman well you know what i hate to say it monoamino statistics on that because i think this is fairly significant now do i like puddin i ever met the guy right but it's it's one of those things that you can look whatwhathas and maybe he had a problem winstein about this potin made abortion illegal after twelve weeks an a face book take fadhbond built three thou through thirty thousand churches in thirty years ten years i can't read that one thing on conibos in thirty years i taken on all givethee this and and once sorrowed or alive why do you think that they want us to hate this because the russians had been the bogie men the chinese have been the book in hand you know what the kind are but it goes further than that because china is a country without borders it's with a keep sand oward china to the stretchin as here it's an organized crime syndicate and oh it is it includes our government includes corporations include schools in includes every part society that we have learned there so there you go there is there's so but but i think every one of em have beheld the count on one about the sheriff's john you know you ran for share if i wish you wouldn't want i wish you at one governor first of all cause i wouldn't i wouldn't run if you would run because you had got the job done and then you know when you were in for shere off i wish you would have wanted really you yes the association it would have cleaned up when cony you had clean out of lodges there you a lot of judges facing charges you declineafter herein ancony kinworthy she would be facing his several things against her first of all the prosecutor cannot post if somebody brings the complaint to him sam with a jug those people can't pick and choose which claims they want to go forward with and she's obviously done that several times and will also go to the clerk of wancote whose ben in there for ever cathleen garret sense we have come we have the same strongbacks in office that we've had for a long time and have learned how to steal from the pope he is poles this land grab is all about they're all going to get a piece of it somehow they're going to get the little extra money here a little extra money there it's not for the better for men of michigan it's for the better man of each one of the scum bags that are operating on lance a body that signs on to this thing is the criminal they are criminals there absolutely criminal they have refused to defend this nation they have refused to absolute function in any sort of a trust capacity and once the removed because i do believe they're going to be removed it it's going to happen it's already started an i do believe you good guys are in control but once they are removed there is only two options for them is that dear member what president tromp did inside your ave yet when he was forced wiebeking or ricncilire you know the tired royal family the hands which is like a compressit like a family like we think that it's like it's like a little now go it's a boclub and so they've got one good old boys club you know with a hot the desert there you know they've got em they i think is twenty five hundred people that are in the salty royal family so they locked them away and in a in a in disclosed the location i think they disclosed that it was i with ootel or something like that and the last guy that wouldn't give up the game they gave him her life for your property they had to give up everything they had and walk it to be able to walk out there with nothing as they removed them the last sky wasn't going to give it off the stuff so i think they hang him upside down and it was at present trumpeted it was it was the the change guard there they hung the hung last guy upside down and telling finally they acquiesced and i don't think it was a pleasant moment for him but oh that that sort of thing happens and i think that's something we're going to have to do here it's like a great that's comin yet you either you either lose your life for trees and for for being traitors to this nation and or you lose all your property and any hope of ever having office again and you know the incarceration would he have to be absolutely absolutely you know iron cut i'm kind of a kind of a fan of away with you building gallows on that to the capital and begone in the now but but i little harsh on as may be he had other obstinate anvil thing would be to stripped them of everything that they have and then oninoor of homes whatever physical property any other property and then put him on a bread line well then the roomatical or life that were as as as a homeless i don't think that's a bad idea but the problem that i that i think were also going to face with us is how many of these people are actually into pedophilia and more have half have been an involved cause the pedophilia and the human trafficking part of this accrescens humanity is going to be the last this decisive nail in the coffins to most of these people you don't mess with children and i i got to think i saw it an article i got to think word this was oh i'll have to look this up there's an article out there about a proving a portion to the age of a one year's old after bird and youth and is in giving parents ability to youth and nice children of a shell twelve years old tell me how this is going to end well i don't really think that this is going to and well at all may see if i can figure out where cause i i ah i know i i save that ascetical step because i'm like this is not this is absolutely not i have to look out here to posper abortion this is an out bernaca ada nor wises of popovers abortion up to twelve years old while normalises in europe and canada under the guise of youthinasia self apparent don't want their kids if they think that they are too much the andanother of another one will become the second european country that will allow children as young as one year old to be killed under the guise of youth and asia resent announced late term aboard and termination of life of newburgh barns chesnelong thank you the dutch government will expand pre existing in euthanasia rules first introduced in two thousand two effectively expanding pose birth abortions at the direction of medical staff and health care providers all that's goin to work while just throw plan parenthood in their inside ellis to start terminating children the amendments were added to the law termination of pregnancy and life termination of new born regulations which permit the termination of children suffering hopelessly an unbearably encloses and who were expecting to die in the foreseeable the law which was restricted of to one year's now from his children of all ages in hot effectively amounts i'm in what the calling is birth of st is in the national and i this is this is where the going this is that they have the right to kill any one at any point time for any reason and to say all we just they were seen or you know there there is a reason why we dissweeten think they should love you know in need when you draw that line o bebled to terminate a life it's never that that never going to be able to be recovered again it's all nothing thing in my opinion anyhow there i thought that was kind of interesting so we on to go to constitution yeah i think we need to go back to the constitution again i the reason we're doing this again and again will probably do again is required i still think that even though we covered the constitution once people in general are picking up upon it they're not doing their home work but not going back so at the end of the programme and pulling the constant there constitute and reading the first we did the first three amendments reading the first amendment and understanding it and really getting it to be part of their life owing it they are the not only at noon you don't own something then it a kind of outlaw air of these ah but you got but this is something you've got to own just like when you get up in the morning and you go to the kitchen and you grab your bowl of soup or bowl of a serial you have a spoon in you know how to use that spot you've owned that part of you and that's the way should be looking at the constitution because that is what this country is based and we have many people out there that are doing what they can to love to have a solution not only are they going after the conchincos tutional convention to try to change the one bad plan really bad plan absolutely but her but there taking things like the first again i say what is the very first part of the first amendment of the constitution what is the very first right this protected that the founding fathers decided this is the most important right elrington religion religious rites rites free see right so you know redress grievances and peaceful you know sadly but there's so many people that are using this and twisting his that you really have to read it instead of listening to the commentary on it you've got to do your own record well because the deep state people and that's the best thing we can call him to the are we could call the combats i guess but everybody has to be aware that the deep state is the scum bagginess then we can use the terminology my point is that if you don't understand the constitution than the government does what they can to be over wide here in michigan the second amendment they're trying to hold that red flag low there sang oh this is the way we're going to protect it's not the guns that kill people the people that killed people why did they do that while maybe they're on drunk who knows my guess is that they are on drugs of some sort or that they'd been manipulated throughout their life by government and by parents that don't really understand what's going and so then they come up with these new laws thinking that they're going to get away with it or and people are going to buy into the red flag was and there'll be some people meyou're going to hear about on the news that are turning over there brothers sisters uncles cousins who have guns because there psychiatrically crazy or whenever based on their opinion then that's all it is based on my opinion i believe so and so is a not and he's got a gun and he stated he's never done anything wrong with it because he's because he's because i don't like him or because my neighbor grass is an cut properly i don't like my neighbor and i know that he's got a gun and these he crazy he might prove to be all that whole nonsense that's out there based on the red flag laws that their government is trying to push through but it's really not to protect that individual from the neighbor its relate take guns away completely once they get people the accustomed to this kind of philosophy of the red flag laws then then it will be easy two i take the rest of the guns away from everybody else once people start deciding that they're going to turn their guns in because there's some sort of law that you can't have a stock for ah you can't have a bum stock because that's kind of a machine gun pro which is a lie which is his government full stupidity but because of that reason are you turn those people in or those people turn their guns in and enough people that do that the government says yet we got the you know forty per cent of the people at thirty per cent of the people for their guns and we can send the the black boated fog out to pick up the rest lie how the government operates they do that what every single amendment of the constitution that they can get away with and we unfortunately don as right it's like im i posted a video of some things that are like in their terror estheresther dire domestic terrorists therefore an invading heres is what they are and ireland and these these on packs are calling the shanties out of their out of their wrong their pants and such and wheeling them around in such and i hate to say it