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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/25/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published April 25, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is it is april twenty fifth twenty twenty three welcome to the show to day to day in we're going to get right to it because we have and the desired theivery special gas o that were to be doing a little but a comic relief because what's happening eronusis used so ere ye go good morning john how are you good morning i'm your oar you you're only areas here of polaris this is so funny yet he now polities i had and the chairman of the communications committee in the membership committee for the s texas party and michigan as well as the first vice chair while i had a committee meeting last night and on like i was a torridities boring you know you go to a lot of the mutinensis like having a colonie go in there you know you need to get rid of the crypt it's like it's it's it's just not one of those things you really want to do right so we decided we're going to bring some more fun in the politics yet a last night i said i've got a hold less of things that were going to institute herethese of michigan because it's a it's a little bit of face right now politics are so were doing to day i got a couple of songs some going to do and then we'll get into the cost spitta's sounds grave are you ready i'm riding i'm so more owen came in on a winter's tang i will tregellesto wincot my toe and blew by anne ecclesiam a year now with such a cry my high he was conferred happy or times before blew him going back on the to find my heretofore it was a crown to he he cost me three months here and a booby i've got no peace of my pontonatenick gobeithion go in an owtewarde i found his two paintthe dollar man all the have one left smelt like a fire entitatis a start lee i think say it was anchove to pay now is pride on time is in line with finsley i am going to lie monotonous my dog he and i are now to a that will not look gay and dennison as long as i am there with this uncle arno one wool when a customer replied the room and no idea we had this much talent and brenburg news not with between you and scutellarius i clitellarius that's great so i didn't know you played a guitar that well that's cool you're going to be next up at one of our meetings were going to be like all right john toledothe let's go on deck with i got one more for yoke then the tail about court room dromaneen in our town it's the whole chasenothing about the truth or managold lord torstrik or down the pass the prosecutor was as sages forego i was in lightthere in the front room sharing a coin believed my onorer in the cord sidejets take short pieces well benewende and turn on the far and let me out of here heresomebody is guilty and in position my temples getting sore in tomineio get some air there's an old her in the word that veins is more of vernon as sepopo the penest or wanetes if in my own defence i am intentionis charges i no common felon i introvenient you should go prassaolan sourmonter over in the car settled its tone in the show presses open the window and turned on to the handle me out to hinterested coltineuse on otometoge so here there some over intel everybody's found to love at the written in in the law the pes is punisseth the foundlings and caroline in manichordon when the couple of hours later to the wind the proof was all that just he led a ringin from a weight on her hand the prizesomething the cord senechale shore posesin open window torontoan let me out o here years and somebody guilty an it was a mean it to picherergebirge some hair there's one in before as jerry reached the verdict yes your honor sir please ill he is hell and you istraleitai mocontagan or i hear the defenders others smiles nobody there could blame her i sontiainen because it survived your cans tamehameha the poor and secure less than shore said onenature on to the enhearsed guilty and it was the head or to us get these orinocometer i can get some opisometer rodwell forecastings that reeks and its nasty so that's salarios yet dear wonderful it's that's wonderful epiktetos part that well soon i will pay you for that that's why that's fine so how is her weakness weak we adn't get in chance to talk much this week i was going to jump on your call last week and and ah ended up he having i got to think what i did have it slekenstone a blow right now i've been here there and everywhere and so hopefully this week i can jump on wednesday night right salvation every wednesday night you have nicholas these now this night this week is going to be on the oh his ice i shot as to find well after that row i oolenoe alright now that would i well actually since i took last week of my figure without a comin with a bang on otranto yet this week and i had i was or the sweet and we were at went to with the committee meeting for the national constitution party and it was just amazing the speakers that were there were unbelievable snot like any other political party it actually produced and that's what i'm always amazed at when we go in the meetings how it how educated intelligent every one there is and you know as greatlythose really to front but i know there's there's so much more intelligence and an education behind the constitution party which is the textures party in michigan we got it we got a bill on the books i don't know if you knows i don't even know what we need to do this crazy other than fact that gaminlike had here reel had and this is really not its age for four to five and when we tell you the nonsense he's going on in the thick taxpayers part when a national when a national party changes their name we should be able to chamber in a two mats the national party which we are which we are at the state party of right well the secretary of state i'm office it was refusing to change our parties of named the constitution party which they should up it there imputing what the pen the people want done in relays what it is everywhere else ever other state the nation was able to change their names the constitution party but not meschinot meschinot the not though the state that seems to get in the way of withepool are on every single or so it went past the house and i think it's sitting in the sunset and i was hearing something about ruth johnson trying to you know stall things oh and i like wire we even talking and that the people in the election were said or which is under the secretary state so we can change it but we don't have to so worddoes not going to do that and some in order for you to change your name and massenain il you're going to have to get all brand new signatures and go on the battle it is a new party which is none the only state in the nation that's done that so any one is out there who's got some some ah connections i think i just need to go down to the board elections and and railed from cages down there i might do that the sweet yet and you go down there and say look is this is not i but nancy crept going on here this is not this is your suppose he servano instead of impeding our prize our proudest progress or what we want you know only state the nation michigan booboopore elections and the longerons as he turned i have her in a couple of my losses because i have there a year as secretary of st i how a not even beyond the rhino she's a nose the owenwee can deal with these people first of all the we got understand that we are republic were not a democrat yea even gothelindis we have the old yeah i'm sick of the word democracy democracy is mob rule and you know it was it was my borough that killed jesus that's what that's what killed jesus it was mobarec use because the government did not in wash their hands right remember that and so it's like it was the mob rule that that kill jesus and it's the most establisher of government that leads to an archytos not sustainable and a bad idea bad bad idea the only the only form of government that has any lasting potential is a republic as the only thing that we have to do as poles and sovereign of our republic forced and get rid of people like with johnson i don't know how he back in office should have been bold in long time ago these dictating in our own lections clearly i want and it's not not one of em that one process that's honest right now and we'd wed to fire the entire government was fire all fire moonothers responsible for our in and the legislature is the one that fell apart so and and that what it is as we passed the in all that were in the legislator a senator or congressman i want to pass the buck i doesn't stop with me i did my job whatever their jobs and it's the rest of me politicians and office that ah are doing their job now it is one of the gold i think or color pat called back it's the job of root johnson the job of all of these people that a or general public rely upon indoor even give kudos to for being most i know his are you sick in at virtue signaling crap i am it's like i'm the moles conservative i have this thislike really what are you done so far i'm looking at the bad the record here and when you were in office you did nothing so now let's just move to the next stage the next logical stage for these politicians and that's to jump on like an issue and wagoners mething like that like the like the ballad initiative nonsense and raised money raised money money money money to get their little there are little grubby paws out there came rose that that story in the ever watch pedestrian oh i'm going to bring this up out to bring a video out because i'm as we talk of i bring this up gets it's funny in the theses that they say and i love the side besides that is it like one of the greatest vellens in the history of inasteca be tellin this is our political climate here are your ego he is a political climate for who totally sucks if i can fold the suplicamos he just a minute that i actually think this is absolute hewers miss the trainwheels me save statistics the politician this is what politicians alike the very public of wesley looked like nobody cares escusatine easel o weasels how to send contagion million miss basenough of to go on rounding long in money by the pole i every little and a deronda grow i riois you can tatsutorino i no to while you got you get with egothe idea here i love that i love that signis funny but that's our kowitchans right there cutting out the night tetiaria and selling at one piece of the top one time and every idle want of a one in bibistis and sleep what to do for fifty years sitting up there nothing expect us at esselfield off one piece has time seething with clinton saying things with where the now the ichinotani that should never run in an office you know which with that the bush recesserat tone yeah i can't stand the bushes i mean it's not one party it's both of them so it's a good here somebody oh i'm conservative got the si a really there's the headline for you i'm concerned in a republican i'm a democrat on whatever it's like no you're all in bed together and h and it is against a very corrupt government that's all we have right now and we either get together or the ship is going to go down so you know that but i thought i think it's pretty funny that that's what's posted in alike to me while you know that they have been keeping a separated in groups of people yet a tribute grew the black life's matter grew the chinese the japanese the russians and on the white i mean we have a hole less of a now when we fill out documents are you pick what race you are you white are you mexican are you ah island pacific or whatever we have one american a race why why don't we like say are you know i'm american you know it's a least crazy i you know when people ask me what i am you know what i say i say i know a back so that's my right we know that you know what that is go back to know how and we're all one family see that's that's my race is no beck go back to noah a day now one family anyhow but this all brings us back to and we don't know most important document that keeps out that should keep our freedoms a live from well said we don't pay any weint people don't pay any tention i have realized this in my group i and probably a lot of people in your group they listen to us in these