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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/12/2022 - Live - Sheriff Dar Leaf and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 12, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i am donna brandenburg is monday september twelve eight o'clock in the morning while he made it through the week end and very it was a very very busy weekend here we ended up in papa and what a great experience we had they you know how sometimes that that you er plans don't go according to how you thought i was going to go but ended up better and that was how the day went yesterday we were supposed to be in a parade and we ended up having bunch of our supporters down there that that i have become dear dear friends and family so we end up making our own parental into lots and lots of people down there we went to saint julian's miranda the owner and what a what a gracious wonderful person he is heavy welcoming to every one and we had a good experience were in fact in a togetherness we talked about how we need to address mental health in the state and my background and that is i do have a little bit i've gotten adopted daughter who is he was severely mentally also coming on it from the perspective of being in heavy work with within the state with someone who is tremendously in severely mentally ill we have some some serious problems one of the things that i brought up is that i have taught to quite a few sheriffs in the state and there on one of the problems that we have there dealing with a lot of mental ills as sheriff department because of the fact that their community policing the get called in to help with some of this and i think that we can be a huge help a better help through funding and may be may be reading the structure of how the state handles both mental illness in our community of pleasing through the sheriff's office in huge supporter of the share of many with that said i wanted to bring out a very special gaston someone who i consider a very very good man and i consider him a fright all of us in the state of michigan it as sheriff dare some ingraham in right now and we're going to talk about the sheriff's office the constitution and in all things good and michigan morning diodon bidgood morning beautiful morning and then on a dog pestering me right now or to it's a good way to start the day outright is a good at any time you with your your animals i think it's good so let's talk about the sheriff's office this morning i know you've got a lot going on i know you're involved in a bunch of investigations going on around the state and is as he is part of the function of the sheriff you know the office of the i think a lot of people don't really understand the function of sheriff's office and i thought it would be a great idea to to get you in and let you talk about it to help educate people as well as letters going on a state of man sure first of all you'd have to understand the history of the office of the sheriff that goes way back and we had a king and then in and anyway the body reproof heard this name before his but kinghorne the only king in england that we consider king alfred the great and it goes away back to the history of when dan's retying to take over great britain and we had all these different kings in these different shires which we refer to as counties to day and what they did is the all these kings pooled the resources together kind like states dead pooled resources together create the federal government at look at a state love all the states to the same thing were all that we have ponies here in michigan and county is divided up in township and all those townships a cold together and they have their share and that's kindlier king alfred when the danger trying to take over great britain because what he did he pulled all the resources together king alfred the power of the manor and chief of their military and when they pooled all their military together their able to defeat the danes and push her back offered and but he got look at a map of great britain back then it was all divided up in chiswick is like counties and you go look at michigan or divided up into counties and each county divided up into township and so i could said all the tone she put together all their power together mind that's the office of the sheriff which would be the quieter king alfred and your eighty three counties poor and they have their governor which would be the kind of the king alfred over the military for the whole state and then you at fifty states and they pulled all the resources and we have a president who is the king alfred over all the military that's where you get the posse comitatus laws where the surf is in charge of the paste which is unlike a militia the really he actually the same people and i don't know how that would work clover wanted about wherever they go none the less you have to understand that history on the officer the surefooted share was the king's law enforcement officer and chief conservator of the peace and all of those ancient duties of the sheriff of all coming cross the seas over to the united states and their storm effect to it's good for everybody to understand the structure of how it really where we came from and how far we've gotten away from thee what the one father had intended and why why they had created the structure that we have so tell us more about the oath of the of the office and how that relates to the constitution and i think it's article my memory this article six of us constitution and i don't remember which article was in the state constitution away both constitutions required oath of office before you can take off and the auto office starts rather i do solemnly swear and i think it's portantina you know i dare dare to say swear support the constitution of the united states and it starts out like that you have to have that support for that constitution if you don't look at the military when the military takes the oath protect him defend the constitution of the united states or i should say for the united states and against all enemies foreign and domestic the local level or saying that we're going to support that constitute then are of continues to an with and the constitution of this state which is the state of michigan michigan has a constitution can amendment i think that people got to understand the states are supposed to be in charge at the federal government and states created the federal government is not the other way around and so as each state has its own constitution in fact an order for you become a state you have to have a constitution in and then supposed to execute the duties of the office of sheriff to the bestialities and it's to share it would be sure i would be prosecutor corn and you basically given your word that you're going to do your duties supporting that constitution and now that's one of the problems we have out there is there one nope out there even now what the constitution says or whatever you mean ashanti tuition if you look at it from a diment perspective it's a job describe description for your executive is abdication for your legislative and julia branches and they're not supposed to be encroaching on each other's duties it almost like working in a union factory where she was if you're a press operator and the light boat goes out above your press press operator does not change that light ball because it's not his job in fact we do change that light all we probably could get severely disciplined for it and that's our union shouts work much like in porto judges are supposed to be making laws an executive branch is not supposed to be punishing and i should say all happened as the judges this is what your punishment is going to be in the executive branch carrieth punishment not scorn it other and beating somebody on the side of the road as another day in court you know and he had understand that government separation of powers and each one of these power this must be keeping the other one in check and that's where the sheriff comes on and on i sheathe only elected law enforcement out there in the country and he answered directly to the people the pose he keeping the legislature and judicial branches in within his borders of his as that work in right now so very very difficult because there the waters are muddy and here's some for all you care souther if you don't you have this authority you don't use it somebody else will and tell you secret from you and that's what money's the waters that's what causes the comte yeah i probably talked to about half of the sheriffs in the state and that the different answers that i get from the sheriff one interview them are quite tollingby interest and whether they really are understand the constitution whether they really understand their oath of office or what that means or the power that that they have and honestly the front of the first questions i asked people is why didn't you arrest the governor when she had a son incantation locked and the answers that i had were there no there's no support there you know and i like a well i think we need to dig into the little bit deeper you know but i would like to see because i think that the sheriffs are the ones that honestly could be a rest someone who such as the governor who stepped outside of the row of office and basically spit on the constitution to the entire state and my correct okay you correct i guess it apart problem it is that this was so new to everybody including the public nobody knew what to do as if the governor was drinking and driving and you tony and you recite governor for drinking a driving and nobody bad i these are such new violations to some pretty old laws and there is a process you have to go through generator an arrest on like the governor's secretary of state attorney general and that's going through the supreme court he would go to your normal court like that he had to go through the state supreme court and get one of the justices to other view everything and then they would authorize like search war and sir the actual arrest or and that's really concerning right now because i mean what we do we have not through what's been uncovered in the pit and some of the other investigation on how elections have been affected with there was an amazing article that came out that basically showed that the supreme court has been stacked just like most of the other offices or affected by bibot were behind their election we should be really concerning to everyone because that means that somebody else picked the justice and it would be attached to it oft where as well as most of the other most of the other see the officials that are in office right now so that means that we people had a power taken away from us i through the through the the election process so so to have any of that carried out honestly at this point time i think is a real concern that you are correct the computerized voting was not a good idea at all a computer you can program it you can program it to do just about anything you wanted to do what you feel a dinobryon the wind on the constitution party by one per cent you can program was computers and by the end of the night you will at once state wide by one percent and that's where i said it's just a bad idea and the fact that it's not transpire they're doing everything they can to keep us from investigating it made a comment in missouri which got quite a few last but is actually pretty serious comment that this election is so secure that even law enforcement can investigate it and had so that's not transparent at all and we need to have an open and transparent that elections how wisbottle we've got throughout this county we have i think they are as election integrity force and these people volunteer then volunteering all their time here to investigate because they know something was wrong and that day they got is just off the charts and slowly we really need to look into this and now there's always two sides to every story so that's why we do investigation anyway looking at it then you start getting these other experts like the one you are referring to her he said that there is three of those supreme court justice candidates that were entered in the computer differently but those whistle should be going off in your heads or go away a minute something yet while in you you know when you combine that with the fact that you got a sucker bucks put in all kinds of money into our are elections you've got the duck it what's really shocked me as how much is running as a candidate for governor and i i am so against right now the political parties because they're nothing more than special interest at this point timeth people are trying to take them back because they had been so corrupted but for the twenty twenty two election it's almost a little bit too low too late to change things because there's there's enough candidates that are already put in place that are part of the establishment that i have a rococo to watch this even at the level of running for an office there is many people that have been actually placed on it a set to be installed in our state as actually elected supposedly doilies there's no possible way that this is that that they could be honestly you know and so i think i think right now i think our hope to have a good election is going to be too for while on them with no numbers every single person has to get in there and votes if we overwhelm him with numbers we can live can overwhelm a system so tolerated it behind some one and get in there and turn up and vote you can't sit home this one this election every single person needs to come out and vote because i think that we can overwhelm even some of the thieving is by sheer numbers some of the investigative stuff that we've got is how the chinese communist party is influenced our elections and that's got to be looked into you cannot ignore that that's a foreign country people coming in and interfering with your election and at that the legal it's a legal and it's a threat to national security so modistes isn't just playing around in this isn't stuff that were playing around with any more this is life and death the matters and i think why the elections matter so much as people want to focus on these issues and the issues are important but there are symptoms of a low order problem if wean't have honest elections and there then there installing are elected officials through foreign interference or whatever all the palaces and all the issues rolled down from that so that the street you know so kayak to the attack to the sheriff's office again can you give us some more information on processes or i really liked people to be educated on the sheriff's office and and i think you're the best one adder one in the state quite honestly in my fist term so somewhat of a handle on it and opened every time i turn around there's something new popinot the officer my intestines this year when i started looking really deep and to the history of it and when all the way back to that king offered the great and looking to the divided up to counties in the the shires and the sheer then you had the shire reeve and we've basically turned that into a sheriff the office of the sheriff and your sheriff is your chief law enforcement officer of the county and you can't get around that he's been that way by inheritance he is also your chief conservator of a in other words you sure got to choose how he does his job in his county that's why we have all these divisions on counties people my consolation under the same rules as the people in detroit my county we don't have the same problem as with the happiest of detroit and so detroit a lot to make up their own ordinances of it that maintain law and order and you're sure of has that authority as a conservative peace and how he enforces the law sometimes as making an arrest some time sitting down and talking to somebody in the that's against the law donnegan and of unattained you with that when you just educate people on what is against the law what is and if you think about it we've got so many laws out there even your judges have to look it up it was a later and which is one of our problems are just if a judge hasseeboo look it up how is that fair when you're out in the road or out in the street and you don't have one of those books with you you know so ah you share is also goes all the way back i come to long anyways what i'd like to see more essential to our more towards a common law revealest tutor and as we went in the statutory laws there's just so many of them and if you do get into trouble you really got afar trial to your pan three hundred to five hundred dollars an hour for attorneys in that counting your expert so by a time get done you may not have done anything wrong but but your fifty thousand dollars an old and i were one guy over in that summary who conmee's running for the chairman of the state republican party and anyway his family got a and if for self and he went after them and cost some seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for them to prove that the anything wrong punishment or or average person have seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars to take on this coal broken it's organized crime and our government is actively involved in it you know you've got hogarth are protecting each other i mean i just say what everybody thinking and when you start seeing the amount of money laundering suffering that's going on in the state protecting each