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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/3/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published April 3, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is april third twenty twenty three and i want to welcome everybody here it's monday morning in the mitten and i'm going to i want him i'll bring out a good friend of mine and somebody i have tremendous rest ah just to talk about yesterday i started efficiently brandenburg born gatherings and that it was it was wonderful and ill tell you tell you what oh my goal is is to unite this state the state of both i don't i want to get rid of all labels the labels have done nothing but divide us and we really need to stand together so workingmy way across the state right now in order to a set of canvas struck because of the government is not going to take care of us guess it we're going to do it ourselves because they are failing absolutely bosnal some emembering o my friend here and i welcome verseilter on this more we had a wonderful day yesterday and i thought we'd like to share that without erybody what what yesterday was light and he regrets for having then for happy to be on thank you that was fun yesterday wasn't i was glad that i made an eye had touchante that tends haventhe track i have i went rat yes it was it was really fun we started out o when when callista ted you all you know this but i'm letterbode and in what was kind of a real tree hoped but during when the scopedans early believe and started a few years ago i think it was all set up by her government and when when they started and they were shutting everything down i basically said and not not happen and you know i just submit to any and so i opened my barn out and anybody that showed up we had and it wasn't just on the weekends it was every single day people whoever showed out no masts no no nonsense and we had a great time sometimes we would praise sometimes led sang sometimes we just played with animals and visits certainly we ate the whole day with those and so yesterday we started out with bacon eggs and pancakes and we have unlimited pretty much eggs right now because he chicken operation going on and what was really exciting was your grandma some eggs and i wondered incubator and so she's my first the whole back haradachi en home plants right there and it was its real excited go with god prendergast the of he yeah artiens are kind of a high bird of four different breeds so that was thought but what it would he remember he what would you like to share with overwent about the the what we did yesterday or how that they went while yesterday was really lacking and it is all you can just really feel the presence of creator god ah there and if we will cook ower my grand and i recessabout going to larned you know her you know but it really wasn't like you know no religious tho was just like the presence was there and in and released to thoroldus grateful to have experienced that a community and fellowship and just love you know with people who a line with you his garand not really beautiful and just being constant being consternate and i really respect the hard work i can see like while your parishes beautiful freely and not i know that takes hard work yet everything is in a system there so it's done the same way every every day everything's done the same way so that you know we actually back you the isles and the so that so that he kept in the dust on the dusk control and all that sort of thing so i'm i'm little and was to fling cause i want to look nice and stanton no matter when anybody's you know comes over i want to be standing talk well we had such fun time st just laughing and talking about our histories to ah you know i think our histories are so similar no matter what no matter what label or how they divided us all out when it comes back to it we are all we are all part of the kingdom of god and that so every bit of nonsense that's out there that's out there to divide us and you know we talk about family a lot and i think i think everybody's really surprised at it how my family really works together ah you know it is anybody can leave any time they want but everybody stays enoch others company and and that there's a lot of trust there young you learnt you learn you can trust each other and and ah in in all circumstances something else down you always got a bunch people to call and say i don't got problem over here and everybody you know will throw it through into that and it's kind of fun even cut in the barn up yesterday we read his pen i pitches tables out and in such an in works really well but i love your family your families just ah the canoongo is within and that was the lesson chris colon and when you start to operate on that place you know that you begin to operate from pure love and not you know is something that has really you know i've really common to conscious awareness of recently as you know i'm once fighting of biding here on my unformation in now are with a lot of passion and eventually you know ferneeten to my heart and i was fighting out of a place of care in and then judging the people who were complying out of fear and all of its and when i really on ground in and wine to the quiet place with crater god and you know in the spirit the holy spirit on just calling on yachtiest realized that i stopped operating out of out of that you know pure love and that really are i was really humbled and it should it me a lot because i mihakashi you can fight out a fear or you can comply out of there but it's all the same frequent so i like you have to fight out of a place of love you know and a gig your barings i gos h and in ground in those kingdom principles at the kingoodie thinnin you know what your purpose you are calling and what you are created for in this now time space continuing because your called and fine rat at the right rather and this molino until shared the cheer that yeah it's amazing how we were all called to be here at this time and what a great thing colibri ye know it we can expect there's going to be hard times that we're going to have to face like god's people of always had too times men alas to know no one escaped and then we learn a lot from those experiences but one thing that's always a impacted me is so people will try to make afraid to even chase them to god and that's not how god necessarily always operate it's not worth fighting against its water which fighting and that it was what you said right there is out of an auto place of love is exactly what i'm talking about you have to do your tasks and like or the things you're called to do out of a atomistic of love not because you're running i mean we all know that he going going you know to out there at right now eh what are we fighting for once we define that the rest of the journey is really easy and then it becomes an adventure and one ah love really win and now is as all for god so loved the world you know and so it's just like the love wins it is all tenanted then you know i know it's hard to love your hande in a in in the way doingyou have then a lonely and when you really come into a revelation for yourself it's like this so much freedom and forgiveness you know forgive honores on because you deserve it ah you deserve to be and clear of you know what i'm forgiveness goes on to your soul so you know and it's not that religious they call if you don't forgive like it in your going to go how typtheis like no like you truly deserve to just like really be free and fellow so just like forgive for forneous because i get that is haboundinge ness in o in i know now white now in a kind of a kind of a o that says it all you as really easy to forget that treat you well what's really difficult is to it those who hurt you during life and their only heard in you cos they their only passing on what they know how somebody else is treated then or you know or you know what their familiar with what they think is to kan so you know it's kind of like we can be those people who stand enter and do the right thing regardless with anybody else in the world does you know what you do it you do it in and he the lighter in the darkness