yanson interesting and then to morrow they go by to their own so it doesn't become part of their life if the constitution is not part of your life then you are being steam rolled every time you turn around by these government i entities that decide that they can you know we can steal tear from you to day if we can steal there from you to morrow and you just go ahead and you paid people that are got in that are getting a traffic violations for example easiest battle to violin and most people just in a loud paid i don't want to go to cornet went the toes by not doing that by not pushing back you are allowing them and sang yet ok i'm ratifying your behavior that's part of oronemboe we said ratifie so ye ratifying what you're doing to me you're giving your charging me a ticket for speeding even though the city of leonardo or garden city or any of those other cities out there can't be thick how can a city of livonia be a vice but their using it as a victim because your speeding in livonia and therefore we can get money out and we go ahead and we ratified that behavior by paying the ticket rather than said he often wrong with his the mere got a gold through what we're going to find out what the law is and that's where we have our biggest problem most people don't get off the and throw what's necese the change but if they don't do it now there will be a point in time if this continues that you won't be now in an there's so much confusion out there because we're being inundated with disinformation misinformation malinformation this on there's like a million things look here look here look here people don't even know where to look that the more the most the biggest was to time that i see are the petition to have ballad initiatives because think dislike just like reincarnates on the ballot it's it's all about their selecting the candidates in those major parties they are selected and you will not get on the ballot unless you are in the good old boys club that sitathe top smoking a cigar you know and basely and yet we picked his first and we picked that person anybody else it wants to get on the they're going to find a way to throw you off if you are an actual person or real candidate because they are literally controlling the attired and i think the petitions what i saw is and it was mostly from the republican party that was dividing because republican parties just as establishment is a democrat party now with the exception of christinaand what's happening with the th the people that voted her and i believe that that is an actual honest effort but i also believe that the party is so corrupt that they've already cried the torpedo the will of the people there and they're so standing and i'm proud of every one of em but this machine is so big that is i don't think you're going to be able to fix it from within i i'll give you cos but all think it's going to happen just like just like with the because they're going to continue the divide that party until it's irrelevant and in that that'swhat they did last time they had twelve candidates divided the party they were all placed and my opinion everybody was placed and set of accept for me and may be one other that's that's it the rest of em were also let and and help to you know help to move her along and tell everybody was so confused that they did know which way a gall and the the petitions the ballot the hebetation sent initiatives look what happened you do you i don't think that there's no way that i believe that they had the required no more signatures to actually get that on the ballot and we try to go in there to show after after the nonsense of the illegal removal of myself from the public and ticket was it was my rights were violated soon scremerston found a court and proved out and they would decided they would give us giving relief put me back on because you know it's already goannas balanait was absolutely wrong and so anyhow i we try to go in there to to do some inspection of the other other ones do they shut it down they would not give us access which is a legal we had until january to get in there and look at it cut down sison was made you can't see the documents that's exactly what happened so i don't believe they had him and so the whole petitions that are all there the there like that were like going to to the rallies or showing up for protests and that sort of thing there laughing at us out the window that process is not working and if it hasn't worked we haven't got the millions of people out on the street that need be out the street like the netherlands or france or something we haven't we have achieved that so that's not going to work and the current climate we have we really don't need to be out in this what we really need to be doing is individually understanding what the law is i agree of erment can do and that space on the constitution and the pill of right and the problem that we have most people are afraid and your skin when it comes to talking to government and the lot of the old even to some of these rallies and they set senators are congress and they then naomi separarsi is its er it's culto personality instead of who can run this like a business who can run this in the best interest of weed to people know they want it they their star struck is like oitis person that first and how many people actually are professional after or actors that are running i have some big concerns about that that goes her everyone i see that the minute i see that i have a the big red flag goes up okay hold on hold on what are we really looking at here opponenthe are new candidates coming up against the on the republican of course as with that one is that i think he's an indian or something like that i as running against trump or ease running for president ah is connected with the with the world trade or with the world to economic form i mean he's got in the words from these people oh and it's not what they say because a man i can give you a great story if you want of course i think i can give you a great political but it's what do you do once you're in often it's not what they say it's what they do and people don't get that in one and those that do get it then still allow that person to stay in office or vote that person backropes might at another time shoreabout that now but anyway i'll shut this thing of any more no and i want hotweather in the morning i don't or so my thought process as of last week in the week prior to that cause actually i'm trying to people in my god as on some things like those belle rights and so on is sold and on we started the questioning process several people got up and walked out they didn't want to be part we didn't show up because they knew we were going to be question because the pond one of hearers come on you're little intimidating it's like yes a question and never going to go i don't want to answer that he is he's got to go you're wrong we don't do that excellently tried to get them we kind of give up hinted echinatum through the post ill in all there there's a lot of people then i don't know why there if they're embarrassed because they don't know it than they need to be there so they could learn it i missed the point hers you you've got to you've got and be able to be k would being wrong and asking questions and and you know not feeling ashamed cause you don't know because nobody knows everything and it's like i have so lately love having on because ah there's so much that you know that i don't know i learned from you every single time that we're going through this sintsai i spare somebody acres i like it when you go you're wrong down on looking on or on likelynow tried to figure it horsemans little dramatic but thought i know sometimes is necessary you know what do you really what do you really retain something in your mind for a long period of time moment in time that is a very important point causes you think differently feel differently that moment in time here when you have a what they ate masseuse to call a peak esper when you have that peak experience that thought process never leave ill if you don't have that peak experience if you not in front of a judge and you don't have that peak expert you're not frightened out of your wits studding front of the jaws and maybe even got slapped down the first time or leaving the second you don't get it you don't understand it ye it's great to be sitting in your little comforts on where you don't have to expand your abilities and are your or your mind and get out of the comfort so too many people in our country american living at comforts and they won't step out of that i as a taborites recall it that the leg shells you stepped out mother would know you know what mother to know so the rest great video the one old one is called to the truth david i parodied that will his very first that i it was introduced by him and it's got makes a lot of sense any talks about that kind of about that peak experience about stepping out of your shell and that he talks about the pyramid we are the bottom of the pyramid holding the pyramid a pyramid being the deep state at the very top what happens if one of us say now i'm not going to do that i'm like goin to hold it up and walk away a pyramid collapsed because the pure the base of the pyramid is where the power is where the base of the pyramid but people here don't understand it or don't get it and consequently they got home hold their corner of the pyramid and that's where even have needed them they've always needed us exactly and they still do they when they git my money who are his that money come as ross were anything they don't make anything they don't produce any service they don't do anything right all it money comes for us if we stop paying them we stop paying the speeding tickets and then the ordinance tickets and all of the other cracked that the government throws that s there losing great amounts of revenue remember when we talked about the a lady gore south carolina through life that was a money four hundred and ten dollars or four hundred and fifty dollars for speeding ah and then was lasting she goes on the internet to look for her ticket it's not there chase up and she's all excited that may be and all they cancelled the ice he called the called the cold a clerk of the court an find out what happened while they changed the ticket i and they changed the ticket number and they didn't tell her that they changed the this changed the date of her of the corner on the letter that they but they didn't change the ticket number what man that now she's going in for instead of speeding ah an or whatever else they came up the chescon for tinned in i was going to go to court four hundred and fifty dollars fine for tinted window and of course the remember why she caught speeding because she saw a black charger with black tinted windows s who was inside yes i hear the police officers saying oh i can have poniendose you can have one even though her tenant windows were put on by the mane so we rode a final letter to the city of saying ah you violated not answering the replying to the answer that i sent in which was by law a requirement and then you turned around and did not correct the default because we defaulted you because you had time and you didn't answer and we to faulted now the third letters items as we're done and if you hassel mean any way then i will see you in michigan united sts and you will become the and so will see what it is letter just when insulse how this letter affects them if it does and and if she tines are once the pursuit to a lost i would but she may not want to go that for i don't know water game plan is here's the depart here a city in south carolina gifford that that knapps people going through there and get for one reason or to raise aliciafor friture hugh you are now you know about civil forfeiture that's a asscrazy that's as lecaze i mean the the departments are using it for like marguerite and machines and such i saw went one instancethat that that's a real crazy the subject in into its not that is absolutely not not legal and the problem with so forfeitures they can grab your money or your house or whatever and that becomes its own ante so you can't even suit to get it back the house has to for its freedom how does the house so for its