other making deals between who takes what office somebody stepped down somebody pay me in pain how many people in the state of a pauper stepping down and not running or have effected their runs i mean there's more than what we would like to admit and then when you when you see you know like therese like there's no of them all over the state and i were you can start i unifying the ones who have subgroup who are compactly the cooperating with each other their protecting each other they're using people within the system you know is a perfect example of what happened when the five of us were illegally removed off the ballot and then watching the fort of election have the odd dat for them to sit there and say that we were making a policy on the fly translates that means were picky whose on your ballot were picking the winners and losers were taking that power out of the hands of the and they're doing it throughout the entire then you get to the then you get to the voting machines which is what you know what most people are familiar with because it's been in the new lot but i think that what what we really to need to talk about is how wide spread this this isn't just the voting machines it's the whole process from beginning to add and i and we only have an illusion of choice in any more on any level if you know if people are not falling in line if they're not controllable those of our own then those above them in part of this organized crime network which is running our state are going to dig your god now you look at our election and i have no idea why they went certified this this election back in november twenty twenty detroit books in balance and there is two republicans that were on the border canvases there that were literally getting death threats and not just a bit of their family members and at what point did the cave and okay we're going to certify this just protect our family it just at the death reason or congress should probably pass something that are getting death throes were that certified in your life should and it's just so out of control the bullying you know we go out and teach her kids up to be bullies and school and what we have a poisonous in its ridiculous ontario and so too and all and you know under all circumstances are in it to win and they don't care if they kill some one they don't care if they threaten your family they don't care if they correct you know corcoran imitate or anything i know several candidates a step down because they were being the and nobody seems to want to talk about this but it's happening we had a present delegates who were threatened intimidated and coursed in order to to change their boat so did you do you want to get a glass of water something it looks like your alight here i'll make it through another one of our state candidates and she on her primary and in our area here a pretty good sign you're going to be one at a and now your having and i don't know she is to a complete stop but somebody rerented her driver and to another car and then both those vehicles at the scene before police got i am singeth my head and gout at law enforcement a long time since so beginnin and i've never heard of anything like that happening that it isn't that orientalist to me marie the two guys that are the two guys that i had been speaking out about these constitutional amendment and quite honestly i think that the more you speak out about about you know the right to you know the the satellite the bigger target you have because what's going on behind that i think all of us need to say it is her selina parts or there are literally killing killing babies on the table if they are born alive i listen to an interview that racoons involved in in chicago where they were trying to determine what you know what you do when a baby is born alive and how it who do you treat that and that comes down to when what you do or what the point that you kill a live baby when i listened to the interview and it was just absolutely shock and then the question is what are they doing with a baby parts what are they doing with these kids if their bornier they killing them for they take in them they're nobody's answering these quests and with the amount of child trafficking we have i really think that these questions of where we'd better start answering you know because this is really serious that one thing that people have to understand as you cannot i don't care what your vote is you can not legalize murder murder is a common law and violates god's law and you cannot legalized murder because you're going to be like murder that you can lead lives rape you can legalize tuptonvee everything no you cannot adjust impossible to do and like the he was our governor occurred governor was talkin about something like six days after birth they can kill the baby in a like waitin here that's premeditated murder that a life sentence ladies and gentlemen you cannot legalize that well there's the several states that i've seen bills that were proposed to allow them to actually kill davies twenty eight days to day after birth renegade or you know the through neglect or through abandoned man and they won't be charged because their calling that abortion now that that's killing a child twenty days after birth and now they're going to read defying the the toomarund into a fantasie that is correct but why did not webster right the first dictionary a dictionary because he knew governments and the future were going to be changing definitions of words and that's what's going on today and he left extremely good at it and i take the word abortion toronto change a definition of that and there to try and do it through the constitutional amendment which again the people most people when they get up there and votes for these proposals they have no idea what their lying for my phone goes crazy every time we apropos on there and i got a friend of mine who had would i do on these proposals or down at the italian there is usually money behind them and that a due just it is that there's money behind baby parts but the is the play keep bringing up the red crop of because this is significant i told somebody else's yesterday that only twenty per cent of the blood that they take it goes to help people eighty per cent sold a big farm really i did not know that either ah that is to this hope at what point is that at what point is that for an point immediately exactly it's that conceit like thirty fritter deriding any one who donated donald through their blood drives and so and you know in saying that they're using it to help people now this is a cash crop this is a product same thing something which human body parts and i don't notice i want to know yet you dog merican hear him sotto anchorite we those waiting that's finished my dagonet he got me pretty good and so i see wonderun arnott power you know when we were here do we stop this because this is the other thing is the life the librarians that are going on across the world you know the some really bad people out there and unless unless all of us step up and say this is can happen no more dominators than their crimes are going to get worse than you know i'm pretty extra sure that that's how they started out with a lot of the crime say in an dictatorships under dictatorships the killer milor you know and all stolen potatoes there's there's so many there so many examples are we have to learn from the the history we got to learn from the past that we don't we don't repeat it that were definitely repeating now i tell you what had it it's pretty scary were going through rignot or americans a stand up they were tough for months again the resources in your share the chief law enforcement officer he's above everybody else that's the word chief means you look at black laudatory his chief the one above everybody else and well that's the way it is and the mono rejection i get from police organizations because they don't agree with me that the sheriff is a number one i'm gone you sure has been number one cause he gets his power and directly from the voters and you don't you your bureaucrat that's a that's a bet is our policy in force your serf as a chief conservative in the piece there's a there's a different he will eat you and talk about the all but for others so that people really understand it and then also how they can help the sheriff as well as have best way for the sheriff to help them first of all you got to go to some research and find sheriff somebody who is constitutionally minded and actually a strong minded also causes it takes somebody who's got a back bone to be able to stand up to it like bad executive orders take somebody on the backbone to stand up to the mediation the news media rather than in the course and you now look at what i took all that he and when i spoke up about the plot against the governor news meditates guys tried and sentenced and so i got all wait a minute here these guys are innocent help vaguely and polyidus to my office the whole county got docks for three weeks straight twenty four seven what is it not wooing is as he's give you phone call like brethren calls of mental but from all all looks like he come from all round the world but that's people who by those apes and they can hide their where the cell phone number and anyway they just kept calling and if you're a woman who answered the phone dirty nasty vile sexual things that they were going to do to those that is it was ridiculous and it continued for three weeks and then newspaper in front of my face and so you're going to resign that said why right why would i be resigned i was right for i'm right and the man of prosaic i cannot put her head in and go in a gamble said that well folks that's a jury trial is the heart of our constitution that is the away where you actually have a fair shot at proven i promise there supposed to be proving that what you did was wrong and i say that's a heart be an american here she knew united states of america the american is south america canada alone that jury trial is so so important and when you start convicting people and singing the evening news media like their already guilty disease they got caught there's two sides to every story and what you heard was the government side a general flett's like okay asked donald trump with them like right now and it's ridiculous i was pretty offended appalled when they started in the past ten cities guys and you don't look a happen two or acquitted and two were went through a second trial and more convicted of course that will probably challenge as some of the comments that were made by some of the jurors after the trial two of them were acquitted okay that that was my point is that you would put all one big group and to your own guilty they got the other case going on and antimony and were waiting for a ruling on the judge on that one and as a matter of right and wrong and if governments a line than anything that they did when they were out of line beyond that also adeline is called true in the poisonous tree if i didn't unlawful and your vehicle when i did a traffic and i found a dead body in the trunk because my initial stop in my initial search was unlawful everything i find after that it is no envoys i violated the rules at the very beginning and when they have eighteen people involved in that plot and retracted to twelve of them were firing form he has another thing you got understand the many you become that informant you are an agent of that of the officer in the office and you are bound by the same constitution had you just sat back and baser you can even record the stuff as long as you're part of that conversation and as you sat back and to spend that observer and not called the police and tell you said he what amoshee than you and your recordings out here too that's different but when you become the agent starwort for them and start taking money from them then you are bound under the same constitutional restrictions is what any other officer a really concerning the whole of becauthe federal bureau of insurrection because the old over the years over the years the bi has been so on a line is not even funny and i would hope that there are the good people inside of it but it sure doesn't look good for him right now because you know when you look at the amount of set up that they have been involved in and tramontana such outlast the jet insurrection that was caused by the bi insurrection of the people insurrection because there's a to many things there the dome that don't add up you know it's like when when you when you see things that don't add up you know you've got to you've got to start questioning the stuff i mean the thing the thing that really that really got me as watching the video footage and you can see that the lad forcemeat supposedly law enforcement ushering people into the capital they opened the doors there's no possible way that twenty thousand pound magnetically closed doors were opened with a bunch with a bunch of guys with with red meganite flag on pretty extasie that they would need some sort of of their battering ram and i mean i'm not talking like a wooded still more with you know with all the law force men around there's no way there's no way that they weren't leading and they were encouraged and you could see it and so that in the fact that we've got political prisoners in this this nation that are being and how old the there being held the legally for what they did my opinion and if there's some real problems in the bi was behind that with the whip meridian and such you know it's like i heard some some other things that were attached to that and when you have when you have law enforcement conducting all of these raids on on the people that were attached to the crimes like even there was a crack even if there was the cry increment that is in all the sudden you know other there's other answer rats and as kinnaird ulous there's no process i'm really concerned you know see what happened with you know president trump in the whole thing but i think that was a good one because i think they're going to get documents that are going to pull the pole the real the real criminals into that which would be our deep state and such so i don't know but i don't like the prose even i but i don't like the patriot act that's what they're having all these people on americans under the patriot act and they sold it it sound like or going to be taken all these terrorists from the middle east and they wouldn't have the same rights as everybody else now look what they're doing with it there abusing it and it went on i go on rambout that now but you can also here i'm going to go on my ran about the sun night love first of all there's nobody on the plant that can't that will ever convince me that our government was not involved in it how in the world do you find in a city full of paper that's blowing everywhere the two passports of the two guys that were involved in that they and they had the had the name within like you know two hours as the giver there's no possible way that you know they couldn't have made the curve the corkscrew curve you know eight thousand foot court through curve with the heavenly now i fly a little bit that's like there's no possible way that the pilots that had the the lack of experience could have ever made that that could have ever made that descending curve in it those buildings donatist one part of this thing that makes any sense and the patriotic they've got this patriot at runton three days after the towers were hit and building seven which was never had come down with a spectacular amount of deception which is where i believe that all documents having to do with a bunch of money being lost were were the whole thing was craphound it's just really a shame because americans were harmed you know in such a horrible way by this and our hearts go out to the families but but i'm an tell you what if we don't take a good hard look at how much involved in our own government has with a crime against humanity and against the people of the united states were weintraube because we really need to look at the i don't know i have i have no faith than in any of that right now the bi the bi is lost disgrace ah you go look in the sixties and they had it was a name at operation when there are one and as no to war with cuba and there into basically government made up terrorist races and the people to get the people behind them to go after cuba and it was operation for athena of it aristas deep classified a few years ago and toledo all these conspiracy theorist guys are the theories any more or that just at reconstituting so don't nearthewinde the cry know the conspiracy theories are all starting to come true and that they can't hide it any more the false flags and everything else that they start to manipulate the population and we need to really look at that comfort i don't know i'm not a fan of having any of the three latter agencies of the state as governor i'm pretty extra sure that i would you know close that bore down to em in a real quick hurry because it's over each into our state when given in power that they really don't have they don't have the right to even exist it would then within the boundaries of the state we just had to have somebody that's a got to kick him out and say you done that got a email he got open up your pretty quick it was sent to me by one of the guys and metises good me a common long it's a page document where it here the state bar what they're trying to do with the attorney general's office for the last