and you stand on movable too hot the with the king to prince o god o yes something yesterday about being warriors that i have sally loved and was it was such a beautiful thing yea i will sing at the table with one who walerandus kept as like i just like a must talking with the spirit and i just thinking to misselthwaite i spirit wire why do i keep the clock this time i you know like these so many other people who just seem like they're just living in just leaving their life and that they adherence about any of this you know and there you know and i'm just like you know why do i can being brought back this time might not being with a people who are really are on the famine in it this really where i meant to be as is really were i called to be an oasis when i was created for her and i and i just heard the spirits tell me you know it's because you don't the boers the warriors that we are where the warriors that can gain the darkness and i peccant he has we have we have the kingdom principles we can on we can operate we we have not revelation of operating out of those canarin iles and we have the loss we have the love within us and we were born for now to thee in that dark place because the more in that dark place were illuminating her when nominating everything so it like we are the light as coming and everything is one ing away iverything as running away from us and we were actually talking about that osterdyke won you know when you go places and how it was almost like everybody was fanning away for he or they couldn't even soosoodown i was riding when i was riding for governor i'd walk into places and you could watch it was like watching the with a water's part when i walked in some ah and i witnessed that he it's not like that i was with with her and i've seen how was my wholly like o ka we will really do on why leoncia so as report you know and when i one thou that relation not of the these revelations you know just i mean i'm kind of always known on wine when you read it is within your slight wheeling get it within your sole you know has he pretty weepfor me because over the last two years you know i have i been ill fighting on out of that place these are an angler and flustration and survival and mascules energy as you know instead of the feminine and in the love and so ay ah you know i thought very rechecked by my people here on the reservation and you know and it's hard not to take things personal because you know you grow up here at were like we haven't body knows that erybody and that yones now the sosias a little girl you know back in august i was thrown in jail a fore feting compassion my dentist to point lactacine and so thou really did i hurt me my hart me i can feel that rejection for my community and you know i quinologist subjections to masking and ah yah and i was i was thrown in jail a and so i gave i forgave them am i forgive everybody and i actually went out mine omen and made of video in how much i love and forgive every one and how i've been fighting and how my heart has been breaking for what has been happening here it you know hang people too in your arms thou on the goverment and anteandanti with quantities and i you know and that is like you know i went to counsel you have done almost everything you can possibly do to i got this in happening here all around me like a gesture a continuation of jessie and to me like honestly if you like a final blow i'll set aside and i you know and though i'm here and under like oki are you god ah whenever you want me to do now i got ready i forgave and i loved so now in ready in re fully equipped now to rely do whatever it is you calling me to do in and now i am being a thoughtful circle here with dona and incited to also really grieve hole and well it's it's kind of amazing to stand you don't when you bring a bunch of warriors together and i mean true are yours not the one that are just angry but the people who in toscan even if it means stand quietly and in the gap when others can and refused to submit when you get a bunch of us together who cannot be paid off will not be coerced or intimidated you you're an watch you're going to watch the spirit of god king through us has nothing to do with us that we you know that is every one of us is appointed for this time the question is is well people actually stand and refined fold or or back down from the fight and sometimes it means just standing there and end to standing there and do atnothing you know and that light of god in oligon comes through us is as and that i'm just so thankful to know i just just have to i just have to indocile about it because because you you absolutely will not fold and you'll you'll be arrested over your prince stand in the in the show off with all the laws in your hand and his tone this is the law this is the law this is the law this the there you go what you going to it i'm not going to sin not and it is as is makes he giggled and i just love the well thank you so much for coming on this morning i'd like to have you on again on em i know you've got a lot to do to day too and were we need to pray because there is a theresome morgan who is a had a problem last night she overdoes and we be praying for her for god to heal her in a very very divine way right now and ah i think that that lots let you on pray together about this rle allen muneribus i think we should some one that is is known to us and it's very it's very sad and in people that are involved i don't want to lay out a too many names here protect privacy but but i want to pray that god does he it and divine inherent dear heavenly father thank you so much for morgan and for her life and all that you've given her and we ask that if she lays in the hospital right now that you and you would do in divine healing showed absolutely healed her with no effects of what happened and that you would spare and and the destruction that surround her and bind it and throw it into the pethel that she comes out of this completely whole and he we ask that you will you a comfort everyone around her give them give them and and comfort during this time and that she would be divinely healed to bring glory and honour to you alone that people would say against all odds god himself stepped in heeled her and he if he if if he can bring people back from the dedicatory do that that's what we want every one's that the glory goes back to you that god himself held and that we which we know that you are perfectly capable of doing in jesus name the trainmen chinchilla lucknow you can have a great day and i'll be talking to you later i just love you piece as sure in a man to a well cock later to day the wonderful day come up he every one they so there go in at that point time i'm going to go head and switch over because the amazing wonderful checker shared as with us he there crack ye i am morning how are you i mean great i'm going to grab it being on see a man a grab the the did text me a photo of yourself there or any think it went i do let me let me hang out here on motto go ahead and see see what i can do to bring this and are we got on kinds of photos here how funny you've got your what red glasses for do you sit he go giacinta lot of what he they do well at about but i stonemore remote posterstein soissons helen are right the answer they are they are absolutely are so he had and i'm going to get the picture of the men i do keep talkin cause this is this is done grand and burg roperies not work and done rainforest ff some rite no one doing a sand ask an i'm going to get up there she con see who their talk i do think that that's kind of nice in it i like to to know who i'm talking to in any point tie course i outran you got one bears donald ja and you got one best yes for i am put me as you me as me of right now because if hipigem many things going at one time i'm going to be done the the crazy woman and that cannot absolutely even function if i got on so we got to be able to cockatooers got to be able to talk here so in sonalso so what's going on here as like finoiche up i'm an let you just and the and then she erianthus these ungarbled letter parliament and i call it more partly our legicy and with queen gretchen the green back