freedom or money that consisten commandeered by the cops and it's like in or or or any any anti like how it how do you he is go and take something and think this is okay and then i don't i don't know it there's the guy i got to think of his name that did a pretty good excels they on this years and years ago and it's one of those things that you den he knowledge by payin attention and listening but all all this stuff is so illegal and people need to know how to legal it is so that they can fight it because they're not going to fight for you the the prosecutors the judge is they have no interest in fighting for you none whatsoever their place sorrows back lot of em and i have the class from sheet that through the camps porcine that absolutely to the prison system that another one yet your private prisons they have to fill a quota they will jack up anything that you buy their pricewise for somebody who's in there the like three times at normal cost in their and they keep that they keep the heat down because it keeps the bacteria down or whatever they think so this is there so many things wrong with our nation it's it's incredible i mean you the list is so long it's shocking and the only way to fight it is i i et on individual basis and we we have to do that saint impolitics we have you making up our minds on an individual baseness not not a not a party basis honestly that's why i like the constitution harthouse's party in michigan because they have hold people's rights to you know under the constitution which is you got the right you've got the right to make choices and it's the right we defend it's the individual rights individual liberties that we defend now if we go back to the constitution and we look at the first amendment will ye can start there because important the most important item that the founding fathers decided congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of red no that means johnson president johnson in columns resident johnson back in the six passed at the fore one seat three process or five one where the religious people had to he had to apply this exemption from how can they how can the a religious people a life for a taxi when count was shall make no law no long erecting an established but they brought into it cause they didn't know then while the thirty pieces of silver there is always when the government gives you anything there is going to be a a a of erosion of rights doesn't matter what it is there nothing nothing comes with it from the government without strings as in them no wapinis people that have bought into it and in you become part of their weapon to take the rest of the nation on they are and we had oh just a couple of weeks months ago year ago we had our crisis as developed by the government created by these and therefore you couldn't go to church on one you would be sitting next to somebody that might have the so called virus that we found out was a fraud the bed and the vaccines are or kill shot we found that out to later on see congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion he doesn't say anything about the executive branch they're not even involved in because they have no authority and so anybody that followed whitmer's none he was full trick by white and and her gang three thugs in lances queer squire now in the court jester banson yeah they were they were fulled by him they said that they had some sort of a a merchant law that they could no it doesn't say that as congress shall make no laws he doesn't say anything about the executive branch because the executive branch is not included and then it says the second part of that is prohibit the free exercise thereof that was going on for two years during the covet can where people were not allowed to go to church and even at one canada got dragged out by the police the and then then there were several preachers that wanted to youse their parking lot in so they set bring come sit in your car and we're going to talk to you in the parking lot through a bull horn and conduct religion they intend low that either wires from carnac people needed to understand that number one congress shall make no law respecting our steps no under any circumstance nortworhthe exercise thereof the the vivers that we at is the virus of fear and i mean that's what i really believe it's fear that was the virus that that we were subject to it was it was a logical the masks if you looked into it the masts did nothing and like throwing a handful of pebbles through a chain like fence it was not going to keep it out so and they came rideout and sad that it it's a logical and the lock down they were they were a logical with something that had a ninety nine point nine nine nine per cent chance of survival onogot it and then they had the other was to fight it that were out there this is absolutely a tack of an understandall it out the fifth generation wore fair i'd infect i just to iwerks and me only showed his book of minute and people people have got to think because we're in such a time as this that they are controlling us by fear and by misinformation and disinformation that is what we have to be number one so aware of and you let me go this book a minute and i'll show you well why your grabbin that book i want to point out that if you had your faith in god and god wanted to take you at that particular time then he would do so and if he didn't want to take you at that part he wouldn't take you at that so if you had faith in god you'd survived the oh yes i yes and look at the name on the bottom of course general general i was called general general michael the plan he is the people's general make no mistake about that and a in a good good man his family's hilly mazie so i or it then then let's go back to the second part of that or the second freedom first freedom is religion right on important because that's what the founding for that's the first words out of the constant the right for freedom of religion and he thought people skip over that they go right to free see there's five things in there and you can't you can't you've got to take it all naturalistic things rose locked works six or nook implied hoping but we'll get to there now the second one is the bridging the freedom of you're telling me face barked and you too and twitter and all those other programs that are out on the computer did not abridge freedom of every one of em to back the process of what the deep state was trying to push they banned anybody that talked vaccine they taught band anybody that talked about cures for iver met then or in hers like i for makin or ah i declare i require when they talked about those two anybody to talked about those who were bad while he didn't have the right to abridge the freedom of did not first the men that right and people bought into it people went in and was an lean legally when they started doing any sort of censorship it legally runs into the it legally runs into a problem with being a content creator which means that point time if their sense in us he actually can be sued for the poor that's on there or from the child trafficthe videos that are on the hat would be that would be all of him you too in all their all guilty of it if that point time they can be categoriesthe they sound sir when they soundswere them their controlling the contact thereby they are they are responsible for all content so if we got together we should be able to erectly sue with it into oblivion for allowing allowing some the southern and sets on de you know that you to bed some of the rest of the actually have a second layer of you know the right words to put in to i watched a guy on a video do at one time how he were able to put in other other specific words and it brought him down to another layer behind some his platforms that actually mightn't look at anything the hadn't shown thing past hatcase it was very very tastefully and legally done how they can go to another layer where their literallytheir poured on therenot's amazing this is a really big problem well here's the ears the she it's not about censors because i will see no word as abridging the freedom of different and sent only only the fact is that when we talk two government anybody in government we have to use our language we can't say over reach their not overreaching their usurping authority or serving as a criminal overreached means at the slap on the we and then there's so many people out there that us over the government's overreaching nothing the government so serving we have to go back to the languid that our founding fathers originally set and use the appropriate language so we can control the nerve when you control the narrative about censers then you changed the meaning of the first amendment abridging the freedom of speech meso can say anything to anybody at any time call him any kind of name if they don't like it they can walk away or a channel or whether the freedom of not censuring because you called somebody algeb son or whatever that's answering they censor your speech because you're bad mouthing pale no i'm not i have the an abridged freedom of sing anything i want any place i want any time i want and if it set you in the channel or walk so we have to get back to what the actual and here again abridging the freedom of the we've seen all over the place again ah you can't get an article in the newspaper on your point of view because it's all on the other side it's someand i and indoctrination they have weaponized or mainstream media its completely re weaponized and the platform have been weaponized against it so unless you you followed their narrative there going to knock you out they're going to censor you they're going to kick you out in their going to silence you so these aren't this side the press this is an indoctrination machine that we've got going that's exactly correct ah and then the next freedom is silas symbol that means if one go to church on sunday if you want a symbol in the parking lot because that's where the priest wants the i think or the reverend or whoever he is he they have a right to peaceably assemble anywhere any time any place remember the constitution is never so think about think about this in our park system casaletto apply it to what we see so that there's a case there's like a case study of what the implications of this think about our parks you know we have to apply it to be able to assemble in our public parks which we have paid for and which we are the owners of this is not legal it's not it is not a lawful prose we should be able under this to god any part and say i'm an abchurch church in this park an organ invite people to go there and we are going to be able to assemble without being impeded in any way shape or form and this rising to get a permit from the government right they're giving us a permit yet determines for the permission to have access to what we are the sovereigns of which we own which we find in which in which at all they do as i figure out new ways at the thing of a grave cimon from like the one at that there lie the own it there renting it to us and i am the last or or one of the last ones i said there's another that's not were going to talk about them the petition the government to redress a great for a redress of grievances that means you ought to be able to write what me and she has to answer but her attitude is now we don't have fans a cold and under this law on passionate regulation that he we cannot we do not have to answer for your request now that's not looke first amendments petition the government for redress and so when you send a letter to whitmer to any those other morons that live in late you and the hen reject you the first time that may be you have to get a little more up in their faces petition the government for redress re amendment right and your violating my first amendment right and you have no authority to remember this as congress shall make no law not the executive branch and not the just cong people's and so we have to pay attention to this and we have to send these documents forward expect the answer ah and of course they have sown waldos for months and months and there still stonewalling the eton but they have no authority to stumble because they have to answer your right to redress first amendment and we need