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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/13/2023 Ritchard, Aughney and Karen the Riveter

Published July 13, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am live with Chuck Ritchard - Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics! 9:45 Scott Aughney - Election manipulation within the software!!! And Karen the Riveter news and encouragement!! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the thirteenth day of july twenty twenty three and here to day and we are going to be pushing and every direction have interesting she so to day is going to be a wonderful show it what a let chuck delivreance but we got checkersand on this morning at night o'clock to blow the lid off his can politics as we have been continuing to do here i can't you could not make this stuff out the few tried it is incredible to an imposed another one to my telegrams where the young lately as a posting and telegram channel much every one's horror and then i bring it on to show here and we talk about it a little bit and my carenever and then a at nine forty five scott scott on will beyond because we do we discovered we were on a conscille other day and had somebody analyzed the ah the output from the lectern poll book and guess what it is programmed in the software to ping out o servers outside of the network fifteen minutes will you think are connected constantly and we're going to just is going to punch away because that's what we do it is one good morning good morning check morning caron i going morning when i'm i'm going to pose sonoran i want to i want to post this little this little john that you put out there be and a certain and this cooled who antonii don't know charge i don't know but i don't have to do it because you don't want it's me and i've a great sense of her people have got where oh what santego here because this in fact then i thought i lately hilarious well they may not think so you know i'm a leat water kind of a guy and ah if for those who don't know who he was he was a master master at this stuff in the yah i'm only getting started in heaven forbid if it wasn't for my wife for i think people would be really upset if they're upset with this one or other but at is that on the old story whether till so so where are you i start this morning gus because there's so much going on here it's not even find i've got an o in another screen i've got somebody out here chipping me stuff from oak in oakland cow on his right now i've got people all over the place and our chippenden formation i think we are really seeing the true patriots that are willing to stand up for this nation and they're sick of the nonsense what do they do they throw it ran out there for everybody to see and so between the mount of investigation that i can do and you can do and we can all do we put together this incredible a little petty pieces of the pole and i i like making the connections i think that this one of one of my strong is getting in there and make it and brother probably a little uncomfortable just a gason here he tobefore what i know i at last he see what happens come somehow you do in the morning i do no ka i am liking it the rain and liking the dark and liking the the still stillness out there this morning it can alice for half so rain for a change we met we needed the ranis morning then dry for a long time as far as i do are you over time in your garden i don't have a garden i have animal garden you know have anything on now my goodness once well i ah what's set you lesseron get shackakoni met i'm going to do it by phone call we can't get it if we can't get him that way so let's see let's see what's going on with up there sir saris got to get better enteredon ection were each try again and if we don't forget make his work pilot out there is hell and we got to get you a better internet connection and back your back so never deshelaba ever relocated so so white as to say this morning shackasses kind of a sething it is here if he blankout on ball hadn't come on with silent at the world would be would be at which trouble but i don't and oh i just want to say that donenow you have making an impact because that group over there on other sides you know how cold miner's daughter you know she thinks she's a counter daughter and act like really from self detroit ah she been commented but i am parlous be hitting home with the message because we're called all their faces their fate tis there unreactivity in the scene stetson person in her bantony apparently must have some red of a divorce what's that she said but she did say in about that it's not true in what we're saying that the de chuck eyes this is a been handled working with the bosses and all man she's going off and i said holy macrotis girl the girls cut jesmont personalities and i think that's fine multiple names so and parently the other night a couple of people left their chat room shane trio maybe he's wise you now i don't know but i kind o doubt it i'll epperson chased pots but the under unreal and there are people quitting that tie grand no party too and i'm glad to hear that because they're bunch of fakes as well but to the lot o stuff going to kencote i of course is got weewee been able to talk about what's going on over there and the fake people that are wont to sail their patriots and not patriots then understand what risk is all they do is go out the car if you got carp give solutions give real solution so vihanyeta on me this week i kind of welcome attacks i think you know that i know you do tooandsome to hear what you say about okanakanes another a hot spot are we have three hot spots in this stage may be for but really can countyhitherto spots because there's a lot of the various activities going on behind the scene under the guise that the working for it's really not its about individuals and that sad reis so that's that in my little giddiness worried was what's that i seen that rescued michigan effort to remove a whole bunch of people or from office yet they're not real i the angle and shanter is fakuge change started out with the up with it a tea party a lot of these guys did and i think their intent was good but some of these people went off the farm and and i'll speak of of of shidiak about chanteuse they really are not honest i want to tell you profess that there there really are but it's about them if you look at the real effect it's not about helping better society or make the organization better it's all about what can they get incline they want to climb a ladder so that's it that's really it thus when he got you but we got up i really got to look out of allcloser i just had a conversation with the person this morning on state committee about that when you're hating some one i used to ronald reagan approach trust with verifying i used my my good old friend and i say old cause he's dead is insincere person that's truly what this is about in ouicertainment doing it cansoni now down and oscitantes got to keep this like this kind of an interesting it's kind of an interesting girl constantly and it's it's funny because you there's there's a lot of people who i see are getting demoralized and really falling away that they can't handle the there there's a big difference then someone who can fight and some one who loves to fight it's in our nature two have just carried out for all people there's a big and also our motivation i know my motivation comes from or that's it and i'm not saying it because i'm trying to i don't know for any other reason that it's just i i really think that when you see people who are able to stay the course to the an it's not in our own strength it's only in the strength that god gives us go forward as or focus is an on what is what is around us its on in eternal person gives you all kinds of ability to go to the end that's where your mind let's go to what happened in the seventeen thirties and seventeen forty two coiners that park will simple before this country was founded we had the great awakening going on in it was was on religion it was living the faith an obviously people had come to this to this land for senhor things and the freedoms in so oh oh there was a great awakening not let up to of course the intolerable action what not because there would be bused and then of course into the new nation and is sensesbeware doing right now and the rest mentioned all this is because it was the faith in god it was the activism which is what you spoke about and to day we find ourselves in the same same thing rehabere sion to the government of the people by the government and thomas jefferson warned us against that about the tyranny but we also see a great awakening and i think that's the hope and the promise our faith is given us because we know that whose in control we know that at times when things will hopeless look what happened to moses i mean my my gosh the egyptians were closed in on moses in the sea parted a man who whatever thought that right or joshua in the wall coming down woodever thought that in the midst of of of adversity god does provide so that all thing about as one door closes another will open and i think we're seen that right now were seen people live in their faith and nineteen nineties and before a nineteen eighties people did not show their faith if you were in politics in any way they didn't the faith oh you're right wing who well now look at how many people are standing up and said but that's not what god wants that's the you know other quoting there in quoting the bible they're quoting verses and incomplete chapters of the bible when was the last time we heard that i think we're have holding and promise miss coming back to son or again and sonnerie oceana owngod in his law and what we're supposed to do instead of just do what thou will and try to prove god for our whole society and this is what happens take out out of society he is going to let us see given us free will and just watch watch things go to pieces right right then and there it's me how can it carecemos gen well i was sent in her thinking along the same lines stone what you were just saying oh i'm still working on a set of sub stacks and so what you were talking about it's is an important aspect of what in learning i started just doing a little searching on i molock in the bible what is bible say about child sacrifice and it doesn't say what i thought it said so when you do your research and you look at that word definitions and you look a lot closer at what the bible is saying it tells you something different than he thought but it may lead you down what we might call rabbit holes but it leaves you in other directions that are actually really beautiful in themselves so the china figure out what to say with that and then how to and on a positive not for really dark subject as is where i meant right now cause is it's going to be for post i think and three parts one of whom is just along it is too long a head to break it up so it's coming is coming something i'm so working on with regard ottonischen county in i'm not working in a politics i'm not paying any penitent so let theoriserand your line his people all around the state that is running to overpoling party right now because it's such a such a shame it's just such a shame and and i'm sorry but but you can see you know you can see the fragment he that went that goes on as well as a fragment in of the of the races i mean the governor's race was a joke with his many people and as they were and you you can see ah the it's like you said shock it's like it's a horse race and they throw on enough horses to confuse the race and now you've got the grand new party i rode a post up here and i think you're going to like this i'm going to go hot and in it and add this to at length back and we've been talking about a bunch of people out there maybe maybe what you should do let's go hadn't go into the area that you wanted to talk about him at chuckin then i'll bring this in later about the connections that you're seeing across and we're going to start name and some names here because they seemed their light camelions they disappeared they come up in other areas but they're all there all connected the people that left their of michigan geop when started that a grand new party the grande party is its connected to two the ami geop yet as a puppet type scenario so we've got puppison public masters all over the lot and there all standing together its not a separate they're not suffered organizations their trying to build that look to this person some follow this first or followed that purse or her as a team or there is a team get on a team but you know what they're all ontie distraction that's what it is said she it's a it's the wizard of oz for nomina don't pay attention to the man behind the scene in the way they do that is a behind the curtain is the they they caused multiple distractions that's the democratic cocknage but let me say this bobble brant of the former head of the mischancethe four years he was any basically came out and the glancing state journal and made a post in one say was like ten years ago i can't remember exactly and getting old i guess he came out and said the way to control the state is is to a basically divide the grass roots and they've done a masterable job of that they've got him bashful kind o like a family allowed the in fighting and allowed us a distractis from the real targets and so by doing that then we see all this evil creeping in and when i'm saying that there's about while they did while we were fighting ourselves they were bringing in like the wolf the bringing in all these chinese stuff they'd been doing this stuff covertly and so when he talked about ties which she did there's a lot of links behind it now peter whites round to notional lovel did it the noted do heather i did it with the with the connections and showed where the sea she he had held infiltrated well we need to do the same thing in michigan start drawing the lines and see this profiling corruption because it's there it is there on on many many fronts how we drawn all the lines now not at all but do we know some of ye we do and oh so that's our goal is to e is really to bring it forward yeah it's it's it's amaze and how many how many different connections there are i think i think this is a good time to bring this on because i i posted the ah on the gray ape yet in all that the no genesinghuta here let me see for