but it's like i kind of wanted to laugh at it almost its like this is like a scene of indiana jones when the guy sitting there trying to wave as you know as you know is whiterne whatever he had i mean then and he has pulled the gun out and goes tamerton and i hate to say that in its sounds really host what are you going to do if they took what would you do in akoos look at the country's cross the world who were they did take the guns away they had all it did was they took on the way from honest the people who are not honest are always going to have them and they are going to find a way to get them cried the the the criminals are not going to pay attention to the loss and the thugs that the that the bad guys and government on sunday or door step will also be armed and i think we're up to for four hundred sixty six million tons of the united states and i went on italy you know if they come and they try to take tractatores away were any reason what's lower this is like mass and it's also like the the forest alleged vaccinations that were happening you do not have to comply with us because the constitutions the right to bear arms with with no conditions to cache the and so i am dislike not a chance not a chance he might caress i fear loss be rusty if they get they take him from a few of us the rest you guys stand stand top and don't do not do not comonly with it its loss yes that's right it is like they've already so in many states and including michigan including that ah what did you call her what ah me less witless head men grater witless yet what happened with witless as she stopped the the ability to redress grievances wondering the covenant and its course is carrying on now we don't have to fill out for was her argument well there's not that many people i'll fare then are going after for requests or a few that one i know what's going on in that are present for her for foy freedom of information and which we should have a right to we should have a right to go right give her a telephone call to a ha what are you doing there they've come up with the a law a law they gave up within an act thy guest stating that they can they don't have to answer for your record people that are trying to get four requests regarding the election very difficult well in the thing that just bibles my might on this really is the fact that this is our property and i've heard up to home how much does it cost to have access to and actually be able to see our property envies a things to hold them accountable we we we don't even have access to the stuff that's really that is ours their protecting this there theretherethere icterid it there there hinefoot protecting it from them because he ingot there it just it just incriminates them for the criminality you know gredington white is the murderer and you know it i think they are what i'm going to come out in compare this to world war two nosery she is she is like she has done some things that hitler did without the without the yacht ah ah the racial implication you know she didn't go after one specific group a genetically of people machinewhen after every one that really disagreed with her and if you look at what happened in world war to which i find is to be really interested they went after any one who disagreed with as the most adject made people the people that had the education you you're going to be on the talk one month because of your knowledge of the law you know if they were going to go after people it would be somebody like you who actually has knowledge it and hanssonborg that was i that could descend or had a skill or something like that so anyone they they let people who were basically godsthat would follow the their instructions and had no ability to think their way out of a disadvantaged position those of the one that killed her and that was it was apart from the in ethnic in ethnic clime and i i'm sorry i listened to this nonsense and people people sob in a bout what christina coronel said with rings and such i give this o this was not about one race this was about at this was about humanity and general there were six million jews were killed there were five million nine jews that were killed they were killing anybody or in everybody that was going to stop in their way too to do great evil and this and in it still goes on whitmore and whitmer and an the other communists or dictators throughout history they've got the same play book same play book and a itrising but you know it is what we have yet witless so my point is that they worked on on the right to get information you do by the right to redress or grievance that's pretty much beat up pretty hard in michigan's hard to get you got her godson seriously and on top of that they charge you in expansive yeah the you got fifty pages here is a dollar pays that's fifty bucks or may be two dollars a page or three dollars a pinch or whatever the point of the matter is that they've kind of diluted that part now they worked on the religious part during covetise the name were somewhat because they stopped there i didn't tell me old thicket near ear we're not doing that but the governor tied into the money take that's the problem is when you've got the fiber one see three stand it on a church now you become nothing more than then a you know then just i hate to say it but the church is that done that they're just my horse that's what they are they were looking for a way to find things instead of working for god without you know without ah if you know whatever the consequences are not we're going to listen because we want that thirty pieces of silver and betray everybody in our congregation and our community he has an in kind of more than that oh the fact of the matter is it says that the government cannot do anything for religion if you go back and read the first then it says government can pass any laws or by rules and regulations but they did the five or one seat three ah process where they actually took control of the government or the iris to control congress shall make no law no law and yet we allowed we hide in the line was too young at that time to do anything about a devon noonbut a lot but the people that were a old enough and certainly the clergy should have known that the constitution has no law you can't do this five or one seat three as the law is it not and who's going to run run that or regulate that i ogledon now they're doing taking your freedom of speech in the same will itshe different in regular speech will know hates what might be a speech for me not necessarily hate speech for you or vices so that's another way they're going after the freedom of and of course they have shut the freedom of press down because most of the people most of the press most of the news articles that are out there are owned by a handful of people and so you never get the full story in a newspaper you only get part of that and yet one that they want to give you so they've kind of deluded the first amendment and they've now come after the second amendment they're trying to delude and i don't think they're going to get away with it because the supreme court is saying no ether makes some good decisions right now the supreme court as is this then several things have been done in the spring court that i am i know i'm real happy about it's like will you guys had finally gotten into the game and on sings like we're making some progress there such really good really really positive so the second amendment even though we do have the protection of the supreme court we do have these idiots in office that think they can pass alow nor game is we're going to pass the law whether it's constitutional or not and before he gets to the courts which will be sesions later we'll have people already shaken in their boots and turning in their guns that's their process and then six months from now and the government rules against his will have a new law of some sort and then like an actor take that one to court and were going to keep putting these on the people until the people find the give up all the one and there expecting the people to do that but i think the love for the second amendment and the right to bear arms is way to freedom of speech and i know people and freedom of religion some of must go to church and some of the stones so they can get away with a little bit of that but they shouldn't get away with any cries with stand on the constant and whenever some the cross ah there's pose to work for us that's right when somebody steps on the constitution they should be held for ere violating the rod of office and that's there's no other way to put it very clear and simple and if we were to have a few hangings a few years ago a we wouldn't be at this boke freed of taken to billy clinton out and strung him up and hilary strung her up and then the people would have been in control of what's going on and that the government in control he and so we have to wake up to the amendments of the constant first ten amendments we really should know a hundred per or whether you know exactly what it means and word for word does not as important ness understanding the meaning of the again ah then the quartering of troops in a home you got yourself all right in front of you probably are you got in your hip pocket or in wherever you carried that and you're you're giving all that information the government who is recording all that and the cold use it against you some day in the future and you know how they can splice things nowadays and make it sound like you said exactly what they want or he there is there so much as they can do i mean what we see in the movies which is all fake a lot of i think a lot of things that were seen out there right now is all porotic in a lot of its fate they can take a voice the takes three seconds for of a basically to listen to somebody's voice and rolica their speech speech patterns and everything's threeses while the god sol lies we fall taught more than the other self hold they had rode you know and you can put textures on bodies and in no take take some one any one and is put a texture over that body in all the sudden they become somewhat else in their fairly their fairly constantine there's some things that you can see that they can't do they can't do any of it perfectly not perfectly there's always the human mind the way god made us gave us skills that they can they can't always you know the there's always there's always a flaw in it so if you look for it and you you get really good picking it out you can usually see you can usually see these a case so that brings us to the fourth amendment eight with to this because the fourth amendment has been stepped on way back when but the fourth of met what what what organization did the government put in power step all over the fourth ament do not orono and if i mention it you'll know for sure i don't know i'm goin to let you answer that one all of em now his really all of them all of em have the right to come in to our room our air is there their doing all kinds of things without warrants while true but this is even more insidious than that i can as the security of your paper your houses and fact and puts it in the hands of the government the nets the internal revenue o ka whose bent weapon not where what other tacks do you pay that you have to swear under the penalty of perjury when you go in by a something at the store in your paying a sailsanother swear under the penalties of perjury that you pay the or correct amonites now of our property i know not my knowledge no the assassin to you how so beer incommodation of the taxes on direct taxes direct taxes that the government has to use stitution direct ax an indirect oh none of those taxes do you have to swear under the penalty of perjury to pay the taxes the income tax how from the internal revenue