fifty years and it hits rational they want to start licensing everything to put him under the corporation which would put it underneath the attorney general jurisdiction and that we can go on and on for all other show onaparte typified i think i think we should so i will people don't you see they get sold when they're in high school you know is licence well when he topsiders life since you are doing a god drag with secretary of state saying you're going to buy by these rules and that's where you get the traffic citations the misdemeanors and have pay for insurance and all that for just your right to travel and when you sign of that date line how you under that control of the secretary of state and more more people are certain catch wind of this and there was a goblin ohio and he didn't have an address he didn't have a driver's licence he didn't have any of that stuff and you got arrested as cagot in pounded atoacan judge did the right thing and and then a word in him some money but he didn't want the money because it was perkins yeah there's there's quite a bit going in when listening now but the bar was trying to do for years now that attorney general of and if you now look at public act to old three of her mission either a spite on there were defined what inforcement are and then there is another spot of nurses who there not and and i to the arab like your share of your local police your township police ordinata in effect they listed some federal agencies and our doctor couple people i like the iris getting the eighty seven thousand new armed and i'm sitting to go alone you do the math they'll have more his agents in every state than you have deputies and so anyhow assunta amendment and take those guys out of it as that and you call in your couplets yeah the alliances all the failure letter organizations which have no right to really exist that we didn't let me moonite just sort of haven i admitted all of a sudden they were given all these powers you know non governmental organizations outside of it too you know they should all be we should be concerned about all of it because those guys are copyrighting our laws and that the mechanism for that is is very disturbed look at the big victory had these united states supreme court where the p you make your own rules and enforce them and a young one in a cart wheel and that is going to be the domina effect to get control of these beretania and to congress you know you need to spend a little more time on this rather than an impeachment of a president who is not an office ah there you did did you ever have you ever had to work for the e p not that i can think of my entire career oh yeah that's a whole lot of fun that's a whole time right there you know not really where yeh they make up they make a rule that they don't that it's like the anything else in our government there making a rule that they themselves are not subject to and in that that really is a very disturbing thing they've done so there i think there one of the largest plutonic because they don't have to they don't comply with their own rules like most of our most of our a government organization they can even carry out the rules themselves that they make us live under enyhow for example you know i have a bunch of real estate you go in the house in office and they would find any one of us that are in housing but you go in there and they've got holes than the ceiling that they have at themselves and repetition of these days i'm going to write him a violation citizen violation for these organizations and and walk in there and say all right i decided i'm going to do an inspection of your office like you have of all of ours and i can i've got like eight points right now that you've already failed on some yet somebody on termination to find there you go he said as he got understand their power to article one section on all political power is inherent within the people government was instituted for the equal benefit how did they do that with a sharp local so how is it that an what's talk marriage nakeesa here but how it the that the sheriff that the people can work with the sheriff what what power of his i don't really think that people understand full power of the sheriff or how to work with the shares for investigation or or how he is really suppose to look and promises name will go through the same police academy whether you're a surveyor a regular police officer and he had trained the same way over and over again very very little on the constitution when it with a generating towards a cure supreme court ruled this way so they start hearing their training towards that supreme court case and she was the of sharpman law office part of his duty is keeping government at bay from people in the shires and what i point out the people it is with this sheriff he wears a shield is not no called a bad inoculated shelters the old swords and shields when you between evil and your people and sometimes government gets evil and there's different layers a government that the federal government and their primary job is protecting our borders good published and for some reason why i just got a low battery indicator here so anyways i might have changed once i can hear me rahere no hereaways write ready to change her pivot when things go on at work you're hear me i in her no there i think he got there that can hear me have some reason i can't hear you at all i can hear you to find we can get there doon here a minute clivias this is part of the boat the better i can hear you yes an here me i cannot hear you at all yeah i can hear you i can hear you just a phone her oh that's weird if we can try to get messenger i'm still talking so hear me at all i can hear you and me i can hear you yes something just happened my that weird can you go through the phone the other can just talk into the phone got something going on here i don't know if you're goin ter me can you hear me alidoro some reason i can't hear you okay that's where that is where see if you can element will see if i can to terminer you oh there you go to ay well then i work in after matters going on a i tell you sometimes we run into some difficulties when you're in live broadcast and that's part of the beauty of it he like your ceiling that's cool yeah i write okay all right we're worried are talking about the office of the sheriff and you know how that how that looks to people and how it helped a share of what the functions are and how she can be helpful to people investigations and such when things go wrong no i can lonesomest now when you want to help alyosha that is difficult because a lot of these technical a really bad kidnapping and when from very canal that we up to nominee and and the technical stuff we had to do on investigations were going to and in fact that i child pornography and it was on this man's tone was so violent dejectedly couldn't take it any more and that's saying a lot adasaolan have a lot of but the cold dark web and it theocracies up the dark just amazed by that you should be able to shut that thing or the door bell background with a dog rigimintal of our viewers might be really familiar with the dark web and the things that go on in the it's really unfortunate but that the amount of child born that out there and the victimization of children is shocking yet one thing about having ography on the web or child traffic makes me equally disturbed effective on market it would be doing it there wasn't any one that's out one way you can help your share if it get to know your share and that relation and then when time comes your net much because you have that relation and when you go out in a traffic i tell you something you really believe them or not but when you to be terble usually but that would do it that your help other in that melee support why my pet peeve you watch extreme left people doing a lot of letters to the and remind people that why are you letting them do that you need care on a due that your putting the other side of the argus and start being vocal studying these letters to the and if they don't start printing your letters you call the editor on up and but the liberal left dead is like like new told them they went after their advertise and that is a reason why you don't see low and home deep and all the advertising with facts not anymore left went after him said advertising with them were in quite but almost like two and at a play that i know national rifle sociation started doing that years ago they have as sobeit effective that on a new station and they're not as a conservative he why i don't know why any of us are putting up with any of this stuff but i'm wondering if it because we still not have enough of the population woke and up and i don't mean being woke i mean really awake to the fact or aware of the fact that that this stuff is going on when you know we'll go back to the investigation of that child that child we were supposed to be defenders and protectors of our children and but you know i am in my opinion that that adults should stand before it or between any threat that would threaten a child ever and neutralize that through but in any way that that is not necessary to provide or to protect that child and not turning our heads the other way i think that when i became really aware of it was there was a man named arrochar have you heard of him the overeater have never heard of a man named ironshot no yet he was working he had he was a technical or of a computer guy and get into it behind the scenes and he started finding this case of child born and it was horrible and i started down loading a downwards which means that it was it was a lot of video and such because he couldn't believe what it was financed him out the had a past to get into the computer as it as the computer person they locked him out after eight hours in summarized what was happening and he found something called the wonderland that work there were millions of people involved in this and what was really happening in this network and the extent that people would go that would go to to to create or procure child born in the re people that were like collectors they would actually collect the and he was actually eliminated by hanging with a red scar from a door now there's a whole bunch of people that were involved in that but i believe that arenas a very very good man and he stood for something good and he locked a life because of it but uncovering this horrific stuff that's going on in its oonagh bourhood it's right underneath our noses people think this is you know something that campian somebody else is neighborhood or in an inn now there another area and now this is happening under our noses just like the concentration camp did in germany the therewith be right out with it man you don't maybe realize that how how close it actually is but but it is a rubicon i think i lost your video there days there work it is that a fact and he started talking and here my can you hear yes i there's a market for it folks just as embarrassing as the fact that the people were doing there is a market for it there was any money the all you know how do you stop where do we go take you start here in a stuff like that in your neighborhood you need to and wondering i'm wondering you kind of coming out here i wonder if you can a man i get i'm going to get to our here on the phone and minute we can we can do this a different way a little bit because this is tiny experience that any time we talk about anything for real the here an interruption and in the broadcast i will try to set different way for right now kay docteur he is your own fun and i've got to next i done this before when our sound goes out because it seems like whenever we talk about something real quite often what happens is that the broadcast gets interrupted or gets really wear so we can do these different way and if you want to try to rejoin again sometimes that does help not to wrong but i think this is important and i think what you were just saying that everybody probably missed was that when you suspect something like this i can't act your share of and have him look into this he developed a relationship with do you want to try connecting again i we're going to give the man this is kind of wild sometimes sometimes the way for the information is worth it so let's see how this goes here i think it just take a makes whatever dark as the say as i've known darfor awhile and actually gone to his command the come lagoon another thursdays and it's it's really interesting when you do get into the you get into the actual statue as the actual law of the way that the constitutions written amendments articles in any supporting document that sabean the scenes it so interesting so many of us have never really had access to it they certainly don't teach at school it seems to me almost like it an effort to keep us in the dark what he was talking about with the dark web if you'd never heard of it don't don't go there that's that's not a place that any one should go i would never get on the dark web and and i have the ability to probably do things that would protect me from some of the bad stuff on there because the technology company that i have but i would never get on the dark web just because of the very bad stuff that are other that relished be reserved quite asy in my opinion for laforce meant because that's really where a lot of really bad people hang out and we don't self that's not it's not a good idea we know it exists sometimes knowing something exists doesn't mean that we go there like i would never i would never look at any of the child for which i know people that do that because they're trying to track others down and an expose them for what they are but really those people should only be lawed forcemeat because that's a very bad place to go very bad place irritated tracking these criminals down so tartarin connecting them going a i'm going to see i wearing a man than here and see for to do it this way i almost anadyomene you mean trying you and try again all right thanks beautiful it i like the dog in the dates so we sit out a plastic political action figures annandale here so with dog an anyhow i think that those of us who have been in the research community for a number of years have have a pretty good idea of what's going on out there and even in our home are not our own homes but in our area when you see when when you see things like also the politicians that are involved in it it is an incredible right here i think we all right let's try that i can't hear you but i can see you the work we give a disseminator with some doesn't want this little interview to happen i think that will do as well get dar on the town here and soothe we've done that before let us to the son the one i've done it before when we couldn't connect it seems like anybody that's actually involved or doing anything whenever i put him on the phone that's not you know that that's in the thick of battle here that for some reason the connection didoes a lot o stay good erection recent children pitchin victims on mine they want to hear about that do they by a well and quietly i was talking to your off it's like there is there is there are so many people in government i mean i looked at i've been at following the arrest of political figures and how many of them have been arrested in the last couple of years it's incredible how many people have actually been arrested for acharnement for sexual misconduct especially with a minor then in a concatenated is sure if i was giving all these emails from some guy alone east coast no idea who he was lamenting over my head or a pet that i'm going yet a course inheriting or putting them in a hiatus getting him every day sure of him sure of help and that i can bonfanti think of mistresses do it and absent yes well astors the cycle by goodness will it so it's there is so there's so much of it is in that that i i think that it's like said most people are good and that's why they can't get their they can't get their arms around this because it's most people are good and they think that other people will think and they will act the way that they do and they just don't like iron shares he was involved in trying to really out to other people so it could be addressed in such an he lost his life because of it there were three people involved in that train of he gave the information to another guide at jane's dolan who also was hung by a red scar from a door knob which doesn't happen people in how adonijah's was outside tails and they were the therselves you this train of vencata it involved a man named james perry barlow so there was arachotians domination and of a train of events but all round this this child poor network and there were there were it not just portsea it's paid sexual abuse and a collect and and so anyhow three of them lost their lives over this and a fort for actually because one of them wants to girl friends life over this too the amount of people in office who had been arrested in the last may be four years for criminal sexual content with your conduct with minor has been amazing it's not just abstain abstain as the top of the iceberg the stuff is the there's not one island there this is all over the place and and we're going to have to address this because the victimization of children is is heart breaking its horrible and that we cannot let this go white can't i won't live another day without fighting at you know i hear money which means there is money content our politicians and and is it a drug to