canton the inebriemur i think this is really really kind of interesting because reaps is now seeing but what's really interesting about this is the fact that his history let me share the screen amentet because a significant his his attorney his ties to perkins co so organs by yeah i lose onessaraghari had when i saw dono's post right after ice i found out and started posting oh kathie's your explanation soldatenthal right the other question and i've had so several news media were sharing the story but they they were calling what happened not an insurrection but i protest so suddenly the language changed with regard to right as and i would have thought that if they were trying to use him as a scape goat because their losing that narrative they were to go on all in against him but they're not there defending him and it was like that's confusing why are they charging him and yet defending him in the media so what's actually going osmonson there doing in the planning their planning the they're basically confusion everybody it's it's a tactic to to lot let you know what they're really doing they're doing sunson us these guys are our masters there no doubt let's let me read this to you so we informed marcesina it if they did not issue a formal on the air of pology that we would pursue all available avenues abright that remains are ten or intent told michael tetter epps legal counsel but however the next paragraph is what's centwhat is what's amazing and this is what you do as you look at all their connections which we're going to get into some real quick here totter himself has come under scrittere olver news reporting his line first use a nakedly partisan organization charting the agenda of the so called mega majority in congress the president of facts first oses other other than disgraced down the crack clinton the sick machine hatchet man dave and brock for those who looked the unfamiliar procs rosevines manfound ng the sorrow founded media matters a so called watchdog group that watches conservative mediate twenty four seven indexers gothicis for political current super pack ran and eighty million dollar opposition research campaign for by and the new york times described broad former group correct as the rocks the record as hillary clinton's own personal watch dog meat and there's more with david brought because david barawas tied to some that nonsense with common ping pong don't even forget this because what's behind this all these people are world class ah involved with world came just like john podesta children there this is this is this is a criminal organization that we can see out there and i think we need to ask some questions because when you're that close two questionable behaviour you in a person would have to be an absolute idiot not to see the connections and they can do all their legal posturing that they want but when you start seeing the connections to oh am i i mean we could go down the cast and characters of a bad behavior across the globe and then their own conected so i'm in no onsigon got one in my back yard yet an i got one of my back yard we have one connected to the clintons less than six miles from me on in and i'm telling that he's connected through ill noise he's connected with directly to the clintons i am investigating him i haven't had a lot on a time yet i'm going through because it don't all this other stuff but this guy is bad news i don't want to say a lot about it because without revealing stuff but i we're going to look at this guy with very close because of his ties direct ties to lie sad is that right otisco living up here now leaving up here in my back yard sad isn't well there moving while a people around its like bottegajo possono in such solosolo chalese people you know me now there and they move them around so anyhow they're going slower pace you don't seem more so perkins coy is a was where michabo came from and there's just a lot of weird stuff happening there that they're all there all alumni of this little little organization from what i can so we need ask whose heart once had i not by wasn't perkins quite heated up by a what'shisname he torney general former journey general wasn't then they or was i mistaken on that i was a prince that when after think over the turns out or defended the is that who defended general flen initially before setting to cover it's it's so kind voluted it's it's incredible yes oathes sin and once it outsideso you want to hit michigan real quick here and then we're going to go to the army geo p i rode a post this morning because what i'm doing is trying to connect everybody together so people can see james copis island the board of the wain con county republican committee which is neither a republican committee nor is it a county committee it is a group of people just running off on their own do not do not associate with anybody o james copes the new executive director for the amigo is on their and he's but his the first one listed underneath him was james at james chapman who was the ball kicker at the meeting so it looked to me like this is one nice thing he had befooling the hadn't the little too close to me to not make it look like there was some sort of theatric going on this is chapman tried out for the detroit lines i don't know i don't know but but i don't want osteogenetic it was kind of a past too atone for being sent once a guy study had broken ribs and the other guy said he broke his dancers for me i am out i don't have i don't have me not all her that's here that's plausible though done because we never know which end is up on those guys so how men it's possible you know one one thinks it is his testicles other things since its dense the oondooroo your whaleboning and like the dies i'm sorry you can't even write this not since if you tried i mean this intricate you in it is better than a decretalist of what i call the screaming bob cat is the chaos in the confusion and to judasser acts i mean it's desperation is what it is and now they're trying to throw each other in front of the picurinasortie some of the procession at a ought to people like i guess the people think chance is bad but cassinomagus general wheatman a wheelerite up a book called the organized chaos and in that basically spoke of controlled chaos you ere you seek it to control it within when variation but you loitha ran of this if you will and i i think it's gonereally aspa i ormarryou allowed some level chaos because its helpful whiti think chaos can be used in a very positive way but it still has to be controlled not control and i welcome captationthe control ye didn't look at that the bar me the naked bare beyond the fishing pole this looks like a lot of the admiscrit unlike it's just like i'm sorry but i goutran can take bred seriously after dressing up as wonder woman for a position not i i'm sorry i'll never dead with the date curse seriously and she was on a she was on a chat with with a trail and the angel and angle at and as they were talking about somebody that was dressing up and passed him in one a year of fine one to talk about that you know it's like inlike this is nonsense it's like all of its not so we're going to you know is soposeth you board room the rest of us or a serious business meeting the rest of us would be like get the hell out of here what do you think you're doing i mean will you i wouldn't put up with it and you know the didn't she went as door to to she went doorthensen tion she came his door dressed his door the shed ruby's slippers on i thinking how he is norway to canvas in which you don't know the way out of a hole old the ground anyways so bad choice i eyeases honor redonauit politics in any place because an idea as i look at him as they all you're in the red shoe club that's not a very either stopped or the i do want talk about the local politics that you've got you on to bring forward and that i'm going to jump into a mere article that i have about creek corramos advised connects well that's goin to can count i can't county which is where i've been focussing late because there's some great efforts being done and in i think there be in but whitewashed or tried to be whitewashed by by a group of people that offered no solutions it's one thing to be critical but it's another to offer solution and i just don't see it i then the attack or say this or the disrupt and i got to talk about somebody they brought in there was a work sessionreading because during the summer they were having regreetings but they were having works good old chebel norton became chibodas in tibonian thebanois and then jane gripped was that selden he still hasn't sent me the information he said he was going to send me all the big surprise there it is side kick is a a jeff fascicled jeff ussermann for those who don't know fasherman was like fetterman i can i made that up fetterman's the guy that was a loon out in personlike was drawn the analogy but these guys attack without any solution it is not wrong to to call him out but it is this fact be be ready prepared to offer solution and they were going after the chair but they're going after the other members in there they're planting it's a fonterosa tion it is a volunteer chairman your job is to bridge the gap or to try to bring the team together your coach that's a go i think he's trying to do a thing i will he's trying to do that give him time let him do it if he's doin up wrong ye pointed out violemens problem that but make sure you got ready to prepare to help and pitch in those guys don't pitch in they get thrown out by the police have to please that be called because they're obnoxious the the one called the woman anotherwhat kind of a professional we call a woman the seaward just don't get it in this coworks in industry i tell you if you work for me and fire me yesterday this guy this is bad news but he's not the only one to her a couple of others theethat's nick there's a dog and in thomas them checked my favorite for the grand old party the guys got a conflict of interest four times over and yet here he is i'veheard a word out of him for a couple of weeks because quite honestly i'll take him on i think if there went to offer solutions to be parts of the solution absolutely join us joined all of us to try to get a better society that's not their gold they're going to i don't call them the beam no no not be alive the beam but they're just as bad now not bootha's what it stands for but there is bad as that too but my point is that these guys want to tear down and these are not mine you much these guys are just full of craft that's why some one post tempestsiege because that's how they're acting imatran uncivil when the police have be called on an individual several times over i think the characters being defined i think the characters to be defined by the action of simple i was wrong would have solved that problem and then obeieth you can help in participate they want to do that they don't show for any function other than when it had an immediate and the involved a guy you're going to love this down at you now remember this guy she dgriser remember that the degrift i gave gripped yeah juneripe her hues now by another name is shady glass sir and any one symptome he's an annalist i goin to call it in angles because i think he's got the wrong meaning a that and be consecuente do that oh oh i bothersome to give it to you straight up and if you wants to talk stationing to talk state any day but he comes off on and analyses as the work sesono work section is an open meeting where you're discussing ideas it's a free flow or should be a free flow of ideas were you or presenting them and so when i hear he did an annalist or angles on it i think a kind of a guy is he and who fell that who found it was our good old friend who you know that guy has said i could have run into room while i got a new one coming out you're going to love it is going to consider montell six is going to be moteless we'll leave a light on for you no matter if your name is angela or tom or dick or harry or whatever your name andy does it matter when he bot red light on for you you get the to get the pie ah these guys are just unbelievable and you can't make this stop they give me so much fodder i could i can go on and on to none but the rolites i want to help the solution not create the problem and so i encouraged them to start being a little bit more like an adult talked to people apologised and if i have fenton apologised to him i did to adereth other day i did the ardrath other day because you know why she thought i was a deportant tom i was actually in antimoine and a boy was i wrong in that he wasn't but it was so but to adrianopolis cause i was i didn't mean to hurt her in any way shape or form in it was never intent my intent was to go after the wrong the wrong in sometimes when he do that and we were not looking all the way with her eyes full old and we can we can hear some one out intently that's it another here is the god i've got a show you that he a legislative and the actually he half cineres ive website if that first in but i'm goin to there's an article in here that they were its where they were talking about who has voted you know voted the right way according to and the wrong way i got to see for confined green and there is some crazy news that writ in the right mercoled yea it was like i was like are you killed me i'm like a chockes going to hear it ansterfield day with his let me see if i can find the poroporo oh no here busy as that where your telling me their commentary here so let me let me see if i can find there the telegrams there they were talking about who actually voted one hundred et the cast in characters that we have been a little critical of such as the moon the orefice before it before i say anything here don't yndois more other word dona nontonagon use that for letter word called not be hoarce now let's see we that's what i do station or radios hang on or another in to get thinkthink that's a redonation down on well we can't be all our cave a atinouaentans sporting to the cot i'll find it out put it out we can on they were they were on a basically give throwing out names and i i want to bring it up some shalah a coyote they were throwing out names of fool actually voted the way that we should vote and it striking about voting records and wide this why this un why they're trying to remove people and i was a little concerned with whom they were saying was voting in there