historically it king george all over again and if in a wordless a workless legislature through will for people that worse for him what we see to day is nothing more than a unless all goes in towels it was not enough to move people they still had allegiance to the crowd and seventeen seventy four and actsomething of best well isn't that the same as miss gunwar who had all these things going on the abuse of of money spending money foolishly cascarelet govenloch down wagged lock as down goes her freedoms we have our freedom our first emendate dom no one seemed to care ermenfried om is the first comment great trees was itinerist to be able to go where you want to go the look at the second amendment we see that so and miss all this the co andonce i i and why is and recogen cage did in st gods of the boston is he proceeded arscoate per cent for nolaneae eight hundred scroops pretty truth and were marked in onlistening concur to do one takedowns he can take the goddess and else they were going to diamond hancock and another guiding sam atoms and porthoustock history these two guys signed a decorated sam out and wise the god that gelinotte the really he's what proceeded and in case the one cause but what led up to the relished her war well this is look at this she totestas now started here we have a legislator that find us speed not thetis on emily will call ovieron opposed to day so he people could understand the lock competers violated or first men crepanlla there was no doubt about it they do not have that right that our state legislate nor our one we look and what the constitution said and under the eminent alone is is all right not in degree the consent gli wewhat the state and the precol his deathas or right of that and taken over that is the havehave go with us he cannot do it on the old chiste against her was a case against at the accokeek still he violated so many hats and important defiled the carnational long ill taught coencement so we had to call the cover down the lock down these in his turn turn saints changed condition entered how they have been spending money i now talking about her lessons there doing pass through a government money be whos one that government this cost greyhound assensole in all the other i then be a tortebesse equis we got what work was beyond which is well behave any right and that's what people are talking about the collapse comediansterence's or not or of wit we don't know but we know that the impact is of an artiste spending a couple of examples is islandsaint he gave money to a little can one short i think was two hundred petrine tolls dollars away depend has not the purpose to compliment i loved baseball i love it we don't do it with our money that's already limited let the parents to the ones to port it to that golonel don't and that's not fair missoperate but that's not the only part they went up said travers city and they gave some to some curling club and i constantem all was two million i may be wrong on then did your good i godnoston of money we are workgiving money away like his candy and that's what they've been doing even salting them a mind so speak myotis in turn before shocking to mine bestir their beating it to make it look something other than it is and what they really were going was by god make no mistake about the third thing the stealing to into the torights with legislation and atinginte plants in an only the fore tones three the bears a less thought but the battery and this is obsolete as sure we know that indonesia that he lord dying because barnward cluson and they don't think they don't care they just don't care and they want a gringita water to one the water you want to contaminate gives him that right that water is a resource is called a natural resource supposed when they we have intellects in lancing and called the petateron over and carnot because why gerateweter official keen that i would trust come people have held and genders as well and so we got this vereplanks coming into michigan for what reason we see last week crasher alacer grin as were threason as there try they're going to their trying to the underlying principle is to crash your electric grin so that only those who comply with them will have undergothe centralizing or or power breds that's what it is as articlescolored on one now is they don't once your howitthers why because you can roars you time to be free thinkers who tend to be thinking outside your clock subspecies the de relocation does that sound like sunchoremene done yea i do the other world as yea yea is that renouer get it ring in your ears i get it like ring like what christina koromo posted with the rings and and then everybody else it wanted to have a victim and taletis oh you are a the right to talk about the holocaust it's asthenope that said that i'm sorry they were too stupid to eve in under sandwich she was talking about she was saying we don't want to go down this tragedy that happened people before and it wasn't just the jews it was also five million non jews that were killed at the same time we can't make this all about you know it's like it's like making it all about ourselves so he now that's what it amounted to christina crown was completely over the target saying that that what what happened that created these six million jews to be executed as well as five million and jews the guns he was dead over the target on that one and it had nothing to do with diminishing anybody's death it was so high light it and say this was a tragedy that we will not stand or we will not allow them take our gods we aren't going to be marched to those a gas chambers like the the the tragedy that happened with the jews as well as the non justiss this wasn't this wasn't stout one one group it was thirteen when one withsomething happens to one of us and half insto all of us and where we go on we go all is so applicable here for conerton who go on crodocile pellean from the history are tontos is the parlor then right now is that feeling what work i'm not just talking about the out on contact every ass and to control moving people into the seas a wave the oregon or and grisliest wooton the carondelet of them all who moved into those departmentales or mother how dares and forced him into the so you can control yes i be i'm sorry that's what i heard you just sit it out of yoursany hit it out in the park because if they can shove us and two small boxes control your braces were they control the foods the power supplied the you know alexander the great did the same thing when he was taken over the world really as what were seen right now it is to take over you take over those those critical functions as well as religion or education in entertainment and you have got the entire world wrapped up under your control and now they have to go to you for every part of their lives in and you can turn the entire population of the world into useful a useful slight force rely and that way you know they their very lives depend on whether they live or die depends on whether they capitulate or whether they follow the youknow ah the plan and the bad plant rank and so for you and i we do not submit we do not conceive we do not stop fighting for any of this and you know the pretty had pretty much have to put you and i i'm sure sixfeet hundred ground before they'd see the change in that because i'm not going he to become apothan because of this posting there going to see it congothere on the broniches i am rash so lives the gases randle so every tooth i take in allencontre ted pure crosswise did great job of characterised i they have a look at and the china point or can you want to swear allegiance the government how can you do that how can a god like chap and over there in big rat and ascribed to in claim estre publican anybody cleaned the republic and because first you take you take on all well that all this not to china it is to america america and what is america what is america everybody needs to to think about what is america it's all of us standing together it's not her government it's us people that's why they had to go after our culture that's why they had to go after after a family and that terrace down let's in divides america america's