by the way that's a federal income he may have they have no right to charge that whatsoever i mean we should be the testem is so backwards right now we we should be that the money going to the federal government should be coming from the states and in my opinion people should not be taxed on the federal level at all while we can get into the internal revenue service some day and the fat and the income tax what we won't do that to day i accepted the bringing the fact of the matter out that when you sign that document under the penalties of perjury you've given up your rights to your house he given up the rights to your papers and your effect against any kind of seizure and any kind of a because once you signed under the penalties of perjury and the this internal revenue co organization could make your tax income tax anything they wanted you can say that you owe fifty thousand dollars or that you may fifty thousand dollars a nedrodach rge you or you're going to pay a thousand dollars in one tax for examp they could say that no you really need that's like really three thousand dollars or going to add on five hun thousand dollars for penalties for not paying it in time and this an that an you'll end up holding more money to the internal revenue or to the government ah based on their pony figures because we're i'm in were in court with people better being white too cheated on abuse by the internal revenue system including myself that they do what they can steel from you and to keep you broke that was the whole purpose of the internal revenue and then were of through if they did they tell you that they've got to do it and it it's going to cost you time and money to be able to pull together and even deal with them further on its you know i have a right to do any of them may be had what we both of my mons my dear here the story of from years and years ago he was called into the road it was one of his biggest regrets that he had during his life to maderistas a good man very principled man and he went in there and so her him tell the story handed the social give it that this is what they did intimidation and the suspect of the sixties that they did this and stanehouse receipt cause he had his own business and he went and that the guy from the iswithout like that and he never looked down on her and went down stuck his thumb and said all except those he said he going to have to fight me for the rest of me if they were going to if they're going to be legitimate will of course they were legitimate but my dad was at the time so intimidated that he was like he he was the young he was he was honestly it was probably in the early sixties he was too young he didn't have the you know maybe the experience to know you not tell the guide to tell the guy you know what was going to happen if with his intimidation and he just such i didn't know what to do and he said i was so nervous about being there that he just said he said he settled kabut he talked about that throughout his life how upset he was in himself that he didn't tell me it is so many times many times and they of course brought on the new other two organizations to help em out one is the attorneys the bar organization the paganization a great organization held out the internal one and to steal money from you that's their job the anybody that hires in the tourney and doesn't it can't figure out that the attorneys there to really steal your money there they don't get it they don't get it at all and then of course we have the count he's another one that is out there too steele as much money as he can from you and so the whole idea is to keep you broke much as they can and he and you become you know there their slave their chattels yet your ministering of nonsense the regulatory the administrative nonsense even keeping books retenois confident when it is a made this whole system is only to create a barrier for people to get into inspirited to any any form of of income or building a business or anything like that people out in in the take what you've made so that you really don't get any go out of it they steal your their stealing your wealth exactly settlement there doing though i internal revenue is set up the steel your wealth and keep you broke and the tones are there to help and so are the one ay i'm in altero in it to our pas rate there cause i had some of you remind me to herod the chap periodically and i'm going to see start aside as setting a time or something like that sindonese f on a trechere garry haymon la china wants to wipe out americans so they can have our land and move their people here and also loses murdering children until age twelve is a good way for depopulation that's true too to watch nice to see you good morning world can we try it's going to be a beautiful day so glad to see you all too too too that this is a really nice person i know his we've been friends for many many years and so he had lepsius taxes well we'll get into that some day eh i'm steeped pretty heavy and balance with eternal reveno and i've been i'm on the good side on a winning side so that's got you're governor the right of people to be secure in their papers houses and effects and the reason that that was made the fourth amendment was to keep the government from coming into your house and doing a cersing expedition to find something to a rescue i then they went through this with the king of england were going through the snow with the federal government and with the state that these or call them jack booted thugs for a moment the pole the police departments and in fact i've had a couple of police departments called me up and want money will you help or police department and i said are you kidding me have you read the constitution and i start going into that with those guys and they hang off one it is that's easy red get rid of a bad call yehoodit what the first amendment said you know what the fourth amendment says have you any idea and in these guys they they don't ah i think i saw that in the constitution one day in my life for it but i don't remember what it sets well it says that i'm securing my papers houses in affects the gas unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be shall not be violated and no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause so what is the probable cause that you have to break into my house and go through a fishing expedition to find something what he looking where do you want to find it so for going to look for something like you think that i have drags then you have to say that i'm going to we're going to search your house for drugs and that's got to be the search were and that we're going to search your bathroom not the basement not the car's outside not the garage not those a living room than that we owe her search the entire house they can't do that because the judge won't sign that warrant warringwood sign the war because you it says it says according to the constitution that the war shall be issued for specific place in a specific thing that your lookin that's bottom the last part of the site fortune particularly describing the place to be sure and the persons are things to be set so yet the probable cost now there was the police department has had you under investigation for they've looked at you they followed you they've done whatever they had to do they've read they'd listen to yourself one they'd listened to all of you they they don't tap telephone said marthe just listen to yourself so they listened to yourself one they find out that you're in the narcotic somehow and they know now that you're in narcotics dealer and through their processes of elimination they configure out approximately were that narcotics is being hidden ah and so that they go to the judge and they say probable cause probable cause means we've gone our home work and we have the reasonable suspicion that this guise and orchitic dealer and is narcotic is kept in his third bedroom in the back hatethat while because we'd done investigations and we've we've even got a snitch out here that tells us where they go to get this so they have done their hold work number one so that's why you can't go to a judge and say why i know i'm on we want to search one to search this guy's house for ah illicit drugs we don't even know what they are and we're going to search his entire else the jocose and do your homeward you don't have any probable cost is gone in there i am not legal but the used to be legal therein during the a reign of the british when the they were control of the united state or back then it was america are they were in control of america and so they would just send their soldiers and i say he searched the skies house find self than anything and we course we have corrupt police officers that will do the same thing now anyway there he recall they they don't like you so they'll plant something in your house with the hand looking his little bag o hero in or whatever you got your carrying around in your that surely is like to go after the drug dealers and such too we have to go after drug dealers more so in the end users there focusing on the end users but the problem is as the dealers because the end user it's really easy to frame people on on that ere you know its users of a substance or haven a problem the ego you got to cut the supply lines out you do know that the inn that the suppliers those people that are in the business our being in the business because the sea i got em there and door fbi and in our government is using those people to make money for their organs and as bob and pretty extra sure that this is then is a state sponsor problem fathernothing wanted to that's that's all so fat eh they know who these guys are they could clean up town right all right off the band of course bien once the let em all come in the country because we have this open door policy has just bring your drugs and come on and you owerheert ing over here fallabout killing people it's just like the fat all appeahance that we have right now had a guy on yesterday john ferguson he was talking about that we have enough fattenin this country to kill every single american ten times over and the problem is going to be the one off ye know there's like four four thousand grains and one an ounce of fatal one grain is enough to kill a person it gets on your son and certain is talking about deployment high altitude deployment of it and if he something like that havendeath they could wipe a whole city out as to the name let them in to the nation it's it's been it's an open door for these people to come in and bring that sort of destruction with them and why don't people in general figure the south that it is those people that are in office right now and i'm going to go to say the democrats that are in there are good democrats may be i've seen maybe one or two to to but the democrats that are in power the left that one i turned this into a communist country see you hibernieque see this what missing it's the uni party and i think we've spent so many so many years being brainwashed into you know good people just go along to get on we don't want to make anybody mad we've got it all playing wise we you know we just just you just got to be a tolerance and you've got accept everybody and you don't just just be quiet and sit down and don't make ways has been brainwashed into us well freedom is never free we've always had to fight for it and now is our time that's right you said it one hundred per cent okay so back again to the fourth amendment the right of people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches that means you know not half the sign your name under a penalty of perjury cause the fourth amendment says you are secure in your paper are your person houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and signs and the