direction we've got i benedicite doother's i interesting seeing that less because there is an active bob a movement right now to recall some of the democrats but also to recall a man hall i heard that the last week i didn't say think about it because he wanted to verify it but there's an active campaign out there now were they going to go after these guys and now i can't say who yet were still working on that but i'm finding that's interesting that that others in so my quest will be who with their targets be it i wonder if it's the same organization well it's it's sure as sure as ines and a lot of people like to throw out president trap the rightful president and i he states his name em and i've seen that in events where he was told he was going to be at events and he wasn't there i was told that but you know that general flynn will be there and that there's other events at all these people are good readthere not there the just use in their names just like we talk on yesterday about a lot of these organizations has smooth organizations like they do with the michigan ah are the wan county republicans committee these are spoof organizations or root to the big low its other corinto that it's so it's so kay i mean er lookin for then he sanderston on all sides but at least had the god it at least you have at least to have the balls to say it don't go on kicking balls have the balls to say who you are you don't donahen up here hitting a home run again and the lot of people don't see what really is going on and you talked about the spoons in the fake organizations in the the names he put out there and we see this going on every day i'm two years ago actually its four years go now i'm we saw an organization doing this and i looked at an ad that was being run and i said that's not real they got what he mean it goes to real the colors of sure enough it retraced it back to a a lawyer in a in a lantanaria who was who was doing this and he got found guilty of by another time but what he done his they'll take like a log and he changed the color of it keep the same in this shows or the same thing he really the other hide under his cloak like it is the organization is not he did twice in that same campaign and the one was tracked through some company out of or corgeana of more i think it was watched not county and we never did find out where that money came from it looked like it came on out of state so we got to be careful while the stuff and i that is the question i raised on this group that ah that i bring it in this cold written house or whatever his name is i now told these not coming in at somebody else they changed it again the chase location the change who the people are this is a insites are grippers these people are putting you on and then they hold it in the middle of the week and it's like and they won't tell you the location because they think all they're going to be protesteeren to cricketand they're not they're the ones creating the problem the gift and that's right with john laroche and he and several others and his side kick ran and hall i don't know if they're in red together enough but they sure seems like because now brandalis the executive director so go now is right it is it's just as such a mass i mean the whole whole thing is a most otomaro is work in one gather the dust they just like there on one team will put some one on and then they'll they'll put somebody else in and then they'll move it around and in such are that's really what it appears to be happening o i will pose there when i when i get to i get to their old plank and then will be you'll be able to see perior not all the docks to know that karen's baby care you're not old enough to remember that god at if the currans baby what care the red diacorant baby carrying her hat all enough to know that don and i remembered the old carnival shell game where they put to the ball to the shell and say find it so he had to pick it in the course of the day all his sad is the hole or dropped pound you never pick it but to but that's what they're doing there playing a little bit of his shell game and the words are supposed to we're not going to let these guys get away with this scamp because they're no different than people calling upon the follering else they're just as bad they need to be prosecuted they need to be because they're playing on people's oh their cupidity i have sent word but the plan on ther a under belief in the people but the cellophane happy plaineron sheep will activity to follow it i do now and reservoir don't believe that good chicken himself good people you will can make mistake alsoanother can also be corinto subvert so we have to look into it all to grossbeeren i consolidates what we've come to with or the whole of our society because we haven't raised her children to the critically he can't see you know oh i hate magic i hate everything to do with magic i just every time the an act comes out somewhere i like it now it's not for me cause i'm the one that's looking and going out that's how they do it that's old stupid those people are also galban i hate that he is dinkel being trick but that's the test a problem we have so many people who are galbanum you know in thinking about seniors were usually talking that about this from the perspective of seniors being taken advantage of because they don't understand technology and look at a phone call or a text on any clicklike and they think that a grand child has been arrested in a foreign country or something is wrong with their bank and they must straighten it out they just day they don't have the education it's not that they're gable about people there probably wiser about when people people then anything then then the younger generation is but they don't understand technology this generation is goblot people because they weren't at the fair i know what the talking about with shell game cause i've seen that tbbothteen children you know we haven't had it and not all the practice when we were kids you know i had brothers but i just didn't trust him at all you know what let me slip tohanan i'll pull a video off that i posted his and i in show everybody what we're talking about here a good idea hangers short he makes that full screen one shan't think i can't i henkisesti as i can do its mineral enistor am i a head well i genteeler not just as the older amazing with technology can do these days as he i need a couple of pictures like the ones you shandism he can be taken and huge i everybody i know for you these mites remorsethe they are the home babethe beginning of you towerswhere a good orienting of the never to his copiosamente how he does hate me more he she really hated by every one see yourself certainly don't bind but you shall on mine like a petite he will follow me around for the rest of my knight telling you this because i know you on never do anything these had attacked my porchful privacy are a parent grandpa and auntie and uncle a friend chror a child care provider a child like mess is never safe on there your excellent and as it then then that they did early really good job without one i totally agree if i had children they would not have their pictures on social media at all now the chance so i'm going to name stop the screen i'm going to go back to what i wanted to talk about we got scott sat in the wings back there and a man yet i bring scott on his and we can all talk about this outward ed were a check economic so ill i think this dis morning morning that i you doing the morning down i hope i know this will be an experiment to day fie al to you may lose me pictones oh i won't ever you are self with with shock here met because we have something to go through yet that's a kind of a of course we could probably all sit here and talk for weeks and never hit the subject the swamp is so de is so convoluted it's not just it's not the top it's the whole system is screwed up and let me see i'm just going to call cocke i want a i want to go through these his delberately situation going on up there now mannononose congenial he can conceal the time okay well i hear on right now so you're live i just have the choice so i wanted to bring up a mirror a merest a article on controversial chromo adviser won't be on a well i want you to look at how many of these people say that they're working for free their working for fred know they're not somebody is pain and somewhere we just don't know so in he read it was read some of this and i did put some of this in money in my telegram post and this is about a person named michael oh a friend and so cromeriid lay two weeks goes a friday has done nothing but help a lot of people but told merishe was never considered for were serving in my ministration and an so mike lebedias one in told many of little jew that ring he cried told me to and he's he's described by a lot of people so i like talking like levity okay i've taught and he said but just because we like somebody doesn't mean that we don't dig down a little bit and he here what people have to say but i think that the connections are there is very few people in politics that i actually like i see most people as once oh thyself serving there in it for money and a and naive watched i've watched home they coperate and it's really self it's really self again as what were seen in mostest the levity has been in cromer since the secretary of state campaign about election security made which one publican source said is terribly however former gubernator can be pat coldback they do i'm descried laves sharp and organized consultant a high level government and now now does it not sound like birds of the father capessit you guys better start questioning all of these including people that you think are in an impious think our bad because that the masters of protecting each other so do he's got a lot of experience with people trying to subvert our government let's leave it at that colet not everybody who has experienced is bad we need more and more people are willing to stop up when at so anyhow no concern on my part is called beck he's so on who knows how to get the job all right so when talk about potolili oi wondered some more things to order some others there's the bunch in his article the who is like a how grocers show he was licensed to some rosate mischpeten seventeen and twenty twenty one although he says i's been in business for thirty eight years it doesn't matter i mean that's one business with the probably are many many more oh a lot of us have have multiple businesses depends on if you grow at yourself for if you did so many how he worked for an outfit called trusted adviser rolle and claims to have been mentioned in the forward of a book by then google see setabout his ability to solve complex and highly challenging of struck insuring projects it sails ah that sails are completed to the advantage of those i represent so there you got we've got a connection with eric chimed from so of google oh that's a good connection to brag about right there i profile has in growing up so now we've got levity who is being a doors king of by cold back who was also indorsed my airs is the proof profile has a landscape doesn't before launching his own spoke where he developed renovated homes and managed in five hundred critical systems projects forms such as patsy and and baxter and chloros i believe those are all connected tubes a black rock the garden such public record court roll have to look at that confirmed went that i have had so public court records show that he pleaded guilty to a cruelty to animals charging galveston when he lived in houston and ninety two back when he was thirty four when he was twenty lavethas charged with a felony regarding crimes against property and a suburban portland organ county he finished his present delegate race of two thousand and twenty twenty two amongst six candidates in the ward for trunk township and ran on contested precint delegate race when twenty and twenty eighteen honor ward other than that at lake known about him but i i'm going to jump to my telegram channel a minute where i kind o kind o laid this out a little bit because actually i'll just i'll just read what i rode about his the ova on not riding a little but not so we've got who is michel doswindows here and i i connected i connected some more things but my question is as we go down through okay so when we stopped there at crimes against property in like this sent so let's connect what what dinah has seen and i got im this asking questions here cause i don't know but it seems a little that string so lovely is cromwell's recruiter is more other allow whose found numbers go to if sour stock which shares the same address as the michigan conservative coalition is tied to the matosinhos rewarding who was he was connected a polite as this is routinethe convicted of felony he was convicted of colebyville dollar of ciento hundred oftenin million dollar foundation and in sheridan and set of actors who are the ones that started the grand parties of the shares effectively so my question is if they effectively confused the boulders enough by splitting the party comedy times we heard that that launched it donna brandenburg odense they spiritistic ne batteraft was said you the grass rose at yet to henderson president of the concave conversare four years he often said that in him said i to the lansersee not in so basically it on so i got of questioned so they effectively confused the volders enough by splitting the party to hand the next presidential election to the other their other selected candidates i wonder is it appears to have happened in the twenty twenty election in the twenty twenty two election i've got all sorts of st but if there's so many people that are that are connected in this is not even funny and then you look at things like like oh oh the people that are connected with all this grand new party and cara and so we've got corconne ted i'm i wildcatting us out to us because the this is really this is significant and in we had to be able to make these concon or or were lost were were lost out in the way somewhere because because the connection show us who standing together cause they they have an organization and so make make no mistake there is an organization that out you know a lot of these people too it will move into areas of were there not from and some here we go we've got dandily think is it in the anglodane standing with steve cara yet this rescue michigan which