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Corruption-Legislative Bill Reform

Published Dec. 31, 2021, noon

Corruption is our number one problem. We need to create accountability and put boundaries on processes to stop the scope creep. Legislative reform-bill reform 1. Shorten the length of bills will throttle back the pork and ability to include doing special favors. The infrastructure bill was 2702 pages long only 11% had to do with infrastructure-criminal. 2. Anyone voting on a bill should be required to sit through a complete reading of the bill on the House or Senate floor. If they miss one word…they are disqualified to vote. 3. All bills should be publicly posted for 3 months-to accomplish transparency and to facilitate public comment. Technology allows us to gather opinions from the people of Michigan, aggregate info and provide feedback. This will allow “we the people” to weigh in on how we want this state to be run. This is part of my plan to hold politicians accountable…to uphold their oath to the Constitution and to truly represent their constituents. @Brandenburg4Mi #Brandenburgforgovernor