all of us played a cider difference and finding for those fighting really for the kingdom of god which is all those things which are good are families freedom and our ability to worship god and we need those we need those guns thank you so much christian a chromo i love you to be for what you had the gods to say regardless of how her how many idiots other disapproved of what you had to say you just keep talking and cause you're over the tar it's all of us standing to go with an oration cosroe able by in the will of a repetition ermeni repelled and in order to represent you or me he must understand our wishes or needs into that if these kids effort renan and i only coming the week as you think they really hundreds then use well the place there and then they go through betting process to see if they will in fact capitulate and are fallen line with whatever the global the lead the crimes syndicate wants him to do their nothing more than puppets so not only do they not know what there they don't want to know because there's great goal is to it an it's like it's like all this money that there spending this is not spendidisse that this in isis nothing i mean the correct term to this is money wandered and that's exactly what the one here stealing from us to put us into endowing pattens in order to either take out the ones that that will go against them and the ones that they can turn into saylike slaves that will pilate are stupid on constitutional order those the ones that are going to get enough food just keep him alive and that for others incoronati we look at what a quick propolis and what a bride is beyond hers and i was with it if you do this i'll do that quite broken now call for everybody out there is paid play spatola and something persone so what it is to ask and says the cock got in his colgive money but for what what is the return to return his to phavon rol and that exactly what he chinese are doing there infiltrate you think back on the nasal of a wind that cataonia i take in case of colter's better to go to tinoset an he was get paid by the chinese cover entresorts well he wasn't the only one to turn out the poncho of professors gallants and that were doing the same thing ever getting money from shadow as i see he companies did not as if the impetrates and every aspect is like also that woman and the swallow also of his that tahaitians though they can plan in these people for a long thin wasn't that the and handle institute and granger happens that was involved in the act there was like a million dollar fine that was paid off to that i know there was one there he was testemoiging back before our concentration was on the one her lineback the tentes when i was on one the corporators were giving briefelie in deste he cplaineth young age and then when there need called them on i'm holding their families hoseback in her own country to a thrill with clever and those were sleepers who the procedat the chinese have in varied other than the japanese the japanese use aquirre earch apiece the chinese congresses of the owners i got traders then we have traitors amongst otototoi to that money and old they are getting paid i we orphanhood thinking they're doing to thingnever sity getting paid by the chinese to do that the same research go honest he question descenderat question that i don't know do you know no go i can make that cacomigan you know how many you don't how many people are being paid off out there is a credible i got offered four million dollars about a two we can have sentendosi was lee i was offered for million dollars by somewhat too actually help with a deal which was about defrauding a bunch of a of elderly people are older people that the out of their community of its fraught and i just justis i was no nose you know i wanted to pisacane power at in the face that he that this person would even ask me such an impertinence she but then then oh then i sat back in on like going he while wonder how many other people were offered a deal and i uncovered a couple of em so i could be a lot of fun like to starts opening a records but there is a lot out there that are willing to take that thirty is a it is it's incredible i i want to read a couple of things in the chat just a minuteshard inter of you had grown at your cately pontet news this morning old great what'd i do now last time they had me in there they said that i was a billionaire down of brandenburg completely missed that that financial report because it's a lie and a totally alike i'm not on that of tested and in that that a definition i it im up manure shovelin s and who happens to own the business is but that's not anything i aspire to be i'm so and charlottes nestle water pumps four hundred gallons a minute from a well near everett and osceola they they over competing of proved at sure they did because of whose the judges are getting paid off by every single thing that they do too because their supported by sores cristen were there getting eighteen oh poon every single co conviction you know what needs to be done with this whole nestling two hundred of them two hundred and fifty dollar permit to pump this state and you know a victimized at with were exposed exploit then the resources the the people of the sardonic gain should be getting a royalty from the corporation not now not a permit they should have been offered a permit they should have been and dick you know negotiating terms of actually using our natural resources that we control and the pain back needed to go to the people of michigan which would probably have funded healthcare and all sorts of roads and all sorts nonsense you know what they're doing that i you want to cousinot percentage well water to the glavering three process of there's themesthat that the thieves have up that yet the ark and sores are legislature who approved it at no revenue no revenue no revenue other ten to i know it's co farther the cohobation diverse came in under grand old and they have proved it to those days in the past call so we don't be taken from their pensenteinon from any constrigit you just washed your prince and because you gave our rehorses away on pontoon process all those severed office into time god he the sole course you are absolutely correct you you just sit it out of the park where that one but the pensive to be the personal assets even should be seized people have committed crimes high crimes that lead ore and is it so is it absolutely we have solutely should be seizing asset soonyou cross you in contrasts you grass with but they they you know it's a tokacon ended the crime go ahead and when you once you put your you're to two minutes and some sort of public sevenseven you know you just go back and you do it again they sette out for this in the coldest the problem is a with this getting the and we get no revenue when i was gone through with his water deal the one i heiffers betwen spring water again continuethe call it process water or determinate hart the difference is rased in the difference of voices a bottle if you're getting colony challenge holybutts how many million dollars a day different if they make it off this and we're getting that's why they won't this water because they will have to cross the indistinctible that we allow them in our foresighted or that forecited no legislature with long white she got him paying contributions bottles the process a silver they told us of folks make no mistake as to ask mistress as mister posted and and how conterpeised and senator open because those cries were part of it and so was the current legislator the odenestis on her to years ago the hats chaotic it is represented open and it was convincing it cause thee to be called out for the cool restoredthose all of us well and then this i go long en long we want to say anything to her anybody's feelings as we saw the nation out because we don't want to make anybody angry cause then we might not be in the little cold clogs that they've got going on which would be all the political party and you know that the republican party and the democrat party or both of them are nothing more than special ingress and if so we don't mean wanted we don't want to you know make the colt mad so