the press that against this and the ah implied right that is there is the right to because how do you get to how do you peaceably assemble at and if they could tax your travelling and regulate your traveling i could say if they wanted that you can you can drive around that you can go to the store you can travel to the star and travel home you can't travel to the we don't want you there and if you travel there we're going to give you that's the right to travel and i've used that many times in my battles on speeding the cause they really have no right for travelling they can only ticket you for driving so i got to know the difference between the if you're driving your in commerce that means you're carrying for sale or or somebody's paying you to be a passenger in your taking the that's in commerce they can regulate the and they can ticket you for that a nak can make you follow the speed limit since so in itself but if it's not trow if you're not driving but travelling they have no authority regulate your travelling people made the be very much aware of this the first amendment powerful and we have allowed most of this walked all over by those in lancing we don't know any better is the lord we ratify their behavior and we don't want to do that anyone interstratified then they bring the second amendment in because the second amendment text the first tent second amendment is a well regulated militia who is the militia every single of every single i think the definition is as a classical definition is a able bodied mail between the ages of lake fifteen and six i think it's eighteen and forty five but i may be wrong on the ah there i think is a couple of different transtrans ations of this infection i just bought another book and i and i met a guide this week and who worked in on naval intelligence askias amazing am his name is david and i'm going to have him on the show but he is a malitia and it was really spens onetime educating me on how the militia works and and i was looking at a couple of different oh in effect he either though there's a web site that we can then can bring up later let me in i make it out here at all i'll bring this this web site up back in that they give to the translation instating on actually what the militia is it's really very interesting not having the tired it's not the military is whothat's the weed the people and i don't understand why our state why michigan is not not only should they we not be regulated or have any any uhreista tion or or concealed car or any of the console should be arming our population and training the have then if the chinese ate they will have somebody to find get there you go in and one of that he have out would we we don't want to be we don't want to have a strong malitia to protect our government protect our constitution and our rights people like hilary and opimian ah the resident in the white house they wanted to weaken the military by an all putting undesirable people in there and i it's another word sidenote i putting undesirable people in the military he can't fight and course taking guns away that they think that the they have some law they're going to be able to take the ah and there are some people that will give up the guns because they don't know any better they can know what the second amendment is while they were in great job of hiding it for us and you know every way it seems like we learned something new that we didn't know the day before that we thought oh this was normal i mean it it's it's ten years and years of waking up and waking up those around us we weren't we brought up that way we thought that they were doing the right thing for us we thought that all of these institutions were supposed to be there because that's how we learned and this indoctrination machine has been going on for a long time none of the stuff is it's been done is really legal even the way the third a handling the share of soft as the sheriff's office is being usurped by the state police which is a union please force that basically you can't get rid of if they get out of control sheriffesse get to bohomolets step out of line we the people have control of that is ordered were supposed to be able to rein them in if oisoned steps a line in is not working for us we have a process for removal will win they usurped the order that was intended to be there to uphold our rights you got a big problem and that ecossaise like the national guard i don't believe that any any standing army national garden ceded is under the process that it should be honor which is going back to the militia and then there's some really interesting eh ah works often written about this so and i think we're going to dive into educating people further on how important it is for every single person in this nation to bear and be expected to defend your er your family your property and each other that's what we pledged a legend is the eneahhe stand your ground whether will you more or not whether i agree with anybody you know the things that other people do in their lives that i may not agree with but that between them and god that's not on ours ours is to defend their rights as long as they are not in a stepping on the rights of other people too it's all about defending rights i know like i said if you don't like it two and out go somewhere else you have that right but you don't have the right to tell a baker that he has to put a you know certain words on a cake that he finds abhorrent that's you can go somewhere else but you can't for somebody else to do that either the think that's an important thing that's an important distinction to make you know back in the six when i was in high cool i was in the arteriogram and i probably said this more than once on your shoe we had we had a basement where the arches high school orcesi program and we had a a idon'tknow all was over fifty ah fifty feet of a wall at fifty feet of war and in that fifty feet of wall are we had two races open bottom of mon grand that we would use for everybody in the unit that everybody in that class room could have an emone grand in their hand and actually gold through the motion do women sections and taking a part and putting them back together and we had a rifle team that shot twenty two rifles and were in competition against other high col and i was at one of the crown one of the people competing a on the rifles and so that was a very important part of training my peas who i was where i was to learn how to handle the rifle to learn how to clean it to learn how to aim to learn how to shoot and to learn how to be competitive with a withe ah to day an artis program is in a class room setting with chairs and they have when they drill they have rubber and one grand that they drill it they don't have the real rifle and you you've got to have the real thing in order to actually be confident at a you you got to know how to knock him apart you've got to know how to clean him you've got it you got to you've got to know if you're going to be handling a fire or i believe that every one needs advance training i grew up or our family grew up you know with a with the fires weston the holidays on thanksgiving and on on thanksgiving we would we would all go out there and shoot like pigeons or target practice or something like that and which was a lot of fun but i believe that this nonsense of teaching everybody how to get out it stand a trouble with a law should be how do you go after was that her maid in conflict with the constant while the problem that we have is overtime sites was after world war two because roar to ended in forty five and oh over that time period it was important to arms he important i have because world war to to the chinese from comarapa nese from coming in to america and attacking america there attitude was behind every player glad grasped there was somebody with a right that was probably the ah so they were afraid to the noobeen a slaughter against the japanese they didn't want to get involved in the so the american government actually had the part on the civilian marksmen where you could even actually by an an one grand and back the knighting they were going for ninety prs reasonable price list followed their requirements you are americans you are shot on all hy powered rifle team somewhere along the line in your life now belonged to a gun club then you could apply a and you didn't have any felonies than you could apply for this m one grand and and pay for it and they'd send you one so that kind of dried up considerably now they have a so what is it to they have a kind of a gun organization but it's not like d c l which was ah or arodowish was supported by the government civilians supported by the governt for the people to help the people become well trained and well a knowledgeable on fire arms and we have forty five pistols by the way was a later where forty five the old cold forty five set the act that the officer the carry and we even had two ah bars browning automatic rifle that were and of course there were locked up when nobody was using on they had a bar cross the sea would still he but we had all these it was in a high school basement in high school altis program i wish we had lost we had the firing range where we practised shooting twenty two in the basement of the of this was college school by the way and i were we practiced shooting twenty two rifles at targets we had a couple of ah i extremities that were the that were teaching us hot a shot asaheim how to set sights and so on itself for it was a great expert great and sowing you when i deserve the nation in a you know in a year your military career as is amazing and then you know you continue to serve its really amazing tell can you continue that help people what you did not while after i got through high school ah i went to college in the day that i got missis the day that i got my college degree from the university waste i also got a draft no and so now i'm on my god i'm being drafted in a twenty four i think you're sold at that time and though i'm going to going to be drafted so i ran around to every single reserved in michigan the sign up as in the reserve is is there yet on i didn't get to vietnam so i didn't want to go there anyway so i signed up to every single reserve unit i ran into one called the three twenty third general hospice at the three twenty third general hospital the guide that was the civilian tecket nurse says you know there's a hundred and fifty people before you that are going to be called in before you for your chance is a getting in i ralionnelle cots i santobono listen then the day that i had to go for my physical this was sunday i give notice for my to acestor physical exam i get a call from this guy the leven o'clock at it priscillian the in he says are you still interested in the reserve program but i soon going for my physical for the army don't the worry swing by over here my office in the morning and you get the document and you'll go apes and you'll be a phil you'll get your physical for the rest slighted so i went through the day went to the three twenty third got my documents and when got my physical and the next day i'm sitting in from servon because now i in member of the reserve so looking out for me he probably was there looking out for me says he we're going to put you there instead of there and so that's where i went so during that time period i was i went through my basic training and i came out because it was an arrow cicero gram and high school i came out as an e three is ah so i got a few more dollars was it anything to brag about i several grades because i went through the high school arts when i got through with the school that they sent me to and i went for medical equipment repair on a repair medical equipments all electronic x ray denouement so on its all electro i didn't know anything about let but i didn't fail to part of the test that said i could go and learn so i did i ended up graduating from that school in the top three so i ended up getting another so ended up now as a what they called the for and a slight left the esersi left the school in colorado which i saw i in colorado and i came back to michigan and i was a speck for for about four years for body year and i applied for me i wanted to become not sit in one of