unreasonable such is the ten forty i shall not be violated and no warrant shall be issued but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly to describe the place to be searched in the persons of things ceste again when you are giving that information a guy police officer comes knocks on your door aneslis got some sort of belief than in all there some crime being committed e oxon your door and you let him in oh ye come on in and he sees some then it's no longer a unreasonable search you've brought him in you've allowed him to see what was going on and you get arrested on the other side of the coin is the police officer that necks on your door and you say ah any hit i can i come in for a moment now say no he able search was tis no i don't but i can get one we'll get one you can't come in my house without a search was but a lot of people won't do that they think while you're now in nice the police officer he'll be nice to me and go away that's not necessarily why he's there you don't know what's on his mind there had once moingonan you know it's like a lot of em are playing games full time not not all of em but you know there's some otoogoo you're some really good cup out there and i think for landforce and i'm not anti law enforced but what i am anti as an anti infiltration by federal agents are bad actors who here who are taken advantage of the office either either in obermann sorry but we have to clean her own ranks we we need to go through those good people in the organizations need to stop on around and clean the ranks out so that we get rid of the firm and within our institutions absolutely ah and remember the fbi the sea the pet in all these other alphabet organizations do not genera based on norton verses shall be county friends are no friend there's no constitutional authority for these agencies and therefore they do not so fbi cia an that's where it whenever i file a document in court i'm sure i put that in my pleadings she goes to the court in writing this organization does not nor verse shall be county spring law of the land a nine cyril decision it is part of the constant says that if it's no if that organization is not been brought on board through the constitution by the will of the people because that's what this is all about the will of the people we delegate that authority to these governments we delegate authority and if we allow it to happen then we ratify it and we don't want to ratify no matter what we never want to ratify it got up police officer pulls you over and gives you a in and your travelling that is wherein and you pay that ticket you ratified that ticket you say that's okay so you can do that no we are not ratifying anything that's not constitutional and not by the loss of that's the attitude that we have to stand if we're going to make a change and there are a lot of people that are making that stand better it's really inspiring to see people that are willing to stop up and and say no no no no not going to be doing this to day and just just refusing to submit to trances that they just decided pull out of their back pocket and thrown against the wall and seedless that's what it's all about and it is it's all about whether we believe them and are willing to just go along like a bunch of linings to our own to mine that's what it's rather fine rather we don't want to ratify anything un constitution and at the constitution is basically what we need to support and what we need to stand behind a hundred pesos and so if it's not part of the constitution the government you don't have any authority there is a galley came to one of our meetings to an he go back to the constitution she was from the conventions state and he this long protracted presentation with all kinds of theatrics i mean to the point of jumping up to near landing out or naming an oh my gosh can that was like a theatral production and and i i'm in watching your to this going she's she's almost got to be a funeral agent of some sort as she had was too much training and it was too scripted out like most politicians to actually be legitimate and i do believe that the conventions the subversive organization now any bits involved in it the subversion to try to change the constitution as we do not have any one as the integrity to actually protect our aisthsis infiltrated and it will be used to take this nation down that's one of the first things everybody should be turned in round and run the other way and said no not touch in it you know traitor leave because these these people are placed there they are the constitutional convention and of course they wanted up a war with the chinese and so they could come in and this man constitution altogether satiations dates or is what's proper of conventionists or the constitutional convention is that the house house though the relationship explained the relation of between the two right now or the constitutional first of all the amendments ah renee a number of states and it a remember what it was what's the number of his two thirds i believe of a right o agreed to a convention of the constant right and then it should be that the state legislatures the representatives that go to this convention that in here are crops on that's a problem right there and she specially in mishna beside i got right that i do understand that correctly because i want to make sure that we're corrected that we're all the same page here but the whole thing it would it whenever i listened it any one speak on this it's like there's the so many there so many notes spright now this is not right and i just listen to their words that they use to it's a it's definitely programmed is there trying to sell this to the whole whole nation they have the word through amendments that were passed in the last vote are all illegitimate amendments none of em are legitimate because they needed to go through congress and congress needed to make the congresses the organization that needs to make no amendment not the people people don't fold on this stuff that the whole purpose of remember where i represented it a republic where we hire these people to go in to government and to for because we have other things to do and we don't have time to deal with the day to day nonsense of government so we hire these people to go do that and they represent us that's what this whole thing is all about so what happened in this last election we did the same thing that their doing to the senate of the united states where they thrown open to the public to ft which is my cruel that's not yet that's democracy was yeeeeooooow so those three amendments were not legally attached to our michigan cos but because the people don't get it they don't understand it they buy into it and say oh yeah we'll just serve hold you can't do that that's not how this government was sent that's my rule the hatiden that's a destruction of individual rights democracy its direction is destruction of individual rights that's right so that's what they did with those three amendments and which have no validity according to the law to be in to be any kind of law there not an amendment i think we go back and we wipe out the last two deserted i the last to fridolin a log tense and a lot of damage will be undone but i think we need to keep going because there's so much that we need to go back we need to go back to where we started and what works can't we can't continue on with some of the soft i think it's coming i think were slowly moving in that direction why are not the people are waking up i think for the most part i think that we are in better shape to day than we were five years ago absolutely because lee a people that are seeing what's going on the people that are really realizing who decretals there hain't an and pecos ah there you go theinhardt's jump to the fifth the mandment which is very important no person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentation or indictment presentand jury critically and port now this is an interesting take on this part of the constitution because if you go in the court on a speeding ticket that supposes to be a civil in fact but if you don't show up for court that day or you are or you're going to fight that ticket then it becomes a criminal how do they go from civil the criminal without using a grand jury to make you a criminal but the supreme courts in its basically for fears basically the scarebabe that now you're on the criminal side in fact i was dealing with one of the it was red for actual with redford corts and and it was on a speeding ticket it was was a ordinance in violation so they say and i said i'm not going to get on to to do this i want a formal hearing it was a civil infraction originally and now they said while we've transferred your documents to the criminals oh i got scared now oh my helping run over there and give them what they want no i said okay let's do that i want to know your honor how were you able to transfer it from a civil and fraction to criminal and he didn't have a grandeur or do and what i say oh let's move on wherefore no let's move on okay that's what he said i'm not content the that question let's not rock okawe have a lot of that go on in cork and in all so that was the time that i didn't know how to press the judge now i know let's get in answer no law then you don't have to go through through a tensthemain with us yet and just make it rules on the fly gadow he got to really understand the loss how can they make it they can't they can't go from simple to crime ah it's either a civil and fraction or criminal infraction or but or ah i said i got into the argument oh the michigan court rules that says if i demand a response or replied to my answer to point one one also be suffisethe michigan court rule that they have to answer that so i get into court and the judge of the prosecutor first of all sins to the judge williego this document yesterday no you didn't i got the green slip he that says you got out a month a girl for you had it blenyte ah well no ah well we don't have to do that that's not part of the civil in fraction if you were here for criminal infraction then we would a reward require a response by the i didn't know any better slip then i get into another situation that is a criminal in one and i do the same thing to point one one also be supplied you have to answer my you have to respond to my as so i get into court and i talked to the to the judge of the prosecutor and i said that he had used it in to answer my document and therefore your in the fall and the judge says no no that only applies to the civil so you see how they switched it back and forth on me now i know better flies after two is run the entire michigan court rules whatever it says in chapter two applies there so we've had people asking that question to porto apply to chapter four chapter four is the civil infraction of the civil and fraction action which they pull for driving eh for for what they consider commercial i use of your veil ah so you want to ask those questions i'm not doing anything commercially with my vehicle i'm travelling from point datapoint be spring court says i can do that in their fore i'm doing that ah and so you are so i argue with the judge chapter two does apply to check her for and they said no chapter two dozen applied to chapter for i says heavy red chapter read the first part for paragraph want for it says it does so you once you get into the deep dive of the situation you understand how to use these they're on rules and regulations i on which were set up to protect the people but we be paid that the steamer old over on men we've allowed those aren't so getting back to no person shall be held for capital or infamous crime ah unless on a present presentment or indictment of a grand jury they have to have a grand jury to hold you for any