appears to one breath and on in the video that they posted a video in a pit video was bred and and her otriad there's there's a lot of standing there so i think that we we really need to start asking esther because the the connections and how connected these people are is is beyond shot i thank you venturedabout fashion killing i would have no that is beshrowe glad that he because of i was goose there so many of a man and i got a feeling that they are doing that attently then was all to personality so i triestean all to personalities nasoreans a centesimate no don about it i will sectere going to have to tack it out with this source that it the source that i quoted there anesthetised we've got a check these things i was mere and a people say that mere does a pretty decent job but i don't know i had a question asked me by meres reporter that i thought was absolutely ridiculous and i and i just looked at her and i like to that's a stupid question why would you ask me questions like that you know so i mean other there's others all kinds of things that we need to dig into but quoting his sorties ingenio in the shogun i be essendosi in his disastrous he evidentseen a chart to loaferbut it in i have here along we make to commence about you but i do say is for me and did my dealings were them but i have not on time so i don't know what he's doing i don't know either but i do know that melissa told me that she was picked up at seven o'clock in the morning on a no lindell's plain and i met plain head on coldback into pernand they went up to ever sitting in to pick up a tabulator so that's what she told old me personally she told me that soydolichos the arnoldessentially i saw where he was going and said scrope as pedefer good that the job to kiss not good so we don't know we we really all we can do asked questions right now because it's like it's like we need our questions and see this is what they try to do what if the secretary of state do to all of us who were like manner something wrong with these elections big time they shot us down and you can't even ask questions or your late we have to be able to ask his if there is a good reason for coldback to be on that plan to go up and pick it pick a a voting machine at a teatable was a votish et or tabulator and i can't tell you exactly what you want it was but but that i was told that that happen somebody better get off their dead behind who are prosecutors or sheriffs or investigators to start asking because i i'm just out here bringing questions some better git hold o melissa crown and asked for some and then go to coldback and then go to and then go up there to two and her and get the logs to flight lost plains these these they and why isn't anyone in anybody crossing to the the driver of the van in detroit the twenty twenty one are twenty twenty election why is it that no one went there to question the the logs to question any of this stuff no one's questioning anything they just buried and wouldn't ask questions oh your rotondothe is called critical thinking and and i know what crow anybody to tell me to shut down my questions cause that ain't going to have logotheti on that i went reels the county an under to rest here sir i entered we know then that something was on if we now the woman was found l a sodaine oreste as any one to the porte camps or the santonica passers you gonophore nor the sheol or are on my cold to say were not certified or potato you see you do single god help him back on his hoe stresses i go or only he was a lawyer or other leaked and the amisthous and he was goin with the democrats now you don't think that that's a i got a breeze a couple of bridges to sell because these guys were dated worth set this whole dog one thing was set up that would be enough to say that the risca was there cortey were plastered monica palmer and bill for on the one o god of queen counties a bore can assist where pileworts ever there lies with threatened their family was threatened and then for nor machine and end by langbeinite ginthat's criminalison to the ubii the anito look at one lake nothing has ever occurred when that got that was the opportunity for them to do something do the right thing john james the tree pear before the board of canvassers that day told them that they could put it into her shingle in an lang bell he ignored nor him and i was most to appear before the was put off and told by shingles on that sunday before i don't proveddoes the first one i i would be the first one because i have been dogging and for this for long time and then what happened i never got to testify i would justify the exactly what was going on his old olivers was happening both you and scott from what i can see is he trying to shut you rides down to cause you're actually who o o whistleblower who had evidence how when on a show you quickly oh i don't know you screen at because you're not clear with it but i'm going to show this is the omission republicans situation ought day this is the rescue michigan go and a son put it upon set screen sobre can see who was who was digging now i've i've had i handsomely intestinesthe prospero so i'm going to hold that the throwing each other under the fostering the true that sorest telford is i which is to ongolmo to a corinthennes the beloe agonothetes how he got on this town this is it's anedehithe amber harris breechesthey wrecked and wall and put the pan and rob steele now when i noticed on this as on the fast forward on as they started ensamble costume here and it's like a case we're we're beating on somebody with in a costume and i was like okswego in all the do make in front of the democrats of the super hill hero costumes and then they go to another one was a thunder christo macdonald ribot who they showing a page where this hana on flyer with a super hericos tunes and i mean i think that i think it's good that the calling people out that are now at you know it's i don't really care where the sources i'm not going to demonize necessarily the source as long as they're telling the truth no and so i preciate the potting this out but also when you see the connections behind the scenes with his one we've got more questions to ask then just saddling on us as it their shock yet there is this waiting to get it bothered well is interesting you venture in he amber harris emer harris they relate in the relationship orderwith the chantries and insolent kind of interest itself that caused the whole problem of gordon que with with or capitoline and up and then going after people that he prevented but it's not because it is what it is it were hother characters of crops steel robbed you evenings stood up a giving gothisches is as it is the national committee men there's an a bent there was a private she what have you got about that will be done i cleared off not don't think and who did involve john yon the worst the eruption we need to these committee women and men got a stand up for susterll their job is to help our organization growing yet republicans elected if we allow the criminality to curd and our own party without because i can't say this argensteen were doomed these guys were others stop gone i know i've met robbie's a good guy i like em he got ashore voice you know and you got to follow palaces you've got it you've got to follow the if they can't follow policies at a committee level or a a state level their sureshot got up hold the law so i had to orthoamino some information here aver heishiro composer just their new secretary and new executive committee combers and this here's nostrilsthat that pertains to the and as sing delegate but there has been no election for her to be in any state sanction authority to do that fancetic looks like misandery lection of duties but not not sure wanted to have you now is but she's she actually looks like she's having them give her the else rather than van says the restarick has been tied tie right directly to me show and he is course a new chair of the open county as a republican party which is the step but he also is been the one has been parting with these guys all along how do i know that cause he told me so he as she told me so when i was sagenpoesie the so i can see that person is not second hand information so these kids are all connected and we seen centers in the intent i had to manage his house at these people how they operate the infiltrate they do this stuff they get people of togated and then they took away this looking a wayhis got a stop be got a call it out as it is done got living up to two are the republican platform antetemple oh so so i i we got a lot to talk about because there's lot coming in on john ross shot me and then sonsoler he is the will as sons delivered his john rothenhale and the formation of that is a connected i guess he showed up at a bradley dean of von and they they wanted to make it clear that he wasn't associated with the solidit any rate let's go on i want to bring scott on a give scots sometimes to talk to her to becausethinekingdom okachito to get some work done for my wife monday monday monday when i come back to the man right here of trying to dig down to the truth self but think things struck a screech in and comtesse would you call sindoor al teller inhalation i know you are afterthe just what is he take you for joy as casethe word of truth in white the argo can we know we can depend on you you are you dislike you but all young is i spoke grown in that i spoke around a little back and i'm going to tell you what i'm it's kind of interesting is ah actually goonits on a lot of information and i enjoy following what she has to say so channerin of their some information or not you think it might hurt the relationship with tween her inside although that wasn't the right tathgatas de you're condecoration so long will i hear well tapelola great day to day and thanks for your doing as all right so now we're back to the three of us so how you doing to day scott we had quite a week i one day this week and a pin heedno believe what's going on and in the state like i said you could not write this you you couldn't write this if you tried you couldn't oh yes we had or we hadn't even more day and wright there's a lot going on right now i actually before i delve into that i think there's a story that we had be aware of and we had a high light because it impacts all of us and that is the fact that a concentred has rolled that the naughty nine as i referred to a mass dated nestles noted the name i well now the man to perniones sufflamen a shorter life a former state robe de run dem ah then cotton a few other people ah the people that were evolved in anson county and in not justinopoli other ones but with the tabulators who have broken no law the judge roll them favor of dan enesol and the special prosecutor one moschion county no they broke the law and they don't have the authority to grab those tablets even though the township clerks i you don told him to do it oh they can't do it it's only the sectary state or a corridor cork order what is interesting about that oons the tables has property the township the state of michigan doesn't allemandes any court it is the township said owned the tabulated why is that import because i think it goes into the locust standing thus sashings part of it not a hit in there trying to defer attention away from the fact that we are investigating them and ah they a lot of it is used as propaganda but i think our people need to know this is a dangerous dangerous thing which has occurred in terms of the news because by onians and i guess we'll have to wait and see whether to actually comes to fruition ah but there is a strong possibility they will be indicted on some and i don't think they should be invited if anything we have so much overwhelming evidence of law breaking by the beralston and public fother public official and when we are not in the we've got to have just a currently working with us unruined ah this all comes into play because em again it is to point to the fact youraunt fruit looks your election deniers and everything else and that is a that is the seeking the story came out ah the other of dan half for gold in the detroit news and pre pressed about thee and they were probably fed the story by daintiness oh that be inside this old place in and this is why done it is imperative that every possible et be hoping with locus standi criminal investy and we are getting nowhere with republican party i overheard some of what you talked about from the you mentioned a few in there and i like to a a i would like to follow up the couple people a steve car on from the grand new party what people need to understand about this and he is treated as some kind of a hero his not steve carealong with every republic last fall every republican in the state house in state son voted to i josefson to early days to preprocess absentee okay now what is significant about that i gave them the opportunity to basically to be able to win the close districts remember this last election cycle the new diet were employed and they deliberately manipulated the sanctity by the as seen the district maps of the state see state house but their very very funky and the reason is democrats wanted it the wind so number one they could start filtering out some of their inner city population into the rural areas to try to start clerical parteither republicans they deify we complicit or working together in both leeseth she dissecting yet it invited at all they let these there are jackson counting not has a four or five state house dish rich and to our county o but two of them a really long and in and these are so fond and i tell you what this is the deal by giving them two early days to prepossess bald snuff to flip those blame the republican party don't blame democrats the factors that the democrats control oltice senhouse blame steve car in a republican steve carl will not a responsibility for what he did and i tell you what that is one hundred and fifty per unaccepted the republican party in isabella county for or event that we participated in that your gracious i to stream life participated the republican party principal county through some notes three people under the boss thet were organizers up there they their course went after me he's an outside activists now an not enacted the one a whistle number two i eteocle per on these and they the chair going beth the chair of the isabel count republic through three is well accounting residence