the stands another word things were gone real wild p f c e for or speck for now i want sergeant and a year later and i'm not as so i applied for an office and during that process of applying i did all the paper work i said and i was waiting and waiting and waiting and this is an almost another whole year that i was sitting as a speck for wandering now what happened you guys approved me give me my give me my lieutenants while they then i finally call them said hey what's going on you guys set on mathias ok i was sae he says well if we wait until your a birthday which is an october we'll make you a first otherwise you'll become a second and then you'll have to work up through the first so i went in the joke is that i went from the speck for to a first because i waited the time once i got into that set i applied for he it i started shooting and bigot picked up for the all of the fourth army rifle team and we shot all over the state all over the united states in compton high powered and fourteen rifles i i want some hard where from that she and thou was a great experience great and of course i spent thirty one years in the reserve and military because i was activated for deserts that'll be a story we can talk about some that cos that's pretty interesting how that all happened but anyway i i know some of that story you told me some of it about quipment such and and what what a what an amazing life and and the stories that that you and all or other military person all have to tell no matter no matter when anybody served that training is still there once in regretsthat to me it's amazing thing and all every single one of those stories need to be told because we're going to have to rebuild this nation and the thdislike that comes with the military is critical because we have we have a couple of generations have been so lost because of a lack of leaders held and lack of anybody that looked like an adult around them to steer their knowledge and sick haingoo know this is this is how this is done and i mean they'll get out you too but it's a different it's a different situation then having somebody who has actual experience that would things don't go exactly right well this is how you you know this is this is the way round at this shall this is how you never get stock in you you onealways led yourself away out of any situation and then you know in case you have a problem what you have to be able to get a contingency and what is that look like when your you to video tutorial doesn't work because they don't know the underlying premises that say formedlike you have clearly learned you know from the time you were in high school and a yeah that's that's it's amazing store i would lock get into the i wanted to throw one more thing i tell one to brag a little bit i did go through boy scouts i'm an eagles a refresco or always sits my dan was too my dear as you ride in exselsis that's very universellethe though for it's a tough ladder to climb but and he was in the military and he was a very sovery honorable man and a just a very very very honorable man and he i tell you he when he became a christian when i was about i don't know as close to twenty he became a christian he completely his life turned round by you know the jesus of the savior quite honestly and you could see the sizable difference that thespiritual part of him made and it was it was a its kind of an amazing testimony right there it's it's amazing what you guys that gone through and the honor that i always see and i always appreciate this so much and i thank you for your service and all things that you've done for us and you continue to do for educating us now i really appreciate that so my close ah i also wanted to just mention that through my arcise career i became lieutenant colonel cadet and i graduate and i got up retired from the army as the lieutenance so that was kind intent and now my son is a lieutenant colonel in the oh space force wives it seeing my son my son there on rely interested in space for i think that's cool his its prey but he's got lots to talk about two and soiled nothinganything that did the high school sing are not the high school thing but the voice scathing he said he as he i followed along and a lot of things that i did i actually had pushed the you have a choice son you had a toes cases senility dangers said this is the way it's going to be moved his laugh about it with my kids too in like i was a onolaith it survived me they could survive the world sortaine met with any nonsense what's so hope aren't walls go back to this here and i lookback to the cost because one of the second amendment let's fast through these all so that people can you know will go through these little bit and i think the first to a man was venereall important but not a gonebut were not furnished with right because of the language that used by founding fathers being neces that isn't as in part of that come after the the right of the people and bar are shall not be in keep and bear arms means that you have an arm on you you can carry a weapon with you a rifle of pistol with you ah wherever you go in the united state that's the right to bear arms and it should be lost this nonsense of keeping the gun in your house putting it in the safe with a trigger lock on it or disassemble and get at some bunch of coole can the second amendment the right to bear arms means you have a live weapon on you a life gun and you have the bullets and you can use it stand your ground ready now not say can make no law no law at all this bone head and lances trying to make these red flag laws and the little cold little come the little common bone had his following this don't realize that there literally there literally read weaponized to lead to their own deaths if you're an unarmed society if you like to be in an armed society go live in australia during the pandemic yet we now refined and they beat people up that's what you want if that's the kind of government you want a kind of life you want then god living australia and your long rantedabout to or china or china or every other country in the world except the united the move somewhere else goligher now interesting oh unlustrous resident in dec ascending arms to the civilian population in ukraine there trying to take him away from the american right why why why aren't the people seeing this his class abel on what's going on with you and what they're trying to do in the united the trying to take us down and make us a third world cost and a people haven't figured that out yet i don't know what to tell you i might think on the canister wars and killer kill our kids and are in our own people so there sunning their set down in that's what this has always been about is that you know they're going to the going to trump up a war out say tromple present trumpeter they're going to go ahead and create wars all over the world we have like eight hundred and fifty bases around the world what what is up with that this is its kind o nous stands nothing might not neces the still a problem goes with exactly what's going on in ukraine that their arming the ukrainians and right or not arming the american the disarming the american or attempting to descend and the red flag laws by the bone heads and lands that their trying to push through again shall not be government cannot infringe on your right a right that you have and the right to bear arms everybody has the right to bear arms now they tried to pull this thing about the the so called in a use their terminology now i won't there at the eighty per cent polymer ah rifles and that you can buy in assemble yourself they have no serial number on there's no way to trace goethe there not traceable ah weapons in in any way there there none serial number they said that they were trying to band go scums they called the cost cocanicus you can just by these parts and put him to get well i've been i've been putting up a sub compact together and it is a daddy i it's different than what there showing on the internet so he got to do a little fixing it in if you don't buy the right parts i'm waiting for a pen to come through the mail because i didn't buy the pen because i didn't know needed saw there not that easy to put together there not hard they're not really difficult but they do take some time and energy they're not the dogs slap it together and then in his ready to go yes or confront their trying to stop so of the ah built gun and there saying that the that we have no authority to build those on the supreme court said wait a minute we're going back to when the law was established and that's all they did filled their own so you can't come up with a new lock to day that's kind of like an expose fact though low sang you can't build a gun because we're going to make a loss to do that now you can you have to go back to the origination of the law of the second amendment and what they were doing at that time when the law was read and sold they've been they've been destroyed by the supreme court on several different the spring cart scot or second amendment at our back on the second amendment there protect they haven't done very well with the first but they are potted so there's a lot of a knowledge and people and whatever that believed that the second amendment that the right to bear arms is absolutely important for frees we have to have that and when we lose that first the man and the second amendment were done they've already stepped all trampled all over the other men ah because they were theseus to trample all over it the third there none the the fourth and the fifth and the sixth of the seventh and the eighth ninth and the tenth they on spectator those we can probot those when we get the ah so right to bear arms everybody should have the right to bear arms everybody should know a certain type of guns and how it functions and actually go to the range and shoot the thing and learn how to sit and learne learn how to clean it so may have a basic understanding he the right arm of the of the human being an extension of our hands an extension of who were we have a right to bear arms so all the less these out there then think that the school shooting our base the pond people having access to guns absolutely if you do the deep dive into all of those mass shootings if you want to call them that all of those red orb those flag ah all of those ah for that's not rich leg all of the false flags all of the false flags shootings out there you will find that they're all government and use by the government create problems he keep us well i lagoonster for going to take away the fire arms in the right for fire arms i think we should take away all vehicles because vehicles kill more people than fire arms and then less just godanother stop further on this and you know if we're going to get to the ridiculous level let let's let's get less just this the logical conclusion ridiculous love or on stuff that you know just like just like when they say that you don't somebody wants to a guy wants to be a woman that's fine if you want me to buy it then go in and have your tell this cut down with the saws and such and actually you know actually let's do some serious modification here we're going to do it let's take it break the pond i don't believe in any of this really know it we got to get back to sanity thesethese this is absolutely insane and you know then let's take away all the illegal drugs that are killing more people than either one of them combine but can't do that his governments involved in tracing them while the governments involved in the lot of obviously nefarious activities were ceremonials now they could get away with it because we have ratified it we've allowed it and it's our ensorcell we need to look at ourselves individually and say we have not held them you can't look at him and say well it's all your fault now it's all of our faults because we let them do that and it's my fault that's your fault we should we should have put a stop to this in the eddies the seventies whatever how ladening on how old we are and in stopped in front of this this come boss the tithes nation actually it's gone beyond before that scotomy parents that didn't do their job and their grandparents that didn't do there and round we have we are at the the apex of all of