kind of criminal except two cases arising in the land or naval forces or in the military which the militia has a has their own special rules and regulations that the military court of analogie uniform color military just that's a special set of colds and rules and regulations that deitheil tardy so that's why they can not left that out when in actual service in time of war or public danger ought not nor shall any person be subject to the same offence to be i put in jeopardy of life limbered life or limb nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a very important three words here witness against him we are not oh using the fifth amendment because we are criminals and therefore were not trying to incriminate our saying will we are going to incriminate ourself is he worse speak again i say if you can roll the language you can throw the narrative so we're not talking about criminal here i'm not a criminal but i don't have to be a witness against my not incriminate myself it's very important that you're now these publicly and the lot ocore cases are tried publicly ah when one somebody pleads the fifth amendment they think it's that i want to cry and criminate themselves which master criminal the begin with that word improperly used well it's applied yet when you say you if it went supplied guilt where when you say a witness against himself oh it's not applied gilt because you can be glad to end of something that's right they can lead you by their questioning into em either whether you don't quite understand the question or a lee asking leading questions ah which may remain not we have the proper conclusion and you know if you ever entering on that one he if you've ever been into a court situation and the prosecutors asking you a question till i ask you of question out for polonius question when did you stop beating your wife the so were you beating your wife stoppedin your wife and the condolences for no matter how you answered it's going to going to cause you to incriminate your behavior one way or another ah and then you're going to strive to get into well you know you're on your honor i never beat me in these corsyes or no all i want is the astor now as and you can't expound upon it because they won't allow it or they try not to so how do you get over that at asking you a case and he wants to yes or no answer while first you respond by the other part of it the reasoning and then you give em the esterno answer don't give him the esseneans were first because the notochord go to the next one so if they ask you when to use the one did you stop beating your wife or have you have you stopped beating your wife will be the better use be yes sir no anse i i know it say i your honour while you know i've never beat my wife a under any circumstances and now so i get question is is in material and these i don't have to answer one were of the other because i've never done that anyway yes your red looked idication yes he put your questions out in that's what prosecutors are all about they're all about meeting questions and leading you into a being in a criminal or whether you are or not or are not based on what they figured there going and there are as they are things as is that the issewed of is our judicial system is there's so many good people that are caught up in this in a very unlawful way because they decided to make a game with people lives and that people who are really the criminals that should be lot let you don't like the way forever they're letting them out to create mayhem and answered bring this nation down so pride often you'll gather it if it is so it is so wrong with happywhen the judicials and prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves that they should be ashamed of how their conducting themselves in decide which cases come in front of the judges plea barkening needs to stop and when we meet we to get things under control here because there is no control and there's no nothing awalith integrity has been done in our legal system right now at all ongentheow one part of the legal system and its not part of the constitution but it's something that people need to know and it's probe okay you do anything in everything in your power with your parents or with yourselves to stay out a probate the judges in probing court and the prosecutors in probate court are and the attorneys in probate court that you hired to be a probate coriton are all there to steal the wealth of your trust or the wealth of your inheritance stay out a probate court in any way you can plan that future i know difficult for some people to plan ah but the inevitable is that mars come git some point in time i want the be sure that the family understands that we can't go to probate cordon that brother jim who thinks that he should make more money than the rest of us shouldn't be taking this to probate court there there on nd up with not the horsewrangler again they will take it all it's just like the earth where grow the inheritance tax that inherence taxes they have no right to have their hands on one expensethat that's right and you know the the copy right loss that we have that's another thing that's a real problem is our copyright in honour patent laws it's a mass and it's a mess because the attorneys the bretonnes are the ones that i in in a co operation with the judges have allowed this to be so far away from the original intent that that whole system needs to be gone through its scrap about ninety per cent of it because of held their pass and down you know a original works have you ever looked into the copyright nonsense well actually i tried to copy right some of my songs that i rode in the past yes i've been through that post well they want their doing is the grand ten he planning poppy right o on rights to errors of certain certain works and though there there going so far passed the time that um ah how do i say this if i'll have to do a long explanation of how this process works because its inflected because they conciliated it just just like the patent law and on patmos meticulously complicated you do you can't even file a patent any more unless you've got at least i'm in to say quarter to half a million dollars to defend him you're going after pits or going to have to defend your patent or are you got the trolls that are altered that are just looking for a victim that they can go in and steal it make it relevant seein you're going to have to fight full time and that's of the corporations are doing is they'll go in and they'll steal they'll fill they just they trolled they just go through the print pantries still but so doesn't mean anything any more is no honor among thieves and their the a right ah back to stared approbate i guess he's totheright octorara and every way that you can stay out of probate a kind of things were learned to day okay let's grow up to the sick iii think we covered fairly well on the fifth in responsibility in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public tried like they are doing in january the theriacas to cure of the state and this rich where the crime shall have been committed whose running the show at the sixth of the january six e fact that we had somebody show up in our meeting a couple of which cigoi think i don't know if i told you about that last week climbing the wall outside where the stars were and he was rested and he went to prison for thirty five days stared into it and plead guilty for climbing the wall and didn't know how to fight the battle that was that was a nightmare by this the sky came a torso a how the government treated him this end this thesis the silliness of the january sixth thing and the corruption that is involved with the left democrats that are allowing this to happen and there's a tuneful mouth there and teribas they're not prosecuting the fens that set this thing up and and in had their little entrapment scheme to go after americans and they let them in anybody that thinks that these people crash those those gates where they like like a twenty thousand pound doors magnetic clothes doors or something like that of the crazy and in their sicknothingeat there waving her little magagnati went in there and they crashed through those gay that's what they did reach the capital we say were as scorefourteen to set off in a trap american this was in a treethe entire thing was entrapped and then illegal detaineth whole thing is the legal but they left the fango because they wanted protect their little club bow there federal and four men ponder on worshopeful january six dono well in the perfector i'm i'm gassing just a i know i'm not going to answer your question for you because you you and i might look at it differently no not here not now you're wrong you know but it's like me purpose of the january six nonsense that went on and the insupposable insurrection that went on the cover up the november et steel of the november election and the installation of a if a criminal puppet government into washington d c they have the cover that of somehow and get people distracted into a different direction so they stare had it tenuastis man intimidation entrapment then had you know their their trying to subvert whomsover everything but also to demoralize people to stop finding so to pick out a few people and go all i don't want to do that because i don't want to angel because that they might think o me out for standing up for what right while that they had and the rumour has it that tho they're going to arrest another a thousand people and in michigan that were involved in january sixth an undoubted a rumor i heard and the help they start with mishamed i could take a busful of people down there as she was there while she should be arrested cause they were tranced by there was a bunch of people that were transporting that were transported people for michigan down there some to look at if they're going to go after go after the whole pentapolin will see what happens i don't believe that they should go after anybody in all this was what greetingthough and connotes people are so down they can't even tell what it nacanaca threat is they can't even do a threat as here you know there is no there is what are you to do you don't what the threat of peaceful people walking through between the velvet the velvet of a barricade you know the velvet lines for their saintongethe you know it was just it's crazy this is was this sort okay so once again ah sallenche ah enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed none of that if you if you're going to washington and you're in trial in the in the dc area and you're a megaphone there's a there is no impartial jury there that doesn't exist nor is there an impartial judge cause they're all set up by the establishment also by a back then it was so that this is the is all criminal intent to onely make it something other than what it really was this is an international crime syndicate that we've got stalled which a district shall have previously ascertained by law and to be informed of the nature and the cause of the accusation in many of those didn't even know what the cause and even trunk when he was arrested they didn't tell him what the nature and cause of the accusation was so they violated the sixth amendment on the president the united states there right old president of the united states president donald j trent still president the united scellires dent of the united states president charles we love you present tramp we love you not malone love all of you there standing for in and taking the the arrows and the and the attacks were all of us we appreciate everything you would do for us i hope you hesletine may be holesinto so a few so if you were eh my little pot cass so he and one may be he is an maybe he's got somebody letting i mean give me not personally be listening