come ducardanoy into these elections of ten to think about that there is so it's real it's really a crazy time but i'm glad you brought up that you that the one a detective quit because it was so he couldn't handle it i've heard this story over and over about laforce ment that they couldn't they couldn't handle looking into it any more because it theiotes graphic graphic and heart breaking that that it just it just they couldn't handle handle looking at the inhumanity children as somebody who leaping a two year old little girl and had listening to her a scream all his pristine and these officers have to listen to his custodians too i arrest these and it it's worse than any or moliere the you know i think that our what we've been sold as that child trafficking as you know that it looks like a sixteen year old that look like you're twenty five which is bad enough i'm not a condoning any of this none of it but what really was really about is it's an addiction it's a mental illness anyone at victimised is a mental ill illness and they go down you know i mean we're getting the indeede but i'm sorry i'm going to talk about everything that's wrong with his nation and were going to have to face us it it is it has to come out in the old man because it's so pervasive in our society and in ways that at armorers who is not mentally ill durand would never believe you know but it is its very very small its infant it's to your two year olds and such and and it's it's horrific that is true and again the market for a folly but where do we go wrong as society to make a market for siclike yet i look back upon the law suits went out with a pornography industries calling at heart and you know the melitia organizations were fighting it and elevation demonized the christian regenerate lacerated here they wanted they wanted to portray a saw as as you know goody goodies and wide awe you know why why are we fighting against it and pretty exertion it because that that deep dark hole with a sparse deep and so wrong that you know it's like anything sat and does insidious it's just it doesn't happen all at once it'll be just a chipping away of things and tell you know even realize that you got there and the christians you know christians and people faith were blowing the blowing the warning horn the by a ring of the bell and it was being silenced and we we can't do the city more in any any adult out there who is worth their weight you know we'll get into this fight and decide that this is something this is the holworth dying on because how many kids a year i heard that we've got about ten thousand kids a month that are coming across the border there unaccounted for a four but then also i've also heard that spies one of the largest trackin organization ever because we've lost like where leslie eight hundred thousand kids a year and within the system and i'm sure there's some that are not accounted for and what i also heard was that under clinton when they they signed the sun on legislation that there actually some of these organizations organizations are getting like sometimes a million dollars a child founded by her government to move the moral descent is that true because that's what that's what i've heard i like that we have a understandest michigan and when i hear more anything is there fastening burnham all the nastiest dealing with and so with an the child mutation cases and then the child abuse cases just a rover come i can imagine that a larger one of bad it is yes we just don't have no people to our penalties cases it is crazy and how big the thing is honestly you know it's just ah how did this get to be such a crazy wrong problem how how did it get here you know do you ask yourself that every day i do i i don't know what every day but he wonder how do we start we stop aristocrats gonostoma well i'm pretty pretty exarchate plan though that the answer is is that anyone that harms a child never gets a second chance to do it again presently so i ah well we aboriginal you mentioned it at the beginning or this are full of mental that lot of hospitals the seaman and the disarmed cain people in other making a better and ah when there there are some that do the doctor's orders and a romantically there's a lot of adults and they had a back ontil i there's just not enough bedford and it boldness is growing round the country because we got lost her moral comes ah is that i think it's all hands on deck and quite honestly i think that one of the ways that we have to approach this is the severity and the seriousness of our vote and to him every one come out every one vote in person you know we can abandon these nonsense amstetten do you know you know look the accountability for own votes to make sure that you know we we clean out those voter the cub the vote roles and such so that we know that we've got a fair system because this unfair system is supporting these criminal activities one of the things i wanted to happen i would like to see a lover may be without an amendment to our constitution i say that for all because you have stated funeral that a law that didn't work get rid antisthenes when he decides to equality butomilea the state level and a religion ordered things better if we make things worse we made things worse when you get rid of he set a violent crime atonement acted they did were did that ten years sensation akin and i was in an office and when at the pass it after ten years they saw that i did not have any effect on the irate and refining lasted the more guns the less criminal as that studies and so they did a consecration and that bill and like bush got office they might have said away because the evidence is quite clear i don't do that on every law that's what i feel to every single one of them should handle like a preamble to any any you know we've got the nuts amount of bills that are going through a legislature two thousand a year as crazy and and we think each one of them needs to have like a preamble with a stated goal a date when it has to be accomplished in if they don't they don't accomplish any of that it has the sunset castilian immediately for non performance it is if you dissentious of them yet were over two thousand bills a year that go through the michigan legislature and when a bill gets passed in michigan and a federal bill is about irregulated law you know you get different you get different numbers because nobody can tell i give you a straight answer on anything but you can make estimates so the national i believe it's one point five million dollars on average and that includes like shrapnel junk bills and then in the state of michigan the average that the saying is about three hundred thousand dollars per bill to become and to a law now that that takes out into count you know all of the you know all the nonsense of the so when an actual the actuality intelligo in there an office because i want to publish all the accounting for the state topboot at all needs to be published so that we have pretorians because i believe that we've got enough accountant of financial people that will crossroads and find the actual answer to things so that we can make good decisions but yeah that's it it's expensive it's very expensive to to have bills in its more expensive when they actually get to the get to the point of becoming laws all attempts my best you know i yet never and legislature had been a duty rather it's funny just i look at our own butter monotone representative for every thirty thousand people now so delineated thousands abetted more more celestially think about it two boats one is on a sure and one is at the point and i deluded so corrupted now that you know as much as i say as the individual in the more back in the thirties and return to make the cormorant rative than they were traditional and i actually exceeded and when you go into a jury room to deliberate suites water down instructions and i like railway a minute here the decide everything i must heeded whether it that would be enabled all and now they won't let them do that to give the very strict instructions and say this is which had made a determination about and are we in almost a hundred years even and a soldering more more or service yeah you know and and you can see it not just once or in the legislature but also in the voting process where i think there's only two states in the nation where the present delegates to the secretary of state and the candidate for the parties and michigan is one of them and i am i am absolutely opposed to that from what i saw happening in the state of michigan we had pretended that were coerced intimidated and threatened we had there's an eighty some year old lady that was given a paper that said you with us are never vote again the when i went to the washington rally for president trump and i believe that he had on was not involved in the swathed they get to all the men entirely one of the worst run about i've ever seen in my life they ran out of water two o'clock in the afternoon and people were having serious serious health issues with that it was it was pretty awful and when i when i went into the area where they had food and then not not only that but talking to people through the routine i am embarrassed in our state treated him the way that they did and it would be that hangs entirely on the ideot and over and over again i heard oh were just doing is to make the present delegates the old good why is that because they were entertaining the precinct delegates it was a present delegate even by and large and why were they doing that to a to effect the vote though the present delegates should only be responsible the constituents they shouldn't be marketed to by candidates for say they should not be coerced by other elected officials it should be them in their district returning their constituents in that what i saw there which is just on every level wrong and cause when he had threatened like that i looked at it that is as a mist opportunity by a bishop i like i assure goward by joliete attorney general for delaware and when a then general opinion that a distracted have any respect the last thing and i'm going the arresting people and like a theodore are quoted across the river and he was at a commissioner's meeting and one of the commissioners lachement nobody cares began i like him and i wanted you do as well officious lamentation to a hospital bed and he looked at me and to put that foot on that is pretty general in oh we were taking up the state supreme court as well the court to his big money to get elected are they going to go against a bit and he looked at messeigneurs under articles for at that misfortunate he actually got slapped by the commissioner and i'm done oliver happened to it was like you must not retreat well ah but what you going to do all the place and seeing happen without a represented in poetaster baranoff sleepiness his desk emanating recrimination all about it not in a tenderhearted but an i got a governor and get away with a conspicuously and intimate with him by the way you know i don't know oodooville opportunities have to actually do something you don't need a standard and take an iron talbot inanely but the boatport unity in god opinionation state i should have at least arrested the guidebook why and then then you pick up to the court of some that way yeah well i tell you what i had somebody come on my property that they gave me a little bit of a ovvero day and it was actually it was actually an elected official and came on my property and and and he probably should have thought through what he was and a little but better and i said to shutters i said you got about twenty seconds to evaluate the next words coming out of your mouth to see you now i have horses out to mean i don't pitch for i can throw a metric tons of manure and hay and take a tip from a half a ton animal i'm pretty extra sure you're going to hit the ground body you know it's like all i'm not taking that cramp at all you know but but it happens and it's too bad you know i've actually had a bunch of phone calls where people call in and they want they want to present one i was being interviewed one came in and the guy was sitting there and i dusted it on speaker for it of course they do not identifiable numbers and the guys villages erhalte vile i had one vile woman but it's mostly on that light you know i'm like okay mister woodhouse you know i just laughed at him what i do so others constant their representatives with the governor's office if you don't go along with like the peak of the house i commiserate author for all your help and get you out at once i shouldn't be a wife why would they that kind of control over my folks and that politically the solution but the voting her voice yeah yeah and up with that rule well well they are of course because the one that wanted to get into speech of the house you know you know like were going to change the rules here a man will change all the definitions will change the rules and tralla made myself into a king with that cannot be contested kind of crazy as a i only told your voice by that low in your piccanin or gravitation say while our governor i mean look at they did the governor's race that he had in lelia removal of five candidates and the board of the elections were making a policy on the fly didn't have you know there was no lawful process followed there and you know you know thank god i was you know we are able to prove that a federal court but you know troubles no relief so that's all right you know whenever something happens like this to people have to theodose with a fight and that just back down say okay little hard for me to day i think i'm going to go home and have an ice tea you know annandale and tell you you you prove your point and hand or to change things i mean it's not going to be an easy and paphos actually change criminal organization that's been running under the radar here for i don't know how many decades i mean i suppose we could go back a long long long time but here i at least and you know to go back and undo what what was done and the nonsense it's going on underneath the scenes and you know around all the good people of michigan and the united states awesome serious defence you know defenders and protectors and people won't play along you know i did talk to you a few of the sheriffs that immediately when i started talking to him i was like commercant's a couple of them that that clearly our communist as and i don't know and to do that but that she to be kind of lean toward the training they don't train on the common law we need that training we need to get some of that back as misanthropes can save as a compass i just don't act like a for the people that are out there because i doubted into the common law if she saw me now i'm not not like you you're contented on it as well as sheriffs office what does that what would that look like what what would be the difference between the theist that we have and in place right now which is truly it's it's an odd to fact and it's de facto system which is which means that it's really not legal but it is kind of working kind of sort of working its emplace but the true system is the desert and under common was what would that look like compared to what we have right now let there's one thing that you got rid of your fine and that was the secretary escape doing these drivers like reinstatement fee shot what that accomplish the aerostation money back your licence remains to spend you these reinstatement he and they made no sense and it was just a bad money grabbed up that being a money grab it was as a big circle or a dog as ettal i got somebody who needs a cargo to work their license to the pay these extra fees all they can give the word because they don't license go on the common he would have hamlet i i'm a law there is almost like a i had not followed a thing almost like i don't do it too far i come obviously changes that i as time those lines when a white surtout a common one of frescoes another big and eratosthenes into hundred miles out on a road and and i go to her mild or one roads safe and that violates rights oh after that is not because even humiliations nobody can walk on the road stately everybody has a i will stay and these roads here and there's got to be some type of agreement in the rules are going to be one that's why presby your license drivers faces and in a common law you would be the license everybody do it look at the and as a violation that you think it is a court and the court should decide whether or not the book the common law and commonality as a whole bunch o court ruling from seneca an obscure today and even look at the tenements and commandments are basically basically a rule book of horace even look at the united states supreme court george when you called the doors at stratton commandments on it to look bulged with a sestette common on it that's a consul about us expel these the basic rules olmedo and that basically a common law is as is the common sense i was kind of common sense that you should be still in a woman's ah well i think it's all wrapped up in to do and on to others as you would have them do unto you you know i treat other people the way you want to be treated and you know i don't want to over think that either it just as that right over that wrong and as part of the reason why a common law used so much to day because right wrong so muddy grinson alluded i mean when you take that out of schools and in the family than that then that dividing line of writing on seems to go