we got to we don't wear one of his slip the bolt we don't want to do so we're just going to shut off and we're going to go along get long and spirit to understand theirs i miecome true right exactly what would he talk about i was code one three gooseno sorry that so if that which i leringhen years cold anie he wanted rupeaisit other nineteenth the case that is to one corcoran that is one for conspiracy so with her legs sire to get or naturalistic sway the discomycetes on the record we can go back and get them where they conspired to give away our reason and in it jointly because they are required under the government athecate to follow the will of the i came on an you go back as certainties as lost to their cock training co i did see when when we look at it what these as dividendo in the legislature i don't see that they are committing elleniche are bringing crimes against the people the very people that they swore elstead they are going against the will of the people and their action how they are criminally conspiring like to give a resource this way be we get no revenue out of his so that i can say is percy against us they are also conspired and economically i can store you on trees inside and in a plant is the most interesting one because why they conspired to give a and even to an enemy has seen the begetters grieves not strike specified olatry was is this war came more to give three types of war it can be a recapture than that for endicottthe we might commilitio notessomewhat is a sort of but the real one is economic war if we don't think so i present an strelite to or not since two thousand sovereigns imarat others before that he sounded two thousands of eteen on and his leaders a week ago friday with on fox news talking and bolt the most strategic in and damagedno ic al war work in his withstandand he facilitates from the war and it is that prisonwhich is taking you as a cotton three to one espianatine an cooing or legislature by giving money and firing on a under recent and getting money eating in petty to our enemy of hell me on going on that silently because i like to hear the argument other way her crest an i i had promittens i don't like tones i think i think he reminds me too much of a i don't know machermore something like that when he is like on your last colical acts and figure and i just can't get past that his wife was in others too much this too much question about about the connections that they have em you know in indiana and such that are really a problem you don't for me but and i think that most of the people that are doing any and better in places right now that look like its anything redeemable it's because i think there there being a the theretherein begin controlled and you either you either you know jump to the way that any is to go for the people who are actually trying to take the nation back or you do agoree with your hundred per cent but i don't like he could when you're right none you don't like you told these controls but you got to bring it through forward and that is so is correct heterakis going as the persons on the stockes concrescere i greeviously carsethorn that and we see but that seeing that the same thing to her this is war or had an avengeing not i thought the areolets in some escalation cosschon estly we got a prop we had big problem and most rathe conspiracies he takes about ten minutes from to be realized that their true any more so i think that's kind of interesting and the eye i'm not i'm not and i and when the jschtamnnt you know you could sit there and watch him and act like a traitor i was i was kind o i was kind of done with him you know it's kind of old john with a too don't hechomenon you may not like people say oh i don't like president onestamente i swear bring back the men he knew how to run this nation as it is he caught interest rates and right now you are not there doing the break in the break in american companies with intestate nonsense is going on you know we're coming upon lake nine plus per cent intrastate that that is come per son al almost ten per cent of every dollar is actually going to find their money laundering which they're taken away so you know you start breaking american business is what the quickest way to do it you have problem and present trunk knew that there was so many things he did that were right he understood how to use the tariffs he understood he understood how to get america working and to give us one of the greatest times of that this nation has ever ever so no no horse and what happens by in the president to syria day on why why are they where is sopicae i seria agonot hilary was wiped they were weapons trafficking through libya syria during his enistate department was under hillary clinton why are they so fixated on sir darwin to the insecure to insert the worstthere dolly working on contouer hear that story at all talked about the conical about it all i will talk about with any one in fact i met a helicopter pilot it was it was as somias in the airport and the skies got a shirt that says in his pretty buffling si figure his military knowand i sun saw take it said hilary killed my friends and on like all right i got to talk to you so i walked out to inceperit tell me the story behind this he is he is a helicopter pilot and a really interesting guy and the guys with them were a military salestating the beans on all the craft that was going on behind behind the scenes i was loaded for bear sitting on the tarmac and we could have gotten them out and we were told to and and down for six hours where they murdered my red ane and a and a the reason being which i think we all know now is because if they would have gone in with the helicopters we would have been shot down with her own stinger missels curse of hilary rodinchon what were sitting right there on the ground you know and eve even the even the embassy where christmas was pretty much just strip all and it was a strip holler something like that and they put out to staff that they put an ad in the newspaper to stab it so the whole thing was just a set of ofestan what do i think about christopher's seek seamen's i think what happened him was absolutely horrific it was absolutely horrific but i still have a lot o questo of weather he he was absolutely sacrificed and so were the guys that were there with him and hence and i the whole titheholds things and every one involved in it should be absolutely a brought brought up on charges the for the whole thing and we can we can arrange a meeting with god let him sort it out without you do gonerender when now this was a coronaste couldn't get there in time he couldn't get turned timeright they were set in there eriodiction mine are recrecieren all the time we i when i lived in england and therefore space can we at plataleine down to abeille great they blew roses for reddy in case a war when the window windbeaten across the world to hold as is all these when on going alert everybody's getting back and no back on the days there getting you nother going in their duty station their call to alarm the cold arms well if we're running in or or feelin her kalong easlie were what to utter mile hourwhatever it is over there antwortete tranent how long does it take for their craft going back not one ray to say two hundred miles yeah like like ten in jerotoolies grower i oclocked up but no to you quickly not such that absolute nonsense we failed to actuative an order to stand down it was salary clanton according to this islet i would not do that the god is should have been well yes yes she landishe abandoned americans in order to save her bacon because they were because they were trafficking weapons through to live and in order like it's like i don't necessarily think the canopy was you know what he's been portrayed as i i'm not buying this entire sold he stood out to the patrol dollar and you know i'm not i'm not saying that anybody's a good guy at this point time if anybody is in position of power right now they probably got there through our bateries on i don't i don't you know i don't or or if it's like president tom you know he were he was selected he was asked he and there are i think that he's a really good guy and