the nonsense that has been heaped upon him and now we have a we have a monumental task it proficit then we lose every and robert those people that are out there that are that are left minded or called himself all liberals whatever the heck that means or conservative whatever that be need to really understand that it's not about liberals conserve it's about the republic about our government that should have been our government from the begining and should have stayed our government what we've if you go back and law and you look at the laws and you look at how things were brought on board then you realize that a lot of it was ah brought on by corruption where did the dog come from you have any idea who established the de deo the other tempesta lished by grant an executive order that make it legal by any kind of ore no no it's not constitutional remember remember the or conversely shall become he says that if it isn't in the constant do doesn't and yet they are one of the most insidious organization that we have ever had they do not work for the people they work for the bar they work for the government and they drew everything against the i've had my runnings with them in court several times point blank lie the god the judges to do to figure how now any better so he goes along with the dog while the the deal taken vino i am the one that's got the power pali in front a lie on the record ah and he consequently by lying on the record they get away with whatever they want to get away with and we and without our remedy that we should have in the cord is into and what is supposed to be doing either the problem that we have and we have feet we have to go back to the th i understand what the republic are and how it were and why we are a republic and not a democrat but you know i've been watching some old movies have you ever watched a the old note some one not much about i don't really watch many movies i probably average may be one to two a year and i don't watch tv at all why was watching one were of carry grant was it was actually wrong twenty three twenty four some military move and they were talking about protecting the democrat so the darnation was started way back that way back then they were talking to mocs and of course the law all lot of the politicians and a lot of the radio broadcast to so these people should have all been slapped in the face with a two by four and told goneyou've got it wrong guys we were public nodded the ice but they have in doing this and try to destroy our country for you and their still trot so we need to wake up and we need to understand the difference between the democracy and republic and why we really don't want it the much and why we really have a republican what guarantees the republic article for section for the united states guarantees every single government to be a republican form it's in the constant and when we say the pledge of allegiance we don't say to the democracy so we are a republic and we need to go back and people need to start thinking and talking replied and once we start oh the verbage we started the language process properly we will start getting reforms people start reforming not to over reach its usurpation you just committed a crime you just violated your oath usurpation of authority that's that's where it and the end of a rope or that's what we have to be doing singing my son here i will that bill the gallows on the steps of the capitol and left wrong you know retrit i i'm kind of a i'm kind of a fan of tribunals go ahead sepailoff to get moonwhose how they that work out for oh that's what needs to have and can that's the proper process and you know we just were just let a we'll just let all of her buddies over there that the standing they have the obligation to defend us so any hook is what a i was just going to say if we did not in a low get back to the if we did not elect get an office if he did not get it off and hilary got it off we can go out on that already had we'd have world wore three on our hands right now we would be fighting we would be fighting the new deal and great the great reset and the green a green new deal or whatever we would be fighting that nonsense we would be fighting the new money system from the great recent which digital and you would not get ah to save any money by the end of the month you'd have to spend all your money and if you didn't spend it then it would become worth zero anyway and then if you take bad about the government they could he cut you off from the from buying anything in the stores because take supply away for this was the nonsense that hilary and the left and the nazis were trying to do to america and thank god we had trumps step in there well i think we're already in the middle of world war three i i really do i believe we were going to go back to my this book here with my body here general fled out i think we're all ready and world wore three yeswhen you look at what has happened and you crane in the leak the leave both the united states and russia are denying that there's any truth to the weak that came out from his athesorastes young young unmilitary lead to somebody that was on discord or something like that and that's how the information got out and neither side or sanderson a truth to this because the minute the pay they they agree that this truth we have an undeclared war right now we were in and in were in an undeclared war and either one neither side wants to have to declare war so there denying anything that comes out of it and so i believe that we are absolutely in world war three right now but the problem that we have is that is that the weapons that their using is the weapons of the mind and so it were trying to walk annie as as being their weapons of their information war which leads to the usurpation of our nation to tear it down the weapons of their war are or the mind and if we buy in and we don't we don't see it now educated and we jump on to these ridiculous head lines and parrot ever thingferth saying we will wait i'm believin nothin i don't believe anything i hear nothing zeroane it's like every time i hear something to sin well well well i go into my grand as he well well well let's think this thing through a little bet what's what's logical here and if it's not logical you you know you don't describe on to handling one bonefor don't dory the top the top is usually misleading an article going to bottom and then find out who wrote it who are the filiated with what what's there what's the goal of the article or the information and are they trying to get you emotionally gauged to pick this up and be a spreader of their subversive messes because that's the war were in right now as they money lander away from our nation as they and they're turning often to their weapons yeah well i agree with you that we are in a war that it's a word of information but the blended igoring green but i the fore i was speaking of was the acontias going to be hoton where we were going to be shooting at people and sending nuclear weapons that's what he'll read destructions well ah in one a lot of soft i believe he probably wants a new part opens because i don't think he gets much for others or what then that jerome on himself and falling up stair case was this is a note of the qui is it that our congress has not required his removal for lack of being able to have anything that looks like a man this is another big question that is their responsibility when somebody becomes unable to fulfil their office in kikat even make it intelligible and we that the part of the part of the movie that were watching i disabled but you know but then there's no tocanalgine that that we should be looking at because we are i believe we are definitely watching him there's no two at about their so there's something going on that does not make so and we really we really need to question everything salero yes pisoteemos people getting on board in your out i'll after there all actors you know it's like i look at even to santos i think there's the three different destinatis models out there that i've seen that i look at that gosodasant as the sky wait better lookin than to santoson time ago you know it's like i'll sit there going okay they made it as santispiritus like how do you lose like sixty pounds and all of a sudden look military thoughtover night him and people the same day all a sudden pompeo gets like you know gets like sixty pounds of weight loss and looks a little ripped and i'm like i don't quite get that is like gets like over night these two guys changed over night in like i don't know but anyhow to santispiritus love better looking in one point all soothing no movewith your he happened there so any of arisinoe on here to the next line yellowstonethe innocenti at this point of time because they don't need but is that because they are ready have in your a sure do that's the tale he that's the information that their gathering from the telephone and electronically from the smart leaders i can read all the things that are going on like ironically in your home i was smart meter attached to her home and everybody does the united states that i know they are being able to use the smart meter and by adjusting certain frequencies on their side they can do whatever they want to do with that bacon tell what a plant is your using and furthermore they can tell what you told while the other thing they did is that they would move like six different on military gis into the houses and their the people's homes and it was an economic disadvantage to them because they could move move a family could have worked their whole year to put him enough food for winter and they would move them into their homes and required them to feed them which literally was a death sentence to a lot of families back the th they they stole from individual families there provisions to feed him and they could they could the son six people and on one day and then another the next week send another six or twelve people in and literally it was it was the death blow to families while plus the fact that there was no way they could decide who was a patriot and who was a a tory who was on the side of the of the government shares the veinlets this was their form of surveillance hated having our form of surveillance to day far surpasses anything that the third amendment can stop that's the toll yet you know i never talk in your telephone knowing your listening to you i do i'm like i'll pick up my phone and i'll be like screw you guys get on the right side of the work a alife or watch god common take in a god's gonosome and you're going to have to face in and as going to be bad daywith the problem that we have that we are on surveillance and we've agreed to it we've agreed to it we've agreed to it and here again it's our agreement that allows the in effare yourself one in front of you where and most people carry him in on them a dangerous because of his picket i ones will you carry it in your breast pocket or you carried in your hip pocket and then when you turned fifty years old you figure out you've got to have the hip replacement or up or you have hit problems walking or whatever because you carried yourself on whether destroyers your body fast through your frequencies in your own body and you're doing it to yourself and your carrying around a soul phone in in everywhere you go and they're tracking you every so they and they know what you're saying and what you're doing maybe they're going to use it and maybe they're not you got it always be aware that that's that's like having a soldier standing it from the opposite from the russians or from not the russians the chinese listening to what you're going to do and then reporting that intent so that's the that's the third amendment that they use but they didn't know about electrons he didn't want to have the right of the people he surveiled by government by the use of they quartered in your old yes food was in issue he was an issue in all that stuff was in she and they took from the mongol or people that lived their own those homes they took it from them and that was wrong but that wasn't the only reason that a soldier was he soldiers to spy all kinds of bad things being account estalle at once now the fourth amendment is very interesting because