away you know i know about you but like there's a lot of things that the society she confused on that i have no problems with like i am in fact a woman my husband is in fact a man that i've never been confused as back emotion that the surface conservative as i coniston away he thinks a most peaceful and that would be under the common law and now as you have people screaming an hour and said o you or not treating everybody equally well for all were not really all equal so asheldham senecas when laborosoarchod people but the man is meaner with the men by the state should matter who you are or what your status as this was the law and i'm going to enforce it on this person here i have to enforce it necessary well and a common law setting sherwood have bet determination on whether or not i wanted things to be faced to when i was on the road as i cottager coming out of the high school or going into high school and his breaking the law i e and a car the hand in my what a business card and tell him i said twenty four or forty eight hours content parents our chosen me and you're an explained to the moot oover my goneness cards is if you do not do that i will be not anitoo it'll be extenuate situation of beneficence your parents know that you had a way out of this but just being honest and i had one hundred percent compliance with that that's all indeed two more a ecolier now polly is a policy of the retriever and he now becomes revenue and so so for we had to tionontates i have it and that it was based on how many crociato rode each year and how much money the sure was good i clearwell so i kind of like legal legalizing course threat it was iterations of your own a job right kind of a conflict of ingratitude would say it's a big constitutes to sort of like a simile for future you know and you start looking in the civil forfeiture and such that's a bunch of nonsense too when you've got like a you know law enforcement officers who are actually you know ah grabbing property of other people that becomes an entity of itself without any without any really right and then for the person to get it back while they can't see because they let tottapotomoi thousand dollars that becomes an antitype the five thousand dollars becomes the entity so it is and i've seen it where where i saw one case where the law enforcement organization actually bought a margaret machine for the police department there always unrestricted on that and at one of these were come we had a tool with a lost year and what was forced to be as that if you are using this as part of your dolittle disease could take and every now and then you'd get a minniemashie a case where my own and hear my county one of the taksali the tobacco two thousand eighteen well it colonel anaitis sobieski you get so used that as prostrates and that's basilicas using this as part of your your legal business and that for some to former well then that's good i'm glad that is being done well here because i thought that was kind of like a concerning more concerning as you know the putting it mildly how that i understand it said the at astana human beings aforesaid sometimes get very away and now that's where we are getting grain better not to real our own i don't know anybody ever experienced and esther otterbein attuned and the commendatore g i speed chase your doing under miles or an finally at the personal wataitee possessed i register you're going to get and happens everybody and but i mean my letter a the readout seediest with the way you reason a sorcerette officers and how to recognise that a grenadier beckoner to after her and the courtly don't start an helpmeet taken to boot i do so under control even start showing things at all that they should be shouting out and to that training has reading better i must back the separate same thing sometimes you get all excited because they disco but and now i think everything perranwell things that are not fair game i if they have a little gasoline to stanley repairs small agen on the side we can't take any of his tools and all that however it be storing of drugs in his tool box a toolbox is sometimes the man that remains of course iridescent of interesting while i think i think it is really interesting you know so i would love to have you back on on a regular basis because i think that we might be able to you know to day was a nice day to introduce you to everyone and start talking about it i mean i think everybody already know as you i mean you've been pretty hydroplane want to thank you for coming on to day and given me so much time to talk with you i would i would love to have you on a regular basis and then maybe maybe go through say the constitution go through and nextly help educate people because we know that that we're not getting that in our education system they taken eviction actual knowledge of the administration of our nation and i think that that's when we are actually educated on how things are supposed to work it gives us the ability to understand our rights like and and and step up and actually do something so if if we could do that that be great maybe we can get the video worked out that you can be one weakness for what they'd like to hear you talk about because i think that would be wonderful to to ask you what would you like to sacerdotal about in the state of michigan so that we can actually address sons and include every one into the process of taking the state back i sure am things get involved so school board on a yeah and then knowing what your rights are so that you can i say walk somebody that they were trying to detain out a video the other day and the guide knew his rights and back those long than those long enforcement people right back down because it was you know they were masked police and somewhere in his like no i'm not leaving so it was a pretty interesting but he only did that because he knew his rights and what illegal detainment was it sotavento what the president's powers are congress was poor you know like a meeting to day with a student on student on forgiveness i will allow it readier i do my treatment out i find i see the i a cold my end of that contract and anodonta they do understand now how it is and our doesn't it and they were the traditional one understands what the authority the judges are and asopus to compare such that's true so well thank you very much for being an today and then maybe we can get to back out again next week because i know everybody just really loves you to pieces and you've got so much respect and i really think that you know we can work hard on education and bringing the truth out you no matter how painful it is we're going to need to face the hard truth and and i really like the fact that you know we can talk about anything the way it should be so enamelled problems and you know taking the nationalisation your service thank you so much for everything you're doing for the investigation for the lawsuits you're involved in i have so much respect for you that work you done come and walk and serving the people in your county at your truly are they in my opinion the best example of how the war that's that's working the way the system is supposed to work appreciate so we'll take ultonian you iridectomy ay that was fun i like bring in meliaceae good it is finished the interview i dare i know dowdeswell good man and he talked about his common low group on thursday i've been to that i know i know the people and that you know some the people in that common locronan estates truly an inspiriting inspiring man in lawford's much respect for law enforcement that done correctly we discourage a even out the things in our working quite so quite so well and put up for the power in the hands of the sheriff as i do believe that by and and what you are saying about you know the spoons you know i put off my polonian it took me years to the office and with their doing now is for the people that actually worked hard to pay off there the death that they owe that they owed it's not fair but there are so many things that aren't fair that they do it like nothing is offered to the people that actually did it the right way you know but the people that didn't do it the right way they get offered you know all the benefits and beading at the right way yet he then eat and talk about coming on the morning on bring him at a minute to agonising of the malietoa totally and speaking with you this morning and you probably watching those because you told me that you watch that as been before i'm going i'm calling you out now live for everybody to see my collar's running for the ninety ninth district of michigan my district you will not bring that divine money into my district you had lunch with me you lie directly to my face when you told me that you do have any dirty money and now i try to correct you about it this morning i tell you simply give it back give it back i'll have you in the show everything will be great you others all know what you did your voters on to what you turned away in the meantime oh it's only fifteen thousand dollars it's nellie it's a pay off ten thousand dollars net i could do with my sabre of education race with fifteen thousand dollars and it aeternitatis and everything my coldly give the demise money bag don't say the cadences of my district you know you deserve to have it called your district don't sell out the citizens of my district either give the money back or like a told you this mornin i don't make your political career a nightmare you will hate me by the time i am done because even if you are a liked it won't happen again as these girls right here it will happen again you don't want to why to me then double cross me in the end swathed outlets morning because i been dealing that's what i'd been the one with this morning my calatayud who is in my district i had lunch with the gentleman and we are going to schedule for him to come out my show that never happened i was looking into deviseth their money this election cycle and i ran across my colleen in the last not on one but i thirteen defendants is just a paper to the tune of seventeen hundred and fifty dollars per devaswami member you do the man you get a little older as the mice was crying about this morning dirty money his dirty money that means that you are by and paid for in whatever way they choose to use you might bear going to get you description dollars worth somebody like mad manichaean see is going to get used to the tune of two point five million you're gonna get used for what they gave you nothing is free we have to come we have to change the way elections are done entirely because right now with you can buy your way into a seat that is that's bin boats as fine the lection and is paid to play in its wrong on every level that's why i you know like we were talking there is a seat congressmen that was talking to a friend of mine and said they say yessir what do you think downrange fishing out his mouthless well she's a woman i don't know teetotalling and then insisted she will never get in because she will not take the pack money and that's some things are done and lance and i'm like now you know what we're going you know what we're going to take we're going to take relying on god to give us what we need to get this thing done in a truthful just an honest way and god will get all the glory for this not not uncompromised or not somebody that said he look what i did it's like now this is all about god we're going to oregon to make it and it's going to be it's going to be because you know god made the way right and tasper bag i would like to mention that you done a indeed doesn't know this you other than the super bacon that you terence to have more money and more financial backing in your accounts is just as a side now of course because all glory is to get in these situations to do want people to know that others than dirty super pack money you do have more fun and more financial backing in your corner than to deracines let's make that clear cause i'm not sure that came across clearly so to dixon has taken the pack money i have not and even though my video from up even though i have so she has the pack money i do not and even though i haven't taken the pack money i stole have raised more money outside of the estate had anthony she has more individual donors then probably any candidate right now and that right there is what that is what that is how you know that a canada is working for the people because they have no pack money and land ideal donors that is very important it never it's very rare very very rare in as far as my coldly just rockquay is a real strange individual as far as his funding and support where they come from usually in either come from the mafiyeh devaswami it usually never comes from but so that to me is very strange makes me wonder you know what's good wooton of the discussions on me in my car at our lunch actually and i just oiled to man the cancelliere pinions and on whatever have you my twas definitely discuss at our lunch that we had about maecenas of the house and i will now share this information since people like to lie to me my coldly told me at first that he did not know how he got the trumpeters have the messages in the receipts to prevent and second after when we finally got together and had lunch he told me that he attended the mainland conference and that he had made a friend there never disclosed the name of the friend always referred to it as a brand or my friend he had made a friend out there who had spoke with mashonaland and then apparently masanath spoke with trump not even spoke with my colinette smoke with my collaterally spoke with trump because mike said in his own words the next day i know i'm getting a call from trump's that was that was my exact words how do you fumble literally tumble your way into a trump indorsement you try for that thing you don't follow you into something like that can't let let's be honest look at who ellesmere exact same thing he has no how he got it right that i actually watch than wetmore writing my demeanor how his tremendous now and then they sent them to tramp and trump signs up i would i would like to know that my my capito short stump endorsement of any candidate and literally three sentences and a trump talks about himself for two of those sentences and he talks about the candidate for the other said well we've got to give president trump a olite bit of a pass here too he's got to get imperatore united states i wouldn't expect i wouldn't expect somebody like that to actually write necessarily the entire endorsement i mean that that he would have to agree to it because anybody in office has got writers around him all the time you know except me i don't i do my own writing but but most people have writers around him so wouldn't i would make sure that we're clear of the boat not disparage president trump gives a very good man adeline's doing i think there's some forty chessplayer he is a very smart individual and he knows he knows whether he's doing and i would have to think when i watched what he's done quite often he'll throw things out there to either expose them or two to get us to and i think that that's really what's happening with a lot of these a lot of these endorsements that are going on now i honestly this is another thing is that i have not asked for or work for any any endorsements per se except the fact that you know i do know general plan and that was the one that really meant some to me and people say oh you paid for that door mat and i'm like like how i did i didn't pay for that endorsement and general has the integrity that he would never he would never money for an endorsement that man has integrity and a botanist that that is the strategic indorsement and and i and i respect him with i couldn't have more respect for a human being that i do for him he's he's amazing person that he would never ever pay for an endorsement in or ask for payment for an endorsement and i would never pay for one ever and we have to get the money out of out of out of politics and such and then like a cat for president trump i believe president trump is an absolutely brilliant man and he knows he knows how to play he knows the art of war and the art of war does not look like just comin right out necessarily her ear trying to hit a goal and sometimes sometimes you know that goes in a row a legal way i always illegal way it's a roundabout way and i think that's how present trump is actually going in this changing united states you know i would hold so because i mean i'm a doing this a while and at especially things like this the inner workings of things and because it boils down to two things and we say this a lot unfortunately with what we know about that even one sitting on these boards in the atlantic council hall all these things when all these things that we know about the divine family and what they do and what they find in their actually in one galdebode ditte as either garden or composite or has a bad of plant that the oracion that there possibly can be intransigeant hoping that it's the third peter mind praying that it's the third ouatanon the fourth obstinate he's absolutely brilliant and pulling people out into the light i mean that's really what general flint when when a general line at that way and you know make no mistake you know there there the good guys are all working together to restore this nation and so i think present trump is absolutely brilliant i think he knows what he's doing and i think that that they are pulling on every person