appointed at this time by god himself it really do but ominous tell you what on everybody everybody right now on my rate ore is i'm sitting back and going on a world wide scale or world wide of a plan i don't think anybody got there under under the reasons of being an actual good person they they get there by the ep deaneirathe of it does recomplete very pale for cross this world girl one world order and exactly what her atrocidades has concocted all that alive but this is e now in the state of his henwedigaeth the china plants come in here one thing we got to talk about no one's taking his great place out of grapes how bad they are too behind this so very himthat go right these guides were using compliment money so olibriones hyacinths and we can vishwaratha right and did you allobrogicino dogs contenidos rincons the cold war and now in many ways and now you want to move the combines into our god why even now is that exactly cricciethand it we need to stand out in sealtere only heliconoids and are they could be tell you last week they had of meeting up in oshengui with the getacna ostrichisation okay depart the dusantes your desertation francethey had the right place up there now you tell me the right place doing norstoce atewhat in wangapona the mass is resawit they have indicated a water plant to you think i might be on the rise and gone up the energy she called his stenographic get up we have gone to the pond that organization we have got to call it organization out his evil they are organonwere in under alonehalf and unforgetting unconceived ranideto don't know she's still is who were are the where is the allegiance i know one i used to be my cosen i know because he was a community developedare for mistaken when i was unseasoned who is that i reichshofenlive red but not the tarantelles are this organization the king because his organization is not in our bethiesimoth as these batteries i don't care they don't look at how comes on we go on hawks it's out comes that are killing us now look at look at the four hundred look at the four hundred million dollars just carefreethat that people were paid for patents and such were in our government for for things that we we paid for that that there be there getting paid kick backs within our government this is a most and anything you look at mission economic development corporation all of his nonsense that whitmer ah the henequen grates peep where you notthis is a miss sat against the to enslave us capitulate or we take it all or you're going to look like the backs of wedding rings that christian a cromwell a i was pointing out casesthere when the act we heard our legs do intewesting apoyaos to raise is nerving else you can get her quick enough you dorrin'tons erbelette what intoxication or good to them all the rate there you don't winewhen they said you can he takes longer than to pass along a really how come they concede loss through and thrown well as they all took the thirty pieces the silver along the way somewhere and every single one of them is taken a pay off and i'm goin to tell you that this whole this whole state of mission the legislature i did not see other than save maybe carricks i did not see one pers that his stood up for the and it's like it's like that the nonsense that we have seen over the past i am now say brover you know that that i i have not seen one person who has actually stood up for the people in the state of miscian anybody that's for real that wants shampondo the right thing they get him on the way and they get him otter and looked to that of an anatole the jansenist on perspicience i know what was going on she was trying to get people to sign on go i saw and i got it army that letter out solely letters a car you know do not a bill but at least i'd rather see more for she here a people to sign it i waited it only sedetsiha and cling here there sixteen in pose my one point is began how many meditatur sanders how many how representers and you have to take him socinian and only sixteen it where were the people like endsthere as worn the rest only saw the people and i admire those who beniditione ditty sorts to forsake why did it take effortwhere was amsterdamer signed i can many others i could go all over the same tensecond ether was spied god representative to a oboonohoo poling out this crow over in the wistak who went flectional and in one line was they are calling it into under the carpet in soldevery need to take oligodactylus of pre isspeech on cos what in was doin what he was advocating that aside how many people signed it only i point is where is our legislature and any issues in a way they are in glancing and they are not positus o cicisbee hives to i thought is that they can work remotely and water they do it in necessitous of that susulaton your district to hundreds and hoops we the people are so that we can go trust we get trust well one of these areiaree with you you're you're absolutely i cropped in the one of the things that i have a problem with his all his frvolous nonsense where they go after after the the bills that they know will not work and they try to go back and forth and try to get somebody is science something to go all right tiernayno and but nobody would sign it way wowowowant they going for the juggler on this holes and start working to remove the who they know are seated right next to the for violation of the oath of office though this is this is a prop they keep writing these these ootahawa bills and nonsense and there sitting their cross yellowhair at this bill but i'm counting on you to take they know their both working for the same people above them so i don't put any any a faith in any of the sons son socure what they say i'm a man o man came up to me after the hearing and the first hearing where i was saying go rodeo he came up and he shot menfirst times ever talked to me right or gave a crap about me came over to well you know you know we appreciate you and i want to look at him and say there lying behind the hall away from him he only did it to for optics he had no intent in one continerentur of my politicianthe but can he give me a few more men esortatori now agonowhe it is like i was sitting there going going you get your lying behind a way for me and save it for somebody else who believes one word coming out of your snake mouth cause i don't and i never stood so all offenses discussion i think struck for coming on and andyou know i i love him and you on here and it's really find to talk about so i'm in a switch gears that an gratignent leave me one pantothen indirectly i was going to tell you there's an event on i want people to think about because when we talk about horace on up in gouty that's going to be able to where we could ask a couple of people that were at in the know of really going in and untorn and it's oneseventeenth oh him at the shearers on sculker dry porcieto dickerson to you keep epitomes is not ropes steel which the current doorssometimes i can take smothe former and odontoderes i trow and run on a retinentis structure an opportunity i know o o and i can tell you that in going to to some idle being background is once went on to what's going on colliers well as i heard from me to you know i say the truth as they see it but i question outeverything and after one at this point no old listener sort through it if you want to you and he you know is going he how and as don't go in meter what this is how the cave to get away with patagonischen you raised i do not notonotoos agecondition seisean go i think i could find as i said this morning that i has an it's not i love seeing he showed up in advance because you're like me you'll sit there and just a pound the cramp on everybody that's that's stoppin out o blind and that's light and who is like to the american people you and i will both go in there are we a problem here you know and i love that about joner a little you're funny you are hilarious well well you are to see perf brother right now before you leave dear have the father thank you so much for and we asked for you to give him your grace to stand and have all of the to walk through this time the last parts of his brother's life and that it would be sweet with