under the moss reported to the paper we don't support we are not going to send our people down there tis not us we believe in being nice to our pet we believe in readwhich cradle the massage south you don't want she paraded on the routine with the most pleasant a newspaper i and then to top it off we had one of the heads of a local patron group of unitedly stand isabella didn't call the paper but lambasted me and the the event to all their eye all there oh there i followers and those who thinks what the isabel condore ublic ans and isbell county and iteesan did through the abuse i counted eight one people with a with another individual that came out for one in individuals from isabel a county that was it because their protecting a prosecuted is breaking the law he is broken one federal law and two state and you know what we can't even get here prosecuted on the state laws because the michigan state poles are not touching her this and neither is many are many the long fortement state we have some that have anat prosecutors where have problems with the prosecutors in what do they do in their contacting word borbonai the miscomputations and whatever she feeds them that's the truth and we have this proven i tell you what the hard wash she is perpetrated is this trickle but the problem is you have isabel accounting prosecutor who has taken the lie if he brought me and election integrity for in the side we could disprove her statements with the evidence approves she lying but they don't want to do it because don't want take the case and they want the prosecutor wants give reelected he is not going to get reelected with his process i decided to get rid of republicans and polaris he's not going my re elected and he shouldn't be is the thirty three year old toward who does not believe that the rule of and i tell you what ah what is most disturbing about this again the republican party through assunder the os so did the patriot group alleged patrick group united wise then we had two parts from the event that lambasted and i'm going to read you email i sent down bassa the chair of the isabel county republicans and to the woman that is kind o one o the ensuite le standards bell i have read you and you tell me if this is offensive i should be pologise as to indefinite there were participants in the venta monday demanded i apologize said that i am a meaning and i know everything else i'm going to read you what i wrote to don besha the chair is balcone republicans this other woman his you have now brought in it you've not you have now bought into supporting the fascism of hitler in the communism of stolen support law breaking you do not believe in the truth you do not support luchon integrity you are both trees of this lies it would fit him well with hitler's stolen linen mow pulled pot and their propaganda wave the county and i so retreat i was wrong about that cause i found out after the fact that you have we stand isabella so i was wrong about that i pologized anybody from we ecount y it was united we stand is you have we stand as god has proven to be a tool of red flashes a shame but neither of you have any guts the stand for the truth the isabel county republicans when embraced mouseton if he were a republican the books the naked communes predicted this with happen or both of the major political parties in views would move to the left and embraced a commitatus socialists forces congratulations you have achieved your gold welcome to the dark ages in the united states i'm sure both of you support cancelling out the three individuals and myself i guess that means you would support gassing us out of es okay i mean that i made these statements so i refuse to pologize when i came to the event a monday one of those individuals that was one of the organizers came up to me and commanded i should apologize to these two women from the republican parting from united we stand i refused to do it and he told me i don't want him the pavilion because i have the idle permit holder so to find and i went upstairs and that eventually you came down and you brought me in and you you hit him you know and in the aisteihin the first amendment as it had on because they were like you know when i heard that they were prohibiting you from talking i like what kind of weapon is blas and it's it's a that you were you were the one that had the most no evidence going on as the wise lore of any one that taught everybody else it hark there talk you know normal patriot stuff but you have actual evidence and we were on a call of one called the day before conference looking at the evidence in the machine or the software two a being connected to the internet and you were talking about all this stuff that was out there and they were talking about you know ah comias in in though it's the wits important all this is important i don't want to take away from it if we're going to fix this this problem we have the united states it's not going to necessarily be a of a battle i mean i don't want to go into a battle with somebody that's got it like a lisselan with barney a setting up their singing i love you you love me kind of crop we're in here to fix it and there's no back in wan so like a side wind when we were up the i don't really care schoner anybody else has to say scott always no one apology right now and nor should he be asked to give an apology if that's his opinion on this we are supposed to respect your opinion is set and listen to it now we can ser opinion back but this whole censorship it was senseshis of having somebody because they didn't like how all you said it and in the sthetic it's just another internaron ones and making sure that we say things nicely or say things with everybody's approval on which is a bunch of cork you you need to say and everybody out there you need to say what you think without censorship without pronouns without censoring what's important you this is a i of being an american is having honest and being able to say whatever it is that you want to say without somebody coming down on you like ugly on an ape and in order to approve that that you go through this or approval pros no that's not the way america work and so i think we take microphone and got in such scot you come up here to say whatever did you want to say and i don't need you agree with how you shouted watches so right one or to understand the prose is in violation a title eighteenth section four because he has not reported federal crime federal law enforcement he is also violation of an chelsome fifty a date six forty eight woful neglected to and he is because he talked to me appear county prosecutor and gave the leper county prosecutes information he is an accessory after the fact on enciso fifty dot to forty eight about altering public okay and i tell you what there deleting impendat unlawfully federal law and state law as you can believe this stuff inside his retention period and you cannot alter the red and the isabel county republican no not that i bore stand isabel gave those people not your meaning okay you're meaning and these are our friends because they come to or meetings they come to army you don't what then you can be an enemy and come here men and you know what they are not they are not the prosecutor the county clerk the sheriff of isabel accounting are not supporters of you as constitution i tell you that in the fall of the frauds in isabel county a golpe and united we stand have bought into it scott germanywhat is happened what you are seeing in his bell accounte and other ones in the patriot movement not the republican party with the patriots the answer of the snow flake okay you're being fed it scawere going to canso he being offensive we don't like the leaders you know what donna the two individuals that were parked of they were part of the organised they la base not scatter remaining you're meaning the the mail demanded i pologize or refused to pologise den o my pavilion i own the permit okay and there was a woman and i tell you what i'm so disappointed and he what i'm not apologising this country is being destroyed you have why are these two individuals going after the gopinis abel county and he united we stand the third person another woman is not afraid she's going right back at the geopened west and one in what it is not trust isabel account the goop down here the legend patriots and jackson county the same snow flake mentality we have the patriot movement has been effected with the news and you know what it doesn't work it doesn't work we are at a point because i tell you what the police place are not listening to us and when touched the prose though i touched the only way we're going to shut the shop the rich in all sorts of low tone in the pony republicans christian corio and iden get to the two and my levity i know what i have had people tried to give me connected with him and i don't understand why because everything i been able to read out in this guy without having met escapadohe thinks he's entitled to control other and i tell you what he's a scum bag i warned christina koromo about him i said you need to do your own thing she did not heed my warning and i tell you what i'm sorry but the hope is done is done and i tell you what they'd better pray to god that were able shut this selection system down pecos twenty twenty four you have no idea if we had twenty twenty four and they have not been indicted that's it anyone know what these pony christians a man call out the rest their two any christians at live in a colt the colt to jesus instead of being followers of jesus they would rather be cult members and i tell you what i theresa de safe you know that there are some good christians that are working with they are the free thinkers and to be honest with you because you are free your able to see the sin the geop are no front for cope with examples steve care steve cor voted to give them two free days forty hours ross steve cora it onewhat jackson geo piece the greatest thing on earth in the think i'm a turk i really don't care you don't like jesus returned he not coming back snow or as a sheep or anything else he's coming back his lion that's what's in the book of revelation this may understand and i tell you what i i am disappointed you ought we had great of it we i think for the small people number people we had there and we had at one time thirty three people the number went down thirty three people at course isabella newspaper shows up take pictures of the empty of the empty side of the pavilion and so nobody showed up nobody supported and you are now what is come out of all this a seven page letter from jonathan braider there came out the other one and basically that letter is the clerks across the state of michigan in it is about us locustae people and i i have been alluded to in it several times this particular malawin get that to you some time to day doneand maybe we can talk about it another time berry had heard how that man here in the process on king of his arguments and i tell you what if you are so what we have discovered recently in the electronic poll should not have we have the evidence that thou electronic poll book not anything else side the polo but the electronic publicas is generating out found communications and other words it is trying to contact presumably a remote server outside probably these every fifteen nitocris the interval on their this is not what he claimed in seven page letter his line you are the wiser opposing us on electronic poll book why they hired a law firm cold task in stoker called tasking stoker are low for down town landing i represent most of the counties involved in the locust stateinvestigations rate the girl licentire them to one thing and one thing only opposes on the electronic poll book road day to file foes why because your lion doesn't want the coroberating evidence of the broken the law because the day time stamp and that other volerie they don't want the ark because we made the argument that sericulture rd can't alter it for it that he richard on that hope but more importantly they want people knowing the day is being dumped during the election this can this country and well the pony republican fording rotten reprochant party from the state down to the county level are basically saying scrow united states screw michigan blame the republican party blamed the phoning godless minister we have no gods the state of procris bornhoffen would not put up with he died opposing hitler the other public and party and these patriot crop promoting snowflakes scared iromani you need be nice you mean yet as they take over our nation we should just be nice let's welcome the snakes in and tolerate these he slithered on the ground around our feet waiting for a moment to bite us again may god had enciso i think there's a difference here there are people who are ignorant and foolish and follow the culture and in there are people who infiltrate and deliberately get in the way and scott i think that's what you're seeing so what you're calling snow flakes sometimes make be just people who are falling right into the trap it's a trick and then there are other people who are using that tried to fool other gullible people as we were talking about a while ago there fooling the people who are galling to say oh i'm offended i'm offended and and their weakening the group by doing so but there are people who are using that as a deliberate way to of the skate distract get in the way and you're absolutely right to be angry about it but at the same time recognizing in speak about it in terms of their are people who we ken the republican party there are good people the republican party i acknowledge that i think you know that too but there are also people who are there not for republican reasons there there to weaken it and make sure that it fails and there are people who are in their for selfish reasons there a lot of that too is that i was talking about with chuck while ago there are people who are in there just for money like the idee of for me of moving from one place to another i moved a lot in my life to do so requires a great motivation for me personally in order to move you got to have a reason to move where is a reason for moving to one place to another that there not they have no other associations with if it's money that those you were their heart is it's nothing this country it's not for doing the right thing it's not for struggling for election integrity like you're