who is involved in criminal activity criminal organizations criminal finding out into the outline and were actually seeing who is who is good who is bad and who has conflict so you know i don't imiteetions osmiridium indoor smith were supposed to learn a lesson right here where postern a lotion the situation so if i was trying to do somebody a latin i was being super gingered and you know why in the show these people out of the goodness of my heart and i what i was a situation may be exactly i would not only endorse somebody i want to see because he's got to know that somebody is under dead is not going to be favorable and this and masterman is going to know that to deacon is now going to be favorable and michigan so where is his where is his bounding with this major push possibly infiltration of our grass roommate may i anything a man they're really not get accept this i need get some people in there in michigan you know and not mahananda people and the man that's what that's what does tageblatt end of the day it is we get these endorsements but in all people say we're supposed to learn once enrounding are going to come out of these things but i would love to see push that even necessarily from the date but some sort of look as confederate michigan led the ball were work where were completely split on nobody knows what to do and nobody separating their hand down crocodile and saying he the guide and he want to actually have something happen come november and and there's nobody better to do it just like what his endorsement of dutertre's nobody better to do it than debt and i am but the ethereal to come back to it is the indorsement hedn't give her that marion that wasn't to promote her she paid for that you can go and look at her campaign fight answer part she paid for that so he now pulled okay so this is the other saronia because because when you start with a pretty believe that donald trump is honest and he good man i really do believe that he's done more for this nation than any other president that we've had in my opinion he will go down my two fat i've got two favourite presidents that i have i like i like defecate he stood against the globe and i went down trump who also sit against the globe so those are my two favorite presents my least favorite president is either is well fall under i don't know i've got i've got a top for that or my left lena and in the bushes i don't like the bushes either i think they were all involved in it so all of them off the list immediately but this was this is what this is what i believe okabe the antis as don's idea of what's happening down as analysis i like to analyze president trump ran under the constitution party which is what irony under in the names core and was totally against the two party major party system back in the night so if we start with that factory there and we start compiling all of these facts and patterns and maybe he's a actually stopping this this process of being a king maker and or having people listened to others telling them how to vote and getting people to research and think for themselves so you know maybe he threw these things out there as the most absurd endorsements if he could potato could possibly make he endorsed some men for god's sake that has some soft corn and her background and and we know that the democrats are going to have a target on that like ugly on inayat that is going to become such that and that as well as other things that may be yet through these aout there not because he is the hasting to get us to think and and pick her own candidate instead of just being a bunch of sheep their trying to liberate us from the amount of brain washing that we had over the year followed a line with a club and what happens of the club as completely in utterly criminal infiltrated screwed up fall in line behind people that we know are bad and actually jumping off into something that looks like independent and a free free society with people freely making their own decisions apart from coercion apart from being having things taken out of our hands and motivating us to say you know what wrong i'm not going to vote for dixon i'm not going to vote for americans they both lescande date we're going to go ahead and we're going to look at the constitution part of the us taxpayers party because you know what brandenburg predispose is going to get in there and all half things around so i went to a gun show the week end in a pregnant believe how many people came up to me from the guns show and their like you got my bayou got my family's vote is like that's all i'm hearing over and over and over people are jumping off the republican party and the democrat party like rats of the titanic and an unpretty extra sure that we have hit you know life raft status here in the state of all my gosh you know and we're not talking just ten twenty you know you know people were talking a massive amount of people that we are seen whereon my in this is only a couple of venus that i get information we were consistently over thirty million interaction a week a week and one in ariosto look at like the donations the personal donations is opposed to two dick more there i'm in a calendeuse one you get the other one at afoot it murgatroyd going in there because the one in the same that same party as the communist unitary this getting in and people are getting the thing figured out that you know though i applaud every single true republican that was at the convention that was great fantastic but for two twenty twenty two guests too little too late the tension and quinton well well it is from the republican to ianthe were close they therefore i mean you ask anybody that says her voting for tuition asked them why they're voting for tutored you are not beaudrillart we have to dance that's the best one i hear as we have to i'm like listen to yourself or hold up hold up all of freedom over right against any against cristo those words you just said we have to come on people no you don't now you know you have your own my aganoor own mind for your own choices for your own freedom your note and i look at what loowit what the hour or half legislators dead during colonist to people your solitary i'm like are you kidding me had there thremblin senate and house and with added nothing every single one of them committed trees in annotation they are all guilty as hell etairon them i called all my sitting congressmen through that whole four years i tried so many so many to get so many bills paniculata china at so many things but in the resolution because at that time i was a republican but you know they did not think then that that's the same satisfaction meistersinger he was they were running drugs in military plans you know i mean and migadawon a wall in the military now this is the story i can confirm this of course he was a wall in the military when he was over there a became in my leave and he went along and he said it was because he refused to protect the government's drug anymore they had our soldiers all in these opium field protecting this opium from beneath and robbers and such over there so we can ship it over here to our inner cities and this is one and this is no lie this is all while now if he be care to go and look this is all provable now tenanted the crop political party who sits behind this whole thing making policy and brought to you by them because they're all involved in it right and so you want it you in her really cool story so i was i was actually in celestine of years ago and i got off the plain and there was a gay there was a guy standing there look look like was pretty he was pretty bonhomet you know you can you can tell you always tell you the military has military attitude you know it's like compassionate military as a military attitude and and he was he was there i saw he had a shirt on this sad hillary clinton killed my front so i'm like i want to talk to this guy of course you know so i go up and i shake his hand and i'm like i could clearly were friends and coming from the same perspective and i'm like so to me what is this short men he said in the helicopter pilot and he said i was sitting on the tarmac and libya when benghazi went down and he said we had enough firepower to blow to blow bengazi all to pieces and get those guys out he said we couldn't we could have extracted and he said i see on the track and was told and down six hours and he said we were loaded for bear where that while they killed my friend and he said you know why they did that in legatis is like right from the supreme horse's mouth he said because the state department was trafficking stinger missiles through libya to syria and if we would have pulled off the ground we would have been shot down by one of our own stinger missiles on in no bengazi and they would have blown the whole thing wide open that that that other clintons were trafficking military they were weapons trafficking and that's that's why that's why they were told to stand out and see the annotes dastard you can never know any of this you know that and people wonder why we harvest this in this right here is prime example of what collapse you have people that live reality and you know people like us they are the taking the plug out and have seen all the evil and darkness and everything that actually a reality and that move not the premise of it a being like you know in a computer simulation and what nights i don't think all that but i believe that that movie is of you look in the end of the director and the producer of the movie has a whole another hall butyokino them there freedom fighters as well and that's why i really think that that movie was a representation of what we're in right now and christianity and no one coming back there's a lot of similarities when you go back and you watch those movies and you put that promise of cross that really fascinating stuff this is what we're faced with right now and this is why we do like data does bind minds to michigan in less the right on her files as because this is why we actually live in whether we whether we like it or not just because you don't like the truth doesn't mean that it doesn't remain the truth and these are the things we were up against especially this world like namifami know we keep our tatouage and then tell you to the one person that's goin to stop it to people really they said right here for you they're the only one atheistical he's sorry but communist but out of this state they will not be allowed to to achilles in or keep into bondage position a prostrate as the new gold water is the new gold go and look up a gendarme thirty on water program go and look up a un water program everybody and you'll find out exactly one of the reasons why they are creating the world economic form adoration you'll find out why they want right why they want those pipe lines out of our great lakes because you can't have that and there if you're trying to solve with a french as water on the planet will i look at ye like it why they haven't been able to safonoff the water because they were they were trying to safonoff the water from lake mistafor years and bring it into three more desert areas and such which is a really bad idea you know you start messing with those big natural resources and that we have an guest's going to happen we got to die and it gointer going to wreck the balance that god put in there and anooroudha couldn't do it because the great lakes are considered international water so what do we want to do we want to make this into a you know like literate tried to do in the end to a red man so that american resentment as we see in the store but the plan being the day two hundred dollars a year and originally the contrived with ministered million gallons to aemilius a year the bigot the pump on our state and abomination and never miscontent at the pump the water out of ground the bottle it up they only pay the two hundred dollars for the permit just like anybody else what to drill a well in the yard they felt they made to hundred dollars for the permit they drill the well i did this begin the early two thousand started off with two hundred million gallons of water that they were sucker then i went to three hundred million gallons now is that five hundred million gallons the little take five hundred million gallons of water out of our state are ear and neyther us they get ninety per cent of their water teasin those models in the store the unity percent of that water came from michigan ten per cent of it came from switzerland where nelson terror economic form as they too and gave a dateless circle and this is what they do every year going talk to the people that are the people of aboriginal to them about what the water looks like the coming out of their caps it's nasty people talk about flaubert began in three years the people over there had been trying to fight this for years allaben stuck in a drift of fresh water for years that was one of the things i tried walhall republican slave that was one of the things i tried getting them to stop and nobody would do it dan then bound it eleanor what it is i mean we've got a communist unitary that city and get her that spent full time time as lining the state and doing whatever they wanted to they're not it's not republican and democrat any more it's infiltrated by communists both parties general hill off the state because it's all about him itself in rich absolutely that's all i metallurgist as i have ninety three pages of documents that i shall exactly how they wander money through our lightest larminie it so crazy people taught to other people and say tundher states you guys to be had friends and that our political charge or policy involved in loevenstein states that you hear about arizona florida these other states taught to them about their political system are not going to find anything like michigan we think its normal we will you know to the definition of normal waving its normal the corruption that we fight hearing and a regular basis it is not it is not it is other worldly hue it is beyond crazy he is beyond crazy i am contact all across the country and what we deal with in michigan people look to us as like could a follow idols of sorts like politically charged idols of sorts of doctor people in texas takes one of the now rough as toasts in the union and they tell us then they tell me that they're looking at us and looking at what we're doing and then doing it in their state arranged that i am destiny that i can gather that where's cowboy boots and michigan for real i think i think we're like way more water than a taciturn there and they got they got like warm water all year round will come up to michigan and will show you to because we know what we are we have actually were cold in the winter time and you have to be a little bit beastly to stay here and survive it so i mean in mind i read erected to exist or rejected entirely i say no livin livin the metatarse what real touchmenot everything working against us we got the the extreme weather we got at you know extreme weather but that makes us though but the rest of the state of the i think it's the most beautiful state in the nation i love michigan i lived here my whole life and i think it's cool to live in the men goethe it is so unique in you and we owe eritage a slice o star once in a while but we don't get her wages to a means tideward on arranged none of that in the refrigerator blizzard you otaheite of the country your getting tornadoes out the wieroo the top you get more blessings of the state you might be safe in idaho he might be saved and it i think so i ope that career and now they look at they look at the great legs and their like hilalli in all can and i'm like in their canter so i mean there's nothing that's any eat you in the state of michigan economics may be the painter than that the political you know by far than the biggest carnival or editors that we had there i saw it so anyhow i before i forget it as coniston really eat you though you have those that rabbits and minute don't have you know like the clock spiders in the huge piers of the heathen or or such you have been australia which ascription to the heligoland the no poisonous legs a largely we have the michigan rattle snake near idolaters all i never seen one okay i reached snake thing illilouette i was a kitten there was a boarder boatbuilder see one there used to be received like when snakes go into that ball and they onosander well there was a blueberry patch and when i was a kid i was like intend and it so so bad because because nobody had ever been in there because the snakes had done there for so long there was blue berries like there the wenteline we contemplated was to get him on we were kids but ever there when the blueberries would come in that's when those missioners would nest in that you want to see one two in there there was a ball at a nesting ball inside and they were looking for you and now joining from thinking of a continent the size like the side of a beach ball they used to get in there every year and it was this huge ball of snakes and when you're in when you're at ferocity like that yes they are definitely real there tether they are definitely here but yet years old you were like making the open your head if i came home at was a canaanite but had panorama information now itinerate dominate antofagasta golownin everybody's like all snakes are good you got to let snakes live on me till you why this is called natural selection a snake is near me and it's going to lose his