to it but somebody in his organizations ah if they can do this to a president if they can break into his home and malago ah without the proper search warrants and papers in fact ah what can they do to little old you i think satanwhat i i'm going to i'm going to go off realitiesi think he's settlementthe could catch bien well of course all of this we know that this but none the less they did it the player and they thought they could get away with it and so if they could do that to a a person of his stature then what can they do to you that are general just so lunch buckets of making a living day by day if they can do that to somebody of that statute they can do that they will do that it can do that to you time hasn't come yet but they will if you allow it and so we have to stand right and say no were not going to do that when i can hollowthat behavior ah the nature of the cause of a to be confronted with the witnesses against him then dropped his ever been confronted with the witness to have compulsory process for caning witnesses in his favor this is also a very interesting situation that you cannot in the some of the courts they will not allow you to plead your deeds because such a witness while we're not going to love that witness no you have a right to have that with it's not to the judge whether that judge allows some one you have the right to have that person in as a witnes and to have the assistance of counsel for his he does not say by returning this counsel the good in grottothey and people need to understand you don't need for a turn for your difference you can have you can in it said have the assistance if you choose of counsel for your but they had attorneys going to be on a leash in front of the judge because the part of the same system if you hire an attorney you done a mariner you can't even speak in court because the cards going to say you hired an attorney and in talking to the attorney not to you i've had to judge told me to sit at and there were for well if it works ah it was a case that i took to the circuit court and i i was a case on fraud ah in the fraud was based on the fact that i bought a car and the car had a different then number on it than the contract and is in number of the contract of the car that i signed was in south dakota because i contracted by the mennumber by new work was so i get in the court and i'm pleading my case that these are not my signatures i even had a signature expert and the judge overlooked the signatures in even let me go there and basically said you had a card in the does it matter what the ven number was you had a car so you had to pay for it i says like the thenumbers love the same as on the one it doesn't matter you had a that you had a car and you had a use sothat carse of the pay for that can you don't care what the venom we don't care what they so i ended up loosing the car which was in the big deal through lion when i go into court i go into court with the thought crosses that i might not win and so if i don't win her as what's gone o yes what proclamates going to be ah the car was worth not what said it was worse i didn't didn't lose on that deal at all but none the less i went in the cord and the judges telling me that doesn't matter what the thin number is on the car that's the whole thing about what a car is all about right you buy a car you by even number the ten numbers it's like the serial number on a pistol or rifle that information is part of that and if it isn't the ven number is incorrect whose care you drive it yet where about what verse security numbers i'm sure the government wouldn't you know take o take a pass on in that what what does it matter what does it matter you don't ononoeomere for matter god never theethat's just had to that right on the arm here gus and the complete their nonsense so anyway are getting back to all the other six the mandment which says the rights to counsel for your defence of right to be have witnesses and the right to and that the thing of the botelar is that if we have a nation of laws which we do the rule of law in the republic because without the rule of laws and without the rule of lots my rough in a come in a republic we have the rule of law and the government leslie required follow that rule of law but they don't because we haven't called them out on it we haven't forced them to do it from the executive branch is all on down to the judicial we allowed the michigan morons to do whatever they want to and whether it's by law or not by law and they violate the law on that daylye if i like the law with a bodily every time they opened their mouth and violette so we learn from that if you could create a process to remove all of them while how would you approach it somehow that's the boat doesn't matter any more cause they cheated their way through the entire process there if it was if i happened to be in the position where i could do some oh even in congress oh we could do we could we could make out a very strong argument for the election being a fraud once we proved that the election is fraud and abides to do all we needed the documents and as the governor you could go to your age if your age doesn't give it to her he fire her late this iorddonen job same with thee with the a secretary of state you're not doing your job you're out of here pactyas and get out and you she executive can and an ear ring to get flack from an ye but the that's where it has to go and if you have the the information and validation of this he then you can use that against them against you know i contentionthe sheriffs in the state i asked him that was one of the questions i asked every one above his white and you had a arrest gretener during covet for violation of the oresthid oh oh every one of them either sad well all i can do is work in my community here and try to bow euasion and or and or there we may be only four sheriffs in that i talked to in the state who actually were constitutional and on to say it a constitutional because they actually knew it and they understood what their answers were who is going to prosecute it even if i do investigate and he and i go after it and i was like well there you go we've got that like one of the most weakest pathetic answers i ever heard in my life you know so so when i don't know i just want it anybody that's going to jump on and help me really yeadache yellow little louder and end i make is more of an issue you know well so i became sure vinconti what i would have done for as i would of put a chair or a thinking of the term i would have put a claim against ah kinworthy she'd be the first one on the list is the prosecutor and she did not prosecute several cases can you don't have the authority to pick an choose which you got to prosecute or look through all as and she didn't do that so she had been the first time unless then freddy burton who was a judge in the probate court for his and its shenanigans and i know a lot of people that have been in front of them and could do testify against his corruption he be number two on the list then o'brien would be number judge o'brien another another of probate court judges would be the third on the list he eventually we'd get the kathleen garret for not doing her job in the phoning situation on the twenty twenty election she is parcel par much the blame as everybody else in the post hang ottonieri gone while we get the whitmer eventually by we clean when wayne county fred start and within a canting else the share i wish we had some sheriffs that were just getting right after it and stooansnatch you know sitting back on his i think this is this is unfortunate but the problem is so overwhelming she so many comes and our state that half cree i mean the swamp as far and wide but it's only going it would only take one or two sheriff he decided to get to work here and clinking and stand here for the constitution to protect the people and we could have the thing under control pretty fast but no penquaro take a stand nobody is taking a stand on his lass it's wiglesworth as then we would doubt we would go after the the two people that were supposed to certify the election so that were worth were their arms were twisted not to certify it because they weren't going to certify originally until a process of of an audit was gone to happen in the democrat the democrats said that they were going to do that and they were going to have an end it and then once they certified the election they said now we were not going to do that we have time isalready been certified it too hard i was at the board elects mordicantes meeting this past week oh it's too hard to do these these don't an individual individual check face face face valuation on this and the trying their trying to certify and make excuses so hard we get too much work there's there's way too many there's way too many petitions here's way too much work here the prostate wolf course there is yet idiots because this is all supposed to be done locally and they're trying to centralize it all so they've made the task over whelming so that they can riitanne have any havenought get the job done because here all going to bring it into one spot instead of having the stone locally and the reporting up this was he concerned effort the two to suffer the entire process and take it out of the hands of the local communities and report up the only way worse suspense to sertify it and he have the count don locally and make a phone call to it with paper ballots and make you don't make a phone call you you know just like calling a prescription for whatever in the fermacies which deathanother whole proper we got what it would if the share of in we come a back then in twenty twenty which was bending napoleon was and he said if you have any problem said the elections is it was called the and say he sent his people in the sandy saw pits oboes up on the window i waited minute the pecans down open the doors and let the little republic bad people in selected see what's gone out that would have changed the criteria over the destruction of the entire election yet in its features we have weak sheriffs that recuento stand for that constitute that's the office that is supposed to make sure that everything's done according to the law according to the constant they are there they are the ones swearing all to the constitution and they all think a threat they all failed in every one of the the if he were if you were then one of the people at the tse of sinner and you were on that was locked out you saw the peaks obs sheriff sidebecause do you know that the share of part of the criminal subhastate under under under none ideal circumstances is litres yeah well this is on the circumstances that we had had in twenty we had no body that you have now had there was nobody there was nobody in lansing the governorthe senators and the representatives and you the age was not on your side was not going to help and the sheriff as in canada was in even one so who would you call i could help i mean you could do a statant surrection in that wouldn't be the so you needed and in the people in authority that you put in authority because you voted for the in elections that were probably rebacked twenty nineteen or twenty eighteen or they had retrocedes the none or none the less we have not been pushing to get the kind of people in office that we really need while in they keep us they keep us on we we would have to overwhelm them with it with the vow and in one favor in order to get it to the honest because they've got a so fragmented look it look at how fragmentthe keep us in little small special hints troops so they ineffectively fight them that's what's happening here idicbit that vied in conquering conger and till we get past that and dared to be americans just be americans and stand the import of these special