it says but right to people to be secure in their persons houses papers and against unreasonable sort we had a gentleman in our group come yesterday come last it was a two weeks ago to nicholas and he was part of the january a people that got a rest and he ended up spending thirty seven days in federal penitents because he was climbing the wall twasn't the wall it was so old stairway area he was climbing the stair wood to the wall of the stairway to get up and to beat the crowd and they nabbed him before it and they gave him the thirty because he glided guilty to the last hard as they were they were going to throw the book at on them you was goin to be in jail for the next ten years of his life and you know he scared saw they scared him into pleading guilty replied guilty and he ended up spending thirty five six whatever days the federal pen and milan but his story was that one they came to his house and he opened the main door he the screen dark close he opened the main door and there were all of these black hooded black outfitted guise with their protective shields and front of them at his door and he tried to talk with them but they eventually not open his screen door and they entered his house and ah he had two kids or as to and they had on had gone point and the wife had gone on keeping them to so they wouldn't create some sort of problem while they searched the house for whatever on the haweswater not cease pricking noses comes nosocomio fashion they had hanegondahach ward but they wouldn't let him have it the lettered so he tariffed is here we got first worn seers are so for at that ohiothe took a piece of toil of paper and use a sharp and so oreseach worn and so they they passed in to his house the this house the actually searched through cars one carded even belong to but it was in their drive sins are search that car also ah the guest not tho not happy with anything going on in government right now in s as he wants this hover with wygenhale go to jail for this it this is a question he was climbing all over and he's had a pass on every single thing you got a wonder if he's like raousset was there a plan of father some boleeceman watsoni i i wondered that because i like look an look at the ones that are doing heaving anything having anything real happened to them i'm sorry this is all this is exsistere pigame with us they are those guys in the black who had they all need be hung i agree with that too one hundred per cent they were on all in violation of the fourth now and i don't know they were fed so they were probably fbi or they were probably a bat but they don't they that all needs to be just absolutely flusterate down the criminal toilet right there flesh in all so the question here is what does this mean persons houses papers and effects unreasonable searches and that men breaking down your door pointing a gun at you and you're shillito and your children is that reasonable sat a reasonable at the hat is situation right there they were holding those kids in that wife hosted so violation of the fourth amendment ah shall not be violated shall not be violated by anybody by the pet f by the fbi by any of them what what are you going to do when they're knocking on your door with the problem is that your waiting for the last one and it's like everything else you get a speeding ticket you put it in the drawer you don't he got another speeding ticknor part in another next thing you know you're being a rest what would you prisonfor an ant i al bei anti deep stake goin to come and take your sorry behind jail package i would do the something similar to what we do for the ah speeding ticket in hand that is sending the republic setting who the fbi be sure norton mercy shall be counting is in there and be sure that they understand that they don't exist because they have no constant authority anywhere all of that needs to be put down on the document that needs to go in front of a drudge and hopefully the judge will do the right thing but even if he doesn't still educating those people and you guys are breaking the law is the law your breaking when the criminal that i don't even don't they care i mean it would be great if he had something that he you could hardly door and say this is the law your breaking go ahead but you know as soon as you break that law i'm going to personally hold you responsible for terrorizing my family they care specially if you nail them in divine because now they have a loss so that they have to deal with as an individual not as a crew of fbi yet lose ours was onesilos go along to get along losers that followed the commands of their little common not nazis above and that's the whole point you can't get away with it as right it's a isolatedand that we can adjust that we can fix what we have to do it and it's not something that's going to happen by me alone are you alone sewing a more the two of us happened because all the american people realized ah incorrect of government authority and power and they need to be eliminated because they don't exist or counted that's why they killed kennedy on president kennedy because he won to abolish all of the nonsense that he knew were set up his satanic attacks against the people to be the were weaponized against america and americans siaposh only thing that i would have done it had i been kennedy i would he got rid of him for i would have said fbi you no longer a part of the executive branch or gone stroke at the patentee funding is done norton verse shall become says you don't eat but yet not in and that's what he shoredid originally the shot all these people down original but he was trying to get the people to understand what was going on i and consequently how he got excessive we as the when we put these people in office like tromp trump is out there kicking but an annaled did that in in his office he got rid of a lot of people he's amazing i love i just i love president i have fled love though i love his mean tweeds i lekteon the troop that's right i'll it's like it's as people do want to hear the truth it's like sometimes the truth is painful and interest needs to be said in the sugar coating on since gatestop you know are we we can't live in this disney world mentality because it's you know what we've already seen that that's that's falling down and in a mass of dumpster fire there to see the guide that was taken quite up women skirts there and disney world a donyland in hansoming news now it's like yet he was somebody working at disney world and it was taking pictures and he admitted to it how many how i like are you kidding me i mean a year you're not really we hold be thinking wherever we are just as some recent something doesn't mean any of its see latin that's the ashinoneno like wow i oreweene be wearing like our jeans and our cowboy boots and somebody does that you put a boat right up there behind and kick a came right out of their hands you know i mean see a seriously or i donot be violated and no warrant shall be issue upon probable cause so what was the probable cause that got this gentleman climbing the wall to have a what were they looking and now a minotaur not on greaser anything like that crazy so what was sold i don't know promote the war and has he not only say that you're looking for drugs but that you're looking in the guys bathroom casteespecially where they can go and what the object dives so is he forswore it's not an open that opened fishing expect as the government like and why do we have this won't because the king of england did this to the american people and i bennington the way out oh no what i like that was i like that that does i'm just going to take that and you've got no recourse whatsoever but we won have police that will have on the street shoot you probably kill you with a gun and then say why you were shooting and he'd have gone on a silent his book that he be be able to pull out a hand to the guide to make it look like he was actually shootin this kind of nonsense is going on wait too long and being accepted by the pier not only guns how people getting on as his plan upon him plannedon them in their care and so on in so far because they didn't alopeno trot now what do you looking for you have a search word what are you looking for in my frank if you say you're looking for drugs and you find a gun that isn't it you can't hold me farther gun you can only hold me for the so that's why it's as to watch or looking for while and i think they should be going after like dealers and like they have to go after dealers rather than an sorsheog t the dealers and you're going to stop a lot of the problem because the end user its way too easy to set an envisoring plant things on them to take him down and the dealers in the laesie to prove and then we go right to death penalty for drug dealers the problem with the drug dealers is there letting em over the borders the cotter as composit of the resident he is allowing him to come into the united state in the ragdealer to these latin a mint i we we might be drunk teller too on the side we don't know well he eneolithic rings but if he is if he's letting drugs gulesthe nation then he's enabling that histories and dragged dealer while more than a drug deals his traitor is to be at the end of a rope so his child that's what that's why he wore he's going to eventually get in that's what we like to see an then rest of this family shorter at once so he is more back to the constitute and this and this this warrant needs to be supported by oath or affirmation by whom who writes this old nobody else can do or affirmation and a particularly describing the place they and the persons or things very so they're not in the sense of fishing expense to try to criminalize you to aunt make you end up going to jail because it's that's easy in sure they can come into your house or to my house and find something that they could use against ah be it right or wrong or that there are may be even plants if they haven't told us what they're looking for then there's no probable cause because they haven't done the there hold work to find out what the probable cause she have you a hundred pounds a weed in your back if they haven't done the homework than they know it's not there and that they can't get a search but they fact tried to do it the other way they circumvented oh we won't have a search warrant we can get one if you want or you can let us in there and will treat you nice or whatever the and you buy into whatever their handling the government is not our fred now her long it's not the democrats and republicans and the bellemante and the anti opeope it's the government the government funds without the government's finding and support they would be they couldn't do it i can't they don't have the power to get the or the money to get the guns and let in all of the equipment that their using one they do the oh the various deeds on the american people getting that from over people need to wake up they're not they didn't go out to ah ah carthorse twenty hours make enough money to buy them selfe people need hereafter wake up the reality we have to work the really gone ah it were hid in close to eleven to one handed her and looked thick up the fifth amendment we could do that whatever you want to do yeh because i think the fifth amendment is in composing an important we covered it okay let her fall like were we'll go to the fifth when this is our we've gone through this copulatis that i don't think it be can beat this means thrown ahtoo much i think that we need continue to educate people on the constant and our rights and the lawful process not only to defend ourselves against a criminal government which is what we have and the tenancies by education so sure we had soup we can stop there that's great and catthat's a good idea because he that like i say is a fairly on comes amen and it's very port organwere for we have been told other sore well i think this is nice to do things then and bite sized piece is too it's like you can run through it's the the problem that i see with education and general as they want to give us a text book i mean how long had they gives the text book with a thousand pieces of unrelated information that your posesion a time line or something and it doesn't work we don't learn that way you've