you at knowing that that of no matter what we are all reunited when we come together with you and have we asked that you would make it a his pain away and that everything would go just smoothly that they would know that you were with them and that your carrying them through this and that that there would be wonderful wonderful miracles that would happen though thank you so much for chocking his brother thank you for her own the people that are helping him through this and that you are walking with them to bring his brother home to glory with you and jesus name we pray man it daethant your instant oporto others the others at that that'll be great in any time you want to come on give me calling on well we'll get on and just just goin to glovesthat all right as constance sonia's got me for it now so let's see let's see what i had some things that i wanted bring up this the people all besides the the four hundred million dollars that they have done a a using to pay off patenas well as the ah the pension fund where there were their laundry money and all this but we have entered some things from the comments st so go back to that and might woolseys you can have all the money you want the world you can't take it with you and when you die i and i would never take a bribe screw that i feel the same way mike absolute it's not worth it i'm happy shall on horse manner and having a cup of coffee than specially with my lithe people its real funny is charlotte says people try to stop them but the judge ruled in favor of nestle the people lost in court they sure did we should be getting a royalty off of every single natural resource any company or corporation is use for profit in these ah did he says judges who appoints the see court who votes them whoever counts the votes how are we going to remedy this vicious cycle of crushing making them obsolete we're going to go ahead and work in to build the paralysis em outside of it and a and serve the people that's exactly what i'm working on right now is vice chair the us carpers party in the state everybody's welcome because we stand together as americans and desert we i am going to challenge everybody to dare to be in america and get rid of these stupid labels the ridiculous and in nothing more than cold ah i delias where do these licences on water pumping governor attorney general and secretary of state you got that your right over the target none of this changes while they control counting the boats for elections while kind of does i mean the the first thing that we have to do is stoplisten ing to the people that are sitting in the legislature right now who are only just trying to blame each other for their failure and remove em remove all of them for violation of their oath of office as save all have done it eelanden the they can not serve again in in in a public public comes follow the dark money there being paid off is over the target and ether money trails that is also over the target and no more dark money we need to see what's actually happening and you know dislike grand home she got on one point six million dollar payoff for involved than in the eve and the street and so now she strike with the batteries there his wife were fondling money out of this place like there's no to morrow warm the americans are family all americans all people charlotte sat his funny that michigan news is hiding the act blue came and she wins to a rallied made twentieth one seven fallability dollars to get in hope ecus ah or you know i'm kind of a opinion that it's time to stop chasing these rainbows all over the place and sit down and figure out what you can do and start working because a lot of this stuff is and i it's having to go here and here and here and after a while really what's happening it's a demoralization there and they're going at it i mean were exactly how good there are a moralizing people continually look here look here look here it's me instead of what are you doing what work are you doing are you actually did he something down are you are you helping to a well either wake up or just be in there is a soft soft network to help at exactly what i'm going to do here and what a work and is honestly moving being there for the on a shape something find from or brandenburg baron gathering yesterday it was it was funny oh the pretty funny that your and ostermore the sin to something that i think is as pretty funny if i can put it so what would i'm doing right now what a work cannot is actually getting a chapter for you as taxers party set up just so that we have a net work to actually serve we're going to be serving you and finding out what your names are as well as being there when the government fails it's going to be usamerican at standing other nation back to gather because we are going to have a class it has now there's no two ways about it we have to its coming you could see all the indicators so what happens what happens when things collapse out there while in a what we're going to do it we always do orecome together as a nation as the family and we are going to add so lutely stand there and there there are elwise don't need that we've never need we know how to work we have brilliant people there out there across the who know how to do every so once we come together we will be there to catch each other and in in cut out all the money laundry cut all the piled fore i'm a pan of if i were if i had been elected in as governor immediately i would put a pause all tack for paused to all of them and so they go out and get the nohain live and make make what you need you and till we get the sink figure it out and then once we do get it figured out then then then will will rest things to be and the favor of americans not the corporations that's another thing is the corporate law has to he corporations such as you know now sly and all of them as if they have rights of apes my guess is as that word the communists are going with this cream queen gretchen her squire now sold and court jester fanson eh ah so that is so gretchen benson and note the way that in the world i can out for was to a fully engaged in the rights as a person for the corporations i think i think their goal was to take this and make it go too even being able to vote while the kind hour by how their finding things i mean if they really done it but it's been a backing handed way anyhow i think that's fine we've got to have time were where we taken we we adjust our focus and realize in form god is in control we have got a lot of really good people working behind the scenes and anything you've seen in the mainstream media it's for open it is her at this your not getting the truth they are not whatsoever you know i've got lost suit going on so and everybody right now and we're going to continue to sue and removed when they what watch how many people changed out that that should be the monk people who step down who didn't renton at the last election watches a lot of this she so it through remember that before feeling like demoralized or whatever remember a lot of what were seen as so no i think that that's an import a portent of some of us something upon the screen now mongoose of the things that i've seen in my ol on my ah ah telegram channel right now i know what i pray that you're doing well to day i really do i'm not just saying that i really prayed that you're all doing well to day no matter what we see on the outside god's with us here and he'll give us a strength in the bravery to go forward even if things collapsed to morrow bring it who cares we got god they got nothing and so he'll walk as through it and in it won't you know there's nothing to be afraid of em and one minutejust read what i wrote here this morning i know that a lot of you that they're a lot of people out there that are struggling i hear about it every day you may be going through a base feeling of grief the feeling that we've lost our families we lost stolas everything that support in in that that feeling is really real i get it it's not captive it's a reaction rather than the reality some ashdothites ruction of our loved ones or country the things that are familiar in those things that we love will wear in a war and its the spiritual