doing so it's not just a matter of people who are in his hand and foolish there is a deliberate getting in the way in a deliberate obstruction and i ran encore you to focus on like don asad you are right to speak was more important than the emotional drama there is a lot of that emotional drama and who said what in soon i weigh focus on em gatherers some drama there let me tell you what the real story is for your case cause you have so much information that when you speak about it it's so much more powerful for you to speak about mostly what the real crimes are in evidence you have like this this piece that you just brought out you may not have heard but when done first started the show she mentioned those machines and the connections that they have out without side sources that was a new one for me see in nagogotom cloud those things i hold never tell scatter anybody else to to change with her doing because they're doing on what what god and you know he asked you to do and you just be you you be you and you do exactly what you need to do because it's brainthings to the four front he handled that well i'm sorry this is this is we're in a war and there is no excuse for for subverting things and what it tells me when somebody's doing it is i'm looking round at everybody else at that who is trying to attack his first amendment right onion and going as the okay i just put you and you and you in the basket of traitors to the united states because if you go after the rights of one person you go after him all and then that that's a problem so so i appreciate and everything you did and that you've done espinoso you you just you just get doing you scotland i crimethere i want i'd like to explain why it is danger and if it was dangerous credits that republican chair and that person from the united waste oh undermined okay they throw those people the shriek people in his balcony under the boss then two of those she when through the moment under the boss okay ah what is important understand how man give you nology and dineyou and i talked about this analogy an me give a little civil war in a civil war of and there was there was a something called the from eighteen sixty four in what it was was generals grant and meade and the strategy the way to take richmond was not a direct assault ah but cut off cut off its materials from how did they are they decided to do that they decided to ease i take and so they went down on the south side of petersburg and set up and the army they richly started a just regular manuvres regular salts to try to take petersburg that didn't work so the army corps of engineers the propose something to a beleaguered side first with sonetten mad to get his approval and man grant o ka and what was is the engineers dug amine shaft under earth between the two sing and that might that shaft ended underneath the confederate line well those engineers went and packed it with a bunch of gun poured and the idea was they were going to blow a huge hole in the confederate lines and they would charge in there and it would be great they would take petersburg and the now would have the roads which well there was a division primarily composed of freed black slaves and freedmen ah that were part of this unparticular division and they wanted to be part of the assault because many of their former slave owners and and a people that they were under the brutality of war on the other side and the confederate line ah and they this a division comprised primarily a black troops wanted to be hit able to go in and saltos lines they were courageous men and i i care remember whose specifically put a kibosh to a be basically now we can't do that because it wouldn't be iipolitical correct it might be perceived that the were just sacrificing you know the the former slaves for the assault and it was that division with the former slaves and to be part and they really really that was tremendous cure well what ended up happening is they re assigned the initial assault with a division called letley led by a general named led he was not a good one it was a very poor general and i his troops were not well trained and many of them had discipline problems but they were going to leave the assault after the mine shut the mischefes well a ticular time that's exactly what happened they blow a hole in the confederate lines and initially there was good empire there was good importantbecause it there and it actually blew a huge crater in the earth what that's why the battle was named the battle of the crater so lovely division sus its blow and the confederalists leslie's division and they go hand but they don't come out at the other side they stir cowering for protection and the crater for whatever reason and the attack started losing its there was i the people in the union i could see it was losing its impetus the division with the former slaves sent please senescent sun descend we want to go in insult the other side well the continued saying not because we got a hold you back and reserve and yet the hide for being politically are to be politically correct with in the course of these former slaves was emmet well it was quite clear that ledley's division was making a mess of things and the impetus and the opportunity to take the confederate lines was rapidly to and why did they end up going with hot finally somebody unhonest says right sending that division with the former slaves so they send that division and what they do they work through the confusion of lodestone and then they come out on the other side an initially de pants but the confederates had had time because levelest divisions confusion the confederate time to re group on the other and then i looked destroying that divine and here's the moral to this ledlie's division cowered in the crater they cowered in the crater and did not go up to those other the the troops with the light former black slate who had immense they were they were courageous old they had no sport they went into battle and had no what happened in isabella county is parallel to the ball there you had combatthe head of the isbel county republicans and a woman leaving unitedly stand isabella or refuse to provide sport to these wolcotts whole event on monday she ruelle they should have been behind ruled as but now they wanted to protect a corrupt prosecute corrupt county clerk and corruption i don't want to do do their duty who are law breakers it's the same parallel to is the creator the same parallel no support and this is the republican party across his and you know what i have no problem ripping the republican part it is i sacket's done i believe it's done because terrible leadership christina is not heated she is not said one word about the locustan criminal investigation why because lineotype capitoline this not wanted him he does not want you like it be elections to be resolved to to go to it as a truthful and unselected because he's apt in liberty hears this he wants to say something he's got my full number because several people tried to set me up with him he's a thought you want no why you won't call me control me that's why that's why labont call me he is a rotten geppetto get even the grassroots organization i fill which a paddles and control he you have freed of people you have control e it's a fierce and you know what we needed them why sopolis and he prosecuted he drifted off to the side sides of fascism and communism they don't even know it they don't even know and anyhow i set my peace about the old thing it was a wonderful event people that parts we made what three trips around the county complex his retractand the county complex it was wonderful i was so pi was so proud to be part of what we did and on what those three individuals the great job one of those individuals stood up to the notes in the republican party in his bellaccount the other two of crystallized into sole and to crespin i understand i have stand their plants and disruptors and its cap it divided i guess that the problem is its there too many people and i talked about this one i ran for state this party has a thinking problem and a hunted ever and you know what you don't have thinks you have people to think their entitled to be in a position and the dope that includes marion sheridan that includes me shanatac that includes rossanni gs antenates and molisher here at the jackson geo and you have a watch people to think your tie no we're not entitled anything myself i had a talk with you yester i need the people in this investigation checking an me i'm alone and because i am so intense about my moment with this i am vulnerable to false and that's what has happened a couple of times i need people to pray for me and pray check in on me because i live alone and i had sometimes it is very hard to myself and const i don't very good to day i i you are shoulder to me and i had about four other women that were shoulders to me in the white it is wonderful the strength of the women involved in his locis sandy and so many others and by echoing every one that's in the fight no like every day i there's there's a bunch of people that i call on check on people we are in a time in everybody should be doing this on a daily basis make a list of those people that you know just need to have somebody give him call in check on it to make sure that they're doing okay because the ones that are in the fight the moles that are taken a lot of hints there they're taking a lot of his some of it doesn't some of it does it in you want to know how crazy these hits get i'll tell you one that happened to be about three days ago i actually had some on that called me through the telegram channel and then hung up and i went to the chat to see what what was up with his person ever heard of before and they were like creep in and asked me if i'd buried my fine and i in my they will say things that will would shock a normal person that just in order to try to throw you while i hate to say it but i don't get moved by sips like that that to me is just that to me is just like say what you want couldn't matters not to me i rely i really you know i really could care less what somebody has to say but they will come out and they will say things to try that to throw you and to two to really try to get john but of base and quite honestly i think honestly the truth is as that those of us who who are perhaps rely on god more not to essay his name but were not as movable as as a person who doesn't have the relationship and so for some to say something just it just to be a jerk you know just to be a jerk give you a rest shot it's not going to bother me one but not one bit in fact i'm just going to sit back and laugh i'll stop with you or to make a comment i bought that when my father in fact did die during my government might my run to be governor and and it's such simlike go you ought to be that kind of stupid go right ahead it's not going to bother me to just make selllook really bad and so but but that's what i'm talking about is that those of us who sat who set em in a position to actually bepommeling people and i don't get stupid on me i don't mean getting at getting the you know granetarius and pitch forks kind of crop it will last the beys kicked you in the balls stonend kicked me in the balls they probably have hard time with that cause i am inpatient no balls have oleo ambrotype was the stick me to see it try to kick me to see if i in fact had called i don't have falls antidote and tact scott has based and there not try to keep kicking on because and i don't mean to sound too crude here but i kind o do but be that's the reality he is a man being a man in in our culture some people go in or that he's doing madam man should be doing he is protecting the people in the way he can do and you know my lane is not his lane that's okay that's perfectly what that's biddlecup ah but he is doing what he can do to protect our people in the way they got his set in for before him and some people just can't handle that because they either don't have that kind of motivation which is a godly motivation that's where his passion is coming for a bible one on the right fighter and when you are a right fighter those who don't fight for right target you because they can't handle it and that's why his battle is so hard but the battle belongs to the lord and i am great love that here go encourage you that is a great commercial for the males and our society and i'm going to say right now that any of these snow flakes that want to because he always target women because women are basically are run on emotions most women do and a that's unfortunate because then the women they set the women against the man and ominate you what it's like it's like my husband is like a man's man's man on steroids sometimes i want to you know sometimes i fought i tell the sit down take a break from from it i'll bet but the reality is is that that's how god made us women you better be out there supporting these guys that are ready to there ready to go to the mat that's right wherefore this because i'm not seeing enough women on i'm not seen enough women there stepping up and calling out for what it is but the sure is heck want to be in control of the guises oh here not being your not being nice en i don't want our men to be nice i want the mean tweeds i want the warriors and get out there and get real and the fact that scott has the god o people out by name that you know an intestine into the say we not have her castigations some answered is amazing and he's not playing the politically correct whip set in the corner and letting the thing on we're going to win that way we are not going to win by playing in a battle for this is a for somebody to say we've got to be nice well you know it were in war renaboute you got to bring a pillow to a war no you want to have you want to have obersolser and people that are not going to back down in that are just going to keep on college they break through that you cannot you cannot fight in a war like a bunch of of pansies that are worried about in the social clubs messing up their social connections and having everybody's approval it doesn't work that way because we are dealing with and an ina don't care then workers and they don't care they know what the rules are they don't the laws are they drew it anyway you think that are a serial rapis is going to care they know what they're doing they don't care about his back o scottes at david on his up again she bunched the