head and imitation i'm not those are stupid snakes i'm destroying to make the snake population smarter i hate that i do i do not like him at all i have a lizard now and my dad came over and says i don't like that thing i don't like it at all it looks like a snake i said no i do but we do like i used to take bring snakes and all the time and they keep health like an then you more and i'm like i dropped on your honor in is wrong with the way you look at the world because no no said others they are not you at all no there's sick nineteen in noonoon not trusting on the back when they get around me in the franklinite atwater's these stories about these people that trust the snakes right and it's like why would you ever just to make it it wants to eat you ensayo like food i do not to say that i wanted it like a politician there you go you another want to eat us but i do not attainted today intime the bucket leicester but i want to give him his own space i want to send off like acres and i wanted to get a lot i want to let a lie dear just run into their every day so he can cheat the gown and have all his instincts still and i don't want to play with them but wainamoinen you want to let wetness to be initiations are only thirty grad where on the black market and is susceptible love people want to see real people were really as he began so everyone up to a light down a side to where we can get you all and where gooyeanawannah us flamingoes like god johnson that was so great it that was what i am was near guy's lawsuits it goes in involved with a sharlee's doing he actually has i told donnell the information that i presented in that eleventeen the film ethereal that information has been given i had even the research beast as i try you know this is this is this done for fifteen years and this is what we you guys have reached the pinnacle that i want to do even previously the sherbet was i able to you know and people have different resources and people are able to do the rent things iselin this and somebody the indigent the constitution party the other day there like well i don't really know what i can do i like do whatever you want well i see that the beauty of our party as they say i want to do this and the parties like okay do it we don't have to sit through all the vines and trudged through the slit all the nastiness to be able to do something and have something supported that we want to do and so i told him to it now and that is you guys have reached a pinnacling something when it comes to you gussie this is how this is what we can achieve together that when when i see them anacaona the constitution and getting government out of the way what asininity brain your toyonari you love the three letter agencies rationalised wanted everybody loves the right everybody into that you all you guys had those three letter agencies i have highly encouraged you to go over to scimetar and attendant to the get all of you out of the swab that is the goal smiled and out of the swamp as humanly possible we have the allegiance now in our search for the constitution party has grown seven hundred per cent in the last year seven hundred per cent that is that is insane that is so beautiful that means people are awake that means people are stepping out of all the nasty yet i became onaparte is comin to the end here i be i believe that we're going to be changing the old guard and retentiveness to the people and the common uncharity baby you failed you and have not come the wolves at bay where the banquet honestly the sexes party is constitutional carrie and pretty execrable you know i absolutely adore well you know he began boyhood getting bowlby the republican party here you know or by any one you you you go in the port republican party and achamana you she does what she did to keep the sun he you do it all you pasotti casements herself in a pile that she is not going to ever be able to clean up abode just moved a michigan yarely and and she called him a little girl yesterday and nine eleven he will and he is in mine he is he's a veteran and this was a man eleven and she called them a little girl and she said something about him this is all over twitter the news has taken it up caller all these names saying you know and honestly she makes us look crazy because i think i almost know for a fact he does look at the freak and leadership of the parties my dino amongst a look in now we offer a gate opportunity and i can always share the tax message her full opportunity right to come clean with her even to even acknowledge the fact that she knows you know about the world economic from bad did you see did you see that i got something the other day that i saw this response on tutorage one of the many ways says that i'm involved iteration and i can't confirm a denied but i think this is kanaina tutor as a mother for an runs her own business maybe don't really know katie ran right into the ground she can't now he is very busy with her career in her family and will not allow them to take a vacation a life so her time is stretched to the limit tutonia michigan republican voters are mostly concerned with eliminating abortions altogether which is why she's taking a strong hands on the issue okayondonghsera secure in winning his election as she is the nominee and therefore republican well but heresies the backing of a future a twenty twenty four president present trumperies who might negotin as to fenwolf her simply because of that his support consider making a campaign donation in a lie are you frequented and then the next one came in was by a ganymedan she said i'm not not care in the river different care i am working closely with tutor and wither campaign tiptoed zena feel she needs to spend any more money on our camp any more on her campaign donations or other campaign donations on commercial she is already addressed her stand on the issue of no abortions no exceptions as several tents to media and so she is basically stopped campaigning because time in her family and i like she feels like she done at off and now she's put in your time into a family because that's what he why would you run for office if you didn't i plan to get in there and work with everything you have and every hour available because you actually saw this state as a as in a state of absolute criminality dysfunctions and throat and now i'm just going to run to get in on the abortion topic and then i'm goin stop campaigning because of your portion topic and i mean to do anything else because these people are domino told me in because cause she's on a ballot and a antipragmatist we don't know whether or not it's going to be on the ballatella she is running as a republican never have i have heard or talk about abortion materiis to win the winnebasset amendment was in front of the board camarilla she would have been there i was the only one there my standard of my name named addie who on the transition and he was he was the only one we were the only ones that were there so excuse me the only people who were either running for office that actually did make the abortion topic and did something at work guten to go and call it out for what it was and so he wasn't there now she says she's running on the topic of abortion and she's going to stay home with her kids now and i like excuse me will you do it for mental health what are you doing for for our health care nonsense in crashaw have with these large ailsy that really should be antitrust filed against him what do you do in wirelessing men policing and law enforcement and you know protecting not only protecting the second amendment but why you know this that is such a crazy statement to make i did and i seaven welled i know i'm going to get in on the abortion topics so i'm an hang home for her and i know i'll get your boats anyway like a osoamokita why she was so like it that are going to cheat or to her economy believes me that's the crazy part and the other thing i want to know is we want to talk about averting and money and one not you know to miss covenanted superba strictly foreign for guerdon they made it up he was for march a two thousand twenty two you can look that up to the strictly formed at fortunittest any more attaineth two point five million that still in the account she the point of millionaire point six that they gave her sitting there prehaps inland we found out that there's some that we know that delivers a alcohol to the capital and iowa eight thousand dollar a week boiler i ain't found out what the one for michigan is but i'm sorry if we're not invited to the party why are they doing this they can buy their own stinking boots and you know and absurd for the people that's goin to be one of my first acts well you know wholesomeness that he sent one of my friends on a previous staffer of hers to the liquor store to bring to go get her liquor and bring it back to her now i am going to tell you if she's paying for her own boots i could care less all right but she striking on the job though that's the problem that that is a fact a problem but my point here is that why are we buying botetourt an office you know it's like it's like there having a big party up here where we have people that that are havenpool you know biencourt er kids or or you know takinaka of their family or even a fording at you know a trip to the doctor or some by whose having some you know outjut the esteemed from having to feed a family when our families of all been told her by these these politicians who really don't seem to have a concept of money at all and they are out tyningham booth to go part in the car you kittie he that is so disgusting a coolly ignored for agra you got time back in the loonatics what we get some snake honors that are going to go after those budgets because it looks like a bunch of snakes wentwood afore there there like a bunch of snakes in a ball there eat then wait for the little uns to come into the blueberry patch just to find food yeah yeah so sir and people don't even think about this stuff it doesn't even cross the mind because they would never assume it to be happening no they would never think that is happening but that this that's what happened in landing and you know what these with all politicians i think i believe that the men every one of them are corrupt i know that this stuff has been happening for a really long time and it's not just a michigan but my segnis bad well let's go there you know i brought up the child trafficking nonsense and how many politicians are involved with these with these deucalion because i mean you've got it you got to know that this has been going on for a long time that's how the criminal you know the organized crime criminal organization on top compromise people it by getting you know getting them involved or catching them or arranging or studying them up where this type of with his type of stuff in order to in order to compromise on some people jump on and do it willingly and i was actually on wabinosh groups for a number of years and there was a goner that was a day and he called out a politician in michigan and basically set i know what she did and china a huntress of my life you know and he called out the kids were involved in it he was i know he's a you were so easy to buy off and our hunt out rest o your life do you know who was a year he said the name he spoke and it was you know it was on it was on you know non public that and ahead he was pokin in pretty good in your face so which i think it funny if you know somebody did something and honestly you know all of us know plenty a name set there and i was the people i'm like you know they stopped too far on a line you know with all of us and we'll do hooter not the only one that he had the information so any harm comes to anyone guess one at all comes fallin down it's going to be a painful process on the right side of history or or watch mattings crumble so absentee ballots go out one week from today to real people are fat people bettina as in that sack in a crazy because they're talking about you know i'll be as billing introduced i know terraces got a bill or is a bill to preserve the twenty twenty election detain you know with how sick he is then and you know what he is accomplished he is he's accomplishes much as he possibly how crazy is it that he's the only legislator that is putting through bills to preserve the state you know and then you know it with with the machines were going into another election cycle and here we have a republican majority in michigan and we have any committable to get any bill through too to fix what happened in twenty i mean we know there was a foregather thestranger so here's my question so since we haven't cleaned all the dead people of the voters are distinct drop back and on the on the the grave or the graveyards to make it easier for these people yeomanry it sick tatatatatat to retain a stick to that we have got in our boat or oceanic that you know we actually as voters have to worry about the stuff i and we know that jason benson still has almost a million people on there that shudn't that are not eligible to be voting in somewhat somehow they they managed to vote these are people that had died in you know gainsayed so a and and yes crazy i found out this week that that one of the clerks was being taught to and they asked him about the destruction of evidence and they had they said that there's an ongoing investigation that they were made aware of by the secretary of state's office and they said that because there is something going on that there's a lawsuit going on that stop the destruction of evidence and i was like rothesay our lawsuit that was injunction it was an injunction against filipinos the destruction of evidence so tonewerot were to whereyouwantogoto where did you fight for election integrity are you going to sit your base here's another thing though dona wears fourteen million dollars and her campaign any selingman dollars set aside just for media but balatro the that's what i just got on doing in a dotted here is crossed every two my own did every bit of paper whereon everything in my own yet so you have no other there trying to catch you up on any little thing i was biting my nails when benson was cleaning house man he kind of crazy so man i think i think the three of us could set here and talk for like for days on an never hit the same subject i love that about you guys i elephantiasis mutterin thing there you said the same in time but that's that's the message for the people to his don't ever think that we're going to have to think that this is done until we of the people are satisfied we should be satisfied with our government that's what we have people means i wear every day greater i wear every day i had for the last sixteen years and that's what it means as we are satisfied of our public servants that's a wonder you not to say in a day real commitment when you get it and to on your body makes leaves no margin for error question whatsoever you know but i allow and nitetis that if thou went to one can serious patriot here so did you see something did you notice the seventeen seventy six when he with the queen's death yes the island faded about that seventeen o one thousand seven hundred seventy six days after the first cup post he samantha awful letter that in our alphabet the seventeenth letter in her alphabet the actual letter he it was after the cut first cups was seventeen seventy six days on the queen allegedly died that day which i was continentals pretty cool because i don't believe there's any coincidences whatsoever and and i thought that was really cool and then charles declares seventeen day period for mourning so there's another coincidence which is not so godenot er so at in which the letter c in our alphabet which i think is kind of cool saw in everybody a face i don't eat speakers and to share alongshore shot of it ah my film i managed to catch it at seventeen hundred and seventy six years i managed to catch a wednesday i went to go show infringed to move it i was like well i'll never see that again i screen sateene seventy six on the views you guys want to hear really cool video that general flint oh yeah yeah when i posted a intreat so for all of you people who who are haverton over thing which i don't listen to everything it doesn't matter i was i wildebeeste to senorita they gave me a a trail but i have a letter sent for general flossie minute clip should we do it now we should do it i should he had yet inoculating i've been very public and outspoken but because they tried to tame one organization that i will mention as parturit now about me in ten and i and i ranged this because you know i understand what it is i see that the different things in social media but i have that they want to take me so i'm the guy you know and and to me one of the things that i do know about our government is our government's ability our government ability to put together a misinformation campaign psychological operations and psychological campaigns information or far is something that our government gets involved in it been hard a campaign for information or peronne battlefield against what the likes of all pianists and other enemies that we have a and not used for us a bisection with you you know right wise used this information we use disconsolation being the intention information to to sway a radiance and to raise this because it is something that i really do believe that it is government campaign may be as being done by you know ultramodern enthronization you know that are working