war is what they're going after they're going after to demoralize you and to get your eyes off the prize and what's really going on osongo kill give you everything you need going through rough waters is expected gospel have always gone through trouble but god is bigger than anything we are face or we'll face in the coming is is not going to be sneak what what what he happened with wolfe with the israelites as they as they were were a houshould i sat as they were taken out of the eggs and you think it was easy walking out into the wilderness probably not for most of long but you know the one the one that in the ones that kept her eyes on god there like okay on foliere you go in and if if there's a curve ball that's thrown up and in our way that's all right we'll get round it we'll get the thing figured out i'm i'm i'm praying for the states is going to be set rainford for a long time like my whole life i knew that we were going to go in this direction by entire life i remembered being olive years old knowing as the way the th we were this was where it was going to go it's okay we're going to be just so i bring up video here and i love the stuff and if we have to prove but thinks asie soviet great fintastical do this thing we know what we got sit here so can't keep going away that it is watching you know even even the young she called me with her her her grand daughter who are her daughter who was actually a over joe last night and we sat we prayed on the phone this morning before i got on broadcast as sir we got the siphonate with us restorit now and resent our days researches and and looks let's hear this thing out with sweep got we've got em we've got the day before us and the estadista trying to talk on put someting some have a staff i have no sir i am sad and list now what body ricaldoni this on a great way to start the day so oh very very happy that ever our single persons here i am praying for you and i know there's a lot of other people that are out their praying for you too and that we're going to stand together and get the thing done it's going to be it's going to be a great future nothing to fear and i'll i'll you know i put my phone number out there for every one anybody if you're struggling to day like that that you know we had the gale that odd last night if you are struggling it at any point in time my phone number is out there publicly for any one and i'm not i don't just say things if i say something i mean it and i followed through on it my phone number is very coats four three zero for for one zero you are welcome in fact one and at any time of your struggling don't sit there and and suffer in silence you you don't need to do this and we will be standing together and we're going to put our time in our effort where mouth you know where a mouths are and so a because you are precious and that we do care about you and you will never be ever be walking alone and so i and don't hesitate don't think oh she's too busy she doesn't have time to talk to me i don't want to bother her don't don't think that way you're not a bother and ah and you may feel free to call me and if i can't pick up right then an there i will actually works better because because then if i start out getting a text then also that the foot helpful from me but if you're in a point of panic you just call he someone to talk to and we'll get the sink figured out together you're not alone as far as that goes i am standing with christina cromwell as a of in in what she's doing because i claim the kingdom of god of popolani form of government or any political parties and i will be standing with her in the lord and end in a fellow workers of red before anything i will not lay down on this normal by a silence on that issue and i hope everybody will stand with us and claim kingdom of god first and foremost above any form of government because what we have right now is certainly not a godly form of government and we need to stand together on this issue together as one american family i claim an idea to be american and an that's the sower going to go forward let's go ahead and see a prayer to day dear heavenly father we lift every single person out there the joy in her heart knowing that you have every ability to for back on our feet to absolutely restore the nation your erhret redeemer and to guide us through the wilderness as we walk away from this incredibly corrupt system you've got it so many times before we've already walked this path we know we know what and we're not going to shirk away from from what we know we need to do going forward was going to be great inventor because wherever you lead us it's going to be wonderful we would be blessed wherever we go as abraham said you know lot stayed in the valley to what was good to the eyes and abraham said it matters not to me i were over i go on top the sparse mount mountain god will bless me wherever i go and we claim that for each and every person out there matters not where you son essor we know that when we're in our present when we're in your press we have to and we come together as a family in service each other his very hurt and dying world and in service to you we ask for your favor upon us and all things we ask for your blessings on all those who are hurt that are in the hospital that needs your help in the people round them who are standing there watching the events unfold of this world now but we know foremost that you are in here and we gladly hand over everything to your loved ones we think is the way that we're supposed to go the path that we have on our minds as preconceived notions we hand all that over to you we forgive every one who has who has in fact committed offences against and we we are forgiving them for they know not what they do they really don't know it's like the world is under a spell but we walk away from it keeping her eyes on you glorifying you and except the miracles that you are unfolding before us to your loco your glory and honor not to ours standing or has nothing to do with us has all to do with glorifying and honoring you and we step away from a we lay anything and everything at your he and a thank you so much we love you we love what you've done it for us and we ask that you would leave many many many to the cross to realizing that the the reduction comes through christ and christ alone and what was a compose at the cross for us is not of us it is all from you we all even know how to love because you first loved us and we thank you for that we love you thank you so much for everything you've done for all of us and let everybody know how precious they are that we're going to stand together that you have your people the remnant that are here and we will not here fail because work propped up by you alone and it's by your strength and a that you use us every day in service to your creation thank you so very much humbly we come before his name we pray a man have a great day everybody it's going to be wonderful day were unravelling this were figuring things up sometimes you win by lose and oh that that is a beautiful thing is sometimes you in a games sacrifice one of your play your bath your best piece in order to find the weakness in the enemy's strategy that's exactly what's happening strop is absolutely drawing them out of the shadows and and the boom ramentorum fact on everything he does boomerang affected an everything he does it's going to go back and lie and as the president is being set everywhere just watched on fold keep your eyes on god it's going to be beautiful and once a thing comes down it's going to be glorious we're goin to have a great time one human family all of us standing together and a and a gong to be fond so anyhow god bless you is produced for first fall thing on meaning go to brand borgonero dot com ah i am not conceding the election to liars cheats and thieves were going to continue to go forward on this no back and down no fear and a and no compromise we do not compromise or negotiate with evil at any point no at none no time what so as god bless all of those whom you love god bless america we got this as coosening to be great have a great day find your joy praise god it's going to be wonderful derwent or the