interests called political parties and you know professional vices clubs which is what most of the grass roots groups are they don't do any work they just sit around it horomenon getting done and were fragmented in we waste time and it is incredible how much time were wasting as as a state within and gaiour he wants to try to jump in and be helpful but they don't know where to go because it is by design so that work had a sitting out here most of us going what do i even do to fight if we had one share of in the state that estelle actually sad just throw it down and said we're going we're going for this to remove these people that are criminals in the state we could win this in weak eternit around real fast but we don't have one person that had the guts to stand up i realised to lashed i agree with you that we we name we have some serious work that we have to work on from and seven ashorenow my phones worked i see the text message is in so i owe arletta red don't half on this mark i sent john sonemann by link to join up to the broadcast so he finally checked me and he says i had renascor in on what polly i sat it to you so i sent him probably four texts of morning he restarted his fellow and he did everything and it never came through it did you get it out ah look in i haven't difficult in my fulness not doing what i spose then i don't know what probing no telephone cranioplastie over my commis it could be i don't see anything wrong with the telephone in earlier it taken away her forth to mount right and when nettie i don't know what the excess all right maybe i got something to wow this is i am not going to play with it because we're going to run out of time on the i'll deal with it later i don't know what's going on not behaving like as in getting this closed at none you're you ye isn't responding throwing was fine when i went to sleep facts i don't know no technology always red so wonderful as long as it works the i now will jump to the seventh amendment in living in suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed dollar the right of a trial by jury shall be preserved and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re examined in any court of the united states than according to the rules of the common law all its back up what's the dollar a mount twenty hours at right how many speeding tickets are less than twenty dollars red polly not so you could go into court according to the seventh of mammon and request the trial by jury right because your in common law controversy over twenty dollars i could see the judge to look at it at you going are you kidding me exactly what they do and they don't give you a trial by jury even though you i paid for a couple of trial by juries histories oh well i've paid the euripes and i'd still get in the court and the still wouldn't give me a jury in it she wait a minute i paid the fees is sorry about that you know you ever noticed how the corks sissys tem is actually so skewed as the rich man's gain it really is and in the rich man when i see richmond that's not as this is the wealth that we can't even have imagined this is the peace wrote her the corporations not just you know you and i and people who are just trying to you know make a living or even run small small businesses as his corporate this is corporate so if you have a controversy over twenty dollars you have a right by the seventh amendment have a trial by jury that is any controversy over twenty dollars a civil action or because this is remember we are talking about being in the republic were not talking about being in the civil action ah when we go into court we plead the a republic we are members of the republic this is we went through that prose a couple of weeks of three or four weeks or no one we when i went over that one cord case the brother we plead the republic who we are we use the supreme court court cases the backus whose the constitution the backs weave and say your honor you sworn oath to uphold the constitution and you've got to do that you didn't swear no oath to hold the civil action or soon the cost and that's where we drive this are are a complaint in that direction once we do that then we set ourselves up to have the constitution valid in our court and of course the judges no want that so on a deal with the constitution and a lot judges tell people that are not that don't plead in and that don't know any better that we don't talk about the constitution in arce and so the people that are on the defendants side they don't know any better and they can buy into that but we have to know better we have to plead the republic before we even walking that door and the courts or in the republic your honor your third ah you are a article three judge one sworn out of the constitution you want me to tell you what an article that is on the constitution or use war your oath he sworn out o the concitation of the united states in fact you can if you're really want em get on some of these district court judges you couldn't write a for your request to the secretary of state and request their sworn oath of and if you put a dollar in that envelope it'll become certified swore no is the yellow gold seld his will ever time i do that i put a dollar in the envelope and i say i want the certified copy of this guy's oath of office this judge is of and then you have that in your hand if you need it is part of your ammunition in court i and if the judge doesn't have an old philonices on imposes i can you be in that office if you haven't sworn an old to the case your animosity should be of the end i think that i think that to colony in ours in our his got a real problem with with a documentation of legitimacy of people's seated in office something that somebody over their child probably look into st i may be a little bit of a hunch betimor than that my telephone just decided to come on board and no i got no stower that somerset i even to the screen shot of when i sent the first one to you because i quite often i'll do that is a screen shout something so somebody'll know that i'm actually telling the truth of when i sounded and i sudden you tiler a screen shot they had the time stamp on it oh when i sought you the first one that's pray i don't have anything but my text to you or will and rely oh there see when i'm telling you that they're watching your telephone and that there recording whatever you say on your telephone and you haven't figured that out yet now it was looking into a look in all kinds of different norty things and i was i just mentioned doing something with water filtration and having having the ability to filter water i don a talk to morrow night over mount pleasant oh no a home study topics that also how we got where we are as well as we the the the title of what i'm doing to space icy o what do you do in the lights go out and where were you go from there so that's the sum doing the same doing to morrow night mount pls six thirty so teetaler channel thing my cares to look so how do you arethat what is what was that look like how do you do a risk so how had you put together plan on you know that sort of thing so that so that let's just say let's just say cause we've had so much talk bout and pease and such what do you do from there and be a somebody who has a farming background whose preserved food who stepped forward jane who is raised animals who on gardenand he that sort of thing that's what i'm going to go over it's good i think people really need to people really need to understand how they could survive if they had to they have have a basis of that survival technique it's not going to progers and buying your string rogerses n't exist any more now what it yeah what impertit go out to question what happens if you if you may spy have no ability to just right or the store and get what you need if the lights go out into power grows out if the gas goes out if if that's what the goal is to iscarsella de you do next oh that's where i like its thought and you take that isn't adventure at you grabbed that you've grandobodian you just start start movement because there's ways of there's ways of getting around everything god's given us everything we need right here to be was no fear in that situation whatsoever that's an powering situation to be in mine can react they can't reprehense we have all the power i at all points in time we just have to be willing to take that in i'll take the bet nor teeth and duson with it can be mine thing how are tobaccos touton i were on eight its excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines in poles nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted while they feel that one too haven't they a hundred per cent on nine on the st january one all in your harpinge pointed that ever singapore were not given bail they were not they they have excessive fines in pose they've been cruelly treated and unusual punishment in inflicted on these days they they are political prisoners we need that we need to start calling the jay six people exactly what they are and what this his criminal government this crime syndicate his down to our fellow americans they turned them into political prison the right on american soil this is this is not overseas this is no some far off communist country this is our government or communist government in the crimes against americans and if you think that the general public out there they think that this couldn't happen to them oh yes i could so little could and you don't have to do didn't have to go to washington that he you can't be sitting at home doing something and find out that you are the trumped up a charge against ye entrayou and jail and now what are you going to do they have done that to a few people that were dealing with the corts and they would do you're familiar with the word rendition no not not wishing his were the federal government will put you on an airplane and take it to oh england or or rachosper something yeh or tone to each and of course your loved ones are looking for you what they don't know where you are so you kind of disappear and then when you finally figure out that there that your in irak being held prisoner they take it through a guantanamo or take you somewhere else they fly you around so they can never find you well they're doing that locally too i had no idea that's that's a new thing for me i don't know what that is so that's amazing they're doing that in michigan or they've done that in michigan where the with somebody yes somebody gets in trouble and city detroit they move on to a county jail from lane county they'll move on to a oakland county jail and from my i mean as you are trying to find this pest and you go after that first you have to submit to that court where that person into the to the police department where that person is being held the writ of habeas corpus that is bring the body forward but if you can if that person isn't in that cell in that in the custody of that particular jail or that particular county but somewhere else you got to find out where he is so you can serve it there i know you can chase the round the entire state of michigan looking for misconception from sell the cell from from county to come or from city to city the city jails and you never catch you know then his thirty days are hundred days or whatever two years in prison is over with but he's been edition the round the state of michigan and you have no idea where it you can't go to the age and see this guy is because we had people that had been rendition i know of that had been no set sent from jail to jail the jail the jail and he can't where is the sky you don't know where he is sidedeep em under under wraps for a long period of time well these people are just speckable i no damatus that is kidnap that i mistaking my goodness why do have really hit the