on behalf of now if something was shown i like all these things that people talk about it a crazy ideas about boynton is still the president and juncture and and you know i mean i think that donald trump on the election yes i do i absolutely believe he won the election i absolutely believe that we have proven without it without a doubt and so that donald trump on the election i had no doubt in the demoralisation run native run elections in in a couple of counties may be we were on the election and i don't know where or jointures dented time but for this i tear when or something that's going to happen on i can telling people the plant is we the people the plan as you and i the plan as me and gulian people like me getting out there to encourage people to get involved in the everyday life of this country as the point that it is that simple otises is exactly what it is is nonsense and be very back the very path what you believe follow those organizations that one fact based organizations better apologetic about being in telling the truth that don't attack a person but attack the issue right in i would be open so many demanding more attacking the issues that i stand for no props i promise says that i'm an election denier you're right what does that mean but is an even me i don't anything she said if i understood correctly are you saying that you think so and on may be actually has it treats in a in an associated this traction campaign you know speculating it is also when i spect i also have a little expert and these types of and i had because because having sore done battle fields at certain levels and here in organizations like you know i was at the senior intelligence officer for united states central command out of madison at that time a man was twenty seven nations all all of these aforesaid in central asia and we had different had campaigns going on right we would have misinformation misinformation sight of campaigns going on to audiences to get them the now the enemy to think one way to get the friendly to think one that's a constant of warfare by aucassin drop industry of barsoom were defined as of generation or am i to speculating but specially with a lover that is beyond what most people this is something that i am and i santipore this is something that i can see our government in some inner going to go crazy on this and i can see our government somewhere at some little putting something like this together but by force from the government and turning it over to another another body right and that's why you know anybody ever know where the one he gets pent by the security state not much i painted government as they won't know and that's why not herrera they have and that lest we get in the government but my paraphrase thus a paraphrase when he said i can love the cat i love general one is a family near some of the greatest patriots that ever loved right and he spoke so what he saying is that the plan is us get off your behind get involved locally look action equals national impact and stop relying on people is it happening pignatelli anything you know right youthink so get up you know everybody get off our lazy behind figure it out for yourself and make your own determination that's the pair phrase right there and is it possible oh yeah is it possible oh yes and and why i didn't deny it then confirm it figure it all people an honest sir out for yourself i mean we don't need to be told right the plan is for us to start thinking should we vote for the you know i'm not seeing he sang thus but i this is my paraphrase i'm going in the danish we just about for a party because we've always done it we don't want a danger we suppose to figure it out for itself are we supposed to follow endorsements are we supposed to follow votaries are we supposed to follow thoughtful like a bunch of laming being led off the cliff i don't think so absolutely and even i tell people too even if because nobody all people don't agree i even if you don't agree with that even if you don't agree with what something that anastase or whatever don't you be our one belike oh you're encouraging the democrat and now i'm actually incurring everybody to vote for libertarian bring party constitution party at work for a party antipathies persons the job in her beeves person to get the job done needs to win and at the end of the day yes if the end of the diesel vote for him i i i'm saying that to be funny kind of but you know what i mean it's like he is definitely the best person to the aliso you know you go to the breath presented that has the has the best ability to get the job done you know elly that's what needs to be done i kind o was i was i've been laughing in that came out just it just it's branches reliantly brownies now he had brilliant love that gun a bendy better take bad about him to me because i will in fact correct them with no uncertain term when what he actually did for this nation and if people don't like me for standing with general plan because of some nonsense that that a real conspiracy theorist said you know all i will lay the facts out and it is fact based on what happened it's not you know it's not snake unicorn or anything like that is a trial so exactly and we got a one that i would like to know too if anybody would like to help oh how this fight these big meadows then am i saying that dona has to be pulling a poor percent to participate in these upcoming debates there three or two berating to bates between great meteorite one of those groups and you'll be able to find the information for the new station by their saying that don paul at a porter and i asked him and you can bilateral what right what pals are they watching they could not answer this for me i ask him are you watching a political or news week or a local pollination the democrat republican party and going amongst the candidates this for me donnesthorpe in these debates for the same race in the same position she is allowed equal time for her state these two for the governor of michigan antoinette sansome contentment from netahwatee tarries for political debate who was apparent of woodwork wood to some pagan as the aerial metoosin is committed to hosting fair and open debate among qualified candidates liars at this point must have let me on as part of the company's mission to inform the public in a sister's making important electoral decision to determine who is a qualified candidate the company is adopted the following objectives of non discriminatory criteria to govern which candidates are eligible their picking winners and losers who in the heat gave them the power to pick cannebiere doing it in order to be eligible to participate a candidate must comply with all sections of this policy number one a cane it must be legally qualified and was down the bellefonte the candid as or be a writing candidate who eats all legal collocations required by federal state municipal government for the office being so far and is filed the appropriate papers for a right instead a candidate must have publicly announced his or her candidacy in a public form for the purposes of the section public form includes announcement of candidacy on internet i'm running for governor for the state of michigan on the usable announced it but i'm just to make sure he a candidate must be actively campaign for election in the jurisdiction he or she is seeking to represent for the office of her she is to meet the definition of an active candidate or campaign a candidate must have all the following while i in fact am the only one who is not been hidden by baseball over the state so yes i qualify more called a campaign headquarters with pain and or volunteer step that is open to the public during business hours for purposes of subsection a campaign headquarters may not be a private residence but may be a a business address he's primarily for nine campaign purposes and a campaign foliage i put it out there i've got a couple of malinda publicized dedicated candidate specific website wipe we all know that that's brandon bird for governor complete visit it support us it alicia planed investitures got that one nail invitations to speak in speak at public gatherings nailed it money contributions and campaign treasure mallet campaign letter sire and crossover identity identifying the candidate as candidate in the current election by at least eight unique news reports in media newspaper table radio online sources and recognized by local and national media nalini i'm not steal because they won't cover it if a candidate meets at least five but not all the requirements of section three above and means to requirements of section five he can he or she has received a minimum of five per cent for a primary election or ten per cent the general election support in an established professional contact conducted non partisan poll now existent that a snake unicorn there all they're all bias without taking the cetacean of error and on count while since i have been included in the polls i guess that quitterent of outcasts for the candidate previous election while it wasn't running before within four years immediately presentations back in within the four years immediately preceding the current election exceeds a minimum twenty per cent lollardism office so we're going to oregon to make sure we the media works through got people back in five in addition to requirements of obsessions want you for in close up a candidate for santander office must have reported on official forms filled them propriate action authority exceptionally fifty thousand than dollars and monetary as a post in kind campaign contributions at least twenty five per cent must be raised from a state constituents all right about money again for local offices a candidate must have reported on official forms filled with the appropriate election authority have an accepted at least get this fifteen thousand and campaign contributions that gathers back to the demosthenes moonite thousand dollars to malta had triton the hat brunet or broadcast in its affiliates employs ages of service shall that guarantee to any candidate or candidates camping verbally or in writing that the king candidate will be included in the debate until her quietus policy and each of the heaviside insanitation of who next storm who is choosing your candidates that you get to see her from and broadcast and it's a pelion where the voters interest in my old course they are of course they are they care so much about us if unperceived their companion have leading up to a schedule debate next or media group reserves the right to modify or change the criteria so they don't like the outcome they to rewrite the rules that's it we we do navigation rolls because there really there really are on rules and if we don't like what's happening we just change the rules like change indefinite based on the best interest of the electorate who decides that that would be next stars media group choosing your election brought to you your debate brought to you by next term media group ah who can change the rules bathing us to our iceland we do have a day set wherein the words right now we will be extending imitations to graduate and tudeling our own to mate tell ye to make a were actually in the work for it to be a seethe have their channel than they do in the triune and such sedate college students to a mere in the works beginning at up so he can have it that way and we're going to have an open floor for em for any other candidates for a mother race democrat republican constitution anybody will be welcome to come we're going to have a call in seneca call in and ask a direct candidate a direct question on censorship whatsoever they'll be able to talk to rightly to their adoration brisetout when everybody is getting those absent he bounces nasty absentee ballads in the mail that should be right in that week so we frewenton the other one of the other gubernatorial candidates in a unitary of my to accept the invitation we have to work on that so he ran i was wanted and to figure that out yet we it's going to be a well tried to have it adiposity when noonday work but we will get the amount point being as we are going to be one on debate not as to be just hosting one and really not even done we are going to be housing i own debate i control kind through other affiliations with minds of michigan who are going to be halcyon debate or every one is well commingling democrats it people think that they have the best scenario or the best set up you know and they can face hard questions sealike will do me out there again as an example my cally completely welcome to come and sit among several and get callington what not but you better be right to face unquestionable with research he may be better at answers if you want to come and you are a democrat or your about our rhino who more likely you're not going to come because everything is not set it being notepaper and you don't pay off questions of what not more likely you're not going to come and that will show your people also that you didn't want to participate in unity straight unity that will show your citizens also that you do want to participate in something like that because like i said the imitation is extended to everybody libertarian republican or democratic constitution party everybody the imitations are going to be extended to everybody so you will be able to know that anybody that comes to this debate was not afraid of their people they weren't afraid to have to question stone at them they weren't afraid to stand for what they believe it and that's what we want we want something away from that mean stream media that we know we can just like we do right now if we had calandrino there'd be nobody to be nothing stop in anybody from grand donations what it youthe would be for answered to be forced to answer or look stupid and that's exactly what we're going to be going for what this debate well in that that's great you know what i'm looking at the clock right now it's quarter after eleven and had been on here some eight o'clock this morning and it's time to go to other things at this point time but like i said i could talk with you and malesherbes we can sit here and and there's a lot to fix in the state you know and there's a lot of problems that we need to talk about get out the getting the truth out there and just giving the rod true out there in and of itself is so valuable and that's why you know i love the citizen journalist aspect anybody that i i think that's what we should do is get rid of all of these main stream media you know not jobs and go back to citizen journalists and get rid of all of this you know fastrada craft going on and i just put on the round should have had all his talking points you know tied in at the beginning of the day but to say some so with that said i'm ready to go to something else for a while will ring thermostat so we can throw more truth to the camera here so lerestelle i was just so a ternant my daughter yet i'm driving with my daughter i was listening as one that's not in the gallant say prayer men ate and annette the day and then i will get back on to morrow on dear heavenly father thank you so much for melissa and ethan and all the other wonderful patriots out there who are willing to stop forward make the hard choices say the difficult things and stand in the way of protecting those without a voice protecting protecting our rights that were given by god and sure by the constitution and trying to do our best to live in a way that would bring honour glory to were so grateful for all the beautiful things you given us for patriotism with for our families are our friends and even those people who may be don't understand what's quite going on yet were here nobody alone were all standing this together and we we really want the nation to be brought back into how you intended it to be which as one nation with you at the top into visible with liberty and justice for all you you guided our founding fathers and we know that your guiding us right now and were just very thank you thankful we love you so very much let every single person all that they are love beyond what they can even imagine that you are walking with them throughout their day they are never alone they don't have to feel despair or depression over any of this we bring the truth to the forefront of that we in we can the things that are wrong we can we can repair things that are broken we can help be healers to this to individuals and nations and we thank you for that opportunity and jesus christ precious name would pray a man so there he thank you so we think about every single person out there you are in a thoughts are minds you in our prayers we care about what you care about we want to hear from you we we care about you we care about every one you you love so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless merica he eleanora and birds for governor dotcom in it spelled like let's see i get the stronger time itinerant on burford governor do come i read every single word on telegram and oria i do all the posting on there you can interact with me there i do but people that come to start fights because there's no point man if you want to be civil we can talk about anything but i will not watch abuse calling names or abuse or anything like that we can talk without going there and that that is what that is from a very old school mom that privileges will be revoked for bad behavior so so any say now but will be back on tomorrow leyte piece as he had a great day every one guys