lias there noise makers they liked a mock and the mock against god in scott saying who do you think you are and now notice that there was nobody behind david when he went against goliath he's looking back like what's wrong with you people look at them look at what those philistines are doing that's what made it to david angry was because the philistine for mocking god's people and that was the faith that he had it was it was about god and when he went down i talked about this in a part five of the bettons to the lord subsets ah when he went down the face the philistine he so what i take your head off because of what you're doing tastily and goliath came running toward david and david didn't quake he didn't stand still he ran hard goliah with a sling shot can you imagine but he he the young man we don't know how old is xactly he was he went against a bear and a lion before this god had trained him in his own way given him the heart that he needed he was not afraid of goliath but for me sitting here i'm thinking me that would have been scary i would have probably run the other way maybe run circles around him he now like the flappy hands let's show i would pluck you know how to fight a philistine never been scared david knew because god was with him all along he was with him before that he was prepared he had everything he needed so you scott you've got everything you need ah you may not know it but you do and his keep panging in there we horonite keep giving you what you need when you need it the thing to because the developments yesterday the nodding at dan enough's nodding night and the letter and its not really issue because his arguments were terrible he has no legal i we're goin to what i'd like to do dona is we're going to do boteson page letter point by point by point okay i'd like sewing come back on the shoal and you and i and when i like to do is give you a copy and then we can let the people see how we do unket and everything else providing legal and they were ordered severewere going to for what we're going to do is take his letter and men were going to imitate each section able copy section on to word document and then will point in our own color like red color we're going to put in the debunking and why his arguments don't work for what i string to cover up and i'd like to do that it may become back on so alinatine if you want to do of my day we can do it monday too inhonestly this is working out pretty good to have us have a salon on one show so maybe want to do mondell start it with choking then for you and after we got whitwell see i don't want to come on before we get the thing by i can tell you i would like to come on so you and i've had some discussion sagenesse t but i had my denseness i'd like to get some comments from any fevers listener unit talked about it was nine i had about a year and a half ago and it's the whole of her okay we want quiet crate website with basically the people who need to be thrown into the hall of tears all right and what is the hall of tyranny basicly people whose sport fascism who porchomanie whose sport red fastis which is a combination of the two or the snow flakes okay because the snow flakes help bring the tear tyrants in the power and when i like thought well you know is get this whole tyranny we could have her pages with the hall torn why there in the hall eterne but we can have a segment may be the three as we could have no mines and we could discuss the nominations and then we could have a democratic process devoted whether it's all three or just a two to one majority of who gets thrown into hall of er a writing okay is and anybody has a comment on your hat your roche whin i benedicere in a because let it go ahead go to the chair right now and i want to call us staffany for isabella colonel she is standing strong forming quickly told stoppedwe love you and stuff any basely told all of those people that tried to that tried to shut everybody down from calling out law breakers she now they were tried they were trying to shut everybody down and steffani refuses and in fact i believe she resigned oct yes she resigned her position within the republican party because she's like the is this is this adopter fire why is pasicrates woman and a period stone's grades so kaherase had some freezeout props of the bob at the beginning shirtlessness you make your own voting score card i like his the saddles the that's the rescue michigan ye but it's it's you got it you got to look at the score card but don't let them tell you who i voltorono just make up your own mind ere but with everything use your own research as every one has the right to their beliefs and issues lyon ups are says oh ye listen to a rescue mission last night in the announced in event with written house i will see what happens with his written house a note i could do that they say a cancelled with the last moment or why have they decided where the devons going to be ah i heard that they're not announcing that this is a roshanai believe i think that not announcing it because their free to poet there's one o her particular woman's is lions up name breeze she was very critical of how the new am i dope isn't fundraising cause it's all about the money he keep bringing up on michigan state committee and ah don't understand the job description within the they don't understand at all nobody understands the roll be and they don't want to understand it because that would make them accountable and they can just say oh i know this is what we do this is how it works i've heard it someone people this is how it really works and all that means this is how you break the law up there as the i am yes i didn't know what to think about her never seen her before last night that's what charles line up as his prey woman she was critical i don'tknow what that means she's critical of the love is i got into it with bradley den years ago bryan madog said it's called jer jery mannering when we're talking about redistricting in cherry mandering in its firm reason to change the influence or skew the the devout charlotte says i are the prosecutors sorrows ah if we could get into the finances and have open open financials which we do not which the republican party refuses to they say that they can't get the financials which we have attorneys sitting on the top the should absolutely be led ah pago admitted to be removed from it in the change or to and later this is a master's not one of em that's hero at this charlotte's nossaman is hell and we're not going to take it any more eighteen eighty four some ten seventy six all charles's aging ascalon whither run state police the puppets and its unlawful oh that's a good subject head charles said is that law firm that pod the same one that paid nessel and her wife for vacation the portion there be a good one had to take on a through outthere are investigating a several law firms municipal law for sraosha without his death like someone to go he surely here the one standing now are the ones being tortured by the law and court like peeps and chuckens them fraudulently and having to move or lose jobs cause inside it's of its own party is pie also i joined this in twenty twenty this for charlotte i can't believe this level of low most people i go to win elections are a leveled low most people go to an election but i must say i put the glass as on and can see the sorrels in the station really don't like them using side i can other another idea that we need to go down because you've got to remember that these people tell you what they're going to do before they do it so i want to bring up this situation or the the point being is that the unkepatines who worked for the honor plane they worked for the who is connected to a you know we've got we've got things like a we've got things like i say say perhaps connections and otto a colony we've got joe moss who had you no no no bed contract issued him i believe for the website we also and he also had a a email address for the amigo p being associated with a county party but now he's also on the state party county are at a geophis a cone so we got this contractor things going on we've got the we've got the calmness who they may be nice people there don't don't criticise them because they may be nice people they may but they also were awarded a no bed contract from what it looks and so this whole thing is if you want to look at a nest emerged to the huge the nest is on account we've got one contain yes and i a county on the west and by chance lives in or connected to attoo that would be the devises and the prince family the devast family out there in itaccount we've got we've got all kinds of people that showed up in so they never been at involved in and politics like acts my tax gal that comes to us taxpayers party and i was like undonethe through it out there three pages of jonathan to the brighter michigan pack which is your that's that's the boss that's a device as all we got to do is continue to work this doubt and working to get to the hat of the snake the hot to the sack of the republican party that the names are emerging there some one who is going to come out next we've got all sorts of information on another is to where and this is my friends out there who are true patriots this is your republican party and the cult members that they have that they have placed or recruited right on down to the county parties right on down to your township clerks as one big mass of organization and in hatosh by god to say ignorances of ignorance of the law is not an excuse when they're in and following orders to that that you have association associations with is not an excuse when we start doing that we are selling out and all of a sudden we beo implicit and guilty as how as the ones above them that basically brought them in so i'm goin to say right now if you're out there and you've been blackmail i know that there's the people black mill i was told that people within the attorney general's office were black and and and such i've been told that there's black mail going on all over the back if you have been black mail because a something that you did forward in and and tell everything you know loud and let's drag this and these people right out in the light of day so that we know who the people are and who there can there's no excuse there's no negotiating if you want to stand on the right side you got a chance at you had as datiert about that with the point about black mo i say this you don't think they got another politician whether sir dirty bedroom secrets or the dirty money secrets or whatever it may be and some of these judges supreme court circitor judges don't want the secrets out attract we have some evidence we need some corroborating evidence that a judge involved in the ninety night of the naughty nine cases an there's some evidence that possibly that may have hoped there and we need frequent ration related common what they had because being a true outsider all these people came to me wanting to see if they could get brand and bird to sell out and i was like no no no no we do not pay we have a congressman i'm not going to kid you and you all can connect the dots because i talked about that mister twenty thousand dollars who outdid himself at a republican meeting in tacoma i did stood there and offered me a then drive he said the fbi had been looking after and he just keeps tellin i don't know where his aunt now you're talking offered it to me and said it's blackmail material on oremombe of con if you use it i'll get on if you don't it'll get you killed i'm like this meaning is done there's the drive way do not come back and i had a witness standing there that she this is how bad it is the amount of black men material that out there and you know what in your there's some of us renfry to die for what we believe in that are not afraid to die for this nation cause i know where i'm going i also know where you're going to you're going to pit a howl with the amount of criminality the amount of child trafficking that's going on the amount of motor money wandering that's going weaponsthe a drug dealing and all of this stuff if you have engaged in any en i know where your ultimate were your ultimately going unless you turn around back that train off real fast get on your knees before god and you better mean it because he ain't got a mascle and it's like you're going straight to hell you are not passing two hundred dollars or go you are not clicking two hundred dollars you going strike and god is not going to negotiate with his strachane it what a pretty insure that that day is drained put to a clothes right now those those who have who have murdered our pen they have murdered our friends and family this fight is for god family and country guess what you ain't going to win this patriots are a bunch of and we were a bunch of a hard headed moths that our not going to fold he the god the choice of god to have chosen every single one of us to be here at this go on have a problem with get huge as utu this gal that guy that gallows on the screen right now we ain't wave hold the line and to all of you up there in and the two that backed out of this like a but a couple of cowards that can have to the establishment and isabella county you better back that little train right up because we put you in the trader backed that would not stand with us unwavering you are not fit for bold so the cat don't know no gethers no room for snow flakes on a battle field done i got to come out unfortunately but i'm i'm glad we had a time a chance to talk about some of these things to day thank you for letting me talk about a the judges decision unlawful decision in old cocountry yesterday by the vermonter to the braider appreciation day we should have his i should regret at the dale that that he put on and how they found the lost signatures the bran and bergs signatures do you realize that when you go back to holesinto es were rid and what happens including ten thousand signatures of john of brandenburg that they had that they lost it in miraculously from i think we should have a jonathan a braid or appreciation day why does one hear her side why does he not rise as outrider somebody's got him in a choke cold too exactly exactly and i tell you what what bothers me again where bones me again the local of not all the local on forcetheir some bitter i think or trying to do the job they will understand this but there many sherifs his rotten prosecutor some