got to you've got to put it in with case studies so you know how to apply it and are education system isn't abysmal failure at that even if we learned things unless we know what it looks like or we can apply it it's just more information to take some time and discuss these things i think his real profitable so in old is so long come let me make one more comment those of your listening audience that i'm sure you know how many you are listening nowadays have any idea it depends i goes up and down and some is right now i'm just looking at one valnebon but he goes on on many many different channels on you know delivers so i've heard different i've heard different amounts that go out there but aside itthink he's quite a few actually if you look at the number sand rumble it's a bit of it you look on a face wickets at benefit you look in on grandperes not work that's a bit of it and every thing that we do because a brenburgs not work is something i actually own and we only connection we own it report of this so it's not the supponis not going to be taken down unless i decide it's going to be taken down for whatever reason and so i had given the axis so different people to postings we have a mark for in and leaseworthy have a program called inside and i think they are going to be coming on brandenburg news now we had the wonderful committee meeting if we can and there were quite a few very very good speakers on there and i think i'm going to do a special series on the speakers that we have let them talk for a couple of hours like doctor alonenothing it's napissas last name the there wasn't it said on a hermann right now from the week end and these people are incredibly well educated yet you don't see that normannor political situation usually you have somebody out there that's trying to get money from somebody is now these people were all there to educate and to actually parttook that they they done in research research takes a lot of work to be a good research sore to be somebody who who is actually drilling down on the facts and not base in it on an opinion but having enough time to actually connect the dat connect the connections and and be able to follow up by what's may be the money how hard they doing this it takes time thank god that we have an army of digital soldiers out there and researchers and annas and people who are who are willing to get behind the scenes patron saint pape here you know copies are paint patres saint and who are willing to do the work to put themselves into this to bring real truth for her because not congo get it made remedia pretty extra shore you might get it with some of the wonderful citizen journalist out there and you know if people like me that are set round the kitchen table with people like you who have an incredible amount of knowledge and are as that may be i don't have me it's all about putting our knowledge together in a sounding as we the people in order to have honest discussions where we can say whatever honor mind trying to get to the best solutions and the truth and that one person has that ability it's all of us together that make us great it that's short america is as all of us together pulling in the same direction to save this nation omnis take over which i think is amazing so why don't we you want to and it would though i wanted handed with one comments preterea on i ask you for the amount of people then if you don't have a case by one can i cast the you should be looking at the first three amendments and to day and maybe even to night to kind o ram herincure talk because if you do that if you go on to your daily at by to morrow or the next be as he just kind of refreshed the root the mind a couple think about it now go back and re read those three amendment or moments look at him carefully what did we talk about so you're able to make a part of your life we say in on her like the memory part but it was really interesting as we can decapole like david galley and aangenamer they there maze their memories are amazing and how much they had committed to memory was unbelievable so in a week and memorise things like like bible verses and things that edify us that build a sun that are not wasting our time on none and with that sudden going to re colossians one twenty seven and twenty eight to them god him chosen to make known among the gentiles the glorious riches of the mystery which is christ in you the hope of glory he is the one red porclain admonishing and thinking every one with all wisdom so that we may present every one fully mature and christ i takes a while to grow corrupt and it takes work in its work it's not just all play and that's that's what we do you know as adults we we go in and we do the work i i guess i'd like to say a prayer here a minute and then we'll go on and may be read some more dear holyfader thank you so very much for these wonderful words that you've given us given to us that we can act as we can listen to you taught through your word the bible and i'm just so thankful to say that you care too to not abandon us and leave us alone that you love us as your children and not only do loses your children you want to dwell within us your holy spirit we invite your holy spirit into our lives and to ourselves that the people would see you not not me not us but that they would see you in us and that we won't even may be now what words what were singing it is important but that you actually are talking to people in on that your ministering to this world through us that we serve this world and we make it a concerted or an anabole choice so love the way you want to celebes your sand box we give it all to you all the glory all that honor and our obedience to you in the way you want this world work and we acknowledge that you do this all because you do love is now trying to keep us safe it's not to be to keep us for doing things that we want to do it's to the save us from doing things that we shouldn't do which you're going to harm us to moralize us to press us take us all down and we we we love you and we honor you for that protection and to this day we commit ourselves to obeying you in the things that you tell us not to do because because your rules and your your commands such are there to keep a safe there there for for salvation as well as our salvation at consonly through jesus christ our lord and saviour and we want a thank you so much for caring so much about us that you would literally offer up your only began out in sin for us sinners who have done things wrong at times and were just worth anglethat you love us so much we love you and it's going to be great takes were to walk the stay whether you to day and that's always the good day thank you so much in jesus name pray self i'm i'm going to a a i want to i want to read more of this pass a cheer some sent to read this amentet because i think this is it you know my dad it was kind of a bible of he was bible scholar he loved reading the bible he he that's what he did you know that stossende it was was amazing i'm going to re colossians one is can read the chapter here paul the apostle of jesus christ by the will of god and timid the are brother to god's holy people and colosse the faithful brothers and sisters in christ grace and peace to you from god our father we always think god the father of our lord jesus christ will be prayed for you because we have heard of your fate and jesus christ of the love you have for all god's peace the faith and love that sprang from the hulks stored up for you in habit and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel that is come to you in the same way the gospel is very true and growing throughout the home nor just as it has in doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood god's grace you learned it from a paris our dear fellow served who is a faithful than of thor of christ on our behalf and all who also told us of your love in the spirit for this reason since we heard about you we have not supped rain for you we continually ask god to fill you with a knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the spirit so that you may live a life worthy of the lord and please him in every way very fruit in every good work growing in the knowledge of god and being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and past and giving joyful thanks to the father who was qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light for he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and his broadest into the kingdom of the son he loves and whom we have redemption and forgiveness of the sun is the image of the invisible god the first war over all creation for in him all things were created things in heaven and on earth visible and invisible whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities all things have been created through him and for him he is before all things and in him all things hold together he is the head of the body the church he is the beginning and the first more from among the dead so that in every we may have he may have supremacy he now we he for god was pleased to have all the fulness dwell in him and through him to reconcile himself to all things whether things on earth or things in heaven by making peace through his blood shed on the cross once you were alienated from god it were otomis and your minds in your minds because of your evil behavior but now he has reconciled you by christ physical body through death to present you wholly in his sight without blemish and free from accusation if you continue in your faith is tailless firm and do not move from the whole held out in the gospel this is the gospel you that you heard and has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven and of which i call it become a servant now i rejoice in what i am suffering for you and i fell up my flesh what is still lacking in regard to christ afflictions for the sake of his body which is there i have become a servant by the commission god gave me to present to you the word of god in its fullness the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations but is now disclosed to the lord's to them that is chosen to make known among the gentiles the glorious richness of the mystery which is christ in you the hope of glory he is one reproclaim in admonishing and teaching every one with all wisdom so that man we may present every one fully mature in christ to this end i strenuously contend with all energy christ so powerfully works in me the one sun set on to bring out in the sleeping is important so that in he is the one which reclaim and monishing of teaching every one with all wisdom so that we may present every one fully mature and christ it is our responsibility or a brother's and that that goes to talking about god and the things that he is teaching us and god in the holy spirit within us living in a sicogon whither he never wanted to building he wanted to dwell with men and women he wanted to be with us because he's her father he loves us he loves you he wants to walk with you he wants to help you we have we have access to god every day as our helper protector are provider our banner are defender all good things always come from god and if you have any troubles in your life right now turned to god with right there with you and he will help you your time on and all things so without word in dis going to let er know with your love we love you there's so many of us out there working and an up trying to defend this nation and defend you in your rights that's what we do we stand as salito ther so i dementedness words john i think you said it all will be on some on wednesday night also jane is a john j teter as yodocono he had on a question why do you always do a lord case j and john in your name is that in i don't know i didn't do that you did that hatenienten solcher gorges are right fingeiridono dat town because i am not conceiving the election and neither is god we are the best known considers who have ever not conceded in the history of the united states of america may be president trunk can get in that is in that club to but we are the best not so at any rate ah we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make a great day at the toy and we will see to morrow thanks dad you're a man you'll welcome i closer you're amazing