fire on the barrel here in the united states of conduct in honor there's no kind act in honor with government now tis not the the third disadvantages or criminal young emus and the democrats on the republicans or the whites and the blacks for the chinese or the oriental are the inaccordant belly neesidades upon the son that sort of thing nonsense our government is our enemy and we need the be wened to be aware of that we need to how we deal with them we talked to how we deal with it you don't give him anything that are you're not required by law a get i i the quieter punished yet they have the right don't let him overstep their rights you know are their jurisdiction and stop on your rights and if you do that then then you've agreed to what they're doing to you and we don't want to go there make it ratified there behavior make it make a little difficult form making work for it he can throw in jail for something make mark for a little bit on makelima in apolitical pretty nasty well ye see copteeine though ja sex the political prisoners say to beating them there there literally beating people on american soil just like you would think and in a third world dictator a dictatorship that how their treating americans right now in its is it is on this is so despicable not twice on times the rope isn't good enough that's a quick you want to put him in jail and for them through the same process i knowi think we can of over to god and god will take care of that in evident will it will be a decisive oh my gosh i should have made better life choices moments for these people and i i really pray that they turn round because because they think they can play games here on this on this planet on non on ah you know on her and earth but there's going to come a day of reckoning and they're not going to get away with it again away from a god is not going to let this pass and i hope for their sake that there smart enough to turn their behavior around and start in turn to god to get themselves right because there is going to be no escaping god's judgment for these people that rate children and and victimizes without a voice and do the wrong thing there is not going to be a moment where that's going to go on now it's not it's not be unnoticed by god they think they can hide the corner and get away with this behaviour there's not one minute of this that escapes god's watchful and they're going to be held accountable for these actions while we have we have the ninth and the tenth to go we can almost often till next week or do you want to go through a mouthorgan take a little bit of time and i see where i hit on eleven let's go ahead and do those neteen tooth and that we we can put i think i think that you know knowing the constitution is so important that it merits the time for us to put into them so that we know what we don't case studies we know how to apply it and i think i think we meet we need to understand the laws that we have in use them against the criminals that are in one that's right the ashes philocal process so now you listen to people you know i i hear a lot of people out there in the like you know for i have your torches one pitch forks and let's go out on enlengthen don't don't don't talk that fools talk to me that is the talk of a fool that's right that the thesis just this is going to get you set up just like the political prisoners and j the young parts about the try to set you up it's just like the the rallies all its gold let's go all you don't show up on the steps of the camp and all and protests really there looking out the window laughing at you you're not doing a thing we have not done one thing by these rallies as accept waste everyone's time no quite makes the liberties out of their little installed federal puppets who were placed there to keep you distracted the solid is it is covering me it's going to be a wet we got to do this a different way you know we need do we to get out after our sheriffs a little bit and required them to do their investigations required these people to actually prosecute can then if the judges refused to do of go after the judge is go after the prosecutors we need to do more things that are honest legal lawful post i agree and if i were here to learn it i learned something i learned so much every day i'm so thankful for your willingness to to share your knowledge with every one because you've got a lifetime of knowledge experience in fighting fighting us on lawful process the so illegal government action the going on and how they protect themselves in you know on behalf of the entire united states thank you for everything you've done bolshevisitors services serves it continues on one it's it's amazing so where we stop on my support here in say prerepresent will pick it up next week a right this son's going and an let's do another song i think you need to come on i do another side in the torah i'll work on some common we're going to one for come out for a commercial brake said john with his waggon and as the that is a gettingout of that i sometimes it's fun you know we get into very serious subjects here and i think some people like the information some people are like their so overwhelmed by what's going on here that they just then think they feel like they want hide and in not not hit had on because they don't feel like they have any power that's how they kept us in the dark and without the power to take the nation back we have to step up we have to make noise we've got a risk sometimes people not like he knows or what we have order that's a vigorous the government may not like you the judges may not like you your neighbors made out like you your family may not like you everybody may not like you but if god put something on your heart you've got to carry that ball the unsonsie that fool here i grew warm with his time we were born for this time and god oleinae you and he's he's up there you know he's up there he's in here and really he's over you are but he is looking at you in the smile on his face good you've got this one proud you don't that down you can do this it's going to be a kasawayoa my father thank you so much for john and the wonderful information that he's willing to share here from the experiences that you have put before him it's so exciting to see every one coming together and sharing what they know and coming together as a community again and on i i ask you would lead us through this process to dissenters the government to remember that we don't have to do all big things always do is the even the little things that you put in front of us and do it with integrity and with honor every single small thing that you put in front of us a significant and we are just honoured to tackle any of those whether it be picking up a piece of gar bridge or trash on the sidewalk on taking care of our loved ones feeding feeding our path taking care of the world that you gave us to be stewards of and were so thankful it's not for us it's for the generations to come miss ri yore creation in your pleasure that we can live here together in a wonderful existence supporting each other loving each other caring for each other and i ask that you show every one of us to day how we can serve the people around us may even if it's with a smile going out of our way to listen to some which whose hearts broke an there's a lot of death into struction so it's not hard to find those things round us for sick for sure but whatever we do we ask that you would just help us to see what it is that you want us to do and that we would gladly step out to do whatever it is you ask we thank you so much for loving us and walking i strew this process is a great adventure and were so thankful that you chose us to be here now what an honor it's an honour to be born at this time and this place with a circumstances around us both good things in the bad things the therethere all going to be great because you do work everything for good to those of us who love you and are called according to your purpose thank you so much please turn hearts to you those in our government helped them to make good decisions help them too and down satanic rule this beast system that we have and refused to capitulate or comply with it and to go back to the constitution go back to your laws your natural laws or rules and to help put this nation back again under you your jurisdiction is your sand backstage the rules and we gladly submit to that thank you so much for staying with us we don't deserve her we don't we don't deserve it we don't deserve anything that you've done for us and we're just thankful he cared about enough about us to want to stay with us and and love as is your children think you so much i just want to thank you thank you for ever thing jesus name pray man so there we go so here we go thinking evening please go to bradwardine at home because i am not conceding to lies cheats and thieves and a stolen rig sheeted mail administration fraudulent election process which we had at least less to elections probodha that and i know john is the same way he does not conceive her god and let him get in as the sheriff of wincott's what we need because we get one on a share of sonwho's actually got some at back bone we could solve the whole problem of fairly quickly sotananda were out in the end there are i go see your sheriff what's sir talking to our share this reach out to them in a kind and respectful way serov way to uphold constitution and we may have educated them a little but some of the ones that i taught to didn't have any education they had no idea whatsoever and i really do believe that some of them did not know they ran for the office not knowing what they were getting into or what their true jurisdiction was so such us to to educate them in hold them accountable in we can all do that we can all jump into that game oh and so there you go so with that sad he got her hands god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america packages morrow with red deeming grace church for you so much john it's always a pleasure wereand i do when i otherwhence minute see what donal i had nothing of ascalon how to get in cut and contact of those so they call the missouriour elf to if you are go on to oh send me an email at john jay cater at young docome connect me with the zoo more connect me with your information i will send you like and you'll be connect and you'll get one every week ah and then we have alive that nicholas on the twenty fourth of may where we're going to actually be as the so other than that were meeting every one the night from seven to nine and on woolen to send your like can i'm going to share something here a minute real quick as for me tomorrow night it's a serious face to testaceous face there go down to grand bird wednesday may third six thirty he at herbs etc anderthe back five or three broadway mount so in assisi be talking to about bracing for the fall of what we can do for with the home studying it taking tolefree and and not back down from this is going to be very fine that we find none i am i like talking i like talk in the people so there you go to my my telegram channel to see that i'm going to be out around state and probably a little bit more trying to prepare for help people to prepare a give em safe space to land i have been through the text first billy cidnot work across the state in order to the be there for people when things fall part it's going to have it is a matter of time there we had another bank that collapsed the week of the second biggest bank failure and a that's of first republic when under jap morgan and so it is coming and so which is great take the adventure at hand this is not something to be afraid of it has to happen so with that sad have a great day and we'll see it to morrow yet ready for adventure time an see next week i don't