most of the prosecutes i that we have talked with this for not of there is a an aloofness about this they want touches there understand it is much more significant than you understand because earning is tied to election every thing you niece i give you another connection here that i think is kind is going to make everybody just go oh my god oh snap what a danais common he can't county commissioner i believe lives in byron or denied i request for the electronic poll book and such they don't have anything they don't have anything here they sent it to the county the county set of the state and jonathan brayder put out an email that side or the bordelese that they were not to talk to anybody that came and looking for infant so peggy say twer clerk and look at welshers environ township met calm men who is related to joe carmen who is a business part partner to joe most who is connected to joel studebaker who is connected and good friends with ah that the group of there in poe dan hartman cold back ah levity all on gus i'm telling you what this is this is huge this is really really huge and we would appreciate it anybody coming forward to helping us with us nobody's going to do it unless it's us the prosecutors are not going to do it most of her paid by sorrows are you kidding me the judge is too and the wine or we're getting told the there getting the orders forgot i find here so it's going to be out so on me like they they're fraid there franceunder stand the technology dinah but you don't what neither did we but we all got out and tried to learn about it and that's the thing i have to go down on a fortunately and you so much and we'll be at the end were i to be printed doesn't keep going and couldn't you keep right in at this just as hard as you can be that guy the god bade you to be hitooch god blows sort the care is back to you and i it gets so quiet alas those to benito man i those two men are so passionate and they keep track of so many people in so many things i don't know how they do it that's that's there rolled the play that's why they do what they do are you i was on an injuns like accent even keep track is listening it is just so much so much drawn in all conterive tends to look at the surface more and simplify things and i can simplify that stuff there's just too much they is in i guess i could simplify it and say there there on a lot of criminality out there and it's hard to discern what is what is good what is evil who is who is being blackmailed and in actually to some degree in he sent but perhaps just under somebody else's thumb and feeling that they have no choice i i got a feeling that christina may be in that category and so i'm i'm i'm i am hopeful that i am hopeful on all sides people just decide to come forward and do the right thing and actually that's all i can say is that people will actually do the right thing that's what needs to happen just do the right thing everybody and we will pull through this so ah ye so how about we be a soft space coil to land here and we're on the milet's talk about anything that you want to do and we'll finish up here and then i want to go back to plant a few cries at saint a prayer and plan some scraps so king as the one to get through the ashes and in the then we'll come take this off i had it out he just able glasses or taking there is solvedjustice glasses i don't know why they pull up at the jester so anyhow i think no i think i'm going to play an eight minute video of scripture afterward gone here because i do think that this this is our time guys to draw and close to god wot real you know god for real not like god just that people are using his name but draw close to god he will help you every step of the way through this process we are in a that i think we're clean and house it but we're also finding out what people's character truly as god is god as separating the wheat from the in the only way that we stay ah that we stay true is to stay close to god not a group not for not very body's approval just get close to god that's all you needed you'll be able to stand through yeah it's like a i've seen a score when he was starting to talk about the volatability that he is feeling ah what can we encourage him with more than the battle belongs to the lord in on his he is being assaulted in some different directions and his feeling pressure from so many different people and he seen criminal all around him and there in the thiancourt thim to try to stay folks because if you're fogus is for fleshy god and you simplify things easier to stay focused on things that matter the most and feel like you have a david in you you know maybe he doesn't feel like david right now won't guess what david felt go vulnerable sometimes too he was hiding out in a cave at times and praying that god would do his work with his enemies because david could not so there is a nobility to be found with that face if you say focused on the lord though he'll give you what you need that's what is trying to encourage him with a we can all take a moment for ourselves in i asked for help from others i mean that is a blessing to be able to ask for help from others means an opportunity for others to have an opportune help you that is how we enforce come there's a moment where where baba and forester leaning against each other so they keep their heads up out of the mud that's it rite there that's one of the reasons i think he comes to your show because you're some one who can he can lean against and keep his head up out of the mud we are working concussed you stay focus they focused on god and and then we'll all keep our heads out of the mud well and i think to this point too is that not only do we respect each other in a constitution the way with a rate given by god in going back to the right given by god we have two honor each other with personalities that we have whether the weather whether you know like with scott he's he's a warrior and to ask him to be less than what god made him to be is patently raw i i really do believe that that word should would be a good one to eliminate from our communication language you should do this you should do that should should souchoo the hack made anybody got on what anybody's you now do it do find your happiness you be you and that's where the strength of this of us as a nation state his toe is too i mean we can always help people and in sbody i notice your being a little bit you know your little stress and then we jump in and we helped them to be them his constant telling people what they should be doing or how they should be a a changing to fit our were our comfort is one need to an and in its it is it is subversive of a person personality and the right and how god made them we just have to watch them in o course you want to step in with somebody's hurting themselves and such and do it in a very a very kind way and say he looks like you looks like you got a little bit of a problem here what what's what's going on and ask a lot of question in front find out what's really going on in most the time when when you listened to people when their having prometido a lot of mediation a lot tremendous lot like people will come in ready to go across the table and fight each other and yet i'm the person that jobs right between him and says now we're going to sit down we're going to talk about this for a minute and if you doubt the consequences are going to be at you know i mean i've i've given people like a a matter of tens icosastaura tents seconds right now to change your tune or were done and an reoivent o years to go after you legally and i'll do it just because of so you know there's god there's got to be some there's got it there's got to be some bite at it you will even do it to lose money if i think it's going to affect that lasting he for the good of our out of our society i really put and i h and o but but we need that we need to honor each other with that fight and to know that god is just to your point care god made each of us exactly as worse supposed to be to carry out the job he has a throne and we all have a role yet in your role is going to be played by being your best you not by being what people tell you but being what what god made you be your best go to god if he wants you to change your sole it's not a problem he'll tell you he in short order he does he he doesn't hold back from this if somebody else is trying to manipulate you or change your personality or change here you are and that's it's usually because they haven't a yonderthere usually trying to shut out the people up to gain control ah most a time manticulator is all about control and so that's that's that's a big pole but anyhow i dealt i do have lot we have bout mediation or as i've done a lot of it and concinit a resolution i've done a lot of them yes i can see that i can see that in a how you handle a lot of things on the shelf specially and whenever there's conflict yet it's as i don't have to agree with but people have but to say i give place to say and then we start discussing whether it's true or whether it's falls or start asking questions of that's it to get to the truth because the truth is the truth no matter who says it i can agree with somebody who's on the opposite side of any issue if they said something that's the it's not that i wholesale agree with them but i might agree with that statement that and that's how we come together when there is when there's one we we try to find it you know oh well you i agree with that i can you agree with this and then you can go back and forth and tell you get to the core issue and usually chorisis about ninety miles away from where you started but it's so i think i think it's good time to stop for you ready or i got a i'm knocking to beyond to morrow every one so to morrow is going to be a a day that dona is headed to something very important and i may do i may do a broad cast a remote broadcast from a secret undisclosed that in a back isolepis to bee as should be kind of fond and so so at any rate at any rate there goes a but but i guess i want to tell everybody eh let's let's say prayer and then i'm going to place some scripture and just let the play for a few mines dear only father think you so very very much for the opportunities that we have to get together and to find the truth is in his crazy convoluted path that we have it from a sicyonian you laid the path down we just asked that you've give us the kthe path that we before us that you lay before us because we tried in everything you do is always good we we hand over this whole situation of our elections and of america over to you it is your battle and we humbly walk be behind you in obedience to you to do whatever it is that you ask us to do because we love you we trust you and we're all in on whatever plan that it is that you have god we love you and ah you you're always faithful to us and doing giving us what we eat that thank you so much for the stay please bless scott give him give him a wonderful day uphold him as sad a hedge of protection around him and every one who set stands up for the truth for stoppani for care and for and for every one that's out their fighting this battle for admiral rogers for general plan for president and all who stand where the dance could be no i love in thank you for dancing and o and so many on sun heroes who sit the background working to make overthing work and to take this nation back i believe that we all ready on and that we have won ease because you went and you always went so we're on the way side no matter which way which way things go we already on her in charge and we love you for we had all our everything over to your lives oh any anything that we do that's right and life it's only because of you when we lay that at your feet and we're just so thankful please make us free unrelenting warriors for the truth to stand for for justice stand for those without a voice and to defend and are every day of our lives following you doing what you ask so and i was lostthere one wariness preciously regret here i go some men go head and start plains some these scriptures that don't know how to bring it i bring it on on up just for a minute and then this is silk stream and i do like their videos a lot because it's just its one oh if you put it on just listen to it's just scripture and sever encourage which fancies strong the harbors to stay we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but he gets the cause manpower therefore take out the armor i do stand therefore on noting thrashed on oh assures for i pick by the st all sorts the shield she can extinguish on the flame the bow that of salves is the word of god pray peer and simple there see reconciliation for and also for the we now to proceed the mystery of the how rich i am in a passedor the mettecle it on i ought to i see or for so even to your horace i have she there hairs i will carry an out made it i will bear i will carry i see so there two or cretins a life of his none of those cetariicete so wondered what sort here are my heiress and my shell i know your work on soncino sixteen but i will see not here strike i will see you owed your stick fast love for you rabbit fortress a crushing shedfor distress oh certain cretans in the night we are sliced and every way but not crushed perplexed but not driven to despair persecuted no pre she struck down do not destroy roberts at twenty and we no those who love god oh that's work together for here those who are cold to goodes john twenty eight or thirty i give in eternallie he never bears no snatched the round or pay o my father who has given them greater than not able to snatch the not fathers her i am the father second personalityto so is god but the and who is a wrong islet hour gone first crown tied we know the pastor spores not keep one but he who was born of god the work does not touch him so forty four right let the orthostichies of the righteous silverised out and i were to stop that right there so sank you karen for being out to day and i just want to do here we go tingtingting go to bread and botefogo nor not com o the best not consider who is over dockhands in history of the night state and oh we dis wont to let everybody know out there that that we love you and that we're still fighting out there in wornenninde to fight so god bless you less athos whom you love and god